July 6, 2007
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Michael:  Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to the Friday, July 6th, 2007 edition of The American Awakening. I am your host, Michael Herzog, and I will be with you for the next two hours.


Good Friday to you; and just to show that I'm a nice guy, I want to wish George Bush a Happy Birthday. He's a human being and he was born on this day, so I'll wish him a Happy Birthday; and also my ex-wife, Linda, Happy Birthday to you. She happened to be born on the same day.


And speaking of human being, you know I was listening to Ed and Elaine Brown show, because I am a listener to RBN even though I'm a broadcaster, and I found it very fascinating the guest that they had, John Stewart.   I've chatted by email to John Stewart on occasion, and he has come up with an idea that I find is really fascinating.  I'm going to explore this too a bit, because I have—a lot of you know I have read the Internal Revenue Service Code; and I mean I've read it cover to cover, because I'm a total idiot—and at the time I read it, I think it was 1,100 pages.  Yes, he was talking about the difference between a person and human being.  In the law, they do define us as "persons," and in reality, we are human beings.  I want actually to get John Stewart up and talk about that a little bit. I want to investigate that a little bit further, because I can't tell you for sure, but this gentleman may have just found a solution to this debacle not only with Ed and Elaine Brown, but also with the rest of us as American citizens.  So with that, I want to remind everybody continue to boycott Exxon and Mobile, because the gas prices, at least in Phoenix, Arizona, are coming down, folks. 


Now today, I have got -- on every Friday, I have a guest that comes up, Alan Watt. A lot of you know who he is. He has  I had the opportunity to go in and explore last night. I actually took the time to listen to a couple of his recorded radio shows.   I went in and explored some of the interviews that he's had with people who have incidences with the government in one capacity or another, regarding CPS.  Regarding calls to the hospital for an ambulance and just different things.  The way the government is responding now seems to be different than it was in years past.  Today, what I want to do is, I want everybody to get their pen and paper out, and I want you to write down that website I want you to go in there and take a look around, because as RBN, we're about solutions.


I'm really, really excited today folks, not just because it's Friday, but because I had the opportunity to take the time and listen to Ed and Elaine Brown Show today.   John Stewart came up with a fascinating idea that's a possible solution to the debacle over the Brown's. It's a possible solution to this entire Internal Revenue Service system. But also the solutions -- we're going to talk today with Alan Watt, about who these people are, again, that are enforcing this agenda on us, and some of the things that we can do to ultimately eliminate it, to get back to square one with a constitutional republic. I'll be back in three. Michael Herzog of The American Awakening. Stick with us. We've got a real good show today. Look forward to hearing from Alan Watt.


All right, we're back. Michael Herzog of The American Awakening, coming to you on this lovely Friday in Phoenix, Arizona—probably 110 degrees outside. Glad I'm in the air conditioning. I've got my guest, Alan Watt on today; and today, again, at RBN we like to look at solutions.  I'll tell you, I have perused through Alan's website. I did so pretty intensely last night, listened to a couple of his radio shows.  I'm going to allow him to paint the “dark picture” of who these people are behind the scenes that are projecting this agenda upon us.  Also, he has some DVDs. He has some books that he's written that really would allow people to “cut through the matrix” (no pun intended) and to awaken themselves, to realize that once you understand who these people are, and once you realize the tools that they use to control you, with fear mostly, and once you have totally come to that conclusion—then the fear subsides. You understand who you're dealing with here; and we can take some steps to put our society back to where it was with a constitutional republic.  Are you with me Alan?


Alan:  Yes, I'm here.


Michael: How are you today, sir?


Alan:  I'm doing well, thanks.


Michael:  I mentioned again I had the opportunity -- I had the privilege of going into your website last night.   I spent about four or five hours in there; and with you, Alan, you're such a complex individual, it's hard to know where to begin.   I know my listeners have heard you on my show numerous times, and so I don't want to spend a lot of time today defining again who the New World Order is and the powers that be, but I do want you to give us a quick synopsis, Alan, of how these people came to be and what their agenda is, before I move on to some other issues that we can discuss at length.


Alan:  What you have is simple trained ignorance into the public’s minds, of withholding knowledges that have been here for thousands of years, on societal control, cultural creation and cultural change, when necessary, by -- in the old days it was kings with their courtiers and they had many advisors that could keep their pulse on the public. They had spies within the public and they could always keep control, because the number one issue, of any government, in any era, is to preserve itself. Preserve itself by any means and all means possible, for themselves and their own posterity, their own offspring.  These sciences, as I say, they're Machiavellian.  They were in existence long before Machiavelli was trained to use them.  The Ancient Greek philosophers wrote a lot about the techniques to be used on the people.   Plato himself talked about how culture was given to the public from the top down (an authorized culture) and when necessary, they could update that culture and literally swing the values of it upside down, in one generation, and the existing generation wouldn't even notice the change—it would be done so slickly.


In your own lifetime, I'm sure, you've already seen that happen with the sexual mores and everything else, and slickly it's all been promoted, again, from the top, from the media, from the entertainment, fashion and so on. The very things that Plato talked about using, including drama. These were all understood thousands of years ago. When you're born into a system—every generation is born into a system, which they take for granted. They think it's natural. They think it must have evolved this way. It never occurs to them that mankind could go off in a thousand directions; and it's as simple as that.


See, all mammals—and again they even said this in the ancient times by studying all creatures. Mammals are warned by an adult what to beware of, and if your parent doesn't know what's really going on and they haven't a clue, the child will take it for granted that everything he does, copying his parents is parents is quite natural.  That's why now you have a generation growing up, they've been trained with video games—games designed for the military for 20 odd years. That was done on purpose. It was meant to desensitize troops from killing, and they gave them to children years ago, because they wanted a generation to police the planet and to police the civilian population of the planet. They wanted a population of almost barbarians that would have no moral ties to family or spouses or anything else; and they've done it.


Michael:  Okay, Alan, but would you agree with me that that these people, the powers that be; the New World Order; the Illuminati whatever you want to call these people, whatever tag you want to put on them. Would you not agree with me, that in order to keep themselves safe—In other words, to keep that curtain pulled around them and not be exposed—Is to keep us dumbed down?


Alan:  Yes, absolutely.


Michael:  Because if we were to awaken, if we were to rip that shroud away from them and expose them for who they are, then they could no longer control us through their fear mongering. Would you agree with that?


Alan:  Yeah. Again, every technique, every system of government that we know today, Republicanism, Communism, democracies, were all explained again by the Ancient Greek philosophers—it was well understood.  They knew how to keep control of each type of system as long as possible, but they also knew that democracy was the best method to use for a final solution to their control over the entire planet, because they knew (like in the days of Plato), they would have a world domination of the whole planet by a few.  They went on about democracy being the best method, because the masses of man, 80 percent of the public will always go along with what the elite want them to do.  They said they'd push democracy in the final phases to make this happen.


Michael:  Okay, I understand that.  What I try to do on my program is to -- my key issue is to awaken people and to get my listeners to contact their friends, neighbors and relatives and to get them to listen, sort of like inviting somebody to church; and RBN is church here. We're in a position here where they're putting the final pieces of the puzzle in to cement into place their new world government, of which they have been thinking about or they have been planning for hundreds of years, literally.  Included in that, I mean they have the wisest of the wise, the most brilliant people, who also I believe they educate or indoctrinate—the psychopath—into this small minority of the people, 3 to 5 percent that will do anything for power. These think tanks that they have: the Rand Corporation and Heritage Foundation and so forth, these people are put together. They've put together the most brilliant of brilliant people to basically strategize and put these pieces of the puzzle together, in such a way to confound, confuse, and to convince the dumbed down American people that this is right.  This is what these think tanks do, right?


