August 9, 2007





Mike:  Welcome back. Revolution Radio live right here on the TruthNet Radio Network. I'm your host Mike Swenson. We are broadcasting live from the Tampa Bay Florida area right here in the good old United States, home to police officers who eat pot brownies and overdose and call 9/11, and a country that taxes baseball. Yeah, that's right. That's the good old United States. All right, let me get to my guest. I want to get this started as soon as possible here. Alan Watt joins me. He's an author and long time researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development. Born in Scotland, he watched the subtleties of politics and media as they guided the population of the U.K. covertly into a European Amalgamation. He has been warning the North American people for some years now that the same process of amalgamation is being carried out. With historical documentation, he shows how cultures are created and altered by those in control, always to lead the people like sheep into the next pasture. Mr. Watt has also been featured on numerous radio programs including Coast-to-Coast AM and Alex Jones' show. His website is and Alan Watt joins us here tonight on Revolution Radio. I'm so psyched up to this. Alan, thanks for joining us tonight.


Alan:  It’s a pleasure to be on.


Mike:  Thank you so much. Alan, tell us how you got involved in all of this and you woke up to what's really going on?


Alan: I noticed when I was very young how bad the conditions in Britain were and I noticed that the adults when I was a small child were all arguing about the same basic things, which were basic things for rent mainly and food and so on. I went into libraries to check on the histories and found that Great Britain ruled a good part of the globe, had plundered most of the globe. I wondered where all the wealth went and how come most of the people were renting accommodation across the whole of the United Kingdom. Most people rented local council housing that had been built during World War II as a promise to the people that if they went to war they'd actually get low rental housing for the first time.  I also realized that the economy was completely rigged, because no matter where you went in Britain, you'd find the same starting wages for different tradesmen and apprenticeships and so on.  You also had really fixed wage type of income and prices. That took tremendous rigging from the top to make it this way, and that's when I realized how old this system was in fact, that you are not free at all. You were born and raised inside a fixed, rigged economic system and your duty (you'll find that from the old books on economics), your duty as a citizen was to serve the system and obey the system basically.


Then I went into the histories of the wars that Britain was involved in. I don't think that people realize that since the creation of the Bank of England, which was really a bank which ran on debts where the citizens are put down as collateral to pay the debts, meaning each generation and generations unborn that gave them limitless wars on which to draw from for the bank, and the guarantee that the future generations would pay off this debt, in order that a small minority living in and around London would reap the wealth of the globe; and nothing's changed. In fact, we have a global elite. A big massive club today that are going full steam ahead after writing their plans in the first world war and the second world war with creation of the United Nations to unite the whole planet and then start culling off the excess population of useless eaters, to gain a form of utopia, a utopia where they won't be worried so much about too many poor people who might one day revolt and overthrow them.


Mike:  Right. It's becoming obvious lately we're all becoming slaves to this system, where we're slaves to debt and we're slaves to all different kinds of things – terror threats and all this other stuff. Now when we talk about certain issues and I know you've covered just a massive amount. You've done research in so many different aspects of what's going on, not only in America but across the globe. However, when we talk about certain issues such as New World Order, Trilateral Commission and we always refer to those who run it as "THEY," this has always bothered me a little bit because I can't really pinpoint who they are. So based on your research, who are they when we refer to them as “they”?


Alan:  These are families that rose to prominence in the Middle Ages, basically with the emergence of investments and capitalism, not so much the merchandising. Although, they owned the merchandising routes and shipping and so on. They didn't do the actual work themselves. They employed others to do it for them, and you find even the Black Nobilities are called the dark-haired ones of Venice, for instance. Massive banking industry was developed there and tremendous wealth who lived there and they owned the shipping routes of the Old World and all the merchandising that went on back and forward from it.


If you go back as far as the Knights Templars, even with the Crusades, they had to go there to Venice to ask these guys to supply them with all the ships they needed to take them across into the Middle East.  These characters owned merchandising, shipping lanes and money and investment system, basically.


Mike:  Yes and it's absolutely mind-numbing just how far it goes. I mean just how far back into the world's history all of these families, these bankers, these controllers of society go back. I mean it just goes back generation through generation.  I was listening to an interview you did with Alex Jones, I guess it was a couple of months ago, and I was listening to an MP3 download off your website and he was referring to the inbreeding that had been going on for centuries.  We all know that anybody that inbreeds in a family, it's going to lead to all kinds of physical and mental problems; and that has been going on especially in these royal families for quite some time.


Alan:  Yes, the inbreeding has gone on, and the problem is, once in a while (the problem for the people that is) one is born who looks very normal and is often a tremendous tyrant. A pure utter power-mad psychopath and he's raised in tremendous wealth and status like a spoiled child and he becomes a tyrant.  Going back as far as the days of Plato, Plato talks about the difference of the aristocracy compared to the ordinary people whom he called the ITS. The ordinary folk were called ITS by Plato. He says the reason we are so wise and wonderful is that we are superior because of our specialized breeding. They chose their wives for their lineages of having wealthy and successful people in their lineage. He also talked about the ability to breed qualities out of humans and other qualities in; and therefore, for kings and queens and the tycoons of business, you want someone who's pretty sharp but you want someone who is also very ruthless, and so you breed out those with higher emotions and you breed in the ability to be very cunning and decisive.


Mike:  Exactly, and I heard you refer to them as - they were referred to as IT. Because they were underlings they weren't even considered people. They were considered things and I think that where all of this started with the downgrading, the marginalization of people that aren't part of the royal family that are part of the royal bloodlines. They're not even considered people; and it still goes on today. You know what I mean?


Alan:  Yes, they're chattel and they've no problems you see up until – the average person today doesn't realize that it's only really since the 1700’s, and even then, in Europe you were still considered to be a serf really by the ruling classes. A serf was just another British way of saying you were a slave, in a nicer form that's all. You were bought and sold with the land coming up through a feudal system, so they gave a sham called democracy while they got all the peasants out of the countryside and moved them into the cities, these slum cities that they created for industry, and gave you this strange term that's very flexible called democracy that keeps changing direction.


