February 2nd, 2006
Alan Watt as Guest on
Eye on the Future with Hehpsehboah
(2 Hours)


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February 2nd, 2006, in your home, at work, and around the world, broadcasting without borders, this is Eye on the Future radio, with Hehpsehboah.  Visit Eye on the Futureís website at wwww.eyeonthefutureradio.com for upcoming guests.  The topic for todayís show: Cutting Through the Matrix, management of society, predictive programming, exploitation by agenda, including how Canada fits in, Masonic orders to the 360th degree, plus much, much more with Hehpsehboahís very special guest today, Alan Watt, researcher and author.


Hehpsehboah: Never mind you say these Masons.  How about their brothers of crime, the Jesuits?


Alan: Theyíre all Masons, actually.  Thatís the trick of all of this.  Itís like ancient Babylon, and if you understand why they called it the Mystery Babylon, because some people would say, well, itís those guys over there, and other ones would say, no, itís the priest chief over there.  And the reality was, it was a religion with a thousand faces.  And thatís the meaning of the goddess.  The goddess is the church.  The body of the church are the members.  Thatís the body.  Thatís the body of Osiris.  Isis is the church.  And so, they had a thousand faces under many guises.  And when you realize that the Jesuit signs and so on are pretty well the same as all the other Masons, including the Mormons, the elect.


Hehpsehboah: Well, the Mormons, are basically, what people do not understand, it is openly, blatantly a Masonic Church.


Alan: Yes.  It is.  And all the male members are allowed into the Electi, and once theyíre into the Elect, they go through the exact same rituals with the Apron, the signs, the symbols, the plea to God for help, which is really a plea to your fellow men for aid.  Itís pure Freemasonry, yeah.  And then, Masonry itself was only given to the non-nobility, outside of priesthoods, that is, when they had to create a middle class to manage the Industrial Revolution, and so, they created the Blue Lodges, the lower forms of Masonry.  And that really was kicked off by the Rosicrucians in the 1500s, in fact.  So, itís all one and the same thing, and you can go to India, to China, to the higher orders of all the Triad groups in China, and youíll find that itís the same bunch, worldwide.  This is an ancient mystery religion, that at one time they called Babylon, you know.  Babylon is not just a place, itís a system.


Hehpsehboah: Isnít it most interesting when you say that, that here at this moment, Chinese people are actually believing that most of China is free of religion.  And a while ago, I was speaking to a friend whoís an oncologist to China, and he said to me, ďNo.  No.Ē  He says, ďReligion is very minor.Ē  I said, ďNo, no, no, no, no.Ē  I said, ďYou know, you have a major overrun of the Masons there, even though they proclaim theyíre underground.  Theyíre not underground.  And so is the Dalai Lama, a 33rd degree Mason, or 360 Mason, maybe.


Alan: Heís high.  In fact, the oddest thing is, one of the largest groups of evangelical religious people are Islamic.  And they have world meetings, and they write lots of literature for the West.  And the head of it is the Dalai Lama, the Buddhist.  Figure that one out.


Hehpsehboah: You know, when you say this, most people havenít got a clue how dangerous this individual is, because heís totally supported by CIA money.


Alan: Thatís right.  But of course, you must always realize that the heads of all religions, which are authorized religions, you see, theyíre not there to help the people. They are shepherds.  And thatís a good place to start, really, because the shepherdís symbol, the good shepherd goes back to the most ancient times, even Sumer.  And probably the Harappan culture, pre-Sumer, because Sumer did not learn their culture just overnight.  It appeared on the spot as a full developed system in society, and monks and priesthoods and so on.  So, the symbol of the king, or a pharaoh being the good shepherd, and we see it in all Egyptian statues of pharaohs, where they have their arms crossed, and they have a little, like a walking cane in one hand.  Well, thatís the small crook of the shepherd, and the other one is the rod.  And the whole idea is the crook is to guide the people, you pull them.  You get it round the sheepís neck and you pull them to persuade them, and if he refuses, you use the rod on him.  And thatís what they call the system of law, which is initially a form of persuasion through threat, and then you use force if need be.  Itís the same system down through the ages.  And when you take the symbol again of the sheep, itís the most domesticated, stupidest animal there is.  All of its survival instincts have been totally bred out of it.  And the shepherd, any good shepherd walks into the sheep field, and he talks to the sheep, and they donít run away.  They think heís a nice guy.  He feeds them and talks to them.  But when he wants to kill one, because thatís their function, is to provide him with meat and wool, when he wants to kill one, heíll persuade it to leave the rest, and coax it outside, out of their sight, and then heíll kill them, you see.  So, weíve got to realize what weíre saying when we say weíre the sheep, following the shepherd.  And you even hear a lot of Christians singing these songs about poor little sheep that have gone astray, you know.  What weíre actually saying, weíre demeaning ourselves, you know, itís intentional too, by the system that gave us these religions and have used them up to the present time.


Hehpsehboah: But when you take a serious look at what is taking place right now, theyíre building all these pens for the sheep, like all these humungous prisons, so, theyíre up to something to get rid of maybe the overload of sheep, maybe the rebellious sheep, like you and me. 


Alan: Yes.  This is not new, either.  This is the amazing thing about this.  The ancient Greeks wrote copiously about managing the herd, the people, and because they had so many islands that could only stand so much of a population, the leaders of the different islands quite often got together every ten years, or every fifteen years, and decided to have a war, and theyíd go through how long it would last, and who would win, and how many they wanted to kill off, basically.  That was a form of population control.  And this has gone down through the ages, the same thing.  One of the later versions we have of it comes from Thomas Malthus.  He was an economist.  His theories are still taught in economics, and Thomas Malthus lived in the 18th Century, and he published his thesis on population.  And he goes into the techniques of managing slave populations in the colonies, how much to feed them to keep them workable but not too bright or strong that they might just walk off or fight or even have the ability to think too much.  And so they had it down to a fine art by diet, specialized diet, minimalistic type, of how they could manage people.  And he was the guy, they gave a meeting, actually it was a European meeting for all the big corporations of that day, including the British East India Company, which was owned primarily by British Royalty and the nobility, and they came up with a technique of encouraging plagues by putting populations, poor populationsí housing in swamplands where theyíd be infected with mosquitoes, etc.


So, weíve got to realize, this is the reality.  This is what goes on at the top.  Itís always been this way.  And the United Nations, which took over from the League of Nations, has a department of population control.  And we better realize that these guys donít sit and get paid big money to sit on their hands and make wish lists if they had power.  They have been implementing methods of population control, for at least the last hundred years, Iíd say, from the League of Nations onwards, because with the inoculations, when we study inoculations, and follow the path of them, and even the statistics of disease, we find more people getting the diseases theyíre inoculated for than the ones who didnít.  And we now have the UN giving us annual statistic reports on the male populationís sperm count, and they give it so blandly, as though theyíre reading off some sort of mathematical book.  And last year it was down to 75% of what man in 1950 had.  So, the present-day male, around 20, 25, has only 25% virility left, basically.  Heís 75% sterile in 50 years.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but not only that, when you say this, it seems that when they give their inoculations that they are planning something so massive and devastating on such a large scale, and you question the rest of the populations, are they, are they just like sheep?  Do you think, Alan, that they have been so numbed, that they no longer reason, or that they are so television brained, that they are followers and they can no longer think for themselves?


Alan: Itís all of that, and more.  A good book to read is Between Two Ages, by Zbigniew Brzezinski, whoís been an advisor on this very speciality of mind control to quite a few presidents, including the present one in the US.  And Brzezinski in that book has a chapter titled, The Technotronic Era.  And he said, shortly the public will be unable to think for themselves.  He said, all theyíll be able to do is to repeat what they were downloaded with by the previous nightís news.  And he said, this will be accomplished by various means Ė and Iím sure inoculation is one of them Ė but he also mentioned HAARP technology, which we know is the ELF pulsations which are cast out by, they have 57 bases worldwide doing this.  And HAARP carries signals to the brains, basically, of everyone on the planet, and can cause either a tranquilizing effect on one frequency, and with a slight adjustment, it can cause aggression or depression, rage, and so on.  And people who are on shortwave can pick up the HAARP stations, which have been pulsing for the last five years continuously, day and night.  And Iíve seen people being affected and becoming more tranquilized, basically.


And take this a step further, Arthur Koestler wrote a book called The Ghost in the Machine.  And Arthur Koestler worked for the United Nations.  Prior to that, he was an officer for Stalin, and came over to New York, and taught there, as a professor.  And he went on to the United Nations to work on ways of lobotomizing that part of the brain which has your survival mechanisms there.  He said, this will be lobotomized, because the average person will no longer need their own self-survival abilities, because the state will be making all the decisions for them.  And he said that they had found chemical and biological means to actually target precisely that part of the brain.  He said the only problem is to either spray it on the people; and we know the aerial spraying has been going on.  He said, we can put it in their water supply, or we can inject it into them, under the guise of inoculation.  And I think theyíve done it all, basically.