Alan:  Yes. They've always recruited from universities the brighter ones that they could give scholarships to, take under their wing, and really reward tremendously well to ensure their loyalty; and they've worked on think tanks.   I've done a lot of talks, you'll find them on my site on this very subject.  They wrote about it 300 years ago and onwards that that's what they'd do. They'd create “great foundations” that would use the guise of charitable works, but, in reality, they would be giving particular outlets of culture to the media, which would then propagate to the public and they think it was all quite natural. There is no free media in this world, at the top. It's all controlled at the top.  That's why you only have one or two main routers, like Reuter's—is router, you know, of mainstream media.


Michael:  Right.  Now tell me, do a brief synopsis of how this all ties in with the secret societies and the Masonic, because I know the secret societies, the Skull and Bones or the Knights of Malta, all of these people tie in.  They have literally crept in like tentacles of an octopus throughout all levels of our society, and it is a large portion of the reason why they control what they do, is because of the Masonic orders, correct?


Alan:  Yeah, that's right. The lowly Mason thinks that he's joining a sort of self-improvement society, at the bottom; and that's only a sifting mechanism for a centralized command to pick out those who could be useful in creating public opinion, like local newspaper editors, that type of thing. That's really what it is. It's a sifting ground for those who can keep secrets, because they are tested, and of course the secrets are really. -- Why would a charitable organization need to take blood oaths and swear secret oaths to be killed by their fellow brethren—if they should divulge their secrets? What's so secret they must keep that hidden from the publicThink about it, (including the low Masons, I'm asking them). Think about that because the reality is their job—and they swear loyalty and allegiance to the system to uphold it against all anarchy.   It's quite interesting because these are the guys who lead the revolutions in the 1700’s to bring in this part of the system. They're now swearing to abide by it and prevent anarchy at all costs.


Michael:  So there are promotional levels in the Masonry; and we get up the higher degrees.  I've heard once you get past a certain degree, like 33rd degree Mason, they enlighten you to whatever it is that they're really worshipping. Is that correct?


Alan:  Yes they do; and they use it, even at that stage, they use it—Lucifer as an allegory of illumination or an intellect at that stage; and so even guys at the 33rd still think they're just the brightest of the bright. See, Masonry brings you through a staging process of ridding you, gradually shedding you of your previous religion, making you an atheist part-way through, and then feeding you a new religion as you go up. That's how it works.


Michael:  Let me ask you this question. Do you find that -- I mean obviously, they have some kind of (whether it's overt or covert) psychological testing involved to promote these people? We've got to take a break. We'll hold that thought. We'll be back in three with my special guest, Alan Watt. We're going to get into the semantics of all this, folks. Stick with me. It gets really good. Be right back.


All right, we're back. Michael Herzog of The American Awakening, coming to you live from Phoenix, Arizona with my knowledgeable and brilliant guest, Alan Watt and we're giving a background here a bit on the powers that be: The New World Order, “The Illuminati.”  The thought comes to mind, and I was talking about the psychological testing that they do at all levels in the military, in the police department, in the Masonic levels.  I'm sure it's the same modus operandi.  What I'm trying to get to here, first of all, is know your enemy and know their tactics.  As a matter of fact, I think I ran across this in one of your radio interviews when I was listening last night and the Revolutionary War, it took 20 to 25 years of preparation before they ever made the decision to go to war. Is that correct?


Alan:  They brought supplies and munitions in, and they had routes set up on islands of the U.S. coast to bring in this sort of thing. It was a covert action. It took many, many years of getting it all prepared to get the backup and the systems they would need to carry a full-fledged war, from beginning to end, and lots of contacts in Europe and places where ships could come in, and even setting up the brotherhood routes for the ships to come in, where the British wouldn't catch them.  This was all planned years and years in advance.  Benjamin Franklin went through quite a bit of that in some of this writings.  Franklin also said that anyone who thinks it was a spontaneous war, over a paltry tea tax or a stamp tax, is being very silly. He said this was preplanned long, long before.


Michael:  Okay; and so I'm right in saying that through all levels, and this has been going on for a long time, whether it's Masonic. They move up in the levels of their degrees, based upon watching an individual over a period of time and deciding what type of psychological makeup they have, or if they have psychopathic tendencies. It's the same in the military. It's the same in the police department. They give them psychological testing to see if they fit in to their particular modus operandi. Would that be a correct statement?


Alan:  Absolutely. They've even showed it on television. They showed it on a documentary from the BBC on American personnel who worked in the nuclear submarines, and particularly, on the men who used the keys (two men used keys) to unlock each stage of the fail-safe.  When he was asked, the commander of the base at the Holy Loch in Scotland, how he can be guaranteed these men will carry this out at the thought of creating mass destruction of what they're doing. He said, "they're thoroughly examined for psychopathic tendencies, and that's whey they have these particular positions."


Michael:  Okay. It takes me back to when they're recruiting for the military, they'll ask the recruit if he would kill an American, and if the answer to that question is no—they'll ship him off overseas. If the answer to the question is yes—they'll leave him here.


Alan:  That's right.


Michael:  So there's a number of different psychological testing, both covert and overt testing that they do, to determine who they are.  The way that they move up the ranks is in their “level of evil” or deception, or the ability to take orders and to commit diabolical acts. So with that in mind, now let's move forward a little bit here, because I've got a lot I want to cover and I've got a short time to do it. I noticed and I wanted to read this to you to get your take on it.


Now it's a good year and a half at least since George Bush signed this agreement with Vicente Fox, the then president of Mexico, and also Prime Minister at that time from Canada, Martin, on this North American Union; and for all this time since that signing, Alan, they have kept it secret. They have denied it. People would call in to their congressman or senators and ask them about it. They would plausibly deny it. They would tell the person calling, a lot of times, that they didn't know what they were talking about. It was the “conspiracy theory.”  There was really only one mainstream individual that was reporting on it at all, and that's Lou Dobbs.  Now I find in WorldNet Daily, and I'll read a portion of this to you (a small portion of it) that all this time that we've been reporting on this in the alternative media, and all the time that we've been warning people and trying to wake them up about the North American Union, now it comes out.  This was posted May 24th:


             "Powerful think tank chaired by former Senator Sam Nunn and guided by trustees, including Richard Armitage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Harold Brown, William Cohen and Henry Kissinger, is in the final stages of preparing a report to the White House and U.S. Congress on the benefits of integrating the U.S., Mexico and Canada into one political, economic and security bloc."


Now, it looks like in the fall, this is going to become mainstream.


Alan:  Yes it is; and when it was done in March 2005, the actual signing, which was just a formality. They had already been integrating us before that. I recorded the shows off the CBC News and Global News Network in Canada, and I played it over Worldwide Radio that night and let them hear these guys speak themselves.  They were saying all the same thing. In fact, it was chaired by the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the American Branch of The Royal Institute of International Affairs. They said they'd drafted up the plans. They boasted they had it—the actual council had.  They had presented to the government for ratification.  That was an amazing announcement, especially when the CFR came out for the first time as an actual body, together, not just as a little advisor on a newscast.


Michael: Okay. Let's take a break with that. When we come back, we'll expand on that a little bit further. This is Michael Herzog of American Awakening, coming to you live from Phoenix, Arizona, with my brilliant and knowledgeable guest, Alan Watt. We're going to get inside his head a little bit further when we come back, so stick with us.


All right, we're back. Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, coming to you live from Phoenix, Arizona.  Alan and I were talking about in the near future the implementation of the North American Union, which, by the way, they've kept secret for so long; and now it's coming out. It's going to come out and be presented to Congress in the fall.  It reminds me of a quote that I read of a former member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Admiral Chester Ward.  He says that once the ruling members of the Council on Foreign Relations shadow government have decided that the U.S. government should adopt a particular policy, the very substantial research facilities of the Council on Foreign Relations are put to work to develop arguments (intellectual and emotional) to support the new policy, and to confound and discredit intellectually and politically any opposition.  This is put together by these think tanks.  What they have done is used this vehicle to put together their “sales plan.” They already have it set up. It was already implemented, but now would you say that it's more or less just a formality, just kind of a charade; it's an act; it's a game to present it to Congress?


