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July 20, 2007


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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and I'm standing in for Michael Herzog, who called me this morning and he's overloaded with work as are we all, really, in these days and times trying to get through our daily business. Most of you who know my name have heard me on other shows, many radio shows and a few television stations as well.  I tend to put most of the information up on my own website at and


The approach I have to try and educate people at this current time in history is an in depth study of what history really is and how we got to where we are today. What we're finding in all times and all ages is the people who are kept in the dark with the real machinations of governments with their agendas and their long ranging plans is that the public are told fairy stories. Every generation is told a myth which they call history, a compendium of dates and times and battles and famous people. We're never told the reasons behind them or the forces that finance them into existence, because wars are very expensive. Wars take many, many years of planning before they actually take place. Nothing is ever spontaneous. You'll find even in the great invasions of the Normans coming through Europe into Britain, they prepared for many years before the invasion.


They had thousands of carpenters building forts which they could float across the channel in pieces and put together at the other end, already made; prefabricated forts, hundreds of them. They had munitions supplies and logistical supplies going back through the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man, all the way back into Europe, in massive financing, which has never been explained to the public. Yet the same kinds of things, which go back a thousand years prior that you’ll find, were happening in the ancient Middle East as well, with the wars there and with the wars with Greece. They say "there's nothing new under the sun" and that is truly the real facts of the day. Nothing happens by chance.  I'll be back in a minutes after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and I'm filling in for Michael Herzog today. If you wonder about my accent, it's because I'm from Scotland, born and bred there and raised there. I'm going on about some of the histories that led up to where we are today and where we're going.  I'm talking about the fact that nothing happens by chance in this world. In fact, there's no terrorist organization that could possibly exist on the entire planet today and keep its little scheme secret, because MI6 and the CIA and the Mossad and a whole plethora of others which are all interwoven at the top (and they have been since World War II) have infiltrated everything.  They setup a lot of the terrorist organizations unknown to the guys below who do all the dirty work and take the blame. They become the patsies. Nothing can be kept secret in this day and age regarding terrorist ambitions.


Terror in all ages has been used to alter societies by totalitarian means. We find for instance that the Soviet plan after the revolution was to have a reign of terror copied after the French Revolution. It's very important to these guys to have their ongoing revolutions towards their goal and their agenda to use terror.  This War ON Terror is really a War OF Terror.


Professor Carroll Quigley said in his book "Tragedy & Hope", "An elite can get more done in five years of war than 50 years of peace and propaganda."  That's what war does because governments expand their powers to cover every area, every facet of living. That's what happened in World War II when bureaucracies just flourished they took over industry. Basically, they became fascist in a sense. They took over agriculture and they put in heavy taxations. Once taxes are put on the books they're never lifted, even though they're called "temporary."  They know what they’re doing at the top. There are schools of thought at the top that are trained in much higher and older histories than the public ever get even at the best universities; and it’s the same with sciences too.


Some of the best scientists that work for the elite and get the largest sums of money are actually picked out of college or university before they complete degrees; and they're given the higher truths into the higher sciences that are kept from the public. It's kept from professors all the way down to the bottom. That's how you get power. That's how you hold on to power. You do it by not sharing the knowledge of that power to the general public.


We find this little club is called "The Project for the New American Century," which comprised of Wolfowitz and Cheney and Rumsfeld and all these characters that are in on your television screens every day now. They wrote about their agendas in the 1990s. They talked about the necessity of taking Afghanistan, followed by Iraq then Syria and Iran et cetera. This is their agenda. They're going forth with it and they needed something on a Pearl Harbor scale event to occur to garnish public opinion behind them. You must always get public opinion when you want a war on your side.


Therefore, you have the Twin Towers, a very occultic symbol because the Twin Towers represent the destruction of the old man and woman; the Jachin and Boaz of the occult and the lower Freemasonry. The old man is to be done away with, you see, and all women too, as they bring in a new science of genetics to create the new types that will be their servants of the future. New types of purpose-made human beings which they've written about in the lower science magazines; and by that, I mean the ones you buy on the shelves in bookstores. They've told us that the ideal design -- the real meaning of ID; the Ideal Design, the purpose-made human will be very efficient and could probably work for days without end. A kind of Golem for those who understand the Kabbalah. A Golem is an artificial slave created by a form of magic, which is just science; and that is the great agenda for the future.


However, to get us to that step which they knew long ago they would do.  I gave a talk this week about it. You'll find it on my website, in 1929 by Lord Birkenhead from Britain who went through this agenda, this glorious future mentioning higher sciences that were totally unknown to the public until today; yet it was published in a Hearst Magazine, Cosmopolitan in 1929 discussing this whole future. This wonderful of this dominant minority where they will rule the world in a form of utopia. "The Dream of the Ages" as they call it, going all the way back to the days of Plato in his "Republic" where the common people would be bred and made special for their purpose, their tasks ahead. Now they're at it with genetics, and that was always the goal of genetics. Not to help the more crippled person with Huntington's Chorea or some hereditary problem, but in actual fact to alter the whole of society except for the dominant minority who control us all.


You'll find a lot of this in the writings of Arthur Koestler who worked for MI6 as a propagandist. He also worked for the United Nations on projects on how to lobotomize the entire population without their knowing it (the general public), while, he said, "The elite will remain unaltered because they must retain their survival capabilities since they will make the decisions to steer planet earth on its course."


You have many declarations given out by the propagandists on behalf of this dominant minority. It’s the same thing. We've all to be basically be dumbed down through all means possible. Koestler and others mentioned using inoculations to do it. Inoculations that would be given out under pretenses of helping us, but in actual fact it would attack the brain itself. Not just the brain but specific parts of the brain. That part that Koestler said which gave you your ability to think as an individual, your higher critical judgments, your intellect. That's what they wanted to attack.  When you look at the incredible rise of autism over the last 20 years or so, it goes in parallel with the same graph as the amount of inoculations given out at a very early age.


Autism at one time used to be recognizable from pretty well birth, when the child didn't go through all the major milestones all the way up to saying “dada” and “mama.” Now they're normal, until about the age of two. When they get the inoculations they have a tremendous fever, which every doctor is taught is normal and he tells the mother so.  Then, after that, the child regresses and no longer says dada and mama and the problems are there. Now it's accepted as being normal, but the graphs show they're in parallel with the amount of inoculations given within the same areas or states in the U.S. or counties in Canada or England. Well known in the higher medical authorities what they're doing. The general practitioners have a hard time dealing with it, but they themselves eventually do know; because you can't help but thinking and seeing the results. They know what's happening there.