Hehpsehboah: I think, yes.  Yes.  I was going to say to you, there was a person who was visiting here a week ago, and this person was either in Los Angeles or San Francisco.  I think it was in Los Angeles.  And she said she was walking on the street, and they saw the chemtrails in the sky.  And she said she was so shocked, because she broke out in blisters all over, her hands, her face, her neck, her feet, anything that was exposed.† And we have heard some other interesting things.  But you know, if we as a people, while we still have the control and the ability to control our brain, from these monsters, why is it so difficult to wake them up, and to say to the people, wherever they are on this planet, say No to this kind of monstrosity.  Because they are going to use basically religion versus religion to slaughter humanity to the point where they have more control.


Alan: Yes.† They have most of the Evangelicals convinced that itís Godís will, and itís in Revelations.  So, they sit back in this shocked state of limbo, thinking, Ďwell, I donít like whatís happening, but itís Godís will.  Itís planned that way.  You canít fight God.í  Other ones go into escapism, thinking theyíre going to get Raptured, which I call the Great Rupture, that one way or another theyíre being neutralized, you see.  Thatís the technique of religion, is to neutralize participation in your own destiny.  And thatís whatís being done.  I really think a lot of people are so conditioned, I call it level one reality, and thatís the reality that has been presented to us, from birth, and reinforced all through schooling, and taken over by media, music, entertainment, etc.; that gives us our version of reality.  And Iíve talked to some very high Masons, way above the 33rd degree level, who have admitted to me that there are three levels of everything, reality included.  Three levels of truth.  Three levels of physics, biology, and chemistry.  And from professorship down, thatís the lowest level of all of it, basically.  Thatís why we have the most minimalistic type of health treatment, and then we see the Kissingers and the Maurice Strongs of this world, running around the globe in their 70s, putting in fourteen hours a day.  They have no old-age diseases that even people in their twenties and thirties are coming down with now.  They have none of that.  They have vitality, and so they have a much higher treatment, of course, than we ever will be let in on. So, thatís how itís run.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but when you say, when we look at the Kissingers and the Maurice Strongs, and the rest of the puppets that are there, because I do believe that many of the people are puppets of these people, and for a matter of fact, I am very suspicious of Kofi Anan himself, but when we look at what is taking place, and the scarcity of intelligence of people.  You know, theyíre all hanging out in the, what is it called, the pornography rooms, theyíre hanging out in the UFO rooms, theyíre hanging out in any of these things.  But theyíre not hanging out there in the places where they are going to have their brains fed and their intelligence is expanded and where people are going to know, well, you know, here is where Iím going to learn how to protect myself.  And you know, this, Alan, it is a shame.


Alan: Well, weíre watching a form of suicide in a sense, because we do notice that generally the elite, one way or another will legally tell us what theyíre up to, even if itís in short little quips on the CBC television in Canada, or whatever.  Itís up to you if you want to dwell on it, or remember it, even, but legally, they do come out with these little strange announcements about things, and we donít take them seriously, when they go ahead and actually do it.  We know that Canada and the United States and Mexico were basically, officially, united last March, when they met at Waco and signed the agreement.  The CBC did one and a half minutes only on the news about it.  And Global News did about two and a half minutes, and at least one guy did ask them, is this the same as the European Union, and Mr. Martin jumped in to do damage control, and said, well, itís not quite the big bang.  And then, Mr. Bush jumped in, he couldnít help himself, and said, Well, whatís wrong with that?, he said, you know.  So, they do tell us what theyíre up to.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but Paul Martin was groomed by Maurice Strong. 


Alan: Oh, yes.  And these guys all worked for Power Corporation in Canada.  We know that.  They were all selected there.  Power Corporation isnít a Hydro owner, itís a company that selects future leaders for CEOs and politicians.  Most of the Prime Ministers were groomed through there, in fact, right through to Chretien.  So, yeah, nothing is as it seems.  Weíre given front men with one agenda.  Thereís only been one agenda, as far back as I can trace it in history.  And weíre watching it played out under many guises of democracy or whatever.  Itís one agenda, and it doesnít matter which party fronts for them.  The same agenda goes forward.  More UN treaties are signed to do with the way we live, how we live, and even if we will live, in fact, regardless of whoís in power.  So, politics is just a sideshow.  The real plan is that.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs, basically has all of these members, all the politicians are members of it, the Canadian ones included.  All Commonwealth countries have a department of International Affairs.  Thereís one in Canada.  Itís called the Canadian Institute for International Affairs.  The non-Commonwealth countries are called Council on Foreign Relations.  Every politician in the US is a member of it.  And theyíre all subject back to this little group in London, chartered, they were all charted by the Queen to exist and function.  And they have their whole plan written out in their membersí books.


Hehpsehboah: Well, Bonny Prince Philip has to keep in control, because you know how he at the moment is so much in charge of the Masonic movement. 


Alan: And the Duke of Kent, traditionally, has been the head of the English Lodge.  And he of course is another relative of the Queen, so, yeah, theyíre all involved.  And when we watch these coronations on television, weíre watching the same darn ceremony that goes all the way back to Babylon with the ermine coats that youíll see Nimrod wearing on his sculptures and so on.  Itís the same setup with the raised dais pyramid the Queen sits on and the scepters and so on, and all these guys round about it with the their red cloaks and their ermine fur.  This is amazing stuff that we see and think is normal, without asking why.  Why?  Why is this the same ceremony?  Why is it so precise and ritualistic?  Where do these rituals come from?  What do they mean?  And weíre actually watching a very high Masonic initiation take place, when we see these inaugurations on television.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but the thing here is too, is a problem, is that we see these people now in Afghanistan.  I feel very sorry for them.  And we see these people in these other, all these other countries that someone would say, well, you know, theyíre primitives.  Theyíre not that primitive.  But, at the same time, I think that they are going to war to break them so that they are becoming like sheep. 


Alan: Yes.  What theyíve said in their own books, and thereís a book here in Canada, if you can find it.  It was by Escott Reid, who was up there with Lester Pearson, and he helped to write up the UN Charter with Alger Hiss.  And Alger Hiss, as we know, was eventually imprisoned as being a Communist Party member for the Soviets.  So, this Escott Reid from Toronto had a book out called, A Canadian Diplomat at the United Nations.  Itís worth the read, because he goes into the fact, he says, weíre setting up a global system where everything will be one system, worldwide; and thatís exactly what weíre looking at here.  Everything must become one, as they say.  And we even see that in their movies.  One system.  One, itís an economic system by the way, and everything from economics is subject to the economic system, laws, etc.  When they went into the Muslim countries there, and then into Iraq, they set up a Central Bank.  That was the first part of it.  The Central Bank then is subject to the World Bank, and then UNESCO comes in to train the next generation of children into the same universal, global culture.  So, what theyíre doing is finishing off the last few countries that havenít come into the system, this worldwide system.  And they wrote about this a long time ago.  In 1500 AD, John Dee came out with one of his books, and he was the guy who first coined the term, the British Empire, and suggested it to Queen Elizabeth the first.  And he said, we can carry on a system where we will standardize the world.  And then of course, we know in the early 1900s, Kipling came over with his poem to the US Senate, and the poem was The White Manís Burden.  He said, We pass the torch on to you.  Because the US was to take over from Britain. 


Hehpsehboah: Well, that is logical.  But, Alan, that is logical when you look down on the United States of America, and you look from aircraft, you can see all the symbols on the ground there, everywhere.


Alan: I know.  Itís disgusting, how open it is.  All of the symbols, again, going back to ancient times, and Britain and Europe, the Royalty of Britain and Europe had it more subtle in a sense, it was still the lions, unicorns, and so on.  They had other more hidden, subtle Masonic symbolism in their architecture.  But the United States was created to bring in the New World Order.  Thereís no doubt about it.  And they also caused wars in Britain, and rebellions, to ship the losers out to populate the Americas.  Thatís the standard technique they use too, when they want to get people to move.  And they had rebellions in Scotland, for instance, which were definite setups, Iím sure of it, and they cleared the highlands of millions of people, who ended up in Canada and the US.


Hehpsehboah: Australia and New Zealand and someone said, oh, yes, there was already an agreement with New Zealand and Australia and Canada.  Now, I said, you know when you look at it.  But I donít, I donít believe that Australia is going to stay in it.


Alan: One of the books put out, I have a collection of memberís books of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, going back to the 1930s.  And these were financed and published by the Rockefeller Foundation, of course, but the one in 1937, they had in Melbourne, Australia, they said, and these are the speeches given by all the members in the memberís books, it was said that eventually Canada would unite with America.  And this was before World War II.  They would build up China to be the manufacturer for the world, and then they went on to deal with the Soviet Union, how they must preserve the Soviet Union through the coming war, and how fortunate it would be if the United States were to be attacked by Japan.  This is 1937.  Everything that happens is on schedule.  They plan it in advance.  And so these memberís copies books, these are incredible exposťs of what they say to themselves at their own meetings.  And every politician attends them.


