May 11th, 2007
Alan Watt on "National Intel Report" with John Stadtmiller
on Republic Broadcasting Network

(2 Hours)
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John Stadtmiller: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is the National Intel Report.  I'm your host, John Stadtmiller.  It is Friday, ladies and gentlemen.  It is the 11th, 11th, yes, yes, it certainly is if I can get out 11th, of April [actually May] 2007.  There's a lot going on, a lot of which you know, some of which you may not know.  We will fill in the gaps.  We will give information.  We will take phone calls.  We will take your questions and/or suggestions.  And anything that comes over the Airwaves in the next two hours, it's a Friday folks.  Alan Watt with us in just a few minutes.  Stay tuned, we'll be right back.


All right, we are back.  And I have Alan Watt with me, and Alan, I do believe you're from Estaire, Ontario, Canada.  Is that not correct?


Alan: That's right.


John: I don't think I've ever had you on the program before. 


Alan: No, no you haven't.


John: And, Michael Herzog, I guess had you on recently [April 20th], and you're going to be back on his program here real soon.


Alan: Yes.


John: And he said, you've got to get this guy on.  You've got to get him on.  Well, here you are and he says that you've gone down the rabbit hole so to speak.  And you know exactly what's going on with the Globalism and all their little projects and everything else.  If you can, as much as you can, what's your background?  I didn't even get a bio on you sir. 


Alan: I've written books in the past on history.  I've also got quite a history as a singer, songwriter too, and a session guitarist as well.  And also books out on poetry and history.


John: History, history is what a lot of people don't seem to remember.  And I don't know if this is convenient, because we're just too busy trying to repeat the mistakes of others, but I remember Alan, a friend of mine had above his desk, it was a word of caution, and I guess a philosophy of life.  Pay attention to the mistakes of others, because you don't quite possibly have enough time in your life to repeat them and do them all yourself.  So learn from the mistakes of others, and I think history is a good teacher on that.  But that's something that is not really put into a philosophy for anybody anymore.


Alan: Not for the ordinary people.  That's true.  However, it's always taught to the elite themselves, because they have archives of history.  They don't have public libraries.  Public libraries are for the unwashed masses at the bottom.  And if you want power, you hold on to power, because knowledge is power, you see.


John: And of course we have libraries, and it's handy for reference materials or current history, or entertainment value.  But, yeah, you're correct.  There's a lot of history that is yet to be discovered, because it's been in the hands of those that, well, don't want anybody else to know what's going on.


Alan: That's a fact and they really started to hide history, towards the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s.  After 1920 everything was completely whitewashed, altered, lots of history was taken out when books were republished in new editions.  They just put the history down the memory hole that Orwell talked about, never to be seen again.  And of course, then you have an edited version, with all the good bits, the reasons for things happening taken out of them, and you're left with nothing but battles and dates and winners and losers.


John: Yeah, you can watch the History Channel and pretty much find that out.  I was thinking in terms of Iraq, you have written a lot on history, and I'm sure that you are familiar with some of the history on Iraq, and these aren't a bunch of towel head wearing sand people, nomadics, uneducated, backwards type people. Some of the history that you have come across on Iraq, and I've always warned people about this, that I do believe they were the first organized society on this planet to actually have electric lighting in the streets as like a public utility if you will.  Mathematics, engineering, in Iraq, many thousands of years ago, they developed hydraulics and those very same principles are in practice today.  So this is not exactly a backwards nation.


Alan: No, not at all. Not at all.  It's all part of old, ancient Persia from Iran, right through Iraq, and they certainly were the leaders of the ancient world.  They were the New York of their day, the New York empire.  It's almost based on it in fact, the same sort of thing, commerce, trade, and the intellectual industry, the business industry was all based in old Babylon of course.  So they had a tremendous history, and they were the scientists of their day as well.


John: Well, and I noticed with our foray, of course if you look at the Middle East right now in its current configuration that's thanks to the British Empire and their tinkering in the Middle East.  We come on their heels to further take care of business in the Middle East, and it seems to me, just watching the American, if you can use the term, expeditions into Iraq, it seemed to me that the robbing and the pillaging that was going on, yeah, some of it was aimed after plunder, but most of it that I saw, was going after its history and its historic values and basically robbing that country of its won history and relics and artifacts.


Alan: It was actually organized.  It was organized.  There was even a documentary special put out in Canada on the CBC, just prior, about a month prior to the invasion of Iraq, and it was about a man in New York, who was a multi-billionaire, who was arranging to sell all the artifacts in the main museum in Baghdad to private holders worldwide.  He was taking bids on them.  He was confident he would get them, and sure enough when the American military went in with the CIA with them, that whole place was looted and every item that he had on his list just happened to disappear.  So, you do certainly do have organized crime at the top, beginning with the CIA.


John: And well, we don't have to go back too many years, I think 1953 for Iran was a magical year for them, with the installation of the Shah of Iran. 


Alan: Yeah, and long before that even.  I mean, Winston Churchill in the 1920s, and again in the 1930s in books that were ghost written for him.  None of these guys write their own books.  It was ghost written for him.  He said that eventually they would have to go in there and take over that whole area, because of all the oil that was present towards the North, towards where Kuwait is.  They'd have to eventually go in there and confiscate all the property for the oil itself.  More than that, they had a plan for regionalization of the planet, back in the late 1800s in Britain. And they wanted a United Europe.  That was part of the Cecil Rhodes agenda.  A United Americas, and also, they needed to get Africa, including the North of Africa, United as well through revolutions.  And of course we know now that Britain was pretty well behind even Nelson Mandela's push to take over the African continent really, with the ANC.


John: Yeah, isn't it fascinating that every time we have any dealings, have any influence militarily, economically, whatever, diplomatically.  That seems to be a thing of the past now.  Now it's diplomacy at the point of a gun.  But it seems that everywhere that the Americans have gone on this planet, just the wrong kind of people are installed in power. 


Alan: Yes, it just happens that way, isn't it.  It's such an amazing coincidence.  However, they have their usefulness for a time, and old Saddam had his usefulness for a time, you see, the USA put him in, backed him, gave him all the armaments.  In fact, Rumsfeld was the legman who came over with the money, and the poison gases that they put over Iran.  Rumsfeld has always been involved in politics and the Chemical industry you'll notice, especially the warfare side of it.  And it's so ironical that Rumsfeld just happens to be one of the boys in power, with Bush, when they end up going up to take out Saddam.  He's served his purpose, it was over.


John: And, well, it served its purpose as long as we were selling them weapons of mass destruction to use against the Iranians. 


Alan: That's it. 


John: Just recently, Almidjanibe, out of the Al Jazeera online version, came out and said that a law is being considered by the Iraqi Parliament, and again, this is people that are installed in power that are conducive to the United States aims.  They said that this would enable the US companies to take control of Iraq's oil industry.  And a proposed bill, approved by the Iraqi government, this is back in February, after months of wrangling, opens the country's oil sector to foreign investors, thirty-five years after it was nationalized.  And according to Ramsey Solomon, an Iraqi economist who worked in the Iraqi oil ministry for some thirty years, he said this law is designed for the benefit of the US oil companies. 