We're under attack. An attack planned by a dominant minority, which Aldous Huxley, a member of this group actually belonged to, and he spoke on their behalf too. He said the same thing. "There's no problem with basically giving the people a false sense of reality. A make believe world. What's wrong with that?" He said, "most of them are unhappy anyway" and he knew that because the system they have given us of money and taxation and all the burdens that go with it, the hurry and the scurry. He knew that most people really are not really happy.  They knew at the top, too, that no matter how many goodies they give us to buy, all these little rewards that we're taught to give to ourselves at the end of the month to make it all worthwhile, they knew that eventually that it wouldn't be enough and they'd have to do something more with the people to make them manageable. That's what they came up with ways of lobotomizing, chemically, the general public; and they believe they're doing the right thing, according to themselves. They call it "The Noble Lie". You must lie to the little people because “the little people are too dumb and stupid to understand, poor dears” and that's how they justify it.


World peace to this elite means "the absence of all opposition." The absence of all opposition means the absence of all people or any people with critical thinking abilities left. That's what it's all about; and hence, they'll put their faith in science. Through science they will conquer; and they're on the rush of genetic engineering. They're way beyond what the public are told. They have been all along. You'll find that mathematicians like Rutherford, one of the greatest mathematicians who ever lived, was employed working on genetic research back in the 1920s, long before they could actually (supposedly) see the genes and deal with them. You won't need a mathematician if you couldn't see the actual genes. You wouldn't need them. They'd have no purpose; so, they were into this a long time ago. They can now create complete human being from scratch, designer-made humans, and the only problem they have now to bring all the old world down -- as I say, the symbol of the Twin Towers, the Jachin and Boaz. It kicks off this New American Century for the 21st century.


The 21st century was always very important to them. Arthur C. Clarke, a very high Freemason, wrote "2001" and "2010", who created novels with a lot of truth in them; and this guy, remember, was a Nobel Prize winner. He was no dummy. He talked about this agenda, which would be kicked off in 2001 with a great discovery, a new change that would come all over the world.


Hi folks. Alan Watt here again filling in for Michael Herzog.  I'm going through some of the deeper meanings behind what's happening today, meanings which are kept from the public. The public are given panic, hype, fear and terror because it's worked in all ages and in all times past. You have the ancient Caesar's and Nero's of Rome, who used the same tactic where they'd get a group real or imaginary, claim they're being attacked from within and they lived amongst you, and then the whole population was put under marshal law. There's nothing new in this technique. It was also used after and during the French Revolution, the Reign of Terror, and the Soviets also used it.  Once the Soviets had basically completed their border and didn't expand outwards anymore, they had to find an enemy within. When you have a totalitarian government you must find an enemy anywhere and everywhere, and so they find the enemy within.


When you look at the coordination of the anti-terrorist bills that went into effect in every nation pretty well in the world, at the same time after 9/11, that should surely tell you that no countries involved were actually independent. They had all these agreements made long before it happened. They all basically pushed the same anti-terrorist bills through at the same time.


In Canada, Allen Rock, this strange lifelong politician who always got put into high cabinet positions, he was in charge of the Justice Department for Canada in the '90s. He single handedly put through a complete omnibus bill, which was exactly the same as the anti-terrorist bill, and the newspaper reporters at the time were all questioning, "What is this for? Nothing is happening in the world. The Cold War is over. They didn't have this during the Cold War even, and what's going on?”  Of course, none of them dared go any further because they're not supposed to. The media is all bought and paid for (and they like their paychecks) and this went through. They actually had it on the books before it happened, around 1998, before 2001 came up. We were already ready for it.  After 9/11, it was announced on the CBC in Canada (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), which is run by the government that basically all security forces were integrated already with that of the United States, including the intelligences services.


This was all planned.  It had to be. They made all the preparations in advance of 9/11.   9/11 kicked off the event; the high occultic symbol and it falls within the Old Ides of September as they call it, where a goddess is born outside of the head of Zeus or Kronos himself. A self-born God means a new system, something which willed itself into existence in the high occultic circles, which the elite all belong to. They're taught this stuff at the top, so there's nothing new under the sun, just the same techniques over and over with occultic terminology to get an agenda going.


The biggest problem has been written on the books in sociology for the last hundred, two hundred years—actually going back to the 1700s in the days of Thomas Malthus, the economist for the British East India Company—was over population. They always believe there's a magic number the population will reach and then there will be chaos. They couldn't keep control over them. Therefore, they've been very, very busy for centuries of finding ways of culling us off. Malthus suggested they put all of the "useless eaters," and the sick and the deformed and so on, in special housing in the worst areas outside cities, over swamps and areas, so they'd die. Help them die quicker. He was a very humanitarian type of fellow; and also diet was very important according to Malthus. You'll find diet is very important in all ages.


Even the Egyptians practiced special diets for the slaves. If they wanted them to be fit and healthy physically but not too fit, they would walk off elsewhere or walk outside into another country and escape. They didn't want them too bright so they knew the combinations of foods to give them, which would feed the body to an extent but not the mind. They were rather slow you might say. Look around you today. Everything that you eat has been under attack. All of the food you're buying is processed. It's grown by big agri-businesses and it's all genetically modified, which is to modify you. Back in a minute after these messages.


I'm Alan Watt standing in for Michael Herzog, who's up to his eyes in work, as are we all indeed.  I'm going through some of the reasons why we've arrived at this spot in history, this time where things are changing rapidly, and everyone in the general society is hoping secretly that things can go on—as they've been trained that it's normal. Really, there's nothing normal under the sun in this system. It constantly changes. The America of twenty years ago, the Canada of twenty years ago and thirty years ago is completely different to the situation today. We've been de-industrialized, a process that was decided at the first big NATO meetings after World War II, where Britain agreed to secretly industrialize and not tell the population. That's now been admitted with declassified records out of London.


