June 5, 2007






BILL: … tested on children there, illegally in Nigeria.


ALAN: Really? Yeah I had heard a bit about that.


BILL: We have children in New York. They do LD 50 tests on children to see if the H-drugs will kill them. Now with these studies, you have to raise the dose high enough to kill 50 percent of the children. Once you get a 50 percent kill, then you stop the test.


ALAN: That’s true. The people have no idea of the horror behind the other reality. They don’t know, they don’t know.


BILL: A lot of the time they don’t want to know, but as I say, I try not to deal gently with ignorance.


ALAN: We don’t have time now.


BILL: We have to grab people literally and run from the burning building.


ALAN: Absolutely, because this is the last leg of the journey here.


BILL: It is really amazing isn’t it? All this stuff is actually happening, and people are still trying to argue with us.


ALAN: They’re arguing and they’re watching entertainment and you see they don’t want to know because it’s too terrifying, and it’s not on their mainstream news. The mainstream news is to guide them along the secondary reality into the sheep pen.


BILL: We got fifteen seconds. Fifteen seconds we’re going live!





BILL: Welcome to the Nutrimedical Report. I’m Dr. Bill Deagle M.D. and I guess you heard the dialog going on with our special guest coming on, Alan Watt, before show time. Hopefully you’ll become very well informed about what’s really going in our society and what’s happening, as we’re preparing for today’s program. Amazing news today. In fact I just got informed by my son, who also helps me in doing other research, Steven, of cyclone Gonu, and this is remarkable. It is the largest super cyclone storm heading directly towards Oman and the Arabian Sea and heading directly in the storm track towards the central part of Iran. It is expected to destroy a good portion of the oil industry and production facilities, and it is heading directly towards central Iraq. This is not surprising. We know that they own and control the weather, and as with the storm Katrina - this is like the Arabian version of Katrina – we can expect these storms to increase dramatically. They are manipulating on top of this, using HAARP and scalar technologies to direct, like a joystick, the weather systems. This is hard to believe that it’s real. It is in our day, and it’s not imaginary. I just want to touch some other important stories and then get right into the discussion with Alan on this. Of course you probably heard; I was just informed that some of our dialog before the show started was heard. That’s great; I’m glad that you may have heard a little preview of what we’re going to talk about today. Alan Watt, of course, is at Lots of new news today. There are over forty-some pages of news articles. The most important ones you will find on or It is the last secular empire. We have to transform to higher order spiritual understanding. As children of the most-high god, we have to understand that there is the end of the secular age by these evil ones, our overlords of darkness. It is very real; it’s not imaginary. There is a world they want you to perceive, and there is a real world that is much, much, much more deadly and ugly than you can imagine, and also beautiful. However, in both aspects you have to face reality if you’re going to survive and thrive through what’s coming, and there is no time left to be gentle with the truth. We have to face the truth squarely, because the optimist faces the truth and has a plan to survive and thrive.


Lots of interesting news here. Again, continuing deaths of American soldiers in Iraq. Continuing death, and also the danger now, of the foreign policies of Bush pushing his missile defence. This is from just an hour ago, believe it or not. Search for a long term foreign policy achievement that can offset Iraq in the history books, George W. Bush has returned to a central national security tenet of his early days as President: the need for missile defence. Of course, as the Russian missile system completely nullifies any real missile defence of all the weaponised things in space, and this is a very dangerous precedent on the part of Bush. The counter measures by Russia could be literally the match to light World War 3, which is part of their dialectic of control. We now have two control meetings. The G-8 summit occurring at Rostov, Germany, with thirty thousand protesters. Two thousand of these went rogue and broke up paving stones into chunks the size of baseballs, threw them and injured 168 eight security people, and 18 of them were seriously injured with the clashes. People are just getting fed up with being treated as cattle in this new world order. It’s not a joke; it’s not just from one country; they’re planning on closing the matrix in the next year or so with a number of catastrophes. Of course the latest news from Washington, posted just two hours ago before this; Gonu. A super cyclone heads towards Oman and of course Iran, across the Persian Gulf. Never before has anything been seen in history like this.


Iran warns against new sanctions at talks with Germany, and of course Iran warns the UN Security Council on Tuesday against slapping more sanctions on Tehran over its nuclear work. America has realised it can’t take a nuclear attack against Iran, and they’ve decided to use the weather weaponry - space based weapons. I can guarantee that this is the same situation behind the attacks on Katrina on the United States Gulf Coast.  They warn, in fact, of 25% chances of major destruction of our oil production facilities in America this summer. That’s from NOA, the National Oceanic Administration. Lots of interesting things. Pakistan of course is cracking down - BBC news just an hour ago. Punjab province ahead of new processes of suspension of the Chief Justice. Of course they closed down the radio stations and television stations and are broadcasting on YouTube. Nigeria drug tests. Listen to this - Pfizer Corporation sued for 7 billion dollars. Giant Pfizer came under pressure yesterday when the Federal Government went to court to seek $7billion in damages and compensation for 200 children affected by illegal drug tests in Kano. Literally, a drug company from Germany - Pfizer of New York, a global corporation and one of the largest drug companies - took two hundred children and tested them with lethal and dangerous drugs. And of course they do it in CPS. The Lethal Dose 50 testing of age drugs means you have to raise the dosage until half the children under CPS care die. They did it in New York City just a few years ago - LD 50 studies, which means they use them as guinea pigs when they would probably have PETA and animal rights activists rallying against the people who do it, but they did it to children. Living children, under CPS care. This is the reality, and that’s a great segue to bring in our special guest Alan Watt, Welcome to the program Alan.


ALAN: It’s a pleasure to be on.


BILL: I guess they heard us talking before show time, I found out, which is good because maybe they heard little segues to what we’re really going to talk about. We’re dealing with a very dangerous world and the people who go into a state of tranquil stupidity, they’re going to end up becoming slaughtered very soon because they’re planning global financial collapse, ecological collapse, and of course nuclear wars, pandemics and pestilence which is really right out of the Bible there. Literally manufacturing this, or amplifying whatever natural cycles occur in our world dramatically, and not preparing the public in any way shape or form for what’s coming.


ALAN: That’s true. It’s an old agenda, and it certainly did come out more into the open when Norman Dodd did the Reece Commission to find out that the top foundations in the United States were in contact with the White House, and taking their orders from them. The foundations were those like Ford and Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Guggenheim, et cetera, where most of their staff were ex-OSS or CIA. They had a different format for the future of America and the world. They were funding the new reality into existence by putting out magazines funding non-governmental organisations that would push for laws to be passed all over the country and the world. Their whole job was to blend the United States comfortably into the Soviet system, because the Communist system, collectivism, was the easiest form to manage for a small elite.


BILL: In fact the Communist constitution of the Soviet Union is what they’re trying to do, with administered feudal citizenship where you become an administered citizen and everything is a privilege not a right, and in fact the communist constitution says that no more than 10% of the party of the population of any country could belong to the communist party even, let alone the elite within the party.


ALAN: Not only that, but the higher ones, even in the Soviet Union, did not have to even belong to the party. That’s the big kicker, the same as the Nazi system. The higher ones didn’t even have to belong. They just gave the orders from the top and were obeyed. Collectivism is in a managed plan of society. We’ve all heard of Planned Parenthood, from Margaret Sanger, who’s a champion amongst the far left women’s libbers. She was a fan of Adolph Hitler and eugenics, and she was a fan of Stalin.


