December 22nd, 2011 (#988)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec 22nd, 2011:

For Rapid Change, People Derange:

"Media Keeps Everyone in Shock and Awe,
We React as Told, That's What For,
Perpetual War Brings Changes Social,
In Government, Authorities, Things Emotional,
Most of All the Elite Ram Changes Through
With the Disoriented Masses, Me and You,
Financial Collapse, Terror Then Rendition,
We're on Automatic Pilot, a Sorry Condition,
Under Psychological Warfare, Never Lenient,
It Makes Control by Experts So Convenient"
© Alan Watt Dec 22nd, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Dec 22nd, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 22nd of December, 2011.  For newcomers, as always, help yourself to the audios, the free audios for download at  You'll see another bunch of sites listed on that page.  If you find sticking on the .com, it's because so many folk go into it at the same time, try these other sites, the alternate sites.  They all carry transcripts as well, of a lot of the talks that I've given in English for print-up.  And you can go into for transcripts in other languages.  Remember too that you're the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me by buying the books and discs at  It's all on that page how to do it.  And you'll also find that Americans can use personal checks or international postal money orders to send to Canada, they're still accepted.  PayPal is fine.  And some people just send cash.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal, once again.  Remember straight donations are also awfully, awfully welcome here. 


Now, I try as I say, to chronicle basically the events we're going through in this big world global system.  Very old global push for a global government, and it goes back an awful long ways.  You can find the histories of it, in fact.  It's out in the open now.  A lot of the big players, down through the last couple of hundred years, who've pushed for this particular type of world government.  And you've got to understand too, in the 1800s, people were really up on science.  They thought science was going to be their savior.  And as they were mass manning everybody and massing everything for the masses and mass production, they also thought they could manage the masses of the planet by using experts and deciding how to really run the world.  All the things that were obsolete like religions and marriages and all that kind of stuff would have to go by the wayside.  And out of that came Marxism, which still goes on today under Trotskyism and various other names.  So, we're living through planned changes.  And unfortunately, we're the generation that have to go through them as they do the big crunch into complete globalism, through treaties, signed yearly, by whatever government is in, it doesn't matter.  They always sign these treaties through the United Nations that bind all the countries together through the United Nations, under treaties. 


And of course, they have achieved their goal for Europe, an amalgamated Europe, and a common currency, and don't believe this stuff about Britain.  They'll get back into it, as soon as they want to make the push.  But we're living through, as I say, planned changes.  The United Americas is to come next, as we all crash down too, economically.  Because there's so much money due to pay for all the wars that have been going on for twenty years solid now.  We tend to forget that.  Twenty years of wars.  Solid wars, never ending.  And theyíll not see an end for a long time, by the way.  Theyíre perpetual wars, is what they call it in the military, this actual part of the agenda. 


So, weíre living through an incredible time of change.  Many of the changes have all happened, the social changes have been awfully successful, via the media and movies and magazines, to make sure that we canít go back.  Thatís the whole idea.  We canít go back to a system that did work, where people had real communities that the governments had no hand in, and marriage was at the top of the list too.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, as I say, I generally chronicle the events and go back to the past to show you how they tie in with plans made long ago, because nothing happens in the big world, in any big, in any major level at all, without massive, massive planning.  Years of planning, in fact.  And we know that all the countries being taken out right now, across the Middle East, were on the list of the New American Century group, as far back as in the 1990s. So, itís the same list, and in fact, Rumsfeld and others have congratulated Obama for carrying on the same list.  So, thereís no difference in parties.  Thereís only one party really, and the rest of it is just an illusion to keep us voting. 


As I say, world government is to be the end of all of this, and under a technocratic society; they call it technocracy.  And technocracy is supposedly a social science.  It was somebodyís theory and idea of how things should be, that a man put into words.  It had different names before that, but itís the same basic theory where experts would guide and plan the world properly, rather than leaving it haphazard to individuals at the bottom, who decide when to mate and who to mate with and where theyíre going to live and all the rest of it.  Far easier to get a planned society, where you train the people gradually, generation by generation, to believe in experts and then to obey the experts.  So, when experts tell you where youíre going to go and work, youíll just up and go, even if itís on the other side of the planet, for a global society.


And weíre going through the big changes now.  And itís authoritarian, of course.  The Club of Rome said that: Weíre post-democratic and weíre now in an authoritarian society.  Itís very, very obvious for those who have got eyes to see and ears to hear.  And really, those who canít are perfectly indoctrinated.  They still think theyíre living somehow in the past, you know. 


