February 12th, 2006
Alan Watt as Guest on
Eye on the Future with Hehpsehboah

(2 Hours)

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February 12th, 2006, in your home, at work, and around the world, broadcasting without borders, this is Eye on the Future radio, with Hehpsehboah.  For upcoming guests visit Eye on the Futureís website at www.eyeonthefutureradio.com.  The topic for tonightís show: Part II: Cutting Through the Matrix, management of society, predictive programming, exploitation by agenda, including how Canada fits in, Masonic orders to the 360th degree, plus much, much more with Hehpsehboahís very special guest tonight, Alan Watt, researcher and author.  Visit Alanís website at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.



Hehpsehboah: Ah.  The man in the know. 


Alan: Yes.


Hehpsehboah: Ha, ha, ha.  You know, when I hear these New Agers say, you have to live in the now, and I say how stupid.  Because, if youíre not in the know, how can you live in the now?


Alan: I know.  And you know, thatís pushed by, it was first the Rosicrucians who put that out there as a management technique, because, when they get everybody just looking at now, being oblivious of tomorrow, of whatís happening in the plan for tomorrow, itís easier for the managers to have their way, that way.  You see.  And itís a very good technique of putting people into their bubble, where they think theyíre safe and nothing is going to harm them, and they donít participate in life and changing anything.


Hehpsehboah: You are so precious.  (Laughter)  You know, I had an interesting conversation with some, shall we say somebody very backward, and said, ďOh, you donít understand.  You know, we are very Christian. And you just still donít have it because my husband is a Mason, and we know everything.Ē  And I said, ďOh, I must run now.  Timeís up.Ē† And then when you come on, and we look at it, and we think about this, what is taking place, and when somebody or else said, ďAre you not afraid of what youíre doing?Ē  I say, well, I survived World War II.  And I survived another very severe attack from these so intelligent, wonderful individuals, so I surely hope that I can survive this too, because, after all, I am not as attached to life as some of you.


Alan: Thatís the key to it.


Hehpsehboah: Alan, tell me something.  Before we do, for those who are listening, the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.† And of course, Alan has books, three books available.  Cutting Through 1, Cutting Through 2, and Cutting Through 3.  The 1: The Androgynous (Hermaphroditic) Agenda, Cutting Through 2: A Glimpse into the Great Work, Cutting Through 3: Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition.  And thatís of course, very important.  It seems to become more and more important every day that we get people to understand what really is taking place, and what the agenda is.  So, Alan, I wanted to ask you, and you know, I have always sort of had this major question, what was their agenda to murder Hipathia?  What was the agenda, because it goes so far back that sometimes it makes you shudder, because it goes even back to the time of the Sun Tzu Horse.  But what was the agenda to slaughter so many of the Zarathustrians and to literally to try to swipe them all off the planet?  What for?


Alan: I think because the philosophy contained within was to be used under other guises.  In fact, really, most religions have taken their cue from the teachings of Zarathustra, and warped them, of course.  Youíll find that from the Egyptian religions, where you have Osiris the Sun, and his opposite is Set, nighttime, sunset, you see.  And of course, we have the same thing in the God versus Satan thing.  So, they use the teachings, and they couldnít have anybody with the original teachings around.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but this is what I cannot understand at this moment, because they created the Muslim religion, and when we go back like to the Piso family, and we go back to what is taking place around us today, I had a phone call, actually from that part of the world, where you are, actually Niagara Falls and St. Catherineís area, and I did hear something very disturbing this week.  And I was told, by some of my students, they said that they have noticed that the Christians, so-called, these very peaceful, loving people, went out and went into a house and beat up a bunch of spiritualists, and they beat up a bunch of people that were meditating.  And she said, they knocked on the door, and when the person opened the door, they forced the door open, and they went in, and they beat up these people.  And some of the things that were said were not very nice.  And I said, well, if you are now using the Christian community, youíre using the Muslim community, you use basically everything to set it up against each other, what is the end result for them, Alan? What is the ultimate result for them when they have done such an insult to freedom?


Alan: Well, actually, theyíre using all religions at the moment to antagonize each other, because Albert Pike himself, the grand, well, he was the Pope of Masonry in the late 1800s, he has a statue of course in Washington DC, 33rd degree of at least one order.  Iím sure he was much higher in others, but he said himself, the final war, the Third World War would be fought basically using religions against each other, until the people were so sick of religion, the bunch at the top would bring in what they call their true religion, you see, which is their religion over the people.  But in the meantime, they must get everybody in conflict with everyone else.  And he did go through this strategy of antagonization between them, until everybody would fall out of the religions they had accepted, and become disillusioned and sick of the chaos, until they were ready to accept this brand new religion coming in.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.  The brand new religion, Alan, is very scary, because it is the Dalai Lama, who you know is a 360 Mason, there is the Pope.  And oh, oh, oh, that Pope with his Prada shoes.  I tell you, some reporter in Italy told me that they donít know where he goes at 3 oíclock in the morning.  They said he comes out, and it is very hush-hush, in his great big black limousine, and he goes out at 3 oíclock in the morning, every morning.† Now, I said to him.  ďWhat do you think, where heís going?Ē  And I said, ďWas he wearing his red Prada shoes?Ē  He said, ďWell, he had his toy boy with him.Ē  Thatís what he did.  He had his toy boy with him.  So, there you are, this is very interesting.  And then to think that we could be all the victims, we have been the victims, but we could be the victims in the future.  So, let us, let us take a look at this.  When did it begin?


Alan: Well, I think to be honest with you, and I know when they claim it began themselves.  They claim it was around 4,500 BC or so, that the Great Plan came down from Heaven.  Of course they symbolized that as the shooting star of Lucifer coming down with the plan.  Thatís how itís often depicted in pictures which are Masonic, you know.  So, they claim it was birthed then, at least at that agenda, which was to take centuries to fulfill, because these guys work in centuries.  They plan them ahead.  They are the builders of societies, and the destroyers of societies, because Masonry not only builds structures, it destroys the old when theyíve fulfilled their purpose.  And so, youíll find on Masonic Lodges, for instance, the date of its erection, or when they had their Masonic foundation-laying.  And next to it, youíll see one, itís got four and half thousand years added to that date.  And it says AL after it, which is Annal Lucifer, after Lucifer.  Thatís what it means.  So, that part of the plan from 4,500 BC, to the present, culminating around 2010, 2012, was at least birthed or put into motion 4,500 years ago.


I think, to be honest, theyíre much, much older, and theyíve had previous plans before this one.  And they hinted that in many of their old writings.  And Iím sure that even at Sumer, say around 5000 BC or 6000 BC, they inherited their (what they call) civilization from a previous civilization we now know, or theyíre called the Harappans, at least thatís the term theyíre giving them, who also ran a civilization.  And that word civilization to this system means their system, when they call it civilization.  Itís a monetary system with many priests who are specialized in different bureaucratic areas who manage the country or the people underneath them, and itís a system based on money, debt.  And without money for instance, you could not get a standing army to go off and conquer anybody.  And thatís exactly what they did.  They give a lot of tributes, in the occult, to Nimrod, whoís given the title of the builder, the city builder, because the city was the first artificial creation for humans to live in.  Itís unnatural.  And Plato even called it the beehive.  Because once you get them inside the city, they canít feed themselves, they must use something else for exchange, rather than barter, and once you introduce money, you can then recruit what we call a standing army, and that standing army then goes out and plunders and forces the peasantry in the rural areas into the same system.  And through wars and takeovers, and really, thatís what wars are.  Theyíre business takeovers and empire building. And they go from one empire to the next.  And what theyíre doing all along the way is accumulating the wealth, standardizing one system wherever they go, and thatís where we are today.  Weíre coming into the Novus Ordo Seclorum, which is the function of the United States, is to bring in, or to put the final standard, you might say, on the New World Order, by finishing off those countries which still havenít got their Central Bank attached to the World Bank and the United Nations, and their children brainwashed with UNESCO.  That basically is what itís all about right now.


Hehpsehboah: So, when you say this, and we take a look at it, and we look in the past, because some person said, oh, you know, this, that and the other.  Vatican.  I said, well, I said, you proclaim that they pray to the Son.  I said, a human being.  I said, but when you walk into that Saint Peter Cathedral, the first thing that strikes your face is this humungous, and I tell you, there must be a lot of 22 karat gold on that Sun that is sitting there, and shines in the midship of that cathedral, I tell you.  And when somebody else made another comment, I said, no, no, no, no, no.  I said, you go into that cathedral where they have said that at one time they burned women and men as witches and magicians, because they believed in astrology, and they got rid of them.  I said, well, in the Popeís bathtub, there are thirteen signs, in the Popeís bathtub, astrological signs.  I said, plus the forbidden Tarot deck is all over the St. Peterís Cathedral.  So, how can you say that it doesnít come from there, or that they proclaim it is evil, because most of the people, when they got rid of reading and writing, thatís where the three hundred years are that you and I might be missing, and they got rid of all intelligence, and the ones that still had books and whatever, they were declared witches and they burned them at the stake.  Isnít that right, Alan?


