February 25th, 2007
Alan Watt as Guest on
Feet to the Fire with James Arthur Jancik


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And now, live from Chicago, hereís the Black Knight of Talk Radio, James Arthur JancikÖ


(Tom Pettyís Wonít Back Down, Intro)


James: Well, that seems to be the theme song from our next guest.  Alan Watt, a researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development.  Born in Scotland, he watched the subtleties of politics and media as they guided the population of the UK covertly into the European Amalgamation.  There has been an open warning to North American people for some years now that the same process of amalgamation is being carried out.  With historical documentation, he shows how cultures are created and altered by those in control, always to lead the people like sheep into the next pasture. Learn the science of Religion Creation-Domination, rather than simply stating current events and details.  Alan attempts to deprogram the listener and the reader of his works.  He has authored three books, made available CDs, and just completed a CD on these subjects.  He spent a good part of his life in the music industry and has had poetical works published at major University Presses, mainly under a pseudonym.  Cutting Through the Matrix is his website.  And welcome to Feet to the Fire, Alan.


Alan: Itís a pleasure to be on.


James: Yeah, you know, we hear a lot about these secret societies and what have you, and one argument I didnít like from, weíll call them mainstream people, is that if these things were really going on in the background, we would see it on the news, we would see it in newspapers, we would read about it all the time, biggest stories, biggest headlines.  Well, why is that not a good answer?


Alan: Because the media, the major media, itself, has always been a part of government.  Itís the media. Itís the middle.  They peddle the info from the top to you.  Thatís their job.  They give you a version of reality which youíre supposed to believe in.  And youíll find, why do you think they call all newspapers in all big cities; thereís always a Sun, thereís always a Star, etc.  You know, these are all the symbols of Freemasonry, or the Mercury.  Theyíre Masonic.  Theyíre all Masonic.  Theyíre controlled.  And if you look at the big empires and empire builders within the newspaper industry, and also television industries, and they get knighted.  It doesnít matter what country they come from.  They go over to Britain for their knighthoods, because theyíve served the system well.


James: And if the systemís medias are part of the deal, well, of course, theyíre not going to expose it.  But then, how do we explain things like Richard Nixon getting nailed? 


Alan: I donít think he was nailed.  Iíll tell you, I really donít.  Looking back at it all, and even with the way that they play their own people, who are not at the top.  They appear to the public to be at the top, but theyíre put there.  Nixon himself, youíd have thought would have gone and held his head in shame somewhere in some backwoods somewhere, because heíd be ashamed to see the public.  And it wasnít until he died that the public were informed that all that time, all those years, heíd been the main envoy to China, the most important job that was coming up for world trade.  He was setting up the whole Chinese industry and all the communications between the West and China for China taking over the industry.  So really, he wasnít demoted, he was promoted. 


James: Well, he retired.  Yeah, I would think that if somebody were to do something, they would go to, if I did something like that Iíd be in prison, where he got a pardon.  And I understand that they take care of their own, it just seems like, from Nixonís perspective he would have just went on a walk and went on his merry way, and yet there was some kind of a spanking there.  It seems, is it possible that maybe somebody inside the media did something and the word got out somewhere along the way that they had to do things, so in essence theyíd have to do them in a way of lessening the blow.


Alan: Itís very possible.  Itís very possible.  They do take care of their own.  Thereís no doubt about that.  But it also seems that they had him lined up for this job all along.  And they do give the public tremendous drama.  We talk about all these things that are given to us to talk about, and most of it, you know, is really drama.  Itís no different from the rags you get at the supermarket, at the checkout counter.  Itís almost gossip which they write for us to parrot about.  Thatís what keeps the little people occupied is all the drama.  But we never get into the real stories behind the scenes.  Never. 


James: Well, I would clearly say that when youíre in a company, you have a golden parachute if the company goes out of business.  Wherever you see the presidents of the company, or those that are board holders, actually becoming poor, I laughed when I saw the documentary on ENRON which had Ken Lay.  Ken Lay?  He was talking about how he lost millions and millions of dollars in this and he could understand about the people losing their pensions.  It just so happens that he had several million left over.  But he still couldnít understand losing it.  Well, they should have nothing left over then, especially the way they did that company.  There should be nothing left over.  There should be no comeback.  I know Nixon was brought in to be a mediator.  I think there was a baseball game umpire strike or something, and he came in as a mediator.  And itís funny how he was not shamed, if not imprisoned, at least shamed away. 


Alan: Itís a different set of laws for those who have risen above a certain rank.  And thatís part of the key to all this Masonic business.  The lower members of the orders, until they get into the noble order, you see, once you become a noble, you cannot be tried by anyone except a jury of your peers.  That means other nobles.  And that never happens.  Thatís why they donít go down the hill to the lower court.  They can only be tried by their own peer group, and so thatís been, once theyíre knighted theyíre above it all.  Theyíre into a new category of regulations and rules, and they have protection. 


James: Well, it does seem, well, I guess why Iím asking on it is that it just seems like, yes, he didnít get what was coming to him.  It seems like itís still a surprise that he got anything.


Alan: Yes.  And not just anything, but as I say, that was a major thing, because this was years, remember, they put him there years before the public got a whiff of NAFTA or GATT, the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, and then Star Chambers that would decide where World Trade would go and set up all the business to be set up in China, and all the industry to be transferred from the West.  I mean, Nixon was sent out there as the first man really to set that whole thing up, you know.  That was a big job, yeah, very important. 


James: Maybe Nixon did something in the background that maybe somebody did a power play, and someone dropped the dime on him outside to try and keep him involved.  Maybe it was an internal struggle but they used a bit of the outside to keep him in line.


Alan: Itís very possible.  I know that, Iím sure Kissinger had some run-ins with him.  I mean, Kissinger really ran the show.  And small as I was, I could tell that the struggle was going on between them.  So, I wasnít too surprised when he got set up. 


James: Well, along those same lines we have Kissinger, weíll say, running the show on that point.  People have alleged that the current president, heís not running the show, heís the front man for it.  Who would you put in the current administration as being the guy running the show, or is it somebody behind the things here?


Alan: The ones closer to the public view are always the Vice Presidents.  In the higher Masonry, you always find #2 is the main man, never #1.  Thatís standard.  So, #2 is more important, if you understand Pikeís numerology, youíll understand what heís really getting at, and he wrote the rules in his book, so the #2 man is the boss.  So, itís always the Vice President, and then itís the scriptwriters, who write the scripts for the president.  You think about it, why even have a president if heís reading someone elseís speech.  You didnít elect the writers, you see.  But somebody picks them.  Somebody trains them.  And these speechwriters are coordinated with each other, in every country.  So, you see, thereís a parallel system set up here, and theyíre all trained from a central core.  They all write the same kind of speeches for every prime minister and president at that same time.  So, theyíre coordinated from a central core.  Theyíre far more important.  And they understand psychology of the masses.  They know what to say and how to say it, when they write the speeches.  And I really think they should get some kind of Oscars and let us see who all these characters are behind the scenes, that do the scriptwriting.


James: Maybe thereís something we can work out, where you can actually have the best actor and the best award. 


Alan: Well, they could always give the actorís one to the presidents, because all they do is read them.  And then give one to the scriptwriters too, a separate one. 


James: But in all reality, itís really not a funny thing.  Itís terrible, because weíre having a world run by these people, using us as simply cattle or animals or slaves or what have you to do their bidding.  They feel that theyíre better than us.  They are treated better than us.  They have all these ideas.  And where did that come from?  Where did this start?  How did, did they wake up one day and decide that weíre going to be the elite? 


