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December 20, 2007


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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the promises we made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December 20th, 2007. For those who are newcomers to the station, look into That's my European site for downloadable transcripts in the tongues of Europe and also look into for hundreds of talks I've given over the years that you can download for free, all to do with this big matrix system in which we live. It contains all of the histories from ancient times, if you listen carefully, going way back 10 years, from ancient times up to the present and how we've been manipulated all along and now we're going into the greatest manipulation ever, which is to be the complete control of everyone and their mind.


When the mind is gone that's game over for the general population and if you look around you today, it's almost there and that's without the use of a microchip. That's just with intensive scientific indoctrination and the tricks of the electronics. That's why they call it electronics. It's the trick of the elect and we've all been brainwashed since birth into fake histories. Histories are always being written by victors and rewritten when they have to omit certain things which aren't too pleasing to governments that come along in the future, so they just cut them out like George Orwell's job as Winston in "1984".  Winston's job was to edit history, edit history as it was actually happening and put all the old stuff down the memory hole where it's gone forever, because all dissention, all the causes of dissention of the past, all conflicts of the past and all the wrongs that have been done by one group against another, one people against another, have to be eradicated. John Dewey brought that philosophy forth and he said it would be taught in education, everything that caused problems in the past between peoples would simply be omitted and there would be big blank spots in history.


You can understand the logic behind it because conflicts can go back hundreds and hundreds of years between people and tribes and so on; but the other point of view is that if they're telling you lies in that respect, what else are they telling you that are lies as well? You'll find out unfortunately it's almost everything because Dewey came from the old Frankfurt school along with many, many more in an attempt to create a new type of society. They all came out of Prussia in fact. A lot of Prussian teachers were sent over to Europe and to the Americas to bring this kind of indoctrination to the monarchs, to those that ruled, and that's what's happened. We've all lived through it and yet we think everything is normal because our parents didn't know what to tell us or warn us. They were brainwashed themselves. Quite a simple technique.


I was thinking growing up myself of all the things I witnessed and the big changes in the culture that I witnessed, just growing up from a small age and observing people and how they adapted so quickly to whatever the media was pushing out in front of them. That went for fashion. That went for ridiculous fashions, fashions which were certainly not suited to winters in Britain. Plastic miniskirts and plastic boots and plastic coats and people were freezing at bus stops just standing there and they wouldn't cover themselves because it was unfashionable, and I realized then that there were forces at work and there's also an understanding at work of human natural in general. Today they call it "herd management" in fact because they understand human instincts and how a majority of the public will always try to belong to their peer group by being the same.


As they were doing all this, too, they were promoting a new religion. Very important topic because religions in all ages have been used in all parts of the world to control the masses beneath them, beneath the ruling elite. It was funny to witness this religion and hearing your elders (and even my sisters were elders) talking about channeling and the New Age stuff that was being put out in front of them. The psychedelic stuff all mixed with drugs and so on. Drugs et cetera being promoted by top people like Timothy Leary, which is a Masonic term if you break it down. He's a light bringer. Leary is a light bringer. He likes the old gas lamps in the streets. That's what a Leary is and it was a time of the Leary to light the lamps and make a new illumined new society but not too bright. Not too bright. That's why it's still a gas, and the people started using that terminology too. It's a gas.


It was all a big joke by those at the top that give us the complete culture and Leary and other top scientists and doctors were put out there on stage, on mainstream television to promote what was to become the religion of the world. A religion that would be tied in with Mother Earth and a religion that would be tied in with the greening of the planet. Now green is everywhere. You hear it everywhere. It's all through big business because like all culture it's promoted from the top down. No culture is allowed to exist coming from the bottom by itself because it could disrupt any plans the governments have laid out; and believe you me, governments don't sit and haggle in congresses or parliaments about trivial things. The real government is busy planning a long-term future and therefore all major cultural movements, which have to interweave together, interlock together through all facets of society, had to get authorized and worked out and managed from the top; and that's precisely what was happening.


It came out later Leary and others were actually CIA – paid by the CIA to promote hallucinogenic drugs. Quite amazing and I lived through that. I was a bit too young but I grew up watching people losing their minds and so on, and talking to the sky and to people that didn't exist, and at the same time I watched the Beatles but I couldn't really understand it. Of course I was too young but I watched this tremendous promotion through music and I had got Plato. I went to the adult library when I was five and I looked at Plato and different ones. He talked about culture and here I was witnessing a culture, meaning it was promoted from the top. The Beatles started off as the clean-cut young men. That was to grab the audience and to put the older generation at ease. Very clever. They had to put the older generation at ease, the parents of the youngsters that were really the target. Once they had the big following and got all the hits, then they could change their appearance and then they grew their hair long and so on, which is okay. It's a rebellion against the short haircuts of the military so I don't mind it at all.


However, then they went off to India and had had a few hits there and suddenly we hear about the Maharishi Yogi and that was all over the magazines and suddenly the people who were older than me were parroting all these terms that came from India. Terms that they were eating up and discussing and debating, and you see all these particular terms are religious terms and the people who were parroting them didn't know that they were learning a religion; and it must be good if their superstars who are promoting it because everyone wants to follow the stars. That's what a wandering star is. You follow the stars. They give you the stars from the top. I watched all this happening and I remember reading in the papers how professors at university had seen limousines, big limos with well dressed men throwing garbage bags full of LSD pills over the walls of universities and major colleges. That's how they got it introduced. It wasn't by the little dealer in a laboratory just cooking some stuff up. It was made by the big drug companies.


Much later on I'd found they'd been experimenting with it since the 1930's. In Peter Wright's book much later on, too, I found out that even Lord Victor Rothschild who was the head of all British security during the Cold War at one point, even though Wright was pointing to him as being the main suspect for passing information on to Moscow, Rothschild was using this stuff and testing it out on MI5 and MI6 agents. Quite something and that was in the '50's they were doing that, but then in the '60's and '70's they made sure the real target got their doses and it wasn't just a drug culture and a music culture that was getting heavily promoted from the top. It was a separation of the generations that was being heavily promoted and very few people living through it, the older and the younger, even realized it. That was it's primary intent and also the secondary intent was to create a new religion. A religion that only now many, many, many years later we've come to understand was to do with the new agenda for the New World Order as they called it. They've used this term many times long before Bush. Even Adolph Hitler used it.


It was used in the 1800's by people in the Cecil Rhodes society, a New World Order. The greening stuff now all makes sense now that they have a whole generation grown up to parrot religious terms they don't even understand, that come mainly from Hinduism with a touch of Shinto and a touch of everything else like peppered in a pot. Just a little touch and a dab here and there, and it's New Age. Behind it all is an amazing technique of getting the people to pounce on it, to gobble it up because of ego. You see the religion that has been pushed big, big time, it must appeal to the ego and have no rules.


John Dewey again referred to this a long ago, the guy who was sent in to set up the educational system for the United States. He made reference to this, that there would be no real morality as we know it. It would be selective morality, do your own thing, basically. That became the term that was used. You do your own thing. No rules and no real inhibitions. Anyone who was inhibited was odd and they called them "square." When you read Mikhail Gorbachev's book "Towards A New Civilization" and you hear an atheist, who admits in the same book he is an atheist, stating that we, and his foundation and others, were working towards a new world religion which will be based on a form of earth worship. You read the eugenics experiments that are going on all around you. It's in the papers and magazines every day now and the greening nonsense we're hearing all around us, and the catastrophe with the global warming and how we're causing it – straight out of the book that invented it.


