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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. It's September 7th, 2007. For new listeners, please check into and for lots of free downloads on many, many talks that I've done on history and the system that we live in, how we got here and where it's going, and how we're basically controlled in this matrix type system. A system that gives us culture. A system that alters the culture so gradually and so easily according to sciences, which are well understood at the top, that those who live through the changes don't even notice.


2,300 years ago, Plato talked about how literally right could be made wrong and everything turned upside down within one generation if the proper techniques were applied, and the generation who lived through the changes would be the last ones to notice because people adapt so quickly. We adapt our whole lives long to this system as it's guided along. It doesn't happen by chance because it's run like a big business, and businesses literally project their profits and their takeovers and where they want to be 100 years, at least, down the road in the future. That's how they plan huge international corporate business, and we are the last to know. We are the generation that lived through the big agenda, an agenda that many of written about from the top – spokesmen for the people at the top like Aldous Huxley in "Brave New World," written in such a way as to in some way intrigue you, making it almost exciting for certain types of freedoms to be given, especially with the sexual freedom and all that kind of stuff, and pills that make you happy for any kind of mood that you'd want to be in.


However, on the other hand, you'd be purpose bred. You'd have no real identification of your own, no personality type as such. You would be programmed before you were born. You'd be put together genetically, and sure enough, now Britain has passed a law amongst other countries to start looking for defective genes so that couples can have them all removed before they unite. That was always really the goal to create a new type of human: a more servile human, a human who wouldn't complain so much about their circumstances or their long drudgery and their work hours. That was always the plan. All they had to do at the top was make it seem almost natural, and that's the key to it. We float through and watch the changes that come our way. We think they're natural developments from the last phase to the next phase to the next phase, but that's called predictive programming at the top, and fiction is the main method used to make it exciting and make us think that way. Check into the Tavistock Institute in London for this technique and how it's used. I'll be back after these following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back here with Cutting Through the Matrix, and just before the break there I was talking about how they're now going to enhance humanity. The term "enhancement" was first used in the Star Trek series. That was to get us familiarized with the whole idea of genetic tampering and “improvement” of course. It's all done in the name of improvement and they gave you on the space station the last series I think they had on the Star Trek, they all lived in a space station, the doctor was the only genetically enhanced person on ship and he was the most intelligent of course, the brightest character who figured all the problems and solved them so well. That's how they get you hooked on the idea of improvement and giving themselves really the authority to do so, and that's what it's all about in the end. You must take the bait, go for it, only to find out a whole bunch of rules spring up as time passes until it's mandatory that this be done so they can rid of all the defective people. You know everyone with allergies and asthma and all those ones deemed not good workers. They have time off work due to medical problems. They're not good producers and that's really what it's all about.


We're supposed to walk in, as always, when they put out a hand to help us with the Red Cross stuck in front of them, the old Templar badge, and that's why the Red Cross, by the way, can cross battlefields and get away. It's a High Masonic organization that now has the backing of the United Nations to handle all the cash from charities – high Masonic. Anyway, we always fall for the same mousetrap because we're all terrified of sickness and death and all the rest of it, and so this approach works so well with humans that the real intent, as I say, is to give themselves authority after a generation has passed away and then it becomes not a service anymore but an actual authority. It will guide your life. It will have rules and regulations backed up by governmental laws so that you can't simply pick a mate and breed an offspring. It has to be altered and tampered and they will decide what are defective genes.


They'll also go into the history and the genealogies of both potential parents to see if there's any particular personality types they don't like and they'll simply remove those genes and replace them with the ones they do like. People who are more politically correct. This can be done now because the stuff we get in the regular media regarding science is always obsolete. There are three levels of science co-existing at any time in any one particular area and what we see in the papers is the bottom level who do research. They search all over again, the searching having been done over by the guys above them. Same with ‘Dolly the sheep.’ A dolly is a carrier, according to the Masonic tradition, a carrier of specific genes so they called it Dolly the sheep – a representative of the public, by the way, the sheeple.


