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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 20, 2011:

Brainwashed? -- You'll Know If You Go With the Flow:

"Post Industrial, Post Consumerist, Post Family,
Everyone's Helpless in the Planned Society,
We Used the Nation to Protect Employment
Which Left Enough Crumbs for Our Enjoyment,
But We're Regional, Global, We Must Compete
With China's 25 Cents a Day Children, Bare Feet,
And Race to the Bottom to Be Sustainable,
Money's Devalued, Good Food Unobtainable,
Yet We Must War for International Masters
And the Bill When Due Will Be a Disaster,
Yet Every Politico Will have Salary Raises,
Lifting Their Voice to Bankers He Praises,
"No It's Not Conspiracy, We're Just Evolving,"
Experts are Hired for Chaos Resolving,
Foundation Backed Organizations Run Our Existence,
Projects Picked Up by Media, Repetitive Persistence"
© Alan Watt Dec. 20, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 20, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December the 20th 2011.  For newcomers, you should look into the web site  There’s lots of audios for download for free.  Remember too, you can also get transcripts for print up of a lot of the talks, not all of them but a lot of them, if you want as well; go into if you want transcripts in other languages.  And I always start off by saying that you are the audience – because this is true – that brings me to you, because I don’t bring on guests, etc; I don’t have shares in different products that are being sold and their advertising.  So it’s up to you to keep me going if you like what you hear on this broadcast.   If you go into you’ll find out how to buy the books and disks that I have on the site there.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are really awfully, awfully welcome


What I try to do, as I mention all the time, is I chronicle, really, the events we’re going through.  I go back to the past to show you how the big organizations set up this present, and even further on into the future, and these are all the changes we’re living through.  Cultural changes mainly, that’s at the head:  you must change the culture drastically, and keep altering it drastically, manage it all the way, as we go through the big changes of globalism and into a new post-democratic system.  An authoritarian system where most folk are being trained, already, that you don’t really need governments, you just need experts to run you; after all, they’re better at it and so on.  And all we get now on broadcasts is experts on this and experts on that.  And we have been trained already for that.  And Bertrand Russell and many others who worked on this global agenda including the cultural changes, that would have to be managed by the entertainment industry, education, and all media, he talked about that too, that they’d have to drastically alter the culture.  They knew exactly what kind of culture they wanted and we have it today.  They even talked... well, even Aldous Huxley’s brother Julian Huxley the CEO of UNESCO said that there’d be a big lapse of kind of nihilistic culture towards the end where anything goes, because they’d knock down all the old values and morality that kept society together.  And during that phase they would use pharma, lots of prescription drugs and so on, to keep people going through it and not crack up.  And social agencies would pull up the slack from all the fallout, the social fallout and mayhem that it would cause.  It was just too bad but you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, and that’s how the big elite see us basically, we’re just a bunch of broken eggshells.  And they plan to do away with most of us, and keep the better types, the better genes, the ones who are better workers, or they’re better at specific functions for the new world order.  They’ll keep them going and they’ll be allowed maybe for a little while to breed before they bring in clones all together, and they’re well on their way to that of course. 


So it’s not fantastic at all.  As I say, I just chronicle what happens, go back to the past and say, well this is, look at this book, look at that book, look at the writings of so-and-so.  And you’ll find that it was planned long ago, every minute detail of it.  And it has to be that way doesn’t it?  You can’t really change a system and all cultures in the world into one standardized system, without all these big agencies, advertisers, the culture creator industry like Hollywood, all being on board with the same system, along with education, etc.  And they’ve been so successful, as I say; it even stunned people like Bezmenov from the KGB when he came over in the 60s and 70s.  He said, it had worked beyond their wildest dreams, how they’d turned American and British values upside down so quickly.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the big changes that were planned an awful long time ago.  Because the big players in the various groups that work together – and they do work together; they’re not independent of each other, really, at all.   They’re special groups in other words, speciality groups, and they all have their functions.  They’ve been working on this plan to integrate the planet with a new culture, society, and exactly what kind of culture they wanted too is here already.  So they always go on about, the introduction of technology is really what changes everything.  No.  That’s part of it, because after all technology can be used in any amount of ways, and when they use it particularly towards their agenda you know it’s all part of their big plan.  But we know, as I say, even 30-40 years ago people like Brzezinski talked about having a system where everyone could communicate with everyone across the world, it would be introduced to the public, long before the internet was given to us. There’s nothing in technology that really is new at all, it’s simply being rolled out now as brand new. 


