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October 4, 2007






"Everyone Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears


Welcome to your life
There's no turning back
Even while we sleep
We will find you
Acting on your best behaviour
Turn your back on mother nature
Everybody wants to rule the world

It's my own design
It's my own remorse
Help me to decide
Help me make the most
Of freedom and of pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants to rule the world

There's a room where the light won't find you
Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
When they do I'll be right behind you
So glad we've almost made it
So sad they had to fade it
Everybody wants to rule the world

I can't stand this indecision
Married with a lack of vision
Everybody wants to rule the world

Say that you'll never, never, never, need it
One headline why believe it?
Everybody wants to rule the world
All for freedom and for pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants to rule the world



Black Krishna:  Here we are, CKLN listeners, on October 2, 2007. I have the absolute privilege of speaking with Mr. Alan Watt, a Canadian National Treasure and gift to the world at Mr. Watt, I hope you're not bothered by flattery. I really do love your work and your thoughts on sort of where we are today and how we got here.


Alan:  How we got here is the most incredible journey because we got here through about 100 years of planning by big foundations in conjunction with big business, which really were one and the same thing. The foundations were in bed from the beginning with international corporatism, and they planned and wrote about it too. They planned about a tri-parted world a 100-odd years ago and how they would get there through creating big institutions and foundations, which, remember, they outlive any one generation and they have a mandate, therefore they can go on for many generations with the same mandate and bring it all to pass.


Then you go into the 1800’s where Britain looked towards this up-and-coming thing called democracy, which they thought was going to be a nuisance, with all the arguing and in-fighting they'd never get their big plans made. Therefore, they had a parallel government set-up chartered by the British Crown and one of the groups was the Cecile Rhodes Foundation, which took over the mineral and the diamond rights and gold rights of Africa, but they also had ones for India and other parts of the world and for the Americas too. Then at the beginning of the First World War they had the League of Nations. That was pushed by all the members of The Royal Institute for International Affairs, the big British Crown organization with its American counterpart The Council on Foreign Relations, and they wanted a global government set-up with three trading blocs: A united Europe would be first, followed by a united Americas and then a united Pacific Rim region; and they set-up organizations to bring all that about.


Now I don't know if you saw the CBC news, in fact this year, since 2005, 2006 and 2007 they found that the presidents and prime ministers of the Americas had got together to further integrate the NAFTA amalgamation; and for the first time this year, The Council on Foreign Relations came out as a non-governmental body admitting that they drafted up the legislation for the integration for the Americas and gave it to the governments to sign. Now where's the democracy here?


Black Krishna:  Absolutely, and with respect to that, it seems to me like the shadow government is the key to this. People need to understand that. Can you explain to people who don't believe that there is a secret bureaucracy that truly controls the leads of power, who they are and how they operate?


Alan:  What they did, and Margaret Thatcher explained this in Massey Hall in Ontario about 1991 or '92. She gave a lecture entitled "The New World Order" and it was published on a Sunday in the "Toronto Sun," and I was amazed that it even got into print. I think the editor must have been off that day, but it was a closed forum basically for round table members. That's part of The Council on Foreign Relations. They call them the Round Table Society. They do the debating and find out ways to actually put all this stuff into plans and make it work.  Margaret Thatcher said, we, the retired politicians, never leave government. She says, we are the parallel government. She says, with all our years of experience we know all the other prime ministers and premiers of all countries and we therefore form another parallel government that's not responsible to the people, and therefore, because they're outside of party politics, she said, we can plan things and make them happen and pull them off quickly. It's more efficient; and that's exactly what The Royal Institute for International Affairs was set-up to do 100-odd years ago.


Black Krishna:  Right, and The Royal Institute for International Affairs essentially runs the world through their satellite arms like the Trilateral Commission and The Council on Foreign Relations. Basically, Mr. Watt, even though most activists out there and others, I guess most of the people in the world, think America runs everything. In fact, it's England.


