August 19, 2007






James:  All right. Alan Watt is a long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development. Born in Scotland, he watched the subtleties of politics and media as they guided the population of the U.K. covertly into a European Amalgamation. He has been warning the North American people for some years now that the same process of amalgamation is being carried out. With historical documentation, he shows how cultures are created and altered by those in control, always to lead the people like sheep into the next pasture. Learn the science of Religion Creation-Domination. Rather than simply stating current events and details, Alan attempts to deprogram the listener and reader of his works. He has authored three books, made available CDs and just completed DVDs on the subject. His website is cuttingthroughthematrix (an appropriate title) I'd like to welcome back to Feet to the Fire, Alan Watt. Welcome Alan.


Alan:  Yes. It's a pleasure to be back.


James:  I thought of you because there's a lot of hoopla going on with the presidential elections and so forth and there seems to be an air in a way that some people think that things can change. What kept bringing back to my mind from the other times you were here is that they already know what they're going to do ten years or more in advance and that this illusion of changing things is just that, an illusion.


Alan:  That's right. These presidents are picked years before the public even hear their names. Often they're groomed for their positions even from university onwards and Professor Carroll Quigley, who was the official historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, in his own book, "Tragedy & Hope," said there has been a parallel government running the country for 60 years. He wrote that in the 1960's, so he said they always pick the leaders of each party and the top cabinet, meaning the vice presidents and advisers. He said the lower politicians are allowed a form of competition amongst themselves between different parties, but the upper ones are always picked in advance so that the agenda can carry on without problems, without a hitch. That's how it is.


James:  So I wonder now and with that being said then I think of Ron Paul when you read what he says he makes a lot of sense. It's almost somebody should be saying and so my question is: I wonder do you think Ron Paul himself is like a plant, or is he the real deal and that's why he's being kind of snubbed by the media and so forth? Does he really have a chance? Those kinds of questions.


Alan:  I really don't know about the man himself. However, how many times do we have to vote, election after election, to hear all the right things said by somebody, only to see the agenda continue once they're in power? How long does it take us to learn this? Because it happens our whole life long and that's what politicians do. They tell you what you want to hear. They know what you're saying at the street level. They know the problems and they will tell you what you want to hear and down through the years they've always given you different ones to vote for. The lone gunman that's going to ride into town and save you all so that you can sit back and drink your six-pack and enjoy life as normal. It doesn't work that way. You have to be involved in life. You have to be involved in the creation of your own destiny. Somebody else is not going to do it for you. In fact, if you had it over to someone else you're in trouble. You're in big trouble.


James:  By the way, we've got a couple of hours. I'd like you to talk about things that perhaps are on your mind that you're working on. I'll pop up things so it's going to be one of those potpourri type things, so feel free to talk about a particular thing that you might to along the way. I'm bringing up Ron Paul because it's kind of funny. I'm not a big political type guy. I kind of think the whole system hasn't been listening to us for a long time. But anyway, it's just funny how somebody can come along and really hit some things on the head out of left field and I'm wondering about this whole 9/11 movement. The movies that are coming out. The workshops that are going on. People are being aware. They're waking up but could this actual waking up be something that would bring in, say another terrorist attack to bring in martial law or something like that?


Alan:  We can only go on facts as we know them and we know that Bill Clinton tried to pass a complete anti-terrorism bill and a Homeland Security bill back in the '90's and we know too that it didn't go with the Congress. They wouldn't vote for it; and suddenly they all changed their minds and voted okay. With the Oklahoma City bombing, across the world every news station was broadcasting the same clips of these militia types going through forests and groups, to try and connotate into your mind that that's who was behind this. That was so obvious. They wanted the public to think that the militia was behind this so that they could bring on martial law and say, "see, there are crazy people living amongst you and you don't know it. We have to protect you."  We do know that they have tried to stimulate people to have small uprisings here and there. That would make their job of totalitarianism much, much more easy if we'd cooperate and have an uprising. Now they know we're going to have an uprising because the Department of Defence in Britain a couple of months ago published in "The Guardian" newspaper a nine-page report from a 90-page report from the top think tank of the Department of Defence, outlining the next 30 years or so; and all that's in it is uprisings by the public all over the place. Flashmobs they call them. They didn't say why Joe Public would get up and switch off his television and go and riot, so obviously we know that they're planning something on the other side which is going to cause them to riot and they're even prepared to use, in their reports, neutron bombs on the general public. Now this isn't just for Britain. This is for all NATO countries. When you look at what really is happening, we're moving into an expert run society. It's a planned society. We've all heard of Planned Parenthood. Well, here's the planned global society. That's what's coming in, where there will be no decisions for the average person to make their entire life long.


We know that at the Kyoto conference they talked about reducing all energy consumption: gasoline, North Sea gas, all the different types of energy we use on a daily basis. It's to be scaled right back to perhaps even pre-1950's level. Now you can imagine what's going to happen across the Americas and Canada and the rest of Europe for that matter. They know there is going to be uprisings. We see the massive overreaction to supposedly a terrorist strike in New York, even though the very group that's presently fronting for the big powers in Congress – even though that very group are the members of "The Project for a New American Century," who published in the '90's their own agenda for the 21st century starting with a war on Afghanistan, followed by one on Iraq, then Iran, then Syria. The same group is in today and we're watching it all unfold. They needed 9/11 to happen. That is obvious. There's no point in trying to prove who really did it. It didn't matter who did it. The fact is they wanted it to happen. It did happen and you can't be that lucky when you play the lotto and win the jackpot just when you want it. It was planned that way. It's obvious. It's obvious to anyone and even Zbigniew Brzezinski who wrote "The Grand Chessboard" also parroted the same thing: that they need something on the scale of Pearl Harbor to motivate public behind them on this project for the Middle East.


James:  Well, you know I agree and I'm glad to hear you say that. I figured you would because it looks to me like they're laying down in front of us a path that we would kind of naturally fall down. It's like making a little rut and gravity kind of pulling us along and I'm wondering what you think about the idea and I've been kicking around of simply withdrawing from the system. Now I know if I do it, it won't necessarily do much and if they care, I would be put in jail or whatever, but I'm wondering if somehow, whether it be coincidence of people waking up or if there is a spiritual force behind it or what have you, that if a critical mass number of people just pulled out of the system – if that could stop the forward motion or if they would just use Plan Z and do something else?


Alan:  What they've done in the past, down through history, is when their first plan tends to falter and peter out a little bit, they do give you another terrorist attack or strike or the threat of it; and the general public, who might be waking up, suddenly are terrified again and then look to the government for the solution. They've done this so many times down through history because we're run by psychopaths basically. It's the only ones who can get to the top in this particular type of system. They're called winners and they get to the top by every and any means possible, even if it means killing those to get up there, they'll do it. That's standard in psychopathic behavior and that's who runs this world we're living in. They have no problems about killing millions of people. They plan world wars. They plan world wars in advance and often after the world wars they'll actually come out here and there and admit it, so millions of people are nothing to them. The end justifies the means. It's in the works for a long, long time, this global society, and they've had many, many top think tanks all working together, Department of Defence and Pentagon and so on, all figuring out how they can control the vast populations of the world in this new system which is to be run by experts and bureaucracies. How do they keep track of everyone? How do they control everyone because mankind they say has always needed an enemy to make them work together and so the common enemy they've come up on – there's two actually.


