Oct. 14, 2007






HENRIK – A warm welcome to Red Ice Creations Radio. Thank you for tuning in to our broadcast.  This is Henrik Palmgren and we are coming to you from the West Coast of Sweden in Scandinavia.  We have a new program available for you on Sundays and Thursdays – talk radio on important topics with interesting guests for your consideration. We have our regular guest Alan Watt back with us on the program today. Alan has spent some time with us once a month, talking about important subjects, varying from mythology to history; conspiracy and the New World Order and so much more, that he covers over at his web site:

Welcome back to the program, Alan – great to have you on the line again.


ALAN – I’m glad to be on.


HENRIK – Great.  What has been going on over at, since we last spoke?  You are keeping busy, I see. 


ALAN – Yes, I’ve got more shows coming up.


HENRIK – Definitely, you do, like almost one every day, I guess – not a radio show, perhaps, but you are definitely putting up your audio blurbs that you put up there; it’s one every day, I guess.


ALAN – Yes, pretty well.


HENRIK – Exactly; keeping busy to keep an eye on what’s going on in the world and just trying to track it all.  It’s a full-time job, as it were.


ALAN – I try not to get waylaid by the details; because when you know the big agenda, you don’t have to wait to see what politician introduces what bill; you know they must do these things – and the politicians are interchangeable.  These plans were laid down a long time ago; you know the agenda and you expect all these laws to come to pass as they go on their way.


HENRIK – Speaking of the agenda, I have to ask if you heard about the recent developments over here in Europe.  You know, we got ourselves our own Council on Foreign Relations as it were: the “ECFR” they call it.


ALAN – That’s right.


HENRIK – I am not jealous of the US any more, you know?


ALAN – No, no; now you have one too.


HENRIK – Isn’t it great?


ALAN – We’re equal.  We are equally under the totalitarian propaganda rule.


HENRIK – That’s right. It seems to be they are modelling the EU after the US in that sense very much; probably in the future it appears to come here – that they are probably going to bring in a president, like they have over in the US, to not watch over it all, but be the puppet, as it were, of it all, you know?


ALAN – Well, Karl Marx talked about it, remember, in the 1800s – you’d have a United Europe with the Scandinavian countries included, and you’d have a United Americas – that’ll be the second one; and then there’d be the Pacific Rim conglomerate as well.  Three massive trading blocks, each with a provincial government, and so the national government becomes “provincial” under a Super World Government, and, well, here it all is, and voilà, it’s all a coincidence, eh?


HENRIK – Exactly.  I mean, my mind goes back to basically the Holy Roman Empire; I mean, the EU, when they had this Constitution that was signed back in October 2004 – this was, of course, subsequently thrown out by the Dutch and the French by votes in 2005, but when they signed this treaty or the Constitution, this was basically in front of this colossal statue of Pope the Innocent the 10th.  And this reminds me, draws my mind back to the Holy Roman Empire; that’s what I see as the model here, basically.


ALAN – Well, these characters, especially the Council on Foreign Relations, which is just, remember, see all non-British Commonwealth Countries have a department, they have their own department – they have them.  And they are called “the Council on Foreign Relations.”  In Britain it’s called Royal Institute for International Affairs. That’s the parent – that’s the Big Grand-Daddy that runs all the CFRs, the Council on Foreign Relations groups.  Now, they came out of the Rhodes Scholarship program for world government, based on the British model, the British Empire.  Cecil Rhodes set up the Rhodes Foundation for scholarships, who would pick people, not so much the brightest people, but bright enough, but also who were involved in social issues at university, and they would be promoted for world leadership – and they merged with the Lord Alfred Milner group, the Round Table Society, and they became the nucleus for this world system. They also are the ones who put forward the League of Nations and then the United Nations. They helped draft up the constitutions for them. It’s the same group, you see, based on free trade, trading regions or blocks under a Super World Government. This is all their agenda, and you’ve got to remember that even in Sweden and Norway and Denmark, they’ve had Rhodes scholars being sent over for years, trained.  And when they come out of the Rhodes Scholarship program at Oxford University, they will go back to their own countries – doors are opened for them and they shoot to the top.  They are not only up in politics, but they are inside the bureaucracies, which is perhaps even more important. You have had them for years, working towards this system.


HENRIK – Okay, Oxford University, you say. I have heard that a lot of the professors and so forth on Oxford; I don’t know if Cambridge also is involved…or kind of these high-level socialists were actually referred to as the Fabians. Do you know if this is true?


ALAN – What they did was they branched out from the Rhodes and Milner Foundation, the Royal Institute for International Affairs; and they looked at the categories of society from the upper and middle and lower classes and they set up a particular society, sub-groups, that would lead each section of society – and so for what appeared to be initially for the working people, they gave them the Fabian Society.  They became the top Labor leaders, and they also were put in charge of big-big unions and so on.  However, in reality they were all part of CFR, or Council on Foreign Relations.


