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August 14, 2007




Mike: Welcome back to the Midnight Rider here at the Republic Broadcasting Network. It is my extreme pleasure and honor to welcome to the program somebody I have listened to a little bit. I've been through his website some, but you stay here for like a year and probably not go through all the information more than once. Alan Watt is a long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development. Born in Scotland, he watched the subtleties of politics and media as they guided the population of the U.K. covertly into a European Amalgamation. He has been warning the North American people for some years now that the same process of amalgamation is being carried out. With historical documentation, he shows how cultures are created and altered by those in control, always to lead the people like sheep into the next pasture. He has a website and folks if you've not been to his website you need to. There is so much information there you could literally camp out there for quite some time and just read yourself absolutely crazy and fill yourself up with knowledge. Alan Watt, welcome to the Midnight Rider. How are you this evening?


Alan:  Oh I'm fine, thanks very much.


Mike:  It's my pleasure to have you on the show. You were born in Scotland and you started watching the ideas I guess of this coming together I guess of different nations into what we see as the EU now. What kind of altered you to all this? I mean did you just kind of wake up one day and just kind of notice this or was it a process period that brought you into this?


Alan:  It was a process that started very young and I realized that the history I was getting in school when I compared it to the reference libraries, the adult libraries and I used to get into adult libraries when I six and seven or five even. They were changing history. History that was written at the period was now vastly and drastically altered, and so I questioned my teachers about it. Of course, they had been taught that the most recently history at college, too, and they didn't know so I gave them the crux of it. They were rather stunned and realized that Britain especially is the master at controlling and creating cultures, and not only for one country but for the world itself.  When you went back into history you realized that the British Empire, truly empire making is a science and a science which was known thousands of years ago. It's not known to the public but it's kept in the archives and shown to certain professors and I have that is fact from a few professors who've been allowed access to these archives.


Britain in the 1500s decided to make a global empire based on free trade basically.  John Dee was the guy who came up with the term the "British Empire" and the term "Free Trade" including the term "most favored nation status" a term we hear today even with China that's given most favored nation status to trade freely with Europe and even the Americas. This is an ongoing conquest in fact to bring a world together under one system, a system started off by even the Rosicrucian's who surrounded Queen Elizabeth I at the court in London. They were all Rosicrucian's, Francis Bacon, Dee and a whole bunch of them and even King James that authorized the setting up of the King James Bible was a member as well. You find that nothing really evolved in history, and when you get into the science of creating empires, you realize that the Hegelian Dialectic was on the go long before Hegel renamed it; because the whole ideas was to create opposites and get people fighting and nations fighting and then come out with the solutions of the treaties or the compromise really of what it is in the long run. That's been going on right up to the present time and we're now seeing the culmination of the last part of it where the Arabic and Aramaic worlds come under the standardization process and a global system comes into view.


Mike:  They're resisting a little more hardly then other have. I think part of it to is the fact that they've fighting amongst themselves for so long that war and the talk of war for those in the Arab world is literally a thing of life, and so it's even somewhat engrained into their own religion and what they believe.


Alan:  It's not so much even that. It's the fact the inner system which was discussed again a long, long time ago based on money and wealth. Money is a substitute for real wealth. If you understand that process, you understand how that works. There's always been a small psychopathic elite that at one time used to be called "the deviant creation" thousands of years ago. The psychopaths themselves the whole idea is to get everyone else working for them and to have more of the material goods and the food and comforts and get everyone else down below working for them. Slavery was the first form of it and money came in and as others have said. Even Charles Galton Darwin said it in the 1950s that money really creates a new more sophisticated form of slavery. You don’t realize you are a wage slave even when 50 or 60 percent of your taxes, which is just labor, goes back to keeping a few at the top in vast comforts. Even Aramaic countries it's always the psychopathic types who end up getting to the top in every country where money is used.


Mike:  I noticed that the psychopaths -- I had read an article here recently by Ray McGovern, of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity along with a psychiatrist. I think his name was Dr. Justin Frank and they had done an analysis on George W. Bush, a psychological analysis based on what they've seen him do I the past. His behaviors, things as a child. That fact that he liked to put firecrackers in frogs and light it those type of things. Basically, what I determined from the article, because they don't come out and say it in so many words, and essentially this man has an attachment type disorder, who has no remorse for the actions he takes and everything he believes he does is right and it's just and that everything that he does is for the right. There's no compunction, no guilt, no nothing whatsoever about mistakes or lives he endangers or lives that are taken and killed in the quest for the fulfillment of his agenda or the agenda of those above him.


Alan:  Yes that's true. A psychopath is pure ego. They run on ego and they will rationalize anything no matter how absurd it seems to the general population. They will try and rationalize it, not to suit you or to please you but to please and suit their own ego. They save their ego at all costs.


Mike:  And they're so charming. I mean they come out and look totally like somebody you just want to embrace or the hit of the party. The life of the crowd. I mean look at George W. Bush when he was running, even Bill Clinton before him, they looked very charismatic. People want to go and be around them because they're perceived to be these charismatic great leadership type individuals and they totally are ingratiate themselves to the masses just by turning on that little bit of charm and people follow right along.


Alan:  Yes. The psychopath, really, if you went to visit them in their office they'd make you believe that at that moment you were the only person in the world when they stared and listened at you. They'd make believe truly that nothing else mattered, but as soon as you're out that door, if they had to have you killed they would just say remove them. Just instantly in fact.


Mike:  Yes and I was amazed because it had so -- reading this article my wife and I had taken care of a number of children over the years and some of them were found to have these same type of attachment disorders, and I mean everything from – one of them actually hit my wife and broke her collar bone and she was four years old. They types of things that they're able to accomplish and that they're able to do because that mind of theirs is running totally on instinct and getting what I want. No is not a response they want to hear.


Alan:  That's right and especially to a child. A child that has a detachment conflict especially – you see the elite themselves and this is true of Britain that was the home of all this. The elite themselves and the elite families, the child is detached from the mother almost at birth and they use to have wet nurses that even fed the child and then the nanny took care of them until they went off to boarding school. If they ever saw their parents, it was maybe once a year. The whole idea was to remove the attachment qualities, the emotional bonding and they make perfect leaders and rulers for a psychopathic core above them, "the dominant minority" they're called. So they are perfect for that matter.


All the tyrants in history have known this. Children, when they're separated from their parents and told that they're parents are of no power whatsoever, the children seek power. They seek the powerful, and if the parents aren't there, they join a gang or the Hitler youth or the Young Communist Party. Whatever is given to them is what they join, because they do want a form of discipline and with the psychopathic personality they love uniforms. They tend to start to admire those in uniforms for power. Even Winston Churchill himself who was dried out a few times during World War II because he drunk so much booze everyday it was incredible. He was diagnosed in some hospitals as a psychopathic personality.