They're going to blame us for changing the weather, causing weather faults and that's admitted in the top think tanks, the Club of Rome's own book called "The First Global Revolution".  They admit that they sat around the table in early 1970's to find a way to make everyone unite together and give up their rights and so on, and they struck upon the idea of convincing the public that they were causing weather changes – when in fact it's all been done by sciences, as HAARP technology and the spraying that goes on. That's the main thing that they hit upon to give us a common enemy and we end up being the enemy; humankind itself. It's very clever but that's published by the founders of the Club of Rome in their own book.


James:  Yes. That's what I'm kind of thinking of is like we've talked before about Lord of the Rings and you pointed out some good points about the king being of a supreme race and all that and it was a point well taken and I really kind of look at that. I remember that when I look at it. One thing I still keep going back to is how the overall winning in this Lord of the Rings was to approach what that lord liked the most, which is power and his ring, to reject that power. In fact discard that power, destroy the power and he couldn't even fathom that approach, even though he had superior military and whatnot. That never entered his mind and I'm wondering if there's an analog we could use where if the powers that be here are thinking of controlling and manipulating the money and oil and energy and all these power type things. If some critical mass of people would simply walk away from that, which would be unfathomable for them, do you think that something similar like that could happen here?


Alan:  It would take a miracle but you're right. That's what it would take. It would be a miracle. You need people literally stop giving them the attention they want. You see government itself is only an abstract idea. That's all it is. That's all government is, is someone's idea and you've been conditioned to believe is a concretized thing in your mind and very real and you're afraid of it. That's why they use force. They prefer to use coercion, but they always back it up by force if you don't obey, but that's all it is. If people just stopped and said no, enough, enough, and the king has no clothes, and you point out the psychopathic personalities for what they are, they've nothing to hide behind. They need the public's acceptance of them. We acquiesce to every demand they make. We have to agree to every demand they make or they can't make them at all, no matter what law or code it comes from or the highest court, it makes no difference if we simply say enough and no. That's what it would take.


James:  Of course the question is you can't teach people to do it, but what I'm kind of banking on is a little bit more metaphysical and I realize that metaphysics is just another technique a lot of times for control. I've been involved in groups where I've seen through that, but I'm wondering that if not in the background individual people are being readied in their own individual worlds so that there would be this awakening unconscious to conscious level where people would kind of like all come on with this same idea of bedding up with the system. They've had enough of it. They're pulling out, without enough warning and in enough masses. Now I know I'm doing a lot of "ifs" there, but I'm trying to think of something. I'm kind of putting hopeful creative energy forth with some plan other than to just throw up our hands and wait to be eaten.


Alan:  The problem is most people don't think things through at all. What they're trying to do is save the system as they know it because it's the only one that they know. However, you can't save something which is totally corrupt from top to bottom and held together with Band Aids. You can't save it when it's already completely corrupt and even if you could keep it this way, it would stay corrupt. You'd still have injustice. It's not humane. It's not a humane system. It's anti-human in fact. It's for as I say the psychopathic winners. It's made by them, for them, to serve them and the culture they give us is also psychopathic culture where we're taught not to look at all those who don't quite make it up the ladder of life and it's tough luck on them. That's how we're taught to think. That is anti-human. That is again survival itself.  If you look at the primitive tribes, the ones that can survive through anything, the whole group looks after everyone else. Everyone is important in the group and it's only in this culture that we discard people and reclassify them according to their economic income, their abilities and their usefulness to this particular society; and yet we're all slaves in this society. We're wage slaves and tax slaves, so you know really what you're looking for to get out of this is a different way. A different way that they haven't thought of, because they do expect people to hit them head-on in the traditional fashion, which is with fists and guns and so on, and they're all prepared for it. They've been prepared for a long time. What we must do is find another way and decide for ourselves for the very first time, because it hasn't been done for 1,000 years or 2,000 years, we have to say: What is life about? Is the economic system here to serve us, or are we here to serve the economic system? That has to be worked out and hammered out and a new way found, but not the way that they have planned. We must go a different course.


James:  Well I tell you if I could say amen in this I would. I'm encouraged. I see that that's the answer. The odds are against it. You said a very important point I want to underline. It would be the first time in history, but it seems to me like the stakes have been raised enough so that either we're going to do it or go down in it, if you will. It seems like the motivation might be getting high enough and depending upon how long we don't do the right thing is going to be how bad it gets, so to speak.


Alan:  There's no doubt. There's no doubt and even if people don't do this and they carry on as they think is normal, even though normal is changing by the day now, most people are going to perish anyway, because the elite really mean it when they talk about their 21st century agenda: "Agenda 21," with vast population reductions, moving the people into these new habitat areas, which really are just overcrowded cities, and starting to bring down the population rapidly. They mean what they say and you'll find that from the United Nations "Agenda 21". People should look through it. These guys are not kidding, so we have no option anyway, you see. We either do something and figure out a new way which is not their way, or sit back and pretend everything is fine and allow ourselves to be chopped off one by one.


James:   It's like volunteering to let go of your system. I mean the system that we use. We go to work. The taxes, the housing, the banks. To voluntarily walk away from it and if there is a certain amount of people that will do that who create a freedom through that, which would have a cost and a price to pay, or be whittled down so we're all going to be killed for fodder anyway. I mean it's like which way do you want to go? Do you want to try to do the right thing and go down if it comes down to it, or do you want to go down? It's like you've got no choice.


Alan:  You have no choice and I say the other choice is no choice at all: the one which says you can keep what you have, you can keep this system. As I say, this is not our system and never was our system. It's a psychopathic system run by those at the top, very rich people, very rich families, a few thousand of them and they run basically the whole world because they own the entire resources of the whole planet and they look upon us as resources as well. Only now we're becoming burdensome in an age of technology and robots. They don't need so many people anymore and they plan to kill us off. They've written about it in their own books at the top.


James:  Okay. Well hold on right there. We'll come back and continue. We are talking with Alan Watt, books, CDs, DVDs et cetera to share all this knowledge. We're only going to be touching a small fraction of what Alan has to offer and the phone lines will be open and emails and chats and what not for people to get your questions directly in, 888-863-2722 and the email is Those in the chat room know what to do. We'll be back live right after this. And we're back live with Alan Watt and welcome back, Alan.


Alan:  It's a pleasure to be on.


James:  I appreciate you taking this time here because I have been doing a show here for well my fifth year and I'm talking with people through my life. It's rarely though I bump into somebody who's got like this clear edge they can see through things and it's great because from a different perspective you show a little details and I'm like oh yeah so I kick it around and I appreciate you coming out and doing this. No doubt there is some kind of a risk I would imagine since you may end up waking up people, but I guess perhaps they're so arrogant to think that it's more amusing than threatening to them.


Alan:  They're pretty confident now that they've got it all in the bag because they spent such a long, long time and preparation for this. They were writing about this global society at the beginning of the 1800's and all the problems they could encounter. Different authors were employed to be front men for the Royal Institute for International Affairs and like H.G. Wells and they talked about the global society to come, which they call a utopia, which for the elite it will be a utopia when they have everyone brain chipped and brain dead basically. This is nothing new. They've prepared for this for a long, long time and everything in their system goes in threes, so you have World War I, II. This is World War III you're in right now and this war, Rumsfeld summed it up and we must listen to these little phrases they use. They really mean them. They're high, high occultic Masonic phrases they use. Rumsfeld said this war might take 100 years, and you look into history and you see the previous wars that were 100-year wars, even though the first one really was 115 years. They love these repetitions of previous times and bringing it back to life again.


