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November 15, 2007


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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November 15th, 2007. Newcomers should always check into for lots of downloadable materials on the histories of this old world of ours that's seen so much chaos and we're going through the next phase of chaos as they bring out the New Age. They can also download transcripts in the tongues of Europe at


Now for those who suddenly wake up because they've been personally affected by the changes that occurring more rapidly today, mainly in the pocketbook or they lose their jobs and plants close down or the competition buys out their company and throws them on the street, the workers, generally don't know what's going on and they're told by the mainstream media that they shouldn't look for a job for life. It's been on for about 20 years now when they started this hype. You'll have maybe 10, 15 jobs in your lifetime and you're supposed to just get used to it. They go round in circles looking for answers and those who manage to get back into companies and businesses and corporations stop right there.


Once they get employed again they're back into the rat race. They're shuffling hard for money and they're hustling away to keep afloat and to keep their mortgages going or the rents going or families going and it's not an easy task. Therefore it's easy for them when they start to wake up to fall into the other trap, which has been laid out by the same big boys who run the world, and that's the trap of thinking that somehow there can't be human beings that run this world. It must be something alien to them and that becomes quite natural because you see you've already swallowed the world as its been presented to you and the thought that there could be people who are so well connected and organized that run the world, so incredibly detailed in their mythology, is a hard thing to grasp, so it's easier to jump off into the paranormal or into aliens or whatever rather than accept the basic truth. Part of the reason for that is because we have been given a complete fake history. A fake reality in fact and it's so easy then to jump into what must be something else because “I'm so clever, how could I have been fooled my whole life.” So you fall into the trap of it must be something other than human.


In a sense it is, in that it's psychopathic in structure and that can be verified if you want to look into the pathologies of psychopathy; it's not hard to find and you'll find these people crave power all down through the ages. Now they give us the old histories of ancient tyrants and the most recent one we're always given is Adolph Hitler, but there's been many more since even Hitler and they're born in every generation and they're born mainly in the powerful families – at least the ones you see have emerged. The ones who are lucky enough to be born into these wealthy powerful families they take over from their parents and they become dynasties, as we see in politics, especially in the U.S.; in Britain they're more careful to hide their names, often taking the maiden name for the males even.


They're dynasties that run the world and they run it through institutions. Institutions that go up in a pyramid type structure until you have the big boys at the top and the royal families even of Europe and beneath them you have this Royal Institute of International Affairs which claims – it claims, even though it has a Royal Charter to exist as an institution in its legal term, institution, like a public institution. It's kind of there to serve a purpose for the public but not on behalf of the public. It's chartered by royalty and they're the guys who set up the League of Nations and then they set up the United Nations, and their goal has always been a world system, a global system based on the one system that stemmed from the elite of say of London, England for instance, and they'll stand for no other culture standing in their way. No ulterior alternative methods or cultures would be allowed to co-exist with them – a “standardization process” if you like.


And from there they set up the Council of the Pacific Relations. That was a branch that has dealt for about 70 years with the Far East and Australia and New Zealand and their job was to bring in that group under a big trading block for the future, which is here now, and they set up the Council on Foreign Relations, the American branch that deals mainly with the Americas. They're bringing everything together. Now people should look into their own website at the Royal Institute for International Affairs and you'll see they also have "members only" pages where they give a public description of themselves, but they have a membership only column there as well. Because those who have memberships have their own passwords and they get in to the different all multifarious sites they have. Incredible amount of sites that they have and all the organizations that run off of them. That's the Tree of Life, you might say, because it's got branches going into every facet of society.


This was started up, officially that is, by the combination of the Rhodes Foundation. Cecil Rhodes was given a charter to start up his own little private, almost the Blackwater of his day, a private sort of organization that would take over a good part of Africa especially the mineral rights, the gold and diamond rights of it, to accumulate the wealth but also to start wars and get the Boers, the Dutch out of South Africa. They did it by staging a raid on the Boers settlement claiming it happened the other way around. They even employed a woman reporter who told the British people that the Boers had attacked the British so what could Britain do, poor soul. They had to go and defend English settlers and that's how the Boer War started. It was started by a private company during a raid into South Africa and employing reporters to lie to the British public and giving the British government an excuse to do what they always wanted to do in the first place. That's how history is made you see, and that's official. That's now declared in the more modern history books.


However, they eventually merged with Lord Alfred Milner Round Table Society, another high elite organization made up of aristocracy and they became the Royal Institute of International Affairs with the goal of creating a system of free trade and not just free trade. It sounds so wonderful, “free trade,” but really it was to limit trade. It was for big corporations which they would found themselves, remembering that Britain was the premiere organization for actually founding world corporations beginning with the British East India Company. That was all funded by the royal families of Europe and the shareholders were also the same people. Ordinary people couldn't get shares in it at all. They ran the opium trades and all the other nefarious types of drug trades, which they comically called "spices," the spice wars.


Their goal then was to bring in a British type system and they created what they also called The Anglo-American Establishment. A very good book was put out by Professor Carroll Quigley on this topic and the connections of the interrelated families of both Britain and the United States with this particular goal in mind of world government and how they, through corporations and foundations working in tandem, would eventually control the world using this London-based system as the foundation. This type of culture that exists within the elite of the aristocracy and they've been behind wars from the very beginning.


As I say, the first war they had they started off the Boer War and they take credit for that too. They were the ones who started it with this private little group of Cecil Rhodes. That's how wars are started and that's how you get the desired effect, which is really to get a synthesis because out of every war and conflict you have treaties made where the victor generally takes the spoils.  However, you always find, too, (and this is known in sociology and in political science) the high bureaucracy of the defeated side, because they live so well and so high on the hog, generally merge with the bureaucracies of the victors and they become one. That's happened all the way back to ancient Egypt even. The same thing happened with invading armies in Egypt and you always found after about 20 years or even less, the bureaucracies of the invading armies, their governmental type system structure would merge with the Egyptians and it would all become one and it would grow and create a greater empire from that union.


It didn't matter who won and who lost because amongst the elite they never lose you see and often you find they're related anyway, first cousins and sometimes even brothers. The history of England alone will prove that point and you'll find from Queen Elizabeth I's court onwards they were more open with an agenda. We tend to look at the Middle Ages and think they were pretty backwards and living so primitively, and nothing can be further from the truth for the wealthy elite. They lived very, very well and even by today's standards lived a much higher standard than the average person can imagine.


Going back to ancient Rome, don't forget they had underground water. It was hot water for central heating going around their big palaces. You go back even further into the Minoan Society and we know that from little islands that are left from a huge island that sunk in the Aegean Sea where Thera [Thira] is now. Thera with all of its frescos and its wonderful living in Azure seas had plumbing to all the different houses that were built in it, hot water as well. So they lived very well indeed and you go back even further to the Harappan civilization that was the precursor of Sumer and my goodness, you find those guys rich, rich merchants too, that ran more ancient trade routes all the way from the Middle East right through to China also had indoor showers. Wow, indoor showers, eh, and we think we're so modern. I bet they paid a lot less for it then as they do today.


In the Middle Ages going back to Queen Elizabeth I court they were much more open with their agenda when they declared there would be a British or a "Brytish" empire. That's what they called it and John Dee was the man who proposed it to Queen Elizabeth I, and it would be based on free trade and those countries that would adopt the British system would be eventually called a "commonwealth" because you held the wealth of the commoners. The commonwealth, you see, and at the same time if they would adopt the same parliamentary system of aristocracy running over the House of Lords and all the rest of it, then they would be given a form of most-favored-nation trading status and that's what China was given just recently.


