September 18th, 2006
Alan Watt as Guest on
Journeys with Rebecca with Rebecca Jernigan
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Rebecca: Welcome back, and youíre listening to Journeys with Rebecca.† I have a really spectacular guest today, as I told you earlier.† His name is Alan Watt, and he is an author, an educator, a musician, an esoteric historian, he also writes poetry.† A man of many, many, many different talents.† Iíd like to welcome you to the show.† Hi, Alan.


Alan: Hello.


Rebecca: Oh, itís so nice to have you here today.


Alan: Itís a pleasure, yeah.


Rebecca: And you know, I guess I need to let everyone know that today weíre going to be talking about something called Cutting Through the Matrix.† And what Iíd like to do is kind of turn that over to you and let you explain to the audience what does that exactly mean to them, Cutting Through the Matrix.


Alan: The Matrix is the source and the world you live in at the same time.† Itís an ongoing programming that gives us what we think is normalcy, which we accept as normalcy, never figuring out that itís just a continuation of a plan, a scientifically-created plan thatís not new.† Itís been on the go for a long time, and has been written about by many elitists, who belong to very wealthy families and are at the head of top organizations with the means and the power to actually implement their plans on the public.† We donít realize that weíre trained from childhood to take specific roles in society, thinking that simply because everything exists the way it is, that weíre born into, then it must be natural, and yet, nothing is further from the truth.† And when you go into the big movers and shakers, from mainly the 1700s onwards, youíll find they wrote about the types of society and the changes in society that they would create down through the next few hundred years, towards what they called a Utopia, for themselves, but really a form of slavery for the masses.† And they would use entertainment, education, and all of the other sciences to actually indoctrinate the students into thinking that it was all quite normal.† And this has been ongoing.† Itís a shock to some people to hear it for the first time.† But when you realize that your media is not there toóto use the Masonic termóďinformĒ you, form you within, it truly is there to shape your mind and to tell you whatís important, what isnít important.† In other words, donít worry about anything, weíre in charge.† And the public have succumbed and given over their own reasoning powers to the media.† They truly believe it is there to do their reasoning for them.†


So, weíre being scientifically led along a path towards a definite goal, which has been published and put into movies too.† The main authors of the past century, the H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley types worked for big government institutions, which were working on ways of creating the perfect mass society to be run by a small group of elitists.


Rebecca: Oh my goodness.† All right, letís go back to, and this is something that I actually, Alan, had a conversation with a group of people that I used to run around with years ago.† We talked about this society that was created and how it was created, and you have just given me the term of the 1700s when this Utopia, that you called it, that they were creating for themselves was actually kind of brought forward, and it kind of manifested itself and then the actions were taken.† And you called them the group of the elitists.† Besides being the elitists, do they have another name that society might recognize?


Alan: Well, we can actually go all the way back to Plato, because theyíre using a term that Plato used in his book, the Republic, written about 2300 years ago, where he went through this future society, and he called the top class the Guardian class.† They would be the Guardians of all information, culture creation, and the system, in other words.† They would control all of this system.† And they would do it, eventually they said they would create a society where people would be purpose-bred for their tasks that they performed for the elite, and they even talked about eugenics, 2300 years ago.† When we jump forward in time, we find the same things being talked about in the 1700s, when we had the mystic Kabala mixed in, the precursor to Communism, really, or Socialism, and, or metaphysics really is what they termed it at the time, where they just instinctively felt they could create a new type of superman through science, and that evolved into Darwinism, basically Social Darwinism, survival of the fittest, the new superman to come.† Out of that came Nazism and Communism, and weíre seeing the end products today, where science is going full-steam ahead at methods of producing purpose-made type clones, which will be specifically raised for the tasks they will do, right from 2300 years ago, from Platoís Republic.† Itís incredible when you realize that the world has been run by an esoteric group for thousands of years, and yet, itís less incredible when you realize that these are sciences which were taught in ancient times and have been taught down through the centuries to elitists in every generation, but itís been kept quiet from the public.