The 100 years war is to change all of society: men, women, children, everything. The whole way of marriage is going out the window. The whole way of living is to go out the window and you've literally come into an Aldous Huxley – a real Huxlian "Brave New World." That's their goal where we will serve them happily as slaves and be unable to even think consciously as an individual separate person. This was discussed at their major global meetings sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce and held in Loyola University in Louisiana. They had the top scientists there from biotech companies and they said that the new society will be chipped. They have the chip ready to go. They say it's only a matter now of conditioning the public of the necessity of taking it and making them want it, because the super computers are set-up regionally already to handle vast populations of programming and they said there'll be no more individualism. It will be impossible to even perceive of yourself as a distinct separate individual when this chip is implanted.


They said they would use novels, cartoons, movies to promote it to the young to make them want it; and lo and behold, since that meeting, we've had a whole slew of the very things they're talking about come to pass and the youngsters actually want this chip; they think they will have super powers. That's how you condition the vast herds of people. Everything in our life that we think is natural in the culture is actually given to us and marketed into our heads. There's nothing natural in the system at all.


James:  That's where the mutants come in with the X-Men and so on.


Alan:  That's right.


James:  Actually I never thought about that with the mutants of it, that they could be like them by using this kind of thing. You notice a lot of these people it used to be that they looked at rock bands and what have you as heroes, but now we're getting more into the biological, chemical, political war type heroes people want to emulate. I have a question here. You had mentioned before a couple of time about psychopaths and what have you. How is it that these group of people seem to have a disproportionate amount of the psychopathic mentality to succeed? Is it because they're coming from a rich family and they're being groomed or is it genetically passed on or something else?


Alan:  Plato talked about it 2,300 years ago. Plato was a member of the aristocracy and he wrote the book "The Republic."  That was a prototype or a ground plan really for this New World Order and he talked about a time to come when they could literally breed people for specific tasks and functions just like you breed animals. You can breed large ones and small ones by selecting their mates for them. In that book he gives away the very process by which the psychopath is created, at least perpetuated, and that is that the elite have always selected their mates for the same qualities of power and riches, whether it's male or female and the priests matched them up for that. As Plato says, we can breed in or out of a person specific traits or qualities, so for a king or those who are in high power you want them to be fairly ruthless and less emotional and that's what we have. We have hereditary psychopaths at the top who are guaranteed to have the offspring the same way.


James:  You know another thing is when you think about the way it's been shown to us that the kings chose their sons or what have you is you wanted to keep the genetic material which made the good king. It's kind of skewed that you have a good wise king, of course he's going to send out wise seed and then he's going to train that wise seed, but in reality the opposite is true like you're saying. Generally you'll have a good guy and it seems to dissipate if not the next generation, whether it be business, whether it be a government, it's the bad guys who seem to persevere. 


Alan:  Absolutely. In a monetary system that's all that can really get to the top because those without conscience can do that. They're ruthless. That's the only way to get to the top is by being ruthless and very cunning and you sleep well at night. You don't need tranquilizers or sleeping pills. You get rid of whoever is in your way by any means possible. Generally it's through intellectual power games and that's how you get to the top, so this is a purpose-made system. In a money system that's all that could get ever get to the top, to be honest with you. It's always been like this.


James:  There's a question coming before we go from the psychopath. Is there any scientific works out there concerning the psychopaths I guess such as these and their creation?


Alan:  Yes there are. You can definitely go into the study – strangely enough, there was lots of studies being done right up into the 1970's when psychiatrists began to look at the psychopathic traits. Instead of looking at the crook at the bottom on the street level, they started to see the same phenomena all the way up to the top into political groups. Henderson and Gillespie, their Textbook of Psychiatry, written about 1972, did quite a good expose on the personality types and there's other books out there as well on pathocracies. If you look for the term "pathocracy," you'll come up with different books. Mainly it's a term derived from the scientists in the ex-Soviet Union who were doing studies on their own leaders and realized they were all psychopathic; and then when they looked into the personality profiles of the Western politicians, they realized they were the same as well. This system can only the psychopath at the top – remember the psychopath doesn't feel emotion, but they grow up like a camera watching other people work and interacting and they're very good at acting, incredibly good actors. They understand intuitively what the public want and they will be what you want. They'll be your man. They'll say what you want to hear and that's why they go into politics where there's power, so there are standard traits to the psychopath. The one good thing about them is when you understand their nature they're very predictable, very predictable. In fact, they can't go any other way than the direction they're going in right now for total control.


James:  When we think of this aspect of this control, what came to me was years ago I just was thinking about Reagan going to Gorbachev and talking about tearing down the wall and I kind of fantasized or theorized the statement was: look, you guys over here are using muscle and guns to control your people and we can show you how to do it by getting them to want to go along. We can talk people into going along and so you guys use guns and force people, that's old hat, tear down the wall. We'll share or make a deal or what have you so that you can control your people so that they will do what you want to do by free will.


Alan:  Yes that's right. You see there's nothing new in culture creation. You're born into a system and if your parents don't know that it's all wrong or manipulated, the child will take it for granted that it's natural. Lenin talked about this and Stalin talked about it. Lenin said that the public will never know that there are a thousand ways that society could go off and live. A thousand different directions but they mustn't know this, he said. They must believe that the system they're born into is the only natural one that could possibly have evolved; and that's exactly what's happened to everyone. They think this can be the only natural system there is, like a natural progression. It never dawns on them that every step of their lives, their parents' lives and their grandparents' was guided to where we are today. It was all planned that way.


James:  On that same kind of vein, when you have the system set-up for you and that people have gone along with it so long and it becomes normal and then people who step out of line, it's actually easy for the incumbency to keep the status quo by simply pointing out that the guy or the gal or the person who actually has the right idea in seeing truth is the really the one who is nutty.


Alan:  Exactly. Lord Bertrand Russell was one of the big players in this very system. He worked for Tavistock Institute, as did Huxley and many others who wrote about the coming system. They did lots of experiments on patients that were brought in and they put wires in their heads back in the 1930's and '40's and '50's, and tried stimulate them to see if they could turn them into robots in fact. Bertrand Russell said after studying and having the access to archives written by very high professors, archives that are kept fairly secret from the general public on human behavior, he said, "There is no nonsense so errant that it cannot be made the creed or the belief of the vast majority by adequate government action." That's exactly what he said, his very words; and it's like Adam Weishaupt. He said, "Oh, foolish man, what can you not be made to believe?"  These are sciences. These are sciences which are taught to a very few people, kept in archives, as opposed to public libraries, and the leaders get their lackeys to work for them and they get access to these archives and they sit in think tanks and literally plan the future. They plan what fashions you're going to have five or ten years from now, what kind of music you're going to have, what effect it will have on the psyche of the young. This is how it's all planned and it always has been planned this way. Plato said that nothing can be allowed to occur in the grass roots culture-wise because it would have unforeseen rippling effects. Therefore, all culture must be authorized from the top down. That's music, fashion and drama especially and Plato when into detail on those particular sciences. 


James:  I think there is a quote that's coming to mind here from Einstein. To make the perfect sheep you have to – gosh what was it? I'll get it. I'll bring it back up as we go along here. We're talking to Alan Watt and it's your chance to ask questions. I'm getting emails and all this stuff in here. We do have a phone line and that is the preferred method since this a talk show where people do like to sit back and listen and just send a type in, which we will do, but hopefully somebody would choose to talk with us rather than just throw a line at us. Oh here it is. "In order to form an immaculate member of a flock of sheep one must, above all, be a sheep." So is there – I mean we're hoping for a savior. It seems to be the inbred thing, but gosh, is it possible that one might show up?


