August 14, 2007





Bill:  Welcome to the NutriMedical Report, hour two for the 14th of August, Tuesday. That's August 14, 2007. It's amazing. We're now looking at of course the cyclone Flossie, earthquake hitting Hawaii. We're looking at all these events happening now as the stock market is literally shaken by this real estate bubble that's about to burst. All of it engineered of course to take away the assets to pave the way for North American Union, which they're planning in a couple of weeks in Quebec. Our guest, who literally cuts through the matrix, Alan Watt will be joining us in just a moment.


Welcome back to the NutriMedical Report and we will take your questions and calls in probably about 15, 20 minutes. 866-582-9933. There's so many issues going on. Alan, tell us your analysis of the latest scenarios of babble and confusion and “cut the through matrix” as they say. Your website Do go and visit there. Do purchase the packages of incredible material that cut through the matrix and realize that all, A-L-L of the so-called public political systems, all of the public religions have been literally ensnared and engulfed and converted into machines for control. You need to cut through the matrix, otherwise you will be a victim. Alan, your analysis please.


Alan:  I think you're quite right. The time we're in now and going into even faster has been a carefully laid plan, laid a long time ago to create massive, massive terror and confusion, with wars and plagues and all the rest of it, everything that science can actually do.  I listened to your first half of your program today and I noticed you said something that was really interesting which I know myself. I feel it myself and that is how much do you tell the public? We know much more than we say because we've studied these particular issues and this agenda for such a long time and we don't want to cripple their minds and therefore we give them what we hope they can handle.


Bill:  Right. Even the simplest things I call zone one, which is published in public journals and documents and their own newspapers, they don't read, and when they read it's like they don't understand what’s in the printed word right in front of their eyes.


Alan:  Yes. They refuse to believe because of their conditioning in a world where they're run by experts that anything wrong could happen to them or anything bad could happen to them. They've been trained to be perpetual children and most of them still today think that somehow this particular system that they're used to is going to continue for the rest of their lives. They live in hope even when it's changing all around them by the day or the week they refuse to see it and we know for instance that the plagues are coming because they're all man made.


Bill:  Oh yes. In fact, I mentioned that about the fact that RCMP is literally meeting with my pastor friend. The same with the United States. They're getting ready. They have the plagues ready. The [Zicronium-12] plague. All these things like the [clustrium deficil]. The MRSA, multi-drug resistant TB. They're all getting ready because they've passed laws to say they can force quarantine you. It doesn't matter if you're in Australia or Canada or Britain or anywhere. They're getting ready for a global matrix.


Alan:  That's right. They have spelled out their agenda over many, many years of a brand new society, a much-reduced population in the society and a completely new way of living. No more rural living at all, everyone in small habitat areas and it's coming to pass. They're at the verge of it now and they are going to do some incredible things and use the media as always, the mainstream media to convince you that it's just nature evolving and that we're causing the problems. Most will believe that because they believe nothing outside the mainstream media and they will, I think, perish with it, to be honest with you.  Last month, I live next to the TransCanada Highway and the trains which go north and to the east of me and I've never seen so many heavy, heavy trains going past me as I have in this last month.


Bill:  Is this going north or east, west?


Alan:  These are going north and we know that there are huge underground bases for continuity of governments up north.


Bill:  Let me just tell you about one of them okay, besides the one I visited personally on the Blood Indian Reserve in Canada – in Alberta in 1983 with the direction of the CSIS director, the new CSIS director for western Canada who told me face-to-face and I went out there myself. The largest single base with the greatest amount of pollution is [Coal] Lake, Alberta. The cost of that base and I've talked to special Canadian, U.S. and other country’s agents who've been there, that particular underground facility costs $250 billion dollars to build it; $250 billion to build that facility. That's just one facility and you can't imagine the countless trillions upon trillions of dollars spent on these things while Americans go without healthcare. People get – they don't have proper advances that are even put into agricultural care for animals into human healthcare. They suppress technology. They suppress free energy. They don't allow people to be independent in their own rural farms so they can make their own energy. They are purposely trying to corral the entire population to put them in highly compact cities and have them literally corridors connecting then with re-wilding the spaces in between, it’s right there in Agenda 21. It's in Global 2000 and they're behind the schedule. They have billions to kill before the day is done, billions to kill.


Alan:  And it must be done in such a way that the victims themselves with think it's all circumstance and coincidence.


