July 11, 2007





Bill:  Welcome back to the NutriMedical Report, and we are here to unveil the truth because the truth will set you free; and no better analyst than Alan Watt, You need to get his materials. You need to find out the truth because it has been imprinted deep into our language structure. Into our organizations, our educational systems and once you see beyond it, once you've taken the red pill, once your eyes are opened, you will be transformed. You'll really understand that you will no longer be a victim and you can only be a victim if your eyes are closed with what's going on. The only way that they can have power over you is if you accede and allow them to have power by staying in a state of ignorance; and we're here to release you from that today. Welcome to the program, Alan.


Alan:  It's a pleasure to be here.


Bill:  Alan, I want you to tell us some of the remarkable analysis of the dialectics of war. The chipping of the populations, forced vaccines and of course some of the other remarkable issues we talked about before show time today. Can you give us some idea how they are now preparing? You can see the war drums beating toward World War III?


Alan:  Yes, big organizations, large organizations, which are really para-governmental. There is no such thing, as far as I see, as a democracy in any country.  Britain is a good example. You've always had an organization really called the Establishment which runs the country, always has; it's from the old feudal system.  The idea of democracy was given to the public to stop revolution, to make it easier to manage them when they would think that they would actually have a say in the direction of the future. However, in reality, there never was a democracy. There's no complaints department in this agenda; and the masters of war – that's who they are. The masters of war, they're also the time lords. In their little jokes, they call themselves "the time lords" because they rewrite history for every generation; and simply by removing the past, you're able to repeat the same things to the present and future populations. They have published in the past organizations like The Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is a Crown chartered organization.


It's given an official Royal Charter to exist. It has a long history of creating wars, even as far back as the Boer War. Officially, the government had nothing to do with it. Officially, the Crown had nothing to do with the beginning of the Boer War, so they used Cecil Rhodes to get a little private army together and invade South Africa; and that started off the Boer War.  However, England said, “There's a war started now and there's English people involved. We have to take the military in and save them.”  Professor Carroll Quigley who was an official historian for this organization for this American Branch called The Council on Foreign Relations. They didn't want to call it the Royal Council for American Foreign Relations, so they called it The Council on Foreign Relations.  He himself disclosed in his two books "Tragedy & Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment" some of the history of this particular organization.  He gives a parallel history that fills in all the blank spots between the dates of wars, as to why they happened and who was behind it and who benefited from it.  He said, "yes, we did create wars in the past," and he said, "for the last 60 years in the United States, we have lead the government as a parallel government" and that was written in the 1960’s.


In "The Anglo-American Establishment”, he goes into how, before World War II, they started working on the public’s minds from The Royal Institute of International Affairs. All the big newspaper groups belonged to that organization, and so they had a meeting in London, all the newspaper editors and owners, and they said, "how can we panic the people in preparation so they'll all be for a war with Germany?"  They said, "okay, tell them that Germany's going to gas every single man, woman and child for the entire length and breathe of Britain, and he has millions of gallons of this stuff ready to spray"; and so they issued tremendous Pathe News propaganda pieces and asked the king if he would give out some disinformation, thinking the people would believe him more than the politicians.  He did make a big declaration to the people to start digging trenches in London and all this activity to start training the public that this was real, even though nothing was happening yet. There was no war declared. Nothing was happening and they issued every man, woman and child gas masks.


Bill:  What year was this exactly?


Alan:  That happened around 1937.


Bill:  Right. They planned this decades in advance. That's why they have predictive programmers like H.G. Wells who belonged to The Royal Institute for International Affairs in Britain. They've had many of these people. I've been told this from internal sources, that if you go for example in most of the large newspapers, like "The Washington Post, "L.A. Times", "The New York Times" et cetera, these papers are controlled by government and what are called "above government agencies."  They're paid a salary as a writer, reporter, editor, but they're also paid by their secret agency to insert control and act as gatekeepers of the news. I call it "the snooze", and they are to make sure that you're only fed what they want you to know.