Alan:  In fact, even during the Free Trade Negotiations, which was a precursor of NAFTA, it was already decided then, when Shelley Anne Clark came out from Ottawa (the government in Ottawa), she drafted all the books for negotiations.  She said that "by 2005 it will be announced of the integration of Canada and the U.S. and Mexico was a done deal"; and sure enough, it happened in 2005.  She was going around telling people in the early 1990’s this had already happened with the Free Trade negotiations.  We're just living through a time plan here. A business plan with the dates already formulated of implementation.


Michael:  You have to forgive me because I'm questioning you here. I'm learning a lot from you today, Alan, and I'm bouncing questions off of you that I want answers to, as well as a lot of the listeners do.  I wanted to mention Alan has on his website basically kind of a deprogramming for the dumbed-down Americans.  I would think you could use this—a lot of my listeners out there are very awake, but it would always be good to go through and watch what it is that we're dealing with. But also you would think about buying this for gifts for your neighbors, friends, relatives who have no idea, who are watching mainstream TV, and who really don't know because they're so hypnotized by this. Alan, these CDs that you have, would you say that they would go a far sight to actually waking somebody up and showing them who it is that they're dealing with?


Alan:  Yes, it's a deprogramming process. Everything is always a process, even when you try and deprogram someone who's been under mind control; during the Cold War, they used these techniques. You have to go through a process of gradually bringing them out of it; and that's just what I try and do, by giving them histories of ancient rule—the techniques that were used on the public.  It was well understood.  I'm bringing them gradually up to date of these techniques and sciences that are still being used by an elite, who have archives of information and REAL HISTORY and these particular sciences. Stuff that the public are kept in ignorance of.  That's why I try to bring them through time, through an actual process of time, and how culture alters and how it's made to alter. It's made to fit the next type of system that the elite have already planned.


The idea of Freemasonry is that they build society, not structural buildings, but society, so they use archeological terminology.  It's architectural terminology they're using. They build society. They also build culture.  Just like the old days in the Middle Ages, when they were taking down a structure, they were also building the new at the same time, right next door to it; and that's what they're doing with culture. They take down the old system that became the normal, and when it no longer serves their purpose, they bring in a new system.  These guys at the top have already told us: it's not just the amalgamation of the Americas. This is the amalgamation of the whole planet into three trading blocks.


Karl Marx talked about this in the 1840’s, same thing. A United Europe followed by a United Americas and then a Pacific Rim conglomerate under a Supreme World Government.  We're going through all of these changes right now.  It also means not just the free flow of goods and labor, but it truly is to be a brand new system of political correctness—of experts running the show, rather than have it haphazardly working by us making our own decisions independently. That's just too erratic for them. It's not efficient. It's a complete change of what will be thought of as being culture and civilization.


Michael:  Hence the reasons for these treaties NAFTA, CAFTA, where 85 percent of the manufacturing base of the American economy is being put offshore.  These Free Trade agreements are being signed, because as you say, they're really taking down one country to build up another for the amalgamation of the entire planet into three sections.


Alan:  Yes, and again, they did this in ancient times too. When empires were built, they'd often force people out of their countries if they were a “nuisance”, and scatter them all over the globe, or else bring more people into that country to change the culture from another country. These are all ancient well-understood techniques.


Michael:  --That are only available through their archives with their info. They are the ones with all the money. They have the timeline implemented; so with an enemy such as that, and a person that just wants to be a sovereign human being, live their life and be left alone and not have government intrusion, they have a timeline here of the Real ID Act in May of 2008. 2010 they want to have the SPP fully implemented. I believe there's a eugenics program involved here, as well.


Alan:  Yes, absolutely.


Michael:  Is there any chance, in your mind, through education, through deprogramming, through enlightening yourself to a “spiritual awakening?” Do we have any chance against these people?


Alan:  There's a chance if people come to realize, number one, who they are individually—not the composite of the indoctrinations we've all had. We’ve all had incredibly scientifically induced indoctrinations of normals and normalcies, even though they're constantly changing normal; and we become composites. We've got to find who we are.  The public themselves, the general population would have to debate amongst themselves for the first time in history what life is all about. What is the meaning and purpose of our life, for the people themselves?  Are we here to serve others?  Are we here to serve the system, or is there more to life than just this?  That's never been debated by the public. They never will give the public a chance to do that. They tell us what it's all about, and they plan the future.  In fact, they think we're incapable of judging ourselves and coming out with any workable system.


Michael:  Which brings to mind, absolute power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. These people are obviously the psychopathic mind set that they have all the money, and so they should have all the control, and you should do and just serve them.


Alan:  Yes. In fact, that really is part of their religion—the social Darwinistic theories of survival of the fittest, but they also mean by that: the most aggressive and cunning, the ones who have got to the top and held on to power through generations in their own family. That's what they believe is their MO for success and fitness: holding on to that kind of power and not losing it.  That's why they specially breed each other and select each other as mates. They have no love within them for each other, in reality, but they do know that they must be mated up with similar types and marry more power, more money to keep it all together, and have those offspring that will be the same as themselves. They live through their own progeny.


Michael:  When they elevate themselves or are promoted thereby to these higher levels within their system, are they incapable? Do they not have a conscience? Do they not have emotion? Is it trained?  Are they indoctrinated in such a way, or mind controlled maybe, to such a point in such a way that they are just incapable of human emotion?


Alan:  It's just like animals. Plato was quite right. Plato talked about this system.  The elite in his day were called "The Guardians" of the system. They call them The Guardians. They're still the Guardians today.  He said for the ordinary people—he called the ordinary people the "ITS". They were not people.  He said, "we can breed them eventually like animals." If we want certain traits, we can breed those traits in or out of those by selective breeding and forced breeding.  It's the same thing with the elite you see. When you have psychopathic traits and you marry up someone else, a woman with psychopathic traits, there's a darn good chance the offspring will psychopathic too.  Of course, the more they inbreed over the generations like that, the more they breed in that particular trait, and so they're guaranteed a particular type of offspring that can be ruthless; and yes, they have no normal empathy for other people. They don't feel empathy for others.  A psychopath can always rationalize any decision they make and any behavior they have, they will rationalize it instantly; and no matter how bizarre it would sound to listeners, they will rationalize why they did it to suit their own ego. They are pure ego, in fact.


Michael: Let me ask you this.  Let’s talk for a moment, and I don't want to get off on a tangent here.  Let's talk for a moment about some of the compartmentalized agencies, for example, the underlings in the Internal Revenue Service in the United States.  I'm talking about just the paper pushers, just the people that carry out collection procedures and so forth, the lower level. It seems, and believe me, I've had personal experience with this, Alan.  It seems that these people are of that same mindset. They seem to be unfeeling, uncaring, no empathy whatsoever.  They're obviously put through a battery of psychological tests and so forth before they come into that position; and then, correct me if I'm wrong, but they are evidently promoted up the ranks based upon their lack of any emotional feeling.


Alan:  Absolutely. An ordinary person with empathy could not possibly take the roof from someone else's head and put them on the street. You need psychopathic traits to do that.  They do select them for those purposes; and again, they have a probationary period to see who can take it and who can't; and some will crack up and leave. Other ones will stay there and do whatever they're told, so they do have the psychopathic traits. Remember too, the reason that society is so full of corruption and so on—is that psychopaths at the top give you a psychopathic culture to follow, and so the people in normalcy still emulate the traits of the psychopath. The dog-eat-dog that get to the top by any means—we call it success. That's why they public are glued on the stars in Hollywood and those with lots of money, and the Donald Trumps et cetera. The ones who can get up there by cunning and destroying other people on the way up, and be able to handle that without breaking down with conscience.


