March 5th, 2006
Alan Watt as Guest on
Eye on the Future with Hehpsehboah

(2 Hours)
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March 5th, 2006, in your home, at work, and around the world, broadcasting without borders, this is Eye on the Future radio with Hehpsehboah.† For upcoming guests, visit Eye on the Futureís website at† The topic for todayís show: Royal Bloodlines, the Jesuits, Semiramis, reviewing the Masonic order degrees of who does what at what level and where governments fit into the picture, plus much, much more.† With Hehpsehboahís very special guest tonight, Alan Watt, researcher and author.† Alanís website is†


Hehpsehboah: Hey, Alan.†


Alan: Hello, how are you?


Hehpsehboah: It is so good to have you.† You know, I wanted to, I wanted to throw this out at you, and at the people who are listening, out there.† You know, many people believe that it was a black hole that happened on June the 30th 1908, and of course, it was very frightful for the town of Tungus, the Tungus area in central Siberia.† So, okay, fine, people say, well, thatís old hash, and who cares about it.† You know, that was nothing.† They saw this fireball traveling through the sky.† And you know it was really nothing.† But then, in 1993, in Australia, and did you know that they had brought the Owl Kult members, the monks, from the KGB, who had moved into Australia, that these things took place.† And then, of course, we know, that you know something not too long ago also in North America.† Letís look at that first before we go and wrap, you know, this we can throw the baby out with the bath water, Alan, and youíre the one.


Alan: Okay.† Well, I know thereís one that happened in Russia or Siberia.† There were eyewitnesses there at the time, who claimed that they saw something, a fireball or a rocket, I guess even, it could be, going over this area, but it explained in such a way that you normally see an A-Bomb going off, where it flattens everything in a complete circle, rather than a spread, from a point, such as something traveling from one point to another, you would get a cone-shaped explosion, if that was the case.† This thing had to have stopped or else came directly down and exploded, because the trees were literally flattened in an outer circle, going out for miles.


Hehpsehboah: Well, there were people there, Alan, who accounted thatís what took place.† And the man said it was so huge that it literally scorched the clothes off of his body.†


Alan: Thatís right.


Hehpsehboah: And they were saying that the gentlemen, it was his grandfather, and he said, you know that the whole area there was radioactive.† Well, Alan, it couldnít be a meteor.† It wouldnít be a meteor that was radioactive.† And this thing that took place in Australia, in 1993, wasnít a meteor either, because it wasnít once, but it was more than once that this was seen.† So, actually where you are, where I am, where all our listeners are, at any time they could fire something off like this, because they want to diminish the world population, donít they.


Alan: They do.† I know that about three years ago another odd phenomena happened, when, and it was all over the news at the time.† Something caused explosions in the air, but very loud explosions with vibrations, which set off car alarms, all the way from parts of BC down into the United States.† And immediately the next day they had all the experts on telling us, well, it must have been a meteor and all this kind of stuff.† But we havenít had meteors like this.† People say these explosions in the sky, they didnít see anything leading to them, like a trail of anything.† And then, funny enough, a week later, the same thing happened in a part of Australia, where the exact same phenomena happened.† Car alarms were set off and burglar alarms, with the vibrations of this thing.† And what theyíve been doing is using the Tesla type technology to superheat the atmosphere, and cause massive explosions in the atmosphere itself.† And that was one of the reasons that Nikola Tesla stopped using this technology, which heíd made back in the early 1900s.† I donít think to be honest that he created it.† Iím pretty sure he got this information from elsewhere, from an older civilization.


Hehpsehboah: Yes, not only that, but also when we look at it, we have of course the Owl code which is part of the Black Hand.† And as we are going to also start in their thing, we also have the Owl monks.† And the Owl monks, they own all that land there where this thing apparently came from, you know, in Western Australia, and the many residents in Western Australia, they saw this very large fireball, traveling in a northeastern direction passed overhead and culminated over the horizon in a very great big huge brilliant flash of a bluish white light.† So, a meteor wouldnít create bluish white light.† And then, of course, instantly there was the earthquake that measured 3.9 on the Richter scale.† So, when we look at these, anomalous, would you call them anomalous?† When you already know, which this, of course, with your lovely brain that this is Tesla technology.† Or maybe, somebody else said, maybe we should ask Alan about scalar technology.† But not only that, we need to come to a place where the people of the planet need to come to this state and say, hey, wait a minute.† We donít need this population control and all this other garbage.† And you know something, also I told to somebody today, I said, if you ever see a white Mercedes Benz with gold plated grill and handles at a certain time of the month during the year, this is one of these Masonic vehicles that go along, and it picks up the victims, and it takes them to these glamorous dinners and parties, where everything is drugged, and then of course thereís the ritual, right?


Alan: They do have these high rituals in the Masonic groups.† In fact, there was a US Senator I think it was, who was asked to investigate some young guysí allegations of being taken from an orphanage and brought in as a male prostitute to the Bohemian Grove, where all the big boys go in their fancy dresses.† And while he was there, two of the members of the same orphanage were killed in a ritual.† And this particular Senator admitted that he was sent in, as basically to calm it all down and pooh-pooh it, until he found out it was all true.† And he did put a book out on that in fact.† So, this stuff does goes on with the very high Masonic groups.† The guys at the bottom donít know.


Hehpsehboah: Well, of course, not.† But let us take a look at this.† And I was going to say to you, let us look at the very royal, not so royal bloodlines, and when there was another person who asked a question, and I said to them, I said, well, you have to realize that in the last eight to ten thousand years this planet was set into a partial polar shift and that all these were sons were saved in Northern India, in the Caucasian Mountains.† And then they came back down from Northern India from the Caucasian Mountains, and off they went again to control and strip the planet, and enslave the people.† But this time they may be not as lucky, because you are willing, and we have the people who are willing to hear, to listen, and maybe they have the wisdom to listen to us, and to wrap it up.† But we know that most of these existing royal bloodlines that we have out there, are all descendents of Semiramis.† Isnít that right?


Alan: They all claim that.


Hehpsehboah: They claim that.† But it might not be necessarily all true, but this very, very, very time in history, we see all these Royals running out, and theyíre all marrying so-called commoners.


Alan: Yes.† Well, theyíre showing their right to rule the whole planet.† Not only rule it but own it, basically, through the corporations that theyíve established that work for them, the international corporations.† This is what Professor Carroll Quigley said.† And he was from Georgetown University.† He was an advisor to the Pentagon and the diplomatic corps, and all this.† And he also chose people for Rhodes Scholarships for World Government.† He sent Bill Clinton over to Oxford.† Well, he said that the system that they were creating...† And he was the historian, the official historian for the Council on Foreign Relations.† And he said in his own book, Tragedy and Hope, that the system they were setting up was to be a new type of feudal system, where youíll have the lords, the elite, with corporations fronting for them, running the natural resources, and the life on the planet.† And thatís what weíre seeing happening right today.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.† You know when you took a look at whatís happening in the last week, week and a half, when you went to India, and you went to take a look in Pakistan, and it was really quite frightening to see, because it seems, as we saw this massive, massive earthquake, and the tsunami, that happened in India and India surrounding.† When India didnít want to sign the document with the United States, and now, basically theyíre crawling in the mud, arenít they?


Alan: Thatís what they did.† Thereís no doubt about it.† Before that, in fact, we had on a Christmas, the one before the tsunami, we had an earthquake in Iran, but they werenít toeing the line.† And it hit them in a place appropriately called Bam, B-A-M.† It was chosen for that name, no doubt.† And so, the same thing happened there.† And Kashmir, which is really between India and Pakistan, Kashmir have tried to hold on to their independence between those two countries, and they were very independent.† They didnít want the religions there dominating them.† And they did not join the World Bank or the United Nations, and thatís what hit them, was the earthquake, on the eve of a military exercise, involving the US and India, in a joint pretence of an attack from Pakistan, on the borders of Kashmir.† The next day, of course, the earthquake hit them.† Now, the World Bank went in, because theyíre destitute.† The United Nations got in, right away, and thatís how theyíre making people come under.† Theyíre forcing them, using high technology, to force them, using this weaponry, to force them into the same world system.†


Hehpsehboah: So, they all come of course, to be the slaves of Semiramis and of course, when we look at this, and we look at the well spread Jesuits, high hierarchies of Jesuits in countries, and where it is so easy when there are so many of them there, and people are so unhappy that have been elected by the people.† Then we suddenly see something that is so ugly and orchestrated, the so-called unhappiness, coming from the people, you know, spreading stuff, and setting people up against people, because this time we are seeing that they are using religions versus religions.† And weíre seeing that they are using race, creed and color, and the scary thing is, is what they are doing to all the people that live in Africa.