Mike:  Hold that thought right there. Hold it right there, Alan. We're going to grab a break. We’ll come back and finish that up on the other side. This is the Midnight Rider here on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Back here on the Midnight Rider Program. My name is Mike Chambers. It is a Monday night. Our guest tonight is Alan Watt. We'll take your calls starting at the top of the hour. The number is 800-313-9443. Alan's website is That's and Alan when we went to break you were talking about Winston Churchill and a psychological diagnosis given him.


Alan:  Yes. Winston Churchill was rather typical because he played with toy soldiers his whole life long. He had a room set aside in his big mansion for battle scenes with toy soldiers and he'd play war games right up until he died with them, and he didn't really see those little toy soldiers any differently than the real soldiers that were sent in waves in World War II. He was dispassionate when it came to that. However, he was the first to admit that he himself had no bonding with his father. His father was exactly the same as he was and his father was a lifelong lord as well who died of syphilis eventually. These characters truly -- not only that, you see it's not just the lack of bonding. It's the fact that there's a genetic problem, too, because over the many, many centuries, in again a monied system, the psychopath gets to the top and then inbreeds with other psychopath females so it becomes a hereditary trait with them; and that's the problem we have with so many of them today in every country.


Mike:  Right. And it certainly has extended here. If you look at just members of the Bush family alone, George Herbert Walker Bush was sent off to boarding school as a young lad. So were the others and those boarding schools even for young students I found had their own set of secret societies.


Alan:  Yes, they do.


Mike:  So the training and the indoctrination for these children begins at a very, very young age even while still in the womb.


Alan:  Yes and then their headmasters to and the masters that teach them. The dons and deans are all members of the same culture and societies as well, so it becomes tradition.


Mike:  Yes, most certainly. What finally brought you to North America? I know you're in Canada but what brought you to this part of the world?


Alan:  I just kind of knew I'd end up here somehow. I didn't know why but I did know that what I saw happening in Britain and especially in Europe, I saw the amalgamation coming long ago and it was a step-by-step process and they kept using certain buzz terms in the news media, which is the prime minister's off to sign contracts with the French president and the German president and so on, and they said it was to form closer ties. That's all they would say is "closer ties" and I thought well in the standards of economics when you sign economic treaties all your laws come and circle around the economic system that you have. Therefore, if yourself economically that you're binding yourself nationally as well into a new system of culture and that's exactly that was happening, so I knew it was time to get out of that particular area before it went downhill. Then, sure enough, I also knew that Britain had signed a treaty with the United Nations in 1945-46 to de-industrialize gradually beginning in the early 1970s not to tell the public why we're being industrialized, and so they had a tremendous era of depression in Britain as I was growing up, right through the whole time. Tremendous unemployment, whole generations went on welfare and Margaret Thatcher came out on national television and said "there's a generation who will never see work in their lifetime growing up. Get used to it" and I thought well it's time to get out.


Mike:  So while we're undergoing an economic boon in this country, the exact opposite is happening there in the UK?


Alan:  That was right, yes.


Mike:  Wow incredible. And that's part of the thing too, Alan, is the fact that the news that we get and the news that each different country sees is so narrow. The amount of information that's disseminated on a daily basis is really next to none.


Alan:  What I noticed when I was in the music business I traveled all across Europe and the world. What I noticed in Europe especially when a law was being passed in Britain, I'd travel to France and West Germany and Norway and so on and find the same law being passed everywhere, but they never mentioned that it was getting passed everywhere else. Everyone took it for granted it was a national law and I saw the binding process happening so covertly, and yet, in a sense, it was in the open as well for those who could see.  I also got to meet some of the top politicians in Europe because after concerts they'd ask you home and they like to show you off type of thing, and they'd often say odd things.  I did meet one of them in Norway that is now at the United Nations and she was telling me about the future that she foresaw. At the time it was a bit over my head but I caught some of it, and she did talk about the amalgamation process that would happen and how drastically the cultures would be altered and the whole world would be altered eventually.


Mike:  How long were you in the music business? Were you a musician?


Alan:  Oh yes. I mean I wrote a lot of songs for a lot singers, but I also played session as well and laid the tracks down for a lot of the albums and I could play solo as well on concert, either with groups which occasionally formed for stage musicals or else I played solo and classical.


Mike:  What instrument?


Alan:  Quite a few but mainly guitar was my favorite.


Mike:  Mainly guitar. Excellent, excellent. All right, we're going to grab a break. Alan Watt is our guest. We’ll come back on the other side with more again at the top of the hour we'll take your calls. Back here on the Midnight Rider. Our guest tonight is Mr. Alan Watt. His website is and it's and it's a great website. You need to check it out. Back to our guest Alan Watt. Alan, you use a term that to me is so much more fitting for these people. A lot of times even in patriot radio you hear the term the elite use. You use the term "psychopaths" which I think is a much, much better term and I'm glad to see somebody using that on a regular basis.


Alan:  Yes. They're also called "the pathocracy" because "the pathocracy" is a term coined by a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists that came out of the ex-Soviet bloc and they were studying the tactics of their own leaders. They realized that there were psychopaths running them, too, and a label was eventually put on of "the pathocracy".  We find with Aldous Huxley, who was a member of this dominant minority, he called them "the dominant minority."  Huxley said at his speech in Berkeley in the 1960s that there had always been in history a "dominant minority" and he could see no reason why there shouldn't always be one, and, of course, he knew that because they ran what we call the "economic system" entirely. They're the characters who own the resources of the world and the merchandising of the world. They own all of it basically and they run the politics too.


Mike:  Why would anybody think that there should be a dominant minority? These people have done nothing but brought pain and misery on the majority that they've tried to keep as inferior.


Alan:  That's right and that's the interesting part of it. I mean even Plato talked about this because he was also a member of the aristocracy in his time. In the book called "The Republic" that Plato wrote, he laid out the foundations for this world system, they call it a utopia for themselves and he called the dominant minority "The Guardian Class," those who are the guardians of the world. It's their world but he talked about a time when they would bring out thousands of what we now call bureaucrats – we call them helpers, that would help run the its. The ITS were the common people beneath them. The vast majority and they'd actually breed them for special tasks and purposes like you breed a domesticated animal, so every one of the top characters goes by Plato's philosophy. They think it's the natural order of the predator and they have no problem talking about this amongst themselves. They are a predatory class, and when you breakdown the word predatory, you have PRE-DATE. In other words, they pre-date what we call "civilization" or history. They've always been here and they call it "the law of nature", so they have a thousand rationalizations and justifications for why they should be at the top and why they should act gods on the world.


Mike:  And yet, we have the small helpless sheep that without astute shepherding we'd all be lost?


