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November 1, 2007


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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the vows you made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. It is November 1st, 2007 and this New World Order agenda which has been going for an awful long time is steamrolling ahead.


For those who haven't heard me before, look into the website for lots of history concerning how we got to where we are, where it's going, the big foundations that are behind it and how they're interlocked and how they've been there all your life working away towards this brand new Brave New World that's being created right now. You can also look into for the languages of Europe for good transcripts out of my talks in the different languages of Europe.


It's quite interesting and today I got a taste of it because I just got back from the great metropolis of Sudbury, Ontario, which to me is a big town but they call it a city, and a woman had walked off out of the hospital there, St. Joseph's hospital, with a new born baby, so the police with the Keystone Cop mentality for about six hours locked down the whole city.  Everybody trying to leave from any direction was stopped and they looked in their cars and searched them for this newborn baby, as though anyone who had planned something would be so stupid as to sit in a line up for four hours; and that's about how long it took to get out of the city. I just got home. However, that's what we have with the lower ones at the bottom, but make no mistake, those at the top are of a different caliber all together – the top of all this world security system.


Now you can go back into the history of government, government in the very first place and all of its types and forms and what it was. What is government in the first place? It's an idea. It's someone's idea. All so-called primitive societies, which are anything but primitive, they're more natural and they don't have money or taxation and you're not forced into schooling and all this kind of stuff. You live a life which is generally full of meaning and you don't get neurosis and high blood pressure or sugar diabetes and you're very healthy. However, in our system a long, long, long time ago, along with the advent really of money, money whether it was weighted or whether it was actually coined (coined around 800 BC for the first time), in came this system of money and a system of government. What they used to have were priests who would nominate kings, they would select kings and breed them, generally with his own sisters initially and then they'd inbreed all the cousins over many generations.


Plato himself talked about this. He was a member of the aristocracy and he talked about the aristocracy’s ability to manipulate the masses of peoples in the world that he knew about in his day, the ancient world. Millions of people were being manipulated all by the same system of debt, basically, a debt system, because money lending and debt as a front for the king and the queen ruling the country with her advisers has been going on for thousands of years. Around the 1500’s in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, you'll find a coterie around this particular queen who were called Rosicrucians openly in the history books. No conspiracy books here, history books. These Rosicrucians, John Dee, Bacon and a whole bunch of them were in the process of creating a new system. John Dee wrote about it and so did Bacon. Bacon talked about the creation of the new English language to be the universal business language, commercial language of the future; whereas John Dee coined the term the British Empire, which would one day run the world. It would run the world on the basis of free trade – free trade between nations that would adopt the same system as London was using at the time. They would give those who came into it and adopted the same system a term, a sort of title they would give them, "most favored trading nation status," something we see getting used today. China was given it by Britain and the USA.


It's not a New World Order as such. This New World Order has been going on for a long time. Around the 1700’s at the Concert of Europe, all the elites gathered together and they knew they couldn't go on forever having wars and profiting from them, although it helped keep the populations down and brought in the coffers through taxation. Everyone gets taxed to the hilt for war and you don't mind so much because the big boys are going to protect you and keep you safe. That's what they tell you. However, they knew they would come to a stage where there would be no more enemies, and what would happen then?  They knew they'd have to find enemies within. This is what we found with the Soviet system. Once they had their borders pretty well defined and no one could get in or out, you had to turn and find terror within – because that's the method of keeping everybody obedient. When you can't find enemies abroad you get enemies within. Anyone can be an enemy because political correctness, a term that's translated right out of the Soviet Union, is in use here and it's constantly being updated.


Around the late 1800’s, certain foundations were formed around the theories put out by Charles Darwin.  Charles Darwin was no genius. His grandfather had already put out a book on basically evolution, "Origin of the Species." It didn't go very far, but coupled with The Royal Society, which was also a freemasonic society, they pushed Charlie Darwin and his "Origin of the Species and Survival of the Fittest." It was a system to validate the elites’ already confirmed basic idea or belief that they were the most evolved species on the planet – they proved it by breeding with the right people down through the generations, holding on to power and grabbing the wealth of the planet. That's why they're the survivors and they are the survivors of the fittest basically. That's what it's all about and that's why they had put Charles Darwin out there.


They had to also start bringing down the religions. They'd served their purposes. Now they were a hindrance, because before they used to keep the people obedient but they still left bits in the holy books that they haven't taken out over the many centuries to do with certain rights or freedoms, so that would have to be eliminated and a new system of basically secular humanism taught to the public. This was decided in the 1800’s and the man who took over from Charles Darwin was his best friend, and that was Sir Thomas Huxley who taught in London and in Oxford.  Sir Thomas Huxley was a champion then of Darwinism. They call it social Darwinism. He set up an organization to recruit young budding authors, people who could be groomed to be authors, and H.G. Wells was one of them. Every young man in that school became a famous author eventually and were given red ties because red is the color of revolution.


Their job was to go out there, write novels containing predictive programming. In other words, familiarizing you with ideas wrapped in story form, so that when the real thing happened in your lifetime, you would think it was all quite a natural progression.  Tavistock eventually took over from that and then The Futurist Society that really dishes out the money to the best novelists and the top novelists that you hear and you've seen in all the bookstores, they took over and they give the grants out to particular novelists who fascinate you. Very fascinating people, fascinating stories, but they're wrapped in predictive programming towards a type of future I don't think any of us want really to go into.


One of the men who came out with almost the whole agenda was Aldous Huxley.  Aldous Huxley, again an aristocrat, descendent of Sir Thomas Huxley, they keep it all in the family all down through the ages. His brother was the first head of UNESCO and also the top man that pushed eugenics, because eugenics coming from Darwinism they believed was the way to go. They believed that the commoners were going to outbreed all those with brains and they also said the commoners had no virtue. We're just too common, silly, stupid and rough and therefore we couldn't be “upgraded” you might say. Therefore, the idea was, and they discussed this at top world meetings, could they actually forbid people to marry? Could they forbid certain types to breed?  Could they actually force – and Aldous Huxley talked about it. Could they actually force all women to accept the sperm of selected noble people? That way they'd breed all the bad types out and put their own, you know special sperm in there because these guys all come from special wombs.


That was the idea behind it and you'll find that they didn't want to do that. They thought the people wouldn't quite go for that at the time, so as people became more and more infertile, strangely enough, from the 1950’s onwards, they brought out sperm banks. Most people who contribute to the sperm banks are medical students, people with the “right stuff,” at least the right bank accounts, which means they're obviously a little bit more savvy than others. There's so many going out there, people walking around today, that actually their fathers are now doctors. You wouldn't believe it. There is a eugenics program underway. We find the United Nations statistics given out every year, the latest stats on the sperm count of the western male is down 75 percent of 1950. There's no comment about it, which tells you it's meant to be that way, and it was brought down through inoculations. That's what primarily they were for.


