January 5th, 2012 (#994)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan 5th, 2012:

No Salvation in Contamination:

"We're Way Down the Slippery Slope of Degradation
Via Entertainment, Video Games, Mind-Vegetation,
Once Bound by Higher Values, Old Ways are Smashed,
Hedonism's the New Virtue, as Compassion Trashed,
Abortion was the First Step, No Personal Responsibility,
The State Takes Care of Problems, Continue Your Virility,
Euthanasia for the Elderly, Gov. Saves On Pensions,
For Very Important Persons You Get Life Extensions,
We're All Economic Units Slaving for the Master,
Copious Entertainment Blinds Impending Disaster,
Yes, Thoroughly Indoctrinated Life's All About Fun,
Till You're Hunted by Euthanasia Van, At 60 On the Run"
© Alan Watt Jan 5th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Jan 5th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 5th of January, 2012.  For newcomers, always make use of cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, where you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of audios for free download, and I try to give you shortcuts really to understanding this big system, that you’re living under.  And you truly are living under it across the whole world, and I go through the history of it too, where gangs of guys, very rich guys, of course, a long time ago, decided to take over the world.  Quite a simple fairy tale, really, but it’s actually true.  And they thought they could manage it better using science and making a planned society, an organized planned society, post-democratic, a society which would be easier to run, and they could train people to simply jump and obey and bring down the population to a reasonable level for post-industrial societies.  Simple as that really.  The whole idea was to go around all sovereignty by simply making treaties, international treaties through an organization, later called the United Nations.  And they’d be binding treaties which they couldn’t pull out of.  At least they claimed they could not pull out of.  And that’s how they would simply do it.  It’s all been done, accomplished, before most of you were actually born, in fact.  But you have to find out how it was done and the organizations, foundations, the think tanks, thousands of think tanks, of course, that work with this particular top group.  And we’re simply living through the upheaval, as we go through into the whole kit and caboodle of the whole New World Order, for this phase of it.  That’s all.  So, everything that’s happening today is simply this phase of the New World Order and as Rockefeller said, you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, so all the economic upheaval, all that kind of stuff, as they unify currencies and bring down countries that don’t cooperate, is simply part of the strategy.  It’s as simple as that really.


So, help yourself to the audios as I say.  I give you the names of books to read.  I give you the big players in the CFR who write pretty well all the major news pieces for all newspapers across the planet, and how they’re all on board together, giving you your thoughts, if you have any at all, because most folk really don’t care.  Most folk truly don’t care what’s happening, until it hits them personally, and then they squeal of course.  They give everyone their thoughts for the day and our distractions for the day as well, and they also give us the authorized history before they actually do it all.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the whole Middle Eastern fiasco has been written in the history books before they even went in there.  That’s how sure they are of themselves.  And why shouldn’t they?  There’s no opposition to them at all.


Remember too, you can buy the books and discs I’ve got for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, personal checks are good.  International postal money order from the post office is good.  And so is PayPal, and some people just send cash.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again.  And donations are very, very welcome in these tough times. 


And for some countries, of course, they’re tougher than others, because, you know, countries like Canada are already ahead of the US with our version of value added tax, which they call a general sales tax here.  That was brought forth by Mr. Mulroney when he was the front man for Canada at the time.  They actually called it value added tax initially but it was voted down, so he just simply called it general sales tax.  Same thing.  All countries you see must bring in a value added tax, general sales tax, whatever they want to call it, pretty color wrapping paper tax.  That’s good enough.  Taxes are taxes.  Because, under free trade, you’ve got to start losing a lot of income to your country through import duties under free trade of those countries that have signed on with you.  So, they make up that money by bringing in this new tax.  And the US is still to get it in a big, big way.  In Britain and elsewhere it’s 20%.  Some countries it’s higher.  That’s on everything that you purchase, from a chocolate bar to the food on your table.   And nobody complains.  See, you can’t complain to dictatorial governments.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I’ve gone over in the past, many of the big books and articles written by big shots.  And, of course, we’re given big shots.  You can make a big shot quite easily if you’re very wealthy and you’re a powerful organization.  You find out how H.G. Wells was promoted to the top, you’ve got to go into his history, and find out who taught him, and who promoted him, what school he went to.  It was actually a very small, select bunch that were picked to be the Red Tie Gang they called them.  Their job was to go into the world and write scientific, futuristic scenarios, and bring a lot of reality into it at the same time, a lot of social problems, and eventually encourage readers to alter their opinions via fiction basically.  You know, there’s too many people, let’s bring them down.  It’s the wrong kind of people.  You know, let’s euthanize them.  Let’s sterilize them.  That kind of stuff.  And of course, he was one of the founders of the Fabian Society, which promoted all that stuff.  So, nobody really is out there on any big level, without being promoted by a small clique.  It’s always been that way. 


