March 6th, 2006
Alan Watt as Guest on
Eye on the Future with Hehpsehboah

(2 Hours)
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March 6th, 2006, in your home, at work, and around the world, broadcasting without borders, this is Eye on the Future Radio with Hehpsehboah.† ...The topic for tonightís show: disclosures that will rock your boat, a special guest for ostriches and those wanting to be in the know.† Returning tonight, Hehpsehboahís very special guest, Alan Watt, researcher and author.† Visit Alanís website, at


Hehpsehboah: And, of course, well, Alan, I have to share something with you.† And itís so nice that you are here, and that you are giving these wonderful people, the ostriches of course, maybe, shall we say a slap in the feathers, maybe theyíll pull their heads out of the sand.† Well, I went out and went to the very large supermarkets, where I know one of the assistant managers, floor manager, whatever.† And I said, ďHey, Brian.† I want to talk to you for a minute.Ē† ďOkay,Ē he says.† ďLetís get out of the wind.Ē† I said, ďOkay.Ē† So, he said, ďHow are you doing?Ē† I said, ďWell, still doing the same.Ē† And I said, ďI want to ask you.† I said, ďOh, you move from this side to that side of the store, because that is the only entrance for the public to get into the store.Ē† I said, very soon, I think you will install some equipment here, most likely sort of, shall we say to track the little ducks that come buy groceries here.Ē† I said, ďLittle cards with all their ID from fingerprints to voice and whatever.Ē† And I said, ďOh, would Alan ever love that.Ē† He had a terrific jolt, but not a jolt as if he hadnít known it.† He looked a little bewildered.† And he says, ďWell, thereís nothing I can do about it.† I only control whatís on the shelves between these four walls.Ē† There you are.


Alan: Yeah, theyíve all got their answer when it comes to their paycheck.† And thatís the problem with this system, is itís all based on money.† Everyone is dependent on the system, because theyíve given no one an alternative.† And thatís why they can rationalize it to themselves.† Iím just doing my job.† How many times has that been said down through history?† Iím just doing my job.


Hehpsehboah: Yes, but when we know out and out the agenda thatís there, but not many people are as informed as you are of the time that they actually are going to say, now, enough, enough already.† And a friend, whoís out there, and who had children in school, which they took out of the school system. And other people who still have their children in the school system, how dangerous is it for these people to maintain their children in school?


Alan: Well, I think one of their main experts, of course, that experimented with the experimental schools, back in the early 1900s was Lord Bertrand Russell.† And he spoke on behalf of the elite, and hereís where Communism and Fascism come together as one, because it is one.† Lord Bertrand Russell, who was related to the British Royalty and so on, he said we had always thought weíd have to remove the children completely from their mother at birth, and have the state bring them up in order to change the system and bring them into the new society, as they termed it then.† They said, but with experimentation, if we can have the child from kindergarten, from the age of two through scientifically induced indoctrination, he said, the parentsí input on morality or old-fashioned ideas will be null and void on the child.† In other words, it would be more economically feasible to keep the parents paying for the child, bringing them up, but with the scientific indoctrination they would get at a very young age, then the childís mind would belong to the state.†


Hehpsehboah: When you say thisÖ


Alan: He wrote that in 1920.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but when you say this, and we know also some interesting being who tried this out in the Soviet Union, right?†


Alan: Thatís right.†


Hehpsehboah: And the end result was that in the Soviet Union, the people rebelled and the people went and said these state-run stores, they went in and shoplifted like there was no tomorrow.† They didnít want to work the fields.† They didnít want to do anything that had no adventure for people left in it.


Alan: Thatís right.† And thatís what was the downfall, really of the Soviet system.† They knew they were slaves in a sense, and the State was a farce.† Whereas in the West, they kept telling us, well, weíre free, and we believed it.† And that you can make it one day if you just chase that carrot, you know, called making it.† And so we didnít know we were slaves, a better type of slave.† And therefore, their indoctrination worked much better.† If you know youíre a slave you donít put your heart into anything you do.† And that was the difference.†


Hehpsehboah: Now, when we look at what is going to happen, because you could see this fellow knew that it is on the way, and these conglomerates are, what do you call that?† Renovating their stores, and we say these people, it looks like a Soviet, Communist, conspiracy, this store.† And they sort of look at you.† But what is it that we can give these people, like we also, as you know, when you know, like the First Nations people, who were way, way up north, who have gone missing.† And there was not a trace.† Not one trace of these good people that fished that water, you know, from generation to generation, and they raised their children there, and thereís not a trace of boat or anything.† So, they must have seen something pretty important for them to have taken them and to disappear.† But at the same time, isnít this so, Alan, that our First Nations people that know that there are entrances into the earth, like here in Nelson, British Columbia, outside of Nelson in the forest there is the amazement, there is a great big two-lane highway that come out of the ground, coming out of nowhere.† But the people that are off that highway, no one understands them.†


Alan: Yes, I know.† And the same is up in North Ontario, the same thing happened with some Indian hunters that chased something into a clump of bush, and they found an air vent coming up, something like a shipís air vent, with a sort of walking stick shape.† And they found a manhole cover and opened it, and looked in, and there were two sets of railroad tracks underneath there.† And then they noticed the cameras, so they got out pretty quickly.† So, these underground railroads basically, who knows how many of them there are.† I think they have probably all the major cities interlinked, really.† I know that the Rand Corporation, it was even in Popular Science a few years ago, they showed you one of these machines that looked just like the one from Journey to the Center of the Earth, back in the 1920s.† A huge machine, which can go five miles per hour through any kind of rock, 24 hours a day, and it creates such heat and friction, it literally melts the rock around it, and then the rock petrifies behind it, leaving a smooth, hardened tunnel surface.† And theyíve had these machines for many years.† And they are working full-time.† But the Rand Corporation, apparently, itís such a Top Secret project.


Hehpsehboah: But, also we know that this is not the first time that the so-called powers that be have gone underground, because there are these types of tunnels and underground, they say literally Talus type residences, under the ground in Brazil.† We know that they are in Turkey, that you can, underground cities, and things like that.† So, the people have memories of the previous nuclear type of setup and attacks where people did hide out, or where people did go.† And, at the same time, the powers that be, you know, like under London England, right, and under Paris.


Alan: Under New York, too.†


Hehpsehboah: Under New York too?†


Alan: Yes.† I got some old newspaper clippings when they were putting in some of the subways, the early subways, and they came across this incredible labyrinth of tunnels under New York City.† And Iíve got some of the original newspaper clippings from then.† So, this is, itís quite a surprising old planet, you know, once you get into it.† And these are official newspapers at the time.†


Hehpsehboah: And of course, we know this whole setup in Colorado, and actually from Colorado to the White House, it was across from the White House apparently, not too far from there, there is a very large hotel with dining room, and some reporter told me a long time ago, by accident ended up in the wrong elevator.† And the elevator took him underground.


Alan: Yes, this is an old, old trick.† In fact it was the Greek historian Herodotus, right around 350BC who was in Egypt, and he talked about, he wrote about it, how the Egyptians gave him a partial tour of the underground tunnels underneath Egypt.† And he said they went on for miles, you know.† So, this is an ancient dodge.† And thatís why of course they could also bring armies up behind invaders, and they appeared out of nowhere, and of course, theyíre popping up from the ground.† And so these dodges have been going on for such a long, long time, itís just incredible.† You know, even all the mining diseases that we know of today, like asbestosis, those terms were used by the Egyptians and the Romans.† So, they knew all the diseases.† So, mining is an incredibly old, old industry.† Very old industry.†


Hehpsehboah: Alan, what is it that we need to sort of, because I think if we keep on ringing the bell, and sometimes, and I know you do a lot of ringing of the bells everywhere else, and we do a lot of ringing of the bell, and yet, at the same time, donít you have the feeling that these people donít know, donít want to know, or that they have their heads in the sand.


Alan: Yes, oh, yes.† Many of them choose not to know.† And thatís the Socialist mentality.† A trained Socialist mindset of perpetual childhood, which they said theyíd do.† They said theyíd bring in the world that people would be trained to believe they were run by experts.† And thatís happened.† Most people canít think without an expertís opinion.† And in fact, even bringing on the weather stations, you know the news channels and weather stations, experts on whatever, changing a babyís diaper, you name it.† So, thatís the end product of Socialism.† Socialism is perpetual childhood, where you do accept, as a matter of course, that you have these expert betters as they call them in England.† Mind your place, and know your betters.† These betters are running your affairs for you, because youíre just too dumb and stupid and inefficient to do it yourself.† And so, basically, thatís what we have today.† People truly believe that theyíre being run efficiently, and itís mainly illusion, of course.† But that has happened.† So, some choose not to know.† The New Age has been a big factor in this, because the New Age Movement, they depended upon the New Age Movement since they created it.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, and Helena Blavatsky.


