November 22, 2007


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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the promises we made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon

Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November 22nd, 2007. For those newcomers, please look into my website and download as much of the material as you wish and pass it around, and also look into for transcripts you can find in the various tongues of Europe.


We're on quite the roller coaster ride this particular generation because so many things are happening at one time; and I never pick the topics before I go on. I just sit down here a couple of minutes before the time I speak and something pops into my head, because there's always so much in your head anyway if you bother to use it, and I was thinking about the incredible changes we've seen in this generation. The ones who are still in their 40’s and so on and 50’s, how they've seen the amazing advances in science thinking that they lived through the advances, but not knowing that these sciences were in fact discovered long, long ago, often before they were born, and that science as we know it is just dished out piece meal by those who control it at the top. That's why the lower orders of things do research. They do RE-SEARCH. They search again. It means the searching was already done. It was already searched long ago and there's nothing new in this because knowledge is power and so is technology. Technology and the advance of science means that those who control it have power.


Whatever is given to the public is technically obsolete. We saw this through the '70’s when whole countries in Europe were being laid-off as their systems were being de-industrialized and the unemployment agencies and the government agencies were putting people through courses for retraining in the computer and various forms of computer technology and programming, only to find out of course that a couple of months after they qualified they were obsolete because everything had changed again and again. They could have given you the final version even back in the '70’s. Even something the size of a chip if they wanted to, but they decided, no, we always accept things in a gradual fashion, so they dish it out piece meal, teach us all to type and that replaces talking to people. That becomes your new world to an extent and you pay and pay and pay because you must always profit from the sheep if you're the good shepherd.


The purpose of a shepherd in every society in all ages is to convince the sheep that their direction and the direction of the shepherd are both really in the same direction. Their interests are in the same direction. That's the con game you see, but really if you're a sheep you have one purpose or two really. One is to feed them and another one is to clothe them. That's your purpose. You're an owned animal, and that brings back me back to even what Karl Marx talked about and Lenin and others where they said that all labor creates, it makes things, and that's the only system of wealth there can be, so all the wealth came from the people and that's always been this way, even from the pre-Phoenicians onwards. The wealth came from the people. The Phoenicians had factory towns along the Mediterranean coast thousands of years ago where the people who worked in them were slaves and nothing really changes.


It's all how you perceive things and we don't realize that slaves in ancient times could still in their spare time – they even had spare time, some of them, in certain societies like Greece and Rome, they could have little businesses on the side to get ahead of the other slaves and sometimes they could even buy off and buy their freedom. That was quite acceptable. Today we're much the same. We are called wage slaves because we work for this odd thing called money, which we have no control over, and even when you think like a squirrel you've stored up enough nuts, they can declare tomorrow those nuts are useless and give you a different kind of food or money and you start all over again. That's how safe all this stuff is for you. It's not meant to be permanent for you. It's meant to keep you always on the edge, so that like all neurosis you have an exaggerated need for something way beyond your actual physical needs at all and some people just save up and save up and save up. You'll find most arguments in the society, even between people and parents and so on, is about money. There's never enough, especially when they dangle all the toys in front of you.


That is the system; really it's a form of slavery.  Charles Galton Darwin, the grandson of Charlie Darwin who was a real sweetheart. All of the Darwin's were real sweethearts, these characters. They believed that they were amongst many members of the elite of their day because of their selective breeding. They specially selected their wives and often married into the same families for many generations to try and keep, not a wealth together, they had plenty of wealth, but really to keep what they thought were superior genes and superior intellects; and there's nothing new in eugenics. The ancient queens and kings of every ancient country intermarried with their sisters and cousins and so on because they were always very, very racist and always into eugenics. That's the civilization all down through the ages and nothing has changed today.


The commoners as they call them. Commoners, very important word, because with a system that originated in Asia and the Middle East a long, long time ago that had run ancient civilizations. When they came into Europe they brought the system with them of kings and queens and the whole idea was to base it upon almost a reflection of the sky and so they gave religions to the public to believe in.  They knew how to do this because the priests they brought with them had the archives of how they created religions in the past for thousands of years in the Middle East and Asia. Therefore they gave a hierarchy in the heavens with a deity at the top and then a hierarchy of angel types that ran different affairs in their own little world, all the way down to this pyramid base and then they had the reverse of it down below. So you would have a king who would represent the god on earth and then he had his advisers and his courtly knights and so on, all the way down that represented the angels and that was called the "natural order."  They made the public believe this and the people themselves who bred willy-nilly because generally they were running on hormones, which is nature. That's nature’s way and they didn't select their mates for higher intellect or whatever else. It's hormones. Hormones picked them.


They were called commoners and the commoners were called commoners because they chose their partners in common from the commonwealth. They were the “stock,” the breeding stock and the land that they lived on especially after the Normans came in with this system full blown, the land that the commoners lived on was called "The Commons".  The Commons was the only land eventually left to them to grow their food on. The rest of the time they could work for their lords and produce on big farms that their lords owned for themselves. To feed themselves they had to still grow on these scrubby places they called the commons of the worst land there was; and that was the feudal system. That was the beginning of, as we know it, the takeover and the creation of private property. The commoners were left with a scrub to have in common and they'd bring their goats or sheep on and so on, but the elite had the big farms and they made the peasants work the farms and the lords would take all the grain et cetera and use what they wanted and pass it up the ladder to their king at the top. That was used like a form of taxation.


People have always been used as slaves. They give it many different names and titles and camouflage it, but it's always the same system.  Charles Galton Darwin in his book "The Next Millions Years" comes out quite openly and honestly about it and it's good to listen to these psychopaths because they often tell you a truth unabashedly. Charles Galton Darwin said there's always existed a form of slavery or slavery in one form or another and we, we meaning the aristocracies not just of Britain but of Europe, he says, "we are creating a new more sophisticated form of slavery."  What he meant was a form of slavery that the public would never figure out.


That's why you had all the propaganda to be proud of your nation and so on and you thought you were part of it, and they trained you all to believe your governments really represented you or the people. This was all really during the Cold War era or coming into it because his book was published in the 1950’s, "The Next Millions Years," and it was to convince a generation that they really had rights and that somehow the history of their country belonged to them. It never had. In fact, their countries had never belonged to them at all. They were run by a feudal system that only gave this type of so-called democracy as a reaction to the Chartist Movement. In fact they paid the top Chartists to lead the movement to make the public believe they had a thing called democracy where they could vote, because they realized if they didn't do this there would be revolutions every four or five years. They knew that if they gave them this thing called democracy and the public caught on to the corruption of their government that they voted in, they'd then vote in the next bunch in instead and kick the last lot out and not have a revolution. You live in hope. They gave you hope, so democracy is all about living in hope. You live in dreams and fantasy.


As Professor Carroll Quigley said, who fills in all the little blank spots of the history and goes into the feudal system working and he was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations for the United States but also for the Royal Institute for International Affairs from Britain. That's the granddaddy of the CFR. It's all the same club and he talks about this in his books "Tragedy & Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment" and how they were bringing together, this aristocracy of the natural aristocracies they call themselves, a world where there would be a new type of feudal system. Feudalism would basically evolve into a new type of feudalism where the corporate CEOs – the CEOs of the big corporations internationally would be the new overlords of society, and then they could abolish even the idea of democracy. They wouldn't need it anymore because they could train a generation they didn't really need it, and for a while during the '50’s and ‘60’s, sure enough, they pushed the unemployment pay out to people. They'd never had that before. They pushed a form of basic health care on in a lot of countries like Canada and the British Commonwealth countries and then pumped some money into it. Whereas prior to that, the government simply took all your money on behalf of royalty, but they had to give some back and give you an idea that somehow you're getting – it was your country. It was your world. It was your system and you had lots of propaganda to back that up.