They told us at the bottom level, of course, that dolly has all these problems and bronchial problems, prone to bronchitis et cetera. However, at the top level, the searching was already done long beforehand. That was all cleared up. They even have genetic tampering or enhancement in India of all places for some of wealthiest people in the world and they've had that there for over 12 years. They are removing certain genes. They are ordering a certain type of child: a certain type of height, color of eyes, et cetera. That's already happening folks. That's all very well for those wealthy elite. They can decide what they want for the masses when they go into this, you'll find it's to alter you to be better servants. Re-made, reshaping humanity or, as they say in the High Masonic tradition, "perfecting all that was left imperfect in nature," meaning all of us, you see.


Under their Darwinian type theories, most people have “junk genes.” We are the junk you see. If we weren't the junk genes, we'd be at the top; you'd be the prime genes. All those who haven't made it to the top, through cunning and aggression and applied aggression with cunning craftily, if you haven't made it that way then you're a failure and therefore your genes are a failure. They're junk genes because they believe that evolution has taken its course and all those top families that have held onto wealth and power over the last couple of hundred years are the only ones worthy of maintaining for the next few thousand years. The rest have all to be altered and perfected to serve an efficient world government in a very efficient manner. That's where it's all leading us to and they must make it exciting through science fiction and movies and give you the big lie that it's going to help you. The children actually want – they have all these super powers and muscles that the steroid men presented over the years starting with the Hulk and then Schwarzenegger. Muscles that you can't build by pure exercise and good diets. It's all to do with artificial enhancement and artificial is the key. Once you swallow that, it's much easier for them to push the next step and get you to want them in fact – to want the drugs, to want the hormonal treatments. Rebuilding man through science, you see. That's what it's all about.


When you think about it, the pharmacological industry is based on all of this. They've been tampering with their hormones since birth, because Charles Galton Darwin in "The Next Million Years" said they'd have to target the hormones in both males and females to reduce the world's population, in his book "The Next Million Years", written in the 1950’s and he wasn't a simple little guy off the street. He was a descendent of Charles Darwin and he himself was a nuclear physicist I believe in Britain, belonged to very old and wealthy families. He spoke on behalf of those families and they don't make wish lists. They draw up plans and they make it happen. That's why the sperm count is announced very casually every year with all the different statistics that's churned out by the United Nations. The sperm count in the average male in the west is down by 75 percent of what it was in 1950’s level and they don't mention crisis, which it would be if it was planned. It's not mentioned because it was planned. That's the obvious answer.


We also find the rates of cancers skyrocketing because of all the stuff that's been inoculated into you. The polio vaccine had so many cancer-causing viruses in it that in a real world it would have been banned before it even started. However, this is not a real world. This is a manufactured world. This is a manufactured reality and the intent was to bring us all down gradually. Places like Africa were to be hit fast and heavily because no one would speak up for them dying off, but the west was to be disabled gradually. People who are very sick with Epstein-Barr virus, or all the other names that they call chronic fatigue et cetera, become ineligible for good marriage partners, good mates and therefore it helps them not to breed. This was all discussed at meetings long ago in how to bring down the west.


If you think I'm kidding look into the big scam in the United Nations, you know our wonderful benefactor that only cares about children and UNESCO and so on. Look at all the free vaccines they gave out to people in India and Africa under the claim that it was for tetanus. It would prevent tetanus, but for women only, only for women, and millions of women ended up being sterilized because that was its function, because they tacked on a particular little bacterium that was cultured in laboratories that piggybacked on hormones straight to the ovaries and caused massive fibrosis and basically sterilized the women. This is admitted to. Why would you ever trust them on anything?  If you do, shame on you. Shame on you.


We are run by many, many fronts I this world. There are thousands of fronts in fact, all pretending to be something or to be there to do something for you, but they're fronting for one single system and it's a totalitarian system in its makeup. It decides how much freedom you will have. Really, you think you're free until you try to wakeup and cross certain lines, you'll find people arriving on your doorstep you never knew existed before. You're only free when you're under the illusions of freedom and you believe the propaganda.


How free are you?


When you get sick or you lose your job and the bailiff comes knocking at your door to take your house away and wherever you go from there the street or elsewhere is your problem. The Children's Aid of course will come into take the children away from you. They don't want children and orphans walking around the streets. It would look bad. They might catch on so they have organizations there which are ulterior purposes than the ones that you're trained to believe they have.


Pretty well everything in the system is a great big illusion because all these organizations are there to serve one purpose and that's to create more illusions so that you believe in it.


