January, 25th 2010
Alan Watt on "National Intel Report" on RBN

Title Copyright Alan Watt January, 25th 2010:

"A Brief Debriefing on Reality"
© Alan Watt January, 25th 2010

Alan stands in for John Stadtmiller, 2 hours.

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, standing in for John Stadtmiller on the 25th of January, 2010.  I'll be on for the next couple of hours, and there are so many topics, so many topics to cover because, as you know, we're going through the greatest changes in history for hundreds of years actually, it's actually been akin or linked by the Big Boys themselves, like the Brzezinski's and Kissingers, to the greatest changes since really the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and the massive changes it caused across countries, as they moved people into the big cities to take over the industry and produce in the factories, get them off the land.  Today, it's much, much bigger.  It's literally a global enterprise.  We're in a big global system, planned an awful long time ago, and all the mayhem we see with money crashes going up and down, all this kind of stuff, the deculturalizing of nations, denationalization of nations was all factored into it, and planned that way, an awful long time ago.  It's just that the ordinary people don't read the reports put out by the big think tanks, by the global meetings that the United Nations has, and that's because really, the media keeps us distracted.  Their job is not to focus us into what's happening in our time.  Their job really is simply to give you the results of the happenings as they happen, the effects if you like, without telling the public the causes.  They don't want the public to be involved, in fact they actually call it a post-democratic system.  In a post-democratic system, think tanks, elites, academia run the show.  That's what we've had in fact for an awful long time.  And it really took off back in the 1960s as academia stepped in, big corporations, big foundations with their parallel government, as they call it themselves of thousands of non-governmental organizations, pretending that they're all specializing in different parts of society, took over and have had their annual meetings at the United Nations, or one of the exotic countries they travel to. 


We simply get little bits out of the paper, which really have nothing much to do with the meetings themselves to be honest with you.  I can remember when the 2005 meeting of the President of the U.S., the Prime Minister of Canada, and Mexico were shown on Canadian television, down in Waco Texas, signing the first open part, the first open part, they had signed many parts which were not open to the public, but the first open part to the integration of the countries.  That was integration in security, integration in economics eventually, taxation that was mentioned as well, and commerce.  So much so, that the newspapers the following day mentioned the fact that bureaucrats in Ottawa could apply for similar positions in Washington D.C. and vice versa.  I taped that show.  I had all the comments made by the CFR journalists who attended, who talked about, this was the first part of a five-part signing.  One part every year up to 2010 for total integration.  I played that on the air to listeners that year, because it hadn't been broadcast in the U.S.  Incredible, incredible, and the U.S. just saw the three leaders having a barbecue and a walk along a field somewhere, I think it was down at Bush's ranch or something, but they didn't show you the meeting at Waco.  They didn't show you what as actually happening. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, standing in for John Stadtmiller who is off today.  And I was talking before the break about how the whole century we've been living through was planned.  It was planned just like today's society and where it's to go is planned.  What's happening today, in fact, was planned before I was born to be honest with you.  When you read the writings from the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral commission, all the big meetings that the United Nations has had since 1946 or so, and you find that they plan to bring in this integrated society, through conflict, in a sense, through conflict.  Everything according to them is a science of conflict.  And by understanding conflict you can guide the conflict, you can guide the outcome of conflict, or the synthesis, or the combination of the two conflicting parties, the synthesis.  You can guide it, and sometimes the synthesis is actually what you're after.  We want to take the public or the world here, how do we do it?  Well, you need two opposing sides, you get them to go head to head, and then you get negotiations, then you get a form of amalgamation, which is the synthesis, and you've changed society.  You've guided society.  The theory being, in the Darwinistic sense that these characters go by, and they really do believe in Darwin, the theory of evolution, not just man himself, but the societies or ages of man as they call it.  And they claim that if a stagnation period comes in, because there's no conflict, then they start to lose control, and things break out of the control, and everyone goes their own way, which doesn't sound too bad an idea, at times for me, when I look at what's been planned for us.  And therefore, they guide conflicts; they create conflicts, and guide them. 


Now remember what Carroll Quigley, Professor Carroll Quigley talked about in his book Tragedy and Hope, and his other book The Anglo American Establishment.  These are two books, which are utterly necessary, if you want to understand how this system has been, where it is, where it's going, who runs it, the techniques that they use, and it also fills in all the blank spots in history between the dates of battles and all the rest of it.  It tells you why they actually happened, who was behind it, who benefited from it, and he was rather proud of this, and the techniques that they used, being the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, he thought the world should know.  And he thought actually that most folk wouldn't mind being guided in a post-democratic system by a super elite crew of intelligentsia, and very wealthy people.  He thought that was a natural order, being a natural snob himself.  He also thought, that left in the people's hands, you'd have utter chaos.  That's a belief shared by all tyrannical type systems, that the masses themselves are simply incapable of managing themselves, and that there would always be chaos.  That only the ones that have better education, you might even say better breeding, if we're to use feudalistic terms, are the ones who can manage life and their laws and follow them, live in a sort of harmony.  But for the peasantry, it could never be so. 


Don't ever believe that the Cold War was just about two systems going head to head, that was not the case at all.  In fact they needed a Cold War period between an enemy, two enemies, after WWII to bring in the changes that they needed, to also give them their reasons to tax the public, really put the money into research and development, for a post Cold War society, where people would be monitored from birth to death, and give them all the technology, including the satellites up there, all the tracking mechanisms that are now being put into place, and we're seeing what they're up there for.  They've been up there for years, as I say, put up during the Cold War, for this particular time in history.  Fifteen years before the Berlin Wall went down, it came out that Rockefeller led a team over to talk to the President of the Soviet Union, fifteen years prior to it, and told them, you know, what are you doing here?  Europe will be totally amalgamated, the European Union, totally integrated within the next ten years or so, and you'll be left in the cold.  You see, the Russians supposedly were after a European Bloc themselves.  They ran on blocs, remember, that's the term that they used, the Soviet Bloc.  Europe did the same thing that the Soviet Unions were doing.  They amalgamated them all, and it's called the European Union Bloc today, under the European Union.  And therefore, it would only leave the U.S., which didn't seem likely to amalgamate with the Soviet system, and other countries, even though, even though America or the U.S., Canada, had already in a sense been Sovietized.


We had already been very liberal, as they call it.  Khrushchev called it liberalism, the Communist term that was used in the Americas.  He says, it's liberalism in America for the Communist system.  They'd been really liberalized for so many years, and adopted so many of the Communist policies, that there wasn't much difference between them.  And remember the Reece Commission, I mention this so often, because Norman Dodd is up on youtube, giving a talk.  He was the representative who went to, who was sent from the Congress to look into foundations, their power and influence.  That's also the name of a book that came out about it.  And they wondered why the big foundations, owned by the richest men in the world, big international bankers, big magnates of power and industry worldwide, why these foundations based in America would be funding what seemed to them to be left wing or ultra left wing or really Communist non-governmental organizations with agendas that were definitely Communistic.  And he was told by the CEO of the Ford foundation, and others, that their job was to so alter the culture within the United States, and Western Europe that down the road, years down the road, they could blend it seamlessly with that of the Soviet Union.  And to be honest with you, I think they pretty well achieved that goal. 