For a while, it wasn't bad. It wasn't bad. It actually worked. People did get payouts. They could pay their rent when they were laid off or fired or whatever and they could get some retraining, but this was during the Cold War Era as well. The idea was that the CIA for the United States and MI6 for Britain with MI5 – MI5 is just like the FBI side of it, MI6 is international – they would control the culture itself of Britain. Everything that went into culture they control it all and show that they were just as good for the working man as the Soviets were. That was the idea of it and they even brought out very far left parties and funded the arts and all the rest of it. Radical left wing arts. They even told the artists to be radically left wing and the idea was that they were going to show the Soviets that they could be far more socialist than the Soviets were; and this is all actually admitted to now. These are declassified documents.


In the U.S., the CIA was doing the same thing. They employed artists to do nihilistic paintings and then have the governments buy them for millions of dollars and put out awful kinds of music and stuff like that. Certain groups were led up the garden path to an extent too sometimes, often willingly, by allowing certain people to write the wording the lyrics for their particular songs, because this is meant to be the psychedelic era where drugs would help reinforce the cultural change, but it wasn't the cultural change they were looking for. It was the cultural change the elite themselves had decided were going to be brought about.


You'll find that pretty well everything in your life has been given to you – your thoughts, your ideas, even your hobbies. Hobbies are just those things which are approved from the top that are harmless. They don't really affect anything. The fads that you go through. Even the fashions because Plato talked about the whole thing: fashion, music, the written word, all these things and play acting on stages because the people mimic what they see. They mimic behavior of the actors and they act it out in real life. All these things were discussed thousands of years ago and they're well understood. All during the Cold War era Britain and France and a few other countries didn't realize that (and the U.S.) they all had their culture given to them and intelligence services had special departments on it. I'll be back with more of this after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. Before I go on to the next little thing I'm going to talk about, which continues from the last part I talked about, I'll talk to Mark from Illinois. Are you there, Mark? Mark from Illinois?


Mark:  I've been listening to you since you've started this Thursday night show and I'm really impressed with your show and I just had a quick question for you. It's a little off topic but are you familiar with an author named Naomi Wolf? She was a Rhodes Scholar and she just published a book called "The End of America: A Letter to a Young Patriot?"


Alan:  I know the name but I haven't read that book.


Mark:  I saw her on YouTube where she had this speech in it and it caught me and I just want to know if she can be trusted. She's a Rhodes Scholar.


Alan:  That tells you all you need to know.


Mark:  She was talking about – she makes a good point that America under the Bush administration is starting to become a closed society and she had these 10 steps which we see happening every day. One, I can invoke a terrorist internal and external enemy, you know creating a gulag system.


Alan:  What you don't realize, though, no, she's just doing what she's told to do. You'll find that the U.S. was preparing for this long before Bush got into office. All you're living through is part of an agenda that was planned a long time ago. They were writing about this in the newspapers back in the '70’s and the '80’s and all the little declarations that were given out the mainstream media by the Royal Institute for International Affairs. They talked about the end of the Cold War would come up eventually and the kind of society they'd have to bring about to keep control of the public and all the western nations. They also talked unification of the Americas and again they had to control the dissidence that would arise during that whole era and the same thing would happen in Britain when they found out they were actually being integrated into a new system with a new authority over their heads based in the new parliament in Brussels. All this was actually published and people see this kind of stuff but they don't want to believe it. Occasionally they'll take authors that are well known or they belong to the right club and they give them permission to go out and republish the same stuff again. It's kind of like republishing stuff after the horse has bolted. You're shutting the door after it's bolted, because they were preparing for this, even mass camps to put people in and all the rest of it back in the '70’s and '80’s.


Mark:  I've seen pictures and videos of detention centers and actually I saw one in Hawaii. It was right next to the airport and there was no cars in the parking lot when I was there and I said wow this is interesting because the one around the back side of the airport when I was on vacation there and saw this huge thing, the detention centers, but there were no windows. The windows were literally only four inches wide and four feet tall but it was interesting that you couldn't see in the building and it was just a complete building that basically I didn't see any cars parked at that was fully operational I guess. 


Alan:  I think it was about maybe 12 years ago or more, I think it was a Popular Science magazine that published the new airliner that would come in. This huge thing much, much bigger than jumbo jets were and it would go internationally carrying prisoners from one country to the other. That would be its main job. We see all this things – they actually let it out little by little and legally they're telling us. They tell us every step that they're bringing in. It's just that the general public don't want to hear it. They don't want to hear the bad news.


Mark:  No they don't and it's amazing that I can see a caste system starting right now with the kind of foods. A Whole Foods just opened up in my neighborhood and if you want to go and you want to buy unradiated non-GMO food, the price difference from that store and the local grocery store that sells all the radiated food is so much difference. So if you're a working adult and you're barely making ends meet you're not going to be able to buy the unradiated non-GMO food.


Alan:  That's right. You've got it. 


Mark:  So the wealthy individuals that live in the huge houses eat better foods than the poor individual.


Alan:  That's right.


Mark:  Then the people that are even poorer are real poor people, so they're just getting no nutrition.


Alan:  That's right. I watched a program a couple of years ago on Britain and the other royal families of Europe. They still have their old feudal farms. I think even Prince Charles is in trouble. I don't know how many hundreds of small farms he still owns, they’re traditional tenant farmers, and that's where they get all their food from they eat personally and even the cattle they have on it too don't have the inoculations et cetera or fed the nonsense that regular domestic cattle get fed. They already have their food supply for themselves.  Tony Blair when he came under fire for trying to push the modified food, the genetically modified vegetables on to the British people, he forced it through and says you're going to get it regardless; and the one exception he made though was for all the MPs that came into this huge restaurant they have at parliament building there for the members of parliament.  You’re right. It's a class system. It's quite blatant and the stuff is being modified to dumb us down. We're being bioengineered actually.


Mark:  Hey, well thank you for getting the word out. I don't even let my kids drink out of plastic water bottles.


Alan:  Good for you. 


Mark:  I try to get the better food and as soon as I get paid I'm going to order your books and I just want to say I really appreciate what you're doing, but I know that when I heard that lady speaking and as soon as she said she was a Rhodes Scholar I kind of knew right away that you can't trust any of those people. They went down a different path or were selected.


Alan:   Actually they're also psychologically tested. It's not just a matter of intellect. Their prime reason for being selected is being involved in social activities, that means like politics, social type politics.  Socialism is to deal with the mass man which they want. They want leaders for the mass man so they've been involved in university with that. That's one point towards being asked to be a Rhodes Scholar. The second point is the ability to be completely ruthless when required, so they have a ruthless streak in them. They have a psychopathic streak in them. That's why they pick Rhodes Scholars.


Mark:  I wish we didn't have to live through these times, but you can feel it every day.


Alan:  Yes I know. 


Mark:  Alan, thanks again for your time and you have a good day and thanks a lot for what you're doing.


