Dec. 28, 2011 (#990)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 28, 2011:

Politicos Always Claim to Be the Best,
Before Employing Give Them the Test:

"We the People Would Like Politicians Tested
Before Serious Power in Them is Invested,
Better to Prevent Corruption and Aftermath,
Have Them Each Tested as a Psychopath,
Better Also Test Them for the Silver Spoon
And the Old School Tie With Their Anthem Croon,
Where They Meet "Their Kind", Future Leaders
Who Become Politicos, CEOs, Not Bottom Feeders,
Check the Elitist Clubs and Associations,
If They're Trilateral or Council on Foreign Relations,
We the People Expect Accountability,
No More Lying Shysters, Fraud and Perfidy"
© Alan Watt Dec. 28, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 28, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December the 28th 2011.  For newcomers, you should always make use of the web site, while we have it because things are changing fast.  You’ll find hundreds of audios to download for free where hopefully you’ll understand the incredibly big system, this complex system that runs, overruns governments; it’s above the world government in fact.  It’s everything.  It’s the big boys themselves who own everything, who transfer and slush billions and trillions across the world every day on the stock market, an old concept.  And of course they formed their clubs and associations a long time ago with the intent to bring in a planned society.  After all, they’re the most elite.  They were the ones who were most evolved, they claim themselves, and nothing should really stop them from running the world the way that they think it should be run and we would live the way we should live, you see, according to them.  A planned society; it also brings in population reduction and many other concepts.  So help yourself to those audios; they’ll help fill you in, as I say, give you a lot of shortcuts to who are still running the world today.  They’ve been at it for an awful long time.  They’ve been publishing their own books for over 100 years in fact, if you care to read them at the CFR.  And they really tell you what’s going to happen because every writer in it is also a major writer in every major media; they’re all members of the same organization, and they also have hundreds and hundreds of so-called experts and foreign experts and special experts to do with certain areas of the world, etc, etc, etc. 


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can buy the books and disks at and help me just trickle along as well, because I’m not in it for an empire or anything like that, to empire build.  Also too, you’ll find out how to order them at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  From the US to Canada you can always use a personal check; that’s the only country left you can do that with I think.  And remember, straight donations are really welcome, and that generally helps me just get by. 


As I say, this battle’s been going on for a long time.  I came out a while back, many years ago, because I realized, I’d read all the books by these boys, the boys who formed the associations, the clubs, the foundations, the movers and shakers in the world.  And I realized they meant what they said and they were actually implementing it, big time in the early 90s.  So I decided it was time to come out and share it with the public so that they’d have an understanding of the fact that politics is a sham, always has been a sham.  It’s really a Punch and Judy show, or a wrestling match, you know, “Giant Haystack versus The Mountain Man” type deal.  And every year, it doesn’t matter who’s in power, what party’s in power, the same ongoing United Nations treaties are signed that cement us further and further into slavery under this dominant expert-driven society.  And that’s really what it is.  It’s technocracy.  Technocracy of course came out full-blown in the 1930s, along with Marxism as well mind you, as a way of running the world. They call it technocracy. But those at the top, those who were born into the proper families live awfully, awfully well, while the rest of us go down into austerity, as they call it, which is a nice way of saying poor.  They don’t want to say our countries are poor, you see, they’ve still got some pride.  So they say austerity instead, but poverty is poverty and that’s where you’re supposed to go.  And they are implementing it. They’ve already implemented all the stages to bring it in and the causative factors, in fact, to bring it in, and it’s only a matter of convincing us that we have to do it.  And unfortunately with, as I say, all top journalists in the Council on Foreign Relations on all major media and television, they shouldn’t have too much of a problem.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and there’s so much going on, as always; there’s always lots going on, so much so that you can’t really keep track of everything.  And that’s the way it’s supposed to be actually.  You’re mind-bombed every day with a lot of irrelevancies, trivia, the occasional vital thing that you should know, but even the vital things come with lots of spin on them too.  I don’t think there’s any really honest reporting out there from the mainstream.  There can’t be in fact because they’re all controlled, as I say, by the one big group that owns them all and that’s the Council on Foreign Relations.  Every top journalist, every news anchor, and the guys who draft things up for them in fact, the guys who own the stations and the guys who own the papers, are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs who have rather grandiose ideas – they’ve had them for well over 100 years – about taking over the whole world.  That’s its resources, everything, including people; we’re resources as well.  And they’re doing their darnedest to really sew it all up in this century. This is their century. This is the Century of Change, they call it.  And supposedly it will be run in a more scientific proper manner, not this haphazard way where folk have rights and make decisions or go and protest things; can’t have any more of that, you see. 


