Aug. 1, 2010
Alan Watt in Telephone Interview (Live) to
"Axiom 2010: The Truth Tellers" Conference,
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
held by We Are Change Utah, with host Clint Richardson

(2 Hours)
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Clint Richardson: I introduce you to his digital audio stream, but if you've never gone to Cutting Through the Matrix,, which is up on the screen, this is Mr. Alan Watt.  Now, Mr. Alan Watt is up in Canada, from the East actually.  He's a regular guest on shows like Alex Jones, actually he's got his own show on the Republic Broadcasting Network.  Is that right Alan?


Alan: That's right.


Richardson: So good. Alright, without further ado, I'm going to turn down the lights, I'm going to let you talk to us and tell us your knowledge, and one second here, I'll turn down the lights.  And Alan Watt, welcome to the Axiom Conference.


Alan: It's a pleasure to be here with you.  It's a pleasure in fact, I tell you, to talk to people who are active and doing something, and who are keeping themselves informed as to what's happening to their country, and trying to do something about it.  Because it's about time that people got up and challenged these massive pre-planned changes, planned a long time ago, like a long-term business plan, with implementation always happening on the date that was first suggested or put down in writing, many years ago.  And the U.S. has been used, really, since WWII, I would say, as the financier of the whole international system of Socialism.  And of course, the last ones to be Socialized and brought into it were the ones back home.  In fact, the rulers neglected to inform the citizenry of the U.S. what their function was.  And they've been used by their tax money and by their military, and through rhetoric of course, and deception, by the media, to fund projects abroad, which are really bringing a whole world into this new Free Trade, as they call it, system.  A system which is not free at all.  It's not Free Trade, it's selective trade only for the big internationalist boys, but it's also going to open up the gates in the U.S. to incredible immigration from all over the world, because part of the Free Trade agreement is to do with the unrestricted flow of labor and goods across borders, with the intention eventually of eradication of those borders.  They can eradicate the borders and still contain you, because you're going to be put into regions, as you well know.  They've done this in the UK already, and in some other European countries, where they've done away with your county name on your address, or your postal code.  All you need is your street number, the postal code, the region, and that's how you get your mail now.  And they want to do the same with the U.S. 


Everyone's been used for generations in the U.S. unfortunately, by internationalists that bypassed the general political arena, although they did put their own people within that arena.  They didn't have to elect them actually.  They prefer to appoint people, just like Carroll Quigley said in Tragedy and Hope.  They prefer to appoint them to top strategic positions, in the Pentagon, in the area of trade, finance, and so on.  So it doesn't matter which presidents they put in.  Sometimes their own, sometimes not.  It doesn't really matter.  The high bureaucratic levels are really running the show.  They know what the agenda is, they know their part in it, and they are there for life, regardless of the guys who are elected to go in.  We do know as well, that some politicians and some parties definitely know their role in it.  And it's the first time I've seen in the U.S. so many appointees or czars as the media first started coming out and calling them.  For very good reasons, because the New World Order system is really a new Soviet in a sense.  It's called Communitarianism in other countries, but it really is a new Soviet system.  It's so interesting to me to realize that Lenin talked about the length of the dictatorship over the proletariat as he called the people.  He said it will last about a generation or seventy years, then it would merge with the Western system, and out of this dialectic would come a new system, not quite Capitalist and not quite Communist.  And what he's talking about is a new Socialist system, run by experts, where gradually the rights would be taken away out of the hands of free citizens, until they're not free anymore and where appointees will be put over Communitarian areas to guide and direct the system of your community.  That's been pushed big time.  And I noticed, I think it was Napa valley, in the States, they've already implemented Communitarianism from their own local councils there.  They're putting it in full force.


As I say, it's not very often I get a chance to talk to people who are really following this and what's happening, who don't know the whole picture, very few people do know the whole picture, it would take lifetimes to go through it.  It's so enormous, it's so huge.  However, we do know this, that all the treaties that were signed through the United Nations by all participants, who signed on in 1946 at the San Francisco conference with the United Nations, agreed to sell out their national sovereignty of all the countries.  They were traitors.  Every single country did that back then.  And they also did say they would implement all treaties passed to them by the United Nations.  That is a big, big part of it, because the United Nations remember is not an elected body.  It's nothing to do with the citizenry.  No one knows anyone who's voted anybody into the United Nations.  And yet it uses this term democracy all the time, and they want America to go off and fight for democracy, using NATO, and various other arms of the UN, but they're not democratic at all.  They've said themselves that the New World Order has to be an authoritarian system, and that we're in a post-democratic era, because the citizenry themselves, there's too many factions fighting for different things, and they can't get the job done.  They can't get their plan worked out, therefore they bypass the citizenry altogether by putting in an authoritarian system, and they will direct society by experts and scientists and so on. 


Now, that must not be allowed to happen.  Once it's happened, and it's on the books, my fear, because I've watched things like this before, my fear is that the citizenry always adapts so darn quickly to things they should not be adapting to in the first place.  People generally think there's going to be one big final catastrophe, and then the whole world is changed.  No, it's done incrementally, and we adapt to things step by step by step, rather than nip totalitarian measures in the bud, as soon as we hear about them.  The problem being of course that in the U.S. there has not been until recently organizations who are trying to keep their Constitution.  You don't realize too, outside the U.S., that no other country ever came up with any constitution where the individual had rights.  And because of that, many people have taken it for granted, when the good times rolled, and they forget it when the bad times roll as well.  They forget they're supposed to have rights, because they have been trained since 9/11 happened to simply obey authority.  That's what all this war on terror is about.  Obedience to authority.  You jump when they tell you. 


So many planks of the new international code, which again is the loss of rights and private property by the way, have been carried out already across different parts of the States.  The word Communism is never used of course, but when you look at the war on the family, the redistribution of wealth across the world that's been coming out recently.  They've been doing it for fifty years, but now they're saying it openly, the redistribution of wealth.  That's your wealth, it's not the big boys at the top of course, they never do this, it's your wealth that's to be distributed across the world.  And they say that by doing so you'll bring up the Third World countries, through the different trade agreements they've made with them.  And through the OECD departments at the World Organization level.  At the same time, you have to come down to a post-consumerist society into a service economy, which you're already in, and go beyond the service economy into a sustainable society.  That means you're going down to pretty well Third World national status.


Richardson: Hey, Alan, do you happen to just off hand, off the top of your head know the Tytler cycle?  The Tytler cycle, from well I wish I had it in front of me.  I was hoping you would know actually.  It was a man named T-y-t-l-e-r, and he came up with a cycle of how civilizations start in pretty much despotism, gets religion, gets to a point, and then goes back into dependency.


Alan: Again, even that he took from Plato; Plato went right through the different cycles of starting off as an Agricultural society, the same thing as the founders of the U.S. said.  They did say that this Constitution would only really work with an Agricultural, Independent Society.  And they knew that once the big cities came in, and industry came in big time and people flooded to cities, that's when the big shysters and the money game get at work, and they start to destroy the free rights of everybody else.  Well, they knew that would happen.  They'd already seen that happen in the U.K. and elsewhere you see, back then in the 1700s.  Plato did talk about the different systems that follow each other.  And he said that the founders of Italy, who were rugged, most of them were farmers.  They were the toughest ones of all.  They also were a citizen army.  They would be the army in times of war.  And they had a high code of conduct he said, that's the only time you get a high code of conduct is when the people, the militia themselves are the army.  A standing army is always a problem.  It's always turned on the people.  But he also said that this will go into a Senatorial type of system.  The Senators eventually always become corrupted, and they will try to not only for personal gain take the land off the people, in the rural areas, by the way, that's happening already under Agenda 21 and elsewhere.  They just announced in Australia that they're going to burn, this was in the papers by the way, yesterday, they're going to burn people off the land, the rural lands in Australia.  It's too expensive to have them in higher fire risk areas, so they're simply going to encourage them to get off and back into the cities.


Richardson: A lot of people don't know what Agenda 21 actually represents.  And it's a very hard subject to really grasp.  Can you explain a little bit about Agenda 21 and how it affects us all, every day, wherever we live? 


Alan: You have to go into the Millennium report.  That was the first report that blossomed into Agenda 21 from the United Nations.  And Agenda 21 eventually got so well known by different people in the Patriot Community that on the UN's own website, and I've got it, I kept the article here, I saved it, because they always disappear.  They actually were advised, all those participating in Agenda 21 were advised to change their names for different areas and different counties, and use terms like sustainability council, the eco-council, etc.  It literally is a system for the whole 20th Century, the Century of Change, the Change that Obama was talking about.  And it's to bring in the world, the total world Socialist society into these communes or communitarian areas, or regions that you're going to be locked up in basically.  And how you're going to work together for a new system, not for personal profit by the way, but for the good of the community, as they say; mind you, they have already trained the Community leaders, and they're no different from the old Soviet style leaders.  The end of private property is part of it.  The end of private transportation is a big part of it.  It says in Agenda 21, you will no longer need personal cars or vehicles, because you'll be riding on public transportation only, put on by the state, although you'll pay for that as well.  There will be no private property, it will be rental accommodation only.  So, that's part of Agenda 21, and the rest of it is to make sure this is happening in every country through treaties at the United Nations, at the same time, to bring in a world society under this guise of sustainability.  That's the big con, it's sustainability.  We can't go on, you see, being a consumer society.  People like Maurice Strong and even Holdren by the way in the U.S. have said there must never be another United States of America, and they've said that the best thing they could do to America, and this is the big boys who created Agenda 21 for the United Nations, they said the best thing they could do was to tear down the remaining factories, level them, rip out all these suburban areas where the workers lived, etc, and demolish them as though they'd never been, and return vast areas of the United States back to Nature.  Now, it's interesting that Obama has already authorized the go-ahead of the tearing down of the urban areas around what was the industrial area cities.  So it's going ahead as planned as I say, but they're using Agenda 21 under the eco-advisory committees that are appointed to every Council now.  They're not elected, they're all appointees to councils and to the federal government.


Richardson: Would Detroit be a fairly good example of this?