Alan: Yeah, itís fascinating, because different Popes, right into the 1700s had their own personal court astrologer, and in fact, one of the Popes was an astrologer himself, and he wrote main books on it, you know.  So, they can go back and forth at will when they wish, because basically theyíre representing God on Earth and they can do what they want.  They can also go from a round earth to a flat one and teach that as the law for a few hundred years, and then go back to a round one again.  So, sure.  You know, itís incredible.  See, universal, the universal church.  Thatís what Catholicism means.  When they had their great meetings, in about 365 AD, to formalize the dogma of this religion, they brought the wise men from all over the world, and of course, they dialogued all of the consensus through bribery, etc, until all these bishops went along with the main dogma, and they set down the rules.  Now, Catholicism, being universal, meant it took all of the so-called mystery religions of its age, and Rome was an empire, which had extended itself, basically, through men and arms to conquer countries.  But here they were finding a way to conquer the minds of the people they overruled.  And it was much easier if they could enslave their minds, so they had to have a common structural religion to do so.  So, they incorporated all the mystery religions into their religion, and of course, the vestal virgins that had their temples in Rome simply became the first nunnery, you know.  And they swapped their hats overnight from worshipping Jupiter and the high priest of Jupiter, who was basically a homosexual priest, he was a dog priest they called him, became an instant bishop, preaching this other gospel, you see.  So, they incorporated all the mysteries into themselves, and by doing so, it shows in their architecture, in their ritualism, their catechisms, all of that stuff, plus all of the extra dogma that comes along with Catholicism, to do with Mary, of course, which is not in the Bible itself.  So, it is the container of the mystery religions.  Itís been very, very important, playing a main part, all down through history.  And people have no idea, really, today, how much power it wielded in the past, when it had its own army, which went out slaughtering people.† And, of course, they used Charlemagne, in about the 7th century AD, they made him their first authorized king, who would represent the Pope, be his man, basically, for a military wing, and they converted Christians, throughout France and Germany at the point of the sword, and slaughtered all those who either didnít convert or didnít understand what it was all about.  They were slaughtered.  So, that was standard.  And they ruled by tyranny for centuries after.


Hehpsehboah: So, how did they come then to the place where they were divvying it up.  Because, at one time, I know Rome had more than one Pope. They had one in Schwartzwald.  They had one in France, somewhere, I think in Lorraine, where they had disagreements.  And then we all of a sudden see in the 10th, 11th century, there we see the Templars.  But the Templars were there much sooner, because they were there under the name of the Black Friars.  But they had to get rid of the name of the Black Friars, because they murdered and slaughtered so many people, that suddenly, I think they became the Templars.  Because they didnít become the Jesuits, did they?


Alan: Thatís right, yeah.  I mean, the Jesuits really, itís quite an interesting story, because we know that Ignatius Loyola, which means Loyal Firestarter, he was a member of the Templar branch, Knights Templar branch of Spain.  And there they were called Alumbrados, which means the Illumined Ones.  They were Illuminati of that period.  The Illuminati did not begin with Weishaupt.  And he was captured, fighting Catholicism, the armies.  And because of knowledge that he had, he was given audience with the Pope, and after the audience with the Pope, he walked out as the first Black Pope, because you had one Illumined one, talking over the secrets with another one.  Thatís why.  And he was authorized to be the first Jesuit leader.  Thereís a play on Jesuit itself in all Masonry as well.  And thereís a big play on the words, I am.  All Masons must go through degrees where they say, I am.  You see.  Meaning, I am God.  Jesuit is a play on a French word, or Je Sui, I am, you see.  And itís quite an interesting thing, that even Jesus, if you were to put it into the French, itís very similar to Je Sui again, so everything is ďI Am, I Am, I Am.Ē  And like the Neal Diamond song, ďI am, I saidĒ you know.  Thatís a Masonic song as they sing their songs to us.  So, this religion, inner religion, esoteric religion, always has an exoteric face to it for the masses as they call it.  Thatís why they have sermons for the masses.  The masses are the profane.  And I think it was Pope Clement himself who said that once the masses have left the cathedrals, the initiates have their own private ceremonies.


Hehpsehboah: When you say this, how many people on this planet are aware how this fits together, and how many people, and I feel very, very sorry, because so many, many, every day of the week, they would literally stand up and jump up and down and kill for this so-called belief, and yet, when they come to the realization what is really out there, they grasp for breath, and they say, oh, how come that we didnít know about this?


Alan: Yes.  The indoctrination is so, well, it starts at birth, really.  You know.  And itís based on mammal psychology really, mammal nature.  All mammals look towards a parent for guidance against danger.  And wild animals do it.  And once the mother or father shows a sign of anxiety at the approach of something else, that young one immediately knows, from then on, itís imprinted that this particular animal over there presents danger.  Now, humans are the same way.  If your parents have been brainwashed into a level one reality, and have accepted the world thatís been presented to them, as itís been presented, the child will never start to think for themselves or question anything.  If the parents think itís fine everything must be natural.  And so, from then on, the church takes over, and they go through the ritualism; itís a form of tribal, a natural thing within tribes, their formal rituals for the tribe, so thereís a feeling of belonging, you see, and sameness, and thatís used against the people.  So, basic nature is used against the people to control them and indoctrinate them.  But the Catholic Church also has such incredible physical ritual, with up and down on the knees and so on, which intensifies the psychological imprinting.


Hehpsehboah: Well, thatís hypnosis.


Alan: Yeah, it is.


Hehpsehboah: Thatís hypnosis, and when you look around, and I was, maybe a year and a half or so ago, and there is some great big huge, very fancy Buddhist temple that they built there.  And this lady said, would you like to have a look inside.  I said, well, I could care less.  Oh, she says, you want to see that.  The statues are all 24 karat gold.  I said, what a waste, when we have so many poor people.  So, I came, and I looked around, and I said, oh, yes, I have seen this in my travels, in Taiwan.  I said, you know this is a form of brainwashing.  I said, because you are told to do a thousand times this one hocus pocus chant, which is nothing, I said, and it brainwashes you into standing, sitting, kneeling, whatever else they want you to do.  I said, into, well, basically enslavement.  I said, the Catholic Church does a similar thing.  But, when we look at the Catholic Church, and we look at the Masons, and we look at the Catholic Church, how they got rid of the lady bishops and cardinals on the Lorelei in, was it, 1400, 1500, and 1600 in Germany.  Then we look at the murders that took place in Rome itself.  And then we look at how these people believe that are in the Masonry, these women, believe that they are learning something, and that they have some power, these so-called Eastern Stars.  And I think we have to feel sorry for these people, because they are used as suckers.


Alan: They are suckers.  They havenít even a clue of the esoteric connotations to their order, and what they really mean.  Because, itís called the side degrees in Masonry.  And both Pike and another Masonic historian Mackey talked about the side degrees and the Corus Coronati Lodge in England, which is the main historical research for Masons, thatís their headquarters, put out booklets on these side orders, saying that although the women think they are being brought into full-fledged Masonry, itís really a way to keep them happy, because theyíre never allowed to know the real secrets.  And thatís from their headquarters, you know. 


Hehpsehboah: It is a very sad thing when we take a look.  For thousands of years, we have people that are victimized.  People that are born, they are held over this bowl of water, and they say, now you are a member.  You have a membership, you know, you got wet.  Well, definitely, they got wet behind the ears, because their mommies and daddies, they keep trailing them through these places.† And you know, some other way, people need to come to be in the know, Alan.  And thank you for doing this.  So, when you think, and when these people, yeah, actually they go around, and they say to these people, I invite you into the Masonry, donít they?


Alan: Yes.  And now, especially, they even have ads in some local newspapers around the country, for Eastern Star Lodges, where they bring in women and men together, because their numbers are dropping.  Primarily theyíre dropping because Masonry is an ongoing thing, and Masons have given Wiccanism to the people as part of their upcoming religion of Earth Worship, which will bring a whole bunch of laws with it, including sterilization to save Mother Earth.  And theyíve given the basic, similar form of three main degrees, low degrees for Wiccanism.  It didnít come out of thin air, it came out of High Masonry, for the next step, for the New Age.  And as far back as the 1950s, the main newspaper or journal of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry was called The New Age.  And they wrote about this upcoming shift to bring in the youth, which would be given a form of Earth type worship.  And that since has been adopted by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the United Nations, etc.  But they have other plans for it, because itís to make the people, itís actually bringing the people down to the level of insects, animals and trees, without the rights of the animals and the trees.  And, eventually, probably voluntary sterilization to save Mother Earth type thing.  This is a planned religion, as all religions have been in the past.  Theyíre planned that way.  Weíre dealing with the masters of time here who plan in centuries, you know, centuries and centuries ahead.  And they write about it in their own books, which no one cares to read.  And theyíre quite open about it, actually.  And as I say, Gorbachev, who uses the Green Flag of the Knights of Lazarus, flying outside the Presidio in California, where he directs his global meetings for the environment, the world environment, said in his own book, Towards a New Civilization.  He said, although I am technically an atheist; and thatís technically, because he believes in something else.  He said, I and others are creating a new Earth-based religion for the youth of tomorrow.  And that is the religion that they have brought up for the people, you know.  Itís an ongoing Masonry, really.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but when you say this, and we have thousands of people out there who are unaware, or they are so misinformed that it is going to come to a place, like sterilization, we know already there are piles and piles of young men, twenty-two, twenty-three.  They have prostrate cancer, many of them.  They cannot reproduce.  And I said to someone, I said, it must be already happening in the food strain, and you are talking about this.  And you know, when, not too long ago, this was in Colorado, where the Dalai Lama and a whole bunch of Jesuits and some witches got together there.  And some lady came from there, and she said, you know, it was so exciting, because everything they spoke about was for the planet.  And I looked at her, and I said, so tell me, what is for the planet, and what is not for the planet.  Oh, I donít know, there was nothing there that was not for the planet.  It was all for the planet.  Because they were going to make it so that there would not be too many people born upon the planet, now, here.  What you were telling is just confirmed.