Go into the books written by other big players in all of this. Charles Galton Darwin (the grandson of Charles Darwin) who was a physicist, this man in the 1950’s wrote a book called "The Next Million Years."  In that book he details everything I'm talking about: the elites’ fear of the commoners out-breeding the wealthy and intellectual and what they must do about it, including ways to basically introduce more female hormones into the male and more male into the female. For those who think they haven't done it, have a look around you today. It's been going on for a long time. He suggested ways again through inoculation, through the water supply and through the food supply. That's what he suggested in his day.


These guys were big players. They formed the League of Nations. The League of Nations was one of the big organizations with the other foundations, the Cecil Rhodes Foundation that merged with the Milner Foundation, the Round Table Society that became The Royal Institute for International Affairs and The Council on Foreign Relations, formed the League of Nations. This League of Nations was to be the embryo of world government – a world run on a scientific basis, a scientific form of humanism.  H.G. Wells wrote about it once it was formed and he said: at last the whole idea of nationhood is gone, because now with all the laws they've written into the League of Nations, bureaucratic divisions from one country or another can go directly across their counterparts and bypass all the politicians. He was quite right. That's what they've been doing since then.


This is confirmed in the books you'll find by other big players in all of this. You should get the books called "The Anglo-American Establishment" and "Tragedy & Hope" by Professor Carroll Quigley who was the official historian for The Council on Foreign Relations. He was all for this whole Brave New World idea. He thought it was about time that it came along and he thought there was no reason why the public shouldn't accept it now; and I think he was right, personally. They're pretty well dumbed-down enough to accept anything, that's my own opinion.  He published those books and in "The Anglo-American Establishment," he tells you that for 50 years there has been running the United States and other countries in the western world a parallel government. The parallel government, a government that's not answerable to the people, and that's The Royal Institute for International Affairs and all of its other affiliations. The American branch is simply called The Council on Foreign Relations. It's the same ones and they drafted up all of the papers for the integration of Europe and they also came out on national television in Canada two years ago and admitted for the first time as a group, on air, that they had drafted up all the ones for the integrations of the Americas.


Here's a private supposedly non-political organization that's funded by all the big foundations. The Rockefeller Foundation generally publishes their books that they print on their own behalf where they say right inside the cover, "We are a non-political organization," and they're telling the truth, even though the average person thinks all they do is talk politics. However, they're not talking politics. They are telling you the agenda for global governance. I'll be back after these following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, just going through some of the history, just a little bit of the history, it’s so vast and so interlocking of the stories and foundations and organizations it staggers the mind. I'm bringing you up to speed on how this whole world system was planned a long time ago. When Cecil Rhodes was put out there again as the first non-governmental organization but given a Royal Charter, royal permission to exist as a particular type of foundation, a foundation where they sent people across the world to grab the natural resources mainly in Africa to begin with, then over the rest of the world, the natural resources of the planet, and from there they joined the Cecil Rhodes Society with Lord Alfred Milner's group The Round Table Society. They do the debating and they work out all the plans for The Royal Institute for International Affairs. They work on the details how to make it happen and you should try and get your hands on some of the books they printed, especially in the 1930’s through the '40’s. Around 1950 they quieted off a bit because they couldn’t quite get government through this global government idea. After World War II for about two or three years they were gung ho. They thought everyone was on their knees, fed up with war and we would accept global government, but they found out that through constantly taking the pulse of the public it wasn't time yet.


In fact, H.G. Wells said we need another war. He said that just before he died in 1948. They've had multiple wars since. They came up with the Cold War idea. That was the best one because during World War II Stalin the big dictator of the Soviet Union was called Uncle Joe and Hollywood went to town churning out movie after movie and propaganda expose after another calling him Uncle Joe. However, in the 1950’s when they needed an enemy, and they always need an enemy you see, they came up with the big bad bear, so Joe turned into the bear and we had 50 years of a Cold War, where both sides could work the people to death, tax them and pretend we're all going to get nuked all the time. When you're under that kind of fear and threat you look to your government to protect you and all the guys with the spaghetti on their caps at the top and the epaulets et cetera stand there resolutely and say, “yes, we will defend you, but it's going to cost you mucho buckos,” and that's what they did for 50 years.


Most of that money went into pockets but a lot of it went into high-tech weaponry – weaponry plus security equipment, the kind that's now being shown to the public today for the first time. That was its main reason. That's what NASA exists for. It's also to do with communications and space, and observation of the planet, and one day all of these satellites will be following you everywhere you go in this little planet when you have a little chip in you. That was planned a long, long time ago.


After they came out with the big foundations, the Ford, Carnegie and other ones and many of them merged actually and took over. I think the Rockefeller now runs the Carnegie. It runs one of them, but they dished out money to non-governmental organizations all what you think are the grassroots ones, the left-wing ones, the right-wing ones, and they had them all fighting during the Cold War and now it's been admitted to with declassified documentation that these were not really left-wing or right-wing leaders. The followers were left-wing and right-wing. They were having clashes in different countries. The tops of them were all members of the CIA and MI6. Well my, my. What a surprise, coming from guys who have always said they control sides of everything. Both sides are always under their control.  They've now admitted the most radical left-wing groups in the U.S. were headed by their own agents. They even put out millions of dollars in the music industry to get particular types of music on the go. They also put millions out to artists to do these nihilistic paintings that would make you want to commit suicide after looking at them for 30 seconds, because they want to be more left-wing and radical than the left-wing in the Soviet Union. That was the idea and so all people who are leaning left would join their foundations and their groups and would leave Communism alone. That was supposedly the idea. The CIA and MI6 joined together and put up their own office in London where they shared this particular building and controlled the cultures of Europe including France and other countries.


What is culture?


Culture is basically the system you're born up into. Every mammal born learns from one or the other of the parents what it should beware, what it should be afraid of, and humans are exactly the same. A child who is born into this system will find that if their parents don't know there is a game going on and they've swallowed reality as it's been presented to them will swallow that reality exactly the same way. If the parents don't warn them, the child will grow up thinking that everything around him, his fashion, his culture, the technology that's dished out to him, everything is just natural and he'll go right into it. He'll go through the school system thinking all that is natural. He doesn't know that he's getting a social indoctrination for a future shortly to be here. That's his main reason. He's being socialized. Really, he has been made to be obedient to an overwhelming system. That's what he's going through and he'll grow up to be a good producer and consumer.


He will also grow up to believe that he must save the planet at all costs, that all hell is breaking loose and we're losing everything. He'll believe that the government must take over because we're just too stupid, we're so wasteful and disorganized that we'll ruin the whole planet; when, in reality, those who have ruined so much of the planet are the big international corporations who are heading all of these NGO groups, including all the “greenies.” The reason you have green in a green party is quite simple. These are all high lodges. You have the Blue Lodge for Masons, so the conservatives all wear the blue ties in all western countries. Those who pretend they’re labor wear the red ties or liberal, so they have the Green Party as well for the Green Lodge. These are all lodges. There's also a black lodge and others that most the public don't know about.


Everything is run by these big foundations and the system is kept in place through all the organizations of bureaucracies and police “enforcement,” as they call themselves now, and now health authorities with their own enforcers, is held in place by them. Everyone you'll find at the top belongs to one of these societies, these so-called freemasonic societies. Every Mason knows that you must always obey an order instantly from a superior and any personal moral problems you have with the order you must reserve and put them to side. You must not bring your own morality into it. It's built on faith. You do as you're told. They must have a good reason from the top and that's what you do.