Yes, it's an old, old trick and we know for instance that in the late 1800’s the first major associations came to the front on behalf of the feudal system, the royalty. Chartered systems like the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and the Lord Milner group of the Roundtable. These joined and merged and became The Royal Institute for International Affairs, with a sister branch in America called The Council on Foreign Relations.  The whole idea of this group (and it is one group) was that the elite of both countries, the U.S. and Britain, would merge and rule the world into a British type empire. They said that democracy was just too slow with all of its arguing and debating and so many contrary points that you couldn't get anything done, so they needed a parallel government that would actually work and dictate to those in government, to the ones who are elected; and that's what we have today


In 2005 when they signed openly for the first time the first part of the Amalgamation of the Americas, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico in Waco, Texas, The Council on Foreign Relations came out openly on national television in Canada as The Council on Foreign Relations for the first time and they said that they had drafted up the whole charter for amalgamation and presented to the prime minister and presidents for signing.  They boasted about it. No one elects these guys, remember. These are non-governmental organizations.


Mike:  Oh exactly. I've totally lost faith in our election system because of all the rigging that goes on. I mean I'll still vote but I don't know if it will even count anymore.  What a lot of the mainstream American population doesn't understand, you know they hear this stuff and they’re like “what does this have to do with America?”  They don't understand that a lot of these concepts, a lot of this way of life has bled into this country.  We came from England and we started up the slavery system here by importing slaves from Africa, and it's the same type of stuff that's been going on, and you know, in countries throughout the world; and people totally underestimate that.


Alan:  Yes they do. Even the Founding Fathers said they'd basically adopted the British system for law et cetera.  I think there's a lot more to it, to be honest with you, especially when you see how many presidents of the U.S. were actually related to royalty. That's rather surprising.


Mike:  It’s disturbing at the same time. Now, moving on to 9/11, which is a huge heated issue nowadays, especially in the alternative media circuit.  I cover it a lot on this program. I haven't much lately, but I'm starting to get more into this New World Order stuff and what the grand plan is, but 9/11 is no less an important event. It's obvious that either the government allowed it to happen or they made it to happen. I believe in the latter. What is your take on 9/11 and who in your opinion pulled it off?


Alan:  It doesn't really matter who they got to pull it off. What it does matter is that it was an imperative. It had to happen because they wrote about it in the 1990’s as being a necessity. Something on the scale of a Pearl Harbor attack in order to go into Afghanistan and Iraq and get the public support behind them. Zbigniew Brzezinski also wrote about it in "The Grand Chessboard" that he wrote, the book; but you also find it in "The New American Century" policy, the first one they drafted up in '92 and published it, and then they revamped under Wolfowitz in '98 and republished it again.  They said they had to go into first of all Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran and Syria – so this had to happen. It was very obvious it had to happen.


What's also interesting is that Margaret Thatcher, when she was doing her world tour, came to Canada to Massey Hall in the 1990’s, about '92 or so, and the title of her speech she was giving was "The New World Order."  In there she said that because the Cold War was now over, their main problem now would be fundamental religionists of the world and they'd have to move in to especially the Middle East and take care of that problem; because that's all they foresaw at the time, was nothing but terror they claimed.  They had this plan on the go long before 9/11 actually happened, and they had troops around Afghanistan before 9/11 happened, too. That's all you really need to know.


Mike:  Based on the research I have done, I've come to the conclusion that we're in Afghanistan for pretty much the sole purpose of two things. One, to guard the opiate fields there; and number two, to build that natural gas line in the Caspian Sea. But you're right. I mean my opinion and you share this as well. It's about a total systematic takeover of the Middle East. Iraq obviously had nothing to do with 9/11 yet the government continues to say that it does, because they keep actually flip-flopping in a speech that Bush gave last year. He said that Iraq didn't have anything to do with it. Now Cheney starts that they did and that Bush follows right along, and I'll get more into Bush here in just a little bit.  It's almost like Cheney is controlling what Bush is saying. Controlling his thoughts, so to speak, if you want to put it that way, and they don't have any direct ties. There is no evidence that Iraq was tied to 9/11, but they keep painting it as that issue in order to justify us being there. Bush, from the very beginning when the Iraq war started, he's painted several scenarios and flip-flopped as to why we're there. First it started out as Saddam was a tyrannical dictator who was murdering, which he was. I'm not saying he wasn't, but you know he had to be taken out and once he was taken out, people were like okay, why are we still there.  It turned into “we're there to liberate the country so that they can vote and be free and be democratic,” and it keeps on shifting. He keeps on shifting his agenda as to being there and then all of a sudden it turns into “Iraq is connected to 9/11 and that's why we're there.” Why does he keep doing this?


Alan:  It's an old strategy. The more confusion they can actually put out into the general public, the more confused the public become. When the public become confused, they switch off and allow things to happen. This is the standard old Tavistock technique, because Britain used it before in previous wars too.  It was actually on national television here in Canada, the whole inquiring into attacking Iraq, and I have it on tape where Bush said, "I never said that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11.” He said, “he was a bad man and the world's a better place without him."  That's what he said.


Mike:  Exactly, and once the public are constantly pounded with all kinds of flip-flopping and confusion, like you stated, then they feel like they're backed into a corner and they just say “you know what? Screw it. I'm just going to believe it. Why not just believe it,” because it saves them a lot of trouble, rather than digging into the actual evidence to prove otherwise.


Alan:  This is the whole idea – this is the thing with war – when you study it, you see the vast history of England and Napoleon turns out to be right when he says “perfidious England.” You find that it doesn't matter what they say is the cause of the start of the war, once they've got your troops abroad it doesn't matter which party they put in, they'll always turn round and say they have to keep them there or there'll be chaos.  It really is irrelevant to them as long as get in, in the first place. That's all that matters.


Mike:  Exactly.  I was talking about this last night. Last year in the elections, when the democrats were elected, people were saying this is great because we have a total shift in policy. The democrats are going to come in here and save the day. They're going to get the economy back on track. We’re going to pull the troops out of Iraq. We're going to see a total shift here because we have a bunch of democrats; and there's a 14 percent approval rating on the democrats right now. It's probably even lower. That's just the last number I heard.  It's obvious now when you see Cindy Sheehan pulling out of the anti-war democratic movement, because she realizes now, as most of us should by now, that there's no difference between the democrats and the republicans. It’s just a false paradigm that's put there in order to systematically control how people feel about issues.


