July 3, 2007






Bill:  Welcome to the NutriMedical Report and playing our show live an hour or two, for July 3rd, 2007. Our special guest, Alan Watt is on the program regularly,  Welcome to the program, Alan Watt.


Alan:  It's a pleasure to be here.


Bill:  Alan, we had a great discussion before airtime today, and we always do, and as we start to understand the real issue your website people need to get your three set, literally an expose of the real dialectic of confusion and to literally come out of Babylon. Come out of confusion—because if we don't, we're going to be victims, and the solution is not just a geopolitical one, a technical one or an environmental one. It is coming out of an understanding of confusion that has been promulgated by the overlords (the elite) that have set themselves up to be a predator class and have hidden from us our solutions.  Tell us more of how we can come out of the darkness and get into solutions to all this ridiculousness that's going on, and understanding what the nature of what kind of being we are. What kind of universe we live in.


Alan:  I think what people must really try and do, is when they literally stop everything and start to examine themselves first of all, to say, "who am I?"  If you're really honest, you're a composite of all your indoctrinations from birth, through school and through your work life. You think your opinions are your own, but they've all been marketed into you, and when you get to a stage like that then you can start asking the right questions…


Bill:  Right.


Alan:  Because you say, "who am I?" you ask yourself, who runs this system?  It is a completely ordered system.  When you dig in to even the recent past, never mind the ancient past or the medieval past, you'll find that thinkers, great thinkers were always employed by the high courts of kings and queens, right up into the Parliamentary democracies, as they call them today, to literally plan the future.  That's an odd thing for people, because we think in spans of our lifetime. That's the normal thing for the average person to imagine, is to try and do a certain thing. Buy a house. Have it paid off, retired et cetera. It's hard for us to imagine there are people who literally are paid—and I'm talking about hundreds and hundreds of think tanks to plan hundreds of years ahead in the future into an ordered society—then you realize it's always been this way.  Not a generation has passed ever knowing the real truth that the major events that happen in their life, and all the major changes, cultural, wars, economic and everything were planned long before they were born, like a drama.


Bill: Yeah, exactly. They even try to tell us that the cycles of the economy are random, when in fact they control every lever and control button of the whole economy, the dialectics of war. Nothing happens but the dark the hand of the elitists that have kept us in a "state of being profane." They try to prove to us by telling us in advance what they're going to do to us, but people don't believe them in their documents when they say they are going to reduce the world population. They're going to poison our food. They're going to bring us to war. They're going to have three world wars; and they even publish it, sometimes even hundreds of years before it happens.


Alan:  They do; and even after World War I and World War II, the same authors, the main authors that were propagandists for this agenda and the British government, like H.G. Wells.  After World War II he said, "We need another war to bring the public worldwide to their knees to accept this new system that we want to bring in."  The new system that he was taking about wasn't dreamed up by him. He was just an employee and a lowly scribbler for the agenda.  He was told all this stuff by his superiors.  What they were talking about was a brand new system, an organized more efficient system, where those intellectuals and those with power had the right to not only dictate how every individual would live their life and maybe even breed or not breed, but they would have the right to decide if you should even live or die—if they had any use for you in their system. That was also part of this whole new brand new Brave New World, and guess what? We're in the middle of it right now. This is the final end of this part. We're right on the brink and it's coming down quickly with the aid of technologies, which Madame Blavatsky talked about in the 1800’s, amongst other people.  She was only a front actress, really, for a kind of side degree from the female lodges to get the women into the New Age.


Bill:  Blavatsky and their movements were tied intimately with the Thule Society and the societies that used Luciferian channeling techniques, to get access to advanced beings from other realms, so they could get advance technical and technological things and to do literally things that we consider right out of the Bible. We're talking about astro-channeling with demonic entities. They're very real; and unfortunately, people just don't believe them. In fact, one of the greatest secrets is that these people at the top people say, "No, people couldn't be like that. They couldn't plan the death of millions. They couldn't be like that. That's not human."  The thing is, it's not governed by humanity; and that's what they don't understand.


