August 10th, 2006
Alan Watt as Guest on
Frankly Speaking Radio with Frank Whalen
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Good morning, folks, welcome back to the big show, you are listening to Frankly Speaking Radio, heard planetwide here on the Republic Broadcasting Network.  Our website  And of course, the phone number, as always, is 1-800-313-9443.  We have our guest on the line.  Before we do that though, a quick phone call here weíll squeeze in from Chuck in Arkansas.  Chuck, welcome to the show.


Chuck: Hello?  Hey, good morning Frank. 


Frank: Good morning. 


Chuck: I just wanted to say thatís another sign of high technology slipping through our hands.† I canít even get my social security card to last through anything.


Frank: Yes.  Itís pretty amazing, is it not? 


Chuck: Yeah.  I mean, but I am glad to hear that, you know, people are starting to wake up.  I donít think people realize that with, no matter how bad people are, there will always be good people just equaling them out.† You know, that form of balance.† But I just wanted to say God bless you Frank, great job, and keep spreading the word, baby.


Frank: Chuck, youíre wonderful.  Thank you for the call.  You know folks, thatís what itís all about, is we have to keep each other lifted up in this time.  We have to keep each other supported.  And shore it up, because, God knows, itís a difficult, difficult process.  And my guest knows that probably better than anybody else.  Heís been certainly out there in the truth movement for a very long time.  His information is extensive on things, a wide variety of different subject matter, and weíve already heard several callers today, talking about the vast array of knowledge that our guest has today.  Itís a difficult process to know this information.  Itís a difficult process to hear it for the first time.  A lot of people donít, they donít come back from something like that.  You know, they learn something about this, and then they canít process it, and they try to go back to sleep, but they know it and they canít unknow it, so they kind of lose their mind and just turn into weirdoes. That happens with a lot of people.  But those of us who have survived, you know, itís hard to even know this stuff and continue to exist in this world, as it is, as they would have us believe that it is.  Take it a step further.  How hard is it to try to take some action, to make this world a better place, to try to spread the truth, to try to make a difference.  Itís extraordinarily difficult.  As a talk show host, I know this.  And my guest knows it as well.  Itís also extraordinarily difficult to stay a talk show host, which, you know, weíll have to wait and see, but, you know, for the most part folks, this show is not going to last forever, okay.  We in the talk show hosting world are not going to be around forever.  Make your connections.  Get your information out there.  Network with people while you can.  Cannot stress that enough.  Our phone number 800-313-9443.  And the website,  Our guestís website is  He has really just been a source of inspiration to so many people out there.  I got a call last week, and somebody said, you got to have this guy on, heís incredible.  That was followed up by several emails from all over the world, confirming this, which was great.  Itís great to know that people are paying attention all over the world.  Itís great to know people are listening all over the world.  And I contacted Alan, and we spoke on the phone.  Heís in the middle of some big projects, projects you can read about at his website.  Weíre excited to have him here to get his assessment on this incredibly perfectly timed day, in the midst of the first-ever red alert status here in the United States and certainly in the UK as well.  Of course, their program has only been implemented nine days ago.  Alan Watt, my guest today, welcome to the program, sir.


Alan: Itís a pleasure to be on.


Frank: Itís a pleasure to have you here, an honor, in fact.  What are your thoughts about the news this morning?  I presume youíve been watching it.


Alan: I heard it this morning, and I was expecting something, because whenever we tend to go back to sleep, or public interest in this ongoing war tends to fade, something has to happen to get us back into the mode of thinking about it and listening to them.  So, yeah, it didnít surprise me at all.  And we havenít really got the details yet as to who these twenty-one guys are.  Are they teenagers like the last bunch, or the bunch they got in Toronto? that were chatting on the internet, and then the RCMP gave them explosives, then arrested them.  We donít know the details on this yet, but itís a huge PR stunt for sure.  And itís to get Britain into this ongoing terrorism mode, just like George Orwell gave us in Nineteen Eighty-Four.  And that book used to be studied in every school of a future time where the public would be kept in complete terror all the time by explosions going on all around them, and the government in total charge of everything.  Thatís what weíre seeing now.  This war is to change the whole world.  Itís to bring in a standard system, worldwide, and in the Communist theology, which really was funded by the elite of Britain, they said that in a global society, in order to maintain order over the public, they would have to find terrorism within, since theyíd have no real enemies without.  And that would be the only way they could maintain their control over the general public.  So, weíre seeing this start all now.  Thatís what this is all about. 


Frank: Oh, absolutely.  And that mindset echoes so often in other areas.  First of all, the Patriot Act implemented, the Patriot Act applied only to American citizens.  The predominant terrorist threat in this country was deemed the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front, not Al Qaeda in America, as they of course have their sequels in Iraq and in other places.  Weíve also seen the Patriot Act being used when John Ashcroft did his little speaking engagement tour, and went around and spoke to lawyers and to police officers, law enforcement officials.  He told them that they could apply the Patriot Act in terms of regular, non-terrorism related crimes, in order to get stricter sentences.  There was an individual who was building a pipe bomb in the front seat of his car.  The bomb exploded.  He survived, so, youíd think it probably wasnít that big of a deal, but yet, he was charged with making a weapon of mass destruction.  There was the guy who was prosecuted under terrorism legislation for making chemical weapons, when he was just doing a meth lab, and was able to be charged with ten, twenty times the jail time that he normally would have been able to have gotten, just on a drug-related charge.  So, youíre right.  Itís about fostering this sense of unease and distrust at home, among our own citizens. 


Alan: Sure, this is the new Soviet system, but itís worldwide.  And itís interesting too that Gorbachev, and you can find this speech that he gave to the Politburo, before he came over to be the champion of the Green guys in the US, he told the Politburo that shortly you will hear that Communism is over and dead.  He says, donít believe it.  He said, weíre simply expanding into the next phase.  And then you couple that with the Reece Report that found that the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundations and the big foundations in the US were working to blend the Soviet system with the American system, and it all starts to make sense to you, when a guy like Gorbachev, who was the top of the KGB then the President of the Soviet Union, ends up working in the United States, for the globalists.  This all makes perfect sense.  Weíre simply emerging into the next stage of a well-laid plan, laid long ago.  Even when they set up the League of Nations they said that this would eventually lead to a world government.  And they discussed at that time the same problems.  How do we keep the public in an ultra-socialized system with a massive bureaucracy taking care of things, how do we get the public to obey?  And they said they would need something like internal terror everywhere, since they would have no natural enemies in any countries.  And thatís what weíre getting set up for right now.


Frank: Sure, sure.  And I think that, you know, initially there was some sort of opposition to these things.  And perhaps itís a certain degree of maybe racial sensitivity, I donít know, but I remember after September 11th, there was the idea that, that program, I think it was called the Tips Program, in which landlords, postal workers, utility workers, would sort of, you know, put the feelers out there and kind of spy on people a little bit and then report back, and the only reason it didnít happen was because the post office didnít endorse it.  Now, it does make you wonder, because then of course, youíve got the Anthrax mailings, and you know, sort of like, you better toe the line.  You better follow orders here or else.  But that mindset of breeding that distrust to change into this Pavlovian rewards system for ratting people out.


Alan: And thatís again the Soviet system.  See, the Soviet system was the laboratory for the world.  And they tried this there.  They tested their employees all the time, general employees, by setting them up, so that theyíd see something happening that looked suspicious, then sitting back to see if they would report it.  And this is the sort of tests that were done on them.  And this is the same sort of thing theyíll eventually implement here on various workers, like postal workers or UPS workers, or guys who simply come to repair your telephone or whatever.  Theyíll set them up with a scenario to see if theyíre loyal and if they will report it.  And that furthers the distrust within everyone.  Everyone is terrified theyíre being tested all the time.


