Alan Watt


ĎMaster Planí

Sovereign Independent Meeting

June 2011
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Hi folks and all of you at the Sovereign Independent. From Canada best wishes. This is one of the first days actually Iíve been outside because itís been raining all spring, and the reason Iíve got this hat on is because thereís millions of mosquitoes around here and they just love to get into your scalp.

So all you supporters have gathered and Iím sure that youíve all gone through the same righteous indignation, a healthy process of waking up when you see what has been happening to what you thought was your country and your people and youíve watched, basically, a super-structure being built around your entire system by people who generally are unelected, although they put politicians into office too and they belong to very high societies, and secret societies. Basically, they are secret, in fact, because they donít like the public to know about them. Some of them we know, ones that have to be involved in the spotlight, basically, like the Council on Foreign Relations and The Royal Institute of International Affairs, and theyíve got their European department of International Affairs now too for all of Europe. And this society, as you know, you know its history. Itís been on the go for an awful long time. It came out of the merger of the Cecil Rhodes Group and the Round Table societies and Lord Alfred Milner. Their idea being to create the greater British Empire. The initial British Empire started long before them, no doubt by their ancestors too. Anyway, they formed this one about a hundred-odd years ago and decided to take over all the resources of the world and they believed, staunchly, in Darwinism as you well know.

Since they had the power and had gained the power of finance and commerce then they deemed it their proper place to rule the rest of the world and they also employed academia and think tanks to work on the big project called the New World Order. And the New World Order, as you know, is all across the whole planet now; weíre going through different stages all at the same time, different facets all moving together on social areas, on how weíll live, what weíll eat Ė if weíll eat at all, in fact Ė with the grand design that eventually weíll all be born to serve society or the world state, which of course is owned and controlled by those who have already bought over the resources of the planet.

Ireland itself, of course, has got a long history of this particular world order because the precursors of it, of course, or the predecessors of the present group who run it, itís intergenerational, mentioned in the 1500ís and 1600ís that they would use Ireland as the bread basket for this great British Empire. They didnít come up with that casually as an idea. They took that idea from ancient Egypt because Egypt itself was a very fertile valley, of course, massive crops and good livestock and the Romans were the guys who came up, when it was their time to build the empire, they came up with the idea of using Egypt as the bread basket for the Roman empire and most of the food was shipped out to the colonies which they occupied to feed their troops. The same thing happened of course to Ireland, as you well know, at least those who know their history of Ireland and Scotland as well for that matter.

Ireland has had a very, very old culture, ancient culture going way, way, way back, in fact even ancient Rome. Pre-Christian Rome used to send some of their students, their brightest students over to a university there in ancient times. There was another one or two in Scotland as well. Stuff that you donít get in modern history books but it certainly was there in the old history books because weíre not supposed to realise that we have something really to hold on to, a very old culture. Culture, of course, had to be destroyed, as you all know as well, because you have lived through a great part of this culture destruction.

The older ones amongst you Iím sure can remember the massive sexual revolution that came from the top down, not from the bottom up, and how, basically, along with the pill at the same time and lots of drugs, all the youth were told from the top, from the BBC and all the other ones, to have a great time. There was no consequences to anything and if there were consequences at all, donít worry, medicine and surgery would take care of it for you. And that was to be the beginning of the end, of the destruction of the family unit because all societies down through the ages have survived by being cohesive in, basically, a family unit or even a greater family unit, such as a tribe or a clan. That all had to be destroyed because every impediment in the way of this New World Order getting its way depended on creating a form of what people thought would be individualism. In reality theyíre all doing the same thing, they just donít know it. So their culture has been given to them. Itís been updated each generation with a little bit more and more and more sex and violence, sex and violence, promiscuity all over the place and the mandated teaching not of sexual education in schools but of promotion of sexual education in schools to make sure that the earlier they indulged in promiscuity the least likely they would be to bond and thatís happened. Thatís happened. Society today across the so-called first world countries especially is pretty well finished. They donít want children and, as I say, surgery and medicine takes care of all of that kind of side of it for them.