Bill:  Oh yes. Just like when I had Henry L. Niemen on the program for about a year and a half and then, because of my background and I was trained by the bacteriologist Dr. Robert Brown at [Dalhousie] that was working at [Reuter] Campus and worked at the Carol Institute in the T-virus facilities in the United States for the so-called Defensive Bio-weapons Project was no less defensive than creating the death weapons of the end of the age. The T-virus killed all of his buddies that got out of the low-pressure class board insulation on a one day out of the 10 years that he was sick. These kinds of things are going on because they've got dozens of end time plagues that they've got ready to foist upon the population. The Morgellons [disease], the chemtrails. Even the deaths in the forests. They're killing the bacteria that even protects the trees so the trees are dying of pests and they want to make it look like it's global warming. Garbage, garbage, garbage.


Alan:  That's right and they even admit themselves they have almost every species in cryogenics storage to re-seed the planet when necessary.


Bill:  They have at least three repositories. One is up in Norway. One is in Pine Gap, Australia and there's another one overseas. They have these genetic libraries of the organisms to reproduce, like at Lake [Holley], literally the genetic Ark that they actually have these projects public. If you don't believe me, go check it yourself. What Alan is telling you hear is they're getting ready to end this age and they're getting ready to kill billions; and this is not theoretical.


Alan:  You probably remember Preston Manning that was in Canada.


Bill:  Oh yes.


Alan:  When Preston Manning was in, it was an interesting little thing because all the politicians and their families were given for the first time access to special treatment in medical establishments within military institutions that would be denied to the public. They never explained what this was all about. That's why all of the politicians are going along with this agenda hoping they're survive and they'll be saved and get special treatment when all these plagues are released, but the general public will be denied them.


Bill:  The continuity of government, and I was told this by inside contacts in the U.S. and Canada, is instantly when "plagues hit" their very first step before they go and shut off the lights is to shut the grid off. That means you've got one tank of gas that you can drive away from wherever you are at. If you don't have food, water or things to keep yourself quarantined and you go outside, and that's the U.S., Canada and elsewhere, you are an enemy combatant.  I confronted the FEMA director on December 12th, 2002 at a bio-terrorism conference in front of hundreds of military personnel, doctors and nurses, with the FEMA director saying that I have seen personally your operational manual and it is to corral the population if you blew up, and I used this example to him when he was at the podium. The Federal Center or Republic Plaza downtown Denver by the Brown Palace, you are to shoot to kill and put them in body bags. Not to decontaminate. Not to have mobile decontamination units, but to shoot to kill with lethal force. It's not to help. It's to make sure you maximally cross-contaminate and kill; and he couldn't deny it.  We'll be back in a moment with more cuttingthroughthematrix with Alan Watt and if you have questions or comments you want to get on board, you want to do what you can do make sure your neighbors hear this story and your radio picks up the show.


Welcome back to the NutriMedical Report and you can visit at and clayandiron. Just like the Book of Daniel. Do visit our websites. Do purchase our products. Do get the DVDs and we will have the DVDs from the conference talks that I did in Vancouver shortly. We expect those to be delivered and we'll have our own production people put them together. We expect the people to contact the Vancouver 9/11 people and tell them how happy they are and I really believe in our people here that listen to the program on Genesis. They get the free archives that rebroadcasts the shows and ask what you can do. Get your local stations AM and FM to pick up the Key Band satellite. Get a Key Band Receiver and become a micro-broadcaster yourself.  It's like a good shortwave. You can get crystal clear signal if the internet goes down because, believe me, we're not going to have freedom of speech here too much longer, and we have organizations like this in Canada that think they can censure and cut out talks by talk show hosts like myself who's a whistleblower on the inside. I did more talks than anyone else at this conference. You can tell this is near the end of civilization as we know it because when they sanction the supposedly freedom of speech sanction people who do ask questions and raise issues, you know we're near the end of the game and they're no longer going to pretend that they're our friends. They're just trying to corral the sheep. They're getting ready to execute us.


Let's get your analysis, Alan, on what you see coming, because we now have of course – Bush's brain has left the White House. We have Karl Rove's the Prince of Darkness. We have the about to be bubble for the mortgage lending which has all been engineered to burst the economy. We have the American Navy sitting in a ready position. Actually start a nuclear war with the Chinese saying they'll retaliate by frying 200 cities and towns with technology we gave them. We have the Russians basically working with conjoint military operations with the Chinese. We're literally sitting on the precipice of disaster and they're ready to completely corral the entire populations of the planet and kill a good chunk of us with plagues, pestilence and financial disaster; and people still want to argue. I can't believe it.