Alan: Yes.  Theyíve written so much about this.  It boggles the mind.  You can go back to Margaret Sanger, who was the one who gave birth, you might say, in a strange, perverted way, to Planned Parenthood for America.  And she belonged to the Rockefeller Eugenics Society, pre-World War II.  And she championed the rights for abortion.  Actually, she wanted mandatory abortion.  And in her own writings, in her statements, which are found in the Congressional Records in the US, in the Library, she said, that through Eugenics, we shall rid the race of the weeds.  She called them weeds.  People who are useless eaters that have no use to our system.  And she also talked about killing people with lesser IQs and so on.  And from Family Planning, which is a nice term for abortion, you know, the fuzzy, nice fuzzy term, youíll find the United Nations has its own department of population control, and they are funding and pushing this Family Planning globally now.  In fact, our tax money is funding abortions all over the place, all over the world.  This is a sterilization program which is under way.  And in the West, we sit back thinking, well, weíre okay here, but weíre not at all.  Because, as you say, they give out the statistics of the sperm count, the active sperm of the Western male, they give it every year, generally around April.  And they never comment on it; they go on to the next statistics.  And last year it was down 75% of what it had been in 1950s level.  So, the men of today, the young men of today are only 25% fertile at the age of twenty.


Hehpsehboah: When you say that, what will that do to bringing forth an intelligent race, when you are going to do what you are doing?  Is it, and I have suspected that it is in the meat, the stuff that they feed the animals, that when people eat a lot of meat, theyíre, well, who knows what they give them.† Iím a little concerned about, because one farmer who did this holistic breeding of cows, they said to me that they give animals so much hormonal stuff, he said, that if you took a pencil and you dropped the pencil on a piece of paper and you got the little black dot from the pencil, that would be enough to throw a thousand pound cow out of balance.  He says, if you take that same piece of black dot and you give this to a woman, he says seventeen, eighteen years old, then it will throw that body out of balance, and he says to come at a risk of cancer very, very quickly, because he believes that the amount of hormones will affect the human body to such a degree, and then he also was talking about some stuff that was fed to the cows.  And he says, well, not on my farm, but on other farms they are doing this.  They feed this to the cows.  He says, and we are seeing all kinds of problems.  Well, if we look around us, what they are doing, because we did hear from some scientists who said that too many eagles and swans and the other birds, the big birds, and cranes, and everything that fly through the sky, it upsets HAARP.  Did you know that?


Alan: I wouldnít be surprised.


Hehpsehboah: And so he says, what do you think?  I said, well, if it upsets their HAARP, they will get rid of all these beautiful birds.  I said, and they will invent something.  Well, they invented something, because now we are seeing with what they have invented, we are seeing birds all over the planet, losing their lives.  And now, the last one, is of course the swans.  They are after killing the swans, now.† So, that is because they interfere with their technology.


Alan: All the stuff that they talk about, how theyíre so concerned about wildlife, is utter nonsense.  They have all their front groups.  Most of the followers are very genuine, but itís the guys at the top who know the real agenda; itís to take everyoneís rights away, because in this world theyíre bringing on, thereís to be no private property.  And the United Nations has maps laid out, you can access them, of human habitat areas, where there will be no private ownership of property. No private vehicles either, only public transportation, and this is the new format for the survivors of this coming culling as theyíre talking about.  Theyíre going to push them into these habitat areas.  Now, when it comes to the animals, these people have polluted and polluted at will, knowing what they were doing, because scientifically theyíre so, so far ahead it staggers the mind.  And an example of this, one boring Sunday afternoon, they showed on the public broadcasting station in Ontario, a documentary special on a huge complex of laboratories in Louisiana, owned by the World Wildlife association, which is headed by Prince Philip.† And this woman who is in charge is a professor at one of the universities close by, but she also runs this establishment, which is one of three worldwide, which is a very interesting thing, because the ancients said that they always kept their escape places for refuge for the elite in three places across the world.  One was, of course the Druids had one.  Mount Parnassus was one for the Greek nobility.  And Mount Ararat is full of tunnels and thatís where they lived in the last time to come through it.  So, they called these places, like the one in Louisiana, an Ark.  Thatís what she called them, an Ark.  And in that Ark, this huge complex, they had massive cryogenic facilities.  And the woman said, we have the genes of every living thing on this planet, be it animal, vegetable or insect and so on.  And she said, not only that, they have it so advanced that they can take the male and female egg, unite them in-vitro, and then insert them in any other kind of animal, and theyíd give birth to the product theyíd envisaged in the first place.  And theyíd done this over and over.  So, these people literally now have the ability to, you might call it, reseed this planet.  That little programming we got from the Star Trek series where they could reseed a planet, they have that ability today to do that if they have to.


Hehpsehboah: So when you say this, Alan, and we have a population here upon the planet, how many of the people that are here on the planet could we possibly reach to wake them up before itís too late?


Alan: I donít know about how many.  Waking up, as you know, is quite the process, and generally they need someone to help them along the way.  This has been done through the generations by a few.  Knowledge is passed on, often very quietly, because it was dangerous, in times past.  But weíre getting to a stage now, we know from the predictive programming, which is their Hollywood movies and so on, what their time limit is here and what they plan to do and when.  So, itís maybe not a matter of numbers so much as people who are fully conscious and awake and understand the powers within, etc.  Because itís the old story, how much light do you need to cast away the darkness, you know.  How much do you really need?  Because it doesnít take much to scatter it, really.  When you have people who can stand up and say like the little boy, that the king has no clothes, you know, that can be said so easily today, with a few people, scattered across the globe, and make sense to everyone who is listening, when simple words are used in the right sequence.  The spell can be broken.


Hehpsehboah: But what we feel is, that there are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people in your immediate area, and in my immediate area, and I feel that actually we should be doing this day and night to educate the people in order to say, let us be able to save a fraction.  Because these jails are there.  Theyíre finished.  They have built them.  And theyíre all scattered all over the planet, and they can come at any time, whatever they will do, and then they say, well, weíre going to arrest all the troublemakers first, of course, you and I, and then, weíre going to arrest all the others.  But, you know, I said it, and it is on my site, where I said to people, do not be DNAíd for the simple reason this is more sophisticated than what Hitler did.


Alan: Yes, oh yeah.  Oh, this is amazing stuff.  I donít know if people realize that, that this new ID, now I have newspaper clippings from Britain, where they tried to push this nationalized ID through back in the 90s, before the 9/11 deal in 2001.  So, this has been on the cards for a long time.  And the one they want to introduce here, itís supposed to start, actually it started around the Niagara area, you can buy it for 2 dollars.  Come buy now while itís cheap, you know, thatís how theyíre pushing it, for frequent crossers of the border.  It has your iris scan, it has your fingerprint, it has a swab of your DNA encoded into it.  It has a voiceprint in it as well.  And it has all your data there.  I mean, the whole of you is in there, you know.  Itís an interesting term, ID, because Carl Jung used that, really pushed that at the front, id, id meaning the total person, spiritual and body, is the id, you see, the ID.  Of course the big boys mean itís intelligent design, because the Masonsí object is to perfect that which was left imperfect, which is man himself.  And so, thereís many meanings to the words we use commonly without thinking.  But this is what they plan to do.  The whole of you.  And another thing too is, they call it digital imaging.  And the root word or meaning for imaging is from the Greek imagio, which is exact sameness.  And they own your image when they take it.  They own your sameness.  So, in a legal sense, they own you.  They own you.


Hehpsehboah: Not yet.


Alan: And thatís what we used to do with animals.  Youíd brand an animal.  And theyíre doing the same with us.  They own us.  This is a new Domesday Book, like the Normans used when they came into England, that theyíre literally numbering and assessing all the property or whatever.  Theyíre tagging everything.


Hehpsehboah: When you look around, and you see all these silly people, theyíre running to the veterinarians and they have their dogs and cats chipped.  And now we have parents running out and have their babies chipped.  And some others have their parents chipped, for the simple reason, because if they had Alzheimerís they wouldnít get lost.  So, get the populace used to it.  But I said to the people, if you are chipped, you can be controlled by HAARP.


