December 31, 2006





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Today, we have Alan Watt back with us for his monthly visit and we are going to kick off this show speaking about the microchip, so stay tuned. Important stuff coming up.


All right. Now let's get this show going. Well folks, we are just in between the Saturnalia festivities and the upcoming New Year celebration and we're very glad to have Alan Watt with us on the line and we are doing our third show I guess together with Alan and we're very honored to have him here again with us. When we spoke last time we just got into mentioning the introduction of the implantable microchip and I'd love to kind of follow-up on that today. Basically, pick up where we last left off but of course before we get to do that let me just welcome you back, Alan, to the program and thank you for spending some time with us during these holy day seasons here.


Alan:  Yes. It's a pleasure to be here.


Henrik:  Awesome, awesome. So to continue our talk from last month, what would you say, Alan, is the clear sign that the shipping of the global populous so to speak is upcoming?


Alan:  What we're actually seeing in the newspapers I think authorized columns or writings on this very topic. In fact, last week, about a week ago, there was an article written in the "Toronto Star" and I read it in one of my blurbs. It's up on my site and they went through the step-by-step process of this inevitability of brain chipping the public and how it will be implemented, starting of course with prisoners and then of course the welfare people, that's traditional, and then working their way up and up and up. That coincided with another blurb which I read off a website in England which is in the forefront of this whole idea with Professor Warwick from England. He's the front man that's been chosen to push this stuff because it's quite comical. He's pretending that he's on the cutting edge of technology with implants in his arm that interfaces with his neurons, his nervous system, and yet they were doing those experiments in England in the 1950s, so this is old stuff. His propaganda spiel is put out there to familiarize us with the idea and to make us think it's still rather harmless and primitive. That's what he's doing because they're so far ahead of that.


In fact, the article in the "Toronto Star" talks about the fact that they could put a chip right into your brain which will enable computers to interface with you. What's interesting too is Sweden has been on the cutting edge of that for the last 25 years.


Henrik:  Yes, yes so I've heard.


Alan:  They were using prisoners. I don't know what they give them in return for this but they were interfacing them with computers and this was in the international newspapers as long ago as 15 years ago. Old stuff really and they have to get the whole population under total surveillance and ultimately under total control for what they describe at the top as world peace.


Henrik:  Do you think we have - if we are to interpret you know the globalists - I don't know what we should call them here, but their plans. Do they have a deadline you think?


Alan:  I'm certain they'll have a deadline because everything that they do – if you look back into the British Foreign Policy from the 1700s onwards, they worked plans to do with continents in India and Africa and even expanding the Commonwealth. They had certain aspects of it down for 50 year plans for one country, 100 year plans for another and you find that same technique transferred into the United Nations where they have plans to takeover the entire water supply within 60 years, 100 for the food of the world as they go through the United Nations. They'll be no private farming as we know it and the UN has said on their own site that they will dispense the food to each country and we better keep the populations down because they will not give us extra should a population increase. This is where it's all going but it's all worked out in 5, 10, 15, 100 year plans and we saw the same thing in the Soviet regime and the same thing in Communist China is still ongoing. The plans that are happening today, the things we see manifest today were planned at huge board meetings before you and I were even born.


Henrik:  Amazing. You know it feels like concerning the - again I've mentioned this many times on this program now, but the thing regarding the increased environmental threat and this seems to be a the moment at least a perfect justification to kind of implement all of the surveillance including the chipping of course of the population and also I guess a global taxation and stuff like this and can you see this emerge also in regards to [inaudible]?


Alan:  That's right. You see for major changes you either have a full-scale war. War traditionally has been primarily for change. That's one of the secondary purposes of war, apart from profit, and you'll find Professor Carroll Quigley and others who are right up there as advisers to presidents at times, Professor Carroll Quigley said that the main purpose of war is to change the social structure of society. He said you can do more in five years of war than 50 years of peace on a social scale. When you understand this is an ongoing war regardless, most wars are never openly declared upon the public. They're simply carried out but under a threat - a threat from another nation, a threat from outer space, from the solar system, from the sun itself, whatever it happens to be they can then push us into this long-term plan to get us into habitat areas, no private property and ultimately a society which will serve the state willingly. They've written lots of books about this at university level and higher and it's no secret that's always been the long-term agenda.