Alan:  You’re fed what they want you to believe.  Quigley, the historian for this organization, he worked both in London and went over for the records in New York and had access to it all. He said this was all a complete lie to panic the people. Stampede them into demanding that the government do something about Germany; so it was okay to terrorize millions of people in order to prepare their minds so they would demand war. That's what they do; and they've done the same thing again, as you can see.  After World War I, H.G. Wells who was a propagandist for the same organization, immediately after World War I he said, "the public have not accepted World Government, which was to be the League of Nations." He said, "We will need another war to make them do so."


Bill:  Yes, that's an actual quote. I remembering hearing that quote before; and of course, they now say that the United Nations is a toothless agency, so that's why they want the Carbon tax and that's why this dialectic, which has always been the environmental movement, has always been hijacked by the globalists. We saw it when I was one of the charter members of Green Peace, a real environmentalist doing oceanography research in the early '70s, before I went into medicine, and I saw an abomination. I saw them literally spreading false blood on seal pups saying that it's oh, such a terrible thing which they are doing to the seal pups; and what really was going on was they're trying to create a dialectic, so that eventually when they came decades later, they say "look the polar bears are drowning."  As if polar bears can't swim 200 miles, and the ice does melt in the middle of the summer and there are cyclical changes will occur hundreds of years or thousands, and the carbon dioxide is followed 800 years increase in the solar activity. It is not the other way around as Igor says. It's all dialectic of lies to control the population; and the carbon tax is the most evil of them all.


Alan:  Yes it is. Everything is to do with control and to bring us through a terrifying ordeal, which is terrorism, terrorism everywhere. It's been well documented that if they can get one generation to grow up and to be used to living with the threat of terrorism, to be used to having the military in the streets and black clad policemen everywhere with machine guns, then the new generation will treat it all as quite normal and they'll be rather brutal towards the people. In fact, they truly will obey, thinking they're doing the right thing when they come grab their parents or whoever they're told to grab and kill them.


Bill:  That's what they're trying to do; and of course, they're desensitizing them with these movies that they have out now that are ultra-violent. They're desensitizing them with video games that are actual landscape and technology of future wars, like mech-warrior robots, remote operated vehicles and monstrosities that are part animal and part human, that are cybernetically controlled through a matrix and remote control. This is what they plan. This is the operational plan for the New World battle plan for the landscape of battles, of what I call the post-conflicts, which you can expect in the Middle East and otherwise. This is a different kind of war. The war is not one that they're planning an intercontinental exchange between all the nations. It's the threat of it that they're using against the people, as perhaps a local destruction of cities and areas of the Middle East, but their biggest fear is fear itself; and that's what they're planning, is using fear of fear as their most dangerous weapon. We'll be back in a moment with Alan Watt, and he does it so well. We're going to talk more about how this is done and how you can counter it and understand the dialectics; and do get the materials. Visit Alan's website. Get the materials. This is important. We'll be back in just a moment. Welcome back to the NutriMedical Report. I'm Dr. Bill Deagle, the website


Getting back to Alan: Alan, what other burning issues do you feel that are happening now, now that we have the USS Enterprise. We have the planned weaponization of our food. They want to destroy the Internet. There are literally Democrats putting up bills trying to get rid of alternative broadcasting, bringing back the Fairness Doctrine; which means they have to have so many talking heads that say: we that believe that we have liberty, based on our constitutional rights, are some how conspiracy theorists when we point out facts that are actual statements by documents and videos that these people actually say.  We speak directly into the lives of those people who are inside the organizations, whether military or elite illuminati themselves, that you need to get out. You need to work your way out and you need to work on the inside to neutralize this big blue machine of evil that's going to destroy you and everything else on the planet, if you're listening. Alan, your comments.


