Aug 12, 2007




HENRIK – We can see it already, it’s rampant; it’s like a new collectivism that is on the rise, and you have, as you say, the hypnotism, as it were, through everything from the television to the ads, to all the things that you’re hit by in your day-to-day life and…I mean, people have to stop that.  They have to turn off that goddam television and start thinking for themselves; I mean, yet, it’s been said many times but it’s still not getting through, I guess, to a lot of people, because television is a horrible weapon, I think… you know, I can’t stand it – as soon as I watch regular TV as it were, I am amazed every time I turn it on, at the level of these things and I can’t even think of an example right now, but every time it’s on, it’s amazing; and as I said, I think the television is one of the main weapons that they have been using and still are using.


ALAN – Yes, even right down to the flicker rate, which you don’t see with the conscious eye but your subconscious picks it up and they knew from the very beginning that very flicker rate coincides with the patterns of the brain waves and some people actually have epileptic fits, when they go into the television.  Others are simply induced into a hypnotic trance, and you’ll see it with children, as they sit in front of their cartoons; their jaw will open, their mouth will open and they’re gone – they’re not here anymore, they are hypnotized. 


HENRIK –  That’s right.  Exactly. I think you go into close to the dream state, the theta stage, I think, of the brain wave patterns that you get actually when you watch the TV, because of the frequency, as you say.


ALAN – Oh, yes; and they have known this from the first television they gave us, so it was designed that way. 


HENRIK – That’s right.  By the way, I did want to ask you: what about that one-child policy or whatever we should call it, that they have in China – do you know when that was implemented?  Was that long ago?


ALAN –  They have had that for a long time, for a long time - years.  In fact, many Chinese have been trying to escape to the West; some get through and that’s because the wife is pregnant and they manage to get out, but they have had that for years.  Of course, even the BBC did a documentary, which went a step further, because they had got rumors that fetuses were being sold as a health food for anti-aging.  The BBC went to China and they did go to the back of these abortion clinics, which are all over the place, and they were able to buy right from the back door the aborted fetus, which with all these health claims will keep you young; longevity, all this kind of stuff.  It’s a horror show, when you stop and think about it.


HENRIK – Oh, my…talk about horror show, my god…That’s like…and what we have here, we have the advanced…more advanced, “civilized” version; we have the stem cell research.  And I guess that that still comes fetuses, isn’t that right?


ALAN –  Well, this is one of the deepest philosophical questions.  Now, most people cannot handle philosophical questions, except people in the Academia.  They are allowed to go into any topic which the public are forbidden to.  The reason being, that for many topics, people who are conditioned – and even their ideas are conditioned into them – become very emotional and often angry when certain topics are brought up, because they take it personally – they cannot see beyond.  Now, everything in the world, every decision works on the Hegelian principle, because for every action to solve a problem, you create another problem.  You have a reaction to every action.  What you found, again, two hundred, three hundred years ago, the think-tanks that worked in those days and the very intellectual type peoples who worked for the foundations when they were set up, talked about having to destroy all that WAS, to bring in something that was NEW.  They are the Master Builders as they call themselves.  They were talking about the whole of society and picking a mate for yourself and breeding your offspring by yourself – the Elite were terribly worried that eventually the “common people” would get so numerous that the Elite with the special genes and the noble breeding would get wiped out; and they wrote a lot about this.  So, they said: “how do we get the public to bring back and kill their own children?”  And that’s quite a query, until you go back to Plato, and Plato talks about the days in Greece, where women had taken their children – small islands, remember, that couldn’t handle big populations – and they would take them up to the mountains and leave them to the gods of nature.  And then they could satisfy their consciences; after the first generation did that it became the normal thing to do.  What he said was: “culture is given to the people in all ages; it doesn’t come from the grass roots; it comes from the top down.”  Because anything that came from the grass roots would have rippling effects and unforeseen effects and could destroy the control of the controlling dominant elite.  He said: “anything which has been made to happen in the past, in culture, if you know the formula to introduce it, can be made to happen again at any time in the future.” 