Alan:  Yes, and Blavatsky also said that the goal of theosophy was ultimately to cross science with the world of spirit.  When you see the technologies they have today, which can literally remotely program you from a distance, and they have already crossed what we call "the spirit barrier" into another realm.


Bill:  The spirit barrier really is just a higher understanding.  I tell people spiritual issues are just basically the higher dimensions of our reality. As I've said many times, if we knew what we were, we wouldn't do what we're doing.   I said in a talk on December 7th, in Granada Forum in Los Angeles, that 10,000 years from now if we survive the cataclysms that are coming upon us both astrologically, geologically, geophysically, environmentally and technologically—there won't be any "religions", and people say "that's strange" because they look and say, "How's that possible?"   Any advanced culture that gets beyond our stage to survive our technology has to understand what kind of being we are. Understand the nature of the universe and understand that if we don't stay connected, and literally do the will of the most high God, we cannot survive. Any sentient being in this universe isn't going to survive their technology.   We're dealing with a very vast universe and we're also dealing with very great evil that has invaded our time space, not just from some where, but also some when to create great evil, destruction and death.  It's been through the auspices of the New World Order that this latest incarnation of evil that's happened through previous cataclysms and ages of history, that have caused all the wars, death and destruction throughout the ages, is the same Luciferian, reptilian, satanic powers that have done the same things through all these secret orders. It's the same bloodlines and high priests.


Alan:  There's no doubt.  I keep thinking of Marshall McLuhan's work on perception and the creation of perception, and the alteration of perception and manipulation of perception, which he was an expert in (in a particular field).  He said, “Eventually the time is coming,” (and in the 1960’s he said this), "people will communicate mainly through the ether", so it would be voiceless, bodiless people basically communicating through voices through the ether.  It would change the whole way everyone thought and did and worked and everything else.  Today, when you think about it, the technology has got us to a stage which we all like. We like little bits of it, you see, and we don't realize the other side of the coin. It's not there just for your benefit. It's there for ulterior purposes in the long run.  We're being trained like rats are being trained, to go from one trap to the next trap to the next one, into the final trap; and the computer was first. They knew when they gave us the computer that people would get hooked on it very easily.  That's why they made sure every major newspaper in the world, for three years, kept telling you “there was so much porn on it, isn't that terrible,” knowing that would get the people in. That was the big hook, but the computer was to only last a certain time, and once it became indispensable to the average person, the next step was to bring them to—of course we know the iPod came in, and then the next step is the brain chip, which would seem like a natural progression to most people.  They're already teaching them in school now that the brain chip is inevitable and only come into their superheroes, basically.


Bill:  Right. That's what they do with you. They talk about you won't be unless you’re cybernetically and genetically enhanced like Spiderman, you just aren't going to be in the in-crowd. You're going to be literally a “model-T human.”  The post-human generation is upon us; and this is what they're trying to do now. We'll be back in a moment with Alan Watt and more cuttingthroughthematrix.


Welcome back to the Nutri-Medical Report. Alan, I wonder if you can talk a little bit about your three set books that are available through cuttingthroughthematrix.  You show a sample page from Book No. 1. Tell us about some of these materials that people really need to get, but the real issue is they have to have a personal transformation inside, just as Jesus said, "when I return you shall be as me." He's not saying that I'm going to change you. He's saying that you've got to wakeup. You've got to realize you're a child of the most high God.  You've got to start taking responsibility to know that you've been led astray and lied to for thousands of years. You've been treated like cattle. They're about to kill many of you because their plans are to reduce the population.  In your books, you actually show the truth of how we have been lied to, and many generations going down through the ages have been killed by these same high priests. Tell us about some of the materials in your books.


Alan:  In the first One and Two of the Series, 1 and 2, I go through different coding that's being used—it's even in the language that we use; it has been encoded.  When you realize this, and they knew this a long, long, long time ago, that we are basically—our mind thinks like a computer.


Bill:  Right.


