March 25th, 2007
Alan Watt as Guest on
Feet to the Fire with James Arthur Jancik
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And now, live from Chicago, hereís the Black Knight of talk radio, James Arthur Jancik.


James:  John Lennon, he was right on.  He was dead right on.  I thought that song was fitting for our next guest, Alan Watt.  He was on a few weeks ago, and brought up some very good points. is his website.  Many CDs there, DVDs of his stuff.  So, weíre never going to cover a fraction of it.  Thereís twelve hours per CD I was looking at, a lot of things.  But when he was here last time, we brought up or touched with him, and I canít remember if it was on the air or off in our chatting, but he touched up his ideas on the alien agenda, being not actually an alien agenda, but actually being an Illuminati/powers-that-be kind of a pretend scenario to get us to pretty much embrace a world dictatorship government, as they protect us from those bad aliens.  And weíve heard of course, Reaganís speech and so forth.  This is a very interesting point. And a lot of people who have been on my show havenít brought this part up.  They talk about the aliens being real beings and so on. So, I thought it would be great to have Alan back to talk about it.  And welcome back to Feet to the Fire, Alan.


Alan: Itís a pleasure to be here.


James: So, if we could, and anything else that comes up along the way, kind of stream of consciousness, on the way, but I would like you to kind of develop this, because we really need to know this.  We need to have options to find out what really is truth and to quote your name there, Cutting Through the Matrix, we want to cut through what is being pre-planned for us, to see truth.  And I have heard this before, but coming up I think with synchronicity to bring it up and really kind of lay it out there for people.  So, it is your intention or suspicion that this whole idea of aliens attacking us is a staged event to get us to allow to become a one world order for our own being.


Alan: Yes.  Itís not so hard to understand, really, when you understand that the world is always, or the future is always planned by those in control.  And thereís nothing staggering about that.  The only staggering part is the world is constantly fooled into believing that politicians run the show, and that they stumble across problems and deal with them day by day, and nothing is further from the truth, because power elites in all ages have always made sure that their offspring would run the future.  So, they simply plan the future.  And when you look at all of the tricks they were up to in the 1800s for instance, the big foundations which had arisen, those various Rothschild foundations and eventually the Rockefellers came up in the 1900s, and other ones shot up.  Theyíre all connected and they all had an agenda of basically running think-tanks to promote ideas for the future, which they called predictive programming.  And they hire authors to write science-fiction and stuff like that, which initially puts in the thought, the idea of a possibility through an imaginative novel, which captures you, and you ride along on the imagination.  So, once itís in your head that this is a possibility, they then step up the process, through entertainment, especially, and eventually the entertainment creates a reality, at least in the peopleís minds, who have gone on this roller coaster.  So, itís not so difficult to understand how our minds and our imagination are captured and programmed to accept a possibility down the road from something, which might not even exist.  And even the ancients knew how to use this technique by using religion.  We know that in every age, you always get children who are scared of a closet in their bedroom for instance, or thinking thereís something under their bed.  And theyíre not happy till the parents come in and open them and show them, and say thereís nothing there, see.  Well, you see, itís the imagination that captures the possibility of something being there.  And it wonít be dissipated until someone of superior rank comes along and admits that to you, that itís quite safe.  On the other hand, they can use that same technique, put in, interject the possibilities into your mind, and then promote it on a massive scale, especially through science fiction.  And itís no big deal when you realize that the biggest authors and novelists have been funded by the big foundations.  And even today, most of the big ones belong to what they call the Futurist Society.  Donations and funding comes from the foundations, and thatís where they get the themes for their stories, which they then encapsulate in a novel form and sell to the public.  Thatís predictive programming.  Therefore when something comes along in your lifetime, and otherwise would be bizarre, you will think, well, I guess thatís inevitable, itís possible.  And you accept it step by step, until youíve been completely fooled.  These are sciences which have always been understood.  And you can actually trace various techniques through psychological institutes on these processes, which are well understood.


During the Cold War, and even during World War II, you find that governments had so many secret projects on the go, for instance, that they not only fooled their opposing country, Britain would fool Germany.  They would fake runways up and fake planes made out of plywood and cardboard even, that were lacquered, but even the locals whoíd get within reach of viewing these craft wouldnít know if they were real or not.  So, the technique of fooling the people is quite an old idea.


James: Well, yeah, I guess, I guess the difference in this time is not really different, like you mentioned about the going back in time with the lacquered plywood, is that weíre looking at, well, wait a minute, how could they possibly have spaceships that beam things up and do all this stuff, and creatures that look all funny.  But, in every time frame, if this group of people are, you know, 20, 30 years ahead of the rest, well they can always come up with something thatís going to be supernatural or super science.


Alan: Absolutely.


James: And it will appear to be magical or far apart, but really itís only, you know, 50 years or whatever it is ahead.