Alan: That's their premier example to start with, Detroit.  I have also looked into this happening in Australia, elsewhere in the world, and I looked into the Department of Australian Architects, because the architects have been given a project for the last ten years, to build what they call urban crushers, and these are like big science fiction monsters that literally come in and crush whole areas, whole suburban areas with no problem at all.  They have drawings up there in the ministry of architects of Australia, for the colleges.  And they have built quite a few of them.  So they've got an awful lot of crushing to do yet, of course.  Now David Suzuki said the same thing for Canada a few years ago, he's also in on the Agenda 21 sustainability and Maurice Strong, his pal.  And he said the same thing, that eventually all the people from the rural areas will be moved into the cities and they'll try to make these cities more pleasurable, more bike paths and so on, since you won't have cars, and of course experts will then guide us from cradle to grave on what our function will be to serve the state.  That will be your duty, to serve the state.  You've got to understand, it's a very old agenda, and it goes back to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that Quigley wrote for on their behalf, he was their historian.  Also called the CFR in the United States, and they talked about sustainable communities, bringing down rapid depopulation in certain areas they said.  It's the planned society we're going into.  A real planned society, where you will need permission to breed, very shortly in fact.  It's eugenics under another guise of course, but you'll need permission to breed, and that is coming, very, very quickly.


Richardson: If we're on a scale of 1 to 100, how far along would you say that Agenda 21 is?


Alan: Looking at all the different treaties and the parts which have been implemented, you're already 60% there.  The watershed deal that was pushed through as well, the national and state and local watershed committees all came out of Agenda 21 from the United Nations.  They did send people across the U.S. talking to different local town councils and so on.  And they came up with the brilliant idea that no water can belong to anyone, even if you drill it under your house.  The rainwater from your home, coming off your roof, a lot of places are fairly dry, in Canada and the States of course, have to use rain water, that comes into their basement really in a big holding tank.  Well, that's illegal now.  They just fined a guy and stopped his business, who just opened up at a business, in one of the U.S. states, I think it was further south of you, and that was what they used, Agenda 21.  Even though he'd built a brand new building, and he was catching all the rain water, they said it interfered with the ecological systems and the natural watershed.  However, he's lucky that other people have come out on his behalf, saying it's utter nonsense.  Other studies prove that the water from your roof and saving it has no effect whatsoever on the watershed.  What they claimed under Agenda 21 is that anywhere that rain falls is a watershed, and therefore that water cannot belong to any particular individual.  They want one organization under the United Nations to own the water supply of the world, and you'll have to buy it from them. 


Richardson: In the United States, it went from navigationable, or navigatible waterways to all waterways.  Is that correct?  Ponds, streams.


Alan: Yes.  In fact, Obama signed an executive order about a week or so ago, furthering that very agenda, to include sea water, all rivers, the Great Lakes and pretty well everything else, even the pond in your back garden I guess if you use water from the tap, belongs really to the state itself, really through the United Nations, and things are changing rapidly because of this. 


Richardson: Okay, has that legislation, I know there was a bill in congress, I can't remember the bill number in the United States, anyway, has that bill gone through, or is it still in legislation?


Alan: I think it's still in legislation, however, Obama did try to pass it a few days ago with an executive order.  I don't know what's happened with that.  It also included all fisheries around the coast, as well. 


Richardson: Right, right.  First of all, I want to also, anyone who wants to ask a question of Alan Watt, please just come up to the microphone, don't be afraid.  One question that I really wanted to ask you tonight, because this is sort of an esoteric debate that I've heard before.  Do you think, that the New World Order, or the Agenda 21 world when it is to it's 100% mark, do you think it will resemble the Nineteen Eighty-Four model or the Brave New World model?  Because right now it's appearing that Soma is the opiate of the masses.  So if you could answer that, that would be great. 


Alan: Well, it's really a mixture of both right now, because since 9/11 you've been trained with cops in the cities with machine guns with combat gear on and so on, checking you too, getting on a bus even or a train, you've been trained gradually through the Orwellian phase of it, this was set up of course by the previous administration, for this administration to come in, in fact, and use, because they do expect before they can take you into the complete Brave New World scenario, a time where people will riot and rebel when they find out they technically own nothing, not even their own water, and they're going to be gouged down to say about a Third World status.  The U.S. again has tacked on for instance rather than cut the emissions by I think it was 20% they're trying to go by, or 30%.  That means too, you're going to have 30% less people burning fuel in the winter time, in certain areas to make this target.  It's obvious.  How else can you do it?  So, we're going through the Orwellian area by force, by force, by threat, and by intimidation.  Once this generation, this is what they've said in their own writings, because these guys work incrementally through generations, intergenerational, the same way as the Soviets did it.  And once this generation dies off, those in their 40s and 50s and 60s die off, they've already trained the children, beginning at kindergarten for this Brave New World scenario they're growing up in.  And they will adapt into it quite normally, completely unable to relate to anybody who's older than themselves, they'll think everything is quite natural.  That's how they've done it.  Beria talked about this system.  He was the NKVD leader in the Soviet Union, up to I think the 1940s; Stalin had him killed eventually.  He was a very cruel and vindictive person.  He ran Communist International, or Comintern, and at the Comintern speech in 1934 he said, it used to take seventy years to basically indoctrinate a new young group growing up, as the old group died off.  It would take a span of seventy years.  He says, now we can upgrade the system, using scientific indoctrination in school, every four to five years.  And he said eventually it will even be much faster than that.  And he's right.  The children going into kindergarten today are getting a much further indoctrination, ready for what they'll experience down the road in life, and therefore they'll accept it as normal.  They're getting it today, and that's more than the ones who got last year and the year before them.  This is incremental indoctrination.  It's a perfect system, it's quite amazing when you read it and study it.  And it was developed by Lord Bertrand Russell, back in the 1940s. 


Richardson:  Well, that's really important to understand the incrementalism.  It's never a sudden change, although in the future, who knows.  But for the most part, everything that's changed is extremely slowly, so it's like watching the grass grow.  You don't notice, and all the sudden it's ripe.  Listen, I have someone here who wants to ask you a question.


Inquirer #1: Hello, Alan.  I very much appreciate your work.  Do you have in mind, what can we do as informed individuals now strive for?  I mean, try to communicate with our families and what not?  But what actions can we do on a daily basis right now?


Alan: What you can do, is go even right down to your local councils even, and go through the records of every treaty even your local council has signed, because they sign treaties as well, on behalf of the U.N. and find out what they've passed for your areas, and then demand a full public inquiry, so that this is put to the citizenry, because after all, since it involves all of the citizenry, they should participate in these particular things.  Not the councils done in secrecy, it should be all in the open for the general public to have a say on. 


Richardson: My city council might be in a separate treaty than my state or country?


Alan: Yes, what they've done for instance with the Communitarian idea is they've gone from council to council.  You understand, too, in the U.S. and every other country in the world right now, there's an international association of mayors, for one thing.  Every mayor belongs to a council, a universal council, through the United Nations.  Every chief of police across the United States, belongs to the Police Chiefs' Association, which goes through the United Nations.  They even have their own TV stations for the police.  And they're told, directly from the United Nations, what their particular role is to try and change within their own communities, right down to the bottom level.


Richardson: When you say associations, you mean, you're basically referring to corporations, that are foreign?


Alan: Pretty well.  They formed these corporations or associations of police chiefs a long time ago.  And that's where they get all their indoctrination from, for this wonderful Brave New World Future they're bringing in.  The mayors have them too, international mayors association, and they also have them for various councilors themselves, high councilors, they have world associations they all tap into as well.  That's why everything is proceeding across the world at the same pace in every country. 


Inquirer #1: So are you saying that we should be political?


Alan: You have to not just be political, you've got to also remember that everything that's been done has been against the law of the United States.  The United States Constitution was meant to have things always out in the open for the citizenry to know what was going on.  And this has been done covertly through agreements and treaties through the United Nations, to bring you into a post-democratic society, and that's what it says in Agenda 21, post-democratic, and the Club of Rome also says the same thing.  The two founders of the Club of Rome, who work for the Royal Institute or CFR, they're a think tank for the CFR, the Club of Rome said in their own book, they put a book out, the two founders, "The First Global Revolution," and they said that the system we're bringing in is a post-democratic society.  We cannot have democracy.  It must be run on authoritarian principle.  And we have been getting run on an authoritarian principle, as I say, since 9/11, rather openly too.  All under the guise of keeping us safe.  What they've really done is bypassed all the legitimate rights of the citizens, because in the States, at least, and this is the key to it.  If anything happens in the world to change something, I've said this for years, it has to come from the U.S.  Because no other country in the world has even an idea that they ever even had rights.  The British Constitution is supposedly an oral one, and no one has ever written it down.  It's like a rubber band.


Inquirer #1: You've mentioned the United States and the people here.  Do you feel that we as a people still have a chance to do some legitimate change in here?  And what I mean is you mentioned Agenda 21 and all these ancient treaties that have taken many, many years, all these different plans.  How do we, it seems as if the powerful, there's no real way to fight back on a political level, what can we as individuals do?  As an example, I have friends that they just want to quit their job and go farm; they plant seed.  How do we fight this?


Alan: You can fight it on the individual level.  You can fight it, again, by preparing for the worst, because it's going to be a long battle.  You can also fight it as a group by going to your newspapers and inserting, and just pay for a column, and you write the column yourself.  They'll put that in if you pay for that, to tell the public what's happening, for the first time.  You're allowed to do that, especially in the small papers, which are out of the hands of the big chains, and let the people know what's happening, and they have no need to go along with a treaty in which they did not participate in the debate.  You had no debate in any treaty organization.  You've had no debate in the Earth Charter, that was a part of this whole big treaty as well.  The Earth Charter gave all the rights to animals and trees, and none to the humans. 


Richardson: Okay, so what you're talking about then, are treaties that are from a foreign body, meaning the United Nations, which the United States are pretty much, and any other country has no business being in.  But the problem that I, well not a problem, but I do want to point out.  Now, you keep mentioning that things can't be democratic.  Now, as I understand it, the very concept of democracy is a Communist platform, meaning majority rule.


