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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 9, 2012:

The Great Transition is in Position:

"Now Here is Austerity, We're in Position
For Coping with Poverty by Great Transition,
Yes, Private Groups are Already Peeling
Money from Taxpayers for Courses in "Feeling",
Oh, Glory in Poverty, It's All in the Head,
You'll Distribute Wealth Until You're Dead,
After All You're Post-Industrial, Post-Consumer,
Feel Good About Poverty, Where's Your Humour?
These "Experts" are Going Town to City
To Bring You Out of Depression and Pity,
Just Learn to Share Your Food and Rags
With Worse-Tattered, Wearing Old National Flags,
So Give Your Mind Over to Experts, You Will See,
Sing 'I Got Plenty o' Nuthin' and Nuthin's Plenty for Me' "
© Alan Watt Jan. 9, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 9, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 9th of January 2012.  For newcomers, make sure you make use of the web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com, where youíll find almost a thousand audios for free download, where I try and give you shortcuts to understanding the system youíve been born into, and your parents were born into it too, your grandparents as well.  Itís a very old system, where science took over from news basically and an organizational structure took over governance, as they like to call it.  And weíve been conned our whole lives; we are the perfect creature to be ruled by our betters, you see.  And I show you the books, the organizations, the foundations, and of course the big bankers too that are in on this big system which they call, for you, reality.  Itís your reality.  Itís not real reality but itís good enough for you.  And it shows you too, that they donít follow their own laws that they make for you; they have a different set of rules and laws for themselves.  They can go to war whenever they want, they can break all the treaties that theyíve signed, and thatís okay.  They also give us very simplistic propaganda and thatís good enough for the majority of the public, while theyíre out playing and doing their fun things; thatís what theyíve been taught to do, you see. 


So as I say, help yourself to the audios there.  All the sites listed on the .com site have transcripts in English for print up as well and if you want transcripts in other various languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for those there.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can help support me by buying the books and disks at cuttingthroughthematrix.com because I donít have shares in any companies, or herbal products or whatever.  Iím just out here to tell you the facts, because Iím chronicling the events as we go through them.  And people are really in the dark and I try and bring them out into the light so they can see. Then itís up to them if they want to make their minds up to do anything at all, or at least just try and understand it, although thatís a hard thing to do.  Most folk canít cope with it. They want happy, happy news all the time, that someone else is going to make it all better for you, like Santa Claus, and that doesnít happen that way.  So help me out by buying the books and disks.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  So help me out and Iíll keep going a bit longer. 


Because we really are at the end of one part of the age, as they call it.  The new world order is not new.  Itís very old.  And theyíve brought previous ones in before.  Each one really is a stage, a stage of how societyís to be trained for a generation or so and all the changes then prepare them for the next part of the big plan and theyíre all ready for it.  Itís amazing how they do it.  Itís very clever.  Not genius actually because genius level is something always really novel.  This is very Pavlovian and itís run by a world type system of governance.  Youíll find your educational authorities are all interconnected with the United Nations and they make sure that everyoneís been trained in the same nonsense at all times.  Itís very simple really.  If youíve got all the cash and the organization and the power, itís easy to pull off.  That way weíre all trained, we all move together towards the same path.  We have our thoughts, we have our opinions all given to us of course, and because everyone else has had the same indoctrination they go along with you as well.  So thatís how we think weíre sane:  they all think the same as I do, you know, Iím sane.  But in reality youíre all technically brainwashed and prepared for everything, right down to how youíll react to certain topics: with anger, disgust, whatever it happens to be.  Thatís all been put into your mind by your indoctrinations and augmented by media, movies, that really imprint them, using emotional levels to imprint the effect, the desired effect, so youíll come out with the right opinion.  Very scientific society indeed and thatís only a tiny little scraping of it, because it permeates your whole life and everything to come yet, because theyíve already planned your future.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís a sad thing to say, as I say, that when everyoneís waiting for a champion to come along and do everything for them so they can go and continue and play and watch TV and surf the web and so on, it doesnít happen that way in reality.  You have to get up there and get off your duff and do something yourself.  And most folk donít like doing that.  It takes some risk as well, plus they lose out on some pleasure.  So most folk today are basically egocentric and egosyntonic and narcissistic.


Thatís the society that Bertrand Russell at the big world think tanks talked about in the 1940s and 50s.  He says, weíll create them to be narcissistic, that way they wonít help anybody, never mind each other, in times of crisis and the government will be the boss. And thatís what you have today.  Everyone complains to each other but talking about it doesnít really change it, just talking about things.  Apart from that youíve got to know what youíre talking about and where you want to go with it if you want a movement of any kind.  You got to have some kind of system already designed, an idea that binds it all together, and binds the people together.  If you donít have that youíre simply a collection of people letting off steam.  And of course thatís what most folk do, they simply let off steam.  It isnít until you all agree to be bound by even a charter, like a charter of rights or else a constitution, do you actually get anywhere at all.  And even then you cannot deviate from it.  When you see it deviating and someoneís got in a high position in your own organization and taken you over.  That happens all the time too. 