They hit upon the idea in the late seventeen hundreds, going into the eighteen hundreds, to start certain authors to write books about promiscuity, to promote promiscuity – they called it Free Love in the eighteen hundreds!  A term they revived in the twentieth century, and H.G. Wells was paid at first to write novels around free love.  The idea being, that Free Love – as they were calling it – outside of marriage at that time, would create so many unwanted offspring that they would have to bring in public debates to bring in abortion.  So, by the creation of promiscuity they created the problems of unwanted children, and then they offered the solution, which they already had sitting ready in the wings anyway.  That’s how they implemented this whole procedure – now, they tried to bring it out in full force in the nineteen twenties; they call it “the roaring twenties.”  They then brought in prohibition, so youngsters like things which are naughty and bad, so they had these booze cans, illegal booze cans, and pubs and clubs where they’d have dancing – they brought in the mini-skirt, Charleston dance in the nineteen twenties, and they brought in cocaine as well.  Cocaine, booze and mini-skirt dancing and free sex, but at that time they didn’t have the abortion clinics; they had a fallout of too many unwanted children, and they started up the big charitable foundations, like Boys Towns and so on, to take care of them…but they also had a lots of problems with venereal disease, so they went back to stop that – they went back to the drawing board, the big foundations funded every university in the West to work on how to stop women conceiving children.  They worked hard and feverishly to create the Pill, the contraception pill.  They worked hard and feverishly to find ways of killing off the major diseases, like gonorrhea and syphilis and so on.  Once they had that, they brought in the sixties and they brought in the same techniques: the booze, the drugs, even better drugs, and more efficient drugs; free love, free sex, no marriage, and the cures for certain diseases that they would have as they picked things up as they were promiscuous.  And they gave them the contraception pill as well, but they still had a lot of unwanted offspring.  By this time society was to be changed so much that the public would start to accept abortion more easily, because all you have to do is have one generation of a parent - mother or father - to go through that era, doing all those things himself, and when his child goes through the second generation and becomes very promiscuous, they’ll think it’s normal; the parents themselves will accept it.  That’s how they destroy the Old to bring in the New.  Now they must convince us to voluntarily allow ourselves to be killed off or sterilized.  This is an ongoing program and we think we’re just living day-to-day and we’re taught to believe that politicians are the movers and shakers – but there is a parallel government, a higher government that runs all of this, and guys like professors like Carl Quigley have talked about it.


HENRIK –  This is something that comes and goes, and wax-and-wanes almost in the way that you talked about, how they…again, it’s a dialectic to have a period of, as you say, more free love, as it were, and promiscuity and all of this; and then it dies down a little bit for awhile, and then it comes back – it’s a dialectic, I guess.


ALAN –  It’s a dialectic; and then they give you the TV as well – the great One-Eyed Lucifer; and all you see on it, is all humor and so on about jokes, all sex, sex, sex.  The actors and actresses look perfect, because they all have the same chin and cheek implants and so on – and so they give you an idea of perfection, to make you dissatisfied with any human mate you could possibly find – male and female.  That’s how they do it. You’ve got a bunch of dissatisfied people always chasing fantasies – and because they’re after something, which is unrealistic, it’s a fantasy – they’ll never be happy with the real thing.


HENRIK – Exactly, and in the end the consequence of that might be that families break up, people can’t stick together, they don’t like each other in that sense, because, as you say, they strive for an image that actually isn’t there; it’s a fantasy, it’s an image only.


ALAN –  And it’s overdosed with that.  That’s all television is.  Even all their marketing to make you buy, is to make you unhappy with that which you have.  If you were happy with all that you had, you wouldn’t buy any more and business would stop going.  The job of marketing is nothing but dissatisfaction-creation. 


HENRIK – It’s all about bringing you the stuff that you didn’t even think that you wanted, you know?


ALAN –  The sciences, you see, rule us; and these are all sciences – well understood – and big people, big movers and shakers that worked for Tavistock, and who worked for the Royal Institute for International Affairs: Lord Bertrand Russell, Wells, all these people and the Club of Rome, know this, and so they market opinions into our minds for us; and people repeat those opinions, thinking that they are their own.


HENRIK – Of course, they parrot those; again, if they are hammered with consistency and repetition and often enough, people will cling onto them, like those were their own opinions about this stuff.


ALAN –  And because, in today’s society we are always off balance – we are never given relaxation.  Because people turn on the news every day, they get the newspaper - impending crash, oh the economy is falling apart, oh possibility of housing market failure, possibility that China is going to kill us, possibility…it’s all these terror-horror-horror scenarios to make you always feel insecure – you are not allowed to have any peace at all, because if you had peace, you get peace to think, when you start thinking, you form opinions; when you form opinions, you start to see the world as it is, and then you start to complain – and they don’t want that.  So they keep you busy worrying about things, so that you’ll leave all the higher problems in life to your “betters,” these elite people above you that are so superior.  These are all scientific techniques, which they are using.


HENRIK – That’s right - keep you confused, not centered at all, and as you say, I think a lot of people have actually this attitude now, when they even leave a topic for the sake that they recognize that “oh, you know, I haven’t thought about that, so I am not good enough, or I haven’t gone to school to study these kinds of subjects or whatever; so I’ll leave this to the experts.”  Always some experts that are always coming on and telling us what to think about a subject – even the news reports or the news hour or whatever, are laid up in many cases in this way – you actually see a reporter going into a story first; and then they bring on an expert that actually tells you what to think about what you have just seen, basically.


