January 28, 2007




HENRIK –  Welcome to Red Ice Creations Radio – my name is Henrik Palmgren and this is internet talk radio, recorded from the West Coast of Sweden. You’ll find us online at where we have a new show for you every Thursday and Sunday and our entire archive of regular shows is up there for free.  Today we have Alan Watt back with us for his monthly visit and we’ll begin to talk about the origins of Socialism and Communism and we’ll get into the occult aspects of this apparently atheistic political ideology. What is behind the hammer, the sickle and the star – stay tuned; lots of good stuff coming up with Alan Watt.


Welcome, today we have researcher Alan Watt back with us on the line; Alan joins us the last Sunday of each month here on Red Ice Creations Radio and we are very proud to have Alan with us.  His web site is where you can follow along with Alan’s blurbs and very powerful audio commentary; and I suggest you do check out some of his books, his videos that he’s got available through his sites; Alan is very knowledgeable about history and mythology, fraternal orders, secret societies and all kinds of movements directing and guiding our world today; so, again, with that, let me say “welcome back” to you, Alan, and thank you so much for taking time to be here today.


ALAN –  It’s a pleasure,


HENRIK –  It’s awesome to have you here. You know, I thought we could dive in today to kick things off, talking a little bit about Socialism and Communism; I heard one of your blurbs where you kind of went into a little bit about the symbology behind the Soviet flag and all of this; and maybe we can dive into that a little bit later on, but to get things going, I guess we could start at the official beginning, to kind of unravel some of the knots there.  Do you think that Karl Marx and Frederik Engels, are these guys the real founders of Communism?


ALAN –  No. We know that Karl Marx was a hack journalist; he was kicked out of Germany and brought into Britain, to basically write the Manifesto – he was so unimportant that for many years his name wasn’t even attached to the first couple of editions.  He wasn’t the main thrust; he was a person who was told what to put into writing, into a formula, really, and the theory, the whole theory of dialectical materialism and to make it into what seemed to be a science – and that’s what it was meant to be.  It was to rival existing religions by adopting the same sort of beliefs as religions run on.  In other words, the inevitability of what they call “progress” and the rising of new forms, new ways of living from the lower classes’ struggle supposedly…and as decadence set in to the middle and upper classes, then you’d always to have this fresh input for a new direction coming from the workers, which was nice on paper, but never happened in reality.  So it was a pseudo-science, which tied in heavily with the writings of Charles Darwin – it was based on the Superman-type theory, that through science, through the abandonment of all religions and simply using science, Man would somehow fulfill a destiny, which shows you that there was a religious pull to their whole preaching of Communism, that there was a destiny there to even fulfill and that’s when they wrote many books. You’ll find that all the Freemasonic groups of the day were heavily involved in the revolutions, which predated Karl Marx.  You can go back to the English Revolution – that was the first major turn, where bankers financed Cromwell to take over England and get what they called “democracy” on the go, established.  The second revolution was the American Revolution, and then of course that was followed by the French Revolution.  Freemasonic literature, even today openly declares that they have been behind every revolution for the last five hundred years.


HENRIK –  Regarding Cromwell, what time period are we talking about there?


ALAN – You’re looking into the sixteen hundreds and Cromwell was financed by bankers from Amsterdam who financed his army, the equipment, the armaments and all of that kind of stuff to change England’s system from the feudal society to the next step, which was a form of democracy, even though initially it was all for nobility, really.  They swapped their feudal system and gave themselves a Parliament, you might say…


HENRIK –  I mean, I guess we could tie this in to William of Orange and the bank system, coming out of the Netherlands, right?


ALAN –  That was heavily involved…as I say, it was on the go much earlier; you’ll find that with even the writings of More with his Utopia; he wrote Utopia about the same time or just before Francis Bacon wrote his New Atlantis.  They were very, very similar, because they were both Freemasonic or Rosicrucian writings; and they talked about a future world, where everything would be in its place and everything would have its place, run on a form of science, with lawyers at the top as well, administering the justice to the people…but basically, science would lead the way out of the darkness of religion.  From the fifteen hundreds onwards, you might say, you can see the start of this; and by New Atlantis they meant the Americas.  That’s what they meant by the New Atlantis.


HENRIK –  That’s an interesting idea and I want to return to that a little bit later also, maybe, but – regarding the revolutionary movements, one theme, I guess, is running throughout all of this is the tie-in with the Promethean character, isn’t this right?  This of course is a statue, that is, I guess, outside of the Rockefeller Plaza, or what is it, in New York there…this is basically the god who stole the fire from the other gods, right?


ALAN –  That’s right.  Fire from Heaven, meaning intellect…and there’s a good poem out there by Shelley on Prometheus: it’s “Well Done.”  And Prometheus, again, in later religions became Satan.  It’s the same hidden meaning behind all the religions; in fact, they’re all the same story.  Prometheus took light, intellect to the world of darkness, and gave it to Man.


HENRIK –  So, he is, again, the rebel, who defies the Overlord, I guess…


ALAN –  Yes.


HENRIK –  Again, the revolutionary idea, then, is to kind of always rebel against the authority.  I guess that they see it in the way they are trying to rearrange the current paradigm by actually having people to rebel or go in revolution, I guess.


ALAN –  The whole idea of the mystery religions is to bring order out of chaos. They perceive a world where everyone does their own thing, as chaos, as chaotic – they want a world run by science; where science dictates to the people and the people follow and do what they are told. It’s been like that for at least five hundred years and we see it today, where all television programs across the globe, even on regular little newscasts, they always bring experts on, to tell you what to do about this, that or the other…you don’t have to think for yourself, because they’re there to do it all for you…and that is what Bertrand Russell – he was a British Lord, a hereditary Lord, too – said:  he said –  “we’re creating a world, where the people will be unable to decide anything for themselves; they’ll simply follow the experts” – and that’s the world, the Utopia they are talking about; that’s what they mean by “order”; it’s a planned future.


HENRIK –  We mentioned earlier, regarding the English Revolution…do you know anything about Guy Fawkes?


ALAN –  Well, Guy Fawkes supposedly was brought in, and many think, at the time, because of the chaos that was reigning, when James The First of England came in…he was already the Sixth for Scotland, but the First for England.  He needed an excuse to get taxpayers’ money to build his armies up – he couldn’t find them – and it was lucky that Guy Fawkes had been brought in on behalf of some of the Catholics, and it’s thought it was an early Jesuit, really, the training that he had; and somehow or another, they did catch him red-handed, that he planted gunpowder underneath the Parliament Building and so James became the victor there and suddenly he was a hero and he got all the tax-money that he wanted, etcetera…


HENRIK –  Do you know if this is related to the huge London fire, that was reigning in…I think, it was in sixteen sixty-six, this was, right?


ALAN –  That’s right.  You always have three sixes in major events.  What was interesting too, at that time Sir Christopher Renn and other architects, who were also Rosicrucians – very high-level Rosicrucians – just happened to have a new plan of London all drafted up with new buildings…and of course, that would have lain idle, if they didn’t have the fire, so it was very fortunate they had the fire, to fulfill their dreams of rebuilding London, to get an international city.


HENRIK –  It’s an amazing date…it’s so obvious, you almost bypass that event sometimes, it feels like.  It’s amazing; and again, we can, I guess, tie this in to the fire worship of Prometheus and the idea of the Sun worship, or the fire that changes society to bring forth this new order.  Do you know if there are, in other cities and so forth, there are major astronomical alignments going on, and there are city plannings and all of this – do you know any of that going on in London, the City of London?