So as I say, itís bad news.  Itís very bad news.  And as I say, if you canít take the heat then get out of the kitchen, because the whole idea of warfare is total warfare.  Itís to defeat an enemy.  And believe you me, when you have an enemy thatís had a war on you for hundreds of years, when you and your grandparents were oblivious to it, then itís a very devious and a very determined enemy, very, incredibly determined enemy.  And theyíre not simply going to give up because you asked them nicely. 


So weíre living through this big change of globalization and the transfer of wealth, which really is from the richer countries Ė richer means you can afford to wear clothes without holes all through them, at the moment Ė and itís to be put across the world.  It generally ends up in big corporations, factories that set up across the planet, not to mend the holes in the clothes of the people over in Africa or somewhere.  But thatís by the bye.  You see, weíre living in a scientifically designed system.  Scientifically designed, augmented by the media.  As Jacques Ellul said, you must get an educations so as youíre all primed basically for the coming propaganda youíll get in your whole life. And we are.  Weíre primed.  Weíre taught to believe in the media.  The mediaís private, remember, privately owned.  Right into the 1960s and early 70s folk were always suspicious of the media because they knew the history of these media barons, they knew the clubs that they belonged to, but not anymore.  Most people today are so mind bombed with the bizarre stuff they put on television, as it goes into the news, you can hardly tell the difference today whatís news and whatís actually so-called entertainment.  They canít tell; they still believe itís news and itís real.  And these very famous, wealthy, well-paid people surely wouldnít go up there and lie to you.  They get paid millions, these people, these main ones, these main anchor people, millions of dollars per year.  Because you see, you grow up with them and theyíre familiar faces.  And they stare you straight in the eye Ė you donít see the dummy-board theyíre reading Ė and they would never tell you a lie, you see.  They become an appendage to your brain; they do your critical reasoning for you, your critical thinking for you.  And you go with them, you trust them implicitly.  Thatís the problem.  Thatís an awful problem because you see, thatís completely a psychological operation, and itís meant to be that way.  The elite have never given the general public any kind of reality.  Never.  Ever.  Itís just not done.  You see.


As I say, when you start to understand and wake up yourself, donít go off into some kind of manic crisis running around the place waving pamphlets around or saying look at this and youíll understand, and you expect everyone to suddenly see the light and get converted like a religious experience.  It doesnít happen that way.  It doesnít happen that way because those who are under the indoctrination, where itís worked perfectly for them, it doesnít matter what you show them, if it was signed by the president himself and addressed to them it wouldnít matter.  Theyíll still stick with their indoctrination, as most folk will.  So itís always up to those who are willing to bear the burden, take the heat as well, to at least get in touch with other ones who have an ability to understand, and donít want to be global, as they say. 


We donít want to be ruled from a far-off place, with people we donít know, never mind get in touch with.  The only reason, you understand, that governments, centuries ago, occasionally, occasionally would do the will of the people was because they had barons there with big armies who would fight the king if the king got too uppity.  Thatís the only reason. And he was within reach of them, you see.  When you end up with global governance Ė itís so vague and obscure and ubiquitous, itís all over the planet, itís scattered all over the planet Ė how on earth can you keep them in fear of you?  Because thatís the only way it can run.  The founding fathers said that too, when the people are afraid of their governments somethingís very wrong.  And they should be afraid of their governments as we watch them take one war after another and they plunder and plunder and plunder, and they go deeper into debt with you signed on as the guarantors forever and ever with compound interest to pay for all this, while the big international corporations, which are owned by the big bankers themselves, end up looting the countries of oil and minerals, diamonds, gold and all the rest of it.  Thatís the reality that weíre living through.  And they even give you the list of countries Ė you know, back in the 90s Ė that they want to take out.  Well, thatís it folks, theyíre doing it.  Theyíre doing it. 


Theyíre not stopping with the Middle East and then parts of Asia.  Theyíre going into the Far East and they want to take out every Muslim country, Brunei included, little old Brunei, you know.  This is the agenda for the rest of your life.  Because you see, Americaís going to be so hated by dispossessed people, whoíve been plundered, lost everything, and their families, that that kind of anger, believe you me, it goes on intergenerationally.  And that means Americaís going to take the heat.  That means all of you.  That means youíre going to have security buildups and false flags and all the rest of it, and some real ones perhaps, with ticked-off people, for the rest of your lives, and your childrenís too.  Thatís really whatís happening.  And thereís no doubt about it, theyíre making sure that the US is the country, primarily, thatís going to take most of the heat for all of this.  And you always say, who benefits?  Well, Iíll leave that up to you.  Itís quite simple really, if you got any logic whatsoever.