Alan: I think the techniques and the elites have been here for a long, long time, maybe thousands of years.  You just need to read the ancient history to catch how the ancient system in commerce and trade and banking was done.  And it hasnít changed.  And they understood the mentality of the logic of the masses.  Even in ancient times.  Whatís fascinating is to read the philosophers from Greece and others who wrote about the mind and how the mind worked and how the masses would perceive things.  And then you follow up through kings and queens, backed by the Vatican for centuries, with their own advisors.  And then you see thereís the same technique being used all down through the ages where they always say the right things and do something else.  But itís a science of guiding and controlling mass behavior that really is at play here.  And you can go into Machiavelli, John Dee, and Francis Bacon and others, who wrote almost, books basically intended for kings to read, showing the king how clever and devious this person would be as an advisor.  And they wrote books on how to manipulate people.  That was a standard science in the Middle Ages for instance.  They also had the British diplomatic corps, that was probably the worldís best for centuries.  And these guys were really spies in a sense, trained in the chess of life, the chess game of life.  And they would go into countries and agitate for revolution, and have the current governments overthrown, and then they would dispose of those who started the Revolution and bring in the British to protect the chaos, the fallout for the ordinary people.  And thatís how they took countries over.  It was very Machiavellian.  They understood how to use peoples to fight for them.  And these people would always think they were fighting for themselves and their own peoples, only to find out theyíd all been fooled in the end.  This was a standard technique.  And Marlon Brando did a movie on this technique, in the 1960s.  Itís called Burn.  B-U-R-N, and about how the British took over some of the Caribbean islands from the Portuguese, and how they used the blacks to rebel.  Then they used the Portuguese that were third or fourth generation to rebel at the same time, betrayed the blacks and eventually betrayed the Portuguese leaders, and then came the British as a brand new empire to take over.  This was a standard technique.  They used the same technique in India.  So, these are sciences which are taught in special diplomatic corps in a high level.


James: Now, you can see that clearly in the Mid-East now.  We have been told weíre going in to get rid of these weapons of mass destruction that were just waiting to destroy us, and well, there wasnít any.  And if there was any, they were so legally poor as a definition, of what they were.  And itís still like, oh well, we didnít find them, but he was a bad guy any way, so weíre going to still do it.  And I know people are starting to back off of this and the numbers are going down and all that, but can we really do anything?  One of the things I do on the show is I want to expose truth.  You know good and bad.  Sometimes the truth is good.  You know, and youíre relieved by it.  Sometimes itís ominous, but you need to deal with it.  But what can one do?  And weíll go through that throughout the night.  What can one do, for example, on this current thing with Iraq?


Alan: To be honest with you, none of the standard things that you could do will work.  Because we never had a say in this thing in the first place.  It was planned years before the event.  It wasnít a spontaneous thing to do with 9/11.  9/11 was a must-be that had to happen, to enable them to put their plan into motion.  And the public have no idea of the realities behind it all.  Weíve all seen all the lies that came out with the weapons of mass distraction and mass imagination which went nowhere, but it did its job at the time.  And what you find is, in history, whenever your boys are over there, you see, it doesnít matter which party you then vote in to change things, they immediately turn around and say, well, we canít pull out now, there will be chaos.  Thatís been used for dozens and dozens and dozens of times.  Itís standard routine.  So, you could not do it by traditional methods, to stop it.  Youíll never get the big boys at the top to admit to anything until fifty years after the event.  Thatís also how they work it, when they declassify information.  I tell you, the ways youíd have to change it now would be for people and relatives and parents to disown their own sons who join the military.  Thatís what youíd have to do.  Thatís the step youíd have to go to, because they depend on the little people at the bottom that do all the complaining to send their own sons and daughters off as cannon fodder, which enriches the big businesses, and helps them fill their coffers for the private corporations.  And the little guy has nothing at the end of it anyway.  You know.  So, you canít, you have to think outside of the box for a change, because all the complaining in the world is not going to change this.


James: I think thatís a good point.  I mean, writing your Congressman, the only possible way that could help is if you were able to have your Congressman out from the office.  So what I suppose you can do, I mean, maybe as a collective of many things would help, to effectively hold their Congressmanís feet to the fire about this.  If they donít fall out, I will vote for the next viable candidates, even if I donít like the guy, just to make sure youíre out of there.  You know, that type of deal.  And thatís kind of weak, but thatís the only power we have.  Thatís the power of writing a letter.  Thatís the power of voting someone out of office.


Alan: Whatís interesting, I mean, the whole thing of democracy was explained by Plato what democracy is.  And really, if you understand what heís really saying is that itís a front.  Itís a front for big power and big business, which can convince the public that they have rights, you see.  Itís a con game from the beginning.  It always ends up with dictatorship as well.  That happened thousands of years ago.  It happens today.  So, itís a con game.  We donít vote these people in.  Theyíre picked long before the public ever see them put on exhibition to vote for.  Theyíre selected.  Theyíre weaned.  Theyíve been given the okay.  Politicians even at the grassroots, who donít belong to family dynasties, to become a politician, you are encouraged to join charitable groups.  Theyíre all run by Freemasonry, by the way.  Thatís the induction method.  And thereís always an older character there who will also be the Grand Master of the local lodge.  And it doesnít matter what kind of charitable group you get onto as a board member, you will sit there, and youíll learn the ropes of what to say, what to kiss, and what not to ask.  Thatís how you play politics.  And then if he gives you the nod, heíll pull you aside, heíll tell you about a higher board with more contacts and heíll allow you through, but heíll also advise you to join a Freemasonic organization, be it male or female.  And the more you do, the merrier.  If you know what not to ask, when you can take the hint, when heís encouraging you to stay off a certain subject, youíll get ahead.  So, these characters have been vetted and screened for years before the public ever get a chance to vote for them.  Thatís a fact.  Thatís a fact of life. 


James: And if we get to vote at all, itís picked from say two candidates which are already okayed. 


Alan: Thatís right.  Exactly the same as it was in the Soviet system.  They gave you four members to choose from for president.  You had Politburo Member 1, Politburo Member 2, 3, and 4.  Which one do you want?  They were all vetted by the Politburo.  Itís the same thing here. 


James: And it could be an internal game of challenge for them to get, who can get us to vote for them, would even make them a better choice, because theyíve got us to vote for them out of the three, so who would be a better choice for the job anyway, because he has the better ability to dupe the public.


Alan: Well, Carroll Quigley, Professor Carroll Quigley, that picked a lot of people that are now in your bureaucracy in the federal government.  He picked them for Rhodes Scholars.  He gave the okay for these guys.  Bill Clinton was one of them.  And, of course, the Rhodes Scholarship was set up to serve the British Empire for furthering a system, worldwide.  And he said, it doesnít matter about the lower politicians.  Theyíre allowed a certain amount of competition.  But he says, the Anglo-American Establishment always put their own men in at the top.  Thatís all they have to do.


James: All right.  Well, hold on.  Weíve got a good start here.  Weíve got a lot to talk about and go through this.  Take a break and continue talking with, Alan Watt.  Cutting Through the Matrix is his website.  A lot of information, books, CDs, DVDs, a lot of information there about this.  Weíre only going to barely scratch the surface of what he has to offer.  And we will continue live and take your phone calls as well, and emails and chats.  888-863-2722, if you would like to ask a question directly.  Weíll be back live, after this break.


All right.  We are back and we are live worldwide with Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And welcome back, Alan.