Of course the generations that went through the de-industrializing process and all the misery it caused were not told any of this at the time; and after that was to happen an amalgamation of Europe was to occur; and that was planned back then in 1945. Then the United States was to amalgamate to with Canada and Mexico, followed by all the rest in turn and you'd have a United Americas, which would also gradually be de-industrialized, although Latin America was to be built up by agri-food businesses to produce all the food, all the grown produce that we would need. However, it's rather evident to anyone who's studied economics that if you're not manufacturing and you're a service economy.  All the big top boys agree that a service economy is really like a dog paddling in the water until he can't paddle anymore. He runs out of strength and stem and he'll sink. It's a temporary stop measure.


What’s to happen for the future?


The future is simple. The brightest of the bright (according to this whole New World Order agenda) will be hired by international corporations and they will travel across the world. They were to be the new nomads, the servants of the elite. This new high bureaucratic technocratic class, the crème de la crème, will find work wherever they're told to in the world. The rest of them will either start leaving the country as the new boat people, according to Jacques Attali who was a big mover and shaker in the unification of Europe. The Americans are to be the next boat people looking for work abroad.


What happens to those who are left behind?


They'll find ways of gradually reducing the population. They already have, if you haven’t noticed, the spraying above you and the massive increase in chronic bronchitis and lung diseases that it's causing. This is all part of the same agenda of depopulation. They want the people in the rural areas to move first to move off and into the cities. The existing big cities are to be the habitat areas, according to the United Nations, where you'll all live eventually step-by-step in rented accommodation. No private accommodation will be allowed down the road, and there'll be no private transportation. That's why you've never been given these hydrogen cars or the electric cars, and all the things they've talked about and done nothing about over the years. You're only given vehicles while you lived in rural areas and traveled to cities where they had industry. Now that that's gone you won't need to travel, you see.


Our masters at the top are very, very efficient in these things; and they first saw this over a hundred years ago. They would gradually get you back into the habitat areas. Close down the rural areas by all means possible and you'll all being living on top of each other in the cesspool of the city, the most abnormal way of living that anyone could have devised; and I mean that seriously, because the ancients knew this too. Plato said we would create cities (artificial beehives), which meant that everything that happens within a city must live on a system of economics, run on money, that money is the key to everything. It can't feed itself. It can't do anything for itself. Everything was brought into it. However, what you can do in such an artificial system is you give the inhabitants an artificial way of living, and you can literally alter their culture in any direction you want very quickly and the public never see it. They adopt and obey. That's the tricks that were known thousands of years ago; and for those who want to know more, read all the writings of Plato. He was a member of the aristocracy of Greece. He believed he was a member of the elite and he spoke on behalf of the elite and their plans. As I say, there's nothing new under the sun.


I can't say that enough because it crops up all the time. Even in scientific experiments, there's a famous one they do all with every intake of students of starting off a big cage with a couple of rats. You watch them with the social behavior until they breed to a specific number and then they become deviant. They turn on each other. They bite each other. They might even eat each other, and there's all kinds of deviant sexual aberrations breakout as well. It's the same with humans; and that's why, for cultural change, those who run the techniques of culture decided that cities would be their main beehive for creating the system for the whole world, but the rural people must be put off their lands. That was a prime thing to do.


Even in the ancient times, Rome fell not just because of barbarians invading them, but because they taxed the rural population so much they eventually rose up at the end and finished off Rome. However, not before the elite got out with all their loot to start off an empire elsewhere, as they always do. Today, the elite have already been getting cities; the most ultra modern cities built for themselves in China to accommodate primarily a middle class bureaucratic white population, with all the most recent amenities that they're used to, or even that they're not used to yet. They’re more advanced than America. These are sparkling brand new cities. They used the technocrats, the scientific elite, the scientific types of bureaucracies that we now have running this world, and they've also set-up and they’re setting up new cities in Bahrain in the Middle East. That will expand as well, as they take country after country over.


What will happen to the old countries? They've served their purpose. America was the New World and this is a New World Order. It's moved on from America.


What do they do when an empire has served its purpose?


They collapse the empire behind it. This is standard down through history. We’re already living through the collapse. We're seeing the price inflation. We're seeing all the phoniness around us. The cheap, cheap things we buy that don't last long. They all break. They're non-repairable. We're seeing the end of an era, basically, the end of a plan. We're watching the Big Boys manage the strings or the puppets and we're all supposed to dance to their tune at the bottom without thinking. Unfortunately, most people do not think. They'd rather believe that just a bad bunch took over the government recently, and that's why things are “going to pot,” but nothing is further from the truth.


Jefferson was a member of the Old Illuminati of his day, from the old French Lodge, as was Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was the Grand Master of the Grand Orient Lodge in France. They both said the same things, that the United States of the Americas would be a nucleus of a World Federation. They both knew the agenda. They said it would be run eventually, down the road, by a council of 12 wise men. They also warned the public because they spoke with “forked tongues,” one tongue for the public, one tongue for themselves and between themselves.  They warned that when you see an agenda unfolding between the takeovers of different parties in government, whether it's left-wing or right-wing, followed by a right-wing and then followed by left-wing. When you see this same agenda unfolding, regardless of who seems to be in power, then you will know that you are under tyranny.


People haven't noticed that regardless of who seems to be in power, the United Nations agenda has steamrolled ahead since World War II without any halt, then you know you're not sovereign. You know you're under tyranny and you have been. The politics you've seen for the last fifty years, sixty years has been show politics. Show politics only. It's a drama put on and staged for public consumption, because they knew they had to make you believe you had rights, and that you had representation, and that these boys were really there to speak for you. If you watch what they really did during all of those different changes of Congresses, it was the same agenda. You never saw one party coming in and saying, “we’re going to change what the last party did. We’re going to throw that out.” It doesn't happen that way. They continue to take up where the last ones left off. That's what Jefferson was warning about; and it's all around you, it has been all your life.


Don't panic at this stage that you're waking up. Don't panic because you're noticing the little things that you become habituated to are changing. The prices are going through the roof and gasoline prices are going up and down. Mainly two steps up and one back, all the time. It's meant to be that way. It's just an agenda we're living through. Our lives are basically scripted for us (at least the big changes in our lives) long before we were born, in fact.  These boys that run the world have long-range time-tables and they run it like a business plan, with their big projected investments in the future, which always entail the takeovers of other nations and wealth and all resources of the world.


