December 16th, 2011
Alan Watt hosting  "National Intel Report"

"A Brief Summary to Reality"

(2 Hours)

Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - December 16th, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callersí Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, actually standing in for John Stadtmiller tonight on the 16th of December, 2011.  And youíve heard me, of course.  Iím on at 8pm Eastern, and I tend to try and chronicle this big system that we live in as we go through the big changes, the planned changes, because nothing is happening on a daily basis, the plans arenít suddenly drawn up in Congress or across the world by themselves.  Everything takes sometimes years to plan out, way in advance.  Weíre living through a script, as I say, and I tend to try and chronicle the big players who set up this system.  Their agenda, itís all wide-out in the open, actually, for those who want to know about it.  And we find even some of the stirrings coming out, during WWII, when they were discussing a post-World War II World.  And they wanted to integrate the system into a world government at that time, right at the end of World War II, and they even put maps out of this New World with a New Israel there, in fact; they called it Hebrew-land.  Stuff like that, so everything that happens, you must understand, is planned years and years ahead of the fallout that we see as things actually happen and we go through them.  And thatís what I try to do. 


We are really trained, through propaganda from birth.  We donít realize weíre trained.  Every generation is subtly altered from the one before it, through the educational system.  And this was a technique that was born and tested out in the old Soviet Union as early as the 1920s in fact, and the 30s, because Beria, who was the chief of the NKVD at that time, talked to the Young Communist meeting, the ComIntern, they called it.  And he outlined the strategy of how this perfect system would work. He said, it used to take seventy years to alter a society, a generation, basically, seventy years to alter their perceptions and what they believed in.  He says, now, we have it perfected, because they already had kindergarten there, of course, in the Soviet Union, itís a prime thing, end of the family unit, the state takes care of the children, and they could indoctrinate the children.† Every two or three years theyíd upgrade their indoctrination so that each child, literally by the time they turned thirty, they would be ready for the world that would exist when they turned thirty.  They would have all the right attitudes, the belief systems, the liberalist ideas, etc, etc.  So, every few years you could literally upgrade the society.  And that has been done perfectly, perfectly across the world, and especially, itís so blatant in the United States of America.


Education also is a prerequisite to ongoing propaganda.  One of the masters on propaganda in fact was Jacques Ellul, he called himself.  And he was a philosopher in France.  He went through the whole system of the need to get the correct education so that all subsequent propaganda would take upon the people.  Now, I hear the music coming in.  Back after these messages. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and weíre back, filling in for John Stadtmiller.  And talking about propaganda, because itís so important you understand that pretty well everything out there is propaganda.  Itís a perfected science.  Perfected long, long ago.  And as I say, you must go back to the earlier times to understand whatís happening today and why itís happening, because, even during World War II, those high up in the State Department were determined, in the US, to bring in a world government.  And they really, really tried very, very hard.  They thought the public would be on their knees after so many years of war and high taxation and rationing in many countries.  And they found out that the people were not quite ready, so they went the long route basically, the long road to the same ending.


What they also did, youíll find out, even when World War II ended, they brought over people from Europe, and one was part of the Venice School they called it and the Frankfurt School as well.  And these two groups were basically Communistic.  Iím putting it very lightly there.  Thereís much more to it than that.  But they were preoccupied with world, the world governments and how to rule over people in authoritarian, expert type fashion, rather than this democracy that was too messy and cumbersome.  So, the president of the United States actually authorized the setting up of the combination of these two groups who ran out of Europe when Hitler came in.  And he set them up.  They worked through World War II, and then they called themselves the Macy Group.  The Macy Group also brought in professors from all over the world, including Lord Bertrand Russell.  And their job was to so incredibly alter and radically alter the American culture and basically follow the Marxist doctrine.  End of the family unit, end of Christian religion especially, and also, the liberalization of all social norms as they called it at the time. 


And the reason they gave for it too, was that the US they said, the US was so like Nazi Germany, fascist in other words, that it could become truly fascist.  And thatís what they hoped to prevent.  So they wanted to bring in a world government, a liberal type system, but also ruled by the opposite of fascism, which is communism.  Itís just as totalitarian.  And I believe theyíre basically one and the same thing.  Theyíre two sides of the same coin.  And they have the same kind of people in there with the same ideas.


In other words, they donít believe the people can manage themselves, and they must be managed.  As I say, democracy they said was just too cumbersome, too expensive, and they couldnít get things done quickly and swiftly because people thought they had rights, and they would stand up and demand that those rights be followed, basically. 


So, we know for instance that one of the big groups that worked with the Macys of course, was the Council on Foreign Relations, another totalitarian group that was set up; really, it came out of the 1800s with the Cecil Rhodes foundation.  And the Cecil Rhodes foundation was in league with Lord Rothschild at the time.  Their job was to send guys across the world, start wars, like the Boer war.  And this is no conspiracy theory.  This was admitted in the books Tragedy and Hope, and The Anglo-American Establishment, by Professor Carroll Quigley who was a professor, the official historian, also for the Council on Foreign Relations.  They started the Boer War and they blamed the Boers for it, much like weíve seen happening time and time again with the start of wars.  Same techniques are always used; you start it and you blame the enemy.


So, you find that the Council on Foreign Relations came out of this group, the Cecil Rhodes Foundation when it amalgamated with the Milner Society.  The Milner Society was set up by a bunch of international moneylenders.  Thatís the real big boys, the guys who lend to nations and buy all their bonds as well.  And they formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  In other words, they had a Royal Charter by the king to do what they were doing.  So, the king obviously was on board for this world system.  And the American branch is the Council on Foreign Relations.  Almost every, in fact, all major media personalities are members of this organization.  You canít join it because you want to join it, you must be asked to join it.  And youíre carefully screened and watched for years before theyíll approach you.  But, again, itís good too, if you go to the right Ivy League Universities, because they do have their scouts there and residents that pick them out and groom them for their positions. 


A few nights ago on my own broadcast, I put up a list of the so-called experts list of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Iíll put it up again tonight on my own website,  And you can see this international group.  They have departments in every country across the globe.  Now, they also, this Royal Institute of International Affairs-CFR, was not only to control all media and all propaganda, and by the way, entertainment, but also to send guys out through corporations, they would build up corporations and monopolize different markets.  They would go out across the world, and they would take over all of the worldís resources.  This was the world they talked about even before World War II, during World War II, and after World War II.  And theyíve been awfully successful at that too, because, as youíve noticed, your water supplies are getting owned by fewer and fewer corporations.  Personally, I just think itís one corporation and weíre given the appearance of competition.  I really do believe that.  The same with the agri-food business.  Five agri-food companies own basically the food supply of the world, and all the seed as well. 


So, I would say, their agenda has worked awfully, awfully well.  As far as the cultural takedown, theyíve been very successful at that, because they used everyoneís tax money for years to liberate the female.  That was important, to unleash Eve, as they called it at the time, in their own writings, because Eve would go the same way as Eve would always go.  Itís worship me, and Iíll do what I want, and Iíll have fun instead of having a family.  That was so important, to destroy the family unit. 