Nothing changes. Hundred-year-old plans are nothing at all. Four-hundred-year-old plans are nothing at all to fulfill, if you have the foundations; and as Carroll Quigley said, foundations exist and last longer than any single person. They employ as they retire older members. They employ new members and they take over with the agenda and the mandate and they can fulfill whatever they project in the future. That's how they pull all of this off.  It’s by planning, careful selection of their members and unlimited wealth to hire think tanks for these institutions to make sure that they can plan a future, look at all the reactions from the public in that future, and even set up leaders to sway the public off in a different direction; and that's all before they've made the first move on the chessboard. Therefore, you plan everything like a strategy in war, way ahead of time, and gradually you pull it off; and for those who wake up, they're suddenly stunned because they have no idea. They think that democracy really exists. They really do. They really think there's been such a thing as democracy, which has been the main front cover for this whole agenda all of this time. Then they find out suddenly – now all these institutions that are given for the public really don't work, or they're not there at all, or there's no real justice, so they go off into outer space thinking it must be aliens.  That's why big boys are funded by the Futurist Society to put that idea in your mind and then you run around in circles for the rest of your life buying lots and lots of books and talking about Zeta Reticuli and visiting channelers and all this rubbish, and you become very, very poor, very confused. Very confused indeed and you'll never get any where near the truth. You're in la-la land.


The New Age movement was also created by the big foundations. Look into the histories of Madame Blavatsky, who was to kick-off a form of freemasonry. Even though Pike and Mackey who was the historian for freemasonry said these were side degrees. They're not real true degrees because they only give men the high degrees, but it was to fool women into joining this, what they thought was an occult mystic organization, because they had to get the middle class female population onboard, so they gave them what they called theosophy and Blavatsky was put out there as the founder. She was primarily an actress. Her sister herself wrote a book about it saying she'd been acting since she was a child and telling stories. She did her job very well and she was given backing by the media that was also owned by the same aristocracy that pushed her.


You always give religions for the public. You give mysticism to the public and you keep them mystified forever. The best way of discrediting true information, which is called intelligence, is to grab that same intelligence, mix it with fantasy and offer it to the public who will often run with it; and those who are still given the basic intelligence are then pooh-poohed by people who've heard all the nonsense. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and just taking some of the veils away to show you how very, very wealthy people who run the monied system of the world – the trick is to get the public to believe what wealth is. They say “this is wealth” and so you believe it and use it for currency. It doesn't matter what it is. It doesn't matter if it's baked beans or porcupine quills, as long as the public believe that's what wealth is and those who have control over the source of that wealth, which is generally – it used to be the gold and silver industry for the Western countries and the Middle East. It doesn't matter if it's that, or the printing presses, as long as they say so, then they are in charge of the wealth, therefore they can churn out as much as they want to – to hire thousands of think tanks in all areas of control. That's the key to it is the areas of control and it's not difficult to look into how societies have been controlled all down through the ages because religion stands at the top.


Now if you want to take over a world, you must take charge of all the religions at the top as well and you take over those religions and put your own people in or buy them off. Greed isn't restricted to any particular faith, so it's quite easy to take people over and even insert them in; and after a generation or two you'll think they're yours, like the Queen of England isn't really the top. She's the kind of pope of the Anglican Church for England – all the way back since Henry VIII, that's when it started, when he took over that role – and she sits at the head of the Anglican Church and puts this little Arch Bishop on top of the rest of the public, but she's still the head of it, and so she rules in the place of God, you see, and that was always called "the divine right of kings."


King James I got in a bit of trouble over that because he wrote a big treatise on his right to rule speaking for God and no one had the right and how dare they in fact question his decisions because he spoke as God basically. That's not too long ago, but nothing much has really changed. If you were at the top of the world and you have command over millions and millions of people, such as the British Commonwealth and it seems America is also roped in there because so many of the top politicians have gone on over the years to get knighted by the Queen, and that was again forbidden by the Constitution, but that doesn't matter anymore. It's kind of out the window as we can see and they go over to get knighted for a top honor and even top mafia guys wanted to be knighted.


You find the Bronfman's, old Sam Bronfman that ran the whiskey trade and the cocaine trade during the Roaring 20’s and prohibition, his dying wish was to be knighted by the Queen of England. An odd thing for a gangster, isn't it?  Until you realize that the same group at the top run the legal world for the public to see; and when they can't use that system because the public would complain, they use the underworld to do it for them. That's how it works.


Getting back to theosophy that was created mainly for women to get them in to the occult organizations and they wanted really an the upper middle class to come in and get them “onboard” as they say, which pirates love. Then you find that Annie Besant took over from Blavatsky; and so you had an HB for Helena Blavatsky, and then you had an AB for Anne Besant, and she was followed by another AB, which was Alice Bailey.  However, you go back to Besant, now why on earth would she have a name like Besant? Names are very important for front people because Besant was the name the Knights Templar gave to the flag. That's why; and her father was a Lord Besant in the British House of Lords. Again, aristocracy was in charge of the setting up of that movement to get them in.  Sure enough, the women went into it and thought they were being told secrets but they were told what the Great Work was for them at least, and that was again to encourage missionary work across the world. Not going themselves, mind you, but to encourage others to do it – you know the lower middle class to go abroad and suffer the hardships and convert all these poor pagans that just needed God's help so the British could steal their land and property and all their wealth. That's what they did for a couple of centuries.


You'll find that “money rules” as they say. Money rules everything, only because the public accept it as a substitute for something or other; in other words, real wealth. That's why they call it real estate, the only real estate. That's why it's called real estate. Everything else is fake you see and even your real estate isn't yours, your property, because if you look at even your titles to your deed you'll find really that you don't own it at all and it's registered. Anything that's registered under law is not yours anymore. You're simply in possession of it. We're conned and conned and conned all the down this long dusty road.


Going back to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they have publicly taken the credit for pushing and putting the bills forward for the income tax and property tax quite some time ago. They were the ones who did it. The CFR branch did the same thing in the United States. They've been running this world as sort of a front organization for this aristocracy, this very old aristocracy that's run the world for a long, long time that actually uses for its symbols all the symbols of Egypt even. That's an odd thing to say, but it’s true, because the coronation of the queen can show you sitting on a raised diaz or a ziggurat type pyramid, a stepped pyramid, on the throne wearing her crown and holding a little scepter (which is the world) and a little wand thing in her hand (which is actually a little flail).  You'll see the same thing in ancient pharaohs as well. You'll see it on the hieroglyphics even depicting Nimrod thousands of years ago; and there it is, being performed in Britain in places like Westminster Abbey. You'll find the floor of Westminster Abbey is a checkerboard floor, the black and white squares, which is also the tesserated floor of the Masonic Lodge. In Westminster Abbey, too, if you walk around there and look at all these knights, they're put in little sarcophagi just like the tombs of Egypt. On one wall they have one for a very wealthy old family from Norman descent and they have two Egyptian obelisks on the ground floor and just halfway up the wall is another two there, very obvious Egyptian obelisks in a supposedly Christian church from the Middle Ages. People go through that and never ever question why, because we're not taught to think or reason. We're taught to parrot what we're told.