Alan: I know.† Well, Africa, even in the 1700s, was slated for extinction by the economists who worked for the British East India Company.† They had other companies too.† And those companies were established in the 1500s, in the days of Francis Bacon and Queen Elizabeth the 1st.† In fact Yale, or Yallee, was set up as Yale University in America, their ancestors were one of the founding families of the British East India Company.† And in the 1700s, they hired John Stuart Mill, the economist to map out those peoples who would be useful in the next system they were creating, and those that would have to be exterminated, because they could not adapt to this new economic system, where everyone could only exist to serve the economic system.† And John Stuart Mill said the black man and the red man would have to be extinguished, because, they knew at that time, that they could not adapt to the 8-to-5 workweek type of thing.† So, they had their lists drawn up, long before Adolf Hitler came along, you know.† Because itís really all one and the same group behind all of this.† And theyíve even had the Irish slated down too at one time, because they wouldnít buckle under and become part of the British Empire.† All the blank bits on the map, as they called them.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, well, of course, thereís nothing more, more racist than that what came from the Caucasian Mountains to rule the planet.† But we also need to take a look, because somebody said, well, how did it all begin.† I said, well, you have to go Semiramis who became Mithra.† And then from Mithra, we are going to have the Peso family, and then from there we have of course, the Rome, the Roman Catholic Church, and then we have Masonry.† And people do not understand that the Mormon Church is as Masonic as it comes.†


Alan: Thereís no hiding that fact really in recent years.† They canít hide it, because in Mormonism you have another sect above the usual congregation called the Elect.† And when a man is chosen, itís only men that get chosen to go into the elect.† They go through the exact same Masonic ritual with the apron and the signs and symbols, the statements, the oaths, etc.† Itís purely Masonic.† And of course, old Smith was a Mason himself.† So, they were all part of it.† And what they really were part of, itís an interesting thing in Masonry, and itís part of the philosophy of the elite actually, and part of their religion.† They put out in different formats for the public to study, youíll find it in the Rosicrucian Manifestos, for instance, where they try and get their members to marry someone thatís chosen for them by the Grand Master.† And itís a woman, generally, whoís maybe third, fourth generation Eastern Star.† And sheís, in other words, sheís bred for the purpose, because they do believe in breeding, good breeding and bad breeding.† And if youíre a commoner, and youíve chosen your wife out of the masses, then youíre a commoner.† But if you have your wife selected for you, for her intellect, for her familyís wealth and income, etc, then, then, you can go higher.† That was, the offspring of the two, a Mason and an Eastern Star, can go higher up the degrees than a first generation Mason.† So, theyíre all taught this in the higher levels, you see.† They truly believe that they must breed out the refuse as they call the people at the bottom, and get the better genes in there.† And this is shown as well, in a movie, in a book called The Handmaidís Tale, where thereís an elite who are becoming impotent or sterile, and they basically used various women to have their offspring by, to keep the genetic strains going.† They actually do this kind of thing.† They believe in evolution.† In the movie, Arthur C Clarkeís 2001, Arthur C Clarke was a very high Mason.† And he wrote that in the 60s.† At the beginning of the movie, they show you, their belief system of evolution, with ape-men, and they show you symbols of, actually itís a bow that looks like a serpent.† And they show you a pig walking through.† And then they show you a mountain with the sun rising over the top.† And of course thatís, youíll notice the mountain is actually a pyramid, an uncapped pyramid.† So, they believe in evolution, but a special type of evolution.† Theyíre talking about selective breeding for special types, a higher breed than the commoner.† And theyíre terribly snobbish about this.† And there have been priesthoods down through the ages whoíve kept the genealogies for all these peoples.† Today, the Mormon Church, they have the largest genealogy in the planet right now.† And they keep those names and so on, in their offices, inside a mountain, I think itís one-foot-thick steel doors.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.† And at this very moment, these very high Masons, did you know, these Mormons are moving out of Utah.† People are seeing these very large Safeway, huge Safeway trucks pulling up.† Of course, we all know that Safeway is Mormon.† It used to belong to the Jesuits, to the nuns, but since 1984, it passed hands, into the hands of the Mormons.† Oh yeah.† Deseret Farms.


Alan: And I know lots of the wealthy now are buying places in the mountains, across the country, across the world.† And old ski resorts and so on.† And theyíre stocking up provisions for something thatís to come.


Hehpsehboah: Iím sure.† I hope that that, the public is aware that Oprah Winfrey also built here a $5.5 million house in the British properties, high up in the properties.


Alan: Well, Oprah, of course, is Harpo backwards.† And Harpo is an abbreviated term for Harpocrates.† Harpocrates is the Greek name for basically the god of secrecy, the Egyptian God of secrecy.† So, sheís well up there for her lineage.† For all her nonsense about her poor upbringing, sheís not just an ordinary commoner as they say, you know.†


Hehpsehboah: No, of course not.† And that is well visible in the behavior and with who she hangs out with, and the money that went into her organization, her talk show or whatever you want to call it, ha, ha, ha.† Political tool was all from the Shrivers and of Schwarzenegger.† Big connection there, but most people donít understand.† So, letís take a look at it.† The royal bloodlines, how Masonic are these royal bloodlines?† We know, of course, that in the Netherlands, the Queen of the Netherlands, well I knew her father maybe all too well.† Prince Farinot, I knew him very well, and also his shenanigans with all the girls.† And they are Protestant.† Now, we had the royal bloodline of England and of course, they are Anglican.† Then we had the royal bloodline of the Romanovs, and were you aware that not all these Romanovs died there?† That some of these Romanovs died in England, in London, England of old age.† Of course, good Masonic underground shall we say.†


Alan: In fact the British had a ship that went in to take them out, unknown to the general public.† So, yeah, they did get some of them out.†


Hehpsehboah: So, those are the bloodlines.† Now, we know, of course, in the British royal house is a great chunk of the control of the Masonic control, and then also a great chunk is in Japan, the Emperor of Japan.


Alan: Iíve got an old photograph in fact, from an old book, where the British, some members of the British royalty were dressed up in their naval outfits, and theyíre initiating Hirohito into the Order of the Garter before World War II.† I have the photographs of that.


Hehpsehboah: Lucky you.† Boy, you must have a box of treasures, you.† If not your brain, your box of treasures.† Letís hope that we have people out there in the world that are going to say, hey, hey, we need to get whatever Alan has brought out there.† And ladies and gentlemen, let us do this, because we can go there like tootsie roll.† And our guest, Alan Watt is a researcher and author.† He has a website.† Have your pen and pencil ready if you are listening, and you are not in the auditorium, then write it down.† And I shall not be too fast, of course.† And it is spelt: A-L-A-N W-A-T-T, Alan Watt, researcher and author.† And we have then, the website† I will give you that again, in case I said it too fast for you, and you were looking for your piece of paper and your little pencil, and sometimes burnt up matches does too some guy told me.† So,† Here are the books, so have your little pencil ready and your brain in gear.† He has three books.† Cutting Through: The Androgynous Hermaphroditic Agenda, Cutting Through, itís 1, The Androgynous Hermaphroditic Agenda.† 2, Cutting Through 2: A Glimpse into the Great Work.† Cutting Through 3: Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition.† There you are.† So, I want you to make sure you had your little pen, your little piece of paper.† Donít write it on your motherís tablecloth, because she might get mad.† And maybe if you did, maybe she gets the hint too.† So, Alan, here we are.† The royal bloodlines, the connections with the Jesuits, and of course Semiramis is the cradle.† Well, maybe not the cradle, maybe the visible beginning.