Now, along with that too, as I say, came the destruction of the cultures. People donít realise that Ireland and Scotland too had great cleansings in the past. Famine has been used and famine didnít come along by bad crops; it came because of, basically, London running the whole of the U.K. plundering the food for their own supplies across the sea, as I say to feed the troops, etc. The worst famine in Ireland had at the same time its biggest exports of grain and cattle outside to other countries, by those who owned the land or took over the land, I should say. In Scotland later they had the Highland clearances and in the clearances too they forbid you afterwards to speak your own language. The culture had to be destroyed. You couldnít even wear the clothing of your clan. So what you have is deculturalisation and then the creation of a new culture based upon economics, your value to an economic system. Not to your people or yourself or your family but to an economic system. Iím sure all of you are so sick and tired of hearing about the economy, the economy, and how we must compete with China. What a ridiculous joke. Ridiculous joke.

So whatís happening today? Where we are today even with all of this? Well, we know that the United Nations was created by The Royal Institute of International Affairs. The same boys set it up to be a good front for them because through binding treaties, ever increasing, and ever binding, more and more every year, they would bypass all national sovereignty, which theyíve been awfully successful at, and eventually theyíd have a system where thereíd be three main trading blocs or regions, altogether the world would have ten regions and eventually youíd have a loss of national sovereignty as you were integrated, again through laws and legalities and ever-increasing legislation, you would be integrated completely into the new system, the new bloc. And they hope, and theyíre quite right, I can see it happening, that eventually through education, starting very young, you would think of yourself as being international. The young children already do and they donít see anything wrong with it because theyíve had all the right kind of propaganda. They have no idea of history. They have no feeling of the past or bonding to their ancestors, their predecessors or the great things their countries have given to the world and by that I donít mean simply economics at all. The literature that has come out of them and all of the terrific society, the culture, the rich cultures that came out of them. They donít know about that. Theyíve all been given the same music culture, the same video culture and itís been drummed into them since kindergarten.

Kindergarten, by the way, was started up by the same bunch, of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they promoted it heavily. They took the idea from Germany. They already ran a good part of Germany, in fact, and Milner himself was from Germany and they knew they had to get them very young and drum into their heads this idea, ever increasing with every generation, of globalism and prepare their minds to accept that which they would eventually see and feel and experience down the road in their lives. Itís astonishing really when you think about the amount of think tanks that are at work all the time working on this great project of integration. They work it out like a battle plan and I literally mean that. Itís like a battle plan, a great big battle plan where every possible consequence of every move they might make, and they havenít moved the figures on the chess board yet, but any move that they might make, they look to see what the consequences and backlashes might be and then they prepare for all those backlashes before theyíve even started or moved one of the pieces on the table, on the board.

They know when thereís going to be trouble with the people or different sections of the people because weíre all stereotyped into different groups, especially now with computers; itís so much easier. We help them do it, of course, by updating ourselves every day on all our conversations, emails and so on. So before they make a move they know the different types that will form groups and protest or demand or whatever, and therefore they even set up, generally, their own leaders in advance before the move is made, before the consequences are made available to the public, theyíre aware of it and then they give you often the leaders. Thatís why you have to be so careful of leaders, so careful of the ones they give you. Theyíll also give you many fake leaders who will spin you off into the new age because thatís very important to ridicule all movements that talk about this New World Order and itís bad enough today when you mention anything about it and theyíll say, well, you must be one of those crazy New World Order people who believe in aliens and reptiles and stuff like that, and thatís how they dismiss you. Very clever, but itís worked in the past, it will work again.

So all you can really do is concentrate on a one-to-one basis on people who are already looking for answers, theyíre already asking the right questions and you must teach them very slowly, a little bit at a time, until they can comprehend it. Never bombard someone who is asking questions with too much information at once because they canít comprehend it. Theyíll shut down in front of you and they wonít want to look at it again.