Now, as we go through this incredible system, the big boys come out again.  I always think of them when they talk about depopulation, was a definite thing that they had to do, without permission of the public because theyíd get no volunteers coming forward, and so they go ahead and they poison you in many different ways.   And then to add to that, they bring you down financially.  Now, the bankers brought down the economy at the right time.  They lost nothing, by the way.  I mean, these were built... there was real houses there, once they found out who owned them, but there was real houses there.  Thereís also real little factories and little engineering shops galore and things like that, that all just disappeared.  Well, the bankers still own them.  And then of course we bailed them out, for being crooks. We bailed them out and now weíre all down for the next 150 years to pay off that, with compound interest passed onto children again.  And you want to keep this going?  You want to keep this going?  Do you?  Just because youíre happy with your bit of television and your reruns of whatever you watch that fascinates you, helps you escape the reality of this nasty old world.  Do you really want to keep this going? 


Because you know where it is going.  Youíre going to probably get brought down to utter poverty and eventually the big eating machine you call your military is to come home, after itís all over, and start eating all of you.  See, itís a global system; they have no favorites, you understand.  The peasant in China, the peasant in Brunei, the peasant anywhere else is no different from the peasant in America.  Weíre all peasants to them at the top.  Youíre either a member of the elite club or youíre not.  Itís a technocratic society now, so the ones who can help the elite run the system and dominate the system are the only ones now that matter, to the elite.  The peasants, they can get them anywhere. 


Hereís an article here, as Britain goes down the tubes. Theyíre putting up the death rate of course.  It says...


UK death rate similar to African nations

presstv.ir / Jan 7, 2012


The rate of mortality in the poorest areas of Britain is reportedly as high as in some crisis-hit African nations, official figures have revealed.


According to the records released by Office for National Statistics (ONS), the death rate in the country's most isolated parts is as high as 1,500 deaths per 100,000 people in one year.


Bryncethin in Bridgend, south Wales, came up on top of the areas in England and Wales with the highest rate of mortality, with 1,499 deaths per 100,000 people in 2009.


Whittington in Oswestry came in second with 1,468, followed by Portrack and Tilery in Stockton-on-Tees (1,422), Gwersyllt West in Wrexham (1,419), Offa in Wrexham (1,297), Grosvenor in Wrexham (1,284.)


However, the rate of mortality in Rwanda, in central and eastern Africa, is 1,427 and in Botswana, in southern Africa, is 1,452, World Health Organization reported.  (Alan:  So I mean, Britainís actually beat Botswana and so on, for 1,499 deaths per 100,000 in 2009 and Botswana only had 1,452.)


Health experts (A:  Hereís those experts again, the guys who, you know, tell you all the nonsense...) believe that the data reveal the problems of parts of the country that previously were among the industrial areas (A:  Well guess what, folks?  When they signed the World Trade Organization every single politician Ė and it was a must-be too, everyone was told you had to vote for this Ė that it would deindustrialize all of you, same in America, same in Canada, same everywhere else.  And they had no intention of replacing that work with any other kind of work. So the people were effectively written off.  Again, you canít make an omelet without breaking eggs, and all the unemployed folk are just the eggshells, you see.  That was Rockefeller and Rothschild that both made the same analogy.). . .


The experts also stress that elder people who had to handle hard manual work would die sooner, while young inhabitants often turn to drinks or drugs due to the high rate of unemployment in the country. (A:  And of course the government makes sure thereís an unfaltering supply of drugs flooding in.  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and when I was small too I used to wonder about all these science exposťs theyíd have on television, and theyíd always show you rats going around different mazes and things like that and wires stuck in their heads, and mice and different things.  And obviously it was to do with humans.  This is what ALL research is about.  You must control the human first to conquer the planet, not the rats or the mice, you see.  And this article here is about Supersoldier Ants; everybodyís been on about it.  Iím sure the young ones just love it.  It says...


Rare 'supersoldier' ants created in Canadian lab

cbc.ca /Jan 9, 2012


 McGill University researchers (A:  In Canada.) were able to create supersoldier ants, which are a biological anomaly, in the lab.


Canadian researchers have discovered how to make a certain kinds of ants develop into "supersoldiers" (A:  After altering them a bit...) with huge oblong heads and giant vicious jaws.  (A:  Maybe theyíre going to make people that can go and do mining and have big massive claws like that, you know; it will be awful cheap.)