Alan:  We have to start working very quickly, the way they do, just to plan ahead. We react to the crisis as they hit us with the crisis. They want us to discuss the daily crisis, and they give us a hundred per day to discuss, and we must go ahead. What they're really after is a generation that they can use completely, one hundred percent, and it's the young that they're always after. Right now, for instance, here's an example of predictive programming. They had cartoons out for children 15 years ago, 20 years ago called "The Transformers".  That's one example where their hero needs a machine gun. His arm turns into a machine gun or a saw, whatever he needs.  They just made a movie on the same thing with real actors doing the same kind of thing. They've already trained a population that grew up with "The Transformers" and now here's real people doing it. In the movie, they have their heroes going into the Persian Gulf with all these ships and carriers to take on other countries in the Middle East. You see it's the young people's minds they're preparing to be the first generation who've known nothing but video games, combat and the enemy; and the enemy is pointed out to them. A lady from New York was talking to her grandchild, 15 years old who grew up with cartoons. He just watched the actual movie "The Transformers" and he turned to his grandmother and he says, "I think they're getting us ready to go into Iran because that seems to be the story behind "The Transformer" movie."


Bill:  You've heard of "World of Warcrafts?"


Alan:  Yes.


Bill:  I have this from inside sources that say the Air Force is; in fact, they've been downloading for decades data from these different games. The latest of these large worldwide networks are putting into AIR, Artificial Intelligence Super Computer Networks to analyze group and corporate gaming strategy to actually put into their systems AI systems, the plan. Just think of this scenario. It's now 2014. Your 16-year old child has just received a registration so that he can become a cybernetic warrior and he doesn't even need to leave his bedroom. He can literally control a mech-warrior robot and move into another country, directly controlled by satellite that can go in and kill and destroy thousands of miles away. He could literally sit at his computer with perhaps a brain interface chip or other things cybernetically controlling warrior combat thousands of miles away. They have a building and it landed now, that in Gulf War II operated an entire series of fleet of aircraft that were shooting off ordinances, dropping bombs and doing all kinds of advanced aerial maneuvers at mach-speeds that exceed the human capacity to tolerate them; and they're doing this now.  Their policy is to divert the military to a cybernetic warfare platform with remote operated vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, mech-warrior robots and augmented super warriors that are basically part human, part animal and cybernetically wet wired directly into a matrix. That's their actual plan. It's not conjecture.


Alan:  That's right. In the Matrix movies, when Neo asked "what are we" and Morpheus had chosen a battery. He says that's what you are. You're a battery. You'll be a vehicle where your brain, ninety percent is unused, will be used as the best supercomputer there is and you'll be completely unaware of it.  Youngsters have been geared to want to have their brain chipped and to have that interface. They've been taught right now it's going to be so exciting, but what they're not being told is they will not be in charge. In fact, they will not have a mind of their own.  That's the whole point.


Bill:  Yes, exactly. The ultimate attack is not on Iraq or the Strait of Hormuz. The ultimate attack is not on the people of Palestine or the people of Israel or the people of South Korea or Taiwan. It's attack on your consciousness. It's an attack on autonomy. It's an attack on the very nature of what you are as a child of the most-high God, as a supernatural being inhabiting physical flesh. This is what the attack is. The attack is to take away our future, which is the future of mankind with extended life spans into exploring the stars just like the original dialogue, which is, of course, why we have these predictive programmers doing series like "Babylon Five," "Star Trek," "Battlestar Galactica" and all those other movies. They're telling you in advance what has happened, what will happen and has happened ages past; and people need to grasp that they're trying to steal our future. They're trying to steal the future of mankind as an advanced civilization that moves across the stars and can live in peace with itself and others, that can have extended life span without pollution, without toxicity, with toxic ideas as well, and toxic structures of control that take away our personal autonomy.


Alan:  What they're showing you really is a diabolical plan. It's an awful word, but it's all we have in the English language. It's overused; but it is a diabolical plan of very evil people doing it their way, where they will be in charge planning it their way with the passive, almost unconscious population of slaves to do their bidding, as opposed to a natural way of doing things where everyone can decide if they want to participate or not in directing the future. That's never happened before, at least as long as these characters have controlled the world; and so, yes, they want total domination of the mind. This is a battle for the mind. In fact, once the mind is gone, they will say they have won.