BILL: Absolutely. In fact the eugenics movement started with the Harriman brothers, with the Yale Skull and Bones, and was exported with the Americans to Germany, where the Germans absorbed it very willingly because for centuries they’ve kept cities in places where they’ve kept the disabled, the elderly, and the people with birth defects in separate little villages. If you went, let’s say more than a century ago, to Central Europe, Germany and Austria, you would find polished little villages that had basically no one with crutches, no one with a disability, because they are spirited away, whether it be mental retardation or birth defects, to other places where you don’t see them.


ALAN: That’s correct. The Soviets also took over the same system when the wall went down in the Soviet Union. You didn’t see anybody in wheelchairs going around, if you noticed.


BILL: We’re just going to go on a break here in about ten seconds. We’ll be back in a moment with Alan Watt. Stay tuned to the Nutrimedical Report.





BILL: It’s less than a year countdown now to zero hour; that’s May 11, 2008. They’re moving us quickly towards the matrix, as they know we’re waking up. Mankind is waking up to the reality that we’re living in a lie and that the world is not as it seems. Experts like Alan Watt - Do visit his website, do get his material and support him because he’s one of the few people willing to speak out. This is life saving. If you don’t understand the reality that you’re living in you’re going to be a victim. I see more and more of this. This super storm moving toward Iran is a good example that if they can’t try plan A, they’ll try plan B, hoping there won’t be retaliation against America although five nations now control the weather. This is a very dangerous precedent which means we could have a push-pull of major storm strikes in America now as a contra-coo to the damage we’re going to do to Iran, because you can be guaranteed this storm didn’t just happen spontaneously, and if it did it could have been steered away from heavy oil production, which you know it’s heading directly into, just south of the Straight of Hormuz. This will wreak havoc in terms of the oil, and prices are already rising like a rocket.  Alan your comments?


ALAN: People should check into the treaty that was signed at the United Nations by all the major players to do with weather warfare. They had the HAARP technology listed there. They stated then, at that time, that it was capable of causing earthquakes, droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes et cetera, so it’s all documented and it’s being used. They said it was a more catastrophic weapon, a silent weapon. People wouldn’t expect that nature itself was controlled by the military, and therefore they would simply put it down to an act of God. However it’s the best weapon they have. It’s far more catastrophic than any atom or hydrogen bomb.


BILL: They’ve got scalar interferometer weapons, in the words of Tom Bearden and other experts going back to Nikola Tesla, which can produce explosions many times larger than even the largest nuclear weapons. We know that.


ALAN: And they’ve tried them out.


BILL: The one in 1910 was basically the first try of Tesla weaponry.


ALAN: They tried it just a few years ago again over at Canada and the US. There was a report last year of car alarms and fire alarms going off across British Columbia, right down into Washington State. The next day they let out a fury of activity by bringing on scientists and specialists saying that it must have been a meteorite, although there was no evidence of a meteor coming in or the standard symptoms of a meteorite. They were superheating parts of the atmosphere and exploding them, and two weeks later on Australian news was the very same phenomenon over a couple of big cities there, where part of an atmosphere just exploded. Everyone heard it; it was resounding for thousands of miles. They have this technology, they are using it, and they’re going to use it to the full, and at the same time they must convince us, the general population - the masses as we were called - that we are causing the problems. There’s too many of us, and we are causing global warming, so that we go into the habitat areas.


BILL: Breathe in but don’t breathe out.


ALAN: Don’t breathe out.


BILL: The carbon dioxide is now a stress on the planet, the carbon tax is the most obscene strike against our humanity, our intellect and our independence, and our autonomy that I’ve ever seen, and of course this is what they’re talking about in Istanbul, Turkey. The idea that we the people are now a people-bomb, and they met this in 1996. A UN security council actually met and decided they would use all means, plagues, warfare, biological weapons, changing our food supply to affect human fertility et cetera, and even forced vaccinations like they did in South Africa in the 80’s and 90’s, where they actually vaccinated against human chorionic gonadotrophin. I was given this information on March 16th 1997, when I was in Zurich, directly smuggled out along with documents that they were creating pandemics, including an avian flu from a resurrected H5M1 virus, re-weaponised, put into a specific new genetic strain, and then you can follow the tracks of the H5M1 directly under the primary flight path of the British Airways jets over Asia. This is what they’re doing. They’re doing this because they’re getting ready to call the herd. It’s not a joke; they’re really going to do it if you don’t stand up and start taking care of yourself and start realising we need to stop this immediately, before they push us into the matrix. It is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a reality that you must face or you will die.


ALAN: Also I think people should know about the Club of Rome, which is a big think tank which comes up with guiding the future and putting out ideas to lesser think tanks - still big ones - which they then market across the planet. The Club of Rome put out a book called The First Global Revolution. They love the word revolution since they’ve been behind them all. They said that looking for a common cause to unite humanity because people only come together in war time, and to have common goals and work together they would have to declare war on something, and it said in the book - this is published by the Club of Rome - it said, “We came up with the idea that humanity itself was the enemy and is causing the weather problems,” and that would be their official stance.


BILL: And that’s what their having and of course the other one was mentioned by Henry Kissinger, a so called extra-terrestrial attack which of course is all phoney and lies, and would all be designed in order to create a balkanization of the very factions of Earth, and a frightening of the population, so they would be willing to accept a chipping and total matrix and literally reduction of human fertility, culling of the population and total matrix development in every country on Earth. They want to do it very quickly, like a shock. They have to do it quickly because they’re getting resistance now in Rostov, Germany, and now for the first time at the Bilderberg Meeting in Istanbul, the list of attendees has actually been published before the meeting started. We are onto them, we know what they’re doing, and we’re not going to be passive about this. So they’re in a desperate state and will probably, I believe in the next while, try to pre-empt the elections of the United States, set up a terror attack like the recent pandemic, major climate shift, or a super storm like the super cyclone Gonu that’s hitting Iran. Crashing into oil might be a very, very strategic way because just driving the price of oil, according to Lindsay Williams, will prevent us from being able to either sow or reap crops, and it would seem very peripheral so it would be hard to blame this obtuse cause for economic dire straits and our shortness of food, which will cull the population, on something as distant as a super weather storm that struck our enemy, Iran. Which isn’t really our enemy at all, it was all created as dialectic.


ALAN: Yes and also everything you buy in the stores is transported, generally through diesel, through train or truck, and everything goes up, so it may cause tremendous scarcities at the right time. Now the Ministry of Defence in Britain published their forecast. The top think tanks for Britain published – and they’ve asked for NATO in it as well – their forecast for the next twenty to thirty years and they expect nothing but mass uprisings and problems from the public. They didn’t say why of course, but they’re prepared for it, they’re even talking about using neutrino bombs on selected target populations to quell these massive spontaneous riots when they crop up.


BILL: They know that we’re going to resist, that’s why they want to make us particularly noxious, and in fact they want to indemnify us and even replace the military with cyborgs, remote operated vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles. We’ll be back in a moment with Alan Watt. Your questions 8665829933.





BILL: Welcome back to the Nutrimedical Report for the 5th of June, 2007. We are looking at some amazing news developments. Of course the G-8 summit, the summit that’s going on in Rostov, Germany, and the Istanbul Bilderberg Meeting. We are becoming aware from amazing broadcasts; our program and many others that are actually trying to get out the truth, and to the public out there, this is your program. That’s why we need you to call in if you have questions or comments on what’s going on. Become aware, look up the information and go to the website Do support people by getting the materials from Alan Watts. You will keep people like them able to produce more materials and spend more time researching and teaching. This is essential. Literally the lifeblood of the future are the people that speak the truth - not getting it in this news, or the news-tainment that is trying to put you to sleep like an anaesthetic before they euthanize you, and they really are trying to. They are weaponising our food and trying to force vaccinations that are dangerous. Yes, vaccines could be made genetically identical with adjunctives, but they don’t. They always make them in such a way that they will produce immune response that will cause auto-immune diseases. I posted up some articles on Nutrimedical just on the weekend. I did extensive research for many hours and posted up the link directly between vaccinations and auto-immune diseases. If you dispute it, read the articles yourself. There are over 25 pages of analysis of abstracts of all the literature published in the world in the last 20 years. So it’s a fact. Let’s continue, Alan. That number by the way, if you want to call in, 866 582 9933. Alan, tell us more about what you cover in the three different divisions of your remarkable book materials that you have available on Give us some of the highlights of what they need to know that is so essential to their future.