Alan: Yeah, itís a pleasure to be here.


James: And so, what I kind of do, is I kind of just jump around, so weíll skip around and come back and continue, but, whatís in my head now, you see, and other people are seeing it, and theyíre talking about it.  People are waking up.  Not necessarily in alarming numbers as far as weíd say; but why are you allowed to continue doing what youíre doing, than rather just kind of silence you?  Is it like a cat playing with a mouse, just fun letting them, so how many people get it and so forth?  Or is there some other, weíll say force for good behind you?


Alan: I think that they constantly take at the top and they always have done, is kept their pulse on the peopleís opinions.  Poll taking is a continuous thing.  At one time they used to simply hire thousands of spies, and London had thousands of spies employed in the 1800s, just going around coffee places, teashops, and bars to listen to the conversations of the public.  And they would insert in the newspapers topics of conversation, dramas and so on, and the public would get involved to see if it was taking, if it was working with them, to create public opinion.  But they also listened to see if there were original thoughts out there at all.  And to be honest with you, in this age of mass downloading of entertainment and so on, and the speed of life today, they know that as far as a majority movement goes, it will never happen.  They have the minds of most people.  Most people go through their life never even coming close to figuring out that the system theyíre living in is a planned system.  It didnít evolve by itself.  Every stage was planned.  And the major events that would happen through their lifetime that were outside of their control were also planned.  Most people never wake up to that.  And they never figure out that weíre in an artificial system, which can only spawn more deviancy with every generation.  Theyíve known this even with animals since the 1700s.  They still do the same tests today for psychology students, where they put rats in a cage, a big cage, and it starts off, they have a magic number and all their social behavior disappears and becomes deviant and they attack each other.  Itís the same with us today.  Theyíre cramming more and more people into cities.  Plato talked about the city being the beehive, which would be used to bring in this new elitist form of control.  He called the Guardian Class were the ones who were the elite.  And he said, we shall use the beehive, where the people will be put, because once theyíre in the beehive, where nothing is normal, any normalcy can be given to them and constantly changed according to their plans.  And sure enough, thatís whatís happening today.  A city cannot even grow its own food.  It lives in a completely artificial system, a pariahical system really, where you have an elite at the top, or at least the ones you see visibly, in the public eye, and everyone feeds off the person below right to the very bottom.  Itís an anti-humane system, built on being successful and fit enough to compete.  And if you donít fall into the right categories you end up on the street.  And we call this civilization.  Civilization was shown in a Masonic movie called 2001: A Space Odyssey, written by Freemasons, and put together by Masons.  And they show you a lot of their religion in that movie, especially at the beginning.  And they believe in evolution.  They believe that the first ape-man as they say had the right, the one who became civilized for progressís sake killed an opponent for the first time.  So, taking a life for the first time was the beginning of civilization, by using a weapon, and thatís what they call progress.  Civilization is a brutal mechanism which serves a few. 


James: Well, I saw that movie and I was moved by it.  It was fascinating, and yet I disagreed with it.  And I like the way that you put it that way.  It actually, I was grieved when they ďadvancedĒ by killing the other ones.  But it seemed like that was where they were looking at being the stronger.  And now you put that to the latter part of the movie, when youíre drawn to Jupiter, and weíre the ones, the apes weíll say, who are going to rise to that next level, and youíve made an analogy that that next level is to subdue those underneath it.


Alan: Sure.  Dominate.  And you find that in this system, where most people at one time were taught when they were bringing in, especially the banking systems, where they could sell off national debt, like the Bank of England for instance.  At one time people believed that the economy or the economic system was there to serve the people.  Now, of course, in higher universities, they teach that the people are here to serve the economic system.  And thatís the truth of it.  Thatís how itís taught today.  Thatís how itís understood and perceived by those at the top.  We are here with a function to serve the system.  And this system with its money and all the rest of it is just a tool.  Money is a means to an end.  Itís the biggest trick in history, is to get you to accept money, until you have a whole world training its youngsters to be busy bees, to be picked up in yellow-and-black school buses, and trained from 8am to 4pm, which is just like going into a job once you leave school.  Youíre being trained to participate in a system which you have no, basically, import in creating.  So, itís an artificial system designed long before us.  We are sold into debt before weíre born through these borrowing money from international banks.  And Jefferson himself said that a generation born into paying off a previous generationís debt were de facto slaves.  That hasnít changed.  Slavery has always been here.  It simply hides itself.  It hides its form from sheer brutality to the next level.  So we now have a more genteel cover over the name slavery.  Itís called citizenry now.  Youíre a citizen.  And when youíre a citizen, you belong to the country.  Youíre owned by the country.  The definition of a citizen today in dictionaries is someone born into a system with preexisting duties to that system.  It doesnít mean youíre free at all.  You cannot be free and be born into it with preexisting duties to perform.  Youíre owned by the system.  And thatís why immigration takes such massive boards is to see whoís going to get the right to tax you for the rest of your life, if your old boss or your new boss.  Thatís what immigration is all about.  And giving you status as a citizen.


James: Well, weíre seeing this stuff, and when we get more into the next hour weíll talk about, I donít happen to think that this is done and over.  I realize that when weíve figured out Plan A, theyíve already drawn up Plan B. 


Alan: Yes.


James: So, itís a chess game.  Theyíve already figured out all the moves on the board, and so theyíre not even worried about it.  In fact, if people do kind of surprise them, it might jolt to them, because theyíll say oh, man.  And then they go with a backup plan.  I say that there is something that can be done that will surprise them.  And I go to the movies, I shouldnít say the movies, because a movie wonít change things, but Lord of the Rings has been a very good example for me.  Iíve been reading it over and over again, about how, no matter how big they were, and how they always think using their same logic, and then something as illogical as somebody working together and actually losing out on those things they hold dearly, was the, it turned the tides. 


Alan: Iíll tell you though, for every movie you watch, there are two sides of the story.  And if you understand.  You see, the public are meant to view things and identify with the heroes.  Thatís how simply it works.  Thatís how drama has worked in all ages.  We emulate that which we see.  The man will identify with a hero.  The woman with the heroine.  And what you donít realize is theyíre writing an occult story behind it, from their point of view, as well.  Because the Middle Kingdom was mentioned by John Dee and Francis Bacon.  Francis Bacon put it in his New Atlantis, and he talked about the people in the valley and people in the Middle Kingdom and the Upper Kingdom.  Youíre talking about a Masonic side of it, which they donít explain to the public.  And what they used to win in the end were the dead.  It was the shades, the ghosts.  Those who are already dead were used to win the battle for them.  And then, once they had won the battle, the dead disappeared.  Their usefulness was gone.  Theyíre talking about the people.  We always fight the battles for them thinking weíre fighting for ourselves.


James: Yeah, I can see how youíd take the movie, I can see that slice of it, as you quote that. And thatís well said.  I was looking at...  And Iíve always been bothered about the high blood and the low blood and I want to get into that too, of some aspects of what that might really be.  But Iím kind of not looking at that part, Iím looking at the part where each one of us plays a part into it, that can take down the big, you know, people without control and all the power and all the money and all the knowledge that their arrogance and their greed blinded them to their Achilles Heel.  And of course, whatís after that, the bookends, and thereís no story about how the other people worked together, or how this one worked with that one.  I mean, itís just a story, but Iím kind of looking at that aspect where if we could unplug from this Matrix and stop feeding it, like, in fact, you mentioned about the soldiers.  There was a song I heard called Universal Soldier.  And the group escaped me, but it was kind of like an Irish folk group.  But anyway, when they got done with the song, they walked you through it, and the end result is, who gets blamed for war, is actually the one pulling the trigger.