So anyway, one article tonight is to do with the Stop Online Piracy Act, and they call it SOPA, it’s like a soap opera or something. Anyway, it was really started up by the big boys in Hollywood.  But what’s so interesting is, the boys who have put out all those programs to download movies and so on and upload them all, are the ones who eventually started suing the people who were doing it.  It’s like a make-work project for lawyers; it really is.  And so they’re all aboard this thing as well.  And there’s so many articles up there about that.  You should see some of the names in them, of all the different programs they put out first, so as you could do it.  [Alan laughing.]  Now they want to sue you and make a lot more money off you.  Anyway it says...


SOPA Hearing Will Never End / Carl Franzen- December 15, 2011


At this rate, the “Stop Online Piracy Act” isn’t going to be passed any time soon.  (Alan:  It’s not so really true; they’re passing it a bit at a time.)


Four hours into the second hearing on the controversial anti-piracy bill, the bill’s primary architect and the hearing’s leader, House Judiciary Committee Chair Lamar Smith (R-TX) admitted temporary defeat, calling a recess at just before 2 pm ET.


At that point, only the first four of about 60 amendments to SOPA had been debated, and only two accepted by lawmakers, including the one Smith himself introduced that would narrow the definitions of websites that could be blocked under the bill. (A:  This is what they’re going to do folks, block all your websites or just pull them.)  If this pace continues, the markup hearing will last several days.


Ahead of the hearing, Smith released a statement saying the bill had “broad bipartisan support,” but admitted that it could be a lengthy fight to get it passed. 


Well it won’t be at all.  What they do with all these... it’s like politics, in all kinds, in all its varieties.  Whenever there’s a stalemate on something, one side is waiting to get the big bribes from the other boys, you know, the big boys, and that’s really what they do.  [Alan chuckles.] That’s why they change their minds.  You know, well I thought about this and changed my mind...  and he walks out with these stuffed pockets of rather fat dollars.  Anyway, that’s how it really is in the real world that we live in.  So anyway, they want to go on and expand this whole SOPA deal until ultimately all you’ll get on the internet will be the authorized, the authorized – I mean AUTHORIZED – shows.  And everyone will be scared stiff to use an article or to put up a video from something it case someone’s got a patent on it, because they might, you know they might – I’m talking about the big boys, you know, like professional boys – and they’ll go after you.  And they’ll have organizations that do nothing except surf the net just looking all the time.  Mind you too, I’ve noticed as well, all the spyware stuff and gadgetry that you get, you download too, for your computer, they’re all helping them as well.  It doesn’t matter how many times you switch things off, to stop collecting data, bla-bla-bla, the next time you switch it back on it’s doing the same thing again.  We’re just being spied on all the time. 


Another article too, goes back to 2002, just to show you these guys always know where they’re going.  And this is by...


Remarks by Governor Ben S. Bernanke (A:  The man from the bankie...)

Before the National Economists Club, Washington, D.C. / November 21, 2002


Deflation: Making Sure "It" Doesn't Happen Here 


And he goes through this long, monotonous diatribe of a speech that either he or someone else wrote, as they all do, and talking about inflation, deflation, but if he had to, he would bring in inflation; basically that’s what it boils down to.  But it’s no real big news because he said it again just a few years ago.  And they all knew it was coming. They knew exactly where they were taking America and the other countries.  As I say, they had the crashes when they wanted the crashes to happen.  That’s when they wanted the crashes to happen.  For 30 years the government had been stepping in before the stock market closed and pumping money into the Fortune 500s and the rest of them to keep them propped up.   And it was only, oh, 2 years before the bank crash that the big boy from the Federal Reserve came out and said, we’re not going to do it anymore, I’m stopping it now. Well that meant they only had a small time to ride it until it collapsed all together.  Well, why wouldn’t you keep pumping the public’s money in forever?  See, it was always rigged, you see.  So it was because this is the time for the new world order and austerity and all these things to get pushed, promoted and that’s why they crashed the banks when they did. Plus they looted the country as well.  They didn’t lose anything themselves, obviously.  In fact, they got more at the end of it because all those little companies and so on that were invested with them, under the banks, didn’t disappear; they were now owned by someone else. 


Now, these wind farms are quite amazing.  If you’ve ever been near them, it’s an awful noise, terrific noise.  Folk can’t sleep if they live near them.  And it makes them sick too; people get really sick because the incredible amount of electromagnetic power fields that it generates covers an awful distance and folk just get sick.  You’re not meant to live in a high electromagnetic field like that. It’s just not part of our nature.  But it doesn’t matter of course, the big idea’s there and they push ahead with it regardless.  And of course, the big boys won’t live anywhere near it.  But also, it’s amazing the cost of the thing.  It’s just ridiculous.