Bill:  Actually that in fact was mentioned in the movie "Matrix" because that is the final battlefield. It's hyper or stellar space. It's not the poly-dimensions of the universe because reality is created by an interaction between consciousness and energy, and the very fact is that the nature of what we are and the nature of our universe is the key issue to the resolution and the problem. That's why what you're doing is so important. It's not just proposing a specific religious point of view. I happen to come as a Messianic believer. It's as you start to walk away from falseness and you fill your mind with proper ways of thinking about things, you get filled with the proper way of looking at the universe and it becomes self-evident. It's not something you have to wrestle with. It's something that becomes self-evident immediately.  Alan, you're doing an amazing job. We're going to continue with this dialogue and if you have questions with Alan Watt  Do get his materials. Do listen regularly. We're going to have Alan on, and many others, to open up your eyes; because without a spiritual, intellectual transformation, no matter what else you do, you will not be prepared for what's coming. We’ll be back in a moment.


Welcome back to the NutriMedical Report, and just looking at some of the remarkable news that's been going on. There's an interesting report here. "Big Powers Give Nuclear Terrorism Treaty A Miss."  None of this is in the regular media. You don't hear it because lots of the things like the North American Union are going on. "A long-awaited international convention against nuclear terrorism will come into force next week…"  By the way, you can see these on a 44-page Word document that’s highlighted in yellow. The top articles and then I pull up the most important stories and post them on the left-hand side with the article cut and pasted with the links directly there, so you have to do very little work so you actually stay informed. Read the articles yourself. This one is very important because "it's nine years after it was originally proposed by Russia and 10 months after it was adopted by the 192-member United Nations General Assembly."   This is the law next week. Read the article. Tell us more about what they're planning in terms of the proliferation of nuclear and other weapon systems, and what they're doing in terms of the war drums here in Iran?


Alan:  What they're doing is they're preparing to use any means possible, needed, or necessary to pull off their agenda; and that will be done. These characters will stop at nothing to convince the populations of who their enemy is supposed to be; and they will kill their own people. They've done this in the past, many times over, and pointed the finger somewhere else so that we all go to war and kill for them.  We're dealing with probably the worst crisis time we've had for such a long, long time, because they might even pull off explosions worldwide; and I've no doubt, pandemics. That's definitely in the wings.


Bill:  Oh yes, absolutely. I've got inside sources that say 2008 is a time of extreme danger between then and 2012, but I believe 2008, especially since we're coming to a time when May 11 another eleven, they'll have full implementation of a bill passed two years that is the National ID. There's a number of states pulling back, including Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maine et cetera, that don't want to be. There's twelve states now pulling out of the National ID, driver's ID, which is a stealth – a regional ID that will become a global or a regional to North America and global identification. They've planned this for decades. It's just unbelievable that this is happening and people just don’t think – they think, “Oh, that's the future. That will never happen,” – and it's already happened. It just hasn't been implemented. That's what I find most remarkable. People are in a state of mental, spiritual and intellectual paralysis.


Alan:  Yes, and confusion because they're being hit with so much. I generally don't give them all the disinformation put out by the general media with all their hype and shouting of terror, because then we help them to implement that terror, or at least the effects of it on the public's minds. It's to paralyze the public with fear, yet the public must realize these characters will use any means possible and necessary if they have to; and we have to stop them now. We've got to stop them each time they pull off these silly little stunts, like putting burning cars into the outer fences of Glasgow Airport and saying this is a terrorist attempt, and stuff like this. This is “wolf, wolf!” and we're all supposed to become paranoid and terrified and say, “please save us, government. Please save us.”


