July 12, 2007


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John:  Alan, are you there?


Alan:  Yes, I am.


John:  I can't believe the difficulty we had this morning.


Alan:  It's pretty standard.


John:  It is so odd. I'm dialing a number that's saying it's out of order and I reported it to the program director. I said can you get this thing out, and between my computer and her computer, the number changed. That's weird. 


Alan:  I picked up the phone when I realized it was after 10-past to phone you. There was someone else on the phone, and I hadn’t dialed anywhere and it didn't ring here.


John:  I think they're trying to put the squeeze on us, Alan.


Alan:  Yes. It's pretty common.


John:  They’re watching us everywhere.


Alan:  They are you know.


John:  Now I've been telling folks that you're one of the foremost expert historian and researchers on these secret societies and illuminati, and you go back to the beginning dirt on this stuff.


Alan:  Yes, you have to. It's not a recent thing to control vast populations of people. It's been recorded from ancient times and taught to the high courts of kings and queens down through the ages; and it simply got much, much bigger and more refined when it went into large governments with bureaucracies and secret services like the CIA and these kinds of things.  Society has always been planned ahead of time because those in power literally plan the future. They don't want to lose control but they must convince the public that they're on the cutting edge of evolution with each generation; and it never dawns on them then that every major thing that happens in their life has actually been planned a head of time and that's why it works so well.


John: The earliest mind control guy, was it Nimrod?


Alan:  It goes back even further. It depends even whose histories you take. India probably has the oldest histories in their archives, because every country has archives as opposed to public libraries for the people.


John:  Governments like to keep records.


Alan:  Yes, they do, because if something works and a formula works, then you never change the formula; but you don't want the public to know that you have the formulas.  Even Plato himself talked about the techniques of creating cultures for whole peoples and whole countries, and how it was well understood in his day, and how nothing would be allowed to happen in the culture that would upset the dominant minority, the rulers.  Therefore the dominant minority had to employ great thinkers, great philosophers and people with an academy to always update and help modify the culture from the top down. It was great to live in the '70’s and '80’s and watch the tail end of the pop-rock culture and how it was really pushed from the top by multi, multi billionaires really. It wasn't a grass roots thing at all.


John: We always think it's our idea, don't we?


Alan:  We do. Yes.


John:  Now one of the best ways to control civilization and I've always suspected this was through an omni-present god. If you're going to be around government controls so you can live out of the country or whatever, there's always that fallback thing that there's a god watching you and so you just better go ahead and pay your taxes.  I think the early kings or the Masons or the echelon I guess, the elites figured this out and said, “hey, to keep these people in line and not overthrow me, one, they've got to think I'm connected to the gods or I am a god myself and I'm everywhere and you can't overthrow me because I'm here to protect you. I'm a wonderful guy and protect you from invasion, but you guys have got to pay attention and that way you won't kill me when I ask for your gold.”


Alan:  Yes. The structure existed before the days of Sumer, there's no doubt about that.  Sumer really was the sort of what I would call the more modern prototype of the present day society.  They obviously had the knowledge from previous civilizations, the Hurrian civilization that existed before that. We're going back 10,000 years, 15,000 years.


John:  It just seems so hard to wrap your hands around a dynasty or families that can stay in power behind the scenes and control nations, control money supplies, control wars, control famines; and it's like: no, people really aren't that evil or how come they haven't interbred – you know, how come we're not seeing this?


Alan:  Yes and that's the technique again. Kings and queens always had front people to speak for them. It's no different from today. Today we have governments to speak really for an elite and we’re taught to believe that governments are in charge, so the governments take the heat off the real rulers. That's the job of the front-men.  In Britain, they always had a chancellor or something before that for a king and he would take the heat for all the decisions that were made, because the king was above all that, you see. He was a nice guy and it kept him a nice guy, so the chancellor would take the heat; so, it's the same thing in all ages. Today we have a better cover called “democracy” in most of the countries and democracy is a favorable thing. Plato talked about it in 2,300 years ago. He said, this system, this perfect utopia for the elite (the Guardian Class he called them) will use a form of republic and democracy; and because with democracy you can always count that 80 percent of the people will do what the elite want them to do. Therefore, they'll pretend it's majority rule but 80 percent will do what they're told to do. That's what it really meant.


John:  It's so obvious today. There was just a vote in our U.S. Senate yesterday and I think it was 99 to zero, about basically reprimanding Iran and say if you continue to fund bad guys over there we're not going to like it. There's like no debate. It's like they turned on the mist machine and they all went to sleep or they're all under some sort of gigantic mind control.  I thought that's the most worthless bill or stupid thing I'd ever heard in my life and it's 100 percent vote?


Alan:  I know and this is the thing too. We've got to realize that there's consensus behind the scenes through societies within government. All major politicians, if they stayed in government for more than one term (even in the lower ranks), they're allowed into a higher parallel rank where they're told part of the agenda and they must agree to abide by the rules of the decisions made by their superiors; and so they vote the way they're told to vote. Professor Carroll Quigley wrote about this in his book "Tragedy & Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment."  He was authorized to pick people to be Rhodes Scholars for world government. That was the purpose of the Rhodes Scholarships. He picked Bill Clinton amongst others; and he [Quigley] was the official historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, this parallel group that actually makes – in fact they drafted up all the plans for the American integration, this non-governmental organization and they are simply the American branch of The Royal Institute for International Affairs.


That's the British Commonwealth branch, and so it's run from London.  He wrote about this and he was all for it. He was part of them; he was a member. He said then in the 1960’s, in his book he said the United States government has been run by a parallel government for at least 60 years (and that was in the 1960’s) and he talked about the whole agenda. He's filled in all the little blank spots of what led up to wars and what was behind them, and admitted that he and his group and other groups that belonged to the same circle worked in concert to bring on these wars. He laid out the plans for the whole global empire for the future; and it's not just the politicians that they bring in – certain politicians. It's also a vast amount of your higher bureaucrats because the bureaucrats are more important and they have been since World War I with the League of Nations; because then the bureaucrats had lifelong positions in particular offices and departments and they bypass the government and go straight to their headquarters, which is now the United Nations.


John: We're on the air with Alan Watt. You can go to his website at and you've got three books out right now, or you have a three volume set Cutting Through the volumes 1, 2 and 3. It's available for our listeners out here. Go on to his website and order it directly. Also has DVDs that you'll never think the same.  One of the things we're doing down here, Alan, is that we have embarked on an agenda here the station – and I own it, a real small station. We have the most powerful station in the west up here.  I sense that the time is very, very short and we have now got to get the information, get the truth out here as fast as possible. That's one of the reasons we wanted you here on the show is that we're trying to lift the matrix that everybody's been under here, and it seems like we're finding out every core belief we've had or every political thought has been a lie.


Alan:  Yes it has. It truly has.  I was discussing with some people about the problems with the Middle East and why it's going on.  I said you have to go back into the memoirs of British officials, sort of counselor generals, people that were put in charge of whole countries that the British Empire set-up a long time ago. Read their own memoirs and you'll find for instance that Sir Ronald Storrs was the Lieutenant Governor. He was put in charge of the British takeover of the country called Palestine, back in the 1920’s and '30’s in preparation for the creation of a State of Israel.  What he said in his own memoirs – and it's very flippant for those who don't understand history, it's very important – a little quip and that's how history is made or missed. He said, "We have set-up in the Middle East another Ulster."   Ulster in Ireland was set up by London, to cause frequent distention and troubles down through the present century in Ireland with the Protestants and the Catholics, using religion primarily as a motive of war and eventual takeover. It was to keep a constant pot boiling and simmering that the whole world would feel the effects of; and that's how far back, we're talking 1920’s.