Anyway, this article here is on about how they would bring in this sustainable development.  Now, sustainable development was what the Club of Rome first came out with, when they were given the task of finding ways to unite the planet under necessity, an emergency situation.  And they were the ones who also hit on the idea of, we’ll call it global warming, climate change, famines and so on, that would fit the bill, they said. They were given the task to find something, war, anything, to bring it together, and said, that would fit the bill.  So they hit on the idea and that’s why they’ll stick to it to the grave.  They’ll never alter it no matter, as I say, if God himself came down and said it’s all wrong.  Sustainable development is the old communist idea too, that they wrote about during the communist era.  Because believe you me, there were people, lots of people within the United States working with the Soviet Union, and across the world too, for this very agenda.  And sustainability also is one of the problems, or the worries, supposedly of the elite, you see, who say there’s too many folk using their resources basically, those resources have to do for their offspring down through another thousand generations or so, and here we are chewing it all up and making toys and things.  You see. 


So, sustainable development is a technique to rule everyone’s lives, right down to the average individual, whether you own a business or not.  And that’s where carbon taxes come in, etc, all these things, energy taxes for your electricity; this is where all your extra cash is to go, under austerity measures, a post-consumerist society you see.  All from the same group, the Club of Rome.  So anyway, here’s one of the articles here which is up at the United Nations and it’s on Fox News because they’re all part and parcel of the same organization. 


EPA Ponders Expanded Regulatory Power

In Name of 'Sustainable Development' / George Russell  / December 19, 2011


(Alan:  Now, I’ve mentioned over the years many articles from the bigwigs themselves and given you lots of quotes from them, where they said they’d have to dismantle all technology, especially in America, and flatten it all and bury it all and to get back to pristine wilderness and all this kind of thing, from the top characters who run all these wilderness movements and the greening movements and all the rest of it.  Anyway, as I say, sustainable development is one of the big things, and of course Maurice Strong kicked that off too at the Earth Summit, something else, a private organization that makes laws that everyone signs into a treaty and it effects all of us.  Maurice Strong’s got an amazing history because he was picked up by Rockefeller when he was young and shown oil management, oil field management, stuff like that to give him an idea of how things really work, and then kicked up to the United Nations head; he’s been up there at The World Bank, in charge of a whole bunch of things at the United Nations.  He was sent over to be one of the first guys to make sure there’d be a free flow of goods from China, by the United Nations and Rockefeller.  And it turned out when he was in China he used to visit his Aunt’s grave, I think it was his Aunt’s grave, who was one of the confidants and advisors to Mao Tse Tung.  International revolutionaries, generation by generation, by this organized society that runs us all.  Anyway, getting back to this article.)


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wants to change how it analyzes problems and makes decisions, in a way that would give it vastly expanded power to regulate businesses (A:  ...right...), communities (A:  ...your little area you live in...) and ecosystems (A:  That’s everybody’s home and what’s around it and watersheds off your roof and all that.) in the name of “sustainable development,” the centerpiece of a global United Nations conference slated for Rio de Janeiro next June.  (A:  That’s Maurice Strong again, for the next part of the Rio Summit and Agenda 21.  ...VAST population reduction they said in it.)


The major focus of the EPA thinking is a weighty study the agency commissioned last year from the National Academies of Science. (A:  The National Academies of Science is totally a front organization, like everything is a front organization; even academia is a front organization for the mighty boys that run this world.  They’re a big club.)  Published in August, the study, entitled “Sustainability and the U.S. EPA,” cost nearly $700,000 and involved a team of a dozen outside experts and about half as many National Academies staff.


Its aim: how to integrate sustainability “as one of the key drivers within the regulatory responsibilities of EPA.” The panel who wrote the study declares part of its job to be “providing guidance to EPA on how it might implement its existing statutory authority (A:  In other words, the government gives it this authority; it’s an agency you see.) to contribute more fully to a more sustainable-development trajectory for the United States.”


Or, in other words, how to use existing laws to new ends.  (A:  There’s where they come in with, well let’s reword, let’s reinterpret the meaning of this phrase... and in that method you can go on forever doing whatever you want.)


According to the Academies, the sustainability study “both incorporates and goes beyond an approach based on assessing and managing the risks posed by pollutants that has largely shaped environmental policy since the 1980s.”


It is already known in EPA circles as the “Green Book,” and is frequently compared by insiders to the “Red Book,” a study on using risk management techniques to guide evaluation of carcinogenic chemicals that the agency touts as the basis of its overall approach to environmental issues for the past 30 years.


At the time that the “Green Book” study was commissioned, in August, 2010, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson termed it “the next phase of environmental protection,” (A:  You see, they’ve got all the whole future planned in phases, you see.  I was calling them ‘waves’ last night, but it’s really waves and phases.) and asserted that it will be “fundamental to the future of the EPA.”