"The First Global Revolution" by the Club of Rome. That was the book. "The First Global Revolution" where they said they needed a cause to unite the planet for this agenda and they came up with the idea of saying it was global warming and the public were to blame. That was 1970's and it's being done. It's being done and you see all mixed together again with the New Age religions where nothing is real. The old Beatles song, "Nothing is Real, Strawberry Fields," and you're seeing people who should be really fairly intelligent, fairly street wise and savvy, telling you nothing is real, it's all illusion. You ask them where they get this and you get this big response. They're not sure. It's everywhere. It's in all the magazines they read. It's in the movies they watch. It's a new religion and they don't even know it, and it's a religion that ties in with the greening. It's a religion that will tie in with the depopulation program, where people will voluntarily come forward and have themselves sterilized to save Mother Earth and I do have articles here about that. It's already happening. We now have the volunteers coming forth.


Isn't it beautiful? It took from the late 1800's to create this religion that's now "blossoming," so to speak, and turning very green in our own lifetime; and yet most of the people who've lived right through that up to the present are oblivious as to how it all happened because they don’t question. They don't question and the techniques of creating a religion are so well known. They were known in ancient times, especially the one to do with the earth type, paganism. It must appeal to the ego, where you can become, going back to the Garden of Eden allegory, God. You actually have people today believing that they can become God. They'll tell you that to your face. I'll be back with more after these following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and I thought I'd start off to say tonight by the first thing that came in my head. I never prepare anything. I don't have the staff either to do anything for me, so I don't have stuff put up on my screen that I can rattle off and really impress you. I prefer just to talk as I would talk to someone sitting across the kitchen table. After getting down from the roof, I had to go up there and scrub the satellite dish so I can beam up and upload tonight. It gets frosty and there's about two feet of snow up there too. Maybe two or three feet of snow, I got back in and sat down here and I thought, well, what's on my mind? I thought, the New Age, it's all around us and how this greening is completely meshing now with the preparation that was done many years ago on the minds of the public to do with what we call the New Age, where all normalcy was destroyed to make way for this new system.


As they say in High Masonry, "all that was must be demolished to make way for that which is new. That which is to come." You always destroy the old cathedral. You take it down as you're building the new one, because it's a New World Order with a completely new way of living, a new system. When you see what's planned for society and you read it in the papers what's planned for us, this controlled society, world society, where every individual is going to be tracked, traced and monitored from birth to death. This is only one part of the stage, one phase of the agenda (it's intergenerational), until they literally create new types of humans to serve a small elite more efficiently. This is quite something. It's a nightmare we're really living in and because you're born into it you don't think it's abnormal, especially if you parents already accepted it and didn't know that they'd been brainwashed their whole lives too. That's how mammals all react. If the parents don't warn them of what to beware of, they will accept everything even their worst enemies. That's how simple it is.


Before I go on about this, I've got Richard in Texas on the line and we'll talk to Richard first. Are you there, Richard? Hello Richard. Go ahead.


Richard:  I've been curious about the whole cultural thing with regard to the Beatles and have been interested in your comments this evening. I was 12 when the Ed Sullivan show happened and I've been a big fan of their music ever since and I'm curious if you think that they were more than just manipulated and their image as a separate thing manipulated even further? Or do you think there was actually something deeper at work there in terms of their connections to any of this nasty cultural shift? It seems to me that good things that came out also – exposure to mediation as an option for humanity and I'm not sure that the mind opening experience of non-abuse of something like LSD or peyote is possibly a positive thing for some folks, but anyway your comments about all that would be appreciated.


Alan:  The idea – remember, long before the Beatles came along, even when Aldous Huxley was writing "Brave New World" in the 1930's, they were talking about a future they could create if they could get the public to accept having drugs alter their minds – not to help them in any way, shape or form, but to control their minds. However, when you're living with hallucinogenic drugs you start to lose what they call "affect" (that's normal emotion); that's a side effect of it. In fact, you can get drug-induced schizophrenia. During the phase of tripping out you're technically schizophrenic, and this again was well understood and a schizophrenic society is really easily managed because they cannot discern things properly. Things are distorted. They can't perceive clearly. Things are very distorted in their minds. They used these techniques in ancient India on the peasants to control them for a long, long time, coupled with vegetarianism, too, a restricted vegetarian diet at that. Food and drugs has always been used at certain times down through the histories of different countries, so it was simply being reintroduced again.


Now the Beatles didn't simply make themselves. They were made. That's how stars are made in the music industry. It's a good Hollywood myth the movies they give you of someone with talent that just keeps pushing ahead and gets up there. That's very, very rare. Generally, stars are made. I've seen them made in fact in my own lifetime.


Richard:  Brian Epstein?


Alan:  Brian Epstein was well connected but again a lot of money and promotion. I don't know how much people realize was spent on promoting the Beatles before anyone had heard or even seen them. It was a tremendous build-up. Now whenever you see a tremendous build-up about something that's going to appear and it's taken millions of dollars to do so through advertising and promotion, that's going to be a success and it wasn't the first time it had been done. They'd done it before with Charles Darwin when they brought his book out on evolution. They built it up in the British press and the World Press for about two years before they released the book and that guaranteed he'd be an instant genius in the eyes of the public and sure enough--


Richard:  Was there others involved in the Beatles do you think?


Alan:  I'm pretty sure that definitely others associated with the Beatles and were managing them were associated with Tavistock because Tavistock was heavy into music, long before even rock or pop music came along. They were trying out different kinds of the effects of jazz, a certain type of jazz on the minds as far back as the 1920's. There was a Jewish jazz writer in New York who was kidnapped by the Soviets and taken over to the Soviets because he had a technique that he was working on which could put youngsters, especially, they're more prone to it, into almost an altered state. That eventually was coupled with a technique that was released years and years later and they called them the beatniks, where again they introduced these guys who were kind of scruffy, they smoked weed and displayed this kind of laid-back kind of jazz, sometimes atonal jazz. That took off more in Europe but it didn't do well in Britain or the United States and so they went back to the drawing board and gave us pop music and launched that tremendously.


In Britain there was only the BBC, which is owned – it's an arm of the British government and the BBC really promoted and started off what we call the pop industry from the top down again. We know that Steve Martin and others were taught heavily into these techniques of how the mind reacts and how the different brain patterns are altered by using certain types of music and they worked heavily with Gibson in the U.S. on stereo et cetera and using what they call "sequencing" within the stereo. To the average listener you just hear certain instruments in one ear and certain instruments from the other speaker, but there's actually sequences. It's almost like pulses going back and forth in certain songs and these could actually put you in an altered state as well, very conducive.


Richard:  I understand your position as well, Alan, and I wish you'd use some of your music for the bumper stuff from time to time; and from certain music that you do use you seem to indicate that you're a fan of a certain positive music. I just wondered what your thought is about good music, bad music, that sort of thing in term of the cultural influence.


