(Alan Stands in for 2 hours for John)

August 9, 2007


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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and I'm standing in for John Stadtmiller for a couple of hours. He's still on holiday. I seem to be in a lot of temporary work on different stations filling in, which adds to the workload.


Those who have listened to the different shows that I've done before will notice I pick a different approach to where we’re going.  I always start really in the past as to how we actually got here and why things are happening at the present time. Things are not simply evolving, as I keep telling people. We're following a long, long-range business plan. A business plan that was laid down a long time ago; and because we live a short span of years, really, one person's lifetime, it's just a blink, it's hard for the average person to imagine that plans can be laid intergenerationally and followed through.  If you look at even the medieval side of Europe when the Normans came in and there was tremendous buildings went on of cathedrals and churches that took sometime seven or eight generations of stonemasons to build it. During wars, during plagues and famines and so on, this building went on because the money and the resources were always found to complete it.


That's how we must start looking, not just a history but at the present time and we where we're going from here, because we do have a problem at the moment. We are at the end of an “age” as they call it in the higher mystery schools.  This end of the age is leading to a new type of man, a new type of human what they use to couch under the term "The Great Leap Forward."   This evolution will not happen by nature.  It will happen by those who have studied nature (which is science) and they're going to make it happen and unfortunately they have the tools to do so. They have the resources to do so. They have the sciences and all the financing to do so.  All they have to do now is bring us through a period of intense prolonged chaos until we beg for help or relief from all the fear and tension; and, out of the end of this will come the solution, which is already prepared, which is a completely new ordered way of life.


We naturally get very fearful at the thought of this system as it is at the moment disappearing and a new type coming in; yet I always remind people that the system we had in the past was designed by the ancestors of the present elite, world elite. It was a global elite. So you can't save something really which was never yours to begin with. The system of commerce and massive capital investment really was there at the beginning of the creation of the Americas in a big way, and before with the British East India Company, a company which was one of the first global companies with branches in Holland and other countries. They traveled the world and took over the resources in the 1500’s when they chartered it. Their flag too, if you look at the flag was the red, white and blue with the stripes with the stars on the left hand side – very interesting thing to look at when you wonder where the capital of commerce is today. You will find that there's nothing new under the sun.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller and I've been talking about a little bit of the past and the present, which is leading to a very different picture. It's the difference really that scares the people, because between an age they change society according to the role of society; and we don't think of society as really having a role. In fact, we're not really taught not to think very much about it, just accept it. We're taught that you're born into a system that just happens to be here by chance, therefore it must be natural; but there's nothing of the kind involved with that.  The future is always planned by very big think tanks.  If you go into the British system and look at their long term plans and goals, you'll find in the days of Francis Bacon and before Bacon they were making plans for a global empire based on commerce and free trade. This was written about by John Dee who was an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I court, and this was the first openly Rosicrucian court to come out in the open as such with all of the top members being Rosicrucians. The Rosy Cross as they say. The precursors of what we now know as lower freemasonry.


John Dee coined the term “Brytish Empire” and proposed to the Queen that Britain should lay the foundations towards a global empire based on free trade, with members who would join getting special benefits with regards to import and export duties to the same countries, a conglomeration of countries. Those who went in first and joined Britain would be given special status of ‘most favored nation status’ as they called it back then. It's the same status we've all given China under the present Free Trade negotiations, so we're looking at something that's hundreds of years old.


John Dee also said that in his day – and Francis Bacon confirmed this in his writing – they were creating a new language for the future. This is the language of business which is English worldwide and that it would be used by every country in the world with regards to commerce. When you read these books, which are not reprints but the actual original books and you find they are genuine and very old, you have to stop and say to yourself: How many generations have lived since then, not knowing that they're living through an intergenerational plan, a business plan to conglomerate the whole world society and standardize the planet under a central bank?


Not only that, but everyone on the planet is supposed to conform to the system.  If you've noticed over the last 15, 20 years, all the little loopholes that allowed someone to live independently outside of this system have been closed gradually. Now they're speeding up. In fact, there's very few if any left at all, then one day you'll probably need a permit to even have a garden with vegetables because you'll be classed as "antisocial," trying to feed yourself. You're supposed to be interdependent on the entire system for all your needs and that is how China is today. China is the model state according to the United Nations for the entire planet to copy, to follow.


At the moment this whole war of terror – and that's what it is, it's a war of terror or a reign of terror – it's training a generation, remember, those guys who are joining the military today at 18 they were only about 11 years old when 9/11 happened in 2001. The ones who are four or five now are going to grow up never knowing that there was any previous type of system or any previous time when people had individual rights as such, and that laws had to go through certain formulas and procedures before they could just grab someone and walk away. They're to be able to take all of this as being normal because no one is around to tell them otherwise. They're also taught at school not to listen to people who are older, including their parents, because they're old fashioned, set in their ways and they're just not trendy enough. This is what they're looking for is a generation who have never known anything to do with individual freedom and rights.


The old days of movies with the lone cowboy that would ride into town to clean it up are gone. Now it's all collective, if you notice. The television shows on detective stories and all the fictional works that you watch is all to do with teamwork. Teamwork is the name of the game. Are you part of the team? They're trained in school in group-psychology type forums where individual opinion is shunned by the group until you conformed with the group’s decisions, the mass opinion, and then you’re accepted again.


This was all laid out in the 1920’s by school experimenters such as Lord Bertrand Russell, who was given special permits by the British Crown to try these types of experimental schools where they could create this very type of society, including “sexual freedom” as they called it from the 1800’s onwards. The sexual freedom would also promote promiscuity prior to puberty if possible, because they found that children who went into this very early were unlikely to have a permanent mate later in life. The idea being that they could destroy the family unit, the last vestige of the tribe; and when the family unit is gone, then the government (just like George Orwell's "1984") would have no one standing around you when the government wanted to talk to you. No family, no friends, everyone would look away and you'd be on your own. This is to make the individual feel helpless and powerless; and, as I say, this was written about in detail in old books, still probably in the libraries that no one bothers to read except those who are trained to work in today's present think tanks. The think tanks that are giving ideas and parts of the social agenda, and who have to make it work through marketing it into your heads via television, radio and all the media and magazines. That's how we get our thoughts. They're induced thoughts.