ALAN –  I’m sure it will be, because these guys love [this kind of thing].  They never change the methods; they always stick to the same methods – and sure enough, I mean, you will find that the major cities along the Eastern US seaboard - if you align them up, the major ones - all go on a straight line across the curve of the globe, all the way back to Stonehenge for instance.  That’s no coincidence. They love to…You see, in the ancient times, in ancient Egypt there were the stellar cults who studied the stars and the movements of stars and you had the Sun ones who watched the solar movements and the moon, etcetera, and they already had it all mapped; they knew when eclipses would come; they knew that the earth was round; they knew that the earth travelled around the Sun, in ancient times. What they said in the Egyptian writings is that they would bring Heaven to Earth, they would amalgamate the two; and so what they did was: they would build their big temples in the shape of the constellations, with the other constellations in alignments with them. If you take the constellation Orion that was the Hunter – and every Pharaoh was given the title of Orion or the Hunter, and he was also given the title, in the Greek, at one point, of Adonae or Adonis, so they had different names for the same warrior – the three stars of the belt of Orion became the three pyramids, the Great Pyramids…and they also built the rest of them; there’s other buildings on the satellite photographs, you’ll see the whole of Orion recreated on earth, and so they have always used the same strategy down through the eons in the secret brotherhoods, to bring Heaven and Earth together…by recreating Heaven right here, and that was the beginning of the plan for Utopia.


The alignments are very-very essential to them…and they go along laylines, etcetera. We know that the Catholic Church, when they came in to Britain, initially used to knock down the old temples; then an order came out from one of the Popes, and he said: “no, just reconstruct them and change them into Christian temples”…and they are all along laylines; you can actually see the satellite photographs, once again, you’ll see how they are all in alignment with each other in Glastonbury and all this kind of stuff.  This is common knowledge that came out in the eighteen hundreds, big time and now there is plenty of evidence to support this…the recreation of Heaven on Earth, but a Utopia, run by those in the know: the scientists and the Brotherhood; to make the “perfect system on earth,” that’s what they mean by that.


HENRIK –  Do you think, that they could circulate ideas up there, that on these levels, I guess, of these people, who actually are in the positions of power, to actually build cities and so forth, that they actually are communicating in some sense with “higher forces,” with these kind of messages that, “we got the idea,” or something like that?


ALAN –  Well, they put out a lot of nonsense of this.  You know, most of the stuff that comes out about these groups, comes from these groups and they always give us stuff to mystify us and intrigue us, because, it’s like many of them have said, even about the Illuminati – the Illuminati said the best way to get people into the Order is to put out mystery and intrigue, and the young go in, you see, they want to know the secrets. So they put a lot of nonsense out there.  We do know that some sects of them have used channelling – what we now call “channelling” – for centuries; in fact, we can go back to the ancient Greeks, where they would use…especially the oracles, the main oracles…They would have women, who were essentially drugged…who were supposedly in communicado with the gods, and she would murmur something in a strange tongue, or just a garble, and the priest would interpret it. That was very common in the ancient world. It’s generally women they used for channelling.  Even Adolf Hitler in a couple of his societies that he had – the Viril Society was one of them – they used a female channeller in it – and again, we don’t know how much is myth and how much is meant to fascinate us, but they do claim that some of their advanced technology was channelled through this woman for their weaponry.


HENRIK –  Interesting.  And I totally agree, it’s a jungle, basically, a mishmash of these different ideas and on one level, as you say, it’s very intriguing, very interesting and also, I totally agree, it feels like it is there to kind of mesmerize you, and kind of get you into that kind of thinking, of that kind of theme.  How do you…I mean, do you go by heart, do you study this very meticulously, in order to, kind of separate the truth from the lies, basically?


ALAN –  Yes, you can; you can definitely throw a lot of the mystery out of the window; because, as I say, they put it out about themselves, generally…to give themselves an almost… it creates awe in the listener, to think: “oh, they are so powerful and they have this magic,” etcetera.  Until you realize, no, they run mainly on science and money, of course – big money and secrecy; and they are the only ones on the planet, who are directing the course of the future of the planet.  The lesser groups, the lower orders of Freemasonry can really believe as they wish; I knew that some of the middle members, like Maurice Strong, who was picked up by Rockefeller and has been a UN front-man ever since…I know that he has his personal deity that he meditates with – now, how much of that is nonsense, or is put on a show for the public, once again, we don’t know.


HENRIK –  Very interesting. You know, it always seems to tie back to these entities that are being channelled or whatever, I mean, we can speak about of course, Aleister Crowley and his “I Was” [?], we’ve got the Book of the Law; we can speak about, I guess it was Joseph Smith of the Mormons, who also had some kind of encounter with light-beings or something like that…


ALAN –  Once again, Joseph Smith was a Mason…and unfortunately the angel that had let him translate it all – they’d suddenly given him the power to translate it from the golden tablets, then took the tablets away, so there’s no proof.


HENRIK –  Exactly, it’s beautiful.  You know, regarding, you mentioned the Nazi, the Viril Society and I guess also the Thule Society – there is this underlying theme that there was some kind of fight between the Nazi branches and them going up against Freemasonry and the fraternities that were in place in Europe throughout that time; do you know if this is true?


ALAN –  This is a standard thing – the Soviets did the same thing. Once they get in power, they abolish all lower orders of Freemasonry, because they of all people understand, how Freemasonry’s been used to foment revolution and counter-revolution.  So they always abolish the lower orders; however, while they’re in power, they keep the higher level to themselves and they still practice it in the higher level.  I mean, if you look at Himmler – Himmler had his own Masonic Knights Templar type temple, created and built…and he went by the old Templar plans with the round temple, or octagonal – I think some of them are octagonal; he was heavily involved in this; more so than any of the rest of them.  And we know that Adolf Hitler had his favorite channeller as well; and he also had a guy, who did the stars for him; his horoscopes.  He was heavily influenced by all of this too. The Soviet regime – it’s interesting – in the British newspapers, after they decided to take the walls down – because it was time to move out into society really; according to the speech by Gorbachev that he gave in the Soviet Union – it’s interesting enough: a two-page spread was done on the Soviet General Staff of the military; and they found that they’re all into the same things: channelling, fortune-telling, talismans, all the old magic stuff.


HENRIK –  So, I mean, there is this underlying idea, the official version, just that the Soviet, or the Communist, socialistic idea was atheistic in that sense, but I think you pointed out in one of your blurbs, that, again, this is a very religious movement.  I guess, could we interpret something as, if we look at the symbols on the old Soviet Union flag, I mean, the hammer and the sickle; what’s you take on that?


ALAN –  Well, on the one hand, you have the hammer, which is more of a Nordic – you see, behind all of these movements you always have a Nordic influence, and so you have the Hammer of Thor.  They also had the same hammer in the British societies that H.G. Wells belonged to – the Fabian Society, where you will see on the stained glass windows for the Fabian Society, H.G. Wells and the founders hammering the world with a big hammer. That was the same as the Soviets – where you would use the hammer, the might; but they also have the sickle. Now, the sickle is the standard tool that Chronos, Saturn - Chronos is the Greek for the same thing…he was called as the scythe-wielder.  He cut the cords between the ages, the old and the new; so the scythe was the symbol of the cutting between the old and the new age; and also it’s just like between the horns of the Moon, it’s also the Moon, you see; the Nasi in Hebrew, it means the “Head,” and it’s also for the New Moon – they called it that too; same as the Sanhedrin, it was called a “Nasi” – which is quite the coincidence.  Between the two horns of the sickle, or the Moon, you also have a little star there, if you look closely.  That again is the star of Lucifer, the light-bringer or Prometheus, the same old story – highly occultic.


All Masons and military organizations have a square where they march and that’s from Freemasonry and they call it “square-bashing” in Britain, where you learn to drill and do all your marching.  The Soviets had the Red Square – and red was the color in Freemasonry for revolution, you see.  It’s quite interesting to see that if you go to the British Police, they wear the checkered one, the black-and-white squares around their hats, because they are Freemasonic societies, they are the Fraternity of Freemasonry, in all police forces.  There you have one on the one side, then you have the red ones on the other; but they are all part of the same structure.  In fact, the Scottish branch of the military, on round their hats, they have the red and the white squares, because that comes from the old Jacobean part of their society, the Jacobean Revolution.  They still wear those same ones today, because Scots are always put out into the forefront as the shock-troops for all the fighting.  They’ve got a lot in common with the symbology of the Soviet system.