If you go into the writings of Lenin, Lenin did not say that the dictatorship over, I call it over, the proletariat, the people, would last forever.  He didn't say that at all.  He said that maybe seventy years down the road, he said, the Soviet system, this dictatorship will merge into a new system, because of the conflicts with the West and capitalism.  And it would merge so well that it would be neither communistic nor capitalistic.  Well the term they're using now, openly, is really what they were after in the first place, a World Socialist Society.  In Socialism, the big banking boys, the big richest people in the world, can still be part of the system, and still help run it in fact, and they can still get all their Socialistic policies in, that sound really nice on the surface, and some of them certainly have helped public who have been put on unemployment or lost their jobs, that kind of stuff, basic stuff, that was definitely necessary.  However, it was really for control over entire societies.  If we remember that the Marxist system demanded centralization of power, and we saw that happening not only in the Soviet system, we saw it happening too, across Europe.  Centralization of power as the main capital of each country took over all policing rights over all police.  Rights of sole taxation.  Rights to do with travel across the country.  All your departments for instance, in Canada, are federalized.  Travel.  You have a tax sticker for to travel in your car.  You have a registration form to fill out for the federal government to do with travel.  It's all federalized now.  And all the provinces, which are just states in Canada, just like the U.S., are now answerable to the Federal governmental system.


That was all planned as I say.  And once they had set up a centralized system, they said over a hundred years ago, that eventually they would start making treaties between those centralized governmental systems of power with each other, and then they would start integrating each other's centralized system under a unified command.  That's what they meant by a New World Order, run from a world governmental system.  The League of Nations was set up initially to be the embryo of it.  They knew they wouldn't have all the full powers of it.  That blossomed into the United Nations, and today, everything goes through the United Nations.  People don't know, that if you build a house, every building code to do with the foundations to do with the foundations, the plumbing, the electricity, everything in that house, every building code comes from the United Nations.  They're responsible for the same codes now across the whole planet.  For every department that you have in your federal government, every single department, you have an equivalent department set up at the United Nations that deals not only with your government, and liaises with those department in your government, but also liaises with all the other departments, similar ones, across the world in every other country.  That's what it was set up to be.  And yet, if you go into the long-term projections by think tanks, the big think tanks, the Futurist ones, the ones that work again with the Club of Rome and all the biggie boys, the ones that work with the Department of Defence for Britain, NATO, and for the US government, and look at the projections for the next fifty years or so, which they've published, and are on my archives at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, you will find that they talk about this integrated system that's to come in, and the chaos it would cause in the meantime.  And it also talked about the fact that a World Government won't last for more than probably twenty years, and they already have it set up, where they're going from there.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just discussing how we get led along a path, in a lifetime.  Each one of us lives this "x" amount of years.  We're fed information of the reality we think we're living in, but most folk never realize, and they're certainly not encouraged to realize that every major event in their life was planned that way by people in think tanks and organizations, which they'll sometimes never hear of if they don't look up and do their own self-education.  And I'm talking about major things.  I'm talking about even the wars that they have.  Sometimes if you go into the writings of the think tanks for the Department of Defence for instance, they'll talk about wars that will come along in ten or twenty years time, in certain areas or what they call regions now.  They broke the world up into regions at the United Nations.  And that's why all this war on terror is all part of a strategy to not only guide us through, bring us through by force actually into this new system, where we're not going to have democracy as we ever knew it, or the rights that we ever had before, that's not going to come back.  In a sense, it's a form of perpetual war, and it has been called perpetual war by the United States military themselves in their own publications, and again I have them on my archives section on cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Perpetual war.  Only under warfare tactics do the public allow themselves to be guided or ruled under authoritarian systems, only then do you sacrifice by having less income, perhaps even rationing of food, restriction of travel, ID cards, that kind of stuff. 


And the guys who dreamed up this idea for this time, we're going through, were the Club of Rome boys.  They were given the task by the biggies, those internationalists who rule the world through finance and commerce, working with governments.  They were given the task of finding ways to get the public to basically give up all the values that they used to hold near and dear such as private property, the right to decide what kind of work or employment they would like to study and go towards.  Where they'd like to work.  In which countries they'd like to work, especially their own, and basically carve out a place for themselves in the world doing something that they would like to do.  In this new system, a totalitarian system, we're not going to be allowed that.  We're under a war scenario. You will sacrifice, we are sacrificing, and because they keep shouting terror, terror all the time, we've given up more rights then probably 12 revolutions down through history in different areas have ever given us.  They've taken them all literally away from us.  They've created so many layers of authoritarian military style organizations that you can't even keep up with them all.  We are at a stage that Lenin talked about, where he said, in the West, towards the end of the year 2000, he said there would be so many departments, authority type departments in the Western World, that they'll all be standing on each other's toes in their own territories.  Like too many of them.  We already are there.  You'll find even when it comes to major terror alerts and so on that maybe a dozen types of SWAT teams will turn up, so many different agencies will turn up, it's happening in Britain as well, where thirty cars at one point turned up with helicopters for a domestic dispute.  And then they start squabbling amongst themselves to see who's going to do the kill.  Literally, this is what it's come down to.


Not only that, they've been given the authority to do this.  This is the projection, as I say of the Club of Rome, done back in the 1970s, when they did their second book, called The First Global Revolution.  And they said that they were given the task of finding ways to get the public to give up their rights, and that's what they picked on, a war on something, or an outside threat of something, so they picked on terror obviously.  But they also picked on another one, another beauty, which is almost in the realms of religion where you cannot prove or disprove, you have to just believe.  And that's what it always comes down to with Global Warming, or now they're calling it Climate Change.  The Club of Rome in that same book also came up with the idea of using Global Warming, and they said that.  When they looked at all the different scenarios to bring in sort of a war type situation and people to give up their rights and all that, they said that they looked at Global Warming, famine, terrorism and the like, they said that would fit the bill.  That's in their own book.  That was then presented to all the big top government departments across the world.  They all agreed to go along with it, and lo and behold in 2001, to kick off the century of change, that's what we got introduced.  That's what it was all about.  They could not have brought in this integrated system without 9/11 happening in 2001.  Couldn't have done it.  They needed something to kick it off.  And I've always said too, these guys, you know, if they were to put money on lottos, they'd win every one of them.  Isn't that amazing?  Because whenever they talk to their think tanks about what they would need to happen, to accomplish different parts of their goals, it always happens.  Which is obviously against the law of averages.  At least half the time, if you toss a coin, it should end up heads or tails.  Not with them.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and I'm generally on Cutting Through the Matrix, and I will be tonight at 8pm Eastern Time, standing in for John Stadtmiller, talking about the big world which is not mentioned very much in the newspapers.  We get the effects of things, but never the causes given by the media.  And we have to get to realize, eventually to the stage to realize that we're living through a script.  A script that many big authors actually wrote about in their own biographies, many years ago.  If you go into the books written by those who were appointed to the United Nations back during WWII, and immediately after WWII, they were quite open about the kind of society they were bringing in.  They also knew the problems they'd face.  They'd have to destroy cultures basically, in order to then refix the world and amalgamate the countries together, under this new super culture.  Some authors back in the early 1970s, actually wrote about it, too.  And even the late 1960s.  I think Desmond Morris was one.  He was a zoologist.  And he talked about creating the Super Tribe, as he called it, and how it was inevitable through the conflicts and through the resolution of conflicts through the United Nations and with a massive travel they had envisaged as the creme de la creme of those in academia and other different countries across the world, all competed and moved across the world to the best jobs, creating forms of Super City-states, and how all the rest of them left back in their countries would feel kind of left out, so they'd have to be given a common culture that would take an awful lot of time to introduce, maybe quite a few generations before you'd have this strange new culture we haven't been told exactly what it's supposed to be.  And they talked about too the creation of a world army a super army, where they'd find a new type of nationalism, something to replace nationalism, and that was to be based on sustainability, the world itself is our goddess type thing idea, and how that would have to be substituted for the traditional means of nationalistic governments. 


