June 11, 2007



Bill Deagle: Welcome to the Nutri Medical Report.  We have a cameo by Dr. Frank B. Fischer, one of the top pain doctors in modern history.  We’re going to hear his cameo first and then a very important response from Alan Watt, literally with the sharpest tool to cut through the matrix -  You can get his materials by going to his website. This is one of the most incisive intellects in our modern era to understand the dialectics of control they’ve used for ages. The science is very, very advanced—the science of the mind. They don’t teach this in school. You need this information to survive the days, weeks, months ahead just as much as you need the hand tools, the heritage seeds, the water, etc. because if you don’t have your mind clear as to what’s going on you won’t know what to avoid otherwise. So let’s hear from Dr. Frank B. Fischer telling us the latest in what’s going on with the war on pain and then we’ll hear the response by Alan Watt. Welcome to the program for this cameo, Dr. Frank B. Fischer, with your very erudite and astute intellect and voice.

Dr. Frank B. Fischer:  Right now, we’re not really having a war on pain. What we’re having is a war on people who have pain.

Bill: Very accurate. If you have pain, you’re like the Rosa Parks of years ago who was the wrong sex, color of skin, orientation, etc.

Frank: Actually, Rosa Parks was lucky. They just wanted her to sit at the back of the bus.

Bill: Right.

Frank: If you get the disease we call chronic pain your doctor is going to despise you. He’s going to discriminate against you and torture you. If you can’t get over it on your own, he’s going to let you die from it after he tortures and abuses you. That’s why I say this is a war on the sickest and most vulnerable people in our society, and it’s killing about a million people a year and leaving another ten million completely disabled and non-functional.

Bill: In fact, it makes me repent of actually being a doctor when I think of my colleagues actually trying to train new doctors to believe in this insane dialectic of control, that if a patient suggests that they aren’t getting control that it’s really a patient who is evil somehow, manipulated and addictive.  Really, what they’re doing is they’re dying. In fact, I read the latest report of a young lady who had a serious problem and she died in the hospital after going back three times because the doctors would not believe her. She literally writhed around on the floor and even the janitor walked around her until finally she died. Right there in the hospital.

Frank: I read about that. That happened in an emergency room down in Los Angeles, California. What happened is the lady came back for a third time and the emergency room staff labeled her as a complainer.

Bill: Oh, better stop complaining.

Frank: So she lay on the floor and writhed around, like you said, while her large bowel ruptured; and what that does effectively is it coats the inside of the abdominal cavity with feces. It’s like having an extremely bad burn over nearly the entire surface area of the skin. That’s the seriousness of this condition. Basically they let her roll around the floor and they ignored her while she died, because she had pain and they didn’t really want to be bothered with a complainer.

Bill: No. Listen, you better not complain or else we’ll just let you die. Right here. 

Frank: Either way they were going to let her die, whether she complained or not, because the complaint was of pain. This demonstrates how people are treated in Emergency Rooms when they show up for second or third times with an undiagnosed pain complaint.

Bill: Now people think all this is an anomaly. No, I can tell you right now, whether it’s worker’s compensation dealing with a toxic exposure--but the most serious and the most evil is this pain issue. There's millions and millions of Americans who can’t get a doctor to treat them, and believe me, not every pain can respond to selective nerve root block or surgery; only a tiny minority and only for a tiny period of time.  We do have the magic bullet. The latest horror is the Perdue Pharma drug company now has been caught saying that there wasn’t an addictive potential to the long acting former narcotics.  All the doctors have prescribed this, knowing that there are people who are going to get problems, but again, so what, we aren’t responsible for every single thing. We have to deal with the patient in front of us dealing with a crush injury, progressive disease, or pain syndrome that by itself is a separate problem. Tell us about some of your analysis of this very serious crisis and the interference in the criminalization of the practice of medicine—a big question.

Frank: I don’t know where to start. [Laughs]

Bill: Wherever you want to take it. It’s all up to you. I intend to rant and I just let you go. How’s that?

Frank: I know, but when you do that my mind goes blank.