HENRIK –  Interesting, you mentioned a lot of interesting terms, like Jacobeanism, and of course, the Fabian Society; maybe we can go into that also, but there is one term I know that might also connect with the hammer, and this is the idea of “beating your swords into ploughshares.”  Have you heard about this?


ALAN –  Eventually, that was always their intention – but only after total dominance of the world is achieved…to ensure that Joe Public could never have a counter-revolution.  That’s what they mean by it.


HENRIK –  So this is the idea of abolishing all weapons in the world, after your structure is in place, basically.


ALAN –  Yes.  In fact, Communism used to say that the definition of their goal was the absence of all opposition.  That was when they would have achieved their goal. They used all the Masonic free symbols in the Soviet side as well, and Leon Trotsky wrote about it.  When he was escorted out of Russia, he was escorted through two or three different borders by Russian Police – or NKVD they were was called at the time – and he said they didn’t have to show passports anywhere, because his guides gave the Masonic flashes as they went past, and they were allowed through.  And Trotsky himself, when he died – he was writing a book on Freemasonry – he joined it while in prison.  They were all Freemasons on all sides. What’s interesting too, if you look into the United States’ Congressional Hall and you’ll see all the symbols of the old gods, the mythological gods of Greece up on the ceiling…if you go into the Kremlin, you’ll see the same thing.


HENRIK –  I mean, this again is a tie-back to, I guess, the main idea now is that all of this goes back to Greece, this type of idea, but do you think that they up there even tie this back further to Atlantis, as you spoke of earlier, considering the Francis Bacon idea with the New Atlantis and all of that?


ALAN –  Well, on the one hand, we have to remember, the whole idea of … here is something people don’t realize – and it’s not too difficult to understand when you grasp the initial parts of it – you’re dealing with a system who plans the future always, and always did.  And how clever, to write your ending as the beginning of your Holy Books!  We must remember that.  There’s a lot of hidden allegories in Genesis for instance, to give you the realization – they’re giving you the ending; they’re giving you it as the beginning but it’s actually being reversed.  Their goal is to recreate Adam and Eve in the one perfection of a deity, which is a hermaphrodite.  And of course, if Adam was the perfect image, imaggio of the deity, as a “perfect sameness,” that’s what is in the Greek: “perfect sameness,” and yet they took the female eventually from Adam – that meant that he had male and female within him.  That’s the part of the Mystery Religion. And what do we find today?  The scientists are trying to create hermaphroditic beings for the future; which will be well balanced, will obey; there will be no quarrels, no male-female anymore as such; and they can just clone more and more of them, rather than have birth for them. This is all part of stuff that has been written down by high scientific groups.  Now let’s go back again even to the same technique of putting the ending at the beginning.  Plato had studied in Egypt for years; that’s where he got his education.  Then, once he got into the high degrees, he did a circular tour – they still do this today.  He went to what’s now called the Holy Land area, to be initiated into the other degrees, and then he went to India; so this is the same thing: India is a big player in all of this; always has been.  Very quiet place, but a lot goes on there. And Plato, being a member of the Mystery Religion, knew this technique of giving you something that happened in the past, as a story, but for the initiates he’s telling you what their ultimate goal is going to be, by giving you a story as though it happened in the past…


HENRIK –  Interesting, very interesting.


ALAN –  …and even the name he gave for the predecessor in his family – he claims – and even that’s tongue-in-cheek; we don’t know if he’s pretending or what; but he said that his name was Solon, so “Sol” is the Sun, and the Greek city when they went into Egypt and dominated Egypt, their main city was Heliopolis, or “On” in Egyptian. So it was the “Sun” of “On.”  It’s tongue-in-cheek allegory in a story form for something which is to come.


HENRIK –  It’s a loop of history and mythology all mixed up, I guess, and they can tie in the knots when they feel necessary to kind of keep the same game going, over millennia, I guess.


ALAN –  All we have by any other authors on Atlantis is the same little sketchy piece, where they mention that the Atlantians were at war with the Greek colonies and they were overrunning them and it was the Spartans who saved them. They defeated the Atlantians, and as it was ending, then Atlantis sank.  We don’t have any real stories, except the ones that were invented in the seventeen-eighteen hundreds by Masons to talk about higher technologies – that’s when they put all of theses books out, that had nothing to back them up…but the more they’re repeated the more it seems true, you see…because that’s all we have on Atlantis.  We do know that if you go into the Aegean Sea, you’ll find that they’ve excavated, tremendous excavations, on the island of Thera, which is part of a ring of islands and at one time they were the outer ring of an island that did sink; we know that is true.  We do know that the people who lived there were high merchants; they owned the ancient world’s merchant routes.  And every room had hand-painted frescoes, ideal location, beautiful temperatures; they lived…they were the high-class people of their day.  We know that the middle of the island sunk, it was a volcano, and they did get off; most of them did manage to abandon it because they had plenty of warning what was happening; and that seems to be where the story of Atlantis really came from.


HENRIK –  And if we are to take, again, the mirror loop kind of idea about history and mythology, that the destruction of Atlantis, obviously again, is going to be mirrored in the destruction of America, if that is the “New Atlantis.”


ALAN –  Yes, that’s right.


HENRIK –  In one sense, I don’t know if this is the case, if we can tie this in, but, since we began to talk about Communism and Socialism, I guess there is a kind of a current ongoing invasion from South-America into North-America, to kind of merge the whole continent and all of that; but wasn’t this – okay, this might not have been Karl Marx who wrote this, but wasn’t this one of the ideas that was brought forth by Karl Marx, to kind of…


ALAN –  Yes, he wrote that in “Das Kapital” and he said that a world would evolve – if they worked hard enough towards it – where they would have a United Europe, a United Americas and a Far Eastern Conglomerate – that’s now called the Pacific Rim Region.  This was all worked out by the economists of the day; the big players like John Stuart Mill and others were all heavily involved in the planning of this; the bankers, Rothschilds were heavily involved in it too; it was foreign policy, in fact, to them.  What they do, they have different special groups of high Freemasons  – just like the monks.   Freemasonry already existed within certain groups of monks down through the ages.  If you wanted to start your own order of monks, you’d have to get a Charter either from the group you were already in, or from the Vatican.  What they did, you’d have ones who dealt with healing; now, if you were into the translation of ancient languages, you would start your own up and have a Charter to do it; and then that order would specialize in ancient languages.  Well, that’s the same way it still works today within high Freemasonry.  And so they give you the Order called the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the American branch is called the Council on Foreign Relations. They still don’t publish mainly the meetings to the public, and I’ve got a videotape, where this guy is introducing Brzezinski, and he says that: “this is one of the few publicly available broadcasts we’re giving out; generally” – he says – “we don’t allow the public to hear our meetings.”


Then you find every politician who is worth his salt is a member; every high journalist is a member; every newspaperman is a member; every high guy in the military is a member; it’s the whole system – the part of a secret society that claims it is “non-governmental” and they don’t play politics – that is true; they make an agenda and they follow that agenda, they don’t play politics.   That’s a specialized branch of higher Masonry, doing the same thing; it’s precursor was the group that Cecil Rhodes and Rothschild set up in Britain, which became the Round Table group of Lord Alfred Milner and that merged with the Cecil Rhodes Society and they became the Royal Institute of International Affairs and they were given a British Crown Charter to exist – like a license – so, in a sense, working for the British Government.


HENRIK –  Rhodes people, who got Rhodes scholarships, right?  …Like Clinton?


ALAN –  Yes – and now, of course, many politicians and bureaucrats of all countries are Rhodes scholars; they all go to Oxford for the training, they get sent back to their own countries, but they’re already sworn towards working selflessly towards world government.


HENRIK –  How would you tie in people like Hugo Chavez in all of this?  Any ideas on him?


ALAN –  Well, you almost always have your oppositions – what appears to be oppositions.  The public who are living in the bottom level of the Matrix, can clue in when they see a common enemy, one enemy that’s getting too big for their boots – so the trick has always been the dialectic – you always give an opposition to the enemy, knowing the public then will take sides…because in the mystical arts you always need at least two sides to create conflict; and out of conflict you guide the change…  the synthesis. And that’s how it has been done for thousands of years. In ancient times they couched it in more mystical language and they would say that “summer combats winter,” “spring combats autumn”…because they had to be even more secret from the powers that ruled at that time. Today they’re more open about the technique; and probably Marxism came out more openly than any other group by putting this technique down, of eternal struggle, eternal conflict to the Ultimate Goal.