Henrik:  Do you think that they see this coming age as the - I've heard this philosophically I guess speaking about the Age of Order and the Age of Reason and even I guess in quotes here enlightenment and is this the kinds of methods they used to implement their version of what order in the universe?


Alan:  Exactly. For the New Agers that were being groomed from the 1800s onwards and people don't realize it took a long time to even create the hippy era of the 1960s because it started in the 1880s and front men like H.G. Wells were promoting free love through their books in the 1880s and they were paid by the big boys. It's like getting a locomotive engine started up and moving. It takes maybe a half a century or longer to get it up to speed and then once it's up to speed they start gradually changing the direction that they want you to go in and so nothing happens spontaneously in this world. If it happens then it was planned that way. Under the guise of global climate change, which they're causing with their weather manipulation and the U.S. actually had an article in major newspapers this year saying that shortly they would control the weather. They'd own the weather they said. We'll shortly own the weather and we are seeing it manifest now with the constant spraying worldwide and the use of HAARP on top of that because now they're making a huge circuit of the earth's atmosphere and they can direct hurricanes and storms wherever they wish and they can create droughts as well - just as easily. This is old stuff which they've signed into treaty - the United Nations in the 1970s - weather manipulation for warfare purposes.


Henrik:  Yes, so what we're seeing here now I guess them playing out is an essential part of their plan to implement this global [terra] eco system.


Alan:  Yes. They must convince the public worldwide that the public themselves are the cause of it and then they come forth with their radical plans to save us all. Of course that means stripping you of any kind of independence whatsoever in the area of food, clothing, heating, whatever that keeps you independent. They want to be totally in charge of you.


Henrik:  Sure. Just today looking at a Swedish newspaper on the Internet that claimed you have to turn down your heat basically in your house if you and your kids are to survive because everything will be total ruin by 2000 - I don't know what they say. 200 or something like that but it also feels like they're not saying like it's going to be implemented by let's say five years down the road because if they did that people would you know kind of I guess give up on it and say well it's too late. Now they give this date like it's something that will affect your grandchildren or grandchildren's children, children or something like that so people are still in fear mode but still feel powerless to kind of react in a coherent way to this threat.


Alan:  Primarily because we never are presented with all the facts. In fact we get very little in the way of facts but when you've watched and you've watched for years a lot of the main players - you see, the real men with power and Professor Carroll Quigley mentions this. Those with power are never elected by the public so they're not responsible to the public like the Henry Kissinger's and the advisers. Maurice Strong is a very big one. He's been working for the Rockefeller Foundation and the United Nations all his life and when you watch where they move this man and what is job is you will get a glimpse of the plan 20 years before you see them implemented.


In the 1980s he was pulled off of the United Nations World Bank for a period of two years and strangely enough they put him in charge of Ontario Hydro which is electrical power for the whole of Ontario, Canada and while he was there he set up the process of privatization and this is stand to. They get the public to build up the public works and then they sell it to peanuts to each other. This is standard. I've watched this my whole life in different European countries.


However, Maurice Strong also in the late '80s was advocating special relief funds and taxation to big corporations to put in massive diesel generators with no explanation given except that in the future they would not be the public power supply as they have come to know it. He knew that back in the 1980s he was working on that.


Henrik:  By the way, what's your take on nuclear energy? Is that something do you think we need or do you think that this is one of the most - is there something else behind nuclear energy? Do you think there is something to it at all because it seems to be a very destructive force to kind of get energy basically?


Alan:  It's destructive. However, I think that they also have plans to use that for space travel if they're not doing it already, which they probably are, and that may have been the real reason for it in fact but because they have so many higher sciences that we get glimpses of but we're never given access to create much cheaper energy. Again, when we stop thinking the governments are there to serve us and we look from the other side, the other point of view from the governments - the real world government, it's already here, from it's point of view they're after total control. They're not going to give you anything that's free that enables you to be even freer so they'll never give you any alternative form of energy. Whatever they give us will be under their direct control because they just always be in charge.


Henrik:  You know have we been kind of handed I guess civilization or parts of that I guess is industrialization because is it fair to say then that there is kind of this more occult agenda behind why we at all kind of developed or we were handed industrialization?