Most opinions people come to today are evaluated on the data you've been given about certain topics. If you're not given all the data, you can never come to the right conclusion. You will think you have because you think you have all the data. The reality is you’re given bits and pieces, like bits and bytes of the computer information. You change whole pictures, whole vistas by simply withholding little bits of the truth to give faulty conclusions; and the conclusions we're coming to are predetermined. Predetermined conclusions worked out with the problems by top psychologists. The best brains in the world are always taken out through scholarships and brought up to very high levels, very quickly, and put into think tanks to work for the governments that Carroll Quigley talked about (the mentor of Bill Clinton), the man who picked students to be Rhodes Scholars for global government.


Quigley said in the 1960’s when he wrote his book "Tragedy & Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment", both are must-reads, he said that in his day this parallel government had already been in existence for at least 60 years, so we're talking about the very beginning of the 1900’s. He said the reason it came into existence was because there were too many conflicting opinions and viewpoints by too many conflicting groups to get things done efficiently. This is the same explanation given by The Club of Rome, one of the top think tanks which is put out there to find ways to manipulate your psychology, to manipulate our beliefs. To bring even a form of earth worship, nature worship so that you will obey the new laws when you realize you're just another creature walking the planet, no special rights, no higher than any other animal. That's part of their agenda.


We have channels like the History Channel, which is very good at distorting history, through emotion as well; and, if you notice, school children are given lots of videos to watch on nature and so on, and even people’s type dramas to show them psychology, but it's always the worst negative type you could possibly have with bad families. These are emotive indoctrinations. You imprint an idea into a brain or a mind when you attach emotion to a particular visual scene. Once these imprints are there, it's very, very difficult to show a person another way about a particular subject. They're fixed in their belief system on that particular topic and they might even become violent if you go near that topic and show them any other way. That's where we are today.


Conflict is used by the elite and always has been used to change society.  Professor Quigley said war is the main reason, apart from the booty and the looting, the main reason for war is to change society – all societies of all sides, because you can get more done in five years of war, by government methods with growing bureaucracies that take rights and freedoms away, than you can with 50 years of peace. I'll be back in a few moments after these messages. I heard a bit of music in the background there.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller. I'll let that guitar music play a little bit there because I like that kind of stuff, having done a lot of it myself.


I'm talking about history today, and the present and the future, to show the listeners that nothing happens spontaneously in this world. In fact, back in the 1970’s when the top agencies in Britain, the Secret Service (which is above MI6) released some of its reports that said that the time of the 1960’s it was impossible for any group anywhere in the world to pull off any particular terrorist act without foreknowledge being known to them, because everything was infiltrated. That's why the whole idea of the 9/11 fiasco was known by every side.


In fact, the same day it happened, the top of MI6 came out on the BBC and said that they'd warned the U.S. that this was going to happen and they knew it was going to happen. The Mossad informed the U.S. it was going to happen. It just seems the only people who didn't really take seriously, supposedly, were the president and all his men. In other words, it must happen. It was a "must be"; and, in fact, some years before it The Project for the New American Century Club, the same group that’s in power (or at least appears to be in power today) had talked about something necessary to happen on the scale of a Pearl Harbor event. The reason being, all history books will tell you, the first rule of war is to get public opinion on your side so that you can go outside of your country and attack someone. That's the oldest trick in the book.


This was followed up by Zbigniew Brzezinski's book "The Grand Chessboard" where he also reiterated the same facts of the necessity of going in with Afghanistan. We tend to forget Afghanistan was the first target. We also tend to forget there was a big build-up of so-called allied forces around Afghanistan before 9/11 even happened. 9/11 had to happen because, as they say in the high societies, it was a "must be."  It was a historical necessity to get this agenda underway, once and for all.


Back in the 1960’s, Arthur C. Clarke, the High Freemason wrote the book "2001."  Behind the story of space and space travel was Masonic allegory from beginning to end, including the illumined man overcoming the God and becoming one himself. Hal was the son. Hal was a computer.  You had an allegory within a story for the high ones to understand, but it was to set off a whole sequence of events beginning in 2001 and ending with the second one in 2010. In "2010," his second book, a new sun is born in the sky, another sun and "as above, so below."  You have a new type of human that will come forward on earth, plus we have the Unifications of the Americas to be completed by 2010. That was discussed as far back as the 1980’s with the Free Trade Negotiations, before NAFTA came along, as was the new capital of the Americas and at that time they had talked about making it Montreal in Canada.


It's quite amazing when these big events are taking place that we have all these minor destructions to do with some murderer, generally involved in sex, because people seem to be tremendously addicted to the nitty-gritty nasty stuff of violence and sex, as Hollywood can certainly testify.  Therefore they give us big stories like that or a Michael Jackson with his latest scandal and how much it's going to cost him to get out of it. These are the sort of topics that captivate the minds of the general public when we're sailing through some of the biggest changes, these illegal takeovers you might say that we're faced with. At the moment, with the war on terror or the war of terror on the public, everyone is being trained that this is a long haul. This is to take maybe 100 years to complete.


Now what do they mean by 100 years to get this war over with?


It's not just a war to standardize the Middle East. That's part of it. It's not just a war to raise a generation in all of the countries of the Middle East, who will then accept this strange term called democracy, the biggest con game I've ever heard of. It’s also a war to change what we even think of ourselves as being from human to cyborg. A purpose made Ideal Design ID. That's what it means. ID is also Ideal Design. The Ideal Design being a purpose-made creature to serve the system better – a creature that will cause no conflicts or problems for their masters because you'll be programmed efficiently by computers. That's what they're talking about.


The whole movement in the '60’s and '70’s to do with lesbianism that led the charge for rights for women, and the same lesbianism groups, strangely enough, led the rights for homosexual males. They led the vanguard. They helped create it all. We’re not allowed to do so because the big boys liked them at all. I'll be back in a minute to finish this part off and explain myself further.