Jackson compared the new approach, it would articulate to “the difference between treating disease and pursuing wellness.” (A: know, wellness, that strange word that they dreamed up for you all.)  It was, she said, “a new opportunity to show how environmentally protective and sustainable we can be,” and would affect “every aspect” of EPA’s work.  (A:  You’re going see a massive expansion, like a Homeland Security of EPA workers, wearing the same gear and with the same authority by the way, come into your home and all that.  I’ll put these links up.  There’s also a link to Jackson’s remark, an audio link if you want to hear ‘it’ talking in person.)   []


According to the study itself, the adoption of the new “sustainability framework” will make the EPA more “anticipatory” in its approach to environmental issues, broaden its focus to include both social and economic as well as environmental “pillars,” (A:  So there’s social, economic and environmental pillars...) and “strengthen EPA as an organization and a leader in the nation’s progress toward a sustainable future.”  (A:  ...which means poverty for you.)


Whatever EPA does with its suggestions, the study emphasizes, will be “discretionary.” But the study urges EPA to “create a new culture among all EPA employees,” (A:  Going back to creating culture, you also create the culture for every organization; under control systems you must always indoctrinate the managerial class of each system, first, before you go on and indoctrinate the public.  So...) “create a new culture among all EPA employees,” and hire an array of new experts (A:  Oh, they love experts.) in order to bring the sustainability focus to every corner of the agency and its operations. Changes will move faster “as EPA’s intentions and goals in sustainability become clear to employees,” the study says.  (A:  So like robots, they don’t have to understand right off the bat, they gradually get indoctrinated as they go along.)


The National Academies and the EPA held a meeting last week in Washington to begin public discussion of the study.  (A:  And I’ll also put a link up for the study, you can download it yourself.)   [Sustainability and the U.S. EPA -]


Even as it begins to go public, EPA, which has come under renewed fire for its recent rulings on new auto emissions standards (A:  Remember, they want to get all cars off the road except, under the Agenda 21 plan at the United Nations, except emergency and vital vehicles only.) and limits on coal-fueled power plant emissions (A:  They want to shut the last of your plants down as they’re tripling, quadrupling the price of electricity.), is being determinedly low-key about the study.


Initially questioned about the document by Fox News weeks ago, an EPA spokesman (A:  Another public relations spokesman...) eventually declared that “we are currently reviewing the recommendations and have not yet made any decisions on implementation.”   (A:  Which of course is a lie, because it’s being implemented right now, has been for a while.) . . .


The spokesman also said that EPA had “no current plans” for the so-called “Rio + 20” (A:  That’s the Rio plus 20 years, since it’s 20 years since they had the last one with Maurice Strong.) environmental summit next summer “that pertains to the Green Book’s recommendations.”  (A:  Now, under the RIO + 20, that’s when all the governments send representatives out to the meeting, the RIO meeting, and they all sign a treaty, a BINDING treaty and it’s put into effect immediately, for those who don’t know.)


The U.N. summit meeting, however, is mentioned in the Green Book itself as an instance where “sustainability is gaining increasing recognition as a useful framework for addressing otherwise intractable problems.


So they give us abstract nonsense, in order to rule us, you see, and it’s very effective; it has been in the past and it will be again.  And of course it’s taught all through school; all the handbooks go out right away to the school children, because they must be brainwashed first too, and then they go home and nag their parents.  You know, mummy you left that light on too long, and turn that water off on the tap, and stuff like that.  And that’s the world that you’re brought up in.  It’s all preplanned; it was a long time ago.  And Maurice Strong knew it would take 20 years or so to have us brainwashed into the present condition we’re in.  Most are brainwashed in sustainability to some degree or other, and the ‘greening of the planet’ and all that stuff, and ‘too many people’, through all your nature programs that keep harping on ‘too many people.’  So you’ve all had your indoctrination but the school children have for 20 years, all those who are now 20 have had 20 years of indoctrination.   And that’s how simply it’s done folks.  You know, time is on my side, like the old Stones tribute to Satan said.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and a couple of months ago I mentioned this article; it’s out again, I guess it’s an update on it.  It’s to do with the Big Bend National Park in Texas and the drug war.  It says...


US to leave Mexican border crossing to rangers / Dec 11, 2011 / CHRISTOPHER SHERMAN / Associated Press


BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK, Texas (AP) -- The bloody drug war in Mexico shows no sign of relenting. Neither do calls for tighter border security amid rising fears of spillover violence.


This hardly seems a time the U.S. would be willing to allow people to cross the border legally from Mexico without a customs officer in sight. But in this rugged, remote West Texas terrain where wading across the shallow Rio Grande undetected is all too easy, federal authorities are touting a proposal to open an unmanned port of entry as a security upgrade.  (A:  It’s always like doublespeak, isn’t it?)


By the spring, kiosks could open up in Big Bend National Park allowing people from the tiny Mexican town of Boquillas del Carmen to scan their identity documents and talk to a customs officer in another location, at least 100 miles away.


