June 27, 2007






Bill:  Welcome back to the NutriMedical Report, and we're going to have Alan Watt here. Hopefully, we also may get a cameo. We may be able to connect to VC Laughton and to Leuren Moret, who’s an amazing presenter of her information. We have some links up on today's news talking about the not-so-depleted uranium, and I considered Leuren the Lady Diana of not-so-depleted uranium DNA landmines. Very similar, parallel, as Lady Diana suffered great persecution of the British Royals. Leuren Moret has had physical harassment, you know, tracking, everything is done on her. Her computer has been attacked and materials were taken when she tried to cross the border into Canada, but she has still persisted and she is winning the war.


In many states now there are laws coming forward. She's exposed the poisoning by depleted uranium of paradise in the Pohakuloa testing range on the Big Island of Hawaii, and how this has spread toward the beautiful beaches of Hawaii of the Kona Coast. This is extremely deadly, very dangerous, genotoxic, neurotoxic, and globally, an attack against the DNA consciousness of mankind; and so many things are coming. Not only the weaponization of our food, but the fluoridation of water, and the scalar pollution from cell phones and electronic space stations. All of these are final death throws of the end of this age and they have a plan.  The globalists have a planned future age with a transition, even to their minions is very painful, very messy, but they don't care.


They consider themselves the keeper of the wisdoms; and of course, we're going to have a very wise speaker who's on here regularly, Alan Watt, today. Let's continue with the dialogue that was started on your Alex Jones interview a few days ago, where the globalists have a plan for us. We must seek an alternate plan, Alan, for us to survive and thrive through the coming catastrophe that is about to come across and come upon, not only us, but also the whole world.


Alan:  Yes, there's no doubt about it. It's out in the open, really. It's been discussed and published from high level sources to the public; and, as always, they can publish their plans for a future, which they're not kidding about. They do. You can count on them. They always try and pull off what they plan; and they don't give up, that's the other thing, too. When you think you've beaten them at one little point, they go round it and come back again.  They plan a world where everyone is predictable, because only with predictability for every individual, can they feel safe.  That's what totalitarianism has always been about, making things predictable.


In this new system of electronic type surveillance, from cradle to grave, they will feel far more secure when there's nothing we can do that isn't monitored by them. They will bring us in for psychological evaluations if they suspect there is wrong-think or wrong-speak, or you're not quite politically correct.  They also expect all of the repercussions from the public, who start to object about this, along with all the other things they have planned, like water rationing and food rationing and all the rest of it.  They've planned 30 odd years in advance, on scenarios, from think tanks for the Ministry of Defense, and published them, that they expect mass uprising and flashmobs and situations where the governments will have to use Neutron bombs on the public. This is all published from the highest levels.


Bill:  Yeah. In fact, the Neutron bomb thing is quite important, because as my work as a munitions forensic, with the Oklahoma City Forensic Munitions team that went from Colorado Springs to go to the Muir Building and come back, they have removed two unexploded micro-nukes. There was radioactive debris. They removed a C4 pineapple thermate RDX and high explosive cord. We have evidence of tridium at the World Trade Center complex. We had a great discussion, Dr. Steven E. Jones and myself, about the scientific basis. Again, this is a scientific dialogue, not a conflict; and we're working hard to find out if there are other evidences of other types of layers of munitions, including the presence of the first generation micro-nukes. If they are not present, based on multiple sample testing, it supports even more Professor Jones thermate alone, or super thermate. Perhaps other types of high explosive munitions; and if they are present, it means thermate was present, plus the presence of nukes to destroy the core of the building.


We’re talking about a quarter mile high of giant steel girders. 47 four-by-four giant steel girders going a quarter mile high into the air. Millions of tons of steel turned into literally a vapor, atomic and small tiny particle and nano-size particles. A great deal of the building itself literally blown away—that's not in the debris pile. Even if you take into account the eight to ten floors in the mall, you also have to account for that debris, and terms of the total floors; and it should have been a third of the initial height of building. Instead, it was less than 10%. So, we have very significant and horrifically damning evidence that the globalists will stop at nothing, including their simulations of Virginia Harbor. The April 27th of the 100-kiloton nuke going off with national and international forces.