Hello. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller.  Before that break there, I was talking about how groups are funded and led and used, always for different purposes than those involved in the groups think they're being used for.  It was decided long ago they would have to destroy everything that was thought of as being normal to bring in a New World Order – a  new system, a new culture, a new global society. A global society which would go through one of its phases before the final phase of chipping in the brain and accept that collectively they were one. This is why the New Age was taught, to preach this oneness doctrine as far back as the late 1880’s.


The groups used were always what they called "the fringe groups" and top psychologists know this, so I'm not really telling them anything new at all. You use the fringe groups to alter society for your own ends, and not for the particular members of the groups themselves, so people are used one after another and played off against each other to reach a goal, like a game of chess.  They don't even know they're on the chessboard and that someone else has rigged the game. The idea, as I say, being that any idea of what was normalcy before it all began was what they called the traditional family; and I'm not saying the traditional family was a happy lot, either. Most were not, even back in the '50’s and the '40’s. They were dysfunctional. They had already become dysfunctional – not nearly as bad as they are today.


It's difficult for anyone, male or female, to get through this life today without massive indoctrination and all the of the ads that hit you per day from billboards, magazines, television, radio, the whole thing being to make you feel unsatisfied with everything. That's how things are sold. Of course, you must dissatisfy the person and offer the solution. The solution, of course, is always the lie; but back in the early 1900’s, 1920’s and '30’s they brought Madison Avenue, the big marketing companies to work with the special agencies. The agencies that became eventually the CIA in the U.S. and MI6 and MI5 in Britain. Ideas are marketed right into our brains, but the idea again of using dissatisfied groups was to send leaders out to get them organized and to network together towards a goal, which sounded like to them utopia, but in fact was meant to remove what was thought of – even though, mainly, it was a memory at the time of normalcy. Once you have nothing to compare anything to as being normal, then you're in flux. Your life, your emotions, you’re not fixed or grounded. You're in flux; and when you're in flux and the whole society is in flux, you can move rapidly with a new type of culture planned from the top and marketed to the people; and that's where we are today.


We're going through tremendous changes, not just globally but individually. The children who come up through school today, if you ask them about certain topics, will give you such strange answers, strange to people born in a previous time. Yet, all their peer group, the children of their own age will have the same pat answers to tell you because that's what they're taught in school. All down through the ages, different groups are taught to come into conflict with each other. The racial issue has been used for thousands of years in other countries. Religious differences are also used to the fullest extreme and neither conflicting side ever achieves what they though they'd achieve, because there's always a third party that guides both of them; and that's what we have today. The changes we're going through are supposed to upset us so much, and train us at the same time to obey, obey, obey and have body cavity searches at airports and stuff like this, that we're being dehumanized. When you accept dehumanization then you lose confidence in yourself. You become almost a non-person. You do what you're told – obedience to authority. That's where we are today.


Will this improve?


No, it won't, until the public themselves say enough is enough. We have the choice today of going along with this, and it's a creeping cancer; it's everywhere. It's all across the world – the same system, the same agenda. It's been written into law in every country across the whole planet, because it was coordinated before 9/11 to do so. However, we have the choice today of saying no to all of this, enough is enough; and then when we say no, we have to for the first time perhaps – maybe the first time in thousands of years start asking ourselves what is life all about. What is the purpose of life? Are we just good consumers and producers that the United Nations calls the perfect citizen, or is there something more to life than just this? We've all been trained to be consumers, just like you train rats in a laboratory. You can train a rat in a laboratory cage to pull a lever for its seed. Then you make it do all sorts of weird and fantastic things and it goes back and pulls the lever again.  That's what we do as wage slaves.


We go out to accumulate and produce and consume, and we reward ourselves at the end of the month with some toy in China that breaks in a month or two. That's what we're doing. We're trained to be very, very selfish. We're trained, in fact, to be disassociative with each other; and in an associative state, you ignore each other. As we ignore each other, we become dehumanized and we're easier to control by those in charge.


Now for the next hour and 20 minutes or so I can take calls. Anyone who wants to call in about their own experiences going through this life, what they've seen themselves and the questions they've asked perhaps, and maybe we can fill in some of the answers.


The agenda, as I say, is very old. There's lots of books out there on it. Jacques Attali has a very good book to read. It's called "Millennium: Winners and Losers in the Coming World Order". He talks about the influx from South America or Latin America of millions of immigrants looking for work and ‘the good life’ as they think it will be. He also talks about the mayhem it will cause at this particular time, but he also talks about people leaving en masse from the United States as the new boat people looking for work abroad. If we follow Europe and see what Europe has done already, you'll find that the crème de la crème, the brightest children and students from all countries in Europe can apply for jobs anywhere in Europe or they must leave home. The rest are left behind where they are, and basically written off to low-level jobs. The low level jobs are just service economies. Service economies are where nothing is produced. Everything is brought into the country through middle-men and others, and then passed around to other sellers, all the way down the line. It's not meant to last forever.


North America has gone into this incredible service economy. Pretty well everyone that is listening today has lived through the transfer of all major industries to China. It didn't happen by chance. We all lived through it. We lived through the negotiations. We lived through the GATT Treaty that enabled it to happen. We all heard of the factories pulling up stakes and moving, yet no one asked the question why. Today we think it's quite natural that everything is produced in China. When you realize that nothing on that level can take place without massive planning for maybe 50, 60 years, then you start to get a bigger picture. A different picture of what's really going on. Bureaucracies don't work quickly. It takes them years to formulate all the written material and have negotiations and then interact with counterparts in other countries, never mind the stacks of lawyers they have to deal with, and then back to the drawing board again.


In the 1930’s, 1937 to be exact when The Council on Foreign Relations and The Royal Institute of International Affairs had its international meeting in Melbourne, Australia, they discussed the setting up of China in this present day position as the manufacturer of the world.


How come the public were never consulted on any of this?


The reason is we've never had freedom, just illusions. That's all we've been fed. The media is there to entertain you and to mislead you and to keep children happy; and we are all the children, regardless of our age groups. That's what the media is for. We're not supposed to concern ourselves with such weighty matters. We've been taught and trained to leave it to the big experts. Russell said the same thing back in the 1950’s that they’ll train everyone not to have an opinion but to listen to experts; and regardless, if you're watching the weather station or anything else, they always bring on some expert to tell you how to tie your shoe laces or what clothes to wear or what you should wear that day for the weather, as though we're children; and guess what? It’s actually working with a lot of people. They cannot think or reason for themselves.