Alan: And thatís what they did.† They had all these gurus going around, giving courses and seminars and writing books.† You know, limitless funding for these books.† And theyíre telling people, donít hang around negative people.† Hang around positive people, who only say nice things and happy things.† Donít worry, be happy, and of course, thatís what you have.† Theyíre trained to be egosyntonic and shy away from anything negative which is making you feel bad.† And anything to do with their safety and itís against their safety makes them feel bad.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, and donít tell them the truth.†


Alan: Yeah, just live in a little bubble and youíll be fine.† Nothing will touch you.† Well, you see, thatís what they said theyíd do.† They would remove that part of the brain which gave you your self-defense mechanisms, your self-preservation mechanisms, because to have them working properly, you must have, you must be a sentient, aware being in order to survive.† These people are literally taught not to look at anything nasty.†


Hehpsehboah: When you say that, and we are really, really in saddest state, I think of the last 2000 years.† I think this is a horrendous condition that the world has been artificially pushed towards and pushed into.† And some of these people, and you know, when they talk to them, and they say, oh, but Socialism is no good.† And I say, Communism is what you nearly have. No, we donít!† Yes.


Alan: The amazing thing is, when you look at the official policies, of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is a charter corporation.† Theyíre a front for the British Crown in other words.† And the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the American branch, when you look at their policies, when you compare their policies with those of Communism, with those of Albert Pike of Freemasonry, Freemasonic doctrine, and the Illuminati ones of Weishaupt, theyíre identical.†


Hehpsehboah: Now, when you say this, Alan, when you say that, we need to go to a place where we have to look, because many of the people out there, they think you go to one of those Masonic Lodges, and, you know, that goes to the 12th degree, and some of these people, and you know, which I found very peculiar, because they were there much longer than 3 or 4 degrees, and they said, but I am not the 3rd degree.† And I said, well, wait a minute, is it the 33rd degree or the 360?†


Alan: Yeah, I know.† No, they donít know. They donít know.† Masonry and the reason for the degree system, thereís a need-to-know basis.† And the guy above them cannot tell the one below even what his further rites were in the higher degree.† So, every degree is secret from the one below.† And what it does, it weeds out that they need really, leaves the weeds behind at the bottom, and primarily, if you were a small newspaper man, for instance, in a little town, they would pick you out into the side degrees, youíd go to the Black Lodge, and your fellows in the Blue Lodge, wouldnít even know youíre going there, and you would shoot up much higher, because you have influence over public opinion.† You could be useful.† But if youíre just a Joe Blow, you can stay in the Blue Lodge forever, as most of them do, in the third degree.† So, itís a need-to-know basis.† And when they go up into the Mid-Degrees, up into the 40th degree, life begins at forty.† Thatís when they start to get told the truth.† Thatís a fact.† And thatís also the reason why Hassidic Jews cannot read the Kabala until theyíre forty years of age.† Itís all connected.† Thereís a Mystery Religion behind all the religions, and so life always begins at the 40th degree, you see.† And thatís when they begin to say, we know we told you all this stuff, but thatís rubbish, now hereís the real dope, you know.† And they start to tell them what the real function is.† So, the process as they go up is to find out whoís still stuck in their societal, cultural religion.† And those who can come up and leave their religion behind them, are then coaxed into a form of atheism.† And then, as they go up through the degrees, and theyíre still atheistic, and they prove theyíre atheistic, then they actually get brainwashed into the real religion.† Thatís how it works.† So, they deprogram them from the old religion, turn them into atheists, who are good little hard-working characters, and then they bring them up into the real religion.† And thatís how Freemasonry really works.


Hehpsehboah: How many people would be aware of that?


Alan: Only those who are really up in the higher degrees, or those who have done intensive study into Freemasonry.


Hehpsehboah: Do you believe in shapeshifters?


Alan: Shapeshifters, Iíve seen people change in a sense.† Iíve seen some high Masons change in front of me.† Itís more like a superimposed life over them, really, like a sort of light shape that comes over them.† Itís not a physical type of shape change itself.† And the one who actually changed in front of me had told me that in the higher degrees, which heíd been in, he brought an entity into him.† That was standard at a very high degree.† And thereís a trade-off, of course.† The entity gives them a bit of longevity, definitely gives them incredible physical strength for their age.† But the tradeoff is that it must spend more time in him as the entity itself, so it comes through more often.† Thatís what they believe.† And Iíve seen these people, Iíve seen these things come through individuals personally, Iíve seen, Iíve witnessed it.† So, I canít deny it.


Hehpsehboah: Well, there are amongst First Nations, especially the older First Nations, they all know about shape shifting.† And those who are going out to learn to become medicine men, medicine women, you know, and of course, shamans, they all understand shape shifting as well.† But when you compare what goes on amongst the first nations, and that what goes on in the Freemasonic world.† You know, when they say Free, theyíre really not free when they enter these Lodges, you know.† Are they?†


Alan: No, theyíre not.† In fact, Albert Pike, in his Morals and Dogma book, and that was a Bible for Freemasonry, he states right in there.† He said that every Mason now has a duty.† When you have a duty to something, youíre not free.† It means you are basically like a soldier.† And he also said, he said, make no mistake, he says, Freemasonic doctrine, the Freemasonic doctrine is a religion.† It is a religion.† For those Masons who say no, itís not, it is a religion, you know.† And their Pope of Masonry said so in his own book.† So it is a definite religion.† And the higher degrees, what happens is, the candidate is brought on to a sort of platform, in the presence of the higher ones, the higher adepts, and a light will literally encompass this square floor, this raised floor, and theyíll be totally enclosed in this brilliant, blinding light.† It makes a pyramid shape.† And all they can see, apparently, are the two sets of eyes, of the two guys who escort the candidate, the higher candidate, and you see two pairs of red eyes.† And then, as they all chant their little chants and so on, because they do have their own hymns, then the candidateís eyes start to glow red as well.† And thatís all they see is the three pairs of eyes.† And thatís part of what they claim is bringing in a higher entity that brings them closer to godhood.† And Iíve had that same thing described to me from different High Masons who are unconnected from each other, in different parts of the country.†


Hehpsehboah: When you go here there is a very large lodge in Vancouver, and on their second or third floor, I think itís the third floor, they have rooms there, like French-looking rooms, some of them.† And in the one room, they have this gigantic coffin, and youíre going to laugh, because Iím very nosy.† And there was a time that that place rented out the downstairs hall.† And people would go and hold things, like where people would come and read poetry, or people would come and all kinds of stuff, like innocent stuff.† Well, I was there too, but I wanted to see what the rest of the building looked like.† So, I made the journey in the elevator. †


Alan: You were elevated.


Hehpsehboah: I definitely was elevated, because I got out of the elevator and I opened doors, and I looked inside, and I said, oh, wow.† Look at this.† And there was one coffin, and it looked like a wax body in there.† And then there was another coffin, a really big one, and that was empty.† And I said, no, I said, you know, you can hear in ancient times the people did ceremonies, you know, here youíre born, and there youíre dead, or whatever or youíre reborn.† Whatever.† But at the same time.† And I said, oh, wow.† And I looked in the room, nosy me, shouldnít maybe have gotten in there, but I did.† And there was in the right-hand corner, there was a statue, part man, part animal, and the statue, of course, it had red eyes.† And I said, oh, I wonder whether they plug that thing in at night.† And I said, oh, you see, you know, better get going, because I did hear footsteps on the other floor.† I said, I better get out of here, when the getting is good.


Alan: Thatís right.† When I was small, a friend, a friendís sister was getting married.† And the father was a member of the Lodge.† And of course, the Lodge loves to have weddings in their other main banqueting halls.† And while the father was drunk, he first put his son up to the big keyhole, at eye level, at adultsí level, that is.† He lifted him up and let him look through the hole, and I got a turn.† And I saw it, of course, I saw this stepped pyramid, and then this pipe coming down from the ceiling with the big eye on it, and thatís where the Grand Master sits, in the East, of course, representing the sun.† And I said, well, whatís under those sort of rugs which were over this little stepped pyramid, and he said it was bones, you see.† But, yeah, they have all these strange rituals.† But at the same time, the rituals are written in every religion.† Every major religion has the same esoteric meanings contained within.† Thatís why Masonry is worldwide.† And of course, when they are raised from the dead, this is the key to it.


Hehpsehboah: That is the coffin, of course.


Alan: Thatís right.† In other words, theyíre raised from the dead, representing the general population.† Thatís what it means.† Youíve never lived until you now come into the family, the global family, you see, of brotherhood, then you have been classed as the dead.† So, you go through this raising of the dead.† Youíll see that the actual initiation carried out in the opera, I think even in Canada you can get a copy through any library of Stratford, the Stratford Company, the opera Gilbert and Sullivan.† And I saw that when I was small, and I knew what it meant then.† And Gilbert and Sullivan in the 1800s did the Pirates of Penzance, and in the opening scenes, you see that, the young apprentice with his pant leg rolled up, his chest exposed, and all the rest of it.† And they go through all the motions.† And through all the comedy, heís actually giving the passwords, etc, back to the captain, and then they put him on a black pirateís flag with the skull and bones, representing the coffin, and then they toss him up into the air three times.† That was him becoming third degree.† So they do this right in front of our faces, even in comedies, you know.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but if they do like, when they do it like this, the masses that are out there, they donít know, and they donít click in, right?† They, they, and this is what, but the others, so when you look at that, then you know that the thing was really written for them.