One of the many interlaced organizations that spearheaded this Unification of the Americas is The Council on Foreign Relations, as it is called in the United States. In Canada its sister branch is The Canadian Institute for International Affairs. It's the same club. All British Commonwealth countries have The Royal Institute for International Affairs and they work in tandem to bring all this about. In Canada, when the three amigos signed their first open part of the amalgamation for public consumption in 2005 in March at Waco, Texas, it was announced on Canadian television that there'd be a few more after this. The second part is to be signed this year in Canada. They mentioned that The Council on Foreign Relations it appeared publicly for the first time under their own banner on mainstream news, said that they drafted the whole thing up themselves. This non-governmental organization had drafted up the amalgamation of the Americas to be signed.


Who gave them the authority to do so? Who voted them into any office over us?


The fact is you see no one did. We don't have anything called democracy. It's a joke. It's a sham for the public. It’s to put the public to sleep thinking they have rights. The feudal system of the Middle Ages is alive and well. They gave democracy for a while just to put everyone asleep and stop them rebelling every four or five years. That's why they have elections every four or five years.


In the 1600s the surveys they did in Britain showed that if they didn't give the people rights, there would be a revolution roughly every four or five years. Lo and behold, they came up with this new idea called democracy. However, at least in Britain and the older countries of Europe they have an elite, which they understand are there at all times, and they're called The Establishment. No one votes The Establishment in. The Establishment are above all laws and rules. They own parts of the world, big parts, big chunks of the world, including the countries they're based in. You can't argue with these boys.


Money is the key to it all. Everything in this corrupt system runs on money. I honestly don't care what kind of money it is or what form it takes, money is the key to help the elite families get to the top and hold power over everyone else. I don't see any way around it, to be honest with you, a system that wants to keep money, even though they've said at the top through their big front writers like Bertrand Russell, eventually the public will be issued credits by the State every week, every Monday and you can't save up these credits. If you don't spend them, you start off with the same figure every Monday. If you go against the system, then those credits will be withheld and you can't buy any food, shelter, or clothing. That will be a form of social control and punishment. This again has been discussed at very high-level meetings over many years by the elite themselves. We will see that introduced once the ID cards come out.  The ID that is to come out in the United States is made by the same firm that's already done it for Britain.  They announced in Britain last year that the ID card has an active chip, which also will be your banking card.


This is the age that was planned a long time ago, where you won't be able to buy or sell without a number, and being tracked and all the rest of it, of the beast. The beast is the system itself. We're at that stage (almost) already without the single ID card. Just over the last ten years, I've been astounded at the amount of people you see who have a card for every shop they visit. Everything they buy is being monitored by government agencies.  If you ask them if they know this, they'll say, yeah, vaguely.  If you ask “does it concern you?, and they'll say, “no. I have nothing to hide.” You see, there's no indignation left in them. They have no indignation anymore. They're happy slaves. They're being good. Being good means whatever the present laws are or what they'll become; they will obey automatically. That's what's called being good. They think they're going to be safe if they just keep their heads down and play it being good, and that won't happen, because if they don't have indignation, their brains already have been attacked. It's a natural survival mechanism to want privacy.


People had wars in the past to preserve privacy, because in many times in the past it got to the stage then where Big Government wanted to monitor every person. They wanted to monitor everything you did, and bought and sold, and where you went, who you visited. That's called a police state, totalitarian state. We're seeing the exact duplication of the sovietized system being established across the world, as the elite from the west said it would be. They said at their big meetings at the Club of Rome, and their other big clubs that they have in this amalgamation, that they preferred the collectivist system. It was much easier to control vast amounts of population. Back in a few minutes after this.


Hi folks. Alan Watt standing in for Michael Herzog. I'm going through just a few things quickly to do with how we arrived at the present state we're in and where we're going very shortly. The plans were made a long time ago, and the one thing you can count on is the planners never change their agenda. They stick to it by all means possible. That's why we're in for the long haul. We're going to go through hell before we come through and see any light on the other side. There's no doubt about that. They've already hired thousands of psychopaths on the lower level to do their brutal work for them. In today's society, which is totally atheized, they've got many to choose from to recruit, guys who have been brought up watching video games and playing video games and worshipping the black outfits of the police state, the black colors of the executioner. That's why all police now have changed to black uniforms. They’re not there as police officers or peace officers now. They're there as law enforcement agents and that's why they wear black, the executioner. They've got authority to kill. Unfortunately the psychopaths they recruit that come from a generation of games where the only object is to kill, kill, kill and win at the end, and wear the same uniform as your new brotherhood. The new brotherhood that you belong to, that's your new family. The same technique they use in all militaries in all ages.


We’re in for the long haul of brutality and we've got to act now and speak out everywhere we can to stop this, because if one generation grows up watching terrorism all over the place, at least the threat of it and cops everywhere wearing combat outfits and machine guns, it's going to be very difficult to change. That type of system could last a hundred years and that's why Rumsfeld himself said, "this war might take a hundred years to complete."  Now he's talking about a whole agenda into a completely new way of living, where the old ways are gone. Where you don't marry who you decide to marry or even divorce who you want to divorce. You'll have to get permission initially in one stage to even mate if they deem you acceptable, then the next step for another generation will be now they're going to make you from scratch, all in Petri dishes basically. That's where it's to go and they're not kidding about this. They're not kidding at all.


They call the commoners "the rejected genes." We're the junk genes that didn't make it to the top of glory and power. Whereas those who have held onto it through families and interbreeding of the same families over thousands of years and who have gained the power; who have gained the finances and held on to it, they're shown by their Darwinistic socialistic techniques that they're obviously deemed to rule the rest of us and act like our betters. They are our new gods in other words. We're seeing it all come out now with the arrogance from statements in the press by the elite themselves, so we have to get used to this.  We have to fight against it, too, because one generation cannot grow up wearing black clad outfits and holding the guns on the whole populations. It will become a ruthless society. Back in a little while.