Now, part of it too, and this goes back to the precursor of the United Nations, the League of Nations, which wanted to inoculate everybody on the planet for every disease there was, but also too, they mentioned that they wanted to bring down the population.  So I didnít trust them when I read those books too; they were obviously thinking about depopulating through ďthis is good for you, take this shot,Ē way back then.  And we know that most of these shots just donít work at all.  Actually they make you very sick, and sometimes permanently too.  And Iíve read so many articles on them, Iíve lost count.  But hereís an article here, from the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.  It says:


Physicians Oppose Mandatory Flu Vaccine for Health Workers


(Alan: Now, all those in the health industry are required now, or at least the government is requiring or demanding they all take the shots.  Because, after all, this is their science, supposedly; and if you donít believe in it, why are you in the profession?  So, theyíre trying to make everyone take the shot.  It says:)


In letters to Colorado public health officials, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) opposes a rule requiring workers in health care facilities to have an annual influenza vaccination or lose their jobs.


(A: Thereís democracy, eh?)


Workers who had a rare religious or medical exemption would be required to wear a mask in patient care areas from November through March.


(A: And this is just to make a laughing stock out of you, so youíll succumb and accept the jab, you see.  Itís like marking you with an X or something.  Same idea.  But regardless of that, why should you need a religious exemption to get out of this anyway?† You see.  I mean, why canít you just say, I donít believe in this thing, Iíve read enough on it that itís bad for you, and more folk get sick afterwards?  And it doesnít prevent the flu anyway.  Thatís good enough, shouldnít it?  That should be good enough.  Hereís a study, take this one.  Take your pick of all these studies, that come out every year in March, after itís over.)


The religious exemption is too narrowly drawn, AAPS writes, and should be a philosophical exemption, as accepted in many states, to ďto avoid inquisitions into matters of faith.Ē


(A: Because itís none of their business anyway, is it?)


The mask requirement ďseems to be nothing more than a punitive retaliation against those who decline the vaccineĒ and should be dropped, both immunized and nonimmunized individuals can transmit influenza or other illnesses.


(A: Actually theyíve found, in all the studies theyíve done, thereís no difference in the amount of people who get flu, compared to the group who didnít get the jab, compared to the ones who did get the jab.  Thereís no difference at all across the board.  And actually, when you get the jab, itís not the real flu youíre getting.  Youíre getting a modified flu virus.  And itís been altered genetically.  And anything, believe you me, any foreign DNA getting into your body is going to cause incredible problems, because it then takes over the cells of your body.)


The New Mexico study cited in support of the policy shows a tiny effect: an adjusted odds ratio of only 0.97 for confirmed influenza ďoutbreaksĒ


(A: Now, an outbreak, theyíre classifying now, is one case.  Thatís amazing how you can make an emergency out of nothing, eh?)


in residents of long-term care facilities where 60% of direct-care workers were immunized compared with facilities with a 51% immunization rate. This means that in facilities where more workers were immunized, residents were still 97% as likely to get influenza.


(A: There you go.  So anyway, it says:)


In the age of ďevidence-based medicine,Ē AAPS notes that there is surprisingly little evidence supporting the efficacy of influenza vaccine, and evidence of safety is also limited. According to a 2006 article in the British Medical Journal by Tom Jefferson


(A: And itís got the link here to that too.  You can download that.)


the coordinator of the vaccines section of the Cochrane Collaboration, safety data are reported in only five randomized studies with 2,963 observations. Many repeated doses of similar vaccines likely increase the risk of allergic reactions, and no data exist on the safety of a large number of doses, states Dr. Orient, citing a 2006 article in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.


In other words, this stuff here eventually wrecks your immune system.  And actually all these inoculations you put into your body do the same thing.  Thatís why everybody now has a deficient immune system.  And thatís taught as normal now for people coming out of medical school.  Oh, itís normal we all have a diminished immune system.  Thereís no reason, they have no teaching behind them to tell you why.  They donít know.  Itís through the inoculations, itís plummeted since the 1950s.  And just escalated through the 60s. 