Alan:  We have a logic: a human logic. We have a language that we're given to use.  A programmer of a computer, if you were to ask him what the computer would answer, if he's programmed that computer and he knows its logic, he should be able to tell you what conclusion that that computer will arrive at.  We work the same way; and when you realize that, we are not coming to opinions by ourselves. We're following a logical sequence of data that's given to us, plus encoded language, which subconsciously recognize. We are arriving at opinions that are already preplanned; and I show a lot of the coding in the Books 1 and 2, the whole language structure.  Again, even in ancient times, they understood how to control vast populations by language creation and alteration.  It happened again in the Middle Ages, at the court of Queen Elizabeth I in the days of Shakespeare and Francis Bacon and so on, they updated a language which they then called "English," from old sort of Nordic German into this new language; and John Dee and Bacon worked on it with other teams. Whole teams worked at it, and they introduced it primarily through Shakespeare's work and the King James Bible, the thousands of new words, which became the English language. Bacon said, "we are creating which will be the international language of the future, called English" and sure enough, that has become the international language of business and commerce.


Bill:  Of course, the Germanic languages and English language were made primarily to transmit information from the high priests.


Alan:  That's right.


Bill:  That's what it's for. It's the implant -- the very structures, like the lines of code in programming, so you don't think out of the box.  If you do and you do manage to transcend that, they try to recruit you to higher levels within the orders, which they try to do to you and to me and to many others that somehow think beyond the box.  As a result, we are a danger because—not because of what we do, but because what we are. We are sheep.


Alan:  What I've had, and you've probably had the same thing, are some of the very high organizations. One was in Switzerland that got in touch with me; and they're high up there with the United Nations. They all work hand-in-glove; and you'll find this that tremendously first of all intrigued with you. They're intrigued as to how you broke through all of this, because you're not suppose to break through; and then, of course, comes the offers to join their "Big Circle", and along with all the financial benefits that would come your way. You also have the agencies like MI6, who've been in the business of putting out front-men for years, from the days of Aleister Crowley, to really confuse our minds up and get the whole New Age thing going for the youngsters. They come towards you too trying to get you in, but the main thing is—and I found this down through my life, is the utter astonishment when you don't take their bribe. They can't understand how you could refuse a huge massive gift or a bribe that would lift you into the higher realms of saying, "I have no more financial worries, ever."


Bill:  The thing is they want to turn humanity into biological machines – automatons; and we are a spirit being having a human experience. We're connected to the cord of living waters. We are made in the image of the most high God. We’re the children of the God of the Universe; and there's billions and billions of worlds and civilizations out there. Our God is a God that's so great he can count every hair on our head. He can know of every photon of energy in the universe; and he can be a God that can save a billion worlds and a billion universes. That's how great our God is; and so if we don't understand that that they have an androgynous hermaphroditic agenda, that's reptilian serpentine and Luciferian, that there is a great work that they've been working on that transcends ages and times, just like the cross in the front of the Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta, that have literally believe that they are the civilization keepers a crossing ages. The star of the crossing, which is the galactic cross in their front. In the esoteric order they use these signs and hand signs because they have often been hunted down when the civilization or the society finds out that these people are manipulating economies, causing death, destruction and more. There are often cut out of a society and chased down and killed.


Alan:  Yes, they're hunted.


Bill:  They’re hunted down; and we need to start another hunt, because this is another time. That's why they have triskaidekaphobia. The death of [Mr. LaFlam], the first that was killed on Friday the 13th, and I believe it was something like [year] 1366?


Alan:  It was 1314, I think.


Bill:  1314, yeah.   Of course, the whole idea is that they know that ultimately we're catching on, and with things like the Internet, it backfired. That's why they want to stop private broadcasting. That's why they want to stop the Internet, because they don't want the public to rise to that level. Many of us have had these levels of knowledge, not because of human experience, but because of supernatural and spiritual knowledge that we receive from our creator.  That's why they're so aghast, because they think we're just machines to be treated like cattle.  That's why they want to poison our food and destroy our minds.


Alan:  That's why all the terror is being forced upon the public right now; and under the guise of terror, they hope to take away all your rights, including your right of speech. It's all tied together. They are nervous. They know they're on the brink themselves. They either pull this off or they fail.