I'm Alan Watt. I'm standing in for Michael Herzog today, who's trying to catch up on a lot of work. I know the feeling because you'll be surprised at even the talks I do on cuttingthroughthematrix how much time that takes to do. Not so much the talk, but all the formatting et cetera that goes on in that uploading to all the sites.  I encourage you all to go in there and look at and for many, many free talks I've given over the last few years on this agenda and all how it ties together. How all the parts that are intricately woven together. Interwoven like the finest silk. All the huge organizations and branches, and the top executive leaders and how they work in politics and as the CEOs of big international corporations. We're under a type of fascism at the top, which is to run the people at the bottom under a form of communism; and that's the trick of it, the big axe of the fascia stands above the moon and the star of communism. That's really what the old scythe stood for, Saturn.


Now I believe there are some callers coming in. Feel free to call in and we'll have a chat. Maybe I can answer some of your questions for you. Meanwhile I'll continue with what I'm talking about now, which is how the Twin Towers basically was a world signal—a big occultic bang to set off a new part of the agenda. The next phase which is the new world taking a system into the rest of the world. A New World Order basically. A speech given by Daddy Bush or Poppy Bush, which is more appropriate since he has big dealings with the drugs that come in from the heroine and the poppies grown in Afghanistan. In his speech back in 1990 and in '91, both given on September 11th on the New World Order, a term he kept using but was never really explained to the public. It wasn't meant for the public, because the public, you see, are kept in the dark. It was for the high members of his own circle, like the Skull and Bones, the pirate flag, the Old Templar symbol. That's what it was meant for.


"A New World Order coming into view" he said. "A big idea." A big idea, again, it goes back to the old goddess that was born out of the head of Zeus, and some will say Kronos. Self-willed into its own existence by its own power and intellect. A new order of things. A warrior type creed, it would run over and rule over, and therefore it was dressed in armor and carrying weaponry. That was their symbol. That's why they chose 9/11 for the date. It's interesting that 9/11, as we all know, became the emergency call number for all those guys in uniform. A term they also used after 9/11 happened, when Rumsfeld said "I want everyone in uniform even the postman to put it on," because now you have an amalgamated force of one form, uniformity, and even the guys who deliver your post now spy on you, too, under Homeland Security. That's who they all work for now. Anyone with a paycheck is under Homeland Security.


This one form that's to spread all across the world, this uniformity is a standardization process where all cultures, all peoples will be put under the same system. All religions as they have stood have been demolished. Christianity as it used to be has served its purpose for the elite, and they've already pretty well demolished the old form of Christianity and brought in a new type mixed with the New Age for a New Era. That's what's been happening. Back in a few moments. 


Hi. Alan Watt back again filling in for Michael Herzog on this Friday, and I'm talking about how this world is to be standardized. It's simply too untidy for this elite, you see. Untidiness means inefficiency, and these boys at the top want complete and pure efficiency. That is why the next big religion to be knocked now is Islam; and Islam is so different you see in so many ways. It's a complete culture tied up with a religion; and that's very inefficient. They might disobey and of course they knew they'd get some retaliation. When they go in every country that's invaded always does retaliate, you hope anyway, at least there's still some survival process still working there. Now it's turned into a propaganda war as we hear about all these nasty people over there who aren't too pleased about being invaded and run by a foreign power


Propaganda is used again in all wars to basically lie to the people, they must be supportive of the war, and that's the general public. We don't realize in today's complex world that little vote you don’t really get to pick the person that you think you're picking. You're presented with a bunch to pick from. No different than the Politburo of the Soviet Era, and you don’t realize you are giving your power, you're acquiescing all your power to that person to do as he wishes, by using your name, and that means going to war as well. They never mention these things when you vote them in of course. They never mention they have upcoming wars planned and takeovers of entire continents and the resources.  Nevertheless, if people would just stop voting for a change, instead of voting and never learning, the ones at the top would have to come forward for the first time that really run your country. You'll see that lo and behold, it wouldn't collapse after all. It would still be just as totalitarian. Perhaps a little more quickly, but you would see the teeth out as they force you to go along with them one way or another.


We're dealing with brutal types at the top. Very brutal types. Killing millions is nothing to them, never has been. World War II was completely set-up in advance. Every historian that has written about the Versailles Treaty, signed after World War I, said that treaty guaranteed a second war with Germany because they could never pay off the debts, the reparations that was demanded of them. They had no option but to eventually fight it out or go under and starve to death. We know that they ended up fighting it out. We also know that the big corporations like GM, ITT and The Rockefeller Foundation, Baxter Laboratories a whole plethora of big companies in the West, including many belonging to Rothschild's, financed Hitler into power. They financed the Nazi war machine. They financed I.G. Farben, the umbrella company that all of these independent corporations went under. They produced all the armaments for Germany.


The stock exchanges still went on through New York and London, all during World War II through these companies via Switzerland, and the big boys got rich and fat as always during wars.  Rothschild himself said he makes most of him money when the blood is running in the streets; and that's never changed. No one was ever brought up after it for trading with the enemy and got actually charged and put away.


If you go into the history of the Bush family, you'll find that one of them was actually charged, but eventually they managed to pay their way out of it. Again, nothing new under the sun. They financed their enemies into being. They used them to change the world. World War II was to change the world and society. Without World War II, Winston Churchill admitted he could have never pulled off the Great Idea of amalgamating Europe, something that he was completely for. The man who told the British public that to fight these terrible Nazi demons to preserve the British way of life was telling his own peer group in parties, many parties. They had parties every night that this was the best thing that ever happened, this war, because they said, "we shall realize our dreams of a United Europe." 


The public didn't know about that, did they?


They might not have gone off to fight for war if they knew that. The public are lied to in all times when it comes to scheduled wars. Professor Carroll Quigley defined wars and what their purposes were; and apart from the profit making motives, he said, "the primary purpose of war is to change the cultures on a societal level on all participating sides" and that’s what they did, because government grows so massively during wars, whether it's an act of physical war or a Cold War, government expands drastically. Today we have the War on Terror; and if you've noticed, terror has been redefined. It's constantly being updated and there's new topics being put under terror. Someone withholding taxes, or even forgetting or hasn't put down the right amount down for taxes, is now considered a "financial terrorist." If you're talking about certain subjects, you're “anti-government,” a term borrowed right from the Soviet Union; and you're also put down as a terrorist. I guess you’re a speech terrorist, a propaganda terrorist.