Alan:  If you go back in the first World War when the big British council, the elite met to discuss how they would get all the young men into this war and go over and get slaughtered on battlefields. They used the newspapers and all these characters in the particular council for this elite owned the newspapers at the time. They had already done the studies back then in 1914 and 15 and they found that 87 percent of the public, even then, would not do their own reasoning. They also found out if they gave them enough crisis that the average person couldn't handle two or more conflicts coming at them at once and so they would literally close down and they were easily guided by the media. They'd simply adopt opinions given to them and do what they were told; and that's the scenario. That's why they picked this particular scenario of giving us the plagues to reduce the population to be herded into these habitat areas and vast amounts of the public to be killed off, with a new system emerging at the end of it. They expect the public to go along blindly in a panic almost, guided by the expert society that we've all been trained to believe in, and that's why it’s all happening this way. Order out of chaos, therefore they must bring in total chaos to make us obey.


Bill:  Exactly, and this is the thing. Cuttingthroughthematrix, your website is I consider the premiere intellectually unveiling the technology of the use of words as mind bombs and in the words of Mao Tse-Tung, I am not afraid of weapons or nuclear or bombs or bullets or shells. I'm afraid of a man with an idea that can display that idea to the public. They are much more afraid of those who actually display the level of ignorance; that display the level of literally willing victimness of the public to what's coming, whether it's forced vaccination, financial collapse, weaponization of our food being sprayed on and you look up in the sky and they say we don't believe. We have chemtrails. There was apparently this ridiculous hit piece documentary talking about it. I guess it's going to be back on the air in a few days on chemtrails trying to tell us that these are just simply contrails from the back of jets and then they even -- on Discovery Channel, I call it the lack of discovery channel. By the way, this is owned by the same globalists, this Discovery Channel Network, talking about it being putting aluminum into jet fuel, when it's ridiculous. I was told specifically by people working at Denver International Airport and other airports, including the military, they have drone jets. They're shoving these out of the back of C-130s. They have three companies that service the laboratory facilities in all major airlines, including the European Airbus and the Boeing Jets, and those three companies have NSA agents and other global agents that work and put and service these particular distribution centers that are totally beyond the control of the regular pilots. They don't know what's going on. They're just shooting out of the back engines of the wings. The public – they can look up in the sky and say that looks weird. All of a sudden you see grey skies. These things just hang there for hours and they fall down, and we even do chemical analysis and people have polymer chemists and they say they can't believe it. I just want to slap them and say do you understand you're in a burning building and if you don't leave now you're going to be dead. They want to ad hominem attacks against someone like me or Alex Jones or anybody else and think that they can shoot us in the back or throw a hatchet at us when we're trying to do the very thing that needs to be done, which is wake everyone up like you are doing. Sticking our neck out. Putting ourselves in jeopardy and I don't have any patience left for people who want to snipe at each other. We're in a burning building and the roof is about to fall down. 


Alan:  That's what I see and to be honest with you, I think there's nothing we shouldn't do now to try and get enough people at least to understand and to start at least preparing for themselves. None of us would choose this lifestyle – particularly the lifestyle I have. People would not believe it. I would never choose this unless I had to come out into the open at this particular time and disclose to the public what I knew. I would rather prefer a hundred other ways of living than I am now.


Bill:  Absolutely. Look, I finished by Ph.D. research project at age 20. I was a medical graduate studying specialty work at age 24. I'm 55 now. Do you think I want to deal with the trashing – the attempted trashing of my career by my colleagues; by my State Board; by military personnel death threats because I know about Oklahoma City – finding out special operations was even members of the Joint Chiefs of Columbine High School. Finding out that they trashed and destroyed and killed people from 82 nations at the World Trade Center, that they've got bombs in over 22 cities by the mid-90’s when they planned to release pandemics. This is a nightmare. I don't want to know this stuff. I'm not psychotic. If this could be cured with a shot, please, let me roll up my sleeve and take it, but I will not be sniped at. If you think that you know better than me, people out there? You think you know better science? You think you know better analysis of it than the guests we bring on like Alan Watt? Take your questions right now. Put it on the table. Put down your chips. Put down your cards because you need to know we've been in the battle line. If we're battle-hardened warriors and we're trying to tell you what we can tell you. We can't even tell all that we know. If we do, it would blow you away so far you won't even think that we're rational. You won't even think we're from the same dimension, let alone telling you the truth of what's coming that people want to argue that even the national ID isn't coming or the North American Union when it's almost done. It's almost finished.


Alan:  It's already introduced into most of the European countries. It's there. They carry them with them and we're the last to get ours.