Alan:  Professor Carroll Quigley couldn't have said it any plainer, remembering that he was the actual historian for The Council on Foreign Relations. He had access to their records and he updated their records and their histories, and he was all for them. He was part of them.  He wrote in his book 'Tragedy & Hope" in the 1960’s that there had been – and had been for 50 to 60 years already, a parallel government that actually made all the decisions.  He said every president, all the vice presidents and the top men had been professionally picked by this particular group that were not elected. They picked the guys, trained them; and he said that the only competition that was allowed amongst politicians was for the ones at the bottom. You know the millionaires on that side or the millionaires on the other side. It doesn’t matter. They were allowed to do little competitions between themselves for fame and glory and to get their hands into the public cookie jar, but the ones at the top were already picked, passed and approved by The Council on Foreign Relations.


Mike:  I mean how scary is that, that we face that now? I want to vote for Ron Paul. I'm going to tackle that issue later, but it's like I know he doesn’t have much shot because of the status of Giuliani and Romney, and on the democrats, you've got Hillary and Obama who I think are just total globalists.  I don't think Ron Paul has much of a chance. It seems more and more every day that he's gaining some ground. I mean the mainstream media is censoring him on a daily basis. This MSNBC article is just now hitting here that's saying that they're deleting Ron Paul votes on the poll of their website. I mean they’re doing everything they can to take him out.  My point of this is I'm saying I want to vote for Ron Paul but I don't know if I have any confidence. I don't even know if my vote will count. I don’t know how many people’s votes will count anyway.  Do you think that the election is already determined right now as we speak?


Alan:  I'm sure it was determined 20 years ago who would be in today.


Mike:  That goes back to there's no difference between democrats and republicans. I mean it's obvious, even if they put in a democrat after the next election, if it's Hillary or Obama, Obama has already publicly said that he wants to bomb Pakistan and Hillary last week took a donation of like 20 to $40,000, I heard both numbers from News Corps who's owned by Rupert Murdock who owns Fox News and all the mainstream pundits and so there's no difference.  Fox totally backs Hillary Clinton. She claims that they don’t. She attacks the republicans. She attacks the neo-cons but there's no difference between her and them.


Alan:  The whole thing of politics has been a sham for a long, long time. It's a Punch and Judy show. It's a wrestling match for public.  They always tell you who to vote for, because one of them is going to tell you he's going to cut welfare and so on, and the other one isn’t, so they tell you who to vote for and the bulk do. Even then, you have all the vote fraud, so what does it matter?


Mike:  Exactly, and these democrats who come in and they want government program after government program. They want to tax the living hell out of the citizens. They want the government take over healthcare. They want the government to take over just about everything. I mean it's a total shred of our Constitution. They're totally for these granting amnesties to illegals and things like that and turning the country into the North American Union combined with Canada and Mexico.  Obviously there's no difference at all and that's the problem nowadays, Americans are getting so hung up in this false paradigm and I want to tackle this issue with you as well, is the mainstream media. The mainstream media, you hear the mainstream talk shows, the cable shows and all they do and I mean they're obviously conservative based. They're neo-con based in my opinion, and what they do is they sit here and they say everything that's going wrong – and, of course I'm paraphrasing, but everything that's gone wrong in this country is all the democrats. It's all the liberals fault and they just continue to push this false left-right democrat-republican paradigm in order to – I think it's just to distract people.  Would you agree?


Alan:  It's not just to distract them. It's to get them back into an emotional way of thinking. These are emotive things. It's nothing to do with reality and it's to make a form of emotional reality for them that there really is a debate going on and there really are differences. You'll find even the Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson said it. He said, when you see a particular agenda going ahead unaltered and straightforward ahead, even when the House changes between different parties and the same agenda moves forward, he says, you know you're under tyranny.  It's been like that since World War II when they signed the NATO charter, which became the United Nations charter, because you have been under another government since then.


Mike:  Exactly.  Mussolini once said that once the corporations start working in cahoots with the government, then you have total fascism; and we've had that for years. It's just people are now starting to wake up to it. However, when we get back from the break, we've got to go to break here in just a minute, I want to get into Freemasons with you as well as Nazis and CIA and just this grand puppet scheme that's going on with our current administration and whether or not you think that an impeachment would accomplish much and other topics.  But the mainstream media is definitely blinding the mainstream public, the majority of the public in this country from what's really going on; and we're going to get more into that as well. Folks, stay tuned. Joining me tonight is Alan Watt from Don't go anywhere. This is Revolution Radio right here on the TruthNet Radio Network, the second hour of the program. Thank you all for joining me here tonight. My website is My email address, if you'd like to contact me with questions, comments, criticisms, guest ideas, advertisement ideas, whatever, just email me at or you can click the contact link on my website.  Joining me tonight is Alan Watt from, just one of the most amazing researchers I've ever come across. He knows pretty much the game as it's going and he joins us here tonight to talk about a wide range of issues.


Alan, before the break we were talking about mainstream influence and it just seems like the mainstream media is systematically brainwashing people I mean to put it lightly. I know of a lot of people who will look at me and say man you’re not. I mean brainwashing through a TV, but it's the truth. People will literally watch Fox News, CNN and MSNBC and all these commentary base shows and think that they're really getting the news. They are confident that they are getting their news. Why is there so much confidence, so to speak, in mainstream media by the general public?


Alan:  It's because they’ve been weaned on it and raised on it, in a psychological type of mind control technique which has been used on them. If you look at the anchor people, the major ones, they stay there their whole lives. You grow up with them. It's like daddy looking at you at 6:00 p.m. every night and staring right at your face and telling you all you need to know; and would he lie to you?  Now, if you notice, all these big media personnel for news end up going over to England and being knighted.  Why is it so important that the moguls go over to be knighted by the Queen of England?


It's very, very important to them.  You find, of course, that it's England where this whole system of world domination, a global society based on integration and free trade with certain countries being given favored trading status. Most-favored-nation trading status, an idea that was born in the 1500’s with John Dee and Queen Elizabeth I in her court. This is just a combination of a long-term strategy, which Britain is very famous for.  They used to start making cathedrals and it takes seven generations of stonemasons to complete them. That's how they run the affairs of the world as well. You have countless bureaucrats working on agendas and they'll never see the culmination of it in their lifetime, but they're quite happy to do their part towards it. All you're seeing is the end of one big part of a business plan taking place.


