Alan Watt on "Road to Freedom" with Eleanor White

July 21, 2005
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Eleanor: The God who gave us life, gave us liberty.  The problem is there are people in power these days who really donít like that.  Come, travel the road to freedom with your host, Eleanor White.  Welcome to show number 8, recorded on July 21st, 2005.  Road to Freedom is a listener sponsored show, by and about all the targets of electronically-assisted vigilante gang-stalking throughout the world.  Road to Freedom brings you the latest information on this crime-wave, which has so far been denied by every government and private agency whose mission is to help those who are targets of crime.  The opinions expressed are those of the host and guests, and may not be those of others who are targets of vigilante-stalking and electronic harassment, or of any person or group who may replay these recorded programs.  Information for anyone who is thinking about donating to keep Road to Freedom on the air is found on the cover-page of this showís website at the bottom.  This showís website is:  Vigilante-stalking and the covert use of advanced electronic weapons on vigilante-stalking targets is basically the use of lies, again lies, to motivate networked groups of citizens to destroy the lives of their innocent targets.  These programs are about the ongoing efforts to expose this activity, and hopefully to stop it. 


Today weíll be talking with Mr. Alan Watt, a long-time researcher of history, religion, politics, and crime.  And in particular, the involvement of secret societies in these arenas.  Of particular interest to the anti vigilante-stalking and electronic-harassment movement, are crimes either initiated by or sanctioned by government.  Government has been keeping a tight lid on vigilante-stalking and electronic harassment, and has a history, as explained in earlier shows, of actually committing similar crimes in the name of national security.  Alan Watt, and other researchers, have repeatedly found that membership in secret societies is a prerequisite for positions of authority in all levels of government.  The problem is that secret societies have huge portions of their membership who have no idea that, say, 10% of their members are actively but covertly committing grievous crimes.  In fact, several targets of vigilante-stalking and electronic harassment have reported that known secret society members, usually of the order of Free and Accepted Masons, have participated in their harassment, so itís not all senior members, some selected junior members are apparently participants as well.  Alan Watt has more to tell along these lines.  Alan has written three books on his research, and I will let Alan tell the listeners himself how the books can be ordered.  The reason I asked Alan to come on is that he has also experienced the type of attacks characteristic of vigilante-stalking and electronic harassment.  Welcome to Road to Freedom, Alan.


Alan: Yeah, itís a pleasure to be on.


Eleanor: And could you tell us how the listeners could order your books, they are not available in bookstores.


Alan: They can write to me [see ordering information on transcript].  And the contents, I say, even the contents arenít the regular off-the-shelf information.  I go deep into the research from the ancient times right through to the present times, and document it with the very little or scanty information which is available when you research it.  As I say, the information contained within goes as far back as Sumer, and the philosophers of Greece, because they did more talking about this secret society that was already in existence in their day, than probably anyone since.  So itís very real, itís all about control of the world, and I delve into their information and then I bring up current authors who also have been working in government, or the CIA, or MI6 in Britain, who have also written books about this very technique of electronic harassment, which is very real.  Itís documented and itís being used on the public on a much wider scale today.  In the 1960s they were testing it out on individuals more so than today, and targeting them, and they even had a chip-implant put into many guys who were in the military in Britain, who suddenly believed that they were being controlled by some computer.  And this was a new phenomenon they saw coming in to the psychiatric hospitals in the 1960s, before the computer was a household word.  And it turns out many, many years later, the government admitted that they did use selected soldiers who went in for minor operations while in the military and they put in various implants to see what effect theyíd have.


Eleanor: Okay, now, what Alan has said to this point is that heís written about the people behind the power structure throughout history.  And what he has discovered is that distant as it may sound, heís discovered that the secret society people who are lusting for power, are not only aware of electronic harassment, but are almost certainly behind it as well.  And in private theyíre very brutal, they donít pull any punches, they will do anything they have to, to achieve their dream, which is world domination with their particular members at the top.  So, would you continue, Alan, you were talking about electronic harassment and these people who lust for power.


Alan: We can go as far back even as to Plato, the Greek philosopher, he wrote about a future society, which would be the perfect, he called it, Republic, or world state, and he even said there would be a guardian class that would run it from the top.  They would have a helping class of bureaucrats and military and so on, and he said the time will come where women will also serve in the front lines with the men, and that will be the time for their final takeover, which is happening today.