Alan:  Thanks a lot for calling.


Mark:  All right, bye.


Alan:  We have George from Illinois on next. Are you there, George?


George:  Yes I am. Thanks Alan for taking my call. I wanted to follow up on what you spoke about earlier about the advanced technologies which are released incrementally. I had a very interesting experience which I think ties into what you were saying. Just New Year's Eve I went to a party. I was invited by a friend of a friend. I didn't really know these people but it was a very strange collection of people. They started talking kind of freely and openly. I guess they thought they were all like tight buddies and I was one of the few people that didn't know anyone and it turns out that these people or many of them were government agents of some sort. There was one person that was a Special Forces sniper and another a Navy Seal and a third one was working for NASA, he used to be, he’s an older gentleman. What I found interesting was these people were wealthy, you could tell, just their travels and everything. They've been everywhere. The whole house was like a taxidermist laboratory, a shop.


Alan:  Yes. Hold on and I'll be back with you after these messages.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between and the river's deep
We keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi. I'm Alan Watt and we're cutting through this old matrix of ours. We didn't make it but we're stuck with it for the moment and we're talking to George from Illinois about some people he met at a party. Some of sort of the different types that mix amongst us. Are you there, George?


George:  Yes I am. As I was saying, I was talking to those people – the party was held by the person who was the Special Forces guy. He had a lot of large animals. I guess he went on trips to Africa and Asia: half a hippo, he had a cheetah, I mean really large dangerous animals and they were just filled. It was solid. I've never seen anything like this as a collection. Anyways, who I spoke to most was the electrician from NASA and he said some very interesting things. I was a listener, kind of a fly on the wall because I wanted to see what they would say and not too much about me because I wanted to know about them. Anyways he told me – I asked him a few questions about the kind of developments and everything in technology because I really have doubts about the story of the first landing and the Apollo. It doesn’t ring true because I do a lot of photography and I know that those shots don't really make any sense.


Alan:  Especially with the film they supposedly used.


George:  It doesn't make sense. Absolutely does not make sense. Anyway, my point was that he told me about some advanced technologies which we had never seen until recently. Mainly, he went into depth with the plasma screen. Now the plasma screen I was curious. I went online and found out about the patent, the date when it was released and who was involved. Turns out it was released in 1971 it was licensed. According to him, they'd been using it and kind of mastered it by 1967. According to the records, which documents the whole history of the plasma screen, it says that they were collecting data in 1967. He said they were using it full throttle on covert projects, so what you said is right on. It comes from – and this is my understanding. There is a pattern here. The University of Illinois Foundation has this massive collection of studied projects which they don't release until they're ready. There's a gentleman called Charles Miriam from this foundation who is the chair of the board and he kind of holds all the patents and he grants them exclusively to specific firms.


Alan:  That's right. This is the beauty of this whole system and this is again how they use the universities. They give little grants and scatter it all across and have them work on specific parts of a project and once they come up and perfect something they take the rights over, the patent and so on, because they funded it through the universities plus your taxpayer money funded it and then they give it to their buddies.


George:  It’s really a payoff. It's all about money and everything and kind of special favors. Owens-Illinois has exclusive rights, it's a glass company, so they give a project and I find there's another kind of an attached very prominent article in there that's very disturbing. The headline of the article says, "Vision Plate to Replace Television," and they keep making this references which are coded for other things. Here's what it says, "Infrared technology is going to be used for more direct access,” but it doesn't tell you what access. I think they're trying to get into the mind a little deeper.


Alan: They already have the equipment ready to go for brain chips and all the rest of it and they've said that you'll be trackable by all the cell phone towers all around cities, all the little booster antennas et cetera.  The banks have also just announced up here in Canada the next card they bring out for your debit card or whatever will have an active chip in it that also and it's active. It's read from a distance by these scanners. In other words, they can track you through that as well; and they're going cashless, they mentioned that too with it. The cash is going to get phased out over the next year or so.


George:  I just wanted to mention that, it kind of reinforces you know what you were saying you saw the pattern and gave an example of that directly and I happened to stumble upon it. I don't think he would have told anyone unless he thought I was somebody he could trust, but he didn't know me unfortunately for him. Thanks, Alan. I really appreciate your hard work.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. You can get into these parties in odd sort of ways and I've been to a couple in my life like that. At one time I was asked to sing at a big concert and a girl asked me and I didn't know she was a member of the I guess it was the hardest far left communist party you'd imagine. After the show I was sitting there with all the singers et cetera and the people who ran this organization and a guy came in all the way from Moscow University who lived in California, and he was English from England, and he took it for granted I was one of them. He was giving them instructions for integrating all the different factions of society together into one cohesive force and teaching them and I asked him a couple of questions. I said you've just come from Moscow University. This isn't a Cold War, and he says yeah. I said don't you ever get stopped? I mean they must know who you are, and he gave me a strange look because no one had asked him that obvious question before. He didn't get stopped and that's when I caught on to the fact it was all a con game anyway.


If the Cold War was so real you would not allow a trained agitator in and pass through countries back and forth so quickly and easily without ever getting stopped. That's how life is run. They ran both sides of the Cold War and that was verified in a book by Perry, called "The Fifth Man," and it was also verified by I think it was Peter Wright in a book called "Spycatcher." He worked for MI5 and 6 and Peter Wright was brought into court by Margaret Thatcher, because everyone who works for these organizations signs the Official Secrets Act and you're not allowed to disclose anything for 30 years after you retire. That means you're generally dead.


Beware of the guys who come out saying I just left this or that and they come out with all this stuff. They're generally still paid agents. However, Peter Wright was put into the high court and tried and Maggie Thatcher grabbed "The A to Z of Spycatcher," his second book, and ordered it all be pulped back into pulp again and that's what they did. He basically said the same thing. He was pointing and giving you clues in the first book, "Spycatcher," of who was behind it and he could not figure out for a while why MI5 and 6 passed on their data to only one source after they were finished with it on their upcoming activities, catching spies and so on, and the next day when they went to get the spy he'd be tipped off and he fled the country. That's when they clued in that it was run from the higher source above them.


Both sides were run from the higher source above them and the biggest suspect was Victor Rothschild. Victor Rothschild had been a scientist during the war and he got the top positions in the Porton-Down bacterial and viral laboratories after the war. He was in charge of that and all the top spies that were double agents he just happened to have recruited them and they'd all lived in his house as boarders, and that's what they were trained basically, all high Cambridge and Oxford University students. The prime suspect eventually, Victor Rothschild, was given command over all the internal security forces and that's why Peter Wright brought his book out. He was trying to give you the clues that the whole thing was rigged. There was a third party running both sides of the Cold War.


They didn't want accidents to happen; one party, one puppeteer was at the top, this other group. If you tie that into Carroll Quigley's books, "Tragedy & Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment," you'll start to make sense of it because right in the book there he says: we The Council on Foreign Relations or Royal Institute for International Affairs have recruits who are dictators. Some are communists. Some are Trotskyites. He says we don't care who they are. They don't mind recruiting all sides into this one organization and this is the organization that laid out the plan for the unification of the Americas and gave it to the politicians to sign. They drafted it up. They publicized that on mainstream media here in Canada; and that's your democracy for you. There is no democracy. That's the bottom line and now there's no Cold War either. They don't have to pretend to give you goodies and unemployment and higher benefits. They just take it all away from you gradually until you have this rock bottom service, where if you need treatment in Canada you better have the money to get over to the states to get it done in the medical sense. That's what we live in. That's the real society.