Alan:  A savior?


James:  I mean is there an outside chance possible?


Alan:  For a savior?


James:  Yes.


Alan:  For a savior there's an outside chance because everyone can be their own savior if they really try, because everyone is being given a choice and has been given a choice their whole life as to where this society is going. Most don't take up the challenge. They let it pass them by and let others do it for them. No one can really ever say I didn't know what was happening. They can't really ever, ever really say that. No one on this planet can say that. So you know you are your own savior. You are your own champion. It's a matter of accepting the challenge, accepting the responsibility to yourself as well and being true to yourself before you can be true to others.


James:  We're talking with Alan Watt. live on Feet2Fire. We're going to stop, take a little break and come back and continue. Hang in there. We'll see you. We're back live with Alan Watt and welcome back, Alan.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


James:  Someone sent a message here and there may be questions that may be slightly redundant as far as points you've talked about but you can also use as a launch pad to fill in around. A question coming in from the chatroom is: What is the illuminati's Achilles heel?


Alan:  Their Achilles heel ultimately – it doesn't matter for the public because by the time this happens the public will be mainly destroyed and altered, but their Achilles heel is that power cannot be satiated. It's a deviant need that they have. The psychopath basically is a deviant. They're called the deviant creation, even in ancient times, because they would kill without conscience or have others do it for them; and that's really the trait is to have others do it for them. Their Achilles heel is that there'll be one throne of the world shortly. The first king of the world and they can cooperate to an extent until they see the throne and then each one wants it, so they'll start fighting amongst themselves towards the top. That can be counted upon. However, when the Titans fight amongst themselves they tend to destroy the little people at the bottom along the way, so it won't save the general public. They will have already annihilated most of them by then.


James:  Well that's a good point. I've often said that in looking at the service to others and service to self mentality, which some call the positive or negative aspect or good or evil, is that the problem with the service to self or negative or evil is that there could only be one person left ultimately, because every time you have more than one they're going to fight for that one. So if evil does win you would have a world with nobody but one person, but then after that the whole point of having the one person would be to control the masses, so you would have one person who would win and then would sit down Alexander and cry because there's nothing else to conquer.


Alan:  That's right and when the psychopath has nothing left to conquer they just simply turn around to be cruel for the fun of it. It's like breaking the legs on the cattle in a field and then kicking the cow because it can't get up. That's the mentality of it. See a psychopath only worships power and those who are more powerful than themselves. That's why they stick together like crazy for a long time on the way up. Each one will bow down and grovel to the one above them. They worship that person because they have such power. They're very faithful up until that point, but they also hate the ones who are beneath them who are weaker. They despise weakness in society and of course we see this in the eugenics programs that are now called bioethics agendas. They've changed the terminology to fool the public, but the same people that brought you the Eugenics Society before World War II in the U.S. through Rockefeller and his family and the foundation and brought Adolph Hitler along is the same people in charge today. They can't change their nature. That's why I say. The psychopath can be predicted because he has a predictable nature and they always use the same formats. They hate the weak and they will want to try and eliminate the weak and eventually they'll start bringing new definitions of the weak or the unsuitable and the categories will go up and up and up, until most people are included in them. That's how they work. 


James:  You could see that in some movies where you have the individual respecting the warrior or they kill in some kind of respectable manner, while they kill in a disrespectful manner the lesser people. But all in all, it's still killing. It's just that one's more honorable I guess.


Alan:  That's right. As I say, they have an odd code amongst themselves. They love the term "knights," even though they're not really knights at all because they don't personally take part in the battles that they start and the wars that they start. They sit behind desks and drink brandy and have fun. That's the psychopath. In fact, they sneer at all the fools that do the work for them. They think they're so intelligent and superior.


James:  Yes. That's why we can see that in the troops who are fighting in the wars here. If they really did revere the service they did when they come back and are no longer fighters, be it injured or simply their tour of duty is up, they simply throw them in the trash can because they are of no use anymore. There's a distain even more for the warrior who comes back injured than there is for the person who doesn't even go.


Alan:  That's right. You can see that in the VA hospitals. I get a lot of fellows phoning me and in awful shape some of them and they're just discarded. They're completely ignored and discarded because they are now weak. Yes, they're physically weak and so on and they're despised by their superiors and there's nothing new in this. This happened in the Falklands war with a young captain in the Scots Guards in fact and he got part of his brain blown off by high velocity bullets and they did manage to save him but he was paralyzed for a while, but he came in to the officer's mess with his full uniform on and eventually he was told to stop coming in because he was embarrassing the rest of the men with his crutches and so on.


James:  Well that's great. That's why I think if you really want to see this thing – if you are out there listening and you're growing up and thinking that, well I'll say this. In fact, I had a guy on last week. Nothing personal with the man. It's just his position was that the United States is the good guy in Israel fighting the bad Arab terrorists and what not and so on and people grow up and attach that kind of thing to their government and it's up there with God and country. If they were to look at the evidence apart from the emotion and just looking at how the warriors are being treated when they come back as injured, right there is a strong message to the distain that these individuals have for those who actually go do the ultimate service for them.


Alan:  Yes. They've always been discarded. This happened in World War II when they used mainly Canadian troops and some British commandoes to go into Dieppe in France as a test for D-Day and Winston Churchill knew that it was heavily defended. They knew it had altered since the plans were first laid and Mountbatten, Dickey Mountbatten, or "Tricky Dickey" as they called him, it was his show and he wanted to get done anyway. Well the night they all went in they were getting slaughtered. Thousands of men got slaughtered. It was a suicide raid and Mountbatten and Churchill were up drinking brandy all night and having a good old time. See, only a psychopath could do that. They knew what was going to happen.  Winston Churchill was playing with toy soldiers and doing his battle reenactments in a big room he had in Blenheim Palace, his big country home, right until he died and he saw those little toy soldiers the same way as he saw the human ones. There was no difference in his mind. No difference at all in his mind. They were all just unrealistic, unnatural. He was a psychopathic personality. He couldn't identify with real people.


James:  In fact we've got some questions but we're going to take a break in about 30 seconds, so I'm going to come back. I have a whole line of questions or maybe I say a broad subject to talk about, like what is exactly Zionism and what is Zionist? Because there seems to be this trick that's being played, just like when you talk about African-American politicians or something, that if you're against an African-American politician then you're against the African-American or the black; and if you say Zionist then you are an anti-Semite and I'd like you to comment on, but first we'll take a break. It's the top of the hour for local station identification and all that stuff and we'll be back to continue. We have a full hour with Alan Watt. The phone lines are open 888-863-2722. The emails, chats and all that stuff is open. Now is the time to get your questions. An hour is going to go really quick with this man, so hang in there. Stay tuned and we will be back.



"Working Class Hero" by John Lennon

As soon as you're born they make you feel small
By giving you no time instead of it all
Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

They hurt you at home and they hit you at school
They hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool
Till you're so <expletive> crazy you can't follow their rules
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

When they've tortured and scared you for twenty odd years
Then they expect you to pick a career
When you can't really function you're so full of fear
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV
And you think you're so clever and class less and free
But you're still <expletive> peasants as far as I can see
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

There's room at the top they are telling you still
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill
If you want to be like the folks on the hill



James:  Boy, I tell you, this song could be a guest of what we're talking about here. We have Alan Watt, live from Canada, cuttingthroughthematrix and welcome back, Alan.