So the pill came out just along with the 60s, the swinging 60s.  And that was promoted from the top down.  All of it, the drugs, everything, came from the top down.  All the top radio hosts and television hosts had rock stars on, falling off their chairs, and it was all tee-hee, isnít this fun, including Britain as well as America.  In other words, this was the culture they were promoting from the top down.  Now, why would those who were in charge of your country want to have the population emulate what they were seeing there.  Well, itís obvious, they wanted you to emulate what you were seeing, and it took off like crazy.  The big foundations, of course, which are the fronts for the distribution of money and the agenda and think tanks that run the nongovernmental organization armies across the world, they also get in on the act too, and they helped fund a lot of the big festivals in the 60s and 70s as well, to take down society. 


They wanted to depopulate the world as well, and of course, if no one is marrying anymore, no one is having children, if you legitimize abortion, of course, and theyíve got contraception, then that would naturally bring down the population of those countries that were using those methods.  Old agenda, identical, as I say, to the Communist Manifesto.  Every plank in the Communist Manifesto has been accomplished, basically, when you look through them. 


And what we have today is simply the turmoil at the end of an age, basically.  Because the big boys too, they use professors who classify history in ages.  And weíre at the end of an age, an age of commercialization, of consumerism, and weíre postindustrial as well.  Weíre post-consumer. But theyíre also saying from the big think tanks at the top, like the Club of Rome, weíre also post-democratic.  Now, it was a much faster way to end democracy than let it peter out gradually and gradually, as youíre ruled by experts.  And weíve been ruled by experts of course, on television stations, even the weather stations for many, many, many years.  Thatís how youíre conditioned to accept expert opinion, regardless of the propaganda behind it. 


As I say, the best way to do it was to, of course, kick off the New American Century.  That was the 21st Century, which really started in 2001, with a world war.  A world war that would be so vague too, that they could expand the meaning forever, so they used terrorism, a war on terror, because they wanted to reshape the whole globe, and bring in this new system thatís been on the go for an awful long time actually, now that society is ready to be mastered.  You understand, when a society has been conquered, you have all the problems that youíve grown up with, youíve read about all the problems.  The mass welfare state was promoted, of course, because they needed women to be, the ones who would want children, to bring up children by themselves.  So the welfare state was really created for that reason, so much so that in Britain and in most European countries in the 70s, early 70s, they said that their massive building projects would be to build single parent family units and they went ahead and did it.  They knew exactly where it was all going, because there was only one way it could go, it was being pushed that way. 


And, as I say, now today, weíre at the end of that, because even the matriarchal system is being taken down as well, as they dismantle the welfare state.  Now everyone is helpless, you understand.  No one, no one can get on with anyone else for very much of a time period at all.  And when you are like that, the government is Big Brother, and Big Brother can talk directly down to you.


One of the big propagandists for this world regime, in the early 1900s and late 1800s was H.G. Wells, who was picked up at school, and basically groomed for his position as a propagandist for this secretive group that called itself Milner, Rhodes, and then the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And Iíll talk about what he said when I come back from this break. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, back, standing in for John Stadtmiller.  Talking about some of the history behind this so-called New World Order.  Itís very, very old, talked about copiously in the 1800s and even in the 1700s.  Interesting going back to the founding fathers, and you find Franklin, when he was asked about how this formation of federated states would come to pass, what hope would they have for the world?  He said, we hope it would be the foundation for a Federation of the World.  Thatís what they hoped back then.  So, there was still a separate group working alongside the rest of them even back then.  Itís never gone away, itís still here, alive and very, very, very well indeed because itís on the march and itís at the top of the tree. 


Going back to H.G. Wells, H.G. Wells talked about a Modern Utopia.  That was one of his books.  And the utopia was one where theyíd drastically reduce the population by sterilizing what they called the unfit and the ones who didnít really match up, including people who were dissidents.  So, it wasnít an IQ matter at all.  You could be a dissident, you see, you didnít like this totalitarian system, where everything was so regulated and they would basically just sterilize you and allow you to die off.  And he thought that was much more humane than just killing you outright, like the Communists did.  But he also belonged to the Fabian Society, which had a desk, basically, right next to Lenin and then Stalin.  And they got all the information coming and going for many, many years into the US and Britain, right from the desk of the Kremlin. 


So, the Cold War was a bit of a farce as far as Iím concerned.  Even Lenin himself said that first they would unify most of Europe and standardize the system in Europe for about a generation, seventy-odd years or so, he says, then the dictatorship would come down, and Communism would blend into the West, it would move into the West.  It already had moved, of course, during that whole period, and it would be called something else.  He said it wouldnít be quite capitalist and not quite communist.  Well, this is what itís in today.  Itís globalism.  Itís an economic system run by top bankers and of course, weíve got the World Trade Organization that really is there to ensure that their own big favorite corporations can have Free Trade and everybody else is kept out of the deal.  But they can also cut out any country from trading with anyone else if you donít join.  They use blackmail. 


So weíre living in a planned society, a planned world.  But you have to go back again to propaganda.  Propaganda is so incredibly important, as youíre trained generation to generation, multiple times.  Reading the polls even is very interesting, because I can remember a few years ago, when they came out with the big, something that was bound to grab the headlines, ďDo you believe that gay marriage should be legalized?Ē  And it showed you the people who were fifty and over said no, most of them.  And then it got down to about the forty age group, and it was starting to wither a bit, and they had a bigger percentage all for it, a ďso whatĒ sort of thing.  Once they hit the population at twenty-five, with the latest indoctrination from school, they call it sexual education, but itís actually indoctrination, then most of them said, well, so what.  Because theyíd been taught that nothing is right, nothing is wrong.


And so, thatís how weíre trained.  So, when you have ideas and thoughts about things, you have to really first start with yourself and say, who am I?  How did I become me?  What do I believe in?  How did I get these thoughts?† And retrace all your thinking patterns and belief systems and come to your own conclusions, to realize that this has been an incredible war that youíve been living through all the time, and itís never been openly declared upon you personally, at least not at your level or the media level, but it has been way above that level.  Everyone has had a war waged upon them without even knowing.  Without even knowing.


And as I say, when you read the old books, youíll find out, as I say, the great statements by Lenin and others, who talked about this system merging about seventy years later or so and Bingo, on cue the Soviets just give up, eh?  Just like that.  Yeah.


Now, Jacques Ellul, as I mentioned, who was a philosopher in France, knew this whole agenda, of course.  He was a bit blind in other parts of it.  But he did say,


ďPropaganda must furnish an explanation for all happenings...Ē


And if you listen to the simplistic news you get, youíre being guided to come to the conclusion on every point.  So, it gives:


ď explanation for all happenings, a key to understand the whys and the reasons for economic and political developments. News loses its frightening character when it offers information for which the listener already has a ready explanation...Ē


Youíve been prompted and geared for having an explanation.† You can fill in the blanks for them, you see.