Alan: Yeah.  Arthur C Clarke was one of their main novelists for predictive programming for the elite, the man who did 2001 and 2010.  And he himself said that magic is only science that the public donít understand yet.  In other words, theyíre so far ahead with their sciences, and thatís how you maintain power.  You never share the latest with the public.  Whatever the public actually get to buy from the shelves is always obsolete.  In the high levels, like Area 51, theyíre way, way ahead in the sciences.  And even from professors down, they donít know either.  Thatís how this technique works so well.  Itís only those who are chosen to come into these projects who eventually get in on the know, if theyíre trustworthy. 


James: We have a quick fast-blast from Alex.  It says, were the Brothers Grimm with their stories predictive programmers for 200 years ago, doing the job that TV does today?


Alan: Very similar, in fact, because as I say, you see, you have a subconscious mind, and you also have what they call the unconscious, where all ideas, rough ideas are seething around in this big, unconscious sea, you might say.  And so, when something is familiar or you identify with something, itís because the idea is already innate, what they call archetypal symbols.  Theyíre already within you.  And so, all these fairy stories have the same types of story, with a hero, the anti-hero, the shadow figures as Jung called it and so on.  So, yeah, they understood the science of the mind pretty well, even back then.  Itís not a new science.  Itís a very old science, the understanding of the mind.  It was understood thousands of years ago by those who used religions in India.  And they even wrote about how they created religions for different areas, in India, after studying the inhabitants of a select area.  They would literally purpose-make a religion to suit the mindset of the people already there.


James: So, another blast coming in on that.  What would be the difference between the Creator and the Great Architect of the Universe, and also being, having Enlightenment or being Illuminated, or Illumined?


Alan: And thereís different levels of understanding.  For the Mason, he would think he was Illumined once he simply got into the secrets which would explain certain things within society which he noticed, but didnít understand.  In other words, heís just taught the inner meanings, whereas the ancients, of course, always talked about someone who was Illumined as simply someone who had a numinous experience, as they call it, which is a paranormal type experience, where suddenly, on their own, without things being explained to them, they saw through things.  They broke through.  So, thereís a truth of Illumined as far as understanding goes.  The light goes on in the head. And thereís also the Masonic way, which is a taught thing.  And it also depends on which level you get to as to what truth youíre told.  Because thereís only little bits of truth given out in any particular degree.  And even then, even up to the 33rd, these are the lower orders.  So, you donít get to the truth until youíre at about the 40th degree.  Thatís why life begins at forty.


James: Yeah, I guess, in many ways.  But now, if one was listening to you, they could skip ahead and say, well wait a minute.  Is God an invention?  I mean, is there really a God?  Is there really somebody who is a good spirit, a good?  Or are we just animals?  Or is the whole religion, I donít mean religion but I mean actual spirituality in a God, is that simply an invention?


Alan: Well, first youíd have to define God, number one.  You could have ten people sitting discussing God, and all saying God is Good, and theyíd all agree.  And God takes care of his own.  You all agree.  God hates the Wicked, and youíd all agree, and yet, you could all be sitting talking about a different deity.  You understand?  Itís a generic name.  And every god in the past was a god.  Itís a generic term and itís made purposely that way.  God comes from the word Good in English.  God is Good. 


James: Okay, well, I guess to define that, I would point to a real source of all things as opposed to a something invented by humans to explain the unknown. 


Alan: Well, I think thereís always an innate part in everyone, almost, you could actually say an intuition.  Some people might say a suspicion, but, of something else beyond them.  However, it canít be codified into a standard, because an experience a person would get for instance, canít be given to someone else.  It cannot be given to them.  Thatís what religion is for.  Itís for people to believe on faith that someone else had the experience.  You see, thereís a difference between religion and the experience.  Only the experiencer would know on a personal level, and yet they couldnít really share it.


James: Thatís a very important distinction, because even though, thatís why someone would stand up in a church and have an experience and people would like that, because it would then underline the reality.  Oh, you see, thereís one who had an experience.  Now, they may never have it.  And theyíll lament, maybe I should try harder, or I could be good, or I could do all that stuff, and I would have an experience too.  Thereís almost no difference between a generic Baptist Church and the idea of having degrees of Masonry.


Alan: Itís the same thing, actually.  In fact, every church when you look at it, and you understand the symbols and the altar and everything else, and the aisle and the nave, everything is a Masonic structure within that church, in fact.  Thatís why you have the steeple.  The steeple is the phallus.  You go through the steeple to get to the box.  Thatís the main hall.  Itís the male, the female.  Itís all Masonic.  Itís a very, very old religion that was tacked on a couple of thousand years ago to be renewed. Itís the same religion over and over.