Alan:  Yes, it's good to be back.


James:  You know so John Lennon wrote this song pretty much hit on the mark and he's dead. I mean did somebody like him or other people, did they just die from circumstance or was he thought to be a threat or something like that? I know it's kind of guess but I'm just wondering.


Alan:  No, it's not really a guess. I mean there's no doubt it was known that he was – see, Lennon like others who were put there and followed certain rules to get up there thinking they were working for a different kind of utopia because the professors that took them over and so on. They did believe in a classless society. See, all culture's created and some of the biggest bands are promoted for certain reasons and some of them were even created. Some of them don't even know each other before they're picked out of a line-up and then put together and told to sing certain songs. However, Lennon was more of a natural rebel. He was in a dilemma too because he married a banker's daughter from Japan, so he sort of betrayed his own system but he couldn't live with it.


When he was killed, I remember it was strange circumstances because I think it was a Congressman's son that just happened to go out and shoot him in the head that night. How he knew where he would be, I don't know. That's rather mysterious in itself, but where he shot was outside the door of the house that was used for Rosemary's Baby, the movie, the first real horror movie to do with the occultic elite; and that in itself is highly symbolic. He could have been trouble down the road because he was starting to speak out and sing out the very fact that he himself had been betrayed. I think he was rather angry about it. He'd been kind of set-up to led the youth and then he realized I think that the ones who were guiding him were perhaps the enemy.


James:  We do have a phone call coming in. I'll just grab this. Hello, you're live on the air with Alan Watt.


Jean:  Hi. This is Jean from Rockford, Illinois, and Alan, I wanted to make a couple of comments first of all and then ask you a question. First of all, on the John Lennon thing I'm not convinced that he was led by them so much as I think he knew what was going on, if you read some of his writings, and I think it was from you that I first heard about the fact that the Beatles might not have written all of their own music. Was that from you?


Alan:  Yes, that's right. They didn't own their own music in fact. They didn't own it.


Jean:  Right and if you look at some of the readings of John Lennon, he implies that Paul would come in and just throw the music down and say you write the lyrics and so it's almost like in some of his writings he's telling us that Paul didn't write all this music so I think it was Paul. Secondly, about his murder, I'm convinced and certain other people are that have read a lot about him that that was perpetuated by, oh, I don't know what England's, what is it M15 or whatever their CIA counterpart is over there.


Alan:  MI6.


Jean:  And I think it had something to do with Reagan coming into office and Bush 1 and this whole new sort of economic social thing that was going on with these neoconservatives. Now maybe I'm wrong but it just seems like it's sort of fit in there.


James:  Let's hear what Alan has to say about it.


Alan:  No, it wasn't about the neoconservatives. You see the neoconservatives is a term used in Britain before you hear it in the U.S. Margaret Thatcher first used it to describe her own party. They called it the "progressive conservatives" in the U.S. and it was really a code term for the takeover of the elite to run the system the way they decided it should be run without all this democratic nonsense as they called it. They said that democracy was simply too confusing. It took so long to debate any point that nothing could be done and they decided they would rather run it through an agenda and give a pretense of political fighting and that's what we have today. There is no politics. It's just a show for the public. The agenda is full steam ahead, so they didn't care about Lennon that way.


What they cared about is someone like him who could spill the beans on a lot of stuff to do with the culture creation industry and the scams that go on and how they had created the mindset of the youth. How they had helped destroy the family unit by the types of music they were told to promote and also how to so-called liberate the sexes until they were so sexed out they couldn't bond with anyone anymore. That was all written about in the early 1900's that they would do this.  Lennon understood this perfectly well and he had a lot of rethinking to do. He also, when he came over to Canada in the 1960's, he was a big fan of Marshall McLuhan, the professor who really went into different ways of perceiving how the society perceives things, and McLuhan told him, he told Lennon, he says, "you're being used," and that's when he suddenly became very depressed and all the problems started because he respected McLuhan's opinion.


Jean:  I see. Okay.


James:  I notice that Lennon got in trouble really when he came back into popularity and his album was rather, you know, family, nice, loving type of a thing. When he was kind of mad on the outside it seemed like it didn't matter. It just seemed like all of a sudden, hey, a new album coming out. It's doing really good. It's got good potential. It's like stop this before it gets any farther. All right, well thank you for calling.


Jean:  Thank you.


James:  All right, I've got an email coming in here from someone. There's a couple of questions on here. I'll throw one out for now and we can come back to it. He also by the way recommends buying your books and CDs. Two Reality Check DVDs that are extremely informative. So the question is: Can you talk a little bit more about the brain chip the mechanics and how does it work in your brain? What effect will it have on people to be connected to regional computers? How far back in time in the beginnings of the development of the microchip does this agenda go?


Alan:  They have it ready to go. I have copies of the ones they're talking about. I have the actual photographs and the blueprints of it from the company that makes them and they are ready to go. They've been tried and tested and they're active little chips, which can be activated by even the heat from your own body. It converts it into electrical energy so it's an active chip. Now as far as how far do they go? Back in the 1950's, we know, now, that they did have solid-state, actually micro-circuitry, the type that we are using right now and we are told it's the latest thing. Back in the days of the tubes for television and radios, before you even got the transistor radio, they already had micro-circuitry, the solid-state circuitry that we see in computers and wrist watches and so on. The CIA were using high-tech weapons back in the '50's that they could slip in their pockets. They could put thoughts right into your brain and this was shown on national television in Canada by Nick Begich who does the HAARP monitoring and he demonstrated it to the host Wendy Mesley on her show and he made her stand 20 feet away. He pointed it at the back of her head and she heard music right in the center of her head and as he said it could have just as easily been words or something else he put into her head if he wanted to. The only thing he didn't answer is: how come he had all of this equipment?


James:  I was just going to say that.


Alan:  I mean you can't buy that at the army surplus store and I'm always a bit weary because they give us our heroes with a very good start, you know. However, they had this technology a long time ago. There are three levels of science on the go at all times. At the bottom level, what the public are fed is called re-search. That means to search again because the searching has already been done on a higher level and there's a higher level above that because the true controllers will never even share their high-tech weaponry with the military class at the top. They always make sure they have the highest stuff. However, back in the 1960's a new phenomenon occurred in psychiatry where schizophrenics used to come in with traditional types of hallucinations and delusions, mainly to do with religion or hearing voices and that type of thing, but generally with a religious content in it. Suddenly, very, very suddenly, hospitals were getting people coming in who claimed they had chips in their spine and they called them chips or mini-computers and they said that big computers were controlling them. This is before even the term "computer" was popular in the public mind. It turned out, when you followed a lot of these people up who claimed they're being controlled remotely from a distance, they'd all been ex-military and often had minor operations while in the military where they were put under general anesthetic, so I'd imagine that's when these chips were implanted in them. They were testing them back on individuals back in the '60's who hadn't a clue that they were the guinea pigs.


James:  Now with this chip aspect of it, is it 100 percent? Like if they get it in you it's over type of thing? So all they have to do is just stick it in like food or what have you and people ingest it and have it like just cling on to maybe your esophagus or something and then that's it?