ď...or for which he can easily find one.  The great force of propaganda lies in giving modem man embracing, simple explanations and massive, doctrinal causes, without which he could not live with the news.Ē


Back with more, after this.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller.  Talking about how we got to where we are, and nothing happened by chance.  Weíre taught, of course, and we like to believe that generation by generation itís our generation, you see.  And we think somehow weíre doing everything.  And what a stupid idea that is, when old men and old women living in Hollywood basically give you your culture updates for every generation.  Very, very, wealthy people who arenít scrimping around in rags by any means, as the youngsters are, pretending itís their generation.  I used to laugh when The Who came out, and it was ďtalking about my generation.Ē  And that was the theme back then too, to separate the generations.  That was very important too, because the Communists talked about it, and they said, if we can separate the generations, make a gap, they called it the generation gap, then history and values would not be passed.  And they actually called it, contaminated values would not be passed on from parent or grandparent down to the child or grandchild.  And they were awfully successful with that as well. 


So, once again, the entertainment industry, everything comes into making you believe who you are, and the society you live in, and your particular generation as well.  And when youíre young, of course, youíre a bit arrogant.  You donít know everything.  You think you do.  And you want to believe that somehow youíre on the cutting edge.  You know, weíre changing society.  Like we are changing society?  All the Big Boys need is a mob, a big, big mob of people who believe that, and they use them to the fullest extent. 


So, as I say too, Jacques Ellul said the same thing.  He said:


ďModern propaganda reaches individuals enclosed in the mass and as participants in that mass,Ē


That goes for every generation, you see.


ďyet it also aims at a crowd, but only as a body composed of individuals.† What does this mean? First of all, that the individual never is considered as an individual, but always in terms of what he has in common with others,Ē


Thatís your generation.  Weíre all here for a cause, etc.


ďsuch as his motivations, his feelings, or his myths.Ē


So, youíve got to have something in common with the crowd, you see.† That means also, those who are pulling the strings on you know how to get you into your kind of crowd, pro, anti, whatever it happens to be.


ďPropaganda tends to make the individual live in a separate world;Ē 


This is the beauty of real, overwhelming propaganda.  The beauty of the Western propaganda is that it doesnít appear to come from the government.† It appears to come from what you think, if you think at all about it, most folk donít.  They just expect the same newscasters to be on on the same stations.  They donít really think where they come from.  Theyíre all private organizations.  Theyíre all Council on Foreign Relations.  Theyíre all owned by media moguls, to make sure that all news is concentrated and standardized.  And as Brzezinski said back in his book from the 70s, Between Two Ages, he says, eventually the public will come to expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  What a fantastic job theyíve done, eh?  What a fantastic job.  You see, before all that, back in the 50s and 60s, people were very suspicious of the media.  They knew the characters, these media moguls who owned them, they knew they had political and social agendas, but not now.  Theyíve forgotten all about that now.  So, as I say:


ďPropaganda tends to make the individual live in a separate world; he must not have outside points of reference.Ē 


Every station you tune into has the same spiel, in the same order, the same stories. 


ďHe must not be allowed a moment of meditation or reflection....  Instead, successful propaganda will occupy every moment of the individual's life:Ē


Are you being controlled every moment by an individual, to an individual you? 


ďthrough posters and loudspeakers when he is out walking, through radio and newspapers at home, through meetings and movies....Ē


Because you see, the messages always come first, before the events, in the movies.  If you ever wonder why that happens, thatís intentional.  Itís called predictive programming.  It implants in your mind the possibility.  When the real thing happens, itís kind of familiar and you go along with it.  And thatís from Jacques Ellul and ďPropaganda: The Formation of Menís Attitudes.Ē


And also, he says:


ďTo make the organization of propaganda possible, the media must be concentrated, the number of news agencies reduced, the press brought under single control, and radio and film monopolies established. The effect will be still greater if the various media are concentrated in the same hands.Ē


And thatís from, again, the same book, ďThe Formation of Menís AttitudesĒ on propaganda.


So, itís been used on us to a fantastic extent, because if you turn, just the moral side alone, which was the fabric, it was the glue that kept society together, it made it function, from say the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, even.  And then the massive roll that went on in the so-called Liberation Era.  Now, most revolutions are actually social revolutions, under the guise of liberalism.  And weíve seen one after another, until nothing works anymore.  That was intentional.  Thatís how you destroy a society.  Thatís how you destroy an entire culture.  And when theyíre destroyed, theyíre helpless because no one will stand up for anybody.  At one time families would stand up against anybody at all, even government.  But as H.G. Wells said, our aim is to so destabilize and eventually diminish any family ties that no one will stand up for anybody.  And then, Big Brother, the government, can talk right directly down to you, and when they come for you, no one is going to stand-up and help you.  Thatís the totalitarianism that H.G. Wells salivated over for his organization that he worked for.  Incredibly effective. 


And one of the organizations he worked with was the Fabian Society, George Bernard Shaw, who again was elevated, because these guys are elevated up to be writers by the organizations that fund them and make them well known.  And Shaw said that eventually you the people will have to come to us and justify why we should allow you to stay alive.  What are you doing for the Great Society, for the Greater Good, etc, etc.  So, here we are at the tail end of this part, as I say.  Itís a war for the whole globalist society.  The Council on Foreign Relations has amazing websites, and if you go into them, youíll find that theyíre always way ahead of the wars, because they foment the wars, because all their writers are members of the press, and they make sure that they foment the wars.  Thatís their orders.  And yet, theyíre only the outer party of the CFR.  Thereís an inner party as well. 


The European Parliament, a special branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs or CFR was set up for all Parliamentarians there too.  And for all their bureaucrats that really run the show over there.  Itís not a democratic institution.  And the one for Europe, as I say, the CFR for Europe, was set up basically by George Soros. 


So, the money boys really run the show, but they always have for the last hundred-odd years, rather blatantly and openly, if you really go into the history books.  They know what their agenda is.  They believe as I say, in a world thatís going to be vastly reduced in population.  They believe itís time in evolution, you see, theyíre really high evolutionists, to get rid of the unfit, all the useless eaters, for a postindustrial society.  And also, they want to bring in a utopia for themselves to live in.  You know, the proper people will have the utopia, where the world, all the villages are just flattened and disappeared, and they can go hunting, because theyíre already restocking the land around you in the rural areas.  They call it rewilding.  Theyíre restocking them up with wolves and all kinds of predators, as we still live on the land.  Thatís how much contempt they have for the general public. 


Now, as I say, you canít really talk enough about culture, because it all swings on culture.  The US of the 30s, 40s, and 50s, still had at least, if nothing else, it had definitely a strong Christian culture.  It doesnít matter if you were Christian or not, the culture was Christian.  There was no such thing as moral relativity.  Everyone knew the tribal rules.  And thatís what they are.  Theyíre taboos or tribal rules.  Every little tribe has them.  Very simple.  You follow the rules and everything works.  If you break the rules, because these rules are so catastrophic, even in a small tribe, you get rid of the people.  Thatís what they did. 


And we find now that promiscuity is at the top of the tree.  Everyoneís promiscuous because thatís the normal now.  Thatís normal now, but they donít have children.  They donít have children, and then they bring in masses of immigrants, and then everyone gets upsets with the immigrants, because theyíre the only ones having families, because they havenít been destroyed yet culturally, whereas the native people are.  Theyíve already been destroyed.  Itís here.  Itís done.  Itís finished.