Alan: What a surprise though, eh? 


John: Yeah, I mean it's...


Alan: What a surprise.  You know, it was on the CBC here as well, when they were, the US Airforce was demolishing the old oil wells, which they said were antiquated.  They already had the plans to use American taxpayer's money to build brand new refineries, modern ones, which then would be given to Halliburton.  You know, so this is just the big boys and their business schemes.  War is just a business to them, and so is government. 


John: Well, and I've said this before Alan, and I wanted to get your take on this.  After looking at our adventurism here in Iraq, back in the early 90s and again in the year 2000.  I'm looking at this, and I'm feeling more and more that this is a grand Wag the Dog scenario, which would tie up a lot of energy, a lot of resources.  The myopic focus of the American people on what's being presented to them on the mainstream media.  And I've looked at this situation Alan, and I've thought to myself, what a perfect Wag the Dog scenario.  Because they need some time to further, the globalists that is, hijack the United States, and what a perfect cover in which to do it. 


Alan: Well what we're seeing, it's like many, many prongs, or spokes of a wheel all coming towards the hub at the same time from so many directions.  And we are the hub, the people are the hub.  You have all these networking companies, organizations, foundations, the great foundations, NGO groups which are authorized by the United Nations, all coming together into a new society, where we're going to be controlled from birth to death, and told what to do by experts. 


John: Experts, the people that don't really care about human life.  It's us proverbial rats in the maze here or running in the treadmill that they need for right now, but their plans are to eliminate quite a few of us of course, to cull that herd to make it more manageable for resource and control in general.  We'll be right back.


(Commercial Break)


John: We are back.  We're talking with Alan Watt here today and we're covering a myriad of subjects.  We will also entertain your calls at 800-313-9443.  Let's go quickly here to Fred in Philly.  Hello, Fred.


Fred: You always hear on the media that Iran is supporting the Shiite fighters against the Sunnis.  Well, the general, the American General who's in charge of that Iranian border on C-SPAN said something really ridiculous.  He said that he also is claiming that Iran is supporting their enemies militarily "to keep the thing going."  And if you believe that, then I have a lot of other questions for this general. 


John: Of which, by the way Fred, you'll never be able to ask.  And they're never asked by the media, and they never really drill anybody on it, and they always give people a pass. 


Fred: Yeah, and have we ever heard a single person in the area talk in their own words, how they feel or why they are acting a certain way, any Iraqi or Iranian average person.  Have we heard that?  No, we only hear if there is a story about the Iranians, it's always a pre-packaged answer to a question.  It's never an interview or a town meeting or anything like that. 


John: Right, right.  Is there anything specifically that you want to ask Alan Watt?


Fred: Well, you're talking about so many things I guess, what's going to happen with the way the media is run in the future?  How will the regionalization of the world, if it comes about, or if it's desired, how will that affect how the news is covered? 


Alan: It won't be much different than the way it is right now.  You see, we are already global.  The only reason that they sometimes hoist the flag is when you're paying money to keep an army somewhere to fight the final battles for globalism.  We're already global, and everything is going electronic, and you'll find they've already set up the main filtering agencies to cover the internet in about ten regions of the world.  And I know that because they bombard my firewall every day and you can get their addresses off them.  They are authorized to be there by the United Nations.  They have the ability to go into anyone's computer, no program that you buy can keep them out, that's by law.  And so we're already global.  So all the media in the world gets filtered through two or three main channels, which are really one, the Reuters and so on.  Good name Reuter, Router.


Fred: So you have like a multi-disciplinary expertise in the workings of this.  I mean, it's amazing, there's so few who do.  I'm listening very intently.  I have a concept, and John, I have this concept that I want to bounce this off of Alan and see what he has to say about it.  I believe that there is a technique or a trend to create an artificial reality.  And it doesn't have to work with everyone, every time, or it doesn't have to work all the time with everyone, but statistically, it seems to be being pushed on people and the odd thing about it is that very smart people are actually quite susceptible to it. 


Alan: Yes.  The thing is it's the virtual reality, and it's in all the big business magazines.  How they're going to create virtual business meetings, where you won't leave your home.  This is all to lead literally to a brain chip.  This is a fact, it's not fantasy.  The cell phone was the start to get you talking to people, to voiceless or faceless people through the ether, that was the start of it that Marshall McLuhan talked about back in the sixties, who worked for the Big Boys too, on how to alter perceptions.  Now they're putting in all these connections in buses in Boston and other places, to encourage people to get out of their cars, and so you'll have maybe forty people on a bus, all talking on their cell phones to people you can't see.  However, they won't turn and talk to the real person next to them.  That's to get you out of reality into this ether world of abstract voices.


Fred: Right, and what about our elections too?  And also, what about the French elections where, and John, there seems to be some sort of counterpart to this VNS over there in France.  There was a little blurb at the bottom of the screen where, you know, it seemed to indicate results furnished by such and such a company for three networks over in France.  And it seems as though, if you can do it here, by media, you can steal elections over there or anywhere else. 


John: Yeah, hang on a second.  We're up against the break here.  My guest today, Alan Watt.  The phone number is 800-313-9443.  Fred, hang on a second, we'll address some of the things that you have brought up and we'll do that right after this short break for the network.


(Commercial Break)


John: We are back, and Fred hang on a second here, because what we were, I pulled up something here that I'd mentioned a few day ago, and Alan, this did not hit, this did not hit any medias here in the United States.  We had the great Queen over here the other day, a lot of pomp and ceremony.  We're going to have Tony Blair, he's giving up the ghost sometime in June.  He has his handpicked successor for the Labor Party, but in the BBC News as the dear Queen is over here visiting our king, the BBC News put out on their internet sites that the US and EU agree to a single market.  United States and European Union have signed up to a new trans-Atlantic economic partnership at the summit in Washington.  Alan, did you hear any of this up in Canada?


Alan: Yeah, I did.  I did, but it's not really a new signature to it, it's just an update to something which they'd already signed back with President Wilson, that long ago.  That's how far back this goes, this part of it.  They said once they United Europe and then they were almost completing the stage of the unification of the Americas, then they would create a trans-America-Britain treaty as well.  So that was written about back in 1920.


John: Fred, you brought up a lot of subjects.  Is there anything that you want us to concentrate on or any questions or anything?


Fred: Well, just you have an excellent show today.  And I just wanted to say that my concept was not really, that what is going on is not specifically about virtual reality, but more of a artificial reality, I call it AR and it would be concerning like social psychology, because we have perceptions that are molded constantly and we do not have any defence against this molding of our perceptions.