Rebecca: Okay, so, does anyone actually know who these people actually are?


Alan: We know mainly from the writers that at least front for them, who are generally members of the minor nobility at least, sometimes the higher nobility.† Aldous Huxley, the Huxleys were for generations involved with Darwinism.† Thomas Huxley was the professor who befriended Charles Darwin, and promoted the cause after Darwin died.† And then we find his grandson coming out with Brave New World, in the 1930s, with a whole agenda, where people will be raised living on drugs, genetically created in laboratories, no individuality amongst them.† In fact, not even the ability to realize they were a separate independent thinking being.† That was written about in the 1930s.† And sure enough, in Brave New World Revisited, which was a non-fiction book, Huxley, who worked with the Tavistock Institute of England in mind control of populations, he admitted in his second book that this was the world they were creating, in his non-fiction work.† So, we see it all today.† Itís all coming true.† Science could go in many different directions, but it isnít.† Itís been steadily going towards genetics, to create new types of life, what they call more perfected worker bees, you might say, and thatís where itís all heading today.


Rebecca: Well, you know, as Iím sitting here listening to you talk, I can sit back, and you know, just kind of let things flow over my mind, and you know, I absolutely see what youíre saying.† Itís just like the school system.† Everyone is being taught that they have to do and learn and know these things in order to be able to accelerate to the next grade level, etc, and so forth.† And you know, itís very much a control thing.† If you donít send your child to school, if you donít do these things, then obviously youíre in trouble with the law, and youíre in trouble with the government for not doing these things, not following these things, this set of criteria.† And thatís pretty frightening, you know, when you stop to think about it.† I mean, that makes absolute sense, when you take a look at the world in which we live in.† And you know, thereís been numerous people that in the recent years that have really lambasted the media for their sensationalism and how things are actually reported and what is really reported and that kind of thing.† Thatís come under a lot of scrutiny.† This is actually, you know, pretty dynamic stuff here, what youíre talking about.† You know, Cutting Through the Matrix, you actually have got three parts to that right now.† You have Cutting Through Part 1 is The Androgynous Agenda.† #2 is A Glimpse into the Great Work, and #3 is Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition.† Is there any more to this, or is the third set and all of that part of Cutting Through the Matrix?


Alan: Thereís also CDs of the early talks I gave in 1998 on radio to do with the beginnings of religion and how religion itself was important in the establishment in cultures and also how esoteric religions were practiced by the high priests themselves, which the general population were not given access to.† So thereís always a dualistic religion on the go, behind religion with an esoteric side of it, too, that the public are basically barred for.† And itís definitely working towards a great type of work, as they say in Masonry.† Thatís what itís founded upon, creating new types of humans.† Itís always been the goal of esoteric groups, perfecting humanity, as they call it.†


Rebecca: Well, and you know, talking about people living on genetically manufactured drugs.† You know Iíve had the privilege of actually interviewing many traditional doctors here on this show, and many of them will talk about the fact that... a lot of the drugs and therapies is not what the body was intended for.† So, we even have, thereís people out there that still know what the truth is, obviously, because theyíre standing against what weíre talking about here today, which is, you know, thatís pretty viable and pretty valuable, that weíre not all, you know, caught up in this scenario that we all have probably felt that there was many things wrong.† And it looks like you probably put this all together so that we can really figure out where does this stem from, what is the purpose behind it.† And then, I think thatís going to help people clear their paths a little bit, to figure out what they now need to do to not be part of all of that.† And I think this is a great thing that youíre doing here by bringing this into the forefront.† Obviously itís controversial for many people.† So, listen to this, but I think this stuff is whatís important, because we do need to know what the truth is.† We cannot evolve as spirit beings, as individuals, if we get caught up in being part of the Matrix.† I think thatís just absolutely phenomenal.