Alan:  I have no doubt on that. One of the telling periods of history was in the 1500s. Up until the 1500s in Europe things had always been done by manpower, the horses and horse and carts and all this kind of thing and suddenly for the first time in the Queen Elizabeth I court in England - she was the first openly Rosicrucian Masonic Court in the world. They were openly occultic. They used Kabbalah mixed with Christianity and much more older esoteric material and the main thrust at the time was towards the sciences. For the first time, science took precedence. It's as though they had woken up and realized they only had 500 years to complete their mission and all this money that was going into research and inventions and again to even greater war machines and technologies.


You could go even further back to a predecessor - a relative of Francis Bacon in the 1500s who also was into all this scientific stuff and you'll find another Bacon who was - he was a monk in England and he's the guy who basically developed the cannon. Here's a holy man who developed more advanced warfare techniques to help Britain build up its empire through the Navy and so there's a thread of what they call "the underground stream" in the old occultic language, which is a knowledge that is passed down through research, which is always kept quiet to the public because the public are not allowed to share this power. All knowledge is power so you keep power secret, but from the 1500s onwards all of the thrust was towards scientific inventions and money was of no problem at that time right into the 1700s with steam engines. Big money was behind all of this research to get it on the go and they seemed to know exactly where they wanted to go with all of this.


Electricity was not new. They understood electricity even in the 1500s. In fact, you can go back to the days of the Etruscans who built the labyrinths under Rome before Rome existed and the Etruscans used to be called down on special days by the Caesars to put on a display on public holidays and they would call down fire from heaven. That's what they said so they understood that. They also used to on certain days when there were storms going they'd go into the Temple of Jupiter and the priests would line up together and then lightning rods, long before Benjamin Franklin was given the honor of inventing lightening rods, they would have lightning hits at the top of these towers and transfer the current down in the Statue of Jupiter would light up and those around them their hair would actually stand up with the electrical force.


There's even records of some of the priests dying when they were holding each other and they touched the idol. Electricity was not new and certainly was understood by the Etruscans who knew how to manipulate it with almost a Tesla technique of flying kites with braided wire coming down from them. That was understood then.


Henrik:  Yes because that's one of those - as they used to say when Benjamin Franklin - I mean the classical thing I think wasn't he allegedly he had a kite which is called - we call it or dragon here in Sweden and then you have the key. Didn't you have a key hanging under the kite?


Alan:  Yes. It's a Masonic play actually, opening the door of heaven or the lodge. What you'll find with the higher Masons who work towards this agenda they're always given the honor of inventing something even when they didn't. It was an honorary thing they all wanted. Even Thomas Jefferson he was way more into inventions than Franklin especially to do with cryptology and cryptology machines. Very intricate machines which are on display in some museums in the U.S. Very intricate machines almost made like clocks and many, many codes so they understood codes. Thousands of special codes that the public were never given access to.


Henrik:  Fascinating yes. Tied back a little bit to - we're talking about in the beginning - you know there are also reports coming out that they are currently developing brain computer interface technology and also of course this is about connecting the brain I guess directly to the Internet and can we kind of also interpret as kind of a - I mean this if nothing else this is certainly a very matrix type quality to these kinds of reports right?


Alan:  Absolutely and those talks that they're giving now in little bits in newspapers are more to familiarize us with the inevitability of it because what they're telling is old stuff. This stuff was done years ago and even Sony about 12 years ago admitted in Japan that they had taken human brain tissue and grown it in specialized fluid in almost like huge Petri dishes, interfaced them with silicon chips and they could transmit signals right through the chips to the brain and vice versa, but this is all old stuff that they're telling us that they want to familiarize us with the idea.


Henrik:  I mean could we play with the words regarding what -- Internet of course is referred to as the worldwide web and there seems to be a kind of suggestion there that there is either a spider in there somewhere or that we easily can be trapped in this web. Do you think that this is intentional?


Alan:  There's no doubt. See, we live in an occultic world. We’re given an exoteric reality and even www on the Internet is 666 in Hebrew.


Henrik:  Yeah, exactly.


Alan:  You have the net -- they call it the net and it's the internet. You bury the net. Interface once you're all connected you won't be an individual. You bury the faces. We're all one. This is all occultic terminology that's being spoken out because in their reality when we speak it out we make it so for them.  Net is also 10 backwards which is your binary code for this new language which we'll all learn. We won't even have to learn it. It will be downloaded into us.