Eleanor: It certainly is.


Alan: And he also said the perfect world that we shall construct, will be based on the special breeding of selected people for special purposes; so weíre into eugenics here.  He said outside of the guardian class, those who are in the military and who have military mindsets, will be interbred with the women in the military.  So their offspring will constantly be hereditary military, you see.  And then he said, we shall breed short squat men for going into mines, tall men if we need people to pick apples for instance, and he said, in other words, just like the animals that are the domesticated animals, which are inbred for specific qualities, we shall do the same with the, he called them the its, he didnít say the lower classes, he called them the its, they were not human as far as he was concerned.


Eleanor: Indeed.  And let me say that establishing total control is the only way these things can be done.  And thatís what leads us to this overwhelming harassment night and day, both by human beings and by electronic equipment that is so advanced the university professors donít know about it.


Alan: Yes, and thatís the key to it in this system in which we live.  Iíve talked to many high masons, way above the 33rd degree level, and independently theyíve all told me the same things.  And one of those things was that, they love the number three.  The number three is the trinity, they always have a trinity regardless of the religion they create or push.  And they have three levels of every science.  And from professorship down, I was told, that is the lowest level of any science.


Eleanor: Well we who are targets of this stuff can assure the listeners, those listeners who have not experienced it that what Alan just said is the absolute truth.  What we have experienced is basically the most bizarre happenings which you read about as paranormal, for example, happen to us.  We do not have a clue how itís done, and obviously someone does because itís being done.  And it is not poltergeist, because the timing is different, weíre being observed all the time, and the timing is such as if youíre doing something messy, or something precise, you will have your body and limbs shoved around so you canít do it.  That is not characteristic of a poltergeist-attack.  You will find that this happens when you go to work as well, or when youíre in your car.  So what weíre saying is our experience backs up Alanís assertion one-hundred percent that there are at least two levels of science beyond what the best university physics professor knows about.


Alan: Thatís right.  Itís all compartmentalized.† Now, some of the equipment that they do use and have used since the 1950s, was shown on a CBC television programme, the Wendy Mesley Show when she had Nick Begich on, from Alaska.  And Nick Begich of course, was a son of a congressman who was killed in a plane crash.  And he went on his own investigation and then came into this world of HAARP-technologies and various mind-control devices, and on the Wendy Mesley Show, he had a huge table full of these little handheld TV-converter type remotes, some no larger than a pack of cigarettes, some smaller.  And he told Wendy to stand over at maybe 20 feet away from him, and he pointed one at her, and he said, What do you hear?  And she said, I hear music right in the center of my head.  And this was a live television programme.


Eleanor: Alan, this is brand new to me and Iím stunned by it.  I didnít know that Nick had equipment that could do that, so weíre definitely going to have to get in touch with him and find out what that was.


Alan: Well I recorded the show, and he said, if I wanted to, I could just as easily have put words in your head.  And he said this equipment is obsolete.  He said the CIA were using this in the 1950s, so you can imagine what they have today.


Eleanor: Yes, we donít have to imagine, do we, you and I and the rest of us?  Can you tell us some of your experiences that jolted you into the reality of this stuff, that itís not just written in some book somewhere, that itís for real and youíve experienced it?


Alan: Yes, well, Iíve also known people who were implanted with chips in Britain, who had them removed, and they had been involved in the military, and all had minor operations within the military.  And then had terrible upsets afterwards, after they were discharged.  One was actually committed to a mental institution, and he said that he felt there was something in his spine that was controlling him.  And they did x-rays and they did find this tiny little, they didnít know what it was at the time, but they removed it and it all stopped.  So they were testing them out mainly on military people back in the 1970s, and 60s actually.


Eleanor:  Thatís quite a while ago.  Our own membership who are, most of us are not military, I am military but Iíve never found any evidence of an implant, but a few of us, less than a handful, have had implants, the common experience with us is that those of us who have had them taken out, the doctor loses them or wonít give them to us, saying something like, "well this doesnít belong to you so Iím not going to give it to you."


Alan: And I guess itís probably the Department of Defence that owns it.


Eleanor: Well ultimately, as most people, most savvy people anyway, know these days, government tends to do things through front entities like universities and businesses.