In Communism, you start off with your Thesis and that could be your front group, causing pressure, knowing that for every act there is an equal and opposite reaction…so you then create the reaction to it and you put your men in there for leaders and then you have a synthesis, but it doesn’t stop there with a synthesis, which is compromise – you have now changed the system to a compromise; then you take the synthesis and that then becomes the new Thesis and it has its Anti-thesis and then it becomes a synthesis again; it’s to be never ending until they reach their final goal of creating Man as God… superman, basically.  All going back to Charles Darwin again.  And Darwin, all he was doing was vocalizing his Masonic religion, because the Masonic religion had always believed in evolution and that with the use of science and understanding Nature they could speed the process up.


HENRIK –  We had one question for you, Alan, and I guess we could tie all of this together again with the current situation in North and South America or in America at large regarding multiculturalism and how this is kind of being used – do you think that this ultimately is something damaging, or is this also one of these things that are being played out to further advance the Agenda?


ALAN –  Oh, there is no doubt…Rockefeller gave a speech and I have the video of it that was taken internally at one of his meetings with his group of the Council on Foreign Relations, and right there they’re talking about this and he says: “it’ll be unfortunate,” he said, “you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.”  And then he said: “unfortunately this generation are the cannon fodder for the Plan.”  In other words, they know that the chaos that will ensue, as people battle to try and retain their cultures and the animosity and hatred that will build up, but they will use all of that as a reason for coming down hard on everybody into a totally planned, directed society, that they will use that – so they’re intensifying it in fact.  You actually find that some of the groups that are coming up from Mexico and have teen taught to be really radically “pure Mexican” and “Mexican forever” and reclaim their old territories, are being funded by the same Rockefeller Foundations and Carnegie and Ford Foundations to be so.  These foundations, like Adam Weishaupt said, since they have unlimited financing, will control all conflicts, by financing all sides.  They are doing that exactly.


HENRIK –  So again, this is to bring in even more control, and I wanted to elaborate a little bit further; we have spent another show previously, talking about the microchip, but again, you have some new stuff on this; I mean, this is being implemented, I guess, as we speak or what’s your…


ALAN –  I’ll tell you how it’s implemented…At Loyola University where they’ve had the world meetings of science, sponsored by the US Department of Commerce, I have all of that material – 600 pages came out of that meeting…and they said they had the chip ready to go; all they have to do is convince the public of the necessity of taking it.  Interestingly enough, I was watching a professor at a university in Canada here, give a talk on the behavioral sciences, and he is a complete Huxlian  – this guy believes in the writings of Huxley – and he was going on about the techniques of mind control through drugs, through electromagnetic radiation…now, he didn’t mention HAARP, but that’s what HAARP does too and how it can pacify people and be used to control whole societies as an actual fact – he wasn’t surmising that this is something to come – he said “this is all proven fact.”  This stuff is being used on the public today as we go through these big changes – and they could make the public edgy, nervous, by a simple alteration of the frequency, or they can make us very passive and willing to accept anything if they wish to.  They’re using the HAARP technology in conjunction with the heavy aerial spraying, which is mainly metallic particles – because, years ago – you probably heard of Nicola Tesla…


HENRIK –  Sure, sure.


ALAN –  …well, there’s an awful lot of rubbish put out about Nicola Tesla, that he was some sort of “happy genius,” who wanted to benefit Mankind… Tesla worked till the day he died, trying to perfect energy plasma weapons that could wipe out whole cities…he worked mainly for the military and he did come up with the standing wave technologies, now called “HAARP” [High Altitude Aural Research Project] …and their problem was that they couldn’t use it effectively at very-very long ranges; only in the immediate vicinities.  Now, of course, they can bounce it off the ionosphere – however, it was the inventor of the hydrogen bomb in the fifties – Teller – who came up with the idea of how to get around that, to use HAARP more effectively on whole continents or even the whole world; and he came up with the idea of heavily lacing the atmosphere from aircraft with metallic particles, which would make the atmosphere like a heavy circuit – and they could then use the HAARP technology to cover vast distances and regions…and influence the moods of the people.  Well, they’re actually doing it; we’re going through it.  It’s being done.


HENRIK –  And it’s right out in the open with this latest news that you mentioned here.  When will people wake up and realize what’s going on?  Is it lost?  If they are implementing this stuff, this is contributing to the fact that people don’t have the strength, time or energy to actually look at this stuff?


ALAN –  Yes, that’s the problem, plus they’ve had the generation that now is around 20-25 that have been more inoculated at an earlier age even with more inoculations than any other group; and we know the effects of the Mercury and all the rest of the stuff they inject – everyone’s got immune system problems; everybody today has it normally.  That’s the “new normal” – and it’s because they’re attacking our immune systems, not helping them – because, if you read the writings of the guy who invented the polio vaccine, Doctor Salk – and we all think that “this is a wonderful hero” – and I went into his history and found that he was one of the main spokesman for the American Eugenics Society, who wanted to drastically reduce the world’s population…


HENRIK –  Oh, my god…


ALAN –  …that’s in the history books…and here he comes out as your “savior” supposedly; and then since then our IQ level drops and we all have auto-immune problems – no, this was part of the Agenda; I hate to say it but it’s true – and so I think those who still retain memory and their intellect, we are the last once that can speak out to alter the direction of this…because the up-and-coming group have been too heavily hit…and if you look at the writings of Arthur Koestler, K-o-e-s-t-l-e-r – he worked for the United Nations in think-tanks and laboratories, finding ways to chemically lobotomize the public for “a world of peace” –  and then you realize, “my God, they’ve been doing it.”   They have been doing it. The World Health Organization that’s part of the United Nations, in the fifties they openly came out – and this is in the old newspapers and the old books of the time – the World Health Organization, which I call “Doctor WHO,” W-H-O…they came out and advocated heavily lacing all the water supplies in Lebanon, to bring down the aggression of the people…this benefactor, the United Nations.


HENRIK –  It feels like it is to also get people totally dependent on taking drugs to actually live a decent, normal life at this point, I guess…


ALAN –  Well, Aldous Huxley was a main spokesman – now, here’s something for you.  The public broadcasting service here are running a three-part special on a promo of a series for television on the year – I think, it’s 2020 or something, or 2025 – run on fictional forms, but according to how society is going, and they all have brainchips. Everyone on the planet in the series has brainchips…


HENRIK –  Ah, wonderful.


ALAN –  …and they take you through a guided tour of the future with the hologram of Aldous Huxley of “Brave New World.”


HENRIK –  Wait…oh, wait; I think I saw a piece of this; is it like the guided tour with little children walking around?


ALAN –  That’s right.  And if you don’t take your chip, they call you a Luddite – as though you’re fixed in time, you’re an oaf, a caveman.   And this is what is called “predictive programming,” of making us think: “this is inevitable and we’ll just have to go along with it.”


HENRIK –  Exactly, because if this is the expected future, again, if young people are so conditioned into that, it will be nothing strange at all with that kind of behavior; that’s how we work, basically, as humans.


ALAN –  Sure.  But what they are not telling you, is – we have never lived in a perfect society; we have never lived in a society, where you do not have a dominant minority who run things.  Why would they give you access to a freedom?  And of course, they are not going to give you access to a freedom.  Once everyone is chipped, yes, they may give you the occasional virtual reality movie in your head, for a little while, but eventually they’ll pull the main switch and then the real purpose will kick in and then, they will have their Utopia, when we’re all robots – That’s what their goal is.   History is a course through hell for the people.  We haven’t suddenly become civilized.