Alan: Iím sure of that.† Iím sure that humankind is much older than theyíd like to have us believe, because Sumer, and now theyíve found the Harappan culture pre-existing Sumer, 6000BC and beyond, and we know that they lived in a very high level of a standard of living and had trade routes there.† They had underwater, underground piping of water for their showers and this kind of thing.† So, man is far, far older than theyíd like us to believe.† They use Nimrod and Semiramis, because Nimrod is allegorically at least a symbol of the builder of a city.† The city being the first artificial creation to contain people, really, or train them.† Itís the only, itís an artificial system, because those who live in a city had to use money, that was the next thing to be introduced, or maybe simultaneously introduced, is the city and money.† And with the money, they could buy the goods they need to come in to survive.† But they could also hire and train an army, a standing army, to go out into the rural countryside and conquer the rural peoples and force them to use the same money.† And then you use the religion to brainwash them, basically, to be good meek obedient servants.† And so, this is their standard technique, all down through the ages.† Now, Nimrod, youíll find this in various steles and carvings that theyíve unearthed in the Middle East, is always depicted with the ermine collar round, a cloak that he wears.† Ermine is a type of mink, but itís white with black specks on it.† And if you look at the royal families today, and when the lords get together, the house of lords, all the nobility, and the queen, they still wear these red capes with the ermine collars around them, all the way back to Nimrod.† And we never question these oddities.† Why on earth would they be wearing stuff thatís thousands of years old?† A tradition thatís thousands of years old.† And when you see the old re-runs of the coronation of the Queen, what youíre looking at there, itís in Westminster Abbey, and the floor is a checkerboard floor, and they have the Queen sitting on a raised ziggurat type pyramid.† And she sits on her throne.† And the people are all spaced around her, these people with their various religious emblems, in specific spots according to tradition that goes back many, many thousands of years.† And youíll see the same emblems carved in depictions of the Middle East of the crowning of kings there.† And we never question why this unbroken tradition, all the way into England, and really it was brought into England with the Normans.† The Normans were actually the same bunch coming back in again.† And the Norman invasion, not just of England but of the whole of Europe, was on a scale bigger than World War II.† It was financed over many, many years.† It cost in todayís terms billions of pounds and dollars for logistics, just for supplying the navies and all of the armies in the fields for many, many years.† They even built prefabricated forts on the beaches in Normandy.† And they assembled them, and they towed them over, these wooden forts, and assembled them on the British side.† Massive undertaking, heavily financed, and these Normans brought in with them all of the same family crests and emblems that youíll find going all the way back to ancient Nimrod.† They still have them today.† And all these symbols of their crests, theyíre generally of predators; lions, eagles, hawks, and that type of thing.† Because, they say themselves, and this is verified in the writings of the Pope of Freemasonry of the 1800s, Albert Pike, the nature of beasts and wild beasts and so on.† So, heís telling you that theyíre proud to be top predators, and thatís the natural order of things. They prey on the weak, and they say thatís the natural way of things.† So, behind the cloak of charity at the bottom of Freemasonry, you have this very ugly monster, this incredible predatory bird thatís running the show, and itís breeding us for its victims, basically.†


Hehpsehboah: But, itís very, very peculiar when you say this, because the First Nations also have as a symbol, the eagle, as a matter of fact.


Alan: Iím not surprised.


Hehpsehboah: No, but matter of fact by the First Nations, as their peace speaker, Iím Thunderbird Woman.


Alan: Well, hereís the thing too, with even, you see, every culture has been infiltrated long ago.† And when Britain was taking over Canada from the French, and taking the Americas, a good part of the Americas were also occupied by French forces, they recruited some of the Indian chiefs at that time, and Joseph Brant was the top of I think it was the Five Nations at the time.† And they took him to England and gave him high noble initiation into the orders.† They even gave him a wife too, sent him back to Canada, and in typical Masonic tradition, he split them up.† He split the tribes up and told half of them to fight on the side of Americans that were going to fight for independence, and half would fight on the British side.† And his son, Norton, took over from him as the head of the Nations.† And thatís why so many of these emblems actually came into being.† They were actually Masons at the top running the show.† Some of the Indian tribes in Canada are beginning at last to catch on to the fact that a lot of their chiefs are actually Masons, and thatís why all this money thatís allocated to them never reaches the people.


Hehpsehboah: It never reaches the people.† We know that because the money goes to the reserves, and the chief and the chiefís family, they live, well, in great abundance.


Alan: Yes.


Hehpsehboah: While we look at the people at the reserve itself, and I used to have a wonderful relationship with General Foote when they were still there.† And they would give me a boxcar or two boxcars a week with food that I then would take to the reserves and distribute among the very, very poor, and heartbreak people.† And then, one day, one of the sons of the chief, he said, you should go into town, and weíll talk to you in town, not here.† So, we went to town.† And then he said, you know, he says, I am campaigning with the Indian Affairs to make out checks to the people.† I said, oh?† And he said, yeah.† He said, because they donít like me very much.† He said, but most of the people never see the money.† So, it was then that the checks came.† And the checks were then distributed to the people, and of course, some of the elderly people who couldnít and didnít know about banking, and they didnít know what they were doing, they would sign these checks over to the chief.† And they still lived in poverty.† You know.† So, when we look back at those times, and the medicine man shaman in 1981 who named me with others, Thunderbird Woman, and then four years ago, I was named the official peace speaker for First Nations.† And I found it very peculiar, because we have done a lot of speaking up for them, and whatever.† But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, although my custodial motherís ancestry they were of the very ancient Micmac tribe.† And of course, it wasnít appreciated, because I came back here from Europe.† And the first interaction I had with First Nations was with Chief Dan George.† And it was amazing, because the man picked me out of a crowd of people and walked up and put his hands on my shoulder. He says, I shall buy you breakfast.† And he says, come on.† So I went and I had breakfast with him, and then later, many times he came and we had lunch.† And he started to tell me, all kinds of things that were out there.† When I look at the whole structure today, and I look around me, and thereís no doubt about it, because British Columbia is as Masonic as it comes, because they donít like it cold.


Alan: Thatís right.†


Hehpsehboah: Thatís a biggest amazement.† When you say to people, if you want to know where most of the Masons are residing, go to places where itís warm.† They like it warm.


Alan: Columbia, Columbia is an interesting name, because it comes from the Latin, and it actually means dove.† Of course youíll see it in Egypt too, where some pharaoh is being inaugurated, and youíll see the Dove coming down above him, and they used that symbol eventually in Christianity, for the spirit coming down to Jesus, a picture with the same dove, you see.† But thatís a Masonic thing.† So, Columbia, is the place of the dove.† Itís where spirit comes down, and also itís a play also on column.† A column is a pillar or an obelisk you see.† So, itís got this dual meaning there.†


And itís no coincidence that the shootings that happened in Columbine School, in the United States happened to be in Columbine School, because a Columbine is a flower with the five, the five leaves.† Each one sort of is like a little dove.† And itís got five points, the five-pointed star of Masonry, you see.† Everything that happens in the world is all Masonic, everything.† And even the place names that you see, like British Columbia, and Vancouver is Van can be sun, you see, from the Dutch.† And Couver, under cover, is under cover of the sun is what theyíre telling you with the clouds and etc.† And of course, they have a rising sun emblem for their logo, which is very, very telling in itself.† Nova Scotia with think of as the east coast, as being a New Scotland, but really Scotia, is again from a Latin term, from an old Latin term, where a Scotia was a secret compartment at the base of a pillar where you put sacred objects.† Often it was a concealed compartment, a secret compartment.† So, everything, all place names throughout America have highly occultic meanings for specific functions in fact.†


Itís quite funny, when they changed the postal codes to abbreviated forms, like Ontario, you have Ont, and so that means Order of New Templars, and this exactly where the Order of New Templars were initiated within Ontario here.† So, everything has got an occultic meaning.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, and we know, of course, in Nova Scotia, when they first landed, they had the place where they did hide their treasures.†


Alan: Oak Islands.† Yes.† And thatís still, and one of the friends of the Rockefellers took over that dig.† And they dug so deep and found these amazing constructions and booby traps where they take certain parts of it away that the sea will rush in underneath.† So, it was well constructed to be concealed.† And it has various points around it, on the island of stones specially erected.† And of course, they even grew oak trees there as a symbol of their might and power.† So, itís called Oak Island.† And the Templars thought theyíd brought their treasure over there.† And I have no doubt, the Templars were here long before Columbus and the Dove came along.


Hehpsehboah: You know, but Iím still questioning, many times, what was so important to them, to get rid of the Micmacs and the Algonquians?† What was so important to get rid of them?† Because those areÖ


Alan: These guys knew, just like the ones in South America, Latin America with their legends, they knew that the Templars and different peoples had been here long before.† And they had to eradicate history to tell you that well, no, nobody knew about America until Columbus came along. They had to wipe out the past, because as Orwell said, he who controls the past controls the future, you see.† So, they had to eradicate the past.† And of course, thatís also why the Spaniards, when they went into South America, had to eradicate most of the people with knowledge, and they did.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but you know, when you say this, we know of course in Europe from 1100, when the Templars became very visible, that we had then all the intellectuals and women who had power.† We had the great herbalists, and all these people, and of course, how many hundreds of thousands of books were burned, and writings were burned, and how many of these very educated and wise people were all dragged to the pyre and set on fire.


Alan: And the thing is too, and I donít think Masons really understand this very well, that because of the structural society with degrees and so on, and every degree is lied to until they get nearer the top, they start to find out the real functions and the real meanings of their symbols and so on.† Those that are below a certain level are disposable.† And they do dispose of their own when need be.† They have a sacrifice.† The few must perish for the sake of the many, is one of the sayings from the Talmud and the Kaballah, you know.† They even put that in the Star Trek series with Mr. Spock saying it.†


Hehpsehboah: Mr. Spock.


Alan: Heís their own.


Hehpsehboah: I used to know him, you know.


Alan: Oh, yeah?


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.† Actually, his sister was a very lovely lady, and they were as Jewish as Jewish came.† Yeah.