Alan: Yes they do.† Iíve also noticed, Iíve been on the radio since about í98, and I noticed the harassment techniques, what happens if they canít directly control you or get into your body, theyíll try and get somebody near you or next to you, to cause upsets all the time, always at a time, a critical time, when youíre writing something or about to go on a show, thereíll be some tremendous flare-up, and thatís what they do; they can control a person.  If youíre strong or whatever, or they have a hard time controlling you, theyíll get to a person near you to do it - it could even be a neighbour.


Eleanor: Amen, amen.† And let me comment - Alan has been broadcasting on radio station WWCR, out of Tennessee, a 100,000 watt short-wave station which reaches all over the world, for some years now.  He appears quite often on the Sweet Liberty program, hosted by Jackie Patru, and so if anyone goes to the site and looks up the patriot broadcasters, they can find Jackieís show and can tune in and hear Alan fairly often.


Alan: Weíre into a lot of this kind of information, and I also noticed about three years ago when I was getting a lot of response from the writings I was sending out, but whenever I was driving on country roads, I noticed that all the oncoming vehicles would swerve over to my side one after another and then swerve right back again.  And I thought, whatís happening here to these people.  And this happened for a matter of weeks.  And I have nothing else to conclude, but something was making them swerve over.


Eleanor: Well I donít know if youíve read Terrorist Stalking in America, by David Lawsome.  Heís a private investigator in Florida and his book describes, he actually infiltrated in rogue with some of these gangs, and they do travel around in convoys, so you were probably facing a convoy of these stalking-gang members.


Alan: Well, one night I was walking my dog, and I lived in the country down near Mansfield, which is north of Toronto, and I had a dirt road, very little traffic on it ever, and I was walking the dog one night up the hill, and a black SUV drove up very slow with its lights off, and I stood there of course, wondering why this thing, this thing was conscious of me, I was standing in the middle of the road, it was very dark, and I shone my flashlight at it, and of course they had the black-tinted windows, and it just stood there stationary halfway up the hill, Iím looking at it, for about ten minutes, then it reversed all the way back, about half a mile, back up to the road it came off, and next morning when I got up, there was a black SUV sitting just outside my house, and when I opened the door to go up to see who was there, they drove off again.  So these are harassment techniques which are used to frighten you off from what youíre doing basically.


Eleanor: Yes indeed.  I can only remember the time that I had a guy in a black Cadillac, dressed like a mafia don, pull up in front of me and stare at me for a full hour as I did my first picketing excursion in Hamilton, Ontario here, and it didnít stop me, but he caught up with me at a stoplight, and pulled up very close, almost hit me, rolled down his passenger window and looked at me with a big toothy grin and applauded.  And I swear this fellow was recruited because he looked exactly like the mafia don Carlo Gambino.† He had a grey fedora with a black band, it was a classic.  And it didnít stop me and nothing happened after that, but they do these things, this is par for the course.


Alan: The worst it got was, again, probably four years ago, it was wintertime, I had been doing a lot of the shows, getting a tremendous response, and I was beginning to bring in the Canadian listeners, and just before I went on a show, a helicopter came overhead, very low, so low that the house shook.  And I had the woodfire going, and the next thing I knew was that I heard this Ďboomfí, and the doors blew open on the fire and then my chimney was on fire.  So I ran outside and I looked up and there right above the chimney was this black military-type helicopter, then it simply took off.  I was prepared for this kind of thing to happen, and I ran up with the hose and I started to put out the fire.  Now, there was a white residue around the top of the chimney, very white, and I put out the fire, it took a while to do it, and then when I cleaned it out, it was still damp of course, this residue at the bottom, and when it dried out it burst into flames again so I believe there was magnesium there, very bright brilliant light...


Eleanor: Or phosphorous.


Alan: And phosphorous, yeah.  So theyíll do this kind of thing if youíre getting out to people and telling them which are obvious truths that they donít want to be known by the public. 


Eleanor: Absolutely, and with me I have three recording adapters which are defunct, they were bought brand new within the last month, every one of them I tested when I got it home, and I immediately put it in my shoulder bag, and carried it there.† They have never left my side and yet they have been remotely disabled.  And so they do not like publicity.


Alan: Oh no, no.† They donít mind if youíre simply into the political game and blaming this politician or that politician, but when youíre getting closer to the truth that there is a hidden hand behind all of this, then you start to come under fire for sure.


Eleanor: Amen.  In fact, why donít you tell the listeners about what happened when you tried to get the first copies of your third book published, Alan, not long ago.