Back in the late '70’s and early '80’s across the U.S. and Canada simultaneously, psychiatric hospitals just closed down. The funding was suddenly stopped through governmental action. Thousands and thousands of people were thrown off into the streets where many of them died in the colder climates like Canada and no one really cared. I'll be back after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt here with Cutting Through the Matrix, just talking about some of the illusions that are pulled over our eyes and how we're taught to accept the world as it's presented to us from a very early age. The trick of course of naming an animal or beast or a creature is put into the old rulebook, the Old Testament. That's what it means where Adam was allowed to name the creatures, because in the ancient Middle East, if you had the name of the creature you control the creature. Same with a god, a deity or genii, same idea. Therefore we’re all given names and you'll find that in all the official forms that you're given. They ask for your ‘given name.’ They'll ask for that in the court system as well. What is your given name? even though if you read on in that book, you and your deity knows your real name. In other words, it's up for you to choose it, because if you give it away to others they have power over you. You’re now a corporate entity and they speak your name and they own you. It all goes back to the ancient, ancient times of the Middle East, still used today and it's the greatest con ever committed because technically you can call yourself whatever you want to be called; and why not, if you're a sovereign entity? I've been called lots of things in my life and I don't mind any of them.


Anyway, getting back to what I was talking about, most folk literally accept the world as it's presented to them. They don't question the power structures around them, even in their local areas. They go through world changes without really questioning at all in fact, just like China being the mass producer for the planet using the same factories, the same corporations that used to be based in your countries, corporations that you helped build up, because they all get bailouts every so often from your tax money, you see.


Did you know that under the GATT treaty that sent them all off to China, you the taxpayer of North America guaranteed not only the paying for the shipment of those factories over and the building of factories in China for those corporations but you also guaranteed that you'd pay all losses until they got up and producing and making a profit. Wasn't that nice of you? I'm sure our local politician consulted you on that.


See that's what we're here for. We are economic units. We are the mass-man. We are in the age of totality: total war, total economy, total everything. They don't tolerate you as an individual. You have a purpose and that's to serve the world state. Go into the writings of Cecil Rhodes, who was a front-man sent out from Oxford University, who had this big scheme – the last part of this scheme was hatched and Dean Ruskin his mentor, who talked about world governments and how Britain would initially spearhead the project to bring the world together under Free Trade, simply reiterating what John Dee had said centuries before him in London.  Cecil Rhodes, his part of the job was to go off to mainly Africa and claim all the diamonds and gold and so on for his masters. The world's resources, that's what they were after.


However, it didn't stop at Rhodes. The United States had their own boys doing the same thing because they all belonged to the same club. It was understood by Cecil Rhodes and many of the coterie around him that eventually Britain would have to give the power over or “pass the torch,” as they called it themselves, to the United States because they'd have more manpower and a bigger tax base to fight all the wars they'd have to go through to bring a global system together. Especially the global system which they had planned.


Dean Ruskin was given a high chair at Oxford University. As I say, he was the mentor not only for Rhodes but for other ones too. The whole Lord Milner campaign, the Round Table Society that merged with the Cecil Rhodes Foundation became the nucleus for the United Nations, but, prior to that, they became a nucleus for the League of Nations during World War I.  That's what it's all about, long-term planning and we the little guys at the bottom you see were taught to be impatient, to want things quickly, therefore we can't imagine people working centuries ahead. It's just like when they brought people into the Americas, and the big bankers knew and the governments they knew that you'd clear the land. You would do all the hard work. You'd create real estate out of basically hard heavy bush, swaps and so on and they knew that two or three generations down the road, when you've created all this, they could take it from you through government legislation, taxation et cetera. That's how it works. That's how it works and they knew at the top they could pass all of that on to their grandchildren after they have taken it all off you again.


