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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 3, 2012:

Oh, the Curse, It Just Gets Worse:

"The Durban Papers are Now Emerging,
We See Various Projects Converging,
Restricting Land Use Including Farming,
Self-Appointed Saviours of Earth Harming,
Our Decisions to Build and Own Homes
Come Under the Whims of Enviro-Gnomes,
Yes All the Big Agencies Have Taken Positions
To Guide Us Through Great Transitions,
You'll Pay More Taxes to Distribute Wealth
To Poorer Countries, Yet Your Health
Is Plummeting Because of Poor Food,
Way Too Expensive to Buy the Good,
This Totalitarian Society Bodes No Good Will
And to Reach Objectives, They Will Kill,
No Politicos Will United Nations Deride
Because in Goals and Aims, They're on Same Side"
© Alan Watt Jan. 3, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 3, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on... it’s actually January the 3rd 2012.  For newcomers, as always, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you’ll find a host of, thousands actually, of audios for free download where hopefully, if you can, if you have it in you, you can wade through so much material, information about this so-called new world order, which isn’t new at all.  You’ll find out the big players, the organizations, thousands of organizations that work together to make it all happen, all the way from your educational systems, even kindergarten, from the United Nations, through foundations, NGOs, just countless, countless organizations all working together on a global plan for a new type of society, an ordered society, post democratic.  I give you the planners from a long time ago and the money boys that helped to finance it all and of course profit from it too at the same time, and how it’s all playing out today.  You’re living through the big changes, and they actually call this ‘the era of change.’  So get used to it, but at least find out what’s happening and why you’re changing and why you’re adapting to it as well. 


Remember, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself.  Also too, all the sites listed there have transcripts in English of a lot of the talks I’ve given if you want to print them up.  Go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu if you want transcripts in other languages.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you and you can help me get by, by buying the books and disks at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and donating as well.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


I try, as I say, to chronicle the events as we go through things and explain why we go through things, why we adapt.  Basically I describe human nature which is so well understood by the big boys themselves as they treat us as the ‘mass man’ basically, this old concept from the old industrial era of mass production.  You’re the mass man and what works for one man generally will work for another and the same with women as well; Bernays knew these techniques, worked them to the full, and it’s worked so successfully.  Really, we are a composite, today, of the big thinkers and players that created the 20th century, and they created the cultures as well, as they broke apart the old cultures that held us together.  So we’re in flux in a sense.  When you’re in flux, when you have no traditions to hang onto, you’re in constant movement and you follow the leaders, who are well supplied to you through all the media, movies, etc, your favorite stars on television; that’s what they do. And you copy them and follow them, emulate them, even their speech, and whatever they do you will do as well.  You’re not free at all.  You’re really under a form of mind control, or perception management.  I’ve gone through a lot of this perception management too, and the big boys who help bring this in across society.  All the media uses it, all entertainment uses it as well, all the newscasters use it because they all belong to the same organization basically, the Council on Foreign Relations.  So you’re getting the same messages, many of them not quite subliminal, they’re above subliminal, most of them, but you start to parrot them yourselves:  They can’t all be wrong can they; therefore it must be me that’s wrong in my thinking.  And so you adapt to theirs instead, very simple technique.  And most folk will give up their own individual thought patterns, conclusions, to go along with the majority; it happens all the time.  Young people are more susceptible because they have peer pressure; they want to be accepted by their group; they haven’t really found individuality yet.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about perception management and how everything IS perception management and how we’re really trained generation by generation.  And by that I don’t mean 70 years, I mean literally the system is upgraded into what you’ll be taught, or what you’ll experience 30 years down the road, when you go into kindergarten today. And they upgrade it every year pretty well.  And the next hundred years is already worked out, maybe 200 years in fact, of the kind of citizens they want to have, what they’ll believe, what their behaviors will be, and what they’ll accept.  In other words, new normals, and it will all be approved by the State.  And the State will also tell them what to disapprove of as well.  It’s already happening today, very, very swiftly, as folk adapt and adapt and adapt.  They can’t really think for themselves.  Why should they, because the media’s doing it all for them; that’s what Brzezinski said 30-odd years ago in his own book Between Two Ages. So that’s happened.


And we’re also being taught to believe in experts all the time.  Statistics abound and we don’t have any means of checking them ourselves, of course, or even doing the experiments to find out what we read is true. But you see, a long time ago, back in the 20th century, early 20th century, the big players like Bertrand Russell and others said that science and scientists would take over the positions, not only of the old priesthoods of religions but also they’d take over from politicians eventually – that also comes under technocracy.  And we have a lot of that today, right down to having people appointing themselves to your town councils even under the guise of experts on the environment, they’re there to take care of the environment; they sort of just put themselves on the board and you don’t elect them.  You can get rid of them too if you know what’s going on, but most folk don’t so they allow them to stay. 