Bill:  Right. They know that there's a cataclysm coming to the solar system. That's why they’re building these underground cities in a panic; not realizing the ultimate protection is a transformation from us, internally, as to what kind of a being we are.  Then the intervention will come supernaturally to protect us, like the ancient peoples of Israel were protected through walls of water. The peoples of the future will be protected through walls of living fire, because it's going to require supernatural protection to survive what's coming. It's not going to be something that if you're going to have enough guns, enough food, enough water, enough right politics, you're going to survive. It's literally a consuming fire.  We are only going to transition this if our spirit, and the nature of understanding what we are, transcends our technologies so we're not destroyed.


We do have a caller, Jeff in Colorado.  Right after the break, we'll take your call, Jeff, and others.  Amazing revelations. Cuttingthroughthematrix. Get this material. You need this material. You need to know what kind of a being you are. The nature of the universe that we are a created being by the most high God, and if you don't get this deep into your understanding and your DNA, you will not survive. Welcome back to the Nutri-Medical Report. Our caller is Jeff in Colorado. Your question and comment for Alan Watt or myself. Go ahead. You're on the air.


Jeff:  Yeah. I'll ask my question and then hang up. I'm at work.  I can't help but notice the similarity between the Eye of Sauron in the "Lord of the Rings" and the Great Seal on the back of the dollar. Is there any kind of connection there? He wrote a book about fighting these evil people. Is that who "Lord of the Rings" was?  I'll hang up and listen on the air. Thank you.


Bill:  Sure. Alan.--


Alan:  There's no doubt about it. The "Lord of the Rings" was allegories for a system of special bred people and lower classes, all the way down. You had the people at the bottom that were base et cetera. It's a reversed reality, in a sense, and you saw lots of Masonic symbology and the terminology all through it; and even down to where the ring, at the very end of the last one, you saw the volcano with—it was a half moon with a fire coming from it, and then of course, it turned into a Masonic star et cetera. The whole thing was Masonic.  When you realize that the author himself lived in Oxford University, pretty well all of his life, even when he got married (he went into married quarters there).   Lewis was a great friend of his; and Lewis said the man was obsessed with writing these books. If you mispronounced a single word or term that he used in his books, he would literally take it as real—because it was real to him.  They were using real occult terminology for the people’s names and all of the things that happened in that book. That was a form of religion to them.  Yes, they actually show you a lot of their system; and have you cheering on what you think are the good guys, who are really the bad guys. That's pretty standard.


Bill:  Yeah. That's very standard. You know the real issue comes down to this; and that's why they call themselves Masters of Light and Darkness. The original sin is, it says in the Book of Genesis, wasn't to reproduce. The original sin is to decide for yourself what is good or evil. These people often think that, in their own minds, they're doing right by reducing the world population or poisoning the people with toxic food irradiation or technologies, or starting wars, because they're doing what is right in their own eyes.  That's the real issue, is that down through the ages, there are the people that have written the books; been in the universities; controlled the higher education (the high priesthood); all the medical schools are Masonic; all the law schools; all the political organizations. Everywhere in the world and every religion is Masonic.


Alan:  --And all the bureaucracies, too.


Bill:  Every single one and people say, "oh, no they're not."   You might have good people all the way through every organization. There's good people who are Buddhists and Catholics and Normans and whatever, but the fact is that they're all being deceived. They never have the truth or the whole truth. They all have shades of things that are often dialectic to confuse and control them, because if they actually went back, like I do, to the Hebrew Greek Bible and actually see things, and if they read others books on other cultures, yes there is a God of the universe. Yes, there is a Creator; and they want to take away that, to make us either accept atheism or scientisticism, which is basically that we're an automaton. All of those are lies.


Alan:  You can also find in the "Lord of the Rings" -- you see, the Pope who granted the Templar Charter to them was called Lothair, and he mentioned what was called [Nefario] in Europe. However, "Lord of the RingsL.O.T. and then you have the R on the end of it—Lothair.  There's a hidden Lothair in there, you see, consistently with the names that they give you.  It was a praise, to an extent, of the new system that was given birth to—new part of their system when the Knights Templars were given their charter.