That gets me back to my original point here: The sudden shock of waking up and realizing that things are not the way it's been downloaded into your mind to be. Things are vastly different. Today we see the velvet glove being taken off the iron fist, which is showing itself and it's glistening rather brightly in all countries under this terrorism act. Britain has now declared itself to be, in the newspapers, "Fortress Britain." They copied that from the one that was in the Canadian papers from 2005 when the Prime Minister of Canada signed the agreement with Mexico and Canada to basically integrate the first open part that was given to the public on national television for the integration of the Americas, security forces, taxation systems, customs duties. All that was to be integrated and they had to make another five agreements up until 2010 and by then, the complete unification of at least the U.S., Canada and Mexico and perhaps even Chile was to be completed and up and running.


Before that, they even discussed putting in a new capital for the Americas. A new Brussels just like Europe's got and base it on Montreal, Canada. Why Montreal? Because it's under the Napoleonic code which goes rather lightly on the banking system and that's where it will be based.  We're going through a script. That's the bottom line. We live a script and people have a hard time figuring that out. I'll be back after the following messages.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, just giving you a little bit, a little bit because there's so much you could give out but it would take forever. Showing you how nothing has been left – no stone has been left unturned to bring about a totally controlled society.  In ancient times even in Egypt who left more records than most nations about their method of control, they simply dominated the public by giving them a particular religion with the Eye of Ra and you couldn't go anywhere in Egypt without seeing a symbol of the Eye of Ra. In other words, this eye was watching you and knew your thoughts you see. It could see inside your mind and you had to behave yourself and even the slaves were trained that this eye no matter where they ran off to they get found and so they were the best-behaved slaves that ever existed.


They found the same technique with tyrants down through history and even Stalin had his picture everywhere, just like George Orwell showed in his "1984" black and white movie made in 1984 by a British company with Richard Burton in the movie; and wherever you went, even up your stairwell, you see pictures of the tyrant who was watching you. This stern fatherly figure and that was meant to implant itself in your mind that there was nothing you did that wasn't known, so that's the key to it all. You can either make people believe religion and keep them very ignorant and the masses in all ages remember couldn't even read and write. They were only given reading and writing for the majority of the public so they'd be efficient in industry. You can't very well make things in factories if you can't follow instructions and read blueprints so they had to give a basic education, but they also withheld archives of history – the true archives of history. All you got at school was dates, times, battles and winners. That's what you got. You weren't given the primary motivating forces behind it all and who benefited from it and who funded it; that's the main thing. Who funds all these wars? You'll find that you pay for it all but you seldom find really except maybe a hundred years after the event who actually funded it and profited from it in the first place.


By the way, why isn't there a world court to try these characters for crimes against humanity? All these big bankers that fund the wars. I mean wouldn't that be a start in the right direction? Because without their funding you see we wouldn't have the wars, but that's too obvious, that would never happen. That has been run down through the ages, so Joe Blow is waking up today and he's freaking out because he says “my God this system that I thought was mine is vanishing and I see all these armored vehicles around big cities and so on” and now they're going to go into searching people in shopping malls as you walk into the shopping mall, the shopping plaza.  They want to do body searches there now because now you've had a few years of seeing these black clad goons with machine guns walking around in these shopping malls and subway stations. Now they want to search everybody coming in and out, training you Pavlovian step by step and that's how they do it with animals.


All those animal things that you watched on television and experimenting with animals, it was nothing to do with the animal behavior control. It was all to be used on you, and once you become familiar with something in your environment, that's the key to it, that's what Skinner talked about in the psychology of behaviorism and how to control millions of people. You alter the person's behavior by altering their environment. Once you accept a foreign object in your environment – and a guy with a black uniform on and a machine gun is definitely a foreign object in your environment – then the next step is to get you patted down and you'll accept that.  It's always a step by step by step process of acceptance in this Pavlovian style, because we're going into an era where the changes they're making are so contrary to everything that you thought was normal, even though normal was given to you as well because normal keeps changing. It's so contrary to it that again it seems alien to you. Completely alien all of this kind of behavior; plus even bringing in the DNA testing on babies and such like that, which is going on in Michigan or Illinois and other places. This is the whole eugenics system being pushed into play step by step and eventually, not too long from now, what's left of marriage will be forbidden except for a little while amongst people who are allowed to marry for certain offsprings purposes only.


That will be the thing, then eventually we'll go into the enhanced humans and there'll be two classes of human beings. This has all been written about and published in the mainstream and unfortunately, people only believe the mainstream, but they have published that there'll be two classes of people: The genetically enhanced ones who will be superior and the inferior types, you know the junk genes types. At the moment, we're all the junk genes types, all the commoners (if you don't have a title), because the elite go by the Darwinian theory and Darwin was only a front man for those particular people.


They believed that they have proven by accumulating vast amounts of wealth and power over billions of people across the world that they have the right to rule those people, that they are superior. Even though we can classify them as psychopathic in nature, which they definitely are, they don't class themselves the same way. They see that as the natural process of nature. The top predators have the right to dominate the weaker ones. That's what they believe.  We're going through this Brave New World scenario and this hundred years war, and that's what it was called by Rumsfeld himself. This hundred years war, obviously it's going to take a hundred years to alter the Middle East we know that. We know that for a fact. They're talking about whole world system and bringing this new scientific type of dictatorship where technocrats and scientists will dominate the process of the future and the kind of world you're going to get brought up into and there'll also be a world run by experts. It pretty well is already. It's a world run by experts and that's what Lord Bertrand Russell wrote about back in the 1920’s and then again in the '50’s with his book "The Impact of Science on Society".  He said "we shall create a world where the average person will be unable to think for themselves. We shall give them experts for everything."  He's talking about using the media, television and radio primarily until one generation grows up with that and sure enough, they can't go outside without listening to the weather man to tell them what to put on or what to wear that day. That's how bad it's become.


The example Russell gave was that a mother would be unable to change the diaper on her own child without professional instruction from an expert; and here we are. We've been here for millions of years supposedly and women had no problem with that in the past, but today they don't know. They don't know and they have no confidence because an expert must tell you what to do, and that's already happened and it's happened with pretty well every facet of our lives.


Now at the top of this multifarious octopus with even more legs going off of it than the octopus's eight, going into thousands and thousands of branches they also gave you the self-help groups and vast amounts of bookshelf space has been given in all public libraries and in all of their mainstream bookstores for self-help books. It's incredible how many there are out there. For every problem there's dozens of often conflicting self-help books, because all of this was to get you into a form of throwing out our old crutches, which generally was religion you see for people, and accepting scientific crutches because the scientific ones that use a bit of psychobabble to hook you will take over.  The white-coated priests take over from the black-coated priests and you think they're professional and scientific so you follow their advice, and that's created incredible chaos throughout society especially amongst families. People actually read these books and then they go out and start arguing with their mate or someone else when they say, “you've been oppressing me all my life. It says so in this book here, see, and I've got to do this about it.” This has been happening. These were all put out by the different legs of this big octopus, this Royal Institute for International Affairs that's in league with all the other foundations especially the scientific foundations and all data gathering foundations because knowledge is power and those who have ultimate knowledge have ultimate power over all the rest. This is how the world really is run.