Yesterday, and Sunday, when I was literally speaking in Vancouver, I got material from Fred Schwartz in Philadelphia that they had 50,000 homes delivered with a box with a U.S. postal service worker and a Philadelphia policeman, armed, presenting a box with, of course, obviously the program is: take the shots or get shot.  We're talking about totalitarianism. You cannot refuse these: The president passing presidential edicts. The Supreme Court now passing, literally, a Bush vs. Constitution decision last week, that the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights are no longer relevant, in terms of the war on terror.  Bush, therefore, has a carte blanche as the emperor and his edicts are the final arbiter of justice.


There's no such thing as due process, and renditions can grab you and take you now, so all they need is a final event of a disaster, of any nature.  He can, by personal decree, without any consultation, set-up a total police state instantly.  Alan, this is pretty bad, isn't it?


Alan:  It's bad, but it's already here, in fact.  All this stuff is just more dressing on what was already here. It took them many, many years to prepare all the terrorist bills and the future they were going to create. It took them a long time to prepare that—long before 9/11.  9/11 was essential thing to pull it off, to introduce it.  They made as many covert jokes in the past about how 2001 would be the kickoff for the new system, and lo and behold, they win the giant lotto and they get their wish, and they can go forward to with their Great Plan to takeover the Middle East, and standardize them as well.  It took a long, long time to bring this off; and Eisenhower warned about it too, the military industrial complex.


People don't realize that the biggest private corporations are not private, at all, especially in the areas of technology. They're CIA sponsored and run, because they don't let private organizations come up with new equipment and technology and sell it to the public without their okay.  They always said that technology and science would win the Cold War.  They didn't suddenly stop that after the Cold War. You find Hitachi and all the big boys are now in the business of microchips et cetera, and that's no coincidence, because they've all been funded. All the big companies are all one big company at the top, and that's why the CEOs can go from one corporation to the next and take all their supposed secrets with them.


In a real life situation, if they were all independent, you couldn't walk off from Sony into another place, a competitor, and take away 50 years of planning with you to your supposed enemy.  They’re all one, at the top.


Bill:  Yeah, exactly. In other words, the whole idea that somehow they're separate is not true. I spoke 3-1/2 years ago to a Sony executive, flying back to New York City from Denver, and he was saying – well, I said, well what's new. We're sitting up in first class, because I get a lot of extra air miles, and he was saying, “We've got this new micro-laser supercomputer laptop that doesn't require electricity. It's all in these micro-lasers.” I said that's really interesting, because I have a senior NSA contact that was there in 1947 when they set up the NSA, who was a cryptographer in the Second World War, and he had a supercomputer laptop with a plasma screen in 1962, with micro-lasers [and or on off] circuits, because of advanced technical training in some of these areas.  I explained to him exactly how they built it, and he says, “there's no way you could have done known this stuff.” I said the reason why I know it, is that these technologies were leaked to these corporations, just like the NSA is an industrial spy agency for the good of the global organizations. That's what they do. Amazing isn't it?


Alan:  That's the name of the game. They have all the power; they don’t let you have it for free.


Bill:  Welcome back to the NutriMedical Report, with our special guest, Alan Watt. Alan, tell us how we can plan an alternate future. A future that is not one where there's a vast reduction in human population. Where they've turned us into biological machines with predictability. A future where they've destroyed human lifespan down to 30 years or less. A future where they plan on destroying, literally, the spiritual connection to our body. A future where they destroy the DNA and our ability to produce, except in a laboratory. These futures are what they plan. They are a predator class. They think that because we don't resist their actions, we proved that we are indeed their cannon fodder for wars, their body parts places.   There are those who they can recruit upward into their ranks, if we are sufficiently twisted and evil like they are, to do their will.


Alan:  That's the problem. It isn't just that you have a class at the top of psychopathic inbred dynasties. It's also that they have so many helpers, all through the different strata of society, in all countries; and that's a problem that's never been addressed, really. You see, you have as many psychopaths in every class system as you do at the top. They come up spontaneously, some of them. However, the ones at the top are pretty well guaranteed, because the male and the female have long lineages of psychopathy.  However, we do see them cropping-up down the ladder, too.  These are the guys that become the shock troops and the special forces, and the cops and the guys who do torturing. The saddest thing is we're looking at a situation today, where there's no lack of recruits to do the torturing in these countries, in the 21st century.