Bill:  Right. I love how some of the points too, they even shown in the zodiac how this goes back many thousands of years to the various how they take the exoteric and the esoteric and combine them, so that they are straight in front of people, but they still don't perceive it. They don't understand it when they look at the ATOM, which ties in with Egyptian ATON and the darkness or matter of ATEN or ATON.  It talks about the sun and the fact that many of the -- if you look at the north or the abyss, referring to the Constellation Draco, which is in the translation of Orion.  All of this stuff, it talks about the serpent. You know, these things make sense when you understand this; and it's so deeply imbedded in our culture, so deep the people can't see it anymore.


Alan:  --Even the names. You have Manhattan—it's a hidden Aton.  You have NATO—that's a scrambled ATON. They use it all down through the system, and we rattle off their words without thinking what they really mean. It's all around us: place names: Memphis, Tennessee.  It's all Egyptian and so on, and no one asks "why?"  WHY would you have so many Egyptian names in a supposedly new country of America?


Bill:  It's not just the names. It's the sounds.


Alan:  Yes.


Bill:  It's they worshiped a sound, which is why the Hebrew alphabet is specifically setup around what they call—I guess the term that I've heard, is they call it the Rotating Flower of the aleph, where you can form all the different letters using frequencies with the rotating aleph.


Alan:  If you go into it the "Lord of the Rings," you'll have a Gollum, who was this sort of artificial slave. A man who was altered that you could not trust; and that's from the Kabbalah for Golem, the artificial man, the created slave, who was altered through magic.


Bill:  Right.  In fact, all the Kabbalists know the Gollum's, which are basically resurrected pseudo-men that can be created even from clay. They could actually make a Gollum. I mean this -- and this imbedded.  That's why I tell people they have to understand when they're going to, lets say the modern culture, if they go to a lot of the Kabbalistic Rabbis, they'll tell you that they're not a lot far off from Harry Potter.


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.


Bill:  But the thing is, they look at it and say, "I don't see it in my group or my church." I say, really? At the top of the public television or radio ministries that are big in America, at the top of the Catholic Church or the Buddhists or any other organizations, do they not see the Satanic or Luciferian and the dialectics of these High Priests in every different religion, with a number of thousands of different masks?


Alan:  You also have the Universal Churches, which the Catholic Church is. It's a Universal Church.  You had an empire that had a massive hold on a great part of the world, and is a great time of change, so they knew it would be easier to control the minds of the people through religion.  They transformed literally overnight with Constantine's decree, and all the High Priests at the temples that existed simply changed names and kept the same institutions, all through the early Catholic structure medieval structure too, of their churches and cathedrals.  I could take people on tours and give them the story of all the architecture and all the symbols and what they mean. It's phenomenal because every ancient religion is contained within it.


Bill:  Yeah. If you go to Milan, Italy, go to the Duomo, one of the largest cathedrals on earth.  It's massive, and you walk in it and you think you're in ancient Egypt or Sumer. All the symbols are everywhere. It's like, “where am I? This is not northern Italy. This is ancient Sumer or Egypt.”  You know it's unbelievable, all the ancient high priest symbols that are absolutely non-Christian.


Alan:  Oh, absolutely; and the same as Ravinia, the Templars were heavily involved in the building of the cathedrals in Ravinia.  The symbology of the occult is right in your face everywhere you look there in churches.


Bill:  Right. Now of course, in a sense, the bloodline is the bloodline in the sense of knowledge, which is why they become so scant when they find someone who knows things that "they shouldn't"--


Alan:  Yes.


Bill:  Because they haven't given it to you.  But the fact is, this is a profession that the basis of the knowledge that comes from the most high God, and that we know things and we know how to see things, because we're given those gifts, not by these people that consider themselves the dark overlords of our era, but it is the time of the end of this age of clay and iron. That's why it's called the NutriMedical Report on the Clay and Iron Show. We're not going to survive this age because we have better technology or geopolitics. We're going to have it because we have a better internal revelation of what we are.  We're going to survive our technology if we understand that we've been lied to, all the way through the ages, and that they're going to poison us with vaccines and pandemics and population reduction and not prepare us for solar cataclysms, which we could because we can survive anything, but they're doing it on purpose, so that they can prove just by telling us in advance that they truly are the predator class and we're just the sheep and we're not and that's what they're totally in a panic over now because they realize the ugly truth that they've been lied to as well by themselves.