Alan: Yeah, what had happened was that I had many, many copies of the first two made up in different photocopy shops down Barry way and I never had any problem at all.  And I had a couple of sets made up in one of the Staples, thereís two staples up in Sudbury.


Eleanor: Now for listeners outside of Canada I donít know if Staples exist but Staples is a large office equipment, office supply and office services supplier here in Canada.


Alan: And so I had trouble getting one copy especially reproduced, they always fouled it up.  So this time I thought I need all three done with this new one as well, so I took the first, second, and third master copies to Staples, I waited till most of the rush was over for the day, so I went in about five oíclock, at five in the afternoon, and the girl looked at them and said Ďoh thatíll be no problem, probably in half an hour, Iíll have ten sets of each made up.í  So I went for a walk for half an hour and came back, and I saw pandemonium reigning all over this big part of the store.  And there were three girls and they were working, one of them was the assistant manageress, who was going through my master copies, pulling out pages that she thought the typing was too close to an edge or something, and redoing them, but not putting them back in the file.  And so I saw this mess all over the place, and I looked at the back bench, they have a workbench, which is almost 25, maybe 30 feet long, and itís wide, and they had all different pages of my stuff, copies theyíd made across the entire bench, and there was parts of my master copies on the front bench where the customers came in.  And some of the customers were reading them, and it was a sort of, it goes round the front desk, so where I was standing there was some parts of the copies there too.  And I said, Ďwell whatís going on here?í and after the manageress explained what she was doing, she says well thereís some trouble with the machine.  Now they had two big photocopy machines, multiple copiers, going there, and she said "I donít understand it, theyíve worked perfectly all month, and all week and all day, but each time with your copies on they keep jamming."  And so they put it onto the other machine and it started to do the same.  So I was there for four hours as they went through this, and they churned out so many pages and then put them on the backbench scattered around and then go back again and pull out the ones that were jammed and ripped and try to do them.  And it was such a weird thing to watch happening, because three different women were working there independently on my stuff, not communicating with each other, and at one point when it was quiet, I said Ďwell, whatís happening?† Iíve been here for four hours, whatís happening?í  And the girl who was reading my stuff turned to me like a robot, and with a very pleasant face said Ďwell, nothing at the moment.í  And I said, Ďwell shouldnít there be something happening?í I said, Ďyouíre all standing reading my material, the machines are stopped.í  She said, Ďoh weíre not allowed to read the customersí material.í  I watched them doing this for the last hour or so.


So they seemed to be oblivious to what they were doing, their answers were out of context with the mess that was all around, and even the manager came across, he was a man, and he said Ďoh it must be the humidity thatís jamming ití.  And I said, Ďwell how come five customers in between mine have used the same machines and theyíve worked perfectly fine?í  And he looked stunned, and he had a strange look on his face, and he said, he just repeated what heíd said, Ďwell it must be the humidity.í  But no, Iíd watched these other customers get their stuff put through in between them trying to do mine, and there was no hitch at all with them.


Eleanor: Absolutely.  Let me back you up Alan.  Alan is not unique in this, I just spent three days in a copyshop here in Hamilton, trying to get an 8.5x11 version of the vigilante-stalking shoulder patch, which is on the cover page of  And it was a simple single transfer, iron-on transfer to a t-shirt, and itís taken three days.  Every time Iíve gone in there the gal who runs the shop is on the telephone with technical support for her colourcopier.  Because she says every time she puts my job on it the copier screws up.  And she finally got me one, I brought it home, I followed the instructions exactly, and it shredded to pieces.  So she made another copy on another brand of transfer, and the same thing happened again.  So after three days and about half a dozen visits and several hours on her part to do one single copy, I donít have a transfer.† And this happens all the time.  And just last night, Jackie couldnít print out a report that she wanted for her show.  These perpetrators are somehow able to disable anything electronic at a distance, and do it surgically, and they can slip the failure off and on like a light switch, so if another customer comes in itíll work fine.  And this is not fiction, this is not sensational, although Alan is an author selling books, thatís not why weíre here.  Weíre passing on to you listeners the state of technology as it actually is, as opposed to what youíve been told when you were in school and through the popular media.