The findings are significant because they show there is dormant genetic potential (A:  Now think about that... dormant genetic potential...) that can be invoked by changes in the environment and locked in place for a very long time, (A:  In other words, you have all these dormant genes, and junk genes they love to call them Ė thereís nothing junk about them because itís all of you, as you are the result of all those genes. And they can alter them, etc, and basically alter your physique, or what kind of human being or whatever, or half-and-half theyíre going to make you into.  One day youíll be getting that at school and you used to have that at school, when you left school theyíd have these meetings every year and youíd see these expert counselors, you know, that would tell you about your opportunities as milk boys and things like that.  Anyway, so shortly itíll be, you know, telling you, we can alter your arms and we can give you these giant mandibles and things like that too, itíll save on carbide blades and cutting things in mines, how about that, would you like that Jimmy?  Oh, sure, it sounds good, you know.  Itís kind of hard eating your meals mind you but Iím sure thereís a way around it.  So itís nothing to do with little ants of course.  Itís to do with the fact that they can alter them.  And these articles are also meant to condition you, preprogram you that all this stuff is coming, as you go into transhumanism and trans-everything else.  In fact, all the trans stuff and the gay stuff is all part of that.  Itís to get you used to all different kinds of humans, not what you first think they are or even what they look like, the fact is what they say they are.  And to get you used to actually getting altered all together; this will definitely come.  They can do it now if they want to, if they havenít already in fact, in secret facilities.  Anyway it says...) said lead author Ehab Abouheif, a McGill University biology professor, whose research was published Friday in the journal Science.


The authors suggest that hanging on to ancestral developmental toolkits can be an important way for organisms to evolve new physical traits.


"Birds with teeth (A:  Oh, how wonderful, eh?), snakes with fingers and humans with ape-like hair Ė these are ancestral traits that pop regularly in nature," Abouheif said. "But for the longest time in evolutionary theory, these ancestral traits were thought to go nowhere Ö the Barnum and Bailey of evolution. So they've been an unappreciated source of evolutionary variation."  (A:  You know, the only way we really know about evolution is that man can do it, through science.)


Typically, supersoldier ants are biological anomalies that occur rarely in nature and only in limited geographical regions. But the McGill researchers found these supersoldiers in unexpected regions and also created them by manipulating hormones(A:  Just the hormones, eh?  How many articles have we read here about the hormonal treatments weíve all had?  Charles Galton Darwin said we could make the male very passive and even make the female aggressive by altering their hormonal structures.  And Iíve gone through bisphenol A and everything else, and all the stuff in the womenís cosmetics which, if sheís plastering it on when the child is in the womb, especially a male child between 8-12 weeks, heíll never truly be what you would call a normal man.  Heíll fit into that, you know, that group, that grey area group now thatís awfully popular.  Anyway it says...)


Pheidole (big-headed) ant colonies contain millions of ants, including minor workers and soldiers. Depending on the food ants are fed, certain hormones are triggered in the ant larvae and they either develop into soldiers or minor workers.


Then there are supersoldier ants that block their nest entrance with their extra-large heads and fight with invading ants during army ant raids.


Abouheif and his team unexpectedly found supersoldier ants in the Pheidole species in Long Island where they aren't normally seen. (A:  Thereís a lot of weird stuff not normally seen in Long Island.)  They were then able to artificially induce them in the lab by dabbing the larvae with juvenile hormone, indicating that environmental cues can switch on the genetic machinery that produces supersoldiers.  (A:  Actually, in epigenetics, you can use a lot of different chemicals and hormones and so on to switch on vital parts of the brain.  You can switch them on and off, either temporary or permanently by the way.)


"The kind of environmental stressors that evoke this dormant potential are there all the time, so when the need arises natural selection can take hold of the potential and actualize it," said Abouheif.


"So what we're showing is that environmental stress is important for evolution because it can facilitate the development of novel phenotypes. Any time you have a mismatch between the normal environment of the organism and its genetic potential you can release them Ė and these things can be locked in place for 30 to 65 million years."  (A:  I love how exact they are, about 30 to 65 million, you know.  Because theyíre experts of course.)


You understand, this is nothing to do with playing with ants.  Itís to do with eventually playing with people, which theyíve already been doing.  Theyíve been doing that already.  You can SEE it.  We can see it even in the physical changes in the male and the female, since the 1960s, when even the pelvic structure of the female gets narrower and narrower till they have to get caesarian sections.  That was a sudden thing that happened, and nothing happens suddenly in nature, unless like this article here, someoneís suddenly started tampering with the hormonal structure of the male and the female, which of course they did.  Now I can hear the music coming in so Iíll be back in a moment after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and you know, psychopaths can have fun occasionally, amongst each other.  They like to show off, for instance; they do like attention.  And Canadaís privy government... we have privy governments in the British Empire Ė itís still the British Empire.  And itís a private government really.  This is a closed cabinet type; we donít know who they are.  They also have members of the public, industrial boys there Ė a good fascist system Ė who also join in as well; weíre not allowed to know who they are either.  Anyway, they get some of the politicians involved and they play little games, just to pass the time and compete with each other, etc.  And this one here is from Ottawa.  It says...