Alan: Well, ultimately they are.  You see, we are the willing fools.  Masonry talks about the willing fools, all over and over.  Including their lower members.  Youíre a willing fool.  You believe you go into something for the right reasons and itís your belief in it that makes your part to serve their system work for them.  And young men are picked for old menís wars because young men are pretty stupid.  They havenít grown up yet.  Thatís why they pick them at 18.  You havenít even learned what life is about yet.  Theyíre still playing soldiers one day and then wearing a uniform the next.  Theyíre living half in fantasy than reality.  And thatís why propaganda movies are so easily, work so easily, because they use at the top, they use tribal psychology on the young people.  Itís well understood how tribal psychology works.  Every ballgame you watch is based on the same thing.  And every young boy wants to be the hero thatís applauded by his peer group.  And so, they use these techniques in all these propaganda movies where the enemy canít shoot straight and youíre always the good guy.  And of course, they never go into the politics or who benefits from all this in the movies.  All the young guy sees is being a hero and getting the women, the status heíd never get in the city street, and all of this stuff.  Itís a technique thatís exploited by very old men who have access to old sciences.


James: Yeah, I see that.  In fact, I like how youíre slicing things, so, I want to keep as it goes, I want to keep going to get your slice of it.  Because I like how youíre slicing it.  Thereís many ways to slice things, and they all have purposes and so on, but I like how youíre slicing it.  So, when I throw the movie The Matrix into that, whatís your slicing on that one?


Alan: The movie, The Matrix showed you many, the sides of this.  One fallout of The Matrix movie and Iíve had some calls from young people, part of what you see in movies is predictive programming, getting you ready through a novel idea.  It used to be books, now itís movies, which grabs your imagination and carries you off into another world to come and The Matrix is almost, actually, it is here.  But what it showed you in a movie is that you could fight the system from being inside the internet.  And I had to tell these, and thereís movies out already on top of this, which are encouraging the same thing, that you could fight it by being part of it.  And I tell people, look, if youíre inside a computer program, if you were hooked up to it, which you can do, they did that in Sweden back in the 70s on prisoners.  They put chips in their brains and wired them right to their computer.  And thatís open.  Thatís acknowledged.  If you were inside a computer program, you didnít design the program.  Thereís no free will inside a program that someone else designed.  Everything that you could think of has already been thought of inside that program.  So, predictive programming was unfortunately a side effect of that movie, however, on an allegorical side it showed you the system really as it is. 


James: All right.  I want to continue on that, because Iíve got some observations of the Matrix.  I actually, I got the impression out of unplugging from it, but then they do go back into it and fight the Matrix from within it, rather than outside of it.  So, thatís a very interesting point.  But hold on.  I tell you what.  Iíll call you back at the top of the hour, because I have a report now for this week in free energy.† So, weíll give you a call back and continue. 


Alan: Sure enough.


James: All right.  Alan Watt will be back after a little report.  We are going through and cutting through even deeper into this kind of Matrix aspect idea of they are setting the playing field.  And even when we think weíre breaking out, weíre still playing one of their games.


Announcer:† And now, live from Chicago, hereís the Black Knight of Talk Radio, James Arthur Jancik.


James:  Well, with us tonight is Alan Watt, live from Canada, whoís making these points, John K. Stubbs made in í60, í68, where we ended up putting our head in the sand like an ostrich, because thereís nothing we can do.  So we might as well just go along with it. But the problem is, weíre going along right into the slaughter.  There is no medium.  The people who are running things here seem, theyíre not content with weíll just use you a little and feed you a little, like the old slave model so to speak of limiting freedoms, limiting creativity, but providing health.  Itís like now, you know this is getting boring just having these people tag along.  Letís just kind of destroy them.  It seems like weíre going to the point where weíre going to see how bad it can get.  How much can they manipulate us?  How much can they kill us?  How much can they get us to kill off ourselves?  How far can they push that envelope?  Now if you think Iím exaggerating, well, how about corporations who lay off as many workers as they can, raise the prices as high as they can, lower the quality just as much as they can, just to see how far they can push that company.  It always goes bankrupt.  Pow, we went too far.  Well, weíll buy this other company and weíll do the same thing.  Eventually weíll get to see how far into it.  It reminds me of Kramer, driving his car to see how far he can, how close he can get to empty for the car to stall.  But itís not really funny.  Weíre back to Alan to talk more about this in a minute.  And back to Alan Watt.  Welcome back, Alan.


Alan: Yeah, itís a pleasure.


James: You know, back to that Matrix thing.  You know, you bring up a good point.  And I like what youíre doing, because youíre really focused on slicing this right at the bone and the marrow of the meat so to speak.  Thatís good.  We need people to have things that they look at and we can throw stuff at them, and they already have their paradigm shifted this way.  And then you could slice it.  Boom.  Oh, I see, there it is.  Keep doing it.  And then all of us can assimilate that point, and that we all have our specialties, we all do it, and we all share with one another, and then we have a consciousness. That we can see whatís coming down and itís nice to see you do that.  And I never thought about that, as much as I love the Matrix, and the answer is to say no.  Itís what Neo did.  He still was in the Matrix. 


Alan: Thatís right.  He was in the Matrix, and in the last movie, remember, he gets to see the Grand Architect, who runs all the programs.  And the Grand Architect is the Grand Architect of the Universe, the Masonic Grand Architect they call him.  And he asks Neo a few questions.  Now, Neo, remember is new.  And Anderson, is son of man.  Thatís what it means, from the Greek, Andred, so itís the New Son of Man.  So, heís the Jesus character for the New Age.  And he meets the Grand Architect.  The Grand Architect throws a few questions at him, and behind Neo, thereís about 50 or a 100 screens of television there, which shows Neo going through every possible reaction in answer to the questions.  So, everything is predicted.  Every conclusion you come to is already figured out in the programs by the Grand Architect, who tells him that, that thereís nothing new that you can think of yourself in this program, you see.  So, you could not possibly fight it from within.


James: I did not see the latter movies.  A bunch of people Iíve talked with about it have mentioned about how the last two deviated from the message in the first one, so I actually didnít watch it.† But giving the account, what youíre doing, it seems that way.  But, I donít agree with that statement.  If it is all over and all thought of, then why be here?


Alan: What theyíre showing you is a predictive programming because thereís movies followed up in different venues along that theme, which have really got the young going, who think they can get into the Matrix and fight it.  In other words, literally by using a chip in the head.  Thatís what Iím talking about.  You see, youíve got to understand that side of it.  On the allegorical side, simply allegory, they were showing you how the system does work.  If you understood it already you understand the movie.  They showed you the legal system run by the programmers of the system.  Everyone in the Matrix thought they were normal.  They were given a fake life to live.  And they saw their fake people they thought were very real doing jobs.  And then they also showed you the Frenchman who was in charge of the underworld.  Well, just like this system, the same boys at the top run the overworld, the legal system, and the illegal system.  Everything is the Duad, everything is the Hegelian dialectic, where both sides are always owned by the capstone.  So thereís a lot of allegory of the real system of the world as it is now, in the movie.  However the movie takes place inside basically the internet.  You plug into it.  So, itís a different world as well they were showing you.  Two worlds; one allegorical of the present, and one that could possibly come.