HENRIK – There we go, and I think Billy Clinton is one those high-level guys that were. He was a Rhodes Scholar, wasn’t he?


ALAN – Yes, he was; so was Pierre Trudeau of Canada, who became Prime Minister.  Pierre Trudeau, it’s quite amazing, the man was the head of the Comintern Party, that’s the International Communist Party.  He led the delegation from Canada of the Young Communists in 1952 and yet, years later, he ran to become Prime Minister of Canada, and not one single newspaper mentioned that fact, which they all knew. He became Prime Minister of Canada.  He started the national debt rolling off, he pushed integration, the multicultural idea, and then started the ball rolling into integration for the Summit of the Americas.


HENRIK – There we go. Do you know if the Rhodes scholarship is still around to this day?


ALAN – Yes, they pick them every year, and still send them.  That’s the premier foundation for picking and training world leaders – not for countries, but for the world integration.


HENRIK – Do you know if Blair is involved in this also? Tony?


ALAN – Well, we know that Tony went to Oxford; he was an Oxford man; he was groomed at Oxford and I am still waiting, now that he’s left his main position, because the press always, afterwards, tells you more about Prime Ministers and who they really are. Up until now we don’t know who, really, this man is – we know he went to Oxford University; we don’t know anything about his lineage, his parentage or anything else. That’s still a big mystery, but one day they will eventually tell us and he’ll be related to the right people, you will find.


HENRIK – Exactly, definitely. And I guess the other one going in there right now, Gordon Brown has just…It’s interesting, that they always put in – not always, but in most cases the Finance Minister that has been under the former Prime Minister, when he leaves, they get the finance guy up there. That’s happened in Sweden many times also – do you have any idea why that might be a strategy for them?


ALAN – Yes, because we are run by economics, basically, and the banking boys and fraternities are high up there in placement of Prime Ministers, etcetera. They want someone that knows the con game of banking, which is just a big con game, and compound interest, debt, taxation – the system. In other words, the whole system, which is a form of slavery, that keeps us all under the Big Fist, and they need someone who understands the cons, who will go up there and sign everything he is told, into law.


HENRIK – That’s right; I don’t know if it was the inaugural speech of Gordon Brown, or if it was the speech that he did before he was officially put in as the Prime Minister of Great Britain, but in this speech, I don’t think you could squeeze in the words New World Order and New Order more in a speech, to actually make it just contain of those words, you know.


ALAN – There’s no doubt. See, we are under a complete, integrated, well-organized, well-connected, inter-connected system here of what appears to be different groups, but in reality it’s just a pyramid of groups, all taking their orders from the same head. And it’s been a push, a dream of theirs – this world utopia for a long-long-long time – a utopia for them, that is, for the Elite; and they’ve written about it since the French Revolution fairly openly, that eventually they would have war after war; and if they could simply speed up the process of creating wars and bring the synthesis out of them – and the treaties that come out of them, which means further integration, bigger empire-building.  Eventually you join all the empires together.  It’s like three or four chessboard games going on at the same time, and eventually those boards get put on the big board, and we are all integrated together. This is their strategy.        


HENRIK – This reminds me again, if we go back to the E.U. for instance, and we have been talking about this connection, with the Biblical connection I guess we could say, because there are very interesting correlations between if you look at the EU, the Parliament in Strasbourg, the building itself; it is very similar to a painting that a guy called Peter Brüeghel did back in 1563 and this is kind of a famous image of the tower of Babel. Have you seen the correlation between the building in Strasbourg and this painting? Have you seen those?


ALAN – Yes, I have.


HENRIK – Isn’t that amazing?


ALAN – Yes, it is amazing and it’s also the old, what they used to call “the invisible college,” this allegorical type image in the mind of this round-round tower-type structure that the Rosicrucians brought out in the fifteen hundreds – and those artists in those particular days were members of the Rosicrucians. You’ll find a lot of occultic meanings within their artwork. I am not surprised at all.


HENRIK – Yes, because, again, they had an ad connected with this image. If you look at the Strasbourg building that is very similar, of course, but then, they have an ad – I think this was back in the seventies actually, or maybe later – an ad for Europe, basically, and one of the texts on the poster, basically, was:  “Europe – many tongues, one voice.”  I mean, again, it goes right back to the Tower of Babel and the one language that everyone had, you know, at the beginning.


ALAN – In the fifteen hundreds the Rosicrucians, Francis Bacon, John Dee and others said that they were creating the international language of the future, which would be English; and that’s the international business language of the present.


HENRIK – Could we connect this with the Commandments on the Georgia Guidestones maybe?  Have you heard about this?