Zbigniew Brzezinski said that in his book "Between Two Ages."  He said, shortly the public will be unable to come to a rational decision by themselves. They been trained to repeat their downloads from the previous night's news and that's all they'll be able to talk about the next day to their friends.  That's where we are today. The people expect the media to do their reasoning for them. That's perfect for a tyrant. You couldn’t ask for a better society of trained children – children who want to perpetually play. Play forever and have all the free time they can and leave all the weighty matters to your superiors, whereas in Britain we're taught to say "our betters."  That's what we have today; and we gave up all our rights and all our ability to think and decide. We gave it all away quietly, without even yelling. That's how slick this scientific system is. We didn't even notice it happening, at least most didn't.


In all mammal society, a mammal born will look towards its parent, one or other of his parents for signs of danger. What he should be aware of. The creatures they should be weary of. If the parent doesn't know, the young mammal won't question anything and it will go right up to its enemy that will then eat it. It's the same with people. Children who are born into a particular time expect their parents to tell them all the major things they should know of, what to be weary of. If the parents have been indoctrinated into an ignorant bliss and don't know to tell the children, the children think the system as it stands is quite natural. When you understand that, you understand how the system is working so easily. There's no one to tell the children that this is not a natural time to live. There's nothing natural about it.


There's nothing natural about everyone having to carry an ID card. Now the ID card is already being carried by children in Europe. They can't get on a bus without it or a taxi. They're taught even in the fictional dramas on television, they always slip in "take your ID card with you, son." That's how they're training them. This ID card is the same ID card coming out in the U.S. shortly (and Britain, which uses the same card, too) has already admitted that the space is on it for all your banking, because it will eventually be used for the cashless society as part of the total information network. That will happen very easily because people adapted to the card system. Already plastic cards, credit cards, special shopping cards rapidly to save time they thought.


When I first saw this about ten years ago I kept out of the supermarkets. I kept away from them and I had to go to a major one one-day. I think you needed roller skates to get around it, it was so huge.  I watched the people at the checkout counters and every single one of them just swiped their card past this little machine.  I thought they've been trained like animals and rats, because all you have to do is take the card away and put a chip in the wrist and they've already been taught to do the same action. This is how you train animals. It's known by zoologists. It's known by sociologists and ethnologists; and here we are all adapting quietly, and why do we adapt?  It’s because everyone else does.  If you take cash into a store, now they look at you strangely; and if you have $100 or something, you think you'd handed them a million bucks. They don't know what to do with it. Meanwhile, you can put $10,000 through a plastic card without them blinking an eye. That's how unusual it is to use cash today. Everyone is ready by using the cashless system already for their ID cards to be used with a credit system, step-by-step training, perpetual training. In the 1940’s, there was a bishop, the Archbishop of Canterbury in England. He was called the Red Bishop. I'll be back after these coming messages to tell you about this Red Archbishop of Canterbury.


Hi folks. This is Alan Watt back, standing in for John Stadtmiller, going through some of the darker recesses of my mind, trying to remember how we got to where we are today. As I was mentioning this particular Red Bishop, which is actually the Archbishop of Canterbury, back in the '40’s and '50’s who put books out strange topics that at first seemed to do with what he called "continuing education"; and I thought, what does he mean by continuing education? This perpetual night school or something for adults? When I go into his books, I realized what it was. He worked with big agencies such as Tavistock Institute in England, the premiere, really, of mind psychology and manipulation over mass control.


He said that everyone would have to be trained from birth to death, gradually, incessantly towards a brand new system, trained in such a way they wouldn't know they were being trained. They'd never figure it out.  This supposedly was to lead to what he called "world peace," something which most people hopefully would want. When you realize what this particular group means by world peace, they're talking about their own particular utopia. It’s a utopia for a very old and wealthy elite. A utopia where there will be no chance of the peasantry causing problems as they have down through the ages – the perfect society; but, to get them to that stage, this bishop talked about continuing perpetual education step-by-step into new formats, new formulas, new ways of doing, perceiving. Especially perceiving, because perception can be distorted so easily if you know the tricks of language. These are the same tricks used by the big marketing companies on a daily basis.


You know this toothbrush is going to make you smile like you've never smiled before. This treadmill machine – have you ever seen these people on treadmill machines?  If you see someone laughing their head off as they go along them, then they obviously are crazy; but we're supposed to think this is what you wanted, all this is what was missing in your life. All these ridiculous ads that we're so used to and accustomed to in this consumerist society.


Consumerism is based on creating dissatisfaction, not satisfaction. If we were all satisfied, we'd be quite happy with everything we'd already bought and the system would fall apart.  You've no sooner bought the latest gizmo to make you happy and fill that void, and here's another ad telling you, no, this is really what you need. This thing over here, and so you rush out with your cards and buy it because everyone has to have it. This is incredible training when you think about it. We're supposed to be the highest creatures on this planet – supposed to be – yet we're trained easier than most animals. Why is it so easy?  It's because nothing on the planet has been studied as much as mankind itself from the earliest ancient times. Nothing. It's only the last 100 years or 200 years they got round to studying the insects and the other animals. Freud himself was a front-man for this particular agenda.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller.  I've been talking about different bits of this puzzle, this puzzle called life and showing you how we're not simply evolving through a little phase of history. We're actually being guided along by experts who stimulate us into particular directions of thought, doing and being. This system of advertising, marketing, is a very powerful tool, as is drama of course. If you want to read about how much the ancients knew of this, read Plato's Republic and his other works because he talks about the culture creation industries. He called them industries 2,300 years ago. He said it involves the music industry. It involves the fashion industry and the drama industry and sculptors and paintings.  They all work together and always have worked together to control the minds of the people.


In ancient Greece it was law that everyone who lived, including the slaves, all that time ago had to attend the major traveling shows that came around. These shows came all across the Middle East and into Greece.