Alan: It is and it isn't.  I'll tell you, it is and it isn't.  And here's the little trick here, Plato describes it again.  He said himself that you have to have a Republic.  And he said, he in fact would use a Republican system to bring in his particular idea of the perfect world system, which again was to be ruled in an authoritarian fashion, in his particular idea, the book called the Republic.  However, he did say that totalitarian regimes preferred democracy, because the public trust those at the top.  Today they trust, must folk trust the media.  They really, honestly believe the media.  Brzezinski commented on that too, in his book Between Two Ages.  He said that eventually the public will think of the media as an extension of their own reasoning power.  They'll expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  That has happened for most people.  They don't realize these are private organizations with bosses, who go off to get knighted by the Queen, barons, media barons, and they belong to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the CFR and all the rest of it.  What they do know is that they can always promise to the bulk of the populace what the public want to hear, and therefore they will vote the way that they want them to vote; in other words, you can count on the masses.  The masses don't really come up with ideas themselves.  They listen to boys at the top who promise them the most and that's who they go for.  So they love the idea of democracy, because they can use the masses, the people who don't think, and who want all the freebies they're promised.  It doesn't matter if they ever materialize as long as they get the party in that's promising them the most stuff.  That's really how it works.  A Republic is a different thing.  A Republic is where there's a form of democracy regarding voting people in, into a system, there should also be a way of getting them out if they lie and don't fulfill what they said.  A Republic is to stop the takeover of the initial ideas of freedoms from a people, the people who founded it.  And the founding fathers of the U.S. knew their histories better than anyone knows their histories today.  They studied Latin, Greek and so on, and the histories.  So they knew the cons, like Plato said, democracy always ends up in Communism and Totalitarianism and Dictatorship. 


Inquirer #2: Alan, I have a couple of questions here.  Now, it seems to me like you said something about they want us to be riding the bus, the trains, and bicycles, instead of cars.  Is that what I heard?


Alan: Yes.


Inquirer #2: So they don't want the cars anymore?


Alan: They don't want the cars anymore, and I knew that when I was a child, because I used to wonder.


Inquirer #2: Are they trying to get us to accept, say a car that doesn't go very far, like an electric car?  So we can't leave town if we really wanted to, without a long transport.


Alan: These cars they're bringing in now, the hybrids, etc, are just stop-gap measures, until we get used to having no cars at all.  Again, they can phase them out over a ten, fifteen, twenty-year period. 


Inquirer #2: Right.  So the gradual phase out of the cars is like in fifteen, twenty years or so, or longer.


Alan: It may be even shorter depending if they make an oil crisis and start rationing gasoline. 


Inquirer #2: It could even be quicker than that.  Okay.  And you said something about the water, saying they're making treaties with the water so the cities and the states can't control their water now? 


Alan: What they're doing, and this started in Britain, quite a few years back, where Britain, like every other country, used a Nationalized System, where the public paid for the big roadways to be built.  They paid for their gas systems to be built through their tax money.  They paid for their electric companies even to be built, and their water systems.  And four politicians were put into parliament, with the object of putting a bill in to privatize the entire country's water supply.  And those four guys did it.  They put it in.  It was obviously set up, with higher ones behind them.  They put in the bill, it was passed, they then immediately left politics, they were all knighted, and they became the first CEOs of the first privatized water company.  Since then they're going over natural gas.  They've gone for natural gas in Canada and the water supply, and other countries as well.  They will eventually be the water company, supply company for the entire planet. 


Inquirer #2: And the water company is going to be controlled from central government, our federal government or the UN, right?


Alan: It will be through the United Nations, because under the Watershed Act, that was a treaty from the United Nations, that was international, and therefore no country can claim that the water is for their use only.  The water that lands on their country or goes through it, is for the whole world.  That's what they're claiming.


Inquirer #2: You're saying that if the United States Citizens do not stop this, they won't be stopped.  Is that what I heard you saying? 


Alan: That's correct.  You have to stop it.  Understand too, when the U.S. was set up, it gave everybody the ability to participate in where their country would go.  And you cannot have covert signings of treaties where the public are kept in utter ignorance that they're even going on, and signed into law by governments who are supposed to serve their own people, who know nothing about these treaties until after they're passed.  Or until they're implemented, that's generally when we find out about them.  And that's illegal.  That is illegal.  So, these treaties have to all be torn up and tossed out the window, and you get back to the basic Constitution, again, where the government starts serving the public.  That's the biggest lesson they'd have to learn.  They know this too, by the way.


Inquirer #2: So we have to work on our local city or county or state government, to make sure we understand what kind of treaties they're involved in, to either change the people who are office, or get the ones who are in office to get us out of these treaties.  Is that it?


Alan: Absolutely.  In fact, you've got to demand these treaties are completely torn up, because they are not part of the U.S. Constitution whatsoever.  They're against all your Bill of Rights.   The internationalist wants to destroy the whole Bill of Rights in fact.  The United Nations has come out with its own charter of rights, and every country has pretty well signed on to it, without telling their public about it, but it's up there.  You can go and read it for yourself. 


Richardson: There's a, just for my audience here, there's a very, very beautifully done documentary, I don't know if Alan has seen it or not, but it's called Flow.  F-L-O-W.  And it goes through the corporate takeover of water throughout the entire country, and the entire world, and it shows what it does to the populations of the indigenous peoples.  It's all in one a sad and also inspirational movie.  I highly recommend that if you want to understand what's happening to the water supply, how it's being corporately taken over.  And I was wondering if you could tell people, I knew that a while ago, President Bush, you know Bush Jr there, bought some ridiculous amount of land in Paraguay, I believe, and took over all the water rights in that country, could you expound on that. 


Alan: He did.  Not only that, he passed a law, about the same time, where if you were sitting on a house, where some big corporation says, I need the minerals under that house, I want that to build a big shopping place, or something for business, they can simply at the stroke of a pen, take over that property, pay you peanuts for it, and build what they want.  Now that in itself is illegal.  The first person to use the law that was passed was Bush Jr himself, and he bought a little place in New York, and kicked the folk off it, and had something built on its place.  This is tyranny you're looking at here.  The water flow thing, you're absolutely right.  This has been well planned for so long, it's part of what they also call interdependence at the United Nations.  You've heard this term interdependence, most people thought initially the way it was put out that it meant, well you see, every country to avoid war cannot have all the means of production of war materials in their own country, that's factories and so on.  Therefore what you need will be scattered across the world, and we'll all make parts of things and we'll be interdependent.  That's how they first sold this to the public twenty years ago.  Now you hear that it's getting closer and closer as they keep changing the meaning and redefining it.  What it really means is personal interdependence.  Meaning, no individual can be completely independent and live self-sustainably themselves and survive.  You must be hooked into their system for everything that you need for living.  Water, food, energy, all of that kind of stuff.  Personal interdependence. 


Richardson: We're entering, again we're entering into a dependence, and eventually into pretty much slavery.  Listen, I've got a young man here, tell me your name and your age. 


Inquirer #3: Chase and I'm twelve.


Richardson: Okay, ask your question. 


Inquirer #3: I'm a twelve-year-old boy, going on to the seventh grade.  And want to know what to do to keep from getting indoctrinated into the plan.


Alan: To stop being indoctrinated into the plan starts at school.  You might have an ability.  Some children do have the ability, even though they're using a scientific indoctrination to embed ideas in your head, along with emotions when they show you wildlife and all the rest of it, and they keep showing you the same clear-cutting pictures they've been showing for the last fifty years, with emotion and music in the background and a sadness and all that.  If you're able to recognize that you're going through an indoctrination process at school, not an education to help you with truth, but indoctrination, using all techniques at their disposal, then you'll be able to survive if you can keep quiet enough going through school.  And I had the same thing going through school.  I thought everyone thought as I did.  I thought everyone went and studied as I did to find out what was going on in the world.  And I was about maybe nine or ten when I realized that no, not everybody in my class did at all.  That floored me.  It really floored me.  I could see through the cons, the tricks, I thought everyone else did the same, but they didn't.  And I realized quick too, that if I was asking too many questions in the classroom, then I was being singled out with suspicion.  They get very suspicious of you if you know too much, especially more than they do.  Teachers don't like that.  Nowadays they'll put you on drugs; to avoid that, you simply play.  I literally acted my way through school, and when they wanted certain answers I'd give them the answers they expected to keep them happy.  Otherwise I'd have been on a whole bunch of medications myself.  So you've got to study, be very careful about it.  Don't feel like spouting off to your classmates at the same age.  They won't understand what you're talking about.  Don't try to show off in the class as to how much you know about the real big agenda, because you'll be put on.  Everyone is being monitored at school.  Every individual has a big file kept on them at school.  Just play the game, learn to act, but educate yourself at the same time, because you are the future leaders that are coming along for your generation, and you're going to have a tough job, because I think your generation is getting more specialized indoctrination into this new interdependent system then any previous generation.  However, it's not hopeless.  You can actually use your time when you've got access to good libraries, and so on, you can use this time to really educate yourself about this global agenda, just don't show off with it.  Keep quiet about it.


Richardson: So what you're saying is that it is okay to be different, but it's not necessarily okay to let everybody know that you're different in certain situations.  So what, personally I used to just sit back in the back of the class and read myself.  That was my thing.  I wanted to get my homework done so I didn't have to do it at home, so I could do other stuff.  I think, would you say that the most important thing is to recognize who the important people are in the world, which are not Brittany Spears, and the things that are portrayed in the media that all the kids are talking about.  You know, is it okay to be different?  Is it okay not to wear the latest fashions, even if you have to wear the same shoes everyday?  Speak to that.


Alan: Absolutely.  You don't go with the flow.  If you have the intellect anyway, you'll already know that as a child.  That's part of some sideshow that we're all supposed to be running after.  It's so self-evident, regardless of your age.  I've met children who see through all that, who are really young, as I did myself.  And it's definitely okay to be different, and to be confident within yourself.  The more you learn what's really happening in the world, the more confident you will become.  And you will become a leader one day as well.  Now here's the danger again.  I had people coming up from Oxford and Eton, and so on, when I was as young as eight years old, trying to get me to sign up for there.  I didn't know at the time, until I read one of Bertrand Russell's books, who was a big planner for this whole agenda, and he said, those children who understand what's happening, who have the right intellect, we have to recruit them to work for us.  Their condition must be, they must leave all their old ways, including their family behind them.  And they'll put them into the Ivy League Universities.  Once they have the camaraderie, and they're accepted, and they find out that their life is going to be an easy sail through, doors will open for them, they'll be well paid, then they'll stay with us forever.  He says, but for those who have those same abilities who will not join us, we will have to eradicate.