£10m cost of turning off wind farms

Wind farm operators are on course to earn up to £10 million this year for turning off their turbines.  (A:  See, every time there’s a high wind or something, they turn them off, and they get PAID to turn them off, by the taxpayer.)  / 31 December 2011/ James Kirkup, Deputy Political Editor


The rules meant that some renewable energy companies were paid more to switch off their turbines than they would have received from ordinary operations.  (A:  There was an exact same write-up last year about the same time; I remember reading it on the air.)


Official figures disclosed that 17 operators were paid almost £7 million for shutting down their farms on almost 40 occasions between January and mid-September. Continuing to make payments at that rate would lead to householders paying out £9.9 million in 2011 for operators to disconnect their turbines from the National Grid.  (A:  You can’t lose if you own these things, eh.  You get paid to start the darn things up and keep them going, and you subsidize them in every other way, and then you pay for them to switch them off for a little while.)


The scale of the payments triggered a review of the rules on so-called constraint payments. The payments are made when too much electricity floods the grid, with the network unable to absorb any excess power generated. The money is ultimately added on to household bills and paid for by (A:  ...guess who?...) consumers.  (A:  ...the consumers as always, eh.  The consumers, the blind masses as they call them.)


Last year, only £176,788 of such payments were made (A:  ...“only” eh.  ONLY?), but changes in the way the National Grid, which supplies energy to retail companies, “balances” the electricity network have meant a huge expansion in their use.


The rules meant that some renewable energy companies were paid more to switch off their turbines than they would have received from ordinary operations.


In September, it was disclosed that £1.2 million would go to a Norwegian company that owned 60 turbines in the Scottish Borders, thanks to a period of unusually high wind during the spring. Because of the rising cost, the National Grid “balancing” system could now be overhauled to reduce the use of constraint payments. (A:  But apart from that we’ve got to pay for them each time their propellers fly off them in a high wind, and a lot of other things too. But that’s how madness is, you see, and people are profiting from the madness; that’s why you introduce madness.  There’s always a big scam going on and there’s people behind the scam.)


And this article too, we know about Obama doing the same thing in the US and throwing millions and billions into alternate energy projects. And it’s always well connected people who get the contracts, I notice.  Solyndra, it says...


Solyndra: Politics infused Obama energy programs / Joe Stephens and Carol D. Leonnig / December 25, 2011


Linda Sterio remembers the excitement when President Obama arrived at Solyndra last year and described how his administration’s financial support for the plant was helping create hundreds of jobs. The company’s prospects appeared unlimited as Solyndra executives described the backlog of orders for its solar panels.


Then came the August morning when Sterio heard a newscaster announce that more than a thousand Solyndra employees were out of work. Only recently did she learn that, within the Obama administration, the company’s potential collapse had long been discussed(A:  They knew it from probably the beginning they’d write this thing off.)


“It’s not about the people; it’s politics,” said Sterio, who remains jobless and at risk of losing her home. “We all feel betrayed.”


Since the failure of the company, Obama’s entire $80 billion clean-technology program has begun to look like a political liability for an administration about to enter a bruising reelection campaign.  (A:  Well, it’s not just a political liability; it’s the public... it’s the public that pay for all this stuff, every last cent of it.)


Meant to create jobs and cut reliance on foreign oil, Obama’s green-technology program was infused with politics at every level, The Washington Post found in an analysis of thousands of memos, company records and internal e-mails. Political considerations were raised repeatedly by company investors, Energy Department bureaucrats and White House officials.


The records, some previously unreported, show that when warned that financial disaster might lie ahead, the administration remained steadfast in its support for Solyndra.  (A:  Mind you, you saw that money too, that Obama was getting for his previous elections and so on from different people.)


The documents reviewed by The Post, which began examining the clean-technology program a year ago, provide a detailed look inside the day-to-day workings of the upper levels of the Obama administration. They also give an unprecedented glimpse into high-level maneuvering by politically connected clean-technology investors. (A:  Everything is so riddled with corruption.  They never mention the word corruption anymore do they?  Because it’s all normal I suppose; it’s normalized.  Normalized corruption.  We’ll have to find a new name for it:  normal-ruption or something, maybe rupture.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix and this article is about Solyndra that went down the sewage canal, and it was a flop.  What’s interesting about it is how the rest of the article goes on to explain how everything was centered around Obama, the administration, how they got professional marketers in to find out how to spin it to the public so it would take the blame off the administration.  These are the governments that are supposed to be there to tell you the truth on things... But there’s not a darn thing they can be truthful about, nothing.  Nothing.  Even wars, you know.  But it says that...


