August 4, 2007





Alex:  Let me just go over this as a review. "U.S. Terror Alert, 90 days at Most. Four million Iraqis on the Run. U.S. Promises Israel More Military Aid along with the Gulf Allies." Next to that, "Russia to Conduct War Games with China." They're also doing this right now in the Artic Ocean, planting their flag. Lane claimed the energy resources there and they're selling jets to Iran. Next to that, we have allegations about China spying, a substantial concern for the FBI. Lastly but not least, Reuters: "You Have Nothing to Fear" says the headline China's Army says. We've got another article here written by Ben Fulford who was on the Rense program on the 23rd and 5th of July with the headline reading "Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati Plan to Depopulate the Asia Populations."  Now I'm not sure exactly how credible that report is. Later on in the broadcast, I'll ask Alan and maybe he can give me his two cents on how credible he thinks that report is and that information contained within that article.  In the meantime, I'm pleased to present Alan Watt. He's one of the more intelligent researchers I've seen out there in the movement. Alan, how are you?


Alan:  Oh fine.


Alex:  What do you make of the headlines that I just mentioned?  I feel like it's really important for us to take a pause after 9/11 every now-and-then, and what we think is the New World Order, and take a look at these things that are happening, why we're trying to cover up all this stuff with China and Russia and the buildup of the military. What do you think is happening here on the ground, Alan?


Alan:  Whenever the major media goes into action to scare the hell out of people, generally you can ignore it; because when they are going to do something real, they won't put it in the media at all. The media's job now is to terrify the people of the whole planet and to get them prepared for a new system that will come out and emerge at the end of all this chaos that's being planned.  It's all part of a strategy, which the media itself and the people inside the media have exposed in times gone by – the same tactics of stampeding the public and terrifying then into submission. Really, it's your own governments that want more control (or actually total control) over your whole life and more intrusive control into really personal details on a daily basis. This is what this is all about. There's only one system in this world.


There are no competing systems, and you have one banking system that runs all of those countries: Russia, China, the U.S., Britain and everyone else, so they're not at war with each other at all, by any means.  Often the higher secret societies within those countries are all in cahoots with all the rest of the brotherhood worldwide to bring on the chaos. ORDO AB CHAO is their logo, and we're going through the phase of chaos now. Rumsfeld himself said it might take 100 years, this war. Now it's not a war just against the Middle East. That's part of it. It's to standardize them into the same global system and to train one generation into this new “democracy,” whatever that means. However, it's also a war to bring out of it at the end of this a world state where everyone is born to serve the state, and you will not be able to pick a mate or do the things you do today. You'll be born to serve the state and you'll only be born if there's a position for you to fill, if they need you in fact. That's what it's all about. It's a long-laid plan discussed in very high think tanks for over a couple of hundred years and they publish their findings.  We're just living through this part of it now as they create all the mayhem and chaos.


The Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is the British controller for all of the media and politicians, and its sister organization The Council on Foreign Relations in the U.S. admitted that they stampeded the public prior to World War II by bringing all their members who ran newspapers and telling them all lies about Germany going to gas the whole of Britain, every man, woman and child, with millions of tons of this gas that was stored up.  Eventually it was admitted it was all lies after the war was over, but it helped to terrify the public until the public said, “we've got to do something about Germany. Do something please. Do something,” and so they're getting all ready for war. This is the same technique that's being used today.


Alex:  This banking establishment that you talk about – this elite group that you talk about, these people being involved in social engineering. Throughout history, I'm sure you can testify to this. They've changed their vehicle in where they were actively occupying territory in terms of where most of their – for example. You take a look at Nazi Germany. A lot of people thought that that would be the birth of the one world order until it collapsed.  Then we saw a lot of the Nazi scientists and rocket propulsion scientists being imported to the United States.  They basically put on a different coat and walked through a different door, that could be argued.  The reason I brought up China and Russia is I'm wondering if that's going to happen again in the future, because I am seeing a devaluation of the dollar. The military breaking down incrementally and could we see another super power come out to run the New World Order separate from the United States?


Alan:  The whole idea was always to use the United States until it had exhausted itself financially through debt and manpower building up the whole military regime. This was discussed at the end of World War I that the U.S. was to take over from Britain as the policemen of the world.  At the global meetings they had in the 1930’s, they then talked about the fact that towards the end of the millennium into the new, the United States would eventually exhaust itself militarily, economically, and China was planned to take over as the policemen of the world. I have the minutes of the meetings from The Council on Foreign Relations and The Royal Institute of International Affairs books.


Alex:  Okay. I want to focus on that this afternoon and Russia's involvement with China. I also wanted to talk about – this would probably be a good place to go now. Let's go back in history a little bit, Alan, with the Boxer Rebellion in China and some of the changes that happened about 100 years ago and kind of go forward from there.


Alan:  The Boxer Rebellion really was a rebellion of many Chinese. The "black hand" they call themselves to try and kick out all of the western powers that had moved in after China had refused entrance to the "foreign devil" as they called westerners for centuries.  What happened was big powerful families that were descended from the Knights Templars and the buccaneers and pirates—because that's what they were—they looted and robbed wherever they went, whether on land or sea, and they were the pirate families that amassed masses of wealth during the 15,16, and 1700’s. You'll find that the Bush's, the Gores and all the famous players that you know today were all those families involved with loading China up with opium to get the peasantry hooked on opium in order to gain footholds within China.  They blackmailed eventually the Chinese into allowing them to have an American camp in China on the East Coast, and French camp and a British camp and a couple of other ones where they would do this opium trading once they had the Chinese hooked on opium.