Alan: Yes, you can.  It is an active chip.  And itís only a step to the next step.  Because theyíve already admitted in Britain, this ID card is also your bankcard.  There will be no other, see everything will go through that one card.  Medical, bank, everything.  And of course, the next step is to get a chip in the brain.  And they have it ready, because theyíve had the meeting, the world meeting held at Loyola University in the US about that very thing.  They have them ready to go.  They said, all weíll have to do is, in a step-by-step procedure, make the public go along with it.  Get them to accept it.  And Iíll guarantee you, once the card is out, weíll hear nothing except people being mugged and their cards being stolen, until weíre sick of hearing it.  There will be spates all over the country.  And then theyíll come out with the solution, which is the chip, of course.


Hehpsehboah: Well, this is what theyíre doing now in the States.  You know, ID theft, ID theft, ID theft.  Then in Canada, they start to sing that song too.  And I said, well, I donít understand what your problem is.  How can they steal your ID if you make sure that you have what you have and thatís it.  But then, we have people that have so many of these bloody credit cards, and pardon my language, but thatís what they are.  And so, their personality, their personal self is floating all over the world.


Alan: Yes.  I know.  I do know people under thirty who have never used cash.  Never.† Itís cards for everything.


Hehpsehboah: Amazing, amazing.† And then I had some people here a while ago, and I said to these people, be very careful, I said, about your finger clippings and about your hair clippings, because thatís your DNA.† It is.  I said, of course.


Alan: Whatís come out too in Britain, and I think here in Canada, and anyone who has blood taken at laboratories for any reason, they take so many vials of it now, and one is being sent to federal laboratories, basically for safekeeping.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, safekeeping.


Alan: So, theyíve been doing this for years.  Now, about six years ago, itís amazing what they show us here, knowing weíll never remember.  They showed you a little blurb on the news, where a federal DNA center had been set up, I think it was in Montreal, by the police.  And they showed you this amazing complex with automized robotic arms, just whisking these vials back and forth.  And I looked at that and thought, this could handle millions per week.  And they said, this is for the occasional hardened criminal only.  I said, whoís kidding who?  This could handle, this is what itís for.  Theyíve built it already.  Itís up and ready to go for everyone.


Hehpsehboah: Well, that is like in Norway, they are building the largest bunker on this planet, totally controlled to keep all the seeds and whatever else they have here on the planet, to make sure that it is deep enough, that it is sophisticated enough so that if there is an atomic war.  Well, wait a minute.  In Norway?  An atomic war?  When they talked about this, this is a half a year ago, and they brought it up again in the last, well, was it, four or five weeks, and I said, excuse me, what are you planning for this planet?  What are you doing, you monsters?  Because they basically are as monstrous as they come.


Alan: Yeah, they are.


Hehpsehboah: And so, it is because of people like you, and, Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are listening, take the cotton out of your ears because Iím going to give it to you.  You are listening to our friend Alan Watt, researcher and author.  He has a website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Books, three books available.  Cutting Through 1: The Androgynous Hermaphroditic Agenda.  Cutting Through 2: A Glimpse into the Great Work.  Cutting Through 3: Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition.  And what would it be else, when we know that in Israel we have 64 finished Masonic Lodges.  Theyíre building a 65th one, a little country like this.  And we, of course, know from insiders who have worked on it, and they say that under the Rock of Mecca is already totally finished and complete, the Temple of Solomon.  Whatever ritual they did with the bulls has been done there, and well, I will not be rude, because I was going to say something else, but Creator forgive me.  And, Iím also looking at the Ancient Rock of Mecca there, where we know in history many, many thousands of years ago, there was the rock that was prayed at by Zarathustra, that was prayed at by the Hindus.  It was also a serious place of worship.  And then all of a sudden, all the ancient people were no longer allowed, and suddenly we have here these new religions, 600 years or less, religions, that was created by the same ones, Alan.  Isnít that right?


Alan: Oh, yeah.


Hehpsehboah: And more, more severe, and more vicious than anything else. 


Alan: Oh, yes.  Youíve got to create opposition to get conflict, which brings change.  Thatís the law of high Masonry.  And thatís what wars are for.  Professor Carroll Quigley, who picked people to be Rhodes Scholars for the world agenda, picked Bill Clinton in fact, but he wrote in his own book, the Anglo-American Establishment, and he was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, which is a big player in bringing this global government together, he gives you a little bit of the hidden history of the CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  But he goes through this particular part of the agenda in fair detail.  And itís worthwhile getting a copy of that book.  Itís called the Anglo-American Establishment, which explains this tie between London, really, and you might say New York.  Itís the money elite, and those who have arranged marriages down through the ages, who are fittest to rule, as they claim.  That is their agenda.  And those who havenít come up to their standard, have to basically be eliminated, because theyíre not to come into the New Age.  This is what they mean by that.  If they bring the ordinary people through, who are not fit, as they say, to come through, it will bring the elite down.  Thatís one of their ultimate high laws.  So, they say this over and over in their writings.  So, the information is out there by people who play at the higher levels.  I say it isnít a conspiracy.  They do publish this stuff, itís just that no one thinks to read it, and the media wonít push it in front of your face as a best seller or anything.  Theyíll divert you on sex or whatever is popular, but they never push these.  But they read them themselves, of course, the big boys.


Hehpsehboah: Of course, they would read it themselves, because they want to be in the know.  They donít want people that are out there to have any knowledge or any power whatsoever.  And when you start to look at what they are orchestrating, for the people, and how quickly it is coming close, and you want to wake up these people, and you say, well, watch out, because they are creating a bigger war than World War II, and they look surprised at you.  I say, yes.  They are creating it, in order to gain control, because they are afraid that they are losing control.  And look at these royal houses, as you call them, royal houses.  Most of them are heavy-duty German individuals that sit onto these thrones, and we are seeing how their young offsprings are all marrying into commoner families as they call them.  So, they must be boosting their DNA before the time comes.


Alan: Actually, thereís been a lot more covert stuff going on for a long time in that field of collecting certain peopleís DNA for storage purposes for future use.  Just getting back to Carroll Quigley, the professor, he said in his book that they can accomplish more in five years of warfare than fifty years of peace on a social level, because warís main function is to change society through government expanding its bureaucracies.  And thatís exactly the purpose of World War II.  HG Wells, who was a propagandist for the British elite, back in the early 1900s, wrote the book The Shape of Things to Come, where he goes through three world wars.  The last one would begin, he said, in Basra, which is of course where the British troops went into Iraq.  And he said, it would be a final battle of Zion against Islam.  And the people of the world would be so shocked and brought to their knees and exhausted, theyíd then go along with the brand new program for a new society and a new way of living, which is a totalitarian way of living.  No free choice.  No free thought.  Youíll be programmed for your work, basically.  Youíll only be allowed to be born if they have something for you to do.  This is their scientific dictatorship they talked about. 


Hehpsehboah: But what can they do, Alan?  What can people do?  And where are the places that people could be suggested, that they should look at where, if they can still get out of the way, because many canít.  We know already that there are piles of people who are afraid to board an aircraft, especially reporters.  Lots of them.


Alan: I know that the United States, and this came out around 9/11, at the time, 2001, and I should try and remember to mention the occultic plan for 2001 to 2010, and how theyíve actually shown us it in their movies, Arthur C Clarkeís 2001 and 2010.  But the US government did plan and build a secondary place for them to go in Australia, for the whole US government to be flown into for continuation of government it was called.  And that has been built.  And in fact, one of the videos I got from Australia was made in about í94 or í95 and they were starting construction on it then.  And in that same video a top reporter said quite casually that everyone would be getting an ID card very shortly.  This was in the 90s.  So, this has been in the know amongst certain people for a long time.  The public are the last to know about anything. 


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, and the British royal so-called house, they also built a huge estate, with very tall walls, somewhere in Australia as well.


Alan: Yeah, thatís a fact.


Hehpsehboah: And that came ready by the end of the 80s. 


Alan: And they have lots of underground dwelling places, all paid by the tax money.  Thatís why they love war too, and the Cold War was a great time for taxation of peoples, who just went along with the taxations, thinking they were under a threat.  And all these billions and billions of dollars were going to these black budget operations, where they were building all these facilities for continuation of government.  Canada has them as well, further north.  And I know some, one of the bases at Meaford there, the army base, I met a plumber and an electrician who had been working there for five years in the underground facilities which are huge.


Hehpsehboah: How many people do you think, Alan, already are no longer capable to leave Canada, and that means you and me, and I know a whole bunch of others, and I know some lovely people who were quite outspoken there, and upfront, and one of them could not leave the country.


Alan: Iím sure that everyone whoís spoken out in any sense which matters is definitely on the list.  I know that.  The numbers of course in Canada, see, because they run most of the front organizations which people join and follow, have no idea that the guys at the top are part of the same system.  Theyíre allowed to continue.  But those who come out on their own with real information, outside of the agenda and propaganda, are definitely all earmarked.  And Canada has always had much fewer people than say for the United States of America, who are willing to stand up and speak.  Thatís something sadly lacking in this country.


Hehpsehboah: Oh, yes.  But if you stand up and speak, then here, and the sad thing is here, they do have prisons for political prisoners out in Alberta.  And theyíre not nice places.