James: So, actually I want to get back a little bit to this alien agenda.  So, when people say theyíve been abducted.  How would you, I mean, other than people who are lying or people who are crazy who are, but, letís say somebody you know is a real, you know, the guy down the street, you know him and you kind of, youíre kind of familiar with him, or you would think that you would know the person and they have an experience.  I mean, are there really groups from, weíll say, the powers that be or the Illuminati or what have you, that are going around staging abductions as a kind of...?


Alan: Hereís the problem with this. Itís quite simple really.  Even if you have an experience Ė now that we know, for instance through people like Nick Begich who was chosen to show to the public a lot of very high tech, advanced equipment which was actually obsolete.  Equipment that could project into an individualís head voices or maybe even a picture.  He showed this on the national television in Canada on the Wendy Mesley show, a few years ago.  And each device he showed on this table was about the size of a handheld television remote.  And you could put it in your pocket.  It had to be solid-state circuitry, and yet he said, this stuff is all obsolete.  It was made in the 1950s and used by the CIA, or at least divisions of the CIA.  You know yourself everything is, they have segments and cells within every organization.  So, even if you have an experience, knowing that they have this technology, nowadays, you could never be certain if it was a real experience, if it was a psychotic episode, or if it was scientifically induced.  Thatís the problem.


James: And thatís what I, I listen to people talking about mind control, and something popped into my mind.  And of course, there goes my next question.  How do I know what comes into my mind is coming in from the higher intelligence of a God structure, but before we go there, what comes into my mind is that mind control is not necessarily erasing things in your mind, but implanting or polluting your mind with things that would be incriminating or would lose credibility.  So, they would implant things, and so people would have an abduction experience, and thatís really kind of a combination of perhaps kind of pharmaceutically enhanced hypnosis or something like that, that would put this experience in there.  Very real.  I mean, theyíre telling the truth.  They would pass a lie detector test and what have you.  But it wasnít real.  So how do we know what is real?


Alan: Thatís exactly it.  Thatís the problem.  You would have to on an individual basis, and only the person that had it could possibly try and analyze it, and even then, still put it in a question box.  Theyíd have to say, why would they pick me?  Where did they pick me, when it happened?  Now, the thing is too, just like any religion, when itís promoted and itís something which is a fantastic experience, or bizarre, and sure enough, the abduction stuff was really pushed from the top, through all the novels and books and talk shows and so on.  You can also have a lot of people who are suggestible who will unload this.  Theyíll download this information in their head and over a period of time it becomes real to them.  They are very suggestible, like Aldous Huxley said.  60% are instantly suggestible.  Thatís why advertising works.  And so, they did tests for instance, in Britain and other countries, and found the same conclusions with the same subjects.  They had test subjects.  Half of the subjects claimed they had abduction experiences and they took another random selection of people who had no memory of any abduction experience.  They gave them all hypnosis, and sure enough, the ones who claimed theyíd had abductions came up with a story, the same stories youíd read in the paper, starting with Barney and Betty Hill.  That was the first time it was publicized, worldwide, that story.  That was the implant.  And the other test group of course, that had no recollection of it, under hypnosis they found that 80% of them could relate the same events.  And what they concluded was that through the years of reading these stories, the message was implanted already in their subconscious.


James: Alright, well, hold on.  Weíre going to take a break, and weíll continue talking with Alan Watt.  Alien Agenda is kind of the thing weíre talking about, but itís open to all adjacent ideas, about this elite race whoís been leading us around by the nose for thousands of years.  When we come back, I want to find out, how do we know, for example I want to ask Alan how he knows that what heís saying is not being given to him, and that he is perhaps another ďfamilyĒ fighting against the other ďfamilyĒ and he is being trained or training us to go, you know, actually be a slave to someone else.  So, we will be back, live, Feet to the Fire, right after this.


Weíre back live, with Alan Watt.  And welcome back to the show, Alan.


Alan: Yes.  I can hear you.


James: So, how would one, how would we know, say we were listening to you, and youíve got pretty good stuff, and okay, itís cool.  Well, how do we know that youíre not from another one of these ďfamiliesĒ who are coming in to get us to see through the other ďfamilyĒ.  I use the word family like the old mafia thing. 


Alan: Well why would you even want to start going on to that track, because itís still verifying something which isnít verified, which is aliens in the first place?


James: I mean, the verifying is a good point, because you canít verify really much of anything, because of their secretness to us.  Thereís pollution.  Thereís got to be some inner, guiding, truth light, some inner, guiding truth that one has to be able to lock onto, and they can trust and use that type of infrastructure to compare everything else that we read, sense and feel, even, to make sure against.  Thereís got to be some kind of grounding or it almost doesnít matter.