John: Well, you do in some respect and I'm in full agreement with you Fred that yes, we have been, our minds have been molded as clay as Mr Rockefeller once proudly announced.  We have had a dumbing down effect through the controlled medias.  The only thing that really stifles that is free speech internet programs such as this.  But we're not mainstream reaching, or have the ability to reach the majority of the American people in a radio audience venue.  And that is sad.  And of course, that's exactly the way they want it.  And, as far as they're concerned that well, a few networks, little networks out here, you know that relieves the stem.  People are talking, they think things are getting done.  In the meantime, we're just cutting through with what we plan to do and it's an accelerated rate.  Hey, Fred, I thank you for your call.  Appreciate it.  Alan, this has been in the works for many, many, many, many, many, many years.  I remember ten, twelve, thirteen years ago talking about this, and well, the media's response to anybody that was bringing up anything of this nature, well you're just wild-eyed conspiracy nuts or you're anti, that was a favorite, you're anti-government.  I'm not anti government.  We need government in large populated societies and countries.  Otherwise it would be just anarchy, or it would be Stone Age, and we'd be living out of caves, whatever the case may be.  Organized societies need forms of governments.  And I do believe that we had one of the best forms of government that was ever put together by the hand of man, and if they would have stayed the course on that, well, that's if they would have stayed the course on it, we would not be having one one-hundredth of the problems we're having right now.  But this has been an ongoing, an ongoing program for them.  And they are just about ready to sew it up.


Alan: This is the final, this is the final push right now, actually.  People think, you see, in short-term projects.  The average person thinks that way, because they only plan what they can do in their lifetime, and even that they're not sure of.  So it's hard for them to imagine that there are families and big powerful organizations and foundations which plan things intergenerationally, hundreds of years down the road.  And that's the problem.  We see the end of one thing happening, and everybody worries about it, not realizing that the Big Boys are already introducing the new at the same time.  They're constantly changing, upgrading us towards a particular plan.  The end of the independent American countries, that's only one phase of this whole thing.  As they're doing that, then they're bringing us down all globally down to a common level, into habitat areas where there is to be no private property, according to the U.N.'s own agenda.  No private vehicles either.  And then of course will come down the elimination of the population rate.  No more picking your partner and deciding to have an offspring.  They're going to fulfill their whole agenda over a few generations. 


John:  Let's go back to the phones.  Jeff in Vermont.  Hello, Jeff.


Jeff: Hey, hey John.  Hey, Alan.  How are you guys doing today?


John: Good.


Jeff: I just want to know what Alan's take is on the election in France with Nicholas Sarkozy.


John: That was one of the questions I was going to ask.  Go ahead.


Jeff: Yes, it seems, you know, I'm not French, and seeing if I was from France, I'd be a Frenchman, and I'd probably want a French president governing my affairs, because they're French and we'd have something in common.  We'd have a common bond there.  But they elected a Hungarian Jewish man, and not to say that he's a bad man, but how, why would a society, you know, elect somebody that wasn't like them or wasn't for them or was for.  Because he's, if you read what he's doing, his cabinet, he's getting people from Israel in his cabinet to direct the French people.  And he's importing people from out of the country to direct the French people.  And it seems to me that these people aren't getting it, or they get what they get.


Alan: Well, number one, no one elects who they think they elect today.  We get whoever has been decided that we're going to get.  And that goes for every country.  And it's been like that for a long, long time.  The problem with Europe, and it's shortly to become the same here is that once you amalgamate into a Union, then you can get a person from Paraguay for instance being the president of Canada or the US.  Because they'll all be American then you see.  And then anyone already in Europe who has a dual citizenship can come outside of that union and also apply to run as a president.  So the whole world, we're going to see our share of the same thing here too.  The people don't elect them.  There hasn't been a genuine election for about a hundred years.


Jeff:  The main, yeah, but the people are falling for it, regardless if there's a general election or not.  The mainstream media, or whatever the case may be over there is leading the people on like a master leading their dog on a leash. 


Alan: And that's the job of the mainstream media.  You'll find most of the elite leaders there in the mainstream are members of the European branches of the Royal Institute of International Affairs or CFR, same thing.  And it's a global network that you have.  The media's job is to pacify the sheep, keep them in the sheep pen, and help them guide them into the next sheep pen when required. 


Jeff: That's a good description. 


Alan: Yeah, you'll find that most of these.  You see, once you become a journalist, you get a license.  And if you don't play the game, your license is gone.  And so you're told what to do. You're a prostitute and they know it, too.  I've had many of them admit it to me.


Jeff: So, I just watched this debate they had in Oxford England about AIPAC in America and how nobody talks about AIPAC and it's like this hidden rule.  And they had Norman Finklestein, who's one of the dignitaries from America talking about it.  And Norman Finklestein said, well, you know we're in Oxford, England, we're talking about AIPAC, about not being able to talk about AIPAC in the United States, because it's a golden rule that you can't talk about AIPAC.  You probably know what, it's the American Israeli Political Action Committee.  And the whole thing is that there's certain subjects that the media can't talk about because they don't want us to learn.  And I think with the internet, I kind of have a faith in, because I think these elitists are scared of the common man.  I think that's one thing.


Alan: Well, what you have, going right back to the times of H.G. Wells, remembering that he was an authorized propagandist for this whole world agenda.  He was picked for the secret service of Britain, which is a really elite group, above even MI6.  And he was a propagandist, with a massive team of propagandists working under him.  And he said in his own writings, I mean most of Wells' books were nonfiction.  We know him for the fictional works.  He was also a founding member of the Fabian society, which was supposedly for the Left Wing, although it was chartered by the Queen, you know.  They were given a Royal Charter to exist, because they own all sides.  And Wells himself wrote a book on the peoples and species and types of peoples who will be allowed to come into the new age, the new era.  And he said, amongst the higher quality British people, and some of the American ones with British descendancy, he said they will also bring in many Jews, because on a Darwinian principle they've proved that they could come through many countries, many eras of persecution and prosper through their intellect.  And therefore they would be used heavily eventually as sort of world managers in the civil service class.  Whenever these guys write about their agenda, you can take it to the bank, because they mean what they say, and they always do what they say.


Jeff: And they are doing a good job at what they're doing.  You've got to almost take your hat off to these people.


John: Well, you do.  I mean, if you're for World Conquest and elite, and being separate from the rest of the planet and humanity, you absolutely have to tip your hat to them, because they have done an outstanding job and they've been laboring for hundreds and hundreds of years doing it.  Alright, well, thanks for your call.  Appreciate it Jeff.  Alright.  Yeah, well, on the subject here of Sarkozy, you know, Prime Minister Jean Pierre Raffarin, in a recent book wrote a form letter to Mr Sarkozy, that basically he said, you will inherit a France made of crystal.  He said, you'll need to handle it with care.  And on some fronts, he's got a lot of people confused Alan because he's into apparently, he introduced stricter immigration laws that led to the deportation of tens of thousands of immigrants, but then at the same breath, in a speech that he gave, he's admonishing the United States not to go against the global warming thing.