The regionalisation process is very, very interesting because weíre already seeing some parts of Britain being leased off to corporations. Now remember that Professor Carroll Quigley who was allowed access as the historian for The Council on Foreign Relations, which is simply the American branch of The Royal Institute of International Affairs, he said that this new feudal system would really run the world. When you have corporations leasing parts of whole nations then youíre seeing the start of it because leasing is like leasing to buy, and given enough time and more culture alteration youíll find that theyíll sell chunks off down the road. Thereís no doubt about it because we even see that happening now with the fake austerity and the planned bank crash at the right time. That was all planned to bring on this age of austerity and the first thing they say is, oh, you have to sell off your assets. Irelandís been told this. Portugalís been told this. Spainís been told this. Greece. Well, who is going to buy your assets, your national assets as they call it and the ground that they sit on? Well, again, itís the big corporations as we well know and eventually, as we get used to this idea, then theyíll start, down the road, they will train children to grow up thinking theyíre totally international, And remember, remember this, the whole idea or remembrance of having a nation is to be eventually eliminated, totally eliminated, until thereís no reference point to look back on.

John Dewey was a great proponent of this, in fact. He came from the same group that helped create the educational system to make all this happen using scientific indoctrination and itís worked very, very well, right up to our present time and itís going to work better on the ones who are in kindergarten now because theyíve never had such intense psychological indoctrination and theyíll have no memory eventually of having a nation. Step by step by step. Thatís what theyíll do. Theyíre already talking about joining Scotland with Norway. Well, when they do that, what will they call the place then? What will it be called, thereíll be a new name given to it, for instance, and thatís how youíre deculturalised. Thatís how itís so easy for the past to be eliminated. Back in the 80ís, late 80ís, they started dumping books out of all major libraries at the same time and into the 90ís it accelerated and you could actually go to garbage dumps in Canada here and take your pick of some of the best books that were ever written, because they were transposing it all on to disc, knowing that discs are only going to last for a certain amount of time and once the time comes and they bring out the new system, well, all that stuff goes out the window. No one is going to bother spending about two years of their life transferring all the discs on to a new format. At least very few will. But that is the system youíre living in. Itís well planned, well researched and itís well, incredibly well, managed.

What is to happen to the nations in the meantime? Well, like Ireland, and they are really going to pummel Ireland, I know this for a fact. Ireland has been a thorn in their side for so long and they actually mentioned, some of the big boys themselves, that they didnít like the Irish, that they were inferior, etc, Iím talking about the eugenicists here and H.G. Wells mentioned it too, that theyíd have to eventually be eliminated if they could not adapt. What he meant by adaptation is that all peasantry across the world would have to adapt into the new system or theyíd have to be eliminated. And the Celtic people tend to have an allergy to tyranny and they always have had. It must be hereditary or something and they donít take kindly to being used and abused and ruled over by these scheming megalomaniacs.

We know too that it isnít just psychology thatís being used, although massive psychology is used on a daily basis through all media and entertainment. Entertainment, remember, is the best form of indoctrination because your guard is down. You donít expect to have anything implanted in your mind like a school lecture during entertainment because thatís what it is, right, itís just fun and games. No. Thatís when they get the P.C. messages across to you and like Plato said a long time ago, basically, Monkey see, Monkey do; and thatís how they train, especially the young and not just the young either. People emulate what they see. Thatís what soaps are for too. Itís to do with affairs and so on. People will actually emulate all this and weíve seen this too in our own lifetimes. But they also talk about psychotronics and psychotronics is an amazing system of, really, electromagnetic and pulse control. The brain works at a certain frequency within a certain little band and a long time ago, the H.A.A.R.P. technology was invented, a long, long time ago.

In the 70ís and into the 80ís from Riga, in the Baltic region of the Soviet Union, it was discovered they were pulsing through a shortwave frequency which matches the brain and they called it the woodpecker noise. All the ham radio guys who used shortwave couldnít get signals out; thatís all they got incoming was this woodpecker sound and Iíve talked about it on the radio broadcasts I do at R.B.N. and itís in the archive section where you can actually hear it and youíll find that one of the main U.S. TV stations did a documentary on it back in the 80ís. Itís still going on today. Since 2001 you can hear H.A.A.R.P. if you tune through the bands on shortwave radio, youíll pick it up, twenty-four hours a day since 2001. Itís been twenty-four hours per day.

