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August 10, 2007


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I'm Alan Watt. I'm standing in for John Stadtmiller for a couple of hours. It's funny how that last rebroadcast tied in with this one. It was almost like déjà vu you might say from a previous recording. What I've been doing in the last few talks is to try and show the continuity of planning that goes on, on a grand scale unknown to the public. A planning which takes part in big well-financed think tanks, paid for by big foundations and the group that in England is called the Establishment. The Establishment have always been there, consisting of high aristocracy and those who gained wealth over hundreds and hundreds, maybe even thousands of years and never lost it. In fact, they just add to it.


The secret of controlling people on a grand scale is to give them one reality, while you live in another, if you are a controller. Even those who help in the think tanks have their own particular degree of reality. They're not told the whole story. They are simply well paid, rather intelligent and cunning and they understand the natures of the people beneath them. That's how marketing companies work. In fact, marketing companies will take any product and find some way to make you want it. If you noticed that advertising on television seldom has anything to do with the actual product – it's meant to sell you happiness.


Why would they sell you happiness?


It's because, as Aldous Huxley said, in his Berkeley lecture, "most people you see are unhappy" and he knew that because he worked for the people who made you unhappy. You can't keep control over happy people. They tend to get uppity when you try to move them off their land and little things like that, so you keep them in a state of tension – never knowing if the economy's going to crash tomorrow, or their jobs are going overseas, or if there's going to be a war with guys at the North Pole or wherever they decide it's going to be. That's how they keep you unhappy.


Since the 20th century and the introduction of television – an interesting word if you break it down. TEL, in Old Aramaic meant something that was built on a previous system or place; so, Levi and Sion comes into it, as well – the high priest of the occult mystery; and, no, it's not Jewish at all. It's much, much older than Judaism and it's still in effect today. It's the principles of controlling opposites – the sun and the moon; and that's what they're talking about here – controlling nature, primarily the nature of human beings down through the ages. If you're in a happy condition, like happy sheep you might get used to that field you're grazing in. You might like the grass. You might even like the surroundings. They like the familiar. Therefore, to move you from that pasture to another one takes either sheep dogs or something to frighten you. When you're frightened, you generally go the way of the one you trust the most and that's the good shepherd. Their very careful to supply us with good shepherds; and today it's experts and scientists that tell us what to do, because we're rather too silly to understand all these things ourselves, and we have been trained since birth to be obedient to and follow the experts.


Lord Bertrand Russell wrote copiously about this back in the 1950’s and '60’s.  I hear some ads coming up and I'll be back after these messages.


Hello. I'm Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller for a couple of hours.  I believe we have a caller from Pennsylvania called Mark. Are you there, Mark?


Mark:  Alan?


Alan:  Yes.


Mark:  You are a (I hate to use the word) hero. I don't use that lightly and I'm using it for you. You're the man.


Alan:  I'm the man, eh? Okay.


Mark:  I've several questions and I'm going to run through the real quick. Anyone who is knighted, would they be considered on the other team?


Alan:  Yes.


Mark:  For example, and this is really going to disappoint my wife. Elton John who she loves so dearly, he's knighted.


Alan:  Yes.


Mark:  You're in the music industry so you probably know a little bit more about him than most people do.


Alan:  Yes.


Mark:  Ron Paul. Is he delivered to us as a hero as you talk about?


Alan:  That may or may not be. The fact is with Ron Paul – let's be honest. Politics is a con game. We've been through this with Pat Buchanan and a whole bunch, David Duke and they had a whole bunch before that. They always give you a hero, and the problem is it's the publics fault because they look for someone else to do all of this for them. That's the problem.


Mark:  There's a website that has quote from him in Congress praising the Vatican and actually that what's kind of -- because I was a Ron Paul -- for the first time I was going to vote in 22 years. I know you've never voted.  I was all excited about voting for Ron Paul and I know this isn’t going to bode well for the station we're listening to, but that kind of opened my eyes and then there were a few other things that he's talked about. For example, he's denied that he has any links to the 9/11 Truth Movement and that sort of thing. So I think people should really look into that. Hopefully we're wrong about that. It would be nice to have someone who is so into doing the right thing; and also, isn't the word "Constitution" the first three letters CON?


Alan:  That's right. The CON is the CON. It means a lot of things in the old mystery religions. You'll find very important words come from CON; and sure, it's a con. It is a CON.


Mark:  I mean when they say that he's Mr. Constitution – that's not a good thing, is it?


Alan:  It's the CON of standing. In freemasonry (and the Founding Fathers were freemasons), they talked about people in good standing, upright people; and so the Constitution really is the CON of the standing. They did leave this prosperity to their offspring, but they were talking about themselves at the time. That was the big trick. The ordinary person had nothing to do, no input into the making of the Constitution because Masonry at that time was set upon setting up a new type of feudal system and society that went all the way from Voltaire who had his own township. He was the lord of the town. If you wanted to get married, you'd have to introduce your future wife to him for the okay. They did the same thing with the [Owens] system that same over from England to create utopia in the United States.  Even Henry Ford did the same thing with his Ford family foundation. All of his workers had to basically go to him. He would come into their homes if there was even disputes with the workers to settle the affairs. They believed they were “high knights” and had the right to rule the lesser in a beneficial way.


Mark:  I have two more things then I want to actually help you. David Ogilvy of Ogilvy & Mather. Do you know anything about him?


Alan:  I know the Ogilvy's in Britain.


Mark:  He wrote books on advertising and I'm in the advertising business, which is actually listening to you for the last two months. I've been listening to your podcasts so often that I actually haven't been begging for sex as often to my wife. It's probably a good thing for her. But, in all seriousness, he predicted 13 – nice number, 13 changes in his book on page 217, then he went in the advertising business can see this and prediction number seven is: "Advertising will play a part in bringing the population explosion under control." And so is he one of the propagandists then?


Alan:  Absolutely, yes.


Mark:  And "Loose Change."  I'm always trying to wake people up. Is "Loose Change" a movie that I should wake people up with or is that a distraction?


Alan:  I have to say that I haven't even seen it.


Mark:  Really?


Alan:  I haven't seen it, no.


Mark: Have you heard of it?


Alan:  I've heard of it, yes.


Mark:  It's one of the movies that came along and woke a lot of people up to 9/11 truth. All right, so now here's my proposition. I've heard you say in several of your podcasts that you know of a handful people who have donated to your cause to help you out. I would like to add to that. How do I go about sending you - you want an international money order. Maybe you might want to explain that to people who don't know what that's all about.