The rebellion came out eventually to kick all of these people out, which they did pretty successfully except for Hong Kong, which was leased to Britain for 99 years.  This is all back in the early '90’s that it was handed back to China as a part of their country. These were business decisions that were put up by bankers and lawyers 100, 200 years ago; and the elite were all in cahoots.  Yes, they tried to destroy China and gain footholds in China to get its wealth out of China; and that's what they did. They put four or 500 bales—these are like straw bale size bags of opium—on the beaches of China everyday, day after day for months, year after year.  The Bush family and all those people at Yale were all heavily involved in that. They amassed millions of money from the opium wars with China. They run China today. The West financed Communist China to set-up and they financed the big players, many of them aristocrats, to go over and teach communism back in the 1920’s. Bertrand Russell was one of them.


Alex:  How logistically did we fund Mao?


Alan:  Basically, not as much as you think. There's a very good book people should read and it's called "The Fugu Plan".  It was a deal that the Japanese made with Bernard Baruch and the big bankers in the U.S.  The deal was that Baruch would finance them into the industrial age and put up the military on the condition that Japan would attack China.


Alex:  Very interesting, Alan. We have a break. We'll pickup on that thought when we come back and also get into Russia and it's part in the New World Order. It's like a seesaw. One goes up. The other end goes down, like the superpowers of the world a hot time here in America is running out and other players in the game of risk right now under way. China, Russia, the European Union at the forefront and many others. We're going to go back to Alan Watt, and Alan, you were just discussing the build up of communism and the western support of communism in China. Go ahead.


Alan:  Yes. You see, the west had decided a long time ago to play the Hegelian dialectic. In fact, it had been used for thousands of years before Hegel. The fastest way to unite a country under a system which you then dominate was to bring in an enemy.  They decided to get Japan to attack China; and sure enough, they gave their thesis and antithesis, which was communism. They had aristocrats like Bertrand Russell teaching communism in the universities in China in preparation for this in the 1920’s; and sure enough, Japan did what it was told by Bernard Baruch. That's in the book "The Fugu Plan," written by Rabbi Marvin Tokayer of Japan.  It's an incredible history of how the big bankers in the west funded the military-industrial-complex in Japan, built up the military on condition that they first attack Russia to bring in communism; and sure enough, that started communism in Russia because the taxation was so heavy for this Russian war that the communists then overthrew the czar and took over. That was the reason for it.


The next move was to get Japan to go into China and the same thing happened. The foreign devil came in, and the Communist Party had been set up and it became the main party as they fought the Japanese. This is now the chessboard was setup. The fastest way to destroy maybe a hundred different cultures and maybe even languages and unify them into a solitary centralized government system, standard education et cetera, is to bring in communism and amalgamate all those countries under one system; and that's how they played the game.  For those who want to see how the bankers financed the beginnings of World War II and World War I, they should read "The Fugu Plan" because it's in your Congressional records. It was found in Tokyo at the end of the war, taken from the Japanese military headquarters and it was on display in your Congress down there for a long time. People should pick that one up and read it. It's fascinating.


Bernard Baruch was also the man that Winston Churchill came to see before he went to see FDR. Bernard Baruch was a big, big player, one of the biggest world financiers in history.


Alex:  Excellent points, especially the one on Japan, considering the fact that we that colonized that country a long time ago. You can go back to the days where we landed on that country and ships and guns and cannons, they had nothing but swords, and changed their economy and way of life before World War I and before they became a militarized state, an imperialistic state to do our bidding.  It’s also interesting to look at their constitution that was enacted after World War II so they could not be offensive in nature. However, today, they'd like to change their constitution so that they can be offensive in nature and be a subservient – sub-military – paramilitary, if you will, of the United States at this moment in time.  I find that it would be interesting concerning the fact that they are our allies in this war on terror, as they may be heavily in Iraq, but their clearly being set aside to be our ally in the next great conflict.


Alan:  It's also more than that.  If you read the writings of Karl Marx, who simply worked for the bankers because he was a failed journalist and recruited by the Rothschild's and also backed by the British establishment, believe it or not. He wrote the "Communist Manifesto" in London, England and he was given the biggest features in London to teach this stuff that was supposed to overthrow the existing establishment. That tells you it was allowed by the British establishment. He also wrote in "Das Kapital" about the world that would come to be at the end of the millennium or shortly thereafter.  He said that there would be three trading blocks under a super world government. He said it will begin with the amalgamation of Europe, the second one will be the amalgamation of the Americas, and of course you know they're signing the second or third part towards the amalgamation this month in Canada, in Quebec.  Next month the APEC group are getting together for the Pacific Rim countries to amalgamate them and then start declaring where the new capital will be for the Pacific countries: Japan, China or wherever; and Australia is lumped in there too.


Alex:  On the topic of the North American Union, in terms of the protest there planned in Canada, they have a very large security perimeter. Free speech zone, I suppose you would call it, Alan. I don't know what you would call it really, but basically they've set this large perimeter so you can't even get close or as close as people were able to get to the Bilderberg building, so I find that to be interesting.  They also have the U.S. Northcom overseeing security as well.


Alan:  Yes. They're bringing up U.S. troops for the first time to Canadian soil while this is being signed here in Canada for this part of the amalgamation, so it's interesting. It also means that Canadian troops and Mexican troops can come down to the U.S. as well on next year's signing, which is in the U.S.


Alex:  This is interesting. Now these reports that I hear you share a lot when you come on this program and others about the New World Order plan to create this one world government through controlling populations, controlling economies, social engineering. I must be confused, Alan, when I look at all the stuff with Russia and I see how they're building up and they have this concern officially that is in the papers that the United States is getting too strong and they want to create some sort of a counter-weight. I do get suspicious, as much as most of the listeners do, when I see Putin and Bush sitting at the same side of the table as if they're fondling each other or something – sitting at the same side of the table at one of these meetings of the G8 or elsewhere, yet at the same time pointing missiles at each other. So I'm wondering, is this some sort of game of chess whether deciding on who's going to run the bunker of the New World Order, or are they themselves the elites starting to have fights and conflicts within their own ranks?