ALAN – That’s the same thing; and Christian Rosencruz, which is Rosen Cross, or Rosicrucian. That’s all it means; and the Rosy Cross has always been a symbol of the higher occult, where “those with spirit” (meaning themselves, in other words) would guide the world into this final Utopia that they plan. However, they also want to kill off – because they do believe in eugenics very-very strongly; they believe in breeding, good breeding.  Not a new idea; it has been there for centuries and centuries and centuries.  In fact the Old Testament is nothing but begetting and who marries whom – it’s eugenics.  Eugenics has always been involved with the superior types and the inferior types, according to themselves; and they want to kill off the “useless eaters,” and that’s why we live in an economic system, which is theirs, the psychopathic system – and therefore, the system that’s coming in, they don’t need all of those workers to service the world and make and produce things; therefore, they want to eliminate what they call the “useless eaters,” as Lord Bertrand Russell called them.


HENRIK – Going back a little bit to the Bible again – this reminds me, when you were talking about the breeding and the eugenics of it all, that this has to do actually with the bloodlines or even the line of – I don’t know if I should say – Cain, because that’s probably the wrong idea here; but I tie this together with the idea of the punishment after the tree in the Garden of Eden and all of this; that death actually was something that was put on Man, or a sin that was put on Man, because of the thing that happened in the Garden with the Fruit, Tree of Knowledge and all of this. Do you think that there could be some kind of more esoteric overall, over-arching theme here, to actually tying this together with life extension technologies and living forever and the punishment of death, basically?


ALAN – Well, the Old Testament, remember, is all allegory of the rules that this system works by.  It’s nothing to do with real people.  And Cain and Abel – one represents the nomadic type that follows his herd; that’s Abel.  He was able to do it, you know.  You’ll find that Cain “could,” but he was static, in the beginning of what they called “civilization,” as the end of nomadic life and the beginning of agriculture; that’s what it means, when you get people static, together. Now they have homes; now you can own the homes, you can own the farms, you can own the land. Therefore it was a system coming in under the idea that they gave the name of Cain.  Cain means king; cane means ruler actually; they used to use that in the school; the ruler was made out of cane, by the way, bamboo. And so you have the measuring of everything, the measuring, the weighing everything through cane.  From Cain came King, and Kingu is what the ancient Mesopotamians called their king: Kingu – all these different variations of cane.  However, Cain and Abel: Cain shows that he who had the will to kill off competition would become top, he’d become the top man. That’s what it really means – and you eat your enemy; in the ancient times you used to eat your enemy symbolically, and you took the power of that enemy into you.  That was cannibalism: Cain-Abel – cainabel – cannibal. 


HENRIK – Ah, there we go – exactly, wow, I haven’t even thought about that. I was thinking about things like cocaine and sugar-cane, you know, the drugs and all of that stuff, you know.


ALAN – That’s right – that’s why you get “high;” you measure the height; you get high on drugs and it’s all related to the old Mystery Builders, the big builders of society. As I say, it’s not real people in the Bible; it’s an allegory of the system.


HENRIK – It’s an allegory that they are following, I guess, and that they are trying actually to implement on our level, or at least, if there is methodologies in there, like the Book of Revelation and all of this; this might be something that they are actually trying to create here or striving for, in one sense.


ALAN – There’s no doubt; there’s no doubt that in Genesis, or the Gene of Isis, you have a beginning; and it starts with “gene,” the word “gene,” remember. And we remember that; never forget the word “gene.” It tells you in there, that there’s a Deity – right? – who creates first Man and Woman in Chapter One in the perfect sameness, the imaggio, the perfect, perfect sameness as the god – meaning they were gods themselves.  In Chapter Two it tells you: there was no-one to till the soil. Now, the first one was called Man and Woman, in the “perfect sameness.”  Chapter Two – you have: there’s no-one to till the soil, so Adam, meaning earth: “ruddy,” “red” – and Eve were created. What it means: it’s an allegory of a superior type that has ruled the world, who are like gods to themselves as far as they are concerned, but they don’t do the work.  Adam and Eve, the “commoners,” do the work.  So the Bible starts off with a class or caste system built right into it for those who understand it. 


HENRIK – Wow – that’s amazing. Exactly; there is so many connections here, again, going back to the Bible; we have talked about this before.


ALAN – It also tells you – they told Adam and Eve to go out and “replenish” the earth, meaning it had been plenished or populated before this god came along.


HENRIK – Exactly; what’s that all about, and even when Cain got his mark by god, because he had slain Abel, he was afraid to go out in the land, because he was afraid that he would be lynched, basically, because of what he had done. So, again, suggesting that there are more people out there, you know – the beasts out there, and that might be even kind of a reference to – how shall we put it – the people or the humans that were around at that time, but weren’t considered to be within this class that you talk about of Adam and Eve – the rulers, basically.


ALAN – That’s right. Therefore, technically, you see, most folk are not Man of Woman, they are descended from another species, as far as the Elite are concerned – a “lesser” type of being. “Human,” as they call it and even the word “Huma” from the earth again, comes from it: “red,” “ruddy” – earth, earthy.