The crossing, which would be the nation's first such port of entry with Mexico, has sparked opposition from some who see it as counterintuitive in these days of heightened border security. Supporters say the crossing would give the isolated Mexican town long-awaited access to U.S. commerce, improve conservation efforts (A:  There you go, conservation...) and be an unlikely target for criminal operations.  (A:  Well, the criminals don’t miss anything.  I mean, they’ve got their own intelligence agencies.)


"People that want to be engaged in illegal activities along the border, ones that are engaged in those activities now, they're still going to do it," said William Wellman, Big Bend National Park's superintendent. "But you'd have to be a real idiot to pick the only place with security in 300 miles of the border to try to sneak across." 


Well the real drugs aren’t snuck across anyway; they’re flown in by the CIA, always have been. And the big battles in Mexico are actually CIA backed right now; they’re putting troops down there.  In fact, they’re bringing up Mexican guys, training them and sending them, well, the old stuff.  They had the School of the Americas; America’s been training these guys for years and years, and they’re doing the same thing again. And they’re sending hundreds of them back down there as mercenaries, and assassins – that was in the papers a while back; I read it on the air here. What they’re doing is eliminating all the competition from their favorite sponsored, you know, drug guys.  That’s really all it is.  That’s all things really always are, is economics, and power, you know.  Again, you’ve got to become a monopoly and you’ve got to basically monopolize everything, you corner the market for yourselves.  That’s how those in-the-know who own everything in the world have always done it. 


And this article here too, is from the Sovereign Independent.  It’s to do with the matriarchal and the patriarchal family.  The patriarchal family was destroyed a long time ago as the BBC and education went all out to blame the guy for everything that’s happened since the Stone Age.  And at the same time they were giving women affirmative action and all the talk shows were telling them, oh, go on, just do whatever you want, get as many men as you want and ya-da, ya, the state will take care of you.  And so it became a matriarchal society and dad was just a joke on a comedy show.  And the children saw it as that too.  Again, it was all planned, again, for the destruction of the family unit, according to the Communist Manifesto which was funded by the big bankers.


The Patriarchal Family Has Been Destroyed: Now It’s Time to Destroy the Matriarch! Your Children are at Risk! / Biro Black


According to the UK’s Daily Mail today the tide has turned for the fairer sex in terms of unemployment. Female unemployment in the UK is now at its highest level in 23 years and that’s only the women who claim benefits or who are eligible to claim benefits. The real figure is no doubt much higher as is the case for male unemployment.  (A:  So they’re going after the matriarchal society now; now all those on welfare too, that have got all the children with different fathers.)


The reason for the rise is not given of course although there is more than enough anti Cameron/Clegg rhetoric thrown in to mask the real reasons for rises across all sectors of society; male, female and in the ever increasingly politically correct twilight zone that Britain has become… other. (A:  And it surely is.  It surely is a twilight zone now. What is real here?  What is Britain?  It’s weird.)


However for those who think this has all just come about as an inevitable result of the current ‘double dip recession’ or as it really should be called, ‘depression’ (A:  And that’s what it is, it’s a DEPRESSION...), let me break the bad news to you… It’s all part of the plan for control on an individual person in the country (A:  ...every individual.), because you see, the family has already been taken apart, divorce is rampant and promiscuity is the new normal (A:  Because it’s through all the movies and stuff that you watch.), not just for the adult population, but for children who are continually and openly being sexualised from a very early age with pole dancing classes (A: their schools!) being given to girls as young as 3 years old now accepted by women who think this all part of being a ‘progressive’ or ‘liberal’ mother.  (A:  Because these liberal mothers never had a stable partner and that’s called, you know, liberation.)


Even if you believe that the Mail is exaggerating this story in terms of the age of these children (I’ve seen other reports that state anywhere between 3 – 12 years old) that’s not the point. They are still children!