Henrik:  Oh, that's interesting because of course yes 10 is also 1 and zero which as you say--


Alan:  Is the binary.


Henrik:  Yes, exactly the binary system. Amazing and I can't remember if it was Michael Tsarion who first brought this to my attention regarding the -- I think we could say that the magicians hatch and the -- he got this little wand of his and if you kind of interpret it in a symbolic way you guess that the hat could be the zero and the wand is the number one so we've got this play again of creating something out of nothing with ones and zeros. Correct?


Alan:  Yes. We’ll you find even people like Lord Bertrand Russell, a big player in all of this agenda, back in the 1920s and '30s was working on a language of numbers. Now he was working for what's coming to past today. These guys work way ahead of time on these projects so he knew exactly where they were going and we always have two worlds working simultaneously. We have the one in the 1960s with big huge computers with tapes going for the public to believe in and even those working with them thought those were the latest things, but in reality they were so far ahead. They had micro circuitry back in the 1950s.


Henrik:  Amazing and we've got the Internet now and of course on one level it is helping to kind of inform us about all of these things which of course is a good thing, but there is talk now and have been for a while and I guess the plans as you say have been in the works for a long, long time but the implementation of something called the Internet2. Have you heard about this?


Alan:  Yes.


Henrik:  Do you want to talk a little bit about that? What do you think about it?


Alan:  It's the same thing. It's on a higher level because it's a step-by-step you train the animals step-by-step so you don't frighten them and you make it appealing in how you almost live in a virtual reality. This is aimed at the young. It works on the same psychology principle as hallucinogenic drugs. That's how they pushed the drug scene in the '60s, was mind-altering experiences, altered states of consciousness. They're going to push the whole virtual reality the same way. It's exciting for young people and almost bypasses the older. This is what they always do. People who are over 40 in the general population and over 50 they'll bypass you and go straight to the youth.


Henrik:  And as you say it's a youth culture there is obsessed by influencing the young people but then we have people who are just as you say who are over 40 who are trying to kind of adapt to the youth system. So we have adults around behaving like teenagers basically.


Alan:  Yes, that's right. In fact, that was all part of it because you see communism was developed in England. It wasn't developed anywhere else and it was developed and financed by those who already ruled England those who had the British Empire. They created their opposite, the dialectical process, because working in conjunction two opposing forces can through their conflict bring on their actual synthesis. That's what they're after, but you can't do it just one side. You must have two and so that's what we're seeing down through here.


The control of nature. This goes back to Egypt when they realized you have summer and you had winter, you had spring and autumn. These were your opposing forces so you don't fight anything. You actually use nature's principles by creating the exact opposite, bring it across the next stage and this is how they do it exactly the same way.


Henrik:  Yeah, of course. This goes back to--


Alan:  And the communists said, "don't trust anybody over 30." That was the slogan they brought out there like a mantra back in the '60s and '70s.


Henrik:  Yeah, amazing. And you know these of course as we again go back toward what we were talking about earlier regarding connecting the brain to the Internet and stuff like this. It feels like in regards to microchipping the population of course there are a number of reasons for this I guess but one reason of course is to kind of -- the implementation of the I guess in quotes a "robotification" basically of humanity. But on some level it almost feels -- what's the word I'm looking for here?  It feels like it's too much. It's over the top because basically today we have people on some level almost behaving like biological robots already in some sense. I mean we are driven by our emotions or the input of the signaling basically and we react to that and why do you think that we have to -- that they have to rather implement the microchip and really put it in us? Is this also more an occult thing?


Alan:  It's occult. Part of it is total efficiency. See right now, we've got bread and circuses and massive indoctrination and that's what you're talking about.  Really, we're seeing the effects of incredible scientifically designed ongoing indoctrination from a thousand sources every day working in unison through repetition, repetition and we have entertainment to keep us busy or diverted. It's bread and circuses like they said. The reason that Rome fell was not so much the barbarians coming in. It was that the Romans could not afford to keep the bread and circuses going every day. They want efficiency you see. 