Hehpsehboah: When you say this, what would it be for them to be so important to preserve the Soviet Union, when in my book, The Etherean Travelers and the Magical Child, which is an old book, and now people are starting to wake up, and they say, oh, your prophecy is pretty accurate.  I say, well, wait.  When we see China and the Soviet Union ruling the world.  But it will not succeed into eternity.


Alan: What weíre dealing with, and we all know the dialectic process.  In ancient mysteries, of course, they always called it or couched it under the law of nature.  And what they mean by that, if you understand the cycles of nature, such as summer versus winter, spring versus fall, that you can manipulate people by creating sides to choose from.  And of course, we know that the Soviet system was financed heavily from New York and London.  It was set up basically by them.  In fact, after they set up the Bolshevik Revolution, the West has fed Russia right up to recent times.  Canada was one of the biggest exporters of grain.  They couldnít even feed themselves.  So, the Soviet system was a fast way, a very fast way, remember it took over many, many small countries.  And once again, they standardized the cultures into the one culture, really, the same system of politics, money, finance, etc, and schooling.  And once it was all done, then they can remove it.  So, they got so much accomplished really, in a span of 70 years to unify everyone under one system, and then disband the apparent big hand over it, and leave it as it is, because now itís all one system.  You can travel from country to country and itís the exact same system, which parallels the British system, really.  From the local town, right up, through the different bureaucracies.  Itís all the same.  One system.  So, thatís why they set it up.


And they also needed a threat, because power, when it wishes to tax the people, and of course, their tax, is simply, apart from money being a con to begin with, itís a form of your labor, and we work for them.  We create things and make things for them, if we accept their money.  And during wartime, they can tax to the hilt and the people donít complain the same, or the threat of war.  And the Soviet Union, of course, was the threat of war, and we saw the incredible technology that was developed, throughout the Cold War, which wasnít to fight any war at all.  It was eventually to do with tagging us like cattle.  Thatís coming, with the chip, and satellites to watch everybody, supercomputers to manage us all.  Thatís really what it was all about.  So, they used the Soviet Union as an excuse.  I donít really think there was ever, at the very top of the Soviet Union, a possibility of a real, unplanned conflict.  I really donít.  I look at Red Square, and I look at the British Royal system, which uses the same color coding, going back to Pythagoras, and Red is their color for advancement.  The red carpet.  We see a red square.  You know, we see Red bands on the officers in Russia, around their hats, as you do with the British army.  The same thing in the British officers.  There are too many similarities there.  And then when you look into the Kremlin, and you look at the vaulted ceiling, and youíll see the same symbols of the various gods of mythological times, that youíll see inside the Congressional Hall in Washington DC. 


Hehpsehboah: But when you look at the whole situation as it is evolving, and somebody would say, ďYeah, what is this good for?  What can we do to stop it?  What can we do to change it?  And how much longer will it go on?Ē  But at the same time, if we look at First Nations, and we look at them, at the mores, and we are looking at the ones from Hawaii, and the ones here in Canada, and other places, then you say, hey that was a systematic also murdering out of the natural people.


Alan: Yes.  Itís not only systematic; it was documented well, the plan to do it was documented.  John Stuart Mill was one of the biggest economists, he wrote many books, and again, his books are still used by economists today.  And his father was also called John Stuart Mill, and he was also an economist for the big corporations in London, and in one of his books, he had a list of the peoples, in the 1700s this is, this was published initially, he had a list of the peoples who would have to be extinguished, eliminated, because they knew in the 1700s that they called them, the Red Man, could not fit into an economic, the coming economic system that was being set up, and therefore, they have no use for them.  And they mean that.  They have no use for anyone who will not serve their system.  The next on the list was the black man of Africa.  They said, certain ones will be allowed to live, if they could mimic the white man.  Thatís what they said, mimic, and the others would have to be killed off by various Malthusian techniques.  Well, we see it happening today, and itís no coincidence.  They also even had the Irish down on that list at that time, because the Irish kept rebelling against authority.  So, anyone who would not buckle under their system and adapt to their system was to be eliminated, and that was written by the top economist of his day that worked for the largest British corporations.  So this is not news at all, you know.


When we look at what happened to the American Indians, apart from the awful way they starved them to death, and moved them off land and so on, they put them into reservations in the most unhealthy areas, and thatís right along the Malthusian policy of swamplands and so on, where theyíll get infected, etc., a shortage of food, good food, and bad climates and so on.  This was all part of an extermination process, there is no doubt at all about this.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.  Vatican is doing that at the moment to the gypsies.  And Vatican did that, and this is a very interesting thing, because Vatican did this also to the Zarathustrians, because they were not willing to buckle under and crawl either.  And so, they went there, as they did in India.  They did mass, mass murders, and when you speak to some historians, by the whatís it called, itís a little group in India, they also were Hindus.  And he said to me, he said you have to realize that the priests came in India and went door to door, and the first people that were murdered were the people that were the medicine people and the soothsayers.  And I said, well, itís interesting that you say that, because in Tibet, 400 years ago, they went into Tibet and they started to slaughter there all the medicine people, all the shamans, shawomans, and then the Buddhists came in, and the Buddhists are proclaiming that they are the originators of Feng Shui, but they are not, because it came from the original people.  And they murdered and slaughtered, and actually in Tibet, you can say, every house, every street, every mountain is covered with some childís skin that they murdered.  So, when we look at what happened in Ireland, and we look at what is at this moment taking place to other people here upon the planet, and we see, you know, people in Afghanistan.  You know, how many troops are they going to send there?  You know, and how many people are they allowed to go and slaughter on this planet to submit everyone?  And how long do they think it will take?  Because, it may be so that they are going into certain areas, and use their nuclear force. 


Alan: Yes.  Itís not only that, itís the more subtle message of the follow-up, we have to bring in the supposed healthcare workers to inoculate them, and I mean, thatís got most of the people in the West already sick.  Thereís so many ways they have of killing people off, and Iím sure youíre well aware weíre dealing with something which is intergenerational.  It doesnít think in one lifespan.  It has a lot of time, you know.  And it sets up its play, and if it takes a few generations to achieve its goal it will do it.  It doesnít lose track of where itís going.  So, yeah, thereís insidious ways to kill, and thereís also the overt quick ways to kill, and theyíre using both at the moment.  And anyone, as I say, that canít adapt to this new slavery system that theyíve got underway, where weíve all to be tagged like property, and thatís what it is.  Itís an inventory of everything they own that walks, flies or crawls.  Anything which wonít succumb to that will simply be eradicated.  And that goes for all peoples, all peoples.  No one is exempted from this. 


Hehpsehboah: So when you say no one is exempted from it, but it seems at this very moment when we look at Israel and Palestine, that they are being used as tools to manipulate horrific conditions, so that they can also go after Iran, you know.  And every day, you carefully listen, you hear another country that is added to the list. 


Alan: Yes.  Well, you can go back to í92, and the New American Century group, the club, that Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush belonged to, published their report that they would have to come up and eventually invade a series of countries, and take them over, beginning with Afghanistan, and thatís why Bin Laden was supposedly in Afghanistan.  Everyoneís forgotten that.  And then they went on to Iraq, that was the second on the list, to be followed by Iran, then Syria, then Lebanon.  And that was re-updated by Wolfowitz and republished in 1998, and then Zbigniew Brzezinski put his book out, called The Grand Chessboard.  Heís a member of the Trilateral Commission and the CFR and the New American Century group.  And in his book, he went through the same list, and why theyíd have to take those countries over, and he said an interesting thing.  He said we will need something on the scale of a Pearl Harbor event to motivate the American people behind us.  And bang, 9/11 comes along, and away they go.  Itís amazing the luck these guys have, isnít it?


Hehpsehboah: Well, it is amazing, what they learned from World War II.  Because Canada, Canada wasnít going into World War II, until they simulated an attack on Vancouver Island on Victoria.  And we are going to also have these people who do the phantom flight 93, the Youngsville flight hoax, and that is of course this horrible thing, as you were saying, the 9/11.  You know, but that is also amazing, because every time they do something, it always, when you total it up, it comes to 911.


Alan: And that is the emergency number, of course, 911.  Dial 911, yeah.  Itís the same thing.  Itís the trinity in the nine, and the one-one is the Jachin and Boaz of Masonry.  Thatís what it means.  The twin pillars themselves, the two towers are Jachin and Boaz, as well.  So, they use their symbols to the maximum, always, but the public donít understand them. 


Hehpsehboah: So, what do you suggest is possible to get the people to be in the know, quickly?