So nothing is new.  There's nothing new under the sun, and academia plays a very, very big part in all of this.  When you see that professors across the world all belong to their own categories of think tanks you might call them or international organizations, all involved in political change, and global change.  Not just academia for academia's sake, but for political change, and how they all work together with governments too, then you understand how this post-democratic system as they call it is actually working.  To get seen or heard by any government, you have to have access to the government.  The average person today literally is as close to government as the serf was to the London king in the Middle Ages.  In other words, you have no access at all.  You might be able to send a letter off, now it's an email, but you'll never get even to the person you're after, even the representative is so remote, so far removed from redress that we haven't got a chance.  The ones who get immediate access to governments are those with the big money, the ones who are authorized, non-governmental organizations. They're all lobby groups, including the big lobby groups that work for the corporations, and they literally have buildings all around and without and through the central governments of every country in the world.  They have immediate access.  So money talks, power talks, and that's also what they meant by post-democratic systems.  I noticed that recently, which is no surprise, and really it's just an after-the-fact admission, through a legal system.  They do things without bothering to change the legal books.  They do it for maybe twenty, thirty years, forty years, and then they eventually put it through the books to make something legal.  No one really cared beforehand if it was or wasn't 


They've now allowed corporations to give unlimited funding to their own candidates, which means in this new feudal system as Professor Carroll Quigley called it, and he did call it a feudal system, the corporations would run the world.  Technically they've already been doing so.  And I myself would classify the United Nations as a corporation, with its own agenda.  I'd classify all the foundations as corporations, not just charities but corporations.  They have the same funding, they have trillions of dollars of funding.  Some of them have trillions of dollars of funding alone, single ones, to do their bidding, and thousands of non-governmental organizations.  We don't vote for any of them.  We don't even get into their meetings to be honest with you.  They're always held in faraway exotic places, with lots of security, and you have to get tickets to get in, authorized tickets, and ID checks.  They don't want the general public involved in these kinds of things.


Democracy, as people thought of democracy, has been circumvented completely, and it falls in with the old snobbish idea, the general public really don't need to know what's going on.  They're irrelevant in a sense.  It's along the techniques or the mentality of Hamilton, who was probably the only one in the U.S. early government, who ever came out with his true belief.  And he said, the people, sir, is a beast.  He said it.  The ordinary people he believed were too chaotic to put any adequate input into how governments should be run, and therefore should be completely ignored.  Academia with all its snobbery, believes in the same thing.  We have to face the facts that nothing changes in human nature.  It really doesn't change.  I'm always so surprised when we think, or we're conned into believing that somehow we're far more civilized as a human species then we ever were.  And that's utter nonsense, utter nonsense.


In the Middle Ages, when feudalistic systems ran all over Europe, the serf had no rights whatsoever.  The serf could be killed with impunity, just because the lord was in a bad mood.  There was no inquiry, and nothing happened about it.  It was okay to do.  It wasn't favored all the time, but it was okay.  The serf was bought and sold with the land, and the only thing the serf would be asked was where do you belong, and he would name the area owned by his feudal lord, by its place name.  And if he said that, therefore, he basically admitted, I come from this place, and he was bought and sold with this place.  And so was his family, if he had one too.  They were chattel, basically. 


With the rise of academia, taking part in governments, with all of its think tanks, myriads of think tanks working, and all of its political organizations of professors and NGOs working with the UN, you have the same system back in place again.  Part of the depopulation program agenda, is to do with this new feudal system as well. They want a tidy world, so that the right kind of people can breed and get along, the ones fittest to survive, but they say that all of the post, you would call it, industrial type society people, are just useless eaters now.  They have no function.  And being academics, and trying to work on logic, they really believe that the general population today really has no function, except to pay taxes and then eventually to die off, because we're all consuming what they see at the top, as their future resources that will keep them alive, so it will sustain them and their offspring. 


Remember, they truly are Darwinists at heart.  And this, even though I'm saying it on this show here, and people will be saying, I don't believe that.  It's nothing to do with believe it.  Check it out yourself, there's lots of articles put out by professors on this very topic.  Tonight at 8pm I'll be reading some of them, and you'll find, yep they really are like this, and this is what they really say, and not only say, but they belong to the powerful institutions that are involved in bringing it all about because they create public policy, through what you think is your government.  That's how it's really run.  It's not good news.  It's not good news, but you cannot fight in any kind of situation or any kind of war unless you understand what you're fighting.  You can't do it.  You can't do anything unless you know what you're fighting.  Not only that, you must understand the enemy's techniques.  You must also understand your own weaknesses. 


And you have to be honest about your own weaknesses because your enemy will know them, and he will exploit them.  And our weaknesses have been used against us since the end of WWII, steadily.  It's no accident that we had such an explosion of entertainment since the 1940s, speeding up in the 1960s until today, even getting more, and more, and more entertainment, more TV channels, more internet stations and so on, more and more and more, as the system is being taken apart.  People are so into fantasy, they can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy anymore.  Many of them can't.  And when they go in and switch on their favorite TV station or comedy or whatever, and on come their familiar faces, it doesn't matter if they just heard on the news that ten old factories have just closed or moved to China, or the unemployment is up by so many million, or whatever, it means nothing to them, as long as those same familiar faces come on, and then everything, obviously must be all right.  In their life, that is true.  Everything in their life, at that moment is still the same.  And there's nothing you can watch on television, there's nothing you can enjoy in a movie, or a comedy, that is not completely full of political correct ideas.  That's how you're upgraded, all the time.  You don't consciously think through any particular problem, it's presented through a drama format or a comedy format, and you're simply sitting back, and they show you what the resolution to that is, and you will copy that resolution without ever consciously figuring it through yourself. 