ALAN –  Exactly, and Lord Bertrand Russell said that in his own book: “The Impact of Science on Society.”  He said: “Shortly the time will come where the public will be unable to make any decisions by themselves. We’ll train them that they cannot do anything without the advice of an expert.”  “We’ll train them…” and we have all been trained; that’s all television is: it’s a training, Pavlovian training technique and a tool – and it works very-very-very well. In Thailand, someone in Thailand sent me some cartoon figures that were being used in the schools there to teach the children English.  These cartoon figures, and the class, walk in as children and then they all turn into robots…and so the teacher then announces this to them and calls them “robots.”  And they answer robotically, and this is getting them used to the idea – because this is the generation who will get the chip in the brain and the cyborg treatment, etcetera – it’s training them from an early age that they are going to be part-human, part-machine, part-cyborg and they’ll think it’s all a natural progression.


HENRIK – Of course, as you say, it’s “cool,” that’s the way it’s going to be marketed; I mean, people are not going to be a little cautious when this is implemented; people are actually going to ask for it, because they want it; they want to have this to be implemented – they want the technology and all of this.


ALAN –  Yes, and they do believe that, like their superheroes in the cartoons, they will have all these amazing powers; and that’s how they’re going to sell it to them. What they are not telling them is: “ONCE YOU ALL HAVE IT, THEY’LL PRESS THE MAIN BUTTON AND THEN YOU WILL NO LONGER BE YOU.  You won’t even have the ability to remember that you were someone else.” 


HENRIK – Oh, my gosh…You know, speaking about…we talked a little bit about the control of the population, where the amount of the population, or the number  - and this is of course, again, is a very, as you say, philosophically, in that sense is a very difficult subject or topic, but, I mean, is there actually some kind of need for this?  I mean, what would happen, if everything was to go rampant – I am not myself in the position to think that the earth is overpopulated.  There is a lot of people that actually are [thinking so], but, I mean, at some point, would we have to…I mean, is there a reason for some kind of control eras, as you said, you referred to going back to Plato, the stories on the islands there; that they actually had the idea that “okay, these are small islands; we can’t have too many people on them, because of food supply or whatever, and we can’t simply sustain that amount of people – because, in a way, humanity, in that sense, has moved away from many of the natural diseases that we had beforehand, that actually killed a lot of children when they were young; even if that’s natural or not – I don’t know; but, I guess, I am saying that there potentially is a problem here; and the question is: “if there ever were to be in some way an overpopulation?” – I mean, that’s an incredibly difficult question. Who would handle that; how would we go about it; who has to take the responsibility, isn’t it… I mean, it’s a very difficult question, right?


ALAN –  It used to be a difficult question, because we used to be pretty virile at one time.  If you take the United Nations’ studies, the average Western male compared to the male of today, compared to the male of 1950 is three quarters sterile. He is down seventy-five percent of the sperm-count. That’s because it’s been induced through inoculations; they were already sterilizing us before we were born – most of us. And that’s why we have fatigue problems and so much – we are nothing like the person that lived a hundred years ago, they had tremendous stamina.  We have been under attack all that time, so we don’t even have to consider that problem at the moment – however, what people used to do in times gone by, was: when any area became too heavily populated, they’d move. They only reason that ancient Greece encouraged this technique of abortion was because the elite of Greece wanted to keep control over that particular people – they didn’t want them to be taking an alternative, like “let’s all start moving over to the mainland there, where there’s lots of room.”  That was the reason for it – so it really was introduced to keep the people there under this dominant minority in ancient times.


This is the big thing too, which is the big clue: the big heroes they gave us, like Dr. Salk, that gave us the polio vaccine, admitted – and I have got it on videotape here, taken from the old 8mm documentary – he admitted that there was over a hundred cancer-causing viruses, simian monkey viruses in every polio shot, and they knew it before they gave it to the public.  Viruses, like the simian 40 virus especially, which its only function seems to be to cause cancer.  They were already putting cancers into the people, and other debilitating agencies, which would kill us off and debilitate us down the road, like timed-released medication, you might say, that would kick in later.  The idea being that you would either die off – they didn’t want a population of old, non-productive people – so they want you to die off before your pensionable age, and the other ones, which would come down sick with debilitating diseases, so that they would become ineligible as marriage partners and wouldn’t breed.  That was part of discussed doctrine in the Eugenics Society that Doctor Salk himself was the head of at the time. He was a top eugenicist that believed and used to publish lots of papers for the Eugenics Society on the necessity of vast population reduction and then he becomes the sudden hero, giving you what he claimed was the polio vaccine. When we follow the studies down since then, we find that our virility rate dropped like a stone from the first polio shots – what a coincidence? 