Anyway, this article here is about statistics and the cons that go on within science itself; because we’re so well trained, we just believe what they tell us, you see.  As I say, it’s so convoluted whatever they give to you; you have no way to check on it so you got to take their word for it.  And this article here is about...


How one man got away with mass fraud by saying ‘trust me, it’s science’

news.nationalpost.com / Joseph Brean / Dec 30, 2011


When news broke this year that Diederik Stapel, a prominent Dutch social psychologist, was faking his results on dozens of experiments, the fallout was swift, brutal and global.


Science and Nature, the world’s top chroniclers of science, were forced to retract papers that had received wide popular attention, including one that seemed to link messiness with racism, because “disordered contexts (such as litter or a broken-up sidewalk and an abandoned bicycle) indeed promote stereotyping and discrimination.”


As a result, some of Prof. Stapel’s junior colleagues lost their entire publication output; Tilburg University launched a criminal fraud case; Prof. Stapel himself returned his PhD and sought mental health care; and the entire field of social psychology — in which human behaviour is statistically analyzed — fell under a pall of suspicion.


One of the great unanswered questions about the Stapel affair, however, is how he got away with such blatant number-fudging, especially in a discipline that claims to be chock full of intellectual safe-guards, from peer review to replication by competitive colleagues. How can proper science go so wrong?  (Alan:  Well actually it’s not unusual.  You see it all across the board now, and look at all the fudged statistics from the political organizations, that call themselves scientists, to do with the climate change stuff.  Same thing.)


The answer, according to a growing number of statistical skeptics, is that without release of raw data and methodology, this kind of research amounts to little more than “‘trust me’ science,” in which intentional fraud and unintentional bias remain hidden behind the numbers. Only the illusion of significance remains.


S. Stanley Young and Alan Karr of the US National Institute of Statistical sciences, for example, point to several shocking published claims that were not borne out by the data on which they were based, including coffee as a cause of pancreatic cancer, Type A personality causing heart attacks, and eating breakfast cereal increasing the odds that a woman will give birth to a boy.


“The more startling the claim, the better,” they wrote in a recent issue of the journal Significance. “These results are published in peer-reviewed journals, and frequently make news headlines as well. They seem solid. They are based on observation, on scientific method, and on statistics. But something is going wrong. There is now enough evidence to say what many have long thought: that any claim coming from an observational study is most likely to be wrong – wrong in the sense that it will not replicate if tested rigorously.”


Victor Ivrii, a University of Toronto math professor, described the problem similarly on his blog: “While Theoretical Statistics is (mainly) a decent albeit rather boring mathematical discipline (Probability Theory is much more exciting), so called Applied Statistics is in its big part a whore. Finding dependence (true or false) opens exciting financing opportunities and since the true dependence is a rare commodity many “scientists” investigate the false ones.”


“If jumping to wrong conclusions brings a scorn of colleagues and a shame, they will be cautious. But this does not happen these days,” Prof. Ivrii said in an email. “Finding that eating cereals does not affect your cardio [for example] brings neither fame nor money, but discovering that there is some connection allows you to apply for a grant to investigate this dependence.”  (A:  See, they all live on grants.)


Science, at its most basic, is the effort to prove new ideas wrong. The more startling the idea, the stronger the urge to disprove it, as was illustrated when European physicists last month seemed to have seen particles travel faster than light, which has prompted a massive effort to replicate (or more likely debunk) such a shocking result.


Although science properly gets credit for discovery and progress, falsifiable hypotheses are its true currency, and when scientists fail to disprove a false hypothesis, they are left with a false positive.


Technically known as the incorrect rejection of the null hypothesis, a false positive is “perhaps the most costly error” a scientist can make, according to a trio of leading American researchers who this fall published “False-Positive Psychology: Undisclosed Flexibility in Data Collection and Analysis Allows Presenting Anything as Significant.”


So with all that fancy terminology basically what they’re really saying is that they’re going into it with a bias, in other words a pre-conclusion, and they try to prove their pre-conclusion, especially when you can get grant money to go ahead with it. And there’s no one else really doing the same tests so they don’t bother checking on it, and it’s published by peer reviews and up it goes on the billboard. But it’s even better, as I say, when it’s to do with climate science and there’s a lot of cash involved, and a political agenda at the same time. 