Inquirer #3: Thank you.


Richardson: Anyone else?


Inquirer #4: Hello, Alan.  I think it would be nice to maybe have you relay to us in a spiritual way what can we be doing?  I mean most of us in this room read, and pretty much think anyway, we have a few things figured out, and yet many times, it's so, in a word, depressing.  So, how, and I know that you write wonderfully, and you doing poetry and writing and what not, but in an esoteric way, what can we do?  What can we be reading or engaging with that would keep our spirits up?


Alan: You must remember that evil and ominous forces have come against people in the past.  I'd certainly say this is the worst one, because they've been so long in the planning, incremental.  They knew not to rush ahead too quickly; in fact if they tried this immediately after WWII, actually they did try to bring in the universal world system then.  The American public were not ready.  They would have fought right away for it, and they knew that.  They did surveys on it at the end of WWII.  So they had to be incremental and slow about it.  However, even though it's ominous, and it seems overwhelming because most of it's done so covertly and out of the media.  The media is there to keep you entertained, and misled.  It is not still impossible.  It's amazing to me how one person here and there, who's well informed can literally changed so many around them.  So many around them to be active, and to give them, and actually it helps to grow confidence in them once they become active.  In a spiritual sense, you cannot fight anything which is evil by being neutral in this stance. 


Evil can't do anything except continue being evil.  And the characters involved in all of this, when I go through their personalities, the hair on my head stands up sometimes when I read about them.  They are incredibly evil.  We've never seen such an amount of people who are utterly arrogant, and who believe they have the right to rule the world, way beyond Adolf Hitler or Stalin.  And they will be utterly ruthless on the people if they get their way.  They're already trying to be ruthless.  And a lot of people are succumbing.  But on a spiritual sense, you've got to understand in times of hardship and trouble, etc, people who have a positive spiritual outlook on things can do an awful, awful lot, because they realize that we're only here for a short space of time on earth anyway.  You have nothing to lose by coming forward, putting your face in the limelight and being active, and knowing that there's a good power in the world.  You feel it once in a while.  There's a good power when you're doing the right thing.  It's definitely there.  It's tangible.  And we are in a battle between good and evil.  I have never had any doubts about that.  I've never had doubts that it works through people.  I've seen evil people, very evil people, who've talked about depopulation to my face, who attended the United Nations meetings, and I sense something in them which is foreign to me, completely foreign to me.  They're dictatorial, and there's no way I'm going to stand by and allow these people eventually to come to power, and rising up to full power and lording over me.  It will not happen.  I will not allow it to happen at all.  And neither should you.  When you're fighting evil, you're doing the right thing, and you will find more and more like-minded people coming along with you. 


What's happening is anti-human, you understand.  This is anti-human to bring us into what they call a controlled society where they'll tell you who can breed, who can't breed; where they want to do transhumanism, literally alter the genes of conception to bring up the kind of children that they think should be born.  This all came out of Darwinism, and the Freudian outlook as well, and existentialism.  This all came out of the same movement, where they believe they can create Super-Men and special people, eugenics, etc to run the world.  Well, because a person can have a certain IQ level, doesn't mean they're a good person.  You'll find most of these characters are incredibly egotistical.  They're as far as I'm concerned as egotistical as any Hitler.  And our job is to make sure these characters stay out of our lives, and keep them in safe places, away from us, rather than let them lord over us.  We also have got to get back to, again, the Constitution and say, look, there's nothing in this Constitution that says that foundations and so-called philanthropic powers with multi-trillions of dollars can fund non-governmental organizations, which they often create, as a form of democracy. 


These people do not get elected by the public.  The NGOs don't get elected by the public, and yet, under Agenda 21, these local leaders, these community leaders are to be given tremendous powers to lord over you.  Now, you've got to realize that if there's no Constitution, if no one is following the Constitution, then there is no law.  These people are lawless.  They're making up their own laws as they go along.  And it's the duty of anyone to stand up against a lawless society no matter what garb it pretends it's under and what flag it still waves, the fact is, if you are not going by the law, then you're an outlaw.  And that's what so many of the politicians have done by signing these treaties, that's what the foundation leaders have done.  Everyone knows what the Rockefellers and the Ford and Carnegie foundations have done to the United States.  They admitted it during the 1950s, when the Reece Commission went in, authorized by the Congress, and Norman Dodd, he's up on youtube in fact, he'll tell you, he says, he met the CEO of Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller foundations and the guy from Ford told him, he says, our job is to so change the culture in America, through education, through the school system, and so on, that eventually they can blend seamlessly and join the Soviet Union without any problem at all.  And that has been done.  The West has been so drastically altered, and it ties in with what Lenin said, that the dictatorship would last seventy years, and then it would be not quite Communist and not quite Capitalist when they joined the West.  That's what we're in now.  It's a World Socialist, Communitarian, Authoritarian Society.  This is written in no one's law books, or Constitution, therefore, it's illegal and it has to go.


Richardson: Okay, we've got one more question here from one of my audience.


Inquirer #4: Hi Alan, thank you for all your research, and all your contributions.  Interdependence is a reality.  The fact that the NWO has co-opted that term for their sociopathic agenda doesn't change the truth of interdependence.  Interdependence is one of the essential themes of [?] doctrine.


Alan: We all came from tribal societies, initially.  And technically, these were not Communist in any Marxist, idealistic way.  Everyone was necessary for the tribe's survival.  Everyone.  Therefore, anyone too who was hurt or whatever, was looked after by the tribe, because everyone mattered.  That's the difference, big caring, everyone mattered.  In a moneyed society, run by economics, where your value in society is literally put down by your economic income, the UN has said in fact, that a good citizen, a good world citizen is a good producer and consumer.  Therefore, if you're only consuming and not producing, if you're retired, you're a bad citizen.  Interdependence to the extent where you have true community, parts of the US had true community, same in Canada, same in Britain and elsewhere, where people helped each other out.  And here's how they destroyed that natural system.  The government decided to bring in governmental agencies that would take over.  Like Lenin said too, in the West, he said, they'll bring in agencies that will be services, and those services will then become authorities over the public.  That has happened.  And that intention of that was initially to destroy the natural, the natural community interdependence, where if someone was sick, and I did it when I was small.  We carried food to people who got back from hospital.  They had cancers.  They were being looked after in their homes.  Everyone helped.  Everyone chipped out.  No one asked for money back for anything at all.  That was natural community.  That's what gets the average person through the hard times, and families through the hard times.  That's a caring community.  And there's no demands made on anyone.  We're not accountable to any hierarchy telling us what to do.  This interdependence they're bringing in is an interdependence from the top to the bottom.  It's a pyramid type system.  They've already trained the community leaders in Britain, under a group, a massively funded group, called Common Purpose.  So they're ready to start ordering everyone around in their community, and still keeping the social services that can take your children from you, and so on, or the health authorities that come in that are not services anymore, that can mandate inoculations, and stuff like that.  That's the difference of what they mean by interdependence.  Interdependence to them is taking away everybody's right to survive if they need to on their own. 


Richardson: Yeah, it's the difference between rights and privileges.  Rights being god-given and privileges being given by the state, correct?


Alan: Yes.


Richardson: And again, right here in Utah.  There are many groups, many communities that have formed that are prepared to go and form a community if anything really does happen.  There are still places in Colorado where there are no building permits, there is essentially no law, because no government has been established in this particular area.  There's cities that aren't even cities.  They're just areas where there's these communities in Oregon.  And you can join these communities.  And one more question from the audience.


Inquirer #5: Yes.  It's my understanding that the New World Order wants only one religion.  What is this religion like?  Is there anybody practicing this religion now, and how are they going to implement this?


Alan: It's amazing too, because you seldom get truth from those who are involved in it themselves, at the high levels.  Maurice Strong, for instance, a big player at the United Nations.  He was first picked up by Rockefeller when he was a young man.  He was pushed into the oil industries as a CEO to see how they all worked.  He's worked at the United Nations for about forty years now.  He also owns the Baca Grande Ranch in the United States, where he brings in all the New Age cult groups, Buddhists, everything you could imagine, and he meditates to what he believes, and Rockefeller himself believes, is the Masters, the Hidden Masters.  Now they believe themselves that they are the Masters.  They're the natural masters that came to Earth to control the world.  They didn't have to come here.  They came supposedly to help mankind.  It was lost, yadda ya.  Really they're totalitarian in everything that they do.  Other ones like Gorbachev, Mikhail Gorbachev, said in one of his books, I think Towards a New Civilization, he said, that we are in the process of creating a new world religion and it must be based on a form of Earth worship.  Well, that's sustainability.  That's the greening thing.  They're being taught this in school that the Gaea theory is the one that rules.  We're all part of one big whole thing, a living organism.  And that's what he was referring to, but in the same book, he says that he is an atheist.  So here's an atheist, sitting on a panel, creating a religion for the rest of the public, the children to follow.  It's quite something.  Other ones are the humanists, the existentialists, who believe that anything that humans can do, including all tiny minorities with perversions is a human act and therefore a normal act, and therefore they're pushing for the total destruction of what they call the Christian God, that's the big target, I must admit, is the Christian God, and they want that completely removed.  And existentialism and moral relativity, where there's no really right and wrong on anything, to become the ultimate religion on the planet.  In reality, Gorbachev is probably closer to the truth, where they're creating a Greening Religion, it's indoctrinated into the children, right now through cartoons with the greening agenda, sustainability, energy consumption, wildlife, animals, and the trees, all that kind of stuff, but they're run by a new priesthood.  The new priesthood are the scientists, who wear the white coats.  That's the new priesthood that are teaching the children.  So it is a religion, it's been taught as a belief system, because their facts don't fit at all reality.  So it's a belief system.  And they hope to indoctrinate them so thoroughly that they'll be unable to break their indoctrination.


Richardson: Can science and religion co-exist?  We've got Dr. Professor Steven Jones here who's a very godly professor of science.  Do you think that religion and science can be friends?