Alan:  That's right and the sad part is they understand tribalism. In the 1960s The Royal Institute of International Affairs with its American organization called The Council on Foreign Relations, same branch, same thing, they discussed this very topic of a future society led by this dominant elite and rationalized why they had the right to do so. They said that 87 percent of the public had no mind of their own. They simply adopt whatever opinion is given to them by the expert media, and therefore, by the very fact that they would not reason for themselves, they had to be mastered and they had to be led or pushed, and these are the words that they use. They're very arrogant at the top but they do publish what they say.


Mike:  But the fact that they say 80 percent of the people don't think for themselves, I think that that's probably fairly accurate.


Alan:  It is accurate but then again we look into the conditioning that we have, and this is a scientific process of conditioning that we've been in since the basically the beginning – especially the television era. Massive indoctrination even through cartoons when you realize that cartoons themselves are conditioning that child from an age of two years ago to experiences he will notice in the future and accept and adopt. It's called predictive programming, and then once you're into the school system it's further reinforced. Stalin said the same thing. He says the first people you must pay very well are the educators because they will condition the minds so that the public will perceive the way that we want them to perceive, and that's very true. It's a scientific process.


Mike:  It's working well. I mean the dumbing down of the children here in the United States just from generation to generation is incredible. I can go to a kid, if you find one standing outside, you could ask them for directions and they can't tell you where things are around them in their own neighborhood. I mean it's literally amazing.


Alan:  They have no interest of it. That's the other part. They have no interest in their surroundings or people, but you put them in front of a computer and they act swiftly and precisely. It's quite interesting to see that they're already being programmed towards the next step and we know what the next step is because they've published what the next step is, and that's interfacing with computers.


Mike:  Right. My wife and I took our kids out of town over the weekend and we spent three days in a little one-bedroom cabin, kind of stuck out in the woods. We weren't very far from civilization but there was no television other than a VCR with a few movies, but mostly movies they're not interested in, and there was no x-box, no video games, no internet and the kids were literally going stir crazy for at least two days. On the third day they discovered outside, that it's not all that hard to create your own adventure and your own fun, and last night we left this morning came back. By the time we called them in last night at 10 o'clock they were out traipsing around in the dark with a $2 flashlight having a ball and it was just them discovering that hey I can do this. I can have fun doing this.


Alan:  Yes. They can start to use their imagination rather than have it all laid on for them. That's just it. You see everything today is laid on for you. You come home from work even as an adult. You turn on that television tube and you zonk out and you're programmed. You don't participate in anything. In fact, people don't even talk to each other very much any more in the same families. However, children have to use their imagination because that's how they work out not just problems in life but that's how they work out who they are individually and they gain confidence by doing so and exploring.


Mike:  Oh most certainly. You had mentioned that you had gotten into the adult reference library as a child. By the time I was seven or eight, I was going through encyclopedias like you couldn't believe. I mean I was just hungry for any type of knowledge I could find, but today to try and get one to buy a book – you know to read a book or anything – I mean I went out and bought my son, who's 11, a number of classics, Tom Sawyer, Robinson Crusoe, things like that, thinking they would just really trip his trigger. He had no interest in them. They weren't on a video.


Alan:  What's happened, too, you see they've done tests on all of this stuff, but the cartoons, if you watch the cartoon, there's no still in that cartoon still scene for more than two and a half to three seconds and this is intentional. It's to decrease the attention span. If you look away, the child will miss part of what happens next. You have to be so attentive to make them – it puts them in a hypnotic state because of the fast action, fast movements, but when they grow up their mind is still going at that speed and they cannot sit still for a minute and actually read something and think and this is the side effect of being brought up with television.


Mike:  Right and I know for me, Alan, that the effect of having a book in my hand I retain the information better with a book in my hand than I do actually physically going through information on a computer. If I've got the book in my hand I'm going to retain it much better than having it on a screen for some reason.


Alan:  Most people have said the same thing. It's because of the flicker rate which you don't consciously see but subconsciously you do, and so you’re in a semi-hypnotic state. They're not retaining. It's not going deep.


Mike:  Well that makes total sense, so I'm hypnotized most the time throughout the day.


Alan:  Most of us are, yes.


Mike:  Most of us indeed. So you come here to this part of the world because you're in Canada. Now have you lived in the states at all?


Alan:  No. I've been through the states. I've recorded there in some places.


Mike:  So you come to this continent and you see the exact same thing happening here that happened in the UK.


Alan:  Yes.


Mike:  What were your thoughts when you first arrived here?


Alan:  I saw it fairly quickly actually. They were already underway doing nefarious little dirty deeds between the politicians, but I realized that the U.S. would have to be taken down in a different way. When Kissinger himself gave the speech at California where he said that eventually Americans would welcome UN troops coming in under the right circumstances I knew they were going to use terrorism or catastrophes to make it so.


Mike:  Well and they certainly have done a good job especially with 9/11. Again, we can go back to the programming again. We’re six years removed 9/11 and nearly every day there will be an article out claiming that a new terrorist attack is on the horizon.


Alan:  That's right. It's a stampeding effect you see. This is well understood from the French Revolution onwards, that when you're changing a system drastically into a new way of life in fact and that what it's to be. A completely new way of life for everyone and that's the end of marriage and the end of private property ultimately and so on, then you must bring in a reign of terror. You must terrify the public and keep it going for as many years as possible; and when Rumsfeld said this might be a hundred years war after 9/11, he was talking about the whole agenda into this New World Order. A new order of society, a planned society run by the experts that's what he was referring to. We must give up all our old antiquated ideas of picking a mate, having your own children and all that kind of stuff, picking your own job. That's all to go. We've all to serve the state in this future society and this has been written about by the leaders of The Royal Institute for International Affairs. These are the guys that with the American branch the CFR that drafted up the unification of Americas and gave it to the presidents to sign.


Mike:  Absolutely incredible and the thing is Alan it's all right under our noses.


Alan:  You had it on television. In fact in Canada in 2005 in March when they signed the first open part or at least public part of the integration, The Council on Foreign Relations came out with a blurb on the news openly as The Council on Foreign Relations and they said that they had actually drafted up this whole thing for them to sign. They were proud of it.


Mike:  Well they're definitely proud. Are you surprised at the amount of resistance that has been presented so far to this North American Union idea here?


Alan:  No. They predicted it 20, 25 years ago and that's when they started to build up new forms of internal armies under many guises and all the different swat teams and all the rest of them to amalgamate multi-jurisdictional taskforces is what they call them now and they've been training them. Bringing them in from the military and put them into special police sections. I read an article last year that said I think it was nine of every ten policemen in the U.S. have come right out of the military, so they're already combat trained for the future. They have two sets of uniforms in Canada as well as the states. They have the ordinary one for their beat, which is all black now in Canada and the ones you tuck your pants into the combat gear for the actual urban warfare that they expect to come.