Alan:  I mean bad music is quite simple. It's not so much bad; remember the guys at the top don't see things as bad or good. I'll finish this after the following messages.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and sure enough, this code of silence, also this state of ignorance, can't go on or we're all doomed. However, I know Martin in Britain had some of the best equipment that could be produced, way ahead of its time, and the recording studios and he worked with I think it was even Les Paul, who came up with the stereo from the U.S., the guy who also gave the Gibson guitar which is really good. They knew how it would affect the mind and they were doing experiments even before the Beatles using electroencephalographic machines and playing types of music to youngsters, especially, who are more prone to "altered states" you might call it. Even close to a meditative state, which some music can put you into. Classical music can also do the same and they also knew that they could bring out anger by certain types of music and we see that going in through the jazz. Jazz was very good for creating really freaky states in the beatnik generation and then later down through the ages we had the Sid Vicious types from Britain, punk rockers who screamed and raged, and then we went down into rap, where you wrap it up and now they're sort of floundering at the bottom now. They don't know what to do. They call it hip-hop and so on. We've gone all the way down from classical to pop, then rock and a whole bunch of stuff, down to rap and that seems to be almost the end.


At the moment they're using a lot of techno sounds to get us used to computerized sounds because one day we’ll hear that in our heads when we've all got brain chips. We'll hear the almost mechanical computer type operating sound going through our heads and that will be a new type of music to the public. When it comes to the promotion of mind-altering drugs, that was one of the functions that Aleister Crowley was given by what became MI6, who now have admitted that he worked for them. They're very good at giving us gurus and his job was to help start off, kick off this next part of the New Age movement. The old stuff was started by Madame Blavatsky in the late 1800's and we find Crowley was sent out there to fascinate the youth and you'll find him on the covers of a lot of albums. Even the Beatles had all their heroes on an album cover. Look at Sergeant Pepper and you'll see Aleister Crowley in there amongst Karl Marx and many others. Mind altering drugs, as I say, were pushed so heavily, except they didn't tell you the fallout from it all and the mental hospitals, the psychiatric hospitals got the fallout because many people didn't come back from those trips. Their minds were left elsewhere and they ended up having a drug-induced schizophrenia.


Other ones that I knew became incredibly naïve. It made them more prone to suggestibility. They became hyper-suggestible, which again is a great way if you want a public that you can make believe anything and so drugs do that. They take away your common sense and it's being promoted once again by different people and even Crowley started off the whole thing of going to Latin America for their little drinky-pooh from the shaman and he was also initiated into another Masonic order when he was over there. At that time he was only in English order, The York Order and the Royal Arch he was in, but he was initiated into the higher degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry by a shaman in Latin America. It was already over the world, you see, freemasonry in one form or another. Over there he helped to push taking the elixir that would open up your third eye and all this kind of stuff and he was no fool, this guy. He wasn't so dumb to take it himself, but he promoted it in his books as though he had.


Richard:  I've been curious because having experimented just a little bit back in the early '70's with that sort of thing, my openness to these concepts that you talk about and that sort of thing, is that the result of any of that? or whether that's a completely separate issue? You know, I've been curious about that for some time.


Alan:  It could be separate and you may have even gone further if you hadn't taken the drugs.


Richard:  Yes, that could be it you know.


Alan:  What they didn't mention too, and they still keep it fairly quiet, is that some of these drugs make permanent physical changes within the brain itself.


Richard:  Maybe it's more likely that my openness to considering that as a thing to do contributed to my openness to these ideas. I don't know or not, it may be or not.


Alan:  What I noticed was the incredible naiveté some of them would end up having for a personality, so naïve and they could be told anything and they'd believe it, as though their censor part of the brain was just simply gone and they were made more suggestible and more easily lead. That's exactly the society they wanted to create to control them into the next step. How else could you get a society where the laws even that we we're used to upheld life itself, and the old values of marriage and children and so on were all in natural play, how else could you change them from that system to a system where everyone is isolated? Which, remember, is exactly what government wrote about a long time ago, that they could isolate each individual and the genders and the generations from each other, then government could eventually control you, personally, by dictating right down to little old you and there's no one standing in your way. It all ties in together because it was a long-term agenda and worked just like a long-term business plan; it's been successful. It's been very, very successful as you can see, and to bring a world culture together that would be under domination you had to get all the religions and mix them together and that's exactly what they've done. As I say, Madame Blavatsky said in her own books that her job was to bring the religions of the West, mainly Christianity, and combine it with that of the East. That was her job.


Richard:  All of this stuff, the matrix, makes the fact that people are saying that nothing is real, how true it is on one level of looking at it.


Alan:  Yes that's right. All the propaganda really is just that. It's mainly based on abstracts and ulterior motives because we're never told the truth until 50 years after an event has occurred because the generation that's grown up don't care what happened before. That's standard. That's why Official Secrets Acts release stuff 50 years down the road. No one cares.


Richard:  I don't need to listen to that, you know.


Alan:  Yes and the young ones also say so what. Anything that's 20 years old to a youngster is antique. It's just the old age stuff, so they're very good at releasing stuff and they have released that Crowley worked for them both before World War II and after in fact, and Crowley himself is reputed to have killed his own first-born son. That was another little thing he got in there too, to try and get that little act on the go and it's so curious. You see it all depends on how you view something. If you stand back like I do and simply observe and you don't get too emotionally attached – I actually try and get detached emotionally sometimes, and you see a society that at one time you were hung for murder because taking life was the major crime. Killing a child was a major crime too, you know, mucho major, and then you see the movements that were all promoted from the top down again and you saw the gender wars. You saw the revolutions starting and we know too that certain of the leaders of the feminist movement were actually paid by the CIA. The whole culture, they admit this now. The whole culture was paid and run by the CIA.  Along with it came the abortion issue. That got everybody really going because everybody always takes a side for this or against. That's how people are. They always give you two wrestlers, one against the other. Which one do you like best? Two politicians. Two parties and people automatically fall and get really emotionally involved in one or the other, so emotionally involved they actually lose sight of the topic or the magnitude of the topic itself.


Richard:  In our culture they've given us a situation where 1 in 13 girls get pregnant now by high school age.


Alan:  Yes and we now probably abort as many as are born, and according to the bigwigs that's not enough.


Richard:  Alan, thanks for your time. I love your show.


Alan:  Yes, keep listening. I'll talk more about this after the following messages.


Richard:  Bye.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt and we're just going through some of the history of this amazing matrix we live in. I was thinking back there, Timothy Leary also went into India because that was his job too, apart from dishing out LSD and telling you that altered states were wonderful, as he took his paycheck from the CIA to promote this culture. When he came back from India he called the Beatles, who'd also just came back, "the four evangelists" because they were sent out to spread the "gospel" of this new religion and that was in different newspapers and magazines at the time. In fact Leary said that the Beatles had taken his place and that one of the albums was a complete celebration of LSD, which was true. Which was true, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and so on was pushing, promoting altered states which they coupled again with the so-called transcendental meditation states for the new religion they were bringing in. Magazines all over the place sprouted into being, heavily funded, all promoting this brand new culture that everyone fell into. Before you knew it, there was almost like chain stores of channeling groups and mediation groups et cetera as they destroyed the old and along with that came what even various professors in universities noticed too, the free love that was introduced along with it.