During the 1970s, the late 1970s, there were years across Europe, especially in Britain, and I traveled all over the place, and I 'd come back to Britain, and I couldn't believe the news.  Every day it was a series of factories closing down, closing down, closing down.  Millions of people unemployed.  There wasn't a family that didn't have member affected by unemployment.  Britain overtook Sweden for the capital of the world for suicides, and there wasn't a street in Britain that somebody did not commit suicide, lots of young people too.  And older people.  And yet, you turned on that media, and there's the same old faces on television.  People did not want to sit down and talk about the disaster that was happening all around them.  They preferred to go into the world of fantasy.  Why?  Because they were afraid.  And those that give us the fantasy know that.  They understand that.  They understand that.  And people wouldn't talk about it, because it's almost like talking about it you bring on bad luck, and maybe you would be unemployed tomorrow. 


The one big difference from the U.S. and Canada that Britain did, a different technique was, they didn't tell them that their factories were all being moved offshore.  Here, at least they told us that it was all being moved off to China, there were bits in the newspapers.  Even then most folk didn't know, because they didn't read anything.  Their world was always switched into, their spare time was switched into fantasy.  They didn't really care what was happening.  Most of them flitted through the transportation of all their factories to China that whole period, without knowing that the GATT treaty helped set it all up.  The big international conferences went on, talking about how they would transfer it all.   Who'd pay for it all, which happened to be the taxpayers, and the US taxpayers are still paying for their factories, for ten years after they were set up in China.  Or even longer, it could be extended for twenty years, if the companies claim they haven't gotten the adequate profit that they expected, because of the move.  What a deal, eh?  Couldn't lose there.  But most folk are oblivious, because they are never in reality.  They live in fantasy.  And they'll talk fantasy to each other, or trivia, because just again, as I said before, if you talk about the real stuff, it's almost like bringing on bad luck on yourself, maybe bad things will happen.


The same thing happened in the Soviet Union, when the different agencies would raid homes at night, and grab people out of their beds, and all the streets would be turned out.  They turned out the streets, the locals, to witness it under the Soviet law.  Partly to terrify them, this might happen to you.  And sure enough, they'd grab a family, and off they'd go.  And nobody would talk about that.  They were all there together the night before.  No one would talk about it the next day.  Our nature is so well understood, it's used as a tool to manipulate us, to keep us out of any kind of action whatsoever.  It's used to control us by those who understand it.  We're the most studied species on the planet, unfortunately. 


The Rand corporation, amazing too, another non-profit, non-governmental organization, this Rand operation basically ran for the governments this project during the whole cold war, right up to the present, they're still churning out reports for governments on projections and how to manage people.  And they fed everybody's data, every citizen they could get a hold of in the U.S. and outside the U.S., in the Western countries, putting you down as numbers, and putting you through computers to try to find out how predictable you are.  And they were putting that through from at least the 1970s right through under the form of what they call game theory.  And what they'd come to believe through a paranoid schizophrenic who came up with the idea, but who was a Professor, and therefore he was listened to, was that everybody was basically out for themselves, and everyone would turn everyone else in under pressure to save themselves, but with the collection of data on everyone's daily life, what they did, what their hobbies interests were, what they worked at, who their friends were, they could find patterns of behavior in little groups, clusters they call them.  And therefore they could be utterly predictable in their behavior.  And the governments you see, they like that.  They like predictability.  They don't like people who come up with ideas, and do different things every day of the week.  They might not go to this club on a Thursday night, they might go somewhere else.  They like the people who phone up so-and-so on Tuesday, who go to this meeting on Thursday, and attend this poetry class on Friday, or whatever else it happens to be.  That's predictability.  Those are classed as safe people.  They're out the running, they'll have no problem with them at all.  That's also why, when they brought out the fake guise of terrorism, they labeled the lone wolf as the person who you should be worried about.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about how we're so predictable, because we don't realize that so much data has been collected on us, since really about 1950s onwards.  I watched a documentary on Britain, from the 1980s to do with the police powers that were being expanded at that time in Britain.  And the police chief that was in charge of the Home Office for the whole of Britain, was being interviewed, a very arrogant character too, with a uniform.  Always be wary of guys in uniforms who are arrogant.  Very arrogant.  Remember, they're supposed to be public servants.  And he was asked about the data collection on the citizenry, and he was asked too, was it true that every street in Britain, and other countries too, had people who were informers, who updated the police with everything that was happening, all to do with gossip, and that records of all this gossip was kept.  And he said, well, he didn't deny it.  And he said, he actually wished he had a lot more of it.  Well, guess what, we do today. 


Jacques Ellul as well came out with the same thing in one of his books.  And he says, since the 1950s, everybody in the U.S., Canada, Britain, and across Europe, has had a Cardex system, that's how they used to do it, Cardex systems, before they used the big computers, eventually blossomed into computers, where the same thing was happening.  The police had people everywhere who fed the data to them on different customers in restaurants, cafes, people you'd pop in to see in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, off you go.  That kind of stuff.  You have no idea how we've been spied on, and we think it's only since 9/11 happened in 2001, that all of this started.  Utter nonsense.  Utter nonsense.  Power doesn't run by any kind of free democratic principle.  It does not keep power that way.  Power is pretty well tyrannical.  And to be honest with you, there has never been a system created where the public had the input to find out what was going on, or the access to it.  Never been a system.  Because you've always had these powerful institutions and money boys running the show.  Let's be honest, if the Bank of America, the CEO or something, or the Bank of Canada CEO wants to talk to a prime minister, and you happen to somehow under some miracle, and God knows how many letters you've written, and agreements you've made, and checkups you've had to make sure you're fit to get in, actually sat in a waiting room, who do you think they're going to take first?  And you know that you wouldn't even get in there to see them, so, so much for democracy.


The Club of Rome said, and Margaret Thatcher said the same thing when she left politics.  She said, I now belong to a parallel government.  She said, the parallel government can get all the work done, get the plans done, not just debated, but actually put into action, because they're not responsible to the public.  The Club of Rome said the same thing.  They said democracy had too many competing parties, all fighting and vying for power, that they could never get anything done with the big agenda.  They already had an agenda, how do you get it done, which tells you it was above democracy of any kind.  But they couldn't get it done.  Now I think I hear music coming in.  It's very, very faint, if there is, it might be the break, so we'll be back after this break. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, standing in for John Stadtmiller, who I think will probably be back tomorrow.  Going over the big changes really, rather than go into specific stories that are happening today, because there's so many of them, that simply confirm what I'm talking about here.  Nothing happens by chance.  Nothing happens by chance.  Even the presidents as far as I'm concerned, and people think this is extreme, but I really do believe that they know years in advance what the formula is.  Who's getting in when, and when it's going to be their turn to be put in.  I really believe it's that rigged.  I really, really do believe it's that rigged.  And since there's only one agenda, and every single president, regardless of the party he belongs to, is all on board with the United Nations and their agenda, then there is only one agenda obviously regardless of the president.  It's interesting that Jefferson himself said that when you see basically an agenda going through, continuing through between changes of houses, meaning changes of Congress, parties, he says, then you'll know you're under tyranny.  And to be honest with you, as far back as I can remember about the U.S., that's what I've seen.  In fact, everybody who signed on to the United Nations, and even the League of Nations as far back as that, really was under a new system, without telling the public. 