Now Freemasons today, even from the Coronati Lodge in London, that's the main lodge for all of their data, their histories, are putting books out now admitting yes they were behind the pushing of not just National Educational Associations but world associations, UNESCO et cetera. They want a world that is based on a particular type of culture and it's the culture that we know at the moment in the West. They decided this back in the 1700’s that all different types of cultures would have to either adapt or die, because any inferior culture they claimed that they brought into a New Age would upset and bring down the superior culture.


John Stewart Mill who was the top economist in the 1700’s and his son took over of the same name, were top economists for the biggest corporations in Britain and they advised royal families. I'll be back after these following messages.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and there's a lot of cutting to do when you realize that everything we've taken for granted as we've been lulled into fantasy through massive entertainment coverage, et cetera, all the stuff that's been just thrown out there our whole lives is just overwhelming almost. Your whole culture has been given to you because as I say the CIA adopted the British style and they put in a Department of Culture and culture control and culture creation. You think you're just evolving along the way from the old cowboy days and riding where we are today; it's not so. The future is always planned by governments. They have departments that do that.  I wondered when I was small in Britain why Britain adopted a Department of Culture. I thought we are the culture, the people are the culture. Why would the government have a department for culture?  I looked into it and found out they gave out huge grants only to specific types of authors and movie producers and novelists even. I looked into Canada and it's exactly the same, still is today. All the western countries have a Department of Culture and this how they guide you along through the changes in society.


They're constantly updating us as we soak up novels, movies, soap operas, whatever. It's called predictive programming, an idea that came out of Tavistock in collusion with the BBC (the British Broadcasting Corporation) all the way from World War I.  In World War I they wondered how to get the public to tune in every day to these fictional dramas they were having about the war and at the end of every hour Harry would be left in the shell hole with a live shell, and that was called a cliffhanger and millions of people would tune in the next day on the radio to hear what happened to poor old Harry. In other words, they're altering your behavior. Behavior modification, simply by giving you or reading you a novel; and so they tied that up with the Tavistock Institute, which is the world's premiere institute for basically mind control and culture control, and they went on from there and developed different scenarios. They work hand-in-glove with the foundations and The Futurist Society that comes up with more predictive programming, the idea being that when you enjoy a movie for instance your censor part is down. You're not thinking critically, no matter how bizarre the scene is, especially in science fiction, and you're enjoying it too. Your adrenaline is up, but inside the stories there are certain changes in society that you're going to notice: different kinds of roles, even gender roles and even genders for that matter. It's all wrapped in these stories and then when it happens in real life you think it's all quite nature as a progression and it's nothing of the kind. It's planned that way.


Lenin, who was taught by the biggest bankers and some of the best scientists on this, the big psychologists, understood this and he said there are a thousand directions and pathways that humankind or society could go, but the public must not be made to believe this or to know this. He said they must think the one they are living in has naturally evolved; and that's what most people have been trained to believe today in all countries. We're going towards a Brave New World scenario – a scenario described in the 1930’s by people like Aldous Huxley in "Brave New World," and then his non-fictional book that he followed it up with, "Brave New World Revisited," where he put forth why all of the scenarios in the fictional book could be made to happen and pointed out what he thought were the benefits of it.


He had a lecture given in the 1960’s, about '67 in Berkeley. I have it on my website Look into it. Download it. Listen to it and you'll hear a man, remember, the descendent from the best friend of Charles Darwin, a man whose families interbred other families, just like the Darwin's did too, specifically for their offspring and a certain IQ and a certain pretty well psychopathic temperament. He'll give his justifications in that audio as to why there was no reason why they shouldn't drug people into a sort of submissive happiness.


He said what's wrong with that? He said most people are unhappy anyway; and the elite knew that because they created a system where people were fairly unhappy, a dysfunctional system. You worked 12 hours a day (when he gave that lecture) as a working class person in Europe and you didn't earn very much money at all and a pretty well fixed price and income society like Britain was. People were rather miserable, always worried about money for the basic things in life like rent.  Huxley thought there was nothing wrong with drugging them or even putting wires in their brain, the precursor to what’s coming, which is the brain chip; and once that happened of course he thought they'd have a form of utopia. This goes right back to psychology again to the behaviorists in psychology like the Skinner's and all the rest of the psychopaths that experimented on their own children like Skinner: he put his daughter in a particular type of box to study her and he's taught today as a hero in psychology. The man was a psychopath, plain and simple, just like Huxley and Huxley's brother. Why were they psychopaths both? Because both Huxley's were descendent from psychopaths. They were descended from them and just like Plato said, you can breed traits in or out of humans the same way as you can with domesticated animals.


Inbred psychopaths pretty well guarantee the offspring to be the same way. Part of the brain where emotion is centered and empathy for other people just doesn't seem to be there, but what does seem to be there is a tremendous lust for power. Look at the traits of the psychopath and it's fascinating. They all crave power. In Henderson & Gillespie's Textbooks of Psychiatry, the boys who did the big studies on psychopathy, they were shocked for the first time to realize that no, it didn't stop at working class people. That's where they used to see the psychopaths, the ones at the bottom that smashed windows for instant gratification and robbed the jewelry stores. They found that the brighter ones from the better families went into politics; and they class politicians as a particular type of psychopath, which they are in fact are.


If you see them running for elections and they have all their past history and they have mud slung at them to do with their previous affairs or whatever, they don't blush. They don't run off or cover and feel ashamed. They'll try and bluff their way out of it, and even if they're caught red-handed doing something, they're just as arrogant. Nothing fazes them. That's the psychopath because a psychopath must save their own ego all costs because they are completely egocentric, the world revolves around them, so they have a lust for power over others to dominate them. Because the one gift that they have, outside of the fact that they have no empathy for others, the one gift is the ability to manipulate others to do what they want them to do. That's why in this system that we live in, those who are most aggressive get to the top.


This is not a normal society we’re living in. It's a constructed society we're living in. People at the bottom worship those at the top. They've “made it.” They've got out of the fear trap. They're not afraid of poverty anymore. They have power. People bow down and respect them and that's what everyone at the bottom eventually wants themselves, but they're too meek and mild to go for it. They don't like hurting other people on the way up like the Donald Trumps do, so we have lots of psychopaths at the top and the other group goes into politics – politics of all things, where they can lie to the public without blinking or blushing. They can go through impeachments and all this kind of stuff and still not blink or blush or stammer because they're completely 100 percent confident and they have no respect for the people at the bottom. That helps too, when you have no respect for the little people at the bottom. They're talking to a bunch of ants, not people. That's why Bill Clinton didn't even wink an eye when he made his famous statement on television after blowing smoke rings with Havana cigars.