ALAN: What they need to know is that the sciences of controlling the human mind have been known for thousands of years, and many of the secret societies of course use this, and they boast about it in their books - the present ones - they are behind all major revolutions. The secret societies that generally are at the bottom are no different from the general population, and they sift out of that selected people who are psychopathic, and put them right up the ladder to very high orders. You’ll find probably about all your top scientists belong to very high orders of masonry. NASA, you have to be a 33rd degree mason to belong to it.


BILL: Even Buzz Aldrin and these others did Masonic ceremonies right up there by the eagle, unbelievable, and people need to know that this is a historical fact that the people in the high levels, in the astronaut program, are all high level masons.


ALAN: What they said a long time ago, 200 years ago in fact, they would first knock down the traditional religions, create a form of atheism, and then out of the atheism bring in a form of earth worship to control the people, and now it’s all around you. They always follow what they print as an agenda. They never deviate from it, and we are seeing it all around us. They want a world brought in that’s run by efficiency. The building material for these high, the true masons, we are the building material. They want to take our DNA and create more perfect human workers or slaves.


BILL: In fact they’re doing it now. They want to replace a good portion of the quote “unaltered ones”, and this literally is in their plan, at least not in the future that we want to have, the last generation of unaltered, not genetically modified humans. Not only do you GM more food and cloned food - up to 30-40% of our meat now is cloned meat - but they plan on genetically modifying the human race so they can create a cast system, very similar to the ancient Indian system. Not based on religion or breeding, but based on genetic and cybernetic enhancements with nanotechnology.


ALAN: All of this, too, is called predictive programming. They give us all the sci-fi that we love - they’re very interesting and intriguing, like the Star Trek series - and they even had the genetic enhancement in that series.


BILL: They do this so we almost expect it, like the, I call it the Spiderman generation. Oh it’s so wonderful, we have this nerdy guy who really doesn’t get the girl, and then all of a sudden the spider bites him and genetically enhances him with 17 different types of spider epigenetic DNA that interpolates into his own DNA and he becomes Spiderman, now a superior superhuman. In fact this is what they’re planning on doing. They’re trying to create a cybernetic, androgenic, cybernetically enhanced superhuman to replace even our armed forces and the military and police, besides the remote operated vehicles (ROVs) and the unmanned aerial vehicles that they want to literally create through the control matrix. This is not a joke. Those people out there that think they’re in the military and the police and that they’re going to have a wonderful healthy future - if they push us into civil detention and death camps, they themselves are the brownshirts who will be shot in the back of the head when they replace them with cyborgs, supersoldiers, and remote operated robotic vehicles.


ALAN: And that’s a worry. They have to get through to these people, and the media, because in the not too far future the media is meant to lull us to sleep and guide us along to accepting everything.


BILL: Right. It’s actually part of the mind control programming called the MONTAUK program. They even have designations that go to the fairytales for the Disney Corporation which has a large tie in with MONTAUK and the mind control project. Mr. Disney was a regular Bohemian Grove visitor and a bisexual paedophile himself. People see all the externals; that Disneyland is such a wonderful place to take your child, but on the other side is the real evil and ugly face that you don’t see. We have Mark in, I believe, Texas. Mark, go right ahead with your question and comments for Alan Watt and myself.


MARK: It’s really great to get through to you guys today. I heard that Alan was going to be on. I follow him; I think he’s got a lot of great information and mostly seems to be coming from the Masonic point of view.  I wanted to ask him about a couple of things. First of all, The Beatles. I did some study on that, I sent you an email and you actually responded. I couldn’t really verify anything solid. I’ve been through more sources, but I did notice that in some of the pictures that the Beatles were giving the Masonic symbols, tell me if I’m not mistaken, I want to get his feedback on that. I wanted to ask about War of the Worlds, and Dr. Deagle you know, this is so in depth that it’s taken me a long time to wrap my mind around your information, and I just wanted to point out that in my experience it takes a long time to get up to speed and acceptance of this stuff and I suspect that for other people it takes quite a climb to get where you are.


BILL: Really it took a long time to get here, and of course I was put through a series of circumstances that I don’t expect people to, but we don’t have time to be gentle with ignorance. Right now we’re literally running out of a burning building with our clothing on fire, and if we don’t face reality we’re literally less than a year from phase one of the mark of the beast, if you want to call it that. Whether you’re a Christian believer or Messianic believer as I am, or you happen to be an agnostic or born to another faith group, you have to understand that this is all bad no matter what you are; that this is evil, it’s an abomination and it’s a violation of natural law and right. It’s just unbelievable and it’s really happening in our day and it’s not a joke, so your comments Alan.


ALAN: As far as Adorno went, when he died you’ll find that they put the rights for all his songs up for sale, because he owned them.


BILL: Right, Adorno of course is the one that wrote them all because the Beatles themselves were part of a bi-op program to put out all this information to control and steer the culture.


ALAN: The CIA had a place in London where they made the top groups for many years because they were creating the culture. They were mixed with MI6 at that time as a joint office and Adorno was part of that whole structure because he was a professional writer in music, all kinds of classical too, that’s why you’ll see classical influences in the Beatles’ music. When he died, they put it up for sale and Michael Jackson put a bid in, along with Paul McCartney, and Jackson won. He still owns the rights today, and that is documented.  Our whole culture has been given to us and shaped for us, and that part of that whole era was to introduce the drug culture and to help get promiscuity going, to get abortion clinics up and running, because that’s a fallout of promiscuity, and then dehumanise the population step by step, right through the whole rock, heavy metal, et cetera.


BILL: Absolutely, and again, people need to understand that they don’t even know when they’re being manipulated. They think “Oh, well this is all freedom and free love” and they get into a mind altered state, and you get into all these different songs which can transport you back in a form of recall, especially previously if people did take mind altering drugs. They need to anaesthetise you and alter you. We do have some callers, Robert in Nova Scotia. We’ll take their calls right after this break. Excellent call, lots of great dialog. Great teaching from Alan Watt - We’ll be back in just a moment.





BILL: Welcome back to the Nutrimedical Report, and we have several callers. The number again: 866 582 9933. Robert in Nova Scotia, go ahead with your comments. Then Mike in Wyoming.


ROBERT: Hi Dr. Deagle, how are you?


BILL: Wonderful. I hope we’re getting people not only intellectually stimulated but emotionally enraged about the situation, and proactively deciding to go from intellectual paralysis to emotional and spiritual action.


ROBERT: That’s what we all have to do. My question is for Dr. Deagle and for Alan. I’d like to talk about HAARP technology, and I was just thinking about the hurricane that hit the here on the east coast.


BILL: Very good, and I know you’re a news man so that’s great, because this is what is ever present. Literally as we were preparing for the program, my son came in and said, “Look at this. This hurricane, super cyclone Gonu.” I was taught by NSA back in the mid-nineties how exactly HAARP works and they’ve been doing this for decades, and they even tried to set up a congressional office for the modification of weather. Their plan is to own the weather by 2025. They’ve owned the weather for a long time. There was no need for Katrina to hit the coast. Your comments, Robert.