That's the state of the world as it is today. It's going to get a lot worse. The majority of the people will go along quite happily with it, thinking they're going to be quite safe. They'll watch their 6 o'clock news. They'll parrot their 6 o'clock news. They will not want to hear anything different.  I'm sure you've all had someone put their hand to their ears and say "I don't want to hear that" when you tell them some of the truth. Because it's almost by knowing some of the truth they might be guilty of something, guilty of knowing. Maybe that's what they're really afraid of; and you'll find that as a fact. I keep telling people don't waste your time trying to wake up those nearest and dearest to you, because the odds of them waking up (when maybe one in ten thousand can wake up) it's very slim to find someone in your own family who can do it at the same time.


You also find that in the writings of Nero and Tacitus and others that they gave speeches on how they would alter society to a totalitarian society. How they would get people to give up their rights and freedoms under the threat of terror. They said they would aim all of their safety precautions towards the female, because women by nature expect (in the old days anyway) they expected the men to bear the problems and deal with them. Nothing has changed, even though they've had a liberation forced upon them by technology and science and the birth control pill, but nothing has really changed. They still don't really want to hear. Most of them don't want to know. Some of the older ones do, because with age comes wisdom. Today we don't have enough of wise older people around. They've been shunned by society. That was done on purpose, because in the early 1900s the big tables, the Round tables and the Communist Party, too, said, "they'd have to break up the generations so that the wise ones would be put into old age homes and despised by the young." They would have to break up the family and they've done that very, very well.


If you're older today, you don't count. You're somehow senile or silly, or you're in a second childhood, and so your words fall on deaf ears if you have any wisdom at all. Unfortunately, most of them today don't have any wisdom to pass on. They have never woken up themselves through their entire lives, because for a generation or two we've been spoiled. We've been spoiled, not by hard work and rewards. We've been spoiled by a glut of credit cards. Easy credit, pay later, low terms to keep us all happy buying rewards to please ourselves. Rewards, just like you train a rat to pull a lever and collect its reward; and that's how people live today. They think that's natural. You work for a month or so, or a week, then you go off and buy yourself some goody that's supposed to fulfill your life for you.


Every ad on television tells you, if you buy this particular toothbrush, you'll have a happy smile all day long (or whatever else they're selling you). We know it's a farce. We know it's untrue, but people want to believe in that because they have no faith in people anymore. They don't believe they can have happiness with other people anymore. Everyone has been divided scientifically through an indoctrination process from the time they were born. "A scientific technique" as Aldous Huxley called it (and many more of the same ilk). This scientific technique starts with education as young as kindergarten. I'll be back to talk more about the kindergarten.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt filling in for Michael Herzog.  I think I have Rick in California that's called in with a question. Is he there? Hello.


Rick:  Hi, this is Rick from San Diego.


Alan:  How are you doing?


Rick:  Oh good. It's a pleasure to talk to you finally. I've been listening to your shows for a long time and I have a few questions I wanted to ask. One of the questions is: if you begin to look inside yourself and you find -- because I'm starting to look inside myself and find things -- some there where I have empathy for people around the world and other things that are psychopathic or evil, and if you have that I'm disturbed by it. Can you change it or is it just sort of a product of your breeding and can you overcome it?  Another question I have is you were talking on Palmgren of Sweden Red Ice, I think you were talking about in ancient times where your soul and your spirit merge together. How do you know that has happened? Is it something like a burning bush type of experience, or is it just sort of a feeling? How does one know that they have crossed that?


Alan:  The old story has always been in all ages of "KNOW THY SELF."  It sounds so simple until you really look at yourself.  In all ancient societies and in higher Christianity—I'm talking about the ancient Christianity. Not anything that evolved from Rome, but a higher Christianity, they had to come to the big question of good and evil, which is the same thing, it was matter versus spirit. In the world of matter, we have to eat and survive and there's a tendency to be ruthless and to acquire out of this fear of dying, for lack of food or clothing or shelter et cetera. On the other hand, we also knew as human beings there was something much higher to all of this than just the world of matter.  Very clever priests came along and started to fool the public and control them through this need to contact something higher than themselves. Again, the ancients knew you didn't need priests because it all happened within you. Your mind was the universe. All knowledge was contained within you, but you have to know yourself because you do have a tendency to be a tyrant or a very benevolent sort of decent person, a giver.  That's been the battle all down through the ages.


However, in ancient times they also talked about the deviant creation, which was the psychopathic types. The ones they knew were born within society with no conscience and no empathy, simply was not there; and these are the ones who always rise to the top. Especially in money systems, they dominate it and then they dominate the people through the money and armies and force. As far as knowing when you were complete, you'll find lots of the writings again of the ancient Greeks, who all studied in Egypt in the higher mystery schools. They said that when the other part (your soul mate) and that's what it really meant then. Your soul mate approached only at your beckoning. Not a spirit guide or anything like that. Something that was simply separated from you a long time ago. When it came towards you, your personality, your mind became fulfilled. You became complete and it altered you completely. You understood the good and the bad, but you also knew how to control the forces that were innate within you. That's what it used to always mean; and it's a very deep subject and I could go on forever on it, but that's a brief synopsis of it.


Rick:  Can I make an observation? I noticed that if you don't have a piece of land where you could feed yourself, if you have to depend on money or the system, it's almost impossible to be perfect to not affect somebody. For example, I've been noticing so many corporations that we buy from, they are involved in horrible genocide in Africa; and how the U.S. is depriving the people of Uganda of their land in case after case.  I notice everything that we buy, everything that we live in society is attached to death and destruction.  I guess we have to try to do the best we can and speak out and try to pull back from society as much as we can; and yet at the same not be a complete hermit, I guess is what and I'm wondering--


Alan:  Yes that's what it is. You see most people, as you probably know, don't care where their food comes from. They don't care where anything comes from, as long as they can buy it cheap in the stores.  They don't care if it's child labor that's making something, which is often from China. They have no empathy. You have to understand in today's society it isn't just saving the good people who are everywhere. There's a minority of good people in today's society because most of the public have the same mindset as the elite themselves. That's what's becoming very evident. They support any war that's going on, as long as they can benefit from it themselves and they don't lose anything through it. They're psychopathic in their traits in fact. Even in their own personal relationships, they can't keep them or else they're after something from someone else. They have the psychopathic traits. We have a psychopathic culture which we've all been born into, because those at the top gave us the culture and those at the top are pure, pure inbred psychopaths. There's nothing human in this system; and that's why I keep saying it will not last forever. It cannot by its standards. It will fall apart; but we will go through hell before that happens.