Alan:  That's one type that can be done. We saw this in a movie called "Fortress" about an underground prison, where a lot of the major ones are now being built, underground, where they make you swallow something that attaches itself to your stomach and it can cause pain, inflict pain and do things like that. However, the one that they're going to give to the public is to be inserted in the back of the skull, just like the Matrix plugged in. That's where it's to be inserted and here's the odd thing from the company that I got the blueprints from. Above your head there'll be a ring like a halo that you can wear on your head. It will be a form of an antenna which will amplify the signal. It just happens to be that Arthur C. Clarke, who got the Nobel Prize for predicting that satellites would one day be round the world and in communication with each other et cetera, only because he was in the in crowd, who wrote "2001" and "2010" back in the 1960's, meaning that the New World Order would kickoff in 2001 and be all complete by 2010. In his latest book "3001" he just happens to mention that this little chip with the ring on the head, in his novel, by coincidence – these guys don't dream these things up. They're given this information and they write it into a fictional form and that's called "predictive programming," to make us think that it's a natural evolution when it actually appears. You get the idea first and then it seems quite natural when it comes into reality. The chip is ready to go. It will be implanted in the back of the skull and now they're pushing for the next step already. I'm sure that's ready to go as well, eventually which will be the nanotechnology. I don't think the nanotechnology is quite perfected yet to be predictable.


James:  Because actually by following it through its logical conclusion the movie "The Matrix" would be like old technology. Old sloppy big technology compared to what's coming down the pike.


Alan:  It is. In fact, even when they made the movie it was old because Sweden was the first country that publicly announced, even though Britain had being done it doing this in Tavistock and Huxley talked about it in the 1960's, but Sweden in the 1970's admitted that they were using certain prisoners to interface the brain with the computer with wires et cetera in what we now call the old-fashioned way. Even that was old stuff, really.


James:  So what I guess I'm thinking about is with this technology it seems like it is already over and yet I don't sense that. I mean as much as the odds are against it I still think there is something and we've talked about part of it before; but when it comes to this technology, what could we possibly do to resist it, other than try to avoid having this stuff in us, which seems to be just a matter of time?


Alan:  It's a matter of time, but remember it's like the old song to Satan: "time is on my side". That's how these guys run. They run intergenerationally. We think in short term. They think in generations. When you realize that everyone – no one could have predicted amongst the general populace that we'd all be sitting and playing with computers right now and are using the cell phones. Some people can't even do without the cell phones. They have it strapped to their ear everywhere they go. They're ready for the brain chip in fact. They've been trained and they're ready for it. The thing is, these characters literally can introduce this and make the children – it's the youngsters they're after. They're aiming all their movies and their superheroes with brain chips and so on at the young to make them actually want it, and they'll come into it thinking this is as natural as the computer is to the previous generation. They'll actually want it. It isn't until enough have it that they'll flick their main switch and the real purpose kicks in and there's no more you. A scientist at Loyola said think of it more like a hive. That's the actual words from the top Japanese scientist from Japan that they brought over. He said it will be more like the hive. You'll have no quietness in your mind. You'll hear whispering of voices to and from the computer to others around you.


James:  On that aspect with the pulse devices and all that, is it possible there might be some kind of a – I think of the movie H.G. Wells "War of the Worlds" where they have the virus, a kind of a small little insignificant thing to us, which kills the invaders, could that not be in a way something that could happen, a small simple device which would render the chip ineffective or something like that?


Alan:  It's possible. However, this chip literally will be constantly sending signals back and forth to central computers and will inform them if there's anything aberrant in its signals or any other signals interfering with it. These characters at the top are so far ahead in all of this. They think all of these things out in advance.


James:  Well that's true. I mean I think of these things and about everything I think of, they're going to be thinking of – other than the discarding of power. I have a question coming in about Ray Kurzweil promoting cybernetic enhancement. Can you comment on that?


Alan:  It's all over a lot of magazines now. They're pushing this. You see, we've already been conditioned towards the idea even through the Star Trek series and many other things that we've seen and gotten, but your subconscious never forgets. With the Star Trek series, they eventually had the space station at the very end of Babylon something. They called it "Babylon 5" or something and in that series the doctor on the station was the most intelligent person and he was genetically enhanced, where they removed what they called "defective genes" or problem genes and replaced them with superior genes to make him perfect. You also see it – we've already had conditioning in movies like "Gattaca", a future where there's two classes of society: those who still mate in the ordinary way and give birth in the ordinary way and become second-class citizens; and those who get all the best jobs and have respect because they're superior, they're genetically enhanced. This is already being pushed through magazines and novels and drama et cetera to make people – to get them accustomed to the idea so they'll slip into the transformation. See most people don't live their lives. They float through their lives. The ideas that they have and the opinions they hold are induced opinions. They are marketed into their minds for them. People floated through the whole transfer of technology and the factories to China back in the late '80's right through the '90's. Most people didn't even notice it happening. Now it's all normal that everything is made in China, but the average person doesn't even reflect on how come, what made it happen. They don't realize that 60 or 70 years in preparation and negotiations had to be done to make that happen, so most people don't live their lives. They are technically unconscious. They drift through their lives like creatures of instinct.


James:  It's like speaking of John Lennon, a quote that "life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."


Alan:  That's right.


James:  We have another question coming in from Neil who says: Hi James. What does Mr. Watt think about the story coming from Benjamin Fulford, the ex-Forbes magazine Asia desk editor, about the conflict between the illuminati, especially the Rockefellers and the Chinese Secret Society, regarding the use by the illuminati of race specific diseases to depopulate Asia? Well we can hold that. We'll come right back to that. Also I did forget – I wanted to ask you about the full use of Zionism and anti-Semite and all that stuff, so if you can just hold on for a second we will take a break and then come back with those two things to kick off, gosh, the last half hour. See I told you. When you have Alan on here time flies and it's a lot to think about.  888-863-2722 we'll squeeze you in the last half hour. It's live. It's Feet to the Fire and we'll be right back. All right, we've got to get in here and welcome back Alan. As we have you on the show, people start to get involved in it and now questions are flying in and we've got a half hour left.


On that question that came in about the illuminati versus the Chinese Tong, I think it was, is that something you talked about where you have the Titans fighting, so to speak?


Alan:  I do know that the Chinese were upset when they went into the SARS outbreak we had in the Far East and in Toronto a few years ago because they've narrowed it down to being a race-specific virus, which they think was bioengineered in a laboratory. We know they have them because I've got documentation that was in the "Daily Mail" some years ago by a reporter who went in to see the scientists at Porton Downs Laboratory in England and he sat around their table and he said these guys were quietly calmly discussing at their lunch break about all their race specific viruses they had. They could kill any race off they wished or any DNA type that they wished. The Chinese have sort of narrowed the SARS down and possibly this new Avian Flu to being man-made in a laboratory. It's a very simple process today. They can do it in one day, in fact, alter a virus and reconstitute it into a new type. It's a very quick process today and so they're very upset about it. They think that they're going to be the guinea pigs to have their race brought down fast as well, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Triads and the Tongs were at least talking about some kind of revenge. That would make sense.


James:  I wonder if maybe part of our synchronistic hope is that with the evil not wanting to share power and that there is an end in sight, it seems like the end game is coming, that they might get a little excited and start fighting amongst themselves early, so to speak.


