(Alan Stands in for 2 hours for John)

August 8, 2007


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Alan:  I'm Alan Watt and I'm filling in for John Stadtmiller. You've heard me on and I'm also on Those who want to check in to my sites and get a lot of information for free on all of these things which have been happening to the world and to the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the unification of the Americas and even the unification that's happening in the Pacific Rim countries.


They say there's nothing new under the sun, and that's very true. What we have is a population who are the last to know what's really going on because we're dealt with stealthily. Stealth is a technique discussed at think tanks working for big, very wealthy people back in the early 1900’s. Stealth is a way to alter cultures, alter perceptions, alter pretty well everything in society through intergenerational training. People think when they grow up and they're going through life that life is evolving as they go on by chance almost. They see politicians once in a while on television shouting and screaming about this bill or that bill, and why they should or shouldn't pass it, and it gets monotonous. We switch off mentally and we should in a sense, because that's all show for the populace.


There's always been a parallel government in existence. Jefferson talked about this in fact in his own memoirs. He said that the standard technique used in Europe at that time was for bills to be introduced along an agenda line, and when new parties were voted into office regardless of which party it was, when you see the same agenda rolling forth under either party, – then he said you're under tyranny; because they knew that back in those days. They'd watched and studied the old countries of Europe. All of us today, all of us who are listening now, in fact, will find the same thing with us. We've grown up watching an agenda unfold and it's an agenda to do with a unification, a new society. Not only a new society, but a new way of doing everything. A new way to live and a society run by experts, as they said it would be back at the beginning of the 1900’s; in the end, in fact, of the 1800s. It was just too messy leaving people to make their own choices in life and to go out and to compete in the big bad world.


In a sense it’s true, because they gave us the old big bad world, too. We served their old system and those who owned the old system, very wealthy families going back down through history who interbreed and they married money. They married more power; and they hold on to this money and power very successfully. Never let go of it. They still run this system today.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller and I'm just touching on some of the history as to how we arrived to where we are today, to explain the bigger picture of how we're not evolving towards something. Rather, we're being pushed towards something—pushed in a very delicate careful way by invisible hands, the hands of the culture creators and those who give us our indoctrinations. Most indoctrination is done through schooling and from your own parents who’ve had their own conditioning. They pass it on and then the media takes over through fiction primarily for the young and even music. Plato talked about the arts being used to manipulate the minds of people 2,300 years ago. It was a science back then; and we have the media, this great media—the middle one. That's where media comes from. They are in the middle. They pass on all the data through us down below, we the people who then work with computers take that data and process it like a computer with our logic and language, and come to preconditioned preordained conclusions which the big boys know you'll come to.


There has never been a democracy as such, although it's well touted today from the top. “Democracy” supposedly being the will of the people, but for those who don't like the idea of democracy, they'll say it's mob rule. However, the mob themselves never have any original ideas. In fact, they look to the media to give them their ideas. What the big boys count on at the top is that the mob will vote the way they're told to vote, which they do. You'll find in most elections they give you the good guy and the bad guy because that's how they give you the wrestling matches: “The Giant Haystack versus Mountain Man.” Mountain Man is going to take your pensions away, so you know who not to vote for. It's very simple, very, very simple.


They used to use very old men in the past to run for presidents and prime ministers because it tended to go with an older conservative-valued system. In the '60’s and '70’s they brought out some younger men because they had to get the women to vote for them. In Canada, we've got Pierre Trudeau. Made him an image as a sort of swinging type guy and got him a good life. He's a real swinger with big floppy hats at the time of the hippies; and yet this guy, Pierre Trudeau had been the leader of the Communist Party for Canada and led the Comintern delegation to Moscow in 1952. Yet, when he ran years later for prime minister, not one newspaper mentioned that very important fact. He was also a Rhode Scholar, and you tie up the Rhode Scholarship from England from London and what it was set up to do, bring in world governments, you started to tie the ends together.  You find that communism was just a creation of the capitalist countries to standardize big parts of the world, give them a common culture, a centralize government (very important) and then, as Lenin said, gradually bring it back into a new system not quite capitalist, not quite communist. It talked about that at the beginning of the 1900’s. They knew the dictatorship was not to last too long. Just long enough to change whole regions of the world that used to speak different languages and have different systems of government, now standardized under the communist one. Centralization is the key.


We're just going through our part of it now (those who are alive today) as they finish off the untidy bits of the world, the Middle East. The Middle East being the countries which still cling to family traditions. They cling to their religion. They also keep out of the world banking system. If you've noticed over the last few years with the United Nations going after certain countries, which is Bosnia, Yugoslavia, countries that did not belong to the World Bank, they were bombed into submission. They were bombed into poverty and then they have to go borrow from the World Bank. This is the standard key. The same thing is happening of course with Iraq.


Iraq is interesting to note that the first ones in after the military were UNESCO. That's the United Nations educational group, whose goal it is to grab young children and train them into the western valued system, hoping that they will grow up to be the first real democratized standardized people running their own country, for the United Nations of course.


The second thing they did was to make a law that the farmers couldn't use their own seed anymore. They had to use the modified seed.


Why would that be made law in countries you'd just conquered that have been self-sufficient?


Self-sufficiency is the key. Under the world that's to come into play, there is to be no self-sufficiency. In fact, individuality is to be eradicated. You're to be interdependent. That means you have to be dependent on the system, the world system for your water and your food, your clothing and for everything else you will need to survive. This is a long, long-laid plan carefully spelled out in books written by many of the big front players over the last 150 years. Books that gather dust in libraries because they're rather boring. Many written by top-level bureaucrats and the Kissinger's of their era. Those types of books. They spell it out in black and white.


They name the think tanks and associations. They create reality for you. They tell you to that these think tanks are specialized. Each one has a specialization. They even have gender specialization ones when they want to manipulate the male more than the female, or vice versa. They also have think tanks that deal specifically with child psychology. They then get the format of how they want those children to grow up and what kind of adults they want in 20, 25 or 30 years. Those think tanks then go into action and come up with cartoons and certain things they'll put into cartoons that will be taught to those children who are 2, 3 or 4 years old today.


Recently, someone in Thailand sent me some of the teaching aids that they're getting over there now, and it's a cartoon figure of robots. Their teacher being the main robot and when the class starts it says “now we'll all become robots” and they talk in a robotic language using almost robotic terminology.  This is the sort of thing your children watch when you baby-sit them with the television. They're being programmed for a world of cyborgism: part human, part machine, a world where they will no longer truly be human. They call it trans-humanism, "the Great Leap Forward" is the term they couched it with as early as the 1700’s. Everyone else thought this is an evolution, some sort of spontaneous evolution; but no, they knew back in the 1700’s it would be done through scientific means and they'd create new types of humans to serve a world system better, more efficiently.