Alan: And whatís interesting too is when you mentioned Chief Dan George.† Because, I can remember at the time of the moon landing, I wondered why the flag they stuck in the moon was fluttering in a breeze.† And the next day they brought on different people, and they asked them, what do you think of the man landing on the moon.† And they asked Chief Dan George that question.† And he said, well, I saw a set in Hollywood enclosed, a huge set.† It looked just like the surface of the moon he says.† I donít think they went to the moon.


Hehpsehboah: Ha, ha, ha.† That was him.


Alan: And I think he was right on.


Hehpsehboah: A darling man.


Alan: We were all conned again.† The greatest things in history are massive frauds, you know.† And NASA exists for a very different purpose, because so did the Cold War, of course.† They could fleece the people in the pretence of protecting them, and tax them to the hilt during the Cold War, and NASA really was putting up a very advanced satellite system, which would eventually be used to track us all, and also high tech weaponry systems in space.† So, NASA was a big player in all of this, this whole agenda.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.† You know the thing that amazes me, and I canít get over it, that we have actually people that are so sick and corrupt that they become participants, and they aggrandize themselves, and they become very, very wealthy.† But donít these people understand that there is going to be a moment that theyíre going to leave this body?†


Alan: I think thatís why they get so desperate when they become older.† They do know, and this has been preached openly since the 1500s, when Rosicrucianism emerged into the surface of the world, they let it be known that if you served them well you would be given life extension.† And of course, thereís even the promise of more than that for the very elite, one day.† But yeah, you look at the main characters, Rosicrucians who lived in the past, and they lived well into their 90s and 100s.† They didnít have old-age diseases.† The Queen Mother died in her bed at 100, never had an illness in her life.


Hehpsehboah: They said she was 102.†


Alan: 102 then.† And she never walked more than 20ft in her life, I think.† And she ate whatever she wanted.† And she drank her brandy and her wine, and she didnít have an illness.


Hehpsehboah: And she ate her candies.


Alan: So, you know, she got some kind of life extension, and thatís what theyíre promised at that level.†


Hehpsehboah: Itís very amazing, because when you say this, I met Spencer Lewis, his son, here in North America.† And I met the what do you call it, the Grand Secretary as they call him.† But he died very young.† What was he, 65, 66 and he died, you know.† Well, not Spencer Lewisís son, that old grouch.† You know.† I donít know what they saw in me that they wanted to wheel me in, because I was not interested.† But they bought me very nice dinners.†


Alan: Youíll find I think, what Iíve found is that theyíre curious as to why your mind is still active in a way that most peopleís are not in this day and age.† Theyíre curious as to how come their techniques of mind control have missed you.


Hehpsehboah: Oh.† (Laughter)


Alan: Thatís what it is.


Hehpsehboah: Maybe it was as my custodial father used to say, because I donít think thereís a thing on this earth that can ever deal with you.† He was totally frustrated.† But you, but you of course, yourself, youíre not buckling under, are you?†


Alan: Thatís right.


Hehpsehboah: And we canít afford to buckle under, because there are so many, many beautiful and wonderful people out there who we need to say we love you, and come on now, you know.† Letís do what we can do while we can do it, to keep you under the empowerment.† And of course, ladies and gentlemen, if you were out here today and yesterday, they did a big, big thing on their chemtrails.† Alan, it was just this beautiful blue sky, with just full of it, and then of course it rolled full of clouds.† So the clouds may have taken some of that garbage away, but they surely laid the chemtrails against that sky.† It was like, you know, you would want to cry when you see that.† You do.† So, tell me your connection about, because there is of course no doubt, the KGB, the FBI, the CIA, and of course the Jesuits, of course. Really there has to be.


Alan: Well, at the top, at the tops theyíre all one at the top.† Theyíre all different parts of the same bunch.† And thatís their trick.† Each department is compartmentalized and so, the guys in the lower levels donít know that their bosses are in cahoots with the guys that they appear to oppose.† And this is the mystery function of very high occult Masonry is to get change occurring in the world, you must have conflict. †And to get conflict, you must have different sides.† And it must be real conflict for those who are engaged in the physical stuff at the bottom, to convince the public.† But the guys at the top are all part of the same high brotherhood.† Some of them are actually commanded, theyíre brought in front of the Grand Master and they are commanded to swear an oath to oppose each other publicly, but to remain brothers on the floor, in the lodge.† So, thatís why it exists this way.† When you look at all the different warring factions, the important thing is to see where it would all go if they won.† And youíll find that theyíre all going in the same direction if they won, you see.† They have the same goals, really.†


Hehpsehboah: But you know, there is the, somebody writes you here, so can we convince the Muslims they are being led by the nose by the Jesuits, but they havenít got a clue.† The Muslims, as we were going to tell, the Muslims at this moment, that they are the very creation of these very interesting Semiramis followers.† And so we are setting it all, already up historically that we are going to set up the Jesuits the Catholics, the Protestants.† You know, when you talk about it, they look at you and their jaws sink.† And I said, you know, well, you are so hateful to the Catholics, but you say you are Baptists, you say you are Mennonite, you are saying youíre Seventh Day Adventists, you are saying.† And I said, my, my.† Well, goodness gracious.† Open your head up!† Start thinking, you all come out of the same ruddy pot!†


Alan: I know.† I know, and thatís the symbol of this particular final, supposedly war, is the triangle.† Itís the triangle.† From Judaism they gave you Christianity, and then later on they gave you Mohammed.


Hehpsehboah: No, no.† Shall I tell you?† I take you a little further.† In the year, of course, it was within the first hundred and fifty years after the Great Flood, hey?† Because they lie about that too, because itís more convenient, because then they look better, but we have, and you know, I spoke to some of these absolutely wonderful people and this was about twelve years ago, who had come from Persia.† And they sat down, and they had these little rolls of parchment that was written in the very, very Parsee way.† They said it was older yet than their Parsee language, but they could read it and understand it.† So, they would sit there, on my kitchen table, and they would read me what was written there, and then they would show little symbols and stuff, and they had a little book from the university.† And theyíd say you see this symbol and that symbol and that symbol.† Well, what they are using here is all a lie, because it is just what is written here.† And so we came to the realization that when we had Mithra, of course, that absolute monster, we had a Mithra religion, at that same time, at that time when Mithra religion was being spread, because it came out of the Caucasian Mountains.† And many of them were still hanging out there and were come down, sort of they went to Russia and Norway and Denmark, and then they came down also and they went into the Middle East.† Well, at that time it was written in, in these things, and they had the ages, they had the times, and they were petrified that anybody would find out what they had.† They had these little copper cylinders where they kept it in.† And then they said, well, when the Mithra religion was on the Earth, this bloodsucking, monstrous religion that made human sacrifices and animal sacrifices, and they built some type of temples, this that and the other.† Also, at that time they had Zarathustra.† And they said to me, it is a lie, because the Jesuits and the Masons are doing everything to eradicate the old historical facts of the Zarathustrians.† And I say, well, I know that they burned down the Library of Alexandria.† We also know that they murdered Hipathia, who was, and this I got from writings out of the 1600s, of a very, very lovely elderly rabbi that he had.† And he said, you know, it is actually, oh, this is lie, he says.† This is where it came from.† And he hated the Masons like you wouldnít believe.† He was a survivor of the concentration camps, and then he said to me, this is where it comes from.† He said, of course, he says, Mithra is the Roman Catholic Church.† And he says, the Zarathustrians became the Hebrews.† And I said, well, how can we prove this to the people?† Well, we spent a lot of time speaking at the universities here, and then one day, he said, well, so long as nobody else finds out, and so he had a basement, like, better than most museums.† And so, there was stuff that we went through, and lo and behold, like about two and a half, three months later, and we still donít know whether the university did it, whether the Masons gave orders to do it, or the Jesuits.† We donít know who did it.† But this man nearly died in his house, because his house went up ablaze.† And we lost, of course, he was luckily, he was not in the house.† That was the lucky thing, but it burnt.† It was so well done, that it burnt right into the ground.† And it was just, it was just, you know, and he just sat in the car and he cried.† He was a broken person after.† But he said, at least you know.† I said, yes.† I know.† But at the same time we want to put it somehow as a historical fact, because Rome tells that the Zarathustrians are not older than four or five thousand years.† These people that were sitting there with their very old parchment and copper pasted together scrolls, they showed that where it went, how theyíd hide out in India, how they did hide out in Kashmir, today Kashmir, and what happened.† How they were pursued through Egypt, and how thousands of them already, 7000 years were slaughtered.† But they said the Hebrews came out of the ancient Zarathustrian way, and that they were hassled around and that they lost their original writings.† And that is what Rabbi Comari said.


Hour 2


Hehpsehboah: Now, when we look at this kind of corruption and hatred to humanity upon this planet, then we need to come somewhere where we can help people to stand up for the truth, because we canít let this continue so that they use their fireballs, so that theyíre going to do their nuclear crap and their earthquakes, and of course, HAARP, right?† Because then people will never be able to come out of it and have a life in the future.† All their children and grandchildren become slaves.† Isnít that right, Alan?