HENRIK – Oh, my…and again, this is coming up again and again; the pharmaceutical company, I think it was Beyer, or Bayer – they sold a cancer vaccine that was contaminated with HIV, and this was from America; this was developed; then I think it was sold on markets in France and Spain and even Germany, I think.


ALAN –  That’s right.  The Bayer Pharmaceutical Company – amongst owns many of them – but the Bayer is the Rothschild one, they still have that company. Bayer is their real name.


HENRIK – Exactly. Bayer, going back…Bauer, I guess. 


ALAN –  They started that one off first in Switzerland and they still own that company and they call it Bayer.  You can pronounce it any way you want, really.  They also were the first ones to patent Aspirin – they called the trade name of ASA Aspirin.


HENRIK – That’s right.  Again, this is kind of going on and we get the occasional reports when this actually comes through all the way into mainstream media – this was on MSNBC, I think – I don’t know if it was called Mike Pop-Antonio [?] or something like that, the guy, a lawyer, I think, that dived into this problem, but again, the question is: okay, so, how many of these things are actually going on undiscovered, “below the radar,” so to speak, and this could be happening all the time, all over the place and we have no idea – I think the recent incarnation of a similar problem like this was with the GARDASIL, a vaccine for young girls, for cervical cancer, I think, a form of cervical cancer.


ALAN –  It was for a particular type of venereal wart.


HENRIK – Okay.  I think many of the side effects to this was…one of them was actually that they could become sterile from it, of course, and there is a number of other side effects to this vaccine; but again, this just shows you, people are returning to these drug companies, to these big pharmaceutical companies for solutions to a problem that is very minute to begin with, but they pose it as a big threat or a danger or whatever, and the cost of it is that beyond paying a lot of dollars and Euros or whatever for it, you could end up with a more severe disease or you get sterile or anything like that.


ALAN –  It is a hard thing to get through, because the more you study the history of vaccinations, especially the published findings from Britain, and the Lancet, the British medical journal, the mandatory inoculations they began around the 1800s with the smallpox and different ones, the only people that came down with smallpox and died off were the ones who got the inoculations. It’s staggering. Then you read the writings of the Elite on this very topic of how do we keep the population under a manageable level?  Because their dilemma was: if some of these scientists actually give them true, real inoculations, then not so many will die off by certain diseases. So that was their big dilemma, and they solved the dilemma by funding the biggest companies to create these inoculations and vaccines, and to make sure that the public will take it on faith that those vaccines say what they are; but in fact they are not.  This is biological warfare – they’ve trained the public that they are our benefactors; yet even the doctor or nurse that injects you with the vaccine, they believe it; they believe their training too, they have no ability to analyze that vaccine personally to determine what’s really in it – it’s a faith-based thing.


HENRIK – That’s right. And they are speaking of this…I punched-up the article that I had upon Red Ice about this Gardasil vaccine – it’s from Merck, the drug company, and also it’s a genetically engineered vaccine and it also contains aluminum among many other weird stuff that they actually have in there. One very interesting thing was when you look at the advert[isement] for this vaccine that they did run in the USA – they say – they have a kind of a slogan on the advert[isement], or the commercial for this, and it’s “one less” – they call it, and it states that each year in the US thousands of women learn that they have cervical cancer. “I could be one less; one less statistic – one less,” that’s what they say throughout the commercial


ALAN –  They really will be “one less” because they won’t be on the books of statistics.  They’ll be gone.


HENRIK –  Oh, my god. Yes.  So again, it’s right there, right in front of your face, you know…


            Audio insert [the ad]:


“Each year in the US thousands of women learn they have cervical cancer. I could be one less – one less statistic…one less – because now there is Gardasil, the only vaccine that may help protect you from four types of human Papilloma virus that may cause 70 percent of cervical cancer. I want to be one less woman who will battle cervical cancer. One less.  Like all vaccines, Gardasil may not fully protect everyone. The side-effects include: pain, swelling, itching and redness at the injection site; fever, nausea or dizziness. Gardasil is not for women who are pregnant. Gardasil does not prevent all types of cervical cancer and so it is important to continue with routine cervical cancer screening. Gardasil will not treat cervical cancer. Ask your doctor about getting vaccinated with the only cervical cancer vaccine.  Gardasil




            With Gardasil you could be one less.

Young girls’ chorus:

            O.N.E.  L.E.S.S. – I want to be one less, one less.”