 That's also been declared publicly by the Department of Defence in Britain a couple of months ago in "The Guardian Newspaper" and find this on my website. They put out a 90-page report of what they foresee worldwide for the next 30 years, and it's nothing but uprisings by the peoples and ‘flashmobs’ they call it going against the government all over the place; and they even say that they're ready to use neutrino bombs on the public if necessary. So they know what they must do in this striving towards what they call "utopia," a completely new society. They know the resistance they're going to have because there's to be no automobiles in the future. That's in the Agenda 21 from the United Nations. No private vehicles. No private homes. It will be rental only because they want to issue credits by the government instead of money. You'll get so many credits per week in your account. If you disobey government they'll withdraw your credits and you can't pay your rent, so it's to be used as a form of social punishment. This is all mapped out and you can find a lot of this stuff from Lord Bertrand Russell who was a big player and he drafted a lot of this stuff up for The Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is the front group for this global elite company.


Mike:  Wow. I don't want to use the term ‘fear,’ but a chill went down my spine, Alan, when you brought up the fact that they already know that at some point in time we will rise up and try to stop.


Alan:  Yes and they know what will cause it and that's just it. In the 90-page report there was nothing but their reaction to the public. They didn't say one thing as to why the public would react in the first place, and it has to be very drastic because under the Kyoto and all the other grabbing of all natural resources and energy they're going to drastically reduce your way of living down to a third world status.


Mike:  Certainly and they're doing a darn good job of that already. I mean look at the economy of this country. You've got all of the high-tech jobs are going overseas. They're out of here. Manufacturing has been disseminated in this country. You combine that with the influx of illegal aliens and you've got wages starting to drop in meat kind of at a midpoint close to the minimum wage and it will get to the point where people cannot a living.


Alan:  They know that because that's the intention. I always said that when the U.S. was used as the big machine and the financial and the manpower machine to take down the Middle East, they'd already be pulling the carpet from under your feet back home and that's exactly what they're doing.


Mike:  Yes and we keep coming back to this programming. When we come back from the break, Alan, I wanted to talk a little bit about how we start to reverse the programming because that seems to be -- if the programming has been their achieved weapon, in my mind it seems that we must the programming itself and change it.


Alan:  You must change it, yes.


Mike:  We'll talk about it when we come back. We're talking with Alan Watt. His website is You're listening to the Midnight Rider. The telephone number is 800-313-9443. This is the Republic Broadcasting Network. Short segment here to take us up to the top of the hour on Midnight Rider with Mike Chambers. My guest tonight is Alan Watt and as we we're going to the break, we were discussing really the idea of programming and how we've been experimented with and we've been watched. We've been toyed with. We’ve been maneuvered not only in the 21st century and the 20th century but for centuries itself. These people, these psychopaths have been able to do quite a case study on us and know exactly who we are and how we function.  Alan, with all this programming that we undergo on a daily basis that with each passing year increases and increases, how do we start to reverse the program?


Alan:  It's starts with the individual. Generally, people, when they start waking up, look for groups to join and that's the first mistake, because when you realize the scope of this thing, pretty well every big major group out there is authorized to be there so that you will join them. This is an old technique that's been tried over the centuries as well. For instance, even Lenin said that they would use – initially they used Freemasonry to get Masons in for the revolution, but they also wanted a personality profile on people with leadership abilities, so they all joined these clubs and after the revolution they rounded them up and killed them. This is rather typical of how they do things. Old strategies that are still in use today and there's a lot of fakes put out into society to mislead the people and really to get their names and personality profiles on them too. Colonel Bo Gritz was doing the rounds of shortwave for years and he had his own show on short-wave, and yet, the day after 9/11 he was on the Congressional steps, and he was interviewed on national television. When he was asked who did it? he said it would be those crazy shortwave patriot types that see black helicopters and so on. So this is a guy who was a plant all those years sent out by the Pentagon to fool the people. There's lots of them out there.


Mike:  Of a percentage of those people in the patriot movement, what in your mind do you think is a percentage of those who are indeed plants?


Alan:  You'll find every major group will have its plant. In fact often they'll start up the group, say all the right things and live very simply even, if necessary to attract members and names and so on. See today, you can keep nothing private and therefore I always tell the individual the change starts in you yourself, and if we realize we've got nothing to lose anyway, that's when you start becoming active and telling other people. You don't act as a group because groups eventually will be used to start off the chain reaction which the other side expects you to do, in fact they want you to do. They do want trouble to start from the patriot side so they can say to the general public "look there are crazies living amongst you. They can't trust you with firearms and so on and so here's what we're going to do."  That's what will happen.


Mike:  So the mass meetings and the getting together and showing strength and stuff is almost there unknowingly as a way to bring these people about and actually physically allow themselves to imbed into what we're doing?


Alan:  Absolutely. There's a guy in Canada who spoke out about this when he woke up. He didn't know the whole story and because he advocated a march on Ottawa he was automatically targeted by CSIS. That's our CIA, and they were camped outside his door everyday. They followed him to work and he got to know them. He was bringing them coffee in the morning. They thought he'd educate them on why they should change their minds and become patriots, and I think one of them had a hangover one day and he said, "You don't understand Brian. We want you to cause a revolution," and that's when the ground dropped away from underneath him when he realized that he was doing exactly what they wanted.


Mike:  Wow. Hang on. Back in 70 seconds on the other side here. We'll talk more with Alan Watt our guest. Our phone number if you want to get involved in this conversation 800-313-9443. That's 800-313-9443. You're listening to the Midnight Rider on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Hour number two underway here on the Midnight Rider. My name is Mike Chambers on the Republic Broadcasting Network tonight. Welcome aboard. Monday night now to Tuesday morning. The 13th of August into the 14th. Glad you're with us tonight. Our guest is Mr. Alan Watt. Alan's website is That's My website is Back to our guest Alan Watt.


Alan, it really makes it difficult then to do anything as far as growing a movement or growing people to come together as one if the danger of this infiltration like COINTELPRO with the antiwar movement if that danger is so high just forming a group itself is a danger all together.


Alan:  It would depend upon what your format was. You see what the elite have always expected as a natural reaction which is head-on resistance and opposition, totally opposite Hegelian method, and what they don't expect of course is something of a different nature something they haven't predicted. They're always ready for people coming against them in all ages. That's standard. First of all before you start to panic and say what are we trying to say or keep, you have to realize that what you've got already is a culture that was given to you in the first place, including with everything you think is normal is not normal at all. It's just what you've been given as a normal. You have to rethink the whole process of society itself and what is the purpose? Do you want to keep an inhuman society? Not that you could. You couldn't keep this system because the elite own it and they're changing it to the next level. Society today is anything but humane. It's inhumane. It's a dog-eat-dog society because a psychopathic elite or the pathocracy at the top give you a psychopathic culture they call success. Getting to the top by any means possible. You get the best treatment in hospitals if you've got the money. You get tossed on the street to die if you don’t. This is not a humane system and it's a dysfunctional system right now, because those things which held it together in the past, the family unit has been pretty well destroyed for most people.