This individuality idea of growing up and using skills that you had or perfecting skills were just too untidy and unpredictable, and the boys at the top want a very predictable world. That's why they have to have all data on every single individual on the planet from birth to death. That's what all this is about today – all this terrorism nonsense, this reign of terror that's been put over the entire planet. A reign of terror well discussed. You should read the books about it from the French Revolution and you should read the books about the reign of terror from the communist point, because they always follow up a takeover and the creation of a huge change in society with a reign of terror over the people. That's what we're living through today, as they stir it up and train us all to passive and submissive subjects on the roads or going onto aircraft where they do body cavity searches. Nothing is more humiliating than that; and that's to train you that you are nothing at all and to accept it passively and be humiliated.


This is the technique of the prison guards at camps before they exterminate you.  Here we are having all this nonsense today, nonsense that we didn't even see during the Cold War when they trained everyone they were going to get blown up any second. However, suddenly it's on the road today because of a couple of Arab countries. Arab countries that the New American Century Group published in their agenda in the 1990’s about the countries they wanted to take over: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and so on.  The same group in now giving us this reign of terror are the same guys who belonged to this New American Century Group. What a coincidence, eh?  However, they didn't design it. It was designed long before they came along. This stuff was even talked about in the 1950’s – this stage we're at today, as long ago as the 1950’s. They had the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), which is just the American Branch of The Royal Institute for International Affairs, a group set-up with a royal charter by the British monarchy to bring in and create a standardized world under a super world parliament, which is to be the United Nations. Everything ties together rather easily.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller, and I'd like you to look into my website at and where you can pick up transcripts in English and in other European languages for free, and also see what I have to sell. Not much actually, because I never have time to write anymore, and there's a few things there which keep me going and I'd appreciate the orders coming in.


In a moment I'll go over the history of how we arrived in this condition, where people are beginning to wakeup to an extent on a low level when they realize the world around them, their immediate world is changing quickly. In some of the big cities they see all of this increased security. They see men with machine guns in London and black outfits and black uniforms. In some countries they already are asking for ID for your children. You must take it out with them all times, and this is becoming the normal. This is the stuff that Adolph Hitler wanted to bring in. This is the type of stuff the Stalin's had. You couldn't eventually move out of your own area for a visit to someone, even a relative, without permission eventually; and that will come here too. It's all part of the technique and strategy; and why change the formula when it worked so well in the past and will work again?


This is to train us all that we are nothing, basically, to psychologically defeat the people through acquiescence to superior forces, superior minds and the very powerful people above them. The military, police et cetera and all these various arms of government they have today. The arms of government that guys like Carl Jung said would bring a hell on earth; and that's what we're seeing coming into view. It's a hell on earth, and this hell will last if the big boys get their way and we accept it, until they bring in their utopia. A utopia where no one will be born unless they need you to be born to serve them. This has been written in their own books at the top.


The brain chip is well on its way. I've got the documentation from Loyola University. I had to search for it. I have the full, unabridged edition from 2001, and then next year and the next year's edition of the world's science meetings to do with this brain chip. The first one was headed off by Newt Gingrich of all people. These guys don't fade away, just carry on in the background. He opened up that meeting at Loyola University in Louisiana talking about who was funding this great meeting of scientists, and it happened to be the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The reason it's the Chamber of Commerce using your tax money is because you see you're all slaves, basically. You're owned. You are property and that's why you paid for this huge meeting.  At the meeting, they talked about this chip being ready to go, to be implanted in people. The regional computers they said were already set-up, super computers, big Cray machines and they could program millions of people in each region quite easily and quickly.


The only problem they had and have at the moment is getting the people gradually to accept the inevitability of it. They didn't think they'd have much trouble with the children, because they were going to pay producers, movie-writers, novel-writers and science-fiction-writers lots of money to put this in the books and movies to make it sound exciting to the youth, who really are becoming excited. They want to be part-cyborgs now. They've been brought up with it on their cartoons. They want to have super powers and super strength and nobody will bully them. What they're not being told though, is that once this chip is inserted and you all have it – yeah, you might have a few good times before they pull the actual switch, and when they pull that switch – you will no longer be you. You'll be whatever you're programmed to be. You could be a plumber one day and an electrician the next, if need be, and that's what’s called efficiency and utopia.


The people who realize this, of course, are the media themselves and those in the entertainment and the culture creation business, because when this happens (it's not too far off) they will no longer be needed, and they know as well. Or it didn't dawn on them that they'll also be chipped, because they will become "useless eaters" as Lord Bertrand coined the term.  This system that's coming in does not want useless eaters. They made that very, very plain. They've been going on about depopulating a good portion of the world for some time now in many of the books from the top, discussed at big universities, big ivy league universities and openly even by people like David Suzuki who does nature shows for the World Wildlife Fund, where Prince Phillip is the head.


What are we looking at here?


We're looking at a well-laid plan which spans a long period of time. That's why it works so well. Most of us, because we have a short life span and we rush through it, we're kept very busy rushing through it trying to survive. It's hard for us to imagine that people can actually plan three, four, five, six generations down the road and still pull it off.  That's exactly why it does work and always has worked in the past.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller, and I think there's a caller on the line. Rick from Canada. Are you there, Rick?


Rick:  Yes, I am. Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes.


Rick:  Excellent. Thank you very much and actually, great show thus far. I always enjoy when you sit in for either Mr. Stadtmiller or the guy before. I'm calling from Canada, really close to where you are in Estaire there. I'm on the southern end of the Georgian Bay. I have a two-part question, totally off topic, but do you actually get any hassles from the federal government in Canada here with the way you let things out, by way of hate filled laws that we have here in Canada.  The second part: How do you vote in federal elections? The American public probably doesn't realize that we in fact have a three party system in Canada, but we also have splinter groups as well. I'm just wondering how would you go about voting as well?  Thank you very much and keep up the great work.


Alan:  I'm proud to say I've never voted in my life because I knew it was a con-game when I was small. I listened to the older men talking about all the different elections and realized they'd all gone through the same thing, voting for one side then the other.  What you find in democracies is that you're not voting a new party in. You're voting the last one out because it's so bad.  When you vote, you'll notice that the big plan, the big picture, like the terrorism business or the amalgamation of the Americas or even the world is never mentioned. It's just pensions and healthcare and the usual stuff, so why would you even vote in the first place?  They don't run the world.  Professor Carroll Quigley and others made that quite clear, since he was the historian for The Council on Foreign Relations that came out with all this stuff.