Frank: Wow.  I never really even thought about that. 


Alan: And thatís what George Orwell said.  He said, in an age of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary event.  So, youíd be classed as a revolutionist if youíre actually, or a terrorist, if you were a person who does tell the truth.


Frank: Absolutely.  Absolutely.  What are your thoughts on this new legislation, just discussed yesterday, of course, hardly making a blip in the news, but perhaps not going to now, given this state of the news cycle today, about this legislation that would label pretty much anyone at the presidentís discretion to be a terrorist and any group a terrorist group?


Alan: That, I was waiting for it.  I was waiting for it, because, on the one hand it will disperse general groups that simply are truth speakers or are investigators.  It will also tell reporters as well to really toe the line.  I mean, most of them already do, but for the occasional one here or there, it will make them think twice before they tell the truth about something.


Frank: Yes.  Excellent point.  Alan, if I can ask you to hang on.  Folks, stay with us, weíll be back in about three minutes with more Frankly Speaking Radio, with our special guest, Alan Watt.  Please, stay right here.


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Frank: Good morning.  Welcome back folks.  Iím glad to have you with us here today.  It is the 10th of August, about 8:23AM here in the Central Time Zone.  Youíre listening to Frankly Speaking Radio.  The website is  Phone number is 800-313-9443. Our guest today, his website,  Please welcome to the program, Alan Watt.  Alan, thank you again.  You know, I just came across this story, this morning, a very interesting one, in fact, and I think it ties into something you just mentioned.  Itís from the AFP, and it says, some 30% of Americans cannot say in what year the September 11th terrorist attacks against New Yorkís World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington took place, according to a poll published in the Washington Post Newspaper.  Now, you mentioned that you felt that there was something in the works.  You were waiting to see this expansion of anti-terrorism legislation.  And you also mentioned about people, youíve got to wait till people kind of forget.  Is that maybe whatís been going on, is, you had to give it some time?  You had to let people remember what it felt like to have the terror alert raised up.  What it felt like to have breaking news on CNN that affected Americans, you know, as opposed to somewhere in the Middle East.


Alan: Thatís the technique they used.  They did polls in the US and they were published in Canada, and this was about 2003.  And what they found was even though the President, during the inquiry into the invasion of Iraq, and it was on national television here.  They showed us President Bush and the panel and the board and the inquiry.  And he said, I never said that Iraq had anything to do with the bombing of 9/11.  He said, I just wanted to get Saddam Hussein out of the way because he was a bad man, and the world is better off without him.  And yet, just after that, they did the survey of polls in the US, published them in Canada, and they said that the media had done such a fantastic job on the US citizenry that the average citizen thought that Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 bombing.  They totally reversed it by simply repetition, innuendo and propaganda.  So, weíre under an amazing psychological war going on right now. 


Frank: Well, thatís also a fascinating angle to explore, because we still see people believing that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.


Alan: Yes.  And you see, these guys can lie and lie, because they donít mind about the initial lie being found out eventually, because theyíve achieved most of their goals.  Theyíre in those countries, and itís always standard in wartime that once you have troops there, no matter if you get another party in in government, theyíll say, well, weíve got to keep them there, because thereíll be chaos if we pull out now.  So, the initial lie has achieved its goal, you see.  And thatís how it works.  This is standard procedure, down through the ages with government policies in wartime.


Frank: At the top of the hour here we were discussing sort of how we see all the same tricks.  And Iíve got to admit, Alan, Iím shocked that they would even try this. But weíre seeing all the same tricks being trotted out in order to implicate Iran.  And of course, in regards to this threat, this airline threat this morning, theyíre saying it has an international signature, it has all the hallmarks of an Al Qaeda plot.  It looks to me like in the next couple days theyíre going to be revealing an international connection, a foreign country that somehow financed or helped plot this whole thing.  Do you think it will be Iran?  Do you think that theyíre going to continue to build this case, using, again, the same pages from the old playbook?


Alan: Thereís no doubt.  The policy or the Project for the New American Century that was put together initially in í92 by Wolfowitz and Perle and a whole bunch of them, and then was rewritten about 1997, and republished again, did have those targets down, starting with Afghanistan and then Iraq.  Then Iran, then Syria.  That was their order of attack that they wanted to take over the Middle East.  And, now this is a private organization, although theyíre all in politics now.  We should remember that was their agenda at that time.  So, this is a plan which they cannot turn back on.  And itís not just their plan.  Itís a global plan.  Britain is heavily involved in it.  The Council on Foreign Relations has been pushing for this world agenda, a global society, for years, for about a hundred years.  And theyíve come out openly and talked about the unification of Americas that was their agenda.  They drafted it up.  They put it forward for the politicians to sign.  Theyíve been on the news here as the Council on Foreign Relations talking about this openly.  So, this is a world movement thatís going on.  Itís a war to change the entire world, and out of the ashes will come their Utopia, their New World Order, which is going to be a hell on earth for all the rest of us, because itís a totally socialized system thatís coming into play, where the Age of Reason is supposed to take over with an intelligentsia at the top working for a fascist type elite, a rich wealthy class, and the masses below them that will be bred like animals for different functions and tasks.  And you will have no choice in anything, your schooling, marriage partners or anything.  This is the system theyíve written about for a long, long, long time.  Itís all to emerge out of the ashes of this ongoing war, which could last up to fifty years or more, you know.  By that time, weíll be so worn down with it, so worn down, weíll submit to anything.


Frank: Yeah, well, at any level, I mean, people become accustomed to something and all of a sudden itís the standard, much like income taxes and what not, something that was temporary and has now become a fact of life.  Thereís no certainty in life but death and taxes.  Alan, stay with us.  Weíll be right back folks in about three minutes with more Frankly Speaking Radio.


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Frank: Good morning folks, and welcome to the Big Show, Thursday morningís edition of Frankly Speaking Radio.  Our guest today from, Alan Watt.  Welcome back, sir.


Alan: Itís a pleasure to be here.


Frank: Itís an honor to have you, my friend.  You know, looking at all this stuff, and you mentioned about, you know, the continuing, the wearing down of peopleís resistance to, just a very unnatural state of slavery that we are slowly being integrated into.  Itís obviously a process of gradualism.  How is it that these things, and why is it, I guess you could say, that these things happen on such a level that the people who strive to implement them realize that most likely they will never see such things in their lifetime?  They will never see the fruition of their hard work.


Alan: To the average person it seems astounding, because we generally donít start something in our lifetime that we cannot finish.  Thatís the nature of man.  However, there are sciences to do with government.  And if you go into the histories of the diplomatic corps for instance of England, especially, youíll find that thatís exactly how these people operate.  They start things off.  Theyíll take a country like India, and theyíll say, well, how can we totally take this over.  It might take 150 years to achieve a specific standardization process.  It might take 200 years before theyíre ready to be a little copy of the British system.  And they train the recruits to work their whole lives, working towards this particular goal.  Different sub-departments all are specialized.  And thatís exactly how the world really is run.  The United States is no different, with the state department.  And itís the bureaucracies behind them which are more important than the politicians that are appointed to them, because the lifelong bureaucrats know what their part in their agenda happens to be.  And they work steadily towards it.  And they retire and pass it on to the ones that take over.  Itís long, long-term planning.  And, if you read the works of guys like Machiavelli, the book The Prince, youíll find these techniques or you go into Francis Bacon.  Now, both Machiavelli and Bacon wrote books for the kings so that they could be advisors.  And in those books, it was like a rťsumť of cunningness, how to fool the people.  How the people react to different events.  How to use those reactions against the public and always how to benefit.  These are sciences that have been understood within governments for thousands of years.  You find it even in the writings about the Egyptian pharaohs, where the young princes were taught the ways of mankind, the nature of man, or the general public we would say today, and how they reason.  And if you understand how they reason, you can manipulate those thoughts, alter perceptions and guide them along paths which they never suspect that are actually taking them to some other way of living.  These are real sciences that are taught in certain areas.