Alan: They can be friends only if science comes out, do you understand that most science is really based on theories, and because it's based on theories, which is really the best guess that most folk are going along with at the time in the same field.  They say, well, that's the best guess, that will be the theory for the time being.  We've had so many cons in the past through sciences, like the Piltdown man for evolution and all the rest of it, that was taught.  People got their thesis in university by doing it on the Piltdown man, and it wasn't for forty years that they took it out the museum, they tested the bone structure, and found that someone had put a pig's jaw on the bottom of a human skull.  So, we've had so many cons pulled by science to get a definite agenda through, to do with, oh, it's evolution, evolution, the next evolution is to be transhuman into the superman, etc, etc.  Because this is a world Socialist Society, and Socialism always goes toward the Super-man and transhumanism.  That's what they're pushing.  Can there be a compromise?  Compromise can only come when science gives equal respect to religion.  Equal respect, and doesn't try to dominate that religion.


Here's the key too.  Science since the 1500s, and this is when it all broke out with Rosicrucianism, alchemy and so on.  Now the true alchemists were not into changing lead into gold, or making man taking the base metal, man himself lead and creating a super man then.  That was all allegory.  The true alchemists were into chemistry, which was way ahead of what anybody really knew at the time.  We're always given low end or latent science.  Science is always way ahead, because science is knowledge and power, so it's never shared with the public.  Whatever you get dished out on the bottom level to consume is old obsolete stuff.  Now, Ian Taylor wrote an excellent book.  He's a scientist in Canada, well renowned scientist too.  And he wrote a book and it was called In the Minds of Men, and subtitled, Darwin and the New World Order.  And in it, he gives the most concise rendition of what science is all about.  Demolishes so many theories by what they also know.  Admits that so many theories are simply put forward for political agendas, and gives the facts to back it all up. It's a must-read book.  He said himself that the scientific community, which again runs through the United Nations and all the grant makers and all the big foundations that give them the cash, have made it their policy to attack religion.  Churches have been attacked since the 1500s, and people have no idea of the incredible war against religion, especially the religions of the West for five hundred years, and it's still going on today.  Hollywood has been a big part of it too, of course, because they want it demolished.  They have their reasons for demolishing it. 


Religion has been the biggest problem, according to H.G. Wells, for their agenda, even back in his time.  He said, because it always came down to who should the citizen obey, their god or the government.  Our job is to make sure they'll only obey the government.  Therefore religion has to be completely removed.  So that's the biggest fear of the agenda.  If the government is ordering you all to do something which is against your morality, or against your belief system to your god, then you have the choice, are you going to obey that government, or your god?  And government has said, that when government is in full control, there will be nothing to stand between you and them when they come down to talk to you, like George Orwell portrayed in 1984.  There's no one to stand around you as an individual.  And they don't want you having some moral qualms about obeying a god and disobeying government. 


Hour 2


Inquirer #6: Alan, there's no doubt.  First I want to thank you for all the information I have received.  My voice is probably just starting to open up, and it's been a lot of stickiness in all trying to figure out what exactly it is that we're dealing with.  It always seems to be that if we get into a philosophical discussion, that the justification of a nation-state goes back to the days of Plato and the Republic.  It seems as though it was around 350BC, in a city in Egypt, Heliopolis.  Heliopolis from what I understand is the first place with the obelisk.  The obelisk appears in the United States and all over the place.  How do you see that as being maybe sort of a position in time where the subversion of knowledge began to take place, and now, how do you take that and the past and the present, to extrapolate and see how it might fit together?  They just made the Denver International Airport's God of Death, as a statue, Anubis, just within the last month or so.  And you know that airport has been commissioned by what is the New World Airport Commission.  There's no such commission that I know of.  It stands with the masonic, and their big fat G, and there are myriads of underground bases there.  There seems to be a lot of underground bases and there is information that says with nuclear power tunneling, since the 60s, they can actually create tunnels and glass them over right behind them.  If you could take maybe pieces of what I've thrown out there and just add your take on some of that, just what it is, where we're at today, and maybe you could extrapolate.


Alan: Well, what we know about Egypt is that they ruled a good part of the ancient world for an awful long time.  Egypt had varying different kinds of priests specializing in certain areas.  They had their own secret rites of course.  They had their different layers of writing, that only initiates could understand, and they also truly believed, just like today, that the right for those to rule was in the blood.  It was hereditary, and that's why sometimes even pharaohs would marry their sister to keep this special whatever it was, within the family lineage.  I'll just get off that for a minute and say, Prince Charles recently came out and said he believes now that God put him on Earth for a purpose to save the world.  I'm not kidding you, this is in the British papers today.  Back in Egypt's time, you had millions of slaves really, all over, a huge enterprise of many, many countries that were taken over, all slaving for a small elite.  They also indoctrinated the peasantry into the fact that the Eye of Ra was all around them, all-seeing.  It's like the Eye in the Sky, it's like satellites today, and they had the peasants believing that if they tried to run off, then this all-seeing god would know they were going to do it, know where they were, and psychologically in other words they trained them that they couldn't even escape. 


Whatever came out of Egypt is so interesting because the biggest export of Egypt was revolution.  Pythagoras went there to train and study.  We know that Plato went there.  Many of the aristocrats in Greece went there for their main education.  Plato was initiated into the Mystery Religions, he said.  We have the writings of Herodotus too, who talked about being initiated into them, he gives a bit more in his writings about it, in his histories.  And we know that they went on from there, to possibly the Middle East, to the next place, for the next bunch of degrees, and their final destination was India, of all places, for even higher degrees.  So, you've got to understand, there was a mystery religion definitely existing, way back then in Egyptian times, and they exported people like Pythagoras, who rather than going back to Greece or Athens or Attica, they went to a Greek colony in what now is Italy, and it was called Crotona, and he set up his school, and his school was burned down by the people eventually, because they realized that his purpose was to train the youth to overthrow the adults, the elders, to bring in a new system.  And that's why they burned down his school. 


What's so interesting too, he used a technique that was later used by the Catholic Church.  He had five years of secrecy, and quietness and silence, where you studied and listened, but you didn't speak, before you were brought into the inner sanctum.  The same thing you'll find with the Essenes who really came from Egypt into the Middle East around Jerusalem, about 2000 years ago.  The Essenes had the same technique, the same rituals, and they also had a lay organization who were not allowed into the inner group.  You have to be single, unmarried, to get into the inner group.  We find the Catholic Brotherhoods eventually took that in as well.  Some of them specialized, like the mystic monks of Franciscans, down through the ages, and secrets were kept for them as well.  They were all specialized in different areas.  And there's no doubt it, that down through the ages, the Mystery Religions have come, but their main thing was revolution. 


We find this same thing with Socrates, who studied in Egypt.  He came back.  He was the first one to openly bring women in as well, young women, beautiful women too, educate them, but with the precise intention of getting them married into the ruling elite, and then with the intent of following instructions, and trying to get their husbands to change their minds on certain policies and manipulate their husbands.  This was found out again, and that was the real reason that he was tried in court, for trying to overthrow the State by using the youth.  They actually said, corrupting the youth and the morality of the youth as well. 


From there, you see it popping up again in Alexandria, about the 3rd century A.D. under Neo-Platonism, where even lesbians were teaching in Alexandria.  One of them was a well known teacher, who did gross things in front of her students, because she was pretty well like a humanist today, existentialist.  And when one student asked her about was there any point for marriage, etc, she literally during her monthly cycle pulled out a rag and says this is what you're in love with, and threw it at his feet.  I mean, this is the kind of stuff that I would expect today in some universities, actually, but it was happening back then too.  They were trying to destroy everything that was beautiful, that people wanted, family life, that type of thing, to bring in what they thought was a perfect ruled ordered society, even back then.  And they played their hand down through the ages, and then they broke out in Paris, under the guise of Rosicrucianism.  At the time, they had pamphlets all over France.  The one thing they let them know to get members in, was that they had knowledge, very good knowledge of medicine, and life extension.  That was to attract people in.  I don't doubt that they did have advanced knowledge, because knowledge is never lost, especially knowledges that help the elite themselves.  And we know today for instance that the medicine that the public have available to them, is really, to me is antique as to what I've found out they really have for the extremely wealthy.  They're way beyond everything, even growing organs for the wealthy from their own stem cells.  They've been doing it for quite some time. The public won't get access to this kind of stuff. 


You've had revolutionary groups down through the ages, all working towards bringing in this particular society.  Now a lot of them too, in the higher societies, have always believed as I say, that they are higher masters.  Reincarnation was a big part of it during Blavatsky's day.  The Rockefeller foundation still funds the Lucius Trust today.  It used to be called the Lucifer Trust, down at the Rockefeller Plaza, the U.N. plaza I should say, that's where it is.  They run the United Nations meditation room, and they believe that only the right breeding with the right people can produce the right spirit to run the world.  They believe that those who don't have selective breeding, or their wives chosen for them through lineages and who are interbred, they believe they have no soul.  That's what they've said.  And therefore, there's no problem about killing people off if they have no soul.


Inquirer #6: Is the religion arm of the United Nations, is that the Order of the Eastern Star?


Alan: That's involved in it for sure.  Eastern Star, really came out from the Grand Orient Lodge of France.  The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry did not begin in Scotland; that also came out of the Grand Orient of France as well.  The Grand Orient of France takes a godless position, and that's what they say on the one hand, but on the other hand, they've got another higher religion, and they don't mind accepting reincarnation of special people.