Why did they have to go and watch them by law?


It's because even the elite of that time realized that they were shaping society, always guiding them towards a new future, and they wanted to have the correct downloading; and you get your downloading through primarily fiction, because it's coupled always with drama, intrigue and emotion. That's how you fix it in their minds, and as Plato says, "the public mimic what they say and mimic what they hear."  Music itself was such a tremendous tool especially on the youth that Plato even advised kings of his day to pass laws to license musicians because of the tremendous power it could wield over the youth.


Today you think it's not licensed; and, in a sense, it isn't. It's done more efficiently than licensing. You have very powerful people, only a few families, to control the whole music industry and they decide who will be made to be a star and who will not be made to be a star. They decide what music a particular generation is going to hear and what they won't hear. If they want a violent culture, they'll give you a violent music. If they want a laid-back culture, they'll give you a laid-back type music. It's all very simple when you run an industry and you run all the big recording labels. Not difficult at all.


If you noticed when they started to give the rap type videos, the ‘gangsta’ type videos out for the youth – and the youth do emulate and they talk just like the gangster rappers and walk like them and the movements. That's how children mimic. Read Charles Galton Darwin's book about that, too. He said all the public mimic what they see, because we're supposed to be a “higher ape”. You'll find that they gave the rap music for a generation that was to be very angry and aggressive about everything. This was to tie in with the generation that would get brought up using these video games, these war games, because 20 years from then, they'll be going into the military. They wanted a militarized society. These are the guys now donning uniforms and one day might turn their weapons on you. I'll be back after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller. I've been rambling on here about some of the history, some of the techniques that are used on our minds on a daily basis. Ideas that are really electronically, mainly, tunneled into our minds and we're so used to it. We’re brought up on television. We’re weaned on television and television, as they said many years ago, it would be the greatest tool for shaping the minds of the public; and it certainly has been. I think, to be honest with you, we've got to a stage where it's very difficult for most members of the public to tell fact from fiction. I get the examples of this everyday by people calling me up and asking me about certain people and reptilian people, or is it written I the stars and all this kind of stuff, because well-financed authors out there are putting this kind of material out and people are believing it.  I don't have the patience or time to deprogram them and fill them in on all the facts. This is where society is today. They’re ready to fall for anything, and they are falling for everything.


Our weather is manipulated. Look at the treaty that was signed in the 1970’s at the United Nations on weather warfare. They didn't sign a treaty of something that they didn't have yet. They had it back then. They were perfectly capable of causing—and it's written in the treaty—earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, famines, whatever they desired. That's why they wrote the treaty up. They have over 54 of these HAARP type facilities worldwide. There's a huge one in Alaska and another huge one in Greenland run by the U.S. and another one in Pine Gap, Australia. They can triangulate these and work together and cover whole continents if they wish; and, if anyone cares to look up, look at the skies. We've been sprayed like you spray bugs for the last 10 years solid.


I think in the United States they were getting spraying before we even had it in Canada; and then when they signed the Open Skies Treaty – and there's two treaties. Don't be misled by the commercial one. There were two treaties that were signed and the Open Sky Treaty is done in double-speak. If you look at it carefully, you'll be very confused. I tried to find out what they mean when they said that foreign pilots can fly your military planes over your countries. It's a Dr. Strangelove policy. Each person's pilots goes to another nation to ensure the spraying is done evenly across the planet. We're being sprayed with a variety of aluminum oxides and barium and other metals to be used in conjunction with HAARP, but there's also other chemicals involved, possibly even tranquilizers. Donald Rumsfeld said himself on the news in Canada the day after 9/11 that they had vast amounts of aerosolized Valium and Prozac ready to spray over entire cities to stop or allay panic, should another big terrorist event occur. That's when it dawned on me when I started yawning heavily after heavy spraying, my God, they’re already doing it. They're doing it; but then if you were the Generals and making war on the public, wouldn't you use all these covert silent weapons on our target to bring them through the biggest changes they've ever faced in history? Of course you would. It makes perfect sense.


A few years ago in the United States papers they published a report from the Air Force that said in a few years time, maybe four, they would own the weather. They would own the weather; and they have. The whole weather scam is just another part of their arsenal to make us give up all our rights, to convince us we are the problem. There's just too many of us breathing carbon dioxide and eating the world's resources up. That's what it's all about.  Look into the book by The Club of Rome, where the founders of this think tank, this premiere think tank that puts these ideas out to lesser think tanks that then work it into the world.  This main think tank, The Club of Rome, the authors admit in their own book that they published under The Club of Rome called "The First Global Revolution".


They admit that they sat around tables wondering how they could unify the world.  They thought of aliens and spacecraft and invasions from outer space and all this kind of stuff, and how it would work with the public; and then, one of them says we hit upon the idea that weather – man was at war with the world and the weather was reacting to him. The weather would be used to convince man that he had to give up his rights and all his freedoms and come together globally. They admit it in their own book; and so it is happening as they step up all the freak weather. You'll notice when they spray heavily, storms happen. I'm so used to it it's predictable. I don't look into the weather station. I don't watch television at all now. I don't have to. I used to only watch it for the weather. Now I just go outside and look at the skies and watch what kind of spraying they're putting in that day, and it will tell me if it's going to be hot and muggy and humid, and everyone is going to be sneezing as this stuff floats down from the sky that they're spraying above you; or, if it's the darker sprays, they're going to cause a storm in order to get everything that's outside under cover. That's how predictable it all is.


We are living literally in a big laboratory where we're treated like children.  Since they've trained the public to wait to be told what’s really happening by experts, then, sure enough, the public will not reason for themselves, even if you point out the trails above their heads to them. That can't believe you, if it's not on the 6:00 o'clock news, which is their only reality. They've been trained to believe that then it doesn’t matter what you show them, and what they see with their own eyes, that would be impossible.  They're denying their own perceptions. That's the beauty of mind control.  Remember, under mind control, which works perfectly well if you start it on youngsters and brought them up into adulthood. People under mind control are the last ones to ever figure out that they are under it, in fact. They will even fight you; maybe even kill you to retain that illusion.