Now, everything now is corrupt.  We can see it straight out, and that is the system for the authoritarian society that the big boys themselves, just like the Soviet Union, lived awfully well at the top, and they also give each other deals on everything as well too.  So, everything now is lobbying.  And, as Iíve said before, if you want to start a business, just sniff around.  A good psychopath will get it right off the bat.  He doesnít have to be told.  He sees whatís popular, whatís coming down the pike, what theyíre all pushing for, and heíll get grants from the government to start his own business up, you see.  But thatís how you have to do it today.  Thereís no point in hard work, folks.  Thereís no point in hard work at all.  Thereís no point in that at all. 


Company Who Lobbied for the NDAA Indefinite Detention Bill


(A: For Americans, is:)


Given 23 Million Dollar Contract for Night Raid Equipment


(A: So, the company that lobbied it and then they get this $23 million contract.  It says:)


According to reports from the Daily Kos and Russia Today, a company specializing in night raid equipment


(A: Thatís when they want to bust into your homes, which will escalate actually, when the time is right.)


was awarded a 23 million dollar contract from the Department of Defense and subsequently went on to lobby for the NDAA which has given the government the power to indefinitely detain American citizens.


Surefire LLC openly lobbed for the House version of the NDAA, a bill many have claimed has effectively ended the Bill of Rights, months after receiving the 23 million dollar contact from the DOD.


Why would this company be receiving a contract which could outfit at least 30,000 troops with new and updated night raid equipment when the U.S. is supposedly pulling troops out of Iraq and, to a smaller extent, Afghanistan?


Why has this same company gone on to lobby for a bill that has turned the United States into a war zone?


Does it seem likely that the night raid gear that will be provided to the DOD under the 23 million dollar contract will be used outside the United States when the company who won the contract is lobbying...


(A: Blah, blah, blah.  It says:)


As we have reported in the past, the plans for martial law in America have long been drawn up and the idea that either our own military, foreign militaryís or a combination of both will be used against the American people has steadily gained ground as millions of people around the world have become aware of these dastardly plans.


Every week it seems more and more information is released that further proves these plans are real and already capable of becoming fully operational with 72 hours.


And thatís true, isnít it?  Theyíve been at this for years and years, if you havenít noticed the buildup of a militarized police force, mainly staffed now with recruits straight from the military, who have been kicking doors in, on lots of drugs, and theyíre all primed to ďkick assĒ as they love to say.


And this was from 2009, when the big inspectors for the nuclear inspectors went into Iran.  And this has came out in the papers, just to remind folk who have forgotten already, because thereís such a massive barrage now of perpetual propaganda coming out of the war department now, that people forget that they didnít find anything at all. 


'No credible evidence' of Iranian nuclear weapons, says UN inspector


Mohamed ElBaradei says Iran was 'on the wrong side of the law' but rejects British intelligence claims


Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said British claims of an Iranian nuclear weapons programme were unfounded.


The UN's chief weapons inspector, Mohamed ElBaradei, said today he had seen "no credible evidence" that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, rejecting British intelligence allegations that a weapons programme has been going on for at least four years.


The claims and counter-claims came on the eve of a potentially decisive meeting in Geneva between diplomats from six world powers and an Iranian delegation about Tehran's nuclear ambitions.


Iran insists its programme is for peaceful purposes, and that there is nothing illegal about a uranium enrichment plant under construction near the city of Qom, the existence of which was revealed last week.


So, they went through all this stuff and found pretty well nothing, nothing.  But it doesnít matter today.  Remember, I read the article yesterday, from Petraeus and other top generals, talking about the war, the information war and how itís a war of perceptions and they do it continuously, the military will be doing it continuously, through your major media on a daily basis.  Weíre in the middle of that right now.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I just finished an article there about how the International Atomic Energy commission sent their guys in there.  They keep doing it, into Iran, and they donít find anything, but that one was from 2009, remember that, 2009.  And then, you have another one from 2009.  It doesnít matter what you say, you see.  When these guys have made their plans, nothing is going to change it.  Itís just like carbon taxes.  Because they take years planning them, you see.


The former speaker of the US House of Representatives has said that the US should "sabotage" Iran's oil and gas infrastructure as part of its efforts to bring down the government.


(A: This is 2009, as well, right after they were cleared, Iran was cleared.)


In an interview with Al Jazeera's Avi Lewis for the Fault Lines programme, Republican Newt Gingrich said targeting Iran's refinery would spark an economic crisis that would destabilise the government in Tehran.


He said the US should "use covert operations Ö to create a gasoline-led crisis to try and replace the regime".