Alan: Well, thereís two ways to look at it.  For one thing, the last thing people want to do is to look at themselves, personally, thatís how they are.  Secondly, most people would rather chase fiction forever, because it fascinates them.  It makes them feel good.  Theyíre egosyntonic.  This is understood at the top.  So, they will do that which they enjoy doing, and procrastinate or deny that which is unpleasant.  So, thatís why they spend their lives chasing the front people who were put out there to push this whole alien idea, which blends in with the whole New Age phenomenon, which they talked about creating in the 1800s, in think-tanks in London, which theyíve done.  And they created a whole New Age movement that blends Hinduism, past-life experiences, reincarnation, all of that stuff together, soul travel, astral travel, and of course, aliens, all into the same bag.  They said they would do it.  They have done it.  Itís been successful.  Most of it was promoted through the culture creation industry of music, movies, science fiction movies, which are really good.  Thereís no doubt about it, theyíre well done.  It grabs our imagination, implants the idea.  And in past ages, of course, they had demons that would visit people, and youíd get burnt as a witch.  Today, in a scientific age, itís rocket ships and aliens and flying saucers.  And itís the same thing.  Itís something visiting the people, and many of the people who are suggestible grab this and run with it, as though itís an ultimate truth. They donít go into a logical thought process of investigation, and read their histories before they start believing in something.  They donít think about the movie, that kicked off the whole thing, which was The Day the Earth Stood Still, where a UFO comes and lands on the White House lawn, and Michael Renny, the actor, comes out as a visitor from another planet, whoís promoting World Unification through the United Nations, because people are just simply too barbaric and nationalistic to get along with each other.  And so, theyíd have to give up all their rights to live in peace.  Thatís what kicked it off.  And about the same time, the first sighting, supposedly of UFOs over the White House happened. And it was reported by a pilot, who just happened to have just been discharged from the CIA.


And then, in the í60s, we had the Barney and Betty Hill.  They got at least two or three pages in every newspaper, worldwide.  Why was that promoted to such an extent worldwide when thereís people every day who come out with such kind of stories?  Itís because it was meant to be.  It was to put the idea in our heads for a coming time, which is now.  Then they brought out the Star Trek series which gave us lots of, downloaded lots of information into us.  And then they came out with Erik von Daniken, The Chariots of the Gods, and once again, across the whole planet, it was, my god, these ancient Aztecs had craft that could fly in space, and hereís the pictures of them, and rock carvings.  And this was pushed through three or four different books that the man supposedly wrote, and being promoted as a fact, until some enterprising journalist from England went out looking through Mexico, found the guy who was carving the stuff for von Daniken and selling them for a few pesos each.  And that fell flat, but they donít stop.  And itís still on the go today.  And now, itís part and parcel of what is taken for granted as the New Religion, the whole New Age Movement for the Age of Aquarius. 


James: One thing you say thatís very true when looking now, is that some of these things have been talked about many years ago.  About, you know, the think tank reports.  And so, you can look in the past, and say, wait, they were talking about this and now it really happened, 9/11, etc.  But what Iím thinking is that Iíll hear something, somebody will say something, and inside me, I get a reaction, kind of a yes or a no, or a yeah but, or a no but.  And I follow this little lead, and I am led to things that expose, weíll call them lies or agendas, or I find things that underline and keep pointing toward truth.  So, my thing is, and the reason why I really like talking with you on here, is that I can feel, I can sense from internally, that you do have a good sense at cutting these things, so of course, I want to ask you more, and I want to throw more questions at you, and then have you parse them.  You slice them and it comes back, and I start to form, weíll say, a three dimensional graph of your looking at life, and I can take your how you look at it, and incorporate it in with mine and start to look at it.  But you see, Iím all doing it internally.  So, how does one internally do this?  First theyíre going to have to admit like, I need to learn this, I need to learn what is truth, and then they have to internally train themselves and tune themselves and then go out and go through all this stuff, and watch how they internally react with it.


Alan: But they have to educate themselves, too.  Itís one thing to take something on faith, and thatís how this whole thing is promoted.  As I say, it captures the imagination.  Itís exciting.  Itís extra-mundane, and so people catch on to it, since most of us have pretty mundane lives in this world.  And it seems exciting.  And the books are never-ending.  Thereís tremendous...  I mean, if I wanted to really make money, Iíd have no problem doing so, because the market has been made for you to walk into and churn out these kind of books.  But I donít do that.  I donít encourage the lies and the deception thatís promoted from the top. 


James: And what I also want to mention is that you mentioned Star Trek.  And Iíve been a pretty good fan of Star Trek.  I really like it.  And what I find in there, I find a lot of things that point me toward truth.  Now, hereís my question.  If someone is going to really do a real good lie, my guess, is since that perhaps if I can assert that we all have, whether we use it or not, or whether itís weak or whether itís atrophy or not, we all have like a truth meter in us.  We vibrate or are attracted to, or run from, but we still sense truth.  The best way to lie would be to tell as much truth as possible and the lie be placed in there in such a way as to lie just a little, at the perfect spot to totally derail the person.  Maybe they can derail them a little at a time so they kind of just drift apart.  But, in that same aspect is that they are telling us truth as well, and we can kind of look, weed through that stuff, in spite of their attempts and learn truth. 