That's what we're dealing with: particular psychopathic types. This was even more studied in the Soviet bloc, and I'll be talking about more of this and the scientists that found it all out in the next section coming up after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, just trying to give an idea of the world that we live in which you take for granted as simply evolving and politicians just fumble through things daily, making decisions on emergencies and so on. Nothing is further from the truth. I often wondered, you see Britain was integrated into a union, a complete union where it becomes ultimately, next year in fact, the last thing is signed with the Queen when the monarch signs the last little bit. It's totally integrated. It becomes a province – a province under this super government, this super-government which isn't in the country in fact, so any redress of anything will have to come across the water somewhere even more far away than the one in London. That was to be followed up according to Karl Marx who wrote about it in the 1800’s. Check your history. He talked about the unification of Europe to be followed by the unification of the Americas and then the unification of the Pacific Rim region. They hadn't quite settled on all the other ones such as Africa but they knew they'd have to unite Africa and that's Mr. Mandela's job right now, the unification of Africa.


You'll find, as I say, nothing happens by chance in this long-term agenda. How can it happen and keep going for so many generations?


Professor Carroll Quigley once again explained why that worked. He said foundations, the great foundations have their mandates and they outlive many generations. In fact generations of their employees can work, live and retire and then die off as new ones come in and keep it going for centuries. That's why Quigley and others said, and Aldous Huxley said it, there was no reason why a scientifically run dictatorship could not last forever.


They plan way ahead and we as impatient short-lived people find it hard to believe. We try and start something off in our own lifetime and complete it hopefully in our own lifetime and it's hard for us to accept that big foundations and big governmental departments working with them plan centuries ahead. As I say, read the book "The Next Million Years" by Charles Galton Darwin. That was no idle boast he put in that particular book, and that includes all the fashions, the trends, even trends in music and everything else that the generation maybe 10, 15, 20 years down the road are going to hear. It's done long in advance. Going back to Plato's "Republic," the man that all the ones at the top worship, they all read this book. They quote it frequently in their own writings, like Bertrand Russell talked about Plato, like H.G. Wells who was an official paid propagandist for the British government and was attached to MI6.


He also loved Plato's "Republic" with this long-range agenda where eventually they would bring in the females into the military alongside the males and they hoped eventually to have an interbred military class, a separate species almost with the offspring being born in the bases and then becoming military members themselves separate from the general population. He said that around that time there would be further moves to create special types of humans for special jobs. Although, Plato talked about really selective breeding. If you want tall people to pick apples you simply breed them together over and over and over until you have tall people. If you want miners to go down mines, you want small squat people, very strong, so you bred little men with little women and end up with a good little miner. However, today they've taken it further but basing it on Plato's "Republic" and they want to give us purposely-designed people, ideal design, that's the other meaning of ID.


Like Mr. Bush, Sr. said when he gave his New World Order speech on September 11th, 1990 to be followed by September 11th, 1991 when he saw this “New World Order coming into view” and it was also a big ID he said. It all ties together and you'll find if you want to look at when the Pentagon would be a big player in this. It was to take over from Britain and rule as the policemen of the world for a time. That was printed in the 1930’s publication; 1937 actually of The Royal Institute for International Affairs when they held their meeting in Melbourne, Australia. The U.S. was to take over from Britain and then once the U.S. was exhausted it would hand it over to China, which they were going to build up after the war.


The Pentagon had its foundation ceremony on September 11th, 1941. They love that date. Why? Because September 11th still falls under the Ides of September and in ancient times, in old Roman times you'll find that the warrior Queen Diana (from the Greeks actually) was born out of the head of Zeus. Self-willed to be born out of the head of Zeus, which meant in the occult terminology of the time that something that was impossible to happen would be made to happen by the will of the one behind it. Therefore you had September 11th, 2001 happening right on queue after the book was printed, "The Grand Chessboard" by Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was a member of this coterie who all worked together in The New American Century Club that are now in power who published their own findings in 1992, their mandates, and republished it in 1998 talking about the need to take over first Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran, then Syria in that order.  Lo and behold, like Zbigniew Brzezinski and others said, "we need something on a Pearl Harbor scale to motive the public behind us to get the public onboard," because the first thing you do in war is to create public opinion and get it onboard. They had their wish come true when Jachin & Boaz was blown up for the second time. They didn't do it right the first time, but personally I think they put the charges in when they rebuilt it after the first bombing; and the company that did the rebuilding was the Bin Laden family group. I don't know if you know the Bin Laden's were give a special flight out of the country by permission of the Bush family after 9/11. They were the only plane that was allowed to fly (civilian plane) in the whole country. It was announced on CBC Canada that Mr. Bush, Sr. the ex-CIA and president man is in partnership with the Bin Laden family. What do they do? They make bombproof structures all over the world and it was the Laden company that got the contract to rebuild the towers, actually recondition them, after the first attempt at blowing them up. I have no doubt that's when they put the charges in – you know the demolition charges when you saw it being demolished floor by floor like any other demolition – put in there and left and put on remote and then triggered at the right time, quite simple.


“They'd never do that,” people think, and that's why they get away with it over and over and over again. They'd never do that to their own people. Here's what Cecil Rhodes did when he got in power as the head of his foundation: He sent a bunch of guys to attack South Africa, attack the Boers and he had his own reporter from a British newspaper onboard and she reported that the Boers were attacking the British. Meanwhile, in reality, it was a bunch of invaders all recruited from England who went inside killing the Boers. Once the British government heard about it, well of course they had no choice but to go in and defend the poor English that were getting slaughtered to take over South Africa. They start the problem, blame the other side and they get the agenda through. Nothing changes.


Now if you go into what a knight is – once you get up the high Masonic ladder and you've served the Great Work very well, you can keep your mouth shut, you have taken your payolas and put it in your pocket and kept quiet about it many, many times, then you're trustworthy and you might get knighted. What does a knight do? He serves a master. He's on an ‘errand’ and he also has a ‘mission,’ he has a ‘quest’ and he's told what his quests will be, but he faithfully serves his master and he does what he's told. That's what a knight is. A knight is also ‘audacious.’ You'll find a knight is ‘bold’ and our name for that is audacious. Audacious is audacity. Audacity is the ability to do something completely unexpected and get away with it; and that's what you do in big battles. You do something that's completely unexpected. It's almost not human and therefore while everybody is being fooled you give them your master's stroke and you finish them off. That's what they do to the public. They do amazing things to us, even planning wars and world wars, even funding guys like Hitler and they also funded the Bolshevik Revolution. These same foundations funded it in collusion with our governments.


You should read the book called "Russia and the Bolshevik Revolution" or "New York and the Bolshevik Revolution". Anthony Sutton wrote it anyway, and he also wrote the book "Who Funded Hitler?" All documented evidence, check into it, fascinating stuff. I'll be back after these following messages.






"The Future" by Leonard Cohen

Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt going through the matrix with you, Cutting Through the Matrix, just showing you how audacity, doing the unexpected, doing something that no one especially great multitudes would ever believe would win the day, if you were bold enough to try it. That's what these characters at the top do. It's unthinkable that people within your own system at the top, powerful people, family dynasties, foundations, could be in collusion to harm you in any way at all; and yet they have been their whole existences. They gave you the culture. They've helped destroy the old culture. You'll find that most families today are dysfunctional, if you even have any families, and governments have taken over the roles that families once worked out for themselves.