Alan: Quickly, we know, we know I think by simply studying history, itís difficult to motivate people who are totally conditioned, very quickly, even when theyíre undergoing crisis, theyíre more likely to follow the good shepherd again, the authoritarian one that theyíre used to, than anyone else, saying, hey, come this way instead.  I think itís more important that we look at what they control, which is pretty well everything, and how they can be basically repulsed.  And it canít be done by weaponry for instance; they have all the biggest toys on the planet, and a lot more weíve never seen before.  And yet, we look at where theyíre going, and that gives us a clue as to the one thing theyíre afraid of.  Thereís only one thing theyíre afraid of.  Itís not the bulk of the people, you know.


Hehpsehboah: No, but thereís only one thing that we need to realize.  They have also all the underground cities and underground railways, so what would they then be really afraid of? 


Alan: The only thing theyíre afraid of in the meantime, I mean, sure they have these cities built up, and Maggie Thatcher was accused of putting lots of money in, making new ones for the elite in Britain, where the public would be barred from by SAS troops at the doors of the entrances.  But sure, they have this.  But, the thing is, in the meantime, when you look where theyíre going, and with all the ID-ing of everyone, total information network, meaning everything that you do is to be monitored, the one thing theyíre afraid of is individual thought.  When we look at the media, the education, the barrage of distractions, disinformation and so on, itís all to occupy our minds, so that we do not think for ourselves.  And what they want to do ultimately is to put chips in peopleís heads.  And that was disclosed at the Loyola Meeting, their National Science Meeting, sponsored by the Department of Commerce in the US, four and a half years ago.  I have the 600 pages that came out of there.  And, they said, we have the chip ready.  Itís been tested.  Once this is in, it will be the end of individuality as we know it.  And this top scientist from Japan said, he says, in fact, it will be impossible for an individual to even perceive of themselves as an individual.  He says, it will be more like a beehive. Well, again, thatís the ancient symbol of Masonry of their perfect society, the beehive.  And when we see the Star Trek movies with the Borg, all connected by chips in their heads to a central computer, thatís basically what they want to do, you know. 


Hehpsehboah: That is how they are already programming the people that this is an acceptable thing, and this is something that can be done.  But yet, there has to be somewhere something that we can do, that we can stop their train from rolling into their station, that we can say, wait a minute, we need to get the masses, we need to get the people, even the ones who are so conditioned that can reason. And on the, I would like to let you know, on the 19th, weíre going to have Dr. Osama Osidiwe, an Egyptian hieroglyphic expert, and he is telling that this is all Masonic lies, because he said, what is written there is not what they say is written there, and Egypt is very angry, because heís going to disclose the truth.  He says he doesnít care what happens to him.  Heís going to disclose the truth and take away the Masonic power. 


Alan: Well, that would certainly be a help, especially if you have information, which you can put in the Masonsí faces, on an individual basis even, you know, and itís not hard to find them, since you can walk into any police station, and the police chief will be one, so will the rest of the officers.  So will the bureaucrats in your local governments.  Theyíll be either Eastern Star or Freemasons.  I mean, theyíre everywhere.  This is their system.  So, if you have information...


Hehpsehboah: Alan, the problem that we have here too, so long as people are not aware of the danger of the religions, because these religions are becoming more and more fanatic, and as we are seeing, the control and the power that Rome has over people, and that we look at the power of the whole Masonic movement as a whole, and how it is being set up against an Islam, against versus back and forth, but basically, they are as he said.  Dr. Osama, he says, this was already predestined when they started off to program the people. Thatís pretty scary.


Alan: Oh, yes.  I mean, itís a fantastic method of mind control, thereís no doubt about it.  Especially when you grab them as children.  You give them that as their reality.  And as they go through life, every experience they have they must refer it back to their religion for verification.  Itís a fantastic form of mind control, and even Gorbachev, who we know was knighted when he went to London.  Heís a knight of Lazarus, thatís why he has the Green Templar Cross.  Thatís his flag that he has outside the Presidio.  He, in one of his books called, Towards a New Civilization, he admits that he himself is an atheist.  And in the same book, he says, we are creating a new world religion, to be based on earth worship.  So, yeah, they understand that they must create a new religion to take over from the old, which has served its purpose, for the next rape coming up you might say, you know.  Thatís where theyíre going.  Religion has always been a major tool of mind control.


Hehpsehboah: So, what was the purpose of them, and still today, their fear of the Zarathustrians?  What is it that they are so concerned with the Zarathustrians, their movement that is increasing, and they are doing everything they can to get rid of them.  But it seems that it is like a big underground movement that is ticking and that is gaining power.  What is their fear?


Alan: Well, I know one side of that particular religion is to do with... all the religions that were created since were basically taken from Zarathustrian concepts of good and evil, a battle between the two and Ahriman and so on.  So, they copied that into what eventually became Christianity.  So a person goes through their life with a credit card for his debt and another one for his good points.  So, they use the techniques of good and evil to force the people not to use their individual will for choice, but to go by their written laws.  In other words, you have no choices if you follow the religion.  If this happens in life, then here is the rule for it.  We also see this in the Talmud.  Itís nothing but rules and regulations for everything you could think of in life, for even tying your shoelaces and which one to tie first.  I mean, thereís no personal choice left at all. Youíre like a robot.


Hehpsehboah: Thatís ridiculous, isnít it?


Alan: But they took that concept of Zarathustrianism and then used it against the people to exploit the people, and then called it other religions, especially Christianity.  Christianity was the perfected method of mind control, especially if you look at the European Cathedrals with their gargoyles of monsters, nightmares and so on.  I mean, that was for a primitive people, who were uneducated, the masses, and they had fantastic imaginations, and hereís all these symbols of evil, evil, scary entities, and then you walked into the Church, you pay your tithes, the candles are lit, and thereís the priest saying youíre saved, now Iím in charge, God is here, you know.  This is a fantastic method of mind control.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, not only that.  I found it very shocking, because there are people who have handed down some of the information, and why would the United States of America go out to Iran and still bomb the sacred place of 10,000 years ago?  Why would they go and still bomb it?  And make it virtually impossible for them to grasp that.  And at the same time, what is it that they are afraid of?  This is what we cannot understand, because the people are taught to reason and to be empowered and to empower your children, and to be educated to live in the know, and yet the others, they seem to have a sense of fear and hatred.  At the same time we are seeing how people, and this is also very interesting, the very heavy programming that is going on, in Iran, and in Afghanistan, and in Iraq and in all the Muslim countries.  Oh, yeah, and by the way, one of the princes from the Middle East, a friend from George W., bought up all the beautiful, old Canadian hotels.  Here in Vancouver, here in Banff, and in Lake Louise and in Calgary and in Edmonton.  All these beautiful old hotels were all bought up by this prince.


Alan: Iím not surprised.  Yes, weíre watching plunder go on by the high knights of plunder.  And they all know each other.  And they will, they will share the loot, you know.


Hehpsehboah: We just are watching this, and said, well, you know this doesnít make sense, but then the Save-on food stores here in Canada are owned by Jimmy Patterson, which is George W., his best friend, you know, and his father, because they cruise around in their what is it called, this villa on water, you know.  And so, I said, you know, you can see it, it is like something heavily orchestrated, because Jimmy Patterson also, he owns the church on Frazer Street, and he blows his trumpet there on Sunday morning.  Well, I said, it is like it is ominous.


Alan: It is ominous.  Weíre watching the looting of the planet of the new feudal overlords, basically, as they come to the front.  Theyíve always been there behind the scenes, but now theyíre openly looting under the color of laws, the countries theyíre taking over.  Theyíre just looting them.  And Halliburton gets the contracts worldwide, including the rebuilding of Louisiana, and the $360 million thatís just been allocated for building prison camps in the US, itís been allocated to Halliburton again.  No bids went up for anyone, so Halliburton.  Hal is the sun of course in Masonry, so thatís why they get it. 


Hehpsehboah: What do you know about the prison camps in Canada?  Are you aware of them?


Alan: Iíve been told from different sources; I know theyíre around.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.  Thereís a whole pile of them.  And some of the Canadian people that we have told that they should go and take a look at these horrific prison camps, and then they come up, yeah, well there is this one in Alaska.  I said, never mind Alaska.  Alaska might be closer to Canada than to the US but you have to take a look at what is happening.  You know, Cold Lake, near Edmonton, and where we come in from Vancouver, itís about a fifteen-minute flight to the next largest, two hundred and fifty thousand prison with gas chambers and crematoriums.  And most of these people are not aware that this thing from Hitler was a test run. 


Alan: I know.  I know also the little blurb came out, that they have, and this was tested in Britain.  During the last flu outbreak, that happened a few years ago, heavily published over there and nothing here, and yet, they had these special tractor trailers lined up, maybe six or ten in a row, outside the hospitals, and they were putting the corpses in there.  And then I found out that in Louisiana, FEMA brought the same sort of things in there, and they had crematoriums in some of them, and theyíre full-time crematoriums, portable ones.  Iíve seen a whole train go past me of these brand new spanking gray ones with refrigerated units on them.  Nothing on the train except about 150 carriages like that, and that came from the North, so I donít know where they had them stashed up North.  But yeah, everything has been done, and the preparations are underway for...  Weíre at that stage today.