Just like the media is all controlled, you see, by the same group, you find it’s the same thing with all these authors as well.  They have to get selected.  Some of them are actually schooled for what they’ll have to do.  And they have to be totally on board with the agenda.  And their books are guaranteed to sell.  It takes a lot of money to publish a book and get it up there across the whole planet and promote it, just like a movie.  So, you’ve got to understand, whatever ends up on the shelf as being very popular, has been really authorized big time, and it’s passed all the safety tests and of course, it becomes an immediate hit, just by saying so.  It’s as simple as that.  Just by saying so.  Oh, it’s a wonderful book, everybody loves it.  Blah, blah, blah.  And away they go and buy it.  So, that’s how you get your famous people in history who write books. 


And of course, even the British prime minister, Winston Churchill, said the same thing, when he found out that this particular group that ran all of Britain’s media and all of Britain’s history books as well, who caused wars, and that was the Royal Institute of International Affairs, before it got that name, it was called the Milner Group, he didn’t know.  He was kind of out of the loop, that these guys had been starting wars and getting Britain involved in them.  And then of course, they were actually writing the history books for Britain, again, as all biased towards their actual agendas.  So they were actually writing the histories as they were doing it and causing wars.  Quite something, isn’t it?  That’s power, isn’t it?  That’s real power.  But nothing's changed.  It’s even easier today, and much bigger.  And the whole world has been under this false delusion as they say, for a long, long time, thinking we’re just going through things at the time, day by day and sporadic things just happen out of the blue. 


And you have to go back to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, where as he’s being beaten up and drugged and tortured by O’Brien, he’s asked, who are we fighting today?  Because you keep changing your gunsights, you know, from one country to the next to the next to the next to the next and the next.  And that’s what we’ve been living through for years now.  Most folk don’t notice.  They don’t really care.  As long as no bombs are falling on them.  They don’t really care.  And we’ve been brought to this stage by a technique, scientific techniques, which really keep us in ignorance and actually keep us out of the loop.  We have a choice to be in the loop or out of the loop.  And if you’re going to be in the loop then you’ll be unpopular with those who are still out of it.  And, of course, that’s a great technique as well.  It works very, very well.  And that’s peer pressure.  “You must be crazy to think that.  I mean, the media says this,” and so on.  Very simple techniques really.


Most folk are herd animals, you understand.  And if you make a weapon, you always find out, when you go into the history of weapons making, especially in modern warfare, weapons, and even bio-weapons, are meant to hit the majority of people.  There’s always a minority who are immune to it, or get ill and then recover, and things like that.  So, they hope to hit the most folk for the smallest buck, basically, in weaponization.  Same thing in psychological warfare.  Same thing in educational indoctrination, which is essential for ongoing propaganda.  You must get that basic education, and Jacques Ellul talked about that in quite some depth.  But it really works on most folk.  It’s like an inoculation.  They’ll say, well, we’ll just test him to see if he will get TB now, or something like that, and of course, if you don’t get TB, after getting all the stuff for it, they’ll say, well, yeah, it’s taken. It’s working.  You see.  Well, it’s the same with your indoctrination.  They’ll test you out later on, and you’ll give them the proper answer, and that means, yeah, your indoctrination has worked on you.  It’s a very simple technique. 


And they have thousands of people working all the time.  You’re awfully important, you know, your brain is awfully important.  It doesn’t matter what your IQ is.  It doesn’t matter how well you did at school.  It’s a matter of the part that reasons.  Is it still working?  If it’s still working, then you’re a danger to the authorities.  You might say something one day and people might listen to you.  And God help you then. 


Now, reality is vastly different, again, to how it’s portrayed by loving, caring politicians.  We know that’s why they’re in politics, because they always tell us how they care about us and worry about us, you know, just like shepherds before they skin the sheep and roast it.  So, in reality, it’s totally different, as you well know.  It’s a bunch of crooks who get in, psychopathic types who get into politics.  They’re actually picked up for being psychopaths, because psychopaths worship the more powerful psychopaths above them.  And they’ll do what they’re told.  Whereas they kind of have distain for lower-level psychopaths beneath them.  That’s well tried and true, tested over many, many, many years.  But nothing changes.  So, those who want to control will always recruit the psychopaths who will lie to the public about anything at all, never blush, never blink an eye.  And never worry about it either.  So, they are recruited, and that’s what you see in politics today, and for an awful long time before that too. 


We know the agenda, for instance, in this New World Order, is to bring a planned society in, where all the useless eaters, as Bertrand Russell called them, that’s us of course, in a post-industrial society, down in numbers, vastly down in numbers, by all means possible.  And from about the 1950s onwards; in fact even at the end of World War II, the king, that was still in Britain at the time, held a world conference about, you know, we haven’t killed enough people in this war.  Just like World War I, same thing.  Hadn’t killed enough people, so we’ll have to do something to bring down the population, because they’ll be breeding for goodness sake.  And that’s what they do.  People breed, you know, and they get better food, then they go and breed, and then there’s too many of them for us to handle properly.  So, they had a big debate about how to bring down the population.  Well, they don’t have debates, these characters, for the sake of it, so that they can grouse off about something.  They actually come up with agendas, which they implement.