Frank: Wow.  So, that means that in essence, the application of science, for thousands of years has been solely devoted to the controlling and the oppression of humankind.


Alan: Always, always.  Yeah, thatís always been the way.  I was astounded going through the different Machiavellian typewriters, thereís so many of them in different countries.  Every country had them.  And they used to have competitions between these advisors to write books, to see who was the top dog in cunningness.  And sure enough, he would become the chief advisor to a king or a queen.


Frank: Wow.  Itís so interesting then, because subsequently, and you mentioned about keeping your eye open for this new anti-terrorism legislation and waiting for it to happen, knowing that it was going to.  I look at things that I was talking about several years ago, Alan, that are finally, finally, finally starting to creep into semi-mainstream news.  But again, years too little and too late.  But as a result of that, I think that what I try to do with this show is what I call, like news forecasting, going through the news, taking whatís in there, what theyíre saying in their own sources, and sort of saying, this to me means that the idea, the agenda, we know what the agenda is, and we know where we are now.  So, how many roads can you take to get from point A to point B.  So, itís not too far off, I think, in the prediction sense of things.  But, from what youíre saying here, it should be relatively easily, I guess, to predict it, if you can understand the basis by which itís always been founded. 


Alan: Always, and if you know where to look, weíre so distracted today with entertainment, which is really to indoctrinate us, but just going back into history and looking up the different world movements, the revolutionary movements, which led up to where we are today, behind all of them was the plan to unite the world under a particular system.  And the elite of Europe chose socialism to dominate the masses, not to help the masses.  Lenin himself said that communism was preached in three different versions, one for the masses, one for the middle helping class, the managerial class, and the truth would be given to the elite.  So, there were three different versions always preached at the same time.  Thatís no different than today.  Itís the same techniques that are being used.  The mediaís job is to convey to the masses the simplest explanation, which theyíre supposed to swallow and be politically correct and repeat it to others.  And the media means the middle.  Theyíre the middleman.  Thatís what the media is.  And the media has always been an essential part of government control.  The trick was to make you believe it was a free, independent thing, but itís always been an essential arm of government.  You cannot put out something into the general publicís hands, even the internet, anything to do with communication, unless you are in charge at the top, because you want to make sure that the main propaganda is given out by you, otherwise you lose control.


Frank: Well, I think thatís an excellent point.  And you mentioned about this sort of different class system.  One of the things that really astounded me was when I was reading about Plato, and his writings about Atlantis, and that there was this class society there, this gold, silver, and bronze classes.  And the bronze would be the majority of the people, the useless eaters.  The silver class would be, you know, law enforcement, military, those who seek to exert dominance over the bronze class for the benefit of the gold class, the elites, the few, the wealthy, the ones who obviously benefit from the hard work of everyone else.


Alan: Thatís right.


Frank: How much of this is being implemented today in this regard?  As you mentioned, certainly we all have our own different information strains.  The elites are privy to different knowledge than we are.  The media, as you said, is a great filter to what kind of truth they want us to know about.  How else is that manifest in our society today?


Alan: Itís here.  Itís always been here.  In fact, Plato got it from the Egyptians, because he was educated in Egypt, as were all the elite of Greece.  And he wasnít really talking just about a future world, a perfect utopia, the Republic as he called it.  It was already on the go in his day.  And he was talking about his own class, the aristocracy of his own day, and how theyíd always be in charge down through time.  And he called this particular class the Guardians.  And they would be the only ones privy to true knowledge, you see, all of the knowledge.  You alter perceptions by giving part of a story, but withholding the rest of the information.  Thatís how you alter perceptions, and thatís mainly the technique thatís used on the public.  You get a completely different picture if part of the information is simply omitted.  The Guardian Class have all of the information.  They are always in charge, and they know that if they donít change society constantly, or always have a war on the go, or terror or something, they themselves lose their purpose.  The general public would just walk away, they wouldnít need a government system if there was no threat from something, so the intention was always to create terror.  And if you notice that Egypt itself, everybody who went to Egypt, all these old philosophers that became famous, and they were initiated into the mysteries, and the mysteries primarily were to do with how to control human behavior.  Thatís what it really was about. 


Frank: So the agenda, I guess, would be something along the lines of the secret societies.


Alan: Exactly.


Frank: Yeah, their agenda is the control mechanisms, and you know, making sure theyíre running the show and directing the way that humans will move and think and act. 


Alan: Yeah.  You can literally, and Plato said it.  He said, we give the people their culture.  He said, there is no culture that comes from the bottom.  If it did, it would be out of their control.  So, they give the culture from the top down.  And he says, we do it primarily through drama, through plays, which you had to attend.  Everybody in Greece had to attend these traveling shows when they came in.  And he says, we do it through drama, through the industry, and he called it industry, the fashion industry, and the music industry.  He says, because the public emulate what they see.  And thatís how they change culture.


Frank: Sure.  That makes a lot of sense.  And it echoes some things that I was talking about in conjunction with, well the bird flu for example, and this is something that Iím sure youíve noticed as well.  In the interests of hyping this thing up of course, they have to say, and they did this not last year, I guess, but maybe the year before.  Oh, no, we donít have enough vaccines for the regular flu this time around, folks, so weíre going to have to say, first things first, only those who are most at risk should get this, and we saw people lining up for hours and hours and hours, standing in line at the supermarket to get their flu shot, because thereís only a limited amount.  Itís preposterous, but thatís what that supply and demand mindset breeds, that sort of mob mentality, and that thing is absolutely artificial.  Itís absolutely created.  We see it every Christmas time.  Oh, no.  This is the big toy of the year and everybody has to get some, so thereís lotteries and people standing in line, the parents beating the crap out of each other for the new dolly.  Itís ridiculous, but people continue to buy into it.  And itís all manufactured.


Alan: Itís fear, fear and hype.


Frank: Yeah.  Look at a child maybe who watches the Disney channel, you know.  They want to go see Disney movies.  They want to buy Disney albums.  They want to listen to Disney radio.  I mean, this is all a giant programming.  I mean, thatís why they call television and radio programming for the most part, is because the idea is to convince you of something, to buy something, to think a certain way, be a certain way, and so on and so forth.  Thatís why you have, you know, most radio stations have an official position.  This station itself, we are a conservative based talk radio station.  We are a liberal based talk radio station.  Itís constant reinforcement.


Alan: Yes.  And as soon as you put yourself in a category, youíve just put blinkers on because you canít see the whole picture.


Frank: Right on. 


Alan: And they try to encourage everyone to pop into a pigeon hole.  And once youíre in a pigeon hole, thereís only one view, and thatís the way you came in.  You donít see up or down or to the sides.  And Plato also wrote about that, it was Platoís cave in Timaeus, and he talks about that.  How if you brought people up in a cave, who never saw the outside world, they had their backs to the entrance and couldnít ever look back, then their whole philosophy of life, their reality of life, theyíd make up about the shadows that passed as the sun went past the mouth of the cave, and what these shadows meant.  And he said that would be their total reality, all fake, but to them it was real.  Itís the only one they knew.  And then, one guy eventually gets out of the cave and goes round the world and comes back and says, hey, thereís a whole world out there and those shadows are caused by a thing in the sky called the sun.  And they end up trying to kill him.  They donít want to hear the truth.  Itís too foreign to them.