When General Allenby and the others went into the Middle East in World War I, and Kitchener, they talked about this long-term strategy for the Middle East and how they would divide up the old Ottoman Empire that was run by Turkey, and then how Britain would eventually run Palestine for a short while and then hand it over to a new state of Israel; and they did that through the Balfour Declaration. The Balfour Declaration included much more than just a state for Israel or a home for Israel. It also included a whole long-term plan laid down for the Middle East and those countries like Iraq and Iran and the countries you hear about today were drawn up with lines in the sand by British generals after World War I.  Winston Churchill in his own memoirs said “we will eventually have to go to war with Iraq because of the vast amounts of oil in its northern parts.”


Mike:  Yes and it's a big chunk of the – like I said earlier, the systematic control of the Middle East – in the grand scheme of things it's just a small part of the control mechanism that not only the military, and this is just based on my research, that not only the military and the government here wants to implement but the bankers as well. Moving on a little bit into the topic of freemasons, they’re an interesting group of individuals, to say the least. Many portray them as a threat to our society. Aside from the bizarre rituals, what in your opinion makes them such a threat to our society?


Alan:  People who go under the guises of blood oaths and secrecy to protect their charity work have something else to hide. You see you don’t need to do that; and these are grown men, remember, not little children; and certainly enough, at the bottom the tenants of freemasonry are really good if you were following the bottom levels. However, what it is really is a sifting ground for those who have power over the public, even through media, even local newspapers or small radio stations in your local area. Anyone who could influence public opinion is pulled out of the lodge and put into a side degree and pushed up the ladder quickly.  It's a sifting ground to see who they can actually use, and it also creates a network of men and women who are sworn to obey any order regardless of its content or consequences, and they must keep their own personal moral judgment to the side. They must instantly obey.  Something like that is a threat to a free society.


Mike:  Right, and they've become just lore over the years through centuries as being very notorious, but what do these guys talk about when they meet up with their meetings?  Do they discuss world policy? Do they talk about the mistress they just made love to the last week?  What do they talk about in these meetings when they get together?


Alan:  They talk about all those things, but they'll talk about the mistresses as long as they’re not a Mason's wife. They can do that to anybody else's wife, you see, that's quite allowable. They have their own laws and rules, and as long as they don't break the Masonic rules, then they're willing to lie for each other in court. It's also a great way for judges and lawyers to know who to accuse or make guilty and who to let go free. If you're a higher Mason you'll generally walk free because they're sworn to cover each other up and lie for each other when necessary.


Mike:  One thing that really bothers me about the whole freemasonry and then goes over to Bohemian Grove as well. I'm sure you’re much aware of that and the Bilderberg group and these secret societies is that these bizarre rituals and these bizarre things that they practice – most of these guys like George W. Bush they claim to be Christians and I'm not personally a Christian, but all of these bizarre things they do are so totally anti-Christian. What is that?


Alan:  He didn't actually say he was a Christian. What he said was “if you're asking if I was born again,” his words were "yes I have been."  Every Mason is born again when they're raised from either the coffin at Yale or raised off the marker on the floor of the Skull and Bones flag.


Mike:  You know what? To be honest, now that you told me that, I guess I bought into it when he said that I just automatically assumed he was a Christian, which a lot of people did. The rituals are so basically anti-established religion. Weird, just all kinds of bizarre Bohemian Grove. They do mock sacrifices of human beings. They worship a huge statute owl name Moloch.  What is the purpose of this?


Alan:  Partly it's a form of worshiping themselves as being illumined, meaning intelligent and seeing the world as it really is. They're seeing their world as it really is since they are the helpers of those who rule it. The rest of the public are called the "profane," those who are still stuck in what they call the mysteries of religion or even the mythologies of religion as they see it themselves, or, superstitions is another way they'll couch it. They believe that above superstitions they're the most advanced ones on the planet, but they also believe that they are also a form of shepherd that the feed of flock. The profane are the flock. Their only purpose is to get feed off of; and that's the purpose of the general public.


The Skull and Bones, for instance, was established at Yale University and Elihu Yale was a founding member of the British East India Company. He said when he put the money forward for the university, he says this will give American all of its future leaders so that we shall always be in control of the future; and they have been.  The Skull and Bones have a war room in there.  All the higher orders (as opposed to the low orders) they have war rooms and their war is a constant war on what they call the ignorance of the profane; and their war is on the profane. They believe they're here to shape the world; and really, behind it all is a eugenics program, because you see the higher Masons have their wives introduced to them. They don't pick their wives in the higher orders, the noble orders, the nobility.


When you go through their books such as the Rosicrucian's, the higher Rosicrucian's, not the ones you send off for pamphlets and stuff but the real ones in Pennsylvania, you'll find they talk about the daughters are trained – the Grand Master wants to train everyone else's daughter how to be a good Masonic wife that will do all the right things at functions and parties and have you hold on to her husband's arm and be very polite. That's how they train the women; and then they actually introduce her to her future husband eventually, who will also be a third generation freemason. That's third generation, meaning that that's three generations where their wives have been picked for them.


Mike:  When I brought up freemasons and the bizarre rituals, I actually was leaning towards the Skull and Bones, just actually bizarre society. Now, moving on a little bit here. Based on the research I've done, it seems like the CIA has borrowed many of their torture methods; and it's been acknowledged they do torture. They run secret prisons.  Bush openly admitted this. It seems that many of these torture methods were borrowed from the Nazis.  How true is this and what’s your take on it?


Alan:  There's no doubt. Torture is nothing new. Again, it was the pastime of nobility in days gone by when they were bored. They would go down to the dungeons and watch the peasants being tortured. Then they would kick the peasants out into the street and the sight of them all grotesque and burned and broken would terrify the public into being very obedient. That was always the technique of torture, the purpose of torture.  When they allow torture to be known by the general public, to be known that it's going on at such an amazing speed and volume, it's to terrify the general populations. That's why they tell us what they're actually doing. It’s meant to terrify us all into submission, or it might be you one day. That's the whole point of it today. However, the Soviet Union, of course the KGB also had whole buildings, just like the Nazis, using the same techniques of torture and manipulation. There's nothing new in it at all.