Bill:  No, there isn't. In fact, the setting up of 80 prisons at Kellogg, Brown & Root and Halliburton Corporation, the setting up of 100 civil detention death camps, work to rule camps, work to live camps, like that had the moniker over the top of the German Nazi death camps. Two camps of a million and one camp of 2-1/2 million in Canada, for American citizens. I personally visited one in 1983. These are real. They're palpable. They're present and they're across many administrations, so if you want to say, “it's the Democrats; it's the Republicans.”  How about, “It’s anyone who gets to the top.” That's why they try to put people out that are very viable candidates, like President Ron Paul. They want to put Big Sister in, and they’re doing everything they can to completely discredit or disconnect the public from really getting a proper dialogue of who and what options they have. They're giving us two different -- you know, the devil we know, and the devil we don't know. Well, Big Sister, I think, is even going to be worse than Bush, if that's possible.


Alan:  They generally will put in a female when they're going to give you the hardest time. They've done this down through history, with Blood Mary and different ones, because they don't really like women much, at the top, so they always give you one that you won't like when you go through a horror show.  This is just all propped up for the public, because I don’t even talk about the political game, because I have no faith in it, whatsoever. It's a joke. It always was a joke. It's totally contrived. The candidates are vetted from university onwards, for their whole careers, to make sure they're trustworthy.  They play the game for the public.


We must get beyond this game, because the big boys, who are above the politicians, already have. They've decided our future for us, while we watch the Punch and Judy show of politics. We've got to get above the wrestling match here, because that's all it is, is a wrestling match for public consumption.  We're sitting playing the band here of politics, while the Titanic is sinking and we're on the deck.  We've got to stop it and get off in another way, because this system is designed to collapse. The big boys have made it so; and the people down below still want to retain the old system, which was never theirs in the first place.


This was never our system; and since I've been born, this is a completely artificially ordered system. There's nothing humane in this system. It's a system where money and greed and power dictates what success is, and there's nothing humane in that, when people dumped on the streets. Mental hospitals get closed down and patients are just thrown out onto the city streets. What's humane about that?  What humane about a system that dumps people who have legs amputated or children, as third class citizens, because they're not productive anymore?  Who wants to keep this inhumane productive system of being a good consumer/producer, who pays taxes to keep this elite system going?  Not me.


Bill:  No, exactly. See, this is the real issue: this system is basically fit for destruction, so that they are ready to tear it down, because it's just like the Tower of Babylon. I was reading an interesting article, while I was flying back and forth to Vancouver, that we are literally seeing the builders of the Tower of Babel plan its destruction, which is why they knocked down the Twin Towers, which are the same supra-towers before the Temple of Solomon, which are in Hebrew--


Alan:  The Jachin and Boaz.


Bill:  The Jachin and Boaz.


Alan:  The Jachin and Boaz of the same old thing, from ancient times.


Bill:  Right. Jachin and Boaz is: I shall restore in strength, which means those that build up, shall also tear down.  The cross on the front of the Knights Templar, the Knights of Malta which run this world, the corporatists, is the Galactic cross of the ancient keepers of the knowledge; and to pass from one civilization, as it ends, to start another; and that's what they're doing. They're getting ready to cull the population to do all these things, because they're ready to create a new civilization on the ashes of the old. The ceremony of [Pahanouk], the ancient ceremony of Sumer. The ceremonies go back to ancient Atlantis, and before that, they have done throughout the ages; and this is not the same time. This particular disaster that's pending is going to be much more cataclysmic; and much more determined we have to be, that we're not going to let these overlords of death and destruction, the worshipers of the death heads run us over the edge of a cliff again.


Alan:  Yeah, and as I say, Revelations, to me, is just a big, long business plan from ancient times.


Bill:  Of course it is.


Alan:  Everything that they predict in that -- it's not prediction, actually. It's not a prophecy. It's a revelation. It's a revealing. It's a plan.  Everything that they put there can be done scientifically today—every darn thing, with no exceptions.


Bill:  It's amazing isn't it?