Alan: Yes.† And you even have the language.† I mean, Masons call themselves Widowís Sons.† And thatís why you have in the Old Testament, you see, the rules are all in the Old Testament for part of the world.† And as I say, every other religion has it written the same.† But they look after the widow and the widowís child.† So, the Masons call themselves the Widowís Children.† And in Pirates of Penzance, they call themselves orphans, and thatís the big chuckle, joke all through the thing, is they call themselves orphans.† So, itís the same.† Everything is tongue in cheek.† But itís right out in your face, really.† Behind every religion or within every religion thereís the same esoteric tradition through them all.


Hehpsehboah: Itís amazing when you are saying this, and you look at what is out there, and how many people do really investigate that they look before they leap and they donít, because if you start to investigate the Mormon Church, you get chills.†


Alan: Yes.† As I say, the Electi, are the Elect of the Mormons.† The male members, if theyíre chosen into the Elect, then they go through the same rituals during that, ceremony as all Masons do, with the same passwords, and they put on their little Apron.† Funny enough, in the Pirates of Penzance, they called the ship the HMS Pinafore.† Pinafore is the Apron, you see.† So, everything is, I knew this stuff growing up.† I watched it and could see what it meant, you know.† And Iíve always been surprised when other people had to have it pointed out to them, because most people donít really, I donít really, they take everything at face value, and they donít question, you know.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but that is how most people have been programmed.† Have they not.† Donít ask questions.† Donít, you know, just be a follower, right.† Thatís how they are trained from small, oh, you have to follow because the priest or the preacher or whatever, just follow me.† And they never give these people any power.† And it is the same with the New Age Community.† You have all these people out there, they have the power, and these little people, you know, and they are little because they donít question, they sit there, and well, you know, they are good sheep, because they sit there, somebody says, now we meditate, and they shut their eyes, and they sit there, and they Om away, but never, never asking, what are you doing to me?† And I told the people, I said, you know, when they do that they are brainwashing you.† They are putting you in a hypnotic state so that you become the perfect follower.


Alan: Yes.† Not only that, theyíre actually using physical sciences along with it, because I think you probably know of Dr. Nick Begich, who brought out the book, Angels Donít Play this HAARP, on the HAARP technology.† Well, he was on the CBC television in Canada, on the Wendy Mesley show, and I taped it, because I knew it would never be on again.† And he had all these gizmos on the table, and he told Wendy Mesley to stand in a corner, he pointed it at her, and she heard music in the center of her head.† And he said, I could have just as easily have put words in the center of your head.† And he said, this stuff is obsolete.† The CIA were using this back in the 1950s, little handheld remote sized things.† Further, these transcendental meditation classes really the CIA were behind it for America, and MI6 were behind it for Britain and Canada and in Australia.† They were putting these gizmos in the walls of these meditation rooms.† And when they were told theyíd have their little religious experience, sure enough they were guaranteed to have it, because they were using this technology on them.† And they would hear a voice in the middle of their head, God or whoever, you know.†


Hehpsehboah: God, or whoever.


Alan: Thatís right.† Itís probably the IBM Company.† Thatís what was getting used on them.† And all these forms of mind control, the history of it, we find the same special agencies, CIA are behind it.† Jonestown, we know that Ronald Reagan, he was the first man when he was governor of California to authorize that Jones and his group went through the mental hospitals to do mental healing on the patients.† So, the CIA have been into this mind control for many, many decades.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.† I always thought that it was mind control that created the disaster there.†


Alan: Oh, thereís no doubt on that.† Thereís so much evidence to that.† Absolutely.† So, yeah, this is incredible stuff.† Itís like Plato said, and Plato did lay it on the line, since he was a member of the so-called Mystery Religions of his day.† And he said, he said, all culture is given and authorized from the top down.† He said, if anything started from the bottom, and it wasnít planned, it could have unforeseen consequences and rippling effects.† So all, all these things are authorized from the top down.† And we see that with Blavatsky, with the doors opening to her, with the Templars in England, authorizing her to exist, and do what she was doing, and then the Grand Lodge of England, of course doing the same for her, and then the Grand Lodge of England giving her a Masonic Charter.† These were the big boys.† These were the Secret Service guys behind this.† And it was all mind control, sure.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, and of course, she planted the seed, because her father was very high in the Masonry, Kurtumi, or was it Kurtumi and it was Saint Germane, and of course, the J guy, and a whole bunch that she channels.† And when you go out of the door, you donít have to go very far from the door, and there you have a whole bunch of these confused New Age people, followers.† And they all channel.† And I asked someone, I said, didnít you feel like you were a fraud.† You were doing that.† And this person looked at me and blushed and became uncomfortable.† Yeah, until I came here, you know, I was made to believe that is how it is.† But now I know better.† I will never do that again.† I said, but at the same time, how many of these people have been programmed into this type of horrendous lie and make believe.


Alan: Yes.† And getting back to what we even mentioned last night, was to do with the real meaning of Moses.† Moses represents the illumined man.† Itís not a person as such, an actual historical person.† And the illumined man is the only one allowed to go up the mountain.† You see, the masses, who were slaves, meaning slave mentality, these people had to stay at the bottom, because there was lightning that stopped them from coming up.† And while heís up there getting the law.† And remember thereís a gradient.† Thereís a degreed gradient as heís going up.† Thatís the symbology.† And at the bottom, they make themselves a calf.† The symbology of that is, that those who are base want something physical to worship.† Thatís what it means in the esoteric.†


Hehpsehboah: Alan, isnít this, when we look at this, this come all out of this horrific situation out of Mithra.† And how many of these people, wherever they are listening tonight, have ever come to the realization and when late last night, I donít know whether you saw it, but late last night, they showed Pakistan, and the things that happened to women there.† And I said, well, I said, these are the followers of Mithra.† Women, women had no value.† Women were raped, were tortured.† Women were done, whatever, and were murdered in some parts of India, women are tortured, abused, and burned.† Theyíre doused in the gasoline and get rid of them.† And we know that this is happening.† And I have some beautiful people from a Muslim community, and they came, and they said, well this is how it really is.† I said, well, isnít it time that you come out of your diapers into your maturity, and that you are going to help these women and these young girls who are out there, who have no hope, to change this all around, and to bring humanity and equality.† I said, and after all, I said, the Catholic Church, I said, with its big Mary statue that it has there, Semiramis, and that they have said, well, she is the goddess of the earth, the Catholic Church, of course.† And at the same time, they were the biggest abusers of women.† And when you look at the dress of the Muslim women, and most likely you can remember when you were small, the women of the Catholic Church were dressed like Muslim women.† The nuns.


Alan: Yeah, I know.† We better understand that thereís an awful lot of perversion behind all of this.† I always say that the first city was a perversion of nature.† Itís an artificial system within a city.† Itís not natural, so it can only create more unnaturalness.† It can never spawn any kind of normalcy.† And itís the same with the religions that come out of these ancient cities.† We had definitely a priesthood that were more into men, or little boys, from the very beginning, than into women.† And women certainly had just one job, and that was to breed the male offsprings of those particular people.† But really, these guys preferred their little boys, always, you know.† And that still goes right up to the present day, where we see so many scandals, always breaking out all over the place with orphanages or people now in their twenties, who were abused in these orphanages, by priests.† This is traditional with them.† And we find that there is tradition in the high esoteric male groups, of this particular rite, where they do abuse boys, you know.†


Hehpsehboah: When you say that, we know also that that goes on in Tibet.


Alan: I know.† And up where the Dalai Lama has all his followers, they recruit the little boys from the villagers up in the mountain areas, and theyíre only maybe six, seven, well, six years old when theyíre recruited.† The parents are so illiterate and so trained, when theyíre asked for their child, they just give them to them.† And those little boys go through the same kind of thing.† But we find that too, with some of the so-called gurus that are popularized by the New Age in India, with that Saihaibaba, they call him?† Part of his initiation.


Hehpsehboah: Saihababa.


Alan: Yeah. I mean, being a god, part of the initiation, I donít know if people realize this, is that when you have intercourse with the god, thatís your last rite there.† You know.† That happens.† So, that happened too, when they were pushing up the Maharishi with the Beatles.† That was their job to bring in again, like Blavatsky said, to merge Christianity with that of India, the religions of India, and so in the 60s they hyped up the Beatles to be stars.† They made them stars.† They put them to India, and the Maharishi became so popular.† But they actually caught him doing the dirty with a little boy, and thatís why they fell out with him.† And thatís why the song was written, Sexy Sadie. †Itís a play on Sadi, you know the master.† Thatís why it was written.† ďWhat have you done?† Youíve made a fool of everyone.Ē† Itís because they caught him doing the dirty with a little boy.


Hehpsehboah: You know, but when you look at todayís world, and we look at, and you know, people do not understand it when you try to explain to them, you need to shake off Mithra on this planet.† If you shake it off, the murders, the war, everything else will disappear.† So long as you can defile innocent children.† So long as you have these hypnotized masses, and isnít that what theyíre doing, Alan, they are hypnotizing the masses, 24 hours a day with garbage on the store shelves that they must have to have, with music that they must have to have.† You know, with their thwarted forms of religion, and their continual lies like somebody said, oh, they made the famous movie now that just came out, and it comes from Japan, and it says that the world is only three billion years old.† I said, it is a lie.† Donít believe it. †Because start to look at your true historical facts.† Start to analyze.† Start to understand.† And then when you go back, and you know, sometimes you say to people, okay, Buddhism is only 400 years old.† No, it is not.† I said, yes it is.† The Roman Catholic Church, you know, these first Bible, they didnít appear when the time that it was written and how many times had they to rewrite that Bible, so that it became usable and to suppress the people, but the intelligent people that read it, they say, hey, wait a minute, because the Psalms of the Bible is all Masonic.