ALAN –  Well, that is the world we are living in, you see? We are managed. The term they call this management is not “government,” it’s “governance.”  Governance – which is different from government.  What it means, it’s a super-government of Elite, using think-tanks and non-governmental agencies, which are not grass roots – they are fully equipped and paid full salaries, these characters – to bring us in under the new Soviet style of a managed society; so we’re living in an illusion. Even the two founders of the Club of Rome had talked about the same dilemma of “how do we help the people and kill them off at the same time.  If we eradicate disease for them, there’d be simply too many people,” and they were the first club or society to use the term “sustainable development.”  These are the guys that came up with using the weather as a weapon against the public and then blaming the public, and then admitting it.  This is how far into this matrix we are; it’s a completely managed illusion.


HENRIK – And we got this idea even that we can’t survive naturally; it’s like humans don’t have an immune system any more, even the “regular” vaccinations that we were injected with small doses of certain diseases and viruses when we were young, in order for the immune system to get used to it and combat it – again, it’s the idea that we don’t have any natural means of this; and we can’t survive without a shot or a pill or whatever it might be – we’ll always have to need something artificial.


ALAN –  That’s right.  Even though we have no ability to analyze what we are told is there to help us.  Then you find all of these new diseases that come along – the adolescent diseases; we have all the statistics necessary to show that attention deficit disorder and all the different categories of disorders, right down to autism, are all just degrees of autism, that immediately follow the MMR shot – the mumps, rubella and measles shot; as soon as they get that shot, you find that the doctor will even tell every mother: “take the child home – there will be a little fever for a couple of days, then they’ll be OK.”  Well, when you really find out where that fever is centered, it’s in the brain of the baby, and high temperature means there’s an inflammation there; inflammation kills off brain-cells and they’re taught that this is normal. Yet, when you go back into earlier books, and ones by Arthur Koestler and other people, who wanted to annihilate parts of the human brain, to bring in “world peace,” to destroy that part of the brain that gives you individuality – you’re actually living through the era when they’re doing it.  It is being done.


HENRIK – Again, this goes back to the idea that we talked about earlier, the future sciences and all of this, that they have this idea that “okay, in order to keep peace and to keep order and to develop a civilization according to our rules or how we want it, we need to get rid of the individual, because that is what we see as the troubling issue; that is what potentially could develop into a threat to this system that we are having here.”  So they want to get rid of that. Also what you said about the vaccines; it’s of course, right they have the mercury levels in them; it’s an issue that goes back and forth all the time, I guess, but sometimes they say that they are going to take it out, and then they increase it, and all of this back-and-forth, and there are even weird stuff in these vaccines, from everything from aluminum to…I think, it was aspartame even in some vaccines – very weird stuff.


ALAN –  Yes, and the weirdest of all is the fact that it is “bio warfare.”  This stuff was developed in warfare laboratories. They can actually induce…it’s like what they did – the United Nations admitted, when it came out and broke out here on the CBC News ten years ago – they admitted they’d given out what they claimed, and they told the people in Africa and India, millions of free tetanus shots to women only, who were pregnant. Every women aborted that was pregnant and they became sterile, because, what it was – it was created in laboratories; warfare laboratories – particular agents and infectious diseases that would ride on the estrogens straight to the ovaries and literally cause tremendous inflammation and then literally destroy the ovaries – and so they sterilized millions of people under a lie of this was a tetanus shot.  It had nothing to do with tetanus. And they have admitted to that. Why would you ever trust them again? And that’s what we’re dealing with here; we’re dealing with people – this is why I say we’re in such a critical phase in history.  Now, these guys have planned for centuries and centuries for today and what’s to come.  They’ve already implemented the killing policies on the people, knowing now, if any this gets widely known amongst the public, they’ll have hell to pay. There’s nowhere in this world they can run.  Therefore, I always say, it’s like the executioner; it’s one thing for the executioner to have the axe pulled backwards, but once that axe is forwards, it’s half-way down to its target, you cannot stop it.  The Elite had gone too far to ever-ever lie their way out of this, and so they must be completely ruthless now.   


HENRIK –  So there is a point, or, as you say, a timeline here – if enough of this is exposed, and if enough of people actually do wake up, do realize what’s going on, stop being so naïve and realize this; there could be tremendous…I mean, think about it: if people were actually to wake up and realize this, and get it and see all the documentation on all of this, there would be this riot on the streets that you talked about, that we began the show with this document – this would be the “flashmobs,” and this would be the incredible…


ALAN –  That’s exactly right and that’s why they had been preparing for this for years. 