Hehpsehboah: Would you think that there is still something that we can do?  You and I, and many of the people that we know to wake up the masses, to stop this kind of thing?  Because there has to be still some power in numbers.


Alan: Yeah, there is power in numbers, and at the same time, when any group has really started up from the grass roots, apart from the usual thing, you canít get the funding, because youíre not authorized, itís often quickly, or if not immediately, infiltrated and taken over.  Thatís traditional as well.  Anyone who wants to use a group must always be aware that this will happen or theyíll attempt to do it to them.  And all you can do is use the resources that you have to publish what you know, to go around at meetings and so on.  It doesnít matter if five people, ten or fifteen turn up, thatís another few youíve informed.  And out of that ten, maybe two of them will stay in touch with you and learn more and then they go on to teach more.  And this has actually been going on for quite some time on a real grassroots level.  And generally, itís the individuals themselves who finance their own publications.  Youíll never get mainstream media attention, because theyíre part of government.  Thatís what media is.  Media is the middle.  Theyíre the middlemen.




Hehpsehboah: Well, theyíre all totally controlled now.  You know, as a reporter, I understand that when I see what is taking place, and how they are adjusting to hold peopleís attention, then you can say, well, you know, you people other than for those that have an idea of what is happening, the rest of you, you should unplug these boxes, because they are brainwashing you, and preparing you for the loss of your freedom. 


Alan: Yes.  And once thatís occurred thatís game over.  This is their agenda.  You probably know about the Georgia Guide Stones, in Georgia, the States.


Hehpsehboah: No.  I do not know about that.  Maybe you can tell us about it. 


Alan: Well, it was put up, itís this sort of huge monumental structure, put up by High Freemasonry, High Freemasonry, way above probably the 40th degree, because life begins at forty.  Thatís where the truth begins, you see, for those who are selected.  And it was put up by Masons around the 1970s, and then in about five or six different languages, it spells out the necessity to cull off most of the worldís population and bring it down to about 500 million people.  And thatís all itís about, this long dialog and discourse about how this must be done, and how those who are useless must be culled off.  And I believe there are websites on the Georgia Guide Stones.  Itís worthwhile for those to look into.  Weíve already had the spiels by great animal lovers like Jacques Cousteau, who said the same thing, that to save the planet, weíll have to kill 500,000 per day. 


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, he was a piece of work.


Alan: Not only him.  When you go into his lineage, itís very interesting, because he was working for the British OSS during World War II, against the Germans.  His brother was working for the Nazis and actually put the editor of their main publication for the French, the free French side of the Nazism movement.  So, they work both sides of the game these guys, you see, always.  Always.  Thatís again the technique of dualism.  They control both sides.  The followers never know, and so theyíre the pied pipers.  There generally are never really two sides to anything, at the top theyíre all one.  And in fact, some of the old Masonic books that I have, had two high Masons being brought into the floor, on the square, as they call it, and promising to publicly be at odds with each other, because they both had people to rule, two groups, and they would give the appearance of conflict to the public, but on the floor they were still brothers.  So, this is traditional, the left wing, the right wing, etc.  Theyíre all run by the same people at the top.  There are no sides in reality.  Itís one agenda, one controlled structure.


Hehpsehboah: You know, Alan, you would really like to meet Brian Despero, you know. He published his book, And They Cast No Shadows, on Masonry.  And the poor guy, he has been boycotted in every move he makes. 


Alan: Iím not surprised.


Hehpsehboah: And they have, well, he also went, we used to have discussions about the Jesuits, because he and myself, we know a lot about the Jesuits, and so we would discuss the Jesuits, and then later he says, yeah, he says, the Jesuits and the Masons together.  But then, when we start to look around us in every city where you have the Mormon Church, you have a steak house.  And these steak houses, of course, not steak houses where people eat meat, steak houses where they have machine guns and they are connected to the Mormon Church in Utah.  But lately, we know we got reports from people in Utah, that the powerful ones in Utah are moving out of Utah.  Did you know that?


Alan: I didnít know that.  No. 


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.  They have huge, like these great big trucks, like Saveway trucks, and theyíre all loaded with their stuff and theyíre moving out.  So, where are they going? 


Alan: I think theyíre going to the high ground, probably.  Ha, ha.


Hehpsehboah: Theyíre going to Colorado, most likely. 


Alan: Well, Colorado is the color red.  Thatís what it really means, again, you know.  Every place in the US has an esoteric meaning, and of course, Colorado is famous for that, you know.  Thatís where a lot of CIA staffers and so on and bases are located.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, because the CIA and the FBI in the last week and a half, they all moved their headquarters there.  Did you know that?


Alan: I did, because the fellow whoís got the website up for me has been hit constantly with red alerts on his computer from places all connected with Departments of Defense and so on.  One and a half thousand in an hour or so, in fact.  Itís just like a one-armed bandit spinning, you know.  One after another, the British Intelligence Services in England.  The Pacific Rim Security guys, based in Queensland, Australia.  CSIS Canada.  RCMP.  Just one after another, trying to get into the computer.  And so, yeah, Iím well aware of whatís going on.  Weíre under such immense surveillance right now, itís amazing, really.


Hehpsehboah: It is like you sort of question, you know.  But like we have had the remote viewers in here, and they, one remote viewer that came in, I said, if you donít watch, Iíll come after you.  And I said, you know, you have no right to be here.  And we had a sign sitting here, that said, you are trespassing, and what you can do, I can do too.  And it stopped.  And I said, well, thatís a good idea, you know, like let them know that youíre not going to sit back and roll over.  You know, weíre not sheep.  So, what do we suggest?  What do we suggest?  Because there has to be something that we could do that kicks it out, like really, like Kaboom here, it is everywhere simultaneously, so that we warn the people, wherever they may be.  Because, people do not know they are victims.


Alan: I know.  I know, and I think, in a sense, see, there are natural things which we often look upon as supernatural, because weíve been trained that way.  Now, I know that the higher Freemasons that Iíve spoken to, they know this.  Theyíre taught this, you know.  And yet, I believe all these abilities are naturally inherent in every child thatís born.  And children, I mean, I can remember, and you might have done the same thing, where the friends you have, or members of the family start humming or whistling a song, and youíre at the same point of the song in your head, silently.  And then you turn and look at each other, and you laugh, because itís quite natural when youíre a child.  These are natural abilities.  So, thought itself doesnít stop within your head, within your skull.


A good example that the other side understand this technique perfectly, is by one of their own, Arnold Toynbee, the professor who chose the Rhodes Scholars to be part of the secret society of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And in a speech he gave in the 1930s, 1932.  So here, by the way, is a member of the British aristocracy giving a lecture to the World Revolutionary Party, because they run both sides of things.  And in the speech he said, a thought which is unique and formulated with good form, meaning itís not vague, itís sharp; you understand that thought.  He said, when it is thought and projected, it is picked up over the planet by people receptive to it, individuals everywhere.  And they will say, where did that thought come from?  And part of the thought is implanted.  And taking it from there, if you go back even further to the mystery religions of Ancient Greece, who again were taught, the aristocracy was taught in Egypt, like Plato, he wrote about the same thing.  He said, a thought is a form, and a form is a form of energy.  And they were well aware that energy is not lost.  It doesnít dissipate.  And he said, a thought form can be sent out there, and it will attract itself to like-minded people. 


So, they understand these things.  And of course, we think of it often as coincidence, when we think of some form.  But if it happens to you every other day, you know itís not a coincidence, and itís not just synchronicity.  Itís the fact that there is a form of communication between people, which weíve had it trained out of us, not to use, basically, to lie dormant, because that itself is a form of power.  And power from the eliteís point of view must be suppressed in the lower orders, as they call it, and used exclusively by themselves.  When you look at their own particular higher Masonry, where they take in people who have served them well and trained them, you actually get taught these techniques, you see.


Hehpsehboah: Yes, and because their way is to train them, and to say, at twelve noon, you send out these thoughts, you know.


Alan: Absolutely, yeah.