John:  I think Samuel Adams said, "Fear is the foundations of most governments."


Alan:  It is.


John: Then you hit on something that was very profound for me. It was as if governments fear peacetime.


Alan:  Yes they do. They admit themselves that the first reason for government existing is to protect the rest of the little people, even in a tribal situation, from those guys over there across the other side of the pond that you drink out of; and so the biggest guy in the tribe was picked. Now the problem then is if you start spoiling the big guy and he has to drop back down into your way of living, your standards of living, he might not like it. At least the tribe could overcome one person and that's why the tribal system it was easier. He couldn't get a standing army together until money came along. Money was the key to standing armies.


John:  The little guy like we can relate to the middle class that once you start to gain cash or affluence or spare time, you can do positive things with that whether you want to run for office or you want to do charity work or start buildings. You become wealthier and wealthier and it becomes a threat to them.


Alan:  It becomes a threat and that's why; and we're all trained. You see the whole world – when you think of the whole world trained to use this thing called money, which is really a trick, because once they bring money in, they can tax it back from you. The word tax means to labor. You tax yourself on your labor. They take part of your labor back, then they employ more people; and as long as everyone believes in this money, you can hire armies – whole armies and police and think tanks to keep the people dominated. Money is the key to it.


John:   I think there was a quote from one of the old Rothschild patriarch women that said, "Wars don't start unless my boys want them to start."


Alan:  That's right. They don't start. I was watching a program two years ago on Public Broadcasting and it was about the troubles in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is rich in tremendous minerals, diamonds and so on. They found out that companies – these companies in Britain primarily and New York working in tandem – had hired thousands of mercenaries, British and American primarily, to go in there and train the natives to have revolutions in order that they could take over the vast diamond fields there. They talked to one of guys at the head of one of these big London corporations of gold, precious metals, diamonds and platinum, and he literally couldn't understand the reporter when the reporter says, "how can you possibly plan something like this and kill thousands of people for money?"  The man looked and he saw this as incredulous, he says, "It's business. Don't you understand?"  That was his answer. "It's business."


John:  It's business.


Alan:  He says they're sitting on all that land and doing nothing with it, so kill them.


John: Yeah. Let's use ourselves and exploit it and make them slaves. Now there's the Rockefellers. Our audience is very much aware of the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act and how these criminals – the ruling families or the wealthiest families basically came in and created their own money supply and own our money supply; and a lot of people are still ignorant about that, but not this audience.  We've watched the dollar value go from – it's worth a penny today, compared to what it was.  Montana, just from the '60’s, we went from the fourth in per-capita income in the nation to dead last right now, because we are a resource based state here and you know what they've all done with our resources. They've locked them up. Sent them all overseas and now we import them, so there's an agenda to destroy America.  I just can't figure what mindset these people have, because America was good to them. It made money and now they're saying let's merge Canada and Mexico with the United States and that plan’s going on, and the rest of the world is starting to reject the Federal Reserve Note, so “Aha! We'll issue you a new currency.”


Alan:  All we're living through is a business plan. The whole world is just one big long business plan.  Karl Marx talked about the unification of the Americas, in the 1850’s he wrote about it and he said eventually the world that we are planning – Karl Marx, remember, was employed by the Rothschild's in London while he wrote the Communist Manifesto with a bunch of people; a whole team of people. It wasn't just one person who did it. He was a failed journalist and that's why they hired him, not because of his belief system.  Karl Marx talked about the unification of the world under a super-government which would come probably in 100 years time, which is the end of the millennium. He said there'll also be three main trading blocks [blocs]. A united Europe will be first followed by a united Americas and then followed by a united Pacific region; and that's exactly what they've been working towards.


John:  Now I think some people may have the misconception that there's going to be global governments, like “okay, fine. We're going to have a place to settle our differences like the UN, or there's going to be a world premiere or three premieres and we'll have a great body of government to run the world.” I don't see it that way. I see the shadow government running the world and the illusion of this country is still around.


Alan:  Yes. The whole thing is to always use nationalism, and this was the key even to communism. It was the flip side of capitalism. It was two sides of the same coin. It's the dialectic technique of steering the populations of the world into where they wanted them to be – the big sheep pen.  Therefore, the whole agenda was to get the public to use nationalism first of all, and then through nationalism and wars and conflict they would come to a war-weariness, and then they would suggest we amalgamate to end the wars and then give up your nationalism gradually. The only country really that's had an overdose of nationalism is the United States. The rest of the countries have had the rug pulled from underneath them about 50 years ago gradually, because the United States was chosen to be the engine to bring all this about.  As the U.S. is finishing off its main job of standardizing the world and the Middle East, they would gradually bring the U.S. down to the same world standard as everyone else.


John:  I've been warning people that for decades. I said this idea of unions and trades is not, even thought they say it's going to create American exports, American jobs, raise the standard of living.   No, it is to lower ours to theirs.


Alan:  Yes it is.  Maurice Strong, for instance, first started off with Rockefeller. He was chosen and groomed and he's a big player for the United Nations and big enterprises across the globe, but he also drafted up the Earth Charter, which gives everything else rights except us.


John:  Yes, along with Mikhail Gorbachev.


Alan:  He was asked at the end of '92 Earth Charter meeting what he meant about the rights of animals. He was asked, “Why don't you give humans rights?”  Now this is an American who was asking him the question, and he says, "You Americans, you'll wish you had the rights of trees by the time we're finished."


John:  Now you know something. I've heard you on other shows and I've listened to you quite a bit on your website, and for our audience out there, it's  I encourage you, please by his DVDs.  We can't cover everything here today. Alan, you also do a weekly blurb I think on there, too, don't you?


Alan:  I do about three, generally.


John:  We want to get our audiences acquainted with you as they possibly can through your books, your DVDs and through your internet broadcast that you have on your website – if you're just hearing Alan for the first time today. 


Interrupt me, and you take over anytime we’ve got get in the right direction, Alan. Now you hit on something about American's democratization of the Middle East or standardization over there. Explain a little bit what the future and the plan is for the United States, because a lot of people need to hear this; and from what I can pick up that we were – this was all planned about us going in there decades ago, and then there's something that's supposed to happen us.


Alan:  Yes. You can go back even to the main societies that stuck their head up that probably always existed under one name or another, but they put their head up in the 1800’s.  That was when the big push to really forward the Darwinistic theories came along, which was to dispel all the ideas of the old gods and old religions and bring in a scientific dictatorship type of system where we'd be trained by experts.  We would believe the experts the way we used to believe what priests said; and that has happened.  It was Professor Thomas Huxley (who was a best friend of Charles Darwin) who picked certain people to be authors that would be made to be famous, like H.G. Wells in the 1800’s, and they predicted the whole set-up for the 1900’s.