Alan:  No. This is just for public show. Don't forget what they needed – during World War II, Stalin the mass murderer was suddenly Uncle Joe. Good old Uncle Joe, and that's what the media called Uncle Joe, especially when the west had decided that they were going to save Communist Russia at all costs from Germany, which is an odd thing to do if they're really your enemy.  After the war, and since you always need an enemy for governments to point fingers and tax you and build up the military industrial complex, suddenly Uncle Joe became the big bad bear and then he's going to nuke us all and they train children to hide under their schools desks and quiver.  That was Pavlovian training to make them think they were going to get annihilated at any time. That's to terrify the public. That's all show to terrify the public on all sides, because what they want to bring out here is: “look, we need a new way of living,” and it's already been planned by them, of course, which is what this new way of living will be.


Alex:  Do you believe, then, we already completely control the Russian government entirely, inside-and-out?


Alan:  Absolutely. In fact, the west financed into existence the communist regime. They couldn't even feed themselves all through their reign you know. Canada and the U.S. supplied the bulk of the grain, their food for them right to when the Berlin Walls came down and afterwards. These guys couldn't even turn out a television set that didn't flicker.


Alex:  Then when we look at China and I think I get your point here. I look at China and I say how can they be actually on opposite sides of the fence, where our economy's, to some degree or another are integrated, if we as American here locally have spent all this money on the war. A trillion now they say we spent in Iraq. So much of that money is borrowed from China and other interests as well, private interests in other countries.  But China is doing it so much to this cause, loaned out and his giving so much back in interest, it's like we’re funding them and their boom.   I want to get more into that, and why would the New World Order want to place the center of it possibly in China? Why would they want to transfer into China? Do you have any information on that?


Alan:  Yes. Part of it is this new system, which is being well discussed at many think tanks and they have published their findings with little snippets in different magazines over many years, have said this new system – this new order that's to come in to being is to be run on efficiency with no useless eaters, no excess population with nothing to do. We are in a service economy now. We're not industrial.  A service economy is meant to paddle the water until you can't paddle anymore and you sink. They know this at the top, so the plan for the Americas, once this job is finished, it will be vastly depopulated. That's why the elite have been building incredible advanced cities, brand new cities in China to house all of the wealthy elite and the higher bureaucracy and technology and technocrats that will move to China. They're already moving to China to some of these big cities from the west and have been for a few years.


Alex:  Really?  I know they're moving their money there, but do you think China will be a safe spot for these individuals?


Alan:  Certain cites will be; but eventually, once that's all done in the west, they'll start depopulating China too because they won't need all those extra workers, and then they'll robotize the factories.


Alex:  Certainly it's a nightmarish future when you look at not only what you're mentioning, but robotic UAV attack drones that are coming now to Iraq and Afghanistan. They say that one third of the military will be robotic by the year 2015; and also at where we have our news the website of this radio broadcast of another article saying that biochips will be put in soldiers within the next five years. We know they've been chipping people for a period of time, but for use in the military, so we will continue to monitor this with Alan Watt in the second hour of Outside the Box. Give us a call at 888-202-1994 or 512-646-1984. We’ll see you after the break.


What do you do when the lights go out as we witness the great superpower of the United States of America, the corporation that is to fall just like WTC7, but maybe not in seven seconds flat.  Alan Watt is our guest from the website and this is our third time talking with Alan Watt. First time online was on RBN. The first time on the TV show was about a year ago.  Now he's here again to talk about China, Russia and also some of the things happening with social engineering today in the year 2007.  Alan, I want to close on this topic with China and Russia shortly. I just want to get an overview of what we need to be aware of in the years to come, because we see China with 750,000 troops ready to go at the drop of a hat, ready to go to war over Taiwan. You and many others are saying this is orchestrated; and then I wake up one day to read this headline.


"Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati" and this is something that was written by Henry Makow, Ph.D. and Rense did two, two-hour programs on this.  I'm wondering if you're familiar with this claim and what you thought of it?


Alan:  I've heard of it. I haven't looked into it. I do know that a lot of Chinese were rather unhappy about the SARS epidemic because the SARS epidemic seemed to target mainly people from China. They were the ones even in Canada who were dying with it. It was lethal to them, so it seemed to have been a race specific virus that was engineered in the laboratory somewhere and tested out perhaps in a small area, which came to Canada where there was a good Chinese population, it infected them.  Most of the non-Chinese peoples who caught it survived, although they were really sick, but it was pretty deadly to the Chinese themselves, so it seems to be race specific.  I know it upset a lot of people within China. However, until the peoples of the world including the Chinese realize that the guys who run their countries (and who are Chinese) are all members of a global system already, they'll never understand that there are no sides. They share a one-world club. It's a eugenics program. The ones at the top of China are in cahoots with the ones on top of the U.S. and Britain and every other country. They're the ones who held on to their wealth and power through many generations.  They believe by the Darwinian process of social Darwinism they deserve to rule all the rest of the peasantry.


Alex:  It sounds like characters like Li Ka-Shing and the Lei family itself.


Alan:  Yes, and I've got some amazing photographs from China, where some of these families in fact have built Grecian type palaces for themselves off of the massive profits from the child labor built in China – incredible wealth for these characters.


Alex:  How much information have you got from Li Ka-Shing the richest Chinese man in the world, the seventh largest according to Forbes?  He owns 15 percent of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He's the guy who's buying up the ports for the North American Union. The port in Mexico and then he also owns the Panama Canal under the Hutchinson Port or company.


Alan:  What you have again are front-men. It's no different from George Soros. This is how history really is. You have front men who appear to be the movers and shakers, really they're just teams of people and all they do is front for them. In this system at the top, it's like a big mafia. No one goes off on their own and does what they want to do themselves. It's debated and they're given orders and they become fronts, just like Bill Gates. Bill Gates is no genius. Bill Gates is from an old family, well entwined with politicians down through the generations, and he's a front man. He's the gatekeeper for windows for information. That's his job, and it's the same with the Chinese ones that you're talking about too. These are the front-men for big consortiums that sit on panels worldwide and discuss global events. Each one is a specialty and they are a front for that specialty.