They show that as Solyndra tottered, officials discussed the political fallout from its troubles, the “optics” (A:  ...they call it.) in Washington and the impact that the company’s failure could have on the president’s prospects for a second term. Rarely, if ever, was there discussion of the impact that Solyndra’s collapse would have on laid-off workers or on the development of clean-energy technology.


“What’s so troubling is that politics seems to be the dominant factor,” said Ryan Alexander, president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, a nonpartisan watchdog group. “They’re not talking about what the taxpayers are losing; they’re not talking about the failure of the technology, whether we bet on the wrong horse. What they are talking about is ‘How are we going to manage this politically?’”  (A:  In other words, spin it to the public.  That’s what everything’s about.  Perception management isn’t it?)


The administration, which excluded lobbyists from policymaking positions, gave easy access to venture capitalists with stakes in some of the companies backed by the administration, the records show. Many of those investors had given to Obama’s 2008 campaign (A: Some took jobs in the administration and helped manage the clean-energy program.


Documents show that senior officials pushed career bureaucrats to rush their decision on the loan so Vice President Biden could announce it during a trip to California. The records do not establish that anyone pressured the Energy Department to approve the Solyndra loan to benefit political contributors, but they suggest that there was an unwavering focus on promoting Solyndra and clean energy. Officials with the company and the administration have said that nothing untoward occurred and that the loan was granted on its merits.  (A:  Oh sure.   [Alan laughing.] And it goes on and on and on with all the cash they kept throwing at it, and the wastage and so on, and how Biden’s office and other ones, when they were taken up with the problem, it actually says here...)


. . . “about had an orgasm.”  (A: one point and swore on another.  Anyway, that’s general politics for you.  And of course the folk get plummeted out of their jobs at the bottom.  And that’s all that matters, you save face at the top.  It’s so sad isn’t it?  Nothing changes, really, ever... with these corrupt egotistical maniacs at the top, the psychopathic types.)


Now we also have lived through an awful lot this year really.  We’ve lived through an awful lot and we’re still living, at least some of us.  And we’ve watched the various Arab Springs, the uprisings getting funded and trained in Britain and America and elsewhere, then sent over and dressed like Arabs because generally they are second generation living in the US or Britain, often Oxford candidates in fact, or graduates.  And they go over there and wave their little things and protest and then they go and talk in pigeon English, as though they can’t speak it perfectly well with an Oxford accent.  So we lived through all that farce and with the UN condemnation of all these thousands that were getting killed daily and they were making the numbers up out of thin air.  Because you see, that’s a big mandate, to take over the whole Middle East. As I say, I won’t go over again and again the New American Century who first published it in 1992 with Perle and a whole bunch of them, Wolfowitz behind them, and then published it again in 1998. And it’s the same agenda today.  In fact, read the Haaretz and other newspapers from Israel; they had the same list back in the 90s as well, because they used to compare them to the US, and they demanded that they take Syria eventually and Libya out as well at the last moment.  So it’s all been achieved pretty well.  So we’ve lived through all that farce and incredible propaganda.  We’ve watched the plundering of oil wells all over the Middle East and other resources. But this article here, it says...


Syrian NGOs (A:  ...non-governmental organizations...)

Working Directly With British Government 

(A:  It’s the same organization actually, I remember, that was working out of London, that was managing these Color Revolutions even before we heard of the start of them.  They were getting them all trained, etc.  So they’ve been doing the same for Syria.)

London-based "Syrian Observatory" Consorting Directly with UK Foreign Minister Hague. / December 26, 2011 / Rami Abdelrahman, REUTERS


In May 2011's article "The Siege of Syria," it was reported:


The coverage by the corporate-owned Western media exclusively relies on 'activists inside and outside the country,' the London-based 'Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Centre' (A:  Nice name for it isn’t it?)  which apparently has no web presence, the Damascus Center for Human Rights which boasts memberships with the National Endowment for Democracy (A:  ...that’s who’s backing it.) and Tides Foundation (A: of these big foundations...)-funded International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, funded by the European Union (A: here’s the governments funding them as well.), the Ford Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Sigrid Rausing Trust, and Humanity United.