Mike:  Right and the family used to take care of each other and you would have generations of family living together and you no longer do that because the message was put out that you're 18. You get out of school. You go to college or go to a vo-tech and you setup life on your own away from mom and dad.


Alan:  That's right and even mom and dad can hardly get on because they've both have been so conditioned into media to want fantasies. The men see nothing but the young females, you know the boob girls on television all the time in everything, but the females also are watching all the young fellows too. This system is marketing into your head complete dissatisfaction and they make you want complete fantasy, so you can't have a normal relationship anymore. Most people are fighting all the time or most of the time.


Mike:  Be back in a minute. 800-313-9443 is the number if you would like to join us here on the Midnight Rider 800-313-9443. That's the number that will get you right into us and get you on the program with Alan Watt. His website is Alan, I think you're actually starting to confirm for me some things that I have thought about. Some things that I have talked about on the air on occasion and you talk about the one way that you war against these individuals is by changing tactics. By going in differently than what they would expect and I have believed that to be true and I believe that we hold a weapon in our arsenal that they can't understand nor can they deal with, and that weapon, Alan, quite honestly is love. It's very simple. The whole thing is simple.


Alan:  It's the only engine of survival as I say so. The thing is people have to get down to basics about their whole existence and be honest for the first time in their lives because people are not honest. They're conditioned into a false reality where everyone pretends all the time that they're doing okay, but they're not doing okay at all in their lives or in their personal lives, and we have to start getting honest very quickly. However, more than that, we have start very quickly teaching everyone the mind of the psychopath. It's not difficult to teach and start to point the fingers at these characters at the top, because the one thing that psychopaths cannot stand is having his cover blown. He can't handle that and he has to personally answer.


Mike:  And when the emperor realizes he has no clothes, all bets are off at that point. They don't deal with it well at all and quite honestly, Alan, I don't think that I would have ever realized that these people were exactly what we've been discussing had I not been around these children with attachment disorders, because when you start looking at what they do their actions mirror these kids 100 percent.


Alan:  Yes and when you realize it's like having a dog with rabies. You don't hate the dog because it's got rabies, but you do realize that it's a very dangerous thing. When you have a few thousand of these people at the top and families that are interbred generationally like this, they're very dangerous because they do hold the reigns of power, of money and wealth and think tanks and all the institutions that they can call at will.  We have to realize these are very dangerous people because they will stop at nothing to get their way, and unfortunately we've got to a stage now, where, as I say, it's like the man with the axe on the chopping block. The axe is swung halfway down. He can't stop it now. To them it's all or nothing because if they start losing now they'll release a lot of toys in their arsenal. That is the psychopathic mentality. It's like Adolph Hitler. Hitler said in his last days in the bunker that if the German people were not fit in a Darwinian sense of survival of the fittest to dominate the rest of Europe then they must perish. In other words, they'll take everybody with them.


Mike:  Phones are lining up here. Joe in Rhode Island welcome to the Midnight Rider Show you're on.


Joe:  Hi. How are you tonight?


Mike:  I'm wonderful. How are you doing?


Joe:  Great. I was wondering if I could speak to Alan for a second.


Mike:  He's here. Ask away.


Joe:  Okay. Alan, how are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Joe:  You've talked about deprogramming before and I'd like to give my answer to how that can be done. I believe that we're in the end times here and I think it's very important to go to a source that can speak for us and when the one worldism and when the end is near to this earth age I think in the Zachariah chapter 8 in scriptures it says "these are the things that ye shall do."  In other words, this is the great deprogrammer, the understanding of the scriptures and it says in that verse 16 "speak ye every man the truth to his neighbor."  This is what you're to do. Execute the judgment of truth in peace in your gates" and from verse 18 to 23 is actually a deprogramming that would take place, it's known as the fast of the tenth month.


Alan:  I wouldn't disagree with it because people have to start getting honest very quickly right now because the longer this farce goes on the more power their gaining. I don't think people realize how many laws are passed every single day now. They're all meshing together and we can't pretend anymore that things are just fine. You might be able to go out now and have a good meal at a restaurant, if you can afford it, but those days will come to an end. We've got to act now before they get to the final clash. We've got avert the final clash all together and once we start rolling with the honesty and asking what is another way to live, because there are many, many ways society can go, then we'd have a chance of survival. We can't go backwards. We can't go back to an industrial society because that was their system too. They are the guys that gave their industries to China and set up in China. They are still their industries based in China, so we can't go backwards. We have to find a new way which is far more humane because this is not a humane system, and one way or another it will come to an end.


Joe:  Yes. The last verse of those verses that I gave I'd like to just read that verse and explain it.


Mike:  Real quick there Joe, real quick.


Joe:  This is verse 23. "Thus sayeth the Lord of hosts. In those days it shall come to pass that ten men shall take hold of all languages of the nations." This is one-worldism. All languages of the nations even shall take hold of the spirit of him that is a Jew saying we will go with you for we affirm that God is with you. This is the deprogramming that has to take place.


Alan:  As I say, we have get moving fast, and even with the children, because the children having left out of the book of the equation by their parents to who are so busy chasing after the things of the world, they give them money and they don't give them advice. The children are starved for communication, human communication, personal communication, instead of that they're getting it from a television or from the computer screen and that's all handled by the big boys upstairs.


Mike:  Right. Joe, thanks for your call. Appreciate your call tonight. Let's go to Mark in Pennsylvania. Mark, welcome to the Midnight Rider.


Mark:  Alan?


Alan:  Yes.


Mark:  You're the man.


Alan:  I'm the man, eh?


Mark:  I have a question about speaking of being humane. When I go to explain to my friends and family and have a very tough time explaining what's going on with the truth about 9/11 and that sort of thing, they always say the same thing. How could they kill so many people? Who could ever do that? And I try to explain and then I have a dilemma because are we sort of psychopaths in the sense that when we -- they think of us as ants, right?


Alan:  Yes.


Mark:  And we think nothing of stepping on ants, so how can we expect anything different for us?


Alan: Yes, that's right.


Mark:  I mean how is it different? Then we get into the old ‘do we eat meat?’ Well is that fair to the animal that we eat and even a plant? Who's to say that a plant doesn't have a brain and that's wrong to. So I wanted to get your thoughts on that.