When the League of Nations was set up, and it was set up by the way with those who formed the Council on Foreign Relations, and the predecessors, it's actually the Lord Milner group and the Cecil Rhodes Society, run by Rothschild in Britain, that was the co-founder of Cecil Rhodes for World Government, by the way, that's what it was, and also to take over the resources of all the World, that was also part of their stipulated agenda, they blossomed into the Royal Institute for International Affairs, but they couldn't call the branch of the US "Royal," so they called it the Council on Foreign Relations.  They had another name before they called it the Council on Foreign Relations, but it's the same thing.  Always working towards a Global Government, and Professor Carroll Quigley was the official historian for them for a while.  He had access to all their records.  He was updating them.  He was all for the World Agenda.  And he said the same thing, he says, there is a parallel government, that's not responsible to the public.  In other words, they can work towards whatever they desire, unimpeded.  There's no inquiry into what they're up to.  There's no public input or demands made on them whatsoever.  They simply make the agenda, go along with it, and work it into being. 


And he said the technocrats, now what's a technocrat?  A technocrat really is a worker who runs across the globe to make these things happen, with big finances backing him.  Like Maurice Strong is one of them.  Zbigniew Brzezinski of course, everyone knows of, and the same with Kissinger, but there's many, many more.  They are given their mandates, they go out to the world with unlimited financing, and they make it happen.  All to bring in this new society.  Now all being Darwinists, all using the big think tanks and futurist societies, or the trend reports that they're always getting in, on what they see with all these trends that are happening, how will the future be.  They came to the conclusion an awful long time ago, believing as I say in the Darwin type of belief of evolution, that only an elite should survive in an unsustainable world.  Back after these messages. 


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller, who I think is back tomorrow, talking about the real world, the world that the media doesn't go on about very much at all.  Tends to ignore in fact, because the media's job is to keep you in a different reality.  Media is an essential arm of government.  In fact, they couldn't have got to where they've got to today without the aid of the media, complicity of the media, keeping the big picture out of their papers, so that you will think that things are just happening by chance and terrorism happens by chance and all of this kind of stuff.  I mentioned before, about how they said that the lone, the lone person, the loner is a danger, because you see, the loner is unpredictable.  Groups are very predictable.  Very predictable.  But the loner, who knows what he's thinking?   Who knows what he's even studying perhaps?  Who knows if he's got the ability to go out to the public and say the king has no clothes in such a way that the spell is broken.  That's what they're terrified of.  They're not afraid of guns or revolutions. 


If you've noticed, if you've noticed across the Western World, since the 1980s especially, they've built up internal armies of police, specialized units, that are military units, with all the latest combat gear and weaponry, to deal with the fallout down the road in case it happens.  It might happen, it might not, but just in case.  And they've got of course unlimited funding to do so.  Why?  Because the taxpayer pays for everything.  We pay so that the elite themselves can go on into a glorious future as they bring down the populations of the old type that are no longer necessary, they're just using up resources.  That will be needed by those who are going to go on for the next million years.  The better types, the Darwinian types, those fittest to survive, who've proven it by getting wealth and power and holding onto it through generations.  That is one of the definitions of it in fact.  Whereas the rest of you, you see, well you're just the useless eaters as Lord Bertrand Russell says.  And why, why as I say, do you have this impunity for the big foundations that have been working towards this, going around, again, in a parallel government system to bring all this about.  Why have the governments even allowed it?  It's because government is the show for the public.  It's been a show for an awful long time for the public.  It's only the legal arm to sign into law that which the big technocrats and the big foundations want. 


The new Soviet system, and that's what they call this, in fact by the way, a long, long time ago.  As I say, during the Reece Commission, when they would amalgamate the Soviet System with the West, not quite Communist, not quite Capitalist but Socialist.  A Socialist system where the big international bankers will still pull the strings, for power.  And they said that it would be a completely different new order of things.  A New World Order.  That's what Socialism really is.  It's all order in fact with Socialism.  In Socialism you have a planned society, a society where you decide eventually who will be born, who will not be born.  You'll only be born it if they have a function for you to fill, If not, You won't be born.  And eventually it will be who can mate with whom and so on. 


That's why George Orwell could put all of that in his book Nineteen Eighty-Four, written or at least published in 1948.  Now he was picked to work towards this system, when he was at Cambridge University, and he really believed what he was indoctrinated with by his professors.  He went off and fought in the Spanish Civil War in fact until he found out what Communism really was, came back to Britain and elsewhere, gave lectures to the Socialist clubs, and they turned their backs on him, because they wanted to believe that Communism was just the same thing.  And he says, no, it's not. 


A Sovietized system means rule by councils.  Rule by councils.  And theoretically, every group of society will have a spokesman, who will be giving complaints to the Politburo and having them answered and dealt with.  That's the theory of the Soviet system of democracy.  Today, you have the same system all across the Western World, they're called non-governmental organizations.  For everything in society, they speak for you, most of you have never even heard of them, you certainly haven't seen the hundreds, actually the thousands of them, that are out there.  Thousands of them.  Unelected bodies, all paid for by the foundations, with unlimited financing, who can even take groups of them, every year, across the world to all their global meetings, and pay for it all for them.  Who then put in their demands to the United Nations, who then take that Treaty that they drew up and go around to all the national governments and get them to sign it into law.  That's how it happens.   Well, what's that got to do with you? Nothing, because you've got nothing to do.  You have no input whatsoever.  That's how it's been my whole life, and yours.  The big decisions have never even been put to you.  In fact, you don't even know what they've been.  A sustainable world for sustainable development, the planned society, the Darwinian idea. 


In the Soviet Union, the Politburo picked the NGO leaders, it wasn't the people.  So it was the same sham.  The leaders would demand exactly what the Politburo wanted them to demand and then pass it into law.  We have the same thing here.  The NGOs demand, and the governments are only so happy to listen to them they pass it into law, and they say, oh, the people have spoken.  That's the new type of what they're calling democracy.  Well, as I say, you have never seen an NGO on the ballot box as an NGO, or as a party.  And you never will, it's a parallel government we live in.  That's the reality of it. 