Humanity United in turn boast partnerships with the BBC World Service Trust (A:  Quite the little NGO this is that foments all these revolutions and trains them as agents, isn’t it, and then sends them over to cause unrest.   And it also has got...), NED/Open Society/US State Department-funded Benetech (A:  That’s who funds them as well.), the Open Society Institute, and the NED-funded Solidarity Center which mobilized Egypt's labor unions just as the US-stoked unrest began to falter. In other words, every organization involved interlocks with the vast corporate/foundation-funded imperial network masquerading as individual 'human rights organizations' and benign NGOs. In reality this 'civil society' network seeks to supplant national governments, and interface with global "institutions" like the IMF, World Bank, and the UN, all of which have been contrived by corporate-financier oligarchs. It is a modern-day empire in the making. (A:  But it’s also where they train the agents.  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  It’s amazing too that when we’re in austerity and throwing money across the planet, and definitely out of the US elsewhere, and they gave billions to the European Union over this whole banking fracas as well recently.  But it doesn’t matter about that part, they get lots of cash.  And they’ve now come out at DARPA with a new special satellite that they put up there.  It says...


DARPA's new spy satellite could provide real-time video from anywhere on Earth / December 21, 2011 By Nancy Atkinson, Universe Today


“It sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake” could be the theme song for a new spy satellite being developed by DARPA. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s latest proof-of-concept project is called the Membrane Optical Imager for Real-Time Exploitation (MOIRE) (A:  If it doesn’t work, or fails, it will be called MIRE, it will be down in the mire.), and would provide real-time images and video of any place on Earth at any time — a capability that, so far, only exists in the realm of movies and science fiction. The details of this huge eye-in-the-sky look like something right out of science fiction, as well, and it would be interesting to determine if it could have applications for astronomy as well.


MOIRE would be a geosynchronous orbital system that uses a huge but lightweight membrane optic. A 20-meter-wide membrane “eye” would be etched with a diffractive pattern, according to DARPA, which would focus light on a sensor. Reportedly it will cost $500 million USD for each space-based telescope (A:  How many are they going to build?), and it would be able to image an area greater than 100 x 100 km with a video update rate of at least one frame a second.


DARPA says the program aims to demonstrate the ability to manufacture large membranes (A:  You understand, you’ve always got the ability to manufacture any large anything if you’ve got the cash behind you.) and large structures to hold the optics flat, and also demonstrate the secondary optical elements needed to turn a diffraction-based optic into a wide bandwidth imaging device. (A:  I wonder what it really does too, apart from all that stuff.  Maybe fire giant lasers down at you or something like that, to dissidents you know, to social dissidents perhaps.)


Another thing I’ve noticed in the news this last while is when they throw a few to the wolves, of their own, you know, a kind of show business type thing.  And it makes you wonder what’s going on when they do that.  Either they’ve run afoul or they don’t need them anymore, or they’re trying to cover up something even bigger; that’s generally what it’s about.  It says...


Four say Philly Daily News writer Bill Conlin sexually abused them as children / Dec. 20, 2011  / Nancy Phillips - INQUIRER STAFF WRITER


Three women and a man say they were molested as children by Bill Conlin, a Hall of Fame baseball writer and Philadelphia Daily News columnist.


In vivid accounts, the four say Conlin groped and fondled them and touched their genitals in assaults in the 1970s, when they were ages 7 to 12.


"This is a tragedy," said Kelley Blanchet, a niece of Conlin's who said he molested her when she was a child. "People have kept his secret. It's not just the victims, it's the victims' families. There were so many people who knew about this and did nothing."  (A:  And that’s your problem isn’t it?  That’s also your problem.  What it is too, if the people get up there and are kind of famous, they’re scared to come forward because they know darn well there’s another system at work here too that doesn’t take kindly to exposure, especially if they got money to make off the guy who’s going to be the one accused.)


Conlin retired Tuesday from the Daily News, where he had worked for more than four decades.


Through his lawyer, George Bochetto, Conlin declined to comment.


"Mr. Conlin is obviously floored by these accusations, which supposedly happened 40 years ago," Bochetto said. "He has engaged me to do everything possible to bring the facts forward to vindicate his name."  (A:  Well they always have to deny it.  But they always have lots of wealthy people covering their derriere, you know, and that’s how it is in show business.  And lots of this stuff goes on.  Lots and lots of it goes on.)


(A:  It says here too...) They also said they wanted to bring attention to the shortcomings of the statute of limitations on sex crimes, which bars prosecution in their cases because their parents did not call police when the abuse occurred years ago. In several cases, the parents corroborated the accounts, and one - Conlin's brother-in-law - said the writer broke down in tears and insisted he had only touched the girl's leg.  (A:  Well, yeah... yeah, right.  So anyway, they’ve thrown this one to the wolves and he may or may not get off with it.  The lawyers... it’s incredible; I get some stuff coming in here I could never tell you about, from the inside on some of these things.  And you wouldn’t believe the lengths the lawyers go to, to vilify the accusers, really utterly, right into putting gangsters around and threatening their families and everything.  And some big lawyer at the top’s organizing this and funding it.  You wouldn’t believe the things that go on, in real life; it’s way worse than TV.  It truly is.)