Rick:  Thank you very much, Alan, for talking and it's a pleasure to talk to you.


Alan:  It's a pleasure to talk to you to.


Rick:  Bye.


Alan:  Bye now. I think there's another caller now from Connecticut. Hello.


Henri:  Hello. Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes I can. What's your name?


Henri. It's Henri from Connecticut. I'm a regular caller of RBN. Yes Alan, it's great to hear you. Actually, I'm a former listener of the Jackie Patru Show. I remember when you used to be on with her and you had excellent shows. I wasn't at there very long. It was like a year or so before she went off the air. You're discussing all this stuff and it's very, very interesting; but let me get this straight. A lot of this stuff at the very top seems to be Kazarian or Kazar shall I say and Jewish or Jewish centered…


Alan:  I'll answer that when I get back. Hello. I'm Alan Watt filling in for Michael Herzog and we're talking there from a caller on some Jewish influence in this New World Order; this Zionism basically. Zionism has many levels of meanings depending upon which circle you join. You have to go back in history to find out really how this whole world agenda was planned; when it was planned; who participated and which groups were to be involved. If you go back to the writings of John Stuart Mill, who was an economist in England in the 1700s and then his son took over of the same name, also an economist working for the nobility and the elite establishment of London. They drafted up a series of races which would be useful to achieve this end. In fact, they also drew up a list of races that completely considered inferior, which should not be allowed to come through. They saw them as being destructive and would have to be eliminated. Hitler gets the blame of drafting these up. He simply copied them from Mill's and H.G. Wells who worked for the British Elite.


H.G. Wells wrote a summary of history called "The History of the World, Part 1 and 2".  It was finished by his son in New York, but he also drafted up the list of chosen peoples that would be useful for the dominant minority to use to bring it all about. They chose to bring in Jewish people because they said they had great management experience and great education. They'd proven through times of turbulence and horror they could still come through on top. They were survivalists and they were very good of course at managing the money system; and so they decided to bring in what eventually was called Zionism. However, it was run from London and other groups apart from the Zionists were to come into this.


You've got to understand that at the top of Zionism, which was funded in fact into existence by not just Rothschild, but also by the British Establishment. At the top, they're all psychopathic and you have them in every culture. They can be the head of some group in China or the heads of some of the Hindu groups. They don't care what name they give themselves at the top or what cover they go under, a psychopath is a psychopath, and you have a world club of the elite psychopaths today. You have aristocracy amongst them all. You have Jewish aristocracy that never mixes with the ordinary Jewish person and they intermarry, too, and interbred at a higher level.


You'll find the Balfour Declaration if you read the whole thing. It's very interesting because Balfour who was the Prime Minister of England at the time also went through this process of why they had to setup and outpost in the Middle East and they would use the Jews to do it and they would setup an [Ulster]. If you understand what [Ulster] meant, it was setting up a British post in Ireland that would cause mayhem up to the present day with Catholics and Protestants. You put a foreign people in the midst of people that you want to conquer. They create eternal strife and there has to be a resolution down the road, as people become war weary. That's why they setup the State of Israel. The British government pulled thousands and thousands of troops from the World War I fronts, the trenches in Europe and put them into the Middle East to takeover Palestine from the Ottoman Empire; the Turkish Empire that ruled it at the time. Britain did the fighting. Britain took it over and Lord Storrs was put over that on behalf of the Queen as the Counselor General and he ran Palestine. You should read his books as they setup the future State of Israel, the books are called "Orientations," and read his memoirs as well. Lots of good information written from the horse's mouth. He also said “we are setting up a new Ulster in the Middle East.” It would serve Britain for years to come. There's more to this than meets the eye.


Henri:  That's very interesting what you're saying, but I also was told by a couple of sources that the British Royalty is – the British Royalty, the Spanish Royalty, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands are not the real royalty at all, but they are really Rothschild or Rothschild people.


Alan:  No. They’re Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is their real name. They're Prussian. What you'll find at the top is that the psychopaths who have power and money will breed with any other people with power and money and who are also psychopaths. See we're so easy with this. We want to find a specific target because “obviously the ordinary gentile guy couldn't do this monstrous stuff to gentiles.” That's hogwash. The history of this world is with people beating up other people, sometimes the guy living next door to you. We're certainly capable of being very destructive to our own people. Read your own histories.  I’ll tell you one thing. The ancient Egyptians did it too. The ancient Sumerians did it.


Henri:  The Luciferian Egyptians when the Luciferian religion took over the original Pagan religion of Egypt, because Egypt could be ten thousand years old. Like Osiris compared to Ra. Isn't Osiris really a fake god?


Alan:  It's nothing to do with gods. It's all esoteric. It's nothing to do with [literal] meaning.


Henri:  Right, right. It’s a representation of man's intellect and Lucifer, which is representation intellect. I mean the Osiris and the all-seeing-eye.


Alan:  It's even deeper than that; and you'll find even the Acadians, who came in initially into Sumer and started the whole ball of wax rolling, all married their sisters and they were not Semitic people.


Henri:  Let me ask this about Hitler before I let you go and move on to another caller.  Hitler might have been related to Rothschild even though he didn't like Jews. Have you come across something that's similar?


Alan:  There's a lot of information that they may have been, according to his mother who they claim was a housekeeper for the Rothschild's. However, you'll never know for sure. See these things are wonderful for speculation, because without the ultimate proof, that's all you're left with is speculation


Henri:  He wrote another book called "New World Order" didn't he? I mean along with "Mein Kampf" didn’t he write another book but it's not widely circulated called The New World Order?


Alan:   He used the term but he wasn't the first to use the term New World Order.


Henri:  Right, but didn't he write a second book?


Alan:  Yes, he did write a couple of books, yes.


Henri:  Okay so it's a couple of books. So there's more than two?


Alan:   There's a lot of articles he put out in magazines as well over the years.