Alan:  It's England. If you've noticed over the last 15 years or so, every major figure or president of the U.S. or even guys like Kissinger or vice presidents go over to Britain to be knighted once their term in office is over. Why is that so important? Apart from that, it's unconstitutional according to the American Constitution for any of them to be involved as advisers or politicians and take foreign titles, yet they've been doing this for years, but it's very important for them to go and do so.  We also find that even the ex-premiere of the Soviet Union, Gorbachev, went over and got knighted as well.  That's the central hub of all of this.  Then you go back into the Free Trade Agreements, who came up with it. John Dee presented it to Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century. He gave us the term "The British Empire" and he said it would be based on free trade, where countries who would come in would have to eventually adopt the same monarchial system, the feudal type system, but they'll be given special privileges on duty imports et cetera if they joined. He also said that ones that came in from the Far East would be given 'most favored nation status.'  That was printed in the 16th century and here we have China today being granted 'most favored nation status.'  They haven't changed a bit of this whole plan.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable. It's funny. We're speaking with Alan Watt from I strongly recommend going there and downloading all of his work as much as he lets you, and of course supporting him by purchasing whatever you can, because regardless of whether or not you look at it now, it may come in handy if the economy collapses and the internet goes down. So to all the listeners out there, please do that.  Mr. Watt has worked very hard to get this information out there.


Yes, it seems, Mr. Watt, that there's an old saying in the British Empire where they talked about America. They said they have all the bombs, but we have all the brains. Would you say that our socialization even here, even though it seems to be coming out of Hollywood and MTV, it is in fact designed in England?


Alan:  It’s designed in England because back in the late '60’s they had one meeting, a global meeting for all The Council on Foreign Relations and The Royal Institute of International Affairs. Remember, all commonwealth countries have its own institute for international affairs. We have a Canadian Institute for International Affairs. It's all the same organization. We have them in India. We have them in Australia, New Zealand and so on. They had a global meeting held in London, printed in the newspapers at the time, to decide which country—the United States or England—would promote the new culture for the global society through movies, big magazines, music and the arts and so on.  I think they held it for two to three weeks and then they published their findings and said that they decided that Hollywood and the music industry based in Los Angeles and in New York would be given the right to give the global culture, create the global culture through arts and entertainment to the whole world.


Black Krishna:  Let's talk about that for a second, Mr. Watt, because, as you obviously know, Hollywood and America is exporting their culture at an exponential rate. It's dominating. I mean they have things like the McDonald's Theory of Diplomacy, where two countries with a MacDonald's won't go to war. That's supposed to be the reason for every country to have a McDonald's, so on an academic level and on a sort of Plebian level it's being sold as the thing to do for world peace and yet it never seems to result in that.


How controlled is it in Hollywood? Are all the actors we see on TV, all the models being promoted in our newspapers, are they in some way affiliated with these groups that are planning our socialization?


Alan:  Some of them understand it. Susan Sarandon, for instance, she came out at the same time, the same awards ceremony that others came out and spoke against the war with Iraq and she did use the term, the proper term that I haven't heard outside the old Soviet Union. She said, "We being part of the culture creation industry because we are the culture creators" she said. That's how she started her little talk off. Some them understand what their purpose is. It's not to entertain us. It's to do predictive programming. Now the producers and the writers certainly do know what they're there for. There's no problem there. They understand perfectly their role is to create a culture by familiarizing us along fictitious lines with ideas which are yet to come, and that's called predictive programming.


It was started off in Tavistock Institute in London, England, and they found that they could actually put ideas in plays and movies on science fiction ideas, and when the real thing came along in your life, because you were vaguely familiar with the idea, you accepted it much more easily. You didn't question it. That's called predictive programming. You'll find that almost every movie you watch, yes, it will catch you up with the usual hero and the heroine, the bad guys, the good guys, but there's always a twist in there to do with science or a new type of technology which we must all comply with, or a future society with totalitarian ID cards everywhere, or even implanted chips. This is called predictive programming, so the public eventually go along with this step-by-step and think it's inevitable that it's somehow normal.


Black Krishna:  Yes. I suppose we remember certain things that we saw in the movies. I recently saw "Resident Evil Extinction" where the British, German and American elite were hiding in underground bunkers miles under the surface of the earth after having killed most of the population. Turned a bunch of the rest into zombies and leaving a few stragglers to hunt for supplies up there and they were just trying figure out how to get back up. I mean do you see this as a possible future with a sort of advances in bio weapons and nuclear technology?