Bill:  And the Chinese. Chinese in fact – It's American companies – American companies – this is treason, in China setting up the surveillance grid in China. They have 10 million people every year leaving -- peasants leaving there going to the big cities, either for the flesh markets so they could either become prostitutes or have their tissue organs taken are being thrown in Lodi camps where they'll be slave labor. And, by the way, they're American corporations. You need to know this, that in the first term of Bush he had his first foreign mission to China was to bring in major business people including what I call China Mart to go to China to make contact with the Lodi camps, 20,000 prisons in China. WalMart said to their supplier companies, at your expense you put factories inside these Lodi camps. Put a little dummy facility outside but the real one is inside the prison and if you don't do it you can't sell through Tasco or WalMart worldwide at your cost and we have long-term consignment of all of the supplies, so they don't even have to own the material inside the WalMart. All they have to own is the shell because it's a New World Order company. That's what you've got. What do you think, Alan?


Alan:  That's it. That's basically it.


Bill:  Exactly. That's how bad it is, people. That's what's going on, criminality at the highest levels. We'll be back in a moment. Welcome back. It's Dr. Bill Deagle here and Alan Watt Do visit there. We'll be back with Alan next week. He's in every week or two to give his wit and wisdom to cut through the matrix; and believe me, you need a sharp intellect. You need to have a sharp and clean body, which is a temple of the spirit, and you need to be ready to realize that disaster is about to strike. This is not a delusion. It is not a theory. It's a fact and we're telling you as witnesses high upon the tower that we're blowing this far. That we're telling you you better wakeup now. You better get yourself ready in every way, just like Jerome Corsi told in the hours before with Alex's program. You better make sure you're not in debt. You better have supplies. You better get yourself ready to not be in these big ugly cities if things get nuts, because if you don't have run-and-go packs, if you don't have an escape plan it's going to get insane and believe me, they do not care about you. Continuity of government does not include the Congress and the Senate, let alone the citizenry. So tell us your analysis, Alan, and I think we do have a caller from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Alan, your analysis of this. Mention the COG (Continuity of Government) not even including anything other than the Executive Branch of government. Isn't that unbelievable?


Alan:  Yes and really that's how it's always really been on the quiet. The show of politics is just to con the public, because Carroll Quigley said that. There is a parallel government that has been running the world since at least the beginning of the 1900’s and politics at the bottom is just a show for the public really.


Bill:  Exactly. That's how bad it is. That is how bad it is. Well of course your three documentaries are Cutting Through No. 1, "The Androgynous Hermaphroditic Agenda"; Cutting Through 2, "The Glimpse into the Great Work" and Cutting Through 3, "Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in High Masonic Tradition."  You have to understand, and I said this when I spoke at the Granada Farm and I also spoke, which is probably why part of this is cut, although it was only 20 minutes of my hour presentation in the grand hall. The origins of the new world disorder, which isn't new in any way, shape or form, and the high priests of the illuminati, the Knights Templar, the Kings of Malta and all those high level Masonic traditions, they use these symbolisms, these architectures, these grand mathematical schemes in their various esoterics so they can make themselves feel like they're a supra species and we're simply sheep. They do this repeatedly and you need to understand this so you won't see rates in plain sight because they have to show you or even tell you before they do it they're going to release a pandemic; crash the economy; take your assets; vaccinate you; poison you; sterilize you and then kill you.


Alan: It's interesting to see that Donald Rumsfeld, right after 9/11, the very next day, said that this might be 100 years of a war; and he was talking not only about the Middle East. He's talking about a war to change the entire globe and the way of living for everybody on it.


Bill:  Right, and of course to change the warriors too.


Alan:  That's right.


Bill:  Because their plan is not have normal human warriors. So if you out there and you think I'm real tough special-op Delta, well, you'll be tough all right against a genetically enhanced supra being that can run at 30 miles per hour and jump with a backpack on 25 feet. You're really powerful when you can deal with basically we call Spiderman super soldiers that they're actually building and making right now in underground facilities; and I'm not going to open that can of worms today, but I'm going to. We need to know that this is not theory and I'm not making this as conjecture. This has been in operation since the 1920’s and '30’s with the Nazis. They have been conceiving the idea of enhanced super soldiers. It's at MIT. It's elsewhere. So let's take our caller from Nova Scotia, Canada. Go ahead. You're on the air.


Unidentified Caller:  Hi. Dr. Bill. How are you today?


Bill:  I'm on fire with Alan's help we're like a tag team.


Unidentified Caller:  That's good though. You have a great guest here. I just wanted to mention to your Canadian listeners that you and I will be starting up a 9/11 truth movement in Halifax.