Rockefeller of course is so well known in the US because, and I don't go by just the names like Rockefeller, Rothschild.  There was a massive organization that put Rothschild in his place, believe you me, and all the other sons in the banking world.  It was already in existence to put them in and protect them.  And it was the same thing too with the Rockefellers.  One old man did not suddenly become a benefactor because he got a couple of PR specialists in after he had gunned down lots of miners during a strike, and suddenly just had a change of heart.  No, they brought in, and one of them became the Prime Minister of Canada, that was his reward in fact, PR specialists to remake him, give him a total makeover, and suddenly he was a benefactor.  But he didn't sit there and decide all of the different areas that he was going to put money into.  He didn't sit and decide all the levels of really what was another miniature government, actually, maybe it's bigger than your own government, that was going to work a new system into the world.  No one person could deal with all of that.  And yet in no time at all, in the early 1900s, all of that was set up.  Unlimited financing.  Now it's trillions of dollars they've got to play with.  Non-taxable too, by the way, so they're untouchable. 


And each generation of the Rockefellers has been working towards this global agenda.  Remember the Rockefellers too are the ones who set up mandatory sterilization in the U.S. back in the 1920s-1930s, and it went right on into some U.S. states into the 1970s.  And guess what, they're bringing it back.  It was the Rockefellers and the Carnegie foundation that funded the Cold Springs Harbor bunch, who brought in the Cattleman's Association to see if they could breed people like cattle, for certain qualities and traits, along the lines of Plato.  It was the Rockefellers who put out the Better American magazine, where they showed you the best families for the month, eugenically speaking, and would show you all the inferior types that should really be eradicated.  Adolf Hitler didn't start up that idea, he borrowed it all from the West.  And that actually came up in the Nuremberg trials by the way.  That was one of the defences, well, the U.S. was already using it.  And who again is it, who was using it, who promoted it, Rockefellers did. 


Who are these Rockefellers where every generation works and doesn't go off to be a pianist and says, I don't want nothing to do with it?  No, he's in the same business of getting richer and richer, and keeping his foundations going, and taking part in the foundations.  Here's a Rockefeller today at 94, going across the world at all the global meetings, demanding sustainability.  Who's up on youtube at 94 saying, we've got to reduce the world's population by any means possible.  Are these people, or are they monsters?  What are they exactly?  And how come they have such prestige apart from their cash?  Or is it their cash that gives them their prestige?  Is it solely that?  How come that when they declassify information from the CIA after forty or fifty years, you find there was a Rockefeller in WWII, and the Cold War period, who literally, although he wasn't technically a member of the CIA, he was allowed access to all their records.  And actually funded a lot of their operations when they couldn't get straight funding from their governments.  Who are these characters that wield so much power?  Or, as I say, is it simply the fact that they have so much money that that is power, and that's all that's necessary?  What is it?  How come that every generation is just like their dads before them, with an utter fanaticism with this agenda?  They're more like clones of themselves than anyone out in society.  Predictable.  Here's what one of the Rockefellers said, remember.  He said,  "This present window of opportunity which a truly peaceful interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long.  We're on the verge of a global transformation.  All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."  That was September 23rd, 1994.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Standing in for John Stadtmiller, who I think is back tomorrow.  And remember too, and this is a thing too that Canadians can't appreciate, I think, or maybe they can appreciate.  I don't know if Americans appreciate it very much because the U.S. is the last country on the planet, and that's dwindling fast as far rights go, where you can actually speak out on radio shows like this one.  This isn't just internet, it goes galaxy wide, through satellite and so on.  It's the last place where you can actually say something.  In the other countries, it's taboo, it's forbidden.  You have the authorized licensed big boys who are in with big commerce and so on, only, and that's it.  You don't have, yeah they do have the internet where they can twitter to each other and complain, but they don't have talk shows like this, because really, the time will come when it's forbidden, and I read articles last week on my own show, of how the information czar as they call him, it's interesting how everyone is called a czar now, isn't it?  Isn't it?  Do you think it's all coincidence in Obama's administration?  That information czar has said they'd have to come down on conspiracy theorists.  They like to tar you as conspiracy.  I don't use the word conspiracy.  A conspiracy is something which is left to what you believe because it cannot be proven.  We use the facts here.  The facts are what you use.  Checkable facts.  So, appreciate what you have, and people should support them, because honestly, there's not much left.  I get so many emails from across the world, New Zealand, Australia, Britain, different parts of Europe, where they really are so envious of the fact that there are places in the U.S. where you can speak out on the airwaves with your own voice, not just typing something to someone else, but actually speaking out.  So, you've got to stand up or it will dwindle away. 


And getting back to what I'm saying. The other thing they also knew after the American Revolution was that the bankers would take over if you did not keep them in check.  That was so widely discussed, I won't even bother mentioning the books to read about it, but that was the cause of big, big debates at the very beginning because they understood what had happened in Europe.  They watched Europe.  They knew the history.  There's one thing about people back then, they had better educations.  Those at least who had the private educations, as all education was back then in the 1700s, they had better educations than the average person has today.  They could read Latin and Greek.  They knew the histories of ancient cultures.  They knew the histories down through to their present time.  And they knew that tyranny always existed.  It's the nature within society of struggle for power between dominant people.  In every generation more are born, they want dominance and power.  Everybody else suffers because of it down through the ages, but nothing has changed up to the present time, and when you get leagues of them, combinations of the same characters, who have money and power, and seek more power, you're in big trouble. 


They talked about the ability to do it simply through money manipulation and the ownership of money and the distribution of money alone.  Thomas Jefferson talked to or wrote to John Taylor in 1816, and it's in the letters of Jefferson, and it says, "The principle of spending money, to be paid by posterity (Alan: Meaning future generations) under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale."  It's nothing but a swindle, all this borrowing money stuff.  Always has been a swindle.  Why should the governments be borrowing anything from anywhere when they supposedly run the whole country within on everything which they collect on taxes?  It used to be export and import taxes only. That was enough to run the countries, especially the U.S.  But of course, once the good times roll and folk are getting happy, they stop watching what's going on.  And the big boys know it, and away they go.  And wars are fantastic for this.  Under war, you give up all these rights thinking you'll get through it, and things will go back to normal.  Well, Professor Carroll Quigley said again, the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, he says, wars have different purposes, but one of the main purposes is to change society.  He says, you can get more done in five years of war on a governmental and bureaucratic level of change, than you can in 50 years of peace and propaganda.  We give up our rights and we never go back to where we were.  Never.  And you're always left with a massive debt.  It was only two or three years ago that Britain admitted it had just finished paying off the debt for WWI.  They've still got WWII, Korea, and a whole bunch of other ones to go since then.  Plus the so-called present war on terror, that's costing more then any of them.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and I'm standing in for John Stadtmiller, who's off today, for another half hour.  And then I'll be back on again at 8pm, Eastern time.  But really, not so much giving you what's happening today from news articles, because I have thousands of them I could go over.  Really it ends up being an endless stream as we follow what's been done to us.  And I've used the analogy so many times in the past, where, it's like being laboratory rats, and you're in big cages in the laboratory and at night the lights go off and you have some peace and you can chat to each other, and then you fall asleep.  And in the morning, you wake up early, and you sit and natter amongst yourselves about what they're going to do to you today.  What do you think they're going to?  Will they stick the electrodes in their brain today or is it going to be the injections, and so on and so on.  That's all we do is repeat the news and repeat the news.  We're repeating the effects of things, but never getting into the causes of things.  Why?  Why is that?  Because we don't want to believe in a sense that it's really that bad.  We don't want to believe that yeah, this is actually been done on purpose.  And until people can cross that barrier, yeah they are doing this.  They have got to a stage where they really want to depopulate.  They have gotten to the stage, and if you read their global meetings you'll find out about sustainability.  If you go into the archives from the Optimum Population Trust, and I have some of them on my own website.  Go into them, and these are bigger players on the World Field, talking about depopulation by every and all means possible.  Until you cross that barrier and say, my God they're actually doing it, they're serious, then you'll still be left, in la-la land, in a no man's land of irritation, anger, and agitation because of "Look what they're doing to us today."  Well, guess what, I could pick up another hundred articles tomorrow and read them, and the next day, and the next day.  And you know something, yapping about it doesn't do a darn thing. 