HENRIK –  In one sense, if we are to look at it from another perspective, this is incredibly rich learning process in the sense that we get to know our dark sides very well during this process we’re going through here…


ALAN –  We’re all being conditioned; the youngsters, as they said at that Loyola meeting, that they would promote this through movies and cartoons, and the youngsters would want to be like their superheroes, and they’ll tell them they’ll get tremendous powers, and how exciting it will be; and now they’ve got movies out there already and cartoons for children with that very thing, where their heroes have microchips in their brains.


HENRIK –  Sure.


ALAN –  So it’s conditioning the public to this…to go along with this; however, for the adult population they need strife – they need to get all the different races fighting each other, the chaos going; the mass movements of peoples all over the world; and the chaos that will ensue – and so they can point out and say: “hey, you can’t go on like this; we’ve got to get order, we’ve got to have peace and safety, and we have the plans right here to do so.”  First they create the problem, then offer the solution.


HENRIK –  Do you think that this could be basically erupting at any point here; or, do you know, is there some kind of big step through big events that they have to get to, before they actually implement a full chaos?


ALAN –  The problem is, they have so many facets of the secret services in every country – which are all tied together at the top already; always have been – and especially since the signing of the United Nations Charter and the NATO Charter…the CIA, the Mossad, MI6 and every other group is tied together in compartments at the top; and they have special groups that can create any kind of chaos and blame anybody.  They have unlimited financing, they have experts to do the demolition jobs or whatever they choose; we already have exposés from Porton Downs warfare laboratories in Britain, where they’ve developed some of the most highly contagious forms of diseases to unleash – they can take their pick, because they have it all.


HENRIK –  I mean, one thing we could, if we’re not fighting against mind controlled clones, who are performing this kind of stuff; I guess one of our goals to actually do something about this, then, would be to wake up the people who actually are implementing these kinds of things, who are within these structures and these power, you know, these organizations, as you mention.


ALAN –  Yes, you’d have to.  The problem is, I watched a program a few years ago on the American nuclear submarines that were based in Scotland in the Holy Loch, and the commander of the base was asked, how they picked the actual men, who were trained just to work the keys and the programs for the release of the bombs, knowing that it was the end of everything …and he said quite matter-of-factly – he says:  “we have a special psychology test we give candidates for this particular job and what we are looking for are psychopathic personalities.”


HENRIK –  Oh, my god…


ALAN –  …and that’s what they’ve been doing with the scientists that work on this kind of stuff, and it’s the same test they give them; they want psychopathic personalities, who live on ego; they have no feelings for other people, and they’re obedient only to their paymaster.


HENRIK –  Listen, Alan, we are totally out of time in this segment; we have to keep the format here, but to end things, tell the people about your web site and you have some books and DVDs available.


ALAN –  Yes.  They have to go into and download whatever they want for free; there’s lots there, lots of topics; and there’s also some DVDs and MP3s for sale, and books as well.  That keeps me going, so look in there and check for updates, because it gets updated pretty frequently.


HENRIK –  Yeah, check it out:    We are totally out of time but we’re going to continue with Alan; so we’ll take a short break and be right back….


…Alan and I will continue now and will dive right into talking about the Priory of Sion, Plantard, the Knights Templar and the grail-hunters and this leads us into some fascinating areas about the latest DNA research, the human Genome – or is it “Gnome?” – Project.  We also talk about the elimination or the exclusion of the feminine, and the creation of life and the strife for eternal life. We also get into the recent news about the unearthing of the 1918 Spanish Flu by Canadian scientists – so, I hope you join us for much more interesting stuff.  Thank you so much for listening to the show and thanks to Frederik Palmgren behind the controls.  So, lots of good stuff coming up; in the meantime, stay tuned to  Take care and we will talk soon; this is Henrik Palmgren signing off.







HENRIK –  …Let’s change gears a little bit here, diving into the Priory of Sion and this kind of stuff.  But I guess, it kind of connects with the deception part of what we were talking about earlier – the growing mysticism and all of that.


ALAN –  Yes, there definitely was a Priory of Sion…You see, “Sion” is an occultic term.  It’s misused on the exoteric side for conflict-creation.  And “Sion” – on the one hand, it is the first two letters of the Hebrew word for “Sin,” which is the Moon, and “On” is the Egyptian phallic god, the regenerative force of the Egyptians…of the obelisk.  You see?


HENRIK –  Yes, si-on…


ALAN –  It’s a combination of the Sun and the Moon, the fire and the water, the two opposing forces that regenerate through each other’s conflict and create a new Sun [Son].  That’s the esoteric meaning for it.  You’ll find that Charlemagne, who was the first King appointed as a military leader for the Catholic Church – he created the first Bank for the regions he was conquering as he went through into what became France – but his first bank he made in what is now Switzerland, and they called it “The Bank of Sion” – even today, there’s one there and the river was named after it too; it’s called the River Sion.  It’s still there.  The Sion word is an occultic term with an exoteric meaning for most of the people.


HENRIK –  And the word with the “seed of Sion” – I mean, do you think that they have consciously chosen these very similar terms, to kind of mix things up also?


ALAN –  Oh, sure.  They always have a conflict on the exoteric.  That’s why they argue…everybody will argue and fight over the exoteric religions forever; and that’s what the Big Boys laugh at; because they have the esoteric meanings of their own religion, which explains it all and makes it all very simple.  You’ll find that the Catholic Church did grant a group of warrior priests the title for the “Priory to Sion.”


HENRIK –  You mentioned there really was a Priory of Sion, because there is some evidence pointing to that this was a created society in, was it the seventies or something like that?


ALAN –  Oh, I’ve no doubt that it disappeared or was amalgamated into the Knights Templars and the Hospitallers…and they simply recreated the Fallacy, a new type, just to mystify the public, in about the nineteen seventies or so.


HENRIK –  Interesting.  And, so, I mean, just as you say, that this all ties in with the Knights Templar going to Jerusalem, I guess, and digging under the Temple Mount, and looking for the grail, right?


ALAN –  Well, that’s what they talk about.  The grail itself has an esoteric meaning.  It has nothing to do with what the people think it does.  You see, that the higher…and this is the key to it – in the mystery religions of ancient times and coming up to the present, in fact, the high priests, who’d gone up through the ranks, or the degrees, would get to a stage, in some of the other degrees, or the other sects, where they would castrate themselves. The castration, you see, the theory being: if God was neither male, nor female; not perfectly one, not perfectly one or the other, then if you were neither, then you were closer to God than the ordinary people.  That was the old theory…  but it also, because the obsession with the sexual drive would disappear, you could be very-very clever, you would concentrate like no-one had done before, at a young age, for instance – on mathematics, the sciences…that type of thing.  That didn’t stop in ancient times. You’ll find even in some of the higher degrees today that’s still done. The whole Arthur Legend that came out – it was actually written in France, remember, that Arthurian Legend – had nothing to do with real people or a King Arthur; I mean, King Arthur was just a knight with his Round Table; he was the Sun, the men were the Constellations…it was your typical astrological storytelling.  However, wrapped up in it, you have where one of the knights is leaving the Chamber, the Council of Chamber, and is approached by a lady, who basically asked him if he’d like to bed her – that’s what it really was – and the procession that preceded this knight out of the chamber, was of the Templars; one of them held the cup, the Grail with the blood in it; but what was in it, was his manhood.  So he said to the lady: “I’m sorry but I have been wounded in the side.”  That’s what they always said in the Mystery Religions – they always said “the side,” instead of saying “the genitals.”  That was the high ritual they were telling you in a story form.


HENRIK –  You know, I was actually reading about the Biblical idea of Adam and Eve today, and one of the discussions going on were whether or not Adam, that Eve was created out of Adam and through his side; so, I mean, could this tie in something to do with the generativity, the re-procreation process, or something like that?


ALAN –  I have no doubt – once again, they are giving you an ending as if though it was the beginning.  We know today that we can create the hermaphrodite through genetic tampering; we know that…it’s a done deal.  It’s the same in the Old Testament, where I think it was Jacob who had to swear on his father’s thigh; they didn’t hold the thighs in those cultures; they held the penis – and that was the symbol in all Aramaic, Semitic cultures of recognition of one who’d been initiated through circumcision.  And even today, in some of the Arab countries, you swear allegiance to your lord by putting your hand under the dress and holding there, and you swear the oath – that was always the oath – you swore on your family jewels, so to speak.