Alan:  Yes. They'll always go off on these tangents to waylay the main problem. The fact is, if you look at the rest of nature, you could always say nature's also eating the grass too. There's a lot of grass eaters out there as well and that's just the way they were made. The fact is we're the only mammal basically that kills each other. We do that. Ants do that and some bees and wasps will do that, but man is the only mammal that kills each other, not because they're in the way of something else but because for powers sake itself, they actually kill thousands of people to gain more power, and that's what all wars are about. All wars are economic wars ultimately because only a few -- if you look at Britain had centuries of war after the Bank of England was created, you could then tax all the people to pay for the wars indefinitely and they had war after war after war right up to the present time it's still going on. They're still over there in Basra and you know it's got to stop. We're slaughtering for a few people at the top in London and in New York and Washington and so on. We're slaughtering people just so they can gain the power over the entire planet and that's really what it is.


George Orwell said it himself in "1984" and he was trained remember and groomed to be a helper of the elite. He came from a long lineage of bureaucratic families. His father was a governor general of Burma for the British Empire and he turned against them. When he was writing "1984" his book when he asks O'Brien why he was being tortured so much when it wasn't necessary and why they even have to torture, O'Brien said it was for powers sake. Everybody had to bow to the knee or bow to the knee for powers sake, and we've got to understand that is the psychopathic personality which thrives in an economic monied system. This is their system. They gave it to us a long time ago.


Mark:  So before money was it ethical to eat meat?


Alan:  Meat isn't the problem here. We're not talking about mass cannibalism. We’re talking about slaughtering people for a different reason all together. If you eat, it's because you're hungry. That's different. Everything in nature is hungry. Even the bacterium gets hungry. You can't equate the two here. We’re talking about people slaughtering for different purposes for powers sake.


Mark:  So it's the intention?


Alan:  It's the intention and it's an aberrant intention. It's a deviant intention.


Mark:  Thank you. We'll hear you on Dr. Deagle tomorrow. Thank you.


Alan: Okay.


Mike:  Thanks for the call Mark. Okay, back around the quarter we get more calls 800-313-9443. This is the Midnight Rider. We're with Alan Watt tonight. You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network. Back here on the Midnight Rider. Get your hands in the air mama. We're talking with Alan Watt. His website is That's Let's go back to the phones. It's either Phil or Bill in Texas on line three welcome to the program.


Phil:  Hi. It's Phil.


Mike:  Hi, Phil.


Phil:  I don't know where to start but I mean there's so much but I do want to make a few comments and then get Alan's response.


Mike:  Go right ahead.


Phil:  I too have often believed that since my younger days that love is the most powerful thing that exists in this universe. For some reason I've always understood that yet today's churches or the clergy or whatever I never have been able to actually feel committed to go full substance of what's going on in the world. I guess my question to Alan is: Is this part of their design also and would you say that the scriptures are part of their design? Because I heard you when you were taking over for John when you were on his show you were saying that this goes so far back, so if one is seeking for actual truth say from our Creator where is one to go?  The other question I would like to ask, I feel that we are dealing with evil in its purest form and I trust and I hope that the Creator has the grand design to someday put this to an end.  I would just like to hear Alan's response to some of these things I raised.


 Alan:  Yes. I mean even the word love has been so muddied and dirtied by Hollywood and by the music industry too that it means nothing anymore. It could mean anything from having sex to buying a new product. It's been completely thrown out and that was intentional too. That had to destroy even the terminology that bonded people together at one time and this has been written about in think tanks like the Tavistock Institute and Britain a long time ago.


In the 1800s they said they would have to destroy the terminology of bonding and religion. Religion was a prime one to move out of the way. They claimed it had served its purpose and that was true because the major countries used religion and gave you a cultural form of it and slightly different in every country for different peoples, so it was as control mechanism. However, maybe even compassion is a better word because once you get above the emotion you get a thing called compassion when you see the big picture and you see the vastness of society and the vastness of those who suffer within society. Same problems. It's drug addiction. It's young people being thrown out on the streets or thrown in jail. This is called a functional society or progress. No, this is a dysfunctional society. You have to have compassion. This was all intentional.


It was all brought out and planned and every step of it was foreseen by the big think tanks and the reactions to it. Only through all the side effects and the fallout they've been able to make vast internal armies now. This paramilitary force now called the police and all of the various agencies combined. It was all intentional. We've got to always keep compassion for people, even for those who fall, it's true enough, and lots of them have.  I get lots of mail from people that have fallen big time on drugs and all the rest of it and who are starting to pick themselves up and stop blaming themselves for the ills of the world. That's what we've got to stop doing is blaming ourselves and looking at the culprits and realize that we have better sides to us if we wish to use them. We've got to bring that to the fore and we've got to point at the ones who are causing this, including all their think tanks that are basically funded by our tax money to make our own chains. We've got to start shunning the people, and I mean that personally, even the families start shunning those that put on the uniforms, stop being proud of them because eventually they're going to turn on you. We've got to start doing this now because times are becoming critical. They've published what they foresee for 30 years. It's 30 years of utter hell and it's our choice now whether we're going to go along with it and just nibble our food and hamburgers and watch television while its happening, or whether we’re going to stop it now.


Phil:  Well I see this everyday. Do you feel that the Bible is something that was given down by the Creator? Is this something that has been corrupted by them also? I mean where does on really seek truth from this Creator because I do feel that we've been created by superior beings that has our best interest in mind, but yet somewhere down the line something was corrupted and where do we seek this truth?


Mike:  Alan will answer that on the other side. Grab a break here and if you want to join in 800-313-9443. Don't go anywhere. This is the Midnight Rider with John R. Cash. Back in a minute on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Back here on the Midnight Rider and thank God for them. Monday nights into Tuesday the morning the 13th of August and the 14th tonight. Our guest is Alan Watt. His website is and Alan Phil asks a very legitimate question as we head into the break about the Bible and are we truly in the last days or is this a situation where these guys have read the book too?


 Alan:  They've not only read the book I mean they've reformatted it down through the ages always for their own political purpose, and, of course, you can actually see many of the changes they've actually made, especially where they wanted to put authority in the hand of the governments. They've added a lot to it and emphasized a lot and omitted others. However, even though religion has been so muddied as well and totally corrupted, there's no doubt about that. It's completely corrupted. It's a cultural all through society including religion in every country that there's so little bits of truth there, which are eternal truths which can't be changed. This is an end of an age as far as the astrological or astronomical cycle goes, because these characters at the top do have their own religion and they use the Great Zodiac as their big time plan. George Bush, Sr. has referred to it in different speeches. He talks about "the heavenly plan going as it should."  He's talking about the Age of Aquarius coming in and the Age of Pisces which is the Jesus -- the fish, the fishermen of men coming to an end. That's what that means and so these high occultic characters at the top do have their own religion and they do use religion to their own ends. Now most people will obey all the good parts in religions but the elite do the opposite. They are the wolves. They know you will obey all the good parts because the good parts in all religions give you a good society, a workable society.