Now, in Australia, Australia’s so PC today.  It’s so sad because they used to be everything but PC.  But they’ve had good training through the last couple of Fabian socialists that have been their Prime Ministers, and the present one as well who’s actually got more to her name than just that, and I wish I could talk about that too but I can’t.  Anyway...


Award's renaming 'political' / MATT SMITH / December 22, 2011


Liberal education spokesman Michael Ferguson yesterday said Mr McKim had shamelessly renamed a taxpayer-funded student award for outstanding achievement in order to peddle his own agenda as leader of the Tasmanian Greens.  (A:  What’s he’s done really is changed it from an achievement award to...)


. . .'Think Globally, Act Locally'.  (A:  That’s from the United Nations of course; that’s been around for a while in America, that particular propaganda little liner there.  So he’s changed it to that; he’s a nice greenie sort of guy.  He likes green things. He likes very pale sickly-looking people who are starving, but he likes green stuff better.  So I really pity Australia for plummeting so far, so quickly too.  Really sad.)


Now everything on television is public relations.  It means it’s FAKE.  Everything is fake.  And every President’s speech, every Prime Minister’s speech is fake as well. It’s written by scriptwriters who are paid, just like ghostwriters:  how does this man think, what would he say if he were really saying it on the air?  Then they’ll write it down, you see.  And they get pushed along there:  stand here Mister Cameron, like Prime Minister Cameron, stand here, move there, that kind of stuff.  That’s how they do it.  And all they have to do is read the dummy board and get the photographs taken and then we the public are given all the fake stuff they’ve just portrayed there for you.  But David Cameron of Britain, the Prime Minister, went into a hospital, what’s left of the National Health Service, and what they do is, of course, they’ll make sure it’s the best little ward that they can get into, and they’ll put carpets down, and they’ll do all this lovely stuff, maybe even repaint it for him coming, for his 5 minute photo-op.  I’ll put up a link tonight to a video where a doctor walks in, I’m sure they all hate Cameron and all of his forerunners too because they’ve all been slashing at the National Health Service. And he blows up and tells Cameron, just get out of here... just get out of here... you get out!!!  [Alan laughing.] And Cameron blindly obeys.  He has to.  He has no option because the doctor’s in charge, right. 


Furious doctor interrupts cringing David Cameron's photo-op at NHS hospital -


But how dare they use, you now, a photo-op, trying again to lie to the public, who are not in the hospital yet, that, oh this doesn’t look too bad, you know those tubes down that guy’s nose look like they’re new and not recleaned or something, or bought at some thrift store.  They’re disgusting!  Politicians are the scum of the earth; they’re psychopathic scum!  That’s what they are.  And it will always be that way.  Because they gravitate into politics.  They’re picked up, too, by the psychopaths above them, who catch them early, and they can use them.  And they always go for power.  They love power.  And they love publicity too, the limelight.  They’re actors in a sense, as long as they get awfully rich on the way too.  But how dare they.... they’ve slashed the National Health Service to the bone and folk can’t get into hospital, they’re dying like crazy, and here he is trying to convince you by a photo-op that everything’s just cool, everything’s fine, see, here I am, here’s a nice little ward.   What a liar!  There’s nothing they won’t stoop to, you know.  Nothing.  Nothing at all. 


Now, Canada opted out, even though the EU has demanded that every flight coming into the EU or leaving it must pay this new carbon tax.  And it says...


Canada not on board flight emissions trading plan / Sheila Dabu Nonato / December 21, 2011


The National Airlines Council of Canada says it will contest a decision by Europe's top court to throw out a challenge of new charges being imposed on airlines for the carbon emissions of their flights in EU airspace. 


So I won’t bother reading it all but the fact is, what a boon this is for an extra tax.  It’s more taxes in this carbon con than you’re paying in income taxes, so it’s like a second income tax for every citizen.  I hope you realize that.  That’s why Obama’s bunch was so furious when WikiLeaks and others came out with all those emails and really discredited all the carbon and global warming nonsense.  And that’s why the guys getting caught in England right now, and getting raided by the British police, are being told by Obama’s bunch to go and do that.  That’s how furious the US is about it because they also wanted this second income tax, you might call it.  It doesn’t matter if they call it carbon or energy or whatever.  It’s a second income tax, and even more than you’re paying in income taxes right now by the way.  They’re furious about it.  So they’re going to try and get it back some way or another.