In the higher grades when they were emasculated – those few that went further – it was symbolized in the grail experience in the Arthurian Legend, where the knight is asked to come into the lady’s chamber and he’s preceded by the Grail, and inside that is of course – he’s been emasculated, he’s been brought up to the higher degrees – and he says, “I cannot, lady, for I have been wounded on the side;” this is all high esoteric terminology.


HENRIK –  De Molay, at the time the head of the Knights Templar Order in, I think this was, the thirteen or the twelve hundreds – something like this; but wasn’t he accused of homosexuality and all of this stuff, when he was burned at the stake?


ALAN –  Well, they all were; in fact, in the writings of Francis Bacon and John Dee, who were descendants of the Organization – they both wrote some parts of the trials and admitted that part of their oaths was that they must comply to relieve the sexual tension of any brother who demanded it.  That was part of the Knights Templar tradition.


HENRIK –  The reason I ask is because this theme seems to be running through some of these secret societies…I mean, there are stories that the initiation process within the Skull and Bones, for example, being homosexual rites, basically. 


ALAN –  It’s not only that; it’s to show that in their religion they must have no inhibitions. And so it’s almost like a test: “are you inhibited, or non-inhibited?”  If you’re inhibited in any area, you could be of no use to them, because you must take part in your lifetime in a high planning position on even the slaughter of whole nations, if need be. So you must not be abhorred by anything, which would abhor the general public, including any kind of sexual contact.


HENRIK –  Ah, and could it also be that they’re actually setting up, I mean, let’s say George Bush, and of course, John Kerry being members of this society, Skull and Bones…I mean, could it be that they’re also, at the same time, setting up these people?  They are being compromised when they’re doing this, basically, because they can always be taken up with this kind of thing in the media; so they have them “by the jewels,” so to speak.


ALAN –  Yes, it’s a willing blackmail.  You see, they know what they’re coming into…they know that they will be blackmailable, but they’ll do it willingly, knowing that generally it will never be used upon them, because they plan to follow instructions, knowing they’ll be well looked after generally in the Order. However, if they were ever asked to sacrifice themselves, they allow that to happen too. That’s a risk they might take.


HENRIK –  Interesting.  To kind of, again, tie this back to the Templar, and as we began, when we were talking in the beginning of the Priory of Sion; it is one, I guess, family line, calling themselves Plantard, or if this is maybe just one guy at this point – do you know anything about him?


ALAN –  Well, he could have emerged only with the book of the “Holy Blood, Holy Grail,” written by Baigent and Leigh and a guy named Lincoln…and supposedly these guys just happened to get an interview with this man that then no-one could find; which sounds fishy to me to begin with; and I know they distorted a lot of reality when they claimed, for instance, that one bishop of a little place in France suddenly was catapulted into the highest realms of society, when he’d found secret things inside two pillars in his church; that’s your typical Masonic con game, because if you go into the histories in France on this particular bishop, you find that he got rich by blackmailing the people that he was taking confession from…and they were all nobility.   That’s the story, but they took more than just liberties; they distorted reality completely.  Their job was to create mysticism for the Orders and make it almost exciting.


HENRIK –  Because there are a lot of stories, I mean, this is, of course, I guess, you are referring to Rennes-le-Chateau and this kind of stuff…


ALAN –  Yes.


HENRIK –  Can we connect this in any way with, for example, the Cathars?  Do you know about these guys?


ALAN –  The Kazars are written mainly by some of the Catholic writings, because they were in church with them early on; in fact the Kazars saved the Catholic Church by stopping the Moor invasion – if it wasn’t for the Kazars, there’d be no Catholic Church.  They had the biggest, best organized cavalry of any people of their time; and we know that there was two…there was the Royal Kazars, who were the nobility in the middle, who only interbred with each other; they were red-haired and blue-eyed primarily; and they also took in, like the British Empire, tribes to act as soldiers on the outskirts, so you had a mixture; and some of the ones on the outskirts were even Moslems, even though most of them were asked to join Judaism, when they were given the choice supposedly between becoming Jews or Christians during the wars, and they chose Judaism, Talmudic Judaism.  Not all of them had to do it, and so they even had tribes on the outskirts, of the dark-haired ones, and different types; so it wasn’t just one race of people; the real race was a small group in the middle, of Royalty, really, and their cavalry was comprised mainly of the sons of the leading noble families.  What’s interesting is, when Kazaria disappeared – and they’d lived around the Black Sea area primarily – many of them moved into parts of Poland and what became Germany and Russia; but no-one ever explained where the royal ones went, with their army – their massive army; they had massive monetary wealth, they were incredibly wealthy – and then next thing we know is: we’ve got the Norman invasion of Europe, with people with the same standards as the Kazars had.  They went through Europe – it took many years to take the whole of Europe over, but they had unlimited financing and weaponry, and a trained cavalry that no-one could stop.  And they used lances, just like the Normans did; same thing as the Kazars did, and armor, so it’s very possible that those were the noble families of the Kazars that moved in there and became the present-day royalties of Europe.


HENRIK –  Interesting…Oh, really… there’s also a region, Southern France, connecting with Portugal and also Spain, the [Pyrénées] Mountains, going in this region; we have people, the Basque people…very interesting, it seems to be some Moslem influence going on there – do you know if there was any mix with the Cathars and the Basque people?


ALAN –  It’s very possible to be some; because they were a highland people and they did like the high ground, the highland ground; so it’s very possible they would go into the Basque region, which is more mountainous… It’s very possible indeed.


HENRIK –  And again, I guess, we could go back to the Knights Templar theme, if we move up the legends, so to speak, it goes that a fraction of the Knights Templar, who survived, fled up to Scotland, right?  And these guys – again, we have the “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” connecting with the Roslyn Chapel and all of this stuff…do you want to talk about that a little bit; do you know something?


ALAN –  It’s overblown to some extent, again.  You see, authors can have a field day stretching this off to infinity, this kind of information; however, we know that around that period the Rosicrucians were the main secret societies in Europe.  Roslyn Castle isn’t much different from other castles I’ve been in, I’ve been in them all; and you’ll see the Green Man, the man of Nature; you’ll also see animals which you only had in North America, like porcupines, before Columbus.  The reason being, the Knights Templar, with their treasures and their fleet – they had a fleet of ships – didn’t get lost; they went to the West Coast of Scotland and they settled in Argyllshire and they used that as a base to go to the Americas. They were in the Americas long before Columbus came along.  There is no real mystery, when you realize that the lay organization that the warrior priests created were the Rosicrucians.


HENRIK –  Do you think that they together – Knights Templar, Rosicrucians – and that kind of mixed up all of this, created Freemasonry, and of course, the Scottish Rite later on in England?


ALAN –  There’s no doubt at all – in fact, they always swore revenge on France and we know that Philip the Fair did not last too long after he killed “the Mole,” you know, De Molay – I call him “the Mole,” “Jack the Mole.”  He was killed off, however, what you do find in Scotland was Robert the Bruce, in 1314 – the same year – suddenly nationalized Scotland by defeating England; and when you go into the history of Robert the Bruce – he was called “Robert de Brucee” – he was a Norman knight, he wasn’t Scottish at all – and so he nationalized the country and gave us taxes for the first time…


HENRIK –  Oh, wonderful…


ALAN –  What side was he on?  I do know one thing though, in the early 1960s, Robert the Bruce was entombed at [?Inferblyn] Abbey, I think it was – and they wanted to make a statue for Bannockburn, where the battle took place; and they did take his skull out – it was in all the newspapers – and they had the photographs of Robert the Bruce and used that to make a copy and a plaster of it and a bronze face; and it did say in the newspapers that a Masonic ritual had been performed by high Freemasons to open the tomb; and once they were finished with the skull, they put it back and then did the Masonic burial once again.  Now, why would they do that, unless he, of course, Robert the Bruce, was an early Rosicrucian, Knights Templar?