Alan: You already would know the truth.  You see, they take the common truths and wrap it in the story.  Thatís your bait.  In other words, they understand your logic.  So, they must have human stories which you can relate to, even though they take it somewhere else, off planet, and wrap it into aliens and so on.  If you look at the Star Trek series for instance, we know that Roddenberry, who ran that whole series was a high Freemason, he was a member of NASA.  He was allowed to sit in on NASA think tanks and part of the NASA program is projecting the future, where it will be fifty years, a hundred years down the road.  And he incorporated some of the sciences they were working on into his fictional movies.  Stuff that we wouldnít see till about now, of course, with the computers and all the rest of it.  Even the cellphone.  They had a cellphone little communicator there, that all came from NASA.  They already had these things a long time ago.  And his idea was to predictive program us into the world they were creating, because the world of aliens and all the different conflicts they had and reconciliations was to do with the Starship Enterprise.  Now, remember, part of the US logo on the great seal is ďBless us on this EnterpriseĒ.  You also have the United States ship, Enterprise, the big carrier.  And, of course, the prize, Enterprise ship that was traveling through space, supposedly, on Star Trek, it was there on behalf of the global government of Earth.  And its whole idea was to bring other worlds, which represented countries, into the galactic federation.  And what it was teaching you was the new world to come of multiculturalism and how we must all adapt to each other.  This was a training exercise.  A basic, educational training exercise, psychologically produced, put into fictional form and sold to us as entertainment, which was very good.  It was very well done.  And it pretty well achieved its objective.


James: But what is wrong with accepting one another?  I mean, that to me would be a good thing to do, to allow people to be who theyíre going to be and maybe go under the code of not harming another.  Like, if you want to be a jerk...


Alan: Letís get back to the point of it.  The fact is, it was done deceptively, number one. 


James: Whatís the deceptive part of that?


Alan: The deceptive part is they didnít come out and say, this is really the world weíre talking about.  The Enterprise is the planet.  The galactic federation that you must join, youíll notice all the ones, the planets that didnít join the trading federation, remember, with special privileges if you joined, anyone who didnít want to join it was a bad guy.  Did you notice that?


James: Or they, even if you were a good guy, you didnít want to join, you were now going to be beaten up by the Klingons, who were the bad guys.


Alan: Theyíre bad guys, because they clung on to the past.  Thatís why they were called Cling-Ons.  They were primitive.  This was the United Nations they were programming into the public through fiction.  Now, if they can do that through fiction, they can make you believe anything through fiction.  One year ago, the best example was actually admitted to in a form, a sense, on CBC television in Canada, when they brought over the new episodes of the longest-running daily soap ever produced on the planet, and thatís Coronation Street. It began I think in the 1960s.  And that series was a Tavistock creation, the Tavistock Institute, where they knew what future they were going to build for the public, and therefore they worked out through drama form all the conflicts they would have as they gradually changed society, right down to the family unit, and all the conflicts they would have.  And what happens with the public, they mimic or emulate that which they see.  And so when they have the same scenarios happening in their own family, as the changes that happened in Britain were to come, actually happened, they would emulate how the performers on the series worked out the problem the same way.  And here in Canada, they showed us the staff that were on Coronation Street.  They had professional psychiatrists, helping, working on the scripts, professional psychologists, sociologists, divorce lawyers, every specialist you can imagine in the human sciencesóto put out a soap opera?  Because this is how they plan and download into your mind all the predictive programming that you will experience in real life as you go through life, and you will emulate that which you see.  The world is always planned in advance. 


James: One of the blessings in disguise for me is I have difficulty reading.  I mean, I can read, but it takes a lot of work.  And I stopped watching television in the 90s, and stopped watching movies for the most part, and it would be coincidental that I started seeing through a lot of things, so, when I did glance at something, I kind of saw through it.  But people who have been watching TVs and movies for many years and who have been drinking aspartame and following particular diets and all this stuff, theyíre all being groomed or destroyed.  Well, so thatís the message.  So, how does one, because last time you were on we talked about The Matrix, and you pointed out some things there that I missed when I saw it.  How does one really then get out of it, or can one really get out of it?  Or is one getting out of it actually like living on top of a mountain by themselves and hunt grizzly or something?  I mean, is it that bad that you canít get away?  Is death the only escape of...?