Now whatís wrong with this particular frequency? Well, you see, theyíve already admitted that they can alter behaviour with H.A.A.R.P. technology because it does basically work within the same band as the brainwave does, the human brainwaves, and by slightly altering it they can make people happy or sad or angry, and if you want to bring people through the biggest changes theyíll ever experience in their entire lives and maybe in history for a long, long time, the biggest changes into a completely, a New World Order isnít just an economic order or a new regionalism. Itís a completely new way of living, organised by your betters, you understand; your betters are those people who do nothing but work for think tanks and academia, the high levels of academia and they know whatís best for you and how you should behave and how you should view the world. Theyíll give you your view of the world and all of that around you.

So, you understand, this is an amazing system that encompasses everything and through technology like the H.A.A.R.P. technology and extremely low frequency pulsations which we work on. Our body doesnít need much of a current at all. Each cell in your body, all the different tissue cells work on their own frequencies and you can certainly match those frequencies. You can make a person rather ill too if you simply attack a certain enzyme for instance and it wonít be taken up by the uptakers and parts of your tissue will simply not function. Thatís how easy it is to program us much like any piece of electrical equipment.

So you understand the dangers of using this technology. Itís already working. I think itís already making people very placid. Way too placid for whatís happening around them. You donít hear people grumbling as much as they used to, say, twenty years ago when gasoline went up a few pennies. They accept it all and theyíre far more complacent than they used to be about things happening that affected them in their world and especially in their immediate surroundings. Something has happened to people. I have no doubt about that whatsoever. Something drastic has happened to people.

We also know theyíve used drugs in the water supplies. We know theyíve gone after the food supply. Monsanto and all the big boys have taken over pretty well the worldís food supply. Five agrifood businesses run the whole world now, thanks to government as well helping put small farmers out of business; and thatís to be the way of the future, big farms only, big corporate farms and therefore they have weaponised the food as well. I have no doubt whatsoever about that, because, you see, the boys at Monsanto are part of the military-industrial complex. They were making chemicals for warfare right up until they suddenly switched gears and went into your food supply by altering the food that you eat and then getting governments to back all the chemicals that they spray the vegetables with that you eat and the cattle and all the rest of it that eat it too and then you uptake it. Itís uptaken by the plant then you uptake that and down the food chain it goes, and you canít touch them. Big money has passed hands obviously for governments to simply give them the go-ahead to do what they do. In other words this is a must-be, as I call it, part of the big agenda, a must-be of the plan to get all of this through. Thereís no doubt about it. And then you go into the writings of Lord Bertrand Russell and others who worked definitely at a high level for the big think tanks, and he said by diet, injections and injunctions we shall create a placid conformist society.

We are constantly bombarded nowadays too to have more and more injections for flu or whatever it happens to be, or another flu injection for a new flu and all of that. Children have never had so many injections as they have today, at a very, very young age, babies even. And when you go into the history of inoculations and vaccines itís a horror show. Youíll find the ones who like Salk, Dr. Salk who developed the Polio vaccine, used cancer tumour to grow them on. He also used monkey kidneys and we also know that Simeon virus 40, for instance, that ends up being in every Polio vaccine had no other function than to cause cancer and Salk admitted that after the fact and so did his colleagues and they said, well, we thought that the benefits would outweigh the risks; and I guess thatís true from the eliteís point of view because they donít want you living too long, you see, and they donít want so many of a population. And then you go into the history of Salk himself and he was one of the heads of the eugenics society for America and Britain. He wrote paper after paper on depopulation and the need to depopulate and suddenly he becomes the hero who wants to make sure youíre nice and healthy and happy.