I'm Alan Watt. Generally, you've seen it at Please look in there and you'll find lots of history on how we've got to this present stage in history; and it gives you quotes from the big boys themselves, the big authorized authors that tell you where they're taking us. You can also get free transcript downloads in different languages from my other site,  Make use of them, and they are free; and who knows how long it will last? I don't know. After looking at the bills that were passed last week on the confiscation of all properties of anyone dissenting against this agenda, then I don't think we'll have too long to continue with the present type of talk. They mean business. If you look at all the laws that have been passed worldwide, but mainly in the United States, the States is always ahead of everyone else. If they introduce just a fraction of them into reality, not just on paper, they'll be a thousand times worse than Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. This is the psychopath’s dream, this particular type of society under total, total control.


How easily it was given up.  All you have to do is spoil one generation with lots of credit, easy credit, and tell them to dance and play forever as they grow up, never mature, just one generation.  All the battles of the past that people fought for, including the right of privacy, including the rights of privacy and security in your own home, are just washed away so easily. Hardly a murmur from the public because each one thinks “it won't affect me.” When the big monster starts gnashing its teeth and chomping away, it might start off in the Middle East but eventually it works in a circle right back to you; and that will happen, because this war is a war on the whole world. It's a war upon every culture and every people on the planet to change it all under a brand new system – a scientific dictatorship. The same scientifically elected dictatorship that Aldous Huxley talked about in his talk at Berkeley University in the 1960’s; and I have it on my site, if anyone wants to look in and listen to this man talk.


Huxley even cracked some jokes in there. If you're not intent on listening to what he is saying, you might actually like the man. However, here you have a top interbred psychopath calmly talking about a scientific dictatorship being able to rule the world forever. He saw no reasons why it couldn't or shouldn't because it would control the minds of the public. He even tells you the elites’ reasons for doing so. He said, " Most people aren't happy anyway. What's wrong with controlling them? What's wrong with drugging them or controlling their minds through electronic means or others?"  Remember, this is the 1960’s.  I hear a spot of music coming up and I'll continue with this after.


Hello. I'm Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller.  I'm going through some of the techniques and sciences which were used and have been used on people the world over, but mainly in the west. More intensively certainly in the west, all of our lives, not to mention the inoculations which had rather nefarious purposes and not the purposes we were told about.


A long time ago, the elite talked about ways to bring down the IQ levels for a particular people during a phase of great transformation of society. They didn't want bright, intelligent, well-educated people fit and healthy to go through a transition phase. They would stand up and rebel against it, so they figured out ways to dumb them down. Inoculations was a favorite discussion in the big think tanks, because then specially made bacterium or viruses or even chemicals could target specific areas of the brain and destroy certain cells. The parts of the brain that were literally targeted were those parts which give you your higher critical thinking abilities, the very part you need for self-survival. They thought, once again, if you killed off those cells you wouldn't need those particular areas of self-survival or preservation, because the state itself (and these are from their own words), "the state would be making all the important decisions for you. You wouldn't need it anymore."  That's what's been happening.


If you look at the inoculations that children get today and then two days later, or a day later, they're getting a tremendous fever. The fever is based in the head.  The head is where the inflammation occurs. It's in the brain itself. If the child recovers, it's lost quite a few of its grey-matter already, and then you have the problems with attention deficit or the variations of the strata of attention deficit disorder, which is only variations of autism itself. Autism being the worst type, that's all, variations of the same thing.  Every doctor in this beautiful system is trained in his own generation with new statistics, new theories to believe that this is all normal. So normal, that it takes many years for GPs to figure out simply by seeing the children coming back in the state they're in that the inoculations have anything to do with it.


We are living in very bad times. Very bad times where a pathocracy, a pathocracy of psychopaths interbred powerful families, dynasties of them rule the world. We're living in their system. This system of money and debt and taxation is their system. They own the entire system, and shortly they will come out and admit this because they have no opposition. When they come out and admit it and they tell us to give up the last vestiges of any kind of freedoms, they will actually ask us to be reasonable about it to see their point and view; and, lo and behold, you'll be shocked to find that many people you know will agree with them.


I talked to a sister of mine three or four years ago in Britain, and she watches television all the time. She started off the conversation about a drug bust two or three doors down from her and how bad it was getting, and I said it's the same the world over because the big agencies that run our security forces bring the drugs in. She then changed topic and says, "well you know, I think personally there's too many people in the world" and she lives in a built-up crowded area surrounded by hundreds of square miles of forest fields.  I said to her, "Liz, you've got to stop watching television because you're being programmed to believe what the big boys want you to believe, so that you will acquiesce to their demands one day. Maybe you'll go and volunteer to kill yourself to save Mother Earth." People will go along with all these little slogans they hear – these repetitive slogans. Repetition is very important to brainwashing. They've done studies and found that each person must hear the message a minimum of eight times in advertising before it sticks in their mind.


When you see the Condoleezza Rice's or any of these characters coming out of any of their big confabs and then talking to reporters, don't you notice where they all use the same little slogans like “weapons of mass destruction. Weapons of mass destruction,” over and over and over again. We are run by science, including the science of the mind to give us our opinions, which end up not being ours at all. Here's the music coming up again. I'll be back after the messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller and I think there's a couple of callers on the line. There's Ed in New Jersey. Are you there, Ed?


Ed:  Yes. Thank you, Mr. Watt. Thank you for taking my call. I just want to point out that you mentioned "Tragedy & Hope." I was very fortunate to get a first printing of that back in the '70’s. I have various books here about the conspiracy and my eyes have been opened for a long time, and certainly you're a wealth of information and you've added to my knowledge. I appreciate that.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.  Did you also read the book called "The Anglo-American Establishment?" 


Ed: I don't think I read that one. I got the first one or the early ones I got reprint of "Proofs of a Conspiracy" by John Robison. That one I've got and also the other one was "World Conspiracy" by Nick Olove and the other one was "The House of Rothschild" by Count Corti. What I want to ask you is there is a wealth of information in those books and also your knowledge is tremendous. I want to ask you something. I've never heard this asked before and I hope you can enlighten me. I happen to like classical music especially the great German composers, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, and so forth along the line. Are you familiar with the great classics?