Now this had been tried previously in Germany in the 1920's, this what we now call the hippie era and free love and the wander folk and so on. They reintroduced it again with the drugs for the 1960's and really promoted it big time. Heavily financed it for the Western world and it worked wonders because it destroyed all the old values and brought in these already-made new set of values and I mean already-made because it was a plan. It wasn't something that was "a happening" as they called it. It was actually a plan that was being unfolded and directed by all of the media circus and the public went along with it because everything they gave you was fascinating. It was absolutely fascinating. It was fascinating to be told you could do this. You could do that. You can get in touch with entities. You could wake up your chakras and rattle them and get your kundalini going et cetera, et cetera and it all appeals to the ego because it appeals to the ability to gain a supernatural power. If you go into it deep enough and follow all the chains that you would go through, from one cult to the next cult to the next cult, although they simply call them groups now and associations, they're still cults, you'll always end up with channeling.


It's quite amazing that everything today goes towards channeling. They used to call it mediumship in the 1800's when the Royal Society of Psychical Research was headed by Conan Doyle and they used to bring mediums in. Albert Pike had his own personal medium who would channel stuff to him. Myself, I only had one channel. That was the BBC, so I didn't get very much at all, but nowadays they've got so many channels and so many entities and everyone tells you to get in touch with your power animal or the figure that will appear in front of you, but you must ask its name. Strangely, why they have legalities in this and even types of psychotherapy now use this particular channeling method or meeting your power animal to give you power and even these dynamic group encounter meetings they have even for people who work in corporations. They send them off to these courses to give them more confidence supposedly. They also get them in eventually to meeting their power animal and channeling all this kind of stuff. It's always the same road they have to go down, which is odd because what you're seeing is the creation of a new religion, which is an old, old religion, and it used to be called Pantheism. Well understood, well documented and kept in archives and even in regular libraries if you care to go into the old dusty books.


They've simply revived something which they call the "perennial religion". Perennial because it could be brought up again and it would sprout and flourish because it always appealed to the vanity within the individual self because personal power was always at its base; and for a religion to take off, it would take over from the old established religions, it had to appeal to the ego. The old religions gave you rules. The old religions unfortunately made you feel like a worm. In fact, in pre-Protestantism there was no such thing as a personal contact with any deity. You were just one of the masses under the deity. You were a dirty rotten filthy little sinner and so you didn't have a chance in hell, as they say, of getting out of it except by some miracle. When Protestantism came along it simply grabbed the old stuff that the Catholics had already taken, written about; omitted a lot of it. They omitted the Apocrypha from a lot of the books and brought in the "born again" idea, mainly for the Americas because they wanted the Americas to still go along with this religion that worked great for making cohesion within a society; a society they were going to create to build up a world army. Now that your job's almost done it's all being taken away and even the religion is falling apart too, because all those who go through the same culture and watch television, including all the congregations that go home and watch it too, are all getting the same brainwashing so they lose their values. They're being indoctrinated by media and they copy the culture around them and not the values that they pretend to follow from the religion on a Sunday.


Religions are well understood for their value for controlling people and you can take your pick. If you want to control a particular type or create a particular type of society, you can go through all of the old religions and say which one or assortment of them can we bring together to bring out this perfect society that we want to create, this perfectly controlled society. For an age as we're going into, which couples into eventually going into a cyber world of unreality, where once again someone else will create the program that you'll be going into. It's so wonderful when you look back and see how the psychedelic era and all of the New Age movement fits right in along with the next step, where electronically they'll promise you all these wonderful miracles and people will go in. They're already selling "chi machines," electronic chi machines for energy. You know, the Chinese "chi." I didn't say tea, I said chi; and they're selling them, so the faith is already coupled with technology. It's amazing and when I say "beautiful," I mean in a sardonic sort of way. It's very, very clever. Very clever how it all eventually fits to go into what they always wanted, a fake world that would control your minds completely.


If you said this to a pre-1940's society, "we'd like you to get brain-chipped one day and observed and followed all down through your life," there would have been revolutions all over the place, believe you me, very quickly. However, today, with societies that have been created to be more unhappy and more unhappy as all the old bonding is destroyed, everyone's got hundreds of acquaintances but no real lovers you might say, and everyone craves that personal contact, which they can't handle, most of them, anymore. It's been destroyed and they're being taught that we're all one. We're all one. That's the mantra of the New Age. We're all one and sure enough, they'll all be one when they're hooked up together in the world's supercomputers which will all be connected. That's when they'll all get their wish. The only thing is they won't be conscious enough to understand it because there will be no more you when that happens. I've gone over this before how at Loyola University the World's Science meetings to do with this particular brain chipping technology. One of the statements that stands out was: when this is introduced and works and accepted (which they know they will), they'll want it, there'll be no more individualism—the end of individuality.


Then the elite, who will not be chipped, will breath a sigh of relief because they won't have to worry anymore about revolutions and complaints departments or having to use so much energy to keep the multitudes entertained and happy, keep them peaceful. They won't have those worries anymore. They'll have an efficient programmed society where, since you're only using about 10 percent of your brain, they can use all the rest of it to accomplish a myriad of tasks and use your body, too, like a robot, because the most efficient robot is a human body. It's the most efficient. The cells regenerate themselves. You're self-repairing. We need less maintenance than the mechanical type. We're cheaper. We're a renewable resource. To the economists at the top, that's very logical to use this and do what's happening in this fashion. It's happening and we're living through it. I'll talk about this more after the following messages.





"The Future" by Leonard Cohen


Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant

Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and sure the future is murder. It's already going on, if the people haven't noticed that murder goes on all the time in many different ways. It’s all how you perceive something, whether it's legitimized, legal or whatever, or a war, it's all murder. Killing is killing and you can't get away around that, no matter how much your ego tries to do it. Some people pretend very well but they do it with tremendous anger. That tells you they don't really believe it themselves, because murder is murder and as we become dehumanized and taught on the one hand that we're very special, very special and spiritual beings; on the other hand we also believe this double-think we're just another form of animal; and you'll hear these expression being used by the same people. "We're spiritual but we're animals," and this gives us a schizophrenia there already when it comes to that you see and they can't really see it for themselves, but who's looking for sanity in today's conditioned scientifically controlled world?


Now we've got a caller on the line. It's Joel from Florida. Are you there, Joel?


Joel:  Yes, Alan, good evening to you.


Alan:  How are you doing?


Joel:  I'm doing pretty good and how's yourself up in the great white north?


Alan:  Well I'm okay when I'm in the house; otherwise I'm up to three feet of snow up past my knees.


Joel:  I had a question for you concerning the Masons. Is it true you cannot be a member of the Masons if you're missing a finger, a toe, part of a finger or anything like that? They want you to be the perfected man.