They wrote about this in the 1800’s. They wrote about this in the 1900’s and they're still writing about today in books which gather dust in the libraries and no one wants to read. It's not thrilling. They're not terribly sexy and there's not much real violence except for a few wars here and there. Back after these following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, just dispelling some of the illusions that have been cast over us since birth. Before I get sidetracked here, I'd like to mention that you should look into a website called Parallel Normal.comParallel Normal is run by Mark Baard who is a professional reporter. I think he works with the Boston Globe as well, but he put his own website up and Mark is one of the few reporters that tries to get through to the public things that are really happening. He doesn't cover it. He doesn’t smear it. He doesn't dress it up so that you'll pass by it with a glance. He'll tell you what's happening and in this particular issue in Parallel he's got September 7th, 2007:


             "CITO: A New Global Police Force"


There's a picture beneath that it's says:


"John Edwards wants a one world anti-terrorism agency preaching the gospel of globalism. U.S. presidential candidate John Edwards today told an audience at Pace University in New York that he wants to create a global police force to chase after terrorists."


Now of course he's a front man for it. None of these guys decide these things by themselves. That's impossible in this day and age you see.


             "He’s calling it the Counterterrorism and Intelligence Treaty Organization, or CITO. Under CITO, international intelligence and national security teams “will launch targeted missions to root out and shut down terrorist cells,” Edwards said. Sovereign nations that resist CITO will be met with force."


In other words, they'll go to war.


             " Sovereign nations that resist CITO will be met with force. Those nations who refuse to join…


In other words, if you don't join the gang you'll "be called out before the world,” Edwards said.


They call them “rogue nations,” nations that don't want to join the big world empire. You'll notice in the Star Trek episodes anyone who wouldn't join this free trade of space – there's always a bad guy and nasty people, ugly looking characters. It's the same demonization that's going to be used for anyone who doesn’t want to go into the big world gang.  Mr. John Edwards is preaching for this one-world anti-terrorism agency, which is just another huge arm of terror because they will create terror as they send the storm troupers in.  Remember folks, when anything is put on the books that gives you a reason and there's always a good reason, a plausible reason, but there's always the real reason which you're never told about at the time because anything, as you maybe have noticed in your lifetime, the wording under law can expand to include anything at all. Anything they wish it to be in fact. They're already trying to get “mail terrorists.” People who put out their little blogspots et cetera on the internet – classed as terrorists. I'm sure I'm a “verbal terrorist.” I say what I think and that's a no-no in this day and age. I'm not a “team player” you see.


Do you know where that team player stuff all came from? –All that training exercise throughout the corporate world?


It was all borrowed from the military. That's where it came from and they thought they'd bring it into the corporate world to train the citizenry to be team players and eventually all the corporations merge and you become one big team and that's how everything is done. Everything works in tandem bringing us all the same ending. Nothing happens by chance in this system.


They created the New Age movement to get everybody thinking as we're all one, we are the world, we are the children – sung by adults.  If adults want to be children, you'd be treated like children and that's the message behind that one.  John Edwards is on the picture. You see his photograph there talking to a bunch of people trying to do his little satanic sign – his Masonic sign to the crowd with the two horns and being very trendy in doing so and wearing jeans, so it's mainly a student audience he's obviously preaching to. These guys are chameleons. They dress for the occasion and they please the particular mob that they're addressing by trying to look like them and even use their language. They have specialists for the speeches that concentrate on students and trendy words.


They have other scriptwriters who write the scripts for those that they meet at the Hilton Hotel. That's how it done. Chameleons, actors really, and if you go into the history of psychopathy you'll find that under Henderson and Gillespie's textbooks from the '70’s, the studies they've done on psychopathy show and they actually classified them as such, that actors and politicians came under a particular degree of psychopathy. They both had attention-seeking personalities and could not handle frustration, very intolerant, little prima donnas. They couldn't get their way but they were very good actors. You should check into it and find out why people gravitate towards certain positions. There's always a reason. Always a reason, whether it's police or anything else, there's a reason those particular people go to those particular kinds of jobs.


Mark Baard the reporter who puts out his own website, this one,, is taking a risk by doing so, I'm sure, as anyone else will if they come out and try to tell the public what is actually happening. It's not so much trying to tell the public as trying to stimulate them to think and understand what they're reading and give some kind of concern, because you see, if you're not in charge of your life, if you're not participating in destiny, then someone else will create it for you. That's how it's run for the bulk of the populace. It's not just you who are concerned here. It's your children too. It's for those to come. It for those are young at the moment who are growing up into this rapidly changing planned society. Even the music they're going to hear in 10 years is already planned. I can guarantee you that. Even the dancing and the styles and fashions and so on it's already planned. It was the same in the past.