Michael:  It goes back -- and this is all a part of knowing your enemy.  It goes back -- you said that there was (or I said that there was) 20 to 25 years preparation for the Revolutionary War.  In my mind, and correct me if I'm wrong here, Alan, but I know that we talked a while back about the way that they feel the safest is to keep us dumbed down, but if you come away with and breed, and I'm talking about on the good side, critical thinking Americans. People that wakeup. People that break through that matrix with your CDs and they find out what's really going on here—that would scare the life out of these people.


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.  We’ve got to stop the group-think. The group-think is useless. True changes in society and the world and great movements have happened with an individual here and an individual there, starting to talk with a circle around them and even tell their children; and those children go to universities.  Those children then argue with the teachings because they have knowledge that the teacher didn't know they had. That kind of thing, that's how you change society. You don't wait for a messiah or a white knight to come along, or a lone gunman to come and ride in your town and do it all for you. You have to start creating ripples yourself. Each person can create ripples all around them; and it's got to be done fast, because we're at the final stages of this particular system. The present youth group that's growing up will know nothing but terrorism. They'll think it's all natural, just like their video games. They will have no memory of anything called rights and freedoms or special individual rights, and they'll adapt right into this monstrous system.


Michael:  Right, and this is by design. I know that; and even I have been guilty of getting addicted for a short period of time on these video games. I have a son and I have a step-son, that's all they would do for hours at a time, when they would get out of school, is play these stupid games.   I would sit down to spend some quality time with my children and wind up getting hooked on them myself, to the point where—and I'm sure they know this.  It's seems that you actually reach a lower level of consciousness, because if there's any interference from the outside, for example, your wife coming in and saying "oh by the way can you go out and mow the lawn," it actually irritates you to be interrupted when you're in the middle of that.


Alan:  Yes. It brings you into an alternate reality.


Michael:  Right, and so doing this over a long period of time, it basically separates the individual from the reality of pulling the trigger in a war, for example, and actually killing a human being.


Alan:  Yes. It desensitizes a person to do it, because the only motive of the game is to kill and eradicate whoever is in front of you, and get to a destination. There's no emotional contact whatsoever.


Michael:  And that brings me -- again, I don't want to jump all around the board here, but there's so many things. There's so many questions and thoughts that go through my mind. It brings something else to mind. You had mentioned a few minutes ago, Alan, about one person that comes along -- take an example of Gandhi or a Martin Luther King or somebody that actually stands firm for change, and ultimately down the line, things happen. Now there's an instance, and I know you're aware of this, in Plainfield, New Hampshire with Ed and Elaine Brown, who have taken a stand; and I want to get your take on this Alan. They've taken a stand and they've told the Internal Revenue Service to show them the law. They've been asking them to show them the law since 1996. The government will not show them the law.


Alan:  Yeah.


Michael:  I happen to be listening to their show today, because I'm a listener when I'm not on the air. I listen to their show. I listen to a lot of other shows, including some of yours on other networks.  I heard a gentleman today that came on their show. His name is John Stewart and he mentioned, and by the way, I have read the Internal Revenue Code service code here and they refer to all (and this excludes you because you're Canadian), but they refer to all Americans as "persons" and the reason that they do what they do, according to John Stewart, is because we're all in the law defined as persons.  There evidently is an escape in the law that he defined and he found in a particular court case, where if you declare yourself to be a human being, then these laws do not have any effect on you, because, according to their own writing of the law, they refer to you as a person and not a human being.  Once you declare that you're a human being and you get their judicial entity to declare you a human being, then they have no jurisdiction over you.  Now hold that thought. We've got to take a break. Let me hold that thought. We’ll be back in three, Michael Herzog, American Awakening. Stick with me; we've got a lot more to cover with my special guest, Alan Watt. Be right back.


All right, we're back. Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, coming to you live from Phoenix, Arizona.  It’s a short segment coming up at the top of the hour.  I want all of you -- I want you to go into and I want you to think of the hard-headed individual that you approach. Maybe it's a Rush Limbaugh ditto head or whatever it is. Go in there and order these CDs on deprogramming to enlighten these people.  If you haven't been able to make any headway with it, give it to them as a birthday gift or Christmas gift or whatever, okay, but buy these and give them out to the hardest headed people that you know—People that you can't cut through to the hard core of the truth with. People that glaze over. You know those people we're speaking of. We're talking with Alan Watt, my guest.


Alan, we were on the subject of this gentleman John Stewart that he came across this remedy in law, about the legalese and all of the writings in the Internal Revenue Service Code about people being called persons. The definition of all of us is as a person, and there's a remedy in the law that basically says under anti-trust laws, the labor of a human being is not a commodity or an article of commerce, so nothing contained in that anti-trust law shall be construed to forbid the existence and the operation of labor.  This gentleman goes on to say -- I'm sorry. Go ahead.


Alan:  Yeah, because the old definitions of slavery were someone who taxed your labor. It's a struggle. It's actually work—your tax, your work. You tax your body when you labor, and so anyone who took the tax from you was, in a sense, putting you in a form of slavery. That was well known a few hundred years ago. Everyone knew that; and that's why all the big revolutions supposedly took place in the 1700’s was because of the incredible taxations of people, taking your labor under the guise of money, which they run as well, the same people at the top.  Yes, there were always loopholes up until recently, but the fact is the guys are standing no nonsense now, as you can see.  Yes, they have definitions; even in the British Commonwealth countries, you're called a subject. The same thing, you're called a subject. You're subject to the Crown, regardless of this great democracy they keep talking about. Everyone is subject to the Crown; and even the military and even the post office swears allegiance to the Queen and the Crown before anything else.  Everything is a joke, in a sense. It's a cover. It's a scam; and it goes all the way back, even in the Bible.  In the Bible, they defined man and woman, and they defined Adam and Eve; and the Masons used that black book in their lodges, because they know that in their definitions of the meanings, behind them are allegories for something else.  That's why, in Genesis, you have in the beginning in Genesis 1, "God created man and woman," and that's the end of them. You don't hear anymore about them.  Then in the second chapter, there was no one to till the soil, so he creates Adam and Eve, laborers.


Michael:  So we go back in the archives that they have access to, but we don't. In their archives, they have the explanations and all of the pertinent documented material that tells us all about this, that we are never privy to. Is that correct?


Alan:  That's right. Although they must give it to you in some form, and few people can figure it out, very few.   I figured that out when I was a child.  I said, "why are they creating man and woman in the same image, meaning God-like?”  That's what it meant: same exact image, IMAGO in the Greek, and same powers; and yet, then he creates Adam and Eve because there's no one to do the work; and that was the differentiation of the classes in the system.


Michael:  Interesting.  We've got to take a break at the top of the hour on the second hour coming up.  I've got a whole bunch more to ask you, Alan. A couple of things I ran across on a few of your radio interviews that, I'm the first to admit, I don't understand what they mean; that's why I'm going to ask you about that.  Stick with us, the second hour coming up. Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, with my knowledgeable and brilliant guest, Alan Watt. We'll be back in two. Stick with us.


All right, we're back. Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, second hour coming up here with my special guest, Alan Watt.   Alan, I've got so many places to go there. I want to mention again to the listeners to go into Take a little time. Listen to some of these interviews that Alan has done on different networks and some of the interviews that he has done himself. One in particular, Alan, there's a fellow I listen to you interview. This Butch in Missouri, and Martha his wife, when he called the hospital because she was having a problem, and what happened when they showed up. I mean, some of the things that are going on in this country behind the scenes that people are not aware of are just -- they make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  I've interviewed Alan.  I've interviewed a number of people on my tenure on this network of some of the things that happened behind the scenes, with the courts and with the CPS and so forth.  People just do not have a clue what's really going on in this nation.