He says there's been a parallel government running the United States – and he meant Canada as well and the rest of the world – for 60 years. That was written in the 1960s and it's in full-steam ahead today. As far as the authorities go, yeah, the last place I was at they tried to burn my place down when they flew a helicopter over it – two helicopters actually, at night and threw down which seemed to be a phosphorous grenade down the chimney.  Luckily I had a hose all coiled up with no water in it inside and strapped it on fast, ran up the roof and I could have touched the skid as this guy was taking off, and I poured that on for about half an hour.  I cleaned the chimney that morning in fact.  There was nothing in it and this white blazing stuff went on like there was magnesium in there, too, for a good while; then I got it out and saved the place.  I've had the usual black SUV, black-tinted windows that would drive up the country roads when I'm walking the dog and just stop. No lights on the whole way, twenty feet from me just to give you intimidation.  The same vehicles would sit outside your door and when you went outside to give them a coffee or something and have a chat, they'd take off very quickly.  I've had the intimidation and I've had all the nonsense with the phones clicking, tapping away.


At night, I get a lot of calls coming in here; and at night, they put the young guys on who are the night shift, the newcomers, to listen to boring conversations. If you talk about the occult or different stuff like that, they’re very quiet and enjoy it. However, if you start talking politics, there's someone on the phone, they start clicking and he can do two taps for yes and one for no; and I do all these little games with them and we have some fun.  Yes, I'm being observed all the time and it doesn't worry me now, because everyone else is being observed too. This is total information network. They meant total. That's everything that you read, write, send out in your computer or receive or do, and, of course, most of your purchases now are all recorded because everyone's using cards. This is total information network. Does that answer it?


Rick:  Thanks for answering that. I was just wondering because of the laws that are here in Canada. They're very difficult to get the word out of either alternative media and that idea and we do appreciate the work you're doing.


Alan:  Thanks very much.


Rick:  Okay. You have yourself a great day.


Alan:  You too. This observation stuff, you get used to it after a while. You get used to being followed and watched. You also have to be on your guard against people trying to infiltrate to you, because they always send someone to you to get to know you and gather even more information about you.  Therefore you live a reclusive type life as much as possible, to keep yourself going as long as possible.  We're dealing with information that really they'd rather keep quiet at the moment; and I expect one day they'll either kill you or put you out of business, one way or another, many ways to do it.  On the other hand, they're also so arrogant now they're on a roll.  They know if they create one more big panic in society and the media goes into action with the panic – whatever is being said about the truth will be suddenly forgotten in the panic by the people, who will then look to the government to help them. They know this too.


We're living in an organized system, a planned system with a planned future where they plan to cull a good part of the population and bring in a “utopia.” Utopias have been talked about since the days of ancient Egypt. One thing that Egypt used to do was export something to all countries. They would bring in students and train them from all other civilizations and send them back after being initiated into the high occultic sciences, but they all went back to their own countries or other countries and started up the nucleus of a revolution. It was a revolution to be done through secretiveness, through brotherhoods to take over and create a utopia. A utopia that would serve the elite, who believe themselves to be gods, being the most intelligent and having access to all real information, and the ones who invented the mythologies for the public in fact. They were an elite. You'll find that with Pythagoras who was sent to Egypt and he went to Crotona, which was a colony at that time of Greece but it's really in Italy. What they did was recruit just like monks. Monks are very important here, because the Catholic Church did not start up these monks with these vows of silence.


They joined the Pythagorean society in ancient times. You had to have an oath of silence. You listened to the masters. They still use that today in the Grand Lodge of England, at least on their crest. You watch, you look and you listen; but you keep quiet, silence.  Pythagoras also recruited young women for the first time and trained in a good education, and then sent them off to marry the nobilities of other countries, and then report back and then influence their husbands into certain decision-making. When this was found out, the people of Crotona rose up and they burned down his school and killed a lot of his members.  It was never known if Pythagoras got away or not.  It was from Pythagoras that we even get words in the English language like ton and tone for weight and color. In fact, shades of color. These are very important. Nothing is new under the sun as I say. It comes from ancient times.


You find the same with Socrates who said a lot of wise things. There's no doubt whatsoever, but Socrates himself was actually killed, condemned to death for influencing the young to rebel against their parents and the system of his day. There's a lot of nice things about Socrates, too, because he had a wife who never spoke much. He said she kind of growled at all the students; and they asked, “Why on earth do you keep that wife around?” and he says, “to keep me humble.”  I thought that was a good answer. 


Yes, they exported revolution – an ongoing revolution that would bring a utopia, a planned world, a planned society where a small group with intellect and sciences, sciences they knew they'd accumulate down through the ages and keep secret from the public would be used to create this perfect society.


You also find the same with Francis Bacon's "New Atlantis" about a utopia that would exist. A utopia with very advanced sciences hidden from the public of their own country. Scientists would even live underground and inside mountains with laboratories that could manipulate weather. They could create hurricanes and tornadoes. Make it rain. They caused earthquakes if need be.  They said the whole facility was powered by something that gave off the heat and light of the sun, very much like nuclear power you might say; and that was written in the late 1500’s and published in 1602. You couldn't dream that stuff up back then, unless you had some modicum of knowledge into the atomic theories.


Now this sounds very far-fetched to some people, but when you realize that even in ancient Egypt 2,500 years ago and in Greece, they had the Atomist Club who already knew that matter was not solid at all, and they'd have tiny, tiny little particles they called atoms swirling around each other.  How could men possibly know that when they were using candles and oil in lamps, and supposedly had no microscopes, electronic microscopes or even atomic microscopes? but they did have these schools that knew all of this.


Knowledge is kept secret from the public and it's dished out a little bit at a time, down through the ages when it's necessary to bring the next step in to the public. Francis Bacon, as I say, in the 1500’s writing the "New Atlantis" talked about genetic engineering. He didn't use the term “genetic.” He simply said that these people would also have the ability to take any type of life, take little parts of it, mix it with others and create different species – even humans, if necessary. He could not have dreamed this stuff up in the days of sail and canvas and the horse and cart, unless you already knew of sciences kept from the public. That's how it's done.


We find the same with Isaac Newton. Most of the famous players in history from the 1500’s onwards belonged to the same group of the Royal Society, the first Masonic chartered scientific society to exist, once again chartered by the British Crown. The Royal Society was a very secretive society that Newton and others belonged to. They were given secret information, archived information and then told to go out and work on these particular projects, so these characters were not inventors as such, at all, or great minds. They were just men who were given information that had been kept secret for a long, long time from the public.