Bill: Ah, this is meant to bit somewhat overwhelming because I want to get people to have an emotional response. They need to know it’s them the hospital, it’s them at home; it’s them begging their doctor, who are a doctor themselves or attorney or a judge. I know federal judges that are in dire agony from our practice in Colorado. Those doctors, those people, and those politicians they get seriously ill, god help you, try to get someone who will treat your pain when surgery isn’t available, when treatment with interventional nerve blocks won’t work and the only thing, the magic bullet – you can’t have it. It’s narcotics—and if you ask for it, even if you’re dying, you could get “addicted” even though you could get dead real soon.

Frank: The problem here is the politics of fear. The mass media has been very successful at projecting an image around the so-called narcotics, which are actually opioid-analgesics, that they’re the ultimate evil. People are susceptible to that sort of thing, particularly coming from the television medium because it’s not interactive. It just runs one direction and it fills our brains up with this garbage.

Bill: You mean that people don’t think anymore? [Laughs]

Frank: In order to be able to think clearly, people have to have a good quality of information and an interactive process, and all we’ve had coming across television about these valuable pain medicines is scare tactics.

Bill: Why would they want to do this? Why would they want scare tactics? Because the whole anti-pain war is a big industry?

Frank: It’s bigger than that. The way they control the population is to scare them and then offer them protection.  We see the same thing with the war on terror.

Bill: That sounds like the Sopranos. They’re the “Pain Sopranos” I guess.

Frank: It’s the same as the war on drugs. What they’re offering us is first to scare us with these evil possibilities, with either drugs or terrorism, and then offer to protect us in exchange for our freedom.

Bill: Wow. That’s a very astute analysis. So, what are they going to do? How are they going to protect us from our suffering, which many times pain itself is a terminal condition? It causes cardiac disease. It causes de-conditioning. It causes suicide. It causes people to end up with many other illnesses on top of it, and it kills millions of Americans every year because of under-treatment. Yet they try to say that they’re going to not interfere with unnecessary extensive regulation, when doctors do continue to do pain medicine; and despite the dangers to try to be compassionate, they get routed out of practices. Their carcasses get thrown into prison for the rest of their very miserable lives.

Frank: The government isn’t really offering to protect us against pain, which is the primary evil. They’re offering to protect us against drugs. That’s a whole lie also, because drugs are freely available to anyone who wants them except for pain patients who don’t have the resources to get them.

Bill: Right. That’s why, in fact, it’s very obvious to me that even though the government is incomplicent with narco-terrorists like Vincente Fox, when they signed their free trade agreement we’ve had free trade on drugs coming into America by the DEA and the CIA for decades.  It’s well known with people like Sally Castille* that the government’s involved with laundering and bringing the drugs in, but by god, if you are a pain patient or a doctor trying to treat someone suffering from pain, god help you if something happens down the road. It’s almost like if you gave somebody a pair of shoes and while they were wearing the shoes which you sold them, they committed a crime; and you were somehow complicent in the crime because they wore the shoes you sold them.

Frank: That’s what’s called a strict liability standard.

Bill:  That’s the kind of insanity we have. I can’t believe that this kind of insane logic can hold up, and even the so called lawyers who know the rules of evidence and attributable liability would even suggest this conforms to any rational standard of logic.

Frank: It isn’t rational at all. The basis for it is generally known as the big lie. The big lie is repeated over and over and this time it’s about the opioid-analgesics. I don’t think its coincidence that the government selected them, because they are the best class of medications we have; and that makes them the most valuable on the black market.

Bill: Wow. Can you sit back for just a moment so I can hear Alan Watt’s analysis and then your comments? Alan Watt, literally with the sharpest tool to cut through the matrix - – you can get his materials by going to his website. This is one of the most incisive intellects in our modern era to understand the dialectics of control they’ve used for ages. The science is very, very advanced—the science of the mind. They don’t teach this in school. You need this information to survive the days, weeks, months ahead just as much as you need the hand tools, the heritage seeds, the water, etc. Thanks very much for being on the program, Alan.