Bill:  Yes, exactly. It's so obscene. It's so ridiculous. It's so much a lie as to what's going on.  The next is on ABC tonight they're going to have a remarkable documentary, the great debate, war, great swindle tonight on ABC television and broadcast "The Great Global Warming Swindle", which, of course, is one of the most noxious things – this CO2 garbage. There's nothing – and I'm telling you as a scientist, as a member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. I'm writing the position papers for the academy on the World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan, the 9/11, and I can tell you these lawyers have not a shred of evidence to support the idea that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. They try to say the other people are trying to say, of course, in this documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle", which is going to be broadcast on ABC. They state very clearly that there's many, many hundreds of scientists that say these so-called consortium of 2,500 so-called experts and scientists is a pure bold-face lie by the globalists, the corporatists, and these elite have a plan to get a carbon tax to get control of populations; to make a one child policy; to sterilize the population; to make “wild reproduction” an illegal criminal activity and a crime against the earth.


Alan:  That's right. They've said this. The Club of Rome actually admitted in their book "The First Global Revolution", which they published and put out there, right in that book; and I've given talks on it; and read the entire page. They said, "We looked around for some reason for the public to give up their rights and get into panic and come together as a planetary citizenship of the world sort of idea. We hit upon the idea of using the weather as the problem, global warming," and so they tell you right there, they looked for other things and then picked that one. They picked it out and magnified it out of all proportion; and with a constant barrage, the same technique as Quigley talked about with before World War II of the same media magnates and corporations. They're convincing the public that we are the problem. It's an old technique; and because a thousand or two million people with power can keep telling you these stories everyday in the mainstream does not mean it's true.


Bill:  Absolutely, and this is what's so disturbing to me, is the fact that people believe these damn lies. That's what I find particularly disturbing.


Alan:  You see this is the thing. We’ve been trained to believe that no one could be so evil as to pull off such enormous deceptions. The average person can understand a little white lie that they'll use in their own life, but they can't believe anybody would actually lie to the extent of even causing explosions in their own country and blaming other people and killing their own people to get wars started.


Bill:  Look at [Baron] Corporation and the 7/7 bombings in Britain. We just passed the 7/7 anniversary.


Alan:  That's right. They even have special documentation from London admitting now that they had guys at the top of the IRA that were setting bombs off and planting bombs.


Bill:  Right. The IRA were actually a division of the British secret forces. It wasn't real IRA. These are phonies.  That's what was really going on. This is not the IRA creating a war of attrition against the British. This was against the British creating a self-inflicted wound in order to continue the dialectic of war under their control, which they're pushing forward.


Alan:  Governments need war or the threat of war from someone “over there,” across that border, to give them the power that they want.


Bill:  It's so obscene. There's some other news that I'd like to kind of highlight, taking real issues like this global warming swindle. This is a big deal and it's really heating up, literally; and we know with the major climate we have right across America they can amplify. There's five nations that have control of the weather, but they amplify the disasters that come and they steer these terms like with a joystick.


Alan:  I know.


Bill:  We know that there's a very high probability that the climate shift is having an effect on the crops, perhaps on the bees. We know solar minimum. We know they purposely spray them with the BT toxic genetically engineered foreign pollens, and also these [neonickentoid] pesticides, that was proven in France two years ago that it's toxic to bees, but they continue. The manufacturer, which is Bayer AG, the same company that made Zyclon B during the second World War, are the same ones behind the death of the bees.  It's the same damn company.


Alan:  The Rothschild's, yes.


Bill:  Isn't that interesting? The Rothschild's again. It's the same people. It's like “get it people. Wake up”. You know if you don't listen, and I'm grabbing you by the shoulders to get out of a burning building, you're going to be burnt to ashes soon if you don't listen. That's why I'm very concerned that some of the population are not waking up. That's why we talk an hour on transformational issues. You've got to take care of your physical, mental and spiritual health. You've got to start reading good materials like the materials in your documents that you have on cuttingthroughthematrix.  You need to get books like "Vatican Assassins".  It's not to focus on the negative. You have to be a realist with a plan to survive and thrive or you're not a real optimist. You're just a fool.


Alan:  As I say, long term strategy, remember Rumsfeld said, "This might take a hundred years of war," so they're planning way ahead.  The parents now, while they can, should start talking to their children. Really talking to them and sitting them down and spending a lot of time with them, and saying here's another side to the story.