Alan: Yeah, itís a fact.† Weíre so well conditioned, scientifically.† And youíll find a lot of this proof is written about by one of the main leaders in culture creation put out by the elite, and he was Lord Bertrand Russell, who was born in the 1800s, and lived through a good part of the 1900s.† He studied philosophy mainly, but he also studied how cultures were created, manipulated, altered, so that the public never realized that they were being shaped along a certain course, which the elite themselves had preplanned.† And this should be continued, he said in his writings.† Thereís a book he wrote called Roads to Freedom, early in the 1900s, and another one called Education and the Good Life.† Now, he was given permission by the British Royalty to establish private schools, experimental schools, which did things which would be banned maybe even today.† I donít know.† But certainly at that time it was very risquť, because he got mixed schools, and he encouraged pre-puberty sex contact between the male and the females, to see what effect it would have in their later years.† And they found that if they encouraged this type of sexual contact with no holds barred, no stigma attached to it, then those children would raise up and never really need a permanent marriage partner, because marriage, according to Russell and all the groups behind him, marriage had to be destroyed to control the individual.† Because marriage, even two people in a sense, are the smallest remnant of a tribal system.† So, the government wanted direct control to the individual, and they had to destroy the male and female connection.


So, he wrote about his experiments from his own schools, in Education and the Good Life.† And he said in that book, now, this is a British Lord, a long lineage type British Lord, writing about it.† And he said, we, the elite used to believe we would eventually have to take every child from the mother as soon as it was born, and raise it by the state to give it the perfect values.† He said, but now weíve found through scientific indoctrination, if we can get the children as young as two years old at kindergarten, we can scientifically induce the system into them, so that their parents will be unable to pass on their own moral values to that child.† And thatís when they decided to go ahead with kindergarten, rather than the Communist style of removing the child from the mother at birth.


Rebecca: Oh, my.† Oh, my, oh, my.† With the state our marriages are in today.


Alan: Yes.† They knew theyíd have to destroy marriage.


Rebecca: Well, I unfortunately think that theyíve done aÖ


Alan: Complete job.† Yeah.


Rebecca: Yeah.† Thatís bad.† Oh, my goodness.† I donít even know what, thatís just giving me the bad news willies there, Alan.† Thatís just so unfortunate.† And this was a British Lord that did this?


Alan: A British Lord with the authority and backing of the British Crown.


Rebecca: So, anything recent on them, though, Alan?


Alan: We can go on from there, and then we find another famous player in history was again Charles Galton Darwin, the grandson of Charles Darwin, who in the 1950s, and being a physicist, he wrote a book called The Next Million Years and how they would control it, this same elite, which is quite the boast. But in that book he said, there are too many commoners being born, eventually there will be a point where theyíll overcome and overwhelm we the elite, the carriers of the superior genes.† He said, so we have to reduce the population drastically and then he went on to methods of removing the natural instincts of the population to control them.† And he said, we could do it chemically through inoculation.† He said, we could also alter the physiognomy of the people, or physiology of the people by giving them serums which would affect their hormonal drives and make the men more effeminate and the women more masculine.† And sure enough, we see the effects of all this today.† It has been done.† Incredible things are happening.† And nothing happens out of the blue on such a scale that isnít caused by man.† And yet, the media flip over it as though itís quite a natural change that somehow just had to happen.† They donít give you the reasons why anything did happen, but this was intentional.† Galton Darwin talked about the use of estrogen, super-doses of it, either put into the drinking water, the inoculations, spraying it from the air, putting it in the food, all different methods of doing so.† And then we go back to some of the big baby food companies, which tie right into that.† Now, they made it a fad in the 1950s, to suddenly start getting special baby food.† This is the age of science, you see, and science was to become the new dictator.† And Bertrand Russell said, we shall train the public to listen to the opinions of experts only, so that they wonít trust their own opinions.† Theyíll have to listen to the experts.† And theyíve done that.† Well, in the 1950s, companies like Proctor and Gamble, and other ones, produced the baby foods, and only about five or six years ago have they admitted that the fluid that they sterilized those little baby jars with just happened to be a synthetic form of estrogen.† What a coincidence.