Alan:  If they’re in the U.S. they have two options. They can either send a personal check or an international postal money order you get from your post office. It has to be international to get cashed in Canada. However, a personal check will be cashed all right in Canada without a problem from the U.S.


Mark:  Now here's the key. You said that you get some of your mail opened and you said you can only count on a handful of people. You actually know the people who have donated to you. How do you know that money being sent to you isn't being stolen to further quash your speech?


Alan:  Most of the ones who send it will email me that it's on its way.


Mark:  So you do respond to email then?


Alan:  Yes.


Mark:  Okay. My final question is: What would put a smile on your face? 


Alan:  A smile on my face?


Mark:  What can we do that will put -- because let’s face it. You’re depressing, Alan. I mean I listen to you religiously and I don’t want you to be depressed. What can I do and what can people listening do to put a smile on your face? What would be utopia for you?


Alan:  The only utopia is to – rather than go the way we're supposed to go by the way we're guided, or by opposing them in the way they expect us and actually predict that we shall oppose them – we have to find another way out of this and we have to start being humane to each other for a change. We’ve become so selfish and cutoff from each other that we have lost what we called society; and when we lose society, we lose everything. Once people start to change this – turn off that television set and communicate with each other and really communicate, then, believe you me, the agenda will be in trouble very quickly.


Mark:  So this is a doable thing? I mean it doesn’t take someone -- you see I think when people say protesting and screaming into a bullhorn and all the other radio show hosts we know about, that's really BS quite frankly. All we have to do is wake the people up.  In football, if we all know that the blitz is coming, if the quarterback knows there's a blitz he's not going to run the blitz right?


Alan:  Yes.


Mark:  My mom always says -- she's not with me on this one. My dad's starting to come up on the side. She's like “what can we do about it?” I said I think we need to talk about it. We need to let people know that if they’re saying vaccines are good for us and we reject that, then they won't do this to us.


Alan:  The thing is, too, we must spend time with the younger ones because most people today are caught up in being busy and running around, they ignore the youth and the youth are getting all of the reality – what they think is reality from television and school and they're cutoff. They have no bonding. We've got to get through to them to give them that will, to start that will off, because they're going to get the brunt of the changes you know. We cannot leave that to them.


Mark:  Is turning off the TV probably the biggest step people can take?


Alan:  Absolutely. All the big boys said back in the 1950’s that television would be the main indoctrination or instrument that would be used; and that's why they imported millions of them into Britain. The government imported millions of them, refurbished television sets from DER Company (which is RED backwards) and they made sure that everyone could afford it in Britain, these cheap television sets. China has done the same. They wanted the whole nation to have a television set by 2005, so it's very important for them to have the propaganda instrument right there in the home; and it's also the main agent for the destruction of the family. If a man is sitting looking at young nubile dancers every night of the week he's going to start to lose interest in his wife and vice versa. The women are looking at the soaps all day long and looks at old Harry over there with his working hands and he becomes less appealing. This is meant to destroy. It's also meant to condition the youth into looking for the powerful, because youth who have no contact with any authority will actually try and seek or crave authority, and they take those who are most powerful. What they see today as powerful are the soldiers, the guys in black uniforms with machine guns. We have to break the cycle before it's too late.


Mark:  It's interesting you say that. Let's call a spade a spade. Women get romance novels as their porn also, correct?


Alan:  Yes. They do.


Mark:  Is that delivered to us by the big boys also?


Alan:  Absolutely. In fact, if you go to any used bookstore they'll tell you even if they have collections of collectors books their biggest turnover, the thing that keeps them all going are recycled so-called romance stories.  Sure enough, I had no idea until some people pointed it out to me these romance stories are just completely having sex with one stranger after another.


Mark:  Yeah. You go to the Goodwill or used books – one of them type places and it's mind blowing how many romance novels are there. I'll let you run, but I still didn't really get the answer on what would put a smile on your face. If I were to send you and the people listening to this were to send you $50 or $100 or $500 obviously – well maybe not obviously with you. I have a hard time telling. Would $500 put a huge smile on your face or is that too much or too little?


Alan:  I say it would put a smile on my face. Yes, that way I could pay the insurance on my old truck.


Mark:  Okay, so if five people listening right now sent you $100 – that would put a smile on your face?


Alan:  Absolutely.


Mark:  Very good. Great talking to you.


Alan:  What I'll do now is answer the first question. I think you mentioned the knighting. Elton John is part of the culture creation industry.


Mark:  Yes. Please go into this because my wife is almost there on the truth side and this is going to devastate her, so go ahead.


Alan:  It's not really to devastate. I mean the music is good and he certainly is a fantastic pianist. However, the guy who writes the words is a different author who writes the actual words. Elton John simply adds the music to it. I'll answer more fully after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller and I'll finish up on the last callers question about the knighthoods.  The British Empire in all the Commonwealth countries including Canada gives out these orders even to cartoonists and political cartoonist that play the game of illusion creation for the general public, and the culture creation industry being so important for directing the minds of the people especially the young. What to wear: That's where you get your fashions shown. How to behave, how to dress, how to be aggressive or sentimental – all comes from culture creation.  People like Elton John were big up there in it too and did very, very well in the music industry. He also promotes certain movements and that was another part of it too.  “Political movements” you might say and that's part of the reason he got rewarded.


However, there's also a scam involved that came out recently with Tony Blair because he was handing out knighthoods to different musicians for about 40,000 pounds contribution to his party.  There's also corruption at that level. It really doesn’t mean so much. However, there are different orders of knighthoods. Once you get up into the Order of the Garter, then you're really in the big time. You're on your way. You're “joined at the hip” so to speak with the people at the top. In fact, you're allowed to breed amongst some of the aristocracy yourself and have aristocratic offspring.  The culture creation industry definitely is showered with these honors as having served part of the system.


If you look back at the rock and roll period, the real hard rock in the heavy metal eras and so on and the drugs that came in with it. The drugs were not made by people in basements. They were made by the big pharmaceutical companies on behalf of MI6 and Britain and dumped over walls at universities in sacks. That's how they got LSD off the ground; and they knew they would literally break the bond of a generation. That was one of their intentions. If you could break the bond of one generation between the old way of life and their parents and the new, while they indoctrinated them with the new culture, they could help end the family unit. That was the main reason for it, so music was terribly important to them along with the drug industry that came out of it heavily reinforced.