Alan: Thereís no doubt.† As I say, at the Loyola meetings, I think theyíve had two now, the world science committees have met, discussing the very near future, where after the identity card with its active chip will come literally an inserted chip into the brain.† And they said at the meeting, and this is sponsored by the American Department of Commerce.† So, the taxpayers funded this meeting.† And they had geneticists there.† They had the microchip specialists from all over the world.† This stuff is ready to go.† They had regional computers, they said, regional supercomputers set up, across the planet, to handle everyoneís chips.† And they said there would be no longer you, you, individuality will disappear, and it will be more like the hive.† It will be impossible for an individual to even perceive of themselves as a distinct separate individual from others.† Thatís already set up to go.† All they have to do now they said is convince the public to take it through a series of terror, etc.† Weíre going through a reign of terror right now, coming from governments.† And they said, theyíll promote it through cartoons, kindergarten, school, through novels, movies, and so on, as a positive thing to have.† And sure enough, thatís all coming out now, even through the cartoons.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but when you say this, and we look at it, then we also have to step back, because their intent is to preserve New Zealand and Australia.† Did you ever check out the cost of immigrating to Australia?† You have to be a millionaire to go there.†


Alan: Well, I know too that the US set up one of their continuity of government installations underground in Australia.† They began that in the 90s.† And before all this happened, of course, because they knew what was coming.† And thereís these huge military bases in Australia set up.† Pine Gap is one of them.† They also have a HAARP facility there, a US HAARP facility and a biological warfare department facility there too.† So, yeah, Australia has been chosen as one of the possible refuges theyíll go to, depending on the sequences of events theyíre going to bring into play.


Hehpsehboah: Well, I tell you in my, in my prophesy and we have said there, that yes, Australia is going to be the major place that they have calculated and set up as a safety place.† Thatís Australia.† I also told them, these wonderful beings that want to control and destroy humanity, that all these underground cities, and all these under ocean places, that they have built, these cities of glass under the ocean, on the ocean floor, they are about to make the biggest mistake of all time.† We also are well aware and this was when we spoke to First Nations people, who brought us the information from the Elders that live in the Artic, that there are now tropical fish where there should be winter fish.† And that also the dolphins from Florida, instead of going where they always go to warm waters and they move onward, they are in great distress, theyíre upset and they are swimming north.† Okay.† So, then we are looking, because I have some friends who are from India, and I have also some friends from the Philippines, in deep in the mountains there.† And these friends from the Philippines, deep in the mountains, they send me in 1988, í89, they send me a very large yellow envelope with all kinds of symbols, and all kinds of stuff, and there wasnít a living soul who could read it.† So, I sat down, and I said, okay, well, Iíll keep looking at the symbols, and then hear what I get.† And they warned for the manufacturing of UFO-like vehicles that the United States of America had built for transportation also off of this planet.† And that they were going to make calculations that they would take the top whatever honchos off the planet while they throw the planet into its polar shift.† Does that make sense to you?


Alan: It makes sense.† Again, nothing that happens today wasnít written about a long time ago by the high secret societies.† And even though they write everything in various codes and quatrains like youíll have Nostradamus for instance with his secret codes and quatrains.


Hehpsehboah: He was Mason too.


Alan: A very high Mason.† And even his name is a play on the black lady really, meaning their church.† Thatís what they mean by that.† And itís a play on that term.† But he did mention that the end would come with a silver angel from the East.† And those in the mansion in the sky would look down as the Earth was destroyed.† So, this is an old, old plan.† And the reason itís old is because technology as we know it in level 1 reality, everything that weíre told is new and the latest and the cutting edge is actually antique.† There are three levels of reality coexisting, and the 99% of the public live in level one reality, which is all reinforced by their education and their newspapers and magazines to keep them thinking that weíre on the cutting edge of technology.† Whereas the upper CIA get hold of high-level technology, but not the top stuff, because the bosses at the top wonít even give that to those that help them, who they employ.† So, there are three levels coexisting all the time of technologies.† And we get the bottom end of it.† And itís actually obsolete when we get a hold of it.† So, this doesnít surprise me at all.† The flying saucers have been made for donkeyís years.† And I used to watch them when I was small, and I was studying astronomy when I was five, and I used to watch them at night and plot their courses, and watch the speeds they could take off at, and stop on a dime and do little geometrical patterns in the sky.† So, theyíve been around for a long, long time.† And meanwhile, itís so funny too, when they pull out the latest stealth bomber and tell us this is the latest thing they have, and thatís really obsolete compared with the stuff above that, you see.†


Hehpsehboah:† Yeah, not only that, we know there are paintings that were painted in the 11th, 12th, 13th, 1400s, and you can see these great painters, they painted these UFOs into the paintings.


Alan: And Aristotle too, and Democritus, and a few from ancient Greece, talked about these stars that moved and danced around.† And, so these things have been around for a long time; ancient technology, which is kept hidden from the public.† Itís been around for an awful long time.


Hehpsehboah: But at the same time, these ones in the Philippine mountains, then, when I was in Brazil, and I gave information in Brazil, and some of the people from the little villages would come and they would talk to me, and there was an elderly, an elderly gentleman that was there, and he said to me, he said donít think at this time they will make the same devastation that they did make before.† And he says, because the powers that be in the universe, beyond this here, that they are watching, and he said, it is not going to be the way that they have always have had it.† And thatís what he says.† But, when we look at it, and we look at what is being orchestrated and what you are talking about, we have to take a look, of course, when people go and join the Masons, how long would it take these people before they could discover, what is taking place in their existence, that they can say, okay, well, you know, I am, they all say Iím the third degree, you know.† Which third degree?† You know?† Three-sixty or thirty-third?† You know?


Alan: I know.† Iíve talked to different levels, and some of them in the lower orders, thirty-second downwards, Iíve helped to take them out of it, basically.† But thereís those, the ones much higher, and there are certain rites that they go through where they are, they are in a sense altered.† And I think thereís almost no going back for them.† Because now youíre touching an area which people find uncomfortable, because youíre dealing really with that which is outside the natural, supernatural, and this comes into the much higher orders.†


Hehpsehboah: Well, well, letís tell the people.† Maybe if we really, really went and educated them.† Last Friday I went here, and I said, okay, you know what, because you donít know any better, let us tell you when your first Bible came out, and when this and this and this came out, on the planet, that was for you.† They never talk about what was for them, because her Majesty, the Queen of the Netherlands, if you see the shelves full of hoopla, then you sort of say, oh, whoops.†


Alan: Well, even with, everyone has heard about Adam Weishaupt, and he didnít begin the Illuminati.† He just popped his head up during history and was the fall guy for the whole thing.† The Illuminati has always been here.† But what people donít realize is that Weishaupt went to Germany after he was run out of his own country, and he was given a lifelong pension by Royalty, and Saxe Coburg and part of Germany.† And the Saxe Coburgs, the present Queen of England, her full name is Saxe Coburg Gotha.


Hehpsehboah: Saxon Coburg.


Alan: So, itís the same bunch that put up Weishaupt to do his job, and then they took him in as a refugee and gave him a pension for life.† So, why would the Royalty be apparently pushing something that would be against them?† Well, it wasnít against them.† It was, this is how devious this whole plan is.† They know that, as I say, through conflict, they can change the direction of society, and if society thinks theyíre running away from something, they end up running towards it.† This is how clever this chessboard is.† The checkerboard floor of Freemasonry is a chessboard, the tessellated floor.† And youíll notice even in the corner where the castle is, itís called the rook, and the rook is the home of ravens.† And youíve heard that blurb in last weekís news where theyíve taken the ravens from the Tower of London, the Royal ravens, because they might catch this bird flu, so theyíve taken them indoors until it passes; the story being that if the ravens ever desert the Tower of London, then it would be the end of the Royal Family.† So, itís quite interesting the symbology thatís all in front of us, right now to do with the chessboard, the rookery, thatís the home of ravens, and royalty.† Itís all connected of course.† The black and the white.† The seen and the unseen, you might say.†


But, getting back to Mithra.† I donít know if most people know it, but Constantine just one week before he officially put Christianity up there as an official religion, he was initiated into the higher degrees of Mithraism.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but he wasnít Christian until three days after he croaked.†


Alan: Oh, I know.† I know.† I mean, he really belonged to every society that existed in his day.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, because his wife was heavy duty into witchcraft.


Alan: And Constantine, he believed in an insurance policy, so he joined everything.† He had multiple insurance policies you see.† So, yes.† And after he introduced Christianity for the people, he had a temple built, as all the old Caesars had before him, where the people could go and worship a statue of him as a god.† So, this is the reality of the beginnings of it.† This man was no Christian at all.† Never was.†


Hehpsehboah: No.† Because he was made Christian there days after he croaked.† And that was because his wife was afraid if she didnít do that, then she would go in the tomb with him.