Alan: Yes, it's a pleasure to be on. It's an interesting topic but it goes back much earlier in history, as to how this has come about, because when they set up the League of Nations with the department of Population Reduction, they discussed all the possibilities of a future world with a managed society with a fixed population. --Where they've been brought down to a fixed population. They found that it would be counterproductive to actually give out good medical aid for pain, since that was going to be used down the road for one of the reasons for euthanasia. Chronic and long-term pain takes the life out of a patient of course. It wears them down until there's no quality of life.  It would be counter-productive to give them actual pain medication which worked and bring down a population at the same time. Now it's mainly people who hit their 40’s and 50’s who start to get the aches and pains, and all the damage that they've had when they were young, will start to show itself for the first time. It's a gradual decline from there. Now, in the new world order, the world that they envisage coming into view, they don't want people to live too long after retirement. In fact, they’d rather that you just walked into a booth and got zapped and be out of the way. 

Bill: Right, like “Soylent Green”.

Alan: If you treat the pain, you’re actually being counter-productive. They want to bring on euthanasia. They're going to have more programs on this and it's all going to be with people around the retirement age who have suffered so much, and will all be very emotional about it, and they will pass the euthanasia bills.

Bill: That's what they're talking about right now. In fact, the main thing driving the euthanasia bills is the fear of terminal pain, when there is no excuse. Experts like myself and Dr. Fischer can more than adequately control the pain. There's no reason for anyone who has even the most horrendous condition, if they're dying or if they're suffering a chronic pain condition, suffering to the point where they can’t feel like the next day is so much a burden they can’t breathe or do anything in the future. It's just ridiculous. It's obscene. Our medical profession are a bunch of scared ignoramuses and they don't want to know the truth because it will put more guilt on them; and they're under the control of mind-control technologies. Your comments, Alan, in terms of this?

Alan:  Years ago they said they would use the professions to bring all of the new world order about. Stalin said the same thing. He knew the agenda and so did Lenin.  Eventually socialism would blend with capitalism.

Bill:  He said, ‘Let me control the doctors and I will control them all.’ That was his actual statement. ‘Let me control the doctors.’ That's why he wanted to get the Greek orthodox clergy, first in the Soviet Union. That's why they had to get all the physicians. In fact, it was Stalin who went and asked his juniors to say, please get a doctor, I'm feeling unwell. He said, I'm sorry Mr. Stalin, there are no doctors because you have killed them all.

Alan: Stalin also said, we must pay so much money, much more money to teachers because they will be the prime indoctrination force for bringing up the generations. Then, of course, the police and the military were next, but beginning with the professionals because the professionals would have power. In the west you began with Health Services, they're now Health Authorities; and that was the whole plan along the way.  Then you have the Club of Rome, which is one of the top think tanks for this world structure. They pass on their ideas to the Bilderbergers and the lesser think tanks, then implement them into action through the media. The Bilderbergers, too, one of their main jobs along with the Club of Rome was to find ways to reduce the population, to make life intolerable and then point it out to the public so that the public would go along with a vast reduction in population. Pain is always the greatest one because when you’re living in chronic pain, you simply can’t do all the things you otherwise could still be capable of doing to give life quality.  This all fits together. It's not by chance.

Bill: No, in fact it also fits in with the saying over the top of the Nazi death camps, “Work to Live”, which is the modus; and they had built death camps in Nazi Germany. Most Germans I knew that lived during the Third Reich in Germany or Austria weren’t even aware of the camps – we are. We know the Kellogg, Brown and Route. We know the Bechtel Corporation has built them above and underground. We know that these corporations have built them with taxpayer money: 660 of them for one hundred thousand, two for one million, one that's being completed for 2.5 million people; believe it or not. They have converted all these ex-military and other bases; and they have created literally camps not just for “illegals or Muslims.” They've created them for us. 

Alan: A few years ago, it was in all the national papers, one of the camps in the United States had over the gate “Work Makes Free” and someone pointed it out that was a direct translation from one of the old Nazi camps, and they did take it down. They said they were so ignorant they didn’t know.