Alan: Oh, I know.† Every one of them.† Yeah, I know.† And of course, we know that Shakespeare had a part in writing it, with the teams for King James, and he put his name into the 46th Psalm, you know.† His name is in there.


Hehpsehboah: Is it?


Alan: If you read the 46th, it was on his 46th birthday, you see, and he wrote the Psalm.† And 46 words down, youíll find the word shake, and if you go from the bottom, at the end of the psalm, and go up the way, youíll find spear.† And thatís their typical Masonic joke on the public.


Hehpsehboah: Itís amazing, because we have some people in the audience in the United States, who used to be very heavy duty into the Baptist movement.† When somebody said, you know the Baptists are real followers of John the Baptist.† I said no theyíre not.† Oh, sure they are, because they came into being with John the Baptist.† I said, no they didnít.† I said, this is all make-believe.† I said, how can you say that?† I said, but it is.† Youíre being tricked.† And people get annoyed with me when I tell them you are being tricked.†


Alan: Itís all zodiacal mythology, because youíll find that prior to that version of it, you see, itís the same version just with different names.† And youíll find that in there, youíll find, just look, and I actually put one of the woodcuts from the 1500s of the Zodiac, that Durer did, and every myth in the world, every religion in the world, every story in the world is in that woodcut.† And youíll see the head, that at one time was John the Baptist, but it had been the heads of many before that.† And youíll also find the word Caiaphas in there, the king, the one that condemns Jesus.† Heís in there too.† That existed long before the story, the biblical story.†


Hehpsehboah: Well, when you go and then you tell people, and this was the thing when we were sitting with a group of people, the same people that came from Persia.† And one of the Persian women professors says to me, she said, but how are we going to tell people that this ancient, ancient belief thatís more than 10,000 years old, has been stolen, has been adulterated, had been changed and shifted, because, when you really start to look, the Zarathustrians, or Zoroasterís story is all the Jesus story.† I said, well, thatís why they had to murder the people and burn down the library of Alexandria.† Thatís why they had to murder Hypanthia, because she spoke against it.


Alan: The first thing they did was send armies out to exterminate everyone who had a different version or an earlier version, because they had to start from scratch and make everyone believe that this was the original starting right now.† And so, theyíve done this down through history, of course, to eradicate thinkers, especially. †Those who think and who know, and itís no different from today.† They will eventually exterminate, they want to exterminate those who are still able to think for themselves.† Thereís no doubt about that, you know.† So, weíre getting to a very critical phase.† Theyíve never changed their routine.† These characters cannot change, in fact, because they are predators.† They canít change their techniques.† You can always count on them to repeat the same techniques over and over.


Hehpsehboah: How can we make the people see that?† Alan, how can we make the people understand so that it becomes visible to them that they say, oh, this is what they are really doing.† I think thatís where we need to go so that the people, their eggshells fall off their eyes.


Alan: Yes.† And again, itís this incredible training theyíve had, where they believe theyíre being looked after like children, and the New Age, where theyíre trained, donít talk to anybody thatís negative and says nasty things, or uncomfortable things.† Those people unfortunately, hereís a comparison, hereís a good comparison to what will happen, and Iím not saying this to terrify them, but Iím just giving you a good comparison.† There was a video put out by an Anthony Hilder, on the sort of New Age type thing thatís happening today.† But, in the video, they showed you a clip from Germany in World War II, and there was maybe about twenty-odd people, thirty people, in a group in the right hand of the screen.† And there was maybe four guys with rifles standing around, German soldiers.† And you saw one little petty officer who was yelling at them, you know, Schnell, Schnell, run, I pick you, you and you.† Run.† And they would run.† Theyíd run across this wasteland into a ditch, they jumped into a ditch.† They did exactly what they were told.† And then the guys behind them simply raised their rifles and shot them.† Then the officer says, you, you, you and you, you know, Schnell, Schnell, run.† And theyíd run again.† Now, here you are, going to get shot, and they still ran when they were told to run.† And they jumped into that ditch, one row after another, and got shot.† And the reason that happened to themÖ


Hehpsehboah: But that is hypnosis.


Alan: Itís because they could not believe it was actually happening.† Germany was the most advanced, supposedly, society in Europe at the time, in the sciences.† They were so enlightened.† They wrote and were free and so on.† They were enlightened through science, and sophisticated, etc.† And those people could not believe, right to the end, even though they saw the group in front going and getting shot, they couldnít believe that it was actually happening to them.† Each one said, this is not happening to me.† It canít happen, therefore itís not happening.† And thatís how they died.† And thatís what happens to people, who cannot face reality.† Before the events happen, they go into a shock, and they cannot possibly believe this could really, really be happening to them.† That can happen again.


Hehpsehboah: Would you think that is part of the education system that programs people, like, of course, itís a horrific thing to think of, because, I have a friend whoís a journalist in Iraq in the 80s, you know, 90s, the first row of this war.† And he was there, and he actually saw, and he asked me, he said, how can men and women lose their integrity to a point that they would become participants, and participate on something so horrific.† As he was there as a reporter, he couldnít go anywhere, because he knew he was going to get shot.† And he said, he had nightmares after for years of what he saw.† And he saw this very specialized army, in this United States, these humungous holes in the desert and these big trucks pulled up, and all these people were ordered off this truck, and the soldiers, and he said there were at least twelve, fourteen soldiers there, so it wasnít one or two.† It was a whole bunch of them there.† And all these people were lined up, and they came with a bulldozer and they pushed these people, all alive in those huge holes, and they, I think what I said, he thought, but he couldnít totally remember, that they shot two or three rounds into that large pit.† But he said, there were a huge amount of people, he said, like, you could fill a ballroom with it, so that must have been a lot of people.† That must have been over 200 people.† And he said, the soldiers, he said, they went all into the half circle of this pit, and then a command was given, and these bulldozers went into gear and these people were all bulldozed.† Men, women, little children, all bulldozed in that pit alive.† And they all participated.† Wouldnít you think that these men had mothers, sisters, children, at home, of little brothers, of fathers, or?†


Alan: I think whatís happened is exactly what the big boys said would happen with the specialized indoctrination in school, and the separation of the families.† Families are not really families any more.† And parental influence, really, is never even, itís hard to even get it across. They never see each other, the children and the parents.† But, theyíve been given their values system, if you want to call it a value system, by the state and the media, especially the media, much music, video games for kill, kill, kill, and all this kind of stuff.† Thatís whatís given them their image.† I knew when the first Stallone movie came out, the Rambo movie, that that was the beginning of, weíre going to train a generation to be like that, who would just be a killing machine.† And sure enough, thatís when they brought the video games out on its heels.† These video games were used by military, to try to desensitize the troops into killing whenever they saw an enemy.† So, theyíd kill instinctively, without thinking.† And then they gave them to the children.† And a whole generation now, who are now wearing uniforms, were raised playing video games where the only object was to kill as many as possible by military type games.† And, so I knew then that this present war would happen, back then, when Rambo came out, and this move towards this started. And of course, weíre seeing it today, because the CBC showed a documentary that was made by a Scotsman, who went over to Afghanistan, and to follow the trail to what happened to a lot of these tribal peasants, the young men, who were rounded up by the American Special Forces, and they found 1,500 of them, had been put into, first of all a sort of a prison camp, where they were gunned down, a lot of them.† And then the Special Forces and some other friendly, to the Americans, that is, friendly to the Americans, general of the tribesmen, drove them in tractor trailers out into the desert, three days and three nights in the hot sun.† No ventilation.† No water.† And for a joke, on the way, they said, when they had them screaming inside, the American Special Forces opened fire and ventilated the trucks, the carriages with bullets.† And then, when they got to the desert area, these men who were all still tied with their hands behind their back, were forced out, the ones that were still alive, and they were all shot on the spot and left there to rot.† And that was all photographed by the Scottish reporter.† So, you see, this killing machine is not a specific ethnic group, itís every young man in uniform, unfortunately in every damn country.† And the old story, young men are very stupid.† They are very, very stupid.† They have no idea who they really are.† Theyíre taken from the bottom levels of society where they have no respect.† The big men at the top tell them, you wear this uniform and go out and kill for us, and the whole of society will suddenly respect you.† And thatís what, thatís what happens to them.† Theyíre very stupid.† And because of that, theyíre lethal.† Because they will do what theyíre told.† And theyíll kill whoever theyíre told to kill.†


Hehpsehboah: Today, someone from the CBC said, oh, yeah, in Afghanistan, in order to bring Afghanistan into democracy, you know, the Canadian armed forces have to stay there to help.† And I said, no, this is not what this is about.† Youíre lying, because for the simple reason, these people lived for hundreds of years there, thousands of years.† So, get lost.† But, at the same time, theyíre not doing anything about the torture and the rape and whatever else that happens to women there.† They donít do anything.† But, when you look at it, there is a much greater agenda to this, because when you see this, and they are now taking the troops out of Canada, they can replace our troops, very soon, with foreign trained troops, Russians or heaven help us, I should not say it, but I canít help, I have memories of World War II, you know, and that we are going to see the slaughter that can happen here, what happened in Europe, so that we can have foreign troops, whether they are South Koreans, or whether they are Japanese, or whatever.† People who do not speak the language, and do not understand.† People here, who do not speak their language and do not understand.† Four or five years ago, I told many people in Canada, you must learn to speak Russian.† You must learn to speak Chinese.† And they looked at me, and they said, what for?† I said, because it will most likely save your life, if youíre not listening to me that youíre going to get out of the way.† And today, when you look at it, and this was also from someone, and this was some years ago, who then still in the US military, and he was in a helicopter, and this was the Senior bee that was in the helicopter.† And the Senior Bee said to this young man, this young soldier, ďOpen the door.Ē† And so, he slides open the door. †ďYes, sir.Ē† And he says, ďAnd now, jump out.† I give you the order.Ē† And the kid jumped out.† And I said, when it is that our children have been programmed in such a manner that they are only capable in such a state of plans, follow monstrous, stupid orders, then we are, as we are sitting here, Alan, today in Canada, and the United States, in the greatest danger we ever were in.†


Alan: I know.