Alan:  Yes.


Ed:  All right. I want to ask you have any of these composers been involved leaning with the conspiracy, helping the conspiracy, or have they been above the conspiracy, meaning they're so intelligent in their composing and their gift is so great that they didn't have experience or any knowledge of the conspiracy, Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati and so forth?   I'm a great lover of the Europeans, Russian, Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, Hungarian, Bela Bartok and so forth. So I'd like to know – I haven't found any information about the great classical composers.


Alan:  Most of them joined freemasonry when it came out, and that's well published in fact. Some of the great composers were approached to try experimental music to see how it would affect the audience. In fact, some of Beethoven's ones had very discordant music put into them intentionally and they brought down these scientific observers to watch the audience to see how they would react when the discordant music was inserted.  They found out that by using certain techniques of sounds that they could make the public either very anxious – the same feeling you'd get when you scratched your fingernails down a blackboard or chalk on a blackboard – or, they could even get the public to turn on each other and fight each other in the audience, which also happened on a few occasions with a few experimental pieces.


Ed:  That happened with [Bercothiov] Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring). There was a riot.


Alan:  That's right.


Ed:  You're familiar with that?


Alan:  Yes, and so they definitely were into experimentation on behalf of others above them and paid to do it, of course. It doesn’t mean they knew all about the conspiracy, but they certainly were aware that they were involved in not only in music but in an actual science which affected the behavior of people.


Ed:  Do you feel I should change my mind about classical music? I mean I'm really very emotional about it. I love it and to me it's out of this world. Some of it to me is the greatest thing that ever happened in the world.


Alan:  Absolutely, it paints pictures in your mind with a good piece of music and you don't even need words to paint the pictures. They're induced by the particular instruments used and particular pieces. That's why the Hollywood movies always use the horn and so on to do with pirate ships at sea. It induces that picture in your mind.  It's a picturesque type music, although it's auditory.  However, there's no reason to stop listening to it.  I myself will cut out the discordant type music, which I knew was for experimental purposes.


Ed:  What is your favorite composer?


Alan:  There’s too many, like everyone else too, and the fact I don't like all of the music, just certain pieces from each one.


Ed:  I am saying that do you happen to go to say Demtri Shostakovich or any of the Russian like Tchaikovsky or Rimsky-Korsakov or do you leave those composers alone?


Alan:  I like those ones. Tchaikovsky is good. I've got a lot of other ones here in my collection.


Ed:  One other thing: I want to mention that Hollywood made a movie years ago. I have a copy called "The Brotherhood of the Bell" and to me it should have been entitled The Brotherhood of the Illuminati. Glenn Ford is in it and Maurice Evans and what have you about a conspiracy and it's really a terrific movie.  I wish they would play it more often on Turner Classical Movies because it’s an eye opener and it’s fictional, but to me it's about as close of a movie as far as the conspiracy goes that you can get.


Alan:  I think Glenn Ford's son has a foundation and he sells that movie because his dad was compassionate about the conspiracy. It was based on reality.


Ed:  You've heard of that movie, right?


Alan:  I have it.


Ed:  I have it too. I have a copy. It's an excellent movie and it's something that I'm glad was done because I show it around. One other thing is to try and explain to people about the conspiracy. It really doesn't sink in. I've got a family here that considers me a little weird, you know, and I'm standing alone here on this thing. But my forefathers in 1776, I'm a member of 31 years of the Sons of the American Revolution and I take pride in that. The chapter president Elizabeth Town holds it, so I'm going to continue on. My family is not very supportive.


Alan:  That's really common.  It's very unusual in fact to have two members within the same family who’ve woken up to any high degree.


Ed:  Okay. I appreciate what you're doing. Continue on and you're a patriot as far as I'm concerned.


Alan:  Thanks very much.


Ed:  Bye now.


Alan:  Bye now. Now there's a John in Illinois. Are you there, John?


John:  I am and I just want to tell you that it's a pleasure listening to you fill in for John Stadtmiller. I'm a big fan of his and I've only been listening here for about a month, so it's been great hearing you yesterday and today. I just finished reading a book. I took it back to the library today, in fact, called "War Against the Weak" by Edwin Black. It was published in 2003.  Yesterday when you were on the air I pulled out the book and I noticed that all individuals that funded the eugenics movement in American, which people don't even know existed – California and Indiana sterilized a lot of people.  All those foundations and people like the Carnegie Foundation and Rockefeller, they still push the same agenda.  The last chapter was called new eugenics; and in the last chapter they actually said that they put in that book the author who wrote for the New York Times said that they put a human embryo in a cow already. It was just scary. I'll make one point and I'll listen to you off the air, but the author's point was – everybody had fertility problems and now we're moving into designer babies, where, if you don't have the money, you're not going to be able to have a child.  I just wondered if you knew about the book and your point of view on that. I'll hang up and listen off the air; and it’s fabulous listening to you. Thank you so much.


Alan:  Yes, the eugenics movement was on the go from Charles Darwin's day onwards more openly. It had always been in the background. People who were in Europe even at present times might have memories of the tremendous class system that was all pervasive in Europe, very open. In fact, it's very much like the Brahmanistic caste system. You're born into a particular position and you mind your place, they tell you, and you keep to your class. The eugenics movement came out of the same high Masonic group, not the lower Masons. They don't know this, but the high Masonic groups, the noble orders of Europe have pushed eugenics for a long, long time.  Part of it was a world they dreamed of where there would be too many of the commoners, the inferior types, and they were afraid that they’d hit a certain number and then they'd take over and kill off the elite. That's what they were terrified of. Charles Galton Darwin wrote about this in his book.


Charles Darwin himself was a eugenicist as well. Although he wrote his book, he really wrote his grandfather's book because the Darwin family were practicing eugenics at the time. The only family the Darwin's ever married into for five or six generations was just one other family, the Wedgwood family of Britain.  Charles Galton Darwin's father, who also wrote about evolution, his father married a Wedgwood and Charles himself married a Wedgwood.  Charles had ten children, and because they were so interbred, eight of them died and one died in a mental institution. When his wife died (the Wedgwood wife), he married his mother's sister, another Wedgwood.  They’ve already been practicing eugenics and interbreeding for centuries, these particular family lineages. They weren't the only ones doing this.