HENRIK – I thought that Hu-Man stood for “humble man” – do you know if that’s true?


ALAN – Hahaha. Well, I’d say the “hum” part is true – we’re good worker bees; but it’s really from the earth, from the humus.


HENRIK – Okay, that’s an interesting thing. Hey, listen, I just want to return a little bit and talk about the ECFR again, just mention a few of the members that are in there. Most of these guys I haven’t heard about, these are the regular, I guess, politicians from around Europe; former Finnish President Marti Ahtisari and the current special UN Envoy for Kosovo, one guy called Joshka Fisher is the former German Foreign First Minister or I might get that wrong, I am not sure; and former EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Timothy Garton Ash, and one guy from Poland; Foreign Minister – but one interesting guy that they have in there, I guess, the representative of the bankers or whatever, was George Soros – and he’s got a good spot, I guess, in there.


ALAN – That’s right – the front-man for the Rothschilds.


HENRIK – Yes, so he’ll be making decisions, I guess, on the economical plane and telling the other guys what is up and what is not, economical-wise.


ALAN – Yes, they think so far ahead. This is what Margaret Thatcher referred to in her speeches when she was touring the globe after she left as Prime Minister of Britain. Her lecture tours were entitled: “The New World Order” – New World Order. She said: “We, all the ex-Premiers and high politicians” – meaning the high cabinet politicians – “we have formed and are part of a parallel government (unelected, but previously elected), an unelected parallel government.  We all know each other, we all work together towards a greater cause, a greater future.”  Now, this is exactly what was brought up at the beginning of the nineteen hundreds in England, when the upper elite were complaining about this idea of democracy, and that democracy with conflicting parties and bickering, could never get anything done in a hurry, because of all of their arguing – and therefore they had decided to set up this Royal Institute for International Affairs, which would be a parallel government, which would incorporate all of the ex-Prime Ministers and Presidents into it. That’s what we have been living under; and professor Carl Quigley – who was the historian for the CFR in America, and who had the access to all the records – wrote the two great books on it: “The Anglo-American Establishment” and “Tragedy and Hope;” and he said – and this in the 1960s – he said: “We have been under this form of government, this parallel government, this secret government for over fifty years.”


HENRIK – There we go – right from the horse’s mouth, as it were. Because I had a question about this a while back, actually.  Someone who was interested in these subjects and wanted to talk more – do you have any good book recommendations beyond…I guess the biographies of the big boys themselves are the best source to kind of get it from, the horse’s mouth as it were; but do you have any good suggestions or recommendations for people, who want to dive into further about this?


ALAN – They have to go into the books put out in 1944-46 by high politicians or ex-Prime Ministers.  Lots of them came out in the Americas and in Britain at the time, because they all belonged to this Royal Institute for International Affairs, CFR – and they all pushed books for Global Integration under a World Government.  They didn’t get their way; they thought the public were ready to bow down after WWII, and they were very cocksure of themselves, so they published a lot of their findings – but they didn’t get away with it, so they went quiet again; but worked steadily towards the integration secretly.  There are stacks of books there put out, but I’d have to go through by a list though, to get them.


HENRIK – Maybe we can go into that for a future program; we can go through some of those, or some recommendations, if you have some, of course. Great. Hey, listen – I just wanted to squeeze this in here: I saw recently a lecture by a guy that I currently don’t remember his name, but he was talking about an organization called  “Common Purpose.” Have you heard about this?


ALAN – I have heard about it.


HENRIK – That was a brief lecture that I watched; I am not that in tune with everything what it’s about and so forth, but this was basically – I should boil it down that this was basically something that he referred to as some kind of mind-manipulation or even some kind of cult, basically, that trained politicians and people in different kinds of authority positions to actually to work, again, of course, as the name implies, a “common purpose.” What I found interesting in this, was that they said they set up the organization as a charitable organization.


ALAN – They always do, a foundation.


HENRIK – Okay. Tell us about that, because he was referring to that there are actually different laws that go in as you set up a charitable foundation.


ALAN – Yes, you do.  Number one: they can funnel large amounts of money into the foundation without taxation. Therefore, they are not subjected to tax; they also get special exemption laws as far as disclosure of their book-keeping: who they are giving it to; where the money comes from or anything else; but if you go back into the writings of Albert Pike, for instance – he talked about it, he said: “we shall gain authority and power over everyone by using every means at our disposal, by collecting money by any means possible, including manipulation of the stock market; and then we shall become masters over the masters of the world.”  What he was referring to was the creation of great foundations and that’s been reiterated again by other characters. Adam Weishaupt said the same thing: “we shall create huge foundations, which then will put out charitable organizations, which will be political leader organizations in reality; and fund them heavily, and they would demand laws will get passed, all in the line of our agenda.”  And that’s what we have, and they come under charitable institutions.