You may be wondering what this has to do with high unemployment amongst women. Well, if we go back to the reasons behind the feminist movements of the past, women have been progressively used, at least since their use as replacement workers during WW II (A:  And that’s true.  If you look at the old propaganda stuff to get women into the factories and make the bombs and make the aircraft and all the rest of it, and they even tailor made the outfits for the ones who would appear on Pathe News that they showed in the cinemas, to get them all in, they made them look kind of sexy.  That’s when it really started it.  And by the way, those before, the big players, HG Wells and others and Russell, they said this would help to get women into the workforce and they’d be very reluctant to go back to family life afterwards; they would promote this forever.  And it doubled the tax base too.), to promote the interests of women ahead of men under a planned program of pseudo equality between the sexes. This has resulted in what has become known as ‘positive discrimination’ to the extent that, and I know many women will object to this statement, women have been put into highly paid employment whether they’re qualified for such positions or not and before the wild women of the ‘feminist’ movement have a go at me, the same applies to men in times gone by and indeed today.  (A:  And it’s true.  That was the priority hiring. If you’re a woman, if you’re a particular type of woman it’s even better... one who likes her own kind.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix, going through an article, it’s kind of quick, it’s not a long article really but there’s a few facts in it that happened.  The facts are pertinent because that was all part of the communist movement at the time, backed by the bankers and the educational system, and government of course that ran it all too.  They wanted to destroy the male in charge of a family and that was very successful.  And then they said that they would make it possible for all women to go to work by priority hiring and they did, put them in trades and everything although very few ever stuck to trades because of the heavy, heavy work, you know, welding and stuff like that.  Anyway, they gave them all this extra cash.  Then they started building single parent homes, single child homes and one parent; and from the early 70s on, that was the agenda because they didn’t plan to bring back the men in their lives, basically, for any length of time.  And it also goes back to the 1920s, as I say, when HG Wells was working for the Fabian Society, that was in direct communication with the Kremlin at that time, and for many years after, talked about putting the workforce, with another war, he said we need another war to get the nations to give up their sovereignty, but he says we’ll get all the women in the workplace too and their temptations would be so much, there’d be so many affairs, that they either would never get married or their marriages would break up.  That had to be done; it was a priority thing to happen.  So this article says...


Women in the office also put temptation in the way of both sexes in terms of extra marital affairs etc. which of course was widely popularised by television and the swath of female magazines pushing women’s sexuality and independence as another new normal to the extent that many women in their 40’s now have no children or long term partner, or husband, with many now regretting that drive for a ‘career’ at the expense of a family which was the old normal.  (A:  But not to worry because you see, psychiatry, agencies and so on have taken up the slack.  That’s what they also said back in the 20s, that the government agencies, they would pay for all the treatments to keep them working and so on because they’d have a mental breakdown otherwise.)


They have no-one to stand up for them in the absence of a male in their lives but still feel they are financially secure enough to cope with any eventuality that comes there way.  (A:  Along with big pharma.)


Well not anymore… Ladies, you have been duped!


All those incentives given to you by previous governments (A: get you all doing this stuff.), in the way of tax credits and the full benefit of the legal system in terms of divorce settlements, are over.


The family has almost been destroyed and the next stage is to destroy the link between a woman and her children in much the same way as has been achieved in, and I would imagine are the majority of cases, the relationships between men and their children which has been done under the guise of law and the financial penalties imposed on men whether they could afford ‘maintenance’ payments or not.  (A:  Massive disasters.)


I know from personal experience that if a man is a single parent then it is next to impossible to receive ‘maintenance’ from an ex female partner. I never received a single penny for the 14 years I should have been entitled to it. Do you think a man would get away with that?  (A:  Well of course they don’t.)


The time has come for women to be taken down financially in the same way as men have. This will be done I’m sure primarily by the gradual or rapid withdrawal of ‘tax credits’ given to single female parents who work. This can be in many cases several hundred pounds every month. I wonder how many ‘career’ women rely on such tax credits to maintain a standard of living they’ve become accustomed to or even to pay their mortgages.  (A:  And it goes on and on a little bit too.)


But it’s true.  See, all these social services they rushed in to take, and Lenin said it too and so did Stalin, that government agencies would eventually become authorities and they would step in and look after the women and children, all the things that families used to do, and extended families, would be done by government. So now it’s time.  It’s been achieved, so just knock out the money from underneath the mothers, because you’ve done your job, that’s it.  [Alan laughing.]  Basically that’s it, it’s over.


And there’s another article here too about agencies in government. 



(A:  Meaning they fudge it all.)


(A:  Big, big money in it, you know.) / December 11,2011 / Ted Jeory


SOCIAL workers are regularly “sexing up” dossiers on problem parents to remove children into care and even to farm them out for adoption, a whistleblower reveals today.  (A:  This is happening in the States, Britain, elsewhere... everywhere.)


The experienced social worker told a Sunday Express investigation that council managers are frequently putting pressure on him and colleagues to rewrite reports considered “too positive”.  (A:  In other words, they’ve got good parents.)


They are demanding “more dirt” on mothers and fathers to increase the chances of securing court orders that place their children into care and which boost councils’ Ofsted ratings.  (A:  They also get cash for it too.)


The whistleblower said the worry of having another Baby P on an authority’s hands had created a climate of fear that was destroying innocent families.