Alan:  Yes, they followed that to the letter. They knew they could do it, because it's true enough, they have archives of real history—not little public libraries for public consumption.  They know the formats. They know the procedures. It's all simply sequences, like mathematics, and they know what they can introduce at one time in the past, can be reintroduced again, and the public will follow that format, through their logical system. It's all known in the archives; and these characters really know they've brought us to the end of this road; and they're bringing it into the new age. A few will come through, according to them—the ones that they select—and the rest will be killed off.  That's why they have all these gene specific bacterial and viral warfare projects on the go, which have been publicly disclosed in the newspapers in Britain.


Bill:  Right. In fact, they've moved all the bio-weapons that the Russians had to American and Canadian laboratories. They don’t have bio-safety protections. They know we have XMDR-TB, the ultra drug-resistant tuberculosis. We've got the Avian flu; they've weaponized many other plagues. These are all going to be played out in the next years. That's why they plan on doing this; and people say, “no, that's too extreme, they wouldn't do that. Human beings wouldn't do that.” These are not the normal strain of human beings as you know humans are.


Alan:  These are the guys who literally planned world wars, and to them, this is the third one—the third and final, the trinity.  We’re in it now.


Bill:  Exactly. It's already started -- literally the start of the final, if you want to call it, “the shot at the start of the race” was 9/11, and the warm up was Oklahoma City. We're into it. This is not a theory. This is a reality. We'll strip back more.  Cuttingthroughthematrix, which is the website for Alan Watt. Do get his materials if you want to know what's going on; and we'll be back in just a moment.


Welcome to the NutriMedical Report. Our special guest today, Alan Watt, and he has three volumes:  Volume 1, Androgynous (Hermaphroditic) Agenda; Cutting Through No. 2 "A Glimpse into the Great Work" and No. 3 "Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition."  This will explain -- when people see this -- if you want to call it, “the deep roots” of what’s going on.  People can see the hand signs, but this is the geopolitical, all the signs that are embedded into our culture that show all the universities. All the political systems, all the medical schools, all the law schools, all of the organizations of all the corporations are completely and thoroughly Masonic, and all of them are subservient in this rising pyramid of evil that is planning the end of the age and the planning the transition into a New World Order.  Many of their minions will be eliminated, as the brown shirts, as they transition through this cataclysm, which they have planned. That's why the long count was known by the Mayans; and I don't like the Mayan civilization. It's a blood-thirsty civilization, but they're astronomers; and the elite there, just as the elites in our country, are really no different. They're really no different.


We want to think we're so wonderful because we don't decapitate people on the high steps, but, yes they do. They put depleted uranium and poison and assault the lands of Kosovo, of Iraq and Afghanistan. They send millions of our young men and women to be polluted by vaccines and depleted uranium. They destroy nations and worlds. They divert money away from healthcare and natural wellness into toxic drugs. Literally, they will not repent; and as it says, like in the Bible out there, Pharmacia Revelation 9. This is very obvious. They have a plan to kill, steal and destroy; and it's going step-by-step, like a dice step, directly over the cliff of the end of our age.


Alan:  Yeah it is, and as I say, they know it, because they planned it. That's why they breakdown eons of time into ages; and India is even more specific, because they have much longer histories in all of this.  They have about seven previous ages that they have in their records. The old Druids, according to Tacitus (who recorded the Druid religion for Nero when the Romans went into Britain) claimed the Druids said there were three that they had on the records, three previous ages.  These are just eons of time.


Bill:  Even things like the Trilogy of the Ring, is not supposed to have been just a theoretical study. It's an actual study in the nature of control of civilizations down through history.  That's one of the reasons why people are organically attracted to the Trilogy of the Ring, because when this was written, it was based on historical fact, not on something that was abstracted just in the imagination of one individual.


Alan:  Yes.  It also had, under the guise of elves and pixies and fairies and so on, that the different classes of "humans," as they call it, because they have us all classified into certain categories, in allegorical form, which is pretty typical of what they do.


Bill:  Yeah, and they also try to create those, which is why the Lords would not properly feed their people; and from the 12th century, the height of the average person in middle England dropped from 6'1” down to 5'2”, because they malnourished them, on purpose, to create the different class.