They talked about creating a system of ‘free love’ to destroy the last vestiges of the tribal system, which was marriage between man and wife, and how they would separate the children from the adults and the state would bring up the children under a scientific formula, where the children would become basically almost robotized wards of the state. They would do what they were told. The whole thing was to dominate what they called “inferior types,” those with less IQs.  They believed being Darwinists that they had the right because of the superiority of intellect and wealth to run the planet and direct the planet as they pleased. Their biggest problem were the masses who might object, so they'd have to train the masses in different ways without the public being aware they were being trained; and the ideas that they would have, their opinions they would hold and even fight for were not actually their opinions. They'd been marketed right into their minds; and you'll find that's happened today. However, they wrote lots of books about this from the top, the main players. Right up through the 1900’s we have many of the major players that helped formulate this system and actually have brought us where we are today, writing about it in their own memoirs in the early 1900’s onwards, if people read the books.


John:  We always thought 1984 was just a bizarre piece of science fiction fantasy. It seems like every page is coming true today.


Alan:  Yes it is, because once again, if you go into the history of the author (Blair was his name) and he came from a family of high bureaucrats and people who worked for the home office and the foreign office in the British government. His father in the 1930’s was the overseer for Burma for the British Opium Corporation; and that came out in Parliament by a politician called Thompson, because they just found out they had a Department of Opium. They didn't know; and when they checked into who owned this opium corporation that the British taxpayer was funding and paying salaries of all the employees, it turned out to be a Crown corporation. It was only the British Nobility and royalty that had shares in it.


John:  Now it seems like heroin and opium production was five times higher than before the war started.


Alan:  Yes it is.


John:  You said something about the Crown and this is another misconception a lot of people have. They think of the crown, they think of the Queen Mom and for whatever reason Americans have been brainwashed thinking, “gosh, if we only had a royal family like that” – it was pathetic the way this country almost went into national mourning over Princess Di.  I thought, wait, she's not ours. Sorry, get over it. They just longed to be subjects or something; but the crown, people misconstrue that to mean the monarchy. The Crown is a completely separate entity.


Alan:  It is. The Crown goes back into a feudal system where they had their own laws, and they still do have their own laws for royalty and nobility. They cannot be tried in a normal court of law. They must only be tried amongst their peer group; and of course, they have a different set of things which they're allowed to do, which is pretty well anything at all.


John: Isn't it true they operate out of the six acres called The City of London, which is basically a separate nation state?


Alan:  It has a sovereign status, yes, and definitely does have some of their big organizations based there.  Yes, they live around London and in the areas around London and they have offices in the second and third and fourth homes within London when they have to go in, all the big players. We call it, in Britain, “The Establishment.” It's always been there above government. 


John:  One of the stories you've told is what made you wakeup.  What set the light bulb go off when you were a young man living in Scotland after World War II? The same thing we were promised here, the peace dividend. Oh, once this war's over we don't need to spend all this money on military. The peace and prosperity will be unbelievable. We're all going to – thanks for sending your kids to die for us. Now here's the results, we're going to reap the benefits; and that never does happen, does it?


Alan:  It never happens.  Once in a while here in Canada they'll show you old reruns or history, Pathe News types of reruns going back to before World War II and there was a big rush then after the League of Nations was signed (it was a precursor of the United Nations). You saw all these British ships dumping thousands of tons of ammunition and high arms into the oceans, under the pact we signed to disarm; and while they were doing that, the same boys who owned the armaments, the companies were pushing for a second war with Germany, so they had to re-arm all over again.  After World War II (and before World War II) they said if we fight this war – and they said the same thing in the First World War – then everyone in Britain will have a home to live in, because most folk at that time in Britain never owned their own home. It was a foreign concept to the average person in Britain. It was only a small minority who actually owned their own house and everyone else had to rent.  The wages, incomes and prices were pretty well manipulated and fixed so the average person could never save money. That was the way the British system was so rigidly regulated.


After World War I came along and they were running out of them, and so they said “we'll build all these houses for you with your tax money and give you something back for the first from your tax money if you just fight this war.”  After the war, it never happened; so, they tried the same thing in the Second World War and then they opened up old condemned buildings to house the people in. I was born in one, a one-room apartment with four people living in the room; and that was long after World War II.


John:  The peace dividend.


Alan:   I thought at the time when I started to realize what was happening, before I was five I went into libraries where I could read before I went to school.  I looked at books to see all these things because everyone is still talking about what happened during the war. In 1951, they were still giving ration cards to every British person for food.


John:  Unbelievable.


Alan:  I went into the libraries and lo and behold, I read this kind of stuff.  I asked:  If Britain is such an old empire and they fought wars for hundreds and hundreds of years, and they looted all the gold from Spain and they looted gold from this country and France and so on – how come only a small minority in London and their descendents ever benefited from it?  That was my wakeup call right there.


John: They are masters at mind control and brainwashing and I'm a victim of it. I learning during the last couple of years, just about everything I believed in has been a lie. One of the things that's a hot debate in this country is healthcare. Oh Hillary-care, oh my God. You're going to turn everything over to the government? What can the government do right? They have basically turned us against our own government.  Government according to the way this country did start off was WE THE PEOPLE. We the people are the masters of our government. They are subservient to us and we hired them to do things that we can't individually do, such as build roads, bridges, armaments, defend the country so on and so far. When it comes down to say healthcare, it's like “oh, you can't have that. Corporatism is good. Privatization is good.” I mean they're selling our ports. They're selling our public roads. I mean they brainwashed us into thinking everything public is therefore socialism, evil, but give it to the capitalist elite and they can take care of it better for you.


Alan:  Again, that is what Quigley said in his own book "Tragedy & Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment" his other book. He said we are creating a new system more along the ways of a feudal system. A new feudal system of public/private partnership, which in reality he said the CEOs of the big international corporations will be the new feudal overlords.


John:  My understanding of public/private partnership has always been fascism.


Alan:  Yes, total fascism. What it means really is that the public pays for the building and the maintenance of, and the private partners reap the profits.


John:  A good example here in this country is our dams. We built these dams out of public funds to provide of cheap low-cost electricity and somehow they all got sold off.


Alan:  They did it worldwide. You must remember that everything that's happening to the United States has always been happening to most other countries in the world, long before, and we're the last one to use the system to be brought “into the fold.”  You'll find the same company based in London, it will end up owning the water rights of the world.  Every little pool, pond, dug well, drilled well, whatever across the planet will be owned by them eventually (and natural gas).


John:  We've seen it here in Montana already.  One of the biggest hoaxes is that these super, super capitalists are the ones who fund and they love communism. I mean communism is their favorite form of government because they only have to deal with one or two enemies at the top and they can control all the masses through a totalitarian regime, but it's unbelievable; and if you look at America and compare it to the Communist Manifesto, we've adopted almost every plank here in this country.


Alan:  You have and it was meant to be so, because there's a dialectical process. You must create an enemy to terrify the public so you can tax them even further and experiment with a new type of system, which will be brought in globally; and that's why they created the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was heavily funded from New York and London from the very beginning and even some top players who were lords in the British government system. Like Lord Bertrand Russell, he in his own memoirs said he was sent to China back in the 1920’s to teach at universities and to teach the beginnings of communism.  Why would the top capitalist, the British Crown and royalty be sending one of their own brethren, a lord over there to teach communism?  It's only when you go into the histories you realize they created the supposed opposites and the synthesis was the reason, because when you create two conflicting systems, eventually you get war weary people that want peace. They're terrified of being bombed out of existence; and that was really pushed in the '60’s and '70’s to terrify everyone; and then you amalgamate the two systems together into the third way.  Plato called it the third way. He says the technique to create two opposites, warring factions, make the people war-weary and then blend them into a combination of the two.  That's where you have a fascist elite at the top running things unhindered and they have a communistic type bureaucracy running the people in a communistic fashion. They have written in all their books all from the capitalist side that they favored collectivism more than any other form of government for controlling the public.