Islam itself has more rules to do with good society than any other country, or any other culture I should say. They even put in their rules certain ways that people couldn't get too rich and form these particular types of dynasties, because they've have to give so much away in their wills when they died that they're offspring couldn't accumulate great wealth. They tried at least in that particular religion to stop it, but the other religions, Christianity unfortunately went hand in glove with this system of commerce and money accumulation then taxation, which is slavery, and it's come to where it is today. The big boys at the top, the good shepherds in all ages have always worked for the ones at the top, because if they're the shepherd and you are the sheep, then you're the dumbest animal on the planet. That's obvious. A sheep is the dumbest animal there is that will run into barbed wire and the rest of them will all follow it in fact. Therefore, when you realize the terminology that's used, you have to be very, very careful of what you're actually following. However, inside the religions there are always eternal truths that never change to do with the individual itself, because any change that happens in life doesn't happen just in the world. It happens within you and then you go into the occultic and they say that you are the microcosm. Everything in the outside world happens within you and vice versa and there's a truth there as well.


In other words, you can move universes by what you do and say and think and how conscious you have become within your own life, cutting through, as I say, all the illusions that are downloaded into you through your upbringing and your lifestyle and indoctrinations, so you can overcome a lot by using little bits of any religion in fact. If you go into India and Hinduism, you'll find that in Hinduism within the Brahamanistic culture they are more fatalistic in a sense that nothing can be changed and even that the elite themselves will always dream of utopias, can never truly pull it off because amongst the creator in Hinduism is also the destroyer that comes in. In a sense that happens with a personal life as well on an individual level. We have a great period of creativity but we all die too. So it doesn't matter what religion you look at there's bits and pieces of truth and you can certainly take those parts that you can use to better you own perspectives on life and overcome the problems of life. However, ultimately, you will see that this is a plan that's going on down through the ages. It's a great big business plan in fact, a project to take over the entire world. Not only to take it over but to run it in a systematic in a preplanned way. All the plans have been laid for the next 100, 200, 300 years. I don't think people realize how far this has gone.


Mike:  Right. Most don't realize how far back either. They don't realize that this plan is all encompassing and these guys are serious about their business and it's not just George W. Bush at the White House.


Alan:  No it's not Bush. No. I mean they publish the take over of the Middle East in the '90s with the The New American Century Project, so they're quite open about what they intended to do. They also were quite honest that they need something on a scale of a Pearl Harbor event to get public opinion on their side. Well they got it on 9/11 and even the mocking -- it's typical too of the arrogance of the psychopath how clever they are and how they wink at each other when they keep us all in the dark. George Bush, Sr. gave that New World Order speech, "the New World Order coming into view" on September 11th, 1990 and they repeated it on September 11th, 1991. I mean come on. How much do we need here? How much do we need before it sinks in? These guys are mocking us.


Mike:  I know. Anthony in Alabama you're on the program with us. Welcome to the show.


Anthony:  Hello, Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Anthony:  I called originally for last year the advice or a question on when you was talking about forming groups. I had been watching this movement since the early 1990s and me and several of my friends at that time that was really watching and paying attention chose not to go run and join a militia or anything. Just to keep yourself out of the public eye and they've since then chose to try to strategically talk to certain people and enlighten them on it and then make them come to you to want more information. Is that correct way to be going about this?


Alan:  Yes it is the correct way, and also, wherever you go you can always say little bits to each person and if you see a sparkle in their eye and they ask questions you can give them a little bit more, but you never download them with all that you know at once or they'll think you're crazy. When you realize that they're living in a different reality. They're still at the 6 o'clock news version of reality and you're feeding them information, so you've got to feed them very carefully.  Groups are a favorite method that's been used down through the last few centuries anyway to control and predict the population and even to use those groups when require always to their own detriment.


Anthony:  Yes that's correct. As a matter of fact this formed a second question I had for you while I was waiting on the phone I heard you say something about the militarization of the police state.  I actually talked to a young man several times at work who worked with me and he finally came to me and said okay I've heard enough. Now what do I need to do? The guy -- for number one now I'm ex-military myself and I actually chose to get out during the Clinton administration because I absolutely refused to wear blue beanie.  I said first thing you need to do is first shoot a couple of weapons and they he came to me several weeks later and said okay, I've got $1,000 I can play with. Can you help me? And I went to looking through magazines like the local buy-sell magazines trying to find him something that was used and he didn't have to sign his name for because he'd never bought a gun because I was a firm believer in telling him if you go buy a new one you just told the whole world hey I bought a gun. They know exactly where you live. If it ever came to coming to houses and I responded to an ad and the funny thing about it was when we all met together I went with him it was a policeman and the rifle we was buying you know I ask him what's the deal with it because I was a armor. I use to work on them. Has it got any problems? If it does tell me I can fix it.


Mike:  I'm going to have to move you along. We’re running out of time my friend.


Anthony:  Oh, okay. Actually to make a long story short this is more of a comment. This policeman actually told us he just got on a team and was issued an M4, M6 and said he didn't need this gun anymore so I'll leave you with that and maybe you can help folks along with that.


Mike:  Anthony thanks for the call. I appreciate it. You have a good night. Thanks for listening.


Alan:  See, even in Canada, too, from about 1990 onwards we started to get little photographs. These are publicity photographs for these little BATF type characters they have in Canada now, initially in the streets of Toronto or some suspected gunshot or something that probably didn’t happen at all, just to get the public use to seeing them. Then about 1997 the blue uniform with the blue shirt they used to wear as police changed overnight to be completely black uniform all over Canada, and no one (this is the scary part.) No one made a comment on it. Even their tie is black and their shirt is black. Here they are from one day to the next changing uniform walking through the streets and no one made a single comment, but what they all have been issued really is much more advanced firearms, and I think it's the MP5 submachine guns they all have now and different things. They're also getting an awful lot -- the biggest purchasers of the non-lethal and the more advanced even scalar type weaponry are the police forces and the military, so they're way ahead of the ordinary firearms when the big crunch comes and I think they will use them eventually.


Mike:  Danny in Texas you're on the Midnight Rider Program. Welcome aboard. You're speaking with Mr. Alan Watt.


Danny:  What is your feeling of the John Birch Society and one more question after you get to that, please.


Alan:  I don't really know too much about them, I know what they supposed to have stood for, but I have also heard the other side that they collected a lot of money against the United Nations at one time and used it for other purposes. So I don't know. Again, they were so widely touted to lead a particular section of society, perhaps up the garden path. I really don't know but I imagine they were authorized to do so. I always tell people, whatever personality type you are, they have a group already made for you.