Wacky games used as morale boosters in Privy Council

ctv.ca / Jan. 6 2012


OTTAWA ó Several hundred of the prime minister's staff donned full combat gear, pretended to visit an Afghan village (A:  I wonder if they built one for them, with our tax money.), and sucked on name tags using straws in a zany day of games meant to build morale.  (A:  So they played soldiers for a wee while with their potbellies; they probably had elastic shirts, to allow for the stretch, you know.)


The so-called Amazing PCO Race, referring to the Privy Council Office, included other challenges only a bureaucrat could relish: balancing a fake budget, spotting errors in bogus briefing notes, and assembling a jigsaw puzzle of cabinet ministers' faces. (A:  Oh, what fun, eh?)


Almost 370 public servants in 40 teams collected points for each successful task, with the winners promised a pizza lunch with Wayne Wouters, clerk of the Privy Council.  (A:  This is something from mediaeval times, privy councils and things, eh.)


The "good natured rabble-rousing" took place last Sept. 15, in a radical departure from the usual town hall, held annually to keep bureaucrats pumped about their jobs at the Privy Council Office, the central organ of government and Stephen Harper's own department. More than 1,000 people work in the various sections of the PCO.


Among the madcap challenges, conducted in three government office buildings in downtown Ottawa:


-- Afghanistan Village (A:  ...where I guess theyíd run in there and kill everybody Ė after checking their pockets for cash for the budget.), Trivia and Puzzle Challenge, in which a member of each team had to put on personal protective equipment and dash through a circuit.


-- Build Your Own Budget, in which participants created a do-it-yourself federal budget "by selecting unpriced items subject to budget constraint." (A:  In other words, they add Value Added Tax and stuff.)


-- Gearing Up for Combat, where participants were assigned to dress a member of their team in either full Canadian Forces Arctic gear or combat gear. "Points will be based on speed and proper order of wearing the kit."  (A:  So they get points just for wearing this stuff.)


-- A spy challenge, in which "team members will employ a piece of high-tech equipment used by security and intelligence agencies to complete a highly secretive challenge." (A:  Thatís probably when they grab some victim off the street and waterboard them to get some information out of them.)  The event involved a series of combination locks.  (A:  Well that would really keep them going for years.)


Wacky challenges also included moving apples by fork into a bucket of water, and sucking up name tags using a straw and depositing them on another table. The morning event ended with light refreshments for all.  (A:  I bet it was light alright, yeah.  And neither would be the tab at the end of it too.)


Documents detailing the funfest were obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act.  (A:  [Alan laughing.]  You have to get an Access to Information to find out what these guys are playing at, you know, playing away like little boys.)


One of the amazing race teams was made up of senior executives (A:  You know, the higher psychopaths.), who soon set a bad example for their employees, the released material indicates.


"We regret to inform that the Executive Team was disqualified for falsifying their score card at one of the challenges," says one report.  (A:  Well thatís what they do with budgets and statistics and everything else to suit them at the end of the year, eh.  Oh weíre broke, we need to tax you more... and they fudge all the numbers.  So anyway, these guys really have a great time up there; they get fed for everything, and wined and dined afterwards.  Just so wonderful, to be a clown at the top isnít it?  So thatís what it is.)


Now, the greenie Guardian, which is awfully green of course, says...


2012 could see globalisation 2.0 take off

(A:  This is part 2, I guess.)

guardian.co.uk / Dax Lovegrove / 6 January 2012


It is looking grim next year, with austerity set to stay (A:  And believe you me, that is set to stay because they said weíre post consumerist now.  Youíre getting taught that all your money, your extra cash, will go on fees and taxes and things like that, to help the folk across the world, you know, the poor suffering minions.), but perhaps this will jump start 'Globalisation 2.0' Ė a greener, more equitable (A:  That means spreading your wealth, again.) and wellbeing-orientated form of globalisation. Am I a hopeless optimist? Well, quite possibly, but activities this year show that we could be moving in the right direction.  (A:  Actually itís called Ė it doesnít say it in this article here Ė but the big movement under globalization and austerity, where they take all your money back off you again, to help, again, the poor multinationals across the planet, they actually call it The Great Transition.  And itís a massive movement, well-funded, again, from the top down.  And to teach you to be happy with nothing.  You know.  And even to say, well what is health and what is happiness anyway, and then they define it for you... and, itís just a state of mind isnít it?  Mind you, once you get your little brain pulser, like I mentioned last week there, youíll probably be quite happy with anything.)