It's an integrated system of power that interrelates and interlocks with each other and they have annual meetings with specific parts of their functions going together, like the Bilderberger group where royal families and big bankers and up-and-coming prime ministers or presidents are brought in; and that's where they select the presidents in fact before you ever hear their names. Back after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and trying to dispel some of the modern myths that are being put out there again heavily funded to confuse people and keep them going in circles and by that I mean also the whole New Age movement, which was started and promoted out of London once again. They were the ones who started the whole idea of mediumship or channeling as they called it then, and that flourished through people like Madame Blavatsky and through a lot of the women's circles, the upper middle classes and so on as they had little tea meetings. Tea and crumpets as they called it and they'd invite in the local channeler who would give them what everyone really wants in that whole movement, regardless of the type that they go into. They want a form of assurance that for them personally, personally the world is going to be okay and the future is going to be just nice and hunky-dory regardless of what's happening to anyone else.


That's really what all these characters prey on. They prey on the fears of the individual and sometimes, sure, they'll tell you you'll meet someone tall, dark and handsome and it's no lie because in your life I have no doubt you'll meet them here and there. It doesn't mean anything is going to happen but you'll meet them, but people are really after assurance, which is a form of insurance that they're going to be all right. In the old days you just paid priests for that thing. They prayed to their deity and you'd be blessed and you felt protected, and the more afraid you were and the more money you had you could feel much, much better after parting with your money and having all these prayers said for you. You had special protection and it's much the same. The more they pay to the sharks out there for their well being in the future the better they feel. They must live in this delusion. Not just illusion but delusion that somehow forces are going to take care of them personally as the world goes to hell in a handbasket and other ones use different techniques too.


Pictures, as Carl Jung called them, he said they're archetypical images and you'll find that on various symbols and in cards and so on. They used that to give you readings and soak the money out of you and give you good news and maybe a little cautious news just to make it sound more real. They fleece you because you're the sheep you see and that's what you do with sheep. You fleece the sheep and they’re all mutts. They're mutton you see and that's the function of a sheep and the good shepherds that come out from the top to lead the people, who have no faith in themselves, love to follow the good shepherds so they always get fleeced.


That's the history of the world and it's still going on today and as I say this whole New Age movement was designed also to bring in a new type of religion, a religion where people will be disconnected with their reality, regardless of what's happening in the world or to those around them. They live in their own little world and they wave their hands to bring down the moon and Wicca and all this kind of stuff, and feel very, very nice as people across the world are being blown to bits by their tax money in the forms of bombs and cluster bombs et cetera. They're oblivious to what's happening in politics. They want to know and that's how you disarm people. You disarm their minds first, and that's mainly what the New Age has been very, very successful in doing. A New Ager is like someone standing on the tracks of a train and the train is coming up behind them and they don't want to even turn around and look at it. They don't want to see it. They don't want the bad news and they'll tell you that. “I don't want to know. That's negative.”


Well, here's the other part of the bad news. You see, if you don't look at what's negative then you're losing your survival capabilities. That's why you have these capabilities. Little warnings that go off in your mind are for self-preservation and you're out of the running if you can't look around and see that train coming up behind you, so you've be neutralized by a very effective method. We find that MI5 and 6 have been behind it, also, creating these myths for the public.


Who would have thought that your spy agencies were involved so heavily in the creation of essentially new religions and mass movements and leading them, too? Because the old Aleister Crowley we find out later in declassified documentation, the man who was sent out back in the '20’s right through the '30’s and '40’s et cetera, this man started up the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis), a branch of freemasonry with 96 degrees, mainly to get the young up-and-coming budding artists that would be leading the sheep again (the people) in the near future. Sure enough, in the pop rock and entertainment world, that was their hero, Aleister Crowley and the OTO. So many people at the top were members of that. It staggers the imagination how they all fell for it, but Crowley was actually trained and put out by MI6 in fact. He even was a spy in Germany for them for a while.


Once again, even your secret services are involved in the creation of modern mythologies, so I always caution people to beware and use their own judgment and don't follow anybody, including me. Check everything I say out for yourselves and don't take anything for granted.  I try to stick to the documentation that the big boys themselves have published. Books about the big boys are often slanted in so many different ways depending upon the author's intent that it can be very misleading and you don't have to read about them by other people. Read the books that they put out themselves. Read all the books you can get by Lord Bertrand Russell and you'll find in the foundations, once again they set up the foundations as even H.G. Wells Foundation another propagandist for this particular elite, you'll find there are books there for $500 and more. Those are the ones they obviously don't want the public to get. The other ones you can get for maybe $40 or under, but the other ones, the ones where they spoke to their own peer group, their equals, generally are priced out of the range of most people. Look into Bertrand Russell's books for instance. He certainly was a proponent for this New World Order where the inferior gene types, all the useless eaters as he called them himself, should simply be eliminated because to bring them all into a New World Order would maybe bring down that New World Order during its birth pangs.


It's an odd philosophy because if you look at the philosophy of Hinduism it's the same. It's the same philosophy because in Hinduism – and here's Darwin's whole theory – you start off really as sort of slime and you move from there as amoebas and just go up the ladder through evolution. You compare that to Darwin's theory, which he didn't write himself because his grandpa put out before him but it flopped and they made Darwin a superstar by a buildup in the media and his book was a bestseller before it even hit the shelves. That’s how you create a star; it's no different today. He rehashed his grandpa's writings, which was just the inner beliefs of an upper elite who already ruled Britain and other parts of the world. Today they simply call them junk genes, junk genes being the commoners, and they actually set up eugenics societies.


The Rockefeller Foundation in the United States started up the American Eugenics Society and they published their own magazine every month with pictures of these lovely white people with lovely teeth and nice and tall and all the rest of it. Nice families who were the perfect specimens of a superior type of breeding and that's how blatant they were, not so long ago.


They were also the guys behind the funding, the Rockefeller and others of I.G. Farben that set up the Natzi industry for World War II for Germany. That's where they also got it. Adolph Hitler got all his ideas from Darwin and genetics basically and superior types and inferior types. He also was a great believer in Blavatsky. He read her books and you find that Lenin was no different. The Soviet system beginning with the Soviet side, which was international socialism supposedly versus national socialism, also believed in superior types and inferior types; Trotsky more so than Stalin or Lenin, and Trotsky came out with the idea of perpetual revolution. That's why he had to flee the Soviet system. He wanted the revolution to go on to the next step and the next step in the belief that they could speed up the process of evolution, scientifically, and kill off the inferior types at the same time generation by generation, eliminate them. These are the people in the history books the people today still follow. They still follow their beliefs. If you look into the guy who trained your various leaders in the U.S. like Rumsfeld, you'll find it goes back to a particular professor that was sent over from Natzi Germany who also was a Natzi but also believed in the Trotsky idea of perpetual revolution to evolve man through man-made impetus, speed up the process and bring them to this final superman; and here we are going through it now today folks.


I'll be back after the following messages.





"The Future" by Leonard Cohen


Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and it's true, you can see the vision of the future and it certainly is murder because Britain is now called Fortress Britain, where they're bringing armored vehicles into all airports and so on. They've been doing that for years mind you there, but they're stepping up the whole process and shortly you'll have them outside the shopping malls and plazas as well, as you're getting padded down and having body cavity searches with a bunch of giggling teenagers in black outfits. That will become the normal because everything eventually becomes the normal and that's how people judge themselves as sane. Everyone else accepts it, it must be normal and therefore you swallow your pride and accept it. That's how it works. If you cause a problem well what's wrong with you? Everyone else accepts it and that's why they call it democracy, because the mob, the masses can always be counted on to do as the elite want them to. That's why they gave us democracy. That's the con behind it.