There's a site here I'll put a link to tonight and it's from the Westminster News Group in Britain and it’s owned by David Noakes in England.  I'll mention more about this particular site from Britain after the following messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, this incredibly complex system that's been indoctrinated into our minds until it seems to take on physical reality. The physical part perhaps is real. It's just the reality is a bit altered and distorted. I'm going to read from this particular Westminster News by David Noakes. He owns the site and it’s about the British Union into the European Union. It's still ongoing and the last part is to be signed. It says:


             "The Abolition of Britain by the Reform Treaty in 2008. The sixth and final treaty has now been named: it is the Reform Treaty, due to be signed by the Queen…"


Alan:  There's this strange democracy again with this monarchy at the top.


             "…by the Queen in the Summer of 2008. This is a year before the deadline set by the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. Merkel and former French President Giscard d’Estaing are among many European ministers who have confirmed the Treaty is the EU Constitution…"


Alan:  See, you get a new constitution with it.


             "…almost unchanged. If they are right, it will abolish the British Constitution, and therefore the nations of Britain and England…"


Alan:  I don't know about the “nations” of Britain.  England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales are the UK.


             "…sweeping away our Westminster Parliament, and giving the EU dictatorship the power to close it. This sixth treaty is the fastest moving and most secret the EU has drafted; opposition to and recognition of the EU as a police state is growing, and they know speed is vital. The Countdown to abolition. Tony Blair agreed to it on 23rd June 2007 as his final stab in Britain’s back."


Alan:  Tony was only doing what he was told to do – another Oxford Rhodes type guy.


             "On the 23rd July there was an Intergovernmental Conference (IGC), when we should have seen a first draft of the Treaty. Foreign ministers agreed its terms on 7-8th September at the resort of Viana de Castelo, Portugal. There was a summit in Lisbon on the 18th and 19th October, where they hoped to sign the Treaty, but definitely before December 2007. There should be Gordon Brown's signature. 


             The Queen and Parliament to abolish Britain summer 2008. They plan to ratify their Reform Treaty in the summer of 2008. This means Westminster will pass the treaty, and the Queen will sign it behind our backs, as she has the other five treaties."


Alan:  At least they're doing it more in the open here. I think we've got three more to go for the final unification of the Americas to be complete in 2010.


It says here:


             "No referendum. The EU has chosen the sixth treaty instead of pushing through its constitution to avoid referendums in its member nations. Whereas the 465 page EU constitution would have abolished the five treaties and replaced them with a single document with absolute power the reform treaty adds to the existing five treaties bringing them up to the powers of the EU Constitution. All six treaties with appendices will add up to something like 100,000 complex and unreadable pages."


Alan:  That's how they do it: All brand new laws and rights (or lack of them).


             "The EU remains illegal. Each of these six treaties are completely illegal under the British Constitution, and the 1689 Bill of Rights, our treason laws, and under our common law. It is unforgivable that the Queen, her Ministers and her Parliament have committed the criminal act of treason by signing these treaties, and broken our laws to abolish our nation.  The EU will always be illegal in Britain; but once the EU has complete power and control here, we can no more get rid of it than we could Germany, had their planned illegal occupation of Britain in 1940 been successful. You have one year left. Treason is the most serious of all Britain’s crimes. You have just one year left to bring these vile British traitors to justice…"


Alan:  I don’t know how that would happen.


             "…and get us out of the EU dictatorship. Around 45 million British people are against the abolition of our nation, and with the little European voting that has been allowed, it seems clear over 200 million of its victims don’t want the EU. But we will never be given the choice."


Alan:  It's true. They won't be given a choice. It's a done deal. It was done before we even heard of it because they set up the offices for foreign integration in 1948.


             "There are ways to stop the EU - see "Your Campaigns" on the left…"


Alan:  …and so on, and then it shows you all the different copies of the EU's timetable on this particular site, and they give you the original 2009 article from German Parliament in a PDF for download as well. You can check it at the German Parliament right from this particular site.


It says:


             "Where we are now: Since 1972 The Queen has illegally signed five of the six EU Treaties. The five treaties define and build the EU as an unelected dictatorship…"


Alan:  Which it is, actually.


             "…The EU's laws, passed by Westminster, give it the powers of a police state."


Alan:  I'm reading this because this is just the first one that's going down and the second one is already underway in the U.S. and Canada. We're seeing the same thing here.


             "The EU's laws, passed by Westminster, give it the powers of a police state.  The sixth EU treaty will complete the abolition of Britain as a nation which the Queen signs next year. A foreign power, the EU, will then rule us, and enforce the laws of a police state."


Alan:  He has all the different sites you can go into to try and complain. I don't really see anything – it will never happen because you see there's never been a democracy. That's what people are starting to realize. At least some are starting to realize. There's never been a democracy. You live a script. The script is written before you’re born, like a long-term projected business plan with implementation dates for every part of the stages set and departments already working on them. That's how they can bring all this off so easily and swiftly without the public even being aware of it. We adapt as Plato said. We are the most adaptable species on the planet, and with every little change that we're given we adapt so quickly and it becomes normal. Everything becomes normal. Whatever abnormality is can be made normal and then it's normal, and that's what Plato said. That's why these boys always quote Plato at the top. They all read Plato’s book called "The Republic" – this perfect world where this aristocracy, they call them the guardian class, will run and rule the world and the commoners will be bred for their tasks. Actually bred like animals for their tasks, they’ll be interbred, specially designed for their tasks and that's what we're seeing happen in our own lifetime as they go all of this particular agenda.


However, most folk won't care because in most ages I don't think people have ever really, really cared. It's always been up to the few who understand what's happening to thwart, at least delay, or push off in another direction how society is going. You don't give up and breathe a sigh of relief if you get your way because these characters don't stop. They don't give up. I laugh often at the U.S. when they're always quoting the Constitution and talking about the Founding Fathers and they don't realize that you can’t go to sleep. You cannot go to sleep because these characters are right at the back door as soon as you shut the front door and the agenda goes forth again. When they give you wars it's the greatest technique for making you fatigued.


No one wants ongoing war and society is so disrupted. You want to get back to your wife or your husband or whoever it is. Today it's wife or husband or whatever, and you want what you think is a normal life and when you're doing that you're relaxing. That's when they do all the dirty deeds, when you're relaxing, and they push things through because you can't be bothered putting your hand up in the air to deny and say no. You want peace and quiet. That's how they work it and that's why after World War II and remember that H.G. Wells after World War I you've got the League of Nations, the embryo of the United Nations, for global government, but he said the public haven't quite given up the idea of sovereignty of nations, we will need another war to make it happen; and so they gave you World War II. Sure enough, after World War II they really went to town to change society, give you a brand new culture, created even the term teenager to give them a specific upbringing. Separate them from their parents. Indoctrinate them with a new state approved value system and we see the outcome today.


Here's another little news item here and it's from Democracy Now, and this is from Thursday, November 20th, 2007, something else that hasn't been talked about much.


             "Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act Raises Fears of New Crackdown on Dissent. A little-noticed anti-terrorism bill quietly making its through Congress is raising fears of a new affront on activism and constitutional rights. The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act was passed in an overwhelming 400 to six House vote last month. Critics say it could herald a new government crackdown on dissident activity under the guise of fighting terrorism."