And, of course, we’ve seen the fertility plummet across so-called First World countries, the countries that got all the inoculations first off the bat.  The countries that got all the poison food off the bat, and the waters and the chemicals off the bat.  Plummet.  So, the fertility plummeted, so much so that they have to bring in immigrants, they claim, to pay off the national debt, because the other generation either won’t have children, which is all part of it too, or they can’t.  They’re sterile.


Now, the other end of the scale of course, since we’re living in an economic system, and we’re all economic units, another part of it is the other end.  And I said this years ago.  They start off with the children.  And once you accept abortion, you see, you’ve just dehumanized yourself.  You’ve dehumanized your own worth.  Your own worth.  You understand that?  There’s a consequence to everything. 


And once you accept that, of course, then you go for the other side of it, the elderly.  It’s much easier, especially when you portray them in all the movies as dithering idiots.  Everybody over sixty is a blithering, dithering idiot.  Have you noticed that?  With Alzheimer’s.  And they’ve got nothing to say, you know, to these very smart young people in all the movies, all the fiction.  That’s all propaganda too, of course.  But, as I say, the United Nations has said that elderly people are really not the best citizens, because they’re not producers and consumers.  They’re now simply consumers.  And that’s not to be allowed.  So, euthanasia is a much better way to go.  And the bankers like it too; and so does government as well, because then they can grab your pension and you’ll be dead.  You see, you won’t spend it.  And they can simply grab it and use it for good purposes, you know, like building more military bases across the planet, or more ways to kill the rest of us off.  So, there’s always a good, a good function to be used for all that pension money that won’t be used if you simply euthanize all the elderly.  And it’s far cheaper than putting them into the hospitals that they all paid for all their lives with their tax money.


So, it says:


UK experts say assisted suicide possible under strict criteria, but critics call report biased


(Alan: You get these articles every time, or every January, as the NGOs, these nongovernmental organizations that are funded by the big rich foundations, which are owned by the banks, the international bankers, they put all this stuff out at the beginning of the year.  And it says anyway here.)


In a report Thursday, the Commission for Assisted Dying described the legal status of assisted suicide in Britain as “inadequate and incoherent.” It is illegal to help a terminally ill person commit suicide, but prosecutions are rare. In 2009, the government’s top prosecutor said most people who help terminally ill friends and family members die were unlikely to be charged.


(A: Now, this is probably another NGO organization, in league with the government.  In other words a special, a special purpose NGO, and they’ll get paid again by the foundations.)


The Commission said it would be possible to legally allow assisted suicide for terminally ill people under strict criteria: those who were at least 18 years old and who were making a voluntary choice free from coercion or mental health problems.


The experts


(A: You see, they’re all experts.  You understand that?  How can you become an expert in assisted suicide?  What’s an expert in assisted suicide?  Someone who’s thought about it for five minutes?  Hmm?)


The experts called for additional safeguards should assisted suicide be legalized, including requiring patients to be seen by at least two doctors.


(A: That’s awfully reassuring, eh.)


The system would not let doctors administer a lethal dose but would give such medication to the patient to take when he or she chooses after the other criteria has been met.


“The Commission is not recommending that any form of euthanasia should be permitted,” the report said.


(A: Well, that’s what they’re all on about, isn’t it?)


Critics, however, say the commission was biased, and the British Medical Association refused to participate in the report.


(A: Well, they should, because they’re supposed to do no harm, according to their old oath, you see.)


The commission is supported by Dignity in Dying


(A: Another special interest group, again, funded by the usual suspects and foundations.)


and other advocates who favor changing the law.


One anti-abortion group labeled the report “a renewed attack” on disabled and elderly people.


Which of course it is too.  If they make your life miserable enough, there’s nothing much to live for is there?  Like cutting your pension and stuff.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just talking about this time of year, when all the NGOs give out handouts to the media.  And the media immediately put them right in there as though they’d written them themselves.  It’s all to do with things that have to happen for this proper New World Order to take place, where they want to bring down the population, get rid of all the unfit, undesirable types.  And H.G. Wells talked about it in A Modern Utopia, he called it, the book.  It’s worth reading, A Modern Utopia.  He said in his book, he says, we shall just simply sterilize the unfit, and let them die off quietly, and then, that would get rid of their gene pool, you see.  But this is just another way of doing the same thing here.  Plus it’s economically viable for government as well to grab your pensions.  They’d rather you just drop dead on your 60th birthday, or 65th birthday, and not claim a penny of your pension.  And you think I’m kidding too.  They discuss all this stuff at the top, you know.  Anyway, here’s jumping from Britain to Canada, same thing.  Same thing.