Now Mark Baard who is a reporter and who is a teacher of reporters of journalists writes a column called "" and on the 15th today he's got a page up there talking about roaches, how roaches now will follow a robotic roach and how the behavior doesn't seem to change. They accept this robotic roach just like it's one of their own and a little comment there mentions and you can follow the links to it too. The little comment mentions how it's been used on other species as well.  Guess really what the other species happen to be?  It's humans, of course, because they're not too interested in roaches. They don't pay taxes and they don't consume and produce, which is the definition of a good citizen according to the United Nations.  It's about controlling us and also look into "ParallelNormal" and his other link on his site there to do with scientists preparing the mind reading device, November 15th, 2007, ", and in here it's got:


             "Screaming to be heard: Boston University claims its mind-reading device can get inside the heads of paralyzed patients."


Alan:  Now they always use the poor misfortunate ones to bring the horror shows down on the public because these people have no time for those who don't produce anymore, but it's a great thing. The public can't get past that part. It's like attacking mom's apple pie. They're trying to help people, so they always use that to push their chips and all the rest of it that they want to insert in your brain.


It says here:


             "New Scientist magazine, cited by the Beeb…"


Alan:  That's the BBC.


             "…in this report (link and excerpt, below), often exaggerates the nature of scientific findings and discoveries. That’s why I am just a bit dubious of the claim that electrodes implanted in the brain of a speechless man are unlocking his thoughts, and relaying them to a voice synthesizer."


Alan:  It goes on to say here.


             "But if the scientists at Boston University can indeed guess the guy’s thoughts accurately 80 percent of the time, that would be impressive. Once they take this technology wireless, calling our thoughts our own might prove impossible."


Alan:  To be honest with you I think they're already there because Nick Begich showed on television in Canada on the Wendy Mesley show on the CBC television a few years ago devices the CIA were using back in the 1950’s that are now obsolete. You could put this little thing in your pocket like a remote TV control and you could even put it in your top shirt pocket it was so small, which must mean they were solid-state, by the way, long before we even heard of transistors (which were the middle ground before solid-state). He demonstrated to the interviewer, Wendy Mesley, that you put a sound (he played music in the middle of her head). That's what she heard from a distance, so it worked on line of sight. Probably any line of sight and he could have just as easily have put words in her head as well.


This is old technology but this is the bottom level at university, thinking they're just discovering it and that's why it's called research. When they call it “research” it means the searching has already been done, because there are three levels of science existing at all times. One from professorship down, for the public, and even the professor thinks he knows all there is to know, but there's a level above him and they're drafted up into areas like MI6 and higher categories within the CIA. There's an even higher group above them that keeps highly advanced scientific devices, including these things that people think are flying saucers. They've had that for years.


The BBC did a documentary on Area 51 in the 1970’s and you could see these things coming out of Air Force base where they make them and test them. They keep all this stuff quiet from the public and they create the UFO movement to distract you from what they're actually doing. “It must be from outside the world because we can't do that. We don't have that technology,” and everybody wants to fall for it because it's so amazing. We loved to be amazed, just like religions have done in the past when Elijah went off into space and Jesus went up through the roof and all that and just appeared up in the sky.  They do the same kind of things today with UFOs and they get movements started and they actually fund them. Do you know the Rockefeller Foundation is the biggest funder to all these UFO movements and their leaders? I know that for a fact because I know a person who works in the Center for Rockefeller Foundation and all she does is sign checks all day long to all these different organizations. That's how the world is run, including our thoughts and our fantasies and our hobbies even and things which make us go ooh and aah. That's how it's done.


Here you are, the Boston University in "Parallel Normal" has come out with their lower version of they're just working on it, even though you'll find in a recent article put out by DARPA. DARPA remember is all to do with the NSA Department (National Security Department) had already claimed that they put a chip in a paralyzed man's head which allowed him to do emails, which I think were 80 percent accurate most of the time.


That's the world we're living in. We're living in deception and categories of science which are kept from the public, because all that the public is ever told about is technically obsolete. As I say, the BBC did a documentary on Area 51 in the '70’s. Others have made their own documentaries there, and you always see these craft coming out of underground hangars and going up into the sky and doing all kinds of odd things much faster than jet aircraft can do. Stopping on a dime and going the opposite way even, and that's supposed to be unknown to the public. They roll out the latest stealth bomber and say this is the best we've got, honestly; and they also use bombs like cluster bombs and all the damage that they do, which is phenomenal, but they don't even need that anymore.


In fact, look into the HAARP technology weather warfare. The Weather Warfare Treaty at the United Nations signed in the 1970’s. They said it made all other weaponry obsolete, weather warfare. Now they signed that because they already had that stuff and it already worked. They could knock out entire nations or continents if they want to just with the HAARP alone. They made all the bombs that you could ever make completely obsolete. There are three categories of science always co-existing and unknown to each other. That's how it works; the only ones who really know are the guys at the top who have devised the very advanced scientific equipment.


That's the world we live in: a world of deception where everything that is put on the bookshelves is to keep you in a matrix. A matrix where you'll never imagine what they can actually do in reality, but you'll think that you do. That's why we'll argue with people and say, “we don't have that technology. They could never do that. They're just working on that now.” Well, look at the books by people like Rutherford who was one of the greatest mathematicians who ever lived. He was the one that the Royal Institute sent into Egypt to do all the correct measurements for pyramids and so on. He wrote a biography and he mentioned in the 1920’s that he was working at that time—in the 1920’s—on genetics. Now why would you have a mathematician working on genetics if you hadn't found the genes yet? Because the public were told he didn't find all that until Watson came up with the double helix and all the rest of it much, much, much later on.


They keep the truth from the public because knowledge is power; and when it comes to anything to do with weaponry, anything that could change humanity, you keep secret. You keep it secret from the public. You don't tell them what's really going on, very, very simple. Now we've already had 50-odd years, almost 60 years of very, very good science fiction movies and television has been the greatest tool for indoctrination ever to be invented; and Bertrand Russell himself praised it to high heavens.  All of the Star Trek series that you found, for instance, in the early Star Trek series that hooked every child. They were very, very good, well done, really were all about a future society done in allegorical form in space. That's what it was all about and they gave you little human dramas. They always give you a human drama as you swallow the bait. The bait being the human drama and along with the bait you take the poison. The poison being here's new ways of looking at life and people and everything else and even the system that you live in. It's prepared your mind to come in to a much bigger system, the multi-cultural society that was to come. The whole point of the Starship Enterprise – now remember “God bless us on this enterprise” as it says in the United States.  Enterprise is to do with commerce and business. It's also a plan, a big, big plan. You enter for the prize, the prize being the world; and the Starship Enterprise had many, many missions to go meeting all these different alien races that represented foreign countries.


You'll find that all those who accepted the trading missions and became partners and accepted all the rules, laws and regulations and became similar to the earth system were good guys. Anyone who didn't accept it were all nasty and they had horrible faces. They were all ugly little characters and so they were the bad guys and they were primitive. That's what they were really showing you to do with the upcoming world system they were bringing in. You'll find that today. All the countries that haven't come under this global system, haven't thrown off the shackles of their particular religion and so on, are all backward type people that you can't trust. They're all shifty and primitive, and therefore they're bad guys and that's why we sit back here and watch people getting blown up across the world and it doesn't affect us. We’ve become disassociated from the rest of humanity through massive conditioning all our lives, life-long conditioning.