Alan: Well, they play these games.  You know, they play to the crowd and they play to the balcony at the same time, that's a good politician, but it's just a game to them.  They're told what to do.  They cannot act independently, or they would be Kennedy'd, very quickly.  So they all know what their job is.  They take their orders.  The guy who is the front man, the president, is never the boss.  And that's the same in all high, high, high Freemasonry.  It's the number 2 man, number 2 is always the boss.  And so the front guy just does what he's told.  His advisors, who are unelected and all in touch with each other globally.  And that's why they go along with the whole global agenda.  They're the guys that make the decisions for the presidents. 


John: It's rather fascinating to watch this come about and what do you think on the political front here in the United States?  Ron Paul recently threw his hat into the political candidacy ring for President in 2008.  This is a sticky wicket for the Republican party, as most certainly the Democrats here in this country.  Because as you look at the parties, on the core main issues there is no variance.  But we'll play political games with wealth redistribution and it doesn't matter on what side of the aisle it is.  Many people in this country are confused.  They think Republicans, oh, they're for big business.  Well, yeah, but the Democrats aren't too far behind that, and it's an interesting mix of Socialism and Communism and the hijacked Democrat Party vs. Neo-Con Republican Party.  What we're seeing forming in there, in the United States is a very interesting mix of Socialism.  Well, that's been going on for a long time, but we also have what Benito Mussolini called Corporatism, that is going on most assuredly.  We have a guy that pops up and says, I'm going to run for President.  And I don't know if you were able to see this debate either as it was carried lie on MSNBC or on the web, but Alan, this guy, he is not only a danger to the Republican party, because I watched very intently as he mentioned, the first time he mentioned the Constitution, it was like, oh, here we go.  All the heads of the other candidates cranked almost as it was pulled by a string to look at Mr Ron Paul.  Now, he smashed these guys in the debates.  Now, the online news services, Yahoo, it doesn't matter who it is, a lot of them left him off of their sites.  But he just hammered everybody there.  He took the debate by storm.  He's got another one coming up here, in I think just four days.  As he is continued to be included in these debates, he's pointing to the Republican Party that they are an embarrassment to this country, its founding documents.  What's your take on Ron Paul?  Have you given that much thought Alan?


Alan: I'm always wary.  I don't know enough about him, but I know, I'm always wary about leaders, especially champions, because back in the early 1900s, Britain wrote books, manual books on how to give the public their leaders for all sides.  And the diplomatic core were taught these strategies of provocateur, etc.  These were training manuals.  I have some of them here.  So, yeah, they said we always give the people their leaders who will say all the right things, and of course always do the opposite once they're in power.  So, I can't really say until the man actually gets somewhere.


John: Well if you, yeah, I understand.  Well, he's been a Congressman for a number of years.  He was known as, and he's a medical doctor by training, and he was known on the Hill as Dr. No.  And he's made it quite clear that he's against the UN agenda.  When one of the first questions they would ask of him in the debate was about the IRS, he said within a week it would be gone.  But if you look at the guy's voting record, it's one thing for politicians to get cohered and suited up and have their script writers and be prepped for debates or whatever.  But this guy speaks from the heart, and he speaks by experience.  But more importantly, his track record is the one that supports who he is.


Alan: The thing is though, Professor Carroll Quigley in his book Tragedy and Hope, and he goes into it deeper in his other book, which is the Anglo American Establishment.  He said that there's an organization he says, that's existed for over 50 years, that was written in the 60s, who picked, basically run the US, since that time and they choose the Presidents and the top cabinet members.  It doesn't matter about the lesser ones down below.  They're allowed to have competitions between themselves, but he says they always put their own people in at the top. See, I don't believe there is any democracy at all.  I don't believe that at all.  It's gone.  It's gone.  That's an illusion for the public to keep them voting.


John: All things being equal, I guess coming from the standpoint of having a Constitutionally limited republic, I guess the next step would be democracy, and if you're saying that's gone.


Alan: Wilson said it in the 1920s.


John: All right.  Hang on a second Alan, we've got to take the break.  800-313-9343.  We'll be right back.


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John: Hmm, democracy dead?  You know, I've often asked this question Mr Watt, on this very program.  Why is it our politicians in Washington DC and our presidents refer to this country as the greatest democracy, which was the bane to a limited republic.  Because in democracies, as we know, if you can convince 51% through the mouthpieces, the politicians, the talking heads and the media, editorial writers, you name it, foundations, people of wealth and influence.  Well, if you can convince 51% of the people that the other 49% have to go, well, hey, there's your democracy. 


Alan: And as I say, Wilson at the time, when they first came out with this Trans-Atlantic Agreement Part I, that was just completed, he was the first one, the first American to use that term, about America.  He called it a democracy.  And it's been of course reiterated, many, many times to alter the people's perception of what they actually had.  And it's been very successful with most people.  But the fact is, yeah, as far as electing people goes, as I say, the elections are total frauds.  We're not dealing with people at the top who play fair.  They play a system of pretense and fairness, and that's the illusion that we must believe.  We are already under an intellectual elite agenda, where they plan everything for us, through think tanks etc.  And all the foundations pick the members, and as Quigley said, they decide who they're going to put in.  And whoever they put in has been well trained and vetted for their position, years in advance before the public even hear their names.  So there's no such thing as fairness when it comes to voting.


John: Well, and I've put it this way.  Lance, hang on a second, I'll get to your call here before the top of the hour.  But I put it this way.  It's like watching American baseball.  We're the home team, and we hit the field, and we're playing strictly by a set of rules, only to discover that we're getting our butts kicked inning after inning and nobody discovers that the other side is playing by a different, completely different set of rules.


Alan: Absolutely.  Absolutely, that's exactly how it is.  We're kept truly like children.  We're trained like children today.  They've taken critical thinking, teaching and logic out of the schools.  They used to teach the courses in that.  The children are given minimal education.  In fact, they're given a social indoctrination to accept those things which they will see coming into existence in their lifetime, so they're sitting ducks for the high manipulators and the media.  The other side don't play by fairness.  They never ever have.  I used to laugh when they talked about the British sporting attitude.  And when he'd knocked his opponent down, he'd help him up.  That was a great myth.  That was a fantastic myth, that one.  Because when he had him down, no, he'd put a bayonet in him and finish him off.  That's the reality of it.


John: Let's go quickly to Lance in Tennessee.  Hello, Lance.


Lance: I've got a question for Alan.


John: Yes, sir.


Lance: I can believe to a point what you say about the "Big Boys" and like everybody running you know, this kind of grade of people running everything, to a point.  But when you start talking about how eventually like it will get to a point where they'll pick our mates for us and we won't have any say to that, like I just don't understand how they would go about doing this.  Especially with thousands of years of literature on love and soul mates ingrained in our culture and in our beliefs from almost at birth.  And I just don't understand how any people, any sort of elite class, any kind of government that they run, can turn such a belief system around in such a short period of time that they'd need to do.  Even over the course of hundreds of years, like you say.


John: Lance, Lance, hang on one second.  We'll have to carry you through the top of the hour break.  Mr Alan Watt, please stand by.  We'll continue this conversation with our guest.  Second hour coming up.