But we’re taught, it must be true, it’s statistics, you know, you can’t disprove statistics.  That’s what they tell you.  Because you see, we live in a materialistic society and the more materialistic we become the more we depend on DATA, what we think is raw data, disprovable data is there.  And of course even in the technotronic society and techniques and other branches of the same organization in fact, they talked about algorithms and how they could break ALL nature and ALL behavior down to algorithms.  And they’re actually using that in the RAND Corporation for all governments; they use us as the data and they feed us through its algorithms and all those algorithms, that’s YOU there, you see, you’re predictable basically, because of all these numbers. 


And that’s how we’re put down to.  It’s just amazing what we go through in life when you look back through the sciences.  And we go from one religion to the next, to the religion of science, and like all other religions, science says, you know we’re the real one because we got all the data to prove it. And then they do a bunch of sums and equations and all that, and a lot of scribbling and stuff, look awfully important, get lots of money and we tend to believe them for a while.  But unfortunately, at least in other religions they give you a bit of spiritual food, whereas in science they try to bring you down to the lowest common denominator and say that you’re an amoeba that crawled out of the mud and they can do what they want with you.  And we believe them too; we allow them to do that as well.  You’re just another animal, you see.  And that’s taught in eugenics, you’re just another animal, we can do with them what we please to do with them, especially since we’re the most evolved ones at the top.  You understand what happens when you throw out the old religions?  You’re fair game.  You’re fair game for the top predators to do as they wish.  And you ain’t seen nothing yet; they’re just getting started. 


Now China, China’s greatest threat is internal, apparently.  China’s claiming – in 2 articles I have here; one is from the CFR – that the West is using cultural wars against China.  Now, communist countries understand cultural wars because it was the communists within America, through Hollywood and various organizations and television that were really pushing the communist liberalism, as they called it in the West, to destroy the culture, to bring in a new type of culture.  The old man/woman stuff, family had to go all together, and you had to get all the youngsters separated from the older population and make them believe that they’re actually guiding their own path and, you know, on the ‘cutting edge’ of ‘my generation’ so that they could destroy them ever going back to having a wife, husband and family.  So they understand wars very well, cultural wars, and they’re blaming the West for trying to interfere with the Chinese version of communism and trying to force on them the Fabian/Western type of socialist communism which we’re under here, if you don’t know it.  You see.  We’re actually under it here.  So anyway it says...


China's Greatest Threat Is Internal - Richard N. Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations / cfr.org / December 28, 2011


And Mr Haass of course, who is the current President of the Council on Foreign Relations, the only organization that literally is an advisor to every government on the planet, again, a private organization set up by the bankers long ago, but he goes on about the other parts of it too, to do with the internal problems of China, how they’re keeping their currency artificially low so as that people will keep buying their mass goods.  And at the same time there’s trouble within China now with the incredible, incredible gap between the rich and the very, very poor; it’s just astronomical now.  But that’s what comes when you bring in this form of what you think is capitalism.  You get a tiny group of multi-trillionaires eventually and masses of poor around them and prostitution and drugs and everything.   Just like the West, you see, we’re already finished; it’s already happened here.  Because this is a technique, it’s a technique of rule, for those who’ve been around for thousands of years who know how to do it.  So I’ll put this link up tonight from Mr Haass.  Remember, Mr Haass too, remember that link I put up last week, also commented on the Middle East and other countries around the Middle East as well including Iran, to do with this war, he said, will go on for another, at least 3 decades.  3 DECADES, that also means 3 decades of anti-terrorism and more laws passed until we’re... what will we be then?  This is perpetual war.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about China as an example, really having internal problems, but also they’re trying to fight back against what they see as Western encroachment on their socialist system, their Chinese socialism, by using Western socialism; that’s what we live under today, for those who don’t know.  It doesn’t matter what party’s in it’s all the same, you see, the same boys are actually in behind it.  So this article here, it says...


Hu Says West Is Trying to Divide China by Using Ideology, Cultural Weapons

bloomberg.com / Jan 2, 2012


Hu Jintao, China's president, speaks during a news conference with U.S. President Barack Obama (A:  ...has a chat with Obama...) in the East Room of the White House (A:  I guess that means... when the East Wing is mentioned it’s always like they’re meeting as Masons, you know, the sun comes up and all that.)  in Washington, D.C., U.S., Jan. 19, 2011.


The West is using cultural means to divide China (PRCH), which needs to be alert to this threat, President Hu Jintao said in a Communist Party magazine.


“International forces are trying to Westernize and divide us by using ideology and culture,”  (A:  That’s how we were destroyed back here, by the same group actually.)  Hu wrote in an article in Qiushi. “We need to realize this and be alert to this danger.”