HENRIK – Very interesting.  So, what’s the tactic here?  I mean, are people going to be smart about this thing or are people going to…I mean, anger is in that sense very dangerous; if people are just going to get so mad, in some sense organized a little bit and trying to go out and overthrow governments or trash institutions, or torch buildings, or who knows how far this can go; but this actually then could lead to…I mean, they have the weaponry, they have the military, as it were, on their side – this could actually in the end only lead to more-and-more people being terminated or exterminated – that’s not very smart, that’s what I am saying…


ALAN –  Yes, and yet, people who have been affected personally by all of these diseases and so on, and have had children crippled with it, will react.  There’s going to be trouble, there’s no doubt about it.  It will be sporadic and unorganized chaos, but you cannot simply live along, when you know there are mass murderers in suits and ties, running your lives in invisible institutions. You cannot simply continue as though it had never happened. Once you know, you cannot close Pandora’s Box.


HENRIK – That’s right, and that’s difficult; and in some sense I feel like whatever will be will be, I am aware of it but I am not the person that kind of goes on violent rampages with the mobs across the streets, even though, as you say, I think that this actually will occur at some point; if they are not capable of totally dociling people, and we have these few that actually spotted a few of these things, but they were just a fraction, a “small anomaly,” and then things were back to basics again, back to normal, as it were. I don’t know.


ALAN –  What you have to do, too, is go back into writings of the top economists, the big economists in history, like John Stuart Mill, and his son, also called John Stuart Mill that took over; who worked for the British big corporations and the British Government, and gave international lectures to other countries, other nations – to their own elite – he put a category of peoples who would be necessary to keep at least some stock of these peoples; and which ones should be eliminated, because they would not fit into a new system of economics; and he did this before Hitler did his one!   Hitler did nothing new; he simply copied what the Elites had done before. He (Mill) had a whole list of different peoples who would never adapt into a new system and that must be destroyed – by their [the Elite’s] own laws; they will tell you this!  Because it is a Darwinistic law that they go by; even though it’s high-high, very high Freemasonic type.  They say that “any creature or human who is not fit to come into the New Age, must be destroyed, because their presence would bring down the more evolved types if they are allowed to come through.”   They really believe this; hence the killing. You’ll find it has its roots in Hinduism – because high Freemasonry takes a lot of its belief from old Hinduism, and it’s a belief that they have, ”between ages” as they call it.  In Hinduism an “age” is millions of years long, not just two and a half thousand.  They say that there have been many ages, possibly seven – five recorded and two possibly even further back; so they say that only the Elite, the “fittest to survive” came through, and today they couch it in terms like the “oceans” – they call it  “the oceans” of Theosophy; Theosophy is just a form of branch of it for the West; and that as we go through this “rippling effect” of the ocean, only those who are fittest to go along the ripples to the “other side” must come through; the rest must be destroyed.  Now, the same terminology has been used in scientific books for over 200 years now.  John Stuart Mill, being an economist, and who also pulled in the bankers with him, who are the only other ones who deal with far-reaching goals with the economics and populations – it all ties in together in banking – they realized that to bring down their ideal population, they would have to do nefarious stealth techniques to bring the population down, with the public being completely unaware that they were being killed off. 


HENRIK –  That’s right.  And I’m thinking about – even going back to religious characters, such as Moses, killing people from his own camp, because they were unwilling to enter into the new era or the new time of the “new god,” or whatever; I mean, again, this is like a historical reference, and even if or if not these guys are accustomed to that. I guess that they look at history and see it like “okay, we are the new spearheads of the new era and we’ll have to take measures the same way as our ancestors did,” or whatever, in that sense.  So I think that they see themselves as pioneers that go into this New World, that this is their job, and they are going to lead us all into it and those that are “unfit” or unwilling to enter into it, those will have to be eradicated.


ALAN –  Yes, and what they have done too, another big problem they had, was: “how do we convince the public to kill themselves?”  You see, so they did have talks, as I say, before the 1920s and after the 1920s of how to dehumanize people – see, before that, laws were very strict, coming out of the old religious law, that life was sacred.  So they had to give up that idea and then be taught that you’re just another animal – so they went into action with secular humanism being pumped in through the schools and preached through the schools.  In came, as I say, in the 1960s, in came the abortion clinics; now, as I say, that’s an emotive topic for the people, but I am above all that, I am looking at the whole big picture and the Agenda – because, once you accept that any age of life is irrelevant and can be killed by policy’s sake for the people, whether you to start at the very young or the very old, or whatever part of the spectrum you want to target, the fact is: once you accept it, you see, here’s the big thing: once you accept that people can be killed off, or babies can be killed off, because there’s too many of them or you cannot afford it – so again, it’s economics – or they’re simply unwanted or “inconvenient,” and once we accept that – which society has, you see – here’s the Hegelian part of it, because it’s a consequence to it – then, when the Elite start telling us in their own books: “there’s too many of us,” “we are inconvenient, they can’t afford to keep us through sustainable development,” we don’t have anything left to stand on, because we have already accepted that we can kill the young off. That’s why the Pantheon building is a very important symbol; all those pillars worked together to keep up that massive structural roof; when you pull one pillar out, you weaken them all and it’s easier to knock down the second one. And that’s why, whenever you say that “well, life isn’t so sacred after all, let’s start chopping this bunch here and killing them,” you have just given away your moral ground for an argument against the Elite doing the same to the rest of us. 