Trusting the authorities is a technique thatís been foisted upon us from a very early age. Now, we have natural instincts to trust leaders of tribes or clans; thatís a survival principle. And in the old days, of course, it was quite easy to get rid of a bad chieftain because, you see, there were too many of you and only one of him. If he got too big in the boots or had big ideas of taking over and supplanting authority all for himself he was quite easily got rid of. Money changed everything. Money is a very old system and Iím sure when money came into being it came into being not just as a means of exchange but it already was there as a science, as a means of control. Primarily itís control and with money, once you have everyone on money and youíve made sure that everyone must use money, then you start the debt system and then you come in with the bailouts, then you come in with demands to the King or the Queen or whoever it happens to be and you tell them what you want and you can also hire armies to keep the people in line, in check, if you like. Thatís the beauty of money. You couldnít do that in a pre-monetary system.

So money is a curse. Thereís no doubt about it. We canít imagine going any other way than the way that weíre living in today. But weíve got to remember that if we have been around for millions of years we didnít use money for quite a few million of them and we all survived somehow. So money brings a whole bunch of new rules with it. It brings standing armies. It brings police. It brings mercenaries. It brings whatever will keep you all in line, in check. It also gives you careers. You become that which you work at, unfortunately; you forget who you are. You forget youíre a human being or you put a uniform on and you will definitely forget youíre a human being and if youíre well paid youíll do whatever youíre told to do as long as the brotherhood that you belong to all happens to do the same thing.

So weíre living in a system which is not pretty. Itís pretty evil in fact and itís been on the go for an awful long time. But itís not happenstance. Itís not evolving by itself. Itís planned, as to the direction that itís to evolve into. One thing the big boys never do is leave anything to chance, anything at all to chance. Now if you look at the writings of communism, and we know too the same big boys created communism, they financed communism and its leaders, youíll find that they had five and ten and fifteen and twenty year plans all in different areas of society and industry. Creating big dams for water supplies or hydroelectric, things like that. We see the same system, the exact same system used by the United Nations. If you go over their various writings about their great plans for the future, fifty year plans to bring up this society, fifty years to change that society, etc. So the direction of the future is not unfolding happenstance, itís actually being forced along in one direction only to ensure of course that those in control remain in control. If they did let things get out of hand and let things evolve, as they say, cultural evolution, the way that they would do it by themselves, they would lose control and theyíre determined never to lose control. They know where they want to take the world.

Inventions too, by the way, and research and development, are given out to scientists by grants. Grant makers. The grant makers tell them where they want them to research into because, you see, if they can use these technologies they can control the people all the better. So all research and development, all science is directed along one channel and itís the channel that the big boys o.k. as being safe to themselves.

The Big Society is a term thatís been floating around now for some time with Cameron but of course the Big Society is the congealing of all of this system into the one system worldwide, but Britain has always been the flagship for testing all this out on the general public. I think it was Sir Thomas More that said that the English were the most obedient people in Europe and thatís why they could do this kind of thing with them; they would accept so much. They have a great obedience to authority and youíll find that they have certainly tested everything on the people in Britain. They have never really had the breaks that say America had and Canada had and even Australia had for the average person. They could never achieve that kind of lifestyle, for the majority of the public, including their history too. Mining and all that kind of stuff kept them mainly as a working class people and taxation did the rest.

The Big Society has to do with the whole of Agenda 21, from the United Nations. Agenda 21 is also called the Programme for Sustainable Development, and Sustainable Development is to do with again the proper, the proper experts deciding if you should be born, do they need you to be born and if you are to be born who should they mate up with whom to have you born. They donít like this idea of just picking your own partner for having children. In fact now, as I say, theyíve made it almost obsolete. Most people donít want children anymore. They want what they think is fun, fun, fun. Perpetual teenagers for their whole lives. Thatís whatís promoted at them through everything they watch on television and through the magazines. Elderly people now, you see, are all senile and have nothing to pass on to you, no wisdom whatsoever and that again is a fantastic trick which theyíve used. Itís in every movie that shows you anybody whoís old, theyíve got to be senile and doddering around on their feet; when the wisest people of all ages were looked up to by previous generations because of the wisdom that they did have and because they knew of all the cons that had been pulled in their own lifetimes and their predecessors. They kept that knowledge and passed it to the young so that they wouldnít make the same mistakes again.