Alan: It depends what youíre really after you see, for what youíre after.  The reason people can be so easily led by religions, by ideologies that are given to them, itís both of them, is because many people want to be led, number one.  They want someone else, a tribal leader if you like, the hero figure, to take care of all their problems for them, and let them play.  Go play.  Thatís what Socialism is.  Itís perpetual childhood.  And you can actually encourage it, of course, and that has been done through governmental programs and especially education.  Theyíve trained generations to be good little immature people, who simply acquire and work hard and pay out.  As long as they pay out big taxes for the boys at the top, theyíre good citizens, and just entertain yourselves and play.  Leave all the big important things to your betters, to the specialists, to the experts, as Huxley and others talked about.  Bertrand Russell, he said that too.  He said, shortly people will be unable to work out anything for themselves, or reason out.  He said, everything will be told to them by the experts.  Thatís the society that government has fostered intentionally, because itís easier to manage children than mature thinking rational adults. 


James: Yeah, and thatís good, a good point.  Iíve got a problem with experts.  Now youíre really getting me to think about myself, because Iíve always had a problem with authority and experts.  Iíve always questioned why.  And even though I may, weíll call it fall for something for a while, there will be this little growing thing in it.  So, why does that happen?  Why does that happen to me?  Why does it happen even more refined in you?  I mean, why me, and why the next one, no?  These are the questions Iím wondering, like, why? 


Alan: I think some people have an innate need to understand, not only the world around them, but themselves too.  And you compare yourself with others.  Now, sanity according to the average person would be if you held the same opinions and maybe beliefs as your neighbors.  You bounce off your ideas from that to them, and if they come back in the affirmative then youíll say, well, I must be sane because they accept me and no fighting goes on.  However, the same people who run the world can tell you the Earth is flat for a few hundred years, after the fact, after they knew that it was round.  The ancient Greeks wrote about it, it was round.  The Catholic Church had all the documentation; so they made it flat again, so that became the norm.  And everyone bounced it off and said, the world is flat, isnít it?  They said, yep.  Yep.  Well, youíre sane.  Yeah.  And now itís round again.  In other words, most people will take what theyíre given by authority figures and simply parrot it.  It saves them the trouble of having to figure it out for themselves.  And theyíre scared.  Theyíre scared to be different.


James: But one of the problems for seeking truth or questioning authority is youíre going to be in for a bumpy ride in life, because everyone wants you just to go along, to fit right in, to follow the program.


Alan: Especially the schools, because they are on the lookout.  And they have been for a long time now for those with rational abilities, critical thinking abilities, and maybe even leadership abilities, especially the males, and theyíre sticking them on Ritalin, and that damages the brain.  We know this.  They know this too.  They knew it before they gave it to the children.  And theyíre knocking out potential leaders, which, once again, makes it much easier to control the future, if they donít have people with leadership abilities to come forth.  This is intentional.  When you read even the Soviet, the incredible psychology used by the Soviet regime, knowing that what they wrote about, and whatís been exposed now from them, was also known in the West.  And then you apply those things to what you understand has been happening in your own lifetime to yourself and others, and it all begins to make sense.  They have been using these techniques on everyone, since long before I was born, in fact.  So, yeah, we are composite people, that are basically made up and approved and stamped approved and numbered, weíre all numbered, for a very efficient society.  Weíre not terribly efficient at the moment but weíre better than we used to be.  But they want to go to the next step, which is to eliminate the possibility of people breaking through, wisening up, and saying, hey, enough.  And thatís where encouragement through movies and so on, to the eventual brain chip is going.  And this is a certainty.  Itís not a possibility.  Itís a certainty, theyíre going there. 


James: So, as you look into the future, do you think, I mean, this is kind of half-way unfair, but do you think, I mean, inside, Alan Watt, when youíre sitting around in the backyard and looking out at a tree or whatever, youíre relaxing, do you think that there is hope for true freedom of breaking this and becoming free thinkers, or is it, or do you think itís possible for some, or do you think thereís any hope for the planet as a whole to grow up to that next step, to become what weíre going to be, or no?


Alan: I donít say it would be possible for everyone to wake up.  Thatís never happened in history.  The bulk of the populace will always go along with what they call popular opinion.  Popular opinion is whatís promoted and approved from the top.  So, what you have is an elite crew at the top with all their psychopathic helpers, who are well paid to manipulate the public and fool the public, and enforce laws on the public, regardless of whatever that law may be.  And then you have in between the mass of the population, you have another small group, who donít have the finances, donít have the psychopathic traits, and donít have the power, and theyíre stuck between, because the mass as well will turn against you if youíre too different from them.  Thatís another problem, which we cannot deny.  The mass are so easy to manipulate.  We saw people during various wars getting beaten up if they happened to be German or Korean or Japanese or whatever else it happened to be, by people from the masses, within Western countries.  So, the mob will turn on people instinctively, almost intuitively, because itís been projected into them that these people are bad.  They take propaganda easily.  Theyíre downloaded easily.  And it works through them very easily.  They donít rationalize or think very deeply about things.  They react to things.  Thatís why you can get a psychopath who decides to have a war and then heís surrounded by another bunch of inbred psychopaths, who can take a whole country to war, and where do they get all the people to go to war from?  They get it from Joe and Jane Blow from their offspring, and they send their offspring to war.  And very few people complain.  The masses accept it.  They tolerate it.  Well, whereís the logic and critical analysis there?  They also accept the fact that the government, this strange, abstract creation which they all serve.  They serve government.  Itís not the other way around.  It can put them in prison if they donít go to war or they stop their children from going to war.  If you want godhood, I would say look at those guys at the top, because thatís what they mean when they speak about god, theyíre talking about themselves. 