Many countries, especially Western powers, are attempting to expand their influence through cultural hegemony, and China must deepen and promote its own values of “socialism with Chinese characteristics,” Hu wrote in the article, which was published on the government’s website on Jan 1. China needs to strengthen its cultural values as it faces possible challenges from the West, he said.


Hu’s comments are part of a wider push by the party to reassert its influence over Chinese culture and society, including in television and the arts. (A:  See, that’s how it happened here too, television, the arts, education and so on.)  China’s leaders are grappling with the best way to manage Twitter-like social-media sites such as Sina Corp (SINA)’s (A:  That’s almost most like Sinai.) Weibo service that are hard for government censors to control.  (A:  Nothing’s hard for them to control.)


The Communist Party’s Central Committee said it will supervise the world’s biggest online community more closely, promote “constructive” websites and punish the spread of “harmful information,” according to a communique from its Oct. 15-18 meeting released by the official Xinhua News Agency.


Members of the party’s Politburo visited web companies after a deadly train crash in July. Internet users criticized the government’s handling of the crash and spread commentary and photos of the accident at odds with the official line.  (A:  So in other words they like to censor a lot of stuff there.  We have it censored, and we’re given other stuff to replace it so you don’t really know it’s being censored. We’re cleverer here; they’re still old-fashioned there.  They do it, you know, in a very straight fashion.  We are much more sophisticated in the West, because we’ve been at it for such a long time.)


Now, you hear all this stuff about drugs and just today I was reading about different drug effects on the front parts of the brain for chronic weed users, for instance.  And they find they actually have smaller parts in the front parts of their brain, in their offspring even, so it affects it, but that’s an old study really too; they keep doing it and come up with the same findings.  The ventricles, also, in the brain expand so it affects long-term use on the brain itself.  And we always see how the US is pretending to fight all the drugs and stuff like that coming in from Canada.  And a lot of it’s true; I mean, a lot of it is coming in from Canada.  And it says...


Vancouver health body begins free crack pipe program for addicts

(A:  We’re much more socialist in Canada, we treat our addicts better, after getting them addicted.)

news.nationalpost.com / Postmedia News  Dec 30, 2011 / Jan 1, 2012 / Jenelle Schneider


Hugh Lampkin, president of the Vancouver Area of Network Drug Users, shows one of 60,000 crack smoking kits that will be distributed at five sites throughout Vancouver's Downtown Eastside to help reduce the spread of disease. 


Now see, the Chinese aren’t really that daft or crazy about what they’re saying.  They’re talking about culture.  This is Canadian culture now, you see, at least on the West side of Canada.  And a few years ago they were teaching children at school, about the age of 5 to 8, how to safely inject heroin, on the premise that probably they’ll be using it down the road.  They’re getting taught this in school.  So now they’re giving out crack smoking kits, and of course it would be quite easy for the cops to stop the stuff coming in in the first place, if that was a mandate but it’s not.  Remember, drugs too, was mentioned by Huxley and also by Bertrand Russell and many, many others, as a form of bringing down society at this particular phase, because they helped plan it, this phase we’re living through today.  And so it’s being used.  Regular pharma’s involved; they’ve got half the population or three-quarters of it drugged already.  And of course the illegal side is all run by the same big boys as well.  And as long as you’re drugged on something, it doesn’t really matter what it is.  So here they are, they’re helping them, giving them free pipes for Christmas, you know – they still believe in some kind of Christmas here.  Well, you can’t say Christmas... a Happy Holiday pipe I guess. 


Anyway, in Scotland too, Scotland’s been hammered.  I remember long ago in Scotland when the CFR came over to do their world meeting, it was, at the time, with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to decide who would give the world its culture and they decided at that meeting that America was better equipped.  Hollywood had the techniques and they would be given the job of creating a world culture along with the American music industry.  They also mentioned at the same meeting, and it was in the papers at the time, that Scotland would be turned into a tourist area.  You know, we would be sitting selling beads at the side of the road, probably to Chinese businessmen I guess; that’s how far ahead they plan things. In other words, they were going to close down all factories and the mines and leave them with pretty well nothing, except making beads and making rugs.  You know, like model little places you go and visit on holiday:  here’s a peasant Scot weaving a rug, you know, and here’s a peasant making beads, and stuff like that.  And it’s pretty well gone that way.  It says...


400 Scots a week to face being insolvent this year

(A:  Because they don’t replace anything when they take anything out; they’re way ahead of the US and NAFTA, losing all their factories through the World Trade Organization, way ahead.)

heraldscotland.com / Catriona Stewart / 2 January 2012


MORE than 400 Scots a week will become insolvent this year as the economy fails to show signs of recovery from the downturn, a leading accountancy firm has warned.  (A:  I tell you, tourists too, the whole tourism trade is way down as well you see, and they count on that because it’s pretty well all they got, and making booze for the few big boys, the foreigners that own the whiskey companies.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and just mentioning how Scotland truly indeed was put into a tourist industry basically.  And it says...