(A: The regime is elected, remember, democratically elected over there.  They always call them regimes.  I wonder what they are in the U.S.?)


"I think we have a vested interest, the world has a vested interest, in a responsible Iranian government, just as we have a vested interest in a responsible North Korean government," he said.


While Barack Obama, the US president, has attempted diplomatic engagement with Iran following years of icy relations, some of his administration's critics have been calling for destabilisation instead.


So, that was then, 2009, after they had been cleared in Iran of trying to create weapons, you see.  And then you go into yesterdayís paper from Britain.  Remember what Newt Gingrich said, go after all refineries and so on.  It says:


Two American missiles struck a village in south-west Iran early today.

The news was given in a report by the country's Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).


IRNA had said yesterday that three people were injured when an earlier US missile struck an oil depot


(A: See, theyíre going after the oil, just like Gingrich said in 2009, right)


struck an oil depo in Abadan.


The state-run news agency also said British and American jets had entered Iranian airspace several times.


The two rockets hit Manyuhi village near the border with Iraq's Al-Faw Peninsula, an Iranian military commander told IRNA.


He gave no details of casualties or damage.


"In the border city of Arvand-Kenar, the invading American and British airplanes violated the airspace of the Islamic Republic of Iran three times," the commander said.


"In two cases, two rockets... hit the Manyuhi village."


The governor of Abadan told IRNA that three people, including a guard at the oil depot, had been released from hospital after receiving treatment.


Iran has strongly condemned the US-led military assault on Iraq.


And that will continue, you see.  The same with Syria, right now, theyíve got mass troops buildup on the Jordanian side, ready for Syria.  And so, this is ongoing, you know, this was planned years ago, years and years ago.  At least it was published in the 1990s, every country that was going to be taken out, you know, and put under the same farcical pretence system of democracy that we have here, you see.  And you know, thatís how they work these things.


Now, itís so wonderful, you see, to create chaos, you must create chaos, and generally theyíll do it through military or a shortage, theyíll create a shortage of something, or itís financial crisis they set up.  And they use these crises to cement things even further under new treaties, oh, to save us all, weíve all to sign all our rights away.  Over and over again.  And weíve been watching this farce in Europe, for the whole last year here, as they throw all the cash of every country to prop up Greece or Italy or some other country.  And they borrow this cash to throw at it, and then theyíve got to pay it all back with massive compound interest, to the same bankers who buy up the bonds. 


EU orders Britain not to send asylum seekers back to Greece because the country is so broke


(A: So, now you have economic refugees now.  Iíve said that would come.  Economic refugees.  And it says:)


European Court of Justice rules no EU country can assume it can return asylum seekers to another member state.


Decision forbids Britain from returning Afghan man to Greece, even though he came to UK via that country


90% of immigrants who arrive in Europe illegally do so through Greece


(A: It says.  So:)


Britain has been stripped of its power to return asylum seekers to Greece - after a ruling by European judges.


(A: Well, of course that was going to happen, because they said youíre not sovereign.  Listen to Rompuy that said youíre not sovereign anymore.† Get over it, he says.  You know.)


The decision by the Luxembourg court risks plunging the entire European asylum system into chaos - and leaving border controls in this country hamstrung.


An immigration watchdog warned the ruling would open a Ďperfect back door into Britainí.


(A: I donít know how many back doors theyíve got.  Itís an awfully drafty place, you know.)


Under EU rules British officials can return asylum seekers to the first European country they set foot in.


But today the European Court of Justice said no-one should be returned to a country if it did not uphold their Ďfundamental rightsí.


This means Britain cannot send asylum seekers back to Greece because its asylum system is such a mess.


The ruling also opens the door for claims against other countries on the grounds their asylum systems are not up to scratch.


Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch said: ĎThis makes Greece the perfect back door into Britain.


(A: That means from all over Africa, wherever they want to come from, they can simply go to Greece first, and then hop over to Britain and claim asylum, saying they had just come from Greece.)


ĎIn future, asylum seekers who are not, in fact, genuine will claim that they have come through Greece, whether or not they have.


ĎIt also undermines the agreement which provides for asylum seekers to be sent back to the first EU country...


(A: Etc.)