Itís so debased now, when you watch music television or anything like that, itís just a very scantily clad orgy youíre watching.  And thatís called general entertainment.  Thereís pornography everywhere.  And thatís to ensure that no one is going to bond.  That was the whole key.  Some of the top players in this whole movement, many, many years ago said, they must separate the bonding that comes with sexual intimacy.  They must separate it completely until thereís no bonding takes place.  And thatís what comes out of promiscuity you see.  That way, no one starts a family, has a family.  No one stands up again for anyone else. 


Bertrand Russell, again, the big player with the Macy Group and the Frankfurt School, and many other departments of this world organization, said the same thing.  He says, we shall create a hedonistic and narcissistic society.  "Itís all about me.  Look at me."  And perpetual Peter Pans.  People who would never want to grow up.  And when you go into any big city now, and look around you, thereís no wisdom from any elderly people, at all.  Theyíre still trying to dress and look like, again, music television performers, put it that way.  Itís rather sad.  But they have nothing to pass on.  All they do is watch television.  All they talk about is what was on television.  Thereís no wisdom.  They donít read.  They donít even communicate properly.  They have nothing to say.  As I say, Brzezinski knew this.  Theyíll have nothing to say and communicate to each other, he said, except what was on the previous nightís news or television, and thatís all happened. 


These guys donít make these statements, you understand, when you read these books, they donít make such statements lightly.  Every word and every phrase is carefully, carefully thought out.  Incredibly, carefully thought out for those in the know.  And thatís why they have their writers go over it, or readers go over it and over and over it, to make sure thereís no superfluous wording, and that everything is precise and coherent to those in the know, and these are the ones who generally read the books.  Most folk donít care about them.  Theyíre not sexy enough.  Theyíre too boring for the young. 


And so, you find even people like Adorno, Theodore Adorno, who was brought over specifically to alter the culture, along with the Macy Group, by the president of the United States, by the way, post-World War II.  Theodore Adorno also talked about this technique in some of his books.  And he was an incredible snob.  He said, I would like to write in my native German.  He said, itís more precise than English, which was true.  But he says, I would have to change my style.  He says, most people cannot carry a thought any longer than about fifteen words in a sentence.  His sentences sometimes ran two pages.  Now, even though he was a snob, he was also telling the truth.  Most folk today think in bits and bytes of information. 


And before that, people used memory. You could follow a conversation.  You could follow a thought or a sentence, even if it was two pages, without losing the initial thread of the start of the page.  Most folk canít do it now.  Weíve been so dumbed down.  So dumbed down.  Other techniques have been used on us as well.  We know that the IQ has dropped.  A few years ago the UN readjusted the new IQ, the new normal, to a few points lower.  Weíve all been poisoned with the drinking water additives.  Weíve been poisoned with inoculations, and to cap it off, we also are being poisoned by the GM food, which is also, also, apart from the GM part of it too, itís also so full, itís absolutely saturated in chemicals in every cell.  It soaks it up.  The plants soak the stuff up into every cell.  And the cancer rate goes sky high.  So, once again, you achieve your objectives: sterilization, cancers, death, depopulation, stupid people. 


Stupid, but you must admit, thereís never been a period in history where there have been so many stupid, happy people.  Letís be honest.  Letís be very honest about it.  The culture thatís been brought in again, on a roller coaster, apart from promiscuity, no families, just party, is the party itself.  Many, many years ago youngsters never thought of partying every weekend.  Now itís into all age groups, thatís what you do, is you party.  Then the guys sit and watch sports with their potbellies pretending, projecting onto the team leaders that theyíre in there on the game.  What a joke.  Because heís been emasculated for years.  Heís out of the picture.  Because they gave all the power and authority through indoctrination to the female. 


And the females, if they can easily dominate a male, theyíll always hate the male.  This is something that the ancients knew.  A specific religion have always known this, and they make good use of it.  And also, as I say, if she canít dominate the guy, sheíll hate him.  Sheíll end up hating him.  But sheíll always test him, even if sheís on a par with the guy or respects the guy, sheíll still test him forever.  Thatís just nature.  So, you understand, when you study nature, you can see the Achilles heel in everything, if you want to weaponize it.  And thatís what the big boys did. 


You can go as far back as Madame Blavatsky, who was put out there to bring in women, into a mystical movement, because religion is very important, as I say.  And they wanted to start a religion off, a kind of female branch of Freemasonry, back in the 1800s, and she was a fraud, caught many times.  She was also lesbian as well.  She started up houses for homeless working women, and then got in trouble with the women, actually, and kicked out.  Anyway, Iíll talk about that when I come back from this break and continue on my thoughts here.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller and I was going to talk about Blavatsky there for a minute, but she did say some amazing things about the future, because she was in on the Masonic idea too, because Masons at that time were radical.  They were revolutionary in fact.  And that was well known.  But Iíve got callers hanging on the line here.  Thereís Larry from Louisiana.  Are you there, Larry?


Larry: Yeah, you mentioned religion.  Who was that that said religion is the opiate of the people? 


Alan: Well, Marx said it, and then Lenin said it, and many others. 


Larry: Do you think that they had had a couple of huffs of the good stuff, so they knew what they were talking about?  Like, letís take them Taoist priests.  Are they like a junkie down in the gutter just crawling around, or is there a methodology in which one could use a thing like that, and live a pretty much normal and successful and productive life?


Alan: Are you talking about using a religion successfully?  Of course, even in ancient, actually in pagan times and ancient times, compared to the modern standards, pagans were more moralistic than we are today.


Larry: Oh, okay.  I was just wondering because you know, you know, the Taoists, they use opium as a part of their religion, but theyíre not just stoned junkies out in the corner, glazy eyed.


Alan: You take some sects of India, like the Jainists, and they use hashish in their ceremonies.  So they are stoned, absolutely.  Even Blavatsky in Theosophy, they used to bring in bowls of burning hashish into the halls.  Everyone got stoned during the lectures, and thatís why they became true believers.  So, drugs have been used.  And the ancient Greeks also used drugs as well, for some of their high ceremonies, where they would actually go out, it was a day where they went out and grabbed any woman, and just simply raped her on the spot.  But they took a lot of drugs before they did that.  So, drugs have always been used actually in a lot of religions.  Still are in some of the present modern-day religions as well.  But youíll find in those who run the world, who always had this alternate agenda, theyíve always used drugs in their high courts, their ceremonies and so on.  They have their own particular belief system.


Larry:  Okay, well, thank you.  I just wanted to get your ideas on that.  Thank you, Alan.


Alan: Okay.  And thereís Rodney from Illinois on the line too.  Hello?


Rodney: Hello, Alan.† Yes, sir. 


Alan: Go ahead.


Rodney: I enjoy your shows in the evening.  Iím thankful for this opportunity to call in.  Iíve failed to get through on a couple of occasions.  Iíve got a friendly debate going on with a good friend of mine, and it centers around the concept of conspiracy.  My friend says when he is confronted with the scenario, where conspiracy or incompetence are the obvious choice, letís say just two choices at the top of the list, he prefers to err on the side of incompetence.  Now, I myself, choose to err on the side of conspiracy, as in malice of forethought.  He chooses to err on the side of incompetence with no thought.  And this is a concept Iíve been wrestling with for twenty years.  Now, as you may guess, being a listener of your program and what Iíve just said, where I come down on this, but there seems to be still a dilemma trying to identify the motive, the intent, and just how widespread this filters down from on high.  And I was wondering if you could address this dilemma, this debate.