At one time they reserved that only for the military, who does get a more indoctrination into the dehumanizing of an enemy. You always dehumanize an enemy before you let the troops loose on them. That's why they go in there and they behave very brutally, much more than the stuff that you'll see on NBC. You also do the same thing now on the population. The population today do not react as they did in times gone by. In times gone by when people were being hit hard across the other side of the world, you still had empathy for them because again that was a survival mechanism. If you had no empathy for others ultimately you were on your own. No one would come to your aid and so that's why you naturally care about others.


People today have been dehumanized to such an extent they seldom have empathy for each other, and that's a sad, sad thing to say but it's so true. We have been cut off, divided and conquered all the way down to the family unit until people can't get along anymore. We live in little boxes playing with a silly little screen of a computer, which is actually programming you. You think it's a tool to help you but it's not. It's there to program you. It tells you what to do and you obey every step of the way. You're being programmed along.


Brzezinski even wrote about the computer saying this will be given to the public shortly with a form of communication they've never of before. He says they'll think it's for themselves but in reality will be to create a common form of culture across the world.  Who do you think is making the culture? – Because you don't decide what it is. You never did. Culture as Plato said is begun at the top. It comes from the top and it's put down to the public below. Anything that came up from the grassroots has to be eliminated because it would have unseen repercussions to the elite at the top with their various plans. Therefore, culture creation is part of big government's job and business. It always has been. Always has been. Even things that make you cry when you hear certain music play because it's your national this or it's national that or whatever it happens to be and the symbols is all reinforced. It's given to you and then it's reinforced through repetition, just like Pavlovian training, and people are completely unaware of this. They respond to it but unaware of why and it's Pavlovian training. That's how we're run. That's how culture is run. I'll be back with more about this after the following messages and I'll take callers.



"The Universal Soldier" by Donovan


He's five foot-two, and he's six feet-four,
He fights with missiles and with spears.
He's all of thirty-one, and he's only seventeen,
Been a soldier for a thousand years.

He's a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain,
A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew.
And he knows he shouldn't kill,
And he knows he always will,
Kill you for me my friend and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
He's fighting for France,
He's fighting for the USA,
And he's fighting for the Russians,
And he's fighting for Japan,
And he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for Democracy,
He's fighting for the Reds,
He says it's for the peace of all.
He's the one who must decide,
Who's to live and who's to die,
And he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him,
How would Hitler have condemned him at Labau?
Without him Caesar would have stood alone,
He's the one who gives his body
As a weapon of the war,
And without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the Universal Soldier and he really is to blame,
His orders come from far away no more,
They come from here and there and you and me,
And brothers can't you see,
This is not the way we put the end to war.



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and that song is so true because, yes, you have the psychopaths at the top who know how to manipulate tribal instincts especially in young men. Young men aren't too bright, I've been there myself, and we run on hormones. Most young men want to be accepted by the tribe, the group, doing something that's active and gets rewards and it gets the camaraderie of the group. They want to be part of something for the first time in their lives; more so since they come from dysfunctional families in this modern day. Almost all families are dysfunctional. They've been made intentionally so. Therefore they look for, like any person who wants to join a gang, they look for a tribal leader and the gang man at the top and they give them their all, do what they're told and they're also given awards by their own country.


Now most of these characters are generally from the lower classes. They have no power. They're looked down upon in fact. A lot of them don't work or haven't had a job or can't get one, and suddenly putting a uniform on makes you all respectable and people treat you completely differently and they feel special. Once you enter the military that's what they tell you right off the bat, is you’re special now. You don't belong to a civilian street. You're special. You're one of us. You're part of the team. You're a brother. Big fraternity, you see, and guys love fraternities and societies with emblems. All the way from Ancient Egypt they always started with the left foot forward. That's why if you look at the stelas in Egypt you always see the left foot forward. That's the beginning of the march of the sun going – as we go round the sun. In those days they thought it was the other way around, but that's the beginning of the march with the left foot forward, which happens in every military in the world. The whole military is part of the high occultic system and “soldier” is someone who dies for the sun, sol, the sun. That's what it's for.


Now we have Steve in Ohio. Are you there, Steve?


Steve:  Hi Alan. How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Steve:  It's great to hear you. I just was interested tonight in you talking about all these things that are sent to confuse us, particularly the intelligence services being involved in that. I don't know if you've heard recently about that great truth teller that escaped from MI5, David Shayler, and his statement in July that he was a new messiah. In fact he's a reincarnate allegedly. It's very complicated actually, as we all know these things usually are, and he's now a reincarnation of a Jewish revolutionary shepherd named Astronges. It's just quite interesting when we hear these truth tellers coming out there, isn't it?


Alan:  It is telling. As I say, Aleister Crowley was one of the better ones, heavily funded mind you, and given whole teams of writers to churn out all the books to start the movement up, but they have been behind all the New Age movements. It's also interesting that they used high technology on people who walk in to – this is admitted to, it came out of hearings after the MKULTRA hearings. The CIA were involved in all of that, of course they funded it all. They were also putting in the same type of equipment that Nick Begich showed that could put thoughts in your head. You'd hear voices in your head. They were installing them in lots of these meditation groups that suddenly sprouted all over the place, all over the world, especially the Western World, and some of them even guaranteed you you'd hear God talking to you and they did. They'd pay their money and they'd do their little meditation and sure enough, they'd have their experience and so they were using high technology back in the 60’s and no doubt onwards from there. It makes you wonder what it did to that particular man you're talking about, even though he worked for them. It's possible they're even using it on them too.


Steve:  He announced that it was through a concerted and continual use of mushrooms, Ayahuasca and Ibogaine coupled with marijuana that helped him come to this realization of his divine mission to help us into 2012.  I suppose sitting doing that at the Glastonbury Symposium that would be something that might happen.


Alan:  I've no doubt it could, and again, they're very famous for trying to give us messiahs this particular group. I mean to an extent even theosophy it's whole idea was to pick young men and groom them for Maitreya systems and they did groom a few and tried them out there. Krishnamurti was one of them. He was brought up by them. In fact, Besant's father, Lord Besant gave him most of his training. He was one of the highest members of the Knights Templars, Lord Besant. Luckily, he [Krishnamurti] broke away from it. He realized he was going to be used to manipulate the minds of millions of people; and don't forget what they say, that eventually they'll give us a benevolent dictatorship. They'll give us a benevolent dictator and so they've been trying to groom these characters over the last couple of hundred years and get the public to accept it. So it's interesting that someone would come out of there with maybe a bit too many delusions of grandeur and by revealing the fact he did take the magic mushrooms and all the rest of it he's kind of lost his own cause there.


Steve:  Thank you, Alan. Thanks very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  We find this all the time that the big agencies have been behind that. Now that's what MKULTRA was about too, psychic driving. It wasn't just putting on helmets with earphones and giving you LSD and then giving you repetitive sounds, music and words to alter your behavior and erase your old memory and give you a new memory, which was all part of it. What they didn't tell you in MKULTRA and they didn't show it even in the expose that the CBC did, the documentary called "The White Room" I think it was called. They didn't show you the fact that they'd also taken a lot of young children that were orphans and experimented on them too, and all of those ones still wakeup today at 3 AM every morning all together at the same time; 3 AM on the dot no matter where they are. That's what happens.


Now we've got John in Florida. Are you there, John? Hello John?