Alan: Yeah, and Iíve found too, well, at the very end, after four hours, four hours and fifteen minutes, I said, Ďwell try and find what youíve got left of my master copies, if any,í I said, Ďthrow them in a box and Iíll just take them home.í  And so they did that, I still had to look around the front desk and there were pages lying everywhere, and an occasional page here and an occasional page there, and do most of it myself, and then I said, ĎI donít want everybody reading my materialí, I said, Ďyouíve got hundreds and hundreds of pages all over the shop here.í  And the girl said, Ďoh, we wonít read them,í she says, Ďthey have to be shredded.í  So what was interesting when they were reading them, they werenít reading them all together, they were standing in different parts of the store with different pages reading them, silently.  And I wondered what was reading them through their eyes, but thatís the impression I got at the time.


Eleanor:  Thatís more than an impression, Alan.  Our group does have occasional instances where some sort of harassment is planned based on what could only have been seen through our eyes.  Briefly, I ordered sixteen topographic maps of New England where I lived originally, and I got every single map ID number correct on the order.  The order came in with three mistakes, three maps were picked incorrectly.  However there was something special about the ones that were substituted.  Every single one of those was a map that I had focused my eyes on and then said, no, Iím not going to order that one.  And this is a type of stunt they pull, they actually want us to know that they have these capabilities, but they choose to do things in such a way that you canít prove it to anyone.  So that if you tell anyone about it, youíre considered mentally ill.


Alan: And of course, youíve got information to impart, so any information you have is discredited as well if you tell them whatís happening to you.† Thatís the technique.


Eleanor: Absolutely.  However, Alan, you know, weíre in the 21st century, and more and more people are reporting being targeted, lots of them, one in a hundred for example is a fairly good estimate based on some surveys we did, and we think itís just time to get the information in front of the public anyway, regardless of whether they like it or not, whether they believe it or not, because itís true.


Alan: Itís the truth but the thing is, you see, it is documentable.  A lot of the people involved in this, because I find that the ones who control the system, and itís a system, thatís the whole thing Ė I call it the system because itís their system in which we live.  Weíre trained to go into the workforce in their system and basically work for them, through our taxes and so on.  And they upgrade their system every so often, and of course right now weíre in the middle of a very big upgrade into the next stage, which is going to be a vastly different world than the one weíve known.  But Bertrand Russell, he was a British Lord, he wrote one book, many books actually, but one book in particular on this very topic.  And he had experimented back in the beginning of 1900s with chartered schools from the British royalty, theyíd given him charters to experiment within these schools on children, on behaviour modifications.  And in that time he was finding ways of giving pre-pubertal children, getting them interested in sex to see what effect it would have on them after puberty, to see if they could actually create a generation of sex-addicted teenagers.  That was his mission.


Eleanor: Well heís succeeded, hasnít he? kids are so young these days...


Alan: His book was called "Education and the Good Life", itís worth getting a hold of for anyone wanting to know that, yeah, they have been involved in experiments on the mind.  But later on he wrote a book called "The Impact of Science on Society", and it might be available in your library.  An excellent read because in it he goes on, he says in his book that a technique will shortly be used on the general public of the world based on electronics, he said, where mind-control can actually be induced upon every individual.  He said the easiest thing to induce is emotion, emotional changes, he said, but we can go much, much further, and he says, and the people concerned, the subjects, will have no idea that they have mind or thought-intrusion being electronically used on them.  Now thatís in his book, and he was a high spokesman for the group that run this world.


Eleanor: Oh I can back him up, because while it doesnít happen really often, we do go through instances, we meaning our group of vigilante-stalking and electronic harassment targets, we do go through instances where we do something out of character, and we can not tell that this thought and control pattern is being imposed on us, there is no sensation, but you certainly do know it once itís finished.  And you do strange things, like I went to the office in the middle of the night once, and I was sure I had to get there right then to do something, and when I got there I realized that the stunt was over and I had no reason to be there.† So I mean this, what Alan is talking about is going on, we can testify to that.


Alan: And thereís even a better documented later book, put out by Zbigniew Brzezinski, and he I think was the secretary of state but he was also at the head of the department for war under Reagan, and different presidents, and at the present time heís an advisor to George Bush.  Heís been on television recently in fact in Canada, talking about the new world that is coming, along with Henry Kissinger.  Now both of them, Brzezinski and Kissinger, are members of the Bilderberger group, thatís a very high world decision-making group that has annual meetings and very well guarded wherever they go, the Queen goes, the bankers of the world go, the banking families go, and certain selected politicians go Ė they always know whoís going to be president, because the person will be asked to go before he runs for presidency, thatís where they choose them.