Bill: I think that was the marketing genius of, who was that?

Alan: It was actually the top boys from NY who set up the I.G. Farben Company, which funded the whole war machine for Adolph Hitler.

Bill: Oh wow. Basically, nothing new is under the sun. It's the same marketing geniuses that have done this.

Alan: Yes, and the I.G. Farben company was just an umbrella company of many corporations which still exist today: ITT, which made the Falkwell fighter, GM was over there, and Ford. They both successfully sued the US government back in the 1980’s for destroying their plants where they were producing tanks and armored vehicles in Germany; and US taxpayers actually funded the recompense for that.

Bill: They had to compensate them for bombing their places. They weren’t supposed to bomb them because, in fact, by orders coming through the British high command, through the British air force, the Canadian air force, and the American. They were not to bomb these plants who were producing the death weapons, even munitions which were sold to the British and paid for by British gold bouillon from the queen’s gold bouillon stores. This is how evil this is. They are literally setting up dialectic of conflict.  This latest war against pain patients and pain doctors is the most vile of all of them.

Alan: Yes, but that's essential, as I say, because Holland was the first country to actually legally come out and authorize doctors to use euthanasia on certain patients. They've already had some foul ups because one nun was euthanized without permission.  It wasn’t until she was dead that they found out she was actually a nun, but they managed to cover that up pretty good. You cannot give the authority for that kind of thing to the state, which is exactly what the state wants – who lives and who dies.

Bill:  Your comments, Dr. Fischer?

Frank: This discussion about euthanasia reminds me of a little story by Kurt Vonnegut about ethical suicide parlors. His proposal was to control the population by putting one next door to each Howard Johnson’s and giving it a purple roof rather than an orange one.  There would be ethical suicide hostesses who would talk people into taking the plunge, and show them a movie and give them their last meal and all.

Alan: That was shown in fact, and then in was incorporated into the book, and then the movie “Soylent Green,” where you see the person, the elderly fellow, getting put into one of these places. The music comes on. The walls light up with these giant screens, he sees birds, flowers, and forests, hears the music and then he's given the injection and quietly drifts off.

Bill: Wow; and this is what they want. We need to continue on the battle. Dr. Fischer, I appreciate your cameo today, we’ll continue the dialogue with Alan Watt from Thanks a lot, Dr. Fischer.

Frank: Okay. Thanks.

Bill: Alan, let's continue this, we're going to talk about the infiltration of the alphabet letter agencies into the media and what it's doing to our society.  We have Robert from Nova Scotia, go ahead with your question or comment for Alan and let's stimulate some dialogue here. We need to get people trained on the basics, to recognize the enemy, the tactics of the enemy, and then they can simply say just like a master of martial arts – I like the picture that Alan has on the front of his website -  It shows him flying through the air, knocking the all-seeing eye out at the top of the pyramid. That's what we need to do here intellectually. He's training us up to the level where you’ll understand and then be able to neutralize them with a karate blow or a martial arts blow. Robert, your question.

Robert: Hi Alan, just a quick question, I was just wondering what the possibility of drug companies with euthanasia and everything these days, if they could just plant things in the drugs – like vitamins and whatnot – to help reduce the population? Just simple things like that.

Bill:  I taught the course four years ago to the special-op in delta in North America here in the United States and Canada, and I was literally sitting-in while we did the international seminars for doctors in Australia, North America, and Europe on bio-terrorism. I was the main professor on February 12th and for the next four or five days we traded stories. In fact, they were doing war games simulations with what’s called binary toxins, where you can put something in the air and something in the water or something like that—like something with some means of ingress into your body. And only if you have both, just like one of those little Batman specials. I think they had a special, years ago, where they had a binary toxin. Believe it or not, they've done this. They've got binary toxins and you’ve got to think about it like GMO “Frankenfoods”, the World Trade Organization codex. They add these toxins all together they're going to fry you. If you’re eating excito-toxins like aspartame, if you get GMO “Frankenfoods” that have got genes that don't belong there with organic acids, if you add to that all the crazy vaccines, you’re not going to think straight or even want to resist. You add these together and with the right trigger, it can kill people. I've heard stories of even water systems where they have water release valves that can be operated by remote control by, I believe it was Janet Phelps and she showed me. We talked about this almost two years ago on the program. These things are very real. They are war-gaming themselves, so they can send out binary toxins. Your comments, Alan?