Alan:  The scary thing is, the more you dig in to the big published authors, the people who spoke on behalf of the old global aristocracy, especially the European aristocracy. People like Charles Galton Darwin, in his book "The Next Million Years," he goes through this scenario, very Malthusian in content, and he goes along with the idea of the necessity of culling off the "useless eaters" as he termed them. He and Bertrand Russell both belonged to The Royal Institute of International Affairs and they both called them the "useless eaters."  Those who didn't produce and consume in the society would have no place in the society. We find Charles Galton Darwin in "The Next Million Years" plans out at least for the next 1,000 years and how they're going to bring the population down by using inoculations which would sterilize the male and the female, the introduction of new diseases through various means and even giving the female hormones to males to make them less aggressive, therefore they wouldn't fight the changes that would come.


You find today that the xenoestrogen levels in males and females is skyrocketing, mainly because of the introduction of plastic bottles. They made it very trendy for you to drink water out of plastic bottles and they give off xenoestrogen. They knew this back in the 1950’s that this would happen.


Black Krishna:  Wow. I drink tons of water from a plastic bottle and I have to admit I'm pretty chilled out. But Mr. Alan Watt at I'd just like to ask you for people out there who are listening to this interview. Is there a way they can keep the culture they're familiar with, they learned to love and not be affected by its toxicity?  Perhaps if they listen to your podcast on their way to work and they kind of get the big picture then maybe they can look at these kinds of these things from a fresh eye and keep certain ideas and throw out the rest because they lead to global government and enslavement of humanity. So I'd just like to ask if you can see sort of a middle ground where people can keep the culture they've learned to love?


Alan:  You see culture is given to us. That's the problem. In every age we get a culture given or updated for the present time or the industry or whatever it happens to be. I mean I've been involved in the music industry for years and I know what's getting pushed and why they push it, because they tell you what they want, even gender-neutral songs, so believe you me, there's no such thing as even a free music industry. The writers know exactly what they're supposed to write about and not write about, so you've got to really sort out what is real within your culture.  I tell people that basically this is a war of really the mass-man led by the global elite against the individual. If we can regain our individuality and accept the tolerance – you have to be very tolerant to be an individual. People should be able to agree to disagree without any bad feelings. That's what being an individual really is, and the elite don't want individuality because you're unpredictable; and for a totalitarian efficient system, everybody in it must be predictable. That's why the incredible surveillance we're having today and the data collection on every single person. They want to know all about each one of you and how predictable you must be. They do not like individuality at all. Groups they encourage. Mass groups they definitely encourage and they will lead and fund, because it's easier to control the large groups than a few scattered individuals. Individuality really is what we have to start promoting.


Black Krishna:  Absolutely. I was an event, an anti-poverty rally on September 26th. 107 groups in Toronto got together through the events. Exceptionally boring, almost nothing new there, basically quotes from the mainstream media about what they want, sort of fudging around budget cuts and what not and those types of threats from the government. 107 groups in Toronto could not possibly get that little done, in my opinion, unless it was on purpose. Can you speak to this sort of “CI-Activism,” as I like to call it, of groups that are set-up just so people out there aren't confused into taking their natural concerns about a dangerous world and directing them in the wrong fashion?


Alan:  We do know that as far back as the 1800’s Britain that led the field in this whole respect, since they always planned ahead on a global scale, they knew when they introduced a new policy or something that would upset different people that, rather than have a grass roots organization actually come into being by itself, they would put out leaders and fund what appear to be grass roots organizations and then most people would sit back and say “That's great. Someone else is doing all the work for me,” and you sit back and then a few years later you look into what they've been up to and it's nothing like you imagined, it went off on a different tangent completely. These are the red herrings that they give us. They're very good at it. However, I do know and I got this from a guy involved in this particular incident.


He had complained loudly about the corruption in Ottawa and how the politicians all knew this global agenda was going on. They all knew that we were being sold down the river through amalgamation. The health care was to go out the window and all the rest of it.  He spoke out on the CBC about this and said something to the extent that we should all march on Ottawa and do some rather nasty things to the politicians, which is a “no-no” according to CSIS (and this fellow comes from Ontario). CSIS followed him to work everyday. He got used to meeting them. He took them coffee in the mornings and chatted to them, thinking perhaps he could wake them up too. One morning as this guy Brian was mentioning to them what was happening to Canada being sold down the river through the amalgamation, the CSIS agent says to him, "you don't understand, Brian. We want you to start a revolution. We want something to happen in Canada," and that's exactly what they do. Even the so-called patriotic groups are used. One day they will be used to start something so that the big boys can clamp down and tell the general public, “look, there are crazy people living amongst you and we've got to do something for your safety.” This is what they want to do and they have written about this in fact from the top.