Alex:   I want to read this headline to you and we can go into it. I think it definitely plays into what you're saying in terms of social engineering the youth.  I find it interesting to look at the youth of Russia today being not too different from the Soviet youth of the Soviet Union which supposedly fell. Take a look at this headline. "Sex for the Motherland. Russian youths encouraged to procreate a camp."  Now this is interesting because it looks like there's a group; and I have only known about this for about a week. It's called Nashi. It's a youth group. It means “ours.” It's a youth movement run by Vladimir Putin's Kremlin that has become a central part of Russian political life.

"Nashi’s annual camp, 200 miles outside Moscow, is attended by 10,000 uniformed youngsters and involves two weeks of lectures and physical fitness." Now I'm looking at the picture and they have their arms wide open like the love energy. Like they're one large hippy Woodstock movement or something interesting of that nature, but anything of the sort in terms of peacefulness. These people go out and attack anti-war protestors. Those of you who are out there listening, if you follow Russian news, even American news you can see how bad the police state has gotten in Russia; or you can argue never really went away. In terms of people being rounded up for protest, anti-nuclear energy, protestors being killed, being beat up, being thrown in jail. I mean it's very, very bad and then you look at this situation where they are socially engineering a whole youth political movement very similar to the Hitler youth. Any comments on that?


Alan:  This is happening in a big way, too, pretty well run by a eugenics program.  They do want especially a military class of specialists with all the so-called "better genes," mainly psychopathic genes, for controlling the people.  They plan to inbreed the military, too, just as they are in the west.  That's why they put females in the military.  They end up marrying the guys, they stay on bases, their children are reared on bases, and they become soldiers too. This is all discussed in Plato's Republic, 2,300 years ago.


Alex:  You know a lot of people are arguing on Mr. Putin's behalf, saying, “The United States can't be the sole superpower. We should just kind of accept the fact that other countries are going to grow and would be larger than the U.S.” I think that's also a good part of the plan of social engineering to hate the U.S. To hate the military to a point where we're willing to allow other countries to become more powerful than what is justifiable.  They're working for the same banking establishments, the same elite families. We have a catastrophe on our hands. It's very interesting, Alan, because sometimes when I look at history I feel like we never really changed since World War II. I feel like the same energy is still around. The same games are still being played, although it's a different game. Things look physically different because we have surpassed – in terms of technology, we have a lot of ways we can distract ourselves from the truth outside of our immediate bubble; but the same essence, the same energy still exists within the beast system itself.  I'm very fascinated to look at how – I get very fascinated, although it's very sick. It would be very funny if it wasn't so tragic how these things can continue and continue, but there is a level of progression to this, Alan, where more people are dying than there used to be.   I'm wondering what's next in the years beyond 2012, whatever that date may be, and do you have any take on that 2012 in terms of what can happen militarily or otherwise?


Alan:  We’re to get a build up of chaos, fear and terror up to 2010 to unify the Americas. That was discussed at the free trade negotiations in the late 1980’s. Even the date, the first signature was to be 2005 and the amalgamation was to be complete and integrate by 2010. By 2012, the United Nations was to takeover as the supposed official government of the world.


Alex:  Alan, let me ask you a question. Let me just ask it now instead of at the end of the program. Do you see a clear-cut solution to this? I'm familiar with how you feel about all this.  My feelings are pretty much the same.  People ask me all the time about solutions and I haven’t articulated ways in where people collectively are changing things. I see things getting worse. I think humanity is going to learn a big lesson through what's going to happen. I mean that's my personal philosophy. It may not be yours, but we have to learn a lesson about giving our power over to the elite and giving over our liberty for security. However, I'm wondering if it can even be stopped? That’s basically what I'm saying.


Alan:  It would be stopped if there was enough people with the will to do it. 


Alex:  Is there enough people with the will to do it?


Alan:  I think it doesn't take a lot of people to say the right things at the right time in a certain way, which can penetrate through all the disinformation. It just takes a few to do it at the same time basically. When you tell a truth that cannot be denied – even a person who's been drugged, doped and inoculated, it’s going penetrate the recesses of their brain.  What you're fighting for here is the right of individualism and the ability to retain conscious sentient thought.  The elite are not kidding when they talk about brain chipping the whole population. That's to be their utopia when we cannot think for ourselves at all.  We've got to realize this war didn't start with World War I, II or III. This war has been going on for centuries and centuries, and they've been attacking every generation in every country with inoculations, attacking the brain to lower the IQ, to destroy that part of the brain that makes you an individual and gives you your higher critical survival and thinking purposes – your centers in the brain. They've been destroying it on purpose; and yes, people are getting sicker because they have cancer genes and so on injected into them at the age of two, under phony inoculations.  We've been under war – it's been on us our whole lives long, and our parents too. We're dealing with monsters at the top and we better start exposing them fast, and I mean stop pointing the fingers across the seas; because, believe you me, they're sitting right up there in the thrones in your own countries across the planet.


Alex:  I heard you on another program talking about the death culture. The death fetish culture in terms of the television and socially engineering the youth of America and even those that are older.  However, it's easier to go for the youth because they're more susceptible to new influences, new programming, new software for the hard drive in their minds to think more violently – to think more in a subservient way to the system, as if that makes you more powerful. As if that gives you more power that heightens your status in life.  I found it interesting because this death culture is something that I'm concerned about. When I look at the possibility and likelihood of a future collapse how the American people will behave towards each other.  You were talking about being responsible and not just pointing the finger. Being responsible (to me) means getting ready for the next way, being ready to live off the grid and away from the urban cities, away from the checkpoints.  A lot of people kind of turn up their nose when they hear people talking about that.  When I see people being obsessed with the death culture, the UFC, the fighting, the violence and all the other degradation that fills cable TV today, the network TV, you could see how people may react in a time of a crisis where they start to hurt each other instead of work together to get out of the mess that they're in.   I find that to be a huge concern worldwide right now.