Alan:  It used to be, but there's two meanings to that and what the real meaning is – because even the lower masons can't figure anything out because they don't know anything – it was you had to be "whole in body," you see, and what it meant was you had to have your family jewels working, the two testes. That was a big part of it and of course the penis again too. The Jews at one point were banned from Masonry because they were circumcised, so part was already missing. That was one part of it, but technically what they really refer to were your reproductive powers. That's really what it was meant to be about. In the lower orders they took everything at face value and, as you say, if your finger was missing or you had an impediment of speech, then they couldn't get in or something like that that was obvious. However, it's really to do with reproductive powers because as you go up the degrees and if, only if you're asked in to the higher orders above the top ones that you know of and you've been well-vetted you will be introduced, if you're a third generation Mason, that's three sets of Masons who've been introduced to their wives, you will be introduced to a wife who's the daughter of a third generation Mason. It's a genetic thing. They really believe in superior intellect and good breeding at the top. It’s all throughout their writings and it's even in the real Rosicrucian manifesto, not the fake one in California, and so it's all to do with breeding the right offspring; superior offspring. It's a eugenics thing and you are introduced to your wife through a suggestion by the Grand Master who will ask you to dinner and he will say this is so-and-so and if you get the hint and you take the wink and the nod, then you'll understand that's going to be your wife.


Joel:  Right, in the clique. Okay. I have another question. Can you give me the breakdown of synagogue and then I'm going to hang up and let you finish that and it's been a pleasure talking with you.


Alan:  Synagogue is an odd word because it's really from the Greek and we have this crazy history of religion where people follow the religions and don't even understand what they're following. Synagogue really meant a sort of gathering or a gathering place in the Greek, but you're right with the 'syn' part and 'agogue' also meant sloping or sloping of the head. It used to be a joke 200 years ago amongst some of the British Empire people when they saw the Ethiopians Jews because they did have sloping heads and they referred to it as the synagogue.


It's a Greek word that meant gathering place, as opposed to the temple itself. It's something that came out – that whole issue of the synagogue as opposed to a temple came out from Babylon supposedly from a captivity where it was invented because the Levi's system broke down and this new sect arose to take its place of the Pharisees that were just a small sect itself. They borrowed the Babylonian Talmud as a foundation for their religion and then the Talmud is always ongoing. It's a record of famous rabbis' sayings and there's a Hebrew version and a Babylonian one.


They're still used in courts of law. There are Jewish courts of law that still co-exist parallel with every other court of law, and when there's a decision to be made and there's a conflict between the Jewish version and the Babylonian version, the Babylonian one takes precedence and that's a fact. I mean it's so crazy because as far as you can really tell by history itself and not by religion. Religion, remember, is to condition a people and control a people.


History, sure enough, is HIS STORY too and there's a lot of stories out there, but at least we can get some more verification of the past, sometimes, through reading lots of different histories and peoples histories. There was no Jewish "Bible" so to speak until really about 200 BC and even then, it was written in Greek for a Hebrew speaking people and the claim was it was written while they were still in Babylon as captives by 72. It's always 72 because there's 72 names of God. It's all allegories. Everything I'm saying is allegory in fact. 72 priests who lived in Egypt who wrote the thing in Greek for them, so there you go. Even in the time of Jesus they claim that he read out when he was in the temple, he read out of the Greek version, which meant he must have had an education in Greek as well, but that's what we're supposed to believe. Religions are meant to control and there are deep forces behind religions. All religions that the public never understand but those at the top certainly do understand. There's an exoteric and an esoteric in all religions, so maybe that helps to answer the question to an extent. It's hard to say because there's so much. I don't like giving small, quick, flippant answers and we'll find in today's society you can't give justice to what seems to be a simple question because often the callers don't realize the profundity of the question they're asking, and to give it justice you have to give a whole history lesson to bring it all out into clarity.


Now we've got Harley from Michigan on the line. Are you there, Harley?


Harley:  Good evening Alan.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead please.


Harley:  What I wanted to talk about is to kind of go back to what you were talking about and I was doing some study. I'm doing a lot of study and I've been looking at some of things that we look at, the transgender society and one thing you keep hearing – I keep hearing and noticing is that they said I was born like this, I was born to be a woman. I've done some research where I found out that Procter & Gamble was actually putting estrogen in the baby formula and I was wondering if you could back that up and if that has any validity to what I'm thinking that when people actually say well I was born that way, this way, does it have some truth to it?


Alan:  It's true that Procter & Gamble did come out and admit that eventually, something that people had known for years in independent analysis. This is the whole thing, back in the '50's really there was a massive push, again, aimed at vanity, with a lot of lies involved, to get women to get off of breastfeeding and they came out with the baby bottles. The baby bottles were made sometimes of glass, but the poorer folk got the plastic type and that contains bisphenol. Now bisphenol was known as far back as 1930 to be an artificial or a synthetic form of estrogen and so the softer the plastic, which they were too, plus you're putting a hot fluid in there and letting it cool, the milk, it actually gives off lots of its molecules into that mixture and the baby takes it in. That ties in with the same time period when they were talking about ways of altering the chemistry of male and female, hopefully by introducing various forms of hormones – hormones which would emasculate the male, but the side effect of this particular synthetic form would actually make many females more masculine.


Harley:  So I guess in that retrospect you are what you really eat then?


Alan:  Yes and Procter & Gamble did admit a few years ago that they did use this same sort of chemical, the particular chemical that was also a perfect synthetic estrogen, to supposedly sterilize the cans to put in the baby food that the baby food went into. What a coincidence, eh?


Harley:  Oh yes, what a big coincidence, because it's funny to me because in other countries, a lot of countries still breast feed their children up to three and four years old, but here you would talk to women and you would talk to women like my mother's age, who was in her late '50's, and they will tell you oh yes we breastfed you guys from the time you came out of the womb until you were about a year and a half. Sometimes two years old. I'm 35 and you've got women today who won’t even try to breastfeed their children but they'll go for that plastic bottle and that formula real fast, real quick because they're off to work trying to chase that conned dollar you know.


Alan:  Yes and that was the point of it too. Once again, they hit the vanity and they said, "Oh your breasts won't fall like most women's do," and so on and so on, "it's much healthier." You had all the scientists that are paid money to lie, and that's common. It's always been that way and then the children were affected. Babies need the mother's milk to give them the autoimmune system, it stimulates it because their own isn't working, so it fulfilled other functions when you tie in the fact that at the top they were having meetings and published meetings on ways to destroy the immune system at the same time. Lo and behold, these things all come out along this direction and we're supposed to think it's just bumbling and mistakes and coincidences. This is how we're always taught to see this kind of thing.


Harley:  One other question too. This was a bill introduced here in Michigan. I heard you talk about this when you were with Jackie Patru. It was a bill stating they wanted young women to take a shot for cervix cancer and they tried to have that bill passed. Fortunately it didn't pass. It had a big write-up in the paper here in the local metropolitan Detroit area about it. Now I think I sent you an email. I sent quite a few people an email of this is that the same company, I think it's Merck--


Alan:  Yes, it's Merck.


Harley:  …was trying to develop a drug for boys for venereal disease.


Alan:  That's right. It was for warts.


Harley:  And I wanted to know again this is another way to depopulate our society going back to Thomas Malthus on this and would I be correct about that?


Alan:  Absolutely. There's no doubt whatsoever we're being so heavily bioengineered for over 50 years now, it's just incredible how much we've been taken over and fed all of this stuff, especially when guys like Charles Galton Darwin in his book, speaking on behalf of the aristocracy of Europe in his book, "The Next Million Years."  He goes through all this, finding ways to alter the genetic structures, mainly the hormonal levels of male and female and maybe even make them infertile, and also he bewailed the fact we couldn't have another Black Plague to wipe out the population. There was too many commoners getting born and so the immune system was on his mind – how to take down the immune system. Well, they introduced tonsillectomy and adenoids. That became regular in most European countries. When you hit five years of age you went in, poof! they were taken out. That's part of your immune system gone right there and it's just amazing to see how it all fits together.