Agenda 21 will have experts deciding everything, as I say, even if youíre going to be born. What you will be born for. What your task will be and they will decide what you will be trained at. Nothing else. Just that one training. You donít have to know about geography or anything else or history, just that one kind of training, the sovietised system. Actually a perfected system. More perfected than they got in the Soviet Union. Thatís what theyíre after and it also has to do with population reduction and population management, again by the experts, on how many people should live in a certain area, to do with animal corridors for wildlife and human corridors just for humans, but the humans have to be drastically brought down in size. Weíve had global meetings, again by the big philanthropists, because this new system has come out quite openly now saying well, you see, weíre not really democratic anymore, weíre kind of post-democratic and itís time that the big philanthropists joined in in shaping the direction that we are taking in the world. You can go back to Adam Weishaupt and thatís exactly what he said. He talked about building charitable foundations that would basically circumvent governments. Theyíd be incredibly rich. Theyíd gain wealth and they would have a say in the directions of population policies and so on. So weíre already at that stage. We also see more and more people being appointed to governments as experts and not elected, especially in the scientific staffs.

So Agenda 21 is the Agenda for the 21st Century because they hope to accomplish most of this in this century. Thatís why it kicked off with a bang in 2001 with the 9/11 towers going down. That was to bring in the martial law across the whole world. This has never happened before where a country has been attacked by anybody, never mind two or three buildings going down, and the whole world has to go into martial law at the same time, which meant they obviously had it all planned in advance through negotiations and treaties and believe you me civil servants and bureaucrats donít work that fast, so quickly, and here they are all at the same time with the exact same strategies for everybody and chipping everybody and controlling everyone. Same laws. That was the kickoff for the 21st century. The rest of the happenings weíve had since then have been wars again across various countries, the Middle East and so on, in order to make them standardised, because the Moslem religion again is pretty well the last one left that still has a culture attached to its religion. Very intertwined. You canít separate the two. Theyíre not into usury the same way either, and thatís a no-no. You must get the central banking system which really is there to borrow money from private lenders and get debt going in order to control a country and thatís whatís happening today across the world as the big boys who already own all of us in our countries are now after owning the other countries as well and thatís what it is. They will own them lock, stock and barrel under the guise of bringing them democracy which they tell us is now obsolete for us. Weíre post-democratic. Thatís the Club of Rome that said that and once again they must fulfil all of the agenda in this particular century.

In the last century, the 21st century was to be the era of change. The century of change. Thatís what they called it in academia, in philosophy and sociology because they knew what was coming. At least the high professors did. Theyíd been working at it their whole lives and they were funded by governments to do so and think tanks and private foundations that run the philanthropies. Margaret Thatcher and others have called it the parallel government and thatís what it is. Itís a parallel government. There are hundreds of these foundations and they employ their think tanks. They have members sitting on government scientific panels. They have members working inside government too. They have bureaucrats, a lot of bureaucrats working for them, theyíre placed there; and they also lobby governments. The governments know, of course, what theyíre expected to do. Theyíre sitting waiting to be lobbied by these massive authorised N.G.O.ís, all under the United Nations of course. Theyíre authorised by the United Nations. Look at the umbrella of organisations under the U.N. to see how many there are and theyíre all for what you would think were the furthest far-left changes you can imagine because itís a form of socialism that is to control the world on behalf of the fascists at the top. Itís more efficient to have massive bureaucracies and experts running every individual on the planet, on behalf, as I say, of these incredibly wealthy fascists at the top.

They like order, you understand. Theyíve always liked order. Order really appeals to them. Itís got a ring to it and anything thatís untidy is a nuisance to them and sometimes they see it as a threat. Especially free thought. Thatís why all your writings on the internet, everything, your conversations are monitored to make sure that youíre absolutely predictable. Absolutely predictable. Nothing can go wrong. Nothing can detract or sway from this direction weíre going into, that weíre actually into.