Frank: Right.  It changes the way they think and the way that their society has enforced itself and its paradigms on them.


Alan: Absolutely.  So, these are all sciences that were known in ancient times and have never been forgotten. 


Frank: Thatís so fascinating to me.  Itís just amazing to me that someone would devote that much energy and that much effort towards something.  You know, it just seems kind of pointless to me.  I just, I donít know, Alan. I donít have the energy myself.


Alan: Yeah, but if you were brought up in a class you see, that depended on maintaining control and living off the labor of others, because thatís how they do it, then you would teach these as basic sciences to your children.  And it would be quite normal for you in fact. 


Frank: Yeah, that makes sense.  That makes a lot of sense.  Now, my take on it has always been the one constant throughout all of this with the Secret Societies and the sciences and the control and the idea of shaping the world into this one world government, one world currency, one world religion, has been Luciferian in nature.  Whatís your take on that?


Alan: They definitely have always used Lucifer as the light bringer or knowledge bringer, because they are elitists.  They believe they have the wisdom and knowledge.  And most of them simply use Lucifer as a symbol of intellect.  Other ones, of course, there are branches.  They donít mind if their own want to actually believe in Lucifer as an actual deity or figure.  They donít mind.  But most of them simply believe itís intellect, pure reason.  In fact, they believe that they are gods themselves in a sense, because if God has the power of life and death over others, especially today with the HAARP technologies and the ability to cause earthquakes and famines and the ability to manipulate insects and cause pestilences and plagues, technically they are gods, if thatís what a god is. 


Frank: Thatís true.  Thatís a good point.  If you can enact that sort of control, that sort of, you know, thorn in somebodyís side, and you can consistently do that, then yeah, thatís manipulating the world around you and that would be a godlike characteristic, to be sure.


Alan: Plus you have the ability now to mandate abortions, which is death.  Who lives, who dies.  You can genetically modify things, and theyíre confident that they can create life from stem cells.  And they plan eventually to make a whole new race of workers that ultimately will be programmed like robots, and that will be their utopia. 


Frank: You know, thatís pretty frightening now.  When you mention about creating, are you talking about like cloning technology, sort of breeding a slave race of humans who basically, theyíre not created by God, so therefore theyíre not alive, and not the same rights.  And again, taking us all the way back to the 1800s, the times of slavery.


Alan: Yeah, this is fascinating really, because they understood in the 1800s they were going to get to this stage.  And I think the only reason they knew this is because they were way ahead in sciences.  And thatís another thing with governments.  Whatever sciences they give to the public are always obsolete.  Theyíre way, way ahead.  And you had Mary Shelleyís Frankenstein, to do with this age where they would use body parts to create life extension and all this kind of stuff.  And they had other authors out doing the same kind of thing in similar veins.  You had some of the Jewish sects talking about the Golem, which is a Talmudic, or a Hasidic rabbinical creature, a slave created artificially that never complains and itís a perfect worker.  So this striving towards making the perfect worker has always been in the minds of all the elitists.


Frank: Wow.  And yeah, enslaving somebody.  And if you canít create a slave out of the existing population, youíll just make one from the ground up.  Stay with us folks.  Weíll be right back with our guest, Alan Watt.


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Frank: Good morning, folks.  Welcome back.  Tail end here of our third hour, this fine Thursday morning.  Youíre listening, of course, to Frankly Speaking Radio.  And our website  Our guest, his website has just a wealth of information and products available to you.  I would strongly encourage that you go there, that you support this man, whoís doing such great things.  The website Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to the program, Alan Watt.  Alan, thank you again.


Alan: Itís good to be here. 


Frank: Well, Iím enjoying our discussion very much.  Itís always a pleasure when you find that kindred spirit out there who, you know is certainly able to fill in so many gaps on so many areas for you, as you are doing for me.  And I love that, because obviously, you and I have, you know, a lot of the same takes on some of these things.  With your research though, itís making it make a lot more sense to me.  So, I thank you for that.  When we left off, we were just talking about this enslavement agenda, and we talked about the Luciferian nature of this, and how all this ties in.  And certainly, itís being able to gage the value of life, and therefore the value of death.  Do you think some of this life extension technologies, and some of the things weíve talked about on this show before, Iím sure youíve addressed it as well, things like genetic manipulation, sort of being able to put some sort of cybernetic implants perhaps in the human body to make it last longer.  Itís always been my take on this Alan, that the powers that be, that the people, the politicians, the world leaders, they probably know scripture, and they probably know about the existence of God, and believe it more so than most Christians and very devout religious followers do.  But they understand it.  They believe it, because itís my take on it that theyíre terrified of having the possibility that there is this afterlife, that thereís this judgment, and I think they would do anything they could to preserve their own safety, their own lives, or extend their own lives as the case may be.


Alan: In the 1700s they wrote about this a lot, because they knew where they were going.  They really did know where they were going with life extension.  And in fact, the Rosicrucians, the first real Masonic movement that came out in the 1500s in Britain, and it didnít originate there Ė itís been on the go for probably thousands of years, but that was its new name for Britain Ė they talked about this goal.  And they made sure that those who joined it, and worked hard towards the Great Work as they called it, would be given life extension, and that was in the 16th Century.  So, that was a little carrot there for the workers.  And we certainly see it with these lifelong dedicated players, like Maurice Strong and Kissinger and these types.  They never retire.  Benjamin Franklin was the same.  He was a member of it, and he was traveling across the world in these old ships, sailing ships, well into his 70s.  Just as dedicated through his latter years as he was when he was young.  And these guys are all the same.  They never get tired of their agenda.  Itís like a religious fanaticism that they have.  And they do live very healthy lives, right up until the end, and they live for a good age.  They never put their feet up and retire and go fishing when theyíre sixty.  Theyíre multi-millionaires, so they certainly could do it.  But no, theyíre driven.  Theyíre actually driven for a cause and for a group to which they belong, and to something which theyíve sworn total allegiance to.  So, thatís whatís unusual.  Youíll only find that kind of dedication in religious fanaticism, so it is a particular esoteric religion here.


Frank: Wow.  My friend, itís been a very exciting hour.  I look forward to next hour.  Folks, please bear with us while we pause for station identification for our affiliates, then we shall return with the fourth and final hour, Frankly Speaking Radio, right after this.


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Frank: Good morning.  Welcome back my friends to the fourth and final hour of the fastest four hours in talk radio.  We call it Frankly Speaking Radio.  Iím glad youíre here.  I am your host, Frank Whalen, and of course, this is a global broadcast going out over the Republic Broadcasting Network.  You can listen to the archives here.  And I would strongly urge you to go to our website,, to get all the latest news and information, including information on our guests, like our guest today, who is just an unbelievable wealth of information, and Iím so pleased that heís here with us today.  His website  Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to the show, Alan Watt.  Alan, thank you.


Alan: Itís a pleasure.


Frank: Iím really enjoying it, my friend.  You know, we just left off, we were discussing sort of this life extension, and you know, I think thatís pretty much been one of those main things that theyíve always been striving for, and I think youíre right. We do see the people who are on the inside, they never slow down, they never stop working.  And as a result of that, I think that thereís almost an obsessive need to maybe sort of speed things up when the opportunity arises.  You know, Iíve always felt that the powers that be have many irons in the fire.  But whenever, you know, something comes up that they can manipulate or play up, they will continue to do that until it canít be pushed any further.  Case in point, you know, I was watching this, this story about the airplanes and the terrorism.  It started about seven hours ago, and it hasnít really even paused for a commercial break that Iíve seen.  So, what does that mean?  Well theyíre talking now about several flights, at least several flights, possibly many, many more, if the websites for the airlines in particular are accurate, that say that these airplanes did leave the UK today, and theyíll be arriving, gosh, within the next hour or couple hours or so, here in the US.  So, it will be interesting to see if they play this up and take it, you know, to the next stage.