Mike:  The CIA has openly admitted – I watched a History Channel documentary about this a few months back that they were actually hiring ex-Nazis to be agents in the CIA.


Alan:  Yes.  They did that even at the end of World War II when they formed East and West Germany and they brought their own Nazis, their own intelligence services right into the new groups for the western part of Germany working for the Americans.  What you'll find in this system is they never throw knowledge away of anything, because knowledge is power to them; and these techniques are very, very important.


Mike:  Now going back to President Bush and the whole administration we have now, in the grand scheme of things, how much of a significant threat is President Bush.  My personal belief, I think he's just a puppet and a middleman in all of this, but what is your take on him?


Alan:  You're right. He is a front-man. He's doing his daddy's business, as he could say himself: “I'm doing my father's work.”


Mike:  His grandfather's.


Alan:  Yes. You'll find even Poppy Bush – they call him “Poppy” because it was well known that the Bush's had always been involved in the heroin trade.  In fact, all those guys at Yale, including John Kerry, all those characters made fortunes off the opium wars in China. Every single person that's in there today, their ancestors made lots of money when they were dropping off bales of opium to China. It's the same hereditary families.  However, Bush is only a front man for much bigger powers and he's definitely got all the psychopathic traits necessary at least to go ahead with this, but so does Cheney and the rest of them. Number two is always more important in higher orders than number one. The advisor is who knows the bigger picture.


Mike:  Exactly, and you know Prescott Bush is notoriously known as the guy who was running that bank and was channeling money to Adolph Hitler. The government found out about it and shut it down, so we know that Bush has a history in his family of supporting the Nazis and Hitler.


Alan:  Not just Bush but even the man who hands out global citizenship awards, Mr. Rockefeller. He also was a big funder of the Nazi system under I.G. Farben. I.G. Farben was an umbrella group and Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller and the Rothschild's in Britain all funded the Nazi war machine, the chemical industry and the gasoline.  GM and Ford had factories all during World War II, and I don't know if the people realize it, but the American public, under an international court order (after they went through a court debate in the 1980’s) decided that the U.S. citizens would have to reimburse GM and Ford for partial destruction of their plants in Germany in World War II.


Mike:  One common thread in all of these guys through history is that they just don’t give a damn about us as people. They don't give a damn about citizens. They only care about those with money and those that can sit with them at the royal throne; and not just anybody with money. I mean the common CEO that owns his own website business that's making a couple of million a year, they don't care about them either. They care about the guys who have billions of dollars and who really make their marks on the world with their money; and that's what people need to understand.


Alan:  Again, going back to the media. It was Brzezinski who said in his book "Between Two Ages" he said, "Shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves. They'll be conditioned to let the media do all their reasoning and thinking for them and the only topics of conversation they will have shortly is what's been feed to them or downloaded into them on the previous night's news."   See that's happened. That's happened.  If you tell them something or even show them the evidence of information – if it’s not on the news, then they can't comprehend what you’re telling them.


Mike:   Do you think that an impeachment of Bush and Cheney would actually accomplish much?


Alan:  No, not at all. We've seen all these farcical impeachments in the past and it's just a show and tell for the public. If you notice Bill Clinton and all that fiasco when they were trying to make him out to be “man,” gave us a drama basically with Lewinski to keep the public control, because a lot of sex and all the rest of it, sex and violence especially. Who were the first group that he had to answer to? It was The Council on Foreign Relations, the General Assembly – not the American people.  No one asked that question: how come?


Mike:  Clinton was involved in so many things and they impeached him because he received oral sex and lied about it in the Oval Office.  There's strong evidence to support he had a hand in Oklahoma City because he ordered the release of Middle Eastern men. There was this Joe Doe Number Two that they never found and he just never -- it didn't seem like he gave a damn about it. People seem to forget that he dropped bombs on Kosovo. He destroyed that aspirin factory, thinking he had all this supposed intel that it was a chemical plant making chemical weapons and it turned out to be an aspirin factory.  He was persecuted, crucified and eventually impeached for an act of infidelity, yet he committed pretty much almost the same types of crimes that Bush has committed.


Alan:  Yes. All through his reign – I call it a reign because that's all they have. They're given a reign for a little while. He had the American fleets putting cruise missile after cruise missile over into Iraq – into all different areas of Iraq, hundreds and hundreds of them, and that was all done fairly quietly and nobody cared at the time, either. As I say, it's the same agenda regardless of who seems to be in power.


Mike:  Exactly. It just shows that the paradigm is totally false and it's there, like you said, to control and to distract. I mean with the impeachment I think it would be nice to have an impeachment of Bush and Cheney because it would at least hold them up to some kind of accountability. But at the same time, like you said, it's not going to solve anything, because if those two were to be impeached, who would take over? Nancy Pelosi (and we know she's a globalist) and then 2008 comes and chances are Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama are going to be elected as president, and we all know what they're all about. So I agree with you. I don't think it would accomplish much. About the only positive that would come out of it would be accountability.


Alan:  Here's the thing, too. We've got to realize something here. This is a very, very old plan for world domination and it's not just to do with the Middle East. It's the domination of everybody on the planet. Even little Finland had to sign that anti-terrorism bill and put in the same laws, and they're getting their ID cards as everyone else is. This is a global agenda and Carroll Quigley was quite right when he said that the purpose of war is to change culture, because bureaucracies flourish and grow and take over power and take the rights from the people during wartime.  That's really the purpose of all of this. It isn't just about these characters that you see now around Bush. It doesn’t matter who they put in. The axe is coming down by the executioner, and these guys have gone too far to pull it back. You have to understand we are in a very dangerous time. They've already started the killing. They've already started marshal law worldwide. They can't back out now because they'd get hunted by the people if it's all exposed what they've been up to. They've got to go the whole way, and that does not bode well for the populations of the world at all.