People don't take care of themselves anymore. Even people within their own families will say “there's an agency for this or an agency for that or there's always welfare,” and that's what they wanted a long time ago, because Bertrand Russell said it too himself back in the 1930’s and '40’s and repeated it in the '50’s. He said that the family unit was obsolete, it would have to go, it would stand between an individual and their government when the government talked down to the individual. They wanted a system where no one would stand around you. You'd be on your own. You'd feel helpless and you'd begin to love Big Brother, so that the family had to be abolished and again you can read that in Anthony Sutton's book, "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution," to find out how the big bankers of the West with permission, mind you. They didn't do it on their own – with permission of the big foundations and the interlocking departments of governments that we don't even know about generally, worked together to bring about the Soviet system, a great test bed.


It was also the dialectical approach, because you toss a coin you've got heads or tails and so Communism was designed to be the antithesis of capitalism and out of that you have the two of them joining. It's called The Third Way. Plato talked about it too, and other authors have even brought out books called the "The Third Wave" and that is the joining of capitalism and communism, where all the big lessons that were learned from both are put together into a new system with the fascists at the top, untouchable, but masses of bureaucrats – armies of them with armies to back them up of police, paramilitary organizations and so on running the people down below. That's the beautiful new system. Mr. Gorbachev who was the President of the Soviet Union and who actually applied and got his permission to run his green little flag outside the Presidio in the U.S. to help save the world, before he left his presidency office as the top man and the top of the KGB too, by the way, he was given permission and the license was granted in California. He gave a last speech to the politburo. Eric Margolis from the Toronto Sun newspaper wrote the whole speech out for the public and you should look it up in the Toronto Sun's archives, Eric Margolis.


What Gorbachev said to the politburo is "shortly you will hear that communism is dead and finished. Don't believe it. We're simply moving into the next phase." How did he know that?  His co-parts on the other side on the capitalist side said it's time we merged the two systems and put them together. This is also backed up by the writings of the top think tank, the premiere think tank for these organizations for world government, for mind control you might say. The ones who really design the future, especially the cultural part and what you believe and think and so on, and that's called The Club of Rome.


The Club of Rome is one of the many foundations but one of the biggest ones that comes up with ideas of fooling the public to come together in a global society. In their own book published by The Club of Rome, the two founders boast about all the different things, every scenario they thought out and had beaten through to find out ways to bring the public together in an obedient fashion, obey the authorities in a world without war. Because they found that war was the only time where people really obeyed and went along with everything because of fear – fear of their own annihilation.  They said we'd have to find a new enemy, in this particular book, and they thought about everything. Could they convince the public of even an attack from outer space? They certainly could do it with enough indoctrination, science fiction et cetera and then anything would be made possible, but, no, they thought the easiest way eventually was to create an idea that humans were killing the planet and they would call it global warming. This was published in the 1970’s. "The First Global Revolution" is the name of the book. Get it. You can get it on one of these used booksellers websites for about $0.75 and there's an admission right in there that's what they came up with.


Ultimately they could tell the public that people, humans, were the enemy, the new enemy, and they'd have to fight all that humans did and governments would have to take over every facet of your life; and by God are they ever pushing that stuff now. It's being pushed like crazy since the walking allegory of Al Gore was put up in front to help lead this particular new organization, this global organization that will eventually be merged with the Green Party, you wait and see. It will be the one that takes over the world and gives the indoctrination to the children and gives us a whole new reality. They'll grow up in a new reality believing everything they're told, never knowing the past because real history goes down George Orwell's “memory hole” when it's of no use or it could be dangerous.


That's the kind of world we live in, a world of culture creation, idea creation where your reality is given to you, formulated to you. Back in the '80’s the same Zbigniew Brzezinski, look him up, a very powerful man who deals with psychotronic warfare, you know the type they use from Alaska and Greenland and 50-odd other bases across the planet, scalar weaponry. The United Nations has a treaty signed in the 1970’s by all countries who have this technology. It's old technology, by the way. In the treaty it tells you they can create quite easily tsunamis anywhere, earthquakes. They can create hurricanes, tornadoes, even guide them to their destination and most importantly of all, they can use a secondary signal and beam it across entire continents to make the people placid or make them agitated, depressed or tired – manipulation of the mind.


Zbigniew Brzezinski mentions this in his book "Between Two Ages" and the chapter is "The Technetronic Era". Get a hold of it. I got a hold of it years ago from a library. I generally don't buy books. I just read them in the library and walk out and it's much cheaper that way. There's simply too many books to read, but that's a must-read and get that book. You'll see that he boasts about the fact it would eventually be used on entire populations who would be completely unaware. Completely unaware that their mood swings, their frame of mind was being purposely designed for them by technetronic weaponry and it is being used today.


Look up Mr. Teller the scientist. Mr. Teller was the man who invented the H-Bomb and he was a gung ho to get his name up in history books even more. He wanted to spray the entire planet with aluminum oxide and barium and other particles in order to make it into a conductive circuit so that this HAARP technetronic type weaponry could be used more efficiently. It would cover vast areas and they could use more powerful signals. HAARP has been beaming for 24-hours a day for the last seven years now and you can pick them up on certain short-wave frequencies.  I'm talking about the fact that they're using this on this. It's being used and I get calls in every day from people who are being sprayed from the sky. I see it myself. I've got thousands of photographs from all over the world. That was ratified by the Open Sky Treaty. There's two versions: one for commercial, one for military. It's the military one that you want to look into.


Very little about this treaty has been disclosed to the public. It is printed in little paragraphs in newspapers when they first did it. However, it allows foreign pilots even to come in and it was updated three years ago for foreign pilots can come in and use your military aircraft to go over your airspace. They didn't specify why, but we're being sprayed like bugs and sometimes when the spraying is very, very heavy, you'll notice the public are like flies on a hot summer's day. They're just staggering around with no expressions. They're tired all the time. Bronchial problems have skyrocketed incredibly and ask any pharmacist and he'll tell you what's the most popular at that time, and it's generally stuff to do bronchial dilators because people are coming down with the effects of it.


That's the world we're living in, a scientifically controlled world where even our thoughts, even the things we like in this scientifically controlled world are given to us. They say Al Gore is not a great conversationalist. He's not a great talker and his books are ghost written for him, as are they all for the ones at the top. Even the scripts they read off are written by professional scriptwriters and they are just front men themselves with very big paychecks because they always get jobs for the boys, even the wayward ones of the better families. They have to get something for them to do and they do like a little bit of status.


Now where's it all going from here?


They gave us all the internet and I remember the hype when computers first came out because Britain at that time was going through massive unemployment. They've been going through unemployment since World War II and right through the '70’s into the '80’s. What they hadn't told the public but have now declassified officially, yes, they had planned in 1945 and signed treaties at the United Nations in '46 that they would de-industrialize over the next 40, 50 years but the public were not to be told that this was an official policy. Sure enough, year after year as the suicide rate went up and people had no jobs, the factories pulled out and they didn't tell them where they were going. They also declassified recently that the amalgamation treaty for Europe was set, the department in Britain was set up in 1948, a select panel of bureaucrats who worked on it consistently and it said at the end of the report it was declassified about four years ago, now that it's all over and done by. They said that the public must not be told about this, it must not be admitted, this is the amalgamation of a country with other countries, until its all over and done.