Hour 2


Alan: Yeah, I mean, when I first started to speak out, and I was on the radio since í98, and I gave the histories, I gave the esoteric meanings behind them, and so on, an intensive course, right up to 2005.  I was on four nights a week, often.  And then we went on the internet radio on Sweet Liberty, and weíre still on on Wednesday nights.  But, at the beginning, I mean, I had amazing harassment.  I had a helicopter drop something down the chimney, just before I was going on the air, and the whole damn thing went up in flames.  It was a white phosphorus stuff, because once I got it out, it just burst into flames once it dried out from the water I got down it.  I had guys driving at night when Iíd walk the dog.  They came up my little country lane, with no lights on, theyíd switch them off, and then theyíd park 20 feet from me and just sit there very ominously.  So, you have your threats, and that kind of thing, you know.  So, believe you me, they donít mess around when youíre getting stuff out there that matters. People who believe theyíre living in some sort of law and order society thatís a democracy, really are at the bottom of level one reality.  These guys do not mess around. 


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, the thing is, the thing is too, when you say this, and I have a friend in the United States, and he said to me, he says, people are so green, because, he says, they have so many ways of doing things, he said.  And if people could be woken up quickly, he said, boy, I wish, he said that we had the money, and we would raise the money to have our own TV station, and on satellite.  He says, we could get it out, you know.  And I said, yes.  I said but you know, you might not make it over the border.


Alan: Thatís right. 


Hehpsehboah: And he said, but we need to find a way to get it out, and to wake people up before itís too late. 


Alan: The time really is rushing.  Theyíre on a rush now, for their agenda.  As I say the ID card is only a step towards the chip.  Itís interesting, even the chip comes from the term, a chip off the old block.  Now, thatís a Masonic term, because the block, of course is the old altar they used to walk around, and thatís a common Masonic greeting.  You know, Iíve been around the block a few times.  And the son of a Mason is called a chip off the old block, which is also the Mason himself, the ashlar, perfectly-squared Mason. 


Hehpsehboah: Oh, I must share something with you.  At one time, and that was my last show with David I., and I got him very upset when I brought up Masonry, Masonry and England, and Masonry and possibly, I said, and possibly your dad, I said, because some people have spoken about you and the Masonry.  He just lost it.


Alan: Yes.  Well, you see, I do know, and hereís a little thing here, some old fellows who have been high up in Freemasonry, and they went down and tested some of these speakers, one when he was in Toronto.  And they gave him the handshakes, the signals, the pass, and he replied in kind.


Hehpsehboah: Oh.  Well.  Yeah, well, anyway, he pleases to have his heyday, but I hope that he doesnít have it at the cost of gentle people. 


Alan: Well, another thing Albert Pike did mention is that he said, we always give to the public their leaders to follow.  He said, we give leaders for every side.  And sometimes, they refer to them as pied pipers.  The pied piper comes out playing a fantastic tune and the children follow.  And of course, they lead you in circles and circles, and really get you nowhere. 


Hehpsehboah: It gets you confused, if you are confused you wonít leave, you wonít smarten up, and you wonít speak to other people, and you wonít empower other people.  And basically you do what, and this is what happened during World War II, because my father used to, shall we say, wear me out 100%, by marching people through the house, and say, answer their questions, give them an answer.  And so forth, and then, one day, I said to him, I said, you know, by what you are doing, you are creating a condition.  He said, but you are asking, he said, for us to be informed.  I said, yes, you should be informed and save the peopleís lives.  I said, but at the same time, I said, I donít know what is your whole agenda.  I said, because you are bringing the Jesuits here, over to the house too.  And he looked very surprised, because he was an escapee Jesuit.  And not until many years later, when suddenly he started to do all his disclosures, to me, you know, when he said, you win.  And so, he started to talk about that.  And in 1973, í74, í75, I had a very wonderful friend who was a psychiatrist, and he was very high up in the Masons.  And one day, we were sitting in Stanley Park, eating our breakfast and feeding the birds, and suddenly he said to me, he says, you promised now, that youíd be very careful that you, because you know too much.  And I was very surprised for him to say that.  And he says, even when you die, he says, I want you to make sure that you protect your brain.  And I was like, wait a minute.  And a year later, he said to me, he said, weíre going to put today, when Iím leaving this planet, he says, because I donít want to be around and be part of all of this, what is coming in the future.  And he started to speak about some of this, what you are speaking about.  And I am just simply wanting to know, what is it that you and I can do to get it out, so that people pluck the cotton out of their ears, and that they are going to say, well, you know, we havenít been chipped yet, although there are many idiots that are lining up to be chipped, you know.  But there are many out there that can still stop it, because they donít know what the agenda is.  They donít know that they are basically signing their death sentence.† So, what do we tell them?


Alan: Well, the battleís on.  The battle is what weíve been doing along the way.  And the people weíve been waking up and are awake, who then in turn wake up others.  I think part of the problem is, itís difficult, almost impossible to wake someone up, if they havenít taken the first step themselves by questioning the system.  If they have taken the first step, itís easier to come in with the information and bring them up to a level two reality, at least.  But most people have swallowed the level one indoctrination.  Theyíre like domesticated animals.  I mean, thatís what sheep are.  Theyíre domesticated as opposed to wild.  A wild animal has its ability for survival intact.  Itís suspicious.  A domestic one has that bred out of it.  And the people truly could never imagine that these nice men in their Masonic business suits, and thatís what a suit and tie is.  Itís a Masonic uniform.  If you wonder why in court you must wear a suit and tie, itís because itís Masonic, and that tie is your tow cord.  Thatís the limitation, you might say.  So, anyway, the people who have swallowed their whole reality as itís been presented to them would have nervous breakdowns if you suddenly bring them into reality and say, look, weíre all being managed like animals.  Weíre under a system of micromanagement here.  And thereís nasty plans ahead.  You know the good shepherds plan on slaughtering you soon.  That would be too much for them to handle.  Theyíd rather turn on TV and escape into fantasyland or go off and play with their chakras or something.  Thatís really what theyíll do.  The ones who have taken the first steps are much easier to help, if theyíve asked the question themselves, what on Earth really is behind all of this.  And maybe itís not a matter of saving everyone.  I donít know how this will really work out for everyone.  Itís more of a matter of getting through to the people who have taken that first step of questioning, and filling in the reality for them.  Thatís probably most important.  And it is coming.  I mean, the people phone all the time.  Iíve spent thousands of hours teaching people personally, for free.  And itís amazing to watch them really come up and grow, you know.  And almost glow, you might say, because theyíre living for the first time in their life.  Theyíre actually living, as opposed to the analogy given in the New Testament of the dead, where even Jesus says, let the dead bury their dead.  Theyíve never been awake.


Hehpsehboah: Well, I dislike to say it, but I do definitely not believe in the Jesus guy.  Sorry, because...


Alan: Itís a nice story, but on the other hand, itís a dual-edged story as well, as they all are.  And most people donít understand thereís another side to that whole book there.  Thereís an agenda written in there, esoterically.  And in fact, the agenda is also in the New Testament, because itís the same old plan of the same bunch.


Hehpsehboah: Well, if you look at Revelations, it is basically a road map and a blueprint on how it should be going.


Alan: It is.  And as I say, itís based on the stellar time clock, you know, the zodiac, and thatís the great plan in the sky, the divine plan that George Bush Sr. referred to a few times.  He said, everything was going according to the divine plan.  The heavenly plan.  And thatís what they mean by that, into the Age of Aquarius, because they have their own version of Aquarius, of course.  And itís interesting, even in Revelations, youíll find this hint.  Hereís the key, which no one talks about, about the Old Testament.  In the esoteric language, they use a form of logic that most people donít use, probably naturally-based people could use it, but weíre trained to be linear thinkers and we hear it formed in almost a mathematical sequence.  Once thatís imprinted, we canít see beyond that.  They give you their ending by giving you a beginning.  The beginning of the stories, the allegories within Eden etc, and the deity creating an Adam, in his perfect image, created he them, basically, the hermaphrodite, Adam was the first hermaphrodite.  Thatís what theyíre saying, after the deity himself.  And from Adam, was separated Eve.  The Fall was the separation, really.  And since God made Adam in the perfect sameness, it meant, and itís in the Talmud, of course, it tells you more explicitly, the deity is both male and female, and Adam is made in the same perfect image, both male and female.  So, theyíre telling you really what their agenda and goal was, by giving you the story, because thatís the end product.  And through Masonry, which is a self-perfection course Ė for low Masons, they think itís a self-help thing, a self-improvement thing Ė it also means a physical change as well, to perfection.  And thatís what they call Becoming.  They use many terms for it.  And they plan through this process by using science and intellect, cunning and knowledge, to rise higher than all the gods.  Thatís the old Luciferian doctrine, you see.  And so, by using science and their own ingenuity, they will self-become gods.  They will self-create themselves as gods.  Thatís the agenda that they talk about, at the very high Freemasonry.  The lower guys havenít a clue about very much at all.  But thatís the agenda, self-becoming gods, with no help of any god, you see. 


Hehpsehboah: Well, isnít that very sad for all those boys that are out there, that want to have mommas, even until they are eighty.