Hehpsehboah: And at this time you send out those thoughts.  But at the same time, we want to.  And I think they, the first Chinese Emperor, he said, you have to realize if you want to create you must create it in your mind.  And as you want to create, you create in your mind, you use your thought.  And the shamans, the Tibetan and Chinese shamans of old times, they were the students of his teaching.  Now, when we are so many thousands of years later, we also remember that out of the ancient material from Zarathustra, was also taught, the thought, the divine thought, as a form of a kind and peaceful living, the divine thought that would help people to be empowered to never be enslaved.  And thatís why they maybe wanted to wipe them off the planet, because they use it to enslave, and the other taught not to enslave.  The other taught to be free, to be empowered, to be using your mind to the fullest.  And when we now go and look at, we see the Masons and of course, the Catholic Church doesnít teach that to the people, that they should use their thought to be creative to be empowered, because all their thought is, if you look at their writings, and I tell you, Alan, my custodial father was a runaway Jesuit.  So, when I was very small, I used to say to him, when they brought out their Christmas thing, I used to say, oh, that is to celebrate humanity.  And he used to say, no, that is the Jesus child.  And I said, not such a thing.  And he would get very upset.  By the time I was nine years old, I was ill, and he said to me, okay, okay, you can win, you can tell me what you want.  I said, I only want one thing, that you stay away from these people.  And he looked, and he had tears in his eyes.  He says, donít you believe?  I said, no, youíre confused.  And time went by, and he was going to do his Christmas thing again.  And he said, you know, he says, you are as rebellious as your birth mother, who was first American Native Indian, and she was raised by the Jews.  And so he said, you donít want to accept what you were taught.  Neither did she.  I said, well, it didnít matter whether she accepted or not, or you accepted.  I said, but you know, youíre very foolish.  I said, because youíre like a sheep, one of the sheep.  You left them, but youíre still serving them.  So, he went then to this, to his church, and I sat beside him, and something, something very peculiar happened.  His glasses suddenly dropped on the ground and they broke.  And he looked at me.  And I said, Iíll pick them up.  So, I went to pick them up, and I handed his glasses.  I said, can you see now?  And he looked, and he said, yes, I can see, we go home.  And he never went back.  He said, that was such a powerful omen to him, that his glasses fell off.  Later in í71, when I saw him for the last time, and he had a very prolonged life after death experience, he said, yes, open my eyes that I can see, and my ears are open too.  I can listen.  And, you know, I want people, their children, I want people, their families to come to this state where we can tell them to shake like a wet dog, that they can shake off their fleas and be free. 


Alan: Because, really, weíre not living.  Weíre not really living.


Hehpsehboah: No.  Youíre existing.


Alan: We exist.  We exist according to formulated rules and programs, but weíre not living individually.  And itís such a tragedy to think of the generations, the countless generations who go through their entire lives, and wars, and tragedies, and so on, never realizing thereís an oligarchy controlling all of this, including all the crisis they went through in their lives, the national crisis, etc.  Itís a tragic thing to go through an entire lifetime, and die still thinking that everything you were told by the top people and the media is real and true.  Robbing people of consciousness, you know. 


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.  I think, I think that they have taken their free will and they are bottling their free will, and they are saying, well, you know, here is the bottle.  Youíre in the bottle.  And you stay there, until you pass away, and the lid comes off. 


Alan: Exactly, yeah.


Hehpsehboah: And we need to, we need to have that lid come off today.  Not in the ancient way of thinking, because they have done that now, for the last 5,000, what is it, 5,000 years, they have done this now.  And I think that they were part of creating the last flood, because they wanted to get rid of all the ancient free people.  And we have seen this now travel over the planet.  We are seeing it, taking place at the Mohawks, where I spoke to the Mohawks two weeks ago, and I said to the Mohawks, why would you follow a religion that was part of your genocide?  Why would you believe what the government says to you, who were part of your annihilation, and you know, it was amazing, because we had given them a lot of help.  And it was silent, not one spoke up.  But this week, we had one come and say, I am now asking this question that you have asked, because I believe that we need to be educated because you are urging us to think.  Now, you know, when I listen to you, and the knowledge you have, and ladies and gentlemen, I advise you to really, really go to his website, to Alan Watt, researcher and author, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and that you are going to have the power, that you get his books.  Because the books are going to be your touchable information that you can go back to, over and over and over, to have you empowered, and to have you live in the know, and you can get his book. 


Alan, we also want to invite you to come on Sunday night, and the researcher here is looking for the time that we can give you.  We hope that we have you soon, and maybe we should have you on a Sunday, and a Monday, so that we can cover the planet.  Because we need to get to people out there. 


Alan: Yes, I know.


Hehpsehboah: Tell us about the binary code, either or, what is it that people should know, because the logos word, we know what that is, right?  Or do they?


Alan: I donít think so.  Iíll tell you, itís even deeper than that, and I donít want to scare people.  We have enough facts to show them today.  But when you realize that even the languages were created around the 1500s in Europe, and they were all updated at the same time, regardless of the country.  Prior to the 1500s, people were speaking Old Saxon German really.  And in the days of John Dee, Francis Bacon, and Bacon wrote about it.  He said, weíre creating the new international language of the future, international, which will be called English.  And bang, out comes Shakespeare, who introduces over 1,800 words into the language, basically creates it.  And it was taught in universities.  And then, of course, the King James Bible came out, so it was being taught by that method.  They had the Lutheran Bible out in Germany, around the same time.  That created what they called High German.  And so, all the languages were altered around the same period.  And language is very important...  Itís not who you are.  Itís a method or a means of communication.  And itís only one method and means of communication.  Weíre not told this, in fact.  But language, I always say we languish in our language, because itís so inadequate, especially the English language.  It doesnít have the nuances of even languages within India, for instance, who have many, many more words for subtle changes and nuances.  We donít have that.  But the thing is, hereís the key to language. 


This was understood long before the 1500s, in fact.  If you are a computer programmer, and we are in a sense computers, our minds function similar to a computer.  And what came first, the computer or the personís brain?  I often wonder about that.  But, when you think about it, a programmer can predict, if heís given a question for the computer, since he knows the logic process of that computer, and the language thatís to be used, he will know the answer that it must come to.  It has no other option, by using that logic and that language, to come to a particular answer.  And people work on the same methodology.  The elite tell us what they want us to think.  They gave us a language to use, a minimalistic language at that, and by the process that we go through, we come to their conclusion.  We have no other option.  And thatís how simple it is to condition people and recondition them throughout their lives, along what they think is reality, and normalcy, and things are just evolving this way.  Itís not that at all.  Itís intense reprogramming, by media, movies, and fiction and novels, all towards a common direction, because they understand our logic and how it works.  They also have the language theyíve given us.  And we go through that process like mathematics and come to their conclusions.  Within the English language, it contains all of the Masonic codings of even ancient times, simply updated and brought right into the English language.  I have even the Cabbalistic numbers, along with the alphabet, etc.  Thatís used in all high Masonry.  And if you want to find out who the beast is, you just need to look at Holy, Holy, Holy, and youíll figure it out from there.  So, yeah, everything is contained within the language, the Masonic Coding, numerology, etc.  And they do go by this, and they do use it.  And we speak these words every day never realizing weíre actually speaking their doctrine into existence for them.  Weíre speaking, being willed into existence, when we parrot the little phrases weíre given, catchwords and so on. 


So, itís an intense method I give, in a gestalt type of learning, to wake people up.  Iíve found that dry, boring books will not do it.  The people have been trained for excitement.  Thatís why most of their reality is given to them through fiction and movies today.  Itís exciting and they donít realize theyíre being programmed for the changes that are coming up.  So, the gestalt method, where, rather than methodically plow through things, and come to conclusions, I hit you with them.  Itís a form of you participating as you read.  And if you go over them maybe five, ten times, youíll find something else within there.  In the third writings, I set out an awful lot, and there are some puzzles I put in there, very open puzzles, to see, to give me an idea of who was awake out there.  And within there, Iíve given them the origin of every religion in symbolic form, and they can come to that by themselves, and it gives me a clue whoís awake and who isnít. 


Most people are told learn A, B, C, & D, and repeat after me.  They expect the authors to give them their conclusions.  Iím trying to get them to participate and think for themselves, and then theyíll slap themselves and say, My God, thatís been in front of me all my life, you know.  And thatís when they begin to wake up, you see.  It takes that type of formula to make it work.  The traditional methods havenít worked up until now. 


Hehpsehboah: This is amazing, you know, because a fellow from Egypt is saying, that of course, even Egypt, not only the Masonic bunch, but also Egypt itself is very angry that he is disclosing what is really written on the hieroglyphs on the pyramids there, and what really the motions are, and they are very angry at him, because he has had some attempts on his life, and so forth.  But he says, ďNo.  Truth needs to come out.  Itís about time.Ē  And I said, ďI wish him Good Luck.Ē  You know.  And he was also saying that, and that is a big surprise, because he said, in the writings on the, on some of the writings from the pyramids and from the other ancient Egyptian things, he said, he talks there of a form of Muslim behavior.  And then I went back, because I have a friend who does reverse speech.  And he did reverse speech on the speech the Queen of England gave, and when you listen to the speech from the Queen of England, actually she was chanting, Allah Alach.  And we said, oh, wow.  Now, when we look at what is taking place, because Jerusalem is already owned by the Jesuits by Rome, they have the key.  And when we spoke with Eric Phelpps I said to Eric, I said, ďAre you aware that on the rock of Mecca, there is a humungous temple ready to go, all hydraulic, all computerized, and it is not too long from now that they have in mind, because the rock of Mecca before was the place where Krishna and Shiva and Vishnu worshipped.  And of course, the world isnít allowed to know that either.  So, when we get humanity to a place to understand history as what you are doing, you are bringing such a gift to humanity, by saying, okay, this is what is really written there, and that is what you really can understand.  Maybe, maybe, we would say, it could still bring a wave over the planet, where people are going to start to debate what is in your books, and what they are going to say, okay this is what is there.  It is time to wake up.