Hehpsehboah: Because all you need to do is compare this with World War II and the Netherlands, where they were so programmed.† And I remember, saying to them, you must leave, you must go, because thereís danger.† And they said to my father, she doesnít know what sheís speaking about.† Weíre good people.† Nothing will happen to us.† And of course, they were all rounded up, never to be seen again, because they were programmed to believe that nobody was going to do anything to anyone.


Hour 2


Alan: Weíre too civilized.† Thatís what they always think, you know.† They always think this happens in ancient history, but it canít happen today.† But thatís why this works over and over, because they think, well, no it could never happen in this day and age.† Not here.† But it happens everywhere else in the world, so why not?† Itís the same guys worldwide that are in charge of the whole show.† And unfortunately the children who are brainwashed through their video games, their rap music, kill, kill, kill, will do what theyíre told.† And thatís why, because they always put in a book, like their plan, Revelations, the Great Plan, you know, that children would turn on their parents, and think they were doing the world a favor.


Hehpsehboah: Oh, yes.† I can see the programming that is taking place and that has taken place in the last, letís say, 25 years, has made it, that if you are not happy with your mom or your dad, what they say, you donít have to take it.† And we will help you to leave your home.†† I have a friend in Alberta, an eye specialist and his wife, and they have two children.† And the one son was about nineteen, and the daughter at that time was sixteen.† And the daughter one day came home to the father, and said, I need money, because Iím moving out.† And he says, youíre moving out?† Yes.† She says, I talked about it with my counselor in school, and you better go out and rent an apartment with me, because I canít stand you.† And before something happens here, you better do as I tell you to do, because my counselor said you should listen and obey, for the best for the school and for me.† And he stood up and he got very upset.† And he walked over to her, and he lifted his hand up, and before that hand could go anywhere, she grabbed a baseball bat and she hit him over the head.† And so, he ended up in the hospital, came out of the hospital.† But while he was in the hospital, she told the social worker that he was the one that was trying to assault her.† There you are.


Alan: Yes.† I know, itís so easy now.† Actually, I think it would be a scary time to have children, because you would be just as scared of them, you know, probably more scared of them, than theyíre scared of you.† And I think, Iíd advise people, if they can get a hold of the movie, the video, the British version of 1984.† Itís George Orwellís 1984, with the British actors and John Hurt.† Because they go through this whole process of what happens in the movie.† And we have everything turned upside down, because, today, of course, we call them peacekeepers and Orwell said that.† That was written initially in 1948, or published then, the first book.† And he said, War is Peace.† You know.† Torture is Love.† He said the children would turn in their parents, and you see a scene in there where that happens, where the parents are terrified.† The children are taught to spy and listen in on their parents all the time, and turn them in.† And when youíre tortured, youíre taken off to the Ministry of Love for torture.† Well, weíre seeing that with all the propaganda about the United Nations.† Theyíre peacekeepers.† Theyíre not warriors.† No, theyíre peacekeepers.


Hehpsehboah: No, theyíre not peacekeepers.


Alan: I know.† Theyíre dressed like soldiers to me.† And they carry weapons.† I donít see them walking about with petitions.† Theyíre walking about with heavy armaments.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, tanks and everything else.


Alan: So, by the use of terminology changes, this is what they call, itís a sort of psychological warfare by the use of terminology, and that was perfected in the Soviet Union in fact, like so much of this was perfected in that big laboratory.† And itís called psycholinguistics.† So, itís simply by the changing of the actual fact, the term, is used, it gives you a different impression, suddenly.† A nice fuzzy feeling.† These guys are out to give peace to the world.† Theyíre not there to kill people.† Theyíre going to bring peace.† So, weíre actually seeing that happen, where war is peace, and freedom is slavery.† This is all Orwellian doublespeak.† George Orwell was picked from Cambridge by the elite.† He was a third, fourth generation bureaucratic child.† And his father, his father was actually in charge of the Burma, British or Royal Crown Burma opium farms in Burma.† And the British public didnít even know.†† Thatís whose father it was, it was George Orwellís father.† His name was Blair, his real name.† And he was chosen in university to carry on the tradition in the Secret Service.† And he was told to go out and be the darling of Socialism by the Royal Establishment.† So, he wrote books all for Socialism, until he went to the Spanish War, found out there was no difference between them, and they were all run by the same group at the top: Communism, Fascism, and Socialism.† And then he came back home to Britain, tried to publish his books, and he had publishing contracts with the biggest publishers, but now that he was speaking out and telling people, hey, weíre all being fooled here, thereís only one head to this monster, this hydra.† Those companies wouldnít publish his books.† But he did eventually get Animal Farm out and then 1984, and he uses all the stuff that he was taught in psycholinguistics, to show you how the simple change of a term can completely alter the actually reality of the physical facts.† And this is being used through the media.† Every day now, when you hear about the so-called war, the peacekeepers and democracy.† And people who at one time would be called freedom fighters or nationalist fighters are called insurgents, you see.† Theyíre insurgents.† Theyíre not Iraqis or Afghanistanis.† No, theyíre insurgents.† So, itís all terminology changes, which is psycholinguistics, to alter our perception of reality.


Hehpsehboah: I wonder, Alan, when we take a look at it, how many of these people in Israel, in Palestine, and all the way up into Egypt, how many of these people are aware that they are in enormous danger there?


Alan: I think they probably push it to the back of their mind, really.† Itís a human condition, it is true, that if you can get up in the morning and go to the stores, and the traffic is on the road, then everything is okay.† We find this even in ancient Rome, when they were being invaded, the wealthy elite were still having parties in the middle of the city, when they were being invaded.† So, thereís a strange thing of denial that kicks in with people when massive changes are about to come upon them.† And of course, everyone has been brainwashed into this strange thing called nationalism.† And hereís the thing people should really think about.† You see, at one time there were no nations, there were no nations.† And youíll find even the Catholic Church, the Universal Church, would assign different kings or authorize them to be kings, and then they created nations.† This began really with the Norman invasion, backed by the Catholic Church. And they brought the moneyed system in, the serfdom in, the taxation system in, the feudal system in.† And from feudal, we get, fee.† It means, we all pay fees.† So, they brought a caste system in with them, backed by the Catholic Church.† And in those days, even though, theyíd say, okay, this is now a nation.† Now, they create, they call themselves the worker bees at the top.† The perfect world for them is the beehive.† Youíll find that in ancient Egypt.† That was Cleopatraís symbol.† She was actually a Ptolemy, a Macedonian, a Greek really, in charge of Egypt.† Which is sort of something like today, when we have foreigners in charge of your own country.† But this symbol of the Beehive, you can go even further back into the Minoans, where they used that, and the battle-axe, which became the fasces.† The Catholic Church used the fasces.† And now the fasces is on either side of the Congressional Hall when Mr. Bush speaks.† Youíll see it on the walls, the fasces on either side.† These ancient symbols.† So, the worker bees, as they came into Europe, with their religions, and thatís also the Mormon symbol too, for the state, is the beehive.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, because they have Deseret Farms, right?† And the Deseret Farms are set up like it is an enslavement thing, because these people have to work six weeks on that farm and they have to give ten percent of their wages, so the beehive right.† Bring the money to the mother bee, right or father bee.†


Alan: And then the beekeeper comes along and takes the honey.† Thatís how it works.† So, itís an order.† You see, they call themselves orders, specialized orders, the priesthoods and Masons.† And itís an order of the Bee.† They created the word borders. Thatís where the word border comes from.† The whole language is coded.† All the High Masons understand this.† So, they created Borders, and told all the people within it, well, youíre now called this.† And you donít talk to those people across that line there, because theyíve got a different name now.† And then, of course, government can only exist when thereís a threat from somewhere else.† Otherwise, the people donít need them.† So, these guys will say, weíll protect you from those guys over there, you know, your cousins.† And then theyíd have internal wars, but the elite never got killed.† They profited from it.† They killed off the excess population, and they maintained themselves in power by having the wars over and over and over.† Now itís time to take those borders away again.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but as you say this, and we look at it, isnít it now already happening in the police forces, that they are training the police forces and the soldiers that we are the ones that are dangerous?†