Alan:  It is; and again going back to ancient times, even Plato talked about the cities and how it's the first artificial creation, because people are not meant to be crowded together in cities. They can't feed themselves. They need money to run the system, which creates a shark-infested water you might say, because it's a dog-eat-dog system from the top down. However, you can also alter culture so quickly within a city because they adapt so quickly. It can be a bizarre culture from an outsider coming in, but, nevertheless, for those inside they think it's natural.  You're right, violence and apathy together have been fed through fictional programs for the last 30, 40 years and when they create a system of terror – this is a war of terror on the public. A reign of terror actually we're living through. Then when everyone feels terrified, and especially children, they start to respect those in power, those who have authority and they want to join them.  Generally, there is no lack of recruits to join the Gestapo; and that's the part we're in today.


They've brought up a whole generation with the lowest standards of education for 100 years. They've given them the worst music culture, dress codes, the whole thing on purpose. They've also given them video games which were intended to indoctrinate the military into killing without thinking. These videogames, remember, were all designed for military purposes to desensitize people from killing. A whole generation has grown up with that, and they want to join what they see as powerful groups – those who have the right to kill, because they wanted a generation that would be sent off to war to complete the mission that is underway right now. This is all long-term planning we're living through.


Alex:  I remember last year I was reading about a seed bank that was being put in place in the ocean. I believe near the Netherlands in that region up there in an icy area and near the ocean. Some sort of vault, a seed vault in a Noah's Ark fashion and it came upon existence. The few scientists that believe that an epidemic may soon be underway to where our food supplies is threatened in a way that it has not been in this modern day threatened as of yet, and that is whether some sort of plague that wipes out the food supply.  I'm wondering if that is the tying of genetically modified food?


Alan:  Yes. 


Alex:  I just read another article yesterday about genetically modified trees being a possible ecological disaster, and I'm very concerned about that. I am a very large proponent of organic food. I can feel the physical difference in my own body when I eat something that's organic of the earth than something that's been created in some laboratory.  I'm very concerned about the youth of America and their health for tomorrow.


Alan:  Yes, there's no doubt about it. See, war strategy goes for the basics in the physical body. You go for water and food, and that's why they spent all of our tax money in secrecy giving it to Monsanto and big grants to modify all our food. It's standard procedure. To make the person weak, you modify the person who eats the food; and people are becoming dumber all the time on it, and sicker, so we're under war. That was part of it for sure, and water, of course. You know that the United Nations wants the right to own the water supply of the world.


Alex:  Not only that, but the main plan of the North American Union, one of the plans is to bring in through a canal, water from Canada. The Great Lakes or Lake Superior right now is shrinking at an alarming rate; and I'll pick up on that when we get back, right here on WTPRN. You know I go back to my own memory banks and look at all the stuff that I've seen as a younger, young-in as I am today, but a middle schooler – someone in elementary school watching Night Rider, watching Air Wolf all the other action cop, intelligence programs on network TV. For young people living in America, they see this in a glamorous light, catching the "bad guy," learning how to split the mind from a very young age and think of good and right. This is good working for the state. Working for the system. Working for the police. Working for the intelligence agencies. Being your own James Bond in your own illusion, in your own mind; and then there's the evil. The evil is just an old illusive enemy, the one that wants to kill you. The one that wants to take away your liberty.


It's the same stamp, “all size fits all” enemy that they use that they draw out of the hat whenever they need it.  Here I look at this headline, "Bourne Identity" the movie that you saw a few years ago, some of you, and Bourne supremacy has got a new one, the Bourne ultimatum. We can just look by glancing at our culture today at how movies contain these constant themes about the real world we live in, in a distorted way. They'll address the terrorism. They'll address the war but in a very, very positive and attractive light, because there's something about movies that can captivate the human mind – the illusions, the sounds, because it is an illusion. It is a hypnotic device.   I asked my roommate to rent me a funny movie because I didn't want to watch anything too serious last night because I rarely watch movies, and she came back with Reno 9/11. What I thought was funny and strange at the same time about Reno 9/11, which is a comedy about how stupid the police are on Comedy Central (some of the police), to rephrase: some of the police.


What was funny about it is the plot in the movie was a simulation of a dirty bomb attack. These very ineptitude police officers that are the characters on the show Reno 9/11 take control of Miami and they try to go out to the bad guys and what not because of a dirty bomb.  You can see how often the themes of a dirty bomb taken out of an American city, a habitual fear. You can see how it's even in the comedies now.  Alan, I know the media in Canada is a little different, a little more objective on some levels than the American media, but I do find it to be very amazing how violent and dark TV is today. It's not as bad as it was when I was a kid – excuse me. When I was a kid, it's not as bad as it is today, the way they describe torture. Show you how to torture someone or hurt someone and that is programming.  I think when you can program someone to accept the fact that there's surveillance everywhere and that people are engaged in torturing one another, then they can accept that that reality in terms of their own world.


Alan:  Yes. Again, there's a lot of information published on these techniques by the Tavistock Institute, which started up in World War I really as a form of psychological warfare program using media and fictional dramas to see how it would affect the public. How they could indoctrinate the public through entertainment primarily. When you're being entertained, the sensor part of your brain is down; your shield is down. Your firewall is down; and so you don't really question information that's coming in you. You think it's just for pleasure, and that's when most of the indoctrination does come through. It's called predictive programming and it's a very fine art now. It's well understood. It works very well; and yes, in a psychopathic culture where you have psychopaths at the top, inbred psychopaths, families of them, dynasties of them, they also give you a psychopathic culture for the public to follow.  That's what we're seeing as a manifestation of their culture from the top down. This is not a grass roots culture we live in at all. It's all authorized from the top, including all the violence and as you say the torture, the inhumane treatment.  This all began a long time ago starting with the dehumanization of humankind through abortion. Once you've accepted abortion—which was the killing, really, of babies—then we'd already knocked one pillar down from that which held us up as sacred human beings. That's what was believed at one time that everybody technically was sacred, and that's why there were such stringent laws against killing people.