James: Yeah.  They know whatís best for us, and if we fight them, or donít do, itís like, how dare you, you people low down there?  You donít know.  And how dare you.  And youíre going to go along with us or youíre going to be in trouble, so they destroy you or imprison you or what have you.  But they themselves...


Alan: And government, you see, this is the thing too.  The technique thatís been used since after World War II, especially, was to always show us dictators, like Fidel Castro, or Hitler, or Mussolini, in uniforms, or Mao Tse Tung, even.  Always in uniforms.  And they always show you the same stuff, every year.  Youíll see umpteen shots of the same things over and over, to make sure we get that, because they want us to associate the psychopathic leaders and dictators and tyrants with a uniform.  And so, our presidents and prime ministers come out in business suits and ties, the respectable, Masonically-approved garb of the good, you see.  And we donít realize, when we listen to the same speeches given by the guys in the suits and ties that the Mussolinis and the Hitlers and the Stalins and the Lenins all gave, we donít associate them as all being the same.  But they are the same.  Psychology, again, too.


James: One of the things that really helped me out is when I went and visited a few different countries in Europe, I got to realize that the people are people and itís the governments or particular groups or areas that are arranging them into something that theyíre not.  Theyíre just people.


Alan: Wherever you go, the ordinary people are still the ordinary people.  They have the same hopes, ambitions, dreams, family problems, family loves, all those things, and they care about each other, and thatís the bottom line.  Itís again in our system, and this could be a trait thatís always been here, we do have psychopaths.  Psychopaths are almost a separate species, because they donít have what we think of as empathy for other people.  Theyíre born like this.  Now, itís also intensified when theyíre born into families that are inbred.  And we know that the elite in all ages are always inbred.  Their wives are very often their cousins, sometimes their nieces.  And if you have the traits of a psychopath being inbred over and over, youíre guaranteeing the same offspring, and these people are vicious when it comes to protecting their system.  And they have the power to do so, which is the monetary power.  There is so-called respect, theyíre at the top of the countries, often theyíre the national symbols of the country, in fact.  So, you have psychopaths who have no empathy.  They have an innate cunning.  They understand how humanity works and ticks, but they donít feel what you feel.  They emulate what they see, so theyíre very good actors, but psychopaths always end up looking for more and more power.  Their speeches become almost primitive, when they try to use the old symbolic type vernacular to get us all stirred up to go and fight the foe.  They call them the same demons.  They use the same kind of speech with their scripts and the script writings.  And itís the same old stuff.  And even when theyíre caught lying about weapons of mass destruction, etc, and itís exposed on the same media, youíll see them saying the same things the following week, without blushing, without blinking an eye.  You see, normal people could not do that, but psychopaths do that every day.  Weíre run by deviants.  Deviants are in charge.  And it can only be this way in a monetary system, a monetary system where profit is at the top of the totem pole, thatís the god almighty, which means that profit comes from those beneath or from someoneís future work.  Thatís what investment is all about.  We worship those that get to the top by any means possible, and they become stars, and weíre told to emulate them.  Well, thatís a psychopath at the top.


James: Oh, yes.  You could say that.  Excellent.  Hold on for a minute.  If I can hold you over here, weíre having difficulty getting hold of our next guest, and I had asked if you could stay for a while, and you agreed, and I appreciate that.  So, if you could just hold on, weíre going to take a break at the top of the hour and then continue.  Alright, hold on.


Alan Watt is here sharing with us his wisdom.  Your phone lines are open by the way.  Itís great to listen to, but Iíd like to have some of you throw some questions out at him, because when you pose the question, thatís your brain working, and then when itís answered and talked to, thatís another perspective that you can put in there.  So, give us a call in the next hour.  Weíll be back after these breaks.


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James: ...Thanks, Alan, for sticking around.  We do have a caller, so maybe if I can take this call for you, we can take the caller in and then we can kind of wrap it up, and you can tell people how they can get a hold of you and so on.  So, let me.  Hello, youíre live on the air, Feet to the Fire with Alan Watt.


Caller: Hi, how are you doing?


James: Good, how are you?