John:  That's such an easy sell to an ignorant masses, because you promise them something for nothing. “We're all going to share the wealth. We're all going to be the same. It's going to be the benefit. No one's going to be richer than others, each according to his needs” and all that kind of boloney, which never comes to pass. That's just the sales tool.


Alan:  I remember when they had decided – I’m sure when they decided to set-up the Soviet Union they knew when they would dismantle it. That's how far ahead they plan everything.  When the so-called Berlin wall went down (just by chance, of course) and everyone says, “wow, that's strange,” then I remember reading in a British newspaper, I think it was the Daily Mail and there was a big picture there of this man coming out of a building with a big, big bag.  It happened to be a Guy Solomon who was the chief banker for the soviet system who happened to be a cousin of the Rothschild. There was big write-up about the strange concept of this communist country that supposedly didn't use the capitalist system; and yet this Solomon was leaving the Soviet Union with all the loot – billions and billions in dollars and going back to London. 


John:  Wow.


Alan:  Yes, they were completely ripped off.


John: You know one of the great mind control things is to make people live in fear.  What I never could, even as a young kid, understand is why the average Soviet family wanted to annihilate the average American family, and keeping our society separate with news blackouts, “the communists live in, all these people are living under horrible, horrible” and you guys and whatever stories they told them about us; but never did we get together. It was always the saber rattling of our leaders we'd see on TV, and like “oh my God. Looks tough. They're going to nuke,” so we just blindly follow through with whatever they want us to because of the imaginary bad guy.


Alan:  It was the same to with Lord Bertrand Russell.  Lord Bertrand Russell while he was promoting this communistic style and free love in experimental schools authorized by the Crown back in 1920s’, right through the '50s and '60s. He was still alive and he was the guy who set-up the anti-war movement; and it was him that took the old occultic sign and turned it upside down for “ban the bomb.” He ran The Committee of 100; you'll find that in his own memoirs.  The Committee of 100 was the radical side that would storm American bases and smash down the outer perimeter fences.  It was all a show to get big publicity to terrify everyone of a reality that was never meant to happen, but the psychological impact was to terrify the whole world and to get thousands of people marching for peace and also to give up all their rights in the process.


John:  You know it's just like when they have G8 meetings and the planned anarchists are always there to riot; and they're funded by the same people.


Alan:  They're funded and coordinated.  I'll tell you one thing.  I used to be heavily involved, much bigger than most folk now, because I used different names in the music industry for writing and for performing and also in other ways, even session work in guitar and so on.  Sometimes you'd go to a country and someone would approach you and say “could you sing a charity event?” and you'd say sure. In Canada, I'd come over for a visit at the time. I was living in Norway and I came over for a visit, and a girl says would you play at a workers meeting?  I said sure. It's a big, big function in Toronto and I sang a couple of songs and sat down, and I was invited into the backroom where the major members came in and the other players and performers, but also the people who were there were the ones who ran the left-wing movements in the country; and then, after that, there's a select few taken even later into the night into another place outside to an apartment. There was only about 12 of us there; because this girl had asked me, she says come along and I went along.


A guy came in who just came over from the Moscow University, just got off the plane. He had been based in California before he went to Moscow University and he was also English, and he started telling them all of their plans for networking all of the radical groups together. All radical fundamental and atheistic groups all together. Combine them all, including the homosexual movements and lesbian movements, and I sat and listened to all of this and said what is this?


John: I just came to play a song.


Alan:  The thing was and it got me is I asked him – this is during the Cold War – I said, “How come you can come from Britain. Go live in California, run the top communist societies in California. Go over and study in the Moscow University and then walk right into Canada and no one bothers you?” That's when he stopped and gave me a strange look. Nobody had asked him before. You see, it told me that all of the agencies in all of the countries would know him, there's no doubt about it; and he worked for a higher group than any of them, higher than communism – the ones who controlled communism and capitalism. That's why he had a free hand to go anywhere he wanted to.


John:  Wow. Now I've been fighting the environmental extremist movement here for gosh, 25 years and these poor working ants at the bottom, you know the ones that show up that wear their flannels. They go tie themselves to a tree and file the lawsuits, and the same with the radical lesbian gay movement, the militant part. They don't even realize that they are a creation of the people they hate.


Alan:  That's right. They're all being used and that's the macabre beauty of this technique. They find people who are on the fringes who are left out of society and they give them a form of hope; and they also boost their egos, telling them some of them will even take over and fund them too; and then lead them.  They always use these groups; and then, once they've used them, they destroy them. They have no personal interest in what you think, what you believe or your sexual preference or anything else. They don't care.  You understand those at the top almost see themselves as another race. They are psychopathic. They are inbred psychopaths. They don't have empathy for ordinary people. They don't have it at all. It doesn't exist in them.


John:  You have to be a psychopath if you think killing four billion people is a good idea.


Alan:  Yes, or even a thousand.


John:  Twenty, two or one.


Alan:  To these people, the end justifies the means; and they have used this down through the ages to get wars started. They've used covert groups to start the killings and blame someone else. This is a favorite technique down through the ages.


John: How do you see – because obviously you've been on the inside and gotten their plans or talked to folks. What is their agenda or the means on how they're going to exterminate four billion of us? I've got some hints: Perhaps famine. Perhaps the biological bird flu. I don't think nukes because it's going to mess things up a little bit too much for them.


Alan:  See here's the thing too. Down through the ages they've used all of these methods. Nothing is new. Nothing at all is new. When you look back in old times when they would besiege a castle – and most castles were like city towns with big walls around them – they would cutoff your water supply, so they had to own your water. They had to stop food from coming in and wait until you'd used the food within until you're starving. They used plagues because they knew even thousands of years ago that it's easiest, like smallpox, people became immune when they recovered. They would use those as special troop companies and they would fire infected bodies over the walls to the inside people and spread plagues et cetera. They used all this kind of stuff I past ages. These are standard warfare techniques. Warfare isn't just the ‘bang, bang you're dead.’ It's many things including economics.


John:  They used to catapult diseased animals into the fortresses to spread disease among the fort.


Alan:  Yes, and not only animals, they used humans too. They'd find where the nearest plague was. They'd get the guys who had that particular one and recovered and they would use them to handle the bodies and to fire them over.


John: Great.


Alan:  You see, they don't even have to do that because they're already training those young children who are growing up now into whole new belief systems, a new reality. Mikhail Gorbachev, we forget that he was the president of the Soviet Union. Mikhail Gorbachev has written books. He now works for the United Nations.


John:  He lives in the Presidio in San Francisco.


Alan:  Yes and he has the Green Cross of the Knights of Lazarus flying outside.  They're all knights.  He wrote in one of his books, "Towards a New Civilization" then "Towards a New Beginning," he said, "I myself am personally an atheist."  Then he goes on to say "WE", (he doesn't say who WE are), but he says, "WE are presently creating a new religion for the general population which will be taught to the young. It will be based on a form of earth worship."  What he meant by that is that through indoctrination of catastrophes through over population, global warming, all of the terrifying scenarios they can create in the minds of a child, those children will voluntarily allow themselves to be sterilized for Mother Earth.