Around 90 per cent of illegal immigrants who arrive in Europe do so through Greece


Blah, blah, blah.  So, itís just repeating itself.  Anyway, thereís no, see, under this new authoritarian system and regime, it was never meant to be democratic.  The EU was set up to be authoritarian.  And the politicians are just there for the show.  They canít change laws, vote on anything to change, because a secret group at the top does all that.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  It was time to let that guitar squeal a little bit, because thatís how you feel once in a while, just like letting it go, because weíre living in a managed society, managed perception, everything is managed for us, how we think, what we think, and what we even do.  And itís so well, itís so far advanced, it works awfully well, I must admit.  Hereís an article here from Canada.


AIDS research Canadian lab gets OK to test vaccine


(A: On humans.)


Canadian researchers have been given the green light for human testing of an experimental HIV vaccine, but the initial trial will determine only its safety, not whether it prevents infection.


(A: Well, you see, that will never prevent infection, because, they said at the time, it was mutating so quickly, into so many varieties and strains, that technically, they couldnít get a single vaccine that would work.  But that doesnít matter.  Itís big money, big bucks again.  And it says:)


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted approval for researchers at the University of Western Ontario to test the vaccine, which is based on a genetically modified killed whole virus.


So, itís a modified, again, virus, with genes added to it and so on, which theyíll never know what it will do to you, except these guys who test it on a few people.  And itís not guaranteed to do anything for you.  Itís a false sense of security, again.  Now, everybody knows, whoís been listening to the news over the last while:


Americans will be transferred to foreign prisons under Indefinite Detention act


(A: So, itís rendition, you see.)


If youíre upset that congressional approval of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 can send you away to military prisons and be tortured in America, donít worry ó it could be worse.


The US could send you somewhere else.


No, really. They could. And they can. Anywhere else, too. Really.


While the bill that left Capitol Hill last week and awaits authorization from US President Barack Obama allows for the United States to indefinitely detain and torture American citizens suspected of aiding enemy forces, one provision in the bill specifies that that detention doesnít necessarily have to occur domestically ó nor does it have to be in a foreign prison run by the US.


The ongoing detention of foreign terror suspects at the US base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba has been a hot topic since the War on Terror began, with American military authorities torturing could-be criminals...


(A: Could-be criminals.† Well, we all could be criminals.  Governments have already said that.  And without any trial and so on.)


An exposť years earlier on the Abu Ghraib facility in Iraq revealed how American troops were subjecting detainees to disgusting, inhumane conditions;


Well, thatís just the culture that you come from now, because thatís what the big boys gave you.  Everybody adopted it, so, thatís really why thatís happening.  And then from Mother Jones, on the same topic.


Did Congress Just Endorse Rendition for Americans?


A defense spending bill that passed both houses of Congress overwhelmingly and is set to be signed by President Barack Obama as early as this week could make it easier for the government to transfer American terrorist suspects to foreign regimes and security forces.


The National Defense Authorization Act


(A: And a PDF there, it says.  You can download that.† Thatís the whole PDF for the whole Authorization Act.  You can also see too where you know the next amendments to it are going to be put in very quickly.  Thatís what they always do, put it on the books first and then start amending it.)


Contains a section that says the president has the power to transfer suspected members and supporters of Al Qaeda,


(A: I guess thatís the whole of the CIA.)


the Taliban, or "associated" groups "to the custody or control of the person's country of origin, any other foreign country, or any other foreign entity." . 


That means if the president determines you're a member or supporter of Al Qaeda or "associated forces," he could order you to be handed over to the Saudis, the Egyptians, the Yemenis ("any other foreign country"), any of their respective security forces, or even the United Nations ("any other foreign entity").


(A: And the United Nations is an entity.  Itís not a nation, and itís not even democratic.  Itís a private organization)


 (You can read the relevant section of the law in the document viewer at the end of this article; look for the highlighted annotations.)


Many legal experts consider the NDAA a congressional codification of war powers the Bush and Obama administrations have claimed they already possess. David Glazier, a professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and expert on the law of war, argues that Obama already had the power to transfer suspected Al Qaeda members (even Americans) to foreign custody, and the NDAA simply endorses that view. "If the president could lawfully transfer a German prisoner of war to a foreign country, then in theory he could do the same thing with an American prisoner of war," Glazier explains.


But turning the Bush and Obama administrations' interpretations of their war powers into an actual law is "no small thing," as Benjamin Wittes, a legal expert at the Brookings Institution, explains. Under this law, the government has far-reaching powers to detain and try terrorist suspects inside or outside the civilian justice systemóor, if necessary, to transfer them to the custody of foreign powersóand it will serve as a signal to judges. "When you put all that in a statute, it becomes a much more permanent fixture of the US justice system," says Daphne Eviatar, a lawyer with Human Rights First. "It's not necessarily changing the authority the US government has today, but it's institutionalizing it."