Alan: It will be repeated so often, the searches when they arrive.  It will be monotonous.  Thatís what they do, is repetition, repetition, repetition, until itís just monotonous.  And this technique was first used on the public.  We find that Lord Bertrand Russell, who worked with Tavistock, and helped implement these psychological programs for the public, he talked about repetition, and the necessity to use it in music for the young, and to use it in visual sequences to get a point across to the public.  And remember the racing cars.  Thatís when they first showed us racing car crashes.  And theyíd show you the same scene over and over and over, then theyíd do their surveys, their polls to find out if it had an impact, and now weíre seeing the same thing.  They used the same thing in 9/11 with the planes, over and over, all day long for days and days.  This is just standard psychic driving, as they called it with the MK ULTRA experiments.  Repetition, yeah.


Frank: Thatís interesting.  And youíre right too.  Youíre talking about how all of these events are shaped, and you know, certainly the media and what not, and entertainment industry, everything basically for the most part is designed to condition us in a certain direction.  Whatís your take on Hollywoodís involvement with all this stuff as of late?  I mean, certainly, the World Trade Center, Oliver Stoneís film coming out.  You know, itís supposedly not up to par with some of his other work, but itís interesting that itís coming out so close to the five-year anniversary of September 11th, to the point where we need to be reminded, and we need to be basically have the scab ripped open one more time, just to keep us all in line.


Alan: That too, plus I think, you see, as the United States helps to finish off the job that it began, the World Order, it will be submerged into the new system.  So they have to show how corrupt it is at the moment, as we go through it.


Frank: I see.  Weíll pick this up after the break here my friends.  Please stay with us.  More from our guest, Alan Watt.  More Frankly Speaking Radio in three minutes.  Stay with us.


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Frank: Welcome back, folks.  Glad youíre here.  Youíre listening to Frankly Speaking Radio.  And a little blurb there from Governor Mitt Romney from Massachusetts saying that there will be a National Guard presence at Logan Airport there in Boston.  And they will have automatic weapons.  So, that should make you feel nice and safe and secure.  Welcome back to our guest, Alan Watt.  Thank you again for your time.


Alan: Yeah, itís good to be here. 


Frank: What are you thoughts on all these things?  I mean, itís just changing every few minutes and they just keep showing more and more little tidbits of truth. 


Alan: Yes.  I know, but they also have to show us how insecure we all are, and without them, and what a great job theyíre doing.  Thatís prime, you see, weíve got to understand.  Technically on our own, weíre helpless.  Weíre just totally helpless.  We need experts to guide us and advise us, and tell us when to sit down, stand up, and put your hands in the air.  Thatís what itís all about, is training the public into this new system of direct, immediate obedience, really.


Frank: Wow.  Well, in regards to all the things that have been happening and developing, I mean, it would seem that the idea is to, as you just said there, foster and facilitate this idea of helplessness, to the point where, you know, when people have to make that fight or flight sort of decision subconsciously, they might choose to fight.  And then you can galvanize, you know, the people with the spirit to fight into some sort of revolution, some sort of riot or civil war or something that of course can be used to clamp down on all the, you know, those with the potential I guess to cause problems, you know, when they donít want a civil war.


Alan: Whatís interesting is that the revolutionary movement, which started really with England, the English Revolution, with the Rosicrucians behind it, and then other subsequent ones were guided by Freemasonry, youíll find that the rabble, the mob on their own are called a rabble, because they have no organization and no clear plan as to where theyíre going with it.  Thatís why they always lose.  Whereas the Freemasonic Revolutions that guided things, Albert Pike wrote about that, and he says, we never fail in a revolution, because we never begin a premature revolution. Thatís the key to it.  They can take generations to organize the public, the mindset, the training, train the leaders, and theyíve got to have leaders for these things.  So, they know that there could never be a successful revolution by just the mob, the mass, as they call it, the rabble, because they have no guidance.  And sure enough, the Freemasonic movements have brought us to where we are, because, behind Freemasonry is this elitist idea, the idea of an elite intelligentsia with the right to rule the unenlightened masses.  Itís very elitist.


Frank: Now, whenever you start talking about foreign intrigue, and of course, in this time, as you had mentioned earlier, the Project for the New American Century nations, and the ones that we hear about on the news all the time, Iran, Syria, of course, Israel, Lebanon, Venezuela, Cuba, all of these things have of course the interconnected hub there, which is the United Nations.  What role has the United Nations played thus far, and what will be the role here in the future?


Alan: Theyíll have to show how incompetent the countries are.  Ultimately, once theyíve almost achieved their goal of taking over the rest of the Middle East, because the world is simply being standardized into the one system.  We saw that in Iraq, because the United Nations were the first in, once Iraq was over and done with.  And the first organization that came in after the inoculations, which are really good for dumbing us down, was UNESCO, because UNESCO was set up to create a standardized culture amongst the children, who would grow up to be the adults.  And it was interesting that Aldous Huxleyís brother was the first CEO of UNESCO. 


Frank: Wow, I didnít know that.


Alan: So, they knew.  That was the whole idea.  So, they were the first in after Iraq, after the inoculations, to train the first generation, because you can bypass the adults.  You go for the children and train them in the Western values, central banking, debt system, strip clubs, pornography, drugs, and television.  And then youíve got them, a nice, passive, dumbed-down population, who are always in debt, you know.  Thatís the system theyíre standardizing across the planet.  So, the only holdouts, what we have at the moment, are those particular target countries theyíre after.


Frank: You know, itís interesting, because I was listening to, oh, I donít remember, it may have been Paul Harvey the other morning.  He said that in a poll taken of, you know, mostly young people there in Iraq, when asked if they could have one thing, what would it be, most of them said a cell phone.  You know, integrating that corporate culture there.  The other thing too, with the United Nations, weíve seen a lot of celebrities adopted as a sort of ambassador, essentially a representative to the UN.  Angelina Jolie, Jay-Z, a whole slew of actors and musicians, whose sole purpose has been to spread the gospel of the United Nations and show how wonderful they are.


Alan: You see, the United Nations came up really from an idea, at least it was first written about by one of the prime socialists in the 1700s, and even the communist idea is borrowed from Saint Simon.  And he wrote, and he said this new structuralized system of the masses being taken care of and ordered by an elite group of intelligentsia, he said, will be run at the top with the guys who understand economics.  And so the banking industry, the international bankers would be at the top of it.  And Communism adopted that entire structuralized system that he brought forward.  So, this is an old idea, and they did bring it to fruition, and all the left-wingers think that socialism is for the workers.  Itís nothing to do with that at all.  Itís a scientific system where the elite will use an intelligentsia and a bureaucracy to dominate them and order the world properly.  Thatís what itís all about.  Now, the United Nations, they tried a few different world meetings before that.  They had the Concert of Europe and different associations in the 1700s, leading up to the League of Nations.  And the League of Nations at that time, it was not a failure at all.  The same bureaucracy that was set up as a League of Nations, and they boasted openly at the time in all their books that this was to become world government.  It was not hidden.  They simply transformed into the United Nations.  The important thing was to get World War I off the go, to validate the need for a League of Nations, and sure enough, they achieved their goal.  Now, for every bureaucracy you have in a state government or a federal government, you have the equivalent bureaucracy at the United Nations.  Thereís not a facet of your life that they do not have a bureaucracy for.  All your building codes across the planet for years now have been coming from the United Nations and rubber-stamped right down at your local level.  So, theyíre already in charge of an awful lot.  The World Health Organization are the ones behind the push for total inoculations, and the League of Nations were the first group in 1917 that said theyíd inoculate every single person on the planet for every disease that there was.  And yet, the same League of Nations had a Department of Population Control that discussed using inoculations to sterilize the public, which is very interesting.