Black Krishna:  Is there a way, Mr. Alan Watt from at, for us to appeal to members of the secret government who don't want to see this through? The fascist boa constrictor will eventually trap all of us. We may be tracked and searched and drugged and chipped, and even the people on the inside to maintain control as they are increasingly asked to dehumanize the rest of us, and some resist, I mean they'll be caught in this too, won't they?  Can you see a way to convince them not to go along with this?


Alan:  Some of them on the lower fringes are beginning to see this already. They see that their own necessity of being with them will no longer be necessary in a few years and are beginning to panic about it. The ones that are higher up within the higher cabinets or ex-members of high cabinet positions, they are different. They believe they will always go on to higher positions within the United Nations and in fact some of them already have, but the lower members are beginning to panic. There's even people in the media now starting to question their role. They know darn well they've been there to fool the public for years and give us trivia and nonsense and some of them are getting in touch with me now, which is a good thing. It's a good sign.


Black Krishna:  Absolutely. My friends and I went to a Toronto Masonic Research Group open house meeting at University of Toronto on September 22. It was around 8:00 P.M. at the George Ignatieff Theater and one of the guys went inside. The rest of us were outside with a copy of Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogma" and we were filming a little documentary outside and then talking to some of the masons and visitors who came out to speak with us. One of guys was a National Post reporter who wrote an article that heavily referenced us being there, so that was a good sign.


With respect to the media, can you speak to how they are controlled? I think people know the media lies but don't know what the lies are, and so they get kind of confused and by sort of making up their own schizophrenic realities. Furthermore, when people hang out with nothing but liars they get paranoid, so they say to me: how do you know who tells the truth?  I'm say the same way I know my friends and family tell the truth. I hang out with them. I don't catch them in lies and then I trust them, people like yourself I've heard lots of times and you just don't sound like you're lying, whereas most people flip between different channels of liars and just assume you cannot find the truth and remain agnostic. Can you speak to the media control just so people get it clear once and for all?


Alan:  The media control – media means in the middle, remember, they are the middle-man. Up until 50 years ago and perhaps after 50 years, but definitely 50 years ago people were always suspicious about newspapers and moguls et cetera because they knew their history. They knew they'd always been used for propaganda purposes for different factions, but today people have forgotten that.  Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the national security advisor to the president of the U.S. some years ago and who's still an adviser to the presidents, Zbigniew Brzezinski said in his book "Between Two Ages" he said, "the time will come through careful indoctrination that the general public will come to rely on the media to do their reasoning for them. They will give up their ability to reason for themselves and expect the media to do it for them,” and unfortunately, through careful and incessant and long-term propaganda they've been very successful in that way. That's why they keep major news anchormen there for 30 years, 40 years sometimes. You grow up with them. They're your father figure. They look right in your eye like Mr. Mansbridge does and would he lie to you? He's in your home every night at dinner time and you're taught to see him as a father figure – an authoritative figure that's impeccably truthful. It never occurs to the people that you're getting nothing but propaganda and you're being misled from the real truth, what's really happening in the world; and that's his job and all the other ones.


We saw the same in the U.S. with Dan Rather. They kept him forever and all the other big players, and Britain is no different. That's why they're paid such big salaries. People forget these guys are not telling you what they think about anything. They're reading a dummy board that someone else wrote for them and they're staring at a camera at the same time.


Black Krishna:  Absolutely. And with respect to the media, I guess it's hard to believe that they can keep their jobs if they are screwing up by lying everyday. You don't even keep your job at McDonald’s by screwing up the big mac everyday. How does that work in terms of their control by intelligence agencies? Do you see a separation?


Alan:  Oh no. The U.S. was more forthcoming about having agents within all major media outlets, including the telephone companies. Britain also came out years ago with the same statements. In fact the BBC remember, the British Broadcasting Corporation, the grandparent of the CBC and even the China broadcasting stations now, because they run them as well, the BBC for most of its time never hired anyone, any employee in any level that did not come from Eaton. They wanted to keep it within a certain class control where they believe that they'll all go along with the same agenda; and I think that still stands today, they’re all from Eaton, to make sure they keep centralized control with all news to the British people.