HENRIK – Again, science has proven that, you know, life is an accident; there’s no purpose to anything and we’re just monkeys, so it’s all good, right?


ALAN –  And people now, most people have become conditioned through repetition and media and movies and documentaries: that we’re “just an animal.”  And so, “big deal?” and they become non-involved in their own future.  That’s the interesting part of it. They are conditioned to say: “oh, well, I guess that’s true;” and they don’t become involved; they drop out, in fact, of making decisions.


HENRIK – Incredible.  How about the sacrificial aspect to all of this?  I mean, is there an even darker agenda here, that all of this, even if it’s abortion, or killing of populations either through war or diseases or vaccines – is there a sacrifice going on here? Human sacrifice?


ALAN –  There is sacrifice, absolutely; sacrifice has many forms, certainly – in ancient days they would say it was to this god or that god, for favors.  It’s always for a favor – you didn’t sacrifice something for no reason.  It was always to gain something from the deity, and today it’s the same thing – you have blood sacrifices still going on; and again, there’s so many debatable points, because it’s never discussed within societies, it’s left to the expert at the top. When you look at the United Nations Building – that land, to build that building on, was donated by the Rockefeller family.  That land was the biggest kosher slaughterhouse in the Americas, in New York.  It was saturated through ritual killing of blood of cows, and nothing happens in these characters’ systems by chance; they’re so thorough; they are very precise about these things, dates, times and places.  So they built the United Nations, which is the French for “one;”  “un” is “one.”  “Everything becomes one,” in French. And they built a big tower there, the black tower, which is a perfection of the new type of Masonic Ashlar – it’s black because it’s the Law.  The law is always black, you see – the executioner is black as well. 


HENRIK – That’s right – the black robes, of course.


ALAN –  If you follow even the old plan…their old plan is “Revelations’ – it’s not a holy plan; it was not a prophet that had a little insight when he was chomping on LSD or soma; it was a plan, it’s a “revealing,” that’s why it’s called “Revelation,” - not a prophecy; it’s a revealing and they talk about a time, of course, where no-one can buy or sell without the mark of the Beast, and how “right would be wrong, wrong would be turned around to be right, everything would be upside-down; parents couldn’t get on together, man against woman, woman against man, children against parents” – all that stuff was written in, because it had been done before; these techniques of training could be implemented once again, like Plato said; anything that had been done before can be re-introduced – and then you have a sacrificing of  the young.  Now, most abortions happen to be the first-born – the women who have abortions generally if it’s one, it’s the first child, the first-born, and so once again, it falls right in with sacrifice of the first-born; and how is it destroyed – well, they take the parts out they want to sell, so it’s a business. That’s even worse for dehumanization purposes. And they put the rest in plastic bags and they put it in the incinerator – so it goes up in smoke into the atmosphere as a burnt offering. This is happening all over – I know, ten years ago, I think it was 500,000 abortions per year and a few in the United States of America; it’s probably in the millions today; meanwhile they always go on about Adolf Hitler incinerating people in a couple of smoke-stacks. While now it’s happening all over the world, every day in every major town, and we have been taught, once again – perceptions are altered or distorted to see it all as quite normal. It’s the same thing.  Killing is killing. 


HENRIK – That’s right. You’re acclimatized to this all the time and it’s a culture of death almost.


ALAN –  Yes, it is.


HENRIK –  It’s incredible.  And I am thinking back again to all these…you know, we read about the ancient civilizations and how brutal they were, because they sacrificed, as you say, to that god or this god or whatever the reason might be, but I see it as a continuing thread running throughout human history, that this is something that actually never has ended; it almost has become more and more… it has become worse all the time and, as you say, even it masks better today than it did before, so we don’t even think about it in the context of how these ancient civilizations used to do it. 