First off, revolution is already here. The Occupy movement, the UK summer riots, and the Arab Spring may not present a clearly defined set of motives, but they do indicate a growing intolerance of the rich-poor divide and the excesses in the more affluent parts of society.  (A:  It should be Ďeffluentí actually; theyíre the only ones who can afford it.)


And then there's the government revisiting a happiness index, further highlighting the flaws with our current preoccupation with GDP. Wellbeing indicators used by the overnment and the Office for National Statistics including "health", "what we do", "where we live", "personal finance" and "education and skills" have already stirred up a great deal of debate, while perhaps also broadening the nation's outlook on how we measure progress in today's society.  (A:  Now, under Great Transitions Ė and I do have links; I wonít put them up tonight though.  Youíll find thatís what itís all about.  Itís not to do with your gross domestic product or anything like that; it doesnít matter if you got none at all or very little.  Itís how you FEEL about it.  Do you FEEL well about it?   Do you FEEL well about being poor?  And they teach you tools how to be happy with it and everything, you know.)


Another part of the wellbeing agenda according to the New Economics Foundation (A:  And by the way, thatís part of the Great Transitions, the New Economics Foundation, another private organization.) is being more connected to people and issues around us, and this is gaining traction with "Generation C" Ė the connected generation. (A:  So weíve gone past the Yís and the Xís and all that and weíre now at generation C.)  This new breed refers mainly to being connected in an online sense to the latest news, music and games.  (A:  In other words, the total stuff that indoctrinates them by the elite.)  However, Generation C is also giving rise to an explosion of new international entrepreneurial approaches around collaborative consumption (A:  ...collaborative consumption, which means communism folks, you know, the collectivization of things.) within communities (A:  Thatís communitarianism.) that encourage moves from a throwaway society to one that focuses on re-use. Zilok, Ecomodo, Swapstyle.com, and NeighbourGoods are among the many social networking enterprises operating in this space and such outfits are racing ahead with greener alternative business models.  (A:  You can probably make yourself a suit if you sewed them together, you know, the lids of coffee cups and things, and things like that, and feel good about it, and be you, be an individual, you know.)


So Iíll put this link up tonight and you can read the garbage thatís on it and youíll see the organizations that are involved.  Iím not kidding, this is a big move.  This is what theyíve decided, is how to train the public now to be COMMUNAL, communal in a collectivist society, communism in a sense.  And youíve already got your leaders picked for you.  This is the new soviet.  The soviet system means, ďrule by councilsĒ, and you have councils for everything.  And believe you me, when they tell you what youíre going to be when you grow up, they pick you as a little child and youíll get taught nothing but that one subject; youíll be completely ignorant about the rest, but youíll feel good about it because theyíll make you feel good about it.  So the Great Transitions under sustainability and all that, Iíll put that up tonight.


Great Transition - The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead - tellus.org [PDF]


Now, Educate-Yourself is another one too I want to put up tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  See, Canada got a charter of rights when Trudeau was in.  Trudeau was a communist by the way.  He was the first openly acknowledged communist as a Canadian Prime Minister.  He actually was the head of the Comintern for Canada.  He took their members over to Russia in 1952.  The media didnít bother reporting that when he ran for government because you see, itís a big con, this communism versus capitalism.  Itís all owned by the same big bankers; itís easy to run you this way in a socialist type government, you see. 


QLD [Queensland], Australia's Newly Proposed Constitution Is Pure Communism Masquerading as a Republic - educate-yourself.org / January 2, 2012


Iíll put this link up tonight too and you can peruse that for yourself.  As I say, Canada got one from Trudeau and it did away with the old British act, an old act they had which actually gave you property rights; the new one, you have no property rights to anything at all Ė when you go through it Ė at all. 


Now, another link Iíll put up too, is about Obama who still uses his telephone; he loves to use his phone.  Heís been warned so many times about it because folk can, you know, grab it.  And this is from Cryptome.  It says...


Obama Called a Moron at Phone Security - cryptome.org / 7 January 2012


...because they keep telling him not to use his cell phone which can be easily bust into in certain areas.  And the guy says at the end, the guy whoís trying to get Obama to use more safe, secure paths of transmission.  He says, the guyís also arrogant.  So heís an arrogant utter moron as well.  And you can see this for yourself. But whatís new, eh.