HENRIK – Wow, exactly. And he even mentioned a guy that talked about this, the “common purpose,” that there are different specifications here, in regards to what you actually have to keep track on, or the bookkeeping, basically, on what is being said under the meetings; there are different laws here, meaning that they don’t have to keep track on it in the same way; and what I thought about right away, was that: “hey, wait a minute, isn’t Freemasonry kind of a charitable organization?”  This is one of the attributes that goes hand in hand with this; that, you know, they have a lot of charities too… you know, if it’s burn victims, or give money to hospitals or whatever it might be; but a consequence of that then might be that there are different laws that this organization can go under – do you think that’s one of the main reasons why it’s a charitable organization?


ALAN – Yes. You’ve got to understand that all the occult have hidden behind “good works” from the very beginning. When the Knights Templars merged, they merged with the Assassins, the Hashishin of the Middle East – that was an Arabic sect, a very old Arabic sect – they merged with the Old Man of the Mountain, and the Old Man of the Mountain used to run orphanages, massive orphanages – they’d take in the “widows’ sons” and bring them all in and train them in a mountain retreat and called it “Paradise” and gave them hashish and so on; women, everything they wanted, gave them a good education and sent them out into the world to be advisors to other princes and caliphates and so on. However, when they were told, even twenty years later to assassinate someone, they would go and kill them. So they always hide behind charitable institutions, because it’s very hard for the average person to see behind the charity and the con-game that’s going on behind the charity.  Now, I know people at the Rockefeller Foundation and all these foundations work together; they are not unrelated. We find that the big foundations, the Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie and a whole bunch of them were heavily involved in the creation of the Nazi Party and the war machine, and those same families that ran the foundations, made the big company I.G. Farben, the shell company, that was Hitler’s war machine and these guys were never prosecuted, you know. And they are still running the show.  Even the Bushes, Herbert Walker was involved in the Trading With The Enemy Act – he got off with it though, that was the Bush family. All the present players we have in the US and across the world were all funding the Nazi Party, strangely enough, in World War II.  Now they run the big foundations as well, and they have their NGO leaders. Now, Michael Gorbachev, who was, remember, the Premier of the Soviet Union – he had been head of the KGB at one time – gave his parting speech to the Politburo when they were putting down Communism, and he said: “shortly you’ll hear that Communism is dead – but don’t believe it; we are simply expanding into the next phase.”  Well, at the same time that he was saying that, Alvin Toffler came out with his book: “The Third Wave” and Newt Gingrich was handing it out to Congressmen on the Congressional steps. ‘The Third Wave’ (Third Way) was talking about the amalgamation of a bureaucratic, communistic system to run the masses on behalf of this fascist elite at the top. That’s the merger of Communism and Capitalism, which it was designed to do in the first place.


HENRIK – Exactly.  The two dichotomies come together and form the new…ah, that’s amazing.


ALAN – I do know people who work inside the Rockefeller Foundation and I know people who do nothing but sign cheques to these big foundations, these other “charitable” organizations. Remember that the Soviet Union was run technically, technically by NGOs: Non-Governmental Organizations, but their heads were picked by the Politburo and they would demand from the Government they pass laws on this and laws on that; and the Government happily did so. That’s the system they have brought here, and the heads of these NGOs are given full-time salaries by the big foundations.


HENRIK – Tell us more about the Non-Governmental Organizations. Is that something that would merge later but was started up in the Soviet Union, then?


ALAN – Yes, in fact that’s why the Soviet Union meant – soviet means that “rule by councils,” NGOs.  In other words, a pretense for the people.  Well, these Non-Governmental Organizations, like “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” – they are getting us used to being stopped on the road, when you didn’t get stopped before by the Police – checkpoints, etcetera.  They all have ulterior purposes, but they pretend to speak on behalf of the public.  Now, these NGOs, groups, these Non-Governmental Organizations are not elected by anybody, remember. We don’t vote for them and under one of the big amalgamation treaties for the Americas they had three years ago, for the first time the Big Boys at the meetings said: “we have to bring in some of the NGO leaders to speak on behalf of the public.”  Well, that was the con there: I knew that was going to happen eventually, because the NGOs aren’t elected by anybody, they are not democratic.


HENRIK – So this basically could be any kind of organization and the only thing that makes them is the law that makes them an NGO, is that it?


ALAN – What it is, it’s acceptance and authorization of the United Nations. If the aim of the organization is on the list, the accepted list of the UN, they are authorized by the UN.


HENRIK – Aha, I see, okay, there we go. That’s nice; this could be everything from even lobby firms and stuff like that can be NGO or…is that wrong?