Welcome back to the NutriMedical Report. I hope everyone has a great 4th of July holiday. If you don't see that these materials are essential for your future survival intellectually, spiritually and economically and physically, you have to know what they're really planning.  They tell you in advance—that's the amazing thing.


Your comments before I went on that little rant there, Alan, before the last break.  Can you tell us your comments on all of this dialogue that we're talking about?


Alan:  What we're in right now is a battle against all that which I would call “base.” The people are becoming very base as they sink into the world completely of matter.  They're forgetting any other sides to them, or any kind of spiritual side at all, and because of that, they're being so easily led by the elite along this agenda. They grab every toy that comes along. They run with it. They don't question it. They don't question what the next step will be. They don't see they're being trained into getting a brain chip, ultimately, and once that happens, it will be game over; but it's already to go. They just have to convince the public now to take it; and that would be quite easy, with enough stress in the world, and they bring forth this miracle cure that's better than any kind of Valium, because it will use your own particular chemicals from your brain to be stimulated and hormone increases et cetera.  It will be pushed on all the big talk shows, like Oprah et cetera, as being a wonderful thing.  People will go for it in droves, and not realizing that once everyone's got it, the main switch is pulled and there's no more you. That's what they're trying to do, is to cut off our escape route, our way out of the world of pure matter itself.


Bill:  Absolutely.  We have a comment and question by Osa in Texas. Go ahead with your comment and question, Osa.


Osa:  Hi. What's going on?


Bill:  Wonderful.  We're having a great time with Alan Watt. Literally, cuttingthroughthematrix is his website,  Alan, of course, is on regularly, literally cutting through with a surgically sparked intellected spirit, understanding that you have to get rid of the falseness or you're going to be a victim.


Osa:  Yeah. Now I had actually one quick question. Actually, two quick questions. I heard that the Real ID Act is attempted to be passed in May 11, 2008. Do you think this will go through? Do you think this is possible or do you think it will be shot down, just like the Immigration Bill?


Bill:  The Immigration Bill is just one of many attempts. Your comment Alan, go ahead.


Alan:  If there's no opposition to it, and I don't really think there is, the public -- there's enough fear that they go along with pretty well everything.  What's got me worried is that there's a lack of indignation amongst people today. You see that. They're so used to handing their ID out in stores and everywhere else that they'll think it's no big deal to take the next step; and I already hear people saying, "What's wrong with it? I've nothing to hide."  That's not the point. The point is you're supposed to have natural indignation when your privacy and your right to privacy is invaded; so you see that a lot of people already are gone. They are gone. I say they're 90 odd percent on their way to the brain chip already, and they don't know it, so you have to accept that you know.


Bill:  It is amazing isn't it?


Alan:  Yeah.


Osa:  Yeah. I mean, that's incredible. People don’t realize that this is closer to being fulfilled; that I for one, I can't—I won’t be a part of it. I just want to tell everybody out there that we have to fight this; otherwise, we're going to be tagged, chipped and controlled like cattle.


Alan:  Absolutely. You see, indignation is a part of your survival mechanism; and when it's not present, it means that has gone. Your survival instincts have gone.


Osa:  I know, and it's an amazing thing. I just want to let people know out there I definitely appreciate the work that you are doing, trying to get the word out, and let people know about what's going on, because if we don't fight and speak out now, we're going to be silenced forever.


Bill:  The main way to fight a common opposition to this is to become informed yourself. Realize that we're like the 101-key theory, is we get informed and we tell other people to listen to the programs. Find out yourself. Get the materials from people like Alan Watt, who are leading into this fighting against the falseness and in the fog of confusion or Babylon, the babble is getting worse not better. People think with more advanced technology it's better. Yes, we have the Internet and so on, but they want to shutdown those avenues where people can find the truth; and even inside the matrix, there's lots of people who have done great evil things, they're starting to turn. We see signs that are showing up.  We talked about this before the program, Alan, how some of the top leading people are starting to think, “maybe this is not a good idea,” like Korbachev; Zbigniew Brzezinski that actually helped to found the CFR. A lot of these people are literally looking at the edge of the abyss and saying, "gee, I don't think that's a good idea."