The findings were last night described as a “national scandal” by one MP who is now demanding a full Parliamentary inquiry into Britain’s child protection system.  (A:  It’s so Orwellian, child protection system and they’re fudging their documents on good families just to snatch the children out for adoption, get the cash for everyone that they do it to, eh.  It’s just a racket. But it’s more than that too.  You see, I know the types of people they hire in these social agencies for the families and many of them have a particular sexual persuasion and they don’t like men too much; they are the majority actually, they are the majority.  So you see how they go along with it.  Every guy’s bad... oh, is he holding his child up or is he molesting her?  I’m not kidding you.  I’m not kidding.  That’s how they work.  Anyway...)


The whistleblower said the behaviour of social  workers has been dramatically and “needlessly” changed since the full details over the 2007 death of Baby Peter Connelly in Haringey, north London, emerged  three years ago.


He said there is now a new culture of fear in which the buck of responsibility is continuously passed up the managerial chain.  (A:  But as I say, they wanted all these agencies to take over from the family, etc, and THEY, the government would be the new family boss.  And that’s all been there for a long time now.)


I’m also putting a link up to...


Psychopathic Economics 101 (A:  It’s not a bad article.) /  D Sherman Okst / 12/03/2011


Psychopaths flew financial weapons of mass destruction (derivatives) into the twin towers of our economy, the housing market and the stock market. Ten trillion dollars of wealth evaporated.


Ninety-nine percent of the economic experts—financial planners, economists, economic professors, brokers, and investors—missed the largest bubble in history as well as the systemic risk that the bubble posed.


The National Board of Economic Research (NBER) (who is responsible for declaring a recession) was 9 months late calling the worst recession since the Great Depression.


How Economics Got Hijacked

I advocate that the larger story here isn’t derivatives or the Financial Crisis of “2008,” but instead how economics has been secretly hijacked.


When I began researching for the book I’m writing I had a premise: “Corporatocracy” had replaced capitalism. That is true, but I realized the more important underlying fundamental was how corporatocracy came about. Corporatocracy grew out of souless corporations being given human status (A:  And that’s true in law.) even though their sole purpose was creating wealth for the shareholders. Corporations themselves became uncaring individuals—many of them run by uncaring individuals. Psychopaths to be blunt.  (A:  Now, I started off the psychopathic labeling of this years ago and I’m glad it’s taken up, because they are psychopaths.  No one was talking about this before.)


Research I conducted revealed why and how psychopaths captured economics, how this catastrophe was missed and what the ramifications will be. For more on corporatocracy please read "Why We Are Totally Finished." There is also a super documentary called "The Corporation" which can be viewed off my blog Psychopathic Economics.


“Semiopaths” & Psychopaths

Psychopaths aren’t limited to seemingly nice people who invite you over for dinner, then cut you into pieces and serve your fresh innards on a plate. (A:  They only do that on that Holland TV show.)  The World Health Organization has a “Personality Diagnostic Checklist” that is used in conjunction with this work. You’ll recognize it by the check marks.


Psychopaths used the following five weapons to take control of our global economy:


1. Political Economic Capture.   (A:  Well we all know who they are; we see them all the time.)

2. Scholarly Economic Capture.  (A:  We see them too all the time, you know, these experts from academia.)

3. Statistical Economic Capture.  (A:  Oh, they have departments of statistics for everything and I think it was Theo Roosevelt said, he says, there are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics.  I mean you can’t argue with science in other words, that’s the con of it.  It’s not science at all.)

4. Mainstream Media Economic Capture.  (A:  Well they own it all.)

5. Regulatory Economic Capture. 


All but one of these, Regulatory Economic Capture, are new terms that I’ve identified.  (A:  So I’ll put this up tonight for those who want to have a peruse and see more about it.)


And so much, really, so much is going on it’s just incredible, what’s rampaging ahead all the time.  Two articles here on Her Majesty’s – and it is Her Majesty.  She’s still the queen of all these dominions, that they call the Commonwealth of Nations, but these are still called dominions in the British Crown. 


Big firms let off £25BILLION in taxes:

As families are chased for every penny (A:  ...under austerity rules, right.),

 corporate giants dodge their massive bills / Becky Barrow and Rob Cooper / 20th December 2011


(A:  And it goes on through lists of it.)


Britain's biggest firms owe the taxman up to £25.5billion, but are regularly let off the hook, MPs say today.  (A:  That’s because they’re too important and you know, they give freebies to the lawyers that are given them by the HM government.  They have their own tax lawyers and these tax lawyers are bought off all the time.)


The sum is equivalent to £1,000 for every British family - or the equivalent of 6p being cut from the basic rate of income tax.  (A:  But meanwhile they’re hounding small guys, the taxpayers for every penny that they’re behind.  And into austerity they go. But nothing’s new about that really is it?  Nothing’s really new.  There’s two articles on that.)


MPs attack HMRC's 'cosy' deals with big business - / 20 December 2011


And then in the US too, and it’s already in Australia, they’ve got...