Huxley said it himself. Huxley said he saw no reason whatsoever why a scientifically created society and in fact a scientifically dominated society could not run the world and everyone in it forever. That's what we're seeing. That's one part of it. It's total efficiency. They won't need newspaper reporters and media and entertainment et cetera in the future and the second part of it is to do with the religion of ownership that goes back into ancient times because a brand on an animal was the sign of ownership and that was total domination of the animal by the owner. They did the same thing with slaves. They used to brand them.


What you're seeing now is the same old religion, ancient religion of commerce and mercantile law, which runs the whole world and the religion behind it which must dominate everything on the planet and own everything. See once you're chipped it's a legality. They now own you and people don't realize this. This is more than just signing your name. Even the word "sign" to sign something is an occultic term. People sign their names all the time yet they give you a rule book which has an esoteric meaning all through it, but it tells you even exoterically to "give no oath."  Now when you sign something, that's the same as an oath. They're telling you not to do it. Stupid you if you do. That's the way this Masonic system works.


Henrik:  Yeah, yeah of course. Exactly. I think it was Jordan Maxwell who brought out a Roman I think he called it a maxim that he who can be fooled let him or something like that implying that if you're stupid enough to by into this stuff okay that's your problem not ours.


Alan:  That's right. This whole system is an incredible con game. It's almost anti-human because those who understand it perfectly understand us with our emotions perfectly being because we are human so they themselves do not feel guilt about any of the emotions that we feel but they understand how it works with us. Emotion to them is very, very inefficient.


Henrik:  Could we claim this as a religion for these people because I mean who are these people who basically can disconnect their own emotions like this? Are these people also incredibly manipulative? Is there mind control involved here?


Alan:  I think it's to do -- if we jumped all the way back to ancient Greece and when you realize it was no different the way that news was presented then apart from the technology than it is today. When you read some of the old philosophers of Greece expounding on something or a technique and saying he would like to implement this technique to see how it would affect the people, it's just like today when they announce that it had already been done. When Plato talked in "The Republic" about the perfect world state with everyone being obedient to it, he went into selective breeding for specifically specially bred types of humans.


Now we always think he's talking just about the workers but the upper management themselves are specially inbred. If you want someone to be psychopathic to an extent and have a lack of emotion for a high-level bureaucratic job, which is more important than a politician's because the bureaucrats work there their whole lives. They're two different parties in another parliaments. It doesn't matter. The bureaucrat is there for life. He knows the agenda of his department and he works quietly away at it regardless of who would be affected by the policies and you can breed emotions out of people the same way as you can physically alter them you can actually breed emotions out by selecting the right male and female and interbreeding them down through centuries.


Henrik:  Interesting. So we could have similar to as we do with -- I guess that -- humanity have been doing with dogs for hundreds of years now breeding them each other and develop a line of a dog that is according to your needs so to speak.


Alan:  Yeah. If you want a well-managed happy dog that gets on with the family you get a Labrador. If you want something that's a bit more vicious or has the capacity to be vicious you'll get a guard type dog and you can be pretty well sure when you buy a pedigree dog as a puppy of the personality is going develop because it's so inbred and it's the same with people. If you want psychopathic types who would have intellects you can certainly breed them up for intellectual abilities. Not general intellect either. They're specialized. If you want a good mathematician you will breed him up with a woman who’s a good mathematician then you inbreed or outbreed certain qualities to get the perfect personality you want to go with that and it's the same with any kind of science.


Henrik:  And I guess that would be China would have I guess parts of Japan also because they're kind of -- what I can pick up from over there, they're developing this kind of corporate civilization basically where you live for the corporation and I don’t know if they pick your partners for you at this point.


Alan:  Yeah, well this is how it works. In fact, this works in Masonry too. A first generation Mason cannot get beyond the 33 degree.


Henrik:  Right.


Alan:  Now what they do is the Grand Master will approach you and casually say something like come to dinner. I'll introduce you to this nice young lady et cetera, et cetera if they want you and if you take the hint when he has suggested that this person would make a good marriage partner that's an order if you're wise. That's what they say, "a word to the wise."  When that is said, you're hearing an order and if he marries that woman that means that she's been selected through interbreeding through Masonic families as well. Now your offspring with that woman can go higher. They can go up to 45 degree, second generation. The third generation can go the whole way. That's what it means the third generation.