When they put up their big foundations – these foundations front for the elitists under the guise of charitable works and doing good, that's their cover. It's always been their cover down through history. It's hard to attack “mom's apple pie” and see the nasty stuff in the center, but we have to do it and look behind the curtain. The Rockefeller Foundation still sponsors eugenics programs across the world. The entire abortion industry is part of the eugenics program. The man who started up the abortion in Canada is now working for the United Nations using our tax money in third world countries. Morgenthaler said on national television in Canada that the reason he wanted to kill off unwanted children was that they would grow up to be Adolph Hitler's. That was his excuse. That was a psychopath talking. That was his condemnation.


Yes, the eugenics program is well underway; and even in the days of Plato, who was an aristocrat himself and a member of the secret society of his day, said that they would use the ITS. He didn't call ordinary people, people. He called them ITS. He says we shall breed the ITS eventually for special made jobs. They'd be bred for that job height wise, width wise and so on. Tall ones for picking apples and short squat ones for mining underground. Stuff like that. This has always been the dream of the elite – to create purpose made humans for specific tasks. Now they have the sciences to do it; and, yes, because they have knocked down all the norms in society, we have nothing normal to compare anything to. The most acceptable people about all this today are the very young. They think anything is normal, anything at all.  Eugenics is big, big part of this plan.


Thomas Malthus, everyone should read his book, his "Essay on Population." He worked for the big British companies, the Royal companies like the British East India Company. He was an economist, and economics is tied in with the eugenics movement. You have to have the bankers in because that's their business to project populations in the future and commerce and so on. Malthus advised setting up housing schemes or areas in swamplands and places like that to kill off the children that would be born on them, to reduce the population of the commoners. He said one day there'll be just too many of them and we have no use for useless eaters.  In his day, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution for Europe and Britain, they already knew then, they projected that the Industrial Era would only last about 100 to 150 years and then they would have no work for these common type people. They'd have to start culling them off by warfare or disease.  This has been well, well discussed in the past.


Nothing new under the sun, once again. However, the psychopath, you see if you understand the nature of the elite psychopath, you understand how they think and they're very predictable. In fact, they cannot change. You can't get through and give them empathy for others because they have none; and the only thing they have empathy for are their own offspring because they live through their offspring. They like to pass power on intergenerationally. It gives them a thrill to think that they are perpetual in a sense. They live on through the children.


In ancient times in Rome, they had the ceremonies of the Lares – the sacred fire in the home, each big house of the wealthy elite had the Lares fire, where they said that was where the spirits of their ancestors dwelled. However, they also believed in their own religion that the spirits reincarnated into their own family lineage. Not into someone else's family lineage, but into their own family lineage. You'll find the same thing with the Egyptian pharaohs. That's because the psychopathic mind that thinks it's so special and powerful, they think they are so different from the ordinary people, and they believe that's why they have so much intellect, cunning and wisdom, because it's the same families reincarnating into the same family dynasties down through time. It doesn’t mean it's true, but it's the way that they bolster up themselves for self-confidence.


We do live in quite a world where the ones at the top who have taught everyone else, the atheistic have their own inner religion at the top where really they believe they're gods.   When you define what a god is, technically they are if a god is all-powerful over everything on the planet. If a god has the power of life and death over every individual, even down to where you should be born or whether you should be killed at birth or before birth – that's being a god; and so technically they are gods. I'll be back after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller. Please check out my website and I think we have Chuck in California on the line. Are you there, Chuck?


Chuck:  Hi Alan. It's me again. I had a few more questions for you. I love to talk to you. You’re so knowledgeable. I'll go through quick and then I'll hang up. First one: What do you think the future of gun ownership in the USA is?  The second one is: Is there any hope for us to fight against them if there was a war to breakout against anybody that was invading our country?  And the third one is: Do you think the elite look at the Bible and do things so people will be influenced by that? In other words, the thing where they're in Bethlehem and all this kind of thing? Do you think they read the Bible to act out certain things so people will say it's coming to pass?


Alan:  Yes. They use predictive programming; and in different countries, they'll use the different holy books of that particular country. For the west, they follow Revelations like a business plan and they're making it come to pass. They have the abilities to create plagues, famines, we have warfare and sciences to give us signs in the heavens. We're seeing them at night with the storms they create and the bacterium, the viruses and so on. All of that is child's play today, all done through science and it’s a very handy tool when a good part of your population will believe it's God's will and there's nothing you can do about it; it makes you apathetic and that's what it's meant to do.


Chuck:  What about guns and fighting them?


Alan:  I know that they're after the guns in the U.S. There's a very good piece people should look at by Mark Baard who is a professional journalist. He's writing about a columnist on the New York Times who's talking about hyping up the fear, to sell newspapers of course. However, Mark Baard has written about this particular fear tactic, including trying to get the public terrified of gun owners.  People should look into  That's by Mark Baard, a professional journalist with his view on this other journalist at the New York Times who's creating all this fear to influence the people. They want the people to be so terrified that they'll demand that everyone gives up their firearms in fact.


As far as standing up to foreign troops and so on, that would be the will of the people themselves. Personally, I think most people are so controlled today in their own little prisons that most of them would think if the United Nations came in they would be their saviors, if there was enough turmoil to bring it on.  That is, again, where you find the big players like Rockefeller said. In California years ago, he said that the public will welcome the United Nations in under the right circumstances. They'll come in as your saviors.


Chuck:  That was


Alan:  That's right. Mark Baard. That's B-A-A-R-D.


Chuck:  Okay, thank you very much. So you think that a lot of religion then is just kind of done by the elites to kind of make people think there's a future and a hope? Do you think that?


Alan:  That, or else even the bad news if they believe it's God's will, then they won't resist in any way, shape or form.


Chuck:  Okay, thank you very much.


Alan:  It's a pleasure. Bye now. 

I think that's the end for today. I'm Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller. I'll talk to you again, whenever I'm called. Bye for now.



(Transcribed by Linda)