Alan: Yes, indeed.† And yet, this new hermaphrodite will be primarily, neither male, really, nor female in a sense.  And they want to eradicate the female altogether, the emotional part, you see.  Emotion to them is instability.  Thatís why Mary, which is Matter, Mother, does not have spirit, according to them.  Thatís the key to it.  So, Isis on the stele in Luxor, says, I am Isis, all that was ever made was made from me.  Sheís talking about the physical world.  So, thatís what Eve took with her in the separation, the story of the separation, is the ability to reproduce humans, matter, through matter, where Adam would retain the spirit.  So, therefore Eve, like Pike said, as a wife, could only reflect the light of her husband, because he represents the sunlight, spirit and so on.  Thatís the real sexist message behind real Freemasonry, and thatís why no females can be risen up, as they say, into the higher orders.  Theyíre used in the lower orders, but they have no idea of the final ending.  Itís not a spiritual perfection theyíre talking about, itís also this perfection of that which was left imperfect.  Thatís what they claim. 


Hehpsehboah: Isnít it wild, Alan.  It is really wild, because, gee willikers, as I said to you.  You know, what are these boys going to do without their momma, you know, and their toast in the morning, and in some cases, sometimes, these mommas they are pretty powerful.  And we know, of course, the Roman Catholic Church got rid of the ladies there, and in Masonry, of course, the ladies are not allowed either, and the make-believe for the ladies out there is just scandalous. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, for you who are listening, please go and get a pencil.  Get a piece of paper.  You are listening to, of course, your friend, great friend, our guest, Alan Watt, researcher and author.  His website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I hope you got that one.  For you who are in the audience, you can see it, but for our listeners, here it comes.  He has written three wonderful books: Cutting Through #1: The Androgynous Hermaphroditic Agenda, Cutting Through #2: A Glimpse into the Great Work, Cutting Through #3: Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition.  Could I ask you about that, this the meaning of Revelations?  What would they, what, you know, I know it is a road map.  I know that it has been used, and maybe it is overused, but at the same time, it is maybe a death sentence for millions.


Alan: Oh, well, it is.  It tells you right there.  In the third book, I go through the meanings, the esoteric meanings, of why they gave these star constellations the names, whatís behind the meanings of the names, the functions of them.  See, they have functions in Freemasonry, and of course, I think last week I explained what Aquarius meant, really, which is taken from the Greek story, where a new type of male comes into creation, who is raped by Zeus, and placed in the heavens, the symbology being that through sexual intercourse, he was regenerated, and very possibly gives birth as a male to a new system.  Thatís really what theyíre coming down about.  So, Aquarius is very, very important to them.  Thatís why they wrote it, in I think the book of John, where Jesus goes out and tells them to find the guy with the colt, carrying a pitcher of water, thatís referring to the end of his reign, which would be the beginnings of Aquarius, the Water Bringer, you see.  The water also is the pool of life.  You might call it the gene pool.  Where itís poured out, you see, itís finished; the old gene pool is gone.  Itís highly symbolic for them.  When you go into Revelations, you find the magic number of 144,000 really are to be saved, and some of their helpers perhaps.  So, youíre talking about a miniscule amount of people.  And in that tradition, of course, we also find the houses theyíre supposed to belong to.  Theyíre the houses of the Zodiac, the twelve tribes are, and always was, prior to Judaism too.  And the four main constellations, that we know, are also on the Vatican ceiling, next to the apostles, because they represent four of them, and they also represent the four seasons.  So many Masonic meanings are embedded there.  So, I go through all of this, but I also go into, you see, if you look at the New Jerusalem, and even the meaning of Zion, in the Kaballah, and in ancient Kaballah, which pre-existed the modern stuff, it was very common to take the first two letters of words and put them together, and that became another name, which was used by those in the esoteric know.  So, you had the Aramaic and Judaic word for the moon was Sin.  Thatís what the meaning of Sin is by the way.  And we know that Isis and Mary and so on are always symbolized by the moon. 


And so they took S-I and they took the O-N from the City of On.  On is the erect phallus, and thatís the obelisk, you see, and even today they use it in sexual terminology, which is rather hard to get a hold of, if you understand what Iím saying.  Itís in our language.  It was all encoded into the English language.  So, you have Sion.  Thatís the real meaning.  Itís the twin duality of the Hermaphrodite, Sion.  And the Knights Templars used that term for themselves.  Thereís still the Priory to Sion existing today.  Charlemagne for the Catholic Church, created the first big bank.  He called it the Bank of Sion, S-I-O-N.  And the river Sion still flows through Switzerland today.  So, itís not what people think it is.  Itís not a strictly Judaic thing at all.  Itís a noble, aristocratic movement, and the race they refer to are all the nobles of all the countries, who have proven through selective breeding that they have the right to be where they are at the top to rule the masses.  Thatís the new race they talk about.  Itís not a particular color at all. Itís that the top people who rule the world in all countries, they are the new race that the Masons always refer to.


If you look at the shape of the New Israel, itís an allegory, and itís as tall as itís long as itís broad.  Itís a cube.  Itís a perfect ashlar.  Itís a system.  The ashlar is the brick.  The round brick is the natural one.  This is the perfectly-shaped square one, which is perfected as they call it.  So, the New Jerusalem is a perfect system.


Hehpsehboah: And the Pope has the key to Jerusalem. 


Alan: Thatís right.  And also, supposedly, to heaven.  So, thatís another little clue there, is that in no other religion that they allow it to be said that the leader has the keys of heaven.  Thatís why theyíre at the top there, the Catholic Church, in this whole Masonic game.


Hehpsehboah: Well, if I can help it, I will change it.† I think it is disgusting that somewhere or other, a bunch of people, Alan, could sit there, for, it doesnít matter how many centuries, sit there and scheme over the lives, the beautiful lives of all the little children who live upon this planet today, of all the gorgeous animals and birds and everything thatís there, to make such a thing that they feel so egotistically toward it as they are superior to all the lovely innocent people.  And when I was looking today at what has happened in Africa, first these people, they got AIDS.  Then these people there, they got a lack of food, drought.  Now, these people have no drinking water.  And basically they are wiping the planet clean of those they have decided they donít want, and you and I are next.


Alan: I know.  See, these people truly believe that they are a different species through evolution, evolutionary perfection, and interbreeding, selective marriages, as opposed to people who marry in common.  And they claim they have the right to move on and create a new society, where the next type of human will basically be programmed like a robot and have no individuality of its own.  This analogy with the cube, of the New Jerusalem, the system, was shown in the Star Trek movies, with the Borg, these part Cyborg, part human robots, really, that were all connected by a Central Computer through a brain chip.  And their ship was a square, a square, a perfect cube.  They show it right to us, you know, in allegorical form in all of their movies, while we munch on the popcorn and blow bubblegum.  They show us their agenda and mock us, because they must mock the victims, actually.  Thatís part of their ceremonies.  So, this is their agenda, to bring a new creature, a new servant, a new servant into being, cull off the old.† See, most people are always looking towards some great, final catastrophe, and I tell them, look, weíre being sterilized.  One in two are going to get cancers.  They talked about putting diseases into inoculations in the 1700s and 1800s.  Theyíve been doing it.  They have been doing it.  Itís all under way.  The war has been underway, before we were born.  And they do it.  And the good shepherd canít tell the sheep what heís really doing.  Heís got to soothe them, and divert them and so on.  Theyíve been doing it.  One in six children now are autistic after inoculations.  This is deliberate.  And itís happening now.  Weíre in the horror show; if we open our eyes, weíll see it.


Hehpsehboah: This is the danger that most people are still as blind as that.† You know, I wish, you know, we could shake them, and say, hey, come on, wake up, it is your last hour to wake up to do something.


Alan: Yeah.  I know.  And thatís the sad part.  You can spend so much energy trying to wake.  Most people try to wake up those nearest to them, nearest and dearest, and they canít often; generally, they canít get through.  So, I tell them, donít spend so long on someone who canít understand it.  Try and find those who are looking for the answers and help them.  And do it as quickly as possible, so that they can then look for other people who are waking up and explain it to them as well, because itís coming down to an individual thing here.  The old thing again, in Revelations, everyone will have to swear allegiance to the Beast.  Itís an individual thing.  Are you going along with this, or not.  And Iím pretty sure that the bulk of the public, as always, the good sheep, the trained sheep, they will go along with it.  But those who donít go along with it, and refuse to be numbered and stamped like an animal, thatís what changes the world.  The world is never changed by mass movements.  Itís changed by individuals.  And thatís the part in the equation that they hate.  They cannot stand the individual.  Thatís why the new system is to have no individuality.  Itís to be the collective as against the individual. Thatís really what the war is really all about on this level. 


Hehpsehboah: Do you believe that they are changing Freemasonry to something that is different as what it was in the past, in order to fool the people that come into Masonry?