PKF has estimated that more than 20,000 people will have been sequestrated (A:  ...they call it.) – the Scottish legal term for personal bankruptcy – or will have taken out a Protected Trust Deed (PTD) at the end of 2011. 


So it just shows you that this is across the whole world and some countries are more ahead of others as we go through all these changes, these transitions actually.  That’s the official name for this phase – it’s called World Transitions – right down to your local level as you bring in communitarianism; you bring in private agencies and charities to help and do the social work services, etc.  That’s all happening now too.  And your whole mode of thinking is supposed to change with it too; you’re being taught how to think locally, etc. So it’s just amazing.


Now in Australia, we know they’re really going to be the world leader for carbon taxes and all that kind of thing.  And now they’re getting hit with their turn for electric prices to go surging up.  Maurice Strong mentioned this, by the way, in the early 90s when he came to Canada back from the United Nations to privatize Ontario Hydro; he did that.  We found out later he was getting two paychecks, one from the Ontario government and one from the United Nations.  Anyway, he did privatize it and he said in the mainstream then, he says, the world we’re bringing in will be one where electricity will be rationed out to those who need it and eventually, he says, we shall have to figure ways of getting most of the electricity to those who still produce in big corporations, etc.  So what we’re living through today worldwide was planned a long time ago.  And Maurice Strong was in charge of the Rio Summit; he will be in charge of this year’s Rio Summit too.  That’s the big one that brought you Agenda 21, the Millennium Project, all the things you’re hearing about now, which they’re actually implementing; a lot of it is already implemented and so on.  Anyway it says...


Power surge to price surge: prepare for an expensive education, says expert Clay Lucas

theage.com.au / January 3, 2012


VICTORIANS need to urgently educate themselves about the looming surge in electricity prices this year, or face bills so high many will struggle to pay them, the chief of an energy price comparison service says.


Power use surged yesterday . . . (A:  They talk about the temperatures and folk are using air conditioning.  And it says, this new system that they’ve got in now, just like Canada...)


Much of this increase was on the charge to consumers for simply being connected to the grid (A:  So you’re paying for just being connected.) - meaning users will now pay more regardless of whether they cut their power use or not(A:  And that’s the world you’re going into.  Canada’s the same; Ontario’s going up about eight-fold actually over the next 4 years; they’ve told us that from the company themselves.)


The new tax (A:  They’ve got a new carbon tax as well.), combined with mandatory renewable energy targets and chronic under-investment by power companies in infrastructure, will cause prices to rise further across Australia. ''We are looking at the doubling of the cost of power in five years' time,'' Mr Freund said.  (A:  ...I guess that’s close to Freud, but it’s Freund.)


Anyway, it’s going to be a lot more than double, believe you me, because it’s to be more than double in Ontario, and across the world too.  So they’re really moving now.  That’s what I’m saying, it doesn’t matter, when you’re told what to look at by mainstream media, don’t look at it because believe you me, there’s something bigger happening all around you, lots of things.  Lots of things. 


I’ve mentioned this article before but here it is again, as they’re back again. 


U.N. Taking Over City Councils Across America! - youtube.com


And it’s a video; people can watch this and see for themselves the organization that’s actually working.  It’s a private organization working for the United Nations that have put themselves on every board, every city, and even local councils across the country, across Canada as well.  And nothing can get passed anywhere for land use or anything without their permission.  And what they say goes goes.  So as I say, it’s just astonishing.  You ARE post-democratic; in fact you never really had it.  But it was a nice idea at the time; it kept us all dizzy and happy.  But we never really had democracy but now, there’s not even a pretense of democracy now.  So like the Club of Rome said, you’re post-democratic, you’re post-consumer and you’re now into austerity.  So these guys plan well and they never, as Albert Pike says, bring off or start a premature revolution.  This is part of a revolution, you understand, from the masters of revolutions. 


Again in Australia too...


Foreclosures rise as more borrowers fail to repay Louise Hall

smh.domain.com.au / January 3, 2012


BANKS and building societies have repossessed 22.5 per cent more homes than in 2010, with western Sydney and big regional centres in NSW hardest hit.


Lenders asked the NSW (A:  New South Wales) Supreme Court to issue 2466 writs of possession against borrowers in default in the 10 months to November last year.


The number of writs issued in the same period in 2010 was 2143 . . . (A:  ...so it’s up to 2466.  So everything’s going to stay like that for a long time as we go down the tubes into the new system, or transition, as again they say it, it’s transitioning.)