Alan: Yes.  And it has to be that way.  And things do work that way.  Itís a sudden crossover from existing to starting to live.  When you live, your mind comes awake, and your mind contains so much incredible knowledge.  And everyone has it tucked away, really, otherwise you wouldnít understand something which is new and presented to you.  Itís really all there all the time, but it needs to be activated.  And weíve been deactivated from birth in this system, by parents who were deactivated themselves, and then teachers and so on, all through our lives.  We donít really live; we follow programmed agendas, because weíre being programmed.  So, when you start to live for yourself, you suddenly can look around you and watch other people who are still under the program, and you will see them walking like robots, and so on, and it becomes a challenge then to then reactivate them themselves.  And it can be done.  Getting back to the binary code, all computerized logic is based on zeroes and ones.  And we know, of course, even the ancients in Greece talked about, in fact, they supposedly debated whether to give us the zero in mathematics.  But zero in Masonry of course is the female, and one is the male.  And since, in their own religion, which is a religion, by the way, they believe that you always cancel out the zero, youíre left with the one.  Which tells you that, ultimately, women will go.  And hereís the key to even the astro-theology.  You see, they use the constellations as a time clock, and there are covers, exoteric covers that people fall into, and theyíre fascinated, but they donít understand what it really means.  George Bush Sr. said back in the early 90s, September the 11th with his New World Order speech, just coincidence again, he said everything is going to the heavenly plan.  Now, as a high Mason of the Skull and Bones, he was talking about the timetable and the constellations have very important meanings for them.  And Pisces was the sign for the Christian Era, just over 2000 years basically.  So Pisces was the early sign of all Christian missionaries.  The fish, not the cross, was the symbol they chiseled in stone, wherever they went. 


Now weíre into the Age of Aquarius.  Now, youíve got to understand the mythology from Aquarius, because thatís the real meanings of where theyíre going to.  Youíre talking about the plan being at least 5000 years old.  The Romans gave it the name Aquarius, the Water Bearer or the Cup Bearer, but it really comes from the Greek, much older Greek, Ganymede.  Now, Ganymede was the most beautiful boy ever born, and handsome and so on.  And Zeus, the all-powerful god who had to conquer everything and own it that he made.  First he makes it and then he conquers it.  Thatís symbolic of the system.  Zeus sees him falling into the water, and as Ganymede is going down, Zeus comes down, turns into a fish and rapes him.  So, weíre looking at a homosexual affair happening.


Hehpsehboah: I was going to say, we have the Jesuits.  And what we did get from Lamas from Tibet who said that the Lamas out of the monasteries do the same thing.  They rape little boys, and then these little boys, they are used to serve them, and then these little boys get positions. 


Alan: Thatís correct.  Thatís traditional in all these priesthoods.  And with Ganymede, Zeus rapes him and then places him in the heavens as a Cup Bearer to himself, to the gods.  Now, the deeper meaning to this, the esoteric meaning, was always to create a new type of human, a better servant.  And what theyíre looking for, is again, the binary code, where they can basically bring in, take a male, have similar functions to a female, by creating the hermaphrodite.  And so, in the lower exoteric meaning that people can buy in books, you always have, well, itís the left side of the brain, the right side of the brain combined.  Thatís only a little bit of the truth.  Itís more that the male himself will have the ability to reproduce himself, and I have no doubt it will be done scientifically, with the injections at a certain age.  And he can produce the same type of perfect sameness as himself, an offspring the same way.


Hehpsehboah: So, now, what you just said, brings it back to why the Catholic Church and Muslims behave like women have no souls.


Alan: Oh, yes.  Absolutely.  Iíll tell you the reason why, and a lot of people wonít like it, but this is what they believe.  If we realize that Eden, the Garden of Eden, everything is allegory.  Weíre trained as children to think of real people with the names.  Once we picture them as real people, weíre now conditioned not to see the truth.  So, theyíre allegories.  So, Eden was the Earth.  It was nature, it was natural, it was everything that was around you.  And if youíre not happy with nature, then thereís only one path out of Eden and thatís the road of science, which creates the elite classes and dominance.  And science can only take you to one ending.  Thereís no other way science can go with human nature guiding it at the top, and thatís to control everything in the planet, and all those underneath the controllers.  But, Eve, the Fall of Man, according to the esoteric meaning, is that Eve, the Fall of Man was when Eve was separated from the male.  That was the fall.  And when she was separated, and theyíre taught this in the high priesthoods, never to the public, that when Eve was separated, she became mother, matter, mare.  She is matter. Mother is matter.  You see?  Mater, Mother.  So, she has no soul.  Adam retained the soul.  Thatís taught within all degrees, high degrees of Freemasonry.  And thatís why Albert Pike, who was the Pope of Freemasonry, back in the 1800s said in his own book, Morals and Dogma, that the female, like the moon, could only reflect the light of her husband, meaning the spiritual light, because she has no soul in other words.  Thatís what it means.  Thatís why they treat women the way they do.  And those in the Eastern Star, who think theyíre joining a womenís branch of Freemasonry are being totally fooled and used. 


Hehpsehboah: Isnít that amazing.


Alan: Yes.  So, thatís really what it means.  And thatís been taught for thousands of years.  And if you want to look at, for instance, the symbology of the mystery religion, you just need to look at the architecture of the Catholic Churches.  Itís all around you.  The stations of the cross.  You walk through a vagina to get in.  The keystone there, we know what the keystone represents.  You always have a church with a tower, thatís the obelisk, thatís the phallus, and you have the box, which is the female.  And thereís a man wearing a dress up there.  So I mean, this is the mystery religions all around you there.  And everyone has been conditioned not to see the symbols that are everywhere.  The rose is above the keystone, which is the clitoris.  Thatís very important to all Masons, is that stone that holds that arch together. And above there is the rose where the light comes through, and shines, of course, generally on the man holding the service.  He represents the deity.  They use the sun as a symbol of light, of course.  So, this is ancient stuff, and itís been here for thousands of years in front of our faces, but very few people can see what theyíre actually involved in.  You know.  Itís tragic.


Hehpsehboah: But the strange thing, but Alan, the strange thing is, if you go to some of the islands, the small islands around Japan, they were governed by high priestesses, and priestesses that were in charge.  If we go back to ancient India, and we go back far before some of this other hocus pocus stories came out of there, we then discover that somehow or other, someone came and said, hey, we have to change that, so we take the power away from the females, from the mother energy, upon the planet.  Because in the 1600s, late 1500s, 1600s, along the Lorelei, we know that the Roman Catholic Church went out on a rampage and killed all the lady bishops and cardinals there.


Alan: Thereís no doubt about it.  And even in the early days of the Catholic Church, they allowed the priests to marry, at the bottom of the line, that is, and then they reversed that decision, once they were fully underway as all-powerful, you know.  So, yeah, the female has always been an object of not just derision, but almost something, in a sense, as they see it, which was necessary for a period, but one day would be unnecessary.  And when the time comes, when they have all this technology ready to go with cloning, etc, they will create a type of male.  Weíre already being conditioned through the homosexual movements, and all the various feminist movements, which have all been used, by the way, towards this agenda, unbeknownst to the followers, because theyíll be obsolete as well, once the new type of man is brought in, the new type of man being the perfect slave, who will be very efficient at what he does, and who can actually bear for himself an exact replica of himself, when heís injected with a certain hormone at a certain age.  And that will be the reward theyíll get one day for serving the system, to have your own offspring reproduced from yourself.  Women will be eliminated, and the elite will remain unaltered.  Theyíve said this in their own books by the way. 


Charles Galton Darwin, the grandson of Charles Darwin, he was a physicist and a member of the British aristocracy.  In the 1950s, he wrote a book called The Next Million Years.  Thatís quite the boast.  And he talked about the necessity of culling off the common people, and also, towards the end, before they cull them off, theyíll have them all effeminized by giving them estrogen in their food and so on, in their water, etc.  And then of course, on to better things, where theyíll create a new type of man to serve them.  And they wouldnít have the problem of male and female interaction and grief, etc.  In other words, a more efficient worker.  So you can tell that the female is to be eliminated from the process.


And that was decided thousands of years ago, when they sat and decided what will we call these constellations.  Well, weíll call that Ganymede.  And only we will know what it really means in the timetable.  Thatís why weíre here today.  And thatís why weíre seeing the massive movement of legitimizing the homosexual marriage and so on in the time of Ganymede, or Aquarius.  Thatís why they left it till now.  Itís not because the people themselves wanted it so much, as it was time to change societyís way of looking at things.  Once we accept all that, then thereís no normality to hang on to, and they can bring in the next change much quicker, you see.