ROBERT: I just wanted to bring up the storm that hit here a few years ago, here on the east coast. Hurricane Juan back in 2003.


BILL: Unbelievable isn’t it?


ROBERT: It was. I think it started off the coast of Africa but came across the Atlantic then hit Bermuda and made a bee-line for the east coast and it hit Halifax basically dead on, and it was only about 25 miles across and it just went through here just like a lawnmower. I mean, we get hit with hurricanes almost every year, and also tropical storms, but the interesting thing about hurricane Juan was that in the forest around here in parts it just looked like someone had gone through with a harvester, or people with chain saws. It just devastated certain areas, but left other areas almost as if nothing had happened. It was just amazing how a storm can just pick pockets of total destruction. Anyway, I was wondering if the HAARP technology could have had anything to do with that.


BILL: Sure it does. What they do is they create what’s called a vortex, which basically superheats areas of the upper atmosphere, not just in one spot, but actually creates what’s called a vortex so they can pull storm cells together into a spiral and they can then steer it literally like a joystick by moving these areas of convergent interferometry in terms of the scalar intendancy of a mobile scalar antenna. I have actually the pictures and photos of the technical details up on, which I posted up last fall. Actually I think it was around December or November. If you just type in HAARP - if you go to and just look in the news - type in HAARP by Control-F you’ll see it. If you go down to search the news you’ll see lots of topics on it. They have a Diego Garcia Indian Ocean small antenna, and they have a really large antenna of course in Alaska, and they can punch holes in the atmosphere. They’ve converted the atmosphere to a scalar transducing medium, by turning it into a plasma with these heavy metals that are 10,000 times more toxic than lead to the human nervous system. They can influence geotechtonics and trigger off earthquakes, they can change the weather, they can insert scalar signals to epigenetically cause crops to go away, and they can even affect human genetics or animals. It’s really evil, and people need to realise this technology is not distant future; it is past technology and they have levels far beyond this that they are ready to use against us when they are deciding to move forward with their plans. Their main problem right now is that they’re not certain who won’t go along with it. Your comments Alan.


ALAN: Yes, that’s true. There was even a program on the CBC about 3 years ago with a news cast of weather cast to do with the phenomenon in Toronto over the same straight line had made a swath right through a part of the city, and it took off the second floors of some buildings. They said this is a brand new phenomenon, and they gave it a name of course, and they also said it’s coupled with downburst, which was a brand new phenomenon too.


BILL: Microbursts.


ALAN:  This had gone right through a forest as well, as though a road had been made. All the trees cut in a straight line, straight as could be, and then suddenly gone. Dead end, perfectly clean and cut. So it’s all combined with the same thing, but they’re also using satellite technology along with this, and they tried it out on the whole population of the Americas about in 1999. I witnessed it; I was working under a truck when I saw strobe lights in the middle of the day. I turned on the television inside, which was rabbit ears, and it had flashing lines coinciding with the sound I could hear, and that night some people from different parts of the US and Canada phoned me up and said “You might think I’m crazy but I walked out the door and it was like strobe lights or a flash gun going off.” That was a test with the star wars technology combined with HAARP.


BILL:  These things are not just for modification of the weather. They’re purposely causing a drought. In fact they’ve said that there’s 5 months to go if the drought continues in Australia. They’re going to literally force off their land 11 million Australians, to literally become refugees in western countries like America, Canada, Europe and elsewhere. This is unprecedented in history and they’re doing this because they’re getting ready to reduce the world population. They’re trying to create a global economic collapse, they’re trying to start a nuclear war, they want to weaponise our food, they want to vaccinate us and tell us it’s fine. Yes they can make vaccines that are genetically accurate but they don’t. They purposely dilute it with toxic dilutants that destroy our brains, destroy our fertility, destroy our genetics and they’re doing it on purpose. This is really being done, it’s not a joke and next week we’ll have the data on the radioisotope ratios. The neutron flex heavy isotopes that only show up with nuclear demolitions or nuclear warfare. They’re ready to blow up multiple cities, release pandemics and destroy our food supply and literally our consciousness, which is the final battlefield of this war.


ALAN:  That was well documented too, in the treaty of the United Nations with weather warfare. By attaching a secondary signal onto the HAARP signal they can cause any kind of mood across the country. Everyone would be the same, be it angry, or very passive, it depends on the frequency they use, and this has been tested, tried, proven and it’s being used now.


BILL: It really is happening. It’s hard to believe it but it really is, and the thing is, people say “Oh well this doesn’t happen.” Look, they’re now out of the woods. They’re now talking openly about the facts that they want to actually control the weather, they want a congressional office, to actually have an office. Why would they have an office if they don’t have the technology? Why would they allow a storm, when they had the technology in the 60’s to cause rainstorms over Vietnam, or when they could move those storms that were going to hit Katrina? Right now you can be guaranteed that the super cyclone that’s heading towards Oman and striking Iran is going to cause devastating damage to the oil supplies. 60-70% of all the oil going the Asian countries comes through the Straight of Hormuz. The destruction level of that area could literally cut off oil for months and that by itself could trigger a crash in the world economy.


ALAN:  Then, in comes martial law and with it all the planned movements of people off the land, to the big cities for the majority of the ordinary people, and these would become the new habitat areas, temporarily, as they start culling you off.


BILL: That’s exactly right. Does that answer your question Robert? I think Robert’s done! Mike in Wyoming, your questions and comments. Go right ahead.


MIKE: Hi Bill.


BILL: Hi Mike, go right ahead.


MIKE: I was wondering what you gentlemen think of the Wachowski Brothers films, The Matrix and the more recent V for Vendetta. Are these intended to encourage us to develop the lone rangers?


BILL: Let me explain. I’ll give you a little hyperbole here to explain how they want us to come out and fight. They want people like Admiral William Fallon to say “No, heck no, we’re not going to put a third carrier.” They want to shake the tree, that’s one of the reasons why people like Alan Watt and I are still breathing. They have actually been so effective in their brain control, their mind control, that they don’t know when they’re finally going to reach the threshold when their own people - we’re talking about people like George Soros, senior billionaires, media people that have done great evil - will finally turn and repent and say “Oh my gosh, I don’t want to do this anymore, I’m on the wrong team.”  That’s what they’re more fearful of. They’re not fearful of me or Alan Watt. They’re fearful of their own people finally bolting, that has their levers on the control system and is deep inside the matrix, and that’s why they put out these shows; because they’re trying to desensitise and control the public, and they’re trying to test us constantly. Your comments Alan.


ALAN: Yes, the Matrix movies have highly fearful levels of occult meaning within them, right up to the Grand Architect, which is right from freemasonry itself.


BILL: Alan can you stay over for a few more moments because I want to continue. I want to lead this into civil defence, so we’re going to continue. If you want to stay on the line Mike, in just a few moments our news will continue. Your calls and questions 866 582 9933. We’re going to be joined by Todd Matello. Tell them about the first line of defence and why you need to start getting ready, because the events of the next 11 months are going to get a little bit crazy, and if you aren’t prepared you’re going to be very shocked by the events that will happen. We’ll be back in just a moment.





BILL: We want to transition this dialog in the next, say, 20 minutes to half hour, because this is really important. People don’t understand that with the super storm hitting where almost certainly they’re planning - I can see with these two meetings going on that it’s also a great distraction against the meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, and the G-8 meeting - they’re getting ready to do something really horrific, like blow up bombs in US cities.


ALAN: You’re going to see ration cards shortly.