ALAN – Mainly they come from the guise of “helping the public;” but really it’s putting chains on the public. You have “International Mayors of the World” Society – now, the Mayors…you think your town Mayors are elected by you?  No, once this guy’s elected, he is now a member of the United Nations International Association, and he gets his newsletters and his agenda right from the UN.  You have International Education Authority groups; parents’ groups for education that belong to the UN and they are unelected as well; they get their orders from the UN; everything comes from the United Nations to standardize the world.


HENRIK – So this is applicable world-wide?


ALAN – Yes.


HENRIK – Oh, wow, my Gosh.  Yes, I definitely need to read up some of that, Non-Governmental Organizations, NGOs.  Hey, listen – I wanted to mention in this program here also, because we have something, an event upcoming soon in the US – an exercise, actually, something called: “Topoff Four and Vigilant Shield 08.” These are exercises designed to test official Reponses to the “detonation of radiological dispersal device” on the US territory.  And of course, the exercise will be overseen by Dick Cheney; he will travel to Portland to coordinate all Federal Departments and agencies – the response to these simulated attacks.  What do you make of this?  Again we have the drills or the exercises – I don’t know if I mentioned it, October 15th to 19th this is going to occur.  Anything to worry about?  What’s your thought on that?


ALAN – It’s one of the big tests to amalgamate – see, what you have now: they are called “Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces,” that includes Police, Special Units of Police, Military, Special Forces, even firemen, ambulance people and even civilian groups within, again, society, the authorized civilian groups, who are all working together to see if they can contain whole cities and regions within the US and Canada and Britain too. I think that even Australia is participating in some places. It’s a “lock-down,” and it’s not just to do with nuclear fallout; it’s also to do with supposedly a plague that comes out, a pandemic or even a hurricane or something like that. They are using anything that could possibly happen as a guise to try and lock down cities, to see how all of these agencies can cooperate together. Now, these agencies first broke out as a Multi-jurisdictional Task Force idea and Emergency Preparedness, back in the early nineties, nineteen nineties in Europe and they had practice drills in small towns across Canada in ninety-five.  I saw one happening, and they had actors or volunteers acting as people who had been hurt; and the military was there, police, ambulance and all the rest of it; and it’s in a potato town in Canada, all they grow is spuds; and I said: “what on earth is going on?” and they said: “well, just in case if there is a terrorist attack against Baxter Laboratories,” which just happens to be one of the main inoculation laboratories that was involved with I.G. Farben.  I thought who on earth would want to blow up this place?  This is in 1995, long before 9-11.  Then they gave us all booklets; all the people across the country were given these little booklets on “emergency preparedness” against all man-made or “Acts of God” type disasters, so they were getting ready for it back then.  Now you are simply seeing the whole dress rehearsal come into play; and I really think – you talked about the Georgia Guidestones and so on – I think that the plague idea is the perfect way to control and terrify society into compliance into the whole new agenda that’s coming along – they can move people off the land, vast amounts of people; they can move them into the big cities for “safety;” they can quarantine whole areas if they wish to.  There’s so much they can do under the pretense of plague. That’s what I really fear will come, eventually.


HENRIK – That’s not good at all – the reason why I thought this was interesting also, was: if there’s something in a name, it’s that’s what I kind of was triggered by so to speak here, at the “vigilant shield,” because the one that Dick Cheney, the exercise that he oversaw during 9-11 was called “vigilant guardian.” So a kind of eerie similarity there, so again, I don’t know if…


ALAN – They’re the “guardian class,” according to Plato – that’s what they called them: “the guardians.”  It’s interesting that he uses that term; and the shield, of course, a vigilant shield.  Now, a shield – it’s very vague; a shield is something that can stop incoming, but it can also stop those behind the shield from going forward; and I think what they’re going to do is to contain. You see, all NATO countries, every country that signed the NATO pact has been under this for twenty years.  The “Man Alive” series in Britain, years ago did a documentary on a booklet that’s supposed to be available to every European and Scandinavian; and it’s what to do in times of emergency; and this thing was not available to the public. The “Man Alive” film crew got a copy; most of it was blacked out, but what was left was bad enough; and under the laws of the NATO countries, if there’s any radioactive or biological fallout in an area, then everyone in that area is to be completely contained – and that’s the only point of it – not to help them, but contain them. Any people breaking out from a town or city have to be shot on sight by the Military, and large groups of people trying to flee have to be bombed from the air with – I think – CS gas. Killed.  That’s the NATO policy for “containment.”


HENRIK – Well, exactly; I mean, I guess they have this kind of attitude towards that; especially if there’s some kind of plague; even if this is artificially induced as it were or not; I guess that their policy to this to prevent spreading or whatever, is to be basically how ruthless they ever can be, you know. 