James: I see what youíre pointing at, which is well taken, but outside the movie, our real world, weíll say, where thereís a lot of things that are comparable allegorically, where does our own connection with the higher beings, our souls, God, where does our intuition, our ability to get information from outside of the Matrix?  Iíve had things, dreams, and things pass into my head that were outside.  I mean, how does that play into this?  Is this a card they donít believe exists? 


Alan: No, they know it exists.  Thatís why they gave us religions and thatís why they also would take the beginnings of a religion and then use it against the people.  I always say if there was another Jesus Christ or anybody like that or a Buddha, within ten years the big boys would control him and give you a different version.  So, religion has been used as a control mechanism.  And we think within the box.  If youíre brought up with a set type of religion itís hard to get outside that box to even envisage some kind of Creator thatís completely different from the one youíve been taught, you see. 


James: Oh, yeah.  I would agree with that.  I actually had a breaking of my paradigm, years ago.  I restructured or allowed to restructure following truth as I went along, and it showed a much different paradigm and actually quite better.


Alan: Thatís right.  And itís a more independent or personal level which is outside of the ďusĒ group.  You see, religions are meant for the masses.  Thatís why they gave the mass to the masses.  And youíre taught to think as a mass, and even the born-again Christians think theyíre going off to heaven like some giant posse, all together.  Itís always a mass thing.  And even in the ancient times, pre-Christian, the Enlightened Ones who always pop up now and then and know that itís nothing of the sort.  The light goes on one at a time in different places all over the place and not as a big group. The mass culture will always go the group way, and theyíre easily led.  Thatís why they have a shepherd, a good shepherd.  And every religion has its good shepherd at the top.  A shepherd owns the sheep, you see.  And he lives off the sheep and he feeds off them and he clothes himself with them.  The sheep donít know any better.  So, anyone whoís got a good shepherd should throw it away, and bolt, bolt for the hills, you know, as fast as they can, until they can think for themselves.  But yeah, often thought will come from way beyond all of this when youíre ready for it. 


James: I want to get into some of the spiritual aspects of this in a minute, but you bring up an excellent point that I brought up here, that there are many people out there who are telling us that weíre sheep, and that we should not be sheep.  But, in reality what theyíre saying is donít be sheep following them, be my sheep. 


Alan: Thatís right.  And you fall from the frying pan into the fire, again, old techniques.  Thatís why the Big Boys always make sure theyÖ  When they know that a religion is dying off, they can sense it, they have their polls again, and theyíre great at keeping statistics.  And when itís dying off, theyíll give you something similar, because people, what they look for immediately once they try and leave the old sheep pen is to look for something with the same kind of rules and familiarity that they can jump into.  So, they always make sure that thereís one with some similarities they can walk into.  And they keep doing this.  And the people, sure enough, they do walk into it.  The whole new age movement was talked about and planned in the 1800s; and the New Age was the Freemasonic magazineís title of the Scottish Rite of Freemasons.  They put the magazine out every month back in the 50s, and that was the title of their magazine, the New Age.  And they said right in there, they would bring in the New Age for a new period, a new era for the world.  And sure enough, they have created over a hundred-odd years, theyíve created a whole new religion.  And the people who have drifted into it, buying the books off the shelves and being fascinated, it never dawns on them that it was all being created the same as the old religions were created, by very clever people, with expertise in this area.  Nothing happens by chance, as Plato said, as far as culture goes, the elite always give the culture, and they can promote it from the bottom up if they need be.  But in reality, itís decided and created at the top.  Any grassroots movement and religion would be outside of their control and could have incredible consequences to them.  So, they never allow a grassroots movement to actually come out of and be and exist for long.


James: Once the grassroots movement starts, they immediately try to hijack it.† They canít squelch it, or if they think, well, we could use this to our, but hereís one of the things I was thinking about, that the best lie to tell would be the lie that has the most amount of truth in it, with the least amount of interference and using the smallest amount, smallest part, at the right part of it, to be able to deflect people wide of it.  The best lies tell a lot of truth, before they have that lie inside there to be perfectly placed to really shoot you off.  And so, my question to you is, are they, end up, if we can wake up, theyíre in their own way are providing us with information that would allow their own overthrow if we could separate the wheat from the chaff. 


Alan: Yeah, they are, because theyíre tremendously legalistic.  They must always show the antidote to whatever poison they put out, in the full knowledge that most people will never take it up or even recognize it as such, but technically, itís in there somewhere, heavily camouflaged, though it may be.  They do give you the antidote, which would take a miracle to be honest with you.  And the antidote, you see, the Old Testament is the rulebook of a system.  Itís not people.  All the names you get and so on, itís a rulebook of a high, very high occultic system that the high Freemasons understand.  Not the little guys with the pot bellies and drink beer and all that stuff.  The high ones understand it.  And the New Testament is an antidote with hidden allegories, inside it, which preexisted Jesus, had been used before down through the ages in other major religions, because they always give you the antidote within each religion, knowing that the people wonít take it up, because to do it, youíd have to be so idealistic in your own nature, that youíd have to completely alter your way of living, behaving, etc, in the full knowledge that the bulk of the populace around you wonít give up all those little things that they hang on to, which keeps the system going.  You see, manís inhumanity to man is what feeds this whole system.  As I say, itís like every generation breeds another crop of young foolish men, who are easily used for war, the purposes of which they never really understand, often for their whole lives afterwards.  They donít realize theyíre working for private business and corporations at the top.  Itís nothing to do with the propaganda thatís fed into them so easily.  So, we are in a sense our own problem, and yet until we solve those problems, the elite will always use us for their own advantage.  They use human nature.  They take the drives that we have, the instincts that we have, they amplify them until weíre neurotic with them, and then they sit back and watch the fallout.  We saw that with the Sexual Revolution, and where that went to.  If you take anything, any advertiser will know, if you want to sell any kind of food, you just repeat it and repeat it over and over and over, especially late at night, when people are almost somnambulistic, theyíre in a hypnotic state, and it sinks in.  The people will want the food, even if it had never dawned on them before in their lives, until they saw this particular delicacy.  Itís the same with sex.  Any need or drive that you have can be exaggerated beyond a neurotic response, until it becomes obsession, and then you watch the fallout.  And the fallout is always predictable in advance, as well.  Then you create chaos in society.  Then you bring out your solutions, which were formed long ago, when you formed the whole plan.  These are all techniques that have been used over thousands of years and repeated when required.  We saw this with the fall of Greece.  The same techniques were used.  The same with the Fall of Rome, as they change the ages.  They had the same thing in ancient Egypt, when they finished the line of the Rameses, or Aries, which is a Ram in the Astrology, Astronomy, the Zodiac.  They finished the line there and had havoc in Egypt as they changed the ages to the next age.  They had Jesus change over, heís the fish.  The fish is the symbol of life.  He says, I come to bring you life.  And now, weíre into the Age of Aquarius, where he empties out the pool, the gene pool to an extent too, where the base material, those who canít come through into the next age, the New Age, must be eliminated according to the esoteric tradition.  This is also written into the Hindu religion, which is heavily involved in all of this.  So, most people go through their lives never understanding any of this, although, personally and around them, they react to the fallout of it.  They suffer from the fallout of it.  And theyíre part of the problem too, as they go through it. 