John:  I connected the dots all by myself before I even knew any better. I said there's always been a desire for world domination, whether it's through the Catholic Church or Genghis Khan or the Emperors of Rome. I said but there's always been a pocket of resistance somewhere, whether it's a slave uprising or people get tired of it or they overextend themselves, so they've never had complete – no one's pulled it off yet, and I said there's one way they can do this. You find the most common enemy that everybody is going to agree with and then they'll all lockstep go towards it.  I said it's going to be the earth. It's like “save the planet.” We all have something in common now. Let's all work towards saving the planet; and damn, it's unfolding before our eyes.


Alan:  They have many think tanks in a pyramid structure, from the top all the way down, working on different aspects of public planning propaganda, information and so on; and one of the big think tanks is called The Club of Rome.  The Club of Rome, the founders themselves published a book called "The First Global Revolution" and it's about actually the first type of a new type of revolution, but it's called "The First Global Revolution".  In there, they talk about how the founders had been told to find ways of uniting the planet and they discussed invasions from outer space. Could they convince the public to unite et cetera, et cetera? That might not work; and then they said we hit upon the idea of using overpopulation and threats to the environment as the very possible thing they could implement and make people believe.


John:  Rothschild's Dynasty is the main mover behind the environmental movement. Is that right?


Alan:  The Rothschild's are only one of them. There's about 12 major banking families, but most of the people who really run this world never have their names mentioned in newspapers. They have incredibly large amounts of money – very old dynasties, and they keep out of the public limelight.


John:  Where would you recommend our listeners go to get news?  I mean we've got the Internet obviously. We've got this radio station; but when you look at the mass media, whether it's the magazines, the TV, other radio stations, cable, satellite, I mean that is mass hypnosis.


Alan:  It's incredible, yes, repetition. They all say the same things at the same time to get it across to us; and you can't really. What you have to do – because even most coast-to-coast, even the little AM stations like Toronto, all they do is parrot the main news given to them by Reuter and API, and so what you have now is really controlled news all coming from two sources. They just parrot the same thing and the more they parrot it, the more the public thinks it must be true because everywhere they tune in to, they're saying the same thing. It's a simple technique to dominate the media.


John:  I’ve challenged a lot of people to debate me, and once I get passed their repeated clichés, they're pretty empty.


Alan:  Yes, and you see you have to go into people's lives like we're talking about George Orwell and his father. In his own biography he tells you his father was in charge of the British Opium Corporation; and then he says, “I myself was groomed to work for the same establishment.” That's why he was let in on the understanding of the techniques of revolutions and wars to bring us to a future world where terrorism would be everywhere. He knew the whole agenda and he turned against them after he came back from the Spanish Civil War, when he realized that the communists and all of the other opposing factions at the top were joined at the hip. The people down below didn't know.


John:  I think I was listening to Rense the other night and it was just a good example of how these people stay within themselves. Al Gore's daughter just got married a month or so ago and she married -- he gave the name out and Rense said go look it up and I knew who it was. I can't remember right now. It's J.T. somebody but it was one of the original families that was at Jekyll Island. It's like, damn, they don't get out of the circle much, do they?


Alan:  They don't. They are incredible.  Charles Darwin the same thing. Charles Darwin belonged to some of these secret organizations. His father had brought out a book on "Origin of the Species" before he did because all it was the higher Masonic belief system of evolution. It's really Hinduism. You start off with slime and amoebas and work your way up.  His grandfather's book didn't get very far, so they had to make Charles a star.  They built him up to be a star for a whole year and all the media (before the public eventually saw his books on the shelves) they made him into a star by saying he was one, over and over, and a genius.  Charles Darwin himself only married into one other family as his father had, as his grandfather had; and that other family was the Wedgwood family that has the big pottery factories and so on.  When Charles' wife died, he married his mother's sister who was a Wedgwood. They were all Wedgwood’s', so the Darwin's only intermarried for generations into one other family, Wedgwood's.


John:  Now it's hard for people to believe that they are being hypnotized. I mean the grid’s out there. The Matrix is out there, the constant reinforcement everyday. We don't even know what they're dropping on us from the sky. I mean they like to pooh-pooh it because somebody discovered chemtrails. They say, “Ah, that's that conspiracy wacko stuff.” Well, then stop it if it's not a big deal.


Alan:  You see here's the thing. After 9/11, many little quips come across television programs and news stations, which the big boys or at least the front men say themselves. I was watching a little bit of someone else's television because I didn't have one at the time; I didn't want one. Rumsfeld was asked "look, if another terrorist attack happens on a major city like this on a bigger scale, how are you going to stop or control the panic?"  He said, "We have aerosolized Prozac and Valium ready to spray over large areas when required" and that's when it hit me because I knew they were using aerial spraying to modify the weather under weather warfare. That's in a treaty that the U.S. and Britain and other countries signed at the United Nations in the 1970’s. They would spray the atmosphere with aluminized content (aluminum oxide) and other metals and then use HAARP on top of it, because HAARP then works better because they can make a better circuit out of the atmosphere by the spraying. However, I thought there'll be more to this than meets the eye because they never do two things or one thing at a time. They do multiple things.  It made perfect sense they would also use tranquilizers to tranquilize whole vast populations, while they bring us through the greatest changes in history into a completely new way of living.


John:  We say all the time and most Americans do: How could those people in Nazi Germany been so stupid? Didn't they see what was going on before their eyes?  We're living through what I believe may a worse nightmare.


Alan:  It is worse. You've got to get people to jump from where we are as ordinary people and jump into the mindsets of military planners and strategists.  When you see what they plan for the future, and it truly is a completely radically different society than the one we know now, and of course a planned society, you won't have a child unless authorized. You will serve a world state; and they've said that in all their charters, including The Council on Foreign Relations.


John:  All your information will be censored, even on the Internet.


Alan:  Yes.  Eventually you will have no ability to even think independently as an individual, because they really do mean this. They're going to take us from computer (which was really a conditioning method to get you hooked on something), then to the iPod, then to an implanted chip; and they've had global meetings. They have implanted chips ready to go, which will interface with your nervous system into regional computers; and you find this at the Loyola University (unless they pulled it) in Louisiana, because that's where they had their global meetings on this brain chip.  A training method from computer to get us hooked on it, to the iPod and then cell phone et cetera, right down to a brain chip and how much more convenient it will be. However, once everyone has it, they said at the Loyola World Science Meeting on this particular chipping process, they said once this happens and everyone has the chip, they'll be unable to think of themselves as separate individuals anymore. It will be impossible to think of yourself. He said, "think of it more like the hive" and that's when I thought about the Borg from Star Trek. That's what they're talking about.


John: They're here because I remember seeing stories about how they sell this. Here's a family that's volunteered to take the first chip and “oh we're so happy. We’ll always know where our child is. I'll never lock myself out of my house again. I just swipe my hand and I'll never have any worries about medical if I'm unconscious. I'm so grateful you gave this to me,” and it's like all the networks sell this thing.  It's like “here's Mr. & Mrs. Future Couple, and look how happy they are because they've taken the chip.”