Bill:  That's true, isn't it?  We'll be back in just a moment with Alan Watt and his website, If you want to call: 866-582-9933. We'll be back in just a moment. Welcome back to the NutriMedical Report and we're going to have Alan back. Alan will actually be back talking about these many things on Monday the 16th, hour number two. That will be between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. Central Standard time.  He literally has a razor-sharp mind, body and spirit to cut through this garbage.  There's such confusion or babble – Babylon or confusion out there, they have built the Tower of Babel. That's what they have done and they've actually been ready. They've done it in the past. They've torn down the Tower of Babel, which is the Jachin and Boaz. We talked about this in previous programs. They're ready to rebuild. We're seeing it now. I was watching a Discovery Channel on the building of the tallest building at Dubai and this is what they're doing. They're rebuilding ancient Babylon now that they've invaded this area of the world, but they're keeping the state of confusion so you don't really know what's going on. It's all magic, slight of hand. Watch one hand while the other hand is doing the real thing. What other pointers would you give to people in terms of the material that you have on your website, Alan?


Alan:  They should listen to as many talks as I put out because I go through so many aspects of this to try and give them an overall picture. Not just a specialized into one area picture. That's what causes the confusion. Most people tend to take one little specialization and it puts them in a tunnel. They don't see that other parallel tunnels are around them.  I try to give them an overall picture to show them how it all connects and how everything you take for granted in your conscious mind, your everyday living is actually marketed to you. You're trained to believe your system is real. You're trained to think that we're just evolving and we're on the cutting edge. We are not on the cutting edge. Everything that's given to the public is obsolete in fact.


Bill:  Oh, it always is. It's part of the game and that's what's so disturbing about this. In fact I have patents literally sitting on my desk of motionless Tesla engines, that they have patents that are working models now, who go to zero-point energy. We have of course the hydrogen fuel engines. We've got water engines. We've got all kinds of technology, new carburetion systems. I have a doctor that's going to be with us. We’ll have it up in the next few weeks, a new carburetion system that can triple your gas mileage. The globalists don't want you go be able to use your power at home freely, grow your own food and become an independent person with accumulated wealth and actual property rights we people don't have now. See how long you own the property if you don't pay the taxes. See if you really own the stock certificates when really all you have is a proxy, which isn't a real certificate of ownership. That's how bad it is; and even our birth certificates are used as a straw-man lien against the federal debt, which is again made of fractional reserve banking. That's how much they disregard us. They actually treat us as if we're cattle and chattel.


Alan:  They also say that in their own publications like "The Next Million Years" by Charles Galton Darwin. He said, "We are simply creating a more sophisticated form of slavery," and that was in the 1950’s he published that book. He was a physicist, this particular Darwin, and he got massive applause from the elite for writing it. He talked about the culling-off of the useless eaters and making an efficiently run society. He also talked about using different kinds of warfare techniques on each individual to reduce their hormonal levels, and even possibly sterilize them, and make the females more masculine and make the males more effeminate. That was in 1956 he wrote that.


Bill:  That's why you see people like Margaret Sanger proposing and trying to push forward a bisexuality, alternative sexual lifestyles. It wasn't that they loved homosexuals and homosexual people are wonderful people. Let's not say anything, hate crime, but they propose these things because their ultimate goal is control of the population by whatever means. If they could do it by inserting what I call the Spiderman genes, a series of nano machines to take control of your DNA, they'll do that too if they could; fluoridate it. They would propose whatever means or dialectic, which may seem like the Nazis did to give the "women" freedom of access to jobs. They suddenly had an access of women out there that should have been taking care of their young children. Their children were put into kindergartens and while the women were out or when the unemployment was through the ceiling in Nazi Germany. This is what they did. They did this so they could get control of the family, because ultimately they wanted the state to be the parent of the children; and that's their goal: to destroy the family.