(A: And thatís the most important part.  Youíre institutionalizing it, until itís common, normalized.  Normalized, you see.  Itís part of the whole system, and thatís the danger there.  As I say too, theyíll put amendments on it too, as they want to go after more and more people, or speaking out about it.  Just speaking out or condemning it or criticizing anything the government is doing, thatís really where itís all supposed to go eventually.  See, the Soviet system were the ones that we get the term from, anti-government.  They used the term anti-government, direct translation, and they were all, anybody who was anti-government or labeled as such, was automatically whisked away and tortured, and then killed.  And of course, youíve heard this expression anti-government, whenever you criticize a policy, youíre now anti-government.  Itís all labels, you see.  Lenin said we shall win by labels and slogans.  And itís awfully effective.  And thatís what they want to do, you see.)


Eviatar adds that there are "a whole lot of scenarios" where the government might want to transfer a suspected terroristóeven a US citizenóto foreign custody. For example, the administration might not want to go through the political mess of determining whether to send a suspect to Gitmo, try him in a military commission, or use the civilian system. The administration might also want to avoid the mandatory habeas corpus review that would come if the US held the suspect itself. In such a case, transferring the suspect to a foreign security force might present an appealing option.


So, it goes on and on and on.  Itís quite a long article actually.  You should read it.  Iíll put it up tonight, at, the link.  And you can download that.  And you can download the whole bill as well.  And, as I say, youíll see the little places where theyíve worded such things so that they can put in amendments, and you can pretty well imagine what those amendments are going to be.  Very quickly, anti, oh, youíre anti-government.  You criticized Obamaís policy on so-and-so.  You understand, if you were anti-government for criticizing a policy then the whole of the opposition party should be locked up and whisked away for rendition.  Itís so crazy, but thatís how they do it.  They confuse your mind, and most folk get confused awfully easy.  And another article is:


Do Private Military Contractors Have Impunity to Torture?


(A: See, theyíre going to use a lot of private military on people shortly within the US, maybe Canada, and theyíve used them all over the world so far.  And the US hires them as well.)


Unbelievably, in 2011 this question has not yet been settled in the courts of the United States. Human rights attorneys are headed back to court in the coming month to argue that, yes, victims of war crimes and torture by contractors should have a path to justice.  Attorneys from my organization, the Center for Constitutional Rights, along with co-counsel, are representing Iraqi civilians who were horribly tortured in Abu Ghraib and other detention centers in Iraq in seeking to hold accountable two private contractors for their violations of international, federal and state law. By the militaryís own internal investigations, private military contractors from the U.S.-based corporations L-3 Services and CACI


(A: CACI is an amazing organization.  They even run schools and everything across the world, and prisons and everything.)


CACI International were involved in the war crimes and acts of torture that took place, which included rape, being forced to watch family members and others be raped, severe beatings, being hung in stress positions, being pulled across the floor by genitals, mock executions, and other incidents, many of which were documented by photographs.


You see, that should shock everybody, but it doesnít.  Youíve all seen these movies.  Youíve had years and years of movies from Hollywood, that works with the Pentagon, and youíre desensitized to the things Iíve just read there.  And so, thereís no shock about it.  Itís just, oh, well.  A whole generation has grown up now, and theyíre putting on the uniforms, who have been brought up with these movies.  And they look forward to being the guys that do the raping and the pulling the genitals and getting their little picture taken, and put it up on Facebook.  You know.  ďHereís me, getting the guys, these prisoners to sodomize each other.  Ha, ha, ha.Ē  This happened the last time.  But you canít shock folk now.  You just canít do it. 


Now, in India, which is rapidly pushing forward, with all the cash itís getting in from all the countries.  Weíre sending millions every year to them, because we must do that under the agreement we signed through the World Trade Organization.  We must pay for them to come up to a higher standard of living, as we go down the tubes.  And so billions, every country is sending billions off to India, just like we did with China, same deal.  And they can of course export all they want to you, but you canít export all you want to them.  You have to pay high import duties.  They donít.  Thatís part of the agreement, as you pay for their hospitals and education and factories to be built. 