Alan: Oh, yeah.† They do have these specialists again, and going around different colleges and the police associations giving them lectures on how dangerous it is out there now-a-days, and itís a sort of Ďus against themí.† You know, they see themselves as, the military, they do see themselves as a military organization.† Of course, they are of course.† They wear a uniform, one form, and theyíre authorized, and the people are called civilians, thatís what the police are now calling the people, civilians.† So, you see it all being set up for whatís to come.† And the police, they basically, they feel superior to the public.†


Hehpsehboah: You know, when you say the word civilian, that you canít escape of thinking of Seville in Spain.† And when you look back at Seville in Spain, it was there where they had the humungous uprise amongst the people.† Yeah, somewhere where, it was 1200 and something, where all the people rose up against whoever was in power, and said, hey, no more.† So, maybe thatís why we are called civilians, because they want to say, thatís what civilians do.† They rise up when they donít agree.† But at the same time, now, at this moment, people are having to think three, four, five times, before they go and protest, because they come out with these great big tank-like humungous things, and they have all this battle gear and these guns, and I say to the people here on earth, donít go protesting out as you did before, because, as you do this, you are in great danger.† When I spoke to some people, and it happened to be one from Palestine and one from Israel that are friends, and I said, you have to be careful, you need to get yourself out of the place.† You are in great danger there, because the ones that are super uppity uppity uppity will be not there when they do it.†


Alan: Exactly.†


Hehpsehboah: And people donít realize that they are being told that it is time to pull their heads out of the sand and come into a state of reality.† But when we are seeing it, and you know you are so right when you say, these forces are being programmed against the very people that they are supposed to serve.†


Alan: Yes.† And for quite a few years now, in Canada and the US, it was first denied in the late 80s, the early 90s, that the multi-jurisdictional task force as they call them, which is a combination of the military special forces, and specially trained police, they all dress in the same battle gear.† Theyíre sent out in groups abroad.† We have groups now in Afghanistan actually, it was on the CBC, and for years, anybody who mentioned the multi-jurisdictional task force was pooh-poohed and debased by the media.† Now theyíre telling you it actually exists.† And those guys are trained to go around the houses and kick down the doors and drag the people out.† Then they come back inÖ


Hehpsehboah: But that was the same as the SS during World War II.†


Alan: Yes, but these guys come back into your country after their tour, and back goes on the police uniform again.† Theyíre out on the streets, these guys.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but I think itís so absolutely disgusting.† Look at World War II in Europe, and it just makes me just boil.† Why these people that were numbered during World War II or their relatives, or their friends, and people that have seen it, have known it, are now so willing to give them $50 to be chipped.


Alan: I know.† Well, theyíre no different from anyone else.† They follow their leaders.† And everyone is given a leader to follow.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but theyíre sold apples for oranges.† Maybe not even apples.† They must be rotten.†


Alan: Yes.† And thatís where you get your saying, theyíve had their chips.† You know.† Because they will have had their chips.† They follow their leaders blindly, as always.† They donít think for themselves.† Again, they believe theyíre being taken care of by their leaders.† And they have no idea of the real agenda behind all of this, you know.† None at all.† You know, over in Israel, the Rothschilds are looked upon as Messiahs.† And a Messiah, of course, is anyone who really furthers the particular agenda for the people.† And the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers in America, and quite a few other wealthy ones, who claim to be Jewish, funded, set up IG Farben that created the German War Machine.† And none of these guys after the war were prosecuted.†


Hehpsehboah: No.† Thatís right.


Alan: So, hereís a big thing, you see.† Thereís an esoteric and an exoteric, and once you belong to this high, international brotherhood, the people that you used to belong to are now the profane.† So, yeah, you can lead them all right.† You can lead them right up the garden path, because theyíre no longer your people.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but you know, when you look at it, and we look at that war, back there, and the shells fall off the eyes, and you say, hey, wait a minute.† We need to compare what was there and what is here.† Here we have Palestine and there we had Germany.† Here we have Israel and there we had Holland, right?† Here we had Belgium, and there we had the Germans, and we had everything else that was there, ready to pound, murder, slaughter, kill, gas, torture, and so forth.† But today, when you would think that these people, Alan, learn from what took place in Europe that they would come to a place of such wisdom, that they say, oh, well, oh, wait a minute, chipping?† You make that look very nice, but no thank you, go to hell.† Iím not going to be chipped by you.† And as I went to that store, remember when I came on with you, onto the show, and I told you, I went to the manager of this very, very large grocery conglomerate here in Canada, Save-on Foods.† Jimmy Patterson, personal friend of George W. Bush, his father, and they cruise around on this great big humungous luxury yacht.† And I asked this man, and I told him, I said, do you know, I said, this is the only in and the only out into this store.† And he said yeah.† Okay, they have a small side door, but itís a small side door, and it doesnít stand for very much.† And, I said, well, imagine they put equipment here, and I pointed it out to him.† And they had two big guys, there, I said, and you come in, and now we put into place, because thatís what theyíre doing, Alan.† Isnít that right?† They are putting it in place, like they have in England.† We should tell these people out there, we should wake them up.† They should come to the place that they get, Alan, thank you.† Hehpsehboah, thank you.† Because they still think it is not going to happen, and yet the man, when I walked up and I pointed him out, and I said to him, this, this, this, this.† We could see the jolt he had and we knew that he had known it before.† And we knew also that he cringed inside, and he quickly, and this man was always very friendly, and he stepped back, and he said, thereís nothing I can do about it.† All I must do here, is this grocery shelves.† And he looked, and you could see his energy was bouncing all over the place, and he didnít know how to hold this energy, or what to do with it.† But at the same time, the people here, in North America, with their crummy idea about the chip, they donít understand that it comes in other cards, right?


Alan: Yeah, yeah.


Hehpsehboah: Can you explain that to them, what has happened, what is going to go on, that part, so maybe they wake up?


Alan: Yes.† I mean, itís public.† In fact, it was in the newspapers a few days ago, when Scott Moldea came out to give his first spiel to the public, and of course, he was authorized to do it, because Iím sure he had a script writer to write everything.† These guys donít make up their own words, these guys.† And, he said, well, itís inevitable.† We must give this ID card. And he said, itís the same one as Britainís and the United States.† It will have your, a DNA sample, in that card, the code, your DNA code will be in the card.† Your complete medical history, inoculations and so on will also be, recent inoculations will all be on that card.† A voiceprint, youíll have to speak into the machine, so they can record a voiceprint in there.† It has an active chip, which means it can be picked up from quite a distance.† I have no doubt that these things can be picked up by these cell phone towers, all over the cities, and of course, eventually it will be the brain chip after that.† But, this chip also has quite a lot of space left, because it will become your bank card, for the cashless society, so they can track all purchases and whoís buying what, and how much your income is, etc.† And then a little bit too that they added was, heís the first one to admit, although I knew it years ago, when I first knew it was coming, he said, it was actually an international ID card.† Itís not just national.† Itís an international ID card, which tells you, that since one company is making it for all the countries, they already have the supercomputer set up somewhere ready to go into action.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, in Brussels, in Grand Cayman Islands, thereís another one somewhere, I think in Russia now.† You know, so they are setting it up to cover the planet.† But when they wanted to set up this thing in Brazil, the people said no.† And I said, amazing.† Here we have more people there who have less access to media, but who are more involved with raising their own children, and as they call them primitive, thank you very much, they said, no.† And when you landed in Brazil, a great big humungous sign, sitting there, sitting right across the airport, and you couldnít miss it, ďAmerica, we donít want you.† Go home.Ē†


Alan: Well, you see, in the ancient times, and right up to the present today in some places, they still brand cattle.† You brand them.† And thatís the sign of ownership by somebody.† And this is what this is all leading towards.† This is the entire you, supposedly, in this card, and then it will be a chip, after that, a stepping stone, which will be embedded, eventually into us.† And theyíre branding their property, just like the Normans did, when they came in and created the Doomsday Book.† They took an inventory of everything that lived and all the houses and animals and people and children.† Itís the same darn thing over, by the descendents of these same people, who are putting this into effect, under the guise of making you safe.† Ha.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah.† And the DNA thing Hitler tried and did already, the experimentation, but at this very moment, the DNA-ing is used so they can get rid of the First Nations people, maybe Asian people, maybe African people, maybe anybody that is not blue-eyed, and whatever, Germanic.


Alan: Yes.† Prussian.†


Hehpsehboah: Prussian, yeah.† Thatís right.