The Royal Society of Canada (RSC)


(A: The Royal Society, again.  What a bunch of crooks those guys are.)


has recommended that the Criminal Code of Canada be amended so that people in poor health


(A: It’s even poor health now.  How are you feeling today?  I’m not feeling so great today.  Boom, bang, you’re dead.  Ha, ha, ha.)


would have the right to physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia.


(A: It’s far cheaper than pills, you see.)


The six-person panel, headed by Queen’s University bio-ethicist


(A: Now, who are bio-ethicists?  These are the guys that suddenly popped on the television, out of nowhere by the way, these sudden experts we didn’t know existed, when Dolly the Sheep came along, and then they talked about transplants and things like that.  And these guys, really, it’s the new term for eugenicist, to do with proper genes, good genes, and also the bad genes.  So they call them bio-ethicists now.  They’re very ethical with their views now, you see.  Anyway.)


bio-ethicist Udo Schuklenk, claims that fears of the elderly and the infirm of being hastened to death without their full consent are unwarranted:


(A: Oh, of course they are.)


“The evidence from years of experience and research where euthanasia and/or assisted suicide are permitted does not support claims that decriminalization will result in vulnerable persons being subjected to abuse or a slippery slope from voluntary to non-voluntary euthanasia,” reads a summary of the report’s findings.


(A: Well, when you look at other countries that have been doing it for a few years, it’s amazing the scandals.  I mean, there’s doctors getting bribed by family members to bump off old granny because she’s loaded with cash.  Things like that.  That’s already happened, you see, these things.  A nun got killed in Holland, and she didn’t want to be euthanized.  But you know, you have these bureaucratic paperworks, it just gets all mixed up.)


Anti-euthanasia observers put little credence in the report, claiming the panel is not at all comprehensive in its arguments. McGill bio-ethicist Margaret Somerville notes, for example, that the report fails to mention a 2010 poll of more than 2,000 Canadians, in which 71% favoured improving end-of-life care against 19% favouring legalized euthanasia (10% favoured both).


(A: Actually, never mind all these percentages.  All you can do is put out a series on television.  You know, a fiction, very good actors in it; we can’t afford them in Canada.  We get pretty poor actors, but we could really borrow some money from somewhere and bring some good ones up from the States, to do a really good docudrama thing and gets lots of crying in it, and all the heart-wrenching things, and we’ll all vote for it then.  That’s how things work in the States and elsewhere, you know.)


The RSC’s cavalier dismissal of “slippery slope” fears seems to indicate that theory has trumped evidence in the panel’s findings. A cursory overview of jurisdictions in which euthanasia and assisted suicide have become legal and culturally normalized


(A: You hear that, culturally normalized?  They can normalize anything, folks.)


should have given them pause before making such a sweeping statement.


When the Netherlands, to take the most commonly referenced example, legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide in 1984, assurances just like those of the RSC today were similarly issued. Proponents also said only the terminally ill who asked for euthanasia would be “treated.”


(A: They call it treatment.)


Needless to say, patients who were not terminally ill, but only depressed, were soon asking for death, and the public was told not to worry, because only “rational” depressed people would be killed.


(A: See, it’s amazing.  That’s what they say in Holland, eh?  “I want to kill myself, I’m depressed, you know.”  Are you being rational?  “Oh, yeah, I can’t stand it anymore.”  These are the guys that read the newspapers, you know, and believe them.)


 Then, when Alzheimer patients started being killed without consent, the soothing argument that only patients who would have asked for death if only they were competent to do so would be killed.


By 1995 almost 3% of all deaths in Holland were the result of euthanasia or assisted suicide. A Dutch survey reviewed in the Journal of Medical Ethics looked at the figures for 1995 and found that in addition to 3,600 authorized cases, there were 900 others – a full 25% more – where doctors had acted without consent of the patient, mainly for reasons of dementia.


(A: Well, is that the doctor or the patient, I wonder.)


In 15% of the cases the doctors stated they had not held discussions with the patient because they felt they were acting in the patient’s best interest.


(A: Well, isn’t that Big Brother, eh?  Isn’t that Big Brother epitomized right there.  Someone in authority says, “well, I think I’ll act in their best interest.  I’ll make the decision.”  And there you go.  You’re bumped off.  And that’s what the government wants, you understand.  They’re the same themselves.)


The study’s lead researchers concluded, “The reality is that a clear majority of cases of euthanasia, both with and without request, go unreported and unchecked. Dutch claims of effective regulation ring hollow.”