Obama's Justice Department joins Britain's 'Climategate' leaker manhunt - / Christopher C. Horner / 12/15/11


And Canada’s now shipping – well this is not news to me but – Canada’s shipping...


Canada shipping bomb uranium (A:  ...bomb-grade uranium, atom bomb...) to US /  Dec 28, 2011


An aerial view of the Chalk River nuclear power plant, Ontario, Canada (file photo).


Canada is secretly transporting large amounts of highly enriched weapons-grade uranium to the United States, according to Canadian media reports.


A confidential federal document made public on Tuesday says at least one payload of used, US-origin highly enriched uranium fuel has already been transferred stateside under a new accord between Canada and the US.


The Canadian stockpile, which is quietly shipped from Chalk River in the province of Ontario, contains hundreds of kilograms of bomb-grade uranium, enough to make several Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs.


This is while the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, the country's atomic watchdog, seeks to keep the issue secret by refusing to set up public hearings about it or disclose which communities lie along the transit route. 


It reminds me of Britain because when Maggie Thatcher was in, it was found out that the drivers were just stopping off at motels and places along the way for the night and leaving their vehicles, with all that radioactive stuff inside it, unattended. And someone noticed all the signs, ‘radioactive’ signs on it, and she says, oh we’ll fix that, that shouldn’t happen, we’ll fix that.  Well what she did, she took all the signs off the trucks.  [Alan laughing.] I’m not kidding you.  That’s politicians for you again and psychopaths.  And of course so they kept sitting at the same place every night with new loads coming along.  Ah dear.  So everything’s just a zoo, isn’t it?  And the stuff that we get fed at the bottom is what’s filtered through all the sieves we’ve gone through. 


Pinellas County's fluoridation issue will not go to referendum /  David DeCamp / December 21, 2011


There’s been a big hullabaloo because Pinellas County, because of the people who demanded it, had their fluoride taken out of the water.  And one of the people there on the council there still wants it to go back into the water, and even bring, she’s even discussed getting a half a million dollar truck to go around schools now to make sure children had enough fluoride.  Anyway, that fell off as well, apparently, so far.  But at least some places are doing the right thing; they’re getting rid of this poison.  Tonight too, I’ll also put up a link to fluoride.  It says...


Fluoride: they've known the dangers all along -


This must be about 50 years old, this little clip from BrassCheckTV.  I’ll put that up; it’s under drinking water, eugenics, fluoride, poison, and sodium.  And you’ll actually see it, in even weaker concentrations than when you drink it, going into obviously human tissue and animal tissue.  And it literally stops the cells from mitosing and splitting off into new cells; it stops it dead.  And eventually you get sclerosis around the neuronal tissue, the actual nerve tissue itself.  So you can watch that as well.


Now, I’ve got a caller on the line here who’s been hanging on and I’m going to try to get to him now.  There’s Aaron from Nevada there.  Are you there Aaron?


Aaron:  Hey, Happy New Year! 


Alan:  And same to you.  We made it.  This is a reason to celebrate:  we actually get through this horrible world.  [Alan laughing.]


Aaron:  [Caller laughing.]   Yeah.  Sometimes I just throw my hands up and go... I mean there’s... they got so many resources and good people working for their side so to speak, you know, talented people, not good.  I don’t know how we’re going to do anything about it.  Ron Paul I guess is the only chance we got, but.  I’ve been studying this carbon thing quite extensively.  I just wanted to share some...   People who are interested in researching this, because what you’re talking about is extremely real, and I’m glad you’re talking about it.  Because this is the next shoe to drop on this whole thing.  And go to; this is the intercontinental exchange. And search carbon, or carbon 2011, and you’ll see all of the stuff they have on this. This is very real.  Certified emission reduction units, carbon financial instrument futures, endless renewable energy certificate futures. They’ve got all kinds of stuff you can bet on. So this is really going to be the next boon, like the internet bubble we’ll have the carbon bubble.


Alan:  Absolutely.  It truly is; they’ve actually mentioned this at the top a few times in the past, that there’s going to be another separate economy, only for a very small elite of course, because they’ll have licensing fees, they’re already making billions of bucks on trading them, and they got those billions of ones to trade in the first place free from the governments; that’s how they started off, didn’t cost them a cent.  And the public at the bottom of course, it’s a different story because you will be literally paying for everything.  It’s so clever.  It’s not just carbon. What they do is, they’ll take a chocolate bar and say, okay that’s got paper on it and it’s got silver foil on it and it’s got this and that.  And they work out how much energy, they claim, it took to make that particular bar of chocolate. And that gets passed right down to you at the bottom and that’s part of this energy tax they’re calling it.   It’s the same thing; it ties in with carbon and how much carbon it took to make that paper and dye that paper and roll that paper and so on and so on.  And so everything that you purchase is going to be really fleecing you for your last few cents.