HENRIK –  I think, the skull again is very interesting in relations to the Knights Templar; we have a theme running throughout that legend that connects with the beheading of John the Baptist.  Do you know about this?


ALAN –  It’s an allegory for a system – you’ll find the same stories, that sort of legend in India and so on; almost all the same stuff that’s in the Old Testament and the New Testament is taken from earlier Mystery Religions in Egypt; and the beheading of John the Baptist.  John the Baptist is the one who cries “change” for the future. You might say that Lenin was one; you could say that Karl Marx was a John the Baptist.  That’s why they always have their “Saint John” in Knights Templars. The one who paves the way out of chaos towards the planned future; and who predicts it and shouts: “it’s going to happen,”  “make his path straight.”  You see, “straight,” again, a term from geometry and architecture.  It’s all allegorical of the system. And being Knights Templars – now, Knights Templars were warrior priests, who were to have nothing to do with women.  And so the women were always…even long before there were Knights Templars – this is an ongoing Mystery Religion; it’s like a chameleon; it changes its colors down through the ages – they always give the female the blame, because she is emotional; whereas they want no emotion – they want nothing but pure functionability and logic, and so they’re always killed by the female, the sensuous female who beheads them, you know.


HENRIK –  Ah, and of course, I guess, this also connects with the fascination and the idea of stuff like “eternal life,” considering that without the female there is no procreation or next generation involved.


ALAN –  Yes.  And in the old ancient Mystery Religions, even amongst the early Arabs, they said that ultimately that God would be born out of man – not woman.  So, this all ties together big time, big time – and that answers a lot a questions as to why science – which only goes in the directions that it’s funded to go – that’s the way you point the direction of science – we could go off in thousands of directions, but it always goes towards a handful of things.  The genetic decoding is one; but also Australia did a test a few years ago – it was in the newspapers – where they made an artificial womb from a man’s colon material and impregnated him to see if he could carry a baby to term.  Now, why would they be doing that?


HENRIK –  It’s insane, I think…


ALAN –  Why would you be doing that?  When in your health services you can’t get in for a simple appendicitis?   They spend millions to see if a guy can have a child...


HENRIK –  Oh, it’s amazing.


ALAN –  …unless there’s an agenda behind all of that.


HENRIK –  Exactly.  We have themes running throughout that, like the movie, the pregnant Arnold – I can’t remember the name of the movie, but it’s amazing.


ALAN –  Strangely enough, I watched a NASA documentary; it was a simulated program, a film put out, two-hour special, a few years ago with David Suzuki, who is up there with the World Wildlife Fund – he is a geneticist, though – and it was about long-term space travel to mine the planets, like they’ve mined the earth; and how they would do it and all the rest of it, and the long journeys; and it was even discussed on the air if there was a way to make man reproduce himself, efficiently, en route, then they would have to find it and do it.


HENRIK –  Amazing…and again, it explains the strange, as you say, avenues that some of these scientific ideas take, when they are developing and funding these projects.  Do you know, regarding the human Genome Project and all of this stuff, I mean, this was allegedly completed in, when was it?  2000, 2001? – but do you know if they were completing this way before the official date?


ALAN –  Oh, they have been playing with genes before they had even declared that they had found the gene.  Because I was reading an old book by Rutherford, who was the mathematician for the Royal Society of London, England – one of the best mathematicians they had at the time – he did the pyramid measurements and so on for the Royal Society – and he was writing his memoirs and he said in it, that he had been working for the last years of his life on genetics.  Now, why would you need a mathematician to work on genetics, if you hadn’t actually physically seen genes?  It tells you that they had already found them long before Watson came along with his double helix and so on.


HENRIK –  Amazing… you know, again, maybe we could tie this back to…not tie this back perhaps, but get back to speaking a little bit about the…I’ve been reading a little bit about the Merovingians and so forth, this line of kings, but do you know about the Carolingians?


 ALAN –  There was the two branches.  One of them actually were the advisors who took over when the previous bunch became decadent through time; and so you had the Merovingians, who eventually sort of took over from the old Carolingians or Carovingians.  Merovingian – when you break it down in Masonic parlance, “Mero” is “Mother,” and “Vin” is the vine, you see?  It’s the Tree of Life, so it’s a branch of High Nobility of the Tree of Life, that’s the Mother.  That’s what they mean by that.  These names are all occultic names that we have down through history of the big players.  It’s the same with even Genome; that’s a gnome, as in English, with a silent “G” – you can generate the gnome.


HENRIK –  Was it the Hebrew, the “Golem” was also some of…


ALAN –  The Golem was a Hebrew idea; it was a Kabaallistic idea, actually from a sect in the Polish area, the Hassidic group, who are a bit more fanatical than others – like all groups have their fanatics and their fundamentalists, you might say – but they were into different kinds of spells and omens and formulas like that; but in the 1500s there was a rabbi came out and published that he and a friend – and it’s done tongue-in-cheek, so you’ve got to take it at face value – he said that they had created a Golem, which lasted,  I think, 48 hours, by literally writing it on a wall, meaning a formula.  A Golem is a perfectly working, efficient slave that doesn’t rebel or anything, but it’s also part of a Kaballistic side of Judaism, the magical side, where the Golem was to be a creation by calling on the powers of certain Demons or Entities; they could breathe life into a Golem, a man-made creature, like a statue, which would come to life and fight for them; an artificial entity, or robot – you might say that Gort of the movie that they did back in the 50s with Michael Renny, when a kind of spaceship comes down on the White House lawn, the robot was called “Gort.”


HENRIK –  In “The Day The Earth Stood Still…” or what was the movie called?


ALAN –  Yes.  And I published years ago that “Gort” was just “Trogg” backwards. One of the big authors has just republished it again.  Trogg is also a music group from the 60s that did a very interesting song – people should look into it; very telling.  The Troglodytes in the ancient terminology were the people who lived within mountains or caves – albino almost; people who survived from a previous age with knowledge of the previous ages – that’s where that comes from.  That robot in a sense would be a Golem; one Rabbi a few years ago, when Reagan was in, said that a computer is a form of Golem. It’s an artificial slave.


HENRIK –  Interesting.  Do you think that they could be playing around with genetic…I mean, combining stuff, or actually creating, basically…I don’t know if monsters is the right word, but let’s say like this – if they are interested in ever forwarding their agenda on creating some kind of mystical theme going on, this is something that tremendously would help to propel that kind of emotion within the human species, like an alien invasion or whatever.


ALAN –  That’s right.  The alien invasion is an old idea brought up by John Dewey – John Dewey first came out with that; he said: “The earth would unite together, if we just were attacked from out there somewhere.”  H.G. Wells, who worked for the British Government, and that’s being now being admitted to – he worked for the Secret Service Department as a propagandist – wrote his “Shape of Things to Come” with an alien invasion; and over the years they put out so much propaganda about “the aliens coming, the aliens coming” – to get the public ready for something; but it’s the last thing they would ever have expected, it’s the atmosphere they’re hitting you with; with spraying you from “an enemy out there.”


HENRIK –  Exactly, and of course, we have Reagan addressing the U.N. with the same theme.


ALAN –  He said that same speech so many times when he was in office,


HENRIK –  Oh, it’s amazing.  I talked about this with a previous guest regarding – I don’t know if you heard about this, but this was nuclear bombs going off in the television series “Twenty-four.”  Again, it feels like they’re after, as you say, the sensation, creating that mind-set within people, and it doesn’t matter anymore if it’s on TV or if it’s actually happening; it’s that sensation, as you say, that they are trying to create…that’s my take on it, anyway.


ALAN –  Oh, absolutely.  All the stuff that grabs us and fascinates us is deliberately worked out to program us along a certain way of looking at life and thinking about life; they always supply us with the answers, of course, in the movies and in the programs; and that’s why it’s called “predictive programming.”  It makes us feel that when something happens in society, we’ll think: “well, that was inevitable; it had to work out this way” – because we have been programmed to expect it.  That’s why all the movies today have brain-chips in them and stuff like that and tracking chips, for the very near future – it’s all getting us used to the idea before it’s implemented; that way, when it’s suddenly sprung upon us, there’s no shock.