Belgium legalized euthanasia in 2002. In 2008, a woman with “locked-in” syndrome – she was paralyzed but mentally alert and comprehending – asked for euthanasia and also asked for her organs to be harvested at the same time. Her wish was granted. Now Belgian doctors and bioethicists tour Europe promoting the double procedure in PowerPoint demonstrations touting the “high quality” of organs harvested from patients with neuro- or muscular-degenerative conditions.


(A: In other words, there’s a big money boom, you see.)


In 2010 Oxford bioethicist Julian Savulescu coauthored a paper in Bioethics arguing that some individuals could be euthanized “at least partly to ensure that their organs could be donated.”


Ha, ha, ha.  Business gets into everything, doesn’t it?  They’re so moralistic.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I go to callers, I want to read a little bit from an article here, to show how we go down the tubes into degeneracy, really.  Planned degeneracy, of course.  Believe you me, the culture you were given is authorized from the top down, and if the big boys, I’m not talking about government, way above government, and if they didn’t want us to be degenerate at this time, we wouldn’t be.  We’d be living in Leave it to Beaver or something like that, Andy of Mayberry, something like that.  But no.  They’ve given us a degenerate culture for the degenerate time, because we must produce guys to fill up military uniforms.  Ongoing wars for thirty years.  We’ve got another thirty years of this to go, apparently. 


And you want people who, you know, aren’t too bright, and grunt a lot, you know, just like with linguistic minimalism.  And they’ve watched every movie there is, and they’ve been brought up playing these video games, which are meant for the military.  You know, that’s what they created them for, to desensitize you from killing, so you’ll kill right off the bat without thinking.  And then they started adding all the gruesome stuff into it, rape, torture and etc.  And mummies go out and buy this for their little boys, and they think there’s nothing wrong with it, because, you see, the mummies and daddies are degenerate themselves.  Every generation gets more degenerate, via the entertainment media.  And augmented too by all the experts on television that tell us to be mature about things.  We can all handle this.  We’re responsible adults, don’t you know, and all that left-wing nonsense.  Anyway, this article here says:


Hit Star Wars game lets players 'own' and torment female slaves with electric shock collar


(A: This is for the next bunch, you see, that’s growing up, because they’ll have to go over somewhere and do all this stuff abroad and terrify the people in that area.  Because, you see, that’s part of torture, is to let it be known to all those outside, that you’re going into, we’re going to torture you.  It makes them cringe and you know, feel terrified.  So it says:)


Vette is a 'companion' for your character in the game - players have the option to be pleasant, and have Vette follow out of loyalty, or to torture and coerce her into submission. A script has been written specifically for players who choose to torture their 'slave'


(A: We are slaves, you see.  And you know, in slave societies, some of them actually could fight or buy their way out of slavery and then own slaves.  If you look at all the old grave sites in ancient Rome, you’ll see some of the biggest slave owners started off as slaves themselves.  Anyway:)


Gamers playing the hit online game Star Wars: the Old Republic are torturing and abusing a female 'slave' character with punches and an 'electric shock collar' - and enjoying it.


The character comes with a 'shock collar' that allows gamers to ensure 'obedience'.


(A: It’s kind of like the cops using their cow-prods on people when you won’t move, you know.  They just shock you, the same thing.  And it is the same thing, folks.)


YouTube videos show players of the million-selling role-playing hit abusing the character with electric shocks and backhanded slaps to the face, with captions such as 'Keeping your slave in line.'


The game has dialogue written specifically FOR players who choose to treat their companion like this - Vette continues to respond in a lifelike fashion after players have been torturing her for hours.


One of the first things players are given the option to say is 'Obey my every command.'


The character, Vette, is a companion that accompanies Sith players - the evil version of Jedi knights - on their journeys.


She is described as a 'Slave, Treasure Hunter, Survivor'.


(A: And she’s obviously sadomasochistic as well.)


Players have the option to treat Vette kindly and have her follow them out of loyalty - or to coerce her using methods including an electric shock collar.

When gamers meet her, they're offered the chance to give their slave 'more juice', electrocuting her. 


But the option to treat the character decently does not seem to have been enormously popular with players.


'Vette is my character's slave, gifted to him by his dark master,' writes Mike Fahey on Kotaku, in a blog post detailing how he uncovered the options to maltreat the character via imitating other players.


 YouTube videos show players of the million-selling role-playing hit abusing the character with electric shocks and backhanded slaps to the face, with captions such as 'Keeping your slave in line'


(A: And it goes on and on.)


'She comes complete with a convenient high voltage shock collar, allowing me to administer harsh punishment should she speak or act in a manner unbefitting her station.


(A: You know something, everybody in government is going to want these things.  And they want us to wear them all, you know.  You think I’m kidding, eh?  Ha, ha.  It says:)


I torture her. I tease her. I belittle her in front of others. On one occasion I even make her watch as I have sexual relations with the wife of a slain enemy.'