Alan:  There's a very good reason for that, because you see, back in the 1950’s the cultural creation associations—and they do have them. In fact, the censorship committees are actually the ones that promote a particular agenda; they're not there to safeguard you from bad stuff on television. They decided there and then that they would put drama and police shows, and detective shows and social work shows and hospital dramas. All fictional works to give the public a fake idea of what life is all about around them; and most people really believe that, rather than believe the reality, because those agencies are not there for what you see on television, at all. They’re almost laws unto themselves.  We have been trained that when any expert or professional makes a statement or makes a decision—we must obey; because on television all these actors are so proper and so perfect in all their decisions and choices, and we are nothing. We're very silly people who can't manage our own lives.


Therefore, you don't realize what happened to Butch and Martha (Butch Chancellor and Martha) happens to thousands of people every day, because when you're old now, you're supposed to just go in when they tell you to come in; and they stamp you as being forgetful, incompetent, blah, blah, blah; and then once you're in, they take your pension from you. The hospital gets you to sign them over to them, and then put you in a hospice; and once you're in a hospice, you'll last maybe four or five months (if you're lucky) on the drugs that they give you, as you sit there in a coma with a drool coming from your mouth because of the Haladol they put you on to keep you sitting in that seat.  Then you die and all the money that was in your home, including the auction of your home, goes to the hospices. This is a business that's going on here.


Michael:  Right, go ahead.


Alan:  The police and all the rest of them are all in on it. Because what happened to Butch, it was his neighbor that made the phone call that wanted to get his wife in; and she'd been bedridden for years. He'd taken care of her himself, because the hospital 10 years prior to that had performed a brain operation and literally left her paralyzed.  Ten years later, she's not quite herself. He wanted her into the hospital for a checkup. The neighbors dialed 911, and these guys came in with the black-clad outfits, with “FIRE” on the back of them. They have interchangeable jackets now.  They claimed they were from the Fire Department.  They came through and they surrounded Butch with pistols on their hips. Have you seen firemen with pistols on their hips?   They went straight in and the other team came in behind them, grabbed Martha and away off to the hospital, where they did an assessment there and decided, “yep, she's old and she's unfit and blah, blah, blah.”  They wanted to keep here there so they did a psychological evaluation, which is just a formality, and by that standard we'd all end up inside, to be honest with you.


Michael:  Let me stop you. We're going to take a break. Let's continue with this. This touches a nerve with me, because I'll tell you a quick story about my mother when we get back, but hold that thought. We'll be back in three minutes. Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, with my fantastic guest Alan Watt. See you in three. Stick with us.


All right, we're back. Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, coming to you live from Phoenix, Arizona. Come a little bit closer and hear what Alan Watt has to say. We were talking about this interview he had with a gentleman by the name of Butch in Missouri and Martha his wife, and the debacle that happened when his neighbor called 911. Go ahead and continue with that Alan, and then I'll tell you a little blurb about what happened to my mother. Go ahead.


Alan:  When they had his wife in and held her there, they then tried to get him to come in—he objected and he said "no," he wanted her back home. They wanted to put her into a hospice, and this is the standard routine; and I told him, I said don't go in. If you go in, the same team will access you and put you in there as well, which is also the new formula. This is routine formula now: to try and get both in, and they get to grab the house and belongings.


Michael:  Right. They grab the assets, yeah.


Alan:  This is standard routine. It has been for years. You don't see that in the dramatized fictions on television.  Eventually, because we did the show and talked about it and put the word out, and had so many post cards and telephone calls coming into the hospital, they suddenly reversed the decision that “no, she wasn't incompetent after all.” He could bring her home.


Michael:  This is the key element, Alan, is that this kind of thing needs to be exposed. Now, I'm going to take a moment here and tell you my mother, rest her soul, she passed away. She had Alzheimer's disease; and she, of course, deteriorated over a period of several years, but I ultimately had to put her in assisted living facility and I took over as the trustee for her estate. She wound up spending down all of her assets, and when it came time to where she had to qualify for Medicaid, I had to put from an assisted living facility into a nursing home (full blown nursing home).  Coincidentally, within five weeks of transferring into a facility and qualifying her for Medicaid, because she had spent down her assets and what that means is the government now has to pay for it. Coincidentally, within five weeks after that happened, she succumbed to pneumonia.  When I had questioned the nurses about it in the report, they said she passed away with pneumonia, but what I had found out through research is that they had hospitalized her with pneumonia, and ultimately given her a pneumonia shot after she already had pneumonia.


Alan:  Yeah. Not only that though, you see a lot of them, because they do put them on medications once they're in. It's a big business to get them on medications; and they don't want the nuisance of individual people getting up and wanting to walk out of there. If you do, you're a nuisance and you're put on a sedative; and if they're kept bedridden too, there's a chance of: it's called "inhalation pneumonia". Your saliva starts going backwards. It goes into your breathing tube (your trachea) and you have an infection there; and that's how most of them actually start.


Michael:  It's interesting that you said that, because I had an ongoing fight throughout the entire period of time that she was in the assisted living facility, because they continued to keep sending her to a doctor, who kept putting her on medication that was supposedly to not reverse but downplay the effects of Alzheimer's disease.  They were very expensive drugs and it was costing quite a bit of money, out of her estate, to continue to keep her on these drugs.  My question to the doctor—of which, by the way, I was never able to talk to directly. My question was, "why would you put somebody on a drug that would make them a little bit more aware of an adverse situation that they didn't want to be in to begin with?"  And so it was all about money, but when I found out, I was told that if I were to make a determination to take her off of those drugs, there's another agency that may very well intercede, sort of like a CPS, and declare that I wasn't competent to be a trustee, and in fact would turn it over as a guardianship to the State.


Alan:  That's exactly right. That's the standard procedure. It's a business, and we are a business. We've got to realize that we're the only business on the planet. We produce everything, and even when we become sick, we're still part of a big business, and you even pay death duties when you die. There's no peace even then.  We're owned.  You see, we are property of the commercial system; and this is spoken about in higher circles quite openly. They have no problem discussing this kind of thing to each other, and it's been like that for a long, long time. We are not in any kind of natural humane system at all.  It's anti-human.


Michael:  Not only is it anti-human, but it's also an illusion. They create an illusion through their propaganda, through the media and so forth, to allow the dumbed-down American public to think that they're living in a free society, and unless they are ever at some instance affiliated with the system or indoctrinated into it a some juncture, they can possibly go through their entire lives and never know.


Alan:  Most never know. Most never know that all these experts really have no authority. You're giving them your authority because you believe in them. You've been trained to believe in them.


Michael:  Yeah, and that's my point. I mean it's sad to say, and you had mentioned previously that I've seen a lot in my lifetime, yes, and what I noticed now is that if I try to become -- I mean I'm talking about off the air now, Alan. If I try to get into a political discussion with your average American, they will parrot something that they've heard from their hero or their icon, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, but they have no depth behind it, because they're just repeating what their favorite expert has told them to believe.


Alan:  That's all they can do; and that's what Brzezinski said they would do with society. He said that the average person shortly will be unable to think for themselves. They will expect the media to do it all for them.  That has been projected onto us via the media, and primarily through fiction above all others, because in fictional dramas and movies, your sensor part of your brain is down. You're not expecting attack. You're being entertained; and that's when all of these dramas, which hook you emotionally, carry you through and you don't realize you're being programmed with a false impression of a reality.


Michael:  Which takes me right back to waking these people up and allowing them or training them, to start critically thinking again, which would take me right back in again to the cuttingthroughthematrix and deprogramming the dumbed down American, or these people that parrot their icon Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and so forth. Hand them a copy of these videos and tell them to watch it and let them cut through this.   I have to tell you, Alan, and I know you know this, that the powers that be have done an excellent job of -- I mean they're really good at what they do. They're really good at dumbing-down the American public to the point where: when you try to speak to them, for the most part, you're almost speaking a foreign language to them. They do not even understand what you're talking about.