Hour 2


John: We're back ladies and gentlemen, hour two of the National Intel Report, and after the break, I'm going to ask the obvious question to Mr Watt, how important are these alternative media outlets for the education of American people, and well, we're global.  I read off the list one day of all the countries that are online listening to us here, in this country, very, very intently.  We have a large following in Canada, all over the planet, as far away as Paraguay, Spain, I don't have the list in front of me, but we are all over the place.  And by the way, the government likes to listen to us too.  And the contingent of the military out there, we appreciate you guys tuning in.  Alright, because you know what we're up against, and we certainly know.  And we're going to bring you guys home, soon.  I've seen a lot of fluff on the news lately about sending thanks, a million thanks to you.  It's a program that's just been started up.  Well, there's almost been a million Iraqis killed in this deal, and many more than is being reported.  Honestly, there is many more of you that have been killed that are maimed for life or are dying because of depleted uranium and other factors.  We understand the plight.  We know what we're up against, and we want you guys to hang tough and one day come back to this country in the defence of this country, not for a quest for it's been sometimes called empire building.  I'm calling it Wag the Dog, but however you think about it, much, much human life is being expended, money, and time for no purpose for the United States, whatsoever.  At least not for the common man here in America.  Lance in Tennessee.  Oh, by the way, I forgot to give out the 800 number to call the network.  800-724-2719.  We'll take the break here.  Lance, hang on one second.  Alan Watt will be back with us right after this break.


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John: We are back ladies and gentlemen with our guest today, Mr Alan Watt out of Canada.  And Lance in Tennessee, sorry to keep you holding there.  Are you still with us Lance?


Lance: Yeah, hi there.


John: Yeah, you were alluding to, and if I'm hearing you correctly, we have been indoctrinated one way, so how is it that people are going to accept a new paradigm.  Was that pretty much where you were going?


Lance: Well, I mean not just like constant, I mean like love itself and like choosing, you know your "soul mate", I mean it was with Shakespeare, before that the Greeks.  I mean the first writings and music.  So what's music about except for getting the girl, right?  I mean, why do you do these things.  I just don't understand how any elite group, this "elite group" of people who are running everything, who Alan says could do this.


John: Alan, love.  They profess love.  I mean they have the love of the planet, global warming.  They want to do something about it.  They want to put the carbon tax in.  They want to manage.


Alan: They love taxes.  You're right on there.


John: Yeah.  They love taxes.  Usury, it doesn't matter in what form or fashion.  But their theme is for the love of the planet.  So, isn't that sort of a love?


Alan: That's not them.  That's just the excuse given.  That came up, the whole thing about global warming or the sky is falling crisis type deal to get us all united under a common cause, so that we could be sheep herded into a world run by experts, was dreamed up at the Club of Rome.  That was part of its function, to bring the global agenda forward by creating scenarios of coming crisis and propagating it to the people through propaganda and getting the people brainwashed to believe it.  And they said that, that they sat round a table, in a book recently released, 1996 I think it was released by the founders of the society.  They sat around a table and said they came up with the idea of using the weather as an enemy, because we had to have an enemy to unite the planet, and then fool the people into believing them through massive indoctrination and propaganda.  That's already been pretty well successful, especially with the young.  They get brainwashed with this stuff at school, so they always go for the next upcoming generation, and bypass the older ones that are dying off and looking forward to their pensions. 


John: In your book, Cutting Through the Matrix, in response to my previous caller here.  "Why does the waking-up process fail to spread quickly through society?", and here's five points you make.  And I'm going to run through it quickly.  Talking about people in general, "1. He is terribly naive. He believes the massive corruption "just happened" to begin in his own lifetime, otherwise mummy or daddy or teacher would have warned him. It does not occur to him that his parents, teachers etc. were as conditioned as he was."  Second point you make, "2. Most people do not wish to know. They, like farm animals, have been domesticated. Wild animals (original) have natural instincts of self-preservation. They sense the evil intentions of predators and they survive by trusting their own instincts. Wild herds do not "hang around" when one or more members drops dead. Specially bred sheep do." "3. Pavlovian," your third point, "conditioning/response indoctrination has been fed to every individual via cartoons, through schooling. The media then takes over. Peoples' opinions are simply sound-bites from news, talk-shows or quotes from glossy magazines."  Your fourth point, "4. Trust replaces the instinct of self-preservation. It over-rides memory and logic. Controllers and shepherds encourage trust."  And your fifth point here, "5. When threatened with loss of possessions, property, access to health care etc., people turn to government (predators) for help, or/and organized religion. Should an individual persist in pushing for his "rights," he will be removed from society and placed in a psychiatric hospital or prison on any number of pretexts. The alternative is death by "accident," or shot by police while 'resisting arrest.'"  Pretty much covers that.


Alan: Yeah, yeah, that's right.  This is an ongoing scientific indoctrination that was discussed in 1934 Communist International meeting, the Comintern meeting headed by Beria, who went through the psychological techniques which will be used in all countries East and West.  And he said, it used to take us 70 years to make major cultural changes in society.  Now we have it down to every 5 years through getting the children early, and using a scientific indoctrination.  So every 5 years they could introduce new parts of a culture, until within 20 years, you literally had a complete reversal of morality.  Now it's even shorter because the child going into daycare today is getting readied from day 1 for what he or she will experience in their lifetime.  It's a graduated system of indoctrination.  It's perfect, actually. 


John: Well, I do not give up hope for American parents.  And I don't think that the majority of them have been indoctrinated that they would not recognize danger signs, but there is, I think, Alan, a certain amount of apathy and in this society, and I'm starting to see this, and this is the worst of all things that could befall us.  It is the loss of hope.  And that is being eradicated rather rapidly.


Alan: It is, because the media is keeping them busy with so many real and fake crisis all ongoing.  Everyone senses, even if that don't know really what's happening, they sense big changes are coming and they feel powerless.  They're afraid of the economy crashing.  All this stuff that the media controls, which is fear primarily, is downloaded into them.  And they don't know where to turn.  The old institutions have failed them badly, although they still turn to the regular religions, which are run by top Freemasons, all of them.  And they wonder why their religious leaders are not warning them or giving them advice or telling them what to do.  They don't realize that their top leaders, especially in religion, their job is to keep the sheep, the good shepherd keeps his sheep in ignorance.  Ignorant bliss, basically.


John: Well, and in this particular case, in this country, we the people, we are the government, but people have become dependent.  They have become lazy. 