Low income households struggling: report / JANE HAMMOND / December 20, 2011


Low income working households are $12 a week worse off than they were a year ago and are struggling to keep pace with increases in housing and utility costs (A:  They’re skyrocketing in electricity over there too.), a report by the Western Australian Council for Social Service finds.  (A:  And of course they’ve got all these carbon taxes and stuff getting really rammed in there by that strange woman who wasn’t always happy about men, put it that way, if you read her student report and see what she did and who she lived with.  It’s quite a little story but I won’t go into it here.  But I’m not surprised that’s who they picked to push all this stuff through, the ones with the chips on their shoulder.)


And a pedophile in Queensland...


Pedophile in top Queensland Health job as more failed checks on public servants revealed / AAP / December 21, 2011


(A:  They’re trying to cover the ass of this character who’s a convicted pedophile.)


QUEENSLAND Health says it has no problem with a convicted pedophile heading up a unit that helps Queensland's most vulnerable children.


That’s where we are today folks.  See, eventually pedophilia won’t exist in the dictionary because it’s being pushed by NAMBLA and all these guys, and they’re giving it new terms like intergenerational sex, or love, they love them.  Yeah.  And all that, you know.


I’m also putting up tonight, to show you how the culture industry’s always doing little steps forward, always through comedy to start with and then followed very quickly by regular movies.  This one is called...


'A Good Old Fashioned Orgy' -


It’s for the children.  I’ll put that link up for you to have a look at.  With the vocabulary in the trailer it’s meant for 12 year olds.  No kidding.  It’s supposed to be R rated.  But they’ll want to see it of course, and the little tee-hee-hee-hee stuff that will go on. 


Now, US citizens can videotape any police now...


Federal Court Rules Videotaping Police Is A First Amendment Right /  James Cox / August 31, 2011


(A:  And that was from a court case that came out.)


The Federal Appeals Court has ruled that video recording the police in a public place is a constitutional right for all U.S. citizens. This is a great win for the freedom movement.  Public officials need to be held accountable for their actions.   (A:  And it shows you the ruling below and how they won it.  So let’s see if they stick to it or put some other amendment in and change it again.)


I’ve also mentioned about the Dutch laboratory, in a university, of all places.  That’s not a high security place to create killer diseases, but they do this all the time actually.  So they took an ordinary flu and they said, I wonder how we could get it into a killer flu, what stages do we go through?  So they added genes to it and so on, in 5 stages, and made it a massive killer!  And no doubt it was grabbed already by the authorities, the military establishments, and put in with their other arsenal of things that kill us.  So...


Alarm as Dutch lab creates highly contagious killer flu / Steve Connor / 20 December 2011


A deadly strain of bird flu with the potential to infect and kill millions of people has been created in a laboratory by European scientists – who now want to publish full details of how they did it.  (A:  They’ll probably want Nobel prizes or something.  You ever notice all these Nobel prizes were all mass murderers in some way or another?  Have you looked at their histories?  Even the guy who put down the money for that, he invented high explosives, you see, just in time for World War I.  I’ve mentioned this article before, as I say, and this is an update to it. And it says...)


The discovery has prompted fears within the US Government that the knowledge will fall into the hands of terrorists wanting to use it as a bio-weapon of mass destruction.  (A:  So that’s why the government grabs it first, you know.)


Some scientists are questioning whether the research should ever have been undertaken in a university laboratory, instead of at a military facility. 


I can remember years ago a woman went home from I think it was Manchester Hospital and she did come back into work and they found her dead.  Her parents were already dead.  And they’d all come down with smallpox and it was weaponized smallpox.  Because the British establishment at that time not only had Porton Downs to create all these nasty killers, but they were making killing stuff by using the National Health Service.  Why waste them?  They’ve got laboratories there, we can make this stuff there.  And they closed down a good part of the streets all around that hospital, had to go around testing everybody and everything else.  Because at one point she dropped some vial which smashed on the floor and she took it home to her parents. And when she came back I guess, pretty sick at the time, her parents were already dead and then she died.  And that happens all the time. As I say, why waste hospitals when they’ve got laboratories?  You know, our guys, they believe in austerity indeed, you know, why spend more money on building yet another lab? 


As I say, this stuff, there’s so much, there’s just so much going on in the world, even to do with the European Union, because the new central bank has come out with its own new agreement which they drafted up, which is a binding treaty, that every country has got to pay whatever they demand from it, at any time they demand from it, and they’re given 7 days to get the cash there or they get massive fines, by court of law and power of law.  And it’s just like reading one of these programs on the internet that you download, you know:  do you give up your firstborn, do you give up that, you know, and we have no responsibility, you have all the responsibility, ya-da, ya-da, ya.  It’s just like that it’s written out. 