Frank: Yeah.  Absolutely.


Alan: So, yeah, this has been on the go for a long time.


Frank: Yeah, itís like the eugenics movement. 


Alan: Yes.  Now they donít call it eugenics anymore.  They call it bioethics committees.  Itís the same thing.


Frank: Wow.  You know, in regards to the UN, itís been strange to kind of see how they, you know, to anticipate how theyíre going to progress.  Iíve seen a lot of detriment, you know, towards the UN, and Iím all for that.  Any time the UN is for something, I tend to be against it.  So, even when somebody that I donít necessarily trust or endorse, like George Bush says that the United Nations does not accomplish anything or the conservative right wing talk show hosts say that the UN is impotent, I love that.  I think thatís great.  However, I think what theyíre angling for is to basically violate the UN mandates on a variety of different things, including like we saw with Iraq and subsequent wars as well, to the point where the UN says, look, we have to find some way to stop the Americans from their empire building, and maybe even stopping an American with another American.  Do you anticipate something like maybe a Bill Clinton Secretary-Generalship?


Alan: Itís very possible, however, I think itís going according to plan at the moment.  The US is to fulfill this mission, standardize the world, and then all the corruption and intrigue that led up to it in the first place will be totally exposed, and then theyíll say, look, we need a brand new system.  Which falls right in with the UN Agenda.  Weíve got to submit to world government because we just canít handle it on a national basis.  Weíre just too corrupt nationally, yeah.  That fits right in with the plan.


Frank: Yeah.  Well, that makes a lot of sense.  What are your thoughts on other ways to maybe, at least some of the ideas perhaps that have been floated out about ways to facilitate this one world government?  Iíve heard a great many things.  The report from Iron Mountain suggests hoaxing, a threat upon the people, much like an extra-terrestrial threat.  Dr. Steven Greer from the disclosure project mentions that after the wars without boundaries, sort of war against terrorism, have been fought, then it will expand to a threat from outside the planet where we would have to unite to fight some hoaxed off-world threat.† What are your thoughts on that?


Alan: The first person to introduce that idea was John Dewey.  He was the first one who said that if we could only find an extraterrestrial threat, something from outer space, weíd all pull together and submit to world government.  And then that was put into effect through science fiction writers.  I donít know if people realize that the Rothschild foundation in England, in the 1800s were the first ones to finance authors if theyíd write science fiction stories along...


Frank: I hate to interrupt here, Alan.  Iím sorry.  I want to hear more.  Stay with us, folks.  Iíll be back in three minutes.


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Frank: Good morning.  Glad youíre here with us today, my friends, on this fine Thursday morning.  Weíve got about thirty-five minutes left in the program, and Iím just absolutely captivated by my guest, as I was told I would be.  Ladies and gentlemen, Alan Watt.  Welcome back, sir.


Alan: Itís a pleasure to be here.


Frank: Iím enjoying it very much.  We left off, you were just talking about science fiction writing.


Alan: The Rothschilds set up a foundation to fund authors, if they would write stories along a particular line to captivate the young to make them excited about space and possibilities.  And this is called possibility implantation.  So, sure enough, you had all these authors suddenly emerge that talked about traveling in space, that gathered speed into the 1900s.  And thatís why today, of course, even through the Star Trek movies, and things like this, we think itís quite natural that NASA is up there spending billions of dollars doing strange things, which we donít really understand.  Most of it really has to do with putting up weaponry and satellite surveillance for a time to come.  And weíre almost there.  Thatís really what theyíve been at all these years.  Thatís been their real purpose.  But theyíve got the whole public to go along with it, as though itís a natural thing, and thatís predictive programming.  What you read in fiction and that which excites you, when it actually comes into being, you think itís quite a natural direction to go.  For the wrong reasons, that is.  You think itís going to help mankind somehow.  But itís not.  Itís for a total world surveillance system in the time thatís shortly approaching.  Thatís really their function of it.  Meanwhile, weíve been filled with great stories with Captain Kirk and meeting aliens, and so weíre a cheerleader.


Frank: And having sex with aliens.


Alan: That too, and theyíve even had in the Babylon 5 series, on the space station, they had lesbian sex.


Frank: Oh, yeah.  Right on.


Alan: So, you get all these implantations in your head of possibilities, and thatís how we accept things.  Ideas are downloaded into us, and we go along a natural progression of thinking, well, I guess thatís quite a normal way to go.  We donít even stop and say, well, gee do we have any say in how this money is used at all when thereís so much to do here?  It never dawns on us, you know.


Frank: Yeah, absolutely.  And Iím sorry to interrupt.  I was just going to say that, you know, Iíve always thought it very interesting, when you look at Star Trek for example, its creator Gene Roddenberry came out with this series, that, from what I understand, the original Star Trek only ran for like three seasons.  Like 60 to 63 or 61 to 64.  Something like that.  And you know, here youíve got so many different innovations and what not that are coming out in real science, and I assumed they were just adopting the terminology he used, but if you take it to a different level and you say, look at the people behind the people, these things might have been in the works from the beginning.


Alan: They did.  We saw them using what became the cell phone and all this kind of stuff, so sure.


Frank: And nanotechnology.


Alan: And computers and even talking computers, which was still to be given yet, although they showed them, the Japanese had them back in the sixties, but they certainly didnít sell them.  So, yeah, this is stuff that they already had and would be eventually used with the public down the road.  They never give us any innovation until itís time for us to have it, and itís always obsolete by the time weíre given it.  But this whole idea of downloading us into predictive programming, especially through fiction, has been tremendously successful.  In the 1960s, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which is the British and British Commonwealth branch of the CFR, itís all the same group, they had major meetings in England, over a period of about a month, and the whole topic that was written about in the papers at the time, was who is to guide the world along the new culture.  Should it be given to the English to do with their film studios, their type of format, or should Hollywood be given the right to create culture for the world society.  And it was decided at the end that Hollywood was to be given that task.  And thatís why Hollywood has, they are the culture creators.  And thatís why Susan Sarandon used that term when she spoke out on stage at one of the award ceremonies on 9/11, she used the Soviet term.  The Soviets used this term because the actors knew they were to create culture.  That was their job, and alter culture by their performances.  And she says, we the culture creators of Hollywood cannot stand by and allow this to happen.  So, thatís the job of Hollywood.  We think weíre being entertained.† Weíre being downloaded with ideas that guide us along a certain path of thinking.


Frank: Wow.  So, if Hollywood and subsequently America was responsible for television movies for the most part, would you say that the British were responsible for the music side of it?


Alan: Initially they were.  Absolutely.  Martin was way ahead in that field.


Frank: If I can, Iím sorry, Alan.  I have to interrupt again.  Folks, weíre up to another break.  Time is flying by.  Weíll be back in three minutes and weíll try to fit in some of your phone calls as well.  Our phone number, of course, 800-313-9443.  Stay with us.  More Frankly Speaking Radio, with our guest, Alan Watt, when we return. 


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Frank: Good morning and welcome back folks.  Glad that youíre here with us today.  Itís Thursday and youíre listening to Frankly Speaking Radio.  Our website,  Our guestís website,  Itís Alan Watt.  Welcome back to the show, sir.


Alan: Yeah.  Itís good to be here.


Frank: Iím enjoying it very much.  And I really appreciate all of the time that youíve set aside for us this morning.  I know youíve got a lot of stuff going on, and working on a new film, which I want to talk about here in a minute.  But when we left off, we were just discussing the British role, I guess, as far as the control mechanisms of music. 