ALAN – Isn’t that amazing down through history – I always say that you can read books put out by big players in the political field, where they outline what they’d like to see happen in an agenda.  Then you see all of these strange things actually “happening.” Now, how come every time it’s called a “coincidence?” – they get what they want.  You will never find anything happening outside of their control, in a “natural disaster” or anything, that aids anybody else; everything happens to aid their agenda, on cue – even the 9-11 deal.  They wrote about it in the nineties, that they needed something on the scale of Pearl Harbor to get this war started in the Middle East – and lo and behold, they get their wish. I mean, these guys are the luckiest characters I have ever heard of.


HENRIK – Well, you know, that’s why they are all leaders, you know – they are lucky, that’s it.


ALAN– That’s the whole key to it; and this “pandemic” idea will be the greatest way to completely change society; especially when you remember Rumsfeld, when he said: “this war might take a hundred years.” He was talking about the complete alteration of the entire system of society into a new system.


HENRIK – And even just the threat of a plague-type virus going around; I think that would be enough.


ALAN – Oh, sure; that’s why they gave us the predictive programming of movies like “Outbreak,” and all the subsequent ones that came out afterwards.  All they’ll have to do is show you a couple of guys in these biological suits carrying a stretcher; tell you that there’s a plague.  And that will be on TV, so it “must be true,” and we all panic.  It’s like the mad cow fiasco at the time. For the mad cow fiasco they showed you the same one cow staggering across a road in a barn, towards a barn. The same one cow, the same shot over and over again.  You never saw any other mad cows.


HENRIK – Really?  I didn’t think about that. That’s a good point. What do you think the agenda is there?  Because I read recently that they were trying to get it more popular for people to go away from the meat diet and so forth.  Do you think that’s a… 


ALAN – It was in Alvin Toffler’s book.  Alvin Toffler, again, the guy who did “The Third Wave,” the one that Newt Gingrich was handing out. Now, Newt Gingrich, remember, is the guy who opens up the Loyola meetings at Loyola University for world scientists to do with the brainchip. The same Newt Gingrich, he was handing out that “Third Wave.”  In that book by Alvin Toffler, it says: “We shall create a vegetarian world, and it must be so.”  He doesn’t tell you why it must be so; he says that “it must be so.”


HENRIK – Ah, that’s interesting, exactly. Again, it’s all these kind of…on every small little level there are these ideas somewhere to steer people into… even if they implement it through a fashion or through a threat or whatever it might be.


ALAN – Or the New Age too, it’s been pushed through the New Age for a long time, vegetarianism; and yet they copied that from the Brahmanistic idea of India; because the Brahmins advocated that for a religion and the public accepted it and you see the malnourished, very thin and stunted growth, not too bright people at the bottom there that have been brought up in a very poor diet, not just a vegetarian diet, but it’s also a restricted type of vegetarian diet. Once they’ve got you all vegetarian, now you are on the modified vegetables, that’s all they will allow and gradually they will exclude certain types of proteins from your meals, till you can’t even get beans anymore.


HENRIK – That’s the other side to all of this, that you have the GMO being implemented on this level too, which of course, you know, everything from…basically poisons you and changes even your DNA to actually, you know, being more…not enough nutrition is, basically, in the food itself.  So that’s a high risk, as it were, that I see.


ALAN – In all warfare, you go for the main infrastructure: food is first and water. Food and water – down through thousands of years, go for the food and the water.  And when you realize what they use – and they use this in fish too.  I saw a program on television here from the Ministry of Fisheries in Canada; and they had these water troughs going past people, workers standing next to these very small machines and they picked up a fish every couple of seconds, just touched it against this little thing, which used insufflation, like the Star Trek device, for injections that doesn’t break the skin, but it goes with high force through.  And it forces through e-coli; e-coli, which is used to go in deep within the DNA and the e-coli carries the new DNA structure and therefore, when every cell of that fish dies off, as all cells do, as it’s renewing, the new DNA attached to the e-coli takes over and then completely recreates the fish. They have been doing this for years, and here we are getting all of these modified foods, still with the same DNA structure attached with it with all of the different e-coli inside it, by the way – they are still active – and we’re being bio-engineered.


HENRIK – That’s a scary thought, that’s for sure. Exactly, that’s why I also think that actually, growing your own food and actually, again, you know, learning how to plant something, how to grow something, becoming more in tune with nature, I see this is as a kind of a key part, a key component to all of the information and learning about all of this stuff also; learning how to plant and how to grow something – I think that’s one of the best things you actually could do in a time like this. What do you think?


ALAN – In a time like this, there’s no doubt about it; although I do see the day where they will forbid you to even have a garden.  They’ll call it “anti-social,” if you are trying to feed yourself. In the system that’s coming up, you are supposed to be “inter-dependent,” and that’s going to be law.


HENRIK – And people are going to demand it too, sure.


ALAN –You’ll find that city people will, they’re the easiest ones to go along with.


HENRIK – Exactly, exactly. But still, we’re not at that level; and people still can own land, fortunately and we can still grow our own food and I think that’s a good idea, something to strive for.