Mike:  No, not at all, not in the least bit. It just spells nothing but chaos and destruction. Folks, if you're just joining us, this is Revolution Radio. My guest tonight is Alan Watt of  If you have a question or a comment for Mr. Watt, the toll-free number is 1-800-451-1567. That's toll-free 800-451-1567 and I'll have Mr. Watt on pretty much through the end of the program here, so if you have anything for him, just dial that this toll-free 1-800-451-1567. Going back to the big bankers Rockefeller, Rothschild, J.P. Morgan et cetera, what is their big grand role in all of this?


Alan:  I think H.G. Wells put it clearly when he talked about this, because H.G. Wells was a propagandist for this global elite that was based in London at the time. He was officially authorized to write is fictional and non-fictional works on behalf of them, a form of predictive programming to get the public to go along with it, in fact.  H.G. Wells went through in his "History of the World" in a two volume set, part 1 and 2, he laid down the eugenics program for the world, long before Adolph Hitler had a eugenics list of better species and lesser species. H.G. Wells had it and H.G. Wells simply copied it from John Stuart Mill, the previous economist in England, but it did have all the peoples listed in priority.  He said that the English peoples would eventually dominate the world. He really meant the elite of England, the very elite families.  He said we shall have to bring in the top bankers. He says some of these ones are Jewish and they've proven that they can accumulate wealth down through the ages and hold on to it even though they're persecuted; so, by the Darwinist theory of evolution they had shown their superiority, so they would be allowed to come in and work with them.  For the lesser ones who didn't make up, even within those particular peoples, they would be eliminated along with everybody else, because that was policy. They even had the Irish marked down for elimination because they wouldn't go along and join Britain.


Mike:  Yes, and this eugenics policy, part of it, they're pushing for this one child policy that they have in China.  I guess it now is up to a two-child policy. I may have that wrong.


Alan:  It's one child per family.


Mike:  One child, right.  These globalists are trying to push for this eugenics stuff.  How scared should we be of that?


Alan:  Very scared. Very, very scared indeed because you see they're not just pushing for it. They've been doing it. If you look at the histories of the health of the world's populations – if you look at the histories of the man who gave you the polio vaccine, Dr. Salk, with all of its cancer viruses contained in the shots.  He admitted – I've got the tape here, where he admitted he knew that these viruses would cause cancers and ill health in the people, but he thought it would counterbalance by eliminating the threat of polio, so he said. Look at the man's history. He was one of the top men for the Eugenics Society for the U.S. and Britain. He believed in vast population reductions, and suddenly he comes out as the hero of the people.


Mike:  We're coming up on the bottom of the hour break, Mr. Watt, so there's a few more things I want to go over with you. I wish I could have you on five hours because you know so much. You're just an absolutely fascinating interview tonight because I'm learning a lot and I really appreciate it. However, I want to touch a little on global warming, chemtrails and some more global domination issues. Folks, stay with us. This is Revolution Radio right here on the TruthNet Radio Network. My guest tonight is Alan Watt of Don't go anywhere. Stay tuned.



President Bush clip:


"In these cases it has been necessary to move these individuals to an environment where they can be held secretly, questioned by experts and when appropriate prosecuted for terrorists acts. Some of these individuals are taken to the United States Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. It's important for Americans and others across the world to understand the kind of people held at Guantanamo. These are common criminals or bystanders accidentally swept up on the battlefield. We have in place a rigorous process to ensure those held at Guantanamo Bay belong at Guantanamo."


Mike:  Back here on Revolution Radio, live here on the TruthNet Radio Network. I'm your host Mike Swenson going into the last half hour of the program. That, of course, was President Bush back in 2006 acknowledging that the CIA is running secret prisons, especially down in Guantanamo Bay.  There have been other speeches where he said that he's been running them in various countries throughout the world. Back with my guest Alan Watt of Just learning a whole bunch of stuff tonight. I've got so many more questions to ask and I’ll try to cram them in here in the last half hour. If you would like to call in, if you have a question or comment for Mr. Watt, feel free. The toll-free number 1-800-451-1567. That's toll-free 800-451-1567. If you like to call in, jam it in now.


Now, Alan, in my experience as a researcher, independent journalist and talk show host, I've heard people say “maybe a one world government, one religion, one bank et cetera would be a good thing.” What would you say to those who think that globalization, New World Order et cetera would be a good thing?


Alan:  People who want it probably will be happy when they don’t have to think at all, because this whole New World Order is to eventually contain everyone in the planet and make them unable to think for themselves as individuals. They'll take the pain away of being an individual, for those who find it very burdensome; and the brain chip has been discussed at world-class meetings of scientists, which the U.S. funded in fact, these global meetings at Loyola University to do with the chipping of the brains. They say it's all ready to go. All they have to do now is convince the public of the necessity to take it, and once that happens, there'll be no more you or me. We’ll just be us, a new us, US; and so, yes, for those who find the burden of thinking for themselves too much, they'll all be one in this wonderful robotic Borg type society.


Mike:  Exactly, and I've always answered that with – I guess it wouldn't be so bad if you weren't having a bunch of tyrants and just sociopaths trying to organize a one world religion, one world government, bank and all that stuff and globalization I guess you could characterize that as. The problem is we have evil sociopaths trying to put this thing together. That's the fear factor in all of this.


Alan:  It really is.  In this system if you notice the ones who get to the top really get there by any and all means possible, by clawing their way over other people to get up to the top; and that's called success in this system. It's purpose-made for the psychopath to get to the top, and that's why you've had thousands of years in a monied system of the same types getting up to the top and gaining power and having wars and slaughtering all over the place. It hasn't changed and it won't change until a different system comes in; and the only thing is we've never been given a chance to think about any other system that could possibly exist. The one we're born into we're trained to believe is the only one that is natural, simply because it does exist.  Lenin, who worked for the big bankers, who was trained by the bankers to set off the Hegelian Dialectic of capitalism versus communism, knowing all the time they'd eventually merge the two together.  Lenin himself said that the public must never realize there are many, many paths society could go down. They must be taught to believe the one they're in is the natural one and that happened.


Mike:  One thing that blows my mind, that I did almost an entire program on this last Friday I believe it was, is we all know that the Chinese way of running government is corrupt and it's so evil in so many ways. They're the primary driver of this eugenics stuff; and yet you have Rupert Murdoch who basically runs the mainstream media. He owns tons of news channels, newspapers. He just bought the Wall Street Journal last week and the radio stations and all that. This guy is in total support of Chinese style government.