Alan: I'll scroll down here to get the rest of this because it's quite a long one actually. It goes on to say:


             "The bill would establish two government-appointed bodies to study, monitor, and propose ways of curbing what it calls homegrown terrorism and extremism in the United States. The first body, a national commission, would convene for 18 months."


Alan:  I'll be back with the rest of this story after the following messages.





"The Future" by Leonard Cohen


Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.


Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and I'm talking about an article right now that's on Democracy Now, homegrown terrorism and a bill that's been put through to deal with this mainly through the universities. They're going to set-up different bodies and it said here.


             "The bill would establish two government-appointed bodies to study, monitor, and propose ways of curbing what it calls homegrown terrorism and extremism in the United States. The first body, a national commission, would convene for 18 months. The university-based “Center for Excellence" would follow…"


Alan:  A Center for Excellence. I love the terminology. It's all double-speak.


             "…would follow, bringing together academic specialists to recommend laws and other measures. Critics say the definition of extremism and terrorism is too vague and its mandate even more broad."


Alan:  Of course it is. That's how it's written.


            "…Under a false veil of expertise and independence, they say, the government-appointed commissions could be used as ideological cover to push through harsher laws. Following last month’s approval in the House, the Senate version is expected to go before the Judiciary Committee this week. Two guests join us now…"


Alan:  Then they go on to discuss more and more of this and how it's going to target students. It's going to really start looking students: those who have radical ideas like freedom and rights and stuff like that, anything that’s different from the New American Century's policies of a dictatorial system where you just do as you're told. That's what it's all about and you've seen the riots that were caused by the provocateurs at many of these anti-global meetings, when the parents were all swigging their beer and watching the sports or the soaps, and the students were trying to stop this because they were only ones who knew what was going on with these global treaties they were signing, it's to stop that too. It’s to try and intimidate and coerce people in university not to participate and demanding that this dictatorial type system go on the way it’s doing and it's actually going to get worse. People should look into this.


It's quite amazing to see what is published out there and how the general public react to it, but, as you know, you're living under a system of intense indoctrination so you can't blame the parents too much. Many of them get burned out with life itself by the time they've had 30, 40 years of indoctrination and television consumption. Their life is rather bizarre. It's not like it's supposed to be. That's how they think. Most people are dysfunctional in their relationships today. They've adopted the New Age relationships that were promoted through talk shows on major television, how you were supposed to be and how forgiving and accepting you're supposed to be about everything, until nothing is functional anymore and you cannot change human nature, no matter how trendy you try to be. That's how people are. They try to adapt to these New Age roles that's projected to them, and that again was talked about by Professor Carroll Quigley in his book "Tragedy & Hope."  It began in the '60’s at a big time level.


When they were watching all this stuff, their children are off getting some education and finding out that big things are happening in the world and that big, big, big corporate money and very old money, old family money is involved in setting up the new structures that they're going to have to live through. They're going to have to live through these new types of governmental systems and societies and they don't like what they see coming up, so they’ve been protesting. We’ve found the provocateurs are often police in disguise pretending they're students and starting off riots, and that's all the parents see at home. They see the riots on the television and think students are always rebelling. That's how it works, very, very simple. It must be true. Seeing is believing. It's on television. That's how simple it works.


People should watch the movie "Wag the Dog," an excellent portrayal of that they were going to do with Yugoslavia a year before they actually launched the war on Yugoslavia and pretty well everything that happened during that war was portrayed in that movie a year before. All the steps they went through and even had the place names right too. Life is a script and the big things that happen in this world also happen to be scripted. As I say, they're planned, long-term planning and that's what the foundations are involved in. "Foundations: Their Power and Influence", excellent book to get too and it shows you how these foundations are tied in completely 100 percent with the old established feudal system, the feudal families and your CIA for America; Mossad for Israel; MI6 and MI5 for Britain and on and on it goes.


They're all completely intertwined because you have to have the wealth to plan the future, to hire all the employees – thousands and thousands of employees and think tanks working each specialized area of what you think of as culture and how to promote it to the people, new ideas to the people, how to indoctrinate them more. They have unlimited wealth, so it has to combine the banking industry. It has to combine the secret services, the data collection systems in all departments of bureaucratic government to get all of this working together.


One of the conditions of the land lease programs that was done during World War II was debated during World War II that the U.S. would be the only country with money after the war and they would lend out to all the countries that participated on their side. Britain was one of the countries that got part of the land lease, but one of the conditions that was made in it was that Britain – mind you Britain was all for it. This is the trick really. They try to save face for the monarchy and the ruling elite by putting it this way. They said the U.S. had demanded that Britain eventually integrate with Europe to stop further wars, which is exactly what Britain had told them to say because the elite of Europe were all after this too. You'll see in "On the Fringes of Power," written by the personal secretary of Winston Churchill, that's what Winston Churchill was hoping for all during World War II. Because as he was telling the British people to go off and fight the “nasty Hun” as he called them in propaganda exposes, he was also telling his peer group at parties every night of the week when he got drunk, well plastered. He was telling them this is the best thing that ever happened, we’ll have a unified Europe out of this; so one face for the public and one for his peer group.


It wasn't really the U.S. that demanded it. That's what they put on paper officially to save the face as I say of the monarchy who also was all for it. After all, the monarchy and their relatives across the channel in Europe, the other royal families, all own – they own in common the whole of Europe. It’s their land, they’re still monarchies. There's not a law passed over there that doesn’t have to be signed by the Queen; and technically the Queen still has a right to dissolve any parliament she doesn't like. How can you have democracy and all the rights of the people when one person has the right to demolish the whole lot at the stroke of a pen? Of course, that means you don't have rights at all; and that's what people are gradually finding out over there.


The U.S. because it's got such massive internal wealth along with such massive poverty too that co-exists, but you have internal wealth that will keep it cropped up for a while. They have to finish off the job of standardizing the rest of the world under the World Bank system and bringing in through UNESCO bringing up a generation in all the conquered countries, who will then become the picked leaders who will do what they're told and be well paid and will enjoy it and will marry wives of similar caliber. Then you’ll have a new ruling class but running the same standardized system as the West is running. That's the agenda.


However, as the Royal Institute for International Affairs has said in books as far back as 1930’s, eventually the U.S. as it's finishing off the job will gradually decline financially itself. It will also owe much money to the various world banks, the world moneylenders, that they will sink and come down and then submerge itself into the very system it helped promote. That's what was all discussed in their old books at their global meetings and I have these old books here and I would read more of them, but, really, people don't want to know. People don't want to know because we all live in hope. We're taught that spend, spend, spend will never stop and that plastic is so freely available and that there's no tomorrow like today, it will never come. That's how people are.


They're egosyntonic and how did they become egosyntonic?


It only took as I say World War II and then a little boom. A boom in the economy, give the peasants a bit more money than they're used to and let them buy some of the things they've never had and they'll quickly forget what the past was like; and that's true enough. One generation grows up never knowing. Never ever knowing that great grandpa didn't have a flushing toilet or he may have had to carry his water in from a well or something like that. They have no idea. They think it's always been like this.