John:  I've got a question regarding chipping technology and whatnot. How do you foresee them playing that out as far as like the Hegelian Dialectic?


Alan:  I'll tell you it's quite easy to see where they're going step by step again. Hold on and I'll talk to you after the following messages.


John:  Will do.



Alan:  Hi. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and that's true this can't go on and it's time this all came to a dead stop and the people for the first time perhaps in history start conversing amongst themselves and deciding where they want to go. Now we’ve go John in Florida on the line who’s talking about the brain chip and how it's likely to be given to the public. We can see where it's going with all this ID card stuff. Now in Europe they already have to show their ID in certain European countries to get in a taxicab, to go in a subway, to get on a bus and it's become a way of life and of course we know they're going to give a big, a big – there will be a whole stack of robberies eventually in the media about these cards being stolen, probably after we all get them here next year. They'll have a spate of robberies and false IDs and they'll say this can't go on, it's terrible. Then of course someone on a big show like Oprah, or who knows, and they'll show the benefits of the chip and how wonderful it will be and how also it can interface with your nervous system.


They've already put this stuff out to the public in science magazines and it will become more mainstream and more out into the regular newspapers shortly about the benefits of a brain chip and how you won't need tranquilization in these turbulent times, these stressful times because it's going to stimulate your own natural endorphins and so on to be released and you'll feel so much better. You'll be placid all the time, so if you stress the public enough and give them a lot of hype about stolen cards. This card eventually is meant to be your one card that will do your banking. That will take the place of all the other cards that you have. That's what it's designed to do and that's been discussed openly in the British newspapers even a couple of years ago. It has the capacity for all of that and it will be used down the road for that. Once that starts getting stolen and you can’t buy anything anymore, everything is plastic, then you'll need some other method and the chip will be the way to go.  It's also going to be pushed at NASA, even a documentary out a few years ago of how their particular astronauts are chipped to monitor their blood pressure and their heart rate and so on, and how safe you'd be if you had this chip because it can actually contact the hospitals before you know yourself you're coming down with a stroke or a heart attack. This is how they'll sell the whole idea to the public and all you have to do is to get a certain percentage of the public to accept it and the rest will be forced to go along with it. That's again called democracy. What's wrong with you? The rest of us have accepted this. What's your problem? However, it's also to track you everywhere you go.


They've admitted the card the forerunner of the chip has the capacity to be tracked by a cell phone towers all throughout cities and you know they put up these little arrays of antennas in the top buildings in all streets in the cities so you’d be tracked wherever you'd go. This is a totally surveilled society. Totally means totally surveilled. That's why they called it "Total Information Network."  Not almost total but Total Information Network and the only way to be absolutely certain is to have the thing implanted and that's why they had the meetings at Loyola University in Louisiana over the last few years. They have an annual science meeting there. Newt Gingrich was put in as the head spokesman that starts off these talks and these guys never retire, they're always given these kind of positions. They have the top scientists who work with the chip as early as 2001 talking about the fact that it's actually ready to go.


All they have to do now is convince the public to accept it and they said this will be promoted mainly through fiction, but not all through fiction, but mainly through fiction starting with cartoons to make the children actually think it's a normal thing and all their superheroes will have them and it will give them tremendous powers. That's how they're going to get the idea into the young. It will then go through various novels for adults and movies as well. Sure enough, after 2001 we had different movies come out with Robin Williams for instance. What was it called? The Cutter, I think they called it, where you have an implant. Everyone has an implant put in their brain and they could have a complete memory – your memory was duplicated. Everything you'd seen or done in your entire life was in that chip and they could show it to everyone after you were deceased. They could show you what you saw, what you heard and what you said. That's how they're doing it to familiarize you with the idea and then through terror and fear they promote it as a good thing and most people will accept it because science has been put up on a platform where religion used to be. It is the new religion that's taken over and that was all intentional. People are conditioned now to believe anything the experts tell us. Does that answer how it will be done?


John:  Well I mean like say you always hear about you have the VeriChip you know Digital Angel down there in say like Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I know there's RFID chips in particular forms of identification, so do you think they would jump directly to like say cerebral implant into the brain?


Alan:  Yes. This thing is already to go. They've had it for years.


John:  I mean I've heard on your past shows you said you've got one whatever somebody in Germany. Would they – I mean how would do that do that? Would they have to incorporate a large army of the white-coats, the doctors to do this kind of thing?


Alan:  They always like to get the cooperation – they love the cooperation of the public. It's the same with the flu thing. That's what the flu thing is also all about, all these flu shots is to train the public to go for their shots voluntarily. It's much easier to control sheep if they go the way the shepherd wants them – and they need our consent as well. We acquiesce legally to what they want us to do.


John:  I've noticed in the past since we know you talk about the inoculations and whatnot and it seems like for some reason this particular year is like every where. I mean it's just like come get your flu shots. We’ve got them at the convenience store. We've got them here. You almost get sick of that. I've had flu shots like twice and every time I've ever had those twice those are the most sickest I ever got in my life, so I'm against that.


Alan:  That's right and that's part of the training is to get us all to go along to the white coats when we're told to thinking it's going to be for our own benefit. Sure enough, they will give us, as I say, a spate of robberies of your ID card and you'll see the stressing stories in newspapers of poor souls that couldn't feed themselves, pay their rent for a month or were evicted because they didn't have their card and no one wants that; and so through fear they'll guide you along. That's how it's done.


John:  Now as far as the cerebral implant, would it be something painful or something or you've got to go to medical school. I mean do you have one? I mean can you kind of elaborate on that?


Alan:  I don’t think they would even have to go to medical school to do it. They might start off with nurses. You’ll simply put your head back into a rest and it will simply go in very simply and easily.  I know for a fact it does have as they said at the Loyola meeting that there's a coating on it that's similar to protoplasm and it will bind to the neuron structure, the nervous structure of your own body, so you can't just pull it out again. It would rip your nerves out with it too.


John:  What kind of size would you say this cerebral brain implant is?


Alan:  It's minute. The one I've got here from the German company is probably an eighth of an inch and yet under magnification it's like a little factory plant with even little coolers in it and everything and little pipes in it and so on, and it's got these prods that stick up like fingers, lots of them. These are the things that interact with your nervous system and attach themselves to the neurons and the ganglia.


John:  How long have you had access to that particular technology in your possession? I'm just curious. I mean maybe it's evolved since then.


Alan:  I'm sure they have many others, and that's only one company with one type. They could also give it snob appeal by the way. That's another thing. That's how they were selling other ideas. You give something snob appeal. You get bronze categories, silver and gold and platinum and they're doing the same thing with the Baja Clubs where they give you an implant in your arm for the teenagers to get into the clubs.


John:  I think in Miami they do that in one particular club.


Alan:  The guy who’s the head of this whole chain of nightclubs where all the young sexy women go and that's why the young guys go and they'll do anything to get near the young sexy women, that's nature, and they pre-charge their little chip with your entrance fee, your club membership and every drink that you buy. You just swipe this thing past your arm. The guy in charge of it just happens to have left at the NSA where he worked most of his life.  That tells you who owns it, right?


John:  No Such Agency.  How about one last question or comment and I'll let some other people call in. If I send you a Xerox copy – I've got a badge I found one time in a garage sale in a shoebox and it looks like it's maybe from a society without secrets or with secrets or a fraternal organization. Delta Kappa Epsilon – with angel wings and it has the eye. Then you go into the middle of it and it's got another kind of a shield with – it kind of looks like the horse or a unicorn and on the other side it's got the bridge like on the treasury. Remember on the dollar bill? It's got three stars and a cross and your keys and I got some stuff in Russia at the bottom and this dates back to 1912. If I send you a copy maybe you can interpret it one night.