BILL: I think we’re going to have a financial collapse. I can see it coming between now and the fall. We’re going to have a world financial collapse, and I don’t think people are prepared for pandemics or ration curves or a geopolitical implosion.


ALAN: Yes, it’s all coming out now.


BILL: I hope you get lots of response there. We keep on hitting the website and making sure that they are aware of how to get a hold of you and a hold of your materials.


ALAN: Yes, I mean all my sites are overloaded. It’s just amazing the amount of people coming in.


BILL: That’s good. I’m glad that they must be coming very aware of just how serious this is and how late the hour is.


ALAN: Yes, a lot of people are.


BILL: No one disputes anymore. I don’t suffer ignorance.


ALAN: We can’t. We can’t tolerate it anymore. We don’t have time.


BILL: It’s literally life and death right now.


ALAN: It is. This is the last struggle.


BILL: In my professional class, the doctors are some of the worst. The mind control - the entire training process for medicine is mind control. When I went to Vancouver they had two residents each year, out of six residents, who would kill themselves. Out of 12 residents, 4 died in 1 year. People don’t know this. They think “Oh you doctors are supermen.” No, they’re putting us through mind control. We’re tougher than most but we end up becoming mind controlled robots.


ALAN: Yes it’s a fact. They can see the effects that certain drugs and inoculations are having on their own patients.


BILL: No, and it was actually trained that if you see it, it’s like the mind control dialectic of the grave new world, or that seeing it is a bad thing and it is somehow a form of insanity to see what is right in front of your eyes.


ALAN: That’s right.


BILL: Perfect. We’re going to have a great dialog here. We will get things segued into civil defence, and I’d like you to talk about that. In terms of civil defence, what you think people should do, Alan, and how it ties in with getting your documents, understanding the dialectic and how they’re going to use the mind control technologies that will be more devastating than the financial and the other ones, because they’re going to use the media, and other non-lethal weapons and other ones to try to completely control the population while they start to clamp down things. If you remember how they push them in their pens, around in circles until eventually they stick their heads through and they hit them on the head and they knock them out in the slaughterhouses or abattoirs before they put them down and carve them up and cut their carcasses apart. That’s what they’re about to do with the population.


ALAN: They are. They’re going to stampede them into a directed stampede towards the habitat areas because will be very little gasoline for the rural areas, and prices for all items will be sky-high, the further they are transported.


BILL: That’s part of the reason why you won’t be able to live in a rural area, because the cost of just commuting to and from work will be so prohibitive you can’t do it.


ALAN: That’s right. The giant roads they’re building for NAFTA, which really is to just transport rapid deployment forces to wherever the riots break out.


BILL: Yes in fact those are military grade highways for heavy tanks, heavy lift aircraft, et cetera. They’re not designed to increase the efficiency of transport of traffic. In fact if they were smart they would have all kinds of rail systems with small cars that could attach directly to them and transport would be a more extensive rail system rather than a trucking system in America.


ALAN:  There’s a highway built, right near me in fact. It’s an extension right up to Sudbury, and it’s the NAFTA highway, and these guys for the first time – I’d never seen this in my life before – have worked all winter long, 7 days a week. It’s a wartime project, that’s the only time you see that kind of massive work going on, with massive, heavy, heavy machinery. Full steam ahead. Obviously money is no problem whatsoever, and I’ve never seen this kind of building at such a rapid pace going on in my life anywhere. However, this is wartime, and it’s a wartime road that’s being built for what’s coming.


BILL: Exactly. The terminus happens to be one of the most Masonic places in North America, which is Winnipeg, Manitoba. Where if you visit it, you will think you’re visiting a temple in ancient Egypt with all the symbolism out the front.


ALAN:  The one in Hamilton is much the same, the big one, because they run the overworld and the underworld, and they know that the mafia - that was always a favourite base, Hamilton ulterior - built a small castle there. 


BILL: In fact you’re right about Hamilton and in fact they were headquarters of the US mafia, who, when they came up from Chicago, would go to Hamilton, Ontario.


ALAN:  It still runs that site for the dark side because they run both sides: the legal and the illegal systems, and use them both in tandem when need be. We saw that with the Kennedy thing, everybody was involved with the Kennedy assassination. There are two parallel systems working here. What we’re given is democracy or republicanism that we’re taught to believe exists, in voting and all this. Meanwhile there’s a parallel one of masters at the top, the feudal overlords that Carroll quickly talked about, in his book Tragedy and Hope. And for the occult groups to call them the hidden masters they will come forward one day when they have completed their mission and they have no opposition.


BILL:  It’s amazing isn’t it, how bold they are right now though, when they’re in darkness and their hidden, and they only have their so called apparent government like Hillary rotten Clinton, who’s actually just a puppet for the real government behind the scenes of the corporatists who actually run everything.


ALAN: Yes. Truly there is no complaints department for the general public in this system.


BILL: Ha-ha that’s funny. Of course they’re expanding the administrative citizenships and they’re trying to desensitise the threshold.





BILL: Welcome to the Nutrimedical Report hour two, and we are going to be joined with Alan Watt and Todd Matello. We’re going to be segueing over on all these issues of why this is so desperately late and why you need to get yourself ready for civil defence. Food shortages, economic collapse, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and dangers of citizenry out of control. The most dangerous thing is not George Bush or the new world order, it’s your unprepared, out of control neighbour who hasn’t prepared and hasn’t developed the skill set, or even the common sense to realise that we’re near a catastrophe.  I’d like you to give us some more highlights, then we’re going to have a dialog along with our guest of hour two, Todd Matello. Welcome to the program Todd.


TODD: Thank you very much. It’s a very interesting show.


BILL:  I hope that we can kind of really stir people, because the response that we’ve had has been good, but we need a much stronger response. Not only from those people who say that they are patriots or really listen to these shows. We are writing programs of solutions, not just talking about this. I don’t get any joy out of talking about ghoulish things like this. I want to face reality though, so my family and my culture and my people and my world will survive, but what I see is an insane move by these people. A culture of death. Literally the death heads you see on the Nazi helmets, and hats of the Third Reich. We have the rise, in the words of Jim Marrs which I have used many times, of the Forth Reich. These are the same people, we see Thyssen-Krupp, people that were of course pardoned after the Second World War, that actually built the munitions for the British, had them shipped over in U-boats, and shipped directly to the British to shoot and kill Germans in Austria. This is all part of the dialectic of war which they have always managed right back to ancient Nimrod. It says in the old book of Genesis that Nimrod was a great warrior in the face of, or against, the Lord. What they are really saying is he created the dialectic of war by firstly creating the destruction and the false flag, and then creating disillusion. Problem, reaction, solution if you want to call it. In the Bible was the very first example of dialectic of control. Your comments Alan.


ALAN: That’s part of it, but if you also look at some of the old videotapes of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second, you will see all of the trappings coming all the way from Nimrod around this particular inauguration, because she sits on a raised dais like Nimrod did in some pyramid. She wears the ermine, that’s a black and white ermine around the collar, so did all the lords around her. You have these high priests of the church standing in specific places around that. They’re on a Masonic chessboard floor in a Westminster cathedral, and yet they probably don’t realise this ceremony goes all the way back to Nimrod. Nimrod was also credited amongst masons as being the first builder of the big cities. Once you create a big city, it cannot feed itself. It can’t do anything. You introduce money, it runs dependant, then you get a standing army that is paid by the money, then they go out and conquer the rural peoples. That’s been ongoing ever since. So why are the Queen and all this royalty all over Europe wearing the same emblems as Nimrod, from thousands of years ago? Where did that come into England?