You always suit those particular industries for the culture you want to create. Read the ancient Greek authors, the philosophers. They wrote about it then in their day and nothing has really changed. It's just more of it today. Every tyrant in history would salivate at the thought of the ability to have an entire continent watching and hearing the same news at the same time by television, get the same propaganda daily. They're downloaded daily with their programming, our reality, and it used to take incredible propaganda and food, work and people going to doors and making speeches in the street to get anywhere near that. We’re all getting the same downloading per day by the regular established media – the ones who come between the elite and peddle their wares down to us at the bottom. That's why they are the media. They are in the middle.


We live by statistics in this world as well. Everything comes down to statistics. The future we're told depends on statistics and they feed the statistics of all your kinds of likes and dislikes and human behavior and preferences and all the rest of it into computers and let the computers decide what to do with it, where we would go with it. They would let the computer make the decision and that's why, when you give everything to a computer that is not a human to make decisions for you, you end up with dysfunction all around you; and yet the ones at the top will try and make it work no matter how ludicrous it becomes. We saw that with the trends they used in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was never ever meant to free the ordinary person, the working person. They collectivized the ordinary person and annihilated individualism. You can't be a part of a completely submerged in the collective and be an individual at the same time because the mob mentality will not allow it.


If you look different, dress differently, use different slogans (or no slogans at all) they will turn on you. That's how tribalism basically works, and the ones at the top are experts with archives of history on culture creation and they know how tribalism works. They can pull anything out of the hat and make it work again. Plato said in his day that anything that humans had been made to do in the past by the dominant minority, the guardian class, could be brought back again at any time if you followed the right formula of introduction; and that is so true, so true. Unfortunately, so true.


When you think of music, music itself, if the human brain hasn't changed by itself, then the child of today should be just as fascinated as a teenager in the time of Strauss or Mozart or someone else, but they're not. They're only brought in to accept the music that's put directly to them to make you think that you're special and this is their generation’s music, written by old people who are professionals on the whole, but they never clue into this. It doesn’t matter what they make of the music, the people will accept it if there's enough propaganda pushed into a specific age and all the other children go along with it. The person who doesn't actually like it would never dare say so. They adopt it subconsciously and act it out subconsciously and, as I say, it won't be too long before you find – we already have the old “rockers” going into homes with dementia and they play music from the '60s and '70s for them. One day you'll see people going in there and trying to dance to rap music and that's their generation. This has been brainwashed into them.


Just today on the way out of town I stopped to pick up a coffee and a car was bouncing along beside me with massive speakers in it and the boom, boom, booming was heard miles away and the guy sitting in the driver's seat hyped as could be and the stuff that was playing was just utter gibberish, but he didn't know that because he thought it was meant for his age group and so he's trendy, being part of his age group. He's being part of the mass. He's not being an individual. If you asked him what he was doing, he'd tell you he was being individualistic. That's the wrong age for individualism. It doesn't happen that way. Adolescents and teenagers want to conform, and the ones at the top know that, and as they're seeking their identity, they always give you one. That's why you all end up doing the same thing, looking the same way, dressing the same way and behaving the same way. The little terms that you come out with come from dramas that are put on television for you, like the "Degrassi High" and so on. That's how you introduce neologisms, new words and new phrases into the language. They adopt it very quickly by mimicry, as Charles Galton Darwin says, and that is a trick to submerge the individual: by overloading them with lots of new words and phrases which they'd adopt and they'd mimic. They mimic the behavior.


There is nothing new under the sun in all of this. It's just that this stuff I'm telling about is not taught at school. It's not taught at school because school was not set-up to teach you how to think and how to see or hear. School was set-up as a standardized system to standardize people into a particular reality for a particular purpose, and that was to be a good producer and taxpayer who would obey all laws that were given to you. Read the speeches of Webster. He was a master orator of the U.S. In there you'll find him talking about the school system that they were setting up in the 1800’s. He will tell you that it was being done to ensure that it would create a system of well-behaved ordered obedient people. That's what the education system was being set-up for and it wasn't any different anywhere else in Europe. They all did it the same way and particular people went around all the schools internationally to make sure they were set-up that way. They were paid by the big bankers who already ran all those countries and the economists know they must standardize everything, especially the behavior of people, in order to collect all their debts down the road. That's the world we live in. It's a world inside the matrix.  Most people, allegorically shown, are still in that case with tubes and so on and they're dreaming it all. They're dreaming they're at work. They're dreaming they're doing this or that. That's what it symbolized, that you're really a battery – a battery that gives off energy that is then used by the system, all allegorical form of a reality. That's where we are. We are work units, producers and consumers.