Alan:  Send it to me. I'll be back after these messages.


John:  Thanks, Alan.


Alan:  Bye now.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm just going through with the last caller some of the techniques that will be used to get people to accept a brain chip. They’ve already accepted for their whole lives needles being stuck into them, so it's no real big deal, is it? It's the thought of going into the back of the head that's the problem and that will be no big deal too once some of our top superstars and the people you follow. The big people who give you your opinions come out and say that they've had it done and it’s no big deal and how safe they feel about it too. However, I think also they could push this with the advent of pandemics and your whole medical history will all be in this too of course and you won't be allowed into certain places if you haven't had your inoculations and that will be read automatically when you go near these sensors. There's so many ways they can force or coerce people into compliance and that's what law is you see. Law is meant to use coercion first of all, the threat of something followed by actual force if you don't comply; that's what law is. They prefer you going along and being coerced and acquiescing to the demands rather than being forced to do it, because when people see people get forced to do things they get a little suspicious and might side with the poor unfortunate that's being forced. That's how it happens.


Now Antonio from Maryland is on the line. Are you there, Antonio?


Antonio:  Yes. Hello Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad. How are you doing?


Antonio:  I'm feeling great since I talked to you again. I've talked with you before. I just wanted to add a little bit on to what your previous caller was saying about chips. I would dare say that they said the chip itself probably won't even need to actually be implanted into your cerebral brain case at all, that it could actually be attached to a nerve and in your hand in your arm or anything like that when they decide they want to control you.


Alan:  It's possible. They did tests in the '60’s, '70’s onwards with military personnel even in Britain that went in for minor operations and they tried it in the spine. That was the main area. Again, lots of nerve endings and they've done their tests. They know it certainly would be efficient if they could implant it just at the base of the skull at the back of the head. It would be more effective in a sense. It goes right into the cortex area and I've no doubt they could possibly implant it elsewhere, but they're talking about using it in the head right now. The one that was sent to me with all the diagrams and the blueprints and so on has it placed in the back of the head, right where Neo had it done in the Matrix movie. That was also part of the programming of the movie. 


Antonio: And to mention again about the virus shot. They have actually not disseminated but actually have given out over 100 million shots here in the United States already.


Alan:  Even though in spring time in Canada after the government uses our tax money to promote the flu shots telling you could be dangerous to others if you don't get the flu shot, by the way. Again, there's that little threat there you see. When spring comes out the same CBC national BBC type television owned by the government, the CBC will tell us the statistics and will show you there has never been a difference between those who took the shot and those who didn't, with regards to getting the flu because the shot they give you is always two years old. Sometimes four from a previous flu epidemic in the Far East and what they give you each year is a guess of what strain they're going to give you this year and by their own science – this is the odd thing about it if you just think things through. By their own science, since viruses are constantly evolving you know they're little tiny brains that are so brilliant they're all geniuses and we're told this nonsense that they just can't keep up with it. That's why they can't get an antidote for instance for AIDS because they say there's so many varieties it's impossible and it keeps mutating minute by minute, hour by hour. Here they are telling us something completely different about the flu shot being the latest they have and by their own sciences they all tell you that all viruses are constantly mutating. Now which one is it? Which one is it? When something smells rotten, then it's rotten, and we do know regardless of what they really put in that shot and who knows. Even the doctor doesn't know what's really in it. He can't test it. Everything is taken on faith.


Antonio:  Doctors haven’t been doctors for quite a long time now. I would say for a couple at least, if not for at least three decades. They're just an arm of the pharmaceutical companies and the major medical organizations just to get you in and out and get paid.


Alan:  Yes, you're right on. They're drug pushers and most of them can't diagnose now. You go in with a problem and they'll say you're in a category of pulmonary problems. They'll send you to a pulmonary specialist or off to an allergist, so they're sort of a middle man that just pushes to the other experts you see.


Antonio:  Okay. I just had two more quick things and then I'm going to let the other callers get in real fast. One is there's a book out. I don't know. I've heard you say that you've written other books under other names. There's a book I've been reading that's called "Now the World Really Works" by Alan B. Jones and it actually connects the dots pretty well. Pretty much a lot along the lines of how you connect the dots, instead of giving one section of a picture and that's what most people tend to concentrate on because they're unable to actually see the whole aspect of what's really going on. The cycle of actually keeping people down. The way that the poor and the rich, the gap that has been created now because of the war basically. People don't realize it's been done on purpose. That's what's happening to the people. The government is not for the people. No government is for the people.  We must wake up and understand that not only is the government not for the people at all, but they're may be some individuals that think they can do good in the government but they're most likely will be ineffective if at all.


Alan:  We had one politician in Canada, we have a sort of provincial or state government as well and he went into our provincial parliament. He didn't last long. He wrote a book about it. He said that first of all they came round him like sharks to see if he would join them in a little bit of crookedness that they were involved in, because they're all rip off merchants, to see if he'd play the same game and help himself as they were. That's what they try to do to you. It's like alcoholics seeing someone who’s got sober to try to get the guy drunk again. They go and test you and that's what they tried with him. Would he be bribable? Would he go this way? Would he turn his eyes the other way when this was done and that was done and money was taken from the public purse? He would not go with it, so then they tried to set him up in different ways to discredit him and so left voluntarily before they were successful in doing it. He said these people have no conscience whatsoever; and they are, they're psychopathic. That's the only type that goes in for it, unfortunately.


Antonio:  If most people could just – I guess in my view if they can look and explore what the Reece Commission was trying to do, the investigation, and why it was squashed, they would find out a great amount of the information just from looking and exploring what they were trying to do and the individuals that were involved in it.


Alan:  Yes, that's right and you can get the book. It's called "Foundations: Their Power and Influence." It's excellent, it has all the Reece Commission in it and I think it was Norman Dodd himself that went to the Ford Foundation for instance and this is in the '60’s I believe and he was told. He says our purpose as a foundation is to help fund into existence a union of the Soviet system and the American system and bring it together into one.


Antonio:  They even found out in the minutes that even more organizations basically said that what's better than war to change the direction of the society?


Alan:  Carroll Quigley said it's easier in five years of war they can get more done than 50 years of peace and propaganda because in war time they can force it through and over the public. That's true.


Antonio:  Okay. Well, Alan, it was nice talking with you again and I hope you suffer the cold well there and you have a good day.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Antonio:  You're welcome.


Alan:  And that's what we've got. We've got psychopathic types who are well connected. They belong to foundations. They're in and out of foundations as CEOs into corporations and then into government and then back around with these musical chairs of theirs and they all belong to the same clubs, the old boys network. They are controlled in a pyramid structure from again at the very top what they do see here are royal families who like to knight these characters if they've done well in serving the Great Work. Every so often we see people going off to get knighted, even as I say the mafia leaders want to be knighted by the Queen. An odd thing to want really when you've had enough money to buy the world over a few times, like Mr. Bronfman had and yet his dying wish was to be knighted by the Queen. He found out all the charities that she donated to or presided over and gave them millions and millions every year just so he could get in the good books and be knighted by the Queen – quite the ambition.


Well, from Hamish my dog and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)