Once you start killing babies, you dehumanize yourself. Once you accept that, the next part was the abortion industry and the baby parts. Now you have the whole worldwide business in body parts, which is nothing but cannibalism. We are living through a horrible time right now, and people have been indoctrinated thinking it is all quite natural and we're evolving along some path towards something better.  However, if you look at it from a distance – stand back and look at it, we're going towards a horror show and we don't have that will left anymore to stand up for life itself; and that really is what the battle is all about. It's a standing up for life. Each and everybody's life across the planet and their right to have that individual mind that goes with it.


Alex:  Now Alan, I'm going to have you on for just a couple of more minutes and then we can pick up on this maybe in a couple of months. I definitely like your analysis. I want to ask you one last question though. How do you think people should get prepared? How do you think someone should focus their intentions and their energy, knowing what you know, and those that aren't necessarily disagreeing with you but may in fact know much more than you and I are disclosing today that are already convinced.  They’re already “the choir” for that matter and they want to feel that they can at least do the most they can do to put themselves in the right position to deal with what's coming or may be coming in terms of a world war?


Alan:  Those who can get out of the cities should because we know you're in a trap. They turn the water off. They turn the food off. The electricity off and most people are totally helpless in a city.  They've done tests before with planned brownouts and blackouts to see how long it takes before the people start robbing each other for food and so on, so it's not a safe place to be. You are at the mercy of the authorities there. At least if you're in the country areas, you still have means of getting water, getting food and having some kind of safety. You're more independent. Independence in any form you can, as much as you can in this day and age, that is going to pull you through.


Alex:  We've seen throughout history a constant theme that exists to some degree today, Alan.  It's called cannibalism.  You talk about people treating each other certain ways, or I was and you are as well when things like this happen, when they're not prepared mentally and physically or spiritual. We see these horrific things happen, and I am making a prediction that the way things are going, one day cannibalism will return to the U.S. because we are so vulnerable in terms of food and water. Do you agree with that or think that's an overstatement?


Alan:  I'll tell you. In the 1960’s (and this stands today, that's never been updated) all NATO countries (that's Britain, Canada, the U.S. and many others, France and so on) all signed the same agreements on how to cope with cities and large populations in a time of, say, nuclear fallout or a bacterial or viral warfare that was infecting whole cities; and this is available to the public. If you push your government for it, you can get a copy. The law stands today that if a city is infected it's to be circled off and enclosed completely and the people are left to die because of the contamination.


Alex:  That's true. I have read that.


Alan:  They've also said that any individuals of small groups trying to breakout of that perimeter are to be shot on site by the military.  Large groups trying to escape and flee out of there have to be bombed by CS gas from the air and killed.  Now when you look at all of the fleets of gunboats they put on the Great Lakes, there are enough gunboats there to start World War II over again.  You'd have to ask yourself, why did they put all those heavy gunboats with big caliber machineguns and so on there?  That's to keep people inside a country. That's what that's in preparation for. I'm afraid they're going to use some kind of plague and I think that's their plan.


Alex:  Alan, I'm going to hold you over for about five more minutes. I want to pick up on that topic. I don't want to close just at that point. For those calling in 888-202-1984. We'll be right back, my friends. This is getting very, very serious. I hope you're aware of that. All right, we're looking at a future where our governments are preparing to deal with flash riots, flash mobs at the drop of a hat. You look at the Ministry of Defence in the UK and their plan for the year 2025.  I talked about this in great detail about six months ago and it was just nightmare to look at the report what they're preparing for.


Diana in Oregon has called in and we're going to bring her up right now to talk with Alan Watt. Hello, Diana.


Diana:  Hi.


Alex:  Hi.


Diana:  Hi.  I'm here in Portland and I've been listening to your show today for the past hour and I agree with everything Alan has said, except when he blamed abortion for being the cause or one of the causes for our present situation; and right there as a mother, as a grandmother and even a great grandmother I have to disagree profoundly with that statement, and it really raises a red flag for me. You know for one thing it's a very decisive issue. It's like I'm hearing accusations at great distance considering Ron Paul for instance. It's the same kind of thing. Race and gender bias are very decisive issues, okay? We need to have really deep discussions about these two issues because one involves racial equality. The other, gender equality, okay?


Alex:  I'll let Alan respond.


Diana:  When you're saying to women that their right to choose is evil and is responsible for this present system that we're under, this New World Order, then you've turned off like 50 percent say of the population of the world I think even though if you don't want to admit it, because most women want to protect the right to choose when to conceive and when to give birth to a child.


Alex:  I have an anti-abortion policy in terms of discussing it because we're dealing with a world where they're killing us physically with guns, and there are a lot of people are on passion on both sides of the issue; but in terms of government sponsored terror, that's my forte.  However, if Alan made a comment on that, I'll let him respond. Go ahead, Alan.


Alan:  Yes. First of all, thank you for putting words in my mouth because I never said that at all. What I said was the big mistake was when people accepted the killing of children, babies, people. That was the start of it—Dehumanization.


Diana:  Okay, all right. What do you mean killing of children?


Alan:  I'm not playing a game with you.


Diana:  You need to explain yourself; no, I don't know what you mean. I want you to explain what you mean.


Alan:  When one accepts that life really can be killed because it's inconvenient or whatever, or there's too many people, whatever road you choose to go down to validate it—you're accepting the fact that all life isn't as sacred as you held it before. Therefore, the elite themselves have convinced the public we're just a bunch of animals that have to be culled off in the same way when there's too many of us. Then we start to accept it.


Diana:  No, no, no. First of all--


Alan:  That's what I was talking about.


Diana:  First of all, a fetus is not a child first of all.


Alan:  Fetus is a Latin name for baby. 


Diana:  That's why we have birthdays. That's why we have birthdays okay? A fetus is not a child.