Caller: Very good, thanks.  My name is Robert.  Iím calling from Nova Scotia, Canada.  I have a question.  Itís kind of unrelated to what you were talking about, but itís just something I thought of today.  I was just wondering if Alan could comment on what might be the significance of Mick Jagger and Elton John being given knighthoods by Queen Elizabeth, and is it because of their lifestyles and roles in the entertainment and how itís benefited the cause of culture formation by the global elite?


Alan: Yeah, thatís exactly right.  It was to do with the fact that they promoted a drug culture.  They helped further destroy the family unit, that was part of it, the free love, free sex, all that kind of stuff.  And yeah, thatís why they were invited for doing so. 


Caller: Okay, thank you. 


James: Alright.  Thank you for calling.  Well, is that when people are knighted, from the outside, so to speak, is that because theyíve done very good to support the cause, so they kind of bring them in a little bit and give them a little cookie?


Alan: You do.  When you get into higher Freemasonry, youíre now in a noble order, so youíve climbed the ladder even higher.  But yeah, youíve served a cause, because the whole movement was approved from the British government at the top, at least the Secret Service, working on behalf of what they call the Establishment in England.  That is the ruling elite of England.  They exist, all right.  You donít vote them in, but theyíve never lost control.  So, they decide the future.  They decided the family stood in the way of government and the individual.  So, to get the family out of the way, they would simply disrupt it and destroy the causes for even mating or marrying and all that kind of stuff.


James: Well, I do appreciate you coming by here, and I want to have you back on a regular basis as far as I could, as we can work it out in our schedules, because the people are definitely interested in hearing what you say.  I am definitely interested.  I have guests on here, I learn things from guests here and there and so on, but what I like about you is your way of thinking is good. I like how you think, and how you, I call it parsing the data, and thatís kind of refreshing because most people have, weíll say an agenda to push, and maybe itís a good one, maybe itís a nice one.  Maybe they believe it and so on.  Itís like your agenda is ďfinding agendasĒ. 


Alan: Thatís right.  Youíve got to think for yourself.  Thatís the bottom line. 


James: And it really is going to be, thatís going to be our hope.  Our savior is going to be us, and thatís no disrespect to God or Jesus or what have you, because if you read the real principles contained within a lot of great philosophies they are talking about us doing the right thing, seeking truth and not just following.  In fact, I joke around about Jesus.  The only person he really got mad at was the actual Church that supposedly was carrying the name of God.  And itís when we actually find truth, it will set you free.  You canít be afraid of it.  You have to kind of let go of those untruths that you find comfortable to allow in truth, and when you do that, it might be scary at first, because youíve been told itís scary and you might go to hell or you might not be picked or favored.  But it really is better when you live real, and the only way you can do it is try it.


Alan: Yeah.  It truly is.  I mean, itís a tremendous burden lifted from you when you break through all this.  And thereís a joy in being able to think and rationalize and understand by yourself.


James: Yeah, itís just, one of the things when I went through my metamorphosis is I found myself saying, I just like being me.  I mean, I could sit there and say, here I am and just sit there and thereís a joy in that, where before you had to be something or do something, or have somebody, or give yourself to somebody.  And now you just are, and itís good enough.


Alan: Itís good enough, thatís the way it should be, absolutely.


James: And if you think about how, they talk about God his name being I am, when they wanted to give him a name of some kind of all-powerful or all-ruler or all-whatever, his response is, well, I say he, I just have it, is, I am.  You are.  Just being has got an enjoyment.  So, I really appreciate you taking the time with us and staying a little bit over and so on, and being available to share this so people can start thinking for themselves.  And that thereís a lot of people out there who are looking amongst the sheep to find sheep to be their sheep and somehow being their sheep is better than being the other sheep.  And really the answer is not being sheep.  And I really think that you definitely bring data in for people out there.  So, I really appreciate it. 


Alan: Thatís right.  Weíve got to get rid of the good shepherds, because if we are sheep, then we are to be fleeced and eaten.  Thatís our function.  So, weíve got to stop.  Weíve got to see these shepherds for who they really are. 


James: That analogy is pretty good.  Fleeced then eaten. 


Alan: Yeah, itís a wolf in the sheepís clothing.


James: All right, again I appreciate it.  And can you tell people how to get a hold of you.  You have a lot of goodies online.  Itís  We do have links to that.  But tell people if thereís anything else of how they can get a hold of information for you, from you.


Alan: Yeah, thereís other sites there too.  Thereís the .com, the .net, and so on, and thereís another couple of mirror sites there, so, even when theyíre downloading they can spread it around from different ones, and that way I donít use up all my space in the month.  And thereís always new stuff going up, all the time.  And there will be even more coming up shortly with a new site, thatís going to be a little bit different, with transcripts available in different languages for Europe (  So, thatís the next step.


James: All right.  Well, excellent.  I wish you well.  Keep us informed if anything is happening, and we will be in contact for a return.


Alan: Thanks for having me on.


James: Thank you.  Thatís Alan Watt,


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