Alan: And they've also come to accept it.  You see, gradually over time, in this introduction of the world of society, of experts, they have begun to believe through their own indoctrinations that they are inferior.  Everybody on the news brings on an expert for every darn thing there is.  Even the weather reports bring on experts in different areas and they've succumbed to it all.  They believe it.  And now they really, really do believe that these politicians are somehow superior to themselves.  They've been taught to believe this, and there's nothing further from the truth.  Most politicians are not the brightest people at all.  They're just basically psychopaths who clawed their way up through something, and got rich by doing it, because they have no conscience.  The deviants in this society are in control.  And at the very top you have thousands of years of inbred deviants, psychopaths breeding with psychopaths and acquiring the wealth of the planet.  This planet is just one long-term business plan to them.  And it's got to be run efficiently, and more efficiently.  So it's up to the ordinary people.  You see, the last caller had a good point.  What about love itself?  Well, you see, the top people can't feel love as we have it.  They don't have that.  They don't feel empathy for others.  They don't have that.  They're not born with it.  It's missing in their brain.  And Plato talked about this 2300 years ago, when he talked about we the elite create the culture for the people.  And he was quite correct.  It was a science that was well understood even then, but he said, we can breed people like domesticated animals.  And he said, we can breed qualities in or qualities out.  Just like if you want a guard dog, you get an aggressive dog, and you breed it with another one and keep doing it.  Well, the same thing if you want a psychopathic ruler to dominate and be cruel when required.  You would breed psychopaths together.  And that's what we have.  The deviants are in charge.  And I cannot see how it can be any other way in this particular type of system of profit, which is winners and losers. 


John: Let's go quickly to Marcus in Pennsylvania.  Thanks for holding, Marcus.


Marcus: Sure, sure.  No problem.  Just sitting there listening to you talk about Iraq and how they're a very civilized people.  And Iraq was mentioned in Bible days.  I believe that's Babylon.  Nebuchadnezzar ruled the world.  Iraq ruled the world at one time.  They've changed the name of Iran.  Iran used to be Media-Persia, until not too long ago.  So they're changing the names of these places and confusing the issue, and if you read the Bible, you'll know the history.


John: Alan?


Alan: They've always been changing.  However, you see, what you've got here, even in the ancient past, was with the introduction of money came the introduction of the system.  The money and the ability to then tax it back from people created an intellectual class that were paid to think.  The first think tanks you might call them.  Just like ancient Greece had with the philosophers.  And then, of course, with money, they could hire armies and keep them together, standing armies, to conquer the other peoples who were outside of their system, and then force the money onto them, and then tax it back from them.  It's getting the people to believe in money in the first place that's the first trick.  Once you do it, you've given everything up, because the guys with the money then rule over you.  The elite in all empires down through history have never been destroyed.  They move out of the empire as it's falling down and they've already created a new home for themselves to go. 


Marcus: And, another thing, that French ruler, the French government electing that foreign ruler doesn't surprise me, because that's what Nebuchadnezzar did in his day, having foreign people rule over other foreign people.


Alan: Very common, yeah.  Very common.


Marcus: So that he would not have.


John: Marcus, hang on one second.  We've got a break here.  We'll be right back.


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John:  We are back.  Marcus, do you have a question here?  I'm trying to hone this thing down.  Marcus, are you still there?


Marcus: Yeah, yeah, I just wanted to point out the Babylon connection with Iraq and all that.  I really had no.  I just wanted to know if Alan believed that.  And he said he did, and point out the other caller about the French government there, it's no real surprise, it's all written down in advance in the Bible anyway.  That was all I wanted to say there.


Alan: Look at H.G. Wells again, the propagandist, who was given the material to write about.  His job was to write stories around them in his fictional works.  In the book, The Shape of Things to Come, he talks about the final war for global scientific government.  He called it the freemasonry of scientists that would run the world internationally.  It was to begin in Basra, which is exactly where the British troops went into Iraq this time.  So they knew back in his day, in the 1920s and 1930s, they would be doing this now.  Because we are just running to a business plan, with its time tables.  We truly are. 


John: The question that begs to be asked.  We have had talk show hosts and contentious disagreements about who is in control of what.  Many people will argue that it's the new, up and coming, relatively new Zionist political movement.  And if we look, Alan, in recent history past.  The root of Communism, which is the antithesis of the type of system of government we have, and a lot of governments around the world.  We saw the root of Socialism and Communism.  We see the root of world banking.  We see a lot, but some people will contend that because the Vatican has been around for such a long time, that they are actually the taskmasters and the Zionists are the puppets. 


Alan: What happened in the 1700s, they had so many wars ongoing in Europe, that they knew that the cost of the wars would gradually increase as science increased with new weaponry.  And they had an international meeting with all the top global leaders and monarchs, including the members from the Vatican, and they thrashed it out right there at the Concert of Europe, where they said they'd have to come into some kind of fraternal agreement.  In other words, what you saw was like all the mobsters of Capone's era coming together and giving allegiance to each other, where they all get their cut, but work towards a common agenda.  And the common agenda was global.  They knew they were striving for globalism back then.  So then, in the 1800s, from Britain, at Oxford University, the push was put out there to put professors in charge, who would recruit students who would create foundations, they would be heavily financed with these foundations, unlimited financing, to go out into the world and create networks that would go under many, many names, including the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and many, many others, the Bilderbergers, and they have done that.  The Vatican plays its side as well.   They all play the game and put their own guys forwards, because at the top levels, if you have a multi-billionaire who's a Jew, he's only a Jew by birth.  He has nothing in common with the rest of the people.  And neither will his wife that's picked for him, any more than the Queen picks her husband or believes in Christianity, even though she's at the top of the Church of England.  They don't believe in the religion of the people that they govern over.  And that goes the same with the top Catholics as well.


John: Well, in order, and we're coming around to the obvious question here, that we know that we have a problem.  We have identified many of the groups, organizations, think tanks, foundations, governments, not only people in this government, but governments around the world that have been in favor of this globalization process.  But if you were to pin the tail on the proverbial donkey, Alan, what would you put as the main, I guess you would say the main culprit in this sad play?


Alan: There's no doubt, London.  There's no doubt whatsoever.  London is the key there.  In the 1500s, John Dee, at Queen Elizabeth I's court, first openly Rosicrucian court, which was a Masonic court, John Dee came up with the plan to create a British or Brightish Empire as he called it, based on a form of Free Trade with the members coming in that would not be charged duties or import duties or export duties within the groups, but they'd have to adopt the British form of system of government.  And it would be done step by step through regionalism and then eventually uniting Europe, the Americas and the Pacific Rim area.  This was all written in the 1500s, and that's when the societies really started to spring up and work towards this goal.  Countries that joined this association of Free Trade, not only would adopt the democratic principles, so called, of Britain, but they would also be given most favored nation status.  Where have you heard that before?


John: Many times.


Alan: It's 500 years old.


John: Many, many, many times.  And this was the buzzword that was given to China.  And even the common man out there has to ask the question, Alan, if China is no friend of the United States, why did we give them most favored nation status to import their goods here in this country duty free, to put their product for sale on the shelves of Wallie World I call it, it's Walmart or whatever, any box store.  And I said, well, short term, the American consumer is going to love it, cheaper goods, but you're doing yourself out the job that used to produce those goods here in this country.  We'll be right back.