Henrik:  Okay, interesting. Quickly a side note here. Can we connect this also with -- they're a lot of I guess in the Hindu religion and also I guess within Islam where they pick your partners for you. Can we pick up a trace from that there also?


Alan:  Absolutely. In fact, you'll find that pretty well all the religions that we have can be traced back to India. All of them. Many of the stories and even in the Old Testament were borrowed right out of the Hindu religion.


Henrik:  Yeah, interesting. You know Alan, I've heard you mention that there are -- and I've heard also others of course but I think I've heard it from you first that there are actually are 360 degrees in Freemasonry. Have you stumbled upon any documents for this because I haven't seen it from I guess from internal sources, Masonic documents or anything like this. 


Alan:  Yes. You'll find them in certain branches of Freemasonry where they'll talk a little bit more openly about it especially if they want younger ones to go in. The OTO, the Ordo Templi Orientis, which is chartered, it has a Masonic charter from the English Grand Lodge, the OTO goes up to 96.


Henrik:  Yeah, I've heard that.


Alan:  Then you have other ones and that's in their own writings. You can send off for them in fact. They'll give it to you. And there's higher ones above that. See once you get into -- you've done the York Rite and you've done the Scottish Rite and you become the Odd Fellow when you join these orders -- now the sky's the limit. You go on and on. The ones who are still in the lower orders are not suppose to even know there's anything beyond what they're told because they themselves are a good front -- a good unwitting front. In fact, they'll defend Freemasonry to the last at the bottom even though what they've been fed is a lot of lies.


Henrik:  Yeah and it feels like it's basic psychology because if you are on the inside or part of this I guess you could say that you have a sense of feeling that you actually know what's going on because you're on the inside and then a person comes from the outside to try and tell you something about the lodge or something, I mean I guess that's a huge stamp on the ego for that person.


Alan:  Then above the usual orders, you come into the noble orders and once you're into the noble orders you want to get knighted by the Queen of England. Kissinger went and got knighted from there. The ex-mayor of New York after 9/11, he got knighted over there and these are American citizens.


Henrik:  Yeah and Bono just got knighted, right?


Alan:  Yeah, because he's helping the world bankers to keep their debt scam going. Even the top of the mafia bunches they want to be knighted which seems weird at the time when Bronfman -- old Bronfman of the Bronfman dynasty through the prohibition era, the gangster era, gave millions -- billions of dollars really and the drugs to that he pushed. He used to give massive amounts of money to charities that the Queen subscribed to and to his dying day he really thought that he had a chance of being knighted by the Queen. That's all they wanted. So there's a bigger ritual involved here of getting into a much higher form of Masonry. That's obvious when even the mafia side wants to be knighted by the Queen.


Henrik:  Exactly, exactly. And I just briefly would like to touch upon because I read an article the other day that stated that if you are -- there are new lodges and stuff like this popping up now and then and they were speaking about the rights to start an order because we have a name -- you know they called it "the accepted rite of Freemasonry" implying that it is accepted I guess in the Grand Lodge or something like that but do you know how this works? Can they buy the rites to this or is this relayed through the Queen or what's going on or do you know anything about that?


Alan:  Well the Duke of Kent that lineage of royalty -- the Duke of Kent is a cousin of the Queen traditionally is the head of the Grand Lodge of England and it's the Grand Lodge of England that gives the charters out to every other worldwide lodge. At one time they thought the Grand Orient of France was a different lodge, but it's not. They were also given their first charter by England. Even the ones that seem to fight each other in history all come from the same capstone.


Henrik:  Yeah, exactly. And you know I saw a speech with the Queen. I don't know if it's an annual thing. By the way, she is the Queen of Canada also right?


Alan:  Yeah. The whole commonwealth, Australia, New Zealand, parts of Africa, even some parts of India still claim to be part of the commonwealth.


Henrik:  Really. Interesting. Anyways in her speech she just regurgitated basically what was written on a paper but it was mostly about different kinds of legislation and things like this and one thing that came up again and again is the concept of anti-social behavior. Have you heard about this?