Alan:  They might but you see China is in a unique position because so quickly this supposed Communist system, that's still Communist supposedly in theory, has created a high middle class, very rich, incredibly rich, very quickly, with a vast amount of underdog population. There's a tremendous gulf between the two and naturally they're in a better position down below to see what's coming their way. They know that if the world's population is to be reduced drastically in the West it also means that they'll be no need for all those laborers and factories in China and they're quite right. The elite will only need a few factories to keep up with their own needs for themselves since the vast majority of the public are to be culled off down the road. The Chinese certainly are in a position to have a better perspective on what's happening and they study Western politics far more in detail in school because they're supposed to be Communistic. They have far more data on what's happening in the West then the average Western person gets taught themselves.


James:  Back to this Zionism thing. I was a little surprised when I had this guest on last week who was a Christian anti-eschatology theologian type thing and he was toting the United States and Israel being the good guys type thing. How does one go about walking a very politically, publicly type balanced position to go against, say, Israel as a governmental agency versus a Jewish state, Jewish people; and say, for example, the United States versus the American people type thing? How do you? It's kind of a tough nut to crack because of the faithfulness by those in power.


Alan:  You have to get past the emotional qualities, the emotive forces behind it and go into the history of it. You find that when Britain was pushing its empire in the 1800's, that's when the royalty, what we call "the establishment" in England, the ones who always owned Britain and London, they pushed to have a whole bunch of agencies set-up that would promote the British Empire as being a good thing abroad. The first thing they had to do was convince their workers, their own upper middle class that were strutting around the globe in red uniforms and epaulets et cetera, that they were the chosen of God so they invented British Israelism. That was an invention of a particular group associated with Cecil Rhodes and Lord Alfred Milner that now runs the Round Table Groups for the UN, which is part of the whole British establishment, by the way. That's the old agenda and so they had to create factions of the ordinary British people to make them believe through religion that they were actually the lost tribes of Israel and Jews were their cousins and they should all work together towards a common goal. It was just after that and this movement really started off and took off and people even today, mainly in the U.S., still believe that they're members of the lost tribe and it is a fabricated thing that came out of the Royal Institute of International Affairs to make them believe they were doing the right thing as they conquered the globe and brought supposedly a Christian civilization to the world. They were doing "God's work."


Religion has always been used by the powers that be to control the minds of the people and to use them, and there's nothing greater than a common cause under religion to motivate the public so they invented British Israelism. After that, Lord Balfour gave the Balfour Declaration in cahoots with Rothschild to take over or put in a group within the Middle East that would cause dissention with the people who lived there already years down the road and the man who was lieutenant governor for Palestine in the 1930's was Sir Ronald Storrs. He literally had the power of the king or the Queen of England over in Palestine and you should read his memoirs of how they set-up Israel and he said a little phrase that everyone misses. He said, "we have set-up in this land, this hostile land, a little Ulster." Now what that means, England put a whole bunch of foreigners into Ireland a few hundred years ago that became Ulster and they were hard-wing Scottish Presbyterian fundamentalists that ended up ruling over the Catholic majority and they were hated up to this day. Here's a British lord with the power of a king, the authority of a king, set-up in Palestine saying we're doing the same thing here and who do they use for that was to bring in primarily Russian Jews and settle them into a new place. That was their new Ulster. A place designed to cause dissention for decades and decades to come. That was from the horse's mouth.


James:  I think you said it in your very first sentence. The deal is to separate yourself emotionally from this aspect because in his scenario they are doing God's will and will be rewarded as such and in that same sentence they're justifying killing; and yet their name being of Christ who obviously didn't teach to kill. To me it's so ludicrous that I don't know. How do you deal with these contradictions and not lose your temper?


Alan:  You can't deal with them. George Orwell explained it in his book "1984."  The process of doublethink is a conditioned process close to psychosis where an individual can hold two conflicting opposite opinions in their head at the same time and believe in them both. That's psychotic. You can't argue with that.


James:  You know what? I just realized something. That would explain why I get nutty when I deal with people like that. I mean I still should be able to be calm about the whole thing, but I mean it kind of gives me the insight because I'm so passionate and honest with my feelings. You know I'm real so that when I deal with this stuff it makes me nutty and that explains it because it is nutty.


Alan:  It is nutty. There's no logic to it. Supposing you were lined up by a firing squad and they said we're going to kill you because you're a gypsy or you have the wrong colored eyes and the reason we have to kill you is because our holy book tells us so. I mean you could never talk your way out of that. These people would be mad to even think that and it's the same thing when you here these supposed, supposed Christians which are as remote from original Christianity as Pluto is from the moon and they don't know it. They are technically mad.


James:  I actually feel better. I was thinking about it. That is the answer and now I can get myself positioned as such, that if and when I'm in the position I will remember that and I think that will help me personally very much on that. One thing I like about you is that you're talking from a very educated authoritative type position. I mean you're not just – stuff isn't just popping in your head. I mean you've done a lot of research and all that. How could you come across with this strong logical position and not have an ego pounding type thing? You're not out there forcefully pushing some type of a face. You're just talking about it and it's refreshing.


Alan:  You have to because you can't get involved in emotive debates. Emotion without knowledge is pretty well homicidal. We see it all over the world with homicidal types all fighting for what they supposedly believe in and yet they don't know their own histories, most of them. It's beliefs they fight and die for. The average American troop who joins up in the military today is a mercenary. He's grown up playing video games to kill people. Be on the winning team and the good guys in the movies always live. They never get killed and the bad guys can't shoot straight. You can't deal with someone who's been brought up and conditioned that way. They have to find out for themselves unfortunately; and in academia, they're allowed to talk about Zionism. They're allowed to talk about all these emotive topics because they don't lose their heads while they're discussing them, but the general public unfortunately, because of the conditioning they've had from the top, go overboard with emotion and they'll fight each other. Even on camera we see some shows on television where they start fighting each other physically over emotive topics. They can't handle their own emotions and some of the higher occultic, the old stuff is very, very true. The three unworthy craftsmen all belong within yourself. One is the architect because you plan your own future if you're a wise person, and you have emotion, and you have wrong action; and unless you balance all of them together you'll end up in destruction or destroying others.


James:  I've done some reading on a work that's called the Ra material. It was actually channeled by this Ra entity and when I was listening to it there seemed to be some pretty good concepts there. I immediately suspected that it was manipulative in nature and that they do give you some truth along with some manipulation and I seem to be able to have something inside me that little truth stuff sticks to me until I work around it. But one of the things that I thought was interesting was the concept of this service to others, service to self and what have you. It seems that the real idea of service to others in a corporate sense including yourself is being manipulated by service to others as enslaved to others.


Alan:  You find all these channels – I never watch TV so I have different channel for everything. Channel, too, of course, you must understand channel means "the way of El." You see a channel is a path. It's the way. It's where you put water down and it flows. You channel it; and so you have all these words that people don't even understand what it means when they're using them. They adopt them, as I say, they adopt their opinions. They're induced into them and they just repeat them like parrots without thinking. However, words themselves will affect yourself subconsciously and motive you in ways which you don't understand. It's called "psycholinguistics" and it's used against the public. It's well understood; but service to others is exactly what the elite have said a hundred years ago in fact with the Lord Milner Group that became the Round Table Society of today. They will create a society where the average person, the majority of people, their only function will be to serve the state, meaning others, technically others, but it's the state itself they will serve. They're really heavily promoting this service, but no one asks: wait a minute. Who's making the decision as to what service means and for whose state? For whose world? For whose future? It's for the elites' again of course.


James:  Right and that's where they take a principle that may strike truth inside someone and then manipulate it very cleverly so that you can go toward them. Like for example you mentioned the word channel and this for me personally there's words and things that I just don't like. Now I didn't actually go into the etymology of the word "channel" but every time I heard it, I just don't like it. Now is it possible that there is some kind of communication going on with that word but beyond my consciousness?