Eleanor: And guess who went to a recent meeting, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Alan: Thatís right.  Not only did he do that, but Lord Rothschild in Britain had a helicopter fly him to Rothschildís castle when he was there.


Eleanor: And of course, listeners, we know from research done, that Arnold Schwarzeneggerís past is such that heís kind of in favour of the same type of things as Adolf Hitler was.


Alan: Oh heís into eugenics, thatís what bodybuilding is.  Itís changing you from what you are into something which they claim is more perfect, and thatís basically where itís all going.† Brzezinski wrote a book called "Between Two Ages", itís about this very time Ė he wrote it back in the 1970s.  And thereís a section in there called Ďthe Technotronic Eraí, now remember that he is still an advisor to the president, the present president, and in this book, "Between Two Ages", the technotronic era, he goes through this same scenario that Bertrand Russell had written many years before him.  And the technotronic era, he said, through the various technological advances we have, which are unknown by the general public, he said we are now in a position to control the minds of every single individual on the planet, and he said without their knowledge or them even being aware of it.  And he brought in some of the HAARP-technologies, such as the station in Alaska, the electro-magnetic pulsation that they use, plus the much smaller mobile versions which they do have.  And he said that there were various means to improve the capability of HAARP-technology, to control the mind, and he said if the air were to be full of metallic type particles, that would basically make the atmosphere far more conductive, and we could spread the pulsations out in a far, far greater area.  Now this spraying thatís going on and has been for the last few years, all over the world except for China and Switzerland, which were the only two countries not to sign the Open Skies treaty, youíll find that theyíre spraying aluminum oxide, barium, and thereís also traces of copper found now Ė so these are all metallic substances and it is definitely making the atmosphere more conducive to this pulsating HAARP-type technology.  And which is being used consistently, you can pick up those stations on the shortwave-radio, theyíre going 24 hours a day now in different areas, and the sound is unmistakable, itís like nothing else that youíll hear on shortwave.


Eleanor: Is that the motorboat sound that weíre hearing right now, Alan?


Alan: What youíre hearing now, an even different frequency from the original one used at Riga, when the Russians, the Soviets were using it, this one now sounds more like a wow-wow-wow-wow sound, constant, and itís loud, very evenly spaced, and youíll find that just before 12160 in the morning, just before there on that band, and then in the afternoon and during the night youíll find it before 5000, youíll come across it.  So itís going 24 hours a day now, and thatís just the one in Alaska.  And of course they have coupled this technology with Tesla technology, Nikola Tesla apparently was the guy who first came out with it.  Theyíve coupled it with the satellites, so they can boost this capability of theirs and target any area, or finely pinpoint any individual they want to on the planet.


Eleanor: Do you have any books that are authoritative and referenced that say that?


Alan: They had articles written about the HAARP-project in some of the Canadian newspapers quite a few years ago.


Eleanor: Of course, the problem with the literature is that itís so diluted, I mean, to find one reference to the effect on somebodyís mind out of all the HAARP-literature is...


Alan: Well youíll find in Brzezinskiís book, though.


Eleanor: Oh is that right?


Alan: Yeah, in "Between Two Ages."


Eleanor: "Between Two Ages", I see.


Alan: Yeah, because he goes into that in the chapter called Ďthe Technotronic Era.í  He goes into this, he touches on it but he doesnít go into it in very fine detail, but he does touch on the basic techniques, the electronic techniques that they have already used.


Eleanor: And his highest rank in the US Federal cabinet was what?


Alan: I think he was secretary of state for a while, then he was in charge of the war department, I donít know what they call it there, and now heís still an advisor to George Bush.  Heís a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the American version of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Thatís the American branch, in fact.† And of course that was set up back in the late 1800s by Cecil Rhodes, who created Rhodesia, and again Lord Rothschild, and they ended up acquiring all of the gold and diamond mines across South Africa to build up their wealth, to do what they claimed, was to eventually control the world through finances; and to bring in a certain type of culture worldwide, based on the British system.  So now they have, Canada has a group here, Lloyd Axworthy in fact is one of the highest-ranking members for the Canadian side, and they call it the Canadian Institute for International Affairs.  All Commonwealth countries have it, they call it International Affairs, and they simply use Australian, Canadian and so on for the first word, you know.