Alan:  They're doing the same now. That's what is so amazing about watching this, is they've gone after the entire protein supply of the planet. Even the Ministries of Agriculture, apart from all the foods they've altered and the cattle and pigs and so on, by putting human genes in the pigs and tampering heavily with the cattle. They've also -- I watched one from the Canadian Ministry of Fisheries. Our tax money, again, hard at work; and they were literally injecting the altered DNA attached to e-coli. They use e-coli to insufflate, basically, this particular gene right into the fish. They take the fish out of the lakes, altering them, putting them back into the lakes, and that gene eventually replicates itself through the entire fish.  They're going after the entire protein supply.


Bill:  They're actually trying to change our DNA, too. It's not just changing the fish. When they put scalar pollution out there, we know that, for example, when they convert the air to a plasma with barium, salts and aluminum, they can actually send scalar signals that epigenetically they can switch on and off your genes. They can insert into your experiences and emotions like fear. They can actually change the genetics of crops and other things; and Morgellons Disease is a scalar pathogenic pollutant. It literally is introduced, just like we had Lyme Disease, which is a bio-weapon. This is a new class of pathogens that is a scalar DNA epigenetic controller. It literally controls or changes or switches on and off and then generates even new DNA sequences by controlling the cells. This is the extent to which they will go; and they will use technologies that we don't even think in our wildest imagination exists.


Alan:  Also, there was a program special, here on the Public Broadcasting, one rainy Sunday I watched and it was about the World Wildlife Fund—they have arks. They call then arks, which are big cryogenic laboratories, where they have stored the genes of every original plant, animal and insect on the planet; and that, worldwide, which they say they will keep in case of world catastrophe.  Meanwhile, we’re eating all the altered stuff.


Bill:  Exactly. In fact, they have this ark. I've seen one, actually in a cave system, in Norway, so they've got them prepared. They're literally ready to destroy the life on Earth. I had an interesting argument with a professor of chemistry, when I gave my presentation. Nikola Tesla, over almost a century ago now, basically said that before Marie Curie discovered radium, and of course, they discovered polonium and all these other radio isotopes. He stated very categorically (Nikola Tesla), that it was very simple for him to use scalar technologies to convert radio active to non-radio active materials; and this is not just a chemical change. It's an actual change to cause a rapid degradation of radio isotopes so that they would not be radioactive. You can be determined, if they released a pollutant like this—at the same time they must have also have a technology to neutralize it, so when it's spreading worldwide, they can cleanse the Earth.   They have these technologies before they release it, just like the Avian flu or Lyme Disease or any other pathogen.


Alan:  Yes.  It's the old Star Trek stuff of reseeding the planet.


Bill:  Yeah, it's terra-forming, terra-forming the Earth. In fact, I call it the reptilianization of our planet, the serpentization.  Of course, we know of the Luciferians as the serpent class. They consider themselves the only Hu-mans; and the word "hu" is a Welch word for "serpent."  That's why the Magna Carta was not written for the commoners, because they were not allowed to own property, only the lords and only the "humans." People have appropriated the term for everybody that belongs to mankind, but in fact, in British Common Law—and the basis for all the common law of all the nations from India to Russia to America and Canada—it is based on Hu-man rights, which means those are of the serpent class.  So the British authorized registry or the Bar Association of the lawyers, they are one step below a knight and one step above a gentleman; and that's the reality. The reality is the queens and the royals and all the others are still in firm control; and they have now reabsorbed America into the fold.


Alan:  Yeah, and they did it a long time ago. That's just it, too, very cleverly and slowly and carefully.


Bill:  Yes.  Tell us more about this alternate future. How do we make a choice and move forward with actual actions that will give us an alternate, Alan.


Alan:  Well there's no magic wand to please everyone, because, as you know, a lot of people (maybe even the majority of the public), will go to the bitter end of this road, trying to keep hold of it, even as they're sinking. It's all they know; and unfortunately, it's all a lot of them want to know. You cannot save everyone on this planet.  What we have to do is start to reevaluate what it is to be truly, truly all human in the real sense, humane in the real sense; and what our new values should be—natural values instead of this shark-infested system they call democracy or civilization. This is not civilized. This is a degradation of the spirit and it can’t lift anything up at all.