Alan:  That's right and they also have companies right now which are really fronts for the NSA, because the guys who head them admit they're NSA ex-employees. Chipping teenagers like the badge of clubs – nightclubs across the world. They have them in Holland, Spain and elsewhere, where they chip you in the arm with a passive chip, but they can actually put your ID in there and put a whole bunch of credits in there that you pay for in advance.  You can show off by not having to pull money out of your pocket for the girlfriend and just swipe your arm passed this little infrared thing.


John:  I saw a story just two weeks ago where this large chip company has started chipping the babies in the hospitals, and, of course, it's a little band they put on their leg and it's right out of the womb. We put this band on so therefore they'll never ever be a problem with baby swapping or losing the baby; and so they've already conditioned the young couples, “yes, this is a wonderful thing. I'm going to be absolutely guaranteed this is my baby and the medical records are right there for anybody who comes in and checks on it, and I'm so much better. Thank you.”


Alan:  That's right. The British government and other governments have already said they will implant – it's always the same two groups they begin with: it's the very young and the elderly.  The most powerless you go for first.  They've said that they're going to implant all those who possibly have Alzheimer's with the chip.  That’s going to be law. 


John:  Let's talk about HAARP a little bit. What do you know about HAARP?  Some folks who know about it say, “It's that Tesla experiment up in Alaska that’s going to cook the ionosphere, and may be free electricity for us all.”   They've got over, what, forty-four installations of these things now?


Alan:  There's over 54 – 57 I think that they admit to.  They can coordinate them together and hit any place on the planet, or a whole continent if they wish.


John:  These are multi-used machines from my understanding because when I had just a fraction of knowledge about them, they can alter weather. They can focus destruction beams on anywhere in the world they want and also for mind control.


Alan:  Yes. From their point of view, it's a wonderful tool.  It's an old technique. They've put a lot of money into it and they've already admitted they've put their faith in science to control the world and the population; and they mean it.  This HAARP technology literally as I say is signed into a treaty at the United Nations. Everyone should look it up signed in the 1970’s. They can also cause earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts or flooding with it for warfare purposes.


John:  That's a great way to extort a nation.


Alan:  It's happening.  They're using it.  If you go through the short-wave bands, you can actually get over 20 places where the HAARP is being used 24 hours a day now. That started about six years ago. I have them all written down here, I have all those frequencies.  What they also can do is carry out secondary carrier signal which can pulse at the same frequencies as the human brain. That's also documented in the treaty at the United Nations; and they can make whole populations either very aggressive or very passive or anxious.  This has all worked; this isn’t a trial and error thing. It's down to a fine art now.


John:  I've had listeners over the years call the station and talk about tunnels.  “There's alien bases. There's super military stuff under there,” and I was brainwashed, I was conditioned and I pooh-poohed them off. I go “yeah, yeah right, right;” and then when I was listening to you the other day and you talked about a machine that is owned by the Rand Corporation that's currently up in Greenland.


Alan:  They have many of them.


John:  It can dig; I don't know what diameter, but dig a tunnel of five miles an hour?


Alan:  An hour, yes, it can go through any kind of rock.


John:  What diameter are we talking about here?


Alan:  The largest one they let the public know about – remember, this thing passes through and also melts rock and it will solidify behind the machine and cause a casing, so it's all-in-one. It forms all those purposes. You could actually put in two railroad tracks side-by-side, going together one way and the other, when it passes.


John:  How big is this network here in the North American continent?


Alan:  We have no idea except they've had these things since at least the end of World War II. You see, science is the greatest thing; they've done a very good job in the last 15 to 20 years in convincing us that they let us know all the latest technology and science they have; that’s the biggest lie ever.  


John:  Here's your iPod.


Alan:  People forget during the Cold War people were getting killed or assassinated if they knew too much about high military secret technologies; and they've always kept the higher technologies secret from the people. The trick is to make the people convinced that they are being told what the latest attempts at whatever, cloning or electrical technologies. That's the trick, is to convince us; and that's why they fund these big magazines like Popular Science, and the average reader will think, “I know it all. I know what they're capable of doing.”  No you don’t. You're kept in the dark. That's the purpose of Popular Science.


John:  I've heard that whatever we see, the military's had 60 years before.


Alan:  I'd say even longer.


John:  Think of the money, the old industries that keep going. If we've got tunnel-making machines here that can be mass-produced, I mean what's it cost now, 20 million-a-mile to build a stupid ancient highway?


Alan:  Yes, because we live in such a corrupt system; and that again is another thing we have to understand. What we see at the bottom and we call corruption is normal practice above higher, higher levels.


John:   We all know we can get hydrogen from water. I mean it's there the technology. We’ve all seen the machines. We've seen the cars run on it. Why are we still going down this asinine path of oil?


Alan: It's because it was never intended to last. When they gave us the car, they already had planned a whole hundred years – as I say, the world is just a business planned. They'd already planned where they would take the world and they wanted people to travel, build up the factories et cetera for a short period while they financed through their taxes this global takeover and armies et cetera.  However, they also wanted at the end to create a world society, a collective society city-state. Now they call them habitat areas. They don't want people to have cars in the very near future. That's why they never gave you any other technology.


John:  I just saw in today's morning paper out here in little Podunk Montana, somebody wants to build 700 houses on 80 acres, little postage stamp lots, cluster housing. We won't need big yards anymore. We’ll all be packed into together. We’ll have this little open space for you over here. It will be wonderful. It's all Agenda 21.

AlanAgenda 21: even that's not the final solution to them. It's a stepping-stone. We're conditioned like you train rats step by step. Once you accept one step, it's easy to accept the next step. It's seems quite natural and it's evolving. That's how we think.  The habitat areas at the United Nations – you've got to go in to the United Nations and Agenda 21 – they state right there that the world we are creating will eventually have no private property. There'll be habitat areas. There'll be no private transportation – essential vehicles only.


John:  You'll need passes to go from city to city.


Alan:  You'll need passes, permission and so on; and again, this is all a control mechanism for a small elite who will not be brain-chipped. A small elite who will have the freedom to travel the whole world and go hunting in the bush when they want to, by helicopters dropping them off and picking them up.


John:  Now let's get back to the immediate short term plans here for the United States. This Middle Eastern war has been long since planned.  The next step is Iran and Syria and it is planned to break us militarily. Expend our resources. Financially bankrupt us, which is happening daily, probably at a more accelerated rate than anybody wants to realize. The Federal Reserve Note is crashing around the world. If we can't finance the war or finance our day to day debt here in this country, we'll be begging for a new central bankers’ currency instead of having our Congress do the right thing and call in our own money like they're supposed to. I see this thing happening within months and months, not decades.


Alan:  It was decided in the 1930’s they would build China up; and you'll find this in the books of The Council on Foreign Relations and The Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They'd use the U.S., right through to the end of the millennium and into the new, and then they would be planning the process of a new superpower China to take over as policemen of the world for another temporary phase. That's true, the U.S. has a particular function for a particular period of time and then they go down. They will go down as they're finishing off the Middle East.


John: Now as this plan pans out and it comes to fruition for them, that will be the time I think when they decide “let's get rid of the labor force that brought us here because we just don't need them now. We got what we wanted.”


Alan:  They're afraid of too many people – see they can't keep giving us a service economy, which we're on now. We're on a service economy and we don't produce things anymore.  The big economists, at the beginning of this whole service economy idea, admitted themselves that it's like going into water and dog paddling until you couldn't paddle any further. It was not intended to keep going forever. It can't and therefore it will go down.  It's a temporary stopgap as you go down.