Alex:  One comment, one comment. Excuse me. Hello, hello! I need to take command of the battleship here. This is show -- a specific topic for the day, and I respect you very much Diana and I'm very glad that you called in, but this was never a show about abortion.  I'm going to let you make your point because I respect you Diana and I'm glad that you -- Diana we can't both talk at the same time over Skype. I respect and I'm going to let you make your comment so I'm going to you. Go ahead.


Diana:  To me? What I was trying to say was that I take exception to the statement that a fetus is not a child first of all.  Hello?


Alex:  Yes, we can hear you. People have been talking about abortion for years and years. Do you know what I'm talking about today Diana?  I'm talking about our country collapsing and people eating each other because there's no food. That's our topic at the moment. I think that's more important, don't you? No, no, let me guess. It's not more important. Let me guess. It's not more important. No.


Diana:  I think you've missed my point.  When people hear these kind of statements coming from your radio program, when there are people saying these things they automatically feel alienated. It was just like I said. A lot of people are accusing Ron Paul as racism. These issues have to be talked about and discussed. We have to be able to have some kind of consensus around these issues because if I'm still alienated around--


Alex:  You know what? I spent 20 hours of my broadcast yesterday talking about slavery on African Americans in this nation and how the energy has not changed. Not a single person stops to say thank you. Not a single person stops to even recognize when I do try to connect with people, so I thank you for your call because people don't care anymore.


Diana:  Good-bye.


Alex:  We're bringing up very real issues here on the program and no one stops to say thank you when we do the right thing. They just want to attack us when we say something that offends you. Alan, are you still there?


Alan:  Oh yeah, I'm still hanging in here.


Alex:  Let's continue on with where we were at in terms of getting people prepared for the next thing. I'll let you respond if you like though.


Alan:  I'll respond to that because all we're hearing is the standard indoctrinated slogans getting thrown at us for mentioning a topic that's now politically incorrect to mention.  The stage we're at fighting for our lives here, there is no topic that is taboo as far as I'm concerned.  All I was saying was when we start to accept the fact that we can start killing off humans—and I don't care what stage you start killing them off at, whether it's old people or very young (and fetus is just a Latin word for baby, by the way)—then we've already put ourselves down the scale of importance in life itself.


Alex:  No matter what opinion you have, there's always going to be an attack dog that's coming to get you. That's why I've been mute on the abortion issue. I'm mostly against it, but no matter what, you're going to find someone that thinks you part of a great conspiracy to enslave people, just like what's happened with Ron Paul.


Alan:   I know. With forty years of indoctrination and political correctness and all the rest of it; and that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is all life itself; and let's be honest. They start with the very old and the very young in all totalitarian regimes, and that's called eugenic control.  Margaret Sanger that started off the whole abortion industry was a member of the Nazi party, and I think the feminists should check into her history.  Now we're selling body parts like we're selling fresh meat. This is human body parts.


Alex:   I’ll tell you this. No doubt, I probably lost Diana's support, and you know that's okay because I've done a lot to try to expose things, and I'm sorry if I can't pick up on all of your issues with abortion. Why don't we just bring up a couple of others?  Well Diana, why don't we bring up gay rights while we're at it? It's just like all these side issues you know and while we're trying to talk about the big issues and you know what? If we lost her support, you know what? There's nothing I can do about that because we're here to talk about the real issues while we may not have very much time left to fight them.  We have Rodney in Texas. Go ahead Rodney.


Rodney:  Hey, good afternoon. I tuned into the program and I had to work a long night and got little sleep and I woke up this morning or this afternoon and caught this great program.  I really, really appreciate what you guys are talking about. You know, Diana is a prime example of what Alan is talking about, this indoctrination, the brainwashing. I mean this high tech brainwashing that organizations like UNESCO started by Julian Huxley and others have used over the years to desensitize people to exactly what Alan was saying, you know the killing or taking of life. Now I don't see how anybody can sit there and justify, and it sounded to me like what she was saying; and I'm sorry if I'm alienating her, but you know sometimes the truth hurts. Can I finish my thought after the break, sir?


Alex:  Yes, you can, and I hope we haven't lost her, but if we have, you know what? I'm going to have to accept that the same way I have to accept that my co-workers, my family, the people who I thought were my friends don't want to hear the reality about what's going on today, but it sounds like Diana probably knows what's going on. She's just very passionate about how she feels. We're not attacking you Diana but we're asking you to understand where we're coming from as well and look at this and we're not racists either.


You know, I always get very emotional, very upset, emotionally upset when there's a disagreement with a caller, especially when it's a caller that you know has good intentions, probably a good person because they're listening period. They want to hear what you have to say and when there's a disagreement it just tears at you over something smaller than – and I'm sure she disagrees with me when I talk about what the larger issues are, and I respect everyone's opinion, but it is really sad because united we stand, divided we fall and we’re falling right now in freefall.


We have three callers on hold. Alan Watt is still with us. We have exactly 10 minutes left and we're going back to Rodney. Rodney, go ahead.


Rodney:  Yes. I just wanted to say you know what Alan said about these programs that have been used to indoctrinate people and cause our minds to be infested with all this propaganda and killing. It's been done very, very scientifically in high tech.   I'm not picking on the prior caller, but I just want to say that's one of the fine arts of brainwashing, is to be bring the abortion subject without them even knowing.  I think Alan mentioned that earlier how these people have fine-tuned this art to such a degree where you see in their news reports everyday where they admit that they do watch TV and all of the propaganda that's there. The majority of the people, their minds are in such a suspended state of disbelief that they can't tell the difference between what's real and what isn't, and so I agree with the gentleman.  I get emotional about this, but I think what she was trying to do is take what he said out of context; and I appreciate you defining, Alan, the term fetus, baby. She needs to go back and read a book that I read years ago, written by a person who was expert on killing, called "The Psychology of Killing" and see what she gets out of that. Maybe she'll get something. Maybe she won't, but that's all I have to say. Alan, keep up the good work exposing the matrix and I intend to get your book "Cutting Through the Matrix."  Sir, I forgot the moderator of the show. What is your name?