Inquirer #6: Yeah, it's definitely, you know, I think it's one of the pieces of the propaganda, this metaphysical sort of spiritual world that offers a bit more than what is probably reality, and I think it's more for people to jump to, and then obviously the threat of the aliens, you know, how they relate into all this because we can see with the mass propaganda that has definitely been underway for years, in the movies and whatnot.  Are we, I guess, in Plato, if you try to go back where the first stories of Atlantis were, it was also from Plato, and with the conferences from Solon, and are we heading towards a conceptual Atlantis, or is that something in the past, that technology was used into it, and my best guess is that we're sort of heading there in the future, maybe if it happened in the past, but in the whole sense of geomancy, and the 1925 degree hot spot, vortices, that sort of thing.  What is your take on Atlantis?  Is it really what's probably my indication that goes way deeper in finding out a lot about ancient Egypt and what not…


Alan: What I've found often, it's double edged in a way.  Double edged because, often they'll give you an allegory in the brotherhoods of ancient times of something that they wanted to create in the future, but they'd always talk about it as though it had already happened in the ancient past.  That was a favorite trick.  However, we do know that probably the whole legend of Atlantis came, and it all came through Plato again, through his uncle, his great uncle Solon, who went to Egypt to study, and supposedly the Egyptian priests said, you Greeks don't even know your history.  You don't even know how old you are.  And they mentioned that great civilizations had risen and fallen over many millennia, and they vanished, and Atlantis of course, that's how they got on to the story of Atlantis.  What we do know is that there was a massive island, a very big island in the Aegean Sea, and it did sink about maybe 500 B.C.  We know that for a fact, because Jacques Cousteau, who was again, another New World Order guy, he did a very good video series on the excavations on some of the islands.  When a volcano comes down in the middle and burns itself out and it sinks under the sea, it leaves the outer perimeters of little islands that used to be the edge of the whole big island, and you have that in the Aegean Sea.  One of them is called Tera, one of these islands, and what we do know is that a people lived, who did have, they weren't as advanced as they make out today.  They did have hot running water and plumbing going to every room.  They had baths and showers, but that doesn't surprise me, because even the Harappans who lived pre-Sumer also had the same thing.  And even earlier, maybe, 6,000-7,000 B.C.  We do know there's been a trading group, a trading group, this is the key to it all, down through the ages, who have lived in different spots of the world, always running trade, and those who lived on Tera, or this big island that was called Atlantis at one time, were the ones who ruled the ancient world's trade centers.  They had massive shipping fleets.  Even today during excavations, they've found whole lists of their ships and boats that they owned, right down, very organized society with clerks and so on.  And every room inside, when they've taken the lava structure off, was hand painted with frescoes, beautiful frescoes, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rooms like this.  And they haven't finished excavating this one little part that was of an outer island, that was part of a big mainland of one big country at one time.  That's what's thought to be Atlantis, that went down.  These people obviously, we do know too they got off the island in time and went somewhere else, because they knew it was coming.  They had weeks in fact to prepare for it, and they evacuated the island. 


Where they went from there, we're not quite certain, but they certainly still had their fleets of ship, and they still had the trade routes as well.  It's possible they became the Phoenicians, and the Phoenicians are just a Greek term for the Canaanites, you know.  So, there's always been a big trading group down through time who've wielded incredible power, who also eventually brought in monetary systems.  Money is the key to all rulership, because with money, and since everyone on the planet runs on the thing called money, which most take for granted. You can put, you can get any professor into any university as the top dog, if you give a grant and say I want this condition.  And that's what they've been doing.  They've been putting all the top CFR members in universities for many, many years, teaching the children along a certain agenda, etc.  Money is the key to it all.  In ancient times you find more about the wars of Sparta, as to what was going on then, because these ancient money traders, who also lent money to countries, would put these countries into massive debt, and then come in, just like the IMF comes in today, to manage those countries.  They'd then take the armies of those countries and use them to fight other countries who hadn't taken any debt out at all.  Sparta held out for almost a hundred years against them.  They refused to go into it, and they coined their own money from iron, very tempered iron.  You couldn't split it, or cheat on it, because you couldn't break it or file it down.  They used iron just to try and keep their independence.  They knew what was happening, that a people even back then were bringing in a monetary system in order to dominate the peoples. 


Richardson: Let's bring us back into the future here.  One of my guests here would very much like for you to explain the United Nations, how the United States is tied to it, where those strings go, and really how that happened.  Why?  Why are we so tied to it?  Is it the money?  Is it just the corporate structure?  How does that work? 


Alan: It's all of that.  It's money, corporate structure, everything.  In the late 1800s, when the Milner group that became the Royal Institute for International Affairs was on the go, they set up and financed; the Milner group, by the way, at the beginning of the CFR was made up of international bankers, like Milner, Lord Milner himself.  And they put their sons out and relatives out as agents.  They were a spy agency as well.  And they set out to take over the resources of the world at the time of Cecil Rhodes, and they were taking over the resources to own the future, to own the century in fact, to own the 20th century into the 21st, because, for their own sustainability, so that they, being the right people to live and breed and all the rest of it, had decided under eugenics, that they should have enough for their children to survive long into the future, but also with the intention of bringing populations down.  They funded the organization to start bringing the populations down, by using global governance. 


What they did was, they created the League of Nations, they financed the League of Nations, and they got President Wilson, who was the greatest guy of all, he really, you know, went along.  He was managed by Colonel Mandell House in the U.S.  It was an honorary title he'd got.  And Mandell House worked, he was a member of the CFR or Royal Institute of International Affairs at the time.  He took his orders from Lord Grey, Earl Grey, who was another member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs for world government.  So they thought that by forming a League of Nations, they could set up the embryo of a World Government.  Now it was set up immediately with a Department of Population Control, exactly as it has today.  It was set up with a World Health Organization Department, because they wanted to start inoculating people, but they also wanted to start aborting people too, what they called the wrong kinds of people across the world, so that they would not overbreed.  And they set up every possible, they mimicked every department you have in your federal government for a world government.  In fact, all our building codes come from the United Nations, which grew out of the League of Nations. 


They also said, and H.G. Wells was a big part, the propagandist for the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  He said that we need a World War to get this going, so bingo, they had WWI.  Then he said afterwards, he says, we hoped that the countries would give up their sovereignty because of this terrible war, but they're not ready.  We need another war.  And sure enough, during WWII in the Newscasts that they gave out for the Cinemas, the movies, they started calling it the United Nations forces for the first time.  America, Britain, and so on, they called them the United Nations.  And they formed the United Nations.  There was going to be a more powerful League of Nations with the same branches contained within, and a lot more too.  So, on the one hand, using Secular Humanism and UNESCO.  UNESCO was to bring in the world educational system for the whole world, standardizing education for every child on the planet, or indoctrinating them.  But first giving them a form of existentialism or secular humanism to break their old religions from them, to get rid of that.  And once that had happened, they would wait another generation and they'd introduce the new religion, which is of course the Gaea type theory and Earth worship, and how we're all here to serve the whole.  The U.N. itself, remember is U and N, it's French for One.  Everything since WWII has come via the United Nations, all the treaties etc, have come through the United Nations.  And in 1946, I think it was in San Francisco, every country attended that signed the documentations and the charter, and agreed, agreed right there, it's in the charter, that they would have to give up a certain amount of sovereignty for World Peace, and it had to be a type of World Government that would come into it, that would manifest as a certain type of World Government. 


Now everybody wants Peace.  We all love Peace.  We know what the Communists meant by World Peace.  They meant absence of all opposition, that's how Stalin explained it.  It's very similar to the United Nations.  Peace means absence of all opposition to their mandates and their doctrines to bring in this World Community, where they want to rapidly depopulate the world, make sure that only the fittest to survive come through.  They've already put the Third World countries into incredible debt, which they'll never recover from.  They've already helped kill off a lot of people in Third World Countries by their free inoculations.  They sterilized millions of people by giving out free tetanus vaccines, which were not tetanus at all.  Only to women, in India and Africa.  They admitted that by the way, on CBC Canada.


Richardson: Was HIV similar, starting with vaccinations? 


Alan: I have no doubt on that at all.  In fact, the World Health Organization gave out a mandate for free smallpox vaccines.  They started in Haiti, and then went on to Africa, and you can follow them, the outbreaks of AIDS from Haiti, right through their whole trail, right through Africa where they went. 


Richardson:  What is your general opinion on vaccination?


Alan:  I don't trust it at all.  Just by studying, and I did the same when I was young, I studied the health of previous generations, and I studied all the statistics etc, of what they had, and I found out that my own generation were coming down with all kinds of new diseases, and crippling diseases.  I noticed that they didn't have half the energy the previous generations had.  The cancer rates skyrocketed after the polio vaccine came out.  Dr Salk was hailed as the great hero, and then of course it was disclosed that hundreds of live monkey viruses or simian viruses as they like to call it, were put into every shot given to people for a twenty, thirty-year period.  And the simian 40 virus was in there too, and the SV40 virus, even today they say, it's the most virulent cause of cancers.  That's its only function.  It's a virus which only causes cancers, and of course that whole age group are all dropping dead with cancers, you know.  Dr Salk is an interesting guy, because he belonged to the American and British Eugenics Society.  He was one of their main writers on radical and drastic depopulation and sterilization.  And yet he turns round and becomes the champion to help people by giving you these polio vaccines.  That's right.  Well, believe you me, when the wolf comes dressed to you in nice clothing, he's still the wolf, and I don't trust these characters at all.  We've been taught to neglect our natural instincts by the media.  And believe you me, if a man comes out talking about the need to mandatory sterilize millions of people, or kill them off by any and all means possible, and he comes out to give you something that he wants to stick in your skin, where he knows it's got killer viruses in it, then terrible crimes have been committed here, but they've been authorized crimes, because above him, obviously the Royal Institute and the U.N. etc, knew all about it, and they're all for it.  The U.N. has been caught, as I say, they gave all these free tetanus shots out.  They were weaponized.  They carried something straight to the ovary, and the ovaries of the women got massively inflamed, and then were dead, literally were dead.  And they came out and admitted that on CBC television, and when questioned by an interviewer, these two guys standing in front of the map of the United Nations says, well, we have to do it.  If we don't do this, who is going to do it?  That's all they said.  Very arrogant guys, too. 


Inquirer #7: I have to break in.  We really, really appreciate you.  I'm wondering, a couple of years ago, Christmas time I think it was, you picked up a beautiful instrument and played it.  And then you said, like you haven't picked this up in some time, but I just wanted to switch gears, because although this subject matter is very important, I also just wanted to let people know, and I thought maybe you could maybe let us know if we could ever hear you play, maybe on some of shows.


Alan: I might do an album.  I used to do albums, and I might do an album again.  And I used to travel the world doing concert tours, but I gave it all up really, to do this, because I knew, I knew we're in the middle of the worst war the world has ever experienced, and I couldn't just sit back, knowing what I knew, and without coming forward.  No one spoke about eugenics and depopulation before I came along, and gave them the histories of who's involved.  I'm so happy that so many folk have taken this and run with it.