Black Krishna:  In Canada, do you have specifics for our listeners that would reflect – I mean some of the people that they see, some of the news networks that they see, are there better ones, worse ones, either more controlled ones or all they all sort of aware of the same game they're playing and how they define the two sides of an argument that are missing key facts?


Alan:  You've got it right on there. They always give you two sides. They give you the two sides of every argument that you're supposed to see so that you don't see the third side, the fourth side, the fifth side and the sixth side. They always give you one or the other, the left or the right, or whatever it happens to be, and they give you your opinions. The general public will always pick between one or the other, a choice of two.  The CBC here – I had someone from the CBC who was going to do something for me, some artwork, and he was up there in a big department within the CBC.  He did a couple of things for me, very small things and he was going to do a lot more, and he also had a job at night for himself. He did the same kind of stuff with a whole bank of computers. His computers all went down. His boss called him into the office the next day and told him that if he had anything more to do with me he would be out of a job and his family would be homeless basically. So, believe you me, the CBC is totally controlled and they have lots of agents within it.


Black Krishna:  Right. It seems like they make some nods towards credibility by giving us one bit of truth, but propaganda, as I see it, Mr. Alan Watt from, is what they all decide the push at once.  I remember just a few months ago the global warming hype was all pushed at once and even people who weren't watching news were freaking out on me about it calling me a Bush supporter instead of questioning it.  Then, as soon as Bush sort of caved a bit, they went “see, even Bush knows the global warming is real,” so they just literally repeated the nonsense in the media. Can you speak to how – what is the difference between propaganda and what is more likely truth in terms of the isolated stories that might contradict the big waves that are pushed everywhere so that people who are completely unrelated are all repeating the same thing?


Alan:  Once again what you've noticed is even here in Canada – and I was in Chapter’s Bookstore today and I just glanced at the green section and there's David Suzuki, a geneticist of course, who is also a true believer in eugenics, who loves furry animals but is not to keen on too many people, pushing the greening phase. He’s right next door to Al Gore's book. Al Gore that was just a front man for this agenda and ghostwriters wrote the book. Then you go back to The Club of Rome.  Now The Club of Rome is one of the premiere think tanks for the future. They come up with policies to direct society and they work out ways to market the ideas into the public's heads basically. In their own book The Club of Rome, the founders of The Club of Rome admit, and this book is called "The First Global Revolution" by The Club of Rome. You'll find in there (and I've got references in my website to it, I've read it out on the air before), they said: we tried to find ways to frighten the people into coming together globally and giving up their rights basically under a new world system. They thought of all the things that could terrify the public because they'd always used wars before for this very purpose, and going global means you have to find a new enemy. Eventually they said: we settled on a threat of global warming, which we will claim is caused by the public. That was written in the 1970’s.


Black Krishna:  Wow, okay, so this was planned since the '70’s, this is nothing new. It's funny, Mr. Watt, the fact that they started with global warming because it's scarier – I mean if they’d started with climate change, I know here in Toronto I think most of us would have laughed our butts off by saying “we've got four seasons you moron and climate changes everyday in Toronto, so better pack a sweater.” But now they switch from global warming to climate change. Do you see any cracks in their approach that we can I guess exploit?


Alan:  Oh yes. What's got me really amazed is to how, like George Orwell said, they take history and put it down the “memory hole” with every republication. You'll find that history goes missing in big chunks.  I can remember going to school, and when I was about seven years of age we got geography and they were telling us all about all the different mini ice ages that we'd go through and how they built homes in the 12th century without chimneys in Britain because they didn't need fires it was so warm, and then it went back into a cooling phase. We were taught this was all quite normal, going up and down like a yo-yo down through the centuries, but today of course they've removed all that from the books. They've got a generation who've grown up with massive propaganda and without the history of geography given to them, so therefore they think somehow we've always been the same up until now and it's suddenly changing. That isn't true at all. We go through these mini warming phases and freezing phases; and I say, what do you think is between ice ages? You have a warming period between ice ages; otherwise you'd have a constant ice age, wouldn't you?


