July 20, 2007






John:  Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. This is the National Intel Report and I’m your host John Stadtmiller. We're live from the studios of Republic Broadcasting Network on this Friday. It is the 20th of July 2007 and on today's program for the first hour, I have Alan Watt on with us. We'll get to him in just a couple of minutes.


By the way, I just visited the Williamson County Tax Assessment Office today, and I'll tell you what, they're now listening to Republic Broadcasting Network. I just dropped a bombshell on these people. You know what they're trying to do?  They're trying to collect taxes off your business machines, your computers and everything else. Now when you buy this stuff to begin with you're already paying the states the sales tax and everything else, and basically this is a business tax and it's really unfair because it has no representation. In other words, there's taxation without the representation. It's thrown into a general fund, and off and away we go.  I told the tax assessors office this morning that, look you don't have a check mark here or a box that I can check for unconstitutional and illegal taxation, so therefore I didn’t get a hearing in front of the board. However, I did have a good time sitting there talking to those fine folks and I know they're out there listening today. Hi guys. Because after I got done with them, for about a half hour they were real interested to find out more information.


I looked at these people and I said do you enjoy paying income tax?   “No, they scare us to death.”  I said quit being scared. Don't pay it.  “My god you've got to.” I said really. I said how many dollars do you think of the $1.2 trillion dollars they collected last year went for government services. “We don't have any idea.”  I said the answer to that is zero because they're paying the interest on the money that the government borrowed, and they're running out of paper to sell to the planet. That's why our dollar is only worth about two cents.  I said we have a couple of attorneys that just took the DOJ and the IRS to lunch (and I don't mean for a burger either) and I said they'll never hear back from the IRS for the rest of their lives. They were very, very interested in hearing what we had to say on issues of constitutionality and legality, so we welcome the Williamson County Tax Assessment Office to the program today. Hope you guys keep listening. You're going to learn a lot.


All right folks, it is Friday the end of another work week or subjugation week, however you want to put that. I want to just let people know, this network you noticed it took a hit back in January from some unscrupulous people. In a way that's kind of been a blessing, because you know what that did? It just dug my spurs into this even more. I got a little tired of doing radio and people not really paying attention and not really using the tools that are available out there. Up until that time, maybe my attitude was a little lackadaisical, but that kind of shocked me back into reality and how important this network is.  We're looking at right now putting up another ‘bird,’ putting up a whole new line up of talk show hosts. We’ve got business consultants looking at this business for investment purposes and we also have an affiliate relations. People that are going to be representing this network now so you know folks if I'm going to pull my hair out, I might as well pull it out over a big deal. Pull it out over a big deal rather than a smaller deal, so there you go, the best network that was out there before we got whacked and hacked back in January. We're going to be on top and we're going to be the biggest and baddest radio network out there for the alternative media, which by the way folks, it's the alternative to the media, not the alternative media.


I have with me this afternoon Alan Watt. Good afternoon, Alan.


Alan:  Hi. It's a pleasure to be here.


John:   I appreciate you coming on with me. I know that you just substituted for Michael Herzog for the last two hours. I have no idea of what you were talking about because I was busy doing business and on the phone and talking to people. What were some of the subjects that you were talking about, Alan?


Alan:  Really where we've been in history and how we're seeing history in the making for the next phase of it, and that history doesn't happen as you bungle down through time but really is planned in advance. The big agendas are always planned way ahead of time by big think tanks that work for a global elite, and how the push is on now for the whole New World Order. It's a complete world order. The old world order, as they used to talk about, was the Soviet versus the Allied, U.S., Britain side during the Cold War. This is the New World Order for the whole world and it's to do with a completely new way of living if they get their way. A way of living where most people will be pretty well dead in a sense in that they won't be able to think at all, they'll be brain chipped. They'll be lobotomized. They'll be purpose-made for their work tasks. This is the glorious future that we're being told is all in store for us, but meanwhile the elite must standardize the rest of the world under the one system to pull it off.  That's why the war is going on in the Middle East right now.


John:  That's what I wanted to talk to you about because it's always been my contention -- I've been looking at this Iraq deal and I looked at Afghanistan and of course we saw the governmental reasons for going in. Al-Qaeda or was actually us that sold Saddam Hussein these nasty weapons that he used to kill some Iranians with.  I'm looking at this scenario and I arrived at this conclusion about a year ago. Alan, I'm looking at this and I'm thinking, wait a minute here. What is bigger on the table here is that the war in Iraq, the quest for oil to go in there and deconstruct the Arab world and nation build the way the United States and Israel and England would like to see it, or is this an exercise of distraction? The Mac-Daddy of all distractions, I think, all tolled maybe up to a million people have been killed so far.  I'm thinking to myself, the bigger agenda here is what the globalists want and they want their world order. So if that is the case, what a magnificent distraction this is.


Alan:  It's also a beautiful way of numbing the people.  Wars and the threats of wars numb people into not thinking too far. They're afraid to cross a line of thought and actually question the big picture.  When they're numbed and they're afraid, they do what they're told. What you have really happening in the Americas and in Europe, all across Europe that signed the same anti-terrorists laws into effect at the same time, which tells you they were all drawn up long in advance by a cooperative upper elite within every country. What it’s showing you is you've got a reign of terror. I call it reign of terror. It's not a War ON Terror. It's a War OF Terror to terrorize the public to go along with this whole new scientific system they're bringing in, where it will be run by experts who will dictate to us and social services that dictate to us. The technocrats as Aldous Huxley called them that will run our lives. That's really what the big push is for to change an old way of life, which they now consider obsolete and inefficient, into a new system where eventually generation by generation, maybe or two or three—you won't get born unless there is a purpose for you to serve the system.


John:  Many people are looking and we have some victories, although albeit small in the face of what we're looking at here: and that's global dominance, globalization, global government, New World Order. When you look at this and I think the American people did a pretty good job with the issue of illegal immigration in this country and this crossed the lines. This affected liberals and conservatives and everybody in between in this country literally. I mean they came from all quarters and when people have a sense that they're being threatened and they can identify the source they will go after it. However, what most people don't recognize and why George Bush after six years, almost seven years of his presidency has done nothing with that southern border. That was part and parcel of the North American Union deal to have these migratory workers not only from Mexico. Central and South America, Canada if they wanted to come down and go to Mexico. For I don' know why anybody would want to go from Canada to Mexico to want to go to work but just for the sake of argument, people have been scratching their heads and nobody in the mainstream media has hit upon this idea when we knew it all along.


Alan:  We know that the mainstream media is an arm of government. They could never have pulled off this con game over all the generations going back to about World War I without the cooperation of the media.  We come to conclusions depending on the information we're fed, so naturally you make sure that you dominate the information that goes out and we come to predestined conclusions. We have no option to; and they keep us in the dark. It's a very old technique, very simple. In the Middle Ages, they just told the people little bits out of the Bible and it was the only education they had. They didn't know anything else. They didn't know about the ancient Greeks or the ancient Egyptians. They didn't know that the world was round 3,000 - 4,000 years ago.  The same technique has always been used because knowledge is power and they don't share power to the public.


John:  Last night, I was watching the Colbert Report. I don't know if you get that in Canada or not.


Alan:  I think they do.


John:  He had Michael Moore on last night, and of course, Moore's big thing is really a push for national health care, no matter which way you slice it. He's going in and demonstrating the inequities, the unfairness and the rip off artists with corporations and I was pretty astounded that even he got it and Colbert got it and this went on over the airwaves last night that look it's pretty simple if you look at this. How can you do news? How can you do information when the very same corporations that are making money and funding your network, you're not going to negative stories against your money ties and I was shocked to hear that and at least Michael Moore that I think he's a diversion unto himself but he's got a lot of popularity in this country. He keeps making these movies that gets everybody riled up and they all cheer for Michel Moore. But Moore, I know knows differently because I have friends up in Michigan that have knocked on his front door talked to him. Handed him documentation and said, "look this is what's really going on."   We've had our people literally in his living room talking to him and yet he still continues down this path. It's really frightening to see that because Michael Moore could be using his notoriety and his past works to really do some good works, but I don't know who's got their hands in who’s pockets here.  The American public is constantly being read a bunch of garbage. They're constantly being pumped full of disinformation and propaganda and it's to the point right now Alan, I don't think if you literally held a gun to any -- take any American on the street out there if you held a gun to their head they wouldn't know which end was up. If they had to say one thing to save their life and expose their knowledge base they'd have to die because they don't know and here's the said thing about it. The American people by in large do not know who's playing the game and who’s pulling the strings.


Alan:  They don't. Again, it's a great method to teach people. See generations have been really highly indoctrinated into believing that these characters at the top are somehow superior. These guys who get into office and become presidents are superior breed almost and this is a socialistic idea of keeping us all in perpetual childhood. Let the experts deal with the major problems and it gives us time to play forever until we die. Perpetual childhood, it's been very effective. The public today will not question the media. Fifty years ago, everyone knew across Europe not to trust any of the media because they were all owned by big elitists corporation entities, very rich people who worked hand-in-glove with elite families. They knew this then, but today through great propaganda processes, they do believe the media.


Brzezinski said, "The time was going to come when most Americans would not be able to even think for themselves. They'd allow the media to do their reasoning for them.  That's happened.


John:  It certainly has happened. I mean any place in American, I mean in any corporate office buildings all you have to do is listen to the conversations, and Alan, all that you hear is what transpired on the news the day before. I mean today it's Michael Vick. Okay, Michael Vick quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons as a rookie he was involved in dog fighting and how that goes it's sickening and it's inhumane but this is coming out of the ghetto and gang-banger stuff that it pervades and what's being popularized in our culture here today. These are our icons. These guys that come from the ghettos and bring their stuff with them. That's what's replaced what America used to be. We'll be right back with Alan Watt.


Alan Watt's websites and there are two of them. There's one for the North America and there's one for Europe. Are you ready to round, round ready write? I'll give you another second to grab that pencil. All right here it is. The North American site is exactly how it sounds. No dashes, no underscores, no capitalization, and the European site is Alan Watt spelled A-L-A-N W-A-T-T sentient sentinel. I'll spell that all out so there's no confusion here. Alan Watt, A-L-A-N W-A-T-T, sentient spelled S-E-N-T-I-E-N-T, sentinel ( So hope you've got that copied down. How many visitors do you have to your sites Alan?


Alan:  Enough to crash most of them and I have ten out there and I just juggle them every night because they're really -- it's incredible the thousands that come in everyday to download.


John:  Information is what the world is lacking and we've got a pretty large European audience. We've got people that listen and we have the breakdowns of the Internet, at least who’s hitting from foreign countries; and I was really amazed. Here inside the United States, we have number one and number two listening to this network are actually Mexicans and Mexican organizations, which is pretty fascinating. I don't know why they were eavesdropping. Maybe they were afraid of the restructuring of our immigration laws here. Maybe that's why they were listening but we've got people in England and Europe and Germany and Japan and Australia and Belize. I mean they even get us on short-wave down in Belize if you can believe that better than probably what we can get it here in this country.  Alan, as you take a look at the grand chessboard here (and I'll steal the title to somebody's book), as you look at the grand chessboard and you see the world, are they waking up to this globalist plan or what's going on?


Alan:  There are more waking up. Again, they wake up to a primary level, the first step really, when they notice things changing in their immediate vicinity -- their immediate lives, things which are affecting them personally. We see it in Europe where you've got to show your ID card to get on a bus or to get on a subway or even in a taxi. They even have it in comedy shows in Europe such as in Holland where mom will say to the child, "Don’t leave home without your card because you'll need it for the policeman."  So it's getting propagated through fiction and non-fiction that the card is normal and being monitored everywhere is normal. So that's spooking some people but what's scary is the amount of people in countries in Europe that were occupied in different wars by people who wore black clothing and machines guns were carried in the streets accepting it now and many of them were alive during World War II are still alive today and witnessing it. It's the older ones that are seeing it.


John:  Yes. The older generation. I've said this before. Alan, if we do not make the change and make it now and start the awareness process to the point where it really becomes a detriment and a real slow down for the globalists, because this country is the linchpin. I mean they didn't necessarily go after Canada and they didn't necessarily go after Mexico. They turned the full brunt of their efforts on the United States to drive it into the ground because as many people see this is that the United States is the linchpin. They drive this country down they have their New World Order.


Alan:  You can go back into the books of The Royal Institute of International Affairs and CFR from the 1930's.  I have them all, including the minutes of their meetings and all the speeches that were made and by whom. You'll find that they said that the upcoming war against Germany (this in the 1937 one), the upcoming war with Germany we must all unite to save Russia. At that time up until then the Soviet Union was supposed to be the arch enemy of capitalism and yet here the top capitalists saying they must defend and save the Soviet Union. See, they were in on the bigger picture. They knew down the road at the end of the century they'd amalgamate the two systems as all part of the dialectic process.


John:  I was just going to use that term. It's the Hegelian Dialectic of the thesis antithesis synthesis where they create the problem and then demonstrate to you how bad it is and then they come up with their solutions to fix the problem, which they started in the first place.


Alan:  That's right. Then they went on to say that after this war (World War II) that the U.S. would takeover as the policemen of the world, of a time where it would go forward, appear to be successful and fall back again, and then go forward a couple of times just as Rome did, and then fall back into the ground. Then China would takeover as the policemen of the world. This is in the 1930's this was all talked about.


John:  You know it's amazing to me, people if they had a working understanding of what's going on in their lives, it's starting to affect them inside the United States, not just the world but here. People like Dennis Kucinich which is a big UN guy, Hillary Clinton.  We know where Billary has been for all these years. She's been square in the camp of the socialists and the communists out there. If they really knew what was driving the political landscape in this country today I would venture a guess here that they'd be up there in Pennsylvania Avenue marching on the White House and tar and feathering the people that are occupying the White House and Congress because they've all been in on this fix. 


Alan:  Yes they have. That's just it you see. Professor Carroll Quigley, I mean he let a lot out of the bag in "Tragedy & Hope" and he worked at Georgetown University that was the leader for this world push. They train people to go out in the world and create world government.


John:  Okay, hold that thought right there, Alan Watt. We've got to take a break. When I get back on the other side, I'll give you those websites again right after we return. All right boys and girls get out your pencils. I hate that. That is so condescending boys and girls. Gee, slap me okay right through the glass. I've got it.


All right, here's the websites.  Just spell it out the way it is all lower case and that is the Americas side of the website and the European site is and that is A-L-A-N W-A-T-T. Sentient is spelled: s-e-n-t-i-e-n-t and then the word sentinel You've got that registered the cuttingthroughthematrix in the United States. That's why it doesn't say ca at the end of that?


Alan:  That's right. I've got a .ca one as well.


John:  What is that one because we have a lot of listeners in Canada?


Alan:  There's about I think ten of them, all cuttingthroughthematrix, so I've got us, ca, org, et cetera, et cetera.


John:  Okay. So they can just use as well?


Alan:  Yes.


John:  Okay great. You have ten websites?


Alan:  About that many, yes.


John:  Really? No wonder your servers are always crashing.


Alan:  Even with them it goes down too.


John:  There's been a lot of discussion about this; and you've been tracking and tracing this, Alan, for how many years now?


Alan:  Too long, a good part of my life really.


John:  Are you encouraged with the number of people that are waking up to this global great plan that they have?


Alan:  I am in some ways, but there's more people who are beyond as I say the primary steps of waking up; and as they go a bit higher they realize that there's more at stake then just losing what we thought was a system; a cultural system. Personally, I know that the last system was theirs too. Culture is a created thing by experts at the top, an ongoing thing. In fact, most of the culture, including all the left-wing culture in the U.S. and Canada and Europe was run by MI6 and it was run by departments in the CIA. It's now declassified. They created what we thought was the left-wing culture in the west all through the Cold War and they still run the culture industry. So there are people who have come above that level and they realize that they're simply updating a new culture for a New World Order and it's one of perpetual socialism. A fantasy-land for people from birth to grave while they go on towards the next step.


They do plan eventually to forbid marriage. To raise one generation of children who will believe that Gaia (Old Mother Earth) here should be saved at all costs and they'll voluntarily allow themselves to be sterilized. It's quite easy to indoctrinate children from birth into that kind of thing and eventually that step after that will be to purpose make humans for particular tasks from scratch. They call it "genetic enhancement" in the early phases and then "genetic completion" in the final stage.


John:  Is that the eugenics programs that they have been running for quite some time?


Alan:  Yes, that's the same one. They talked about this as early the 1700's in the big think tanks of Europe of how to perfect humans to be good workers. It went on from into the 20th century when they came out into the open with the American Eugenics Society funded by Rockefeller, the great benefactor of mankind who believed in superior types and inferior types. They foresaw a time coming where there'd be just simply too many inferior types. They'd have to get rid of them.


John:  Are you familiar with Edwin Black's works?


Alan:  Yes.


John:  Okay, because he was the one who that wrote a book and basically spelled it out. He' been investigating the history of American Eugenics, and it was funded largely by the wealthy elites including the Rockefellers and the Carnegie families. They actually believe that the feeble-minded should be subject to forced sterilization in order to create a stronger species. This is what people like Adolph Hitler and other people also saw as a real advantage for the Mother Land or the Father Land, however you want to put it. We can go back to the days of who was it? Cromwell in England where they had a little problem and he said "look, we don't necessarily have to do anything with these other people that aren't English. We'll just breed them out"


Alan:  Yes, that's right. What's interesting with the Rockefeller Foundation and Ford and Carnegie and many other that are all colluding together. That's the real system of government. They dictate to all the guys in government what the agenda is supposed to be and this whole schedule for the next 100 years or 200 years is already written down for them how generation by generation they will simply take over the children by scientific indoctrination and give them a brand new culture which they will totally accept. It's very easy to do that to children. Very, very easy. And even Gorbachev in his book "Towards a New Civilization" said, "I myself am an atheist," but then he goes on to say, "WE are presently creating a new world religion. A New Age type of religion based on Earth worship. It will be necessary for the future generations to sacrifice themselves to save the Earth."


John:  Gorbachev is much with glasnost in his whole front is this eminent front that they put up with Russia and oh the Iron Curtain is falling and we've got glasnost and perestroika. It was all a sham and the guy had quite a bit of notoriety and he could have been used for the furtherance of their global union but Mr. -- this guy has dropped almost out of sight. I mean you don't see the little guy with a round face and receding hairline with a little map of Albania on his forehead anymore. He's gone. Why are they keeping them in stasis?


Alan:  He apparently, I don't know if it's true or not, according to some news reports, had a falling out with them over the European Union and the direction its taking; because they did surveys of the European Union, this great amalgamation where your representatives are supposed to speak for your nation. There's so many people at the European Union Parliament, that they worked out that the average representative from any country in one year would only be allowed six minutes of speech. That's how efficient it is. Therefore, he fell out with them over that. He said, "It's more of a dictatorship than anything else."


John:  We saw the way the European came about. It was the common market and then of course there was associated problems and inequities here so we've just got to create a bigger system to fairly treat everybody and kind of get them on the same playing board and they never proposed to the Europeans and the countries especially the people. I'm not talking about the governments because the governments have been corrupted worldwide for I don't know how many years. Tens or hundreds of years it doesn't matter because all these people are on the same page as you pointed out earlier with the war on terror. The first people I saw pop up was Spain jumping on George Bush's war on terror and then every other country almost simultaneously jumped onboard with that. And I look at this but then again I look at the people and I don't know Alan call me -- I try to be a middle of the road kind of guy. An optimist in life is too often disappointed and a pessimist too often surprised so I try to take the middle ground and take a more realistic approach to things. But from my vantage point, if they wait too much longer, their window of opportunity is closing on them.


Alan:  That's what the whole terror thing is about. In one of the speeches at the Rockefeller Center, Rockefeller himself -- now remember Rockefeller who dictates American policy to the politicians on even higher authorities than himself he speaks for them he gives out Global Citizenship Awards. He's been doing it for twenty odd years and all the top names that you know of have all been given these Global Citizenship Awards. These guys are supposed to represent you are already global citizens you see. I mean we've got to wise up to this. WE don't have governments as we think we have them. It's a sham to keep us believing we have rights and we have a say in things while this new system concretizes itself into existence.


John:  The Rockefellers have been working on this for quite some time. I remember when we had our bicentennial celebration down here in the United States back in 1976. What we saw hitting that very same year was a Rockefeller Foundation piece that they were funding and they were working on it for about ten years and what they introduced. They really didn't officially introduce it. We caught wind of it and we actually got copies of it was the New States Constitution and it was very, very similar to the United States Constitution and its original ten Bill of Rights except with one difference. It was granted to the people as a privilege and not a right.


Alan:  Yes. See all this goes back to Britain. People have to understand this. In the 1500's at the court of Queen Elizabeth I, John Dee who worked for her as an adviser came forth with the idea of the British Empire. He talked about free trading and he said, "we shall bring the whole world gradually into our system modeled on London and it will be based on free trade eventually for those that adopt the British system completely, and those countries which are vastly different in culture and technique for a while will be given most favored nation status."  This is in the 1500's that term was used.


John:  Nothing new under the sun. When the Brits were having their hay day we saw the Romans just about encircle the entire globe. If you didn't join them, you were ground in the dust. The British Empire they were setting up, business around the world.  There was even an old saying; and I don't think even people realize when they're hearing phrases and terminologies that have been used in the past, I don't think they're connecting the dots; because at one point in time it was the sun never sets on the British Empire and it literally didn't; but this was all part of a colonization process to bring them in to a global governance. See Alan the thing that really disturbs me about this is this is a conspiracy theory. We can provide so much documentation. So many people involved in this. We can connect the dots until we're blue in the face but yet we still have people that will look at this and go "oh that's just a conspiracy theory. You're some kind of a nut. Why don't you do something really constructive with your time."


Alan:  Yes, that's right. And H.G. Wells in his book and he was an official propagandist paid by the British Crown that wrote a book called or a chapter called the "Open Conspiracy."  He said, "the public will never realize that all the information concerning this agenda has been made available to them. He said, nothing really is secret, it's just that it's not widely publicized."

John:  And what a lot of people aren't grasping and that's why I'm hard on people like the Michael Moore's or the -- and I have nothing and people have misunderstood me on this subject before about true ecology moves. Who is in favor of peeing in your own pool? You know, I don't come into your house and try to take a bath in your toilet so therefore I don't want you piddling in my pool. But you look at this and even these groups and the hierarchies of these groups or where they get their funding and their money, they only have one part of the equation and they're sent down a path to go after that but they don't have the full picture. What the full picture here is ladies and gentlemen is international banking, the governments of all the little players are now on the global plantation and of course the transnational corporations. We have seen this come about here in the United States where we have lost seventy-five percent of our manufacturing base. We have millions and millions and millions of people that used to have good paying jobs.  The United States had one of the highest standards of living on this entire planet, only to see this whisked away and for inexplicable reasons that the mainstream media will not tell its viewers and listeners, they do not go down that rabbit hole as to why we're in the shape that we're in. This is part of the grand agenda or the master conspiracy plan and it really is a conspiracy plan.


Alan:  It is. Anything kept from the public is a conspiracy and that's how governments ran right up until they gave us the sham of democracies in Europe. They had to give the public democracy, or at least the idea that they're being represented; because they had done surveys and they found out that the public rebelled every four or five years because of the heavy taxations. Therefore, they gave them this con game of democracy where they pretend to give you a government who would tend to speak on your behalf.


Meanwhile as I say Jefferson and guys like him wrote that is you see your own Congress or own government change hands between parties and yet an agenda is picked off from the last party and taken up and carried on from house to house and changes of government he says you know you're under tyranny. We've had this since World War II since they signed the NATO Pact was the first one and then that was followed up by the United Nations Charter. We've had this agenda ongoing since then. Every law across Europe, America, all the Americas in the building codes, housing codes, land ownership codes, et cetera, et cetera all come from the United Nations and have been for years.


John:  Many people do not know that.


Alan: They don't know and it's simply signed into law by your government.


John:  They're to serve and protect us. By the way, I don't some of the terminologies and colloquial sayings. I don't know if they apply in Canada but you'll hear the American politicians talk about in service to the America people.  I'm down here in Texas, it’s a big cattle state, and down here, we understand what servicing means as far as the cattle goes. Let's go to the phones here. Clarence in Oklahoma. Hello, Clarence.


Clarence:  Hello there, John. I haven't talked to you in a while. Greetings to your guest there; and this has been a most interesting exposition. I'm really enjoying this. You spoke earlier and your guest Mr. Watts there spoke earlier about the identification. Let's talk about the Real ID Act that's going to put us all under the National ID card and that's one of the first indications that your freedoms going is when they want to ID everyone.


John:  If you noticed a lot of the states are coming onboard right now with legislation at the state level blocking this National ID and that was in anticipation of this Immigration Reform Act that they tried to cram down the American peoples throats. The states and the peoples in the respective states saw this coming and at least tried to buffer this for the protection of its own respective citizens in their own states and it was somewhat successful. You know Alan this is one of the few battles that we have fought and actually won here. We haven't had and the government make a move since the Immigration Reform Act has been shut down but that's not going to make them go away. It's temporarily putting that in stasis. Their real ID there was many other things in that legislation that would have been extremely detrimental to this form of government in this country. But at least -- and I was encouraged because it affected people not only that had their eyes open, strict constitutionalists, libertarians, old stogy, the old-schooler Republicans or the old school Democrats. This was even affecting the liberals in this country, which I found truly amazing. This was one issue that crossed all those political lines and that's part of the problem here in America. Everybody likes to play politics and do their straight party ticket voting and they don't even realize or understand who these people are and what the true agenda is. Hang on caller a second. We've got a short segment coming up. We'll have to say good-bye to Mr. Watt unless you can stick around a while longer.


Alan:  I could.


John:  Okay great. All right, 800-313-9443. We’ll be right back. We are back here. Clarence, do I still have you there?


Clarence:  Yes, I'm still here John.


John:  Okay. Have you got any follow-up questions or comments?


Clarence:  Yes. One comment and maybe one question here. The comment I'd like to make is I was stationed in Germany 35 years ago and I was in the Air Force. The only thing that got me out of Vietnam which I'm thankful for, but I was there and when I was stationed in Germany, I was in what they call Security Police. You know you work the gates and people come in and out. I found out the German people had to carry what's called a [Reisa-Pass] all of them. It's not a driver's license. It is literally an internal passport that they all -- and any official officer, police officer, even us would demand to see their [Reisa-Pass] when they came up and that's kind of a scary thing. I don't think they've totally gotten over it and maybe across Europe like you said the people in the Netherlands. The children are not to leave home without their cards. This is the whole deal. "Your papers please" type thing and that's scary but the other scary thing for me and Ill put this out as a -- I'm getting really concerned here John that things are starting to come to a head here. I mean really people out there don't think. Some of them don't think. It's starting to get really scary and we're seeing the face of the real dictatorship and the tyranny.


John:   I've said this before, Alan, that you know they're talking about impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney, which would leave the presidency open to an unelected person, the leader of Congress Nancy Pelosi. This really wouldn't be a detriment to them at all because Nancy Pelosi is in on the fix as well.  It is scary here in America to watch how deep the control of this government and it started with the State Department and probably even beyond that before that. We really started seeing the mechanizations and the movements from the State Department back in the '40's and '50's. Alan, you still there?


Alan:  Yes. That's true and as I said the whole agenda was set up really at the beginning of the 20th century and the wars. They would need to bring all this about to unite Europe followed by a United Americas and followed by a Pacific Rim Region. You can go back into the writings of Karl Marx's and "Das Kapital" and he goes into that there to the three trading blocks under a world government. This is an old agenda and it's only now that people are waking up when they see it actually affect their personal lives and at least that's something because a lot of people in Europe have adopted the ID card and everything else that goes along with it quite naturally. But you have a generation being brought up with a minimal education, the worst ever, a terrible low base culture and they've been winged on video games with little characters with black suits on and machines guns and so they want to emulate those guys with the suits and machines guns because they represent power and they respect power. We can't allow one generation to live under street patrols of these black clad goons with machine guns because they'll think then it's a normal. They could keep that going for a hundred years or more and it was Aldous Huxley that mentioned that once the scientific dictatorship comes in he saw no reason why it should ever be upset.


John:  We're seeing one of their best efforts put forth on the global warming issue right now.


Alan:  Yes.


John:  And that scientific leadership, unelected people, their information is being passed on to respective governments and they're acting accordingly. All right Clarence, thanks for your call. I appreciate it. Roger in Tennessee hang on I'll get your call next. 800-313-9943. I've got one of the best experts out there ladies and gentlemen on the Illuminus the New World Order and all the subjugations and little offshoot groups that you're ever going to hear on the airwaves. We'll take this break at the top of the hour. We'll be right back with you.


We're back ladies and gentlemen. Second hour of the National Intel Report on this Friday. Yes, it is the end of the week. The 20th of July 2007 and from time to time people ask me why do you give you the date? If you listen to radio programming, they'll come in and tell you it's a minute 25 past the hour; and the reason they do that is because we have different time zones and people listen to the programming in various parts and various time zones around the world. For instance, we've got a lot of listeners in England and they're six hours ahead of us. So jus to let you know that we don't do that; but the reason I do the date, it's for the government, okay, because we have our own archives and we have our own records that are always duplicated and stored offsite. You might ask the reason for doing that. Because I can see one day ladies and gentlemen when the federal indictments will come after us for hate crimes or some other pretended legislation and for the information and the how should we put this politely. For the concocted charges against myself or anybody associated with this network they will try to twist it, well, we have a working record in context that we can draw upon. So that's why I always do the date at the beginning of every show. It makes it easier for the Feds and it makes it easier for us.


Let's go to Roger in Tennessee I think it is. Hello, Roger. You're on with Alan Watt.


Roger:  Hello. How are you?


John:  Good.


Roger:  I wanted to speak with Mr. Watt for some time now and I had a question regarding predictive programming but I'll get to that in a minute. A couple of things I wanted to touch on were the indoctrination of children. One of the leading proponents of that appears to be Mr. Ted Turner and he runs this cartoon on his Cartoon Network, which is on practically every cable channel. Every cable service carries this Cartoon Network and he has a character which he created himself called Captain Planet and the premise of the show is Gaia, the spirit of the Earth sends five magical rings to five special children and these children have special powers over -- you know one has water. The other has fire. The other has earth and they fight the big polluters of the world. You know, you and me and everyone else. He also has a show called "Code Name Kids Next Door" and the whole premise of this show -- it's a cartoon but it's a worldwide organization of children in a mutual struggle against adult tyranny.  It's played for laugh that they've got this big huge tree house and they craft these guns out of wood and all sorts of things but all the villains are your stereotypical adult figures like the father figure. The lunch lady; all sorts of different adult figures. They're all the enemies you see. And now a reality show has just made the networks prime time. It's called "Kids Nation" and that's put out by Turner Broadcasting as well and the whole premise of that show is these kids are put into this New Mexico ghost town and they're supposed to create a society free of children and parents. Try to create a better society.


John:  Roger, hold on one second. We'll let Alan Watt respond to that. When we get back from the other side we'll pickup with Roger, Dan, Mark, Bill and others and I'll also put out his websites once again when we return.  All right we are back. Roger, hang on a second. Let me put out this gentleman's website again  That is also .ca if you put  How many other websites do you have under cuttingthroughthematrix Alan?


Alan:  I think there's almost ten now.


John:  Just through cuttingthroughthematrix?


Alan:  Yes.


John:  And there's the European version of that. That's A-L-A-N W-A-T-T. Sentient spelled: s-e-n-t-i-e-n-t and sentinel Roger in Tennessee what else did you have sir?


Roger:   I wanted to -- you know, those shows that I had mentioned if Mr. Watt was familiar with those things and then just a couple. I'll be real quick. One is just more or less like a mainstream conspiracy theory, but I just thought it was an observation that may be true or not, but Georgia Guidestones being in Georgia, it seems strange their a close proximity to Ted Turner himself who is based in Atlanta.  I wonder if maybe he is R.C. Christian or if R.C. Christian was one of his provocateurs or agents. One final question if Mr. Watt can answer the question about predictive programming. One thing I don't understand about predictive programming is for instance I look at Steven Spielberg as someone who fits the profile of a propagandist for the New World Order. He covers a lot of these futuristic types of themes with Minority Report.


John:  Roger, I don't know if Alan's able to keep up with this. I'm barely able to keep up with what you're bringing up.


Roger:  As far as the predictive programming I was just wondering if he could answer the question as far as -- it's seems a lot of these movies they present the themes of the future and technological tyranny. However, there's always a hero who is fighting against so it almost seems like a cautionary tale and I'm wondering if -- it just seems out of character for a propagandist to have a sympathetic character like that and I was wondering if he can comment on that.


John:  Okay.


Alan:  The first part really was to do with the indoctrination of the young through cartoons followed up by movies as they get older and that came out of Tavistock Institute in England that Huxley and others and Bertrand Russell were members of. It was to do with scientific experimentation on the human mind right down to even inserting wires in the brains of humans and controlling them remotely. This was all done back in the '30's, '40's and '50's and it's interesting to read their books because Bertrand Russell was given authority to create special experimental schools where he could try some of these techniques on British school children under the auspices of the Crown. He was given a Crown Charter or a license to try them in the 1920's and he said he would try and promote sexual conduct between male and female before they had reached puberty to see if they could eventually destroy the bonding process or the need for a mate as they grew up. All these experiments were tried by people like Lord Bertrand Russell many years ago, but he also talked about predictive programming. He said that eventually anyone would be able to convince anyone else of anything if the proper techniques of science are used upon them. He said if we can get children in kindergarten and teach them a different set of rules; a different set of morals et cetera we can literally eradicate any input given by the parents when they're taken home that night because the scientific indoctrination will overcome it. That was to be augmented by children's stories and with cartoons and the use of the visual media.


John:  We also saw the United Nations making the strong moves here with the UN rights of the child. Here in this country, you're responsible for your children at least until the age of 18 but they tried to circumvent that and undercut the American family and hierarchy of that family which is the basis of any working culture is the family.


Alan:  That's also what Russell said. He said that -- at one time you see the elite thought they'd have to take the children away from the parents at birth. That was the British objective eventually to create a Plato's Republic and he said but now it's more economical to have the parents pay for them, raise them because we shall control and own their mind.


John:  Why would you want to take on the total financial burden of raising a child because -- you know it's funny I was just talking to a guy today at a bank and we were talking about children by the way. The people at my local bank all know what's going on and I made the comment to him I said -- he said Moe, I said how you doing and he says I'm doing well. I'm expecting and I said oh good. I said is this your first? He says, no it's my second. I have a three year old and he says people ask me how many children are you going to have? He says, as many as I can afford and I said most people do not look at children as being an 18-year commitment. Not only one legally but the amount of money that it takes to raise those children. If people thought of this before they started having children that they couldn't take care of that ended up in either being latch key children that the wife and the husband has to work or the vaunted Child Protective Services moves in on you because there's only one parent in the household whatever the case may be. He says and you're exactly. He says, what people in this country have forgotten is it's a life long commitment with your children but legally you're held to that standard until the age of 18 but if more people thought about having children and what it takes to raise that child, we wouldn’t have quite the population that we probably have in this country.  Roger, in respect to your vaunted Ted Turner there, he said this several years ago. He said a total population of 250 to 300 million people and he was talking about worldwide. He said that's a 95% decline in present levels would be ideal and we already know in coming out, Alan, from the Tavistock Institute and their little brain thrust that they would like to eliminate at least 75% of the earth's population because they consider that to be a manageable level. Just enough serfs out there to keep and feed the machine.


Alan:  Yes. Also, the thing was to separate the generations. Now you can find this in speeches given in the great Soviet Union which was the big test bed for all of this to be used and Beria who was the chief of the NKVD there at the time gave a speech to the common term the Communist International parties and he said, "it used to take 70 years a whole generation to alter the culture by indoctrination of the young and to see the fruitions of the indoctrination."  He said now (and this is in 1933) he said, "we are able to put such great changes every five years if we can get the children early enough."   Each intake has been upgraded like a computer every five years. That was back then. Today, the child going into kindergarten has been indoctrinated in a world that's already prepared for him when he hits 30 or 40 and he will accept all his indoctrination quite casually because that's how predictive programming works. It's familiar. You don't question it when it comes into being. You think it's quite natural.


John:  Even Albert Einstein or MC-squared guy here said that years and years ago he said the ruling class has the schools and the press under its thumb. This enables it to sway the emotions of the masses and that's your predictive stuff. I mean this guy knew that and where was his head at?


Alan:  What's even more important than the financial burden of children is if you're going to have children, you better make sure that you communicate to that child, because most parents today don't have time for children. All the generations are separated and the state, the media and the television is left to give them their ideas and their indoctrinations.


John:  There's another phenomenon that has kind of been sweeping in this country. I don't know if it's been happening as much in Canada as it has down here where parenting it is not the authoritarian type of parenting that we're used to. We have the mother and the father. They set the ground rules. They do the discipline. More and more parents are treating their children as their friends and not their children, which you know folks look at it this way. All of us were born into this world. We're all children. We all have to learn and these are our direct mentors. Yes, there are lifelong friends that's for sure, but these are the people that make sure that we have most of the tools that we need to get through this life and their working knowledge and cutting off that predictive timeline – Alan, here back in the '60's, and this was a planned project also in this country. By the way, ladies and gentlemen, I still remember the '60's. I survived them that remember you weren't to trust anybody over 30 and the government was all full of malarkey and it was peace, love and dope and we should not have any property and they were picking up all kinds of communistic and socialist ideas. These are the people now that are having the children that they're running through this process now and they don't even recognize it when they're looking at it.


Alan:  That's right and also as I say it's now declassified from the U.S. government that one of their specialized departments within the CIA led all of these radical far left groups.


John:  It is simply amazing. Alan, I want to do these calls. Our phone banks are loaded here. But I want to get into the subject matter with you with the Illuminus, the Masons, the Jesuits, the Zionists, the Jacobonists, the entire linty of the groups that have been working towards global government and I want to get your idea and your take on who's doing what to whom because we can track back Zionism. We can track that back and you talked about them earlier. The great Marxist carrier. I call them the water boys for Marxism by Karl Marx. Communism started in Russia and who was behind it were a bunch of Zionists. They were pretended Jews but they were really Zionists. That was part of the antithesis against the corporate estate or capitalism. They always have to have one side drawing against the other and fighting all the while behind the scenes like in the Wizard of Oz, "don't pay attention to that guy behind the curtain."   I don't know, Toto was smart enough to pull back the curtain and I'm going to tell you something folks. This ain't Kansas no more. We’ll be right back with more of your calls. We have loaded phones here and let me for the fairness of the callers let me roll some more of your calls before I get into the Mac Daddy of questions here for my guest Alan Watt and we'll give out his websites again. Dan in Texas, you're up next. Hello, Dan.


Dan:  John and Alan, I just had a quick comment regarding the Rockefellers and conspiracies. I'm sure both of you gentlemen are aware of the fact he published his memoirs in 2002, "The Life and Times of David Rockefeller" in which he states, "conspiracy theorists like you and me have been making charges against him and his family for decades, that they are involved in a conspiracy against the best interests of the United States in favor of a one world government. He goes on to say not only is he guilty of this, but he is very proud of it.


Alan:  That's right.


Dan:  So when my friends, family, neighbors and so forth want to call me a conspiracy nut, all I can do is chuckle because I believe I know who the nuts are.


John:  Thank you. I appreciate that call Dan. Alan this is hard to grasp for a lot of people and I've said this repeatedly on the air before. I said look what is the one thing -- 230 some years ago a group of men, yeah they were Masons, some were Deists. It doesn't matter because if you look at what the Founding Fathers had done most of these people died broke. So if they were in it for the money or in it for the glory, they didn't do a really good job. What they did do is start a very good country and I'm a little upset that people would want to rip apart the Founding Fathers. They were not perfect and they had their own baggage they were carrying at the time; but as I look at what they have done, why create a government with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights and make them invalid, and then give advice as to if the government ever stops working for you, well just dismantle that one and move it a little bit further west.  We're flat out of territory and in my estimation we're flat out of time because the globalists are putting the final pieces of this puzzle together. This has been an ongoing project for hundreds of year.


Alan:  Oh it has. I mean Albert Pike who was the granddaddy, the Big Pope of Freemasonry for the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which wasn't Scottish. It came from France. They were given a charter from France as B'nai B'rith is also a member. That's the Jewish section of the Brotherhood of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. They're all Masons you see all these groups that we commonly hear about. Albert Pike talks in his book written in the 1800's and he said, we shall create foundations and that through foundations (as did Weishaupt by the way) they both said the same term 'foundations' and they used that term. They said, "we shall gather masses of wealth of the world and become masters over the masters of the world.”  They wanted to run this world the way that they saw fit, because they truly believed that they were the most evolved and intelligent species on the planet, and they had the right therefore to decide the direction the planet would take and everything in it.


John:  I'm glad you brought that up because that was one of the things I was going to ask you about. These people firmly believe that because they are leaders of corporations, international transnational corporations, the head of World Bank, the World Banks.  They are so enmeshed in commerce and business that they actually believe -- their psychological makeup is that they actually believe that they are the chosen people to do for the human beings their little underlings what they cannot do for themselves. That they firmly believe that they should be the masters of all for the betterment of mankind.


Alan:  That's right. They do believe in evolution. In fact the high religion of high Freemasonry, not the lower orders, even the noble orders they believe very much the same way as Hinduism. It goes back to Hinduism. The whole theory of Darwin when through Hinduism that we came from the primordial slime and just worked our way up from amoebas. They believe in all this stuff and they believe that they are the most advanced on the planet and the proof to them is the fact the same elite families worldwide from all races deserve to be there because they've held on to their wealth and their power over others generation after generation. That's the proof that they need for that to be allowed in.


John:  You know it's amazing and I've told the story just recently a couple of days ago on this network when we would do preparedness shows. In other words, mass gatherings of patriots and five, six, eight, ten thousand would go through an exposition on the weekends.  There was a crew that came down from New York, Alan, there was two of them and they were very nice people and they talked to me.  I let them go for a couple of hours to make their position and they said there's only one thing that we would ask you to do, that you keep saying that this is a grand conspiracy and what we would like you to do is adopt the accidental view of history. So in other words, there was just opportunities and times in not only this country's history but worldwide, people just took advantage for the betterment of man. I remember them using that term and that we're just here to tell you it's not a grand conspiracy. You just need to adopt the accidental view of history. That was their entire message to me and I looked at them and I smiled and I shook their hands and I said gentlemen thank you for your time. Go back to your masters in New York and tell them I'm not buying and I never saw nor heard from them again.


Alan:  Oh, I've had documents sent to me from the United Nations in New York of projects that they're coming up with and asked me to review these things and get back to them and give them my opinion as they try to win me over on their agenda and Switzerland too. I get lots of calls from Switzerland asking me to join the elite groups there too.


John:  My soul is not for sale at any price. We’ll be right back. Callers are holding on. I appreciate that very much. Let's go to Mark in Illinois next. You're on with Alan Watt.


Mark:  Hello. John, I just wanted to tell you I'm a first time caller. I've been listening to your show for about a month now and I'm very happy with your show. I've got two questions then I'll get off the line. One is I worked as a contractor in Iraq for a very well known company that's been around for a long time. While I was there, some of the guys that I was working with they had just left Alaska where they said they were building a concentration camp that held half a million people. They had photos on their telephones they said they weren't supposed to have and had cars; and I just want you to address that; and I have a question for Mr. Watt. After there, I went on vacation. I went to New Zealand where there was a young Rothschild who'd written a child's book about the global warming. Seemed like a very nice guy, but he talked about how he lived on his own ranch and he grew is own food.  I came home and moved into a house in the suburb and I tried to find some corn seed that weren't genetically modified. What I don't understand is why I can't purchase regular food to grow in my own yard but that guy can grow his own organic food.


John:  Hold on one second, Mark. Let me have Mr. Watt answer that. I know he's got the answer for it.


Alan:  If you've noticed for the people who know the history of Europe and the elite families they own farms all over Europe. Traditionally the feudal overlords have tenant farmers that work for them. Prince Charles was in the paper a few years ago because his tenant farmers were still on some incredible minimum pay and were required to give Charles most of the produce. The Royal Families and the Elite have all their own foodstuffs including the herds of cattle that don't get injected with all this stuff that our does. They have all their vegetables that are non-modified. They have their stores set up for future use for the elite worldwide. When Blair tried to pass the law for the GMO foods in Britain to make it mandatory the public must use them, he made an exception for the huge massive cafeteria for the politicians and Parliament. Their food could be non-modified but not for the general public. This is a warfare agenda you must understand. It's a war because you go after all the things in the war including food and water and we've all to be modified and dumbed down and malnourished or de-nourished I might say through the food we eat while the elite already have their thousands of natural organic, real organic farms using natural seed. It's not going to be made available to the public eventually.


Mark:  Mr. Watt, I couldn't find an actual corn seed that wasn't a hybrid where I could grow it again by planting it. I found it amazing.


John:  And that will do two things by the way caller Mark. That will prevent you from being outside that system and growing your own food wherever and whenever you wanted to grow it so every growing season you have to keep going back to the producers to buy their genetically modified seeds. That's another little trick that they're playing to control the food because if you control the production and the distribution of food you control that particular country or culture or society.


Alan:  It's interesting to note to that the United Nations forced the farmers in Iraq to only use their modified foodstuffs and seeds. They've also forced India to use it as well through massive advertising campaigns and they've had drives in India ongoing with the little farmers who are well aware that this is taking away their freedom and their right to continuously grow their own food. As you say, they'll have to go to the masters with their cap in hand and plea for it in the future.


John:  In this country, Mark, back in the '50's with the technologies and the fertilizers that we had back then we were able -- the United States was able to feed the world's population. Not once, not twice, not three, not even four, but five times over. That's the food production capability we had in this country. So they have to control it in order to control the populations.


Alan:  It was also said by the head of the -- you see, for every department you have in government, you have a duplicate super department equivalent at the United Nations. They have a department for agriculture, and the spokeswoman in that department a few years ago said, “down through history, food has always been used as a weapon to control people, and we shall use it. We shall use that power.”


John:   Mark, I apologize. What was the question you had asked me?


Mark:  It was about why do they need all these detention centers or concentration camps in America for and then I'll get off the line. Yahoo News reported weeks ago that Americans are two inches shorter than they were 30, 40 years ago and now they're not the tallest than in some Scandinavian country is. Do you think that that has to do with our diet?


John:  Absolutely. Absolutely it does.


Alan:   Britain was always kept in a state of malnourishment for the general populace. In World War I the average size of an 18-year old recruit or 17-year old recruit was only 5'4" and within three months of army food, the first real good meal they ever had, in three months he sprouted 4 to 5 inches. They've always been doing this sort of stuff with the population.


John:  If we notice; and Mark, thank you very much for your call.


Mark:  Thank you so much. Appreciate it.


John:  How did you start listening to the program, Mark?


Mark:  Bouncing around the Internet and I found the Radio Avenger, Rick Adams but he came on too late and I stumbled across you; and you had a good program on. Everyday I raced home from work to get home by 4:20 so I can click on the Internet and listen to you. I really like your show.


John:  You can hear it in its entirety. You can go into the archives. We do not charge for the archives. You can go into the archives and listen to any program that you'd like at your own leisure but do me a favor, Mark. Spread the word.


Mark:  I'm telling everybody about you.  Thanks so much for your time.


John:  Thank you, Mark. I appreciate it.  This is the trick to it and I'll get back to the calls in a second. Alan, what we have in this country I do believe millions of people who have woken up to the true agenda and the true facts but for the life of me I have yet and I've tried to wrap my brain around this and understand this. I've bee broadcasting for almost 15 years. This is my second network that I created and started and we have a good number of educated people out there but we have seemed to hit a brick wall. The numbers aren't growing exponentially the way they should. Do you have any inside poop on that one?


Alan:  It's standard again. You see most people when it comes down to marshal law techniques become afraid and even those who have been following things and speaking out in the past, many of them will duck down again. They're terrified to be singled out by governments or harassed or punished in some way or another. Many of them also are told and this is a fact the women are also used to get to their husbands to make them pull their heads down. Wives want security. They want to be left alone to raise a family. They don't want the heat of the government coming down on them. There are many factors involved in this whole agenda and it's all been tried before in the past. Yes, unfortunately people today are cowards. They hope truly that this present part of the system will not get any worse, with all of its corruption and its heavy taxation and its stress, they hope that time will just stop and they can live and retire and the next generation will take the brunt of it.  I'm telling them now you cannot leave this to the next generation because the next generation their IQ has dropped. It's official by the United Nations. They know why because they've been using inoculations big time on them and they don't have the vocabulary. They don't have the history, the knowledge to do what we're doing. It's up to us to speak out for them and save them


John:  And the way I've got this thing pegged. I've looked at this thing from 360 different angles, if you will, and the only solution that I have to this problem is education. We can give them the framework and we can teach them to the point where they can plug in their own pieces to their puzzle and come up with a picture that they need to see.  People have said to me, “John, you seem like your edge is off. That you're not as hard hitting as you used to be.” What I discovered also is if you want to get somebody's attention, what you don't what to do is tell them that their backside is on fire because they're going to run away from you at Mach three and burn up into a cinder. I take a more reasoned calmer approach. We have some people out there that like to shock and scare the snot out of people and that does not work. That might be good for getting them over to the campfire and warm their hands for a few minutes but once they understand where the heat is coming from, they'll run like banshees. However, I appreciate the way that you present this evidence. It's just a matter of fact. There's no panic in your voice and you're not ranting. You're not raving. You're just putting out the information as you've discovered it. You've researched it. You've been doing it for a long time and obviously there's a lot of people that listen to your calm approach to this.


Alan:  Yes, you have to keep calm. You see you cannot hit people -- psychological warfare works by giving out very bad news. Terrifying news and the elite don't care which side gives it out as long as the public hear it. That's how it works as long as you get your dose of it. It's meant to immobilize you psychologically and make you give up before you've actually done anything. It seems so overwhelming but in reality, it's always been small groups of people down through the entire course of the ions that have eventually stood up at the last minute and said and done the right things that have altered the course of the elitists and this is happening again now.


John:  This is the whole enchilada. This is one time in human history that this has never been attempted before and they are so very, very, very close.  Let's go back to the phones. Thanks for holding. Bill in Alaska. Up there in Alaska. Hello Bill. Bill are you there?


Bill:  How are you?


John:  Good.


Bill:  I just wanted to send greeting there from the most beautiful spot on God's green earth.


John:  The Canadians might have something to say about that but go ahead.


Bill:  Who cares what the Canadians think?


John:  Wait a minute. You're talking to one right now.


Bill:  (laughs)  I also wanted to thank Alan for all the work he does. I've been into his website several times and it's just fantastic. I wanted to ask you guys if you heard about Darth Vader ascending to the throne temporarily while [Minnie-me] goes in for his colonoscopy.


John:  No, I didn't hear that one and what are you in reference to?


Bill:  Cheney is going to takeover for Bush tomorrow while Bush gets knocked out for his colonoscopy.


John:  Oh, really.


Bill:  Oh, really. So I thought that presented some interesting possibilities. You know God forbid anything should happen to Heir Bush while he's under anesthetic. I won't even consider what might happen there.


John:  Do you remember Haig during the Reagan administration when Reagan--


Bill:  Sure, Al Haig.


John:  Alan Haig came out and said don't everybody panic. I'm in charge. And he wasn't even the vice president.


Bill:  We know how bad Johnson wanted Kennedy out of the way so he could get in.  We know how Daddy Bush wanted to get Ronnie Reagan out of the way and tried to have him whacked so he could get in, so it will be interesting to see what happens while junior is out cold and Cheney takes over as president of the United States.


John:  Wouldn't it be an interesting scenario, Alan, I'm just pulling this out of the top of my head here that maybe George Bush has some complications and he's not able to resume his presidency and Mr. Cheney takes over. In your estimation Alan, which is more dangerous Bush or Cheney?


Alan:  It wouldn't matter. What is also true though down through history especially in this history they given us this new form of democracy they keep talking about is that the number two is always the real boss not the guy in front and there's no doubt that Cheney was definitely groomed for much higher things long ago. This guy, remember, went also to Yale. He dropped out. He had to go back to get himself out of being conscripted for the Vietnam War and then when they still could take them from Yale he got another loophole and married very quickly to get a child to get him out of the war and he was a lifelong Halliburton big CEO. So you've got a Halliburton crew at the top, the real fascist crew, the global corporation they call themselves coming up to the desk. It will depend if his handlers keep him under control or if his ego gets the better of him. He might slip out a few things he's not supposed to because of his giant ego. We’ll wait and see.


John:  All right Bill, anything else?


Bill:  No. Just thought that was pretty interesting so I guess we'll see what happens.


John:  We'll keep our eye on it.


Bill:  Great show John. Thanks for all your hard work and Alan you too.


John:  All right Bill, thank you.


Bill:  Take care.


John:  That made me think when you mentioned that. You're familiar with the movie the Wizard of Oz?


Alan:  Yes.


John:  And all the subtleties and all the messages that were put into that movie. The golden path or the yellow brick road; the gold. The poppy fields all of that. But a lot of people never caught this. The Wicked Witch of the West her little minions they didn't recognize the words in the song that they were singing and it was kind of ominous and I don't know if you remember it or not. It used to go something like "all we own we owe her" and it took me years and years and years after watching the Wizard of Oz -- I don't I bet you I've seen that movie 30 times, until one day I had my mind someplace else.  I hear this in the background and those words came through me like a ringing of a bell.  I heard the words for myself "all we own we owe her" and it's the same situation we've got right now.


Alan:  It is. But the good thing about the Wizard of Oz is that behind the curtain there is a little man pulling all these scientific strings and churning knobs and so on. We are being run by sciences today and sciences can be overcome by the human spirit, if it's strong enough.


John:  You took a look at the one thing that discovered the deception and it wasn't Dorothy. It wasn't the Tin Man. It wasn't the lion and it wasn't the scarecrow. It was Toto.


Alan:  Yes that's right. His nature was still in tact. He wasn't swayed by anything that humans were scared and his nature won through.


John:  Jeff in Vermont. Thanks for holding Jeff. You're on with Alan Watt.


Jeff:  Hey guys. Hey John, hey Alan, I appreciate what you guys have to say. Very good. I don't think it's a conspiracy if they legalize everything. It seems like with the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act this new thing that Bush did today. The Fifth Amendment is gone like we ever had it before. It's just like Heller. Heller didn't break any laws. He legalized everything. He passed all the laws he needed to pass. We could do without the people and everything. It just seems weird that everything is out there to look at if people look at it. It's not a conspiracy if it's in front of everybody's face.


Alan:  Exactly, it's in the open. It's law by decree. It's the symbol of totalitarian government down through the ages and it's mandatory. It's police searches, warrants, suspicion, fear, no rights. It's the same old thing rearing its head. It's complete in all of its aspects and it's there for anybody who wants to see it. Most of the public haven't seen it directly affect them individually yet.


John:  Not yet.


Alan:  But when the laws that are already on the books are put into effect. I mean there's about fifty times more sets of laws than the Soviet Union ever had.


John:  All right, hold that thought. We’ll come back for the short segment and the closeout of this addition of National Intel Report. All right let's take Mike in New York and Bill in Idaho. We only have about four minutes and ten seconds left so go Mike.


Mike:  Hello. Evening John. Evening Alan. I have a quick comment and a question about the U.S. economy.  Even though the U.S., if one goes by the Dow as the old time highs. It took a big snuck down today there's wrought in the basement in terms of this subprime mortgage bond collapse which is now spreading to higher grade mortgage securities and corporate bonds.


John:  Yes, they're running out of ways to repackage it, debt.


Mike:  I think John I referred to it a couple of weeks ago as the Rosy where's the buffet O'Donnell gorilla factor where about she's not only swallowing the economy's coal mine but ripping down the [references] as well. My question is this Alan. Do you think that the housing bubble was consciously engineered with the intent to crush it in order to trap people into indentured servitude thereby making them more pliable to the dictates of the New World Order?


Alan:  Yes, it's all of that. It's also to do with taxation because governments knew they'd have to keep getting increasingly massive amounts of taxes in and they encourage this kind of thing because as prices seem to go up in value you're taxed on more and more of your property and much higher taxation rates. It's a complete scam at the top. There are no free markets out there to be honest with you. They're all managed along the same direction.


John:  If you take a look at the housing market right now -- if you take a look back during the depression what happened when people couldn't pay their mortgages. They lost all their equity and all the property and the structures reverted back to the banks to bring the system back up and sell them all over again.


Alan:  That's never really stopped.


John:  No it hasn't. Mike thanks for your call. Bill we've got about ninety seconds, go.


Bill:  Yes. Bless you both. Thank you so very much. As Alan mentioned and it's very much appreciated the quality of information and the ammunition he keeps on sending out that we can replicate out here in the field is the exact point. It is part of the self-targeting left behind out of Tavistock that was injected via OSS into CIA, FBI that gave us 9/11 and the end results of a criminal conspiracy to defraud at a congressional level. Mr. Watt. The best way to focus the "reeducation" and recovery of the younger class, the younger people. Your best understanding of how we should focus this information and John would you please get in touch when you can?


John:  I will do that and I'll tell you what I'm going to do here. I'm going to forego Mr. Watt's answer to that. I want to take this opportunity to put his websites out again and Bill I know and I'll be talking with you and Alan I'll be talking to you this weekend.


Alan:  Yes. and .ca.  Go to that website and the European website is: alanwattsentient that's s-e-n-t-i-e-n-t (  Alan, gosh, we just scratched the surface here. We could burn up another couple of hours but you've been on constantly now for four hours on this network. I think we're going to have to let you go.


Alan:  Okay.


John:  All right, Alan Watt thank you so much sir.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


John:  All righty. Folks, that will do it for us today. We’ll be back with you Monday with another edition of the National Intel Report. Spread the word folks. The only way we're going to defeat these globalists is by an informed populace and you are the key. Get busy. Do it now. We don't have a whole lot of time left. God bless you. We'll see you back here Monday.



(Transcribed by Linda)