In other words, they lie. All through the '60’s, '70’s, '80’s and '90’s, prime ministers would always have little quips in newspapers where they went over to France or Germany and they would say they were “cementing closer ties,” the same terminology that's now being used when we see the three amigos meet from Mexico, Canada and the United States of America. They signed their little agreements. They have about three more agreements to sign up to 2010 and then it's a done deal. At the Free Trade negotiations in the late '80’s it actually came out they talked about even a new capital because you must have a new capital you see that runs the whole show for the continent. They said the best bet at that time was Montreal. That was all official stuff at that time.


We are living through an agenda. We're living through a business plan. The world itself is run on one huge incredible business plan. Once you understand business plans it starts to make sense to you as they take over country after country after country. Those countries that would not join this they decided back in the late 1800’s would have to be eliminated one way or another, those people of different races. At that time, John Stewart Mill and others were talking about Africa for instance. They said those who would not mimic the white man's work ethics would have to perish. Those who would, those amongst them who could mimic the white man would be allowed to come through; and we know what's happening to Africa. They have been coming down pretty badly with various kinds of diseases that just suddenly breakout and AIDS is having a tremendous toll especially on the young and all they have there is moonshine that they make. They have their little stereos and they listen to all the much-music stuff that's sent over by the West and they just have sex all the time and pass the AIDS virus around.


Documentaries have shown this and it's an awful, awful situation, but they said they would take Africa down quick. For the West, for depopulation, they'd have to bring down aging and crippling diseases to make you unfit as a marriage partner or a mate partner and that's what we're seeing now. We're seeing young people come down with even crippling arthritis; juvenile arthritis is on the increase. Our immune systems are down. Our fertility rate is down and we're gradually being brought down slowly too. Back after these following messages.



"The Universal Soldier" by Donovan


He's five foot-two, and he's six feet-four,
He fights with missiles and with spears.
He's all of thirty-one, and he's only seventeen,
Been a soldier for a thousand years.

He'a a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain,
A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew.
And he knows he shouldn't kill,
And he knows he always will,
Kill you for me my friend and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
He's fighting for France,
He's fighting for the USA,
And he's fighting for the Russians,
And he's fighting for Japan,
And he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for Democracy,
He's fighting for the Reds,
He says it's for the peace of all.
He's the one who must decide,
Who's to live and who's to die,
And he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him,
How would Hitler have condemned him at Labau?
Without him Caesar would have stood alone,
He's the one who gives his body
As a weapon of the war,
And without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the Universal Soldier and he really is to blame,
His orders come from far away no more,
They come from here and there and you and me,
And brothers can't you see,
This is not the way we put the end to war.



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and you can't really say much more because that's part of the problem. The elite in all ages have known how tribalism works and they use it to good effect, especially when they're taking down societies and breaking the bonds of families et cetera, because every tyrant in history knows that the young want a strong leader. You find that in American cities too where many areas there are single moms there. The young guy has no father figure. He's generally low-income bracket too. He feels helpless and useless and he eventually is adopted by the local gang. The gang leader becomes his father figure and that's who he gives his all for.


It’s the same in the military. They generally recruit from the lowest strata who have no power within society. They're called “nobodies” by the system. They're treated as nobodies by the system, given no respect; and suddenly they're told that if they put a uniform on, everyone will respect them and they'll be heroes. Instant heroes and are taught to go off and kill and those at the top who tell them to go off and kill, wrap themselves up in the tribal emblems of whatever flag or symbols that you have, and it works every time. That's how it works. Very, very simple techniques and unfortunately young men are not mature. They're not very bright. They're too young to be bright. They're run by hormones and they haven't enough life experience to figure things out, so they go and do what they're told; but they're also conditioned to kill by being desensitized and also the video games that we play today are meant to desensitize them even further. These were first designed by the military in World War II, of all periods. In fact they had the gun setups then for aircraft and these fighters would just flash past you and it was all to get you to shoot without thinking and they did same eventually with the military.


They found this in the American Civil War, that when they picked up the muskets, only 15 percent of either side of the dead had actually fired them. You have to train people to kill by desensitization. It's not natural for normal people to kill each other, so they actually have to train you to do it by desensitization and these techniques are very, very successful. You'll find too that since they introduced the video games around 20 years ago or more, I knew then. I said to myself, now if these are for the military, why are they giving them to young children and making such a big thing of it? Because we again we mimic everything we're taught to mimic by the media and they became very popular. They're also addictive and the children are learning from an early age that that's not a person, that's a thing, and the object for the game is to get from here to there and kill as many as possible. I knew they were going to breed a generation up for the military for the last push on the world as they standardize the one system worldwide. That's what's on right now.


When they sent the troops over to the Middle East the second time Gulf War II, I knew then.  I thought to myself when I saw American soldiers with their shirts off dancing to a rap on the deck of a ship, all having fun, I thought we're sending in trained barbarians into one of the oldest civilizations on the planet and that's what's happened unfortunately.


We can be made to believe anything with the power of propaganda and scientific persuasion. The universal soldier has always been a problem because before standing armies came along it was hard for a big bully boy to get a few guys together, maybe skirmishes and little raids, but they couldn't take over other areas very easily because guys got fed up and went home eventually. However, when money came along and they could actually create standing armies, then they could go off an conquer on behalf of some big tyrant, some big psychopath with big ambitions like Alexander the Great, who was heavily, heavily funded by some of the ancient bankers of the ancient world. You'll find in fact that Aristotle was his tutor and it's no coincidence that Aristotle was sent to teach him because it was all part of the ancient agenda even back then, a world system. As I say, Plato wrote about it in the book called "The Republic."  It's still ongoing today.


These psychopaths want to be king of the world and they're on the way to doing it now. You'll find so many of them at the top emulate everything that the ancients wrote about.  You've got to realize that even after Egypt took in many students to teach, there were many revolutions all over the world and these revolutions were caused by ones who were sent out of Egypt, being taught there, and went back to their home countries. Most of the Greek aristocracy in fact were all taught in Egypt, but they went back to their own countries or wherever they were told to go and settle, they'd start schools based on secrecy and codes of silence, sometimes five years of silence just like a monastery. The Catholic Church adopted that same system with the monks much later on, but they had it prior to that in the days of Pythagoras who was also taught in Egypt and who also was found to be agitating the young to cause revolutions.


Ancient ideas, still ongoing today, that attract psychopathic types into working along this particular agenda and they're going full steam ahead today. We're also taught to look for the hero figure in all of this. Britain when democracy came up—which they gave us, by the way, the whole idea of democracy, which is a very good con game—they knew that the public would eventually overthrow them if they didn't give them or appear to give them rights of some kind or another. They found that they could quell rebellions every four or five years or six at the most and eventually they'd have another one, so they came up with democracy where you could then vote someone in every four or five years with the understanding that something would change; and with democracy something does. You get the last lot of tyrants who've filled their pockets and you're really voting in a new bunch with hope – lots of hope, you keep your fingers crossed, only to see the same thing happen again.