They also had to give their wives away to join this society, and make preparations to pay their wives and their children to be kept somewhere else.  It was a male-only society and many of them in fact were homosexual, like Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton lived his whole life pretty well in university in England and seldom went off campus. He was even going to bring in his boyfriend from Italy, Flavio, at one time and that fell apart and Newton fell apart, so they made him master of the English mint for coinage instead as a reward for all his work in the Great Work.


History, as I say, gets one version for the public, starting at school and all you have is dates, names and times and places and battles; but you never get the nitty gritty of who started these battles. Who brought in these wars? Who profited from these wars? Who gave the famous players the information for these discoveries that they would rediscover? because they'd all had them before.


Benjamin Franklin did not create for instance the lightening arrestor. If you go back to ancient Rome in the Temple of Jupiter, they had lightening arrestors there, which, with copper coming all the way down from the roof, would actually light up in a blue haze the actual statue of Jupiter on certain stormy nights. There's nothing new as I say under the sun. It's just that knowledge is taken away again and we're given a farce for history; and this is ongoing today.


One day when they unite the whole of the Americas, and because the public on a whole don't care really – but the students care. They're the only ones who know what's going on. The historians who are authorized to be historians will write it down quite calmly that the people didn't resist. That it was a natural evolution and it was no big deal. It merged quietly and smoothly. That's how they'll write it. They actually think way ahead and I'm sure the authors to do all of this are already picked for the job. That's how the world really works, just like presidents are groomed for their role, like Bill Clinton was, when they were students at university.


Everybody who gets to the top, according to Carroll Quigley, is groomed for a presidency position or an advisor’s position.  Quigley said it didn't matter about the lower orders of politicians, they're allowed to do some small type of competing in one party or another for personal aggrandizement. That's the real world we're living in. Our lives are planned. We have most people that – if they really knew, or care to know – wouldn't mind so much because they've been socialized.  This was a system they talked about a long time ago, bringing socialization to a world of experts until the public would remain mentally as children. They'd live and work but they would entertain themselves to death, leaving all the big problems of life to the experts above them.  That’s perpetual childhood and that's what socialism is. 


Most people today have been socialized to such as extent they actually like it. They don't want to know the big problems; and those who are trying to wake them up I'm sure realize that this. They like playing themselves and leaving the big, big problems of the world to these priests above them – these new priesthoods of experts and scientists. They also want to believe that great social net out there, which is true, they are there – it's just they're not in the same way that they're described to you, because if you ever need these social networks because of some mishap, you'll find they're not all they're cracked up to be, whatsoever. Once you end up under the thumb of the social work departments, they run your whole lives for you and they have law on their side. At least they claim they do. “Our policy” is as good as law to them now. They run by policies and that's what they'll tell you. “This is our policy.”  We are, as Charles Galton Darwin said in his book "The Next Million Years," slaves living in a more sophisticated form of slavery; and that's where we are today. I'll be back in a minute.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller and I believe there's another caller on the line. That is Carol from Idaho. Are you there?


Carol:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Carol:  Yes, Alan, hi. I enjoyed listening to your may I call it “monologue” there. I've often appreciated the breadth of your study and the depth of your wisdom that you come to because of it. I totally agree. Truth is so much broader than anything that our political or church leaders seem to have ever wanted the people to know and express. What triggered me to call in, Alan, was about 15 minutes ago when you mentioned that you knew even as a child that voting was futile and you mentioned that the controllers put in – take out one group and put in another.  That's so obvious we know that too. You're right and I'll excuse you for being in Canada and not now at this time getting behind one candidate that we have going here, and that is our Congressman Ron Paul. Honestly, you can't vote there but I just want to say this for all Americans who can. None of these controllers that have held us hostage, none of them are God but we do have a God who is a source of all divine eternal and creative wisdom and we are his and he is ours, and so I think we still need to come back to that. Yes, we've been under bondage and we still are terribly under bondage, but I'm hanging my star on right now the gift of God that we have here in American in the name of Ron Paul and his candidacy.  I believe that all over the world there are in fact many nations who are also supporting Ron Paul because they know that we are one globe. One world here and if America totally sinks under the global system of tyranny, then there's no hope for any other nation. So all I wanted to say is that we need to realize that our God wants us to win and intends us to win, and he's given us a gift right now. A gift of hope that if every person in America and even around the country any way that anybody can support this man Ron Paul who as far as we can determine is not put in there by the controllers. He is opposing them and he is for the people. That's all I wanted to say. Let's receive the gift of God and put everything we have behind it because we and the gift of God are a majority. We are the power and so let's use it.


Alan:  The thing is, too, I'd add to that is that we have a question of will here as well.  I don't think we leave it all to one person. I think everyone here has a part to play. I don't care who they are.


Carol:  You bet.


Alan:  In their personal lives and in their daily lives and interactions, because believe you me, it takes a lot of people to start the ripples flowing and we have to flow very quickly. It is true that once the U.S. goes down that the death nail for the rest of the world is to follow suit.  No one actually wants that to happen, especially when we know the psychopaths that are running the system up until the present.


Carol:  You've expressed it in so many ways so well that we were not created by these power mongers. We have an all powerful loving God who created us and that power is in us; and as you just said, it is the responsibility of each of us to use the God given power that we each have to rise to the highest point we can and link arms together with men of like mind and move this planet forward in the direction of light and truth and wisdom, so that those ancient wisdoms that have been swallowed up and covered up for so long that they may rise to the surface again and become the knowledge of the common man.


Alan:  Yes, because this is the thing, those in charge right now certainly are a very dark crew. They live on authoritarianism. They are psychopathic. They are addicted to power and they love to see the people tremble because they're sadists as well. I mean these people are really honestly truly sick.


Carol:  Christ is hope and these are anti-Christ.


Alan:  I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller and we're discussing all of these problems going around today. Long-laid plans of mice and men, hopefully, will “gang aft agley,” as they say in Scotland. We have one more caller on the line. Is Henry still there from Connecticut?


Henry:  Hello. Yes, it's Henry. Let me ask you something. Have you ever heard of a magazine, which I find this magazine really fascinating, called Mother Earth News?


Alan:  I remember seeing it years ago.