Alan: Iíll do that when I come back from this break, okay. 


Hour 2


Hi folks, Iím back, and filling in for John Stadtmiller.  I wasnít quite sure actually if it was a break coming up with news or what there.  Itís interesting too, the idea of conspiracy theory and the accidental view of history.  Of course the media always give you the accidental view of history.  The same with the bank crashes as an example.  Going back, remember what Jacques Ellul said about propaganda.  It must be given in a simplistic manner to the public that they can jump on and believe.  So, it was just a few bad people you see, that kicked off the whole thing and banks collapsed and dominoes fell and etc, etc.  In reality, they knew years before they were going to bring down the banks because the whole stock market really is one big gigantic bubble anyway, thatís built on lies and enthusiasm and greed, of course.  Itís always been that way. 


Years before that, years before that, Greenspan came on at one time.  It was so amazing when Greenspan came on.  Itís a very unique American thing, where the head comes on and talks about the money system, and he said, the stock market is going too hot, cool it.  Thatís all he said.  And everybody held their breath, and they did.  It didnít happen this time, because they took all the safety guards off.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller tonight, and just giving some background information on how we got to where we are.  And Iím comparing the accidental view of history, that the media would like you to believe in, with the conspiracy view of history.  And history is full of conspiracies, absolutely full of them.  Look at before any World War starts.  Just look at all the different goings on, who wanted wars etc.  Read Carroll Quigleyís book, The Anglo-American Establishment, how they literally sent mercenaries over, generally the sons actually from CFR members or they called it Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain, same group though.  And they attacked the Boers.  And they took with them a Times reporter and she telegraphed back that the Boers had attacked the British, and so the British brought the troops in to defend the people.  Thatís how they get wars started.  All rigged.  That was a conspiracy.  History is full of conspiracies.


At the same time too, when ancient Roman Emperors would get stabbed on the steps of the consul, by all the members of the Senate.  They all had a chat about it.  "When will we get the guy?  Should we kill him, should we not, whoís going to do the first blow?"  These are conspiracies.  Happens all the time.  But the media, as I say, is meant to give you the accidental view that things, oh, oops, something went wrong or a bureaucrat slipped up here, and etc, etc.  Weíve seen it all our lives, actually.  Because weíre pretty stupid to them.  They know that too.  They know we like simplistic propaganda, and we lap it up. 


And the problem is too, with those who cannot go into the books and see for themselves.  Even if you, it doesnít matter how much evidence you show them, even from official historians, it doesnít make any difference whatsoever.  Their indoctrination, their propaganda indoctrination has taken, just like an inoculation.  Theyíll say, has it taken, does it work on this person?  Well, on these people, itís actually taken, and partly they choose not to know.  You understand too, if they know whatís really going on, they will be very angry, often, especially if theyíre a placid type who likes the sports, and sitting back with the beer and all the rest of it, their routines.  Because, when they know the truth, youíve handed them a decision to make, and they donít like that.  A decision to get active and be angry about things.  Lots of folk like Socialism.  They like Big Brother.  They like being taken care of by all these experts above them, thatís what they believe, that theyíre being taken care of, so that they can go and play.  And here you are, dropping in their lap, something that explodes their whole lifestyle, leaves them with a decision, because, what kind of person could they possibly be knowing all this now, if they know it all, and do nothing.  Youíve upset their whole lifestyle.  Thatís why theyíll turn on you. 


And itís a shocking thing for a person whoís completely propagandized, to be told that your own government is not your government at all.  It hasnít been for a hundred years.  Itís a big shock.  All those movies theyíve lapped up, watching people in the movies, actors getting the little stars and the tears coming down as anthems play, thatís all indoctrination and suddenly youíre upsetting the whole apple cart.  Theyíll turn on you.  Because they canít tell the difference between movies and fiction anymore.  Itís all part and parcel.  Itís all interwoven.  But conspiracies have always existed. 


And therefore, Iíve told people, donít pick on someone who is completely propagandized and indoctrinated.  Theyíre perfectly indoctrinated.  Thereís no point.  Itís an ego thing it comes down to.  Pick on someone whoís asking questions.  And when they ask questions, donít overload them right off the bat.  Youíll sound crazy, and youíll scare them.  You only give them enough to chew over for a week or two, and then feed them a little bit more.  After all, hereís a brand new reality youíre presenting to them.  All this time, no matter how old they are, theyíve been believing in another completely other reality.  And itís a shock.  Itís a tremendous shock to them.  A tremendous shock.


And when you find out too that so-called democracy doesnít exist, you go through the grieving process, the anger process, you go through all the same phases, when you realize youíve been fooled your whole life long.  So much so, that a lot of people will attack the one, the bringer of the news, the one who tells them, the bearer of bad news.  Theyíll attack you.  Some paranoid types get stuck on that, and theyíll attack you forever.  Itís like a fixation with them.  So, be very, very careful.  But no, the media is there to present articles to you, so simplistically, like no one knew.


The stock market, as I say, about two years I read, before the big crashes started to come along, the bankers all knew at the top, because they were all in on it, because the Feds said at the time, they would stop injecting cash into the stock market at the end of the day if the top 500, etc, were too low.  Theyíve been doing this for 25, 30 years.  Every country has been doing this.  So what was going to happen when they said weíre not going to ever do this again?  You were guaranteed that all the big sharks, that they all knew were sharks, were going to be scrambling like crazy trying to cover all, not just their asses, but their assets, right?  And palming off dummy mortgages and fake mortgages and overblown mortgages onto some other banks.  It had to come home eventually to somebody, and that kicked off all the rackets.  But banking is full of rackets.  Itís full of rackets. 


And, as I say, weíve been run by a particular, very rich group for a long time.  Thereís only, at the very, very top, thereís only about eighty families, you know, who slush around billions and billions, every day, across the world.  And they direct countries that are going to rise and countries that are going to fall.  Then thereís about 200 behind them, who slush around, maybe three-quarters of what the top ones are slushing around.  Itís all rigged.  But it was guaranteed to crash, because it was time to crash it, and believe you me, any economist will tell you, since the whole thing is based upon optimism, thatís the first trick theyíre taught in economics, you never tell people bad news, or they pull money out of the market.  When they bring on the President of the United States, who says that this depression is going to be worse than the Great Depression, well, what do you think was going to happen?  Why did they get the President to announce this to the public?  To bring it all down.  Itís time to bring it all down, thatís why.  Thatís why.  It was time.  Thatís how things are planned, really planned, to take down whole countries.  Itís planned just like that. 