Alan: Oh, yeah.  Well, Freemasonry has always lied to the people at the bottom.  And Albert Pike freely admits it in his own writings that the Blue Lodge, those up to the 3rd degree, and most never go past the third degree, he said they are the outer portico.  In other words, theyíre like a shell that hides the real function of Masonry, and only those who go up to the sublime orders, as they call it, and into the Luciferian Orders, up to the 33rd degree, and those, of course in the fortieth degree, where life begins at forty, those guys know what their agenda is, their part in it.  Itís still a need-to-know basis, mind you.  Thatís what the degrees are.  And of course, this goes right up. The OTO sect of Freemasonry, which most musicians and actors, and so on, and the Hollywood crowd belong to, that goes up to 96 degrees.  And then you go up to the noble orders, beyond that.  And thatís why you try to get in, you see.  Thatís why Paul McCartney become knighted into the noble orders, because then he can go much higher again.  And then, from then on, itís from the long lineages of interbreeding, special mating with wives and husbands, for special abilities, and thatís where they get right up into the higher degrees, into the 300 to 360.  So, itís a bloodline thing too.  And they show you this in their book of the law.  See, the Old Testament is the law book.  Through stories theyíre actually telling you the laws that they must follow, where you have slavery, etc.  And where Jacob can lie to his old dad, pretend heís the brother, cheat his brother of his birthright, and the god blesses him for being so crafty.  See, theyíre telling you the rules there.  And you can have slavery.  Slavery is fine.


So, the Old Testament, really, and Testament, again, comes from testes.  I donít know if people understand the word testament, and testify, because in the ancient Middle East and not so long ago, actually, you were led into court by the short and curlies.  The guard literally held you, he had you by the short and curlies, and that was your testimony you gave.† Mony means man, from man, mon.  In fact, it comes from the same word as money, because they had slaves and they counted the heads and that became eventually money.  So, they would have them in court, and you would swear on your future posterity, you see, and not to tell a lie, etc, and if you did, you were crushed, literally crushed.  The family jewels, as they say in Masonry, were crushed.  And from that, came all of the oaths...


Hehpsehboah: Absolutely shocking.


Alan: Genitalia, yeah. And thatís where testimony, you find all the words with testify, testament, itís all from the same root word.  This is a phallic, male-orientated system, of regenerative powers through the phallus.


Hehpsehboah: We have a gentleman coming on to this show, and I think it is the 19th, from Egypt.  And this Egyptian scholar is in terrible trouble, because he is saying that what is in the Egyptian tombs and what is written there, and what they are saying that is written there is a lie, because this man came out of an ancient Egyptian family, and they kept all the ancient Egyptian writings, and the meanings of the writings.  And he studied all the writings.  And he came forward, and he said it is a lie.  He said youíre telling people lies.  This is not written there what you are saying thatís written there.  So now, Egypt itself, and of course the Masonic movement, are very angry at him, because he is translating what has been written there.  And they are very, very angry.


Alan: Iím sure, because they base so much of the Masonic mythology on Egypt.  They base so much of their present teachings on what theyíve been told.  And I know Bersden was the first major translator, and he was a high Freemason, back in the 1800s, to translate most of the stuff.  And he was followed up by Wallace Budge, of the British museum, who also gave his translations, also a high Freemason. So, it would be interesting to see any comparisons at all.  Plus, Iíve studied it myself, you know, the language, and the Sumerian.  So, Iíd be interested in hearing what he has to say.


Hehpsehboah: But it is very, very interesting that we are seeing this kind of information at such a late time coming to the fore.  AndÖ


Alan: They have a purpose though, you know.  Sometimes things happen outside of the control here to the right people at the right time, and Iím sure youíve experienced this yourself, where things which often shouldnít happen will happen for you. I donít believe in synchronicities as such just being happenstance; thereís generally something else at work there.  So, itís probably all for the good that itís coming out now.  And the people are finding each other.  Theyíre getting in touch with each other.  And who knows where this will go in the time that is left. 


I was going to mention an esoteric story to you, about their plan, which they gave us with the very, very high Freemason, Arthur C. Clarke, who also was involved with NASA and the satellite programs.  Like Gene Roddenberry was also a member too for the Star Trek episodes, whoís a member of NASA, thatís where he got his predictive programming stuff.  Well, Arthur C. Clarke shows you the religion they believe in, at the beginning of the movie, made in the 1960s, called 2001.  Thatís when the big race was to be on, beginning in 2001, to bring in this new system, this wonderful system, as they called it.  And in the beginning of the movie, they show you all the different animals and so on, and these sort of chimp-like males, and theyíre showing you evolution, in a sense.  And then, an obelisk appears, which looks strangely like the big black office towers at the United Nations building, but this thing imparts knowledge to one member of the tribe, who then, rather than just shake his fist at his neighboring tribe at the watering hole, picks up a bone, which is a thigh bone, by the way, they love the crossbones under the skull, and he uses that as a weapon for the first time, to kill.  So, theyíre telling you those that took the ability to kill and used it, were the natural champions towards progress and civilization.  Then he goes into space, so, you have initiation ceremonies in an allegorical form, taking part in space, where the computer goes crazy on the spacecraft on the way to Jupiter, and it kills two members off, who are therefore the unworthy ones.  They were not worthy to overcome the computer, but one does manage to overcome all of the laws that the computer was laying down. 


Thatís a Masonic symbol of he who overcomes the one who creates the laws of nature.  The computer was called Hal, which is from the Helios, Hal, of the Greeks.  And if you take, in the English language, H and you get the next letter to it is I, and you have A, you see, you have B, and then you have L, the next letter is M, you have IBM.  You see, thatís how they put it right in front of your face in Masonic coding.  And IBM, when itís spoken, remember the spoken word is one level of the spell, and so you speak it, and youíve got Eye-Beam, and that was always used as the light from the eye of Lucifer.  So, they go through all this stuff in allegorical form.  The movie ends with this man who ends up on Jupiter, on a multidimensional state.  He lives forever. 


And then, in 2010, supposedly, thatís when a new sun is born in the sky, meaning for Masons, as above, so below.  There will be a new type of man presented or born, or shown to the public in 2010.  So theyíre completely, these are all Masonic movies, high Masonic movies in allegorical form.  So, itís a pity that people canít understand them, as I say, as they pop their gum and chew their popcorn.


Hehpsehboah: Why would they have found it so important to brainwash the New Age people with their reincarnation story?  Why would they have found that so important?  Because thatís what they throw at everybody, and including this little boy from India.  He said, well, you know, if they kill me here, I will come alive over there.  I said, you watch out what you say.


Alan: What they did, was again, and they believe in reincarnation into their own family lineages, by the way.  And itís very important to them, because they believe theyíre a different physical and spiritual type from the domestic race that already existed here.  But the reincarnation thatís been pushed on the public, is to make you say, well, I donít really have to do much in this life, because I can pay for it somewhere else and go on forever and ever and ever.  Itís a sort of sin now and pay later deal.  Thatís like a credit card, in a sense.  So, yeah, thatís the idea, that nothing really matters because everything is immortal, we go on forever, nothing is really real, so I wonít do anything about anything here, since everything is an illusion.  Thatís the New Age teaching.  It keeps you in a little bubble where you think, Iím fine, my spirit is immortal, Iíll live forever, and it doesnít matter what happens here, to me or anyone else, because Iíll be okay in the next life.  It stops them from participating in this life.  Itís a disabling technique.  Itís a psychological disabling technique, and thatís why they pushed it so heavily onto the people. 


Hehpsehboah: Well, I must say, they have pushed it so heavily on the people.  When you listen to some of the New Age people in the New Age community that are so brainwashed by this Helena Blavatsky that it is scary to hear them communicate.  And you say, my, oh my, have you never ever thought and reasoned this out and come to the logic of this?  Have you never thought about it?  And they say, well, no, but this is how it is.  Who said so?  Because, as most of them donít know, is that Blavatsky was paid, so was her sister, by top Masons to spread this story.


Alan: Yes.  And she admitted herself, her grandfather was one of the top, highest Masons in Russia, and she was brought in by the British Crown, who gave her her charter to open up these pseudo-Masonic lodges.  Thereís an actual charter she was given by the top boys.  And that tells you all you need to know.  And of course, they even knew then, see, hereís another part of it.  This is a very important part, actually. They knew in the 1800s that they would eventually bring in the middle class they were building up from India into Britain.  And Blavatsky said herself, part of the purpose of her agenda was to blend Hinduism with Christianity.  Now, when you look at Hinduism, itís a caste system.  Itís a fixed caste system, where youíre born into a certain strata, you canít move into the one above.  If youíre at the bottom, youíre called an Untouchable, and if you lie in the street no one will touch you, because, my god, we might harm our karma by interfering with you.† And so, itís the greatest cop-out not to help people.  And theyíre bringing that system in, because Aldous Huxley, H.G. Wells, and all the big boys in high Masonry agreed that the caste system of India was very similar, if not identical, to the one running England.  You see.  And they wrote in their books that the coming system that theyíre creating for the New Order, the New Civilization, the new scientific society, would be based on a sort of caste system, of perfection, to do with breeding.  So, this is their agenda.  When you believe in reincarnation and karma, and look at India.  Look at the mess of India.  Why would you follow a country where they donít help their own people, because of their religion?  And if you help someone, theyíd say, my god, some of his karma is going to rub offÖ


Hehpsehboah: Off on you.


Alan: You see.  So, what a great cop-out not to help your fellow human being.


Hehpsehboah: You know, somebody asked you, Alan, somebody asked you here, so reincarnation doesnít exist?  Arenít we a spirit having a human experience?  You see, there we go. 