Alan:  They said even thousands of years ago, historians who wrote for the Greek civilization and the Roman civilizations, they all wrote and said that the elite, their main enemy was always the rural people, those who lived on the lands; because they were independent, and to be controlled, they had to make them interdependent. All these charters we see today from the United Nations, all the talks from the politicians like Margaret Thatcher, they promote interdependence, which means literally you'll not be allowed to be independent in anything that you need for personal survival. You must be dependent totally on the system.


Bill:  Right. In fact what I was told by people like Dr. Isley, a PhD physicist that runs the vitamin cottages across the western United States, and he said we want to see the oceans which they’re doing now with iron oxide to have an effect on the production of carbon dioxide. We want to control the population and we want their food to be made in large grey buildings that are a quarter-mile wide and two miles long and they're made by genetic engineering, so meat or meat-like products will be made on rollers from genetically engineered, you want to call “slime.” This is what they're planning.


Alan:  It's funny, that, because that's exactly what you saw in the movie "Soylent Green."


Bill:  Right. That's what their plan is. We’re dealing with people that have monster IQ’s of 170 plus. They cull them out of the population like the Rhodes Society. They take the top 300 that are genius plus. They're also psychopaths. They're brainiacs. They have a super-high IQ but they have something missing. They don't have a soul. They just don't care about their fellow man or other living things. They only care about one thing: Control, power and absolute death and dissemination; as long as they can maintain control, everything is cool. If they literally have to go down with the ship and take everyone with them, they'll do it.


Alan:  However, they will take everyone else down first. That's also a trait of the psychopath. Adolph Hitler said that. If Germany could not become the superman and dominant the world, then they would not deserve to live by the Darwinian standards.


Bill:  Right. That's amazing. Again, what I think is the most amazing about this is we see the dry run of Adolph Hitler and we have people like [Wortman] who was in Nazi Germany and interviewed last week by Alex. An excellent interview and I think he's going to have her back on. This is an example of the kinds of danger that we're facing. We're facing precisely what they did: The disarmament of the population, the poisoning. Even the use of fluoridation right after the 7/7 bombings, where the populations started to rise up like the poll tax years ago in Britain that caused the population to frighten the government, that, “hey, maybe they really are going to have a revolt because of this poll tax.” They decided “we've got a solution for that. Let's just poison them with fluoridation.”  Yes, a passive population is a happy population.


Alan:  They have been doing it.


Bill:  Exactly. Therefore, people think, “my child should have to have their vaccines. I wouldn't want them to die of some serious illness.” You're actually impairing your child's immunity. Your best thing is to make sure your child get the requisite amount of dirt playing as a child; and I'm not talking about pathogenic bacteria. I'm talking about dirt; and number two, you should give them healthy food that's non-genetically modified with no toxins or fluoridations; and guess what?  You're child will grow up disease free. They will not have the asthma and allergy. We know that the children that are over-vaccinated have four-hundred-percent higher risk of asthma and allergic conditions. You can see the same population genetically, and across to Texas, that are vaccinated to death, and there's a different population that are poor in Mexico that don't. They grow up in filth and they don't have allergies and asthma; and it's because of all these policies that are destroying the health of the population.


Alan:  It’s done on purpose.


Bill:  On purpose, people say, “Oh, they wouldn't do that.” My doctor said listen, I'm a doctor. I've seen it from the inside and these people don't want to have somebody like me that knows what's going on that was one of theirs, and said look I've seen this. You people are liars. You're not telling me the truth, because I'm a scientist first and a person that cares about my fellow man and other creatures on this planet and are planning on mega-death. This is not just to make you rich and powerful, by the way, if you're listening, Illuminati and those minions. This is to make you impoverished first, and dead second—so pull back. Start pulling the plugs, and if you have to work inside the movement, the big blue machine, just throw in your seeds of discord and foot because that's what they're most afraid of. They're most afraid that their own little minions will decide that being a minion for these guys is not really a good proposition. Get the material. We'll be back on Monday with remarkable revelations from Alan Watt and analyses. Thank you, Alan. You have always done a tremendous job of revealing the truth to set the captives free. Speak up everyone and stand up now, or you will be silenced.



(Transcribed by Linda)