Rebecca: Oh, my goodness.† We didnít know about that.


Alan: And thatís how itís presented always, as just being some big coincidence, but isnít it strange that every coincidence falls in line with an agenda that was written so long ago.


Rebecca: Oh, Alan.† Oh, my goodness.† That just absolutely freaks me out.† Oh, my goodness.† Are they still doing this practice, or have we prevented that?


Alan: Well, the xenoestrogens, as theyíre called, these artificial or synthetic estrogens are in all plastics, and of course, they made it the fad for plastic bottled water.† And they made it a yuppie thing.† And now you see them walking about with plastic bottled water.† Itís in all plastics.† So, you get away from plastics all together, because thatís what contains it.


Rebecca: Oh, my goodness.† Alan, hang on.† Weíre out of time on this segment.† But we are going to be back, you guys.† Do not, do not go away.† Weíll be back with Alan Watt and Cutting Through the Matrix, right after the break.


(Commercial Break)


Rebecca: Welcome back, youíre listening to Journeys with Rebecca.† Weíre here with Alan Watt.† We are talking about Cutting Through the Matrix.† And my goodness, I hope that everyone out there that is listening, will please instruct anyone that they know to go back and listen to this show again.† Itís always going to be in archives.† Because this is information that is a must-not-miss, information with Alan Watt here today.† You know, Alan, I appreciate all the information that you have shared with us.† But you know, it kind of sounds like here that thereís something here that besides being aware, what can we do?† What is this actually all about?† What, you know, Iíve got another question.


Alan: I think all down through the ages, and this has been written about copiously by governments of all kinds, from kings and queens and courtiers, to the present democratic types, is how much freedom do you give the public, balanced with law.† How much restrictions can you put on them and still have them cope?† And of course, they came up with the idea, if the public literally couldnít think for themselves, then they would have no more trouble with the public.† So, where do they go from there?† Well, they talk about creating a new type of human through genetics, through scientific engineering, and theyíve done experiments on the brain.† Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World.† He worked for Tavistock Institute.† He has a lecture (on my website) that he gave at Berkeley in about 1962, and he talks about sticking wires in brains of humans, and how you can control them.† Now itís down to the chip, of course, where theyíre going.† They want to eliminate the individual sentient being from existing amongst the workers, the worker bees that is.† And like Charles Galton Darwinís book, The Next Million Years, he said, we the elite, of course, shall not alter ourselves, because this will destroy the individualís ability for self-preservation, and since we are guiding the ship of Earth, we must remain intact.† So, itís only for the rest of the populace that they want to alter the physical brain of the person.


Now, Huxley talked about the wires in the brain leading up to a chip in the brain.† Thatís actually where theyíre going because, at the World Science Meeting at Loyola University in Louisiana, in 2001, I think it was, they said that this chip for the brain is ready.† And all they have to do now is convince the public to take it.† And the scientists from Tokyo...† This meeting by the way was sponsored and paid for by the US Department of Commerce.† And Newt Gingrich headed it off.† And they said, this chip is ready to go.† They will encourage the public to take it, either through fear, thatís terror, which is happening now, for safety.† Theyíll promote it through movies, films, and even cartoons, write it into novels as a plus thing, you see, a favorable thing.† And sure enough, the films are already out there, since that meeting, and youngsters see it in their cartoons, with their heroes with the chips that can do amazing things.† And thatís how theyíre promoting this, as a natural evolution you might say.† But then, the scientist from Tokyo said the real purpose will eventually kick in, he said, because there will be no more individuality.† The people will be hooked up to regional computers that will control what they do, what they work at, and they said it will be virtually impossible to even perceive of yourself as a distinct, separate individual.† He said, think of it more like the beehive.