And those who want to believe in the accidental view of history will never grasp that.  "Theyíd never do that to us."  Why not?  Theyíve done it to every other country before.  Why not you?  You understand, those at the top are complete internationalists.  They have no more liking for the peasant of China to the peasant of America or Britain or France or anywhere else.  The only thing theyíre interested in you is how much can you produce and make for them.  Thatís all.  Thatís the reality of life.  Thatís the hard and harsh reality of life.  Thatís how they see you.  Thatís how they view you.


Iíve talked to, and Iíve known them pretty well, actually, women who typed up for law companies, big law companies, big legal companies, including the Bush family and others, and she sent me a lot of information on how they really talk about the general population.  They all do it.  It doesnít matter what party or side you think theyíre on.  There are no parties or sides. And itís incredible how they talk about you all.  Thatís what runs the world.  Money and the legal system. 


Money runs the legal system.  They put their own, often their own cousins or brothers into it, and they also can make anything legal, anything legal.  They can confiscate anything from you at any time they want.  They can do whatever they wish.  Thatís the reality of a moneyed system thatís run by private bankers.  Obviously, the same private bankers that have been the only ones allowed to use money for thousands of years, become the top.  They run countries.  Nothing has changed.  All wars are economic wars, and Marx said that.  And thatís true.  Not all the propaganda they give you, about why they start.  They always give you simplistic answers. 


We all know, and even in fact on, I think it was on John Stadtmillerís show, back in the 90s, that had people on talking about the Pearl Harbor events with guys who were alive at the time, who said, yeah, we all knew it was coming.  We knew it was going to be Pearl Harbor.  And they couldnít understand why FDR concentrated all the ships and brought them all into that spot.  Well, they brought them into that spot to make the big spectacle.  That was the Twin Towers of that era, to make it happen.  Heíd already had his guys shooting down Japanese planes for over two years across the Pacific to get them all riled up, and now they bring books out years later, after the official secrets act is up.  This is how we get told the truth fifty, sixty years later.  Until then, they lie their faces off.  And they bring experts on to lie and lie to every generation, and then they say, oh, actually, yeah, we started that war ourselves.  We were blocking the Japanese from getting any resources and they live on importing resources.  Yeah.  All wars are the same.  


I wonít even touch on the farce of the Twin Towers.  Itís such a farce. 


But people want to believe the media.  You understand too, thereís also people pleasers.† In the Delphi technique of indoctrination and swaying an audience, youíve got to understand that they use the same technique that they use on the general media.  They bring in a so-called expert, they pump him up in your local media for a while, a person coming in to get the local population to accept this agreement for their watershed area, paying for water, paying for this, paying for that, the reasons for it, and youíll add ten different letters behind his name to sound very important.  It could be any actor, actually, whoís been trained in the technique, and often is.  And then they stack the audience with their own people.  But they also use ones in the audience, who sit down front, these are the people pleasers.  These are the same guys who would bring the apples for the teacher.  And when you complain about something or point out that something is wrong, those people stand up and criticize you.  And the Delphi technique character is very happy.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Again, filling in for John Stadtmiller.  Just going over some of the stuff we must never forget, because every day, every day, weíre overloaded with data, and we forget the past.  If you forget the past, you wonít know how you got here.  And now youíre reacting to todayís propaganda.  And most stuff comes from the mainstream media, who are telling us all, be very, very afraid.  Oh, my goodness, be very upset, which makes you turn more to government to save you.  Thatís how abusers and abused people work together.  The abused always turns to the abuser for help.  These are old techniques that are used daily on you.  So, you mustnít ever forget how we got here and whatís behind it and where itís supposed to go. 


Now, I talked about the Delphi technique, I just touched on it, how they stack the audience, but how they also use the completely indoctrinated, the people pleaser type, the one who likes professionals and experts.  They watch television.  They have their favorite characters that come on their news every night, stares them right in the face, and theyíd never lie to you.  Thatís what they like.  Theyíre told nice, safe stories.  Weíre taking charge of this for you.  Weíre experts.  They like that.  So, when you stand up and you say, well, we know that youíre part of Maurice Strongís program, for instance, for the Earth Summit, and this is all part of Agenda 21, then these people, theyíre an army that stand up against you, the people pleasers, the perfectly indoctrinated.  ďOh, shush, let the man speak.  Let the expert speak.  Oh, youíre crazy.Ē  Every manipulation under the sun can be used. 


And getting back to Blavatsky, she mentioned this technique in the 1800s.  She said, a technique will shortly be used on the general population, which will formulate all their opinions, and bring them to the right conclusions, she said.  And theyíll never know how itís even happening or that itís happening at all.  And that was reiterated by Lord Bertrand Russell in the 1950s.  Itís perfect, perfect.  And the greatest tool to get you used to this technique is television, of course.  Itís been the best tool they ever dreamed up.  Even the ads indoctrinate you and alter your culture.  Every comedy does too.  Canít get away from it. 


So, remember too, that this system has its agenda.  Itís a rule by experts society, a vastly reduced population. Theyíve been awfully successful.  Most so-called first world countries, their populations have been plummeting, and regardless of what they say, even the United Nations admits through their census weíre plummeting.  Iíve read the articles on my own broadcast,, one after the other, where they admit that the people are just simply not having children, and they depend upon immigrants to keep the population up.  Even saying the reason they bring in so many immigrants is to pay off the debt.  Thereís not enough left, an offspring left or future offspring to pay off the national debts.  So, what are we?  Economic units?  Well, youíre darn right, thatís what we are.  Weíre also units to put on uniforms and go and slaughter people, and youngsters really donít need much encouragement for that.  They never have, to be honest.


Letís be truly honest about the military.  The military came out of mercenary groups, that kings used and queens used a few centuries ago.  They had no problem getting mercenaries, because they got to rape and they got to plunder and fill their bags with the plundered items.  Today, itís much easier to just recruit from guys who have been brought up playing video games and watching movie after movie thatís been paid for by the Pentagon.  And the Pentagon works very, very intimately with the Hollywood producers and theyíre often related, in fact.  They know the agenda.  They know what they want.  And young guys want to dress up like the winners.  They see them as winners, you see, these guys who win all the time.  They donít want to be losers.  And they want to be winners.  They want to wear the outfits and carry big guns and blow people away and talk cool about blowing them away.  Thatís what the military really is.  Theyíre not off fighting to protect anybody. 


It came out in the papers in Europe that Tony Blair was approached a year and a half before they invaded Iraq by all the top oil executives and they made deals that when Britain went in, they would eventually divvy up the oil fields to all these top corporations.  Thatís how war is run before it even happens.  Same with Libya.  Same with everything else.  And the gofers at the bottom that like to slaughter, like to kill, they want to come back and be big men, before they get pot bellies and sit on the couch watching sports, are very willing to go off and do it all.  And get drugged.  Theyíre on about seven medications each when theyíre over there.  But theyíre not fighting for me.  Theyíre not fighting for you.  Theyíre fighting for those who have decided that theyíre going to survive into the next age, as they call it, as we all perish. 