Harley:  Right. Because when you're talking about the immune system, now you can fast forward it to the '70's and then they're talking about AIDS and how they introduced this to the gay community through hepatitis and now how all of a sudden why is it people of African descent have a higher population of AIDS?  Have a good night. Stay warm up there in Northern Canada.


Alan:  Will do. Talk to you later. Back after these messages.



"The Universal Soldier" by Donovan


He's five foot-two, and he's six feet-four,
He fights with missiles and with spears.
He's all of thirty-one, and he's only seventeen,
Been a soldier for a thousand years.

He's a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain,
A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew.
And he knows he shouldn't kill,
And he knows he always will,
Kill you for me my friend and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
He's fighting for France,
He's fighting for the USA,
And he's fighting for the Russians,
And he's fighting for Japan,
And he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for Democracy,
He's fighting for the Reds,
He says it's for the peace of all.
He's the one who must decide,
Who's to live and who's to die,
And he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him,
How would Hitler have condemned him at Labau?
Without him Caesar would have stood alone,
He's the one who gives his body
As a weapon of the war,
And without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the Universal Soldier and he really is to blame,
His orders come from far away no more,
They come from here and there and you and me,
And brothers can't you see,
This is not the way we put the end to war.



It certainly isn't. It's not the way we put an end to war. They've got another way to do it. We'll simply not be individuals anymore and there will be no more conflict between genders, between generations or anything else. The end, cessation of all conflict and they'll have their utopia at the top, as they ski across the planet and have their big holiday resorts for the wealthy and elite.


Just before I go onto the caller, there's a Yahoo News blurb put up there. That was in Friday, December 7th by Claire Sibonney and it says:


            "Canadian Retail Chain Pulls Plastic Water Bottles."


Alan:  See, there was another con. They made it popular and all the yuppies grabbed plastic water. They can't be seen outside without their plastic water bottle. That's their dummy tits. They suck on these things.


It says here:


            "TORONTO (Reuters) Canada's largest outdoor-goods chain has pulled water bottles and food containers made of polycarbonate plastic from its shelves over worries about the chemical bisphenol A, which has been linked…"


Alan:  It's been linked. They know it.


            "…to cancer and reproductive problems in animals."


Alan:  But it doesn't say humans. They know it darn well here too, even in the '30's.


            "…Vancouver-based Mountain Equipment Co-op became the first major Canadian retailer to stop selling products that contain bisphenol A over fears the chemical can leach from plastic food and water containers."


Alan:  It goes on and on about it there and you can also get a good sense of the chemical process they use including the use of Toluene, highly carcinogenic, used also by the water industry for spraying from the skies. It goes right through your skin and carries chemicals through your skin, Toluene, and it's all in the Wikipedia site if you want to look up bisphenol A in the Wikipedia and read up this thing I just read by Claire Sibonney from the Yahoo News, Friday, December 7th at 5:20 p.m.


We have a caller on the line. It's Andrea from Denton, Texas. Is that right, Andrea?


Andrea:  Yes that's right.


Alan:  I did post off your book. I did post it off. I remember you.


Andrea:  Okay. The last caller was talking about how the changes in the male and the female, how that happened, and I've been particularly interested in the females and I'm 23 and I always wondered why don't I have any hips. I started looking around and listening to what you were saying and how that relates with plastic and the Darwin book and it's just crazy looking at the younger ladies and even the men. You see the sloping shoulders, like the guys around my age, and you look at an older person and you see pictures from the '40's and the parents.


Alan:  That's right. You see the young men now they're losing shoulders. They're getting narrower and narrower and they noticed in the hospitals back in the '70's in obstetrics and delivery rooms that they had to do more caesarians because the women were losing the width of their pelvic structure and they were becoming narrower and narrower too. Now you don't get something happening in a few years in this supposedly million-million-year-old world of ours in a matter of 20, 30 years. Something happens to make that happen and it's done by science.


Andrea:  It has to be and you talk about the plastic and I think about plastic, me growing up. It's like plastic bottles everywhere. You see everybody with plastic bottles and another thing going on around here they have like the goon squad at the abandoned houses right next to me. I live very close to campus, like running trails all week, all day just there in their black shirts and their cargo pants, but those are my comments, so I think people are starting to see so I'm trying to do what I can here.


Alan:  We're right into this. This has been happening and it's almost like you're seeing the casualties around you before it's been admitted by the top. Although technically they always tell us what they want to do long before it and when big players tell us what they want to do and you see it happening, believe you me, war was declared upon the public a long time ago.


Andrea:  I said that same thing when they were out there a few weeks ago in black pants and my friend was there. I said it was a war on the people, because there are some immigrants from India. They live downstairs and one lady was completely terrified. She did not know what was going on and I had to calm her down you know.


Alan:  I got a fellow from England who just emailed me and he had just moved into an apartment and there's the goon squad at his door with the black uniforms. You see it's the same all over the western world now. It's all one big army and they're battering at his door and shouting we know you're in there. It turns out that these heavily armed goons, here they are at his door because the previous tenant hadn't paid a parking ticket.


Andrea:  Wow.


Alan:  That's how bad it's getting.


Andrea:  You know and like I'm not even old. I like remember a time when I halfway paid attention in class and we had some semblance like you were saying, you know just the illusion of laws and stuff and you see that just blown away and nobody does anything.


Alan:  They don't. They're so pacified now because they've also been chemically tranquilized and not only that, they're chemically tranquilized and top of that they've had such a scientific and it's very true, a scientific indoctrination not to be involved in participating in the direction of life itself, their own lives and others. That's what the elite were geared for a long time. That's what Huxley was referring to by a scientific indoctrination. They would be taught that they had a better class, literally a better class or caste of people above them that were somehow more suited to dealing with all of the major problems and therefore they'd be kept in an infantile stage and taught to play and that's the state that they're in. They also, like Brzezinski said, have been trained that the media is there to do not just their thinking but their reasoning for them. They really believe that's its job.


Andrea:  I see it because I always watch television coverage because I remember being a kid watching the first Gulf War and people saying you should join the ROTC. I said you know the U.S. averages a war like every 20 years and they would never say anything. Sure enough, by the time I was graduating you know all of that happens.


Alan:  Yes it happens.


Andrea:  I'll let you go.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling in. I'll be back after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're cutting through this very intense, very thick, very multifaceted matrix to make sure that we get at the truth. Eventually when you take away all of the covers of deception it stares you right in the face, then it's up to you if you can handle it. A lot of people can't do it.


I’d like to continue just reading a little bit more of this Yahoo News article by Claire Sibonney on Friday, December 7th, on the fact that they're pulling some of these polycarbonate bottles from the shelves in Canada. It says Mountain Equipment Co-op was the first one in Canada first major retailer to pull them and it says:


"…Inconclusive science…"


Alan:  That's a joke.


            "…and regulatory uncertainty presently surrounds bisphenol-A (BPA)," the company said in a statement."