It's a mental leap you've got to take and cross over and accept the fact that war has been declared upon you, on every level, a long time ago.  And all these articles are just the effects of that war.  Can you believe for an instance those at the top don't know these things?  Look at who is behind Obama, but never mind Obama.  I always say the Presidents and Prime Ministers are nothing but front men.  It's the ones behind them that's important.  And here you have a lineup of ardent, ardent globalists.  Some of them were Communists not so long ago, openly.  They all talked about the need to depopulate.  I've gone over the articles written by them, and some of them wrote books about it back in the 1960s and 1970s and later even.  We should be very, very afraid.  Here they are in power, and we think, well they're different once they're in power, it's like a religious conversion I guess.  They swear allegiance, they go through all that stuff, and they're converted into just normal Americans now.  Do you really, really believe that?  Do you really believe that?  God help you, if you do.


They can bypass all the democratic principles, and they've been doing it for so long now you can't even keep up with the executive orders.  Britain has the same thing, executive orders.  When they want something on the global agenda to go through, rather than have it debated in public, Instant Parliament, that's what they call in public, and argued upon, they want to rush something through, they put off a diplomatic expert to the Queen and she signs it into law and that's law.  That's what they call democracy in Britain.  The most important things that we should know what's happening are kept secret from the public under official secrets acts.  Not to be published.  You know the free trade negotiations for the amalgamations of the Americas, that was really the precursor for NAFTA, it set up the foundation for NAFTA, is buried outside Ottawa, underground in an archive, and hasn't to be opened for another, I think thirty to fifty years.  That's a great democracy, that's democracy in action.  Why would they have to keep that secret from the public?  Because we see in thirty to fifty years, there will be no Canada.  There will be no United States of America.  Certainly not as anything that you could possibly recognize.  That's what they do.  And we think we're voting people in?  We go through that farce.  We think we're voting people in for us?  People who are vetted through an institution, way so high that you don't even know they exist.  They vet every one of those guys long in advance. 


Here's a good example of what's kept from the public.  You know must of the stuff that happened during the Cold War by the way is still reclassified for fifty years.  Pierre Trudeau, what a character this guy was.  He was an ardent Communist, not just a sympathizer or fellow traveler, an ardent Communist.  He led the Comintern, the young Communist party for Canada over to the Comintern meeting in Moscow in 1952.  During WWII, he went up and down the docks at Halifax on a motorcycle with a German helmet on, yelling at all the troops and barking to go off and fight the Germans, because at that time you see, Moscow and Germany had an alliance to fight together.  Of course, he threw away the helmet as soon as he was ordered to and was against Germany once Germany and Stalin fell out.  But he eventually became Prime Minister of Canada.  And he altered totally the face of Canada for internationalism.  Just like Mr. Brown did the same thing and Mr. Blair did the same thing in Britain.  And Pierre Trudeau reclassified a document that was written and put under official secrets act, in 1947, I think it was, for thirty-odd years.  On his last day of being in office, he reclassified it for another thirty to fifty years.  What was that list?  It was a list of all the Communist members from the first defector from the Soviet Union, of all the guys who were working in the Canadian and American bureaucracies, hundreds of them.  Reclassified it again from the public.  We're not supposed to know.  Why?  Because you see, they take care of their own.  That's why.  It was already Communist back then.  And their offspring are now working in the same jobs and governments too. 


Here's what happened in Britain.  Now David Kelly was a top scientist who spoke out against Blair going into Iraq.  He said it was all bologna.  He said there was no weapons of mass destruction.  David Kelly was also a scientist who worked with Israel on ethnic specific diseases, viruses for warfare purposes.  This is a very important guy.  He worked for the British government in collusion with Israel for future wars, and here's an article here.  He was murdered.  Before he was going up to a high court of inquiry to expose this stuff he was found dead.  And everybody took the official version, oh, he committed suicide, even though his wife said it was bologna.  Even though he said two days before, they'll find me in the forest with my arms slit.  And the official version came out and a bunch of doctors got together and demanded a second autopsy, and they got it, and said this guy was murdered.  Well, guess what, this is from the Mail Online.  And it's from January 2010, 23rd. 


David Kelly post mortem (A: That's autopsy) to be kept secret for 70 years (A: This is your freedom and democracy.  It says:) as doctors accuse Lord Hutton of concealing vital information


Vital evidence which could solve the mystery of the death of Government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly will be kept under wraps for up to 70 years.


Why would we possibly say we've got democracy?  We've been dragged into wars that were utterly contrived.  Completely lied to.  Whole nations were lied to over and over and over again, ad nauseam, if we can all remember it, by our government leaders, for geo-political purposes, and big finance.  We were told nothing of the truth.  And by using that technique, well, they might have weapons of mass destruction, or they have them, they can invade anybody they wish to.  So what do they do when anybody comes up with vital evidence?  They kill them.  And then when the autopsy comes up, oh, they put it under the official secrets act.  Nobody is to know the results for seventy years.  Well in seventy years no one will care.  And that is the world that you live in, and it happens in the U.S. just the same, with orders in council and executive orders.  All the same thing.  No public input, nothing.  No explanations to the public either.  Why bother.  And you know something, it's quite true.  87% of the public don't care what's going on, at any particular time.  They really don't.  They really, really don't. 