EU sets out "compact" for tighter fiscal rules - / Dec 16 2011


I’ll put that up tonight as well and you can have a good dekko at that because it just shows you how these big central bankers work it. This is putting their central bank at the top of power in the whole of Europe.  And they can now take cash from every country... we want another 70 billion... or give us 700 billion from you and...  And you have no comeback, you have no recourse, you got to pay up or get a massive fine.  I guess they send the military police in or something to bash your heads in if you don’t pay up; I don’t know how they’re going to manage it.  I don’t know how they’re going to manage it. 


So we’re living in an awful, awful system, an awful world and it’s just getting worse, because it’s planned to get worse as we go into this chaos.  And if you’ve noticed they’ve built up internal police armies, across the world, for the last 30 years, and massively expanded it since 9/11 under the guise of fighting terrorism.  And they’re going to use them.  Massive arsenals they have now, tremendous arsenals to turn on the general public.  It’s something else.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll go to the callers and there’s Kalid from Cincinnati hanging on the line. Are you there Kalid?


Kalid:  Good evening Mr Watt.  How are you doing today?


Alan:  I’m not too bad.  Yeah.


Kalid:  Good, good, same here, just hanging in there as much as you can.  I realized you only have about 9 more minutes left so I’ll try to keep my comments short.  First I would like to thank you, very much.  I’ve certainly benefited from your show a great deal.  And I would encourage others out there to send you a donation.  I’ve donated in the past and I do intend to purchase your book, Waiting for the Miracle, I believe it’s called.  A friend turned me on to you because of some of my interests overlap, and listening to you throughout the years and you know, discovered a good deal to research myself and other friends of mine and other concerned people have done, a lot of what you’ve put out there resonates, and I may not agree with all of your conclusions.  But I can say to the audience that your recommendations as far as reading materials, books, things to look up, they’re completely spot on.  And I myself, I am a Muslim, both by birth and also choice.  But throughout my life I’ve experimented, I’ve looked into different thought patterns, different religions, traditions, ways of thought, I’ve explored the occult.  I’ve looked into Freemasonry.  I’ve looked into Rosicrucianism.  And I’ve done a good deal of truth seeking all throughout my life.  And I do believe that your discourse, your narrative, essentially that we are in effect essentially farmed, if you would, and that we are living our lives in this civilization ostensibly, on one level, but on the actual esoteric level, the inward level, we are obeying other people’s agendas and essentially living as serfs, as slaves, if you will.  I do believe that to be accurate and I do not believe that to be hyperbole.  Since I don’t have much time I would like to throw out a couple things.  I’ve found, I’m not sure if you’ve come across a Russian émigré named Anatoliy Golitsyn, if I believe I’m pronouncing his name right.


Alan:  That’s right.


Kalid:  I found that his writings, his books New Lies for Old and The Perestroika Deception, do support your thesis regarding a larger encompassing, sort of a third party if you would, beyond the diametric oppositions of East/West, Capitalism/standard Soviet Communism.  He argues that, just on the level that he was exposed to, that there was a larger sort of global revolution afoot that will lead to a Welt [World] October, sort of a global October revolution, and that the fall of the Soviet Union was just a sham.  Now, that book, his writings were recommended to me 15 years ago and at the time I dismissed a good deal of it.  But seeing what’s going on around us now, I do believe that on some level he was accurate. And something that I think might be of interest, one of your themes is that historically, none of this is really new.  We’re repeating historical patterns over and over and over again.  And as a bit of a history buff that’s something I certainly found to be true.  One example is false flag terrorism used as a pretext, of course, for intervention in the Middle East.  I’m not sure if you’ve come across this book, but it’s by, surprisingly enough, an Oxford historian and a British aristocrat named Sir Godfrey Fisher.  It’s called Barbary Legend.  And essentially it’s about the wars in the Mediterranean and the late renaissance, early modern Europe and the reign of Elizabeth, and the Tudor reign, the lies, the half-truths on one level, and the lies of the Spanish unified kingdom.  I hear the background music, but it seems that many of the patterns being repeated today were also repeated back then, and if you haven’t encountered that book I think you might find it very interesting reading.


Alan:  Yes.  I think I have it here in the back room.  I think I have that.  It’s a good book.  It’s interesting too, that the US, the first battle they had with other countries after their revolutionary war, they sent ships over to the Gulf by the way, supposedly to stop pirates from raiding some of their ships.  They wanted to get a foothold in the so-called Holy Land back then, so there were other causes behind it, and powers, of course, and they’ve never stopped doing that to today.  You’re quite right.  Thanks for calling and take care.


And Aaron and Steven, maybe you can call tomorrow; sorry I couldn’t get around to you.  This hour flies by.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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