The BBC itself ran all the music stations at that time in Britain, including the television stations that promoted the new youth culture of free love and all this kind of stuff. It was all intentional.  Every British Commonwealth country gets knighted. It was so interesting to see even Mayor Giuliani after 9/11 went over and he got knighted by Royalty for going into his basement concrete place where they had continuity of government and fulfilling his role there.  Kissinger got knighted.  Poppa Bush got knighted. So many of them go over to Britain and get knighted; and there's a key to this, because if you go into people like the Bronfman family, the family that came in from Russia, sat on a farm and bided their time while the railroads came through in the early 1920’s, and then suddenly became multimillionaires with the booze industry during prohibition.


Old Sam Bronfman, who would have bought and sold most people in the U.S., his dying wish was to be knighted by the Queen; and you ask, why would he need this? Why is it so important to him to be knighted by the Queen? It was because the system that runs the legal above system also runs the illegal down below system and they run both sides of it, and have, all down through the ages. It's back to the laws of nature and the controlling of opposites once again. That's how you control whole civilizations down through the ages. You have a legal system and an illegal system and you run both sides of the game. That's the control of nature. Sam Bronfman donated millions of dollars to the same charity that the Queen and the King donated to, in the hope he would be noticed and asked over to be knighted.


Now today I don't think he'd have any problem, but back in his day, it wouldn't be seemingly – would be terribly comely for royalty to knight a known gangster. It's interesting, too, old Joe Kennedy who also was a partner in this whole game with the Bronfman's and shipped stuff back and forth. When they stopped prohibition in the U.S., they reversed the flow because Canada brought in after the U.S. stopped it, and they reversed the flow of the booze back into Canada.  Old Kennedy was a prime mover in this vast undertaking at the time.  He spent most of World War II in Buckingham Palace with the Queen.  Great friends they were.  You have to ask, what's this relationship with the British Royalty with gangsters? It's a very interesting thing to go into, with lots of history behind it; and then you find that the top bands that brought in the drugs, they brought in the dysfunctional society to break up the family. Even the free love which came out with abortion, the whole industry that came from it, you find all of those big groups being knighted by royalty, and yet royalty supposedly was there to keep the old culture going, the old traditional ways. Well, we're finding out now aren't we?  I'll be back after I think these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller for the next hour and a half or so and tell things as they are. Some people might think I'm depressed but I'm not really. In fact, the visitors who come here, the very few who are allowed come here generally have a good belly laugh once in a while, and sometimes quite frequently. However, the topics we're discussing are of the gravest importance, because the more you understand the predicament we're all in, the heavier the situation; and we have to understand this. It's difficult I know when money is coming in, you have a good job and you're doing pretty well, and you have your sex 2.5 times per week, and you have a family and all the rest of it, and you can keep up with the Jones.  However, you see that's not going to last very long and all hell will break loose because the elite themselves have decided that they don't want this system as it is to last too long. They have told us they are going to drastically change it. Change it by methods which are rather horrible, in fact, to do with population reduction on very large scales. That's a hard thing for people to imagine when they can go out and go to work and do their work and come back and play around and so on, but this actually going to happen. The boys at the top are not kidding when they talk about their depopulation agenda.


It's even more horrific when you realize they've actually been doing it since before we were born, through inoculations with cancer viruses in the vaccines. That's all been admitted to; and of course they always tell you it was just oversights and mistakes. That's how they get away with it, until you look into the authors of the vaccines and you find out they’re all eugenicists who belong to the eugenics societies, “survival of the fittest and best,” and they believed in reducing the populations and suddenly they're presented as the great benefactors of mankind.


We live in a horror show in reality; and to try and be exuberantly happy with the knowledge that you accumulate would mean that you are actually nuts.  I'd rather go on an even keel and explain what's happening to society for those who can understand it without cracking up and going to pieces, because I am well aware, too, that bad information on a daily basis can overwhelm a person and depress them and put them into a form of nihilistic despair. That's not what I'm about. What I'm trying to do is show you the bad side, first the terrible side and then tell you to start having some faith in yourself and start working towards another way, a better way; because the elite have said this system as it stands now is not sustainable. They decided that a long time ago and published all their findings and they keep republishing their findings to an audience that doesn’t want to hear it.


We have to find another way but not their way of coming out of this, because we have the potential to be far, far greater than we are at the moment. Right now, we're so separated from each other and that again was intentional. The separation of not just the family but the bigger family, the people themselves, are so divided and conquered almost that we don't communicate at all to each other, except on trivia and work events and what we've bought and we're going to buy like trained robots. We're not expressing human feelings towards each other. That's gone by the wayside and that's why people soak up the movies that come out, because they crave contact on a deeper level with other human beings. We don't have it in real life anymore. We don't even know our neighbors; and sure enough, some of them, who are so far gone, you might not want to know.  That's also true because we have a psychopathic system all around us, where even ordinary people brought up in it take on psychopathic traits of the dog-eat-dog and they compare each other with what they have, rather than who they are; and that's a tragedy. A tremendous tragedy because the ancients always said to listen to a king or a pauper, you'll always learn something and that's very, very true.


We live in a world of projected illusions – projected through mass marketing companies, but planned in much higher think tanks that comprise specialists in specific areas of society and sociology and psychology. They keep us running in circles chasing rainbows and illusions while they go ahead with an agenda which is not to our betterment at all. We have to understand this and we have to understand the gravity of the situation we're in. We’re dealing with people who plan wars. They plan mass killings in advance like a business plan. They plan how many of the populations they have should be reduced. What types should be reduced. What gender should be reduced. What age group should be reduced. They plan this cold-bloodedly and perfectly and they make it happen. That's what we're dealing with.


We're dealing with people now who are manipulating the weather. I keep telling people to try and get a hold of the book; it's a paperback book. You can pick it up for seventy-five cents I understand. It's called "The First Global Revolution" and it's written by the founders of The Club of Rome, one of the premiere think tanks on sustainable development. They came up with the term "sustainable development."  In the book you'll find the founders talking about the creation of terrible weather through scientific means and then blaming the public, convincing the public they were causing the problems in order to give up all their rights and be managed better by the experts in control.


This is all real stuff. They are manipulating the weather. The biggest problem people have today across most of the globe are bronchial infections, because of the heavy aerial spraying of aluminum oxide and barium and other metallic substances. Ask any pharmacist and they'll tell you what their biggest selling products happen to be. You can't dose the air with all of this on a daily basis and we've had it now continuously for about ten years. You cannot add this to the air without side effects showing up and we're experiencing it. If you were to compare the person of today at 20 years of age with someone of 100 years ago at the same age, we have about half the physical strength they did, half the stamina. Our immune systems have been targeted by biochemical weaponry through inoculations that we were trained were going to help us boost our immunity. They actually helped destroy out immunity because they wanted to bring the populations down. They discussed it in think tanks. They published their findings and they're going ahead with even more inoculations for the very, very young, even before the age of two years old, before the immune system is even working.