Danny:  Well that's amazing Alan. Have you heard of a book called "The Great White Lie? It's about cocaine being white not racial but what a great white lie it is. It's a bestseller book?


Alan:  If you're talking about the Great White Brotherhood, that's an ancient thing that goes back to the days of Enoch and before because really symbolically the illumined man whose risen above everything, as I say, is washed as white as snow. It's a very, very old idea. However, around the second century AD, first century AD, it evolved into a racial thing where interbreeding of illumined people became the new Great White Brotherhood supposedly based in India after the Aryan race.


Danny:  It's a book about cocaine. It's a CIA agent who arrested some cocaine dealers in El Salvador or whatever. I think it was first to turn loose by the federal government and he asked them why and he said because they don't want to stop cocaine. It's a bestseller book called "The Great White Lie." 


Alan:  There was another also. It was called "Dope, Inc." It went right through the whole history of the big authorities bringing in the drugs, but if you look into the China opium wars, you'll find all the big players today with the Bush families, the Kerry's everyone that you know that went to Yale. All their predecessors in the same family lineages made millions when they were dropping bales of opium on the China shores a couple of hundred years ago. This is old, old stuff using drugs against the people.  I've got even talks on my website where I've gone through the reports of other agents who did catch other agents that they use to work with bringing in the drugs from South America. This is well known. It's been in the newspapers in Canada. The first thing that Bush did when they took over Afghanistan was to allow the re-growing of the poppies again; and you should see the movie "The French Connection" and "French Connection II" because in that those movies they were pretty factual. All the heroin that you see goes to Marseille in France. Always has done. Marseille has protection like you wouldn't believe. It's left alone and that's where they ship the refined stuff out to distribute and it's distributed through the rest of the countries by the Secret Service and Britain, MI6 and the CIA in the U.S. This is the absolute truth.


Danny:  Would you agree that when Truman was president he actually gave China to the communists by having ammunition taken to them that wouldn't fit their guns that were slaughtered on the battlefield.


Alan:  You've got to understand that Truman always use to quote a poem at the end of every major speech, and it was by Shelly the poet and it was about the federation of the world, when the guns war no more et cetera to come to the federation of the world. He was a globalist. You'll find pretty well every president before that was also a globalist. If you go back into the writings of Benjamin Franklin and others, you'll find that they said in their own memoirs that they wanted the United States to be the embryo, the beginning of a federation of the world. Therefore, this is going exactly to plan.


Danny:  Do you think Franklin wanted the United States to lose its sovereignty or do you think they wanted it to be the manifest destiny where IRA would especially control the world for its own protection?


Alan:  No. The United States might use that guise for a little while for the lower orders but the higher orders in the U.S. always have been internationalists. These people have always been internationalists.


Mike:  Danny thanks for you call. Appreciate it. We've got to head to a break here and when we come back on the other side we'll talk with Chad in Alaska. The opium crop in Afghanistan, the Taliban Alan it had completely wiped it out. I think the first domestic produce now of Afghanistan is up like 400 percent.


Alan:  That's right. It's doing good in there. Yes, that's where their investments go into. It's doing really well for the big boys.


Mike: Oh yes indeed. Back in a minute. This is the Midnight Rider on the Republic Broadcasting Network. The final segment of the Midnight Rider with Alan Watt. Return to the phones quickly. Chad in Alaska, you're on the program. Welcome aboard.


Chad:  A question for Alan and I'll hang up and take his answer off air. I'm calling to see what Alan has to say about a taboo subject in Christian teachers circles, and that is the subject of overpopulation. I see this factor at the root of almost all of mankind's problems including freedoms and private property forms the basis of freedom and overpopulation eliminates it. I mean we really don't have many problems on this planet when we only have a few hundred million people. There's always some place to find land between water and freedom but whenever I raise the single people just say that's not a problem. There's plenty of room and God will save us before it ever gets bad and people just seem to have no problem populating and they don't care to limit themselves and without evil powers that control people on earth. I think man will just populate and populate until taking from each other is the only taking left. So I see your problems is much more complex than a battle of good versus evil because man cannot control himself and will populate until he's forced to leave.


Alan:  Well here's the thing--


Mike:  Hold on. Chad thanks for the call. Go ahead Alan. 


Alan:  Understand exactly that theory that's put out by the elite by the way and that's rubbish because if you look at the birthrates of more advanced people when they have enough of the basic things in life, the population drops drastically. In fact, some countries like France and so on they pay them to have children. There's not enough so that's utter nonsense. In fact if you look at the statistics in Britain and their populations were falling since before World War I and drastically reduced after the wars et cetera et cetera and still fell, most parents only have one child at the most if they have any at all. In fact, many decided to have none and that's happening across the whole globe, if their basic needs are met they don't have as many children and that's a fact of life. We're constantly given this overpopulation nonsense from the days of Malthus who wanted to cull off the useless eaters and we've got to stop listening to their propaganda and look at the facts and the history and their own statistics because that will prove that it's true.


Going back to the previous caller, to remember the drugs scandal with Colonel Oliver North, we forget all about that where the U.S. government admitted in court that they were bringing cocaine in the U.S. and distributing it on the streets of America to young children to get guns for the Iran-Contra scandal.


Mike:  And Alan this shapes up to be -- you know this isn't not only a battle for our survival but it also determines whether or not we move forward as a species.


Alan:  Absolutely.


Mike:  Whether or not we defeat these people. As long as they're in power they keep us down on the farm and I really think that once these people are eliminated our ability to evolve and become better human beings the chances of that happening are increased probably are increased a thousand fold.


Alan:  Oh absolutely and we'd also have to always be on the lookout. Every child should be taught what a psychopath is. How to recognize them and we couldn't again go into the same monetary type system because the same characters would take it over so quickly, so cleverly. They do it by instinct and we'd all be working for them again so we need a new way but only by discussing it quickly and being honest about ourselves and to each other and learning to give and receive in all different ways can we actually do this.


Mike:  Again, it all comes down to love. Alan, two hours has absolutely flown by. This program has gone in a much different direction when I thought we did down the illuminati trial but as always the direction that it takes and the things that are discussed are always much better to come out as they are suppose to as opposed to trying plan something but I appreciate having you on. I hope to have you on again. This has been a great two hours.


Alan:  It's been a pleasure.


Mike:  The pleasure has been all mine. Your website is and so we'll hopefully have you on for another two hours and we'll come up with another group of subjects we can bat about and just let the show go where it goes.


Alan:  Yes, I'd like to do that.


Mike:  Yes indeed. Well thank you for being on the program tonight. Find somebody you love. Tell them you love them. Spend some time with your kids, your friends, your family. We'll see you tomorrow night.



(Transcribed by Linda)