Henry:  I have the June/July issue and stuff with solar energy and wind energy and other things. Of course the stuff is getting more advanced. They had it in Europe for a little while in Germany they were doing it for quite a while. You see one of the things the other lady talking this stuff she's saying but I always believe that this stuff with all this paying for the utilities with the electric and to heat their water and I am thinking about all the stuff in this country it is so stupid.  I don’t believe these people in charge having us continue with this stuff. You notice there is no law passed for any new homes that are being built to have any kind of solar or anything on them. I know some places can't have the wind okay. It depends on the area and zoning and so forth, but they could have something and it seems to be this philosophy and it seems to be this older s -- I can't say the word because we're on the radio, but people out there know what I mean that are running this country, that everything with them has to be price for everything. These people, all of them, the illuminati, the people that you're talking about I already heard that stuff long before I found out about you and I found out about you through Jackie Patru, but long before I was listening to her I was listening to William Cooper. He read books similar like the stuff you researched with these people and some of the books like some people from the Nixon administration and so forth and even further back than that. It's always all this stuff on this religious stuff that it must be control and it’s a very like religious, how could I say it? I'm really just like sick of all of it and I'm wondering with all these utility companies and everything I don't believe this stuff is totally because it's just making money. You can correct me on this and I'll shut up and I'll listen, but I personally believe that the reason why we have all these gas company, utility company pay for everything, from your heat to your hot water to your electricity, is not for the purpose of money but just because they just want the people to struggle and strive and there's got to be some principle. Everything should have some price for everything since they are religious and principle oriented and logical or scientific or practical oriented, especially particularly with that generation and not all of them. I'm not saying all but the ones who -- I notice even now I spoke to a guy named Ralph Epperson and he even told me there's very few people 40 and under, but there are some, but not as many joining the lengths of masonry and stuff like there was in the 1930, '40’s and '50’s. Now correct me if I'm wrong.


Alan:  You didn't have to. You see, the boys who ran Masonry at the top, like the Coronati Lodge in London, already had created a new type for the next generation, and that's called the New Age. They created the New Age and Wiccanism, which also has main degrees just like Masonry.


Henry:  Yes, I remember you said that about Wicca. I remember you told me that before, but here's the difference though. They burned the witches in England. I read a book where there's a guy named Dr. Fionn or Flionn and they burnt him at the stake and they implemented the Catholic Christian Church after the Roman Empire fell, and I think that was used all this religious moral stuff to kind of take away the knowledge of some of the ancient Europeans had with herbs and nature and things, and so they try in some way to control them and have this kind of destiny for mankind.  I heard Cooper reading some of that stuff.


Alan:  What you've got though -- here's the thing. It wasn't that.  Philemon was the name. You don't understand what Philemon is. Philemon is a fiction because Philemon is literally the king-fisher.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller today and just to finish off replying to the last caller.  Philemon was the ancient figure, a figurehead of the fisher-king, the one who would go out seeking those to train into the mystery religions, so they sneak them into history for those with eyes to see and ears to hear to understand what they're saying. History is full of hidden meanings put there for the illumined ones themselves, but you'll find that this world you see is not meant to be the system anyway for the world coming up. It's not meant to be one of independence. What you're seeing is a reaction against individuality.


That's why it's the time of the mass-man, you're seeing this revolution to bring back in fact a system of collectivism where everyone must be – and you've heard this term from the United Nations on, downwards. Everyone has to belong to the system. You have to be interdependent. Now that means not just nationally for all your goods and necessities, but also it means interdependent personally. You're not to have any independence for anything you need to sustain your life. That's power, water, food or anything else; so, yes, this windmill idea is a temporary little façade really, because they can't power enough for a large population. It's not meant to. If it powers any population at all, it's to be a vastly reduced one and the present bulk of the population are paying for the setting up for the next lot to come along, once they drastically reduced their numbers, then it might work for some of them but even they will pay.


The system to come in is to be one where they will do away with money as you now it and simply call it credits.  It's to be dished out every year to every individual every Friday or Saturday and you get the same amount as everyone else, and it will all be gone if you don't spend it by the end of the week. You can't save it up. That's the new equality they're talking about for the lower ordered classes, which is really what most people will be then. If you don't have a specific function as a "technocrat" as they call it they need, then you'll be in the lower order and you'll get X-amount of credits; also, by withholding credits from you, you won't be able to pay rent because there is to be no private property in habitat areas. It's to be rental only. No private vehicle ownership, essential vehicles only, and that's the reason – we're not going to be given more freedoms – if you listen to the term carefully, Mr. Bush keeps using he calls it "the new freedom."  Now that's a legal term. He's telling you that freedom has altered it's meaning. It's a new freedom which is obviously different from the old freedom. It's a “new rights,” in other words, act of what rights you do have, compared to those you thought you had in days gone-by.


It's a completely new definition of freedom. It's freedom under authority – freedom to do all that you're allowed to do by those over you in authority. That's what it means. Yes, you're not living in a system designed to help and improve for everyone. It's a system to bring down into a common denominator of masses at the bottom needing everything for living from those who own all of the facilities for energy et cetera.


The Kyoto Accord is going to cut back probably every year now on your gasoline, natural gas, everything that you use for energy, electricity. It's to be cutback to pre-1960’s levels.


How are you going to do that with the same population?


Obviously, you won't have the same population for that to even work for a few years. They plan to reduce the population drastically and this is the war that starts it, because wars are their favorite method of reducing populations. They've also got all their scientists going around the media saying, “We're going to get wiped out by plagues.”  We've created more plagues and bacterium and viruses than ever could have occurred in nature. They've been doing this since before World War II in laboratories. It's a fine perfected art nowadays and they've actually disclosed many documents, declassified them from government institutions as to how far they've actually gone. At least that's what they're telling us. I'm sure they're much further ahead than that.


What we do know is that these characters are monsters and they do plan to reduce the population by all and every means possible.  They've been ‘harping on’ about this since the days of Thomas Malthus in the 1700’s, the big economist that worked for the British East India Company and the British Crown, and this guy talked about statistics. I've heard this saying: There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics. In other words, it's easy to expose the lies, but when they use the scientific term "statistics”, you find it hard to argue about, because now the statistics are basically causing the decisions of appropriate acts to be done by the very statistical data they give us itself. This is the con-game that goes on.


They want us reduced drastically and have said it in many of their publications.  Jacques Cousteau, the great lover of animals and fish and all the rest of it, gave an interview before he died in a magazine where he gave the actual figures. It was over three-quarters of the world's population had to be culled off to save the world according to him; and he belonged to all the big UN meetings. Look into Jacques Cousteau’s history. You'll find the man was a eugenicist. While he was working for the British MI6 in World War II, his brother worked for the Germans in Vichy, France and published the Nazi publication for them all during World War II. They ran both sides of the battles.  That's how the world really is. There are no real opposite sides. There's always a third side that runs the other two and make sure everything works out according to plan.