(A: Well, that’s the sort of stuff that you hear coming out of the battlefields these days anyway.  I guess it’s already over.)


'I first learned of Vette's sad habit of being regularly tortured into submission during my time with my first Sith Warrior character in Star Wars: The Old Republic,' writes Fahey.


So, there you go.  This is what the youngsters are playing today, because they’ll have to be the nasty sods that’ll be giving you collars in the future, the near future too, by the way, and shocking all of you, and thinking nothing of it.  “Ah, ha, ha, ha,” you know, as they all watch how fast you go down or not.  You know, “this one is standing longer, ha, ha, ha.  Give them another 20,000 volts.  Ha, ha, ha.”  And this is fun today, you understand.  And you think it’s all done by private commerce for the sake of just selling things.  No, it’s authorized from the top, because, believe you me, when I was small, anybody trying to make this stuff and sell it to the children, would have been lynched themselves.  And they wouldn’t have needed anything to give them a shock, just a good length of rope, and that would have been good enough.  But this is how we’re run today, you see.  Sadomasochistic, and these characters with minimalistic thoughts and very small brains, will definitely be using them on you.  It reminds me too, they actually wanted you to wear bracelets on some of the planes a few years ago, where they could actually shock you at will.  So, I guess that’s the normalization of the stuff into the process of civilization, as they call it, if this is civilization.


Now, we’ll go to the callers now, and there’s Terry from Calgary hanging on there.  Are you there Terry?


Terry: Yeah, I sure am, Alan.  Nice to talk to you.  It’s been a while.  You know, I’ve been sitting back here for five years.  And in the back of my mind, there’s always, I’m presented with a problem, whether it’s always, well, what’s the solution to the problem of the Patriot Movement?  And we’re sitting here and we’re talking about what they’ve done and what they’re doing, and one thing we notice is what they say they’re going to do, they do.  And it doesn’t matter how much I talk about it.  You know, I’m that one odd voice.  I’ve never met anyone else like you, or anybody, another one of your listeners.  I’m that odd guy that who has a little bit of information that some people find peculiar, some people find amusing.  But in the end, it’s ineffectual.  Because I could talk, as I have, over five years, until I’m blue in the face, and I can’t convince one person of anything.


Alan: No, no.  And again, you have to remember too, that the society that exists today is the society that was promoted and they said they would bring into creation, back in the 1940s.  And Lord Bertrand Russell put that out in one of his books.  And remember, he worked with Julian Huxley who was the CEO of UNESCO at the United Nations at the time.  He said, we’ll create a culture that is egocentric, egosyntonic, and narcissistic.  They’ll only be concerned about themselves.  They’ll be hedonistic.  And people who are hedonistic, of course, have no real emotional connection to the person next to them.  Everyone is in love with themselves, having fun for themselves, living for themselves, individually, but they can’t come together.  And because of that too, they don’t even take notice of what’s happening around them. 


Terry: Even a hundred years ago, Alan, armed with this information, I couldn’t stop the Federal Reserve and the whole gang of us couldn’t. 


Alan: No. 


Terry: Because, we’re taught to use their system in order to seek justice.  Meaning, go to the judicial system, call the MPs or sit out there and protest.  And it does absolutely nothing.  And in effect, it’s rather ineffectual.  One only needs to study mass psychology to know that they want to get us together in a group, because we’re dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. 


Alan: We are.  We are, and not only that, I said many years ago, on the radio.  I said that you’re born into a system, a perfect structure system, that was not created for the people.  Never was.  Never ever was.  It was meant to serve those who already owned the world and its commerce and all the rest of it, and its banking and etc.  And you think all these agencies and all these people you can go and complain to in departments, you think they’re all real until you have to use them.  But when you go to use them, you find out, it’s like giving you tools.  Here’s a hammer, here’s a pick, and here’s a....  And they’re made of rubber.  They’re made of rubber, you know.  You whack it on the road and it bounces off it.  Because, literally, there’s nothing there for the people at all.  You’re quite right.  This was never, this system was never meant for the people, whatsoever. 


Terry: As a movement though, Alan, we have to sort of say, there must be something we can do, because they need us to go along every step of the way, meaning, they know the masses, they control the masses, and we can never reach the masses.  So, sitting back, I have to say, what is the one thing I can do as an individual?  And I don’t want to appeal to any group, because I’ll be infiltrated in one second.  What can I do as an individual that could actually make a difference?  Talking to someone who’s not ready to listen, does not work.  There’s one time, and one time only that you can reach a person, and it’s when their foot has been stepped on.  Whatever reason, they’re ready.  Because they’ve been diagnosed with cancer, and they’re dying.  Or they’ve been kicked out on the street, and they’re ready to revolt and shout.  Now, these people who are all angry, then all get together, and the only way they know how, and they yell in a big group, and the majority sit back and go, “Well, why do they have to wreck things?”  And we all know who does that.  And they’re going to get mowed down.  And if they keep sitting back and watching these groups, who are then ready to, you know, at least explore or start to question the reality that they’ve been given in life, get mowed down, we’re going to lose it until finally they come for each and every one of us.  And it’s happened in history and it’s going to come again.