James: What youíre saying, it fits very well.  And Iím wondering if what if you took that saying, and youíre seeing it from a perspective of the people running the show are calling these shots and doing it and so forth, and itís therefore, letís say a negative reason, or a controlled reason or whatever.  What if that perspective was actually a spin on, weíll call it a positive evolution, where the solutions are laid out because, how do I say this, myself.  Where this is a positive evolution, we grow spiritually.  But because the dark side will say, well has the same knowledge, or at least very high knowledge, of the program, that they will spin the result, pre-spin them, so that they have them, and they fall in line, people go, oh, Gee, itís just like you said, this is all part of a negative plain.  But in reality, it is a positive allowance for people to go through to choose the right way out.  And the people who are throwing stones inside, the demons or devils, or whatever you call it, the negative side, are trying to make it look so that the architect ďGodĒ is the controller involved, whereas in reality the people inside who are trying to derail it are the ones throwing stones. 


Alan: Well, thatís part of it.  Iíll tell you why, because, you see, itís also in the traditional religions, even though most people donít know that, because they read it in a different way.  They read it in the way theyíre trained to read it or expected to read it.  In the ancient religions, including the Greek, you had different levels of deity.  And the levels of deity represented parts of a system.  They also had the Demiurgos in Greek, where the Demiurgos was basically the devil, or the dark side that was in charge of the world of matter.  This is the world of matter that we live in, you see.  And beyond him there was much higher levels of more enlightened levels, intelligent levels, but when it came to the world of matter, they had to dominate this world, the dark place, and therefore, in the world of matter, since even Marx goes into this to an extent, Karl Marx, the wars are always about the material, whoís going to own the material, who gets the big share of the material world.  And also with the female, she is mother, which is moter, which is matter.  It comes from that.  So, everything comes from the mother.  The male partÖ


James: Hold on.  Weíve got to cut for this break.  If you want to just pick it right up where we left when we come back, that would be great.  Just hold on for a minute.


Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, literally, live on Feet to the Fire.  Weíre back again after this break 


Weíre back live, talking with Alan Watt, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and welcome back, Alan.


Alan: Yeah, itís a pleasure to be here.


James: So, if you could just pick up where you left off. 


Alan: Yeah, this world, which is matter, is the Middle World, thatís what they mean by it.  Itís the place where spirit and matter meet, and where the future of both is decided, perhaps on an individual level.  However, itís a battleground, because the material is always looking for more material, and everyone in this world of matter knows, what, what is right really?  If we all did the right things, the whole system would fall apart, as far as the slave system goes, and yet, weíd have to trust each other to help each other out in the meantime, which we could all do, you know.  We could all do the right things, and stop saying, well, Iím okay, even though the family down the road just lost their jobs or got kicked out of their homes, so they canít pay their taxes.  Weíre the only species that actually kicks out its own out of its home, because theyíre poor.  Or they lost their jobs, or they canít pay.  They donít even do that to turtles that carry their homes on their backs.  Weíre the only species that has to pay for your shell, you know.  This is an exploitive system.  And we all know it.  However, when each one is riding high or getting by, and affording enough entertainment and all the rest of it, we donít want to see that which is below us.  Where we might even have been ourselves at one time.  We donít want to look there, so we ignore the fallout around us, even in the worst of times.  This is a cruel system, which doesnít let up, even in times of Great Depressions.  The taxman still came round demanding money from you, and he was trying to get water from a stone.  No one had any.  So, you went out of your home.  So, the system carries on, even when itís broken, and you at the bottom always suffer, and yet rather than kick this system out the window, we hang on to it as long as weíre okay.  Itís crazy. And so, manís inhumanity to man is bred into the very system from the first day at school when youíre taught to compete with each other.  Itís already there.  And youíre taught to do that allÖ


James: Competition is used to learn, but itís kind of terrible I think.


Alan: And it works on your basic, exploiting the basic fears that we have within this system, which is not fear of being left alone by a tribe, which it used to be.  That wouldnít happen in the old tribal system.  With money came in the isolation of everyone from everyone else.  And you didnít help each other out.  Each one was racing ahead, trying to keep up for themselves, not for the whole group.  And so that, all your fears were exploited and thatís your basic fears of loneliness, poverty, ill health, all those things, starvation.  Theyíre exploited in this system.  And it depends on our corruption, our personal corruption to keep itself going.  It needs that to keep itself going.  But we could all, we all know whatís right and wrong within ourselves and how the system could be, if we all trusted each other, and not be stupid, either.  Thereís always the psychopath amongst every level here, right down to the bottom, but we all know whatís right and whatís wrong and what kind of world it could be without all the exploitation of everyone else.  We worship those who have clawed and stabbed their way up to the top, to become multibillionaires.  People worship the stars.  Thatís why they give us the stars.  Even on your newscasts you get half of Hollywood and the stars.  People who are very rich, and really havenít done much to get it.  And then, when you go into the lives of some of them to find out how they did get up there, youíre kind of shocked, and maybe not so shocked.  Itís a dog-eat-dog system from the top to the bottom.  And we worship the guys, the top crooks who can get up there.  And thatís what they are.  Thatís what they are at the top. 


James: Iím sitting here, for lack of a better word, Iím saying Amen, brother.  I mean, it is just crazy.  Thereís no other way to say it.  And we are literally willingly doing it.  Now, how much do you think metaphysical influence do we have, other than simple flashing light and buttons down here.  Do you think there is a spiritual war behind the scenes, doing the same thing, from another dimension, astral dimension or what have you?


Alan: Thereís a spiritual war for sure.  Rather than classify it, itís much easier to realize what theyíve given you in the past, in all the major religions too.  And they always give you the little warnings.  And they say, fear not those that can crush the body, because they can do that at any time.  But fear those that can kill the body and the soul.  Itís the soul they want to kill.  Itís that spark that is actually you.  Itís what they call the psyche.  Itís you, your whole mind, you as a person, not the body you inhabit.  Itís your mind, itís everything that is you.  They want to destroy that.  And if you look at most people today who have come through the last twenty, thirty years, theyíre dead before theyíre forty or fifty.  Physically, mentally, theyíre dead.  They just come in and zonk out in front of televisions.  Theyíre in a routine. Theyíre waiting to go to the old folks home and die off.  I mean, theyíre dead already.  The spark of life, the zest has gone out of them.  Their soul has been destroyed.  And thatís a technique again, which they understand at the top.  To retain that spark that is actually you and never to lose it, through all the things that come your way, is the ultimate goal here.  You must retain that.  When you do, you are alive.  You are really alive. 


James: Youíre not advocating a mass conscious change in as much as an individual conscious change, which will result in a mass conscious change.


Alan: I wouldnít say it will result in the mass.  Iíve never said that the masses would ever survive.  Itís never happened in previous times.  In a sense, you see, every individual is choosing what they want in every age, and what theyíre going to do with it in every age.  Theyíre deciding for themselves.  Itís not a mass movement.  It never was a mass movement, this world.  The masses always go the way of matter.  And thatís what they choose, ultimately. 


James: I guess thatís been my problem.  You mentioned about what youíre saying about the mass way, like the narrow road versus the wide road, etc.  Itís all over the place.  But, I guess my thinking was, is if people around are simply kind of blindly following this path thatís been laid out thatís destructive in front of them, and that a person around them in their sphere of influence has a different path, they may be awakened by osmosis so to speak to another choice for no other reason, than, well, what is that?  I think Iíll try that.  And then, once theyíre there they see the benefit of it.  And I guess thatís a big assumption that Iím making that really. 