Aaron:  I wanted to ask you if I could please, and it kind of concerns the, you know, alt media, the truth movement, as far as the revenue stream, you know minimal as it is.  But with the, you know, crashing of the gold and silver markets, then of course all the associated dealers and hucksters for this sort of thing, you know, how do you think, you know, all that loss of revenue to the truth movement is going to...  Do you have any comments on that, you know, dynamic going forward here?  I mean, gold and silver, you know, the market sentiment’s not so good for it at the moment.


Alan:  No.  And I always stay clear of something that’s owned by the same people who own all of your central banks.  Because Rothschild, I mean, they started off the metals market in London, for all metals going through, and also one for gold and one for silver.  And literally the Rothschilds for the last 300 years have been getting up in the morning, scratching his bum and then putting his finger out the window and deciding magically like Merlin what the price of gold is going to be that day.  And that’s how it’s done.  That literally is how it’s done.  And they know when to crash it, bring it down, and they buy it all up for peanuts themselves, back into their old storehouses again.  They’ve been doing this con for so long that I wish people would wisen up to it.  They’ve got control of ALL types of cash, all kinds.  Hold on and I’ll be back after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking to Aaron from Nevada about the gold business and how they can crash it, they can build it up again.  That’s what they always do though, once they crash it – the same old Rothschild trick – they buy it up for peanuts, they made a massive profit in the meantime since they’ve been selling it all along up until that point, then they withdraw it.   And they always win.  And Rothschild himself said, you never buy high, you always buy low and you sell high.  And you must know when to sell, you just don’t get greedy.  Just like the old song that says, know when to hold them and know when to fold them, The Gambler. And that’s really what it is; it’s a form of gambling. So you got to know when to get out as well, yeah. 


Aaron:  That would be the fixing of the price of gold, right?  Fixing is actually the word for it. 


Alan:  Yes. It’s price fixing.  In fact if you go into the histories of the Cecil Rhodes foundation, he was in partnership with Rothschild when they created the Rhodes Society to take over part of the world, then they joined with the Milner Group and became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They set out to take over all the gold and diamonds in Africa basically, and caused wars even to get in there to get the stuff out, which they did very successfully.  That became of course the Royal Institute of International Affairs which was determined to take over the entire planet AND all resources, but starting with gold at that time when it was actually a real currency.  So it’s worthwhile reading into the history of Cecil Rhodes and you’ll get a lot of information with him working with Rothschild and how they fixed the price of gold and how they had vast warehouses full of it.  And they would hold it back from the public and of course the more scarcer it got, more folk would buy.  And they would also build up a panic at the same time, so everybody’s running and scrambling for cash, it was going up and up in price, then of course they would also crash the economy, buy it in again as peanuts, and put it back into their big, big reservoirs, basically, of gold; they still have them today yet, same with diamonds.  They just hold stuff back and make it scarce.


Aaron:  I was wondering what are your thoughts on, well, the Iranian decision to, from what we’re told at least, to you know, block the straits precipitating a conflict with the United States, which they probably can’t win.  I mean, it seems to me that’s bad poker on their part.  I mean, then they can’t claim victimhood or something, you know?


Alan:  Well, what you normally do in a war, to get a war kicked off, like Japan.  I mean, FDR had been blocking off the Japanese routes for supplies for quite a few years and even had quite a few of their planes shot down and different things like that, to goad them into war, which they eventually did; they had no option.  When you’re being cut off from getting raw resources from your normal suppliers you’ve got to fight your way out of it; that’s what you do.  So of course with the full sanctions of the United Nations they’re getting the full treatment now.  They’re having their external bank accounts seized – we’re never told, by the way, where this money ends up.  That’s peoples’ pensions, everything; just like everybody, our countries’ pensions, they’re all up on this international stock market. But they also grab their bank accounts too.   They’re keeping all medication out of the country, to starve them, just like they did with Iraq; it cost over half a million, almost three-quarters of a million lives just starving them and keeping medicine from them.  So this is a softening-up process and now it’s time to goad them, cutting off the last few supply routes, but it’s also stopping their access to export their oil to the few friendly countries that will accept the oil right now.  That’s what it’s for, to make them make the first move.  Yeah.  It’s tragic really.


Aaron:  Thank you so much Alan, I really love your show.


Alan:  Well, thanks there and hang in. But it’s tragic the way we watch this scenario over and over. And for Alex from New York, maybe you can call tomorrow Alex. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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