Black Krishna:  Absolutely. It's ridiculous and we didn't cause the ice age either. That big climate change wasn't caused by SUVs or our individual carbon footprint; and frankly, Mr. Watt, I mean outside of the fraud itself, even in the mainstream, I questioned the Green Party provincial leader Frank de Jong on what the heck are they going to do with the money. I haven't seen plans for an $800 billion giant dust-buster to dust-bust the earth. It seems like they're just using our money to make money.


Alan: They are. There's no doubt about it. These are incredible boom times for these guys. They just pocket money left, right and center under a whole bunch of organizations they just happen to have a hand in themselves personally. This whole thing is about control. The UN has sent me the books on this stuff to get my opinion of them, of these books on the new domed cities they want to bring in: very small domed cities, habitat areas where the public will live. However, they want to separate the age groups within these domes and so you'll have one for the nursery, just like the science fiction writers are writing about in the 1950’s, and you'll have one for the working types and one for the elderly, where that's the exit type homes.  I talked to a top architect back in the '70’s in Toronto. Prince Charles is on this guy's polo team, so this guy is pretty wealthy. He showed me a domed city, a drawing that he'd done for it, and I said “that's Toronto in there, isn't it?” He says, “yes.” I said, “I see CN Tower in some of the streets, but where's the rest of Toronto?” He says, “It’s going to be a much smaller city by then,” and so what he meant was that the population was to be reduced.  I’ve all ready been sent some of these books on the domed cities from the UN associations to get my opinion on them and I haven't got back to them on it, but I think they get the gist of where I'm going anyway – it's not for me type of thing.


They want everyone to be removed from the rural areas, forced into these overcrowded cities initially, then you'll have a "Soylent Green" type of scenario where we're all crammed together in a big bunch of pollution. Then the elite themselves will live like the Soviet bureaucracy did with their dachas off in the country and their butlers and servants. That's to be the new type of system. Those who work for the system itself in the bureaucratic field or the educational field or the policing field will have their own special habitat areas, high-tech and outside of the major cities. That is the future they have planned.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable. Most of these people are fairly isolated anyway right now. I don't think they have real friends, just competitors at that level and competitors can move up in this global scheme, so they don't really care about people as is, so this doesn't seem like much for a lot of the super rich. But back to the environment and the environmentalists. I'm afraid that I've got a few friends especially here in Toronto that want to do their part and they want to take a bag to work and not use plastic bags, and grow more efficient this and buy more efficient that, and pay $8 for a light bulb and all this nonsense. Can you speak to this sort of history of the environmental movement, because I have to remind people that when I give them a sentence that sort of shatters that world view it may not be enough to beat 25 years or propaganda, but hopefully it opens up their minds to sort of asking more questions on their own every time they’re sold something new.


Alan:  The main environmental groups were set up prior to World War II. That was the main tenant, remember, of Adolph Hitler by the way; and before him in the 1800’s, Blavatsky in London who started the first sort of female lodge at the time that became mixed. That was theosophy. They also pushed this Lebensstrom type idea, the living space for the right people, and nature conservancy came into it big time. In America and Canada the field was funded from the beginning by the Rockefeller Foundation, because, after all, if you want to control people and behavior, you always alter their environment around them. That's the first thing you learn as a psychological motivation. You must alter the environment and therefore how do you alter it. Well you own the environment. You make the rules for the environment and then the people will comply and adapt to the new rules until they're eventually adapted all the way into these little habitat areas, which are, just as I say, going to be overcrowded cities for a while until the population is reduced drastically.


Remember, we're talking in long-term plans here. We find Charles Galton Darwin, as I say, in his book called "The Next Million Years" he said that himself. He said this will take a 1,000 years to complete with creating a new type of human being to me a more efficient slave, and he had no problem calling them slaves. He said, "we've always had systems of slavery in one form or another and we're simply making a more efficient one,” so they’re looking at long-terms plans.