Anyway, but the Indians themselves wonít be any better off than the average Chinese, because in India too thereís a caste system, which is a class system.  And it wonít change.  In fact, theyíll just get more stinking rich at the top and even poorer at the bottom.  But they want everyone, and theyíre talking about the average person there:


Indians are signing their life away for a biometric ID Card


(A: This is the law that theyíre pushing in India.)


The people of India are signing their own death warrants as they agree to sign up to their governments ID card system, claiming it will help cut fraud for benefit payments.


(A: Thatís how they get the poor, eh.  You get benefit payments and weíll know itís you.  Like they didnít know it was you already.)


The real reason is to help the New World Order...


Etc, etc, etc.  So, itís a test case given all to them first, before they bring it over to the welfare recipients.  Thatís how they start in first world countries.  Same with fingerprinting too.  So, Iíll put that link up as well. 


But weíre on a roll, itís a rampaging roll.  This is the time of fast-paced change, because if you had a period of grace, where you had a few years to think things over and your mind starts working again, and you stop watching the news and you can think for yourself, thatís dangerous, you see.  They want you to be on a roll, a roller coaster, where your mind is just driven as the perception managers manage your mind completely.  Thatís what they want.  And itís far better.  When youíre in shock, you see, shock and awe is also a technique of media, bombardment and perpetual war.  And when youíre in that state, youíre very suggestible.  You canít, you donít get time to reason things through.  You canít remember things very well, because it seems to be new pieces coming out all the time.  Just like say, 2009, Iran was cleared of any attempt to make atomic weaponry.  But that doesnít matter.  Today itís oh yeah they are, yeah they are, sure they are, somebody says so.  And thatís all they have to say, somebody says so in the war department.  And you canít remember anything anymore. 


So, when youíre stampeding, thatís when the big boys can change, massive social changes.  Remember what Carroll Quigley said, you can get more done on a social change level in five years of war than fifty years of peace, using propaganda.  You can stampede the people in times of war.  Economic collapse.  Oh, my God, theyíre bombing all over the world.  Oh, my God, oh, theyíre going to arrest Americans.  Oh, my God, and itís just endless, you see.  This is how they do it, shock and awe.  It wasnít designed simply for physical bombardments from the air.  It wasnít. 


Now, Iím going to go to the callers, and thereís some callers I think coming in, or have come in, and Iíll see who they are.  And thereís Aaron from Nevada hanging on there.  Are you there, Aaron?


Aaron: Yes, Alan, thank you very much.† Okay, a couple things.  One, I have this little internet show Iíve been doing for about a year, and a website that goes with it, so I put this tracking software, so I could check out the visitors, you know.  And Iíd only had it up about a week and I noticed I was getting a lot of visitors from like Tel Aviv, and then, I began getting visits from the United States State Department.  And you know, I got really paranoid.  I was like, I have a tiny little thing, you know, that Iím doing for the alt media, and somehow or another, itís attracted attention of the United States State Department.  So, I got really paranoid.  I tore the website down.  And I just wanted to get your sense of what you think about that, and secondly, I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on what Benjamin Fulford came out with in the past couple weeks about this lawsuit thatís been filed by some Chinese against the Federal Reserve, and all kinds of other stuff.  So, those are the two things.


Alan: Well, Iím not surprised.  If youíve got what they call sensitive information in other words, meaning, anything to do with the US policies abroad, or Israel as well, because itís tied at the hip, the two policies are tied at the hip, the whole Middle East is tied at the hip to do with Israel today and the US.  Thereís no doubt about it.  And all the public statements put out in the mainstream to do with that as well, we are friends and allies with Israel.  Theyíve never said why theyíre allies but theyíre friends and allies.  So, thatís just a given.  Regardless, if you mention it, even though the mainstream has mentioned it, and even if youíre reading an article from the mainstream or giving a link, they will definitely look into it, because theyíre so well organized, both sides, to automatically track anything that mentions them.  So, that just goes with the territory of sticking your head up out of the foxhole, and thereís nothing you can really do about it.  A lot of your security equipment by the way, your anti-spyware, etc, is owned by Israel.  So, thereís different ways to find out what youíre up to anyway.  I donít think thereís any privacy today at all, like Assange said.  There really is none.  The computer is there for their use, those who rule us, governments and all, as opposed to your personal freedom, even though they like to call it personal computer, just to con you. 