Rebecca: Well, you know one of the things that came out a few years ago is they came out with this chip that was supposed to be designed for, talking about being fear based, this chip was supposed to be implanted into people that had ďmedical conditionsĒ.† And then also to put into your children, so if they ever got lost they could be put on the Amber Alert list to be tracked.† So, yeah, that much I did know about that brain chip.† I didnít realize that that was the actual ultimate end purpose.† I thought it was more for just kind of keeping track of people.† But yeah, absolutely, you can lose your individuality through it.† It would be something that when I hear about that I tell people, oh, absolutely donít do that, not unless you want your life taken away.† But I didnít know to what extent.† Itís so barbaric.† So, I guess then their ultimate goal then would be that the elitists would be in control, in charge, and the rest of us are just going to be mindless.


Alan: That is right.†


Rebecca: And thatís their end goal.† What a lonely place to be.


Alan: Yes.† You know, it reminded me of the Star Trek series where they met the Borg.† And the Borg were exactly that.† They were connected to a central computer.† They had no individual characteristics of their own.† They were called the hive.† And thatís what they said at the science meeting.† They actually used that very same term.† Think of it more like the hive, where everybody is in their place and working in their place, and central, or regional computers will be sending thoughts to their heads and back.† And he says, youíll hear other peopleís thoughts and instructions whispering through your head.† Now, thatís just like the Borg on Star Trek.†


Rebecca: Oh, what an awful place to be.†


Alan: And no individuality.


Rebecca: No.† That just doesnít seem right.† So, letís carry this one step further, because, youíve given, I know youíve just touched the tip of the iceberg with all this information.† What can we do?† You know, I told you, you know, when we were on a commercial break, I said, well, one of the things that I have quit doing is when I go to the grocery store, I do not get plastic bags.† I buy my milk in glass jugs.† You know, it just felt like the right thing to do.† And now, youíre telling me that all of our plastics have this stuff, and itís like, oh heavens.† What can we do?† What is there that we can do?


Alan: You always watch how prevalent culture is pushed and promoted and do the opposite.† And so, when they push the bottled water in plastic bottles, donít use them, because that xenoestrogen thatís in that plastic, that soft plastic gives off this gas all the time.† And it goes into the water and you drink it, and it does affect your hormones, big time, which affects your mental state, as well.† This was understood before they gave us the plastic bottles, because they wrote so much about it back in the 50s.† So, everything that theyíre doing is on schedule.† Itís according to an agenda, which you can read about.† Iíve got lots of interviews on my website, with lots more information going into detail on this.† And try also not to get inoculations for any purpose, because, when you go back to the old meetings of even the League of Nations, which transformed into the United Nations, at the very beginning in 1917, they had a department of population control, and even there they had world meetings where they discussed inoculating and sterilizing the public via inoculations.† And I think theyíve been doing it, actually.


Rebecca: Oh, I have no doubt about that.† None whatsoever.† Hereís a question in regards to inoculations.† Most children cannot get into school if they are not inoculated.† What can you do to bypass that if you want to choose to put your child in a public school?


Alan: You can fight it, because so far it isnít actual law.† It might be policy, but itís not law, although they try to tell you it is.† Many parents have got forms and filled them out, and youíre exempt from those inoculations.† You donít have to take them at all.† Itís not actually law yet.


Rebecca: Well, you know, itís interesting when youíre talking about the inoculations.† Also theyíre saying that these inoculations have been attributed to a higher increase with people with autism as well.


Alan: Oh, itís a fantastic increase.


Rebecca: Yes.† And it has caused a lot of issues.† And I also feel like that, you know, these inoculations are part of a grander scheme.† And youíve obviously told me that, but I always thought, no, I think itís worse than that, because we see such an increase in, first of all, you were talking about people wanting to have children.† Thereís a huge amount of infertility.


Alan: Massive, yeah.