Now the war on terror is the main big stick to bring all of these changes for the whole “High Masonic agenda” we'll call it into being. Under this war of terror we found guys like Donald Rumsfeld said this might take a hundred years, so he's also talking about a complete change in all cultures, all ways of viewing life, a completely new ordered efficient type of society where no one would be born unless they have a job for you to fulfill, a function for you. You won't be born if they have no need for you. That's what they call “efficiency,” and they have written about this. Lord Bertrand Russell also has written about it. They all belong to The Royal Institute for International Affairs, all of these players, and we find the Rockefeller Family since the early 1900’s started up the foundations to pay for all the non-governmental organizations that they would use to push this whole agenda forward, including all they greening type parties.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable and people think with 100,000 plastic water bottles at the grocery store that separating paper from plastic is going to give their kids a better future, ridiculous. But again, it's what's out there and I think that Mr. Alan Watt at that guilt is a huge part of it because so many people out there feel guilty; ignorantly guilty and want to do little itty-bitty things to sort of try and mitigate some of that guilt. Can you talk about how guilt is used as part of this, just so that people can understand that they can be empowered by not feeling guilty and by just simply looking up and seeing who really guilty people are?


Alan:  One of the best mentors on this whole thing was Jacques Ellul, and Jacques Ellul wrote many books. He worked for the big boys themselves. He understood mass-psychology and he was going through all the motivational factors that affect humans, the types of strong drives that can be utilized. He said at the very end of one chapter in one of his books, he said, "Don't forget that guilt is fantastic tool. It's also a very strong motivating factor," so the creation of guilt, that it's your fault. Remember what I said with the book "The First Global Revolution" by The Club of Rome, they said in there they would convince the public that they were responsible for altering the weather and they were talking about creating massive guilt complexes through repetitive propaganda and the use of slogans. Bertrand Russell also chipped in in his books and said they would use the same technique with guilt through repetition and slogans just over and over again.  Russell said “We shall bring in the biggest marketing companies onboard with our organization to market this idea to the public. “


Black Krishna:  Incredible. I just saw the cover of "Time" magazine's new global warming issue – they called it global warming, had a polar bear on the cover standing on broken ice, even though polar bears can swim. People can Google that. Go to and see they can swim for eight hours at a time, 100 kilometers at a time, on and on and on. All the science is bad for this, but it's a $15 book put out by "Time" magazine which nickel and dimes us to death in terms of what we can do to prevent global warming without sort of leading to the sort of end conclusion. The glaciers are melting. How much? The polar bears are dying. Well, how many? I mean they don't really finish sentences, so can you speak to the propaganda itself and how it's used so people understand when they hear something that they need to look for I guess the end of the sentence?


Alan:  Yes. They really have to switch off, to be honest with you—and I really mean this—the television is such a powerful tool for propaganda. It's right in your home, so when you go from station to station during news time you'll find the same format, the same topics all playing at the same time and never vary because they're all coming from a centralized command that come from Reuters or the AP wire-line, which both belong to MI6. That's who started off Reuters. They give you all – the only news you're getting and they bring on experts.  Bertrand Russell said, “We shall create a nation, a world, where people will be unable to make any decisions for themselves without expert advice,” and that's what we have today. If you flick on the Weather Channel, they'll bring an expert on what clothes to wear for this kind of weather. It's getting that bad. We can't think for ourselves. We're treated like children, but it has worked. Russell even went so far as to say that a mother won't be able to change the diaper on her child without expert advice. That's happened now too. They have courses for this kind of stuff. They have created the kind of society they said they would, and they were quite confident they could do it with the use of all media, especially television and radio and magazines.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable, Mr. Alan Watt from Yes, they've basically erased thousands of years of child-rearing history. Can you talk about that? Can you speak to the effect on the family this has, the planned effect and of course the evident effect that we can see?


Alan:  What interested me was communism and capitalism, again the dialectic, the two, one or the other. Then I went into the books to find out where the origins came from, and I went past all the usual players that they give you and it did take me to Albert Pike, too, who was the head of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. He was called the Pope of Masonry and he trained Giuseppe Mazzini, which is just Joseph Mason in Italian, to start off the world revolutionary party. The guy who took over from Mazzini was Lenin, and they're all funded from London and New York and this is well documented, this kind of stuff, where they're funding came from.


We know that Trotsky for instance was apprehended in Halifax on his way over for the revolution with suitcases full of money. That's in the Canadian records. You can find that out quite easily on a search. So I said why on earth were the capitalist countries funding communism?  Then when you went into the writings of H.G. Wells, who was a propagandist for this organization in London backed by Royal Charter by the Queen and the King at the time; Wells was picked by Professor Thomas Huxley the grandfather of Aldous Huxley of "Brave New