Alan:  Yes. The United Nations has stated openly that China is the model state for the world to copy; and they train them very well there in China as a mass-man. The Chinese have never had much individuality in their history. They've been a mass type people and kept that way purposely. In fact, I suspect they've been kept that way for a long time for today for this particular time in history. That's why the invaders stayed out of it and that's why Napoleon even left it alone. He said, “Let the sleeping dragon lie” and so they didn't want to wake them up until now, and the west has made modern China the industrial leader of the world. It didn't happen overnight by chance. It happened because it was planned long ago and I've got books from the 1930’s, where the CFR and The Royal Institute of International Affairs discuss this at their global meetings.


However, China has perfected the art of getting the public to obey. At one time, they used to have to drag a woman in if she was pregnant with her second child and they sent the militia to take her or the police. They don't have to do it now because the neighbors have been trained to do it. It's called "social approval" and "social disapproval."  They can create one or the other. We see it here in a milder form with the anti-smoking laws. They've demonized smokers and you'll see people react in a Pavlovian way when they see a smoker light a cigarette; they'll start coughing when they're 20 yards away. That's Pavlovian effect, social disapproval.  China uses that for abortions and the neighbors will go and grab a woman and drag her to the clinic and tell her she's being anti-social by having a second child that will take the food from another.


Mike:  Yes, and this guy who owns the mainstream media embraces that type of society. Just totally disturbs me, but moving on. The issue of global warming: Most say that climate change is caused mostly by CO2 emissions, but do you think this is possibly a cover story to conceal the fact that the government is involved with weather and climate modification?  I had Dr. Nick Begich on last night and he's an expert in this HAARP program in Alaska and it's obvious that they are dealing in weather modification.  Do you think that this global warming, the saying that it's CO2, all these people jumping on the Al Gore bandwagon – Do you think that that's a cover story, not only to push a global carbon tax but to also cover for the fact that the government is actually messing with our climate?


Alan:  It's all of that and more. They had global meetings again at these top think tanks, the ones who plan our future. It's like a pyramid. When you have a top think tank like The Club of Rome, which looks towards the future and how to manipulate the people into giving up their rights, it then comes up with an idea, puts it out to the lesser think tanks who then make it work and put it into action and they market it to you through media and propaganda and magazines and shows on television.


The Club of Rome in the 1970’s put a book out and it's called "The First Global Revolution" by the actual founders of The Club of Rome.  They said our job was to look around to find a way to unify everyone on the planet. They're talking about global government and they talked about the space alien threat, could they make the people believe that?  Then they thought, they hit upon, “we eventually realized that we could use the weather as a main enemy of the people, an enemy because it would change and become wild and erratic.” Now they're talking about sciences to manipulate the weather. It says, “Eventually we'll make the people believe that man himself is the enemy because he is causing climatic changes.” Now that's admitted to by the very think tanks that dreamed it up in their own publication called "The First Global Revolution" by The Club of Rome. A few years ago in the newspapers, the U.S. Air Force published an article saying in four years we shall own the weather.  For the last ten years we've had nothing but spraying in the skies since all the countries involved signed the Open Skies Treaty, where they allow foreign pilots to fly your military aircraft across your skies.  What they're doing is a sort of Dr. Strangelove policy where they can then spray us by using your aircraft and we'll go over there and spray them. This is happening worldwide this spraying and you could actually see them building storms and creating it.


The HAARP facilities, they didn't just build these facilities – there's 54 of them worldwide that we know of. The U.S. has a big one as well in Greenland in a U.S. base and another one in Pine Gap in Australia.  They can triangulate them and bring them all to focus on a whole continent if need be and effect the temperature. They can cause the air to superheat and cause explosions, this new phenomena where you'll see parts of the atmosphere exploding at night, a new type of thunder they're calling it. They just can't understand why it happens.  That's from The Club of Rome. They must convince the public that we are the problem. There's too many of us and we've got to change our whole way of living. Reduce the population. Move everyone into these new United Nations habitat areas, where we'll all do the work we're told to do and there'll be no private property. That's in Agenda 21 signed by the United Nations.  You can go into their own websites and find it there. The whole future is mapped out for the society step-by-step and it's one tremendous scientific con-game that's going on, propagated by repetition by the media.


Mike:  That's amazing. It's amazing in the most shocking way to say the least. Now this whole global domination issue seems so broad, Alan, that it seems like we can do absolutely nothing to stop its progression; but do you think a candidate such as Ron Paul if he were elected could help bring these agendas to a halt, at least in this country if he were elected?


Alan:  No, because you've got to understand this is not – this system doesn't play fair. It never has played fair. If there was one person who stood up who could do something, he'd be killed so darn quickly because so much is riding on this agenda. They aren't going to let one man stop it. It's been in the works for over 100 years, this part here.


Mike:  So is there no hope at all?


Alan:  The only hope would be for the public – if the public themselves acquiesce to all the loss of privacy, if they accept the black executioner styled uniforms in the streets with machines guns and searches and all the rest of it, if they accept all that then doesn't matter who you put in. When the people have no will for freedom, then it's over.  They've even put books out on the creation of apathy amongst the populations. These are published books put out by the top institutions like Tavistock to do with mind control on whole populations. The creation of apathy is very important. Apathy sets in when you feel small, powerless, and you're terrified. That's why they have a reign of terror when they introduce massive changes, and that's what you're seeing today. People must want freedom on an individual basis and they must want to be an individual. The war right now is really between the individuals and the mass man. Those who've already succumbed and they belong to the mass. There are many people who like and love socialism. They like the idea that these professional experts above them are dealing with all life's problems for them, so it gives them time to play forever until they die, eternal childhood. That's what socialism is.  It isn't just the ones at the top that's the problem. You're dealing with a good portion of the public who go along with anything.


How many people have you talked to who will tell you "I don't care what the government knows about me. I have nothing to hide."


Mike:  I hate that.


Alan:  Yes, but what they've lost is their indignation, just natural indignation of invasion of privacy. When they don't even have that, they're already happy slaves.