HENRIK –  Exactly, and you get so easily acclimatized to that kind of idea that they are portraying; I mean, there’s stuff going on, if you turn on the TV today, that I have to kind of remind myself and actively, consciously think when I’m looking at it, to be able to actually react to the way I would suspect myself to do, to get a reaction from it; because it’s so shocking or it’s so absurd, or whatever, but we get all the time so acclimatized to the propaganda that they are putting out there.


ALAN –  It’s amazing how much stuff they are putting through in fictional form, wrapping up with excitement, to grab the youngsters, who are going to be the main targets; as they go through life they’re going to see it all happen.  We forget that even Lenin himself said that society can go off in a thousand different directions, but the public mustn’t be allowed to know that; they must think the one they’re born into is the only natural evolution there is. And society goes off and it could go off in any direction that the funders of all research and so on would give the grants to…that’s how they direct what sciences are going towards what.  If you were trying to get a cure for something – a real cure – you’re not going to get any money.  They decide where society will go through science.


HENRIK –  Exactly; that doesn’t propel the agenda and again, the idea that you have to take drugs for everything, basically; everything, from your immune system to basically your sexual drives, as seems to be the latest fad, to get people hooked on pills to be able to make love, basically. It’s so sick.


ALAN –  What’s interesting too – if you look at the histories of guys in the seventeen hundreds, they had no problems in that area until they were seventy or eighty years old.  All the studies that have been released today, show that men, before their thirties, some of them, are losing interest in any sexual activity.  They have been heavily hit, as people like Charles Galton Darwin said – he talked about the tampering of people’s hormones to stop them from breeding.  And I think they have been doing it through inoculations too – and the food we eat.  Men are actually losing interest in this.


HENRIK –  Again, that’s a perfect way to control the population, reduce the population right there.


ALAN –  Yes.  And that’s the hardest thing for Joe Average to believe, because he’s been brought up with a fake reality; he has been taught that he has all these unseen benefactors above him, who are experts and they are paid to take care of them. The last thing he will expect is that they are there to actually manage us like a herd and they do.  You know, when they had the SARS outbreak in Toronto a few years ago there – which really was a no-goer; more people died due to the ordinary flu that year than ever before – they had the experts on for the Centre for Disease Control, Canada Branch; on every day on the media, scaring the hell out of everybody, and one of them said, when they were asked plans for containment and so on, she says: “it’s all under the herd management.”  Herd management.  Of course, the interviewer, when that was brought up, didn’t ask why she used the term “herd.”  They are calling us “the herd,” and that’s the official medical term now for the people.


HENRIK –  Incredible.  It’s a zoo – that’s what it is.  You know, regarding another article I saw a while back, and maybe we could, next time when we speak, get into this more, because, I think, Canada in general is a very interesting country, much like Sweden and Switzerland; there are a few of these that kind of go in the kind of neutral theme, I guess, in some sense, but anyway, this article was regarding a few Canadian scientists, who had now recreated the 1918 Spanish Flu, I think…


ALAN –  Actually, they had a documentary here and you can find it if you go into the archives and the doctor who was sent off in this research team was called Doctor Campbell.  She was heavily funded by Canada to go off and dig up bodies in the permafrost, mainly in Norway, I think it was.  However, the odd thing was a guy from Norway, on his own, supposedly, came over to Canada, went up North to the Inuit Indian territory, and got permission from a leader there, a woman, to dig up bodies.  Well, he got the ones with the active viruses in them. This was all documented in this documentary, which you can download.


HENRIK –  Oh, do you know the name of it, so people can search for it and look into it myself?


ALAN –  It was “deadly” something.


HENRIK –  Okay, I’m going to see if I can find it.


ALAN –  Doctor Campbell was the head of the Canadian team.  I think it was simply called “Unearthing the Spanish Flu” or “Unearthing the Killer.”  It was “Unearthing” something – it was called.


HENRIK –  Excellent.  I’m going to do a search for that and see if there might be a copy on Video Google or something like that.


ALAN –  They did find live viruses, that was on the documentary; the ones up in the North of Canada were still in proper permafrost; the ones they found in Norway had thawed and refrozen over the years, so they couldn’t get the viruses; but the ones in Canada, they got live ones – and they now have that disease all ready to go.


HENRIK –  Amazing, I mean, all of these kind of themes are so scary.  I remember, again, another article regarding this; and this was a Norwegian scientist, I think, who has now created this data-bank of seeds, basically, with loads of genetic diversity in them; which I think they called it the “Ark” or even “Noah’s Ark” or something like that.  It is this very doomsday kind of theme that is going on, not totally behind the scenes, because this is in some sense out there, because this is stuff you can pick up in the news, basically – so there is this underlying theme that something is coming and someone is actually preparing to save seeds and this kind of stuff.


ALAN –  I know that, because when Margaret Thatcher was in power, it came out in the British papers then, that there was supposedly a publication for the public available at libraries, which wasn’t available at all, on what to do in cases of emergency, such as plague or whatever or atomic warfare. It came out that Margaret Thatcher, and she came on British Television and talked about this, she says: “yes, that’s true; there are places, underground bases for the Elite to go to; and those who were essential for the continuation of government,” and then she was asked by the team, I think it was a “Man Alive” team – she was asked: “well, what will the general public do; how do they save themselves?” she says: “well, it’s everyone for themselves, then; if anyone comes to the shelter, special SAS Service members will just shoot them down.”


HENRIK –  Oh, my god…


ALAN –  That’s what they have for the general public.  Actually, the Man Alive team did get a hold of the booklet that’s supposed to be available to the public – it was sent to them by the Government, a lot of that was blacked out in ink, however.  And this is NATO, by the way, so any NATO country, which is a member – now, NATO is just “Aton,” remember; it’s a scrambled “Aton” in the mystery Sun-religion; and it’s got the Swastika for its symbol, if you look at it very carefully – NATO countries all signed the same deal that in case of emergency and infection or contamination with radiation or bacterium or viruses, the military will have to get put up cordons around the cities in all areas – any member of the public trying to flee the area is to be shot on sight; if whole groups of people try to escape those places, they have to be bombed from the air with CS gas. And that’s official NATO policy, for the people.


HENRIK –  Amazing.  And you know, one thing to just finish things off, because we are actually approaching the end of the time here, but this brings me to population control and all of this, regarding the Georgia Guidestones on this.  This guy, who allegedly financed the building of this was called R.C. Christian.


ALAN –  I know, it’s a play on Christian Rosenkreutz…that’s what it means.


HENRIK –  Exactly; that’s my point.  Again, the hints are right there, if you look at it.  I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out some of this stuff, which feels like they’re wanting people who are a bit aware of this to actually pick up on these hints and threads also.  I don’t know what they are trying to do with that, if they are just trying to create this…


ALAN –  It’s also a Masonic ritual of legalism; high Masonic, where it literally has their agenda for the people; it has literally been “written in stone” and viewable to the public.  Jacques Cousteau, the guy who loved the little fishes, was another member of the same society, and he said in an interview, just shortly before he died, and for a magazine, that they’d have to kill off… he says: “we’ll have to kill off at least three quarters of the world to save the planet.”  So he was all for this agenda too, which doesn’t surprise me, since Jacques Cousteau, who worked for the British Secret Service in World War II, had a brother who worked for the Vichy France Nazis, on the other side of the Channel.  They worked both sides of the same thing.  It’s a fascinating history we live in.


HENRIK –  Yes, absolutely, totally, and again, we have to continue next month, and again, thank you so much for coming on; but, again, to finish things off, tell people about your web site.


ALAN –  Yes, check in for all of this information and a lot of other stuff too on for free downloads and for things to purchase to explain things further.


HENRIK –  Awesome.  Thank you very much for coming on, Alan.


ALAN –  It has been a pleasure.


HENRIK –  You have been listening to Red Ice Creations Radio.  Until next time.  Take care.



Transcribed by:  Lee Bertie