BILL: Very, very astute analysis. So tell us of why, right now - this is what I call less than a year to zero hour - why Alan right now they should get your materials, understand the truth of this, get their neighbours and get their relatives to wake up now. We can’t be gentle with people, we have to shake them hard and pull them from a burning building literally with their clothes on fire. Their night clothes are on fire and they say, “Don’t wake me from my sleep. I believe the news. I believe Foxy news network, garbage news network. I believe the trash that they are trying to teach me while they are putting me to sleep. While they are ready to anaesthetise and,” - like the cattle that go through a curved chute as they go towards their death where they are going to be bonked on the head and then stuck on a hook through their flesh, and they’ll be decapitated and their carcasses hung while they disembowel them - that’s what they are ready to do to the population. They are financially ready to disembowel the middle class of the western world. They are ready to freeze the mental capacities or the ability, they’re ready to shorten human lifespan and they’re ready to reduce fertility, forced or otherwise, with vaccines, weaponised foods, and so on. Tell us why they need to move quickly, and get your materials from, and why they need to start getting ready for civil defence. We will get into this Todd Matello, so that people will know, it is very, very late. Get your food. Get your water. Get yourself ready, something’s coming quickly. Please.


ALAN: Yes, because it is coming quickly, and there will be food shortages, so even basic food should be stocked up on. People should also be ready to take all this stuff away with them if they have to move, because we’re going to see great forest fires. The HAARP, by the way, can also create super heat over a forest and you will actually see the lightning coming out of nowhere on a cloudless day and hitting the trees.  They can burn you out too. Don’t take for granted you are where you’re going to stay forever. You also have to have good people around you because people will need people to help each other along. It’s going to be a very difficult time; a long drawn out time as well. Many people will break as we go through all of this, as their old reality crumbles everything that they believed in. They say that ignorance is bliss, and that is true until the end comes; then they crack up.  You have to be prepared for so much of what’s being planned, is being openly discussed, and is being published in many books and magazines, of the culling down of the population. Now, back in the eighties I talked to a guy who has a polo team - Prince Charles is on this guy’s polo team, not the other way around - who was also an architect, and who also owns massive businesses across the planet. He showed me his private drawings of the future cities, including Toronto, and he had a much smaller Toronto with a big dome encompassing it. I asked him about it. I said, “What is this?” He said, “Things are going to change, and in the 21st century there will be fewer people.” He said eventually those who survive will live inside these domes.


BILL: Right, domed cities, and they are planned. They want to degrade the environment so they can not only super compress the cities, they want you to live literally in biosphere domes that are connected by these covered highways, literally tunnels, just like living in tunnelled cities on Mars. That’s the kind of world they want you to live in.


ALAN: He told me that people also travel underneath by subway within the limits of that cities, and I got a book sent by a group belong to the United Nations with the very thing in it. All the photographs of these projected cities with the domes. They sent it to me and asked my opinion on their plan. They’re going to have separate ones for the elderly and separate ones for the very young, like the nurseries. This is Plato’s theme coming into fruition where children are born, and during the phase where they actually need a parent or a mother - because eventually they won’t even need a mother – the parents won’t know their own children. They’ll be separated at birth.


BILL: Actually, what their plan - and I’ve been told this by experts inside the system - is that they want to outlaw wild reproduction. They will consider it a crime, and in fact right now it is an eco-crime if you have more than one child, and they want to enshrine that in international law. Then they will eventually want to completely outlaw wild reproduction, so women will not get pregnant. They will grow humans, quote, “genetically perfect,” without any defects, able to grow in laboratories. It will be literally like some of the fairy tales. Go to pick up your child at the laboratory, but you will only be sanctioned by the state to be able to be the custodians of the child that may not be genetically related to you. They will be perfected, genetically modified, altered, and any polar-body abnormalities will be removed before birth.


ALAN:  Arthur C. Clarke, who was a Nobel Prize winner and wrote 2001, 2010 then 3001 – that was his strategy – eventually said that those who had served the state and the state’s system would be allowed to have an offspring down the road.


BILL: Those will only be the upper cast, the upper cast who will be genetically vetted and allowed to reproduce because they have done a great service to society. Of course what they will do is have human life extension technologies only for the super wealthy. That’s not just wealthy in terms of finances, but genetically and cybernetically enhanced.





BILL: Welcome back to the Nutrimedical Report, and our special guest Alan Watt, and of course joining us in an hour or two, Todd Matello. We are going to get into this discussion but I want to hear just a little bit more. We do have a caller. I didn’t quite get your name. Caller, your name and where you’re calling from, and your questions for Alan Watt and myself.


JOHN: Hi, my name’s John. I’m calling from San Diego.


BILL: Wonderful John, go ahead.


JOHN: Great program. I just got through reading Cutting Through book 2, A Glimpse into the Great Work. It is so true. It is such a valid eight paragraphs that it’s so salient and couldn’t be more accurate, let me tell you that. Secondly, my question is concerning the electrical power grid failure of August 14, 2003, which affected the northeastern states as well as, I believe, the province of Ontario. I was wondering if you think that was an orchestrated event or if that was just an accident, and could this type of thing be done in the future to globalise people.


ALAN: It will be done.


JOHN: I will hang up, and I appreciate your show.     


BILL: You’re talking about the event that happened when they wiped out power to I think around 40% of the province?


JOHN: The northeastern states as well.


BILL: I have some inside information on that, but go ahead Alan. Your comments?


ALAN: We know it was brought on because there are many parallel failsafe systems to bypass defective lines, et cetera, and even their top guys themselves gave us about five different versions of what went wrong. When you ever get five different versions you know they are just giving you a spin. This was a definite plan. They took massive polls within the populations that were blacked out to see how they were coping and what the effects were. Social work departments were out in force, collecting data to see what the stress effects were on people mainly in cities. All that kind of thing. Massive data collection to see what would happen on a larger scale and probably a more prolonged scale. Remember in the Kyoto, all energy in the world is to be reduced vastly.


BILL: Yes, this is one of the issues that I picked up on the news today. In the G-8 summit they’re vastly pushing this carbon tax. This Kyoto, of course, this is the key issue. This is the fulcrum to literally make being a human being, living here on earth eating meat - they’re going to outlaw eating meat - a crime against the planet itself.


ALAN: That’s right, and anti-social behaviour - if you, eventually, even have your own garden - because you are supposed to be inter-dependant in the system. If you’re not inter-dependant, it means you are independent, and the United Nations has declared that their war is on personal individual independence.


BILL: That sounds serious. I have a garden. I will continue to have a garden and I will defend it verbally, and with whatever force is required in order to continue to have my right to have a garden. People need to start getting these skill sets. They don’t think “Oh this is important.” Yes it is. You had better have food storage. You had better have water filtration. You had better be prepared for radioisotopes. For they are going to plan on mopping up the population by crashing the economy. Short lists of food and ration cards. They don’t want to attack the public on a frontal axis with the 94 million armed Americans and many armed Canadians, for example, just in these countries. That’s why they are moving towards trying to disarm them. That’s why they have the Virginia Tech. shooter. The Virginia Tech. shooter, you can be certain, is part of one of these mind control projects. They sent him out there to kill. There were lots of warning signs that this individual needed to be hospitalised, but they didn’t.


JOHN: That’s why people have to start now, and we can beat these people. All the things we’re talking about here today, for an average person, are very scary, but on the other hand, the way I look at it is that there are six and a half billion people in this world. We’re 300 million here in the United States. There might be - what would your guest say of the people who are really in charge - a hundred and fifty thousand people? Twenty thousand?


ALAN:  They say the top 3 % of the world are the elite themselves.


JOHN: Alright, so 3% of 6 billion people are 180 million people.