Alan:  You're right. They don't.


Michael:  You mention the North American Union or you mention forced vaccinations or you mention the Trans-Texas Corridor. Or you mention any one of a myriad of subjects, and they glaze over like you're from a foreign planet.


Alan:  Yeah; but they could tell you what Michael Jackson was last charged with. That's what's given to them; and that's what Brzezinski also said, that they'd only be able to repeat their previous download from the previous night's news; and that's what you're getting in conversation now.


Michael:  Right. Well, off topic for a moment, I have to ask you this before I forget it.  I was listening to one of your shows last night and you brought up the term "Neutrino bomb," and I have to ask you what that means.


Alan:  It's really neutron bomb. A neutron bomb works by neutrinos in sudden explosions of, basically, really high white particles, which cause a shattering effect on all the physical objects, protoplasmic objects they go through, living creatures. That's what they're designed for. They destruct your cells completely and kill you, and they leave all structures around you intact.


Michael:  So you could literally wipe out a city and leave all the buildings intact?


Alan:  Yes.


Michael:  I see. Okay.


Alan:  It's an old weapon, actually. I think they came out with that in the '60’s.


Michael:  You had mentioned a neutrino bomb and I just hadn't heard that term.  I know that was totally off topic, but I wanted to touch a little bit on the Kyoto treaty.  Now this comes into, this ties with the eugenics program. Is that right?


Alan:  Everything ultimately does, because the Kyoto is all to do, supposedly. This is how they have such double meanings in things. They have nice fuzzy names about world peace.  You and I would say peace is sitting down and relaxing. That’s what you say, that's my “peace,” but to them, no.  They go into it deeper and say, “what causes the absence of peace—and you have war, conflict, interpersonal conflict and all these things.  How do you stop that?   You have to find out why there's interpersonal conflict,” and then they go into the eugenics thing of classes, behavioral types, different kinds of personalities. Which ones are disruptive?  Which ones are placid? Which ones could be useful in a future civilization? Which ones you should eradicate because they'll pass on bad genes? All this stuff is contained under this term "peace," you see, and the public don't realize this. Remember too, that the communist definition of peace—which is all part of the same thing, because it's all funded from London, the whole Communist Revolution is part of the dialectic—they said that peace to them was absence of all opposition.


Michael:  Oh, okay.


Alan:  Then they're going even further down that—conflict between a person to person, man to man, woman to woman and also the end of conflict between male and female.  How would you do that? How would you do that? Think about it all, because these guys literally put lots of work on all of this; and that's why they knew, in the 1800’s, they were definitely going to try and destroy marriage for one thing. They destroyed intergenerational bonds between parent and child, and leave the State to indoctrinate them. That's what Bertrand Russell talked about in his particular books, "The Impact of Science on Society" and "Education and the Good Life" and "Roads to Freedom."   You'll find that this has been widely publicized, in a sense, but not read by the public much. It's all in the libraries there if you want them. Their whole agenda was laid out, of the ending of interpersonal conflict, and so their solution was to eventually to evaluate every human being’s right to reproduce and decide which ones to sterilize. Which ones that would be allowed to be born, and right down to the fact that overcrowding could be a problem to leading to conflicts. 


Michael:  Let me stop you.  We're back. Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, coming to you live from Phoenix, Arizona. Short segment coming up to the bottom of the hour here, and we're talking with my guest Alan Watt on the Kyoto treaty. Alan, go ahead and continue. I'm sorry we had to take a break there.


Alan:  The end of conflict, as I say, is to define all those things that cause conflict. What they really mean is conflict which upsets the rhythm of their system—makes it inefficient, non-productive. That's really what they mean; and so interpersonal relationships would have to alter.  That's why they brought in what they call "casual sex," and that was written about vastly by Professor Thomas Huxley, who was the grandfather of Aldous Huxley and he also was a friend of Charles Darwin. He said that "eventually they'd create free love."  This was in the 1800’s he wrote this, and promote it in the next century to destroy the last vestiges of marriage.  If they could get everyone hooked on causal sex, then the State would be in charge of the individual.  There'd be no family unit to stand up against the State and any individual.


Michael:  This treaty seems to encompass a broad spectrum, because I've come to an article yesterday. It was talking about the carbon reduction, carbon dioxide; and I'm thinking -- it reminds me, I was riding back from Plainfield, New Hampshire with John Stadtmiller, and he happened to pick up a mainstream newspaper that was talking about carbon monoxide and carbon reductions and credits and so forth, which evidently ties right into this treaty. The “spin” that was put on it in the mainstream media, and the excuses they were coming up with, and I can't even remember what they were, off the top of my head now.  They were so outlandish that we were just rolling on the floor laughing at the lies they were coming up with.  Carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide emissions, we're talking about taxing people to breathe, for crying out loud.


Alan:  That's right.  I think I was the first one to even bring that out to the public. I said, “Do you realize they're talking about your breath here? They're going to tax your breath here.”


Michael:  It reminds me of the old George Harrison song, "The Tax Man".  For crying out loud, tax the pennies on your ice. Tax the air you breathe. You're actually going to have -- what do you call it, a coin slot on your toilet in your home, for crying out loud, by the time these people get through.  Then take it even further than that, and you're talking about splitting up, literally, they are against marriage. They're against the family unit; in China, they have a one-child policy, don't they?


Alan:  Yes they do. It's enforced too.  This is the technique they're going to bring on the rest of the world. It's called "the creation of social approval and social disapproval."  At one time, they used to have to bring in the local militia to pull all the women out who were pregnant with a second child in China; and now the population around them is so conditioned that the neighbors will actually do it. They'll drag out a woman themselves and deliver her to the abortion clinic and make sure she has the abortion, because they've been trained to believe that that child is going to take food from them, by simply existing, and it wasn't failed society.  The creation of approval / social disapproval is being implemented even now. Here we call it "political correctness," same thing.


Michael:  We're developing a nation of “tattle-tales.”


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.


Michael:  People that are spying on each other.   I know that you know -- for example, I know this is going on throughout in the medical profession. It's going on in CPS, where they will come in for anyone of a myriad of reasons, mostly unfounded. They will take a person's child, and they're getting federally funded to actually adopt out the child, and the government is paying them, I don't know, what, 5 to $8,000 per head to do this.  They're actually fueling the problem as opposed to correcting it.


Alan:  Yes, and actually it's going along with their agenda, because if you have parents who decide to try and give a different type of moral upbringing to that child, that's in conflict with the systems authorized method, then they'll definitely take that child away if they can, under many guises, because they want every child to have the same indoctrination by the State, which is just mind control, really.  Again, Bertrand Russell and others who had the experimental schools, authorized by the British Crown, back in the 1920’s, said eventually they'd make sure that everyone the world over would have a standardized indoctrination, in school, for their particular society that they're going to create.  The National Education Association is only part of the International Education Association, so every country is getting trained along the same methods.


Michael:  It's getting worse by the day.


Alan:  Yes it is.


Michael:  You know I picked up on an interview that you had on another network. I've been stealing these other guy's good questions.  There's an interesting topic that you brought up about the rat trap, and it reminded me back in the -- I believe it was the late '80s to early '90s, when they first came out with a cell phone.   I wanted a cell phone, but they told me that it would not operate in my automobile.  Since I spent most of my time in an automobile, they told me that I needed the car phone, because it didn't have enough wattage or whatever in the cell phone to operate from the car. So I went ahead and bought a car phone and I used it for several years; and then coincidentally, all of a sudden they come out with a cell phone that now for some mysterious reason operates in a car. But they had that technology all along.


Alan:  They had it in World War II.


Michael:  They had it in World War II. So what they do is they implement this. They, first of all, maximize their marketing strategy to sell off everything that they're going sell in a type of instrument, until they've saturated the market, and then they move up to the next phase, to do it to you again.