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John: The Cutting, let me get this correct here,, you have a lot of things on this site.  You have MP3s, ancient religion/history on compact disc, you have part 1, part 2 of that.  You have a lot of things on this.  Books that you've written, articles and so on. Folks, I would urge you to gain a greater understanding, and not only just historic, but a greater understanding of the mindset.  See, Alan, a lot of people can't get their minds wrapped around, because they think of life, of being within their birth/death cycle, and they can't see before them, and they certainly can't see after they're gone.  The question that I have asked repeatedly of people that have woken up, that can see that proverbial handwriting on the wall, is that, as you tuck your children in at night and you've done everything that you possibly could to make sure that they're nourished and they're schooled and they're educated and they're clothed and they're loved, and all of these things that all good meaning parents do for their children, that when you tuck your children in at night in bed, and hopefully, after they've said their prayers, that if you do not do your utmost personally for the sake of your children to rectify what we see going on around us, that you're consigning them basically to slavery, and there's really no point to having children or raising your children if you do not do anything to secure their freedom and their liberty, for at least their generation.  And if you're narcissistic enough that your belief system is, well I want to be free now, here in my life, and I don't care what happens to anybody else.  Even if it comes from a narcissistic attitude such as that, and say that you have no children, I would settle for that.  But what do you say, Alan Watt, to these people that are just going along to get along, and just scraping by and doing the best that they can, when they tuck their children into bed at night.  What would you say to them if you had their ear right now?


Alan: I would tell them that if they don't understand, as I say, the mentality at the top, which is psychopathic, with power and all the money in the world, the culture itself that we're brought into is tainted with the same problem.  We are not psychopathic, but we've been taught to be egocentonic.  A phenomenon that was pushed since the 1950s through marketing and advertising, where every ad tells you you're supposed to smile when you buy toothpaste or something, or whatever it happens to be.  And that having a frown or worrying, or discussing "downer" problems was just taboo, turn away from those people.  That's been instilled in the public consciousness now.  So they don't want to look at anything that's serious or will make them upset.  They themselves, the adults, have become children.  They've stayed children.  Which is really the definition of Socialism, you're a perpetual child, your whole life.  So those parents have got to realize, they are responsible, not only for the present generation, and for those to come, but you're doing this, if you stand up and start speaking out and demanding your rights, because you do have rights, you're not an inferior species, believe you me.  You're also doing this for all those who have gone before you who have lived and died and didn't know either that their system was rigged from top to bottom. 


John: What do you, and there are obvious questions that I must ask, how important are the alternative medias for a transmission belt for information?


Alan: You'll find most of them, again, are put out and get covert funding from the Big Boys, because they run all sides.  That's standard, in the old handbooks of the British consulate training.  So, you have to be very careful.  I don't go into any camps, left, right or up or down, because I know darn well that you can't stay in a tunnel; if you stay in a tunnel, you have a tunnel vision.  You don't know there's a tunnel alongside of you.  I'd rather explore them all and see what is real, and again you've got to get past all the confusion that all the different sides and tunnels create, tunnel visioners create.  They create more problems often.  They muddy the waters rather than clarify it.  And what they always do is end up picking a group of people to blame, that's why everyone is blaming either it's the Jews or it's the Vatican or it's the Jesuits, it's not.  It's all of them combined at the top.  It's the elite of all those countries that are just one big club.  That's all.


John: Well, I have yet to receive my check from the Rockefeller foundation or from AIPAC or from the Pope over in Rome.  I guess we have been accused of being New World Order, Vatican led or taking people down a rabbit hole, but my quest has always been, Mr. Watt, to expose what is not only going on now, but the reasons why it's going on, and then the possible solutions to end this in the future.  Now, all is not Rosy in the Globalists' plan here.  There are chinks in their proverbial armor. 


Alan: And they're ready for it.  This is the thing.  The Department of Defence in Britain, that really is the same as the whole of NATO organization, put out its manifesto for the next 50 years, what they foresaw coming, and what they foresee coming is what they're preparing for.  Flash mob violence, and all this kind of stuff, and great uprisings from the public.  And this is from the top.  You can't get any higher than the Department of Defence in Britain.  And this was printed in the Guardian Newspaper over there.  So, they even talked about talking Neutron bombs on selected areas to do ethnic cleansing.  I kid you not, this is mainstream newspapers from the top.  So they are preparing for the worst.  And I had to say, well, what have they got in store for Joe Average public that would make him go to those lengths to cause the retaliation that they would find was waiting for them.  What are they planning to do to the public?  Well, we know what they're planning to do, and none of it is pleasant.  So it's up to the ordinary people now to stop fighting other groups, crossover and start coming together.  Because if we don't, we've had it.


John: Well, I'm in agreement with you there, but therein lies some problems accepting other groups and other paradigms of thought into this, that.


Alan: They've got to dispel them.  They have to dispel all their particular pet beliefs, because this involves everybody on the planet.  It's not just a national thing.


John: I understand.  And what are they then, I have to ask the obvious question.  Well, we know what they're prepared for, what are they not prepared for? 


Alan: What they're not prepared for are individuals coming out with the basic facts and pointing to simple solutions to even kick the ball off.  And no one will touch this one, of course, and I say that there's one common organization that's in the Vatican, it's through the Protestant religions, it's through the Jewish religion, and the Mohammedan religion, Islam, it's through everything, and that's Freemasonry.  And Freemasonry is sworn to bring in a fraternity worldwide, worldwide brotherhood, with a new system.  And you'll find that the guys who run from your school board to your mayor to the guys on your town council, all the way up to your state, all the way up to the President, in every country are all Freemasons.  And they've already sworn allegiance to the United Nations.


John: Well, okay.  Well, I had asked the question before, and I guess I framed it in such a way if you were to pin that proverbial rather tail on the donkey, you mentioned Freemasonry as the umbrella and the controlling factor.  So then, would it not follow then that Masonry, Freemasonry and its organizations that it controls is the enemy?


Alan: It's a tool of the enemy, because the Big Boys own Freemasonry.  They own it.  They gave it to the people.  Up until about the 1500s they only had noble orders for aristocracy.  Then they had to create a Middle Class for the up and coming industrialist era, so they gave a lower order of Freemasonry for the ordinary people.  And they're all sworn to uphold the system as it stands.  That means the big boys who control it.  So they've already given their allegiance to a global agenda, and here you are electing them into your school boards, right up into your presidency.  Until the people start demanding to know the organizations these people belong to, what oaths they've already sworn to, then you shouldn't have any of them in office, male or female.


John: Gene in Texas, Hello Gene.  Gene are you there?