I mentioned, I think it was the night the towers went down, in fact, on the radio, that you better get ready for everything that you see in warfare, right down to refugees eventually within your own country, and rationing cards.  And lo and behold, I went into the CFRís website, a couple of years ago, and theyíd been working on the coming food famines worldwide for sixteen years, just with one little think-tank.  They have think-tanks for everything.  Thatís how weíre managed.  Back with more, after this. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and Iím standing in for John Stadtmiller.  Just itís good once in a while to go over how weíve got to where we are and why we got to where we are, and to reflect on the changes, the changes that have come up, come and gone.  Most of them cultural changes, because thatís so important.  You canít simply bring in totalitarianism without preparing the culture step by step by step, towards accepting a totalitarian culture.  As I say, thereís no doubt at all that the people of the 1950s or even 60s would have stood for the open totalitarian police type states that we have across the whole of so-called Western civilization.  Thereís no way at all, that anybody would have stood for that.  They have to prepare in advance. 


You always, itís like a field.  You come across a place you want to make a field.  Youíve got to get the trees out.  Youíve got to prepare the soil.  Youíve got to till it and all the rest of it, and get all the stones out of the place.  Youíve got to make sure itís the right PH, and then youíve got to plant and youíve got to take care of it.  Thatís what they do.  And they have all the time in the world, within specific time lines, mind you.  If you look at the history of Communism, they had five year plans for certain things.  Ten for other.  Some of them were fifty year plans.  Look at the United Nations.  Isnít a coincidence they have the same agenda, with five, ten, fifteen, twenty, fifty, one hundred year plans.  And then you look at the Council on Foreign Relations, worldwide, working busily away, running all the media, interacting with all the movie makers as well, running all the think tanks, the main advisors to governments and the whole planet, here they are, working away like beavers.  And you think that things are just developing by themselves.  They have their agenda.


Theyíve stated it openly, as I say, in Carroll Quigleyís book, and he was the official historian for them, The Anglo-American Establishment.  He talked about the banking system too in great depth.  He actually blames the people who became the Middle Class for causing the problems or the expensive healthcare, etc, in America.  Partly true.  Partly true.  But the other part is at one time, you see, the old doctors, at the beginning and the turn of the century were moneyed men.  Moneyed men went into that, so they didnít really need the money.  And then of course, when certain people got into it, it became a goldmine for them.  And they got greedier and greedier and greedier.  And thatís why you have such incredibly expensive healthcare for instance today.  But he points that out in his own book, and he blames the middle classes.  Heís more for the older type, landed moneyed guys, the landed gentry running the whole show.  Again, old families, big money, the best of schooling, of course, and what they call tradition.  Tradition is family tradition and their own particular class tradition. 


And by the way, thereís no difference in the so-called Communist side.  Youíll see the same Congressmen and women getting the tips to invest in the same corporations by the same people and they all do.  I mean, what bunch of multi-millionaires do you want to vote for, the left wing or the right wing?  Thatís the truth, folks.  Itís all a show.  Itís all an absolute show.  And thatís what weíve been kept in for such a long time, because, in the 1800s, Britain realized that if they didnít give the vote to more people, because it wasnít until World War I they even gave the vote to most men.  You always hear about the suffragette movement; most men did not have the vote, because they didnít own their house or their apartment or whatever.  And thatís why they gave it to them at that time.  They were running short of bodies to fill uniforms and throw out there, fighting their wars, and so they gave them the vote.  But it doesnít make any difference when itís all rigged, as Quigley said, because he said, every president and prime minister from the late 1800s, has been a member of the same organization, selected by the same organization.  But they knew that if they didnít put a show on of democracy, you see, youíd have a revolution every five years or so, so they gave you the vote instead.  Iím not dreaming this stuff up.  This is from their own books. 


And we think weíre living our lives.  Thereís nothing that anyone is doing today thatís an original thought of their own.  Nothing.  Even their hobbies.  How they spend their time.  How they party.  Why theyíre going out partying or anything else.  Itís all given to them.


And the United Nations said years ago, itís still on their books today, as it was with the globalists, the biggest threat, the biggest threat was not mobs, to their agenda, it was not mobs or massive groups of people, it was individuals.  Individuals who could promote the truth to the people in a coherent manner with no spin on it.  Nothing to gain personally.   That was the biggest threat, individualism.  Regaining your individual rights and freedoms.  That was the biggest threat to them. 


Thatís also why, by they way, youíll find the so-called liberals, which go after all the communist ideas, and thatís what they called them in Russia.  Khrushchev said in his visit to America, we donít call it the Communist party, he says, we call the American branch, he says, we call them liberals.  But thatís why they donít like the anarchists, because anarchism, initial anarchism, the original anarchism promoted individualism.  Not the later collectivist type.  And an individual can stand up and say what he thinks and believes in, and you should have the right to do so.  You should have the right to do so, and not have to belong to this group or that group or any other group for that matter. 


It was such a fear that they had, and America, mind you, still had the tradition of individualism.  It was the only country that tried this.  Understand that Europe for instance, had come out of a feudal system, straight into an industrial system, which wasnít much different.  Now the industrial overlords were the feudal masters and through various schemes, again, conspiracies if you must call it that, but itís in the history books.  People like Lord Rothschild put forward a bill in Parliament, to get all the little plot farmers off their lands, by dumping foreign grain on them, they called it the grain act, and thatís what they did.  Because they wanted to staff these big cities, these red brick cities, that became slums very quickly, with all the peasants to man all their factories, very successful too.  They did it all across Europe. 


And you didnít get books or ideas or even a Constitution where individualism was promoted.  And America was the only country that had the experiment.  Thatís why they called it the Great Experiment, by the way.  The second Great Experiment in the history books, and itís the official term used in universities, was the Soviet system, Communism.  But America was the first country to actually get the chance of individualism.  And even the founding fathers were not really into just handing over the power to the individual, because they said themselves that theyíre not ready to handle it.  They said the same thing.  But they would give them as much freedoms as possible and see how it went.  And they also said too, that their Constitution would only work with an agricultural society.  Once industrialists came in, with the bankers that go together, then the war would start for dominance, and it did.  And once religion, as I say religion was knocked out and taken over by the way, because the Christianity of today is nothing like it was a hundred years ago, or even before.  They were far better educated in what Christianity was, then.  They didnít praise one country or two countries as it is today.


And so, once the culture is destroyed and the industrialists took over and thatís really what the Civil War was about.  The Civil War was about the industrialists of the North and the bankers taking over all the wealth of the South.  That was the Middle Eastern campaign of that time, you might say, for plunder and dominance.  And weíre still on the go today.  Can you handle individualism?  Can you be responsible for yourself?  Thatís the big question.  Of course, the big parties today always keep the welfare state going, because they donít want you to be responsible for yourself.  They want you to be dependent upon government, because they said, when we destroyed the family unit, then the state with social workers and hospitals and abortion clinics and so on, will take over all the functions that the family used to provide.  Like welfare, food, shelter, clothing, all of that stuff.  Awfully successful itís been, hasnít it?


So, when you talk about getting a country back, where do you want to bring it back to?  And not only that, when the Communists said that we were contaminated, like Yuri Bezmenov said in the 1970s.  Ex-KGB, very well educated.  He said he was astonished, he says, when he came to America and found it beyond their wildest dreams how the agenda had been so successful, beyond their dreams on what they called the contamination of the West.  He was talking about all the cultural decline.  And immorality that would be promoted as being free and liberal.  I donít think thatís the kind of freedom the founding fathers were talking about.  And contamination is a very, very good term to use, because everyone has been contaminated.