Alan: So, what youíre seeing, yeah, itís going to create a definite caste system, thatís going to be read everywhere you go, by everyone you come in contact with, that you have to purchase something or even get on a bus.† And Bertrand Russell said, you know this is so, quite fascinating, because you see, Bertrand Russell said the same thing as Lenin said, at the beginning of the 1900s.† The exact same thing.† He said, eventually a system will come in, based on a form of, he didnít say a credit card, he called it a sort of rationing card.† And he said, this will be, everyone, every citizen will be given so many credits at the beginning of a week, and theyíll be able to spend them, if not save them up, so, if they havenít used them all by the end of the week, itís rubbed out and you start off again on the Monday with the same amount of credits as everyone else.† And this is to create the classless, bottom society you see, the bottom of the heap.† And he said, anyone who didnít go along with this would be punished by the state who authorized the credits, by withholding the credits, so when you went to have it updated on Monday, thereís nothing there for you.† You canít pay your rent.† You canít buy your food.† And so, that will be your punishment until you begin to come, to fall into line.† And Lenin said the same thing.† These guys knew this was coming a hundred years ago. Lenin said, eventually, he says, the dictatorship will disappear.† He said, ultimately in this Great Plan, meaning the Great Work, of course, he says, ultimately he said, military will disappear.† There will be no need for military or police in this system to come.† And I said, well, how are they going to manage that.† Well, we know how theyíre going to manage it.† The card is one step to it, with the social approval and disapproval, and removal of credits to make you obey.† But then, when they chip the brain, thatís the only way they could do away with military and police, you see.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, because they then can control you totally and put you into that state of hypnosis.†


Alan: A zombie.† Yeah, a cyborg zombie.† And they knew this a hundred years ago.† Itís fascinating to read through this.† I used to say, well, how come, how come they could talk about the withering away of the state and nationalism, and police and so on, and having this perfectly obedient society?† They knew this a hundred years ago, because we with all our magazine nonsense of science at the bottom level of reality are kept in a complete illusion.† Everything that weíre given is antique.† Theyíve had this technology for hundreds and hundreds of years.† We know that.† They had a cartoon in Britain, when Rothschild took over the Bank of England, supposedly because he just made a good bet.† But he told the rest of the stockholders that the British had lost, and they dumped all their stock.† So, he waited until the end and his agents all bought it up for peanuts.† But in the papers of the day, they had him talking into a little black box, and it said, here he is doing his ventriloquist act again.† The guy had some kind of cell phone.† Lady Queensborough talked about her uncle, who was a top Freemason, witnessing the same stuff in a high Freemasonís home, in France, where he had this kind of gizmo, and he was talking to somebody across the sea in America.† This was in the early 1800s.† So, weíre kept at the bottom.† Itís through science, through the control of science which is power, that they keep us at the bottom level, and they feed us this reality constantly, by, oh, weíre on the cutting edge, and one day weíll discover this, and one day, we can work towards that.† Itís all been done.† And thatís why at the bottom level we have research.† Itís re-search, meaning the search was already done long ago.† Rutherford, the great mathematician, in the late 1800s, and early 1900s, said that he was working for the Royal Society, another high Masonic science society, chartered by the Crown, and he was working as a mathematician on genetics.† Why would you need a mathematician on genetic work if you havenít actually discovered the gene?†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, not only that, and why would you want to DNA all the children in school, under a false pretense, and say, oh, yes, if something happens.† But it has nothing to do with something happens; you are going to make something happen.


Alan: Itís also interesting that the companies like Monsanto, youíre probably aware that apart from all the modified food, and their patents on modified food, theyíre now heavily going into all the seeds of the world, which no one had even bothered to think about patenting, because it always existed.† Well, if there was no patent previously on all the natural seeds that have been used by farmers for hundreds and hundreds of years, the world over, theyíre slapping their patents on it.† Meaning, they own it.† They own its DNA, everything.† Well, when you put down everything on a card, which is a government card, then technically, they own you.† They own you.


Hehpsehboah: How can people become free of that, Alan?† There has to be a solution to this.


Alan: Yes, well the solution, would, you know itís going to mean sacrifice in one way or another, because people, there will be people who will refuse to go along with it, and they will suffer.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, they will suffer tremendously.†


Alan: Thatís always been the way in history.† But without that, you know, itís game over.† Because weíre heading towards the final move of what they call their Great Work, thatís been in thousands of years in the making, and these characters mean business.† And asking them, please, donít do this, is not going to work.† Theyíre going to come down with the heavies, the heavy fist, on anyone who doesnít go along here.† And people will suffer tremendously.† And thatís what generally it takes before others start to see the inhumaneness of all this, and start to question, you know.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but the risk is also, we can no longer now go to a place where we bring the people out on the street, because theyíre going to tazer them to death.


Alan: Although, all down through time, itís been the individuals here and there that simply say no.† You know, thatís what it takes.† As an individual, this is an ultimate choice here.† This is an individual choice, and all the New Agers can Om themselves away as much as they want, and you know, wave their incense in their faces, but this is coming their way too.† And if they donít like negativity, turn on to another station.


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but they go into a different dimension.


Alan: Well, they could do that.†


Hehpsehboah: I, I said to one, well let me see, if you know, you know, hereís a wall, show me you go through the wall into another dimension.† He looked very annoyed at me, but I said, you know, letís be logical.† Letís have some wisdom here because what you are talking about and what you are doing, you are utterly, utterly confused, because, Mithra, the Roman Catholic Church, Rome, Masons, same bunch have had you.† So, now you come to a place, where you are just about totally have been had, because they want to get rid of all theÖYou know what shocked me the most when I came into this country, and I landed on the airport in Edmonton.† They knew more about my ancestors than I did, from my motherís side, and said, oh, you are Indian, and you are coming to claim your heritage land?† I came off of a twelve-hour flight, and the plane had lost part of its tail, and I was all shook up, and here this woman comes up with my whole history from my mother, and proclaims me Indian, when I had my heavy-duty Dutch accent, looked as Dutch as they come, of course, coming from Holland, right in the plane.† And they told me.† And she yanked a piece of paper out, and I couldnít read it, not for the will of Heaven.† And she stuck it under my nose, and told me to sign it.† Later, because of my wonderful First Nations friend, and the relations, they said, you should have never signed it, but it doesnít matter, we can always go and prove that you didnít speak sufficient English to understand what they stuck under your nose.† But, you know, when I look at it, it is very scary, because most likely, you came here to this part of the world.† They know all your ancestry; so they can somehow, psychologically, emotionally control you.† And thatís what they think.† And, of course, they are wanting to psychologically and emotionally and physically destroy all the First Nations people, because they have done a fine job, because they send all these Black Friars, Rome onto the reserves, you know, to do their hocus pocus, you know, like they did in India and other countries.† And then we have the Masonic Church, the Mormon Church, and then we have, of course, finally, in our last stages, isnít it true, weíre in the last stages, and people now need to wake up and say, no.†


Alan: Yeah, because itís time.† Itís time.† Itís getting time to fleece the sheep here, and the shepherds are beginning to show their teeth for the first time.† They all have got their orders, across the planet.† And theyíre going to have their way. Thatís why theyíve built up internal armies called massive police forces, in every country, and theyíve been doing it for years in advance. †Because they knew, they knew where they were taking us all to.† And even H.G. Wells, the propagandist for MI5 during World War II, he said, many will die, fighting the New World Order, he said, never knowing, and this was a fact too, never knowing that the system theyíre trying to save was given to them too, by the same people, because they give us our culture.† And a different one for different eras.† So, so, they know.† Theyíve always known what was coming.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, but theyíre stripping First Nations people of the land that they lived on since the polar shift here.


Alan: Yeah, but as far as theyíre concerned, they are the useless eaters, because no one is to come through into the new system, unless they are economically productive, for this particular economic system.† Thatís whatís been said, over and over. And thatís the definition under the UN Charter of a good citizen of the world, is someone whoís a good producer/consumer.† Which also means, if youíre retired, youíre now consuming.† Youíre now in the useless eater category.† So, everyone should really be aware of what really is going on here.†


Hehpsehboah: Everyone should be also very careful to not live in communities, where there are a lot of senior citizens.† Not live near communities, you know, and this is what bothers me.† What about all the First Nations people in North America and what about them?† And as we also are seeing, and as you know, itís very worrisome, because we have now people from all over the world who have come here, and their elders have come here, and believing this was a country with very, very, small population, and we are now realizing that it isnít because this country has a small population.† This is because of the agenda, that they will want to get rid of the people that they complain about no good, so they got to Afghanistan and they slaughter thousands of people there, and they go to Iraq, theyíre going to go to Iran, theyíre going to Syria, theyíre going to go of course, North Korea, then theyíre going to go and what is left in Russia, and what is left to anybody that they feel is not as they should be contributing to their game plan.† Isnít that right?


Alan: Thatís right.† Everybody must be productive in their system to serve their masters.† Thatís what itís about.† Thatís what itís about.† And the system to come after the card, is the chip where theyíll be purely profit motivated, because we wonít need to be entertained, and we wonít need to buy ourselves little toys every month, to justify our slaving away.† This is to be the new system.† The perfected system of slavery. And these characters at the top talk about this quite openly, and they use the term slavery without feeling embarrassed.†


Hehpsehboah: So, but do they do what, what do people do that are listening?† What is it that weíre going to say, okay, letís come together.† Letís of course, we hope that they get with it and that comes on some day, because this is such a special program that we started today, that we are wanting to literally shake them awake, and say, we love you, but you know it is late day, and we need to be in the know very fast.† Can they still do something?† Yes.