ALAN – If you can get a hold of the old un-modified seeds, there are a few companies left; as far as we know, they have the un-modified seeds.


HENRIK – Exactly.  You have to hook up with some of the indigenous people somewhere and get the…like the CIA did, I think, when they bought some seeds from the Native Indians when they were going store seeds in one of their underground facilities, and then they didn’t go for the supermall seeds or whatever; they got to the real source, you know, the Native Americans, and bought corn seeds from them.


ALAN – What we have to understand is, the public of the world are under attack; it’s a war – it’s a total war we are under.  We have to realize that for the first time; and really snap out of it.  Big companies, like Monsanto, made secret deals with the Canadian Government – I have no doubt they did it with other governments too – to test out the GMO foods on the Canadian public without the consent or knowledge of the Canadian public; that’s been admitted to, now, in Canada. We were all guinea-pigs.  And how could a “democratically elected” government – it shows you you’re not democratic, you see – how could they possibly enter into a secret deal with an international corporation to test out the main, most important thing in your life, apart from water, is food, for survival.  They did it for 10 years before it broke out from Britain by chance, that we were the guinea pigs. We’re not under democracy.  What you’ve got to realize is: Monsanto and the big boys, who are obviously authorized by the same high group in the world to be the front leaders in this.  Monsanto has been grabbing all of the grain and seed of pretty well everything that had never been patented before; and using a loophole, which they made sure was in the law – because the law system works for them too.  Because they hadn’t been patented before – no-one had thought of it, they just passed seeds on for hundreds and hundreds of years – they are putting patents on all of the existing seed, including the unmodified stuff; so when you start to get that seed and grow it, they can come on your land and say: “hey, that’s our seed, we own the patents to that.” You have no right to grow that stuff.


HENRIK – Really, and the original stuff  too?  I thought it was just the seeds or the plants that they actually changed something in.


ALAN – No; for five years now, they have been; every day there’s dozens of varieties of seeds that simply haven’t been patented, they are doing it every day.


HENRIK – There we go – so they can demand interest on that later, or…


ALAN – That’s right.


HENRIK – Oh my god, exactly.


ALAN – So we are under world attack here.


HENRIK – Gosh, my god… You know, Alan, I just want to run this by you before we round things up here for this time. Al Gore, winning the Nobel Prize:  What do you think about that?


ALAN – The gory-man, eh?  Well, the gory man there didn’t surprise me, because his father and the ones before him were basically trained by Armand Hammer – and Armand Hammer was a big player for the Elite in his day. He had his own offices across from the White House, and he also had his own offices in the Kremlin of all places.  Next he worked with Lenin and then Stalin. These families, again, these international families are all part of the high occultic groups. Well interbred, not too bright, Al Gore, they have given him his job; as long as he reads his lines, and has his ghost-writers write his books, he’ll be okay – but the idea, it’s not his idea, it’s an old idea – and sure, they’re going to promote the green-green-green. Remember: red is labor in Revolution.  Blue is Conservative. Look at the ties they wear at election time. Green is the Green Party. These are all Masonic lodges.


HENRIK – The coloring again, exactly.


ALAN – Blue, red, green and so on.


HENRIK – You’re speaking about colors; how about orange, the color orange?


ALAN – Orange is a new infusion of two colors; however, orange also goes back to the Royal Families of Europe, especially in Britain too; because they still have one of the main bases at the Hague in Holland, the Netherlands, and it’s called “The Free State of Orange.”  That’s where the International Court is right now for the UN; that’s where the Kaiser Wilhelm went after World War One. He was never brought up on charges; he went there, because they have international “Free Status.” Just like the Vatican; they can’t touch them


HENRIK – It’s Free State of Orange, it was that name? 


ALAN – Orange Free State.


HENRIK – Okay, well, interesting.


ALAN – Also, the main radical group to fight Catholicism for Britain is called the “Orange Lodge,” the Masonic lodge – it’s a lodge too; so you have red, orange, green, blue and so on.


HENRIK – Exactly. I am thinking, even of William…William of Orange?


ALAN – That’s right; “King Billy” they called him too, because he came right over from that particular state: the Orange Free State in the Netherlands.


HENRIK – There we go; very interesting. Again, I want to thank you for coming on the program again. I think it’s good time to round things up here for this time. It’s always a pleasure to have you on; it’s always very knowledgeable, discussing the things that we do; and as usual I want to leave the last few minutes the floor open, as it were, to you so you can talk a little bit about your web site and promote the books and CDs and the stuff that you have out there.


ALAN – Yes. Look into  for lots of free downloads on all the various topics in the history; the history of all of these things that we were discussing today, and much-much more; and look into the European site:  for transcripts available in other languages.


HENRIK – Excellent.   That’s the main web site.  Alan Watt, thank you for coming on, and we’re looking forward to speaking to you again.


ALAN – It’s a pleasure.




Transcript:  T. Freeman