And another organization that’s been put into place through the United Nations is called




(A:  I’ll put the links up for all these articles tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Natural England, they seem to be everywhere; again, a private company.  They have got permission to use...)


Enforcement  (A:  ...of all environmental laws.  And their web site says...)


Enforcement is used as a last resort but it is sometimes necessary to ensure the natural environment is protected. We aim to use enforcement in a consistent and proportionate manner that is targeted at illegal activities that have the greatest impact on wildlife, geology and landscapes. 


And you should see the size of this site and all their pages.  So here’s this private group, again.  This is how you’re trained; it’s a new feudal system and the private guys all pretend they’re wonderful communistic people who are taking care of the planet, because you’re just too irresponsible to do it yourselves.  And of course they’ve got bosses above them that end up getting the land, and they get drilling rights and everything else there and mineral rights on them. 


The breakup of the countries... now, Lenin talked about eventually that the nation-state would wither away.  It would wither away.  We’ve seen it in Europe when Rompuy stood up and says that the sovereign state is now gone.  And nobody hiccupped, because they don’t know... they can’t remember Lenin saying much the same thing, you see.  They can’t relate things one to another unless you teach them it, and no one’s been taught it for a long time.  Anyway...


Sir Gus O’Donnell (Britain's most senior civil servant):

The UK faces break-up 

(A:  Now, that was to work in those countries that wouldn’t quite toe-the-line and Scotland’s talking about joining Norway under a Scandinavian group and things like that.)

telegraph.co.uk / Christopher Hope, and James Kirkup / 21 Dec 2011

Sir Gus O’Donnell is Britain's most senior civil servant.


Writing in The Telegraph, Sir Gus O’Donnell asks whether the Union can survive increasing pressure for Scottish independence.  (A:  It’s not really Scottish independence.  Scotland’s got a group in there that would do...  you know, actually Lenin would love them, Lenin would love them because they’re totally Marxist in a sense; some of them aren’t Scottish whatsoever but it doesn’t matter, people think they are.)


Sir Gus, who is the head of more than 440,000 civil servants in England, Scotland and Wales, says the future of the Union is one of several “enormous challenges” facing the political establishment in the coming years.  (A:  Now remember too, that England’s already given... they’re merging parts of England with France, French companies or corporations, they’ve already bought the rights to whole areas from seaports right through inland and you can see how it’s happening there too.  So the nation-state is to wither away one way or another, and they do it all ways.)


John Pilger talks about what’s happening in India right now, quite an interesting article.  He talks about the first signs of an Indian spring, as peasants are revolting about...  Because now the money’s pouring in, all funneled through the World Trade Organization, the IMF, etc, as they are slated to come up, with all our tax money, and it’s going into the hands of the profiteers, the guys who will be the new upper, very upper class, and the rest of them get awfully poor.  So he’s talking about what’s happening there and just the same old stuff that’s happened elsewhere. 


In the land of facades, mark the first signs of an Indian spring - johnpilger.com / 29 December 2011


Also in India too, a little girl was killed in a ritual sacrifice to ensure better crops.


India girl killed in ritual sacrifice to ensure better harvest - worldnews.msnbc.msn.com / Jan 3, 2012


Part of it is due to the fact that the Rothschilds have been actually buying up all the farms after they decimated the farms and the land and bought the farms up for pennies.  Thousands and thousands of farmers committed suicide because they now have to buy the Rothschild company’s GM group seed, they have their own GM seed group, and the chemicals that go with it.  So the farmers were killing themselves and Rothschilds bought up a good part of India. But now they’re sacrificing people to make things grow again.  So it’s rather sad what’s happening across the globe right now.




NATO forces to attend drill in Israel

Ynetnews.com / Yoav Zitun / 01.02.12 / Israel News


(A:  I didn’t know Israel was part of NATO; I don’t think it is. Anyway, this is the excuse they’re giving us for them being over there.)


Organization's search and rescue units, emergency services to take part for first time in Home Front Command drill simulating massive earthquake.  (A:  That’s the reason that we’re given for it.)


NATO forces are scheduled to participate, for the first time, in a home front drill that will be held in Israel next October.


In recent years, the IDF took part in several exercises held by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization abroad, but has never hosted its members in Israel.


The drill, dubbed "Turning Point 6," (A:  That will take a lot of deciphering there.) will simulate a massive earthquake leading to wide-scale destruction and large amounts of casualties.


NATO Search and rescue units, as well as supporting units will arrive in Israel to take part in the drill . . .