Alex:  Alex.


Rodney:  Alex. Alex, you keep up the good work also.


Alex:  Thanks, Rodney. We have a couple of other calls, Alan. Let's go to them. We have Dan in New Hampshire. What an exciting day it's been today, Alan, hasn't it?


Alan:  Oh, yes. Sure.


Alex:  Been a lot of interesting topics but I think we're going to make it through the afternoon. Dan in New Hampshire, how are you doing?


Dan:  I'm well.  Can you hear me all right?


Alex:  Yes you’re coming through pretty strong.


Dan:  That's great.  There is I think a missing of the context, because I think that all of us can agree that whether you're going to bring a life into the world or not should not be part of the government’s decision.


Alex:  I agree with that as well.


Dan:  All right. And as long as we can have that understanding that the family and ultimately the woman is the one who decides what's going on. I agree that the use of abortion for anything other than very, very serious situations is wrong, but I think it's also wrong to subjugate women because I think the whole business of the anti-abortion people is basically the woman does not have control over her body and that's what they’re--


Alan:  Here's the thing we should take into consideration here. We don’t need to hear repetitive slogans. Lenin said "we shall win this propaganda war by the use of slogans" and that's all people repeat.  We have to realize: where do our thoughts come from?


Dan:  Alan, you're taking a philosophical point of view and I agree with your philosophical point of view. I have no argument with you at all, period.


Alan:  Here's the thing, too. This is the point we're trying to get at--


Dan:  We've got to get through to the people just like that woman out there. We say to people, listen, what we're talking about is taking away the power from the people in Washington. The people in your state house. The people in town hall. We're talking about putting it in your hand.


Alan:  Here's what follows up with this point you're making. Here's the thing. You're talking about government should not be involved in the right to abortion and so on. What I'm saying is it was the governments that pushed this and have written about it for the last hundred years that they were going to push it from the top and make it politically correct.


Alex:  You know what? It almost sounds like there is a debate here going on over whose freedom is more valuable: The fetus, the baby or the woman? This is interesting. Now I've never really gotten deep into the whole abortion issue, but now when I think about it, it's becoming very crystal clear who has more rights to choose to live.


Alan:  Yes, and when you get into these topics, remember what we say really is not of import to the guys at the top because they've discussed all this in think tanks long before we were even born. It's ongoing all the time and they've already dehumanized us, and they see us in the same light. We're just useless eaters, too, so it's no problem for them to start killing us off in the same way. 


Dan:  Exactly. They have no compunction at all. They are completely psychopaths. My whole point is and I just spent eight months in jail, okay? It was over driving after suspension and it didn't have anything to do with me getting in accidents or causing harm to anyone, even to the extent as I don't have drunk driving involved in that suspension.  I mean I was in jail. I spent eight months in jail. Actually, half of it, four months was for failure to obey.   Failure to obey – Who is the master? Who is the servant here?


Alex:  Dan, I want to take your call because I've got somebody else after you. Do you want to make one more point before you go?


Dan:  Real quick. If we had a constitutional federal government and we therefore focused on our local and state governments and kept them under control and that people had their own power they would naturally have to be more responsible for themselves. Actually be more knowledgeable and we'd have a whole better society and that basically we've got to tell people not to give their power away. Stop expecting stuff from Washington, the State House, and town hall. Do it yourself.


Alex:  Exactly, Dan. Thanks for calling and keep listening. Thank you. I appreciate that. Moe, you are on the line. Go ahead.


Moe:  Yes, Alex. Thank you very much for taking my call.  Before I ask a question from Alan, I would like to tell you about the twelve people executed in Iran this week and other horrors and our sorrow goes with all the families that were executed last week because they were political prisoners. However, the government of Iran says they have done some immoral acts and they were executed.  My question is for Alan. Have you ever seen "The Children of Men" that it shows about 20 years that no one has ever brought a child into the planet and one lady she's pregnant and this story about how they tried to give her amnesty.


Alex:  Excellent point because the jury is still out on our fertility. Go ahead, Alan.


Alan:  I haven’t seen the movie, but I knew about Iran there; I knew the public displays of executions recently – very public executions. They hung the people involved and again that's another form of tyranny over the public, to keep them all in their place and terrified and obedient. We're going to see the same thing coming here. In fact it's already happening with these killings in the streets with machine guns and the black executioners uniforms, so yes, we’re looking at big problems that have never been discussed among the ordinary people because the policies are made above us, and they’re made outside of government. Government is a front for a parallel government.


Carroll Quigley, the Professor talked about it where all major decisions to do with population control, the manipulation of the food supply, all these things they've done through a parallel government. They said that the democracy version was too inefficient. There were too many conflicting parties to get anything done, and therefore they had to have this parallel government run by very rich and powerful people.  Professor Quigley said in his book "Tragedy & Hope" that it had already been in existence for 50 years, and he wrote the book in the 1960’s. He was a member of this group.  Anything that happens in culture that you think is your idea isn't yours at all. It's marketed into you, marketed.


Alex:  We have less than a minute left. Moe, do you have a quick question?


Moe:  Yes. I want to also talk about "The Children of Men" and also if you see the movie "Kandahar". Please see these movies, very excellent movies, and also about one question quickly about the microchips. What would be happening – are we all going to get the mark of the beast on our hand or our forehead? Thank you very much for your beautiful show.


Alex:  Well thank you. We'll try to keep you updated on the microchips. Go ahead Alan.


Alan:  Now they're actually coming out now in the science magazines talking about the implantable brain microchip. It's already here. It's ready to go.


Alex:  It is. My website is Alan Watt, thank you for being here. His website is and it's been fun. Diana, I know you're still out there listening. We do you support and your fight for freedom although we may have disagreements. Please keep your focus on where we do agree. Not where we disagree and as I said before, I'm not an expert on these issues. I just know what the New World Order and how it wants to kill us collectively. It doesn't matter. Good-bye.



(Transcribed by Linda)