Eleanor: Yes, Canada is kind of disappointing arenít they, Alan, they seem to be keeping very quiet on all of these important issues.


Alan: Oh tremendously, weíre supposed to be happy and just drink our six-packs here and have a good time.


Eleanor: And watch hockey.


Alan: Yeah, watch hockey, listen to the ongoing crisis, financial and otherwise, and leave it to the experts, thatís the whole, thatís the bottom-line.  Bertrand Russell, in "The Impact of Science on Society", and he wrote that back in the 1940s, he said the world will be trained to only take documentation or news from experts, until theyíre unable to think for themselves; and thatís the stage that weíve got to.  And then again Brzezinski reiterates that in his book, "Between Two Ages", and he said shortly the time is coming when the general public will be unable to think for themselves, they will be downloaded by information on the previous nightís news, and that will be their topic at work the following day.


Eleanor: Well, thatís happening right now, for sure.  Just try and tell them about this subject, their eyes glass over and they look out the window.


Alan: Yeah, they need a Peter Mansbridge type figure, or a Dan Rather, to tell them something, then they will believe it.  But if anyone else tells them, they wonít because theyíve been trained to listen and only believe these authoritative figures.


Eleanor: Well Canada did one tiny little thing that was really good, but they aborted it.  And you put me onto this originally, for a couple of years, not recently but a couple of years ago, the Canadian government apparently was sending out letters to Canadian citizens who asked about the chemtrails.† And they said in the letter that it wasnít being done by Canadian aircraft...


Alan: Thatís right.


Eleanor: Which is an admission that itís going on.


Alan: Yes.


Eleanor: Nowadays they wonít talk about it, they just say we donít know what youíre talking about.


Alan: Well a few years ago the aircraft were coming over, before the trails started over the whole of Canada, there were aircraft coming across from the States, and they were spraying low over the town of Espanola, which is near Manitoulin...


Eleanor: In Ontario, yes.


Alan: In Ontario, and they sprayed it heavily for months. The people there noticed, they were having a lot of miscarriages, even the animals and the deer and so on were having miscarriages, and it got so bad that the people, the residents, drew up a committee, and they did take it all the way to the Supreme Court, and they did get an admission that US aircraft had been testing something out on them.  And so thatís where it ended, with an admission that this happened, from the Supreme Court of Canada.


Eleanor: Yes and believe it or not I heard on one late night show a tape that a caller made from an air-traffic controller, in I think it was Victoria, British Columbia, where the controller actually stated on the telephone that these were combined military exercises.† So it has leaked out but now itís considered so secret that they wonít even admit that they ever talked about it.


Alan: Well, they canít, you see.  Generally what theyíll do is tell people, declassify it about 50 years after the event because most of the people concerned by then have died.


Eleanor: Right.


Alan: Generally from the spraying.  But Calgary in 1948 was sprayed heavily for a full week by flying fortresses, by the permission of the Canadian government in collusion with the US government.


Eleanor: Arenít they generous.


Alan: ...and that is documented and Don Scott from Sudbury has that information, and he has put that in a book form, and he documents who gave permission and it was all signed by the prime minister and so on, and so the whole city was used for it Ė and then, of course, the health authorities followed each individual, unknowingly to the individual, throughout their life, to see what effects it had on them and if they came down with cancers and so on.


Eleanor: Indeed.  So you can see, listeners, you can begin to get the picture that our group, weíre not just a few cranks talking about the feuds of neighbours.  This is a worldwide centuries-old political agenda, that technology is now enabling to come to fruition.  And people like Alan are doing heroic work, unscrambling all the subterfuge and cover-ups that have gone on.  Ok, well Alan, Iím going to thank you for coming on and sharing just a small preview of your work, which extends back for years, and I hope that we can have you on as developments begin to become better known, and to give us some colour-commentary on them.


Alan: Sure, thatíd be a pleasure.


Eleanor: Well thank you very much Alan, and we certainly wish you all the best in your endeavours, and we hope that for years to come youíll be keeping us posted on the inside story.


Alan: I certainly will.


Eleanor: Now for more information, listeners, on vigilante gang-stalking and electronic harassment please see the links on this showís website, which is:


Well folks, thatís it for today.  I invite you to join us again next time, as we travel the road to freedom.  And remember, freedom isnít free.


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