You'll find most people don't think terribly deeply at all, and whatever history they're given is given through Hollywood. The Hollywood movies or this comedy act called The History Channel, where like George Orwell's particular job in the book "1984," the main character Winston worked at the Department of Information where they altered all the past and they'd take big chunks out of the past and put it down the memory hole where it got burned; and then they would take blank pages and repaste things on. It's looking at old newspaper clippings and printing out absolute lies; and that's what the History Channel is for is just simply more deception. HIS-STORY. Whose story is it now?


That's how you create a reality for the public. We have the most mind-bombed generation that's ever existed. No other generation grew up with the teat of the television, brought up watching cartoons for children that could hardly walk. Almost baby sat in fact by television, by cartoons that had predictive programming in the content and brought up on fantasy and indoctrination and emotive imprinting on your brain with certain scenes. There's been no generation like this in history. The television was the greatest tool ever. So much so, that Britain in the '50’s through government grants were paying a company called DER, which of course is RED backwards, to import thousands and thousands and thousands of television sets, used ones from the U.S. and refurbishing them so that the British people could get them. For the first time the ordinary British people, who most of whom didn't even own their own homes. They were all rental homes from the local councils. Your taxpayer money built these homes and you rented them from them, and they didn't have credit of any kind. It was unknown. Unless you had collateral for the credit you were going to borrow you didn't get any credit, but for the first time they made it available so that people could buy television sets. It was very important that they all had TV sets, then they could all get the same indoctrination.


The BBC had already run the radio and they set-up the BBC radio for propaganda purposes. That's in their own history books. They took over that, of course, right away and they were the only station for many, many years broadcasting in Britain broadcasting television. They gave us this fake past and all the rest of it, quaint stories and all how middle class people lived in the Middle Ages and all that or in Victoria's time. All fantasy for the majority of the public that lived in squalor, pretty well, and they never really had any breaks because it's war after war, unending wars since the creation of the Bank of England, which gave the parliament the right to tax the public to pay for the debts that they incurred. The greatest scam ever invented.


However, in Britain it was vital everyone have a TV set to get their indoctrination.  I can remember when I was small in a mining town walking on the weekends looking up at all the adults. They were all out walking and they went down to the park and they used to bring towels and they sat on towels and chat. Hundreds and hundreds of families would do that and everyone talked and conversed and passed information back and forth, and that was communication, and within a year – a year that all stopped. You go to the park every weekend there was nobody there. Nobody there. You’d pass all the houses on the way home and it was getting dusk you see these flickering blue lights everywhere. The TV had taken over. The eye of Lucifer was everywhere flickering away there and sure enough, you started to visit people and they could not turn that thing off when you visited. You still see that today. It's hypnotic you see and even when they're talking to you their eyes are still fixed on it. Even when they turn the volume down their eyes are still fixed on it and their jaws are hanging down. Hypnotic. The flicker rate is in sequence with your actual brain patterns. It's designed to be that way. I'll be back with more after the following messages.



"The Universal Soldier" by Donovan


He's five foot-two, and he's six feet-four
He fights with missiles and with spears.
He's all of thirty-one, and he's only seventeen,
Been a soldier for a thousand years.

He's a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain,
A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew.
And he knows he shouldn't kill,
And he knows he always will,
Kill you for me my friend and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
He's fighting for France,
He's fighting for the USA,
And he's fighting for the Russians,
And he's fighting for Japan,
And he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for Democracy,
He's fighting for the Reds,
He says it's for the peace of all.
He's the one who must decide,
Who's to live and who's to die,
And he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him,
How would Hitler have condemned him at Labau?
Without him Caesar would have stood alone,
He's the one who gives his body
As a weapon of the war,
And without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the Universal Soldier and he really is to blame,
His orders come from far away no more,
They come from here and there and you and me,
And brothers can't you see,
This is not the way we put the end to war.



Hi. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix.  I'm just talking about how television has been used as the greatest indoctrination tool ever devised, up until really the internet came along and their big boys are moving in on that too, big time, to make sure they know what content you're going to see and what's going to be on it. However, as I say that was the mandate in Britain and other European countries. They all get television sets to make sure that the thoughts that the people had would be approved and authorized by specific agencies working together with government in Britain, specifically the Tavistock Institute which led the world really on this type of indoctrination process. This has also become a mandate in China who've said that everybody in China has to have a television within the next year. That's their goal there too because they know, they're copying the British style. It's a great indoctrination tool.


Now I've talked about Skinner before with his behaviorism and his psychology and he was a great hero to all the big boys when they concluded that we were nothing but animals and like all animals you can basically “recondition us” you might say. Reprocess us and make us behave in different ways by behavior modification and this has never stopped. What's happened in fact, it’s increased all this testing on children and people because we don't seem to mind now. We're in a scientific age. Science is now the new religion and whatever they say it must be good for us, just like the old religions were too.


Here's a report from Scientific American on a test being done on children. November 9th, 2007.


          "Could Robots Become Your Toddler's New Best Friend? School children come to love humanoid classmate after spending five months with him."


Alan:  This is quite the name this one. By Nikhil Swaminathan. Swaminathan is a pseudonym obviously, give us another robot.


It says:


             "Machine Among Us. Scientists found that a humanoid robot was accepted by a group of toddlers after several months of exposure."




             "According to the robotics community, it's unlikely that any robot now on the market could hold your attention for more than 10 hours. (Actually, if you have a robot dog gathering dust on a closet shelf, you probably already know that.)"


Alan:  It's true enough, we’re a people of fads, they give us fads and they end up in the garage generally with the skis and everything else.


             "…A new study, however, indicates that this threshold is poised to be broken—at least if the humans interacting with the machines are youngsters. Researchers found that a two-foot- (61-centimeter-) tall metal man easily won over a classroom of tykes, aged 18 to 24 months, who intermittently spent time with it over a five-month period. "Our results suggest that current robot technology is surprisingly close to achieving autonomous bonding and socialization with human toddlers for significant periods of time," University of California, San Diego, researchers report in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. QRIO, a robot programmed with a slew of social functions, was placed in U.C. San Diego's Early Childhood Education Center 45 times over the five-month observation period. For the first 27 sessions, the robot was allowed access to its full arsenal…"


Alan:  That's war terminology, arsenal, here.


             "…of programmed social behaviors. In addition, a controller could send commands to the humanoid, prompting it to wave, dance, sit, stand, et cetera (although there was a lag time between the prompt and when the robot made the movement). The tots began to increasingly interact with the robot and treat it more like a peer…"


Alan:  An equal, you see, that's what peer is.


             "…than an object during the first 11 sessions. The level of social activity increased dramatically when researchers added a new behavior to QRIO's repertoire: If a child touched the humanoid on its head, it would make a giggling noise. "The contingency coupled with the positive reaction of giggling made clear to the children that the robot was responsive to them and served often to initiate interaction episodes," says study co-author Fumihide Tanaka, a researcher at U.C. San Diego's Institute for Neural…"


Alan:  Neural Computation? Neural computation. That's the bunch that are into interfacing you with the computer too with little wires and all that in your brain.


             "…and at Sony…"


Alan:  You thought it was Sony Electronics but it's actually Standard Oil of New York.


             "…Sony Intelligence Dynamics Laboratories, Inc. For 15 sessions midway through the experiment, QRIO was programmed to repeatedly dance to the same song rather than interact with the kids."