Iíve also mentioned this article before.  Itís very important because you see, under Britain theyíve got the Big Society which is communitarianism, as they cut you off into little areas.  And you will then have an elected representative, maybe unelected, thatíll go and borrow directly from the big banks for infrastructure, and youíll all have to pay it off or theyíll simply take your whole land and everything on it including you.  And Iím not kidding folks.  And this organization theyíre using in the States is using it too and they appoint themselves to councils.  No one even knows that they exist at times, at least the general public donít.  Iíll put this up tonight to show you how the UN is using this organization to take over the city councils.  Some people in the US did catch on to it and they have got them off; theyíve kicked them off their seats that they were getting so comfortably into, all by themselves.  And they did kick them out when they saw the danger involved. Because these characters, literally, are forbidding you to build this, build that, do anything on your land.  And they havenít gone through any kind of congressional debates about them.  Theyíre just there and theyíre giving themselves the power.  So Iíll put that up tonight. 


U.N. Taking Over City Councils Across America! - youtube.com


Now, an Iraqi war vet says...


Iraq War Vet: "We Were Told to Just Shoot People (A:  ...over there...), and the Officers Would Take Care of Us"

(A:  Thatís what they tell all of them actually, in every big thing thatís happened for many, many years.)

uruknet.de / Dahr Jamail / April 7, 2010


On Monday, April 5, Wikileaks.org posted video footage from Iraq, taken from a US military Apache helicopter in July 2007 as soldiers aboard it killed 12 people and wounded two children. (A:  Weíve all seen that clip.)  The dead included two employees of the Reuters news agency: photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen and driver Saeed Chmagh.


The US military confirmed the authenticity of the video.


The footage clearly shows an unprovoked slaughter, and is shocking to watch whilst listening to the casual conversation of the soldiers in the background.


As disturbing as the video is, this type of behavior by US soldiers in Iraq is not uncommon.


Truthout has spoken with several soldiers who shared equally horrific stories of the slaughtering of innocent Iraqis by US occupation forces.


"I remember one woman walking by," said Jason Washburn, a corporal in the US Marines who served three tours in Iraq. He told the audience at the Winter Soldier hearings that took place March 13-16, 2008, in Silver Spring, Maryland, "She was carrying a huge bag, and she looked like she was heading toward us, so we lit her up with the Mark 19, which is an automatic grenade launcher (A:  ...ďwe lit her upĒ...), and when the dust settled, we realized that the bag was full of groceries. She had been trying to bring us food and we blew her to pieces."  (A:  Ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha, yeah dude, itís cool.  Itís like Idiocracy, but thatís where we are.)


The hearings provided a platform for veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan to share the reality of their occupation experiences with the media in the US.


Washburn testified on a panel that discussed the rules of engagement (ROE) in Iraq, and how lax they were, to the point of being virtually nonexistent.


"During the course of my three tours, the rules of engagement changed a lot," Washburn's testimony continued, "The higher the threat the more viciously we were permitted and expected to respond. Something else we were encouraged to do, almost with a wink and nudge, was to carry 'drop weapons', or by my third tour, 'drop shovels'. (A:  ...youíd always carry spare shovels and youíd just drop them next to someone you killed.)  We would carry these weapons or shovels with us because if we accidentally shot a civilian, we could just toss the weapon on the body, and make them look like an insurgent."  (A:  Thatís like the throwaways that the cops carry here if they shoot somebody by mistake too, the throwaway guns theyíve got.)


Hart Viges, a member of the 82nd Airborne Division of the Army who served one year in Iraq, told of taking orders over the radio.


"One time they said to fire on all taxicabs because the enemy was using them for transportation.... One of the snipers replied back, 'Excuse me? Did I hear that right? Fire on all taxicabs?' The lieutenant colonel responded, 'You heard me, trooper, fire on all taxicabs.' After that, the town lit up, with all the units firing on cars. This was my first experience with war, and that kind of set the tone for the rest of the deployment."


Vincent Emanuele, a Marine rifleman who spent a year in the al-Qaim area of Iraq near the Syrian border, told of emptying magazines of bullets into the city without identifying targets, running over corpses with Humvees and stopping to take "trophy" photos of bodies.


"An act that took place quite often in Iraq was taking pot shots at cars that drove by," he said, "This was not an isolated incident, and it took place for most of our eight-month deployment."


Kelly Dougherty - then executive director of Iraq Veterans Against the War - blamed the behavior of soldiers in Iraq on policies of the US government.  (A:  Remember, Kissinger said that he would prefer that once the US went in there they would SO DESTROY all of the infrastructure and the power system of Iraq that they would be fighting amongst themselves for the next 30-40 years.   Complete destabilization.  Well, thatís what theyíve got and thatís what theyíre putting everywhere across the Middle East right now.  And thatís what they want to do eventually in Libya, which is not part of that Middle East thing but they still say that.)


"The abuses committed in the occupations, far from being the result of a 'few bad apples' misbehaving, are the result of our government's Middle East policy, which is crafted in the highest spheres of US power," she said. 