John:  I tried to explain that to my friends. I say here's our usefulness as a nation. We’re consumers and producers. We produce. We consume. We no longer produce. All of our consuming is based on credit, whether it's your car, your house, your monkey-wards bill, your Visa, your credit card. You're living paycheck to paycheck. Everything we're buying from China and importing is on credit.  Once the world quits issuing us credit, we're done.


Alan:  Yes.


John:  We can't produce. We can't consume. We crash.


Alan:  That's the agenda. You see those at the top have always been globalists no matter where they're born, and these top families that you think, even the ones in Britain that ordinary English people think well they're ours. They’re our kings and queens and nobility. No, they're not. They're internationalists. They've always been. They only marry their own cousins from abroad. In fact, they've never married into the populations that they actually dominate and preside over. They've always been internationalists and they've never seen their world as a local world at all. It's always been an international world. The trick was to make us who are tribal-based think that we're still nations.


John:  Yes.  Kissinger and his boys Brzezinski and Rockefeller's are all getting ready to push legislation this August to introduce the Security and Prosperity and Peace Agreement for North America, which is the North American Union; and even that, people say “ah no, no. They'll let us still have our little flag. We can still have our little national anthem and go to our baseball games,” but the shadow government is going to be completely integrated.


Alan:  Actually, it already is. I mean it has been since even World War I and President Wilson. That's when it really came out more into the open when they found the League of Nations.  The U.S. funded the setting up of the League of Nations and Colonel Mandell House was the real boss behind Wilson. The president is never really the boss man. It's always the man behind him because he's the one who goes between the big bankers, the big internationalists and back to the president.  Mandell House, his contact for London was Sir Earl Grey who worked for The Royal Institute of International Affairs to set-up this world system based on the colonial system of the British Empire.


John:  Our audience is listening to Alan Watt. He runs a web page I encourage all of you to support Alan. Keep his fine work going for all of us. He's very helpful in this fight for the truth and peeling back the Matrix. Go to his website at You can get his books there. You can get his DVDs there. Do not copy them and share them. This is the way Alan makes his money and we've got to support people that are on our side that are trying to help us out here. Alan's got no other motive than getting the truth our here to as many people as we can to help mankind. Not to sit back and profit and say well I've got mine. I'm done. I'm going to retire. I mean Alan truly lives the life – you live almost off the grid up in Northern Ontario I believe it is, isn't it?


Alan:  Yes, in the north here. I still get my wood in for the winter.


John:  One of our callers asked me to ask you a question about the significance, because these people trade in symbolism, about us being in Babylon where the final battle here is Babylon, which is i.e., Baghdad today.


Alan:  Yes. Babylon is an amazing – occult terminology really.  LON always comes from lion, and you also have the baby lion as well; and you also have the BAB, which is a high master.  They can literally take a system –  Babylon was a system more than just a place. You can transfer that system elsewhere across the world and build up and take down empires and always move it to the next empire that you're building up; and that's what is being done down through history. When they move out of a country, they take their wealth with them and down comes the country and they build a new empire.


What's interesting to me at the moment is that if you look into places like Bahrain, how heavily the U.S. is funding Bahrain to build it up as the most modern place in the world; and even Halliburton, which, as you know, is the only authorized global massive corporation to do rebuilding and restructuring across the planet. No one voted for this at the lower ranks. It's all the top guys who decided.  Halliburton's moved their headquarters from Texas to Bahrain. The Louvre in Paris is building a second Louvre, a pyramid shaped one like the glass one they have in Paris over to Bahrain as well.


What is even more interesting is that H.G. Wells, who was an officially authorized propagandist for this system, wrote in one of his books about the final war, which would be a war – they would even gas the public from the air in "The Shape of Things to Come."  He said the freemasons of the air (the scientific brotherhood) would gas the people from the air to conquer the whole world, but they would use the place where they had the final war eventually that will become their capital. Therefore, it's like from Babylon back to Babylon. That's what so interesting – the circle of this. He even said in that book that eventually with Britain the final war would begin in Basra, which is Iraq. It's a city inside of Iraq and that's where the British troops when in. The U.S. went to the north and Britain went into Basra.  This was written in the 1920’s and he knew – he had the formula for the next 150 years or so. It's from Babylon back to Babylon.  That's the symbology that's tremendously interesting about this, because the elite in all ages have never been massacred and fell and lost everything and a new elite takes over. They move from the empire they dominate to the next one that they're setting-up, all down through history. 


John:  There was a broadcast last week on Rense and Makow did the story about I think it's [Benjamin] Fulford. He was the Forbes Asian editor of their magazine over there, basically giving an ultimatum to the illuminati from the secret societies of China that said, "you keep it up, we're taking you all out."  How much credibility do you put in there?


Alan:  I don't know yet. Actually, we just wait and see what starts to happen. You know that as the people start to get rubbed out what's happening.


John:  When I read that story and heard the interview, I didn't think is was really such a bad thing.


Alan:  Here's the bad thing. We're dealing with people who are ruthless at the top. There's no doubt about that, if it takes killing millions. I remember when they were starving the ordinary people in Iraq during the 10-year period between Gulf War I and II.  Madeline Albright, who has an incredible history – her grandfather set-up while he was the communist pal of Stalin (he was a very close friend of Stalin, her grandfather), he set-up the beginning of the Green Party, which was to lead the world into this global government.  There she is representing the United Nations or the U.S. Department of the United Nations and she was asked on national television.  The guy said at that time they killed about 10,000, 20,000 Iraqis, men, women and children through starvation; I think there was even half a million, 500,000; and without blinking an eye she was asked, "Do you think that's really worth the goal to make one man capitulate with his henchmen at the top?"  She [Albright] says, "absolutely" without blinking an eyelid.


John:  Unbelievable.


Alan:  You're looking at either something that's a demon talking back to you or the ultimate psychopath beyond even the average psychopath.


John:  Here in America we like to think we're the good guys. We wear the white hats, based on the propaganda history they've told us or led us to believe; and they don't tell us some of the real war crimes that are going on through Eisenhower and prison camps and Agent Orange and all that kind of nonsense. However, they know for a fact that this depleted uranium that we're spreading all over the globe over there and it gets in the atmosphere. It gets into the dust, in the lungs, it is killing people by the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, deforming babies and it's going to pollute that area and cause genocide for thousands of years.


Alan:  It's very possible. On the other hand, to these characters at the top, who think primarily of their own survival at all times and ages, have already created massive underground bases for survival for themselves, where they could live for another 1,000, 2,000 years or more if necessary. They have done this using our tax money again. Margaret Thatcher admitted that when she was prime minister.  The "Man Alive" series in Britain, very much like "60 Minutes" – here's a very important part I'll go into. It's all connected.


There was supposed to be a pamphlet, a booklet given to every British citizen or available from their post office or library, put out by the government and it had the whole agenda what to do if there was a bombardment by radiation in a city or cities, or bacterial or viral warfare. All NATO countries signed the same agreement and were supposed to have given every citizen a copy of this.


John:  I didn't get my copy.