Alan: I knew for a long time in fact that the synthetic plants or vitamins you see on the market had alternate purposes built into them, but they've been doing this along with the inoculations since at least the 1950’s, too, where you can get your initial inoculations and it might not be, that's like cocking the hammer on a gun, and it won't be until you get your boosters – maybe when you’re 30 or 40 that you’ll suddenly come down with massive arthritis and stuff like this. See, we’ve had this for a very long time because population reduction is definitely one of their priorities. It always has been.

Bill:  We’ve seen this with the actual plans that they've done with these vaccines. They know that they're cancer-laced, like this Gardasil having massive reactions, and they are still trying to ignore it. This is his so-called vaccine. They say, ‘it's not contaminated.’ I even had people try to email me, ‘there's no DNA in this.’ I said, ‘really? Do you know how these things are made?’ I said, ‘I worked in the lab. I can tell you they cannot remove cancer DNA from these vaccines. That's not possible.’ Also the immune reactions, they know the third round of these kiddy vaccines are laced with mercury or other toxicants like excito-toxins. They even put aspartame in vaccines. Now tell me why you put a sweetener in a vaccine – aluminum or other agents. They cause the third round to cause these kids to turn into autistic kids. That's what we find. It happens all the time, the third round. I've seen it personally. We’ve given these things. I am literally on the ground floor as a doctor. We’ve seen these things. The last vaccine I saw was given to my daughter 15 years ago with Down syndrome, and she probably that evening had a respiratory arrest.  Luckily, I had an ambu-bag and put an airway, actually a ventilator saved her life on the kitchen table.  I'm going to tell you. I'm pretty angry that my professors and doctors try to lie to me, and if you read the product inserts, doctors, and if you think you’re going to take me on. I will do a mental autopsy on you here on this program. I dare you to call in. Let's continue Alan.

Alan:  I was going to mention that the aspartame. Aspartame is such a blatantly High Masonic term. You have the asp, which is the serpent; of course, of Cleopatra, she did herself in with them; and you have tame. See, you tame the person—and you do that by going for the brain cells. However, who was the one who got it through into the US Food and Drug Administration? It was Donald Rumsfeld. Who did Donald Rumsfeld work for? Prior to that, he worked for the company. He was a CEO of the company that brought in aspartame. This guy was a leg boy for bio-weapons in the chemical industries for many years. He was the one, it's on video, who took the weapons over to Iraq in the 1970’s and 80’s. They eventually were used for gassing Iranians. This boy has been a leg boy for the chemical warfare department for a long, long time. This is the guy who brought us all aspartame.