Now what will they do with this New World Order?† Well, as I say, the countries will disappear. They might even be bought over piecemeal, pieces of them, one piece at a time and people will grow up into an area or a region and itíll be owned by Sony corporation or whatever it might be. Who knows? But thatís the way it will go. Under necessity, of course, under bankruptcy as a necessity. Thatís how it will be done. The Big Society is to work parallel with it to make sure itís uniform across the whole world and the children have to be given a special indoctrination so that if you mention a country or any kind of nationalistic idea at all theyíll actually think youíre an enemy. Theyíll look upon you as being a kind of dangerous character with ideas of that silly nationalism or pride in your culture, your country or whatever. Itís all been done before on different scales in different countries in totalitarian states. This is being done on a world scale today and itís got better indoctrination. I donít think thereís a single movie out there anywhere that you could watch today that doesnít have a whole bunch of updated politically-correct messages included within it.

Sustainable development is the big stick for forcing all this through. Remember too, if youíre living in an abusive system you must really abuse those who you want to control and you get their allegiance to the abuser by getting the abused to believe itís their fault. Thatís how it works and youíre being constantly bombarded with big money, big organisations, well funded through the foundations and your government, telling you thereís too many people that are just taking up the worldís resources and we canít keep this going on for much longer at all. We had Prince Charles out, remember, a couple of years ago. Every couple of years he comes out and says the worldís going to end in six months if we donít stop all this consumption; and it keeps rolling along and weíre still here and it doesnít stop them, of course, they never stop because every time they do it thereís always a certain amount of weak-minded people who believe them, so thereís more and more each time they do it.

Sustainable development is to be a new peasant system, really, in the Big Society. The Big Society has categories of, again, the class system. Donít forget the class system. Itís no different than Canada. Most folk in Canada now who are buying places in the country are working for government. Theyíre bureaucrats, civil servants. They can afford it. They get the special mortgages. They get the special rights to live on the land. Theyíre not bothered by inspectors because theyíre part of government; where everyone else is being harassed all the time with higher taxes, government inspections for pollution and all these kind of things. Theyíve put lots of farmers out of business under these pretences and itís not going to stop. So, just like the Soviet Union had their bureaucratic class who could go off to the country in their wonderful Dachas every so often and be served hand and foot, you have a class system across the world, again starting in Britain, with the upper income brackets who work in government who will have their better communities. Their gated communities and their rather expensive homes but theyíll get special discounts, etc, and special mortgages to buy them. Itís already happening in fact.

The rest of the public have to be crammed into the already existing major cities. Thatís the agenda and if you read the report, and Iíve mentioned it, itís in the archive section at, the report from the think tank for the British Department of Defence and the other one for the U.S. Department of Defense, both think tanks came out with the same, pretty well identical reports on projections for the next fifty years where they talked about bringing the population down and suddenly around 2030 to 2050 or thereíll be a drastic decline in population. They mention it could be plagues. Well, a great place to get a plague and catch it for sure is in a city situation; and if they bring in famine, which they also plan to do by the way, food shortages, remember five agri-businesses basically own most of the worldís food right now, easy to cause a food shortage. Especially when theyíre gambling the stuff on the big stock market, the big casino. But they want the peasantry to be crammed into the cities, still produce if they can produce at all, as they go under and die off and by 2050 they expect some major things to happen and eventually, they say, magically somehow, they didnít explain why, that after that period there would be a world government, before that actually, it wouldnít last too long and then the world would have just a few city-states like the old, ancient times. A few city-states across the world. Didnít mention where all the population went to of course and didnít mention people being left on the country anywhere. Just these big, hi-tech city-states, I guess with the right breed of people living in them, the more adaptable type for the Darwinian theories, you see. As I say, those who canít adapt must die; thatís their theory. And we even have some documentaries coming out from people showing us these wonderful simulations of these wonderful city-states where theyíll be driving, if they drive at all, these electronic cars or pollution-free cars of some kind or another but you donít see crowds of people in any of the simulations. Thereís never crowds, as you would see in modern cities today.