Anyway, what they do, actually, is terrify the populations, and who wouldnít be terrified with these morons, you know, pumped up on drugs and told to kill anything that moves.  Theyíre called killing fields; you get a killing field and anything that moves in it you just kill it.  Anything that moves at all, thatís including pets, anything.  And they enjoy it; itís just like video games, you know.  So thatís how far down weíve gone.  I remember seeing them going in, remember, to Iraq, and I mentioned on the radio, because all these guys had their shirts off and they were dancing on the top of the deck of a big aircraft carrier, and dancing to reggae and stuff.  It seemed kind of weird to watch them all going in like that and I thought, weíre sending in the barbarians to one of the oldest cultures in the world.  And thatís true.  Thatís true folks. 




Iran sentences CIA operative to death - January 9, 2012  / legitgov.org


Itís interesting too, the CIA naturally, they try and recruit within the Iranian population living inside the US; thereís a big population living there, mainly in the Hollywood area actually.  And they try and get them to go back there and spy for them and stir things up and get things going.  Well one was caught and now he suffers the consequences, which any spy is supposed to do under international law. 




Rich companies bag $1.8bn in foreign aid

adelaidenow.com.au / January 11, 2012  / Steve Lewis


...you know, that foreign aid that goes to poor countries and stuff.  Oh, hereís the music.  Iíll read about this when I come back from this break; back in a moment.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and Iíll put up this link too.  All these articles, Iíll put the links up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the broadcast.† Itís about where it really goes.  And we all are into the same organizational handouts, via the United Nations and The World Bank which is all part of it too.  It says...


AUSTRALIA'S booming foreign-aid program is delivering handsome profits to a group of seven corporations.


They have raked in $1.81 billion in taxpayer-funded contracts, but the lack of scrutiny of their profits is under challenge, as are the huge sums given to agencies such as the World Bank (A:  You know, this is all part of this big deal they made at the United Nations.), which receives $450 million a year.  (A:  The World Bank, by the way, is private.)


Aid experts and the Opposition are demanding greater accountability of the money being spent to tackle global poverty.  (A:  Itís nothing to do with global poverty.  We know that.)


GRM International, which recently joined the global Futures Group, had $502 million in AusAID (A:  Australian Aid.) contracts listed in the past 18 months, including $92 million to encourage Africans to study in Australia.  (A:  Thatís how theyíre doing it.  Itís big cons, eh?


Cardno, which lists former Defence chief Peter Cosgrove on its board of directors and which reported a record $59 million profit last year, holds $442 million in contracts (A:  What do these big corporations need this cash for, eh?), including two Indonesian deals worth nearly $100 million.


Coffey International, which boasts to shareholders how the Gillard Government is "spending more" on foreign aid, booked $353.4 million in contracts, including $31 million to try to weed out corruption in Papua New Guinea. (A:  [Alan laughing.])  The dividends for shareholders and executives will grow even fatter with Australia's aid budget forecast to soar to around $8.5 billion by 2015-16. 


So itís a massive corrupt organization.  Weíre run under complete open corruption if you just look at it.  Itís obviously open corruption.  And so-called spreading the worldís wealth, itís going nowhere except into the big banks and big corporate pockets; thatís where it all goes.  These are the same guys that, you know, lobby government for these contracts too, and lobby that we give out more foreign aid.  International multi-millionaires, some of them multi-billionaires.  Itís really something else.  Itís really, really something else. 


And I just wanted to mention too, before I go, that Canada is passing a law to do, again, with the internet, the part 2 of the part 1 that they already had, where itís under a sort of deregulation, supposedly, supposedly, as they farm it out to subcontractors and so on, who will then buy blocks of data, supposedly, and they canít go over that block without spending more.


A dystopian future for Canadaís Internet - www2.macleans.ca / Peter Nowak / January 5, 2012


So itís going to cost the average person in Canada at least double or triple for the same rubbishy terrible information we get off the internet, in the near future.  Thatís where theyíre going with all of this basically.  And I think basically too, youíll also be paying for every darn thing that you look at down the road; itís the only way theyíll be able to manage it and monitor it, on how much your usage is going to be. 


Again, weíre in austerity, donít you know, and we got to spread all that extra cash we have across the world to big international corporations that will laugh up their sleeves since theyíre all owned by the same small group of bankers.  Just like the Military-Industrial boys.  Thatís the world we live in, folks, utterly corrupt.  And they donít see it as corrupt, mind you.  They see it as Darwinian and theyíre the survival of the fittest; theyíre at the top of the tree; they have the right to manage the great unwashed masses the way that they see fit.  And mind you, the great unwashed masses seem pretty happy with it; most of them are fairly happy.  Theyíve got lots of pornography on the internet.  Theyíve got lots of things to look at.  And they can watch Dancing With The Stars and stuff like that.  Wow!  Idiocracy is truly here.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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