Going to Skinner, Skinner again, they use all the behavioral psychologists and he was well paid, along with others to do his nasty experiments on babies all the way up, he even put his daughter in the Skinner cage for a while.  And he said, if you want to change the public, you change something in their environment.  Thatís how we get altered.  First it was the radio.  The radio had an enormous effect.  Brought out in World War I in Britain by the BBC, as a propaganda tool for the war.  And then TV came in, and followed up.  Fantastic.  Everybody stopped talking to each other.


When I was small, I was rather unusual and I used to study people watching television.  And whereas before, people used to chat, everybody talked, neighbors would pop in all the time, or weíd pop into their places all the time.  Thatís what culture was about.  Thatís what real community, not this artificial expert-driven community theyíre bringing in today; they call it Communitarianism.  And, but when television came in, Iíd watch my parents.  Iíd watch my sisters, Iíd watch them laughing at this glass tube, all together, staring at it, hypnotized, and then sad, glum faces when some good person was killed in some movie or whatever.  It was all American stuff we got, old stuff.  And it altered the behavior of people. 


I also noticed too, what we now call political correctness creeping in, how they were altering morality and the way that you looked upon things or frowned upon other things, and you would find if you got into discussions with them after they watched these things, theyíd stand up on the side that was being supposedly persecuted, perhaps, all through fiction, you understand.  And yet, as I say in tribal situations, the taboos are there for a very, very, very good reason.  Itís easy to destroy a tribe or a people or a nation.  And they were at work with it, right away.  What a fantastic tool, tremendous tool, images that stay in the mind, imprinted.  And thatís what they call it, imprinting. 


And then, of course, along comes the internet, and I stayed off it as long as I could, until I said, itís time to start talking about what I know.  Iíve been reading about this stuff my whole life and watching the world movements and knowing where itís going, and I read all the top leaders, right through the last hundred-odd years and before, from the big think tanks of their day.  All the boring stuff, just to get an occasional paragraph of something that really mattered.  And thatís how they write their stuff.  They scatter knowledge like that, you see.  And when you put it all together, I said, itís time I better come out and say something.  I better come out and say something now.  And I did.  And thatís what you should be doing too. 


But donít waste your time in an ego battle trying to convert someone, like itís a religion, into understanding the truth.  They have decided not to know.  They are socialized.  That is true Socialism.  They want to believe that better minds than their own are taking care of them.  And thatís why their liberties are taken away step by step.  Step by step by step.  And it doesnít matter whatís portrayed to them until the bitter end, even if you have a Stasi style system, where the SWAT teams are coming in and grabbing your neighbors, which theyíre actually doing across the country, youíll think itís all normal.  Oh, they must have done something wrong.  Thatís how the Soviet people rationalized it.  They must have done something wrong.  Until they come for you.  And whoís going to stand up for you?  You have no family, or if you do, itís all broken and dysfunctional.  Youíve got to reclaim your individuality and learn to be responsible for yourself and donít go the way that others are going, culturally or otherwise.  You donít have to party all the time, or chalk up the notches on your belt at the weekends, because itís all destructive.  And the signs are all around you.  All around you. 


You have gangs everywhere because young men have grown up with no father figures at all.  If thereís a father figure, heís nagged by a woman.  He wonít stand up for himself.  Heís been conditioned not to.  He never got affirmative action at school.  He was told that he was the cause of all the worldís problems right back to the Stone Age, and heís the end product of it.  A cultural war.  As I say, most wars are cultural, and fairly bloodless, and theyíre the most effective wars of all.  Theyíre all psychological.  And weíre living in this particular period today, where folk donít even know what it is to really, really even be American.  At one time, the rest of the world looked up to America because within it, there were always enough good people to fight those at the top, and stand up and demand rights and so on, and demand that the crooks get out.  Now theyíre openly crooks.  They get a slap on the wrist and theyíre back in again, after embezzling millions of bucks.  Itís totally corrupt.  Thereís nothing there to save.  Thereís nothing there to save, you understand.  And you cannot fix the Tower of Babel when itís held together with band-aids and super-glue in a thousand different spots.  People donít realize what reclaiming your country would actually mean.  It would mean that you would have to change.  Isnít that a terrible thing to say?  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, standing in for John Stadtmiller.  Iím Alan Watt.  Iíll be back on again at 8pm Eastern time.  Just talking about what you have to do if you really want to regain yourself.  Isnít it terrible to have your mind stolen at birth, eh?  Isnít that the biggest crime of all, when your mind is literally stolen at birth, what you could have done with it otherwise, who you could have been, instead of this conditioned, Pavlovian conditioned creature that sits and taps away on keyboards or watches pornography or whatever else you do to pass the time.  Everything is meant to further contaminate you and degrade you to help the big system take you down.  And we donít like hearing the truth, do we?  We donít like hearing that truth about ourselves. 


And thatís why again, people will attack you, when you show them the evidence and you upset them, because these are perfectly conditioned people who like, theyíre pretty comfortable at the moment, in their lifestyle.  They can still drink and watch sports and do whatever else they do.  The women can watch soaps and fantasize or act out on it, whatever it happens to be.  Thatís what they think freedom is.  And they donít have social responsibility to each other or those around them.  And yet, thatís how nations were founded, by sacrifice.


And when you go into the Council on Foreign Relations website, and you should make use of it, because, after all, these guys write for themselves.  They write for every leader in the world.  They have so many departments, itís a world organization now.  And they have so many departments and think tanks working on every minute detail and sector of this whole global system.  One of the recent articles was about how they must keep repeating and repeating the fact to Americans that they are now global, because theyíre just going to have to accept it.  And what they mean by that is, you donít have the sovereignty that you used to have.  You now have obligations through treaties, that have been signed by every traitor for many, many, many a year.  As I say, every prime minister for a hundred years and every president has been a member of this same organization, even when it had different names.  It was the same organization, in the late 1800s.  Truman used to start and end every speech by pulling out Shelleyís poem on the Parliament of the World.  And tears would come to his eyes, this Parliament of the World.  Itís not a nice, happy meeting place for all of us, with good decent people representing us.  This Parliament of the World, or the United Nations system, theyíve got in, where weíre all bound by treaties.


Itís not a nice organization.  Itís for the elite only.  They believe in eugenics and superior types.  They believe in depopulation.  They know theyíre not going to get volunteers so they just poison you.  Bertrand Russell who worked for them said the same thing, we shall use the needle, food, water, etc, in his own writings.  Donít you get a bit upset knowing thatís been done to you?  Donít you just get a little bit upset?  Or are you so socialized, you want to sit back again and have another beer and watch that sports game and be happy, just put it out of your mind?  Because so much has happened over the last, oh, quite a few years now, as I say, people in the 50s and 60s wouldnít have stood for whatís happened.  Whatís happened to us.  Regain your independence by doing it one at a time, and regain yourself.  From Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller.  Itís good night, and tune in to at 8pm Eastern.  Thank you.



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