Alan: Well, there you go.† So, that was a posthumous insurance policy, again, on top of the rest.†


Hehpsehboah: (Laughter) Oh, you are good.† You are good.† And ladies and gentlemen, you that are listening, get your little pencil, get your little piece of paper, and if you donít, you will be sorry, because, you are listening to our guest, Alan Watt, researcher, and author, and the website,† Books, and yeah, of course, he has three books here.† And the three books are available, Cutting Through 1: The Androgynous Hermaphroditic Agenda, Cutting Through 2: A Glimpse into the Great Work.† I wonder whose Great Work?† Cutting Through 3: Esoteric Unveiled and Meaning of Revelations in High Occult, well, can we call it High Masonic Tradition?† I mean, itís not that high.† Get with it.† Get it.† And show it to your friends.† Not bad for somebody who was called seriously dyslexic at the age of 12.


Alan: (Chuckle) Yeah.† I think these are our saving graces, actually.† I think thatís what gets us through.† I think if you can look at things in a different perspective than other people.†


Hehpsehboah: Well, you know, they used to not understand it, because I used to look for writing from the right to the left.† And I still do.† When I read something, I have to say, no, no, no, no, no, you know, we have to go that way.† Thatís how they are.† So, weíve got that way.


Alan: Thatís right.† You mentioned before about the underground, underwater bases, which theyíve had for, especially in the Bermuda Triangle, thatís really what was bringing down aircraft.† It was the EMP pulsation from these underground, underwater bases.† And that was what was throwing the dolphins off and beaching themselves.† They knew this all along, you know.† And but, itís funny that Captain Nemo that they gave you in the 6,000 Leagues Under the Sea, or 10,000, or whatever, and Nemo was just Omen backwards, you know.† So, they give you these little things all down through the names of people.† You have to go backwards and forwards with them, because itís highly significant in the occult to read things both ways.†


Hehpsehboah: Isnít that interesting.† What is it that we need to look at more than ever with the Jesuits?† And they seem to be resurrecting themselves, and I am trying, you know, I know some people here, that Iím trying to stir up to bring them to me, all these escapees from the Roman Catholic Church, you know.† Bishops, priests, nuns, you know, I like to say, come here, kitty, kitty, let me talk with you.† You know.† Because Iím sure that there is still power in the masses to turn it around and to bring peace for the people, so long as people are there, theyíre breathing, they have their power, and that they can reason, we can turn it around.† But, the moment they quit, Alan, well, then we did our best, but thatís not good enough.


Alan: I think thereís probably a truth in youíll never get through to all people, because, even though theyíve been brainwashed and conditioned, and theyíve had multiple reinforcements of conditioning, in their life, theyíre also making choices all down through their life.† And I think it was Khrushchev who said that the Americans would be Socialized without realizing it.† And Socialism is perpetual.


Hehpsehboah: I think Communism.


Alan: Thatís what it is.† I mean, Communism is just Socialism in a hurry, you know, itís the same thing.† So, when youíre Socialized or Communized or Sovietized, you accept as a normal thing that youíve got betters above you.† Itís the same as British nobility.† You call them your betters.† So, these better people, these intellectual elites have the right to look after you for your own sake, because weíre too stupid to do it ourselves.† And thatís really what Socialism is.† Until youíre wrapped in cotton wool, and you accept that there are people running your lives, and theyíre more competent than you are.† Theyíre big daddy, big brother, and so, Socialism or Communism is really perpetual childhood.† You accept that youíve got someone above you whoís a real father figure, whoís going to take care of you.† Itís perpetual childhood.† And when that came to the West, as Khrushchev said, he said, the West would go down.† And it certainly is going down.


Hehpsehboah: Oh, and fast.†


Alan: Very fast.† Very, very quickly.† Thatís why the conditioning is so intense right now, through all the media, psychological blurbs we get.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, not only that, most people, when you say that in the newspaper, and even when you now look at CBC with its black and red front, which I think is just as absolutely Communist as it comes, they also no longer allow the ones who have any intelligence, when they say, oh, yeah, post when you agree or disagree.† You know, and so we fire this stuff out at them, you know, all the time.† But at the same time, we know, we sit back and smile and say, it is never going to go there, because they just are as controlled and the ones that seem to be working there now, are just, well, shall we say, people that are out for fun.† There is nothing that is serious for the people at large, and theyíre all being rocked to sleep from all is well is China, while China is burning.


Alan: Yes, it truly is.† In fact, a lot of the Chinese are meant to perish too, because with a world where they donít need all of this mass production, all theyíll need is a small force to produce for the elite thatís left.† They claim that in previous ages, theyíve always had three bases worldwide, where they keep all their high technology and places of refuge, for the elite.† And, of course, theyíve done the same again, and they have these cryogenic labs too, where they have all of the genetic material of all life on this planet, so they could, in their own words, they can reseed this planet if need be.† And these cryogenic institutions, three of them are called Arks.† One of them is in Louisiana, and they even had a blurb on television about it.† Very advanced genetics going on in there.


Hehpsehboah: Norway?


Alan: The space station that they hope to have completed by 2010, and the international space station is ISS, which is a play on Isis, you see.† So, itís all highly symbolic.† And Iím sure theyíll put more genetic material in the space station for survival purposes.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.† And they have also a great underground kind of a kafuffle that they are completing where they are going to keep all the seeds from this planet in safety.† When I, you know, I talk to people Alan, that they should prepare themselves to go out of the way, you know.† And they say, oh, but in North America, all the houses, most all of the houses are made out of wood.† Oh, I have it in my basement.† And I said, you know, I survived World War II, and I tell you, your basement is for the birds.† And they donít believe it.


Alan: I know.† You know, all the fairy tales theyíve given us are Masonic fairy tales for children.† And you have the one about the little pigs and the wolf.† And they build their first one out of straw, their first house, and he blows it down.† And then thereís wood, and of course, that goes as well.† And then itís brick.† And thatís why, in North America, and when I came to North America, the first thing that struck me in the towns and the rural areas, was the very appearance of how temporary everything was.† The electric lines were just strung overhead everywhere.† Everything was sort of matchbox and thrown up.† And I thought, you know, it would take nothing to dispose of all of this and return it back to its original state.† So, I knew then that the set up in North America was a sort of temporary thing for the majority of the people.† So, they have their great plans to bring this world into what they call its natural state.† Only, there wonít be so many people around.† And those that are left to do the work will be chipped in the brain.† Theyíll be cyborgs, robots really.† This is their great 1,000 years of peace they keep talking about.


Hehpsehboah: (Laughter)


Alan: The big peace is when weíre all sleeping you see.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.† Peace is when everybody.† Yeah, but you know, in one of my prophecies, I told people, and then there will come these airplanes, and they will drop from these airplanes canisters.† And when the canisters hit the ground, it will put people in a long sleep.† Theyíll not die, but they will all be in a long sleep.† So, people will be unconscious.† When we look at it also from another thing, because we have to deal still with the creation of the Owl Monks, you know, what they chant, the Masons, and the Rosicrucians, and the Buddhists, you know.† They chant this Om, you know.† Watch out because that chant is very hypnotic, and it is setting them up in a vibration that they can easily be rocked to sleep when they send it out through their computers and televisions and radios, because they have been so used, because they have been programmed for so many years since Blavatsky, that that is the sound they should be listening to.† You know, because all these poor suckers, you know, with their channeling, these New Agers, you know.† Oh, I channeled, Kurtumi.† I said, you?† You donít have a clue.† I said, that word Kurtumi, that was her father, he was very high up in the Masonry, and he paid the spreading of channeling and all that other hullabaloo.† Oh, no, oh no.† Helena Blavatsky.† I said, you know something, you need to wake up, I said, because you have been had.† You have been programmed for your demise, and here you are.† But we also need to understand that many of these people belong to the Unification Church and the Mormon Church, that theyíre all fabrications the same as the Roman Catholic Church, and everything that broke off of it, including the Muslim.† They need to wake up that they are being set up against each other to kill each other, to destroy each other, because they controlled it before.† Protestant versus Catholic, and then, Protestant and Catholics versus the Jews and now it is Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Muslims, they are killing.† And, oh, yeah, letís throw in for good measure the Hindus in, and they donít know where all these Zarathustrians are.† Theyíre not too many left, but we may see if we can throw them in too, when bomb Iran and the rest of the Middle East, and all the stuff will travel over to India.† Because, when they tell humanity, that they are only three to five thousand years old, they have to have their heads shaken, because outside of India, we have a whole beautiful continent of beautiful city under the water.† When we go to Japan and we go and do some deep sea diving, we see these chunks of the beautiful continent of Atlantis.† And I think the people of Atlantis became too advanced, and they had the power to stand up to them, but they were too late.† Thatís why they were bombed into smithereens.†


Alan: Well, I know that technologies are really so ancient, advanced technologies.† Nikola Tesla did not get this from simple inspiration as he went along grimacing.† He jumped whole sequences of discoveries to make the final product.† So, he knew, he was sent out to do what he was doing.† Even his name, Tesla, is again, a play on the cube.† So, a square cube is an Ashlar in Masonry, so even his name is Masonic.† But weíre living in such an age of confusion, as you know, because this is the Age of Confusion, where thereís so many things out there to distract us and to lie to us and direct us, all in their own directions, so that they can rush through their agenda while weíre all in this state of confusion and fighting with everyone else.† But I think a key to this is within the Catholic Church, because it means universal, because they took all of the old religions that existed to hold an empire together.