Alan:  Yes, because now they know that their own part in it will be fulfilled, and they themselves will no longer be necessary in this new world that's to come up. They won't need sports commentators or mainstream news people anymore, either, once they have all this completed.


Bill:  Yeah, I know. It's amazing isn't it?


Alan:  Yeah, they've worked their way out of a job.


Bill:  Ha, ha, ha.


Alan:  That's happened.  A few years ago, Sir James Goldsmith, who helped spearhead the European Union and who worked for the Crown, loyally, began a party to try and pull Britain back out of it. He says, "this is going to kill everyone off"; and after his first few speeches and a book that he put out called, "The Trap", he suddenly came down with a fast-acting cancer of the pancreas, and he was dead within two weeks; and so he was disposed of.  However, he did come over and warn the U.S. Senate; and I've got this on tape, the speech that he gave, and he was a master orator.  Everyone in the Senate understood perfectly that the European Union and the American Union were disastrous for the ordinary people, but they all voted for it anyway after his speech.


Bill:  Yeah, exactly. That's what's remarkable, is that it actually fixed -- many of the people are coming out and that's what we want to do. We want to recruit from their numbers. We want people -- even some of the people that have done the worst things, like George Bush Sr. and Billy Clinton. They need to know they're not staring down the lie that they're going to have extended human life spans and a wonderfully refurbished earth. That it's going to be peaceful and so on. No. What they're facing is death, shortened life spans and mental destruction in a total matrix. They're not facing something nice and wonderful. They're facing disaster.


Alan:  The thing is, also, that's the interesting thing about this pyramid structure. Up until this present time, those who served it loyally were given extra benefits, a little bit of life extension, that type of thing, but they're beginning to see this coming into fulfillment. They are beginning to panic because they realize that—as the lower classes and all the rest of them are eliminated—they will be next because they will have no purpose anymore.


Bill:  Isn't the words to that second world war author that talked about they came for this group and that group, and then they finally came for me and there was no one left to speak up. Well we see that now. We’re not speaking up when they go after Iraq and Afghanistan and then Iran; and then of course, they'll come after the illegals in America; and then the Muslims; and then they'll come after this group or that group; and guess what? They're going to then come after us.


Alan:  --Everyone who won't go along with the agenda. You see, this is a war of terror and they are the ultimate revolutionists, who have revolutionists down through history, which they guide always, promising you to be free if you come through and help them; and you end up furthering their agenda.  They knew a long time ago where they were going, through revolution, but they're well aware that this is the final revolution; and they call it "theirs"—their revolution to pull this off.  They've gone all out, because if they fail, as I say, they will go back as it happened before; and they will be hunted and they know it too.  Therefore, they're going to use everything at their command. All their high tech powers and sciences to try and pull this off, but mainly, as always, they'll use terror on the public. Whenever you have a revolution, you have a reign of terror.  We have a reign of terror on the whole world right now—under the guise of fighting terror. That's typical of the psychopathic personalities at the top.


Bill:  Yeah. Everything is the opposite of what it says.  The nice thing about your books "Cutting Through The Matrix" is you show people how to understand and deprogram their brains from this hallucination -- these lies. Thank you, Alan. As we go into the 4th of July holiday, cut through the matrix and understand if you don't fight for the future, you won't have a place in it; and this 4th of July, we don't want it to be the last. We want to be the first of many more thousands and millions of 4th's of July's for America that needs to be an independent nation. A hundred, a thousand, ten thousand years from now, it will only happen if you cut through the matrix and understand the truth. Alan, your closing comments.


Alan:  Yes. Everyone has to start their decision now if their life and everyone else' s life around them that they care for is worth saving.  If it is, we have to stand up now and take whatever consequences come our way, because we won't have another chance shortly.


Bill:  Absolutely. Very good. Take care everyone, and enjoy the 4th.



(Transcribed by Linda)