Alan:  They say “kids” here. Remember how they would dehumanize children in the Communist Manifesto and what Lenin talked about, by replacing human terms with animal terms and debase terms, and now kid is normal. You don't see “child” anymore.


             "…During these trials…"


Alan:  Remember a kid is a young goat.


             "…During these trials the children became far less interested in the friendly automaton. For the final three sessions, however, QRIO could once again unleash its entire social arsenal."


Alan:  A social arsenal.


             "Tanaka and his colleagues scored the quality of social interaction primarily based on where children touched the robot. A teddy bear and an inanimate toy robot named Robby…"


Alan:  They're very good with the imagination: Robby the robot.


             "…accompanied QRIO during most of the observation period. The teddy bear was introduced first and prior to the introduction of the robots was very popular. But the stuffed animal was lost in the shuffle when QRIO and Robby came on the scene. Though the toddlers often manhandled Robby, they eventually began touching QRIO in a pattern similar to the way they touched one another—mostly on its arms and hands. The only time they deviated from this behavior was when QRIO was programmed to giggle, at which point they frequently petted its face and head. Another indication that the little humans viewed robo-kid as a compeer was the way they reacted when QRIO ran out of juice and lay down as if to take a nap: Some of the children would try to wake and help it up, whereas others would cover it with a blanket. "Our work suggests that touch integrated on the time-scale of a few minutes is a surprisingly effective index of social connectedness," Tanaka says."


Alan:  I’ll be back with more of this robot stuff after the following messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix on this Thanksgiving Day. At least in the U.S. it's the Thanksgiving. I think Canada had theirs a couple of weeks ago. I'm talking about this experiment that's being done on young children to see if they'll accept basically walking tins cans, robots, and treat them like equals. That's the whole point of it, like an equal, one of your peers, just as you would a normal human and this is only one place it's been going on. They're doing the same thing elsewhere and it says here. This is the particular project leader talking here.


             "Something akin to this index may be used by the human brain to evaluate its own sense of social well-being." He adds that social robots like QRIO could greatly enrich classrooms and assist teachers in early learning programs."


Alan:  They're talking about basically putting teachers out of a job down the road by giving them this substitute, all part of the step-by-step process of integrating us ultimately with computers, literally, into a virtual reality and also a part of getting them ready for part-human part-cyborg. That's also what it's about. They don't tell you all the reasons they're really doing this. Big money goes into these experiments and many universities makes a lot or even a good part of their budget off the foundations that give them big grant money to do it, or the CIA. CIA is very, very good at that and in Canada they have their own agencies too.


During World War II in Canada you'll find if you read books like "Deadly Allies: Canada's Secret War," during World War II when Canada led the world with bacterial and viral warfare projects they used the mainstream universities, specialized departments of them, to create killer viruses and bacterium that could wipe out millions of people. Connaught Laboratories in fact that eventually got done with the tainted blood scandal during Bill Clinton's era, Connaught Laboratories was born for bacterial warfare purposes, then they went into the blood products industry and I'm sure they were always connected with part too. These things are always connected for the whole of their existence and Connaught went under apparently or changed hands after the blood scandal that killed off most of the hemophiliacs in Canada, but then Bertrand Russell would be very proud to kill off what they claimed were useless eaters – those who are a burden on society.


Nothing happens by chance. We're always taught it's just bureaucratic bungling. That's how it's put over to the general public. Therefore, my job really as long as I talk is to tell the public what is. I don't tell you what is and then give you some escape out of it by promising you that the aliens will be beaten back off into space or anything like that, or you just eat this particular herb and you'll be cured of every ill that could possibly befall you. I just tell you the bad news because my job is to wake you up into a higher state of consciousness. A higher state of reality and hopefully, amongst those who wake up to this higher state, there'll be enough people with natural human empathy for others to alter the course that we're on, because the course that we're on in this hedonistic society which has been purposely created for us. They said in their own books a long time ago they’d create a hedonistic population where we’d be disconnected from each other. We wouldn't care about each other. That's what the war on the family was.


The family was classified, not only in the communist system, but in the Royal Institute for International Affairs own manifesto, the family was an obsolete unit. In fact it was in the way of progress because parents who gave their values to the children were “contaminating” their children, and so both the East and the West who all had the same bankers and payroll guys and aristocracy running the whole thing had concluded that they'd have to remake society. Remake the shape of society and alter the relations, in fact destroy the relationships within society by every means possible.


Russell himself was given permission in the early '20’s to start experimental schools up and encourage pre-pubertal sex amongst them to see if the more that they indulged in this the less they'd be able to bond emotionally for any length of time with a particular person. That was all to destroy the family unit and Lord Bertrand Russell, as he became, was all for this particular thing. He was the one who also came up with the “contamination of ideas.” You find the big psychological associations and the American Psychological Association and psychiatry too have published lots of work on how this family type system had to be destroyed and how everyone was brought up with the old values. The old values of caring and bonding and standing up for your family members and so on was dangerous in the upcoming society and how they had to destroy it. They classified it in fact as "mental illness."  Those who were brought up in the '50’s to the '70’s were technically classified as being mentally ill because they still had “contaminated ideas” from previous generations and contaminated and distorted values.


We saw a war by the culture industry on the public to reshape everything that comprises society and it's been incredibly successful, because most folk didn't even know it was a war on them at all. They didn't know it had even begun or was continuing and still is continuing. They had no idea. Most of the time they thought they were simply being entertained with movies and music and talks in newspapers or radio talks with big, big famous hosts and so on giving them new perceptions into how they should be. They've always known at the top the public mimic what they see. They have no faith in their own opinions so they always take the opinions of experts – society where experts would give you all of your opinions. That's happened. 


Moral relativism was pushed so there are no bad things anymore. Everything is a matter of your own opinion and how you judge things. There's no good or evil anymore. It's again simply how things turn out in the end. Was it beneficial to someone or not? That's how they judge it, and you're opinion is as good as anyone else's with moral relativism.


In olden times you had common law. Common law even prior to the name common law was simply called your social laws of your tribes. Everyone knew them. They were very simple. You didn't need lawyers and that's why real law is very simple. You don't need the people to be middlemen to decipher them for you. Everyone would be brought up in the tribes to know what the laws were, what rights and wrongs were, and they were based on human nature. They evolved themselves quite naturally.


With the advent of the legal systems, of course, we saw all that go out the window and if you've got money now the law can be whatever you want it to be. You can get off with anything you want to get off with if you've got enough money. That's what law now is all about. However, law is also to do with moral relativity and as long as you're within the bounds of your duty as a taxpayer and you do everything properly, what you do in your personal life or what other taboos or little laws you break you can get off with them if you have the right kind of lawyer, because it's all relative as they say.


The new religion is not new at all. It's actually coming from the old Cabala and that was pushed through High Masonry and the OTO branch of it too, which took over the culture industry, the music and the acting industries. They pushed that same agenda of moral relativism and at a big Hollywood meeting of science fiction writers and producers, all the big ones were there. Each one was asked in turn, all these guys who wrote sci-fi and horror, what they thought of evil. Was there such a thing as true evil? Every one gave the same exact same Cabalistic answer, that, no, they always gave this allegory of a line, a straight line and so on, one side you'll say it's evil and the other side is good, then they'd follow that up by saying it's all a balance and that really there's no such thing as evil. It's just a human judgment on the outcome of something. Was it beneficial or not? That's how the Cabala deciphers good or evil.   I'll be back with more of this after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. Now for those who don't have my books, I've asked you to buy them. Don't ask me for other authors. I get people all the time ask me for lists of authors and books to read and they haven't bought mine and they want to waste my time on that. I survive on the same stuff as you are all forced to use and I certainly do appreciate it when people buy the books. I don't like going to an empty mailbox day after day. Look into my site and you'll find how to do the ordering. It's all very simple. For those that want to donate, they can also do it too and it keeps me going, and I come out here and tell you the bare facts. I'll tell you stuff you don't know as well and for those who are really determined to go a bit higher, I can also have them call me once in a while too and I'll fill them in on a lot of stuff that I don't say over the air.