Alan: Yes.  You’re absolutely right.


Terry: My feeling is, the only time we can reach people is when they are susceptible, when they’ve been stepped on.  But we must stop them from protesting in large groups.  Whether that means teaching them, giving them a little information that they can swallow, and saying, you know what, do not gather, stand on one street corner.  If there’s someone else on your street corner, then go to another.  Because as soon as you get together in a group, you’re ineffectual.  You feel superhuman, but in effect you’re sub-human, and that’s Jacques Ellul.  You probably recognize that.  But they operate on the mass psychology.  And as long as we’re a small minority, we’re ineffectual, and they can give us all the information they want.  Amazon.com tells me to read Tragedy and Hope.  They don’t care if I read it.  They know I’m ineffectual.


Alan: It isn’t only that.  You understand, the war started an awful long time ago.  An awful long time ago.  And the human psychology is worked out perfectly, especially mass psychology.  And you’ll find out that they understand how to keep the rest of the big herd going while they’re mowing down the edges, the fringes.  Like the euthanasia.  Let’s go for the elderly.  Let’s bump them off first.  And the rest won’t care, as we plod along. 


But also, we’ve been deculturalized, you understand.  There’s nothing holding people together as a culture anymore.  And it’s only when a culture is strong as a culture.  It generally has some kind of belief system.  Some moral guidance.  When that’s been kicked out and thrown away, in fact, laughed at through comedies until that’s the normal, then you have nothing to bring you together for any cause whatsoever.  And this has been a long-term goal and plan, because, you know, years ago, I read a lot of books on how previous revolutions worked.  And one of the problems, even with the Communist Revolution, is, sometimes it took 200 years to bash down the religions until they were so weak, and then give them another thirty years of more of a dehumanized society, a me-me society, before they were ready for revolution.  And before that people still had the basic rules in their head, the basic simple rules that kept them connected to each other to help each other.  Once they’re out the window, you’re fair game, you see.  And this is all again psychological warfare.  It’s been done so well, especially across the US.  And they don’t know it in the US.  The US literally changes every five years to what was the previous US.  What was it like ten years ago in the US?  What would they have stood up for twenty years ago, in the US?  Until the present US, all they really want to say is, “don’t make it any worse for me while I live.”  That’s what the average Patriot wants.  “Don’t make it any worse.  I can handle it right now, just where it is.  Leave me with my little video games and my little weekend pastimes, but don’t make it worse until I’m dead, I’m gone.  Then you can do what you want.”  That’s really what they mean.


Terry: Well, if there aren’t enough of us left with enough compassion for that person who does get stepped on and is on the fringe for each time, because they are the ones who can then help us.


Alan: Absolutely. 


Terry: The only time we can reach a person, in my opinion, is when they’ve been stepped on.  And if we don’t go to those people who have been stepped on, and then use them, and then, in turn go on to the next group that’s being stepped on and saying, no, you won’t come for us any more, and you won’t mow us down.  Because they can not mow down an individual on a street corner and get public sympathy.


Alan: Yes, that’s right.  You’re quite right, and when people too have been thrown out of their homes because of these shyster mortgage companies that came along, it’s a good time to get them as well, because they are, they have been wronged.  They have been wronged.  They are hurting, and the public should sympathize with them.  But, again, you can’t depend on the media to tell you who they are.  You have to find them yourself.  And then you have to start getting the word out.  We’re controlled by media, as you well know, totally controlled.  I can remember when farmers even, remember they went to Ottawa, and they dumped thousands of tons of manure on the steps, because of some tax that they were hit with.  I mean, they used to have affirmative action, believe you me.  And they did things as groups, and they stood up.  When one farmer was getting kicked off his property or getting his farm repossessed, they stood up, and they did these kinds of things, and it got attention, and it got action as well.


Terry: It doesn’t seem to stop the plan though.  It doesn’t seem to stop the plan, regardless.  And we’re sitting each day, we’re reading all these articles, and in the end, I’m gaining all this knowledge, and in the end, how sensitive am I becoming to the propaganda, as I become more and more knowledgeable, to the point where I think they are unstoppable, they are all powerful, and they will do whatever they want.


Alan: Well, they’ve pretty well told us that, you know.


Terry: Yeah, but I know they need us.


Alan: They need us only to finish off their wars.


Terry: That means they have an Achilles heel.


Alan: They need us to finish off their wars.  They need us to keep paying cash out into pensions and things, while they use the cash, through the transition phase into the type of society that H.G. Wells talked about, in A Modern Utopia, into the new system.  So, they do need us for a limited time, but, believe you me, they have no liking for us at all.