Alan:  In a sense they could, they can. They admit they can use the HAARP technology and it has been proven and disclosed and it's declassified information from government. They can put a secondary signal on the HAARP and actually make you think you're hearing things in your head from the HAARP itself.


James:  I mean what I'm referring to is my not liking the term. It's almost like when someone says well they had a channel it's like--


Alan:  It still happens today in Pentecostal churches and charismatic churches, but it's always generally an elderly lady who stands up and starts channeling God and the message is always the same: "You must love one another, blah-blah-blah." That's their little spot of the limelight for the week, but that's an innate thing within human nature, all these religious motivations, archetypal motivations, so it's almost a normal thing in a sense. It doesn't mean that it's true, though. You'll find that Zeta Reticuli was the main source supposedly in the '70's and '80's of all these channeled events from aliens in Zeta Reticuli star cluster; and once that got out on the internet eventually, every channeler was adopting the same thing. It's done through induction. They just copy one another.


James:  I have a question coming in: Could Alan comment on whether or not this problem in the global economy is being caused on purpose to lead us to the North American Amero? Also, the Federal Reserve people mentioned last week that the Federal Reserve could not lower rates unless there was a calamity. Sure enough, the next day they lowered the discount rate. Was this done on purpose to tell us something if we were listening?


Alan:  We have been conditioned for years now that we're going to amalgamate. We've already got it in our heads because we see it with Europe. Once it has happened one other place it seems quite natural it will happen to the next place and they know that. They have us all prepared for it and over the last few years you'll see that the American dollar, the U.S. dollar is gradually getting on par with the Canadian dollar, almost cent for cent, and once that happens and we amalgamate the two, the next thing is to drop us like a stone as we go down towards Mexico's level and we'll meet somewhere halfway up. That's the agenda and they have written about this a long time ago. In 1906 I think it was, even the main Masonic lodge in Pennsylvania had a world meeting, the Rosicrucian lodge brought all the different Masons in from the blue lodges and all the Eastern Stars and at the convocation there they discussed the eventual unification of the Americas including Mexico, where they'll join the eagle of Mexico back with the eagle of the U.S. This is old stuff. We're just living a plan. This is a long-term business plan and your grandparents were living it too and your parents and they didn't know either.


James:  Another comment that came in was we talk about channeling. Forgetting the word channel, but how about saying information that pops into your head? Do you allow for the possibility that there would be coming from a spiritual side of oneself as well? I mean do you have an opinion that there is a spiritual being here that's there another side to us and that communication may be valid but must be tested to see where it actually comes from?


Alan:  Whenever information comes, yes, it should always be tested.


James:  I mean I don't hear voices. When I say things popped into my head I don't hear like la-la-la. I mean it's just like an idea. It just kind of comes out of nowhere and I would imagine that's from my infrastructure, be it my subconscious or a spiritual connection with a higher soul or what have you, but I would think that the false things could be tested for a difference that's always close but [inaudible].


Alan:  That's right. Even in ancient times they always said "test the spirits," meaning to test the information that comes or as is presented to you, to think it through. There's no doubt that the elite themselves believe, and I know it's true, there is such a thing as telepathy for some people, not for most. I think a lot of people have lost it over centuries and it's definitely drummed out of you when you're a child once you get into this economic system starting with school. They start drumming all that out of you and tell the children don't talk nonsense. Stop playing. Stop having such silly ideas and you start getting trained to earn money. That's the whole purpose of school, so that you can pay taxes. Telepathy in itself is a natural thing. Arnold Toynbee talked about it at his meeting that he had in I think it was Sweden or Denmark in the 1930's and he was the professor who taught the top Rhodes Scholars for world government. He said that "an original thought can be transmitted from a person in the right way who thinks it and be picked up by individuals all over the world at the same time," and that is true. An original thought or idea, if properly thought out and powerfully thought by a powerful individual, it can be picked up across the world by individuals; and that's the fire that you were talking about earlier that can start. Many tyrants in the past, Mao Tse-Tung and other ones, have said they're not afraid of guns and bullets. They're afraid of someone with a true idea that can catch like fire amongst the people.


James:  Well you know what I like about what you're doing is you're giving sobering data but there's actually real hope or it doesn't look good. I mean you're not like coming up with flowers here, but the people who I've talked to generally get pieces of it. They'll get this, they'll get that, but then there will be a position of them that's kind of like flawed, then you figure well no one can have it all. It's nice to see that you can look at things very pragmatically but yet you then also look at things and say if the ancients wrote about the spirits in telepathy and all that it's refreshing to have somebody who is able to look at all these sides.


Alan:  If you can get above – that's the whole thing is getting above all the worry and all of the indoctrination that's happening daily with so much news bombarding us of what's happening. It's like psychological warfare and psychological warfare the top boys say it doesn't matter if they give the bad news to us or someone who's opposing them is giving the bad news to the public, as long as the public get the bad news, that's the whole point of it.  I don't even follow into all the daily bad news. I know the agenda. I get above it all. I don't let time stop me. I don't let this little life here stop me. I see the past and the future and that way you see all aspects of it and then you're above it, then you see a path through it. Maybe not for everyone, but for some.


James:  What do you think – I've got a question coming in here and I want to phrase it because I don't want to get into individuals, okay. But what do you think about, whether they be authors or talk show hosts or what have you that are self-proclaimed worst enemies of the New World Order types. You know that type of thing. How much of that is ego? How much of it is true and how much is simply somebody being used by the system for propaganda or whatever?


Alan:  Well, as I say, the elite always know that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so traditionally in history they have given us our heroes to follow. That again is standard technique and you can read all about that if you go into the histories of the British Diplomatic Corps. They trained these guys in starting up oppositions to themselves to plans which they would bring abroad. They trained these guys to be provocateurs and how to lead people against them and always to their own dismay or chagrin; they ended up being defeated. There's no doubt amongst the rating business in radio or television, business comes into it unfortunately and then egos take over. You see, I'm disgusted with commerce in itself. I don't like commerce. I don't like this commercialized system at all and when you find it within the business of people who are playing the patriotic part who start fighting with each other over ratings, it's rather disgusting. It's sad. It's sad to see that so many people are relying upon them and here they are, tooting their own horns and fighting over trivia when so much is at stake, because their businesses won't be there either, if they just think it through, if the elite have their way. We've got to stop fighting each other and get real here because the big boys are being very real to us.


James:  Oh, Alan, you said it so well. I first hand can talk about this battle, which I will not get into, but we're out of time. Tell us quickly where you can go. I have your website. I want to have links and banners to your stuff because people have got to get a hold of this. How can they get a hold of you, cuttingthroughthematrix?


Alan:  One site is and the other one is for all the foreign language transcripts they can download for free. Go in there and in the matrix one you'll find hundreds of free talks giving histories and so on of this particular system and where it's going.


James:  There is tons of stuff there and I highly recommend it. Alan, I appreciate you spending time with us and we'll be talking with you about ways we can come out with your stuff here on our system with banners and what not. Thanks a lot for your time and your honesty.


Alan:  It's a pleasure. Glad to be on.


James:  All right, there we go. We'll be back again live next week, Feet to the Fire, and we do have to get past the fighting and look at the real enemy and get together. I know it can be done. Anyway, we'll see you next week.



(Transcribed by Linda)