Bill:  It's amazing but it's actually true. He brought us aspartame and he's also the one who brought the toxic dangerous weapons to kill the Kurds in the north, same guy. Don't believe us, just read the news. You need to check it out for yourself and then you need to react. Don't just stand there and think, “I don't need to prepare. I don't need to deal with the fact that they're surrounding the Browns when they're letting the illegals come into the country. I don't need to be worried that when I get on an airliner they don't have a bio-bag and a HEPA filter in every aircraft and send it off to a biological weapons lab to make sure there's not resistant TB there. They're going to follow it down later. They wouldn't let me get on the flight if I could get poisoned or toxified or killed, or they spread a pandemic through the silver birds that fly every day and don't follow migratory routes.” They don't care. They want to kill you; and if you don’t get it, I'm telling you from the inside, a doctor for a third of a century, you better watch out. You need to go to our side. You need to join our team. We're the winning team. We're the team that wants you to do well. We don't want to take your life. We don’t want to take your future and your genetics. We are the people who care about the continuation of society. The people who have hired you: the police, the firefighters, all these people who have been lied to. The people who have gone to the wrong side inside the military. REPENT, turn back. Realize that no matter what you’ve done before, if you don't stop doing it you’re going to die. You're going to pay for it; and it happened in other cultures where they took those first people. They're the highest liability. You know what they're doing because you’re doing it. I talked with one guy who was a CIA and the NSA and I said, how do you retire from the CIA?  He looked at me kind of with chagrin and he said, you retire by being double tapped. I said, what the heck is that? He said, you get shot twice in the head and twice in the heart with a .22. He said I have to carry a tracker around in my car with me all the time, in case they have to call me out, and if you don't carry these things, you’re done. They’ll find where you are and they’ll take you out. You need to know this. If you’re former Navy Seals, for example, and you’re asked a question, “will you shoot on Americans when you retire from the Seals?” They're watching you everyday. And 25% of UPS drivers in the US and worldwide are NSA or other alphabet agencies – the same way in Canada, the same way the Otis and Krupp elevator men, 95% of those guys are government agents with their trucks with little electronic gear to surveil people. Your comments, Alan.

Alan:  I know more about the UPS that works for the government.

Bill: You better believe it. The only time you can feel happy is when you serve your fellow man.  The very first step towards restoration of the constitution is to maintain the physical constitution, that's why you see the primary attack of the Nazis, which was fluoride. The latest Nazi thought up the World Trade Organization 'Codex Alimentarius' in the early 60’s. Literally, they implemented in the mid-90’s and they're now trying to put it into act worldwide as a standard of poisoning the population with a molecular holocaust. This fits in with the dialectic of control. It goes right back to feudalism in the middle ages and thousands of years before. Tell us some of the basis upon which they're doing the attacks against the population, Alan.

Alan: If you go back to the early economist that we know of, that worked for the British government, back to Thomas Malthus from the 1700’s. He was also the head of the British East India Company, where all the shareholders were members of royalty and the aristocracy, their relatives. He talked about how to depopulate excess populations when their purpose was over.  They had international meetings in the 1700’s about that very problem, between them and their sister company the Dutch East India Company. Both were owned by their own families. He suggested even putting housing near unhealthy areas, near swamps, etc., crowd them together and then disease would spread much easier through them, especially the young and elderly would be the first to go. These were things they talked about quite practically from their point of view. They're very pragmatic as they see themselves; and people are there to serve them. They see from the top, they see the average person at the bottom as a different species. We have to understand that Darwin helped to champion their cause by introducing a validation of the class system. Under Darwin’s theory of social Darwinism, the elite deserve to be at the top because they have the survival instincts and the cunning and all the abilities necessary to be where they are, which left everyone down below as basically belonging to the “junk gene” group. You wouldn't evolve any further, so your use basically was to feed the elite.  When they had no more purpose for you and you couldn’t produce for them, then you simply should be culled off like any other animal. This was talked about in the 1700’s, the 1800’s, the 1900’s, up to the present day; and it still is talked about at the top of the United Nations. We should take this very seriously. These guys mean what they're saying. They don't believe in an excess population in a postindustrial society; and they have been depopulating by introducing all of these diseases, which come out of laboratories. If you don't believe me, read some of the stuff put out in Canada by the Toronto Star reporter. It's called “Deadly Allies”.  Canada leads the world in bacterial and viral warfare, and has since 1942.

Bill: Right, and it is in Winnipeg in fact, because all the nasty weapons from America and Russia are sitting in their laboratory without proper safeguards and they know it.

Alan: Yes, and of course the other part was to sterilize the male, alter his hormonal reproduction mechanisms and effeminize him.  They don't want an aggressive male society when we're going through vast changes; and viola, what you have today. You have the statistics given out every year by the United Nations, quietly, calmly on the sperm count of the male in the west. It's down 75% of what it was in 1950. There's no comment as to why, which tells you right away it's intended to be that way or otherwise it would be a crisis. There's no crisis, and yet we're ¾ sterile. That tells you there's an agenda behind it.