Now I've also mentioned the fact that we're all owned basically in this commoner system, in this aristocracy at the top running our whole lives and planning it all through foundations and their high bureaucratic systems within government. These are the important ones: the bureaucrats, the lifers. Many of them are members of the Royal Institute for International Affairs or CFR or Rhode Scholars or all three and they're not elected by anyone. Since World War II, like H.G. Wells said, these bureaucrats can converse with their counter parts right at the United Nations and bypass the front men, the politicians, the guys that are put there to catch the rotten eggs and tomatoes that you throw at them. That's their job. That's all they're really there for is a show for the public.


However, just to show you how we're owned and how this new class system is coming into effect, and it was talked about quite a few years ago through genetics and genetic engineering how they were going to create a new class system, those who were genetically enhanced, but also to eventually terminate those children who will be born who have, what they claim will have any defects that could cost society money. That's what this particular next item is about and this is from the "Star Tribune", November 10th, 2007.


"Five drops of blood: Invasion of privacy?

By Chen May Yee of the Star Tribune


It says here:


             "A phlebotomist collected blood from Shemare Jamal Brown in September, two days after the child was born Minnesota's new born screening program identifies babies who may have any of more than 50 disorders."


Alan:  This is how it’s put across to us.


             "About 24 hours after a baby is born in Minnesota, a hospital nurse pricks a heel and squeezes five drops of blood. Three blood spots go straight to a state Department of Health lab in St. Paul. Two spots are sent by courier to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Within days, the family will know if the child has one of more than 50 rare hereditary conditions that can now be detected and treated."


Alan:  Ha-ha.


             "…For little Ella Madison…"


Alan:  This is probably just a fake story but to get something across.


             "…it may have made the difference between life and death. Ella has cystic fibrosis…"


Alan:  See they always use poor unfortunates and so on. It has nothing to do with that at all.


             "…where mucus clogs the lungs and pancreas. Such kids can die from lung infections or starve because they can't absorb food. Because the disease was diagnosed at Ella's birth, she started daily drugs and nebulizers. A charmer with big blue eyes and a dazzling smile, she now appears to be a healthy, normal 19-month-old."


Alan:  You see, this is a propaganda piece here I'm sure.


             "But the state screening program that likely saved Ella is now at risk as Minnesota becomes the battleground in the first big clash between genetics and privacy in the DNA age. Why here? A confluence of factors: Minnesota screens newborns for more disorders than most other states. Minnesota also passed a law last year protecting the privacy of all genetic data."


Alan:  It's their property you see.


             "…And Minnesota happens to be home to a very determined nurse-turned-privacy advocate, Twila Brase. Brase leads a small but vocal group of privacy advocates who say Minnesota's newborn screening amounts to involuntary genetic testing, with unknown future implications for employment…"


Alan:  That's very true. They discussed this 15 years ago in major newspapers.


             "…and insurance."


Alan:  They won't give you insurance if they claim you may be at risk.


             "…Doctors and public health officials counter that it's a small intrusion that can save about 140 babies a year from death or serious disability."


Alan:  Utter nonsense.


             "…Both sides say they're taking the issue to the Legislature next year. "We live in an age of predictive medicine," said Mark McCann, manager of the newborn screening program at the Minnesota Department of Health. That throws up challenges for ethicists and legal experts. Should parents' consent be required before testing? Should the state ask parents' permission to store the blood spots for research? Who should have access? Who would profit? "Newborn screening is newborn genetic testing," said Brase, president of the Citizens' Council on Health Care. "We do not yet know today how it could be used tomorrow."


Alan:  Yes we do. We do know how it's going to be used tomorrow.


             "Brase said she's not against newborn testing, but thinks parents should choose whether to do it. Doctors and health officials say Brase's individualistic approach imperils a mother lode of medical data they can use to improve the health of thousands and prevent untold suffering from undiagnosed genetic conditions -- without violating privacy. Brase has the ear of some legislators. Rep. Mary Liz Holberg, R-Lakeville, who calls Brase a David against the Goliath of the medical industry, sketches this scenario: "Five years from now, when there's a breach in the computer system, and 200,000 of your youngest residents have been compromised, you wouldn't want parents to be totally unaware that the state is storing this data. That's when we're going to be in really big trouble."



Alan:  Here you are again. They're at it in every sphere because many, many years ago even back in the '20’s, Russell and others, all the friends and descendents of Darwin and so on and the Huxley's were talking about the time would come when they'd have the right through testing to decide who could breed with whom, even to have offspring in the first place and have the right to sterilize those who they would deem to be unfit or their offspring could have problems. This is what it's all about because the eugenicist movement is all integrated into this big monolithic system that runs our lives for us. They run the eugenics sphere of it all and they are the ones in charge of who gets the funding in all these programs, and all the rest of them down the ladder just do as they told and they execute their orders.


We're going into a society of a new caste type of system and there's no better movie to see than the one that was called "Gattaca." Good movie about a new class system or caste system where those who were genetically enhanced will get all the best jobs, and those who were just born the ordinary old way and had all the defective genes in them that made us normal, you know, will be second class citizens who are ruled by this new type of elite.


This is the nightmare we're living in and it's a nightmare. It’s really always been here and as I say, we've all lived through it. We’ve watched the progress of it, if you were conscious at all. Most people haven't been conscious most of their lives. A lot of people go to their deaths, never, never knowing that all the major events that happened in their lives were planned that way. I'm talking about wars and big changes through policies and all this kind of stuff or work leaving the country. Everything that happened in your life was planned as a timetable long before you were even born. Even the year 2010 for the integration of the Americas was planned and actually published at certain meetings during World War II.


In fact, you can go further back to a Rosicrucian meeting where they had a big meeting in the U.S. and they made all the other Freemasonic institutions to attend. They also published it there that they'd eventually unite the Americas and the flag of – the eagle of America would be united with the eagle of Mexico. We find in the early writings of Lenin, early 1900’s he talked about the end of the millennium and the beginning of the new and that's when the big changes would happen, when the government institutions would be so prolific they'd be stepping over each others toes or on each others toes all the time, so many departments and then they'd bring in the brand new system. That was backed up by his counterpart for the aristocracy in Britain who said exactly the same thing, Lord Bertrand Russell once again.


That's just to show you they're all working together. They knew what the long-term plan was, the long term agenda. When I listened to a meeting for the World Bank where Mr. Rockefeller got up (and Rothschild was there too I believe), Rockefeller talked about this coming agenda and how society would go into a period of massive upheaval and he said this present generation unfortunately will be the cannon fodder for this. He says, "you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs," and that's how we all are to these people. We're broken eggs.


Well, from Hamish and myself in Canada on a cold wintry night, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)