Alan: Yes, they can.† Of course they can.† And programs like this mean that they can communicate through the internet or any other way that they want or can, while we can still do it.† Because, people who are isolated, especially, have to start communicating with each other, and passing ideas back and forth, and to get strength within themselves.† People must help to recharge themselves.† As they hear all the bad news, they have to recharge the energy in themselves, because the negativity that is put out by the top, to scare everybody, is meant to immobilize us all, and that must not happen.† And thatís neutralized, when people start to communicate openly, and stop being so afraid to speak to each other about these things.† It must be done, openly.†


Hehpsehboah: Yeah, because they conquer and divide us, didnít they?† They have made it that mom and dad and the kids no longer talk.† They have made it that the neighbors no longer really trust each other and talk.† And they have hypnotized the main front of the stupid box.† TV.†


Alan: So they canít pass history down to the young.† They have divided everyone up.† That was their plan.† And they wrote about it openly, back in the early 1900s, this would happen.† But itís time that people start to communicate what they know to each other, just for strength, and then theyíll find strength within themselves to start telling others, because it must, it must be neutralized, this agenda.† Thereís no other option.† The option is total oblivion for people.† Itís the end of the line of every ancestor youíve ever had, and for those to come.† No more sentient, aware beings.† Thereís nothing else to give up, when you give up the ability to be cognizant and sentient and to appreciate the world that youíre born into.† But thatís the biggest crime of all is to steal the mind.† And it must not be allowed to happen.†


Hehpsehboah: You know, Alan, when you say this, and we foretold a long time ago to the people that they should be very, very careful, because this summer, late spring, summer, are the times that we will see the forest will absolutely burn into a crisp, and it will wipe many houses out, and it will burn away, because of something, I believe theyíre doing in the sky to get this great heat and these great fires going, because I believe from here, all the way on, into the United States and California, they will burn most of the forests away.† Do you believe that theyíre going to put those forest fires out?


Alan: Oh, no.† The Ministry of Forestry commissions have already said, and theyíve signed an international agreement, that the new policy is not to stop fires, but to set fires, because itís good for the underbrush, because they want to burn all the peoples out, and away into the new habitat areas, where theyíll be well taken care of by the authorities.† And of course, we know, theyíre also using superheated air over those forests, because the forestry workers can stand on the hilltops and watch the lightning come out of nowhere on clear days, all over the place, simultaneously, and strike these trees and set them on fire.


Hehpsehboah: But that is Tesla technology, again.


Alan: Thatís right.


Hehpsehboah: Can you explain that to them, because Iím sure that many people that are out there donít know.† But just a second, Alan.† And ladies and gentlemen, have your paper and your pencil, because you want to have the books, you want to share them with your family members and your friends, because it is going to come some day that they say to us, hey, wait a minute, weíre going to stop you, because you are spreading the truth about us.† And they will want to do that.† So, you are now listening, wherever you are, and get a piece of paper, and a pencil, or a pen.† Alan Watt, A-L-A-N W-A-T-T, Alan Watt, researcher and author, his website,† And if youíre in Australia, youíre not totally free of it.† So, get with it.† Get a pen and pencil.† And there is of course, three books available: Cutting Through One: The Androgynous Hermaphroditic Agenda, Cutting Through Two: A Glimpse into the Great Work.† Cutting Through Three: Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition.† Thatís for you who have been listening.† Of course, you who are in the audience can read it all the time as it comes by.† But we urge you, whoever you are, wherever you are, no one is safe, if you think so.† You need to be prepared.† You need to come into wisdom.† And you need to come to that stage, where you say, thank you but no thank you, now youíre going too far.† Especially if youíre First Nations.† Also the Canadian government has in mind to make it so that you no longer own your house, no longer own your piece of land, or whether you are native or not, it doesnít matter.† And that is also happening very soon in the United States of America, as it was told to some insiders, because they want you to have no roots.† Isnít that right, Alan?


Alan: Thatís right.† They call it the new nomadic society.


Hehpsehboah: Do people understand really what is in store for them, when you say that?


Alan: Some will.† Some will investigate. Others will retreat into something, some diversion.† So, it depends on the individual.† Itís interesting, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the CFR, were the ones who brought forth the property tax bills to get property taxes in, while the Communists through Zimmerman from Britain, who was a member of the Royal Society as well, pushed for the same agenda to be put into Communism.† No private property is to exist in the world to come.† Thatís the agenda.† Plato wrote about it, 350 BC.† There would be no private property for the people.† And this is coming to pass now.† They have habitat areas.† The UN website tells you thereíd be no private property, rental only, and no private vehicles allowed in the habitat areas.† Thatís the official policy.†


Hehpsehboah: Do people really realize that when we say this?† You know, when I brought it up to someone, and I said, you will be like living in a goldfish bowl.†


Alan: And of course the ones who are dead already, I call them the dead, they are the dead, and theyíre called the dead.† They say, well, Iíve got nothing to hide.† In other words, they have no natural disgust at having no privacy.† Those people are already given, they are natural slaves now.† Those people have decided to be slaves.† And thatís their choice.† Thatís why democracy is the term they said theyíd use to bring in the New World Order.† The bulk of the population will accept slavery under any conditions.† Itís the one who enjoys freedom and privacy, and the right to own the thoughts in their head, that this is all about.† The war is on them, actually, not on the general populations.† So, those are the ones I try to get through to.† You know.† And the younger ones who are waking up to it, that donít have the information.† Thatís who I try to get through to.† Those who like life, to be alive.† Thatís the ones I try to get through to.†


Hehpsehboah: You know, when we look at this, it is going to be so that no one can travel anywhere, where they like to go.† And like the highway, from here, from past Hope, through all of Canada, still have, and I never understood. They never took down these tollbooths.† They have been sitting there.† And when I travel back and forth through there, I wonder, thereís never ever in all those years anybody into these tollbooths.† Why are these tollbooths still here?† But then when you get into Alberta, and you are coming, letís say from Calgary side, and you want to go and travel back here, there is again, these tollbooths, but you have to say whether youíre going to go and drive to the park, already youíre going to go off in town.† So you better not go in the town, because you havenít paid a tollbooth.† And I said, you know, where, where is it, that people are like sheep, that it is so very, very easy to shave the people today.† You know, you know, youíre not going there.† You have no right to go there.† We have decided to not go there.† And when they are going to burn down, and ladies and gentlemen, we are warning you, if you have many native family members, if you have family members that live in forests, everywhere, wherever, please be aware.† Itís in my prophecy.† Itís been there for a long time.† We warn for that stuff that happened on the Mississippi, we warned for Florida.† We have warned for earthquake, and especially this year here along the West Coast.† We have said to people, just be careful, because also today was a very strange day.† It was very nice and quiet during the night, and in the afternoon.† Suddenly, this very peculiar storm that comes out of nowhere is ripping around the house right now, and we say, well, wait a minute, just wait a minute.† What are you cooking up?† But we have now also learned that when that storm comes, that we are knowing that somewhere weíre going to have another earthquake in a major earth frequency.† And we also figure out that it is very peculiar before, if the tides were sort of balanced, you could pretty well put a sign to it and say this is all safe.† But what we realized in the last two days is that when you look at the tide, it is no longer working, because this external, from somewhere else that is playing with your planet.† This is not Mother Nature.† This is not the ancient, lovely Mother Earth.† This is not something that was created by the great spirit of our Creator.† Now, we need to come to educate the people around us, because if youíre not aware, and you live in a very forested area, you could lose your life, or everything that you have when springtime becomes warm.† And we also understand as we have warned you, that the tides are fluctuating in a very strange manner, and the tides will start to rise, much, much higher as we have noticed with keeping track of it for eleven years, that the tides rise higher, but we also know when it is high, and suddenly for no reason drops very low, that they are playing with earthquake frequencies wherever you may be.† And this month, on the fourteenth for North America, there is an eclipse, and if they play during the eclipse, and they are, they will give you that on Friday night.† Again, we will go through that so youíll be more in the know.† But listen to what Alan said, and what he is giving you for advice, and we are in the last two minutes of the show.


We want you to be there on Sunday, because weíre here to help you, and not only that, in order to support his work, Alanís work, to keep him alive and surviving, please buy his books, or make people aware to buy his books, because we have asked you many times, if you please will help us, and help has been more meager than anything, and what have you really thought we live off of?† That who feeds us?† We were just wanting to ask you.† Who do you think feeds us when we work around the clock to bring you the information, and the energy, and the time that goes in it, so that you may be in the know, and may be prepared, and step aside and not lay on the track and see if youíre going to be hit by the train.† So, if you can help Alan, by buying his books.† And you know, Iím named Thunderbird Woman by First Nations, and was named that in 1981 by the people Victor North on Bruckus Reserve on Athens Creek South.† Anyway, that is a little bit about knowing where I came from, and also knowing that yes, Iím First Nations in heart and soul.†† And we are asking you to support, to bring your friends.† The more people that hear this, the more people who awake, the more people who say, yes, we will pull our socks off and assist, the better it will be for this planet.† And of course, you know this, you can contact Alan, or write to him.† And with this, precious people, and may the Great Spirit, may the Creator hold you until we meet again on Sunday and Thursday and Friday.† But Alan is going to be here on Sunday.† Weíre here to help you, to love you, to empower you.† And if you are New Agers, and you say it is ruddy negative, well, I think it is negative when you lay on the track and the train drives over you.† So, weíre telling you to get off the track.† And with this, we love you.† And Alan, right, youíre back on Sunday.


Alan: Yes.†


Hehpsehboah: And weíll give them some more information on Sunday, to empower them.† So, with this, weíre going to say Good Night to them.† Right, Alan?


Alan: Yes.†


Hehpsehboah: Good Night, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, wherever you are, whether in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Holland, Scotland, England, or of course, lovely Canada in Godís Country, Good Night.


Alan: Good Night.†



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