There was a survey done in WWI, by the big marketing companies, and it was one of the first big polls they did.  It was to do, it was to find out how people really thought about the war and getting into the war and involvement in the war and all the rest of it.  And they found that 87% of the public didn't really care what was happening, really much about anything up there.  It was Plato that said it thousands of years ago.  That a Public who doesn't watch government is under tyranny, or will be under tyranny.  You're encouraged not to look into government, in fact, you're encouraged to feel that you're somehow alienated from it, and it's an autonomous thing that just runs above you.  It's autonomous, it's like gravity, it just exists, you know.  And you're trained now to believe that specialists somehow run the world to our advantage.  You don't have to worry your little head, go and play.  Go and play and be happy.  They have all kinds of ways to make you happy.  If you're not happy about things, go and get pills from a doctor and make you happy.  As long as you're happy, that's all that matters.  But whatever you do, don't get involved in what's going on.  Whatever you do, don't do that.  Apart from that, what can you do about it?  Who are you?  You're told this, you're felt to feel small, and useless.  But then again, think of the incredible show that's put on for you; the show of politics, the show of elections, this constant show of speaking to the people.  It's a big show.  They need you to believe in this.  They need you, because they need you to cooperate, don't they.  How do you cooperate?  By your compliance to everything that's done to you.  That's how you cooperate.  And we're cooperating into the grave. 


When Ronald Reagan was in, a commission came to him to talk about the project for long-range wars, future wars.  And the reason that Ronald Reagan brought in Jean Kirkpatrick was, she'd spoken to the American Jewish Congress it was, and it leaked down into a magazine, and she was talking about long-term projections for an American policy that they were going to have all these conflicts down the road with emerging nations or newly emerging nations, and all their conflicts.  And therefore it was more practical to put permanent bases across the world in advance, rather than going over to every war, setting up temporary bases and pulling them apart as you leave, and going back home waiting for the next one.  So Ronnie apparently got word of this, put her on his board of experts and they worked out this project at the same time they're working out the Star Wars project, for long-range wars.  And guess what?  All that time ago, they had the lists drawn up of the countries they'd probably have to go into, for geopolitical and economic reasons. And you know what America is building so many, these aren't just bases abroad, these are cities, permanent cities across the world.  Trillions of dollars worth of cities, where at one point, yeah they're used by the military on the perimeter, but they have all these civilians and bureaucratic staffs in the center.  And one day, these will be the supercities that the elite will gravitate to, surrounded by their protection.  Their gated communities you might call it of the future.  All being set up, because they've said themselves that eventually as this new system comes into being, the old system crumbles.  As it crumbles, guess what?  All those goons that you see that have been trained through video games and movies, that wear the black ninja outfits and the machine guns and the masked face – something like the characters out of the Star Wars movies, not by coincidence by the way, where they're all faceless – will be keeping you all in check as everything goes down and the depopulation begins, etc. 


Because they've said themselves, the future will be unsustainable.  Now, it could definitely be sustainable, but they don't want it this way.  They're using it as an excuse.  They use the weather, climate changes for an excuse as well.  Every excuse under the sun, or under the clouds, depending on your point of view.  Especially the ones they make.  Anything will do to bring in this New World Order society, and they use it to the maximum.  Meanwhile, the existing cities in Canada you've noticed and the U.S. and Europe are crumbling.  They've said themselves, it would cost more, in a survey done two years ago, it would cost maybe ten to twenty times as much to repair, say for instance the city of Toronto, to upgrade its infrastructure, the sewage systems, the lines under the city, all that stuff, than to build a new city.  Well, again, that was discussed way back in the early 70s, when they talked about setting up these bases across the planet, where the elite certainly could live as all the system back home is getting taken down.  And what's interesting too, you'll notice that these cities across the world, these super cities that they're building are very high tech.  They're wasting, there's no expense that's spared for the best quality everything, every kind of material.  These are long-term cities, not just bases for the military.  But they're on leased land.  Why is that?  Well, look into Britain and how it always went with a strange 99-year lease program.  Same with Hong Kong, you see.  Remember they handed Hong Kong back over to the Communists, with all the non-Communistic people who lived there, handed right over to the Communists.  Do you think they're still around today?  Thank you, Great Britain.  There are no enemies at the top here.  They're all on board together.  But these cities are on 99 years.  Why is that?  Because when they take the world down, and you, all of you out there are responsible for the debt.  These private places that are leased are under a different corporation.  They won't be going down, but you will.  That's how it's set up, and I kid you not.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix, standing in for John Stadtmiller, and I'll be back on remember too, at 8pm, eastern time.  We're run as I say by institutions that most people haven't even heard of.  If they hear of them, very few will look into them, even if they have their own websites up there and they proudly announce everything they're working on, and yet none of these organizations, these NGOs, these big think tanks are elected by any of us.  They're not responsible to us for anything that they do.  And governments simply take what they recommend and put it right into governmental policy, and we're only told about it after the fact.  That's how government has been run for an awful, awful long time.  Think tanks, academia, intelligentsia as they call it.  And we've been trained, we've been trained to be happy little children.  Just play.  Leave the big problems to your betters, those invisible forces above you that you just know are there, even though you'll never meet them, and most folk never even know their names.  Nor the organizational names.  They just don't know.  Just enjoy yourself and be happy.  No matter what's happening, be happy.  And they also know that we're the most adaptable species on the planet.  We adapt into everything.  Whether it's pat-downs at airports, security checks to get on buses now across Europe, and taxes, show your ID cards, all this kind of stuff.  They're a traditional warfare scenario.  We've still got the rationing to come, and if you look into the Council on Foreign Relations own website, you'll see that they've been working on that with their own personal think tanks.  They work, they have think tanks on every part of social life that you ever could imagine, and many that you couldn't imagine whatsoever. 


And the Club of Rome keeps you updated as well with their new website.  They're the premier think tank for World policy.  Do any of you vote for them?  Nope.  How could you vote for them?  You can't.  You can't even just apply to be a member.  But they make the big decisions with their big think tanks and academic professors from all over the world, who get two salaries often.  Often from their too.  They get different tenures from both, plus the universities they work for.  And this is how it's been for an awful long time.  The Club of Rome recently put out a report.  It says that


"Redefining and reorienting economic growth
The present path of world economic development is not sustainable (A: You'll hear that over and over and over.  That means all of you folks should not be alive.) in the longer term. This implies that explicit strategies must be put in place to restructure and reorient economies onto a sustainable path.
(A: And they're talking about depopulation if you can't really get it.)
This is a major challenge but also a huge opportunity (A: Because every disaster to them is an opportunity, and it says) to lay the foundations of the new economies of the 21st Century which will be innovative, resource efficient, environmentally sustainable, and more inclusive and socially just.  (A: Socially just to whom? To themselves. "And more inclusive.")
This will require new models of growth, development and globalisation, new policies, and adapted and flexible institutions.
EU2020 (A: This it go up to the year 2020) should have the ambition to initiate the internal partnerships (A: That's outside of our range, again, outside of voting) and processes (A: That's all the intergovernmental departments working together) to lay the base for such a fundamental breakthrough and to provide leadership in the world community in this direction."


The world community.  Sounds wonderful, like something out of the end of a Disney cartoon, doesn't it?  Well folks, it's time you did something.  Learn.  Teach.  Get involved.  And Know Your Enemy.  And then you can fight back in the right kind of way.  From myself and Hamish, Hamish is the dog, from Ontario, Canada, Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.





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