Alan:  That's right.


Michael:  Hold on just a second. We'll be back in a break. We’ll be back in three. My guest, Alan Watt. We're going to expound on this a little bit further when I get back so stick with us. Michael Herzog, The American Awakening coming to you live from Phoenix, Arizona. All right we're back. Michael Herzog, The American Awakening coming to you live from Phoenix, Arizona with my special guest Alan Watt with me every Friday and Alan let me continue on this.


I was going to make a point here. It seems that they sell everybody a car phone until all the car phones are sold.  Then they say, “okay we've got a cell phone that will work in the car,” so everybody buys one of those. The next step up is all these people are standing in line for three, four and five days in a row to buy an iPod, then they exhaust the market with that. The same thing holds true with television sets. I went shopping for a TV set a couple of months ago, and right on the front of the brand new TV screen it says (I think it's February 17th of 2009) this TV will not work anymore because we're going from an analog signal to a digital signal, so you either have to buy a new TV or get some kind a government box and pay extra for; and this is all by design. They have all this stuff that's all ready. The technology is already there. They just exhausting the market before they step you up to the next level, correct?


Alan:  Oh, absolutely. They dish it out piece-meal; and they could have given us computers that you carry in your pocket 40, 50 years ago, because they had it in the high agencies of the secret services of certain countries.  They even showed one on an old Pathe News replay of the Normandy landings, World War II, where a particular well-known announcer went in with the troops, and he said, "You'll never guess how this is being shown to you." He says, "I'm using this particular gadget" and he showed a cell phone with a little camera and a screen on it and its being transmitted across the Atlantic.


Michael:  Was that by chance Edward R. Murrow?


Alan:  I think it may have been him, yeah.  He said, "Shortly everyone will have one of these."   They kept it quiet for another 50 years.


Michael:  I look at it, it's almost like rats in a maze, because you're at the iPods right now. Then you've not the National ID Act that's suppose to be implemented in May of 2008 and that's requires an RFID chip and they glamorize it through the mainstream media to the point where -- and at some point, and I am assuming that the next step after this RFID chip will probably be a brain implant, a chip of some sort to give us all of a hive mentality. Would I be far off that?


Alan:  Not at all, in fact, it's a step-by-step training program. We're all being trained, that's all.  Step by step you're being guided along from one mouse trap to the next to the next the big one, which really was the goal in the first place, to get you to actually accept a brain chip. You couldn't jump these stages and just hit a society, that was still on the old phone with the cords and so on, with a brain chip. There would be a hullabaloo, so you train them step-by-step until they're walking around in crowds, but still talking on the phone to someone somewhere else. That's why it's called the cell phone. You're in a cell, separated from the rest of the people.


Michael:  And at some point I'm sure that these cell phones will be minimized, to the point where they will either be implanted or they'll put it right directly into your ear or something of that nature.  In seeing this, you know we are in an info war. We are in a war, really, to wake up the mind of the American people. It's a war for the mind, Alan, and we have battles that we win, with the Immigration Bill that got shot down, because of the enormous pressure we put on the Senators it was shot down, at least for the time being. But in light of that, I could almost visualize if we were to lose this war, that I could visualize an underground society, “old school rebels.” For example, in some of these futuristic movies, you've seen them, one of Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to mind, "The Terminator", where they had these people underground that were the resistance.


In your mind, what percentage of the public at large would have to be awake, would have to cut through this matrix, in order to create a winnable situation for us?


Alan:  It's not just a matter of numbers. It's a matter of the right people with the right facts and the ability to put it across and cut through the conditioning of people around them. It's a technique that you have to know to cut through all of the incredible indoctrination, and hit them in such a way that they're initially oblivious to the fact. It isn't until later that they realize what you've said, because their minds will start thinking about it and they can't stop thinking about it, so there's techniques involved. Science has been used against them and science has to be used to deprogram them. Otherwise, it's a waste of time.  It doesn’t take too many to do it, of the right people, if they're dedicated to what they're doing. This is a war for everything. If there's no mind and no sentience, it’s all over.


Michael:  Right. There's no going back.  They have as much to lose as we do and the reality is because -- I mean let's face it Alan. If indeed they were to be exposed, there would be no place for them to run.


Alan:  There wouldn't be. In fact, again, you see, they have their power only because the masses give it to them. They acquiesce by their silence to everything that's done to them.  That's why they chose this strange thing called democracy, knowing that 80 percent of the public will always do what the elite what them to do anyway. It's always been a minority all along, down through history; and that's what they hope to eradicate, is that small percentage.


Michael:  That small percentage, yeah.


Alan:  That is very powerful in itself when it goes into action.


Michael:  Let's talk for a minute about the law.  One thing comes to mind, and I don't know how closely you follow what goes on in the United States, because I know you live in Canada. For example, there's an article that I pulled out of OpEd News, "The Day the Rule of Law Died", and it alludes to the Bush commuting of the sentence of Scooter Libby. Are you familiar with that?


Alan:  Yeah.


Michael:  Here's a gentleman that basically obstructed justice. He was convicted. He was supposed to serve about a 2-1/2 year sentence and George Bush ultimately commuted his sentence. He didn't pardon him, but he commuted his sentence.  My take on that, is that if he would not have commuted it, it's a good possibility that Scooter Libby knew enough about what was going on behind the scenes, he could have created a real problem for Dick Cheney and George. Do you think I'm pretty close on?


Alan:  It's possible, but I think, to be honest with you, the Cheney's and Bush's have got permission to do what they're doing. They're just front-men, really. They're dedicated to it. Definitely, Cheney is when you see who were their mentors in school. You have Strauss, who came over, even though he was Jewish, he was an unauthorized card carrying Nazi, who was told to go out into the world and train future Nazis, and I think he ended up at MIT. That was the mentor of Cheney.  These guys and Rumsfeld, so they're dedicated to this cause and so they're front men but they take orders from those above them.


You see, you have a parallel government above them, a shadow government; and Professor Quigley also said that in his book "Tragedy & Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment."  He said, "there has been and has been for at least 60 years a parallel government which has run this country" and of course, he was the official historian for the Council on Foreign Relations. They have their in-house historian and he was a member of it, and he didn't object to their goals. He was all for their goals. He simply thought that it was time to let the public know that their betters, their superiors, the intellectuals were now in charge, as he thought it should be.  The parallel government has been here for a long time.


Michael:  Carroll Quigley was Bill Clinton's mentor.


Alan:  --And others.  He also was an adviser to the State Department and foreign diplomats and so on, on cultural differences between nations, their histories and all that kind of thing.  They use professors to implement techniques of strategy, because the world is a chess game to them at the top. International politics is a chess game.


Michael:  That's why I'm so fascinated to have you on my show, because I'm a fledgling. I only woke up to this reality about two years ago.  There's really no limit to how deep you go. You can go back into the history for thousands of years and see this play out time and time again.  If a person were to do that, and do research now until the day they took their last breath, you couldn't cover it all.   It's an honor to have somebody up here that really knows what they're talking about. Now I want to talk a minute. These CDs that you have put together of literally deprogramming, how many hours would we say that there are in total of educational review?


Alan:  24 hours. Each one of the disc MP3s has 12 hours each on the ancient cultures and how these control techniques were used then on people, mainly by special priesthoods who were trained in this. No different from the pharaohs in Egypt. The first thing that the pharaoh was taught, when he was a boy, was how to control the minds of the public because of the nature of the public. Their drives and so on.  They wore the serpent in front of their head, the Uraeus, the sign of wisdom, because they guarded that which came into their minds. Whatever comes into your mind gives you your whole outlook on things. The public were not allowed to wear the Uraeus, because those that had it in front of their minds were the ones who were dictating to the minds of the general populace, and they didn't want anything guarding their minds. Nothing has changed. It's the same symbology.