Alan: Well, youíll always find that someone who can grasp what youíre saying has already been doing some thinking along that way for themselves.  Thatís what youíll find.  Someone whoís, and this is true, itís even in Masonry too.  They call the people the profane.  And they mean the dead by it.  And thatís whatís behind all religions, when youíre picked up from the dead, you stand up, you pick up your bed and walk.  Itís the occultic stuff, written into all religions.  Itís the same story in all religions, actually.  So, when you stand up you become alive.  Thatís what it means.  And youíre given life.  However you canít make someone do it.  They must want to do it for themselves individually.  Itís always, always been this way for thousands and thousands and thousands of years.  So thereís truths in there, heavily covered up, of course, for the masses.  But you cannot make a person wake up, if they donít want to.  Itís almost a choice to stay where they are in slumber.  And some people will tell you, theyíre afraid to wake up because theyíll have to change their worldview on every single thing that they ever thought they knew.


James: Oh, yes.  It is literally everything.  Itís like when you turn from looking toward the left to toward the right, your peripheral view still looks at things and so forth and so on, but when you actually wake up to this paradigm shift, youíre in another whole world.  I mean, and Iím just picking up an analogy or whatever, but if you look at a TV, and you look at someplace to educate.  And you take this red pill as the Matrix says, and you wake up on the other side, you see the whole structure of that destroying, destroying matter, sending beams into your head, programming yourself, the companies behind it trying to maximize their profits and pay people small.  I mean, itís just this whole thing.  Itís like, holy cow, itís just a TV, and it turns out to be this whole system involved that you can see through.


Alan: Absolutely.  Itís the biggest tool thatís ever been used for culture creation and alteration and guidance, worldwide.


James: Iíve got a part of the chat room here, it says, once you wake up a little, you need someone there who knows the rest of the way out or at least, is a couple of steps ahead of you, so youíre not thinking youíre crazy.  Because, as you start waking up, itís like, wait a minute, everybody is wrong everywhere at all times.  Itís like wait a minute, Iím the one thatís crazy.  Can I be the one waking up and everyone else around me is wrong, and so, itís good to have someone there who has at least a couple of steps ahead or around, so they can say, yeah, yeah, and help you out of there.


Alan: Yeah, thatís true.  Itís true.  If a person is totally sincere, because thereís no such thing as I want to wake up, but I want to hold on to some of that which I believed in before.  I always liken it to freefalling from an aircraft.  You jump out there, with or without a parachute, generally without, and you must be willing to do it, not knowing where youíre going to fall and how youíre going to land, because if youíre truly earnest in wanting ďthe truthĒ you must be willing to discard everything you ever thought you knew.


James: Now, thatís a very sobering point.  In my life Iím in a position where I had no choice but to literally discard everything and start from zero.  I mean, it was almost to the point, do I go to death or insanity, meaning like, just turning off, whatever that means.  Or, do I allow myself to be rebuilt from the bottom up.  And I chose to go with, well, Iím talking with you, so I didnít choose to die, but I choose to submit to truth.  And I believe, and I donít even know why, that there was a truth, there was a benign force, literally that was interested in empowering me to be the best I could be, to learn, to understand, without taking anything from me.  And weíll call that God.  And by believing in that, I took this step forward, I leaped out of the plane, basically.  And the good news is, that even though, as bad as it sounds, once the readjusting starts to get, you know a little bit, you get some facts together and you start to see things, you wonít want to go back.  Itís like you canít imagine how you even were there. 


Alan: Itís a completely different you that emerges.  And this is what has always happened again with individuals, as I say in every age.  In every age being a period of time, thatís called ages, just so we can recognize when one theyíre talking about for historical use.  But thatís always happened.  Itís an individual thing, where youíre born again, and it was adapted into a Christian religion.  It was even pre-Gnostic.  It always existed, but it happened by being so sick of the present you and how you related to the world and your own indoctrination you had to literally die from it.  Thatís what it meant.  You died and you were reborn.  You died to the old, the old understandings of everything, and you became reborn.  Meaning you started afresh, with a completely new perception, on everything that you looked at.  Thatís what itís always meant, in all lands in all ages.


James: And itís almost like thereís a small portion of people, whatever that number is, that will actually see this, and that number is kind of written into the equation and so that are weíll say, the dark forces, are going to be like, yeah, a few will get away, but weíll get hold of them.


Alan: Yes.  And what they do is they understand this process, and thatís why they put all, so many of the fakes out there to distract the people into cults and into the so-called esoteric groups that have them dancing around in circles and doing all kinds of rituals, so they make sure that you get trapped up in those things, for the unwary, and most of the people will actually go that way, again, because of their training from a previous type of religion, with ritual, with all of that stuff, theyíll look for something familiar and thatís why you have these groups with their degrees and all the nonsense.  And all it does is put you back in another prison. 


James: Yeah, I was surprised, when I got out of, weíll call it the Judeo-Christian type of religious structure, which does not have anything to do with Jesus or God.  Itís like the structure.  I went into a kind of a New Age structure, like okay, I really went back to zero, I want to learn, start all over again, Iíll learn every side.  Iíd listen to anybody.  I mean, I didnít jump in, but I listened.  And I was very, one spiritual teacher after the other, one after the other.  I learned a lot of stuff from them, but one thing I universally learned is every single one of them was like meet your new boss, itís the same as the old boss.  Youíve got to do it my way.  Hereís the rules, hereís the levels, if youíre not, youíre going to be shunned and youíre going to be made fun of and thrown out.† And I was like, wait a minute.  Thatís not New Age. Thatís Old Age.  Itís the same old story, with just another king.


Alan: Thatís right.  Thatís right and they have professionals, you know, trained.  I donít know if people realize that MI5 and MI6 in England, London, the British version of the CIA, much older, much wiser.  In fact, they created the CIA from the OSS.  MI5 and 6 have a complex in England, where they train people to go out into the world to create mystery and confusion.  And they admitted in declassified documentation a few years ago that they sent Aleister Crowley out, the high Freemason to set up a new branch of Freemasonry to attract the youth in for the coming New Age.  And he started the channeling stuff and all of that, made it popular, made the drugs popular to go along with it, the free sex, all that kind of stuff.  And that was created by a division of the British Secret Service.  They havenít stopped, they havenít stopped, believe you me. 


James: It seems like when you put it into those terms that selling drugs or getting drugs into the inner cities is not that much of a stretch.


Alan: And make it popular.  Make the youth want it.  Tell them that they can channel entities, they can bring Egyptian gods into them, and let their imagination just go rampant.  And then you have your chaos going.  Then you control the chaos.  Itís much easier to create chaos and then guide the outcome of it, give the solution.  And that was all generated years before the sexual liberation, years before the pop revolution, rock revolution, and all the revolutions.  Theyíre real revolutions.  A revolution is a turning around.  Thatís what to revolve means.  And they use revolutions.  Most of them are bloodless, but they change the culture, and theyíre planned way ahead of time.  And they sent Crowley out there in the 1910s and the 1920s, to set up that whole structure of the OTO, the Order Templi Orientis, another branch of Freemasonry which they created to bring the youth in.  And you find most of them who end up in the rock bands and the groups all belong to the OTO.  That attracted them in.  Itís all through their music. 


James: Well, when you put all that together, I bet thereís a lot of people out there who are listening who are just gelling together.  I mean theyíre starting to come together.  Theyíre going wow.  You know, theyíre getting little goose bumps, and whatever kind of internal type of a, I call it a resonance.  When I hear truth, thereís a deep inside profound resonance, and I really canít even go farther than that.  And when I actually go check it out, I learn, I just didnít believe anything, and I just didnít believe me.  I went and checked it out, and so I had more and more conscious resonance.  What do you do when someone says, you know, theyíre waking up now, and theyíre seeing this, theyíre seeing the terrorism turn into this thing I was talking about.  Theyíre seeing the destruction in their life.  The church, even though the people in their church may themselves be nice people, theyíre still part of the church.  What do you tell them?  Itís like the gospel when you go to a Baptist Church and they take you and they give you these lists, and they follow all this stuff.  In your case, youíre still going to have to tell them something, even though you donít want to make them disciples; but what do you say to somebody whoís just waking up from this?