We have a sham in society of how we care about the unfortunate people who are sick, crippled or elderly even, and you can tell how a caring society cares by the standard of living in which they live; and at the bottom, it's thoroughly monstrous.


You're only of value when you're producing and consuming and paying taxes. That's your purpose in the system and if you don't do any of that you'll see how quickly the system will come down on you like a huge hammer and you'll be a non-person with no rights whatsoever. No rights to anything.


They will bring in euthanasia, as you saw in the movie "Soylent Green", when you hit a certain age and they can condition the people that that will be normal to do so, to walk into a clinic at a certain age and say “yeah, I've had a good life. I've lived a long life. It's time to go and make room.” That can be persuaded into people through repetitive propaganda by the right sources and also by educating the children. Look into the book "Toward A New Civilization" by Mikhail Gorbachev, where he in that book tells you he is an atheist and yet in the next chapter he tells you he and others are creating a new religion for the world based on earth worship and it must be so because everyone will serve the planet, you see. The one thing he doesn't tell you is who will be the masters that you serve, because there must be efficiency and a hierarchy doesn’t deny that of course. He just doesn't mention it. The hierarchy already exists and it's the same offspring of the same ones who ran the world for a long, long, long time. We live in a fool’s paradise of gluttony and thrills and fast thrills and very short memories – memories which are becoming shorter all the time. It's farcical to see all the sides that pretend they're working for you and opposing all this and even trying to bring back Marxism.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. Sorry about the last break. I didn't hear any music coming and that's what happens when you're live, but that's just the way it is. At least we are live and we're not repeating or miming here.  I was just saying before the break that Marxism cannot be revived, even by those who pretend and are paid to do so, because today you have a super abundance of cheap goods, whereas even youngsters who are unemployed can get a hold of them, and that's intentional for a short time, so even Marxism as I say has lost any appeal and it could never be revived, so why support those groups?


I think we have Robby in Missouri on the line. Are you there, Robby?


Robby:  Yes, I am, Alan.


Alan:  Yes. Go ahead.


Robby:  I must be out of step with the transmission. Okay, I'll shut it off so I can concentrate. I really appreciate talking to you. I would say to anybody that's listening I've thoroughly enjoyed your books and I think reading them – I've read them several times and I get something more each time I go through it. It is a deprogramming. I hope it takes a little while. The Missouri mules are kind of slow so that's what I'm experiencing.


Alan:  Yes. It kicks you in each time you read them into a higher understanding, until your mind hopefully starts working as it should be.


Robby:  Okay. Could you address a little bit about our Creator?  My personal belief at this point was from Christian background and I'm an ex-Mason and I fully appreciate the satanic idea as an explanation for this web that we're enmeshed in now that this John Daniels, I think you know from "Scarlet and the Beast", he made the argument in his book that the first secret society was created in the Garden of Eden, which is a couple of different metaphors but I can appreciate it going back that far in intricately webbed into everything. Then I'd also just real quick congratulate you on the psycho-pathocracy insight that you're developing. The Barnes Review just had an article on psychopathy and history and a paradigm shift. The great leaders, aggressive leaders, all of these descriptions you read of people when you say that's anti-social psychopath and operation. Okay, I’ll get off and listen. I really appreciate it, Alan.


Alan:  As far as Creator goes, you see belief is where you met unverifiable experience.  That's why it's called a belief. However, remember that the rulebook is given to you in every religion. It's the same rulebook that the kingdom of heaven is in you, and so is the kingdom of hell. Which one will you choose is the big decision, because you can manifest either in your life and around you. That's what it means. That's what it really means.


That's about it for today. We’re up against the time. The clock is running out here and I'll be back again on Monday with Cutting Through the Matrix. For Hamish and myself, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)