Michael:  Right. These CDs basically take the individual through a journey through ancient times, all the way up to the present, and kind of interweave, showing them how they are used or how their minds are manipulated.  By the way, I am going to open up the phone lines and take a few calls for some questions and comments to my guest Alan Watt, if you'd like.  At any rate, back to this for a moment.  We've got what? Is it two or three CDs, Alan?


Alan:  There's two CDs with MP3s, and I have more to come out actually, there’s a lot of hours I got put by, and also have DVDs where I explain a lot of the techniques that are used and show you symbols et cetera interspaced with my talks, which in effect open up the mind to what you're really seeing in front of you, but generally you're not on a conscious level aware of it.


Michael:   I've always been of the theory and I don't know. Have you seen the movie "Freedom into Fascism", by any chance?


Alan:  I haven't, no.


Michael:  It's a movie that came out by Aaron Russo, regarding the Ed and Elaine Brown stance.  He made a movie before they obviously took their stance, but it's about no law regarding the income tax.   I've always been of the opinion that that is an issue -- the income tax is an issue that affects all Americans, and if they see that, and they see that the government is lying to them about that particular issue, then it opens up their mind and makes them a little more objective to the belief that if they're lying to them about that, then they're obviously -- they could be lying to them about other things as well.  You know as well as I do, Alan, it's a lot to lay on somebody that hasn't got a clue—that lives in their illusionary reality.  It's a lot to lay on somebody, that everything literally that they've been taught, all the way from cradle to where they're at, at this particular point in time, has been a lie, including their history books have been a lie.


Alan:  Oh, tremendous, tremendous. I don't think there's a country in the world, outside of Britain, that's had so much re-writing of even their recent history as the U.S.


Michael: Okay, back to where we were. I mean it's so overwhelming and I take my own personal experience Alan. I don't know when it was that you started your journey down this road. I don't know how many years ago you started it, but mine was only a couple of years ago.    I was so – well, how would my wife put it?  Awestruck, dumbfounded, gob-smacked. There's the word, okay, in the Scottish term, that I literally couldn't function -- I mean I literally went off the deep end a little bit, for probably about six to eight weeks. I literally had a difficult time functioning, because my entire reality was dropped to a point where I didn't know how to function anymore, because I didn't know what to believe. I didn't know what not to believe. I didn't know who to believe. I didn't know who to talk to; and there's a paranoia that comes into play there for a while. Did you experience that?


Alan:  No. I kind of grew up this way, just watching and figuring out and then going to study from an early age what was happening, and even going in to old libraries. I was lucky enough that I was again a different kind of a child, so I got adult library cards. I can get into the adult libraries in Europe, and especially in Scotland, and I checked out the histories of only 100 years ago, 200 years before, and books that where written at the time.    I realized I was getting taught completely different histories in school.  When I brought it up to the teachers, they didn't even know that the books I'd read in the main libraries even existed.


Michael:  Oh, that must have been something.


Alan:  They'd also had been brainwashed too, you see, that clued me in.


Michael:  Yeah. All right, we don't have much time left. We've got a couple of callers back. We’ve got Richard. Let's go to Richard in Alabama, real quick. Go ahead Richard, you're on with Michael and Alan.


Richard:  Hi. I want you to comment on a policy that the United Nations has, and it's for the non-white nations will have the right to only naturalize people of their own race and they give automatic citizenship if you can prove your paternity, meaning through your father and his father, and they issue documents without the place of birth. Therefore if they -- one of their citizens gets inside the United States without a visa, and if they are smart enough not to admit where they were born, and their documentation doesn’t show where they were born, it becomes impossible to throw them out of any of these white nations. Will you comment on that?


Michael:  Will I comment on that or will Alan comment on it?


Richard:  Yeah, Alan, do you see a pattern to that?


Alan:  The policy definitely was -- see if you want to bring a culture down -- it isn't because they like black or white or any other color. The elite are a club to themselves. Almost a separate race and it isn't they like anyone. The fastest way to bring the culture down in this society, at this time, is to introduce mass immigration from completely opposing cultures, and out of that chaos, they will destroy the old to bring in the new. It's not because they actually care anymore for a black peasant, a Chinese peasant or a British peasant. We're all peasants to them. It's just a faster way to bring down the existing culture, especially the one that still has a memory of having freedoms or individual rights.


Michael:  Okay, all right. Richard, I hope that answers your question. I've got to run. I've only got a few minutes left buddy and then I've got to go to a break. I've got more callers on the line and I want to get to all of them, so thank you so much for the input, Richard. Okay, let's go to Melissa in Texas. Melissa, you're on with Michael and Alan. I've got to hold you over for the break, dear, and then I'll give one minute when we get back, okay?


Melissa:  Yeah, I hear the music.


Michael:  Okay be back in three. Stick with us for Alan Watt and Michael Herzog. All right we're back. Michael Herzog. Final segment coming up before John Stadtmiller's National Intel Report. Melissa, you've got one minute, dear. I'm sorry, my lines are loaded and I'm trying to get to everybody, so go ahead.


Melissa:  Okay, a comment I guess.   Alan, I've been to your website and it's very interesting.  Just that these people that think of themselves as the elite; they actually believe that they're a God race and they think of us as not even human. Earlier in the show, you were talking -- both of your were talking about -- I think you brought it up Michael, that the persons and the difference between persons and human beings.


Michael:  Yeah. I'm talking about legalese in the [legal context].


Melissa:  Right, but it also -- the human beings -- I remember years ago; this would be like 10 years ago, something about a human being is someone who is being human, but they're not quite human, because these elite think of themselves as humans and they have allowed certain ones to become human beings--


Michael:  Okay, dear, I've got to stop you. I understand. Thanks for the comment. I've got to stop you though. I have very little time left and I've got more callers on the line. Okay, thanks Melissa. Let's go to John in California. John you're on with Michael and Alan, go ahead.


John:  I was curious if Alan has his material available for people that do not have access to the Internet?


Michael:  Alan?


Alan:  Yeah. You can get the books, the DVDs and the CDs from me.  I will be putting a lot that's on Internet on disc in the near future, which I can then send out.


John:  Do you have a mailing address or phone number?


Alan:  Yeah. If you write to me [listed above] then I can send it out to you or send you a list of the prices or something.


John:  I have that address, and it wouldn't hurt to repeat it. Thank you very much.


Michael:  We'll repeat it one more time at the end. Let's go to Ron in New York, real quick. Ron, you've got 30 seconds go ahead.


Ron:  This is for Alan, real quick. The Muslim terrorists, they hate westerners Christians, Americans, so how are they being used in this state sponsored terrorism?


Alan:  How are the actual Christians do you mean?


Michael:  No, the Muslims.


Ron:  No, no. How are the terrorists who hate Americans, hate Christians, hate westerners. There are Middle Eastern terrorists now. How do we match that with the ones who are being used by the New World Order to do this to bring us into a police state?


Alan:  You have to realize the religious scam and having people inter-war with religions is the biggest one and the most common one down through history. You had wars going on for 50, 30, sometimes 100 years over religion.  It's all a technique to convince the public that their god is right. The public end up with nothing, but the elite who started it all end up with everything. You have to stop -- you have to cross the barriers between religions and talk person to person, from individual to individual, because we're all going to perish in this -- this system that's coming up.


Ron:  They're being used to bring America to a police state, correct?


Alan:  Oh yes, absolutely. Terror is a fantastic method to terrify the public into giving up all their rights.


Ron:  So they're being sponsored or hired and whatever the term is?


Michael:  It's divide and conquer, Ron. It's divide and conquer, okay. They're using one against the other. Listen, we've got to run, buddy. We're out of time, okay. Thank you Alan. Thank you so much for coming on today. I'll talk to you off the air next week, okay? Thanks again.



(Transcribed by Linda)