And with Fulford, I canít really take him too seriously.  Because remember, he came out with all the Triads in China were going to riot and go after ďthe IlluminatiĒ, etc.  And it was just all too crazy and fishy for me.  So, in this day and age too, it doesnít matter.  Iíve seen so many articles here on different groups going to sue politicians, etc.  Never happens.  If it does, they always get off with it, and thereís no real point to it really in other words.  It goes nowhere.


See, weíre post-democratic.  Weíre post pretty well everything that gave us rights.  We donít have really rights today, as far as I can see.  So, all these lawsuits, forget it.  I mean the whole justice system is completely controlled in every country now, so much so that when something should cause outrage, like when Monsanto does put farmers out of business, like happened in Canada, the first one was a Canadian out west, and the judge actually said to him, I donít care how it got on your land, whether it blew over or a bird pooped it into your soil, he says, itís on your land and Iím fining you massive amounts of money.  And eventually they put the guy out of business.  Thatís the justice system.  Itís not what youíve been taught itís there for.  Never was, actually. 


Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And weíll take Jane from Ontario.  Are you there, Jane?  Hello, Jane?


Jane: Yes, can you hear me?


Alan: Yeah, go ahead.


Jane: Okay.  I was going to talk about something else, but then this is quicker I think.  You mentioned governments; I forget exactly how you worded it, something about governments, criticizing governments, how thatís supposed to be such a terrible thing.  It made me think of, there was a well publicized murder trial that I was following.  And I had actually followed the whole missing person, turned murdered person, leading up, like in the years leading up to the trial.  And Iím pretty sure the wrong person was tried and he turned out to be convicted as well.  But the defence, during the trial, implied that a witness had been coached by the prosecution.  And the prosecution said, the defence is attacking the government.  You know, and I just thought, well thatís just crazy, because itís always the government, right?  The prosecution is always the government, really.† So that almost sounds like you canít really defend yourself, doesnít it?


Alan: Well, you canít really.  If they want you, theyíll get you on something.  Itís just like setting up the cards, stacking the cards against Iran, and churning out propaganda, until in most peopleís minds, well, I guess they deserve it.  And theyíre completely ignorant of any of the facts.  Itís as easy as that.  But in the legal system, most of the cases are dealt with before they get into court, between lawyers and judges and so on.  Anything thatís a sticky topic, theyíve already had advice from much, much higher authorities than the legal system and government itself.  So, itís not as free as you think it is, where decisions are made on the spot.


Jane: Do you think both sides are, like the defence, if the person is supposed to be guilty than the defence is kind of told, ďlook, donít tryĒ?


Alan: Oh, you can actually tell it, and in fact, thereís one case, one guy in Ireland who was up for really sedition and treason, and I talked about him on this broadcast, and he got this defence guy in Ireland, and the guy literally didnít stand up for him at all.  But he gave them all these signs, to the judge and so on, all these Masonic signs, which they do.  Itís awfully quite funny walking into court and watching this stuff.  You should do it once in a while, if youíre near a court, just go in and watch them.  And youíll see the gestures they have, and where they put the hand on the head, and these are all Masonic signals theyíre giving each other in passing.  And I remember too thereís guy that got off in Canada, after being stuck inside for fifteen years I think for a murder he didnít commit, and through DNA supposedly, they found out he didnít do it.  They probably knew it all along, but he said about his court case, he says, I didnít get to say anything in the court he said.  And this is generally what happens.  In fact, youíre told by the judge to shut up.  And two lawyers do all the so-called debating on law.  And he said, I felt like an object, he said, just sitting watching, you know, a show put on by other people.  He was an object.  He wasnít a person anymore.  He wasnít even.  It was like someone elseís trial, you know.


Jane: Yeah.  Oh, I just want to say, Happy Saturnalia. 


Alan: Thatís right.  Itís Saturnalia indeed.  It will be Saturnalia.  It will keep some people happy.  And no doubt all the New Agers will be practicing their different things this weekend.  Mind you, they canít go around naked in the snow, unless theyíre awfully sturdy.  Yep, thatís true.  Unless theyíre all inside in some big hall somewhere.  They can get some fake snow inside, you know, and do their business.  And maybe, hopefully, change the world for the better.  Somebody has to do it, right?  Ha, ha, ha.  But thanks for calling in.  And from Phil and Ryan, maybe you can call next week.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your god or your gods go with you.  And Iíll be back on Tuesday actually.  Thereís two good shows for tomorrow and Monday already pre-selected.  So, Iíll see you back Tuesday.



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