Hehpsehboah: Mithra.†


Alan: And what they did was, they call themselves the Universal Church, by copying into them, all of the main parts of religions that existed around them at the time, to become the Supreme one.† And they wrote into their own books, the keys, the keys of heaven would be given to Peter, really.† In other words, they are the only ones authorized to bring in this system at the end.† And the Catholic Church is well suited to bring in the New Age, with all of its present philosophies that theyíre rehashing again.† Theyíve put Mary up to the top again, the Queen of Heaven, you know.


Hehpsehboah: Semiramis.


Alan: Yeah, thatís right.† So, the Catholic Church are so well suited to bring in all the other religions after intense warfare, back into a New Age, you see.† And Iím sure they will do.† No one else has the power or the finances to do it.† But they certainly do.


Hehpsehboah: But we still at the same time, you know, Alan, have to come to this great place where we get more than enough people out on this planet to wake up, that they are going to help to spread the information, and not shrug it off, and then say, now the people are back to have power, and then to go and say, okay, weíre going to find a way before you bomb us all to death, to stop you.


Alan: And inject us with poisons, and all the other nice things that the United Nations Department of Population Control...† You never hear about that Department.† Itís there, but you always hear about the propaganda of the troops, you know, helping the children in all these countries, but really, the United Nations, it is at the moment, the front for this elite, who want to bring down the populations of the planet, and theyíve discussed many times using inoculations to do it.† I think theyíve been doing it since at least the fifties.† And theyíve stepped it up now, until the average child has about 20 inoculations before theyíre two.† So, theyíve been stepping it up.† Theyíre doing it.† Itís not just a matter of talking about it, theyíre actually doing it.† And they canít tell the children, because it will terrify us all, you see, if they tell us the truth.


Hehpsehboah: You know, we tell many people on air here to take their children and themselves, and go to a homeopath and have them reverse the inoculations.† And some people say, oh, no, but they say it is good for me. I say, no, you are set up to either be a zombie for experimentation, or you are being set up to be a continually tool to make money for the drug companies, and the medical profession who sponges off of you.


Alan: Absolutely.† Weíre dealing, as I say, with monsters here, because they donít just talk about things, they actually do it.† And of course the media wonít tell us, because their job is, theyíre an essential arm of government.† They keep us in the Matrix, the low-level Matrix, reality.† And their philosophy in high Masonry is what they call the noble lie.† They have the right to give to the public, they know, the little children down beneath them, the noble lie.† And this is how they rationalize it to themselves that we canít tell the poor little children what weíre really doing to them, because the poor dears wouldnít understand.† And so, but itís all in their interests you see, if we cull them off quietly, and we donít tell them.† And this is the noble lie, they tell us over and over in so many different ways.† They believe that they have the right to do this, being the good shepherds, you see, and we are the timid little sheep.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but you know, when we look at it, Shalom, Good Day, How are You?† And we need to take a look at how we, because, you know, my great concern is, how they are going to expand this warlike action in the Middle East.† And you know, people should understand, when, what is it for to have this high Mason, the Pope of Rome, having the key to Jerusalem.† That bothers me, you know.† And to see how they are manipulating and setting up these people in the Middle East, and to keep inducing so much hatred, so much information, so that they can eventually no longer reason, like when we take it away, because, thatís what they want.† They want to have eventually Jerusalem to themselves.† Because thatís a very, you know, that stone of Mecca that sits there, we have there of course, first the ancient, 1200 years ago, we had the Hindu God, and then after that, we had the worship for Semiramis.† You know where that thing has gone, who knows?† But it was sitting there, somewhere.† And then now, of course, we have it, it is the stone of Mecca, you know, but when we look at it, underneath that stone there is stuff that is much, much, much more interesting that hole they dug and what they built underneath there, is much more interesting.† Now, what my concern is, and you know, I tried, I have friends there, and I have said, I wish, I really wish you should by now know that my prophecies are very precise, and that I want you out of that area.† I want you to leave there.† Please leave there.† Because theyíre all going to make it so, with all their nuclear garbage, theyíre going to kill all of you.† And somebody said, oh, they would never do.† Well, this one guy says, you know, but we have very, very good gas masks.† Huh?† And I said, you know sweetie it doesnít matter if every person in Israel in Palestine, in Egypt, that whole area had gas masks, I said, what they are doing, the agenda is horrendous.† Please listen to me.† And you know, it was like before World War II.† I pleaded with people.† As small as I was, my father was a mouthpiece.† And you know, my motherís family said, she doesnít know.† Sheís too small.† She doesnít know what sheís talking about, and it will never happen to us, because we are all good people.† And off they went, never to be seen again.† And today, we want the people to wake up and to be empowered, and to say, ďNo.† It must stop here.Ē† Because what is the future of Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Colona, whatís it called here, Tuwassan, and so forth, this whole area.† And it, without a doubt, it is as Masonic as it comes.†


Alan: I know.† Well, people are so disconnected today from their own ancestry, the people from the past, and those still to come, because itís the ďMe GenerationĒ.† Itís been drummed into them.† Live for today, think of yourself, enjoy yourself.† Just be happy.† You know.† Donít worry, be happy, goes the song.† And they donít care about, theyíre disconnected from the past and the future.† They become terribly selfish in this way, and theyíve been trained this way.† Every ad on television reinforces this with smiling faces.† Just buy things and be happy.† This advice is not to be a full person.† To be a complete person you have to go through all stages of emotion to understand the fullness of yourself, and also, that thereís a happy equilibrium, and itís in between the two states, the opposing states of elation and even despair at times, that you start to think, and you get a spiritual insight into things and a connectedness to things, which you donít get if youíre in a constantly elated frame of mind.†


Hehpsehboah: What do you know, Alan, what do you know, chauffer, a question for the guest, please.† What do you know about the RU486 Abortion Pill?


Alan: Oh, are you for sex, yeah.† Thatís what itís played on, are you for sex.† And sure, thatís basically the morning after pill they call it now, for the youngsters.† And I understand theyíre giving it, the parents donít even need to know whatís happening, regardless of the age of their child.† Itís the childís responsibility and the doctorís to abort right after conception.† Itís the, you might call it the Kleenex tissue of the results of intercourse.† Itís pretty disgusting.† Weíve reduced life to this, you know, brief thrills, and the consequences be damned.† There are consequences for actions in life, and once again, remaining in a state of perpetual childhood, it doesnít help things.† It exasperates this.† Weíre becoming dehumanized so quickly.† In fact, many people are giving up their ability to be human you might say.† Many will take the brain chip when it comes along, because they donít want the burden of having to think for themselves.† Itís a burden to many people.† They just want to have fun and be happy.† But theyíre turning us, theyíre making us what the elite are themselves.† Theyíre anti-human, you see.† Theyíre anti-human.†


Hehpsehboah: Well, they have done that with the television, with all the bloody war shows, and all the other hatred that they are beaming out into peopleís living rooms, you know, wherever they are.† And also, what I found very heartbreaking to see, that, and this was today, here in Canada, when somebody said, well, you know, youíre all wrong when you say that we should not be in Afghanistan.† I said, no.† I said, Afghanistan didnít make war with anybody.† You know, Afghanistan didnít do anything to anybody.


Alan: Well, itís interesting that Mr. Kissinger, the man who also signed the bill when he was up there with Nixon, he put forth a bill which stated that the number one threat to the nation, the state, America, the number one threat was overpopulation.† And he put forth the funding to find ways to depopulate people, and thatís where the AIDS project came, the HIV project came from is the sweet Mr. Kissinger, and Mr. Kissinger, not so long ago in an interview, admitted that yes, he and his friends were behind, the initial creation of a fundamental Islam in Afghanistan, to start to push against the Russians, knowing that the Russians would then invade Afghanistan.† So, they would set up these extreme Muslims and in would come the Russians, and thatís exactly what happened.† This was a chess game, played in advance, and planned in advance by the Kissingers of this world.† And of course, weíre seeing the offspring of them today.† Many of the so-called radical ones, they were getting books dropped by aircraft from American planes to teach them how to be fundamental extremists in their own religion.† America created that, not themselves.†


Hehpsehboah: No, because at one time they just lived their life, and there was not such a thing, but now we have amongst these people so much hatred towards one group to the other, and then we are creating this hatred, and you know, when you look at it, itís really comical, even though very sour, because the Americans pulled out of Afghanistan and said, well, here Canada, you can have it now.