Now, NATO remember, is the military wing of the United Nations.  They were the guys who went in and bombed Libya.  They’re not really known for helping in earthquakes and things.  They might cause a few but not for helping afterwards.  So I’ll put this article up tonight too.


And also, before I go to the callers, I want to mention this.  There’s a bunch of PDFs I’m going to put up too and they’re from the Council on Foreign Relations or the United Nations, for those who think the Kyoto Protocol’s dead and they lost everything at the Durban meeting you’d better read this one here.  Because there’s one here...


Decision -CMP.7:   Land use, land-use change and forestry - unfccc.int


They’ve gone for the whole kit-and-caboodle, right down to your private little garden round about you.  I’ll put that one up for you there tonight and you can see they lost nothing.  No.  They told you that but that’s actually a con to get all this through so as that you wouldn’t object.  Another one is called...


The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Report of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol on its first session, held at Montreal from 28 November to 10 December 2005


...that came out of it as well.  That goes back to 2005 to show you how far they’ve come from then to the present.  That’s quite a good one as well.  And then there’s also this one here...


World Development Report - wdr2011.worldbank.org


...very interesting study for the United Nations again.  It’s showing you that step by step, by the Fabian style with their fingers in a thousand pies across the world, they’re pulling it all off, everything’s working, and how they actually communicate to each other, make sure that all media’s on board with them, get the right propaganda out en mass and never change your story, always say the same story, etc, etc... how your minds are shaped.  Also one for the...


United Nations Global Compact

Policy for the “Communication on Progress” (COP) - unglobalcompact.org


And another one here is about the land use again. Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry, and a different version of it as well.   So I’ll put all of that up tonight and you can have a little peek, for those who are serious about learning what’s going on, as apart from who you’re supposed to vote for, because that changes nothing, at all.  Never has, it’s a sideshow.  Because all these laws and treaties are put into law, immediately by presidents, and you simply follow them.  It’s also taught in schools right away, doesn’t matter who’s in power.  So that’s how the world’s changed. 


Now, we’ll go to the callers now and there’s Carlton from New York on the line there.  Are you there Carlton?


Carlton:  How you doin’ Mr Watt?  Happy New Year.


Alan:  Happy New Year to you too.  Yeah.


Carlton:  I just wanted to say I did get your book in the mail; thank you for that.  And thank you for letting me know about my email too.  I was going to ask you something about... well you was just talking about basically perception management.  And I was talking to somebody yesterday about, you know, just some history and we was talking about Obamacare and things of that nature, and he was an Obama supporter.  But I was just trying to point certain things out to him, of course like, you know, it’s not really him that’s doing it, it’s just his name, he’s the front man. And he understood all of that.  But then he hit me with the phrase [Caller laughing.], he said to me, he’s like, I watch CNBC, I know what’s going on


Alan:  [Alan laughing.]


Carlton:  [Caller laughing.]   That one like just... I just had to stop and laugh because I was like okay, you can go ahead and [Caller laughing.] you believe in that.  But I wanted to ask you about this because there’s a guy who came out.  He’s written a few books about like cures that they don’t want you to know about, his name’s Kevin Trudeau.  Have you ever heard of him?


Alan:  I think so.


Carlton:  Well, like a big infomercial dude.  Well he came out with this whole thing called The Global Information Network and I would say like the main underlying thing that it’s really pushing is somewhat of the... what is it?  You think about it and it happens... what is that called again?


Alan:  You’re talking about trends and memes and things?


Carlton:  Like you just think positive about something and then it just happens.


Alan:  Oh, yeah, yeah.  The New Age stuff.


Carlton:  Right, right, right, right.  But now, I’ve just got to ask you this question.  Do you think there’s some truth to it, because just me thinking about like, just the fact that I’m starting to become more aware of certain things and more people and more information’s just starting to flow to me.  Now, maybe it’s because I’m more aware of it.  The law of attraction, yeah, that’s what it’s called.  And I don’t believe that you actually sitting here thinking about a Ferrari, that you put pictures up on the wall and it’s going to happen.  No.  You got to put some work in to actually make it manifest.  But what is, what are your thoughts on that, like just not even really saying that that’s really the whole, the whole crux of it.  But just coming into something or being more aware of it and then more information and more people of that same mindset are just hitting you.  Because that’s happened to me, like...


Alan:  Well part of it too, part of it is that because you’re more aware you’re actually noticing the people who are also aware.  You understand, when you’re not aware you don’t notice them either, that there is a bit more life in them, there’s a bit more... You might even hear little bits of conversation, whereas before if you’re not awake at all you don’t notice them.  So partly it’s because you’re still waking up yourself, you’re seeing more and more of them.  And again, you’ll be more visible too, because you can then jump in and join the conversation as well.  So that works that way.  But there’s definitely a part of it, it’s like motivational courses, where you can motivate yourself; that’s really the name for it.  You’re motivating yourself to always be aware, to try and promote the information that you have; and it does work that way.  It certainly will work that way, you know; it’s not a magical thing in itself.