Alan:  Eventually, "Man Alive" had to get one from the government and it was heavily censored and blacked-out (this freely available copy), because in it, it stated that every signatory to NATO, that includes the U.S. and Canada and all the other countries, here's the formula. If there's a biological attack or a viral attack in a city or a part of the country, the military is to surround that whole area. Any individual trying to escape the quarantine is to be shot on site. If whole groups or mobs try to riot and break out, they’re to be bombed by CS gas from the air.  No one is to be let out – and the whole lot is to be contained basically until they die. That's the NATO plan.  They [“Man Alive”] then went to Maggie Thatcher and they said, "what's the plan for the elite?" because they found out that there was military bases underground that the elite were to be flown to immediately with Harrier jump jets and helicopters and picked up.  She says, "We'll get in there" and she said, "our families will be in there."  She was asked, "What about the average person?"  She said, "If they try to get in, our special troops or SS will shoot them down before they get in."  I mean this is on national television.  We're dealing with monsters at the top.  We are scum to them.


John:  They've also had to draft or recruit these special-op forces from the masses here. You know when you think about how could this massive building of tunnels go on in America involving crews of 50, 60,000 people and having military guys guard them day and night. How come the story is not getting out? What kind of mind control brainwashing have we done on these people where they think it's a good thing to keep it from us?


Alan:  They showed us again a documentary special on how they did Cheyenne Mountain in the U.S. where they make big military bases.  They literally hollowed out a whole mountain and they built a railroad track going up to it to take away all the dirt; and yet, when you go into it all the higher contractors et cetera, which is part of the beauty of bringing in outsiders, always. They can bring in foreigners and different people from all over the globe to do the contracting and the work and then send them back to their own countries. They ask no questions. They don't think any further and it's lost. It's not difficult to keep massive projects quiet from the public.


John:  Do you see warring fractions among the world elite? Say for instance the Rockefeller's maybe pissed-off the Rothschild's. The Rothschild's say you know what? We're going to finish you off and destroy your little Federal Reserve Notes here.


Alan:  I don't see really that kind. There's more cooperation amongst them because they know that money is just a con-game anyway. It's only important that we believe that it's useful and accept it as the only way to live. It's their trick. It's a means to an end for the elite. Eventually we're all to be given credits. They've said this in the big books for the United Nations. Every citizen, when there's no private property, will be allocated so-many credits at the beginning of every week into your bank account and you can't save them up.  If you don't use them all up, you'll start again with the same amount on Monday; and if you don't go along with this system or you become a problem, you'll be punished by having credits withdrawn so you can't pay your rent or buy your food. It's to be used as a tool for punishment.


John:  Wow. We are on the air with Alan Watt. He's got a website called  You've been on every major radio station that I know of, and websites and interviews for newspapers. I encourage all of our listeners to – we haven't even scratched the surface here with Alan's knowledge and wisdom that he wants to share with you – please get his DVDs, his books. Let your kids read them. Let your parents read them. We've got to keep supporting folks that are helping us in this battle. Alan, we're getting ready to take off here and I've had you on for about an hour and a half uninterrupted, which I think is great.


What do I think one of the biggest fears – and I may just be having unbased hope here – I think one of their biggest fears is that we are waking up. We may be forming a resistance to them. There may be some of us who have not taken as much fluoride or breathed as deep or putting those chemicals on our skin and our body. Is there hope for a resistance of a grand awakening where we call bullshit on this whole thing?


Alan:  I don't think there will be a grand awakening to be honest with you. Most people are too far into a scientifically designed conditioning to break through. Most people will find it impossible to believe that there are absolute monsters in charge of them. They've been trained to believe these are the good guys and they cannot believe that people are so evil.  We judge people on an individual level as to how we could manage things. We can image a little white lie or whatever, or a little bit of deception, but we can't imagine something so horrible as the subject that we're talking about today.  People are actually planning this cold-bloodedly; and yet, that's the only reason they do get away with this kind of thing.  So most people know they will not wakeup; and it does boil down to an extent on a personal choice. “I want to be believe. I'm being well taken care of,” and it's also true that lots of people will love socialism, as long as they think experts are taking care of all the big problems for them so they can go a play forever like little children.


John:  I get my pension.


Alan:  Yes, that's it; and so it's not up to big amounts of people. It's up to people who are awake to start vocalizing their knowledge and creating ripples around them, until all these little pools, these ripples start to merge with other ripples. That's how you start a movement, but it has to be done very quickly.


John:  It has to be done quickly so there is hope out there for us. I don't think things are going to change too much. The plan is going to play out and then we pick up the pieces from there.


Alan:  Yes. There's no doubt about it and they're on a roll right now and can't stop now. They know if they stop and give us a breathing space from terror, terror, we'll fall back to sleep.  Remember, terrorism, and Carroll Quigley said it, "the main purpose of war is to change societies on all sides."  He said, "because government expands massively its powers over the control of every individual during warfare."  That's what we're seeing.


John:  Is there anything our listeners can do on a daily basis to stop the mind control, or is there someway to unplug something? I mean I loved one of your sayings the other day. I think it was you.  No, that was somebody else. That was Lindsey Williams who said if Jesus were alive today he would go into the Federal Reserve and unplug the mainframe.


Alan:  The thing is I mean we really don't need the Federal Reserve. It's just a building. It's just a con where you don't really even have a treasury. It's just a con and what we have to do is to get through to the children. See this is a long-term strategy and Rumsfeld said it himself. "This could be a 100 years war."  If it takes 100 years to bring this new society into the making of total control, they're willing to go that far, which means they're already working on the minds of the children—which they plan to own. They want to own their minds.


John:  Here in Montana there's a lot of families that home school their kids and the brightest, smartest, most intelligent kids I've very met in my life. I mean they are university grade level at 14; and they're always trying to pass laws to criminalize teaching your own child – like you're abusing the child. You're not having social engineering here. You're not giving them Prozac and you report to the school anyway.


Alan:  Most parents, as you know, who send their children off to school, it's two parent working families. They don't have time for their children and they even expect the state to entertain their children for them and give them playgrounds after school and ballgames and so on. It's almost like they're incidental to each other. There's no real communication; and unless the parents get involved and realize the responsibility that they do have to continue – it's not just the life that you know, what I’m talking about is you're continuing the ability of the beauty of the individual thought or thinker.  That's what they're about to extinguish, to destroy that ability to be an independent thinker who appreciates the beauties of the world, of people and all the better things of life. They want to destroy that.


John: What can we expect out of Alan Watt here in the coming weeks and future? Have you got a new book underway? You got some more DVDs? 


Alan:  I have. I just am so busy – I'm a one man band here, and there's a lot of work involved in this; and believe you me, if I wasn't motivated to an imperative to do this I'd choose something else, but there's no choice. We're at the end of a particular road and I think we all have a responsibility to change this and no matter what it takes, and if it means burning into the ground, then so be it, because evil like this cannot be allowed to continue.


John:  Alan, we're here for you anytime you want. The radio station is at your disposal. We hope to get you back on in the future. I truly appreciate your sharing your valuable time with us here and I want all of our listeners to at least visit the website If you can afford it, please purchase his DVDs and books. It will help Alan out and the more information that we can get out to all of us, the better we are going to be.  Knowledge and wisdom is probably going to be our only tools to survive this if we can. Alan, thank you so much for joining us here in KGEZ.


Alan:  It's been a pleasure.


John:  Thank you so much. I'm glad we finally hooked up. Thank you, sir. Goodbye.



(Transcribed by Linda)