Inquirer #7: You're important, and anyone who hears you, I think very much appreciates, you, and I know that I personally appreciate all that you do, and I just wanted to comment.  Not everybody also knows that you're a brilliant musician, and maybe you can't divulge, but I know, I've heard tell that you played some session music back in the 1960s. 


Alan: I played and wrote songs too for big groups and singers, and also played live on stage at times with them, especially the first few times after I'd written their stuff for the studio, until they got the hang of it themselves. 


Inquirer #7: Well, I'm just again going to say how much we appreciate you, giving your time and effort.  Because we all know you could be doing something for money, I should say, but you're a good man, and thank you so much.  Thank you, Alan.


Alan: Thanks for talking to me, yeah.


Richardson: Listen, I want to give you a chance to tell people, I see that on your website here that you have your 2010, a course in deprogramming, and I think that's very, very, very, very important.  Why don't you just give us a rundown of what you have on your website, what you've written.  Some of the things, especially your radio show, which I personally, just absolutely love listening to you.  So, yeah, just tell us about your website and your things for sale.


Alan: I wrote, very quickly too, I wrote a couple of books there, actually three, the first three and then put them into one big book eventually, and another one too, to do with ancient history, to show you the progression, especially of the money system, down through the ages from ancient times, and how they brought countries down by using money, and took them over, and used debt even in ancient times to the present, the same way as today.  I've also got lots of discs of the shows, I've done, sometimes there's forty, fifty per disc, because I don't know how long these websites will stay up.  One day they'll just pull them, you know, with a law that will be passed, and boompf, they'll be gone.  So it's good to get these discs out there for future use.  Even today, I've got so much I'd love to churn out in books, but I never have time.  Because what I'm doing here, and answering mails during the day, and searching for the latest laws that were passed and stuff, literally you start at 8 in the morning, you get back into bed, 2 or 3 the next morning.  That's every day, and that's generally seven days a week.  The money doesn't flow in like crazy.  If I had time I could certainly churn the books out to go even further with people.  I show you in the books how to deprogram, and by your reading process alone, you'll find that parts of your brain start to wake up.  You've been kept in a linear mode for so long, because you've been trained that way, and you'll start to see things differently.  Many angles on the same thing at the same time.  And it's like becoming alive again, when your mind starts to race off on itself, you understand things, you enjoy the experience, as we should enjoy the experience of having most of our minds working, and you'll see through the cons and the tricks instantly of the things that are coming down.  You understand for the first time.  And I show you too, a lot of the coding that has been used in the past, and is still used today, because the big boys love to use symbols and coding, even in the mainstream media, as they mock us and laugh at us, and leave messages for the other elites to watch.


Richardson: I had this idea.  I was going to ask all of the speakers, and it just totally blew my mind. If you had a top five book, and even documentary or movie list, what would that be, that they should read, that they could understand all of this stuff?


Alan: I think they have to understand the philosophies, #1.  Everything came through the philosophers that were meant to change whole eras and generations of people, and how they've used philosophers to do just that.  Bend our minds, etc.  And how the philosophers are tied in, especially since the days of Hegel with Hegel, and how National Socialism in Germany, and Communism in Russia, were really one in the same thing.  They both had, in fact they used the same posters in their early days.  Hitler was put alongside Lenin as the great hero.  And they were great friends in the beginning.  They came out of Darwinism; Darwinism believes in the survival of the fittest and the best to live and rule.  They believe in Darwinism that those who have come through different eras, meaning Stone Age, right up through agricultural age, feudal system into industrial age, post-industrial into technological age, and now we're a service economy.  They really believe that it's time that we should just die off, like obsolete amoebas.  And that is the system they want to bring the world into today, where only the ones who are fittest to survive, and that's them of course, the scientific elite, the technocrats who are involved with technology, and who will serve the masters who run the money systems.  They come through into a new lovely, depopulated system, where they'll still have enough resources to last themselves another few thousand years.  I mean, that's what it's about.  George Bernard Shaw wrote about it.  Now, he actually talked about getting a gas in the 1920s to kill off the unemployed workers at the time, on behalf of the Fabian society.  To understand it, I would go into Carroll Quigley's The Anglo-American Establishment.  It's a must-get book, where he shows you from the late 1800s how this group fomented a World War, and he was all for this group, he was the historian for them.  To bring about internationalism and World Government, and how from 1880 they were fomenting through their own media, which they all owned by the way, The Anglo-American Establishment.  And he shows you how they were fomenting the propaganda against Germany for twenty-odd years, thirty years before WWI to get the public ready for war with Germany, because they wanted a World War.  And they had a plan for the whole world under the League of Nations; they created the League of Nations.  They'd tell you its mandates.  It's a fascinating book.  If you read that there's other books too that are companions to it. 


There was a book called Foundations: Their Power and Influence.  That was put out by a man who also was involved with the Reece Commission, 1953, in the United States, where they had to investigate the tax free, exempt foundations, like Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Guggenheim, and all the other ones, because they couldn't understand in Congress, why they seemed to be funding what seemed to be Communist movements within the United States.  And that's when they were told that their job was to change the culture through education and media, and movies, by they way, so drastically in the West that they could blend the system with the Soviet system easily, down the road, and that's exactly what's happened.  So that's a must-be book as well, Foundations: Their Power and Influence. 


I'd also read, you can read a lot of books on Theosophy, if you don't start to believe in the Con as Blavatsky goes along through her book.  They're written in such a way to try to drag, especially young people, drag them into the belief of this system, so as long as you're aware that that's it's intent.  Blavatsky gives a lot out of the bag, about Superior Human Beings, Inferior Human Beings, and that the purpose of Theosophy and the Lucius Trust, which again Rockefeller still funds today, is to blend what they called spirit and science together.  Spirit and science together, which is a very interesting subject, because they're trying to do this using high technology to go into this world of what they call the spirit as well, through technotronic technology, weaponry, etc. 


Cern is one of them.  We have a guy here in Canada called Persinger, he's Professor Persinger.  He was born in the States, he came to Laurentian University, he was given a massive grant by the American military establishment to find ways of manipulating the human brain, with ELF waves.  And there's youtubes up on him in fact, in his class at Laurentian, where he puts a helmet on, it's called the Koren Helmet.  And it gives you the same effects by stimulating the temporal lobe as LSD, or very strong marijuana, and the secret is so interesting, is that it's not the high-powered ones that work on the brain.  Our cells of our body work on very tiny, tiny electrical charges and impulses, very small.  If it's too high a charge, you're trying to influence them, they won't work.  It has to be on the low frequencies, but every cell in your body, every type of tissue has its own frequency range, so they can target any type of tissue, in your body with ELF type waves, electromagnetic type. 


Richardson: Do you think, one of our audience members wanted to know if anti-depressants was sort of the catalyst into sort of the Brave New World, and Soma type of aspect, and also how that is effecting.  Well, we know that if they're one molecule off of LSD, the antidepressants according to Angela Christie, and she's quite an expert.  How does that play in with the sound modulation and the ultra high and the ultra low frequency as well as just anti-depressants themselves.


Alan: Well they can work in, because some of these modern anti-psychotic drugs as they're calling them, can actually switch off receptors in the brain or switch them on.  Some of these receptors you can switch off permanently, by using chemicals, these chemicals, drugs.  And today, they're mainly working on serotonin, but they also reduce other things in your brain as well.  It isn't as precise as they say, it will only affect serotonin.  It will also affect dopamine and things like that.  So, it's not so precise, but you're quite right.  It can put you into a certain receptive mood you might say to even mild ELF stimuli.  Now since Persinger demonstrated this helmet back in the late 1960s by the way, this is old stuff.  They can do this from long range, from even cell phone towers.  That came out in a Finnish study recently.  A Professor had found they can target a person within line of sight of any tower for warfare purposes by recording his particular frequency.  We all have body frequencies, and it's like in brain frequencies, like a fingerprint.  Your individual fingerprint is your brain.  Once they have that, they can target you in a crowd.  You can be miles away, in line of sight of that tower, and hit you, hit you literally, hit you with a direct beam that will affect no one else in that crowd, and alter your behavior, give you a blackout, do whatever they want to do, reprogram you.  That's already been released, they can do that.  And nothing on that tower by the way has to be moved to find you in that 360-degree radius; that was also interesting. 


So, I'm sure they thought of all of this when they put the towers up, because, what we're given on the bottom level of science, and that's scientific magazines, anything to do with research is exactly that, it's a bottom level re-search, the searching was done years before.  Searching was done years before to find how things worked.  They still keep giving grants to those at the bottom who go through the same process, not knowing it was already done before.  And that's why it's called research.  And I've gone through the documentation to do with for instance, Technocracy Inc, which you must look up.  These are the guys who came out of the military, CIA, Brand was one of them, Brockman was another.  They helped form the Grateful Dead to try and form the drug era, and the rock music era, the free love era.  So here's guys in the top of the military getting sent out to bring that into American culture, and they also wanted to use eventually, not just LSD and so on to affect the brains and the behavior of people, but literally to bring in technotronic warfare type devices, as well, which could go worldwide.  The same stuff that Brzezinski talked about in his book Between Two Ages, which again is a must-be.  You must get that book to see what he talks about.  He talks about controlling whole continents of pulsing waves of tech, of really ELF type wave.  Bertrand Russell also talks about the same thing.  He says, the public can be controlled in the future, and be brought to decisions, without ever knowing how they're being brought to decisions and who's really doing it by sciences which they'll never even hear of, they'll never be told of.  I think that's already being tested today. 


Pharma is a big part of it.  It didn't start with anti-depressants, it started with Valium, and I think it was Eli Lily that started it off.  They knew back in the 1940s and early 1950s that with Valium.  They tested it outside in fact within an Arabian country first of all, and they found that it was highly addictive and that the stuff laid itself down in the marrow of the long bones, for up to a period of five years, it would leach out and you'd have withdrawals for up to five years on it.  And yet for forty years the drug industry when they brought it into America, and were throwing it around like candy, they said that oh, it was all psychological addiction, there was no physical addiction whatsoever.  Even though, everybody who worked in emergency rooms could see the people coming through withdrawal, and going into physical convulsions with it.  That was the start of it, was the Valium drugs.  Now today, because Valium got such a bad rap, because folks started to understand what it was doing to them, they have a whole bunch of drugs coming out of Valium but they've renamed them all, so as you don't think it's Valium.  You know you have a whole bunch of drugs that really are still Valium out there.  Highly addictive.