Alan:  Now look up the Wikipedia articles on the same thing on bisphenol-A and you'll see that they knew in the 1930's what it did to humans.


It says:


            "For these reasons, MEC has stopped selling polycarbonate water bottles and food containers until guidance is provided by the Government of Canada…"


Alan:  That's after their payoffs. You wait and see what the answer will be.


            "…on the health risks posed by BPA. The Canadian co-operative joins U.S.-based Patagonia in dropping the products because of health concerns. The chemical, which can mimic the effects of the hormone estrogen in cells, has been surrounded by controversy. Some North American researchers and environmentalists have shown it can cause several types of cancer as well as developmental, neural…"


Alan:  That's your nervous system.


            "…behavioral and reproductive harm in animals. Industry says the products are not dangerous…"


Alan:  Of course it is because they're selling it.


            "…citing studies from government agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration…"


Alan:  That's also made up of the guys who used to be on the boards of these same agencies and companies.


            "…that food and beverage containers manufactured from polycarbonate do not pose a health risk to humans."


Alan:  Then they go on to try and water it down. This is incredibly deliberate. They knew this back in the 1930's and they put out many books by the big boys themselves talking about ways to do this very thing and how to get the public to go along with it. They talked about even putting it in the water supply at one point, so they decided to end up putting it in your food supply and the baby's bottle is a great source of it. Start them off young and then make it a fad. Make them all want to have pure crystal water from deep wells in plastic bottles that they'll pay good money for, and that's how we are in this society. If we pay good money for it, it must be better than normal. That's how we've been brainwashed. Quite fascinating to see how it's been introduced and we're seeing the effects of only that part of it today.


Now we've got Ken in North Carolina there. Are you there, Ken?


Ken:  Yes I'm here Alan. How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad. Go ahead.


Ken:  I don't know if it's me but every time I turn on the TV now I just have to start laughing at these guys because I just see right through them now and I'm looking at John Kerry, old Skull and Bones, pirate blood himself and he's at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. How do you like that mouthful?


Alan:  We should ask them to define progress.


Ken:  He's talking about the Bali agreement, which I see that as "Baal."


Alan:  It's an old Ballyhoo.


Ken:  Yes, and it's the U.S. Climate change policy and he keeps mentioning the word science, over and over and over in there, and I mean it's just so damn obvious once you get to looking at these guys.


Alan:  This is their big culmination of bringing everything together into the one direction now and as Huxley said and others said that they would raise science to the status of a holy priesthood and condition the public that whenever an expert talked and a scientist spoke it was the gospel truth.


Ken:  You know I think they built that whole thing on a weak cornerstone. I think that foundation is weak because they built it on bad stuff. I really do.


Alan:  Their whole nature is weak because these characters are psychopathic to begin with. In ancient times and tribes, they used to get these characters who could never live with the rest of the people, they'd always steal and have more for themselves and they'd break into the common granaries (they used to have common granaries in the tribes and it was rationed out all throughout the winter to keep everyone alive) and these guys would break in and they used to throw them in peat bogs and kill them. That was it, you see, and that way they didn't pass on their psychopathic genes, until someone got very, very softhearted one day and let them go and this is the problem. The psychopaths now run society the world over and they became the big feudal families that used to fight other feudal families for more power, land and the ownership of slaves, or "serfs," as they like to call them in a more genteel world, and now of course they've just simply made their big gangs.


High associations of secrecy are nothing more than gangs and we're seeing the world's top gang; and I hate to say it, but this shatters the illusions of our indoctrinations. These guys gave us the borders in all countries you know. They gave us the borders and if you go down to the border between Canada and the U.S., get off the road and walk along the borders and its marked every 100 yards or so with a Masonic obelisk because it was a Masonic agreement between one Masonic gang and the other Masonic gang south of the border. That's how they made it, right across coast to coast.


Ken:  And they sound so sincere when they’re talking. They're very sincere and they convinced the whole audience that it's just all for the good of you.


Alan:  Oh, of course it is, and when they gave us countries they said the same thing: "We're defending you from those guys over there who might attack you but you have to pay money for it through taxation," and we believe that. Now they see they've got to have one global gang and now they’re taking the borders down because they're more impediments now than anything, so they're taking the borders down and they're going to chip all the animals, all of us, so they can keep track of us all. I mean what a wonderful system, this civilization, this progress that they give us, isn't it?


Ken:  We're going to be the opposing force, right, because they won't have a force to oppose them anymore so they'll have to turn on us, right?


Alan:  But there's no option. There's no option. Even Lenin said it. Lenin said with the dictatorship of a huge empire (which the Soviet Union was) and without people attacking the borders anywhere, he said, "We must find an enemy within and terrorize the people because only terror will keep them in a state of servile attitude to their leaders," and this is the same technique we saw in the French Revolution. We saw it in the Soviet Revolution and they've adopted the same policy here because it always works on the public. They're too terrified to speak out, most of them. They're sheep and they go all the way to the wall eventually and then they start crying because they can't believe this is really happening to them personally, and so it's always up to the few that are conscious; and like me, I've got an allergy against tyranny. I've just got a natural Celtic allergy to tyranny. It's born into you.


Ken:  I've got Irish in me and I think that must be what it is. There's something about it that just don't strike me right.


Alan:  That's right. I start sneezing and coughing and sniffling whenever I see it and I just have to react against it at all costs and it's a survival mechanism that's working. That's what it really is. You have a survival mechanism that's working. You're aware. You're sentient and that's important.


Ken:  You know actually I think – I really do believe this. I believe a part of my brain started working that wasn't working. I mean I'm just being honest about it.


Alan:  You're right. The more you understand the more eureka moments you have and suddenly you go into overdrive with other ideas that suddenly come together and your brain does connect. There's no doubt about it. They know that at the top as well. That's why they try to compartmentalize your brain and most of our indoctrination is going into our left part of the brain. We're taught not to use the right part. The media and entertainment does it all for us, that deals with imagination and so on, but they don't connect together. However, once you start thinking your right and your left start connecting together and you're able to anticipate and see what's going on, that's called self-preservation survival. That's the way we're supposed to be.


Ken:  I think they have purposely, without a doubt, turning that part of our brain off.


Alan:  They have. You see if you don't use an organ you lose it. It's no different than every year when you have to go out and chainsaw wood. That chainsaw is going to kill your arm two or three days later because you haven't used those particular muscles and that posture either for a while and your arm isn't used to it. Same with your brain. If you don't use it you lose it.


Ken:  I hear the music coming up.


Alan:  Hang on. I'll be back after these messages. Hi there. Alan Watt with Cutting Through the Matrix and we're still talking to Ken from North Carolina about the fact that your brain can start working like you'd never believe before, without the use of drugs, by the way, and more clearly than it ever worked before. This has been shown even back in the '70's when the BBC did a documentary from Sweden. They showed it but they made it in Sweden when electromagnetic imaging was coming out at least to the public, in its early days to the public. They had it years ago in higher elite circles, but they showed children that had brain damage at birth and how they were perfectly normal and they wondered why they were quite normal. They fitted in. Their IQs were fine. Their personalities were okay, even though parts of their brain had been damaged, and they found out that the brain itself got new pathways and used other areas of the brain it didn't normally use to take over those particular functions. When you have an intact brain you can use all of it, if you know the ways to open it all up and getting yourself away from the illusions and the cons that are out there. Your brain will take off. We are supposed to be the most superior creature on this planet and how did we become so? Because we're the most weakest really when you look at life in the wilderness and so on.