Alan: Thatís it.  Thatís the circle they go into.  They tried to bring this on, through Blavatsky, but the British people didnít catch on at that time, and they went heavily to work and brought it back in the 60s, with the Beatles, going over to India.  And the Beatles were heavily, they were front men really, for Adorno, who wrote their songs for them.  It wasnít the Beatles.  And their image was to attract the youngsters into the Hindu philosophies and meditation, etc, and the drugs, of course, which really disabled you from participating in society.  So, yeah, this was very important for them to bring this particular type of reasoning in, because weíre going through an age, you see, where weíre going to see our fellow man suffer. And they donít want people helping each other.  In fact, thatís what we have, government agencies now almost forbidding you to help people.  We saw that down in New Orleans where the people were on the roofs of their houses, and the floodwaters were all around, and FEMA was stopping people getting in to take them off.  Neighbors watched neighbors drowning, and they were not allowed to go and help them.  It was forbidden.† So, this is part of that typical, as I say, Hinduistic type way of looking at things.  Well, thatís their karma, and thatís what happened to them, and nothing to do with me.  And your conscience is somehow clear because of that.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.  That is why I think also, they are so angry, because the Zarathustrian communities are springing up and are increasing, because it teaches good deeds, good thoughts, good compassion, and of course, no killing.  And hey, wait a minute, that is going to go against their grand agenda. 


Alan: Yes, absolutely. 


Hehpsehboah: Because youíre supposed to... 


Alan: Hereís the sad part too.  They always use the ordinary peopleís sons and daughters to go off into war and kill everybody else.  And those people get so conditioned in the military, and the police and so on, when theyíre told to start bashing the heads of their own people, they do it, like robots.  So, our own sons and daughters end up turning on their parents, you know.  Thatís a scary thought.  But itís been done down through history, many, many times over.  So, yeah, weíre in a scientific type of system, that, as I say, when you have no compassion for your fellow man, and you cannot cry for people being blown up with your tax money, thousands of miles away, and sit and watch it as you eat your dinner, as though itís just another movie, whoís going to cry for you when itís your turn?


Hehpsehboah: But would you think, would you really think, Alan, that if the time comes, and it is coming very swiftly, because we can see it on a monthly basis, how things change.  And Iíve heard some very sad stories, again, in coming from Ontario, where somebodyís elderly mother had broken a leg, because she fell and slipped on the ice.  Okay.  She was taken to the hospital, and the husband, and the daughters, and the sons, they all believed that they were going to set the leg, and mom was going to be released home with a cast.  Right?  Well, not really.  Mom was taken into the hospital.  And this is now three weeks.  And mom is still in that hospital.  And mom, now, who when she went into the hospital was intelligent, could read and write, and actually was a pest sometimes, to the kids.  And now, this same mom barely recognizes anyone and is laying in a fetal position.


Alan: I know.  See, weíre supposed to use our own reason about things.  And when things donít make sense, we canít take the standard answers.  Iíve watched over the last few years, and just listened to the regular news, and sure enough, the flu outbreaks always begin in old age homes.  And these places, itís mandatory to take the flu shot, and it always breaks out right after theyíve had the flu shot, which would suggest to me, itís in the flu shot, you see.  So, every year, itís the same story.  And theyíre always so bewildered, supposedly, as to how this is happening, but itís obvious why itís happening and how itís happening.  These so-called retirement homes, etc, I call them exit homes.  Thatís you getting, thatís your exit time, because thatís whatís going to happen to you there.  And of course, they give them haloperidol and so on to drug them, so they sit in those chairs all day long, without causing any problems for the staff.  And then they end up with inhalation pneumonia, and die very quickly, which suits the system well.  It suits the system well.


Hehpsehboah: You know, when people do not understand.  There will come of course a day when they start to feel threatened, when they come to the realization that they couldnít trust the system as they believed they helped to build up a system that was good for all people. And then they are going to discover that they are losing their possessions.  And we did get some writings here, from some interesting people, where it said that the United States of America has a bill laying, ready to be signed for the president, that will take away from all people their property rights, including, for them to own their house, their car, everything.† They will be literally wiped clean of everything they worked for and they struggled for, and that bill is there.  Someone said, no, that couldnít be true.  I said, yes, it is there, and we shall one day, we shall post it here.  But, at the same time, when people have not realized that they are on the edge of losing all their rights, and that if they went to speak against them, they could end up in the so-called psychiatric prisons.  I think that is what could happen in the near future, because they have built so many, or of course, they, as we know that the police in the United States, shot at people who basically were trying to talk to them to say, oh, well something happened over there, and then they got shot.  They were killed.† Freedom.


Alan: I know, and everything thatís going to happen in the US will happen here, simultaneously.  Because last March during the Terri Schiavo thing which really was a cover, as well as a spell cast over the world for euthanasia.  And state-ordered euthanasia.  Under that cover, on the 27th of March, Mr. Martin, Fox and Bush signed a deal to unite the Americas.  And that was shown, just with a minute and a half clip on the CBC, and on Global Television.  Everyone has forgotten about it, thinking, that canít really be true, even though it was on the news.  And that was the start of the official unification of the Americas.  Weíre under the same rules now, itís the same law.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.  But, you know, also, my concern is, and Iíve said that, actually it is in my prophecies that I foresaw in the very near future, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada under one pact.  And when whatever is coming, what I have seen coming in the not too far future, is that the United States, whole chunks, whether this is orchestrated, because we, and I should be careful what I am saying, but yet, I feel that it is orchestrated devastation in the United States of America, that will split the United States first in half, and then in three pieces, but that part of the United States falls to Canada.† As well as I have seen the Chinese army and the Russians come over Alaska into the United States and Canada.


Alan: Itís an interesting thing that Mr. Kissinger in the í70s, in a lecture, at California, when he was criticized, when he mentioned that the Americans would let the United Nations in one day, he said, if under the right conditions, meaning catastrophe, the Americans would welcome foreign troops coming in.  And of course, the CFR said in their books as far back as the í30s, that China would take over one day, in the 21st Century as the policeman of the world from America.  So, all these things are absolutely possible. 


Hehpsehboah: Would you not think, and we do this quick, because we have to have you back. There is so much here.  But would you not think that at one time, during the time of Stalin that Russia was promised world government, and then they didnít get it, and then, of course, China is promised world government, and it looks that they may get it.  And that we will be then of course made toast.


Alan: But theyíll also kill off all the excess in China too, because they donít need them all in the manufacturing for a much smaller world.  So, itís the global elite, remember, who set up those countries.  The same bankers set up China that set up Russia, and they run those countries.  Everyone, thereís going to be a mass thinning out of the populations, worldwide.  But in the meantime, yeah, they will go through the usual strategies of using one after another as world police, to manage the deaths and the cullings as it goes on.  I have no doubt on that.  So, China definitely will be used, and no doubt, the Soviets or the Russian system as well.


Hehpsehboah: It is very amazing, as I just recently did hear from someone that all of a sudden China was inviting the Dalai Lama to come to China and speak with them, to have a visit, but he didnít go there. So, Alan, we need to have you back.


Alan: Oh, Iíll come back, all right. 


Hehpsehboah: Youíre so lovely.  Ladies and Gentlemen, you who are listening, one more time, get a pencil, if you want to be in the know, I mean, if not, stick your head in the sand, and pretend it didnít happen.  Pretend it is the Joneses who are sold down the river.  Definitely, but, if you want a pencil, you can get, of course, a hold of our wonderful guest and friend, Alan Watt, researcher and author, website cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and his books: Cutting Through 1: The Androgynous Hermaphroditic Agenda.  Cutting Through 2: A Glimpse into the Great Work.  Cutting Through 3: Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition.  [Ordering information at cuttingthroughthematrix.com]† Alan, this was wonderful.  I am sure the people who are here have learned a lot, and Iím going to ask them, do you want Alan to come back?  And I get a one from you.  Letís see how many of you want Alan to come back soon. 


Alan: That would be interesting to see.


Hehpsehboah: Oh, yes.  Oh, look at this here.  Oh, oh.  See this here.  Yes, there they go.  Okay, be fast, because weíre going to tell Alan.  Yes, everybody wants you to come back, Alan. 


Alan: Thatís nice to know.


Hehpsehboah: And everybody is saying thank you, thank you, this is wonderful.  And we say to the people, how dare cutting cutting critter.  We knew you would love it, you in Florida.  And, of course, our friends in Australia did love it too.  And our friends in Toronto did.  And Eagleís Nest, please do, my friend, see, because people are wanting to be in the know.  Thatís important.  Divine lady, thanks for interesting info tonight.  And it will be getting hotter and hotter, as you pull the cotton out of your ear.  Pull your heads out of the sand.  Bring your friends, your family, and listen.  Get his books, and listen, and be informed.  Be in the know.  USA, California.  We love you, all of you.  Thank you, you people for being here.  Just wait, Alan, just a second please.


And Alan, could they all survive what is coming?  Or could most survive that are in the know?


Alan: Well, itís up to...  They have their choice.  They have their choice.  And there are things which can be done, and maybe we can talk in another show about it.


Hehpsehboah: Well, let us do that, and ladies and gentlemen, Good Night.  Good Bye.  Be well, until we meet again.


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