We're dealing with a horror show in actual fact. That's the reality of it; and one day, one day probably not to far away, we'll wake up to a few shocks as they bring on chaos – because their motto is ORDO AB CHAO. They're going to bring order out of chaos. Chaos to them means that everything that you thought was normal will be turned upside down and you'll be panicking in a thousand directions. I've read Revelations to some students I've taught over the years and explained the true meanings behind them, because Revelations was written by the mystery religion. It's written in the typical mystery language of the mystery religion, where they talked about a different type. How many would get saved and how many would perish. How, with their plagues, famines, and war, they'd have earthquakes in various places and all this stuff that had been used in ages past; only this time, because of hard work and the gathering of the sciences of nature, they have the techniques in the sciences to actually make it happen.


HAARP itself can cause the earthquakes. It can control and start tornadoes and direct them. It can do all the things pretty well that Revelations describes, the laboratories.  It's hard to imagine there are people maybe even next door to you that go off to work every day and get paid fat sums of money and work on creating new viruses and bacterium, and one day are supposed to be released upon the world to kill off a lot of people. They come home to their wives and children and they seem maybe like normal people to you. These psychopathic creatures exist and they're sought out very early at school for the particular traits and trained in a much higher level of knowledge than even professors attain, because there are three levels of all sciences. Three levels on the go continuously, parallel to each other, and yet the one at the bottom doesn’t know the middle one exists.


I can remember when Nick Begich was on the Wendy Mesley show on television in Canada, and for some reason (I haven't asked him yet), he had all of these little handheld gizmos about the size of a television remote. He told Wendy to stand 20 feet away and then pointed at her head and he asked her what she heard. She heard music in the middle of her head. He said, "this equipment was used by the CIA in the 1950’s. It’s obsolete." Now what size do you think that equipment would be today?  You can bet your bottom dollar that was a solid-state circuitry – micro-circuitry, and this is before the public had even been given the transistor for the transistor radio. They were way ahead of what the public were told they are; and that's the same today. Whatever the science magazines tell you they're actually working on was done on a higher level a long time ago; and that's why it's called RE-SEARCH. The searching is done already. You have RE-SEARCH, and yet the controllers above the CIA have even higher weaponry because they wouldn't give it to their workers. They keep that for themselves, just in case.


We are living in a time when the old allegory of Eden is coming true, because Eden was really an allegory of a perfection of nature; and if nature wasn't good enough and you leave Eden, then there's only one direction out of it and that path leads to exactly where it must always lead; and that's where we are today. It must always lead to man trying to become God and man trying to conquer nature because it wasn’t good enough for him. That's even in the Masonic literature, that they're there to perfect all that which was left imperfect, not just the basic human being himself.


Therefore, you'll have an elite who will always use all of these secret sciences because knowledge is power, and if you want to maintain power, you never share all of it with the public.  The most powerful sciences you have you never share with the public. One day that will be used on the public to bring us to our knees or annihilation, one or the other. If we're brought to our knees, it will still be a form of annihilation.  The Borg of the Star Trek series that came out of NASA, by the way, because Gene Roddenberry was a member of NASA. He was told to write predictive programming around what their findings were at NASA; and so pretty well everything that is to come you saw in the Star Trek series. A predictable society where everyone, everyone is chipped. Chipped in the brain and controlled by central computers, just like the Borg because when they can predict what everyone is doing they will feel safe at the top.


Psychopaths, you understand, because of all their dirty deeds fear exposure. They're terrified of exposure. It's the one thing they fear the most and they fear the public. They become paranoid about the general public. They hate in fact the general public. They’ve always wanted to dominate them completely. In the past they've used religions and rewritten every holy book in every land to make the people obedient to the government of whatever type it was or is, but it's never enough. There's always that little possibility that someone will try to obey their god rather than the king and if that happens the king might be overthrown. They've work very, very hard to bring us to this new level where science will control all of us.


Now all they have to do – according to their own writings and what they've released from the World Science meetings – all they have to do now is convince us, the people, to accept it.   I've no doubt this will be marketed to us by the big spokespeople that people worship on stage, like Dr. Phil or Oprah or others in other countries, the same types. It will be promoted. It's a wonderful for finding your children, not getting lost or even making a cell-phone call from inside your own skull. Something that DARPA's already done, basically, according to their own literature. With a paraplegic, they tried a brain chip. He can now email people on a 70 percent success basis just by thinking about it. That's how they'll sell this whole idea.  The public have been conditioned step-by-step from television to the computer, to the little Blueberry handheld gizmo and the iPods, to the cell phone.  It's really a training exercise into getting you to accept the next logical step, which is a chip in your brain, which you'll be told will do all of the previous things; but, in fact, it will be there simply to control you completely.


At Loyola University they said that once everyone is chipped there'll be no society as we thought of it before. There'll be no ability to think as an individual person. He said think of it more like the hive (and this a professor from Japan). He says think of it more like the beehive. You'll hear the buzzing of thoughts coming from the central computers that are programming the people, and the programs coming back from the people to the computers. Everyone will share this buzzing sound in their head. That is their utopia that they're talking about; and to be honest, it's a bit of a nightmare. I don't think I should be too happy about the prospect of it. I don't think any of us should be too happy at the prospect of this and we better start speaking out now before they bring it out.


They’re already conditioning children on a massive, massive scale and they said they would to this at the Loyola University meeting at Louisiana in the first one about 2001.  I have them on my site under the archives. You should check into them and they said they'd promote this. This will be promoted they said through novels, through cartoons where the superheroes will have the chips and all these powers. It will be in movies et cetera.  These guys never once talked about politics. They knew better. They worked for the elite.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller.  John will be back tomorrow. He’s going to fill in for Jack Otto's show. That's tomorrow, Saturday.  I've just been informed as well that my voice has been all scrambled this last while, and it's not this phone here and I'm not on Skype or anything, so I don't know if someone is tampering along the way with the telephone. That's not uncommon when I'm on, mind you. I get that in my personal phone calls as well. I also get lots of tapping if I'm talking at night with people. If I talk about the occult, they'll give me peace and quiet because they enjoy that kind of stuff. It's better than the George Noory show, but if I get on to politics, the young people who are put on the night shift listen in, get fed up and they start tapping the lines until I change the topics again. However, it seems that something is happening with my voice right now.


Remember tomorrow as I say John Stadtmiller will fill in for Jack Otto tomorrow, Saturday. You can look up RBN for the times. As I was saying to finish off this hour though, when you understand more and more of the length of this system and how long it's been going on. The incredible cruelty that's been inflicted upon countless generations of people by a small group of elite using a monetary system, which they can actually employ whole armies by and use on the people. It's really been a horror show for most people up until fairly recent times. We’ve only had a short break, really, between wars of some kind, of prosperity and a little bit of relaxation, yet even the relaxation was filled for us; because the elite said if the public have too much time on their hands they might communicate all the more.  Hence the drive to give us vehicles to occupy our time with, such as television and music and so on. These were again discussed back in the 18th and 19th centuries how to occupy a public that has more free time on their hands. Remember, in those days, people worked 16 hours per day and part of the reason was so that they wouldn’t be idle, because idle hands creates idle minds that create mischief.  The elite classes were terribly worried about communication that might happen between working peoples to each other. They worried about losing control over a public that had nothing to do for a few hours everyday except tell their sad stories to each other, and perhaps pass on some wisdom. Who knows where that might lead?


So there we are. I hope we're still coming in loud and clear, and if not, maybe I can get a new connection for the second hour here and try and bypass this particular line. I have heard that Skype is prone to do this, and apparently is coming in like Skype but I am not on Skype, so the landline should be better. Perhaps I should phone back into the radio station and see what line I can come up with.


We are living in as I say dangerous times. It's not a time for panic but it's a time for resolution. We’ll have to be resolute in our ideas and we do it by educating ourselves and communicating with other people in a very precise manner, by showing them the documentation that's put out by the present groups that control us. They're still in publication, these books; and once they read these books, everything will become clear to them. The whys and the wherefores of the present wars, wars which are going to change the entire world and the entire way of living – because that's what wars are really for. Not just for the plunder. The plunder is certainly part of it. I hear the music coming on at the top of the hour and I'll be back after these messages.


Hi folks. This is Alan Watt back again standing in for John Stadtmiller. I disconnected my line. I tried to phone in on a different line. Sometimes that happens you get a better line connection, and the oddest thing happened, because for the first five attempts I couldn't even disconnect the phone, so I don't know what's been happening and whoever is listening in between me and the station, but something has been going on. For those who think we're all living in a free society, I tend to get proof of the opposite quite frequently. I'll mention to now that John Stadtmiller is standing in for Jack Otto tomorrow, so look up the RBN stations for the times who want to hear John talking on Jack Otto's show.


We’ve covered some ground today about knighthoods – the knighthoods that are very important to those in the culture industry. The industry that we take for granted as being of our own, but in reality, it's there to shape the direction of society. In ancient times, philosophers mainly in Greece discussed the fashion industry, the music industry and even the drama industry, because they said that people will mimic and sing what they see and hear. People copy. We are taught to copy. Children do it naturally. That's why television is so important for babysitting them from the elites point of view. Children mimic what they see.


I can remember when the Spice Girls were made to be well known, and really what you had was a group of actors that would have failed in any other job, who were put together and songs were given to them.  They acted the parts and they targeted an audience that really was from ten years old to about 14 years old.  I only saw one of their videos where they were supposedly naked sitting behind seats with their legs spread rather wide open, and that was the message they were giving to even pre-pubertal girls – was how to be an attractive little potential whore. That's how they market these ideas into their heads.


Parents think it's all very wonderful when the children start to emulate all of this and they laugh at it, never suspecting that all of this was discussed with producers and people who belong to think tanks before the public even saw it. That's how ideas are put into our heads. We're unsuspecting. We think we're being entertained and we think it's all wonderful when little Sally starts to dress up like the Spice Girls, all spicy and nice.


The degree of indoctrination through many, many means is really overwhelming. Television as I say has been the main instrument to do it, but all media. Media means the middle. It gives the thoughts to those down below. It brings you to your conclusions (what you think are your conclusions) by picking certain bits of information, omitting others and knowing your logic – you'll come to the proper conclusion, which you'll think is your own. It used to be laughable in Britain with all of the different types of newspapers, which I'll go into after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller on this Friday. Before the last commercials, I was talking about the newspaper industry in most countries. Britain really ran the prototypes of the different kinds of newspapers that would come out. They used to have the staid old conservative types, which were large newspapers. They were meant for reading in trains for the business community as they traversed from the urban areas to the cities, but then they came out with the tabloid types.  It was comical even with their names because the tabloid types would have The Star or The Sun, all these occultic Masonic symbols, while the state conservative types would have The Observer and The Globe and stuff like that.  Nothing really changes. They understand the psychology of classes of people. It's ridiculous to think if you do think they live in a classless society. Some people are so naïve they really have fallen for this, because the class system has always been alive and well.


In fact, the monetary system in its essence is a class system. It created the class system of different categories of people who are successful within it. The tabloid papers would always start off with “page 3 girls.” Of course that's the first place you'd look at when they used to do that. Understand now it's page “3 boys” because apparently tastes have changed somewhat over the years. However, that's what they used to have and they'd always have sports on the front page, as though that was the only important thing that the working person was supposed to think about. Unfortunately, it often was. It certainly became that way when things were happening in the world around you and in your own immediate environment, and yet, all they could talk about on front page was some team scored a goal. It's quite an interesting thing to observe in a detached sort of way.  Then they'd have even their favorite cartoonists and those cartoonists would play the political stuff by doing caricatures of the current politicians, all very acceptable because it still made you think that politics was real.  It was funny to see members of the cartoon community being knighted, as well, or at least getting the Order of the British Empire, the OBE as it was called.


I can remember when the Beatles first got their OBE for doing their work towards the system.  At least in those days, when Britain decided to go to war somewhere and make some unpopular decisions, the Beatles had the guts to hand back the OBEs because they disapproved of what was happening; so it was rather annoying to see later one Paul McCartney accepting a knighthood and becoming Sir Paul McCartney.  Whereas, if Lennon had lived, I would like to have heard what he was going to say because he certainly understood the game and he didn't want to be part of it, certainly towards the end.


We live in a very manipulated world where reality as you know it is not normal at all. It's only one perception that you've been taught is the current appropriate perception, and you'll bounce off that from other people around you to see if you're normal. That's how people test each other. If they have the same opinions as me, then I must be normal. Now they could tell you the world is flat again, if it suited them, and as long as everyone else parroted "I guess the world is flat", then that would be the new normal and you'd think you're quite sane. Normal is whatever they give you for any particular period in history.


If you read the writings from ancient Egypt and Greece and the Middle East, they'd always understood the world was round.  It was really to suit a biblical concept and to dumb the people down in a more appropriate manner of control that they reintroduced the flat earth idea.  We all know as I say that the world really is round, because after all, we've seen the NASA pictures, haven’t we? so we take that for granted too. We live in a matrix, a matrix that projects images to us all the time. Each perception you have is done through sound or touch or hearing or seeing, and we interpret it what we think is correct and then bounce off our perceptions from and to other people. It never occurs to us that each sense that we have is a language, a specialized language on its own – a language that can be fooled. We can be fooled by sounds, for instance, and be mistaken.


Today we can create artificial emulations of real sounds or real creatures. It’s the same with visual perception. These things were discussed by guys like B.F. Skinner, the guy who really went in to psychology in a big way for behaviorism, the part of behaviorist psychology which was really sponsored from the big think tanks to find ways of manipulating human behavior on a mass scale.  Skinner was given all kinds of awards and credits for coming up with these ideas from empirical tests that he carried out on animals and with his own daughter. He made a cage for his daughter and put her in it and observed her reactions to different things. This is the kind of person that was employed by the big boys. Now you can imagine if your next-door neighbor was doing that it would get into the newspapers in no time at all, and he would be called all kinds of names and put inside prison. However, when it comes to the elite doing the same kinds of things on a much greater scale, there's a silence and then there's applause because they're given a Noble Prize or something.  We actually take their findings and respect people. We even respect monsters because we’re taught to respect monsters. He did a great thing for society we're told. He helped unlock all of those things that make us tick, but who does it help? Who benefits?


The psychopathic elite at the top benefit because they have new methods and insights into how to control us and how to manipulate our reality. What makes us happy? What makes us sad? How to manipulate both of those extremes. It's very simple. Just look at the biggest, most popular television shows over the years. Some of them were very simple with a handful of actors revolving around a bar in a neighborhood where everyone knew everyone else.  You had your postman and your barman and barmaid and all these different characters, and they'd have their fallouts and little dramas. They'd always get back together again. The reason that those little comedies were so important was because it filled a great gap, a gulf, a big black hole in everyone's soul today. It gave a sense of belonging and a sense of community. Something which we have lost that's been hammered out of us in fact by our current system, yet we still crave it.  Those programs become more dear and the fictional characters in those programs become more dear than people we actually know. That's what's happened to society. It's effectively been almost destroyed; and simply because we can cooperate with each other when we're driving to work and not smash into each other through aggression or whatever, doesn’t mean society is actually working. It just means we're all cooperating along an economic system and as long as we all share in it a little bit at the bottom, we won't turn on each other.


When the money supply one day is turned off and you can't buy those essential things that you have been taught you need to survive for your basics, you will see society turn in to a chaos, a planned chaos.  Then the solutions will gradually come forth and you'll find that most people will accept those solutions because they'll have no option and they will actually see no other option. That's what we're being trained into. Again, these scenarios have been discussed and published by the top think tanks that are employed by even people like the Pentagon and the Tavistock Institute in London, which really is the world's premiere, the first major think tank to deal with behavioral psychology on a grand scale.


That's the world we're living in – a planned predictable world with a planned agenda. Anything that could evolve from society by itself is immediately infiltrated and taken over, because, as they've always known for thousands of years, any true movement that came out from the grass roots that was unauthorized would have unseen rippling effects through society. It could upset the whole apple cart and throw off any agenda and certainly upset the elite's plans for the future. However, that's what we must do. We must start becoming humane again, bringing back all of those faculties and abilities to the fore that helped us get through hard times in the past.


When you think back, it's not too far at all in the past when we lived collectively, before Karl Marx – before he came along with his Marxian ideas of communism or the Trotsky's idea of continuous revolution. At that time, people at least felt some security with each other. They could count on each other to help each other out during hard times, and they had many hard times. They were also a suppressed people in the Middle Ages, for instance, which really didn't stop until around the 1700’s – even then very slowly. I'll be back after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller and just enjoying that little bit of music there, which took me back a little bit. You know it's hard to put a lot of knowledge across to people that are not prepared for the knowledge because it is so dark. It's outside of what they called normalcy. It's outside of their traditional daily indoctrinations from mainstream media. It's outside the experiences they perhaps have in their work places, and it's certainly outside of the conversations they have at home. Now we have Mike in New York phoning in. Are you there, Michael?


Mike:  Hi Alan. Regarding the encroachment of the police state, which is happening on a daily basis now, it seems to me that the United Kingdom is the exemplar where all of these totalitarian measures are being tested and actually implemented. For instance, the country’s blanketed with these CCTV’s all over the place, where you have watch your speech if your talking in a bar, for instance The media, especially the BBC, it's all sort of sappy. It creates a blameless public that's very docile, which makes me very dubious about whether people would even recognize what your message was all about even if it was spoon-fed to them.  You know talking of the UK, it seems that barely a day passes without another grievous example of an invasion of privacy. For instance, the police are now testing helmets with miniature cameras in. They can take a sample of your DNA if you have a minor traffic violation and enter this in the national database.  Another example is the local councils can now walk around your house, and if they think you've made any improvements, they can slap on a tax.  It's so amazing to me how much abuse the people can take without it sort of eliciting any objections.


Alan:  Yes, I understand that, there's no doubt about it. Britain certainly was in advance of all the countries to do with the techniques of controlling the people and the people's minds. Part of it, of course, as you know was the early programming put on television to do with police, like Dixon of Dock Green was one of the first ones and stuff like that about your local police. It gave you a completely false perception of what the police were really all about.  Then they give you all the old worldly stuff, the 1920’s or even an Edwardian England where everything was ordered and very simple. It was a skewed view of reality, but Britain really was the premiere for controlling difference classes of people and knowing what to project to them, to keep each one always divided but fairly content with each other, under apparently a cohesive nationalistic purpose.


They were very good at convincing the public that each war was going to somehow benefit them or the world in general for the greater good; and yet, as you know yourself, the general public did nothing but suffer.


Mike:  Exactly, yes.  Do you agree then that the UK is in fact a testing ground for all these totalitarian measures?


Alan:  There's no doubt. In fact, when the OSS, during World War II before it became the CIA, when it really started merging with MI6, they said in their own publications at the time that they would have to adopt the British system of mass control for population, for the control of the mind to ride out the storms of the future.  They sent masses of scientists over to the specialists laboratories in England like the Tavistock Institute to learn the techniques of doing it.


Mike:  So you think that not one in 1,000 has any idea what the hell is going on?


Alan:  That's right. They haven't a clue what's going on.


Mike:  It's kind of ironic that the warnings of George Orwell, you know what he warned about has taken place in the country that he was born.


Alan:  It is.


Mike:  In fact, he was born in India.


Alan:  Yes.


Mike:  Okay Alan, thanks.


Alan:  Talk to you again. Back after these messages. I'm Alan Watt. Hi folks. Alan Watt here again standing in for John Stadtmiller and we have Robert in Canada on the line. Hello Robert.


Robert:  Hi Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Robert:  That's good. It's Robert from Halifax. I've just got a couple of questions for you Alan. Years ago I was a member of the Knights of Columbus. Since then, I'm not a member and lost a lot of my beliefs, but anyway, is there any connection between the Knights of Columbus and freemasonry?


Alan:  Yes. The Knights of Columbus really came out of a freemasonic movement that hid itself even from the Pope at the time, coming out as a Catholic institution.  Later on, it was the following Pope who realized what they were actually doing when they asked for a Masonic charter to be introduced; and that's when he banned freemasonry for a while and they kind of went undercover.  However, since all the leadership in the world including the Good Shepherds of all peoples are all in cahoots and they have been for most of the 20th century – they have to be all connected to bring all the peoples of the world together, then they're out in the open.  Knights of Columbus members now are allowed even to go to the Blue Lodge and mix with the Blue Lodge members in what they were taught before were their archenemies. When you look at all the symbols and passwords and so on, they're identical including the Green Man and all the rest of it.  It's all freemasonic.


Robert:  I think I remember the history of it there. It started in New Haven, Connecticut. I think it was 1882 and it's funny like New Haven's also where the Skull and Bones I believe is based. I don’t know if there is a connection or not. Also, I think you mentioned one time on another show, I think it was on the Vyzygoth show how the Protestant Revolution was like a dialectic to usher in the Industrial Revolution?


Alan:  Yes, absolutely. There's no doubt on that. In fact, Luther himself was a Catholic priest and he was living in the days when people were burned for heresy et cetera and yet he was called out to see his bosses and allowed to go free and continue his work.  If you look at the Coat of Arms, it's very telling because you'll see the Rose and Cross (three roses and three crosses) the Rosicrucian. That's what it stood for.  He was sent out into the world. They knew, the powers elite that be that always controlled the world, that they'd have to create the dialectic, because Catholicism itself was really meant and created to control an agricultural society of serfdom in a feudal system. However, they had to introduce a new system of thrift and money and a form of meanness you might say and a middle class, so in came the Protestant Revolution.  They used to say that a good Protestant (back in the 1700’s and 1800’s) was a man who was sitting at his desk all day doing figures and his books and working out all his incomes et cetera. That was classified in the church as being a very good Protestant, a dedicated man.  That's the reason for it.


Robert:  Is that the Protestant work ethic?


Alan:  That's right. That's where that came from.


Robert:  Also, say when like Lutherism entered into Germany and Angloism into England and whatnot, I think Henry the Eighth took over the Catholic churches in England and I guess they became his possession, I suppose. Who would have also taken over the monasteries, the churches, the gold and the wealth?  Was it the state or would it be some of the leaders at that time, the rulers?


Alan:  It was all of that. The king and the aristocracy, their cousins and hundreds of cousins, the nobility all shared the loot of the old abbeys et cetera.  King Henry the Eighth himself became really the Pope of England. Even today, the head of the Anglican Church is the present monarch.


Robert:  Right. The Queen is still the Defender of the Faith?


Alan:  That's right.  Prince Charles said a few years ago he changed it to the Defender of Faiths (plural) and Prince Charles himself is the head of the integrated eastern religious societies as well.  It's quite interesting to watch this progress.


Robert:  That's all pretty interesting. Thank you Alan and I'd just like to invite your listeners to check out your website and to purchase your DVDs and CDs because it's all very interesting. It will help to open all of our minds and I want to thank you for taking my call.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in.


Robert:  Okay, thank you Alan.


Alan:  Yes. The Knights of Columbus, at the bottom ranks they're no different than the Blue Lodge. They have their little perks. They get contracts of local government. Little deals like that to get off with certain fines or fees et cetera, so there's little perks along the way. They get promotions within the society by fellow members, but they really don't know the bigger picture.  They used to call Isis the goddess with a thousand faces, and what it meant was the thousand secret societies that all think they're independent that are working towards the same goal. That's still in effect today. It's also used for the thousand points of light that George Bush, Sr. gave amongst his New World Order speech on September 11th, very interesting date in 1990 – which he repeated on September 11th, 1991, just by coincidence of course. However, he talked about a thousand points of light. They're working towards this very goal right now.


You'll find in the memoirs of Benjamin Franklin that he called himself "a point of light."  This is "the illumined one." That's what it meant. He was an illumined one. Today it also means the illumined NGO groups, the big organizations that are all working together towards this common world goal of a “eugenics program,” where only the illumined will have conscious minds and the profane, those in the darkness, the "junk genes" as they call it, will be no more of a problem to them.


You can go into the works of Adam Weishaupt. He's widely touted by mistake and by design I think as being the first person to start the Illuminati – and that's utter nonsense, because if you go into the Oxford Dictionaries going back over the centuries, you'll find that the term "illuminati" was first used in the 1500’s, long before Weishaupt was on the go. If you go into the creation of the Jesuit Order, you'll find that Ignatius Loyola—when he was caught by the Catholic Church for attacking different monasteries himself with his band of outlaws—was actually a member of the Alumbrados or the "Illumined Ones" in Spain, and they were a remnant of the Knights Templars that had been disbursed. They called themselves different names in different countries.  The illuminati have always been there. However, Weishaupt, because he was such an arrogant boastful type of psychopath, did put out a lot of information about their agenda; and he was only one part remember of a whole organization that was worldwide at that time.  He did say that through the creation of great foundations and wealth, they would promote their agenda through charitable works. That's how it would appear to the general public, through charitable works for good deeds.


When we hear of a good deed being done, we seldom look at it in any close detail. It isn't until you open the curtain and look behind it you find it has a different agenda or some other outcome will come from this good deed. That's how these big foundations work. They call them "philanthropic organizations."  You'll find the same thing said by Pike, the so-called Pope of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, who talked about the creation of foundations.  He said, by the accumulation of money by all means possible, even the stock market, we shall become masters over the masters of the world; and that was their agenda.


The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry also gave you famous people like Jessie James and others who robbed and collected the money for the organization to create these foundations. That's how they got started, tremendous history in all of this. You'll find before Jessie James, when the pirates were on the go with their Skull and Bones flag called the Jolly Roger, they were just the remnants of the Knights Templars who had the largest fleets in the world at that time, and they plundered every ship they could find of its cargo and its treasures to accumulate wealth.  They buried them often in the eastern seaboard of what became the United States later on. Some families just happened to be allocated certain plots when they moved into the Americas and happen to be sitting on these treasures, and those particular families are the famous ones of today. They knew where they were going and they knew where the treasures were buried. This is old history and you must go into the old histories written around that period to find it, but it's not too difficult if you're determined.


There's a lot to this world of ours that we take as just happening by chance and thrift and a little bit of intelligence, whereas in fact it's a planned agenda, as was the creation of the Americas. We know that the Knights Templars came across to Oak Island as it's called off Nova Scotia, and that was supposedly where they buried a vast amount of their treasures.  Remember, the Knights Templars were the first real international bankers of their day. They introduced a form of checking accounts. Checking comes from the checkerboard of chess, because on a big, big board on the outside air they would move these drafts around and that was their profits and loss and what was due them, their debts et cetera. That's how it was worked out and even today the man in charge of the British treasury is called the Chancellor of H-Chequer. That's his official title.


These guys have been on the go for thousands of years, thousands of years using secret societies and forming new secret societies.  In the last couple of centuries, they've added female societies to it, although the females, as Albert Pike said, are not allowed into the true degrees. They're given side-degrees which are false degrees, because females according to them are unable to understand the higher mysteries because of emotion. They don't like women very much at all, to be honest with you.  That's part of this whole agenda at the top is to eliminate any problematic types within society including women itself. They want a new type of human being that can be either cloned or reproduce itself. They'd be primarily male or left-brained in aspect. This can be traced all the way back to the allegories of serpents – not serpent people, by the way, that the counterintelligence boys has got everyone mystified about walking reptiles et cetera. It’s very good for the imagination and it certainly catches the unwary, it seems, because lots of them phone me to explain all this rubbish to them.  I have to tell them that counterintelligence takes real truths, using real people and real history, mixes it with farce and you throw the baby out with the bath water.


However, to be tremendously amused if you follow along those particular roots, the serpent really is the left part of the brain. It's logic and intellect. That's what it represents. The other part, of course, is emotion, often represented as the female. The Egyptian pharaohs wore the Ouroboros around their head, which is the serpent in a circle around their head, meaning all-encompassing. It meant that everything that happened inside that mind was perfected. It was perfected by intellect dominating over emotion and it was guarded. The forehead was guarded by the cobra, the snake the symbol of pure intellect. No emotion in a snake you see. That's what it's always simply meant and even the early figures of Christianity had Jesus Christ on the cross, surrounded and intertwined with the serpent – meaning logic had broken over and won over pure emotion. There's much, much more to the story than the people have ever been told. Much, much more and I used to go into this in great detail with select few people who are able to be taught the higher mysteries.


We live in, as I say, a tremendously manipulated world, including the use of religions and societies and clubs and organizations, which have a capstone. The capstone is the top think tank, basically, that runs the world. All the boulders or shaped stones or ashlars beneath them are the organizations which make it work. Even on the U.S. dollar bill, the pyramid stands, if you look at the bottom, on a wasteland. The wasteland is the world of the profane, those who are not organized. They're too emotional. They have wrong thinking. They have wrong will and they have wrong action, which really are "the three unworthy craftsmen" as they call it in freemasonry. Freemasonry itself is totally corrupt, as all institutions must become after a short time. Sometimes truth starts off within a small group and it becomes a bigger institution, but they always become corrupted through living in the world, the world of matter. The same word that mother comes from Mother and the Matrix, in fact, is the battle between the spirit, the battle between the Earth itself, the physical needs – because in the law of nature there's no right or wrong as such. It's a pretty cruel world. Nature doesn't care what happens to you or that little deer, that little Bambi that gets eaten by the big bad wolf. That's the reality of the world of matter. The struggle is always for spirit to overcome it and go beyond it and that's called the Great Escape. The first true leap forward is to escape from the pure world of matter by becoming "illumined" as they used to say. Not the illumination of the Weishaupt's and all the other psychopaths that grab on the bandwagon rather early.


Now remember tomorrow, Jack Otto’s show will be taken by John Stadtmiller who's back from holiday and he'll be standing in tomorrow that Saturday. Now if there's any more callers, you get your calls in quick because we're getting to the end of this hour.


Meanwhile I'll continue a little bit with, as I say, a little bit of the mysteries, the stuff that's had people confused for an awful long time and no doubt will continue to do so if they keep churning out well paid authors with big backing to confuse us even further.


In ancient times, the pole star was Draco. Draco was the simply the charting of that star as it moved from the elliptic. They're not really concentric when we spin this planet. We have a little wobble of five degrees on either side - 5-1/2 degrees, but when you chart the stars you can follow a snake type pattern, so they put a snake with wings and called it a dragon.


Hi folks. Alan Watt here again standing in for John Stadtmiller.  Before the break there I was talking about some of the original meanings of things which have confused people intentionally, mind you, by those whole rule our minds, our religions and now our sciences – the new white-coated priests called scientists and experts.  We’re taught to believe them just as we were taught to believe everything that ministers, priests and rabbis have said all down through the ages. It's the same old con-game.


The ancient cults which studied the movements of the sun, the moon and the stars charted them; and when you chart the movements of them, you'll see patterns and therefore they would put names on these patterns. If you followed Venus, for instance, you have what you now call The Star of David over the course of a year. These were known before Plato's time, before Pythagoras's time. They've been studied thousands and thousands of years ago, long before we're told they started at 10,000 BC. It's more like 250,000 BC, because for empirical testing and for watching and observing the Great Zodiac, which takes 25,500 years to complete, you had to at least have watched it once before to say this happened again exactly the same way.


That's how precise all of this is and that's why knowledge is never lost. It's always kept by a few during what they call ages, the changing over of ages. We’re now moving from the age of the “fish,” the age where Jesus, ruled, the son of the sun. The son of God into the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius, where a new type of human is placed in the stars that's not really male nor female, if you look at the story behind Aquarius who was the most beautiful boy who ever existed on the Grecian Islands, and fell into the sea and then was raped by Zeus; because the deity or the Demiurgos doesn't mind who or what he rapes. Generally it's done for power’s sake, being a good psychopath himself, which we're all supposed to emulate in fact. That's behind the stories of stories.


When you understand these things and you understand the psychopathic personalities who know what I know and who are taught this in schools, which are not available to the general public, then you'll understand what we're really up against.  We're dealing with people who in a sense think and believe that they are gods and they have the power of life and death over everyone. They discuss it quite calmly at their meetings. They discuss the bringing down of the populations and to a desirable amount.


I'll finish here for today. I hear the music coming in and I'll just say tune in tomorrow for John Stadtmiller who'll be filling in for Mr. Otto. Thanks for listening. Bye for now.



(Transcribed by Linda)