ALAN: Probably about that, and even then there is a hierarchy above them, up to the very top of course. It’s almost like a military structure.


JOHN: Let’s say there are a billion of them. There’s five and a half billion of us, and they haven’t beaten us yet. The reason we feel this way is because they are having their will, and they haven’t really enacted everything. Even though they’ve enacted a lot of stuff, they haven’t really twisted our arm physically yet. There is going to come a time when they are going to have to let the secret out.


ALAN: They already are. They already have been, in fact for thirty years, publishing articles in major magazines, et cetera. David Suzuki, who fronts for the World Wildlife Fund, does all the nature programs in Canada. He’s actually a geneticist, he is funded a bit from the UN too, and he’s the main character in Canada pushing - as he said on national television 2 or 3 years ago - that they would have to cull off over three quarters of the world’s population to save the Earth. There was no reaction from the general population when he said that.


BILL: It’s part of their game too, to put up a trial balloon. We have this wonder professorial Asian icon in Canada, which is also seen across America in these documentaries, and they say, “They have got to believe him.” He sounds so believable. The solution to the Earth dying is to kill yourself! How ridiculous! The fact is, we are going through galactic and other cycles, and if anything they are going to amplify the problem. We know the sunspots that were just viewed in the last few days would cause storms to form, like the super cyclones. You can guarantee they steered it, they amplified it, and in fact when it hit landfall, that super cyclone got more powerful, which it is not supposed to do.


JOHN: That’s why they are talking about getting rid of all the food supplements. People just lay back. People should start preparing: if you started today, and every month hereafter starts stocking yourself, you would be way ahead of the game.


BILL: People better start getting their things ready now or they are going to find three to five days until chaos. That’s all we’ve got. We’re going to be back in a moment with Todd Matello. Our special guest Alan Watt will continue in this dialog.





BILL: Welcome back the Nutrimedical Report and the globalisation by the corporatocracies. These high level Luciferians have been plotting and planning for ages, literally thousands of years, to do what they’re about to do in the next twelve months and in the next several years, which is to literally push us into an electronic matrix. You need to start preparing now for food shortages, fuel shortages and difficulties with climate shift, and this super cyclone is a very good example. I was just picking up on the news here also, that the Pearl of Kamchatka geysers were lost in a massive mudslide. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in the Kamchatka peninsula of Russia. Of course this was destroyed because of the massive climate shift; it is not caused by carbon dioxide. It is caused by solar activity. We’re moving to the galactic plane; there’s a solar minimum now but there is major geothermal activity occurring around the world and we are soon going to see super storms of unprecedented size, plus famines, pestilence, and other terrible conditions. This is not a joke; it is not to just frighten you. It is to get you stirred into action now or you will face disaster down the road. Your comments Alan and Todd.


ALAN: It’s true that it is to do with the different shifts of the Earth. All through history it was noted from thousands of years ago that we go through cycles. We don’t just go round the sun in a perfect circle. There are variations and sequences to it which can be tracked and followed. These are arcane sciences; they are kept in archives, so they have the histories of them, and they know when they are coming up. We have many ice ages, big ice ages and warming periods in between, so this is a natural phase we are going through, but yes, they are using this to their best advantage to convince us that we are the problem. And from now on, they are going to hammer us every day on the news media with more terror of what we are causing by simply existing and breathing, until we are convinced.


BILL: By being here, literally the fact that we are breathing is a crime against the Earth.


ALAN: That’s right. So I hope they take joggers first and fine them, because they take the most, you see.


BILL: Find the joggers because they are generating too much carbon dioxide?


ALAN: That’s right, yeah.


TODD: That’s right, and it is a shame that what you say is true. They are trying to scare everybody, and in reality there are a lot of ways in which people can protect themselves without great and terrible expense to themselves, and they need to pay attention to what is going on in the country and the world, and not believe all this ridiculous stuff.


BILL: The latest and most obscene thing is the carbon tax and this whole idea of the solar activity, of Igor as I call him, who is doing his foolish little slide show and who has no scientific or actual background. We have Doctor Tim Boll who has blown this complete scam away - the so-called global warming scam. We have solar activity and we have increasing under-oceanic geothermal activity. I did oceanography. Now, a third of a century ago - before I went into medicine - I could tell you that it was a bold-faced lie by a fool and I would debate him in a second, or any other idiot who thinks that they know what is going on. Firstly, carbon dioxide and methane gas will be released by solar activity. However, just from seeing the spike in methane, from the methane class rates in Siberia alone, there are 440 billion tonnes of methane class rates just in Siberia, not in northern Canada, that will be released when we hit a certain level of global warming. The fact is that they are doing it on purpose. They have put these aerosol particulates, like aluminium and barium, to heat the atmosphere, to melt and literally open up the North West passage. This is a fact. I was told it face to face by senior NSA and other agents, and pilots flying these jets, so I know face to face what they are up to. The lower level people all thought it was just to reflect the sunlight out, like they do in the primer readers for those in kindergarten school, and so on in grammar schools. However, the real fact is that they are trying to create the environmental catastrophes but the same time they have the dialectic of the solution, which is to kill us. Now here is the thing that is so important that people should realise. Doctor Webster, of the Saint Jude research centre in Memphis, Tennessee; Russians scientists; the head of the World Health Organisation. All of these experts are saying that we are on our way to a pandemic. We have climate shifts, we have an economic catastrophe, we have a president who believes in Armageddon - who believes we need to bathe the Earth in fire - and these sock puppet fools are ready to do it. Even their own military are saying, “No way on my shift,” this is Admiral William Fallon, “are we going to launch a pre-emptive strike, a nuclear attack, on sovereign nation Iran.” Of course this latest attack, with this hurricane Gonu, is just another example of the foolishness and evil; that they are willing to go to any end to have what they want. The cyclone Gonu - look it up yourself today - is the largest super cyclone in history to hit the Arabian Sea. This is unprecedented and it will produce dramatic changes in the ability to produce oil and gas in this area. It is a direct attack against Oman, and against Iran. You can see this; it’s as obvious as the nose on your face, and it’s right here in real time as we’re speaking live here on the Nutrimedical Report. Your comments Alan.


ALAN: I’m just waiting to see the gas prices go through the roof again. Isn’t it interesting how nature always cooperates with them at the right time, when they want this to happen? The New American Century project said that they would need a war, beginning in the Middle East - in Afghanistan, in Iraq and Syria, et cetera. And bang!, in 2001 it happens just like that. They keep winning the lotto. Then they want the prices of gasoline to go up to stop us from driving on the roads, and nature just cooperates and hit New Orleans.


BILL: They actually planned this though. They actually talked about this, last fall of last year and the year before, about the prices of oil going through the ceiling and up to $150 to $220 per barrel if that happened. These are the words of Lindsay Williams and others. They talk about Gull Island; the massive amounts of oil up there in the Prudhoe Bay area near Alaska and northern Alberta and the North West territories. The amount of oil there is a hundred times the entire preserves in the Middle East. There is no shortage, it’s all foolishness, it’s a bold-faced lie, and they are literally doing this because they are getting ready to crush us. 


ALAN: I have old schoolbooks, that were Canadian schoolbooks from the 1920’s for primary school children - that’s under 12 - with the photographs of the capped wells throughout Ontario and other parts of Canada, and these were everywhere. There were hundreds of them just in Ontario alone. They were all capped in the twenties and left.


TODD: It all comes down to the fact that people have to start taking charge, period, of everything. Not just their health, but everything in this world. You have to start taking charge; you have to shut that crazy television off. People have to unite. We talked about getting close to your neighbours, but you have to do it.