Henri:  Oh yes, but I'm talking about two books I mean when he came into power. I'm not talking about the pre-artist Hitler. I'm sure he did a lot of different things. I'm talking about once he was in power when he had his political thing he was doing. He supposedly wrote two books. I know "Mein Kampf" but supposedly another one, but it's not widely circulated. There are not many copies around called New World Order. I heard somebody read the unchanged edition of "Mein Kampf" and I'm going to say this and then I'm going to go because I know you've got other callers… All the stuff that he's saying about when they takeover…look at what they're doing right now with the gold market. Gold has gone up to 680 something. I'll see when gold goes to 690. They try to sell down so many tons and hammer the gold down. You know lower the price--


Alan:  Oh it isn't just them. I'll tell you the biggest players in the market for gold in the world, and they always have been, are the last ones you'd think of—because it's India. The Brahmins of India sit on the largest untapped reserves of gold, but are the biggest purchasers of gold on the entire planet.


Henri:  Yes, but they're not manipulating it like the House of Rothschild's does in other words.


Alan:  They all manipulate it.


Henri:  I thought they were just buying it for their own--


Alan:  No, they hoard it too.


Henri:  They're flipping it. They're bouncing it back and forth between them to Rothschild's to China and they're all playing together.


Alan:  These guys all play together. As I say, these characters don’t care what particular type of religion you were christened or born under. They don't care as long as you're one of them; you're one of an established elite that have proven their worth.


Henri:  I've heard some of them don't want to sell because they know what's coming up even the Chinese.


Alan:  It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. This system that's coming in is going to be a system where you won't have any money. You'll have credits given by government.


Henri:  Yes. Like that thing in Star Trek like Gene Roddenberry?


Alan:  It's been written about by the elite themselves. They said this a hundred years ago, that they'd bring this in.


Henri:  Yes. Didn't Gene Roddenberry write that in the Star Trek thing because on the Star Trek movie they were talking about credits when they're buying?


Alan:  That's right.


Henri:  I remember that. Okay, I'll let you go. Nice talking to you. Excellent show.


Alan:   I think now there's also Roger. Is it Roger? 


Roger: How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad. How are you?


Roger:  Very well. Thank you now. I appreciate the show and I don't mean to even sound like I'm locking horns with you because I'm really not, but it will sound a little that way at first. But the psychopathic the term is sort of an atheistic substitute for the sin nature, which is universal to present day man of course. All sins are not converted to disorders and the only thing to be guilty of anymore is guilt I guess per se, but we have all our sins reduced to these atheisized terms. I thought you were suggesting earlier that in the physical and material plane that maybe it implied that all physical existence was inherently evil. I'm not quite stating that quite right, but that's been one of the, I think, fallacies. Now the Presbyterians as characterized by I guess Calvin's doctrine, but all creation was depraved or fallen and affected by the sin nature, including you might say inanimate objects were also part of the fall.


Alan:  The fall is the fall into matter. That's what it means. You fall into the world of matter where there are fixed laws in matter; and it's true enough, you either eat or you work or you die, that kind of thing. The problem is they become so engrossed in the world of matter, “and it would be much easier if I dominate all of you and then you keep me in a good lifestyle and I don't have to worry about all those fears anymore,” and that's the problem you see with the world of matter. That's how the elite arise and they're able to dominate everyone else by generally using a money system. The ancient people, remember, had no money of any kind and they lived in a tribal type setting where everyone in the tribe was important to the tribe, regardless of your fitness, physically or anything else. No one was left out of the tribe. Money really was the corrupting factor that it allowed an elite to get a leisure class that could study and study over time, and then become basically a priesthood that could then dominate you, the only learned class. Money was the key. Without money, you couldn't have had this leisured class that could sit and plan a future for the rest of the people; and the temptation in the world of matter is to become pragmatic. To do that which is practical until you throw out anything which is of a humanitarian nature; and so you have an abhorrent type creature—and that is the psychopath. The psychopath can rationalize any evil act against other people to please his own ego. They have no problems with that. They have no conscience. It's difficult for ordinary people to understand someone existing like that, but they're many of them that exist like that today.


Roger:   I think the word pragmatism is the most inherently pejorative in certainly the sense in which it is used in the political realm as being apart from any moral considerations. It's an amoral posture and therefore it's an immoral one. Now it's one thing if you say you're going to put up your greenhouse in your backyard. You'd like to do this, but in the short term, they're just going to be pragmatic and throw up a tarp instead, but that's a whole different context to the usage.   I guess William James or one of those pointy headed intellectuals developed pragmatism into an idealized political philosophy to be used in what I would regard as inherently pejorative context. But what I was getting at is there's -- I like to bang this going at least a couple of three times a year or maybe not often enough, and that is these elites get away with this because they're relying on the catering to our inherent sin nature, which is to always be -- we're all basically manipulative. Part of the object for all of us is to get other people to do our work, and so this is inherent to socialism. It's an inherently spiritual problem of selfishness, so we can't even think to get rid of the illuminati, one-worlder, Berger elites without at least simultaneously thoroughly discrediting the socialist’s enterprise in all its forms.


Alan:  Socialism was a temporary thing and the elite who gave us socialism said it would be, but it's been during that period they would lull the people to sleep by keeping them in a perpetual childhood, so that they wouldn't care what was happening around them. They'd be too happy playing forever with toys and doing things they like to do for enjoyment; and that's why they use socialism up until this present point. Now they're starting to pull the rug from underneath your feet and they haven’t given you anything to replace it with, so you have panic setting in.


Hello. I'm Alan Watt filling in for Michael Herzog, who's up to his eyes in work on this Friday as are we all indeed.   I don't know if there's anymore callers.  I'd like you all to check in to my websites and You'll find transcripts in different languages of my talks made available. You can download them for free.  I'd like to thank all the staff out there that are doing this all for me, from all over the world. Very busy people who do care what happens in this world and are doing something about it.


I'll be on for the first half with John Stadtmiller coming up in a few minutes. I'd like to close off this second hour with just by stating the fact, again, that you have to look at the elite of all cultures, all peoples. You'll find they gained their power by the same means by being ruthless and cunning and by dominating and slaughtering people down through the years. Now you have one big club, a club that goes under many names. The Illuminati is simply the lowest term they'll use, but they all are working in cahoots. They have been for a long time. It's time the ordinary people start to see through this, the race game, to overcome it and survive. Thanks for listening.



(Transcribed by Linda)