Alan: Yeah, thatís right.


Hehpsehboah: You can do the dirty work, you know.† We stirred up the people in such a sense of hatred and confusion, and they canít read that it says, this is Canada, and we are peacekeeping, because weíre the peacekeeping.† And so, we are seeing that these people are coming more and more in a state of well, as you know, we might be just having an artificial 911 very soon.†


Alan: Thatís right.† Thatís absolutely right.


Hehpsehboah: And so we can then have the people here blame all these people, you know, from.† Well, you know, after all, you did it didnít you?† No, we didnít.† Yes, you did.† You got involved.† And if you get, if you get somebody to create you a 911 for the sake to get the whole populace in such a state of stupid fear, when there was nothing to fear, because it was from within, then you have it made.† Because then, weíre going to have all this hatred within your own borders, race hatred.† As we have never seen in this country before, because we didnít have such a large population.† And out of the nowhere, we now have a serious problem as they say, with crack cocaine, because the crack cocaine is so dangerous that we are going to go and kill people in their houses.† Break into cars.† No, no.† That is what you created to create fear amongst the people.† And so far, Canada also allows same sex marriage. The weapon of Afghanistan is drugs.


Alan: Oh, yeah.† Well, Canada too has also led the world, since World War II, in the field of bacteriological warfare, little quiet Canada. And Canada spearheaded this whole thing, prior to World War II.† And the great Mr. Banting, as we know, was set up as the great discoverer of insulin, was heavily involved in creating diseases to wipe out the whole of the German people.† He created a disease which could rot the brains of cattle, and eventually those that ate the cattle, which sounds suspiciously like the so-called Creutzfeldt-Jakobís syndrome.† And Canada led the world in the whole field of viral mutations for warfare purposes.† Lymeís disease was created here and dropped out in Alberta.† And thatís where it spread into the States.†


Hehpsehboah: That Monchessa area is full of it.†


Alan: Thereís a book out called Deadly Allies, written by a Toronto Star Reporter, with declassified information from the Canadian government, that shows you all of this.† And underneath the nice, pristine snows of Canada lies some very dirty work, believe you me.†


Hehpsehboah: You know, when we look at this, and we know, these poor people wherever they are, and they need to come to a realization, we met somebody today that we talk to.† And he said, no, he did not have his children vaccinated.† No, he didnít. And I said, well, if you were vaccinated yourself, you need to go to a homeopath and reverse it.† Because they are going to use viruses that they will let loose in the atmosphere that will trigger off that garbage that is in the body of these vaccinations.†


Alan: These vaccinations are so perfected that a reporter who went to the Porton Downs English bacterial warfare facilities and sat amongst the scientists, he said that they talked so calmly at breakfast, as though you were talking about pruning the gardens.† And they were talking about race-specific viruses, trigger viruses, viruses they could inject into people that would lie dormant and have a trigger come along many years down the road.† Even through catching a cold or a flu, could trigger it, with the right type of cold or flu virus.† And they had viruses which could spread across a whole continent and only reproduce so many times, so they could predict the time it reached the end of the continent, it would stop reproducing.† Theyíre so perfected, like nano-technology.† And this was written back in the early 90s.† Half a page in the British, two pages in the British newspaper.† So, theyíre so far ahead with all of this, itís not happenstance potluck type thing.† They know exactly what theyíre doing, and they have these specialized weapons to do it.†


Hehpsehboah: Well, the previous Pope, Alan, said that vegetarians were evil.† (Laughter)


Alan: Yeah.† Well.† The Popes would since their long lineage is quite interesting when it comes to blood and meat.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, so are the Masons, you know.


Alan: Thatís right.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, after all.† Ladies and Gentlemen.† Sunday, March the 12th, for goodness sake, tell your friends, your family, hang in there, and heís coming back.† Take your little pieces of paper and your pencils, and of course, we want you to go, and in the meantime, get his book, because if we get you educated to the point, then we can open the line, and then you can intelligently discuss what you have read.† And you can intelligently spread it to other people.† So, one more time, wherever you are listening.† Our guest, Alan Watt, researcher and author, website† Books.† Three books are available, Cutting Through 1: The Androgynous Hermaphroditic Agenda, Cutting Through 2: A Glimpse into the Great Work. Cutting Through 3: Esoteric Unveiled and Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition.† Very quick, Alan, so they get the taste of it, the meaning of the Esoteric Unveiled in the Revelations of the Masonic, and of course, Catholic Church.† And people donít know that that bathtub, that gilded bathtub in the Popeís apartment, has, of course, all the astrological signs.


Alan: Yeah, I know.† George Bush Sr. mentioned it in his speech on New World Order.† And he said that everything is going to the heavenly plan, meaning the Constellations etc, were the greatest time clock there is.† And every one of the constellations has a specific meaning and purpose to high Freemasonry.† Way above the normal astrology and so on.† These are purpose times.† These are parts of their agenda, where each specific purpose of each Constellation comes into play.† And they will make it come into play, themselves.† And so, weíre going into Aquarius, their peace and understanding, when they kill most of us.† And itís also the Hermaphroditic period, where theyíll bring forth a new type of creature to be the next type of slave, the perfect hermaphrodite, the unification of male and female you might say.


Hehpsehboah: When we look at this, Alan.† One more time, to all of you that are out there, and I just saw it, you knowÖ(lists names of chat room users)Ö.come and get for darn sakes educated.† If you want to know, want to grow up, want to protect yourself, then youíre going to be here, Sunday, March the 12th, at 11pm to 1am Eastern Time.† And you are going to go and be smart and get his books.† Start to talk about it.† Start to educate your friends, your family, your neighbors, and stop the train of death and destruction, because they are stepping it up, so donít step down, step up, for the love of humanity, for the love of this planet.† Do not let them do it again, because they can let off some of these fireballs, and what do the fireballs do, Alan?


Alan: Well, they can destroy one hell of a large area.† And they can certainly change the atmosphere very quickly.† They could actually burn the whole atmosphere, according to Tesla.† Thatís why he stopped his experimentations, the atmosphere superheated could catch fire literally.†


Hehpsehboah: So, how difficult is it for us to get these people to listen?† And how many places will we educate them that they can use, and can create to be safe?† Because, many people ask, and they say, well, itís fine that you are talking about this, but places of safety and ideas of safety for when they go crazy to kill as many as they possibly can.† And thatís why people want to be in the know, right?


Alan: Thatís right.† Itís important to understand now, and make preparations for whatís coming down.† Those that are caught at the end, when the supermarkets close, etc, will be in a terrible frenzy, and actually, people will go mad.† Thereís no doubt about it.† You donít want to be around people in big cities and towns when all of this starts going down.†


Hehpsehboah: Tuppance says, this does not seem to be a problem.† Staying alive is going to be a difficulty, but not if youíre in the know.†


Alan: If youíre in the know, and you have the right people around you, you can get through anything.†


Hehpsehboah: So, get in touch with us.† Get and pull up your boots, and get ready to get in touch, because, it is not hopeless as some of you seem to be thinking.† There is power in being in the know.† Right, Alan?


Alan: Oh, absolutely.† Absolutely.† Itís much, much, much, much more than simply knowing.† Much more comes with it.† And actually, thereís a lot of freedom being in the know.† Itís the only freedom there is in this world, is being in the know, for sure.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, and you know, those that are in the know are empowered.† It is the poor people like the ones during World War II, World War I, and did you know, Alan, before we go, sweetie, that the Bush family, World War I, World War II, and World War III.† They must be great masters, great powers in Masonry.†


Alan: Oh, yes.† The Burning Bush.†


Hehpsehboah: (Laughter)


Alan: Thatís what it is.


Hehpsehboah: Yes, of course.† The Burning Bush.† And thatís right.† And just for a moment, Alan, weíll speak.† Ladies and Gentlemen.† We thank you.† And we one more time, before we go off the air, tell you, Sunday, March the 12th, at 11pm, 1am Eastern time, and of course Alan Watt, researcher and author, website† Books.† Three books are available, Cutting Through 1: The Androgynous Hermaphroditic Agenda, Cutting Through 2: A Glimpse into the Great Work. Cutting Through 3: Esoteric Unveiled and Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Traditions.† And of course, you want to know the royal bloodlines, and of course, more about Mithra and Semiramis.† You know, never mind, all roads lead from Mithra to Rome.† And everybody else has to watch out, because, yes, you might be on the list to pack it in.† So, donít go and get angry at one another.† Work together, create peace, and stop your hatred of race, creed, and color, because integrity will bring peace.† And with this, we wish you goodnight, and thank you for being you and for being there.† Until we meet again.†


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