As far as Wiccanism goes, yes they did give the public Wiccanism. They planned that as far back as 1880 when Madame Blavatsky was going around and they said they would create a New Age religion for the people, based on a form of earth worship. This has been reiterated by Mikhail Gorbachev with his little green flag of the Knights of Lazarus flying outside the Presidio where he resides. They've said that they're creating a New World religion for the planet, where people would be taught to worship the planet. In other words what they're really meaning is youngsters in the future will happily be sterilized “to save Mother Earth” if they've been conditioned to believe that they're all part of the problem. That's the world we're living in.


You're in massive pincer movement, every one of you, where there's a thousand or more think tanks, a thousand and one perhaps according to George Bush Sr. when he called it "a thousand points of light".  What they meant was the non-governmental organizations, big foundations funding them. They're all working along towards the same agenda from every possible angle to bring this all into existence. This is not a haphazard plan. It's very thorough, well coordinated, completely interconnected and they use it and implement it through generation by generation. We’re simply seeing parts of the final effects of this phase of it in our own lifetimes; but we have to speak up now because you cannot leave this to the children.


The children have been given the worst education that's been given to any generation for many generations. They don't have the data. Many of them have been damaged by all the inoculations they've been given; and that was really the purpose of giving them inoculations, to drop the IQ, to cause problems with the brain. That's where attention deficit, autism and all the other degrees of autism come from. Attention deficit and so on is only one degree of autism. They've all been targeted, and they've written books about targeting the brain of every individual so that they'll have a population going through the changes who will not complain. They want to destroy the survival instincts as we go through this part of the agenda from one society, one “age” as they call it into the next age.  You can see the effects all around you.


I keep telling the young: stop blaming yourself for not succeeding in this psychopathic culture, where it’s dog eat dog and top dog gets to the top and is worshipped by the people. It's not meant that you win the big illusion. You're created at school for what you're going to be, if you're going to be anything at all, and that's what they train you for. You're living through the big change where they've decided they don't need you anymore.  I can remember when Margaret Thatcher got on national television in Britain and said "there's a generation growing up now who will never see work in their lifetime, so get used to it." Those were her words. The great Margaret Thatcher that was elevated up into the House of Lords for all her wonderful work.


That's the kind of psychopath we're dealing with. They're authoritarian; they're ruthless. They could kill millions with an order and sleep very well at night. That's the psychopath for you. You cannot reason with psychopaths. Psychopaths will only look after their self-interests and are terrified of the public at all times, because they know what they've been doing to the public all these years and their own families before them.  If the public gets wind of all of this data, they know they're in trouble. This is a dangerous stage we're at because they know that the information on their own families and what they've been up to with sciences, inoculations and the creation of diseases to bring down the population – they know it's getting out there and they're becoming paranoid, ultra-paranoid of the public.  Therefore, this is a dangerous time and that's the real reason why you have massive security forces across the planet all going along with the same agenda ready to battle their own.


Hi folks. This is Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller, and I think we've got Chuck in California on the line. Are you there, Chuck?


Chuck:  Hi, Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Chuck:  Excellent show as always. I had three quick questions and then I'll hang up. The first one is: What was the story of Hitler and why did the Illuminati betray him and so called murdered?  Second question is: The Protocols of Zion and the third question is: Are the Jews behind all of this or the Catholic Church or is that just a scapegoat for the illuminati who's carrying out all these plans? That's my questions. Hitler, the Jews or the Catholics and the Protocols too. Okay, I'll hang up now. Thank you very much for your information.


Alan:  Adolph Hitler is an interesting man and it's true he was recruited by the German intelligence towards the end of World War I, and I've no doubt trained for his particular role over many years. He lived like a monk almost, if you look at his history. Very dedicated to what he was taught to do. However, I do share the view that Stalin did in his letter to Winston Churchill that Hitler was never killed at the end at all and that the corpse that they kept showing was not his, whatsoever. Stalin was convinced of that after the Russian experts had examined that charred corpse.


You'll find with the Protocols of Zion, you've got to understand something right off the bat. If you look at the British version of the King James Bible you'll see in the Forward Dedication to the king, King James who was called both the Sun (the capital S-U-N by the publishers) and he's also called the Sion (S-I-O-N).  A Sion is also S-C-I-O-N, which means the cutting of a plant which is then attached in the occult to the tree of life; and so there have been Zionists or Sionists long, long before it was picked up even by world Jewry. This is an ancient thing to do with the Sion. You'll find that the first group even before the Knights Templars were given a charter to exist by the Pope, it was actually called The Order of the Priory of Sion and they started their own banking institutions.


You look at Charlemagne who was the king who forced people to convert to Christianity by the sword, on orders of the Pope, as he took over countries and pushed Catholicism. They also set-up a bank under Charlemagne and they set it up in what eventually was called Switzerland and it was called the Bank of Sion. Sion in the high occultic does not mean just a mountain. It's an imaginary mountain, a perfected mountain. It is in fact a pyramid that’s been shaped. That's what it really means, and it’s comprised and is typically occultic of two words: and that's the moon, which is SIN and it's also ON. ON is the phallic virile force that starts and generates the whole procedure SION. That's where the word actually comes from. You can use a "Z" if you wish, which means: as above to below, the top and the bottom connected by the diagonal. That's all high Masonic stuff.


Now there's no doubt that whoever wrote the Protocols of Zion or the Learned Elders of Zion knew what the future is all about, but you'll find copies of that were published and circulating in France almost 100 years before they were rehashed and brought out in Soviet Russia. It's interesting, too, if you just look at it and think – just think a little bit of the man who supposedly wrote it up and sent it over with Mars, the warrior or the planet of war. The guy's name was Nilus. That's like the Nile, the river Nile, another Masonic clue; because the high groups of Masons during their initiation call themselves Jews, after the Jews who were initiated by the fictitious Hiram of Tyre. That's what it's all about. It's nothing to do with what you think today as World Jewry.  Yes, this is a high Masonic man, not the usual Mason stuff of the 33rd degree, way above it. It was the noble orders who brought this into being; and the noble orders also included all of those that you will find wearing epaulets and wearing military clothing at the tops of Europe. That's why they knew the future. There's no doubt about it. They talked about the creation of sports arenas all over the world. They keep the people dumb and stupid and occupied. They talked about inoculations being used to reduce population and cause diseases; but these were not actually Jews. However, Jews can join these higher occultic groups if they so wish, just like anyone else.  I hope that helps a little bit to explain this. 


You have to understand we are emotive creatures. Emotion tends to overrule logic or wisdom. You have to go into the past to get the stories of the present.


Hi folks. Alan Watt here filling in for John Stadtmiller. I'd like you to look into my website when you get a chance at and the European one which is  where you'll find lots of talks on many of these subjects that I've given in the past, which you can download for free.