Bill: We see it already. Young couples, 20-25% of all young couples in North America are functionally sterile. That's why you see all of these women, not only young, but now in their late 30’s trying to get pregnant and they can’t. They can’t because there's estrogens. There’s toxins out there. They're not properly ovulating. They get heavy metals in their brain stem, which means they can’t cycle properly and then they try to use artificial means to do it, which causes multiple pregnancies and great danger to the woman and the babies. We get premature babies who are very small. It's all the same system. They want to outlaw “regular” reproduction. The step is firstly Igor. A lot of people think he's great. I think Igor (or Al Gore) is his better name, is a fool. Of course, he wants to step on the stage as a savior even if he's not president. He's an evil man. You might say one little fact that seems to make some sense, but the rest of it is pure evil. They want to make “breathing out” a tax. They want to outlaw “wild reproduction,” so that human beings can only reproduce in a laboratory under government control.

Alan:  Arthur C. Clarke, who’s one of the biggest predictive programmers out, there always has been—there's a lot of occultic stuff written in his books with time, dates, and everything, of implementation of the agenda. His last book was “3001”; and at this particular period in time, you would have to serve the state very well to be authorized to reproduce your offspring in a normal manner.

Bill: That's exactly what they're up to. People say, oh no, you can’t be saying this. Read the book! Get the materials from -  this is real and if you don't prepare intellectually, spiritually, physically for what’s coming, and you don't keep your body, mind, and spirit clean from toxins, because they're going to attack your mind so you can’t think straight. They want to fill you with fear so you won't be able to plan. They want to impoverish you so you won't have the resources. They want to outlaw even having home gardens. This is what’s so amazing. It's so obvious sometimes when they want to reintroduce toxins, like 7 of 9 banned pesticides in 179 countries. They want to put them back in your food. They want to put in GMO “Frankenfoods” when they already know some of these pesticides, like the neo-nicotinic pesticides already outlawed in France, are killing the bees in North America.  They're always so surprised that it's lethal.  It just drives me nuts that people want to argue over stuff that's already over, like mercury toxicity or depleted uranium, thinking, oh we can use bluster and tell you you’re a fool if you think depleted uranium is toxic.

Alan: It's interesting that Canada was a test bed. We were the guinea pigs for the GMO foods. It was announced to the public in Britain first. It leaked out to Canada from Britain and then the government admitted they’d actually done secret deals with Monsanto to make the stuff, grow it, and test it and observe the health of the Canadian public.  Under a national healthcare system, it's quite easy to trace everybody in their healthcare. It was a perfect guinea pig laboratory. For 10 years, we did not know this!

Bill: Now one of the things is the criminal prosecution by Monsanto – I call it Mount Satan – against farmers of Saskatchewan that had the Monsanto contamination of their fields. They literally said that because their fields now had contaminated genes in them, that somehow Monsanto had the right to those crops and could sue the properties. This is how insane it is.  You criminals out there in the chief justices, you need to know you’re destroying your future; because there's a point at which if you get your right to rule given by us, it's ceded from us, and if you abuse it at some point, we're going to pull it.  If you think you’re going to regulate doctors or military personnel or engineers, you can to do it without any regard to us and our autonomy – think again, because the sheep are growing long claws, have big muscles, and we got fangs now that are made of titanium. We're not going to take this lying down. You better think about it when you start surrounding people like the Browns down there. You might figure it's going to be a frontal attack and we’ll be stupid enough to fight you straight on. Don't think that we’ll be that stupid. You won't see it coming. It's going to come as information and spiritual war, but many others, so think again. Join the real winning side—the side that cares about you and your future because your masters don't.

Alan: It is coming, and more people are waking up; and the boys at the top are realizing it. We’ve got to keep pushing now.

Bill: They're in for a real surprise, so don't think this is going to be a pushover, people. Think about it. Switch sides now while you can, because your masters will take you out first, not us. Remember to visit Alan’s Stand up and speak out now or you will be silenced.