And remember too Bertrand Russell and you also had the brother of Aldous Huxley, Julian Huxley who worked at the United Nations on UNESCO, to create the world education system for the children, they both said that they would use pharma.  Pharma would start to take a bigger and bigger role in managing the minds of people.  Aldous Huxley, the brother, and remember these guys were all descended too, they were all relatives of Darwin, by the way, who wrote Brave New World, was Aldous Huxley.  He said that pharma will have a big, big part to play in all of this.  He says, people are unhappy anyway, really.  He says most folk are unhappy.  What he doesn't mention is that he and his elite boys make sure that you're kept in a state of fear, with constant change and crisis and all the rest of it.  So their idea was to make it so unbearable to live in a system where you've got threat after threat and fear after fear that people will turn for some relief, mental relief and then they'll all be on drugs. 


Richardson: What was the name of that Brzezinski book again?


Alan:  Between Two Ages.


Richardson: I've got another question here from another audience member.


Inquirer #8: Hi.  This is probably going to sound pretty shallow, but who do you think is going to be the next American president?  Do you think if Ron Paul became President it might make a difference? 


Alan: I, myself, am so jaded with politics.  I've watched the cons for so long, and I also know that I don't care if a person could be parachuted from heaven to become President, they'd kill him.  These characters who've run this world for so long, and this is from WWI remember to the present, this new system, are utterly ruthless.  They'll stop at nothing to get their agenda through.  They will never say, okay, I guess the game is up, we'll just go home. That won't happen.  And so, one man can't change this system.  Number One, it's the same in Britain.  Britain proved this in fact with their boys.  They placed their own agents from the Royal Institute of International Affairs and CFR in all the top positions for life basically, over the military, the navy, all the major departments of trade, etc.  And if these guys give you no cooperation whatsoever, I don't care what you try to do, they'll ignore you.  It just doesn't work like that.  And a President by the way, in today's system, in government today, he can't even learn everybody underneath him and all their departments, at the top of the departments.  There are so many departments, he would never even, by the time he was leaving his term, he hasn't even learned half their names, never mind pretending to run the country.  The advisors behind him are more important, these guys know what their job is.  And they know the agenda, the world agenda.  So I don't see one person coming.  You'd literally need to have the military surround him at all times, and I'm not kidding about that.  Because we're up against people who have planned for over a hundred years and they've worked for over a hundred years to bring this in.  They're dedicated.  They're fanatical.  And they're not going to step aside because they think someone is going to change their way, and just go home and start knitting or something.  These guys are ruthless.


Richardson: Okay, we've got enough time for one more question, then we're going to have to wrap this up.  Again, we really appreciate your doing this for us. 


Inquirer #9: Yeah, thank you for touching base, Alan.  My question is twofold.  One, I wonder what your take is on Denver National Airport, and also I heard you touch earlier on Zern laboratories and the Heiger collider, I didn't hear particularly what you were saying about what the Heiger collider produces if I'm pronouncing it wrong.


Alan: It's all tied in.  I know the Denver International Airport, I've seen on so many of the photographs from inside there.  What you're seeing there is a story when you follow the pictures, right down to, you've got all these international children, multi-cultural, the whole bit, happy.  You've got other children in coffins, I noticed, as well.  And Freemasonic symbols everywhere.  It's like the old Masonic temples.  When you walk through some of the buildings in fact which are temples, even some that are made for the public to walk through, you're actually walking through a ritual.  Walking through it is actually a ritual, that's what they'll tell you.  And the symbols above you, all form pictures and part of the story, and you're walking through a living ritual as you go through.  If you understand everything you're seeing there, and really think about it, you'll understand what they're telling you through the whole story, the picture-lined book that you're walking through, to do with the future.  And, it's mainly children.  They outdo the adults.  They're telling you too by the way, that this is part of the New Man, the children, the new generation, who are so indoctrinated, they will go along with it all, they'll be happy, that's what they're telling you.  But there's no happy adults anywhere to be seen, with smiles anywhere.  They're gone. 


Now, I have no doubt at all they've built underground bases, you're quite right.  The Rand corporation was the first one to come out, back years ago, in the sixties they came out with their big boring machine that could go through any kind of rock, 24 hours per day, or night, at 5 miles per hour at that time.  It was in the Canadian papers here, back in the early 1990s.  They were using those same machines to create an underground tunnel from Pigeon Lake in British Columbia, all the way under the Sea to come out inside Russia, next to another lake by the way.  That was in mainstream major newspapers here with the guy who designed the tunnel and so on as the author.  And then I never heard anymore about it.  I presume they've done it.  They have underground links between certain cities already, with advanced little tube train things that whiz through them.  Interesting to me in fact, Highway 69, which is designated to be the new Highway for NAFTA, they built a new one, a New Highway 69, it passes me quite close.  As they were demolishing the old roads next to it, they found an underground bunker made in WWII, that was meant to sustain hundreds of people, I guess VIPs for up to a hundred years or more.  The elite have always been at this kind of game to make sure they can survive through anything at any time whatsoever.  The Hadron collider and things like that is not the only one.  There's one here near me at Coniston, and that's supposed to also be the world's largest underground, it's underground, you can drive through Coniston and you won't see an entrance to the underground place, even though the television will occasionally show you a picture from inside it.  Where you get into it I have no idea.  I've never seen a photograph.  I've never seen an entrance I should say, when I drive around that place.  So probably the entrances are miles away to get into the underground one.  However they're talking about splitting things down to tiny quarks and so on, things smaller then atoms, and partly for weaponry purposes, no doubt whatsoever, partly for propulsion for high-tech future NASA spaceships and so on, because if you can use that and use matter, break things down into quarks and eject that at high speed from any nozzle, you're going to go forward an awful, awful pace.  But first and foremost everything is always used for weapons purposes, and it'll have many offshoots outside of that as well.


Regardless, whenever they give us something to even know about, technically it's obsolete.  They've got something way beyond that on the go that works.  And I've found this over and over and over again, just in my life.  I'll give you a good example.  I mean the gene itself, the human gene, supposedly wasn't discovered until around the late 1970s, and Watson himself, by the way Watson has a very interesting history of relatives if you go into who they are.  He came up with the double helix for the gene, and supposedly with an electromagnetic microscope, they could see the genes, etc.  And before that they were just a theory that they existed, but I was reading a book by one of the most famous mathematicians, it was his own biography, and his name was Rutherford.  And he wrote a book in about 1920, and he said, and this was the guy who went to the pyramids in Egypt.  He was sent over by the Royal Society to take the exact measurements and so on.  And he said, since then, I've been employed by the Royal Society and as mathematician working on genes.  Now, you wouldn't need a scientist who was only a mathematician to work on genes if you couldn't see them.  There'd be no point; so obviously, they could see the human genes back in his day in the 1920s.  What we're given in the mainstream is mainly lies.  Whenever you see they're working on something and one day they hope to blah, blah, blah, that they're way, way beyond it.  They always keep us living in a past when it comes to any kind of science.  Always on every level.  Every level.


Richardson: Alright, well Alan, we want to thank you again for joining us tonight.  I know that you are a busy man, and again I really appreciate it.  I know my audience really appreciates it.  How about a big round of applause.


Alan: Yeah, well thanks for having me.  It's been enjoyable, yeah. 


Richardson: Now is there a place to donate just to you so you can keep doing what you're doing?


Alan: Yeah, you can go into, and you'll see paypal there, plus an address.  You can actually send cash regular post if you want to, or personal check.  Or you can send an international postal money order too, from the post office.  The address is there to post it.

Remember, see the more you know, don't get crippled by knowledge.  Knowledge empowers you.  And when you see the cons and tricks, that these guys have pulled to insure they stay in power and try to pull of their dream which is our nightmare, the more knowledge you have, the more ammunition you have to fight with and you can go and challenge them, and you can leave them speechless.  And that is power.  Knowledge is power.  And you are fighting evil, and it's your duty to fight evil.  You have no option.  You have no option.  And these characters must be exposed for who they are.  And we must get into a system where the public have a say in their own destiny for a change.  That's what it's all about.


Richardson: How's your dog? 


Alan: Oh Hamish is just great.  He's healthy and strong, and he doesn't eat that awful dog food that kills him, from China.  He's pretty fit and healthy, yeah.


Richardson: And how about you?  Are you eating food from China?  Are you fit and healthy? 


Alan: I try to get the better stuff if I can, but to be honest with you, if I was to buy stuff out of grocery stores, remember Canada was the test bed for GMO food, and we didn't know we'd been tested for it for over ten years, when the government made a secret deal with Monsanto to use as guinea pigs.  We didn't know that in Canada until it broke out from Britain, when Tony Blair was trying to pass it, and he says, well, the Canadians are getting sicker on it, and we said, what are they talking about?  And they had to disclose it.  The government made a secret deal.  This is a mainstream paper.  Your elected government made a secret deal with Monsanto to test Canadians with GMO vegetables and stuff, without their knowledge, by using the National Health System to follow our health as it goes down the tubes, and we'd already been on it for ten years.  Ten years without knowing.  So I try to avoid as much of that stuff as I can.  They will not label stuff, of course, and luckily around here there are some independent small farmers left, and there are some people who have collected seed for themselves, rather than take the GMO stuff, which is pretty deadly.


Richardson: Alright, well, I so appreciate you coming on tonight, I hope that you continue to do what you're doing.  And I hope that you continue to teach and wake up America and Canada and everywhere else.  Once again, we thank Alan Watt.


Alan: And thank you too guys.


Richardson: Alright sir.  I bid you a Good Night, and I'll be in touch. 


Alan: And I'll look forward to hearing from you again.


Richardson: Alright, thank you very much.


Alan: Bye Now.


Richardson: Good Night.


Alan: Bye.





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