We live in such an amazing confusion because in ancient times they created parts of religion, including the scapegoats. The scapegoats, generally there were two of them in fact. They were supposed to go out into the world or the “desert” as they called it, carrying the sins of the people; and this technique, of course, applied to humans as well. It doesn't mean there are no Jews involved. Of course there are. There are psychopaths within every nation, every people, every creed who join the elite and they have their own aristocracy, too, as all peoples do. You have Japanese and Chinese aristocracy, even though they claim China is communist. The same old families still run China as they have done for thousands of years, very, very wealthy families who did not gain their money and their wealth and power by being nice to people.


They gained it by massive slaughtering and beheading of lots of people. That's what we've been living under, and really since the beginning of money and the artificialness of cities. That's why money and Nimrod go together in the mysteries; we've had this system with us.  People in a city need coin because they can't grow vegetables or have their own food. They're dependent on everything coming into them, therefore they need something to purchase it with or exchange it for; and so you find money and the big cities hand-in-glove in this agenda. That's why it's coming down to the massive habitat areas, which are just the new super-cities for the bulk of the populace, at least for a while until the population is reduced.


While they’re doing that, they're building very expensive habitat areas for the bureaucracies that will manage us all during this phase; and those habitat areas have much more advanced housing. They have all the modern conveniences built into them and they are nice surroundings. It won't be cramped like the cities are, but for the average Joe, we've all to go into the cities, these super-cities and create big slums out of them, which will last for maybe a generation as they start killing us off.


We have to look into even the Department of Defence from Britain, the top think tank released a report of their projections of the next 25 to 30 years.  Remember, this Department of Defence think tank is the same one that gives their orders out to the NATO countries, including the U.S. and Canada, and they foresee nothing but sporadic risings of the people. They call them mobs and mob flashes and flash mobs. They don't tell us why we'd all be suddenly rising up. It's because of all the Kyoto cutbacks et cetera. It's to do with the economic cutbacks as they start reducing employment for the people and keeping the taxes going up, and people are losing their homes and moving to the cities. It's all about that. It's all about the massive changes we're to come to very shortly in the next few years to get us all in our new place, our new habitat and a new way of living.


They foresee nothing but resistance. Not organized resistance, just mob rule for a while as they all try and kick back unorganized as they are. The Department of Defence says they'll use then neutron bombs and various other high-tech weaponry on their citizens; and this is from the top.  They're not certainly looking towards a rosy future; and since they work for the guys who plan the future, they know the reasons why there's going to be all this mob uprising as they call it and reaction to whatever policies come down.


You have to understand the world is to change drastically from now on and your way of living is to change drastically.  In fact, you'll be turned upside down when this war, which might last 100 years according to Rumsfeld, at the beginning of it, is to bring out a whole new system with a different perception on everything, including no individuality. No picking a mate for yourself. No breeding with who you want to breed. It's to be a purpose-made society. ID also stands for Ideal Design.  We have to be redesigned and made more perfect to serve this elite. This same elite who've written in their own books like Charles Galton Darwin's book (the grandson of Charles Darwin) in the 1950’s called "The Next Million Years."  He said, "We the elite won't change ourselves, of course, while we will introduce hormonal changes into the populations down below and make the males more effeminate and the females more masculine."  We've all lived through this. We've seen it happen.


It's been done and you can always count on these guys when they write these big books. They're writing with authority because they belong to those institutions which have the power and influence to make it happen. They don't make wish lists and hand it to Santa Claus. They actually make it happen and they've told us what they plan to do a long time ago. They're still telling us what they plan to do; and we have to catch up very quickly and say “No way, Jose. Enough is enough.”  We must re-think society because we can't carry on with this society which is broken and corrupt as well.


We are losing our humanity as time goes on rapidly. People compete for everything today. It's nothing more than one-upmanship. We have been trained to be very good producers-consumers as the United Nations has declared the perfect citizen to be; and you're not a good consumer if you're elderly. Now you're on the scrap heap. You're a "useless eater", you see. We can't go on like this because we've come to the end of the road. What we have to do is start rethinking it all and deciding which way we can take this world – not the way of the elite and not in opposition of the elite, because they control oppositions. They've had thousands of years of experience in controlling direct opposition. We must find a new way and actually get back our humanity, because things even in society are falling apart so quickly, and relationships and people to people, that it can't last anyway.


We're living in a time where even the child can't get on with their parents. They’re taught not to listen to their parents. They're taught even through the cartoons that their parents are a joke. They're taught through the comedies they watch that their parents are a joke; and the parents don't have the time to even talk to their children. They're living in a dysfunctional period; and we haven't ever, ever debated amongst ourselves because all the debating is always done by experts for us, if you notice.  We've never had a chance to participate in other possibilities and other ways of living which will bring out a caring society, instead of this psychopathic culture that's been given to us by the psychopaths or the pathocracy at the top – where the one who gets to the top is the most vicious and cunning and is applauded once they get there for doing so. That's what people worship. They go down in front of the beast. They down for “mammon” as they say; but we must find a new way, there's no doubt about it.


Now if there's anymore callers that would like to call in, please do so now and I'll continue talking here in the meantime. I really would suggest that people look at Charles Galton Darwin's book The Next Million Years."  Read through that book carefully. We have a Kevin in Texas. Kevin, are you there? Hello Kevin.


Kevin:  Yes sir.


Alan:  How are you?


Kevin:  Oh, just fine. How are you?


Alan:  Doing good.


Kevin:  First I want to thank you for all the information you give us. I catch you on several shows and I kind of had a question, it follows up from the gentleman that called a little while ago. He was asking you about the Catholic Church and everything like that. I was really wanting to get your opinion or your thoughts on the part played by the Jesuits through all of this through history.


Alan:  All religions, including the Catholic Church, always from its beginning had an exoteric for the public, for the mass. That's why you call it the mass. You're going to the mass and an esoteric for the high priesthoods. Even the lower priests don't often know the whole story. However, when they created the Catholic Church there was nothing new in this at all. Hats have been changed overnight in previous religions on political decisions.  When Constantine took it over, of course, at least trying to formulate a new religion as his armies were waning, it was easier to control the minds of the people through a religion.  It was called the Universal Church because within it, it incorporated all of the ancient mystery religions and paganism of existing religions of that time.


Down through the ages they've always had secret brotherhoods.  Ignatius Loyola who began the Jesuits was brought in, against all the usual nonsense that you'll hear that he was caught and captured had an interview with the Pope and then he came out as the first black pope. That's a bit of a nonsense because Ignatius Loyola was in fact a member of the "Alumbrado” they called it, the illuminated ones of Spain, the Spanish order of the Templars.  The Templars already had merged long before with the Hashshashins (assassins) of the Middle East. Old, old brotherhoods that had run the other side of things down through history, started wars down through history.  The Jesuits were simply brought in to create the dialectical process. However, they were very good at it, very dedicated too, and they studied history very well. They studied the old secret societies that had used the same techniques even with Equestrian Order of Rome, which was a noble order of Rome. Same kind of thing, same techniques: They go out and create wars between people. Have everyone fighting then Rome would come in to calm everything down and takeover the warring factions and their land. That was similar to how they used it for the Jesuit order.