So big plans are under way and youíve got to understand too, the big boys keep talking about something else. They call it pragmatic. All the reports by the Russells and the Wellses and Charles Galton Darwin and many others to do with the future and remember they all belonged to the top think tanks that created the culture that weíve already lived through and some more to come yet. So they talked about the 21st century would be more pragmatic. Remember that word, pragmatic, and itís mentioned many times in their writings. What do they mean by pragmatism? They mean that in order to get their way into this ideal society they canít be held back by human emotional responses to what theyíre doing. Everything must be utilitarian. We already see it in the U.S. where theyíre bringing in a British form of national health service but even on a lower scale I think than even Britain is at right now, which is pretty, pretty bad as they cut back. Thatís called pragmatic, you see. It costs too much money for people who canít really afford it or the people themselves donít have the same value to society that we really need so weíll not give them any healthcare at all. Thatís pragmatic, being pragmatic about it.

You must bail out banks, of course, that plunder you and they never change the laws because theyíll plunder you again Ė thatís why they donít change the laws Ė but they mustnít keep you alive if you have no real commercial value anymore. We all have a price, you see. You donít realise weíre living in a completely different world from the one that the elite inhabit and how they view us is completely different too. We all have functions to serve them. Itís all economics and if we donít have enough economic value we are really nothing. Weíre disposable. Thatís what they mean by being pragmatic in the 21st century.

Itís the same with the wars, as I say, that are going on across the Middle East as they overthrow governments, well planned, long drawn out, long-term agendas, well financed, to standardise the world. They canít have all those peasants living and doing what they want to do. No. We got to blow a lot of them away and then keep whatís left and indoctrinate a young generation to form a new government who will serve us, meaning the big elite that exists across the world. Everyone must have an economic value to serve the system.

We see it in the police forces too as they become rougher. Remember a whole generation has grown up now watching, beginning with Rambo, and then going on from there, the tough guys with the big, big guns and now the black suits and they grew up playing video games wanting to be the winners. Thatís what video games are about, killing and winning. And you belong to a brotherhood who all wear the same uniform, and you donít see the old type police officers anymore where they had courtesy and respect for the public whom they knew they served. In fact, the public now have been conditioned that you serve them and you jump and obey.

We are in a dangerous situation and this has got to be stopped. This has got to be stopped and people put back in their places because weíre going into a hell on earth. Weíre actually pretty well in it now. Weíre not right in the middle of it yet but that will come if we donít stop it. And remember that everything is coming from your tax money. The whole darn system depends on you paying taxes. In fact, thatís all the elite think youíre there for and they have many more taxes to get rid of your disposable income in a post-consumer society. Thatís what they tell us now. Youíll be lucky to be able to afford to eat in the future or heat yourself. That is what they mean by being pragmatic. Theyíre teaching us as though weíre dumb beasts.

Now, I could go on and on but we donít have the time obviously, but for all you who are gathered there you all started as individuals coming to conclusions by yourselves and then you get together and then you form a group of like-minded people and then you gain, hopefully, political power because you must start to expose this system and do your homework and look at all their big plans and get the documentation so that no one can laugh at you. You say hereís the plans, hereís who wrote it and then start demanding answers and I mean demanding answers before itís all too late because I think our histories are far, far too important to throw out the window and I think all those who went before us, all your ancestors who went before you and who had to live in tough conditions too and bad times and who got through it. I think that you should look at them with pride rather than as being primitive as the big boys want the young children to believe in them now or to view them now.

We have a say in our future. No one has the right, I donít care how much money heís worth, has the right to say heís got a better right of decision making over you and how your life should be run and controlled or eliminated. I donít think so. No one on this earth is superior in that respect. Every creature born has its own right to its own self-determination, so itís up to you, and, believe you me, it all starts with meetings like the one that youíre having right now, so good luck and all the best in your endeavours.


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