Why does the same thing happen again?


Because there is only one agenda and Professor Carroll Quigley said himself. He said it's not important that we, The Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, it's not important that we own every politician, we will always own the man at the top and his coterie of advisers around him. That's all you need. I'll be back after these messages.


Hi folks. I am Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and just giving you a little insight into those things which you take as being normal because of your conditioning and showing you that nothing, nothing in fact is normal. It's all planned that way. Things are planned that way. Before I go on to this caller, I should really stress that this is the bad news. This is the bad news because culture has been taken down. The last culture we had is being taken down. The families are in disarray, mainly, there's a few left here and there that semi-function. Other ones are completely dysfunctional and that was all intentional.


It was intended that they destroy the family. It was in the Communist Manifesto. It was also in many writings of the West including those of Bertrand Russell and others. It had to be done so the government could talk right down to you. Big Brother would talk down to you just like the movie "1984," the British version, where the camera in your room watched you and a woman would come on and tell you to exercise. You, yes you, number so and so. That's what they want. There is no one around you to stand up for you. You feel isolated on your own. That's what's happening today and it's coming down to that and the internet unfortunately is actually helping to promote that. That's why they gave us it in the first place. It's the net. You're caught in the net just like the fish and it's a big web. You get stuck on the web. There's always a spider who owns that web. Remember that.


Now I think we have Richard in North Carolina. Are you there, Richard?


Richard:  I think my headset has a bad wire in it. Sorry about that.


Alan:  Do you have a question to ask?


Richard:  A comment: I've enjoyed listening to you tonight and I hadn't listened to you before although I had been to your website, but you're is a more thoughtful commentary than many that I hear. I'm however feeling a bit pessimistic these days about any hope of really changing the matrix as it seems to be and I was wondering if you have any concrete suggestions about things that individuals might do?


Alan:  Right now we have no choice, the individuals who understand what has been happening. Here's the problem. I've always explained this to people over the years, the British intelligence service and the CIA, because they do fund big time authors and promote them heavily, they gather what they call intelligence. Intelligence happens to be people who are giving facts out, documentable facts, and they get these guys to write it into books, then mix it with science fiction; and when people hear that stuff and it's promoted, their names become pretty well known, so when you come up with the basic facts they add on to all the farce that they've read as well or heard about and they throw the truth out, the baby out with the bath water. That's called counterintelligence and so I tell people don't go into all this conspiracy stuff. You don't have to. It’s published. H.G. Wells called it and published the book called "The Open Conspiracy."  He says, "everything that we want to do has been published," and it has been. There's no aliens in here. There's no walking crocodiles or anything like that, all the stuff that's the counterintelligence; there’s only basic facts, the facts you can see for yourself and have been verified as well by the books put out by the big players themselves. It's no secret.


It's also no secret it doesn't take the whole planet to suddenly change its mind and go along with it either. It's always up to the few. Society is changed or deflected from its course by the few who understand and who demand answers. I tell people don't waste your time on those who are in the matrix in the land of the dead. You have to get those who are asking questions and primarily I try to aim at the younger ones because those are the ones who still have a chance to do something. They're going to go through the brunt of it. They're the ones who are going to really steer the course of this and they haven't been so jaded or beaten down by life in itself, so depressed that they sit back waiting for a pension quietly. No, they're active and they have the right to guide the direction of the world that they want to grow up and live in. That's what they have. Therefore, I aim towards those and try to give them as much encouragement and knowledge as I possibly can.


Richard:  I can imagine one of the problems for the youth though, at least within the America system at the moment and I'm sure elsewhere, is that they kind of get dumbed down by process of education.


Alan:  Yes. It's a scientific indoctrination. Again, I'd read the book that was put out by Lord Bertrand Russell who taught both the communist side. He was sent over from Britain to start up communism in China. He wrote about it in his own biography and he started up an experimental school, one of the first experimental schools where they tried to encourage all the things that we saw break out in the '60’s. They told them to have sex. In fact make schools pre-puberty in fact to see if the more sexual progression they could have in pre-puberty the less chance there would be to have a mate for life down the road, because he thought then like the rest of them, he says in his memoirs. "We thought we would have to separate the child from the parents or they would become contaminated by old ideas." He says, "Now we find out if we can give them a scientific indoctrination at the age of 2 in kindergarten then it's more economical to allow their parents to still pay for them, but we shall give them all of their thoughts."  It's a scientific indoctrination. You’re quite right.

Richard:  In addition to that aspect, it certainly also helped eliminate any structure that people might belong to that would be opposed to or in contradiction to that coming from the powers that be. 


Alan:  That's correct. The culture again because people think it's all natural and because they have been taught and Russell also said this. He said, "We shall create a world where the average person will be unable to think for themselves. They'll rely upon expert advice."  You can't even turn on the weather man without some expert popping in and telling you how to dress that day. It's all training you not to think for yourself. Zbigniew Brzezinski said in his own book, "Between Two Ages," he said that, "Shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves. They'll only be able to talk about the subjects given to them on the previous night's news," and unfortunately that's happened. It's worked with most people. You see it right away when you have conversations with people. If you tell them something that should be visible to them, like the spraying overhead, they'll dismiss it immediately because it's not coming across the mainstream news, therefore it cannot be important.


Richard:  One of the best things I ever did and I did it quite inadvertently, but I have maintained now for about two years, is to not watch television, which has actually helped a whole lot.


Alan:  Yes. There's no doubt about it. You know Margaret Thatcher when she was in power, another woman who admitted at the Massey Hall lecture in Toronto. The lecture was called The New World Order. This was back in the ‘80’s; she said that she belonged to a parallel government comprised of The Royal Institute for International Affairs and The Council on Foreign Relations. She says we do the real work behind the scenes and they all know each other. However, she herself was caught putting out ads on television, subliminals on the BBC and that was a big scandal at the time. All television now has subliminals in it, even the fictional things that you watch, not just the ads, and it’s affecting the people in ways that they don't understand. It's a scientific indoctrination remember. That's what the Big Boys called it themselves.


Richard:  I've viewed it as a rather large PSYOP going on for a very long time certainly before the formation of the CIA, but it's after that is the part that I've looked at the most.


Alan:  You see what they had with the Anglo-American Establishment was an establishment from the very foundation of a U.S. They had their establishment already up and working and if you read the writings of Elihu Yale that started up, he put the money down for Yale University. When he did it long before the revolution he said, we shall ensure the men who come from this university shall rule the country forever; and they meant that.  Elihu Yale was one of the founding members of the British East India Company that made billions of dollars over those particular years even back then. They were also the guys, all the present fellows at the top that you see in the U.S. government including their oppositions and even including Kerry, and the Bush's and so on. These bones men were all – their grandfathers and great grandfathers were all involved in flooding China with opium during the opium wars and they'll use any dirty trick to bring a country down to their knees. They flooded China with bales. That put thousands of bales along the shores of China every day to get the people hooked on it and then bring the people down as the people become addicted to the opium. Then they gave their terms to the Chinese rulers. There's no trick low enough for them and they've never been out of the drug trade because they believe they have the right to rule us in any way they want to. I'll be back after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, this incredible reality that's all been formulated for us, a reality with major instances happening across the planet that were decided, even the date of them before we were born. Before we were even born because that's the long-term business planning. H.G. Wells wrote about three world wars prior to even World War I.  Interestingly, in "Shape of Things to Come" he mentions the third one would basically not only start in Basra – the British troops are based in Basra, Iraq right now – but he also said that the policemen of the air, this new world police that would exist, would exist in the gulf. That's where they're building the biggest air bases and military bases ever seen, even bigger than the U.S. has inside its own country. That will be the base for the police of the world. Why not, it’s a nice sunny clime. It's pretty nice there. No doubt they won't be spraying their own people. They'll just be spraying the rest of us to keep us to keep us dumb, silly and compliant.