ALAN –  If you now couch things under “science,” it blinds people to the events that they are actually witnessing; because science is just another priesthood that has taken over, using new terminologies to do the same things. It’s also interesting, in ancient times the human spine was always important in all the old mystery religions, the chakras and so on; and of course, the 33 bones of the spine are the 33 degrees. Then you go up into the skull, in the upper room, where the holy man lives, who is completely sentient and so the spine was important. You see that the main organs that they are harvesting, the main parts they are harvesting from the babies are the spinal column, and they are putting them on sale for 5,000 to 10,000 dollars, and shipping them across the planet, supposedly for stem-cell research; even though it’s admitted, that they can take any cell from any adult person and it’s actually better to use one of their cells and then alter it into a new type of cell by the same techniques than it is to use the babies; so this baby one does not wash at all; that’s not the reason that they’re killing them.  There’s something else involved in this – to actually have a business on the go, selling the dead – it’s very macabre. It’s frightening, and we’re not given sufficient answers to it. Meanwhile we see elites who have their wisdom of the ages, meaning the knowledge of the ages – the real histories of the ages – the archives.  The same family lineages at the top of all of the structure and they prosper and do very well through all of this; but they have a culture of death and destruction – and yet we’re taught to look upon them as being our benefactors. And that’s terrifying, how perceptions can be altered!  Now, using these techniques, they could have made a hero out of Hitler, if they wanted to!  Or Stalin, who was a mass murderer too, or any other psychopath in history.  However, because they are psychopaths at the top, you see, and they understand how we think – they don’t feel how we think but they understand how we think – they are giving us false perceptions on everything and because of that, we are blinded to what’s actually happening. What they are doing is proving their godhood to themselves, because a god, you see, if you see what a god is – a god is all-powerful, a god is worshipped by the people.  The people in this society have been taught to worship those who are ultra-successful, those who got to the top. Mammon, we worship Mammon.  We bow down to Mammon. And so the people worship the Beast – that’s what it meant; the people worship the Beast.  The system itself is the Beast, because it’s a psychopathic, inhumane, evil, corrupt system, where, if you are poor, you just starve to death, or you can’t afford an operation and you die; and we call ourselves “advanced,” so, once again, back in Revelations they tell you they would call evil good and good evil, and we are at that stage now.  That’s happened. 


HENRIK – And even, to me at least, the Mark of the Beast, that you won’t be able to buy and sell without it, I think that’s money itself – pretty obvious to me, at least.


ALAN –  The Mark itself is WWW.  That is 666 in Hebrew.  The Beast itself is the Demiurgos, which is taught by the ancients; and camouflaged, very cleverly camouflaged in this book “Revelations.”  Revelations was not written by Christians.  Revelations was written by the priests of the high occult societies of the day – that’s why it’s written and couched in magical terminology.  That’s why they argue about the meanings, because it’s deliberately obfuscated – it’s meant to muddy it so you can’t see it clearly, unless you understand.  And they tell you, who the Beast is, in Revelations!  Because they said that “all the cherubim and all the different ones will go round and round the god.” Now everyone thinks it’s the old Yahweh, you see?  And they are all going round, all day, 24 hours of the day, praising the god, and it tells you right there: “and his name is: holy-holy-holy.”  Holy-holy-holy in Cabaala works out 666, so the one that you are praying to is THE BEAST.


HENRIK – Ah, isn’t that nice?  It goes back and round and back and forth and then we’ll end up with the upside-down world as we talked about here; what you worship is actually the one that, you know, wants to see your destruction. Haha…oh, my god! Hey, listen, Alan, I think that is a good place to round things off for this time.  This has been an excellent two-hour conversation here; but as usual, before we round things up, in case we have new listeners with us, I was going to leave the last few minutes to you to tell us about your web site and, of course, anything what you have up there – you have Reality Check, Part 2 up there: “Wisdom, Esoteric and Time” among other things; that’s a two-hour DVD but you have some other stuff also; but tell us about your web site.


ALAN –  Yes, they should look into  and also the European site, which is   where they can get transcripts printed out for free, of most of my talks – they can download them for free in different languages. And see what I have to sell as well – I have not much to sell, but I give a lot of it for free; and print these out and pass them around, and you don’t care about who understands and who doesn’t – it’s the act that matters.  If you get one in a hundred that starts asking questions, you have actually started something happening.


HENRIK – That’s right. That’s what it’s all about – spreading the word and keep looking up and trying to figure out what is going on, and breaking through, or cutting through the matrix.  Check out Alan’s web site; of course,, that’s the main web site, and until next time, Alan, I thank you so much for coming on; it’s always a pleasure and always very informative, and nice to have you on – so, thank you so much, Alan.


ALAN –  It’s a pleasure for me, too.


                                                            * * *


Transcript:   Lee Bertie