Bill:  That's right, Halifax, and I and my business is still in Denver. I'm a dual citizen. I'm an American and Canadian, and we're going to have a chapter in Halifax, Nova Scotia. If you want to hear the truth, then you contact us at 888-212-8871. We're going to have our first meeting in the first week or so of September. We're going to start organizing and we're going to try to get the real 9/11-truthers who really want to know the truth and don't want to play games with the truth or censure somebody for asking questions or raising issues or offending someone with a viewpoint that they don't like. I don't care about being offended. I just want to have people have a dialogue of asking questions and presenting evidence and showing why they know better than I do. If they can, more power to them. As my father used to say, if I know what you know and what I know I'll know more than you, so if you truly can teach me, good; but if you can't, be quiet and learn. And that's what need. We need to have people that are warriors for the truth and bring their special skills, whether you're a university student; you're a grandmother, you're just a listener of the show; you're welcome and we want to get citizens out there. We want billionaires. We want millionaires. We want politicians. We want people to know that everybody's life is on the line. They want to try and convince the elite that somehow they're going to get special treatment. Oh yeah, they're going to get special treatment all right, just like the Special Forces. They're going to be the first and I can tell you this from Special Forces delta and former CIA and NSA, they had agents tracking 24/7. I remember one agent I talked to back in Colorado Springs in '94 and he told me he had to carry a pager all the time, and if he didn't they would actually come up to him and tell him that if he didn't they would terminate him. They're tracking these guys with Special Forces like Seals all the time. They have agents watching because when you have skill sets and you're a Seal you can takeover a building with a fork. Okay. They're not going to allow people with skill sets walking around without somebody knowing exactly what they're doing and tracking every phone conversation, email and everything else.


Alan:  That was discussed after the Vietnam War when they had troops coming home who were now trained in the military and they knew they were bringing big changes back home and they thought about the rioting that might ensue. They discussed at top levels in the Pentagon ways to inoculate the troops, they would get three or four years of usefulness out of them and then they'd come down with debilitating diseases.


Bill:  Right. Just like Mark Zeller. We'll have Mark back on, Special Forces, super soldier serum, six and a half inches of height at age 29; 100 pounds in weight; became super strong for a while then ruined his health, along with experimental vaccines and these new nano-machines that attach to his cells that do all kinds of weird scalar things to the cells in his body. They used them literally like guinea pigs and even kept separate records, which is against violating the military court of justice for the military, and separated their vaccine records for these experimental vaccines from their regular health records. I know, I took care of them, and when you try to demand that they send the damn records they wouldn't send them, okay. Dealing with what I call the VA (the very awful hospital system) in these military experiments is impossible. They view them as literally no different than a desk or a typewriter or a computer screen. That's the way they view their personnel.


Alan:  They have served their purpose.


Bill:  Exactly. We’re going to have a meeting. If you want to call, if you want to join us in September, we're going to start our chapter up and you need to start up chapters in your country and your division. Do contact us. We're going to have webinars coming up this fall. We're going to have documentary DVDs we’re going to be launching. We're going to launch a lot of new services but we need your support by visiting their websites. By getting their materials. By making donations and we need you number one to get your local radio station to pick it up off the KU-Band Satellite broadcasting North and South America. You can get it off the internet. You can call the studios. Get it to your local people. Your biggest danger and your greatest asset are your neighbors, and that could be a millionaire down the road. It could be your politician’s brother-in-law. It could be your sister or brother. Your danger is not Karl Rove, the brain that just left Washington, the Prince of Darkness that literally inhabited the White House as one of his names of endearment by George W. I don't want to repeat it, from the obscenities that this man has done in the White House. The obscenities that George W. has brought on the White House and the office of the presidency is beyond belief. This make the Rocky Horror Picture Show look like a garden party, is what he's done. Alan, your comments.


Alan: It's true. Again, we get all this fictional work coming out of television and dramas to show us how it's supposed to be, and people believe that as a reality, whereas the opposite has always been true at the very top, even with the religions they promoted. The kings and queens never followed them if you look at history. They did the opposite. They committed all the sins quite openly and they flaunted it. It's no different today. You have the psychopathic types at the top who believe they've got the world under their thumb and everyone in it and we're all fools supposedly according to them because we believe what they say.


Bill:  Absolutely, Alan. Visit Alan's site. Support him. Make sure that you understand these principles because we're coming to a time of great darkness, just like the Trilogy of the Rings. We're entering Mordor, a land of great darkness and shadows enveloping a dark majesty of evils, about to literally consume our world, but we can choose not to be consumed by the light of the truth. We're going to have more shows coming up this week. We'll be back, God willing. Alan you have always cut through the matrix. Take care. 



(Transcribed by Linda)