You'll find that the Jesuit system became taught through the globalists. The Jesuits were called in to advise the globalists on how to bring the world together in a covert fashion so the last people who would know were all the citizens who were going through the changes.  You'll find that Lord Cecil Rhodes (who started up the Rhode Scholarship to train world leaders to bring the world together) brought Jesuits to teach them all these secret techniques of manipulations of whole countries, including the starting up of wars and then having to get a system to go in and quell those wars to bring in world peace. This is an old, old technique.  What you find is that since World War II definitely all of the controlling agencies of the world and all religions at the top combined.  It wasn't just national leaders combining us all into the UN.  It was a combination of all the religions, the religious leaders at the top of the world, as well, bringing it all together. They knew they couldn't keep on fighting each other. They'd have to merge one day and they all merged.  The techniques of the Jesuits absolutely are still used today; only it's by the global system. The global elite, the global “club” I call it that are bringing us all to the grand finale of this age.  I hope that helps you with your answers.


Kevin:  Yes sir, it did. My research was leading me.  I'm sure you know you could find people who would say the Jesuits or the Catholic Church are behind everything, or you could find other people that will -- and they'll bring out a lot of proof to you, but they'll say that the Jews are behind everything, but I believe they were just like you said the Jesuits are being used as a tool. They're actually working for someone else.


Alan:  You'll find the leaders of all churches and peoples’ movements merged a long time ago on a global level. You'll find even one of the largest Islamic groups that pushes and Evangelical system across the world. The head of it isn't a Moslem. The head of it is a Dalai Lama of Buddhism. They're all in this together at the top as they bring the world into the “sheep pen,” as they like to call it, and the worshipers don't know. That's why all religious leaders are called "good shepherds."  We are the sheep, and the sheep is the most stupid animal you'll ever see.


Kevin:  Oh, yes sir. I worked with them a lot.


Alan:  Yes, they're all around you.


Kevin:  You helped me a lot. Thanks very much.


Alan:  There you are. That's the thing.  Religion has always been used. Religion comes from the term in Latin to bind – to re-bind, to tie and it ties you. It ties your mind, your psyche, your intellect to the religion. Hello Richard. Are you there? Richard in Texas?


Richard:  Yes. I just wanted to ask you a quick question. It really sounds like all these super-secret powers are going to have to merge, because it looks like to me the more people like yourself Alex, John, there's so many people learn about these secret societies now – I just go to History Channel, Discovery Channel, they're not giving the exact facts like you are, the black pope and all that. But it seems like the masses are picking up on this secrecy game and like we could never believe.  Eventually we've got to do something. How is it going to end?  If they destroyed the economy and all that, eventually people are going to come after them. I can't see six billion people just laying down for a handful of super power sickos. I just can't see that happening. I don't care if it's Rothschild's, Rockefellers. I think eventually the people are going to realize who did it to them so how are they going to continue with this? I listen to your show it sounds like the whole planet is on the table. We know their entire playbook. I just can't see six billion people just laying down to allow this to play itself out.


Alan:  Yes. You're right on that; and that's what I mean with the Department of Defence expose which they came out with over 90 pages on what they see at the top for the future, and they've been preparing for this for about 25 years. They've been building internal armies and training the present generation to automatically obey within the military to kill anybody they're told to kill.  They knew it was coming before I was even born and most of you were born and maybe preparing with their higher weaponry and so-called "non-lethal" and "lethal" advanced weaponry to tackle all this. They know that the public will resist the massive change, sporadically and unorganized though it may be. However, they are prepared to use all ultimate force to get their way. This is a very dangerous time; and in fact it gets more dangerous the longer we allow it to happen, because these guys have crossed the line. They cannot go back now, like at the beginning of a plan and say, “we're sorry we made a mistake.” They've crossed the line; they’ve started the killing.  They've been killing people off for a long time now with diseases et cetera and they've gone too far. The axe man's axe is half way down.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller. I ask you to look into my websites. There's lots of talks on this kind of information. You can download it for free and checkout the books for sale that I write myself.  You'd be surprised how much information is out there and I've been putting it out for years.  Yes, we must stop fighting each other. We've got to realize that all religions are in cahoots here because they all have their good shepherds; and shepherds are important to control millions and millions of people and bring them all to the same pasture, which is a new sheep pen. Much smaller one, mind you, in the end – but we'll all be penned in together. We've got to avoid that at all costs and we have to bypass the front-men who led us and start leading ourselves. Something that's foreign to many people, this whole idea of leading ourselves, but if we can't handle individuality – then it's collectivism. That's what they plan to give us. Back to the feudal system of collectivism.


Individuality and the whole idea of individualism is a fairly recent phenomenon. We never had that in the feudal days. We never had that prior to the 1700’s. It was always collectivism in some way or another with hereditary overlords. What you are seeing today are these same overlords and their families who plan to continue for thousands of more years with a brand new society.  We have to change all this and find our own way here before it's too late and before all the nasty action actually starts which will come. We see it all around us. We're seeing them panic at the top and become edgy. It's a dangerous time for everyone and we've got to keep our heads during all of this and not go blaming each other and fighting each other, which is exactly what they want. We have to keep our eyes on the characters, at least the front men that we have access to and start making them accountable probably for the first time in their lives in fact, because they haven't been accountable to the public for as long as I know.


Today we have vote fraud. We have all these different scams, so it's difficult to change anything along the right path with all the games that go on; but they watch them like hawks, because they're certainly watching us like hawks and they're using high tech equipment to do so.  We have to start making them accountable before all the troubles start, because once the troubles start, it will be chaos for everyone for maybe a whole generation.  What comes out of the end of that generation is up to us right now; and if it's not up to us, it's up to the elite and they'll get their way. We have the choice right now. We can keep silent and quiet or we can start demanding that these people be accountable to us now, or it's game over for everyone.


I think that's almost coming to the end of the show. It's about two-minutes-to. I don't know if there's any more callers on the line; is there? No. Anyway, that's where we are with all of this. We’ve come to the end of an era as the end of an age and it's up to us where we take it from here. Those who care about other people are the ones who will do it. Those who are selfish will go under and perish with the rest.


Thanks for listening. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller.



(Transcribed by Linda)