Mike:  I hear this argument “I don't care if they tap me or chip me and I'm not doing anything wrong. Why should I care?”  That's just the first step of total domination of your entire life and your entire future for your kids and grand kids; and it's going to take a revolution, but more people have to care. More people have to turn off that damn TV. Turn off the ridiculous celebrity news and focus on what's really going on, because if we don't, they're going to pull the rug right from under us without us even seeing what's coming.


Alan:  Yes. That's what they hope to do and we've got to stand up against this fear – this fear mongering, this overreaction, this massive global overreaction. We never even had this in the Cold War remember. In fact it wasn't even as bad as this during World War II; and suddenly we all have to get ID cards with active chips in them, and every purchase we make is to be monitored, and so this is stuff that Nero would drool over. He could only imagine in his dreams the kind of stuff that's going on; and so it's really a battle for will, for individualism that's at stake here.  They've said at the top that their war is on the individual. They want to eradicate individuality on this planet, and only then, when everyone is perfectly predictable will they feel safe at the top.


Mike:  We've only got about seven minutes left with you Alan. I just have a couple of more for you. Briefly, what is your take on the Federal Reserve and the shady method in which it was brought in?


Alan: It's widely documented. As you say, it was shady all right and it was a scam from the beginning. However, to be honest with you, money itself is a scam because it's a psychopathic system where something is substituted for real wealth, which is something you can barter. Something you can swap for this or that. Money is the psychopath's dream because whoever runs the money – and I don't care if it's porcupine quills or scalps, it doesn’t matter as long as the person who’s in charge of it has that power, he runs the system. It causes greed. You see it's built on a fear-based thing – fear of poverty, fear of loneliness, fear of sickness, ill health. Things you can't afford. It's a fear-based system the monetary system and it's anti-human. With money you can buy armies. You can keep armies together. That was the trick of introducing money into the creation of cities back in the days of Nimrod.


Mike:  The government stole away this country's gold back in 1930 and replaced it with this fiat paper garbage.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a one dollar bill, a five or a hundred dollar bill, it's still worth about four cents and it's being so devalued and each dollar printed comes with debt attached to it already, so the country's is never getting out of debt. It's a credit-based system. We're all swimming in it every single day from the day we turn 18 and even before that, we're swimming in a sea of debt that we'll never escape.


Alan:  Thomas Jefferson said it plainly. He said "when a generation is born into a system where they owe the debt…” (they pay off the debt of the previous generation), he said, “…that generation are actually slaves," and that's what we have. We've been born into slavery. We've been put down for collateral for debts that were incurred generations before us.


Mike:  Oh yes, but pay your taxes because you're not a good American if you don't.


Alan:  Taxation is a form of slavery.


Mike:  Oh yes totally. Last question for you: Do you expect another false flag attack soon or a stock market collapse?


Alan:  These guys will stop at nothing. They say, "The end justifies the means." Whatever it takes, they will do to pull this off. They cannot back out now. We've got to realize this. It's not just the ones you see at the moment at the top. This is a whole world of elitists that have planned this. They are not going to back out now. They have to go for the whole show now or they lose, and they're not prepared to lose, so we’re in for one hellish time here on earth.


Mike:  I've said this since 9/11 first happened and they brought in the Patriot Act. They brought in the color-coded tailor thread. They were plastering all over the news now the terrorists were after us. You know I always said and this is before I woke up to the truth about 9/11, just way before that. I always said you know the terrorists don't even have to attack us because the media is putting enough fear into its people and they're basically doing their jobs for them; because what's the goal of terrorism? The goal is to instill terror into its civilized population and when the government and the media – mainstream media is obviously controlled by the government. When the media and the government is constantly pumping fear and terror into its citizens, they're basically accomplishing the same goals as the terrorists are trying to do, except I don’t know. Maybe they're killing less people. I don't know. 


Alan:  What it is, it's styled after Pavlov the great hero of these fanatics. Pavlov used to shock dogs.  He'd train them – he sat here and then he fed them, and then eventually after the dogs liked him and got used to the routine, he would take this electric stick and shock them; so the dog would move elsewhere thinking it would be safe, and then he'd pat it for a few days. It would say okay I can always move here – then he'd shock it again.  Eventually, after the tenth shocking in the tenth different spot where you’d eat your dinner, the dog didn't know where to sit. It would just stand and shake in terror and fear, and that is what they're doing to the public. They're training them to be terrified, and when you're terrified, you shutdown and you do what your told. That's what it all about.


Mike:  Last minute here, Alan Watt, any final thoughts that you would like to share?


Alan:  The people better start working very quickly in communicating with each other whether this life is worth saving the life that they have or each other, even if their own lives are worth saving or people you even love and so on. What is love? What is humanity? Is this a humanitarian system or is this hell we're going into?  We better stop it before it really takes effect, because if one fraction of all the laws they’ve passed and have on the books are put into effect, you'll be living in a worse hell than the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany combined ever had.


Mike:  Exactly. Well Alan Watt, thank you so much for joining us here on the program. I really appreciate your coming on and you’re so filled with knowledge I definitely want to have you on again in the near future.


Alan:  It will be a pleasure to be on.


Mike:  Thank you so much and take care of yourself. Your website one more time is and briefly you can get all of your podcasts and can order your books and things like that on there as well, correct?


Alan:  Yes.


Mike:   Alan Watt, thanks again and take care of yourself and stay safe and bless you sir.


Alan:  You too.


Mike:  All right, thank you. So ladies and gentlemen, I tell you it's shocking stuff but it's necessary stuff, because if we don't wake up to what's going on in this planet we could lose it; and we're not going to lose it to CO2 emissions. We're going to lose to tyranny and evil men and there's just no doubt about it. There's just no doubt about it all. Folks, thank you all for joining me here this week on Revolution Radio. We are off tomorrow night but we'll be back next week. I'm working on a few guests. Folks, just take care of yourself and each other and get out there and fight, because if we don't fight now, then they're going to take systematic control over everything and we don’t want that for your kids, for your grand kids. Folks, for myself, Mike Chambers, Lee Rogers and everybody here at the TruthNet Radio Network, thank you so much again. Stay tuned for Midnight Rider with Mike Chambers simulcast right here on the TruthNet Radio Network, broadcasting from the Republic Broadcasting Network. My website is Take care of yourselves folks. I will see you next week. Have a safe weekend. Good night.



(Transcribed by Linda)