BILL: That’s right, you need to take action. I hear the bumper; we’ll be taking calls right after this break.





BILL: Another concrete example, as we return to the last segment here with Alan Watt and Todd Matello. A good example is this latest news story. JFK arrests raise issues of pipeline vulnerability. This literally came in just a couple of days ago. A foiled plot to blow up a jet fuel pipeline under John F. Kennedy Airport drew attention to what counter-terrorism experts have warned could be a key target. On Saturday, three men, one of them a former member of the Guyana parliament, were arrested and one was being sought in Trinidad as part of a plan intended to cause greater destruction than the September 11 attacks. Now, they have to keep the state of terror up. They have to keep it up with biological terror, financial terror, and economic terror. We all have to stay in a state of terror. After spending billions, hundreds of billions of dollars, trillions on this stupid war, killing - literally functionally since 2003 – probably three quarters of a million Iraqis, more likely 18,000 dead Americans, and probably 64,000 mortally wounded and having serious defects if they survived it at all. This is just an abomination. It’s absolutely unacceptable, and we see more and more of these foolish lies just like these, and they get these patsies out there. Tell us your comments Alan and Todd.


ALAN: This goes back even further, this whole strategy, because in the French Revolution it wasn’t just a middle class revolution. It was a high Masonic revolution, and that’s wide open. There is so much data on it, even written at the time. They wanted to depopulate France as well after the revolution, and they already had charts made up prior to the revolution of how many serfs or peasants they wanted in the different parts of France to serve what would be eventually a remaining elite. They took what they called the excess population and put them in barges in the rivers, and in ships, and sunk them; they cannoned them.  The same strategy, under the same groupings, has been done through history. They never change their agenda; they simply have more of the sciences now. The Cold War was fantastic for them because they could tax all sides to the hilt, and everyone said nothing because, after all, they were protecting you. All this money went into the very equipment which they planned to use in the 21st century on the whole world.


BILL: In fact, trillions upon hundreds of trillions. MI6 founded the CIA, and the CIA is actually the operational level of MI6: the primary exporters of drugs worldwide to the western nations, the source of most of their black-op money for their weird underground projects, their genetic hybridisation, their off-world facilities, and all the other evil quote, “lethal and non-lethal weapons.” Mind control and their genetically hybridised super soldiers. I was told personally by Dr. Wallace that there was no limit to the budget if you could justify it for scientific or technical advancement for their purposes, and I literally was absolutely in shock and wrenched back at seeing of the horror of what they were doing and thinking it was just a scientific endeavour. No different than entering the lab of Dr. Mengele during the Second World War. The same scientists were brought into America and the Soviet Union. They divided the spoils of these evil Nazis, which were literally the minions just of the new world disorder. That’s all they are; they’re just the operatives of the plan that they have written in the books. H.G. Wells - all these authors - were actually just doing the predictive programming in advance. Tell us about them Alan.


ALAN: The predictive programming is essential to create a secondary reality which the majority must believe in, and what they do is, starting with children, give them cartoons and give them ideas. The cartoons now, after the Loyola meeting of world science to do with genetics and the brain chip, will promote the brain chip as a positive thing to children, beginning with cartoons, then little novels at school, and then eventually into the movies. Now all the movies that have come out since, and the cartoons, have their superheroes with brain chips that give you special powers, so the children want it. That is predictive programming. They make you want something, and when it comes along in your lifetime it seems familiar to you, and therefore you accept it as a natural evolution. The whole culture is actually directed, and has been for hundreds of years.


BILL: And the worst are things like my profession. The program that they did was so vicious that I remember it when entering residency in Vancouver General, in internal medicine, in 1977. Then, out of 12 residents, 2 committed suicide in the first year, and 2 in the second, within the first 8 months. That’s an example of the tremendous crush that they do, and I remember one sequence of dates when I was actually on duty, 22 days straight sleeping on the floor underneath the nursing station with no actual quarters. That’s the kind of torture they do so they can crush you, so you won’t even see what is right in front of you. But I wasn’t very crushable I guess, so I am still fighting against stupidity and arrogance. Against things like mercury in vaccines and mercury in dental amalgams; the only other place it’s safe is in the toxic waste dump. Against the insanity of weaponising our food with excito­toxins like aspartame, MSG and other things that cause neurological defects. And against the actual spread, through vaccines, of microplasma fermentans, with experts like Garth Nicholson, who had to write his book Operation Day Lily.  If you don’t think the pandemics are coming, if you don’t think the food shortages are coming, just go back to sleep and drop dead, because you will. Todd, your comments.


TODD: It’s just like the movie they just showed over the last week at Arkansas in Canada. This was another pandemic movie, this was a different one, and people were wearing masks but what they really were, were surgical masks. They did absolutely nothing, but they let everybody believe that they were safe doing that, and they let everybody believe how they could quell the people, and keep the pandemic away from other people. You should have seen it; it was ridiculous. They really did that!


BILL: It is designed to see if people won’t respond, it’s telling people, “Don’t respond.” I guarantee you that because they have people with fat, full stomachs, and lots of bullets and guns in America, they have to crash the economy; they have to cause a pandemic; they have to start blowing up bombs or devices in cities in order to paralyse the public. They have to have super storms, and I see all of these as very real possibilities in the next 11 months. Look to the summer. Start getting ready people. If you don’t - just like the people before Hurricane Alley down in the south - God help them if they don’t have enough food to last even a few weeks. A run and go pack. They had better be aware that it doesn’t matter about their pension plans or their fantasy homes and their cars; they’re going to die. They’re going to die really quickly too.


TODD: People are so materialistic, and so worried about keeping up with the Jones’, and when I hear people talk about how, “In 5 years from now I’m going to retire and then I’m going to live over here,” or, “As soon as my kids get out of college we are going to do this,” and, “We are just going to get a boat,” I mean, nobody is…


BILL: They are going to retire to a mass grave dug for them and many thousands of others who also don’t believe the truth when we tell them it’s coming. They think that we are doing this for entertainment. Neither Alan nor I nor you, a former Special Forces, Todd, are doing this for entertainment. I do not believe this is entertaining. This is ghoulish, it frightens me, but I have - as they say in the military, or if you are a doctor - you have to steel yourself against the fear when you are cutting through someone to save their life and clamp off arteries, or if you are trying to save someone and you are in a battle, you have to steel yourself against these fears. You have to realise that you have to swallow your fear and move forward, because if you stay paralysed you will die.


TODD: You will die, and the point is that people have to realise that we have families. We have grandchildren. We want to live a happy peaceful life too. We certainly are not getting rich on this stuff, that’s for sure. Do you think we are doing this because we have got nothing better to do? No. We are doing it because we love our country. We love God, we love our country, and we care about people.


BILL: That’s it. That is the only way that you as a human being are wired. You have to care about community. You have to care about your progeny. You have to care about other citizens, other people of different colours of skin and religious viewpoint. We have to care for all the other living things on the planet. We are the gardener of the garden of Earth. And if we don’t, there’s something here for humanity, that’s why they want to desensitise us with video games, violent movies, and these wars. These gentlemen that are young men that are being sent over to be desensitised, they are getting ready to bring them back here like black water to put us down in death camps. It is really being prepared people, step by evil step. Your comments Alan?


ALAN: We will go through hell before we come through and see the light on the other side, and that’s coming. We have to accept that it’s coming.


BILL: We will get to see the other side, but we are going to have to go through quite a battle, and many of us are not going to make it. But as I say, if you don’t fight you will die, but if you do engage you might live. You certainly won’t die the death of a coward, and that’s for certain. Thank you Alan Watt and that is