Terry: Well, there’s decades left in my opinion, before the majority is gone, 90% is gone, and the rest of us are brain chipped and unaware of ourselves as individuals.


Alan: You’re absolutely right.


Terry: So we will be the only ones with even the memory to pass on this information.


Alan: Yeah, or folk who want to even receive it, or are capable of receiving it.  That’s the other thing too.


Terry: I just think, as a movement, if we’re not looking for a solution, if I was hired by a think tank, I wouldn’t be told no, that there is no solution.  They’d say, go back to work.  So, there has to be a solution, and certainly we don’t need to follow a leader, because we get led down the garden path, as you know.  But as individuals, we’ve got to start asking what can I do?  And start doing it instead of listening and going humming and hawing every day, at oh, look, they are going to turn us into garden fertilizer. 


Alan: Yeah, which they’re actually doing in some countries already, yeah.  So, but it’s true.  Again, we’ve lost our cultural things that bind us together as a people.  And that’s what you’ve got to regain.  And people won’t like what I’m going to say.  They won’t like this.  But unless you have a common morality, it won’t work.  You’ve got to have a morality.  And we’ve been given nothing but immorality, immorality getting worse, until it’s sick now.  It’s utterly into sickdom, you know, with torture, etc, for fun.  But they knew that’s how you destroy people.  You bring them into utter degeneracy.  That’s what Bezmenov said from the KGB.  They were so surprised that the contamination that they’d caused, through using the entertainment media, mainly, and very so-called left wing or liberal professors in universities.  They were so delighted he says, that they’d totally destroyed the natural bonding between male and female in America, it had worked so well.  But thanks for calling.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And we’ll go to Aaron from Nevada if he’s there.  Hello.  Is Aaron there?


Aaron: Yes, Alan.  You’re hitting the nail on the head again.  That CFR.org experts page, I mean these guys specialize in experts.  The Council on Foreign Relations, David Rockefeller studies program, CFR’s think tank, is home to more than 70 full-time, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  They call themselves fellows.  And so, here they are.  He’s got this one sewn up and he’s got the Trilateral Commission sewn up, with their main guy, Monti, who’s now, what?  President of Italy.  So, I mean, yeah.  They don’t need to be elected.  They’re experts. 


Alan: They’re experts. 


Aaron: It takes all the guesswork out of it for you.


Alan: I put their list up I think maybe two weeks ago.  And they have them in all countries.  They have them all across the EU parliament.  They’re across the whole planet.  Every country has members of them in it.  And, of course, the grandfather is the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain.  That’s why they call them fellows.  They get all that terminology from them.  But you’re quite right.  They run everything.  They run all the media.  They run all book publishing, and history books, sociology books, every kind of book you can imagine.  It’s their members who write it all.  And they’re all from the Ivy League schools in all countries.  And yeah, they have it all sewn up.  You can’t join it by the way.  You have to be asked to join it.  And they really test you out to make sure you’re on board with them.  And they’ve been on the go for an awful long time.  They talked about creating world government in some of their books, their publications back in the 1930s, I have them here.  I had their world meetings books here as well where they talked about the coming war with Japan in 1937 and how helpful it would be if Japan were to attack the US and bring them into the coming war with Germany.  So, these guys have been awfully, awfully busy, right up to the present time, making sure that society is exactly as they wanted it to be.  Plus, they have goodness knows how many university professors, all specially selected, placed in the right positions, teaching the right subjects, to ensure the next bunch of members that will grow up to join them as well.  So, they do have it all sewn up, as you say.  We’re directed.  These characters also do all the writings for high tech and so on and promote certain things for the young.  They’ve got it all sewn up, what can you say.


Aaron: May I ask you secondly, boots on the ground in Israel.  US boots on the ground in Israel is reported today.  With respect to the Morals and Dogma, is this a possible betrayal of Israel to the Christians?  Or what is the impact you think of boots on the ground now, inside Israel, the 11th crusade possibly here, formally?


Alan: It’s not really that.  In fact, the US had boots on the ground in Israel, during the Iraqi war.  And they’re doing the same thing right now by the way.  They’re bringing in the next bunch of Patriot Missiles for Israel to be protected by.  And they’ll keep them there.  But NATO, it’s even more important, NATO are sending troops in there supposedly for an earthquake exercise.  I mean, who’s kidding who.  But no, it’s to make sure that nothing comes near Israel.  And that’s simply the deal.  There’s nothing else to it.  They’re going to save Israel for all costs.  And in fact, a lot of these wars that are going on is really to clear the way for Israel to take over more territory, as far as I can see.  Their enemies certainly will all be gone.  But the thing is, now America is going to have enemies forever.


Aaron: Exactly.


Alan: That’s a problem.


Aaron: Thank you so much.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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