Alan:  That's right. Because where they're going with the terrorism laws and I knew this was the real purpose of them. The terrorist laws are going to encompass everything in your life including your opinions. See the reason they call it "political correctness" and if you're not politically correct in a certain area then you are a potential terrorist against this group or that group or whatever. So everything is going to be boiled down to terrorism and therefore we must all be social -- very socialized and of course at the top defines their version of what a good well adjusted socialized citizen is. It's someone with no thoughts or opinions of their own.


Henrik:  Oh my god! I mean what do you think they will -- at the beginning of course they will just have this implemented through consensus I guess just hammering this up in the media and people will start to behave but we have these kinds of things now where cameras are able to shout at you and stuff like this.


Alan:  That's right. You'll be singled out in a crowd because they also have boom microphones, very advanced, which can pick up your conversations on those cameras up to 200 yards they can pick you up as clear as could be. If you make an off-hand comment or maybe a joke about something, one day a screen is going to pop up and your face is going to be on it and they'll try to shame you publicly into repentance.


Henrik:  Oh my god! Another thing of course that I think kind of ties into all of his is of course the dumbing down in general of the population but on top of this we have stuff going on of course the general medication of course. Beyond that we have the food issue and of course we have stuff like fluoride and aspartame which allegedly affects both your judgments and also of course your ability to kind of connect in a coherent way things that actually are going on around you. Have you heard about this?


Alan:  No doubt on that. In fact, even with the heavy spraying -- when they're spraying heavily and it's unmistakable when they're doing it you talk to people and you'll find they have sticky thinking. They have trouble recollecting and they'll admit it to you. Even the younger ones they have a hard time thinking through. It's as though there's a fog in the brain and so we are being affected by that along with the genetically modified food and along with all the inoculations we've been getting. This is all being done by design. And if you were on their side at the top and you looked at this master battle plan for the world you would use all of these techniques to get yourself a docile not too bright population as you go through the major changes.


Henrik:  In some sense -- I don't know who it was who referred to us as "useless eaters." Was it Kissinger or?


Alan:  Bertrand Russell was one of the first ones to publish it, "useless eaters."  That was discussed at the big think tanks a hundred odd years ago.


Henrik:  Yeah, yeah and it feels like they're intensely on one level dumbing everyone down to kind of justify it in their own sick mind I guess that they are doing the right thing because we are incoherent and we can't adjust to all the things that have to gone on in their New World Order basically?


Alan:  Yes. And when you realize how long in the planning this -- you see, here's the thing. Even atheists have a problem here because they look at the New Testament and in the New Testament you have this very mystical occultic language used in Revelations, the only book where you're seeing the mystery religion -- the language of it -- at work openly. It's written in such an obscure way for the exoteric to understand, but it's the standard mystery religion based on time because it's all to do with astronomy and you see the constellations are the best time clock that you have for long-term planning.


You have the ages and of course we saw this when George Bush, Sr. at the start of the first Gulf War said, "I see a New World Order coming into view." And he said, "it's all going to the heavenly plan." Well that's what he was referring to was the constellations of the Age of Aquarius when they were to push forward with 100 percent of their might towards the completion.


In Revelations, which is revealing and it's also revelations to reveal, if you look at the definition also it means to re-veil. Why would you give out a meaning you're veiling the truth from the profane, those who are not too bright to understand. But you can figure it out and in Revelations you have the sequence of the timetable and they could safely say when they wrote that, that at the end no one could buy or sell without the mark of the beast. You see?


Henrik:  Yeah. Do you think that that is the microchip?


Alan:  I have no doubt on it. They knew all that time ago that the power of money  -- see, money pays for all research. You direct the course of the world by the grants you give out to scientists. They only go in the direction they're told to go in. Even when you go off on any tangent, you would starve unless you went the way they told you to do. But they understood thousands of years ago that they could buy all the grain in the world with money and they knew that through experimentation and so on and directing the course of the world they could pull this off by the Age of Aquarius.


Henrik:  You know that's interesting because it feels like just as you say that they're also at the same time are able to use the best computers in the world basically at this point which is the human brain and that they have compartmentalized the sciences in such a way that they are able to extract exactly what information they want you from the work and the research that is being done by all these millions of scientists and then they can put together what parts they want you to build a machine or whatever. So it's very brilliant.