Carlton:  It’s crazy.  Like one day I was actually with a friend of mine and we were going to, actually doing like a charity event, we were handing out some gifts to some kids, right.  And we’re walking and out of the blue, there was a guy out on the corner that just was doing something, and this was a guy that I’m actually involved with some activism with.  And the guy that was on the corner just out the blue just said, keep spreading the truth, brother, keep spreading the truth.  And I was like... we just looked at each other like, what, he don’t even know like what we’re about or what we do or anything.  And it was like, you get that, just, you know what I’m saying, it gravitates around you.


Alan:  Sure, yeah.


Carlton:  And you know that because you got to be on a radio show and you talk to people from all over the world.


Alan:  Yeah.  Oh, yeah.  But it is, though, for people who are living in a desert to hear someone else just say a few words about it, it really brightens up their day, it’s water in the desert for them, sure.  Thanks for calling and we’ll go to Alex after this break.  Back in a few moments.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ve got Alex from Victoria BC hangin’ on the line.  Are you there Alex?


Alex:  I’m here.  How are ya?


Alan:  Not too bad at all.


Alex:  Hope you’re having as good a new year as can be under the circumstances.


Alan:  Yeah, well I’ve got between 10 and 15 and sometimes 20 below zero, that’s on the Fahrenheit scale, at the moment, so at least I can keep warm inside, yeah.


Alex:  Right.  We have electric heat here, I guess we’ve got a water system, and we got a boiler, and we’ve been waking up with extremely sore throats; they’re dry, covered in spots.  I actually have some kind of things that feel like toothbrush bristles sticking out of the roof of my mouth sometimes.  And we were wondering what was causing it, maybe it was just too dry or something at first but it’s been going on four months.  And I’ve noticed after considerable study that when we wake up, like we listened to Werner and we got under the blankets when it was happening and it actually sort of resolved somewhat.  He was saying there’s a possibility the air is being changed into nitrogen, through directed energy or something, right.


Alan:  It is known, for the listeners who are not aware, it’s known that British Columbia is a big test area for lots of these technotronic weapons, for those who wonder what we’re talking about.  It is a big test area out that way, yeah. 


Alex:  That’s right.  Good point.  So I noticed when this stuff was happening to me that there seemed to be a spike in the current going, electrical, and that when our throats were dry and sore and stuff I got up and I turned on the light, the fluorescent light with ballasts, and it made one hell of a racket, whereas when it’s not happening, which is when we’re out of bed, all of us are up using computers and you know, doing normal things, that that spike in current isn’t there.  We measured it and a safe level would be 50 and sometimes it’s as high as 1600.  So it’s quite bizarre.  And it seems to me that this stuff is acting in concert with what might be a binary weapon system which we’re breathing in through the weaponized aerosol, which they’re spraying all over Sicktoria, here on Guinea Pig island in Vancouver British Columbia, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 


Alan:  Well, I do know that the spraying is very heavy out there, because even airline pilots have told me that same thing too, that BC is heavily, heavily sprayed; other areas get it too, heavily, but they really seem to pick that area for some reason there.  And again, there’s military bases out there too, US and Canadian, and they do test a lot of stuff out in that area.  The odd thing is too, with the new electronics that are in as well, with Smart Meters and all your so-called energy-saving bulbs, which actually give off radio signals, because you put a radio up next to them and the signal just goes on the radio, or a meter for that matter.  And it spikes just like microwave; you’ll see it spiking on your meter.  So these things in a sense are all working in concert with each other.  And it could possibly be part of the technotronic system that Brzezinski and others have talked about, so I’ve no doubt there’s more going on than meets the eye. But in the winter, regardless, I always put a pot of water on the woodstove and that keeps enough moisture in the air to try to keep most of the static down; lots of static otherwise and you do get sore throats.  So rule that out first and then see what happens. 


Alex:  Yeah.  We have 3 Smart Meters 10 feet from my bed, just in the...


Alan:  Oh, you shouldn’t have that.  You should... you got to screen that off.  You got to screen that off from yourself and just use like the mosquito mesh, three layers of it in fact, behind the meter and try and screen that stuff off.


Alex:  We’ll do that.  [Caller laughing.]


Alan:  Okay.  That’s really bad for you.  And Ryan from Ontario, maybe you can call tomorrow; sorry I couldn’t get to you.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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