Bill:  Yes. Even during the decency of battle in the Middle Ages, people would go off and have their honey mead, and they would go and stay in the same inns.  There was some degree of dequorum, not the destruction of civilization populations. What we see now is literally an absolute disregard for civilian populations, in the daily discourse of international corporations poisoning us, and the attacking and destruction of millions of citizens in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now a planned nuclear attack against the population of Iran. This is an abomination, it is a degradation of society and morals, publicly, and of our leaders, down through the ages, that it is going to culminate in determination of the leading class. Their days are numbered. 


Welcome back to the NutriMedical Report, and our special guest has been Alan Watt, who will be on regularly, because without a very sharp intellectual mind cutting through this understanding of this dialectic of confusion, because the average neo-mind would say, “no one would do that. They wouldn't be both doing good and evil. They wouldn't be setting up this dialectic of balkanization and confusion at every level.”  Even up to the university levels, you only have access to 4% of the total database in the public arena; that 96% is on a "need to know" basis, controlled by the globalists. They are the keepers of "sacred knowledge"; and they consider the rest of us profane. With the rise of the Internet, with the rise of the education system, many of us are becoming aware, which is why they’re in a panic to poison us with weaponized food from the World Trade Organization, to spray our food with sulfural fluoride; to bathe us in electromagnetic scalar pollution, and to destroy our future.  Literally, their attack is, again, consciousness and our DNA. It's against our autonomy and us as a sentient cognitive being; and their plan is to destroy that future, so we do have a plan for an alternative.


Please give us a summary of some of the steps we can take, Alan, to kind of start looking at an alternative future to what they're planning.


Alan:  We have to, each one of us has to decide individually what life is all about or supposed to be about, or should be about; and it isn't just buying and selling and profiting and getting to the top. That's the same old system. If that's all we live for, some kind of reward and approval by the elite, then you're back into the same loop. We have to get a different way—another way completely.  We must also find ways to find the deviance within society, the psychopathic types that simply will start the same thing all over again. We must also demand; and this is a demand—we must demand that all of those who get positions over us in legal format, and politicians, anyone can make any rule or law effecting us that we supposedly vote in or they serve us—these servants must be given the psychopathic test, to make sure they're ordinary people and not psychopathically inclined. That's a “must be…” 


Bill:  Absolutely.


Alan:  "…because most of them are psychopaths. That's just it.


Bill:  They seem to rise and they become more psychopathic. We have Mary Ann in Arkansas. Your question, for Alan Watt or myself, go ahead.


Mary Ann:  Dr. Deagle, as always, I appreciate what you're doing, so much. If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, I will hear from heaven and heal their land. There has been a tremendous call for fasting and prayer. Bob Schultz at We the People has called for June 1st to be a national day of fasting and prayer, and I want to read one scripture from Jeremiah. If you will remain in the land, then I will build you and not pull you down. I will plant you and not pluck you up, for I relent concerning the disaster I brought into you. I’m hopeful that God will hear our cry and deliver us from the hand of the enemy.


Bill:   We're in a very desperate time; and as I say, the ultimate answers are going to be spiritual. I happen to be a believer. I really think that prayer is very important. It brings us back to basics. We aren't always clutching and grabbing at the next thing we can buy, or the next thing we can consume. We start to connect to living things around us, like the beauty of the forests or a good walk on the beach. We start to think about other fellow human beings in other countries.  The idea that we need to be a strong but independent nation, that can help, because you can't give what you don't have.  If your nation has been impoverished, like they are planning, by bringing in an uncontrolled immigration into America, they'll impoverish it, bring it down to a second world status that will have no dispensable wealth, except that in the hands of the globalists billionaires.  That's what they want to do. They don't want to have an independent people who fear the most high God, who want to do the right thing, who aren't "religious" but they're more spiritual and they really do care about their fellow man and other living things on their planet. That's what needs to happen. You're right. Prayer is absolutely essential for people to get back to the basics.


Mary Ann:  Thank you.


Alan:  I think what they have to do, also, is realize: it's not just for the land, it's for the lands. You reap what you sow; and you can't be furnishing the people to go over and cause dissention in other lands, without expecting it to come back home. That's the other key to it. Most people want to save their own little hemisphere or little place or home; and we've got to stop thinking like this, because what we do to others will be done to us, just the same.