How I think we have Rodney on the line. Rodney from Texas. Are you there, Rodney?


Rodney:  Yes I am. How are you this evening Mr. Watt?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Rodney:  I really admire the information that you give me now, it's very edifying. I was interested in a statement that you made some time back about how a lot of the non-fictional books are used to program people’s subconscious minds.  I know that an associate of mine has always recommended that different people read these books and I've always been a little bit leery about that, especially since I heard you make that statement.  I'd like to hear you expand on your reasoning behind or your documented information on how these non-fictional books like the H.G. Wells books and so on and so forth are actually used to program the masses’ subconscious minds. Can you elaborate on that?


Alan:  The easiest way is actually through their fictional works because it's fiction that grabs us. It grabs us. We get hooked on it and we're carried right through to the end of the novel. You don't realize that within the novel especially science fiction, not only science fiction, even through stories about people and families that have affairs and all the rest of it and new trends et cetera, trends that haven't come yet but shortly will and you're being programmed to act the same way as the main heroes or heroines in the novel. Same in drama or the movies, every man will identify with the hero in a movie, the female with the heroine and children do the same thing too. Therefore it's very simple for you to go into their role and you go along with pretty well everything they're doing and even when they're doing something that's a bit strange you don't even understand. It's maybe something that you wouldn't do, you still accept it because you admire the person and you will then mimic that when it happens in real life in your own life. That's how simple it is to put out predictive programming.


However, they also put out bigger ideas – ideas where changes in society come along, even the brain chips all through science fiction movies. They're all now since the Loyola meeting when the world scientists got together to discuss the coming brain chip that's already to go. They actually said at Loyola (that's in Louisiana) they said that the only thing they have to do now is get the writers working for fiction works to put it into comics and cartoons and into movies and make it exciting so the children, the youngsters will want it. This is all ready to go and you've got to realize that it's primarily fictional works that put down the censor part of your brain and you don't realize you're just being programmed with an idea. Whereas if you went through a scenario in your own life without that programming, you might come to a different conclusion or do a different thing in a particular instance of your life. If you see it in the movie, you'll emulate what the hero did.


Rodney:  I have a theory based on some readings that I've done that one can actually program their own subconscious and not allow these evil powers to do it for you. It's not very difficult but nevertheless and I don’t want to get into it, but I just want to ask you. Can one actually program their own mind and what would be the fundamental steps that the person could take to do that sort of thing?


Alan:  I did it, growing up I realized what it was all about when I just turned around and watched audiences in movie theaters. I watched them. I watched the expressions on their face as they were all captivated, excited or sad or whatever, and I realized the impact it was having on their emotions. You see if you couple an idea of change with an emotion it impacts the mind and you remember it, and that's what it's done. It's emotive change that makes the reality come out in your own life, in your mind so when you realize you're being programmed I tend to study movies and not to enjoy them, but to study how they’re done. What are the main messages in them?  I don't fall into the trap or the actual story and get carried away and forget myself, so I analyze them and study them. You will find it's so easy not to get dragged in and you'll also see what the main points are that they want to get across to the public.


Rodney:  One last question for you Mr. Watt. I heard you say that you have a lot of rare books in your personal library and some of the titles that I heard you give I actually attempted to go to some sources and get these books and I couldn't find them. If you could just recommend one, two or three books that your listening audience could go out and read and really get some substantive information out of that would help to break through this matrix, what would those one, two or three books be?


Alan:  I'd tell them go in and get at least "Tragedy & Hope" by Professor Carroll Quigley and "The Anglo-American Establishment" also by the same author, followed by a book called "Foundations: Their Power and Influence," a very good book, it tells you the real agendas. They all have agendas. They are not charitable works at all, the idea being that if they can get NGO groups out there they become the real democracy. They demand what their leaders want them to demand and government is only happy to stamp it into approval for laws for change. That's the new system. It's the Soviet system actually. Soviet means "rule by councils" or NGOs. That's the same thing and the foundations run these NGOs and the boys at the top of the foundations like the Rockefeller Center they've been giving out and I have video of it from inside their own meeting halls where Mr. Rockefeller gives out citizenship awards. World Citizenship awards to all the top players that you have heard in the media. All the big players get World Citizenship awards. How can they do that and then go back into politics and claim they're national and they're standing up for your rights? It's impossible. These guys are liars. They've already sworn allegiance to a world agenda and they're going full steam ahead and they control all the big groups that you've heard of in your life that demand changes or laws put into the books. These are the guys behind it.


Rodney:  Would you agree with the statement that you can tell a lot about an individual by the people that they associate with?


Alan:  Oh yes, sure you can.


Rodney:  Okay. Because for example I have noticed that certain individuals tend to gravitate toward the people like what you just described, the intellects, and many of these intellects are in to this eugenics and trans-humanism and that sort of thing. Personally, I just don't feel comfortable around people that I know have these sort of evil agendas. But this person that I know tends to think that you need to know their plans so that the best way to do that his to be on the inside, but I just think that's a very dangerous thing if a person has a constant relationship or association with individuals like that because it may rub off on you. What do you think?


Alan:  You have to be an incredibly strong person who knows yourself. The old saying “know thyself” has to be appreciated and understood, because only then can you withstand anything and be, although they'll attempt to indoctrinate you and it won't effect you if you know yourself and you know what they're doing and why they're doing it and how they're doing it. Very few people can stand up to that, but you're quite right. People who are in to that kind of thing tend to be excited by that, the prospects of it. They tend to be a bit domineering themselves. They like power and that's the whole thing about psychopathy. The psychopath loves the one who is more superior than him who has power. They worship them in fact. They hate the inferior, those below their own ranks, and they'll do what they're told.


"Pathocracy" is another book out there people should get a hold of. It goes through the nature of these leaders that goes hand-in-glove with the system we've had for thousands of years with money. Psychopaths at the top get there by clawing their way up by destroying all competition and wrecking lives or whole nations if need be to get that power and then they interbreed to produce more psychopaths to keep it running. They give to the people down below them a psychopathic culture of winners and losers. We're all trained at school to run out of those stalls and become winners and only a few succeed. We have a psychopathic system. We've got to get a humane system back and it's a system for the people.


Now I'll be back again and that's the end of the show tonight I believe, and from Hamish, my dog, and myself from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)