Alan:  Absolutely. And if you’re always using warfare then you're always in charge of secret warfare testing laboratories too, which are always way ahead of the rest because they have unlimited funding. Therefore it's not such a big deal when you realize you can plan the future if you already own and you've pulled the first con, which is money in itself. To get people to accept money and stop working to exchange things with each other and accept money, you now already dominate the world.


Henrik:  Amazing and I mean there must be some kind of talk I guess going on at the top that they on some level consider themselves as gods when they have the power to control and manipulate these vast amounts of people who basically worship these people on one level.


Alan:  Yes. They control the whole world, absolutely. That's heavy enough if you are one of them just to know that fact that you are part of -- see what is a god. Let's breakdown the definition of a deity. A deity is not common so the people are called commoners. They marry in common. They do not have their wives or husbands selected for them, whereas the elite have always had a priesthood and still do who obviously take incredible patience and time to go through genealogies to match them up for specific reasons, so they're not commoners. Gods are not commoners. Gods have the power of life and death over the populations so they have that through everything that they own including the food supply. They already have that. Gods can create life or forbid it to be born. They can to that scientifically today and create life. They can also mandatorily if they wish to abort they can force it, so under the definition -- and again, gods generally in their perfect state would become immortal.


Now in their inner religion, they've always believed in reincarnation at the top but not generalized reincarnation. They believe and you'll find this in the Roman histories too. They wrote probably more about that along with the Greeks. They believe that their spirits are connected with the soul. That's completion. Body, soul, spirit your first trinity and when the soul was complete with the spirit then you technically a god and when you died that completed spirit could reincarnate into the same family lineage or see into your grandson or your great grandson. They really believe that. The Romans kept the Lares going -- the spirits of the household fires and they would pray to them. They believed they were praying to their own ancestors and they believe they were the reincarnations of their ancestors too.


Henrik:  That's a very interesting point because I elaborated on this myself quite a bit in regards to why the interbreeding is going on and if a soul is connected to a certain kind of DNA which makes I guess that it attracts a spirit I guess a certain type of DNA then just exactly as you say if they are able to keep the DNA line within a family they basically can have the older spirits I guess or who have passed away like the grandmother or grandfather actually reincarnate again into the line. It's fascinating.


Alan:  Some of the more higher occultic books they go into this in more detail with their history of it and what they claimed that they were the ones, the rebels that were cast here and when they came they were pure spirit. Pure spirit, perfected spirit. They claim that the commoners were already here and when they came here they formed the first perfect bodies for themselves to inhabit by pure willpower, but when they started to inbreed with the people who lived here already, they have lost certain powers so they had to go back to keeping lineages and back to inbreeding with each other to try and regain those powers.


Henrik:  Do you think that there is any truth to that or is it self-promoting?


Alan:  I know that many of those at the top believe it themselves. You'll also find for instance in the ceremonies to do with the pharaohs there were Hamites who run Egypt and they themselves, when a pharaoh was dying, they would bring him in to the main sarcophagus, they would lay the son next to him and they performed a ceremony called "the opening of the mouth" ceremony. Very detailed, very long and if the son was absent visiting other areas or "satrapies" they called them that they dominated, they would put the spirit into a statute through the same formula like a holding tank and when the son came back they would then complete it and then the son would be able to carry not only his own spirit, but the complete spirit of his father as well. That's what they claim gave them such vast knowledge and intelligence.


Henrik:  Very interesting and I'd love to continue on that theme and of course more about Egypt and the pharaohs because I think that's a very interesting era right there but for now Alan we are basically totally out of time here. But before we finish off, tell folks about your website and about some of your products that you have available there.


Alan:  Yes. Well they can look in to and they'll see some of the books I've got for sale, some CDs with 12-hour shows on them with histories, ancient histories of religions and also some DVDs there. I'm making more right now this winter up there for sale.


Henrik:  Excellent. So it's cuttingthroughthematrix and Alan again, thank you so much for coming on and I'm looking forward very much to your next month.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Henrik:  Thank you for listening. We will be back on Thursday with our regular Christopher Morse and hopefully Chris will have a second guest scheduled to join us during that show. So stay tuned. Fun things ahead and before we finish up here today, if you are not a subscriber consider signing up with us. Support this show and get access to our subscriber interviews. Thanks to Fredrik behind the controls. We will talk more on Thursday. This Henrik Palmgren signing off.



(Transcribed by Linda)