Rebecca: Thereís also a huge increase in different, all kinds of strange and bizarre cancers.† And that would be from all the chemicals.† And everything that they put in as you said, in all our plastic jugs and food.† Everything.† I mean, this is all, as youíre sitting here telling me this, Iím like, well, this is all part of a bigger scheme of things that would control the population.† It also helps to generate obviously a lot of money from people who are cancer patients, because thereís big huge dollars in that for people to get cured from the cancer that theyíve been given to begin with.† Interesting.


Alan: You find even with Dr. Salk, who gave us the polio vaccine, and Iím actually dubious of anything to do with polio in the first place, but I do have an old video of him admitting that he knew amongst all the hundreds of live viruses, monkey viruses, because they grew this virus on monkey tissue, mainly kidney, he said the Simian 40 virus was a virus that only seemed to have one function, and that was to cause cancer.† And he knew that that was in every shot that was given.† And then he said, but we thought the benefits outweighed the risks, and so, they went forward with it.† And sure enough, itís like a time-delayed cancer.† And people now are coming down with cancers much earlier and earlier.† So, this was done on purpose.† They knew what they were doing.† And it came after world meetings, even at the League of Nations, long before that, where they talked about that very thing.† How do we reduce the population?† And they came up with two approaches to it.† In the West, where there was media coverage and some education, they realized they couldnít do a sudden kill on the public, or a quick sterilization on the public, so they would introduce slow-acting, debilitating diseases, which would make a person say with chronic fatigue syndrome ineligible as a prospective marriage partner.† So, that was one for the West, slow crippling forms of disease.†† Whereas, with Africa, because they didnít have any power, no influence in the world, they could do a quick kill.† And we saw the AIDS introduced to Africa, which is decimating it.† So, theyíve followed what they said a long time before that.† Theyíre doing it.†


Rebecca: How abominable.† How abominable.† This really needs to stop.† And Iím absolutely so grateful for you to be on this show and sharing this information.† I know that your website that youíve talked about has a ton of information, and itís good that itís getting here.† Iíve been kind of scrolling through it.† There is, thereís massive quantities of information on your website.† So, if you would be so kind as to let people know how they can get a hold of you, what your website is, and any other information that you would like to share with them, because I think this is just too important to pass up.


Alan: I think if they realize that this is a battle for the last of many generations, countless generations of the public, itís a battle to retain your consciousness, and not only retain it, to regain it to what it should be in the first place, a real, true reality, and to ensure that those who come after us have the same rights to be born healthy, and to have the ability to develop as independent, living, sentient creatures.† Thatís of prime importance.† Weíre at the last phase of this, right now.† And we must speak out now about whatís happening, and just say, no more.† Enough is enough.† And to tell the elitists, and those in governments, that we know whatís going on.† We have the evidence.† We see it with our own eyes too, apart from the documentation, and weíre not going to have it anymore.† Weíve got to do it now, because we are in the final battle for this.


Rebecca: Well, I couldnít agree with you more.† So, I urge each and every one of you to go to his website.† What is that address again?


Alan: Itís†


Rebecca: Very simple.† Itís like what weíve been talking about.†† Now, also, for those of you who may not have gotten that information, you will be able to click over directly from my website, to Alan Wattís website, by just clicking on the link.† You know, Alan, I think this as a subject matter is so very vital and important that I would like to invite you back here, while weíre sitting here talking, Iíd like to invite you back.† Weíre going to get a little bit more specified in our next conversation, if youíd be interested in coming back, as I do a little bit more research on this.† And please, for those of you out there listening, if you have a question or comment on todayís show, please do not hesitate to write.† Mailbag at, because Iíd like to hear more about it.† I think this is just way too important, so if thereís anybody else whoíd like to share some information, weíd love to hear from you.† Alan, this has just been absolutely eye-opening.† I cannot thank you enough for being here on the show today.† And again, his website is† Alan, thank you so much for being here today.


Alan: Itís been a pleasure.


Rebecca: Thank you.


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