We're not covered with fur, at least most of us. Some are, but we're rather puny in so many ways and yet we're all here. We're the most dominant species on the planet and it's because of the brain capacity and it used to work they said in ancient times, much older times, much better than it does today and there's no doubt about it because the IQ keeps dropping. The United Nations a few years ago dropped the standard IQ for the West and America and the IQ doesn’t drop by itself because you’re born with the innate abilities of IQ and you develop them as you get older, so something happened to make it drop. That also ties in with the fact that people who have had their brains tampered with physically or chemically will be more easily managed. You need all of your brain for survival capabilities. Are you still there?


Ken:  Yes. It's Ken and Fatback, that's who's on the phone. You know my dog, Fatback. I've seen a picture of your dog in the book. I'm sorry to hear about that. It looked like she meant a lot to you.


Alan:  She was a good dog. She had her problems too. She was an Alpha dog but she was good in so many ways and you do get attached to them. There's no doubt it.


Ken:  Oh I love my dog probably better than I love myself. Another little tidbit too, I seen on the news this afternoon that in Britain people driving in their car with a cell phone they'd give you $120 fine. They want a 2-year imprisonment and they're throwing the lassos out now to bring it over here with the North American Union now.


Alan:  That's why it's called a cell phone. You're put from one cell to another. Only worker bees get cells. You have a cell in the beehive and the comb; they call it a cell. You're worker bees and that's why they gave us cell phones, but they'll slam you in the other type of cell too and profit off you because the only function we have is to make profit from. That's our function.


Ken:  I looked up that word "cellular" too and the way I read it was that LAR, the end of it, lar, was really an ancient deity and it was also the illusion of the dead basically.


Alan:  That's right.


Ken:  When you start looking up those root words it's frightening.


Alan:  I know and people haven't a clue what they're saying half the time. All these jokers out there talking about the Nephilim, the Nephilim! and making lots of money off books and so on. Nephilim, really, if you take it into the Nordic language, Niflheim was the place of the dead. That's what it meant.


Ken:  Alright Alan, I'll let somebody else get on. Good talking to you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we've also got Wayne on the phone from Prante. Wayne are you there? Hello.


Wayne:  Yes, from Canada.


Alan:  You’re from Canada, oh okay. I don’t know what got in the phone. It’s an odd, odd word. It says Prante here. P-R-A-N-T-E. Maybe they changed the name of the country and they didn't tell me.


Wayne:  One thing I was always curious about, I know you live in Canada. I'm just wondering what symbolism you see in the maple leaf?


Alan:  The maple leaf is interesting. If you count the points on it – number one, it's a dead leaf to begin with. The red one is a dead leaf remember and for the flag and remember this is a fairly recent flag. It's a newish flag. Most folk today don't even know it, but count the points up and you'll get 12, but if you count the two points where the stem is you actually end up with thirteen all together. Red and white were the colors of Egypt for the two parts of the crown of Egypt because sometimes you had two pharaohs. One for the south, one for the north and you'd have the white hat or the red hat and when you had one pharaoh running both, you had the combined "tet," as they called it, and they put the red inside the white. It was a symbol of ancient Pharaonic power. That's what it means. It's also the symbol for revolution. Canada is always so proud to lead cultural revolutions of all kinds because they have the poor folk to follow it who think they're fighting for something else and never realize the long-term agenda. White always stands again for spirit or illumined; and it's between two bars. The two red bars on the edges are bars. You've got a dead leaf in between two bars.


Wayne:  Were you in Canada in the '60's?


Alan:  No.


Wayne:  In 1967, that was the Centennial year of Canada, right? The 100th birthday of Canada and what they did then was they made a stylized version of a maple leaf. I don't know if you've ever seen that. I could send it to you if you like.


Alan:  Sure.


Wayne:  It consisted of 11 triangles. The triangles of course look like pyramids. Eleven triangles stacked together and if you look at it, it looks almost identical to the Star of David except for at the bottom where the stem is on the maple leaf there's obviously no triangle there, but if you replace that with the triangle it would make the perfect Star of David.


Alan:  If it's triangles and there are 11, if you take the apexes, each one of them, you've got 33, because the sun always sets on the 33rd degree.


Wayne:  Right and the Star of David is actually Masonic too, isn't it?


Alan:  It's male female intercourse generating power. That's what it means.


Wayne:  Right. So they were putting it in our face even then?


Alan:  Look at the Parliament Building. The Parliament Building is full – it's a church. Look at it. It's a temple and it's got the same thing as--


Wayne:  We’ve got the one there in Winnipeg as well; the legislative buildings in Winnipeg are just totally Masonic.


Alan:  Absolutely.


Wayne:  Which is where they just came out with the Throne Speech talking about the North American super corridor and North American ID, driver's licenses and so on.


Alan:  It's a done deal because we don't participate because we have a private council in Canada. It's called A Privy Council and all Commonwealth countries have a Privy Council that's composed of the Upper Cabinet. That's the ones chosen by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and major magnates in international corporations that remain unknown to the public. They make the real decisions for Canada.


Wayne:  I've always said I think democracy is the biggest joke ever played on mankind, at least in the 20th century.  


Alan:  Yes and telling you you’re all equal too and you have rights. That worked well for a long time. We didn't have any revolutions for a while because they told us we had rights and we believed it. Now they're simply telling us we don't.


Wayne:  Okay. You have a good night sir.


Alan:  And you too.


Wayne:  All right. Bye-bye.


Alan:  Bye now. Yes. You should look at all the government buildings in your countries. Big Ben: Ben is an Egyptian word for the obelisk. They called them "Ben-Bens" and Ben-Ben was actually the rose colored one so they called it "Ben-Ben."  A single Ben is simply the obelisk, which is simply the male phallus, and you walk into the main building (just like a church) through the bottom, the base of the phallus into the box, the female. That's why you have those things together like that. Then you look at the shapes of the window and you actually walk through a vagina. That's why the door has a Norman Arch on them because it's shaped like the vagina. That's intentional and then you count the flutes around the vagina because each one has a symbol in masonry. It's all highly freemasonic and it must always have a river flowing past it because, just like the George Washington Monument, it's got to reflect itself on the water, the water being the female, because she has no light of her own. This is according to Masons. They're very sexist.


All you females in the Eastern Star, you're being conned there and you can only reflect the light of the male, like the moon reflects the light of the sun. You're all being used for an agenda which you don't even understand, but you take the payoffs. You take your little perks and you enjoy the status you're given in your community. That's the world we live in. It's a world of illusion. It's a world run by very clever people. It's a society where the whole culture and everything you take for granted that's just evolving was planned a long, long time ago, including the end. The end, even though it's planned, doesn't have to be so. You have to change and become individuals again – back to being individuals.


I read a book before about the problems with individuality. It's a recent phenomenon. We've got to learn how to use it and handle it and if it's sacred enough to hold on to, we will do something to keep it.


From Hamish and myself, up in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)