Hehpsehboah: Is this why we see at the moment, they are programming the various religions so much, and like, of course, we are seeing, oh, women have no soul.  And so we have seen for a while in India, how many female babies that basically were killed.  How easy it is to take females and to murder them.  And you know, the thing to me is disgusting because of the male/female energy is within each and every thing that lives upon the planet, that we are going to see something that will backfire on them, like never anything backfired before. 


Alan; The people involved in these movements, the followers, not the people at the top, because at the top of these movements, that are generally, theyíre all working for the same bunch at the top.  If the followers realize that theyíve all been used for a completely different agenda than theyíd ever suspect, that would bring on some mayhem by itself.  And of course, all these people who are probably thinking, weíve won our rights, etc, if they could only realize what the next step will be, that might just shock them into some kind of action.  Because theyíve all been used.  Everyone has been used along the way.  You know.  Bertrand Russell, who was Lord Bertrand Russell, who helped to initiate Communism in China, that was one of his jobs.  He went over, he was sent over there on behalf of the Royalty of Britain, to begin the Communist process, he wrote a book called the Impact of Science on Society, and in there he goes on about, again, the same thing, the need to cull off the majority of the public, keep the more intelligent ones and then clone from them, perfect workers, etc.  Same agenda as Charles Galton Darwin his buddy.  And he also went into the fact that weíre given illusions to follow and fake history to follow.  He said, people will look back on the feminists, that they actually won their rights for abortion, etc, and the right for women to choose.  He said, while we know, meaning his own elite class, we know that science gave them that right through the birth control pill.  And thatís true as well, you know.


But the people themselves are always used through emotive, by emotive purposes or emotional responses to help further an agenda, which they themselves donít understand.  They think they understand, but theyíre all being used, because ultimately in the perfect slave, there will be no male as we know it nor female as we know it.  It will be a one-item thing, programmed to do exactly what itís supposed to do, just like an ant.


Hehpsehboah: But they had that at one time, already, and it didnít work upon the planet.


Alan: Yes.  But they come back with the same thing.  The same thing again, and they think, of course, that theyíve covered all their bases, and thatís why they take such a long time in the making of it. These guys, again, Albert Pike said the same thing, he said, weíve been behind all world revolutions, meaning the Freemasons, and he said, the reason we always accomplish our goals is because we lay all the groundwork long before we even begin the physical movement.  And what they do is take every possible occurrence that could backlash on them, try to find ways to counter those things, long before it happens, all in strategy, in battle planning.  Just like a general would plan a battle or a war beforehand.  And thatís how they do it with society.  They prepare our minds intergenerationally for the changes to come.  And so when something as odd as getting a brain chip comes in, youíre going to find everybody under twenty will think itís just a great idea.† They see it in the movies.


Hehpsehboah: They are through the movies, of course, going to introduce it, and through the internet, and through whatever else, especially the movies.


Alan: Even cartoons.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, cartoons, very dangerous, very dangerous stuff that is out there, because people do not know that somehow or other they are playing with their perception, and they are playing with their brain and understanding of what really is.  And what they want them to believe that it is.  This is why we are living in a time more dangerous than in the last 7,000 years.  And many, many, when you speak to people that they need to wake up.  And they say, what for?  I said, because youíre in danger.  Youíre about to lose even your identity, and thatís what you are saying.† Itís scary. 


Alan: This is a horror show.  You know, you wake up from the dream, into the nightmare, and you have to be able to handle the nightmare, because itís very real.  Once you do wake up, in a sense, itís lucky in a sense, like Pandoraís Box.  Once you open it, you canít shut it.  Thatís one thing in our favor.  Once your eyes have been opened, you just canít close that box again and go back into fantasyland.  But along with waking up comes a process, a natural process, which is able to deal with this horror, and to help us function through it, towards what we must do to counter it, basically.  Thatís within us.  Weíve been so demeaned and brainwashed, we truly donít realize the power thatís within us as individuals.  We truly donít.  And thereís tremendous powers within us that lie latent and dormant, which can be awoken.  And Iíve seen it myself happen to different people that Iíve taught over the years, coming up to a tremendous standard, where their minds truly are working, truly are working for the first time.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but when you say, you know, of the people that are out there, and we are looking for people to be out there to understand, to have the intelligence, so that they can start to reason and say, no, I must protect my children, my grandchildren, I must protect future generations, because we cannot go to a place where we totally go backwards. It just is impossible. 


Alan: And thatís the key.† Thatís the key you just hit there too, with future generations.  People have been trained to be ego-syntonic, and live for themselves today.  Theyíre disconnected from the past and the future, and that was intentional, you know.  Itís the ďmeĒ generation type idea.  That was indoctrinated from the top down, so that we will not care about those who come along.  But not everyone succumbs to it.  And sure, weíve gone along for so many thousands, maybe millions of years, who knows, and Iím damned if it will end like this, where we go out with a whimper and not with a bang.  We have a right to be conscious.  And we have a right to decide our own path, not whatís mandated by a bunch of elite who control us all through their money.  They have incredible psychological control techniques and all the various other institutions of religion that have brought us to this state weíre in today.  We must care about future generations and stop just thinking about ourselves and how to gratify ourselves instantly, day by day.  Thereís more to this than just we who are alive today.  Absolutely.  That connectivity must be brought back.


Hehpsehboah: Whatís so amazing, to hear George Bush say that he did not want any cloning, any experimentation, any with DNA, or anything like it.  And I thought, well, wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  What are you saying, versus what are you doing?


Alan: Yes, thatís what they say. Well, Arnold Toynbee, again from the Rhodes Scholarship, he said, we always deny with our lips what we do with our hands.  And thatís what theyíre doing, yeah.  Theyíre liars.  I mean, thatís their job, is to lie to the public.  The good shepherd never tells the sheep the truth, or they will scatter.  Ha, ha, ha.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, thatís right.  Because, if youíre going to tell the sheep what youíre up to, theyíre going to stampede out of there.


Alan: Of course. 


Hehpsehboah: And when we look around, and we also see what has happened there in the whole area, around the Mississippi, and what will happen in the very near future, you want to question these people, why are you attempting to stay there.  I would get out of the way before they do another experiment.  And I was going to ask you, if it would be good for you on Sunday, February the 12th, from 11pm to 1am Eastern time, if it is.


Alan: Thatís fine.


Hehpsehboah: Okay. Then ladies and gentlemen, if you enjoy to hear the truth, and thereís much, much more that you should know, being in the know, remember, not in the now.  If youíre programmed in the now, you blink your eyes and it is gone.  But if you are in the know, you want to know more, you want to be empowered, you do not want to be victim, and then, on Sunday, February the 12th, 11pm to 1am Eastern standard time, Alan, then we give them of course, more of this, what is not a story, but is reality unwrapped.


Alan: We will.  Yeah.


Hehpsehboah: What would we suggest to these people that are here today, listening, that the people go and tell their friends, their family, wherever they may be on Sunday, February the 12th, 11pm to 1am Eastern time, to be here.  Open your eyes.  Wipe the sand out of your eyes, totally.  Pull the plugs out of your ears.  Look, see, hear, and analyze, because there is much more to this story.  Isnít that right?


Alan: Oh, absolutely.  Absolutely there is.


Hehpsehboah: What can they do, ladies and gentlemen, is website cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Thatís the website.  You want to go there.  You want to look, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And Cutting Through 1: The Androgynous Hermaphroditic Agenda.  Cutting Through 2: A Glimpse into the Great Work.  Cutting Through 3: Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition.  I believe that Revelation was purposely written to program the people through out of the ages into war, constantly.  How about you, Alan?


Alan: Itís a plan.  Itís not a prediction.  Itís a plan.  No doubt whatsoever.  It doesnít call itself a Prophecy.  It calls itself a Revealing. 


Hehpsehboah: You know, Iíve had some Christians that got very angry when I said to them, I said, you know, youíre so dumb, because constantly you are being took, over the last, at least 600 years, in the same kind of mishmash story, and every time they create the war somewhere, you believe thatís the Armageddon.  I said, and this time, you must not let it happen, because you have the power.  Youíre in the power to say no.  You are in the power to protect yourself.


Alan: Absolutely.  Harmegiddon means the mountain of Megiddo, which overlooks the Plain of Megiddo.  And that battle took place with the Roman army, in the past.


Hehpsehboah: I hope that people did hear that and that they understand that.  And Alan, thank you so very much.  We see you on Sunday, February the 12th, 11pm to 1am Eastern Standard Time.  Thank you.


Alan: And thank you for having me.


Hehpsehboah: Oh, we were so happy.  Thank you very much.  And ladies and gentlemen, being in the know, and of course, Alan Watt is a researcher and author, and he is putting you back into the basics of knowing, and with this, thank you very much and good afternoon.  Goodbye, Alan.


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