Alan: You have to feed them little bits.  You canít feed them a lot at once, because you overwhelm them with what you know.  Itís impossible.  Itís like trying to get a thousand volts into a one-and-a-half volt battery.


James: What would be like the first step you know, in the general sense, what would you recommend?


Alan: You help them, really, rather than impart information, you help them to start thinking.  Because, up until then they havenít done much thinking for themselves.  You, thereís a process to thinking, truly, which they havenít even begun.  Because even from kindergarten right through the schooling system theyíve had indoctrination, but they havenít been taught how to think logically or critically.  At one time critical thinking and logic were taught in schools.  Thatís been completely eradicated now, and now itís all groupthink and consensus for democracy, and where individualism is frowned upon and shunned in fact, and punished.  So, they havenít, especially those who are maybe thirty and under, they havenít, they donít know how to think for themselves.  When they do try and think for themselves theyíll explain whatever theyíre talking about through a series of movies that theyíve watched.  And they donít realize thatís where every idea and conclusion that theyíre now coming to has been given to them is from the movies, you see.  Theyíve never ever thought originally for themselves.  


James: Well, I think thatís a good point that when youíre waking up or thinking, itís like never realizing that to stand up itís going to be a little weak at times.  Youíre going to have to learn how to think.  I mean, it really is becoming a born again, in the most literal sense, and also Iím glad to hear you not, and I missed this in our little group of people, I call them program observers.  One of the things is, weíre noticing that youíre not looking to follow.  Youíre not trying to set yourself up to be a leader.  You are out there kind of walking around, you know, from my perspective, sharing your wisdom, but youíre not, looking to, you know what Iím saying, youíre not looking to make the followers of Alan Watt. 


Alan: Thatís right.  And also, to be honest with you, Iíd rather teach a very few in a lifetime than masses of people.  And those who teach masses of people are always used, ultimately, and abused and because their ego grows so huge.  And so they fall for traps laid in their way, and then their followers go around in circles as well, and then leave and go off to another group.  Thatís not how truth works.  Truth works, as I say, on an individual basis, and where as in the past Iíve taught individuals, a very select few.  I wonít take anybody on, or for money either, for that matter.  So, I have to know they have the qualities and the genuineness has to be there, and the ability to understand and learn has to be there, because you put an incredible amount of energy yourself into a person, in more ways than simply talking to them, thereís more to it, than all of that.  You give a lot of yourself bringing a person up into life, you know.  So, it can be exhausting.


James: Oh, yes.  In my case, not that Iím any kind of messiah, but Iíve got these things, and Iíve woken up along the way, and I went to people, I went to people thinking, wow, look at this.  Theyíd go, wow, you know, which is almost never.  And secondly, it was almost like my responsibility to do it.  I felt responsible to share with people and I learned that thatís not my responsibility.  My responsibility is for me to wake up and for me to get this stuff together, and then, as I go through life, I will connect with people along the way and share information, like Iím doing with the show.  I have you on, and other people on, sharing information.  Iím not attached to them making sure that they know what Iím saying or they know what youíre saying, itís just, hereís what said.  You know, some of it is incompatible, incompatible with other principles.  And itís up to the people out there who listen to it, and it puts in their head, yeah, okay.  Itís not up to me to make them, or feel responsible.  When I became not responsible, it was like the weight that came off my shoulders was incredible. 


Alan: Oh, absolutely.  You unload a tremendous burden when you really do break through.  You dump such a heavy, heavy burden of indoctrination, and you do.  You feel free for the first time.


James: Isnít it funny how weíre taking phrases here that are literally direct quotes from Jesus, and those same phrases are said in a church and the differences between the two.  I mean, weíre literally talking freedom here, and theyíre literally talking slavery. 


Alan: They are talking slavery, because as a group, who are authorized to exist by the system they serve, youíll find that the huge churches are part of the whole culture creation structure, and they stand up for this system no matter how inhumane it is.  Itís incredible how they can even pretend theyíre following one type of religion, while they promote and practice the other.  They allow their tax money to go to make bombs to slaughter people all over the planet.  And all this kind of thing.  They allow their tax money to be used for aborting children all over the place, and used for research and development to ultimately clone us and to perfect types of workers.  They applaud this system and stand up for it.  Itís amazing.  And yet, theyíre such hypocrites, because they should be on the streets promoting the opposite of all of that.  You know.  But theyíre not.  And they wear their suits and ties, the Masonic uniform too, and they donít even understand theyíre in Masonic organizations. 


James: Well, I could keep going on and on here.  Weíre coming to the end.  I wanted to make sure to give time to people to get a hold of you in any way you want to be put out there so they can learn and draw from all the items you have, such as your website.


Alan: They can look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and thereís other mirror sites going up all the time.  And all I have really is the lack of time. But they can get lots of shows for free there.  And they can buy the few things that I have up there, which helps to keep the whole thing going, so far.


James: In fact I had a person who wrote in here, was heralding the fact that I have free archives compared to others like Jeff Rense who you have to pay.  And I said, well, I can assure you that while the archives may be free, it is not free to make them.


Alan: Thatís right.


James: And I rely on people who see the value of it, who will either buy the products or donate money or what have you, because it takes an incredible amount of time and energy to do something, and the drive is not to be famous or rich, the drive is to share the information. 


Alan: Absolutely, absolutely.  In fact, this is the only, thereís nothing else to do for me in this world except do what Iím doing, because nothing else can compare to it.  Thereís nothing else as urgent, either.  Thereís nothing out there.


James: Well, I agree.  You know, I tell you, Iím encouraged to hear you talk on these things that are, you know, keep on keeping on.  It underlines the necessity of getting information out there for people to, and I love it.  Iím a listener as well as the host of the show.  I learn, itís like, a long time ago someone gave me a statement.  He said, if you want to learn, teach.  And in this case, I donít end up teaching as much as I put the whole thing together, and I learn a lot, and I ask the questions, and we have the open lines and have people ask, and itís very important for that, so.


Alan: Yeah, absolutely.


James: Cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Thatís really the best way to do it and then, from there you have a bunch of other items.† Well, I appreciate it.  Iím going to end up here with my man here going to cut us off, but I appreciate you being here and talking about these items, and Iíd like to have you back on and be in touch with lots of other things, and I wish you well, and keep on keeping on.


Alan: Iíll do the best I can.


James: And you know what, thatís all you can do and itís rarely the whole idea of somebody doing the best they can do has become foreign now.  Itís doing the least you can do, get the most out of it, get the least amount of quality youíre experiencing.† Well, God Bless you.


Alan: And the same for you. 


James: Thanks, weíll be talking.


Alan: Thanks for having me on. 


James: Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  It is, Iíll tell you, itís good to hear that stuff.  Itís real and itís the deal and if you donít listen, and let stuff come in, youíre just doomed to kind of just wander around.  And actually there are people who donít want to know, they donít want to learn the stuff, and they want to wander around, and of course in that one movie, the Matrix, it shows a guy like that.  But, itís wake-up time, and weíre all waking up.  We can all do it together.



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