Bill:  Yeah. It's a simple process. You know, people can call it the law of the universe. I consider it judgment.  You do these things and eventually it comes back.  You see people, they steal things, and they get things stolen from them. They do evil, and evil comes upon them. It's basically the way the universe works and the way judgment works; and the globalist leaders, that have consumed their populations, have literally bought and sold people and souls. Have destroyed the health of people. Have crushed down the professions, so doctors are afraid to speak out, when they know that they don't know what they're doing. They know this. They know that they haven't read the product inserts, when they're doing vaccines. They know that these drugs are dangerous.  Now, more and more physicians are realizing that neither the drug companies, nor the regulatory boards or the medical schools, will protect them when they're finally sued for the sins of their mentor drug companies or medical schools, for what they did; and this goes on and on. It's in every single profession. We see it in the industry. We ship industries to China. They pollute us, and the pollution blows back in California, and we wonder why the people are choking, not just from car exhaust, but from pollution from industry we ship there; while we also impoverish the public and they don't have jobs. We need to realize it's the end of the road. We can no longer say, “If we just can go home and rest and watch our television and have our beer, we'll be fine.”  It's not going to work anymore. We’re at the end of this age. We’re at the end of this period of history. It's not the end of the world, but we have to choose an alternate future, and that requires action and sweat.


Alan:  It does take a real big mind-shift to get away from the old paradigm of: me, my family, mine—and realize that we're all concerned here. It concerns everyone across the whole planet; and we can't say they're warring games, anymore, because they supply the leaders to every side, and they always have.


Bill:  Hamid Karzai, the Unical executive, is now the president of Afghanistan. Of course, they met in Crawford, Texas and said to them (to the Taliban), “you know, we set you up. We gave you arms to fight the Russians and now we can decide to carpet your nation with depleted uranium or with gold. What shall it be?”  I guess, because they were destroying the crop of heroin that the MI6 and the globalists want to spread around the world for a trillion dollars, they decided to carpet them with depleted uranium and destroy the genetics of their children, and cause them to have birth defects, to crush their nation, like they have done to Iraq; and again, they crushed Babylon so they could build Babylon up. So, we can see the rise of Babylon in the very plans of America and the globalists, while you see them destroy it.


Alan:  You also find—even the Bibles in the west are censored; and they have been censored with each publication, down through the centuries.


Bill:  Sure they have. 


Alan:  You'll find old psalms that have been removed, where they talked about those who came through from the previous civilization.  If you read the old Hebrew texts, you'll find that they were hunted down by the people in the deserts, and they ran and lived in caves.  That's why they started all over again with secret signs and passwords to recognize each other, and start the whole thing all over again.


Bill:  Right. In fact they have sequentially, step-by-step, that's why they've inbred; that's why they've maintained these signs; they've changed their names. That's why when you look at the pictures of statues of Nero, if you go to the Louvre or you go to Italy, you'll see Nero looks exactly like Bill Clinton; and you say, that's really strange. It shouldn't be strange. They're the same bloodline. If you look at George Bush and Bill Clinton, they are related on eight sides in their family trees.


Alan:  Also, many of the pharaohs of Egypt—we know this because we found their wigs in their tombs. They were red-haired or blonde-haired, as were some of the kings and queens of Sumer; and they wore the black wigs that came from the ordinary peoples’ hair around them to disguise themselves.  Yes, these characters have been around for a long, long time.


Bill:  It's so bizarre isn't it?


Alan:  Yes.


Bill: It's just so bizarre and we have now caught on. We have got you. You shall not escape our grasp; and we'll even recruit among your own. What they're doing is they’re trying to tell the police and the military, oh you're safe.  We've got a nice future and a nice pigeon-hole. They have a mass grave. In fact, the first to go are those—the upper echelons that are supporting the capstone. The first to go are the police and the military, because they plan on replacing them with cyborg super soldiers that are part human. They plan to replace them with UAVs (unman aerial vehicles) and remote operated vehicles; and they plan on culling the population. They're the first, not the last on the menu.


Alan, you've done an amazing analysis. So, we need to choose an alternative future, and become first aware. We need the materials. Get them. Support Alan. Go to Literally, cutting through the matrix. You need to know this material if you want to have an alternative future—you're the master of your own fate. Thank you, Alan.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Bill:  Thank you everyone for listening. Do stand up and speak out, because if you don't, you will be silenced forever.



(Transcribed by Linda)