Alan: Well, they had set up Tavistock at the beginning of the 1900s.  They used it extensively in World War I to put out radio programs, dramas, which left you every day with a cliffhanger, so youíd tune in the next day.  And the whole thing was geared to make the young guys think that war was glorious, and more of them would sign up and go off and fight.  So, it was used from the very beginning to get people to do things they wouldnít normally do.  So, that technique flourished, and they experimented heavily with ways of mind control by using wires in patientsí brains, and implants, as far back as the 1960s, and we find that Aldous Huxley himself worked for Tavistock, and he of course, was also a big sci-fi type writer.  So, they used these guys to work in the real establishments and get the ideas of where theyíre going and incorporate it into stories and then sell the idea to the public as a positive thing.  And he in the 1930s came out.  In the 1930s he came out with Brave New World.  That was a long time ago, of a society where people would be basically grown in test tubes, and grown in laboratories with as many arms or hands for their tasks.  They would be sexually stimulated through chemicals.  They wouldnít need sex as we know it.  A completely different culture, and a caste system of different creatures, right up to the elites at the top.  He was all for this agenda.  And he was a complete elitist.  His grandfather was the best friend of Charles Darwin, another high, high Freemason, because all Charles Darwin did was come out with the Freemasonic religion, which is a really ancient form of Hinduism, basically to do with evolution and reincarnation.  So, hereís the Huxleys right into the 1960s, giving speeches at Berkeley, which you can find on my site, and Huxley said he saw no reason why a scientifically-led dictatorship could not survive indefinitely, because, he said, the reason that the old empires failed was that they couldnít supply enough bread and circuses to the public, meaning entertainment.  But with a scientifically-controlled system, leading eventually, he meant, to total mind-control through inserts and etc, chips, they could literally run the world forever with perfect peace.  They wouldnít need the media.  They wouldnít need entertainment and sports or any of this stuff.  They wouldnít have to worry about rebellion.  People would be very good robots, just programmed for this utopia.


Frank: Yes.  Absolutely, especially with this sort of instant gratification culture we have now.  I mean, everything is quick.  Thereís no, you know, and Iím 31, Alan, so Iím only speaking from what I can gather certain things were like, but you know, back when television was first out and radio as well, you know, you had your particular stations and your particular programs.  Now, gosh, theyíve got hundreds and hundreds of stations, and hundreds and hundreds of those stations are 24-hour programming.  Same thing with radio, as far as local radio and internet radio and satellite radio and all sorts of things.  So, thereís never going to be a glut of entertainment.  As you said, the circus is always, is always on somewhere.


Alan; Absolutely.  And it truly is indoctrination, because you take a topic that conflicts with the culture.  You wrap it up in a comedy show.  You show the person as being very human with similar problems as you have in certain areas.  You identify with the person.  And then, eventually, you start to see that whatever theyíre actually into, sexually or otherwise is just another way of living.  And thatís how you start to accept these things, these cultural changes.


Frank: Wow.  Thatís fascinating.  Alan, what are your, you know, we talked about the media, and weíve talked about entertainment.  We talked about the news, weíve talked about you know, politicians and what not.  What are your thoughts on the churches?  I mean, surely they have a strong, strong influence on society.  To what level would you anticipate that the churches have been co-opted to facilitate this agenda?


Alan: We know thatís a fact, because all the churches that have the tax-free exemptions already have lists of subjects they can discuss to their congregation and topics to avoid.  That comes with the tax-free exemption.  And we know also that thereís a new bill coming through, where all ministers are encouraged to actually convince their congregations that globalism is a good thing and giving up your rights is a good thing.  And this is to be taught in the churches and of course, theyíre going to get extra grants if they do this.  So they will.  Most of them will go along with it.  So, theyíre already co-opted really.


Frank: Yeah.  Well, Iíve heard from various people that have some information on how this thing is going to be implemented, but even in this bird flu pandemic, or some sort of health-related crisis, the churches are going to take one of the lead roles.  And we certainly have seen the dry run last year with Hurricane Katrina. These faith-based groups who have gotten substantial amounts of money to really fill this role will be planning on, that will be their role in the event of a bird-flu pandemic or some other sort of crisis.


Alan: Thatís right.  Because what they plan to do is lock down areas and villages, towns, and all the usual community type groups will be part of keeping the people calm and obedient as FEMA and all the major organizations take over and start to run your life.  Thatís the function of it.


Frank: Thatís pretty amazing stuff.  Alan, youíve been doing this for a long time, and you know, you have a lot of people who are just huge fans of yours out there.  And I got some calls, I guess it was last week, from people who were concerned.  You had some photographs on your site of black helicopters.  Now, this is not the first time theyíve bothered you.  I know that.  Would you fill us in on some of this?  Whatever youíre comfortable with.


Alan: This last one, was just low.  There was two of them.  One was I think RCMP, because it was colored, and they have a traditional color scheme on their helicopters.  And the dark one was with it, and they came right down, almost landed in the driveway, and then just went round the house.  I donít know if they were taking photographs or what they were doing.  So, thatís all that happened there.  It could have been a little warning, intimidation. But at my old house, they tried to burn the place down with the same technique, one night.  And I was on the radio at the time, and I had to go off, because of the noise of the helicopters, and my woodfire stove exploded.  The doors bust open.  This flame shot out, and I got a hose, ran up the chimney, and I could have touched the skid of this helicopter as it slowly moved away, it was so close.  And the flames were just shooting out like a fireworks out of the top of the chimney.  I had cleaned the chimney the previous morning, so it was really spotless.  It wasnít a chimney fire as such.  And it took half an hour or more to put out this fire.  I cleaned out the pan at the bottom, this white powder, put it outside and once it dried off, it burst into flames again.  So, it was a phosphorus device theyíd put down.  And I thought to myself, you know, this is amazing.  Iím out in the country, who could I complain to?  Who would even believe you?  Even your local cops wouldnít believe you.  So, yeah, that kind of intimidation certainly does go on.  I also had a black SUV that would come along the road at night, when Iím walking the dog.  It would turn off the road, I was in a valley.  It would turn onto this dirt road that I was on, and it would switch its lights off and just drive right up to me and sit twenty feet away.  It stopped.  No one got out.  This happened maybe five, six times over two weeks.  And then theyíd reverse all the way back, three-quarters of a mile, onto the roads, switch on their lights and go away again.  So, thatís just standard intimidation.


Frank: Yeah.  Well, I guess, you know, ideally, they probably would like for you to, you know, come running out of your house with a shotgun.


Alan: That too.  Yeah, sure.  And luckily that door did bust.  If it didnít bust open, I think the chimney, going into it, the metal one, down to the stove would probably just have blown up.  And that stuff could have spread across the house.


Frank: Oh, sure.  And I presume, very much like what weíve used in Fallujah, Iraq, meaning the US troops, and what it appears that the Israelis are using in Lebanon, these phosphorus weaponry.


Alan: Terrible weaponry.  Terrible, terrible weaponry, yeah.  This is the age of humaneness, eh?


Frank: Yes.  Thatís right.  And donít you say otherwise, or weíre going to attack. 


Alan: Thatís it. 


Frank: Whatís your advice to people, as far as these things that weíve all talked about here today?  How can people take this information?  How can they process it?  What should they do with it?  What about in our role as talk show hosts and researchers, you know?  How do we stay safe?  You know, what are our options?  How should we proceed?


Alan: I think when anything does happen to any talk show hosts, they must have a system where they can get the word out right away as itís happening, if possible.  Because exposure is what calls them back off.  They donít like to be exposed when theyíre doing something.  They canít stand it.  So, make sure thereís a system, a network to get the word out right away, so that itís going to get shouted all over the internet as it happens.  It calls off the dogs.  And I think too that for the individual with the information, donít be put off by the fact that people cannot understand you.  And I tell them that they cannot understand you, because their indoctrination has taken so well with them.  Youíre talking a different language.  These people really, really believe, like Zbigniew Brzezinski said in his book, Between Two Ages.  He said, the public shortly will be unable to reason for themselves; the scientific techniques weíve used on them have made them believe that the media is there to do their reasoning for them.  So, when youíre telling them stuff thatís not on the media, they cannot believe it.  They cannot believe it.  If it was important, it would be on the media.  They really, truly believe that.  So, I say, itís not that they donít want to understand you, itís that they cannot.  So, donít waste your time with them.  Go on to people, who, they are people out there who want the information.  Theyíre scattered all over the place.  And you can put pamphlets in laundromats and different places, and youíll be surprised at the people who will get in touch with you.  And then, when you meet kindred spirits, you donít feel so alone.  Thatís very important, because this is a heavy weight to have on your mind.  We are the last sentient beings left.  There will be no further generation after this if we let them get their way.  We value independence.  Now, in the Socialist system, theyíve written in all their documentation, individualism is the ultimate enemy.  They must eradicate individualism.  And so, once thatís gone, you have the mass man.  Theyíre already training the children in the school, in the system of the group and Communitarianism.  Everyone is subservient to the group, another idea put out by Saint-Simon and adopted by the Communists which were funded by the bankers and the elite of the West.  So, we must hang on to this individual freedom.  Individuality, the right to reason and think for yourself and to be able to express it to others.  We have no choice.


Frank: Yeah.  Itís so, I guess, such an encouragement for me, because those are almost verbatim what I discussed yesterday on the show too.  You know, because thatís my opinion as well.  I donít as a talk show host, I donít want listeners who are automatons.  I donít want followers.  I want people who, and when I read the news, much like all of your, all of the things you put out here today, youíve sourced it.  Youíve said, this is where it comes from.  This guy wrote this, this person said that, itís all on your website.  So, I want people to go and do the research for themselves.  Donít believe it because I say it.  Donít believe it because you say it.  Believe it because itís a conclusion that you came to honestly on your own.  And if we believe that weíre going to be judged by God, individually, then why should we not live individually?  Why should we not, you know, make every effort to grow or to be stunted on our own?  So, I think these are very important points.  And I think theyíre empowering as well.  You know, we donít need the programming mindset from entertainment, from the churches, from government officials, from law enforcement.  We donít need to simply be people who run and cower and hide under the bed and beg for protection and beg for, you know, some degree of safety.  Itís a sacrifice.  The price is too high for me.  Itís obviously too high for you.


Alan: Living as a drone does not appeal to me.  Thatís not living at all. 


Frank: Yes.  I whole-heartedly agree with that.  I guess, just looking ahead here, what do you think is the next major step or event to transpire that we should keep our eye out for?


Alan: The intensification of this global terrorism.  I knew when they brought in and mandated massive quota systems, back in the 70s, in the US, Canada, and all over Europe, of countries that were primarily Muslim, they were setting up the chessboard in advance for today, because they didnít want just a war against the Muslims.  They wanted this war to be worldwide.  And so, they imported the people that they knew eventually would have to stand up, when their homelands were attacked and their culture. Itís a war against Islam.  Itís a crusade.  Itís a continuation of the crusades.  And so, realize that nothing happens spontaneously.  These guys plan years ahead.  They set it all up in advance.  And then they turn around and say, see, we have so much danger, youíve got to give up all your rights and freedoms and let all the experts decide everything to do with your life.  Thatís how itís set up.  Weíve got to realize this is ongoing, and weíve got to stand up and say, No, you canít take these freedoms away from us.


Frank: Wow.  Well, I agree whole-heartedly.  And you know, ever since, you know, weíve looked at the Rex 84 Plan, and this idea that theyíve wanted to foster the civil unrest, and the prophet Mohamed cartoons, the Koran pages being flushed and so on and so forth.  Itís just a series of things designed to say, you know, hereís the carrot on the stick.  Anybody want to bite for it?  And luckily most people choose not to.  Alan, stay with us if you would.  Folks, weíll be back in three minutes.  Weíll talk about Alan Watt, his website, his products, whatís available, and weíll wrap up the big show here, Frankly Speaking Radio, when we return.


(Commercial Break)


Frank: Welcome back, my friends.  Tail end of the fastest four hours in talk radio.  I have enjoyed every minute of it, and I would like to give a big huge thank you to our guest today.  His website:  Please welcome back to the program, Alan Watt.  Alan, thank you so much for your experience, for your time, for your genius, and for your insight today.  Itís been very well received.


Alan: Oh, Iíve enjoyed it, yeah.. 


Frank: I have too, very much.


Alan: Itís been a good show.


Frank: One of the things Iíve tried to do myself is simply, is not beat people over the head with this information, but just take it and integrate it into my knowledge space and have it available when needed.  And itís pretty interesting, because when things start going crazy like they have as of late, I get a lot of people who come up to me and just, you know, discretely sort of say, hey, what do you think about whatís going on?  Which is interesting, because for the most part I could probably be viewed, you know, as a crazy person.  But I donít, I donít like I said, attack people with it.  I just have it available for when they inquire about it.  I think thatís the right way to do it, just to expand on what you were saying before.  You have a wealth of material and information available at your website.  Would you like to talk about that?  Things youíve got in the works, how people can pick this stuff up. 


Alan: Iíve got three books out.  Iíve also got a CD with the first 12 hours I did in 1998, on the foundations of religions and cultures and the esoteric groups and priesthoods.  Iíve also got a DVD just finished thatís out now.  Thereís music there.  Thereís a lot of talking in there.  Thereís pictures and esoteric meanings that have been put out for the first time.  And itís going to be a really, really good seller.


Frank: Wow.  Well, itís fantastic my friend.  I love what youíre doing.  As we said, the website there,, and your program.  Would you like to promote that for people?


Alan: Yeah, Iím on, generally, on Wednesdays on Sweet Liberty.  Not every Wednesday, but most Wednesdays, and thatís on First Amendment Radio, and Jackie Patru is the host. 


Frank: Okay.  Wonderful.  And things in the future?  Any big plans for any particular areas of research or what not?


Alan: Probably Iíll be putting out more DVDs and more books, to show the history of this, the esoteric side of history, which is documented, if you can find it.  And thatís what I try to do, is stick to the documents by the original people, not about them, but by them, written by them themselves.  Then thereís no debate you see. So, that will be coming up shortly too, more of that. 


Frank: I think thatís the best way to do it, and you know, Iíve said it many times on this program, Alan, that Iíve geared this program specifically to be a show for the skeptic.  So, you know, simply put, we try to just deal in opinion, based on the facts that are out there, pulled from the same mainstream sources that someone might use to say that Iím crazy or youíre crazy, or whatever the case may be.  They simply have to contend with the contradiction there that the Washington Times on Tuesday can say something that supports me, and the Washington Times from last week maybe supports them.  They donít understand the difference.  So, hopefully we can make people think.  Hopefully we can open up eyes and ears and hearts and minds.  And youíre doing great things to facilitate that, my friend. 


Alan: And now is the time to do it. 


Frank: Yes.  Absolutely, because who knows how much time weíve got?† And we my friend are out of time.  Alan, thank you.  God bless you and all your hard work.  Alan Watt, ladies and gentlemen.  Thatís going to do it here for our Thursday edition.  Tomorrow weíll return in actually twenty hours, and weíll do it all over again.  Weíll see you then.


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