Gene: Yes, I am.  Hello?  I want to say, I want to agree with, man this guy is so on the mark with what I believe.  I truly believe it comes from the whole thing.  I wanted to ask you a couple of questions.  I've always wondered about this, for quite a long time, about the religion deal.  We're fighting under the restraints of various religions, most of which are splinter groups that have started, most of them I guess, since we've been here in the US off the original whatever they were.  Catholicism, or Jewish, or whatever.  And that keeps us in control, but they don't play by these rules, any more than they do the Constitution.  So when you talk about the Constitution, you're fighting them with something they don't respect, so it renders us somewhat helpless.  They don't regard that as anything.  I just wanted to mention that, and I had one other question that always bothers me trying to figure out, or I'd like to know his perspective on this.  Is this whole thing set up, it has to mostly be for power, surely, rather than just money, because I can't conceive of how they could be more prosperous in a slave planet than they can under a prosperous planet like we have?


John:  I've heard these sentiments echoed before; Alan?


Alan: It's very interesting.  You've got to understand that you have a separate culture with its own religion at the top, and when you start to understand that part, plus you're dealing as I say with inbred psychopaths that go on for thousands of generations.  They truly believe they're a separate species.  And that's where the whole thing of evolution comes from.  Charles Darwin that came out with the Descent of Man and all the rest of it, was a high Mason.  And he was told to put that book out.  His grandfather had tried putting out the same book before him.  And he belonged to the Royal Institute, or the Royal Society, which was the first Freemasonic Scientific Society.  Evolution is part of their religion, and they truly believe that they are the highest evolved types on the planet, and when they point to the success they've all had intergenerationally in acquiring more and more wealth and power, and holding onto it, that to them is the proof of it.  They see all those below them as a separate subspecies of failures, literally.  And Charles Galton Darwin, the grandson of Charles Darwin, who was a physicist, in 1956 put out a book, which everyone should get a hold of, called The Next Million Years.  Quite a boast for the leading families, where he talked about the necessity of introducing hormones into the male bloodstream, female hormones to effeminize the last remnants as they go through the changes, of using inoculations even to bring down the IQ levels of a people that you don't want too bright when you're bringing on major changes.  This guy was ruthless, and he went right through the whole agenda on behalf of the elite, speaking for the elite.  They have put their agenda right out in front of us, including the population reduction, now that we no longer have a function.  So, yeah, they're after incredible power.  Power to a psychopath is addictive.  That's why in this system, which is their system of profit and money, they must always get to the top, because they are the most ruthless people on the planet.


Gene: I agree.


John: Well, the one thing I always observed Alan is there is only so much room at the top at that capstone.  Now they have their useful idiots within their own circles that will be discharged when they're no longer necessary.  And I've explained it in simplistic terms, but I think it pretty much nails it.  What we're looking at here is Transnational Corporations in the hands, or kind of like a tripod, the Transnational Corporations, the Banks, and the Governments.   So you have them all intertwined and cooperating with each other, with, and I would say, if there was one group of people in that Tripod that was the controlling factor of it, it would be the money lenders. 


Alan: Well, it's not just the money lenders.  Look at the Royalty of Britain and the money that they have, what they've acquired.  And even behind the scenes, some of the richest men on the planet are never mentioned, or the countries they come from.  India is one of the biggest players in this whole thing.  One of the quietest countries, that's kept out of the news, except when one little canoe capsizes with 20 people on it crossing a river.   The Brahmans of India for instance, have ruled India for thousands of years, uninterrupted.  And if you go to a Brahman wedding, you'll see the bride bedecked in enough diamonds and jewelry, huge ones too, that would sink the Royal family of Britain.  And they are big money lenders in this whole business scheme of things too.  They're kept out of the picture.  Now, when Rothschild came in to Britain, he didn't sneak in.  He was brought in by the Royalty to manage the monetary system.  A man who would supposedly would sink the Bank of England, where all the nobility had their wealth accumulated, and who walked the dark alleys of London, would have been assassinated in the first couple of days, after the bank crashed, unless he was well taken care of.  No, he was the King's man.  They brought him in to manage the affairs.


John: Gene, we're coming upon the break.  Anything else? 


Gene: No, I totally agree.  I've tried to point out to people that these rulers from the Royal Family to every dictator on Earth is always taking out their own people, including their own families and blood relations, but they don't seem to think it applies anymore.  I'm going to come back John and make a little donation. Thank you, I know they're coming at you from every angle.


John: Well, I appreciate it very much Gene.


Gene: Thank you for being there brother.


John: Alright, and we'll continue to be here folks.  When I mentioned alternative media before, I've watched Amy Goodman with Democracy Now.  I've watched other smaller organizations.  I know of this network, because I had the network, and I know who's on this network, and I know who's working for the network, and Alan, I need to be left off of that page.  When I said alternative medias I wasn't talking about this one. 


Alan: No, I was thinking about newspapers and things.  Mind you, within even the Patriot Business, and it's a business too for a lot of people, there's also, they've interjected their Trojan Horses along the way.  We've seen that with Bo Gritz that was put out for a few years on the shortwave, a man who claimed from the beginning he had hip pocket orders from the Pentagon, and then who was on the steps of the congress denouncing the shortwave radio listeners right after 9/11 as being paranoid fanatics.


John: I can remember that very well.  We call him Beelzebo now.  Alright, we'll break, and we'll come back for the final segment right after this.


(Commercial Break)


John: We're back, final segment, about 4 minutes here.  Alan, have you ever thought about doing radio yourself? 


Alan: I have, yeah.


John: Well, I'll tell you what, there's a possibility that we can open up a few slots on this network, would you be interested in doing some programming on this network?


Alan: I would be interested, but I don't have the cash.  That's the problem.


John: Well, generally speaking, we provide all the services and the radio outlets.  There's no charge ever to the host out there.  And if you have high-speed internet in Canada, then you've got to hook up to this network. 


Alan: Okay.  Okay, sure, I'd be interested.


John: Alright, we'll talk about that later.  For the audience out there today, Mr. Watt, parting shot, sir.


Alan: They've got to start, they've got to start talking to each other now instead of talking into cell phones.  And discussing their future, the dilemma we're in, and what their rights are, right now.  Because they do have rights, they have natural rights they're born with, and you don't need experts coming over you to condition you to believe you're inferior.  You're not inferior at all.  You have as much right as anyone else to decide how your life should go.


John: It is, it is my life.  I was not consigned.  Many people believe, and the global elite, or the elite, or the want-to-be elite, believe that they can control and manipulate supposedly for our own good.  But the globalists, they aren't my mummy and they're not my daddy.  They didn't bring me into this world.  They didn't provide for me.  I am a single, sovereign individual.  By the grace of God I am on this planet, and they own none of my time.  Nor can they make any demands on me.  But they're trying to.  They are certainly trying to do that. 


Alan: They look for the people's compliance, and again that's why they love a democratic system, where, as you say yourself, 51% will decide for the rest, and the 51% always decide the way they're told to decide.  They don't think for themselves. 


John: Thought is deep thought, and logic seems to be a scarcer commodity every day.  Mr Watt, we're out of time here.  I do appreciate your two hours on this Friday afternoon.  And we will talk, we will talk in the future about that possibility of you coming up on the network.  


Alan: I look forward to it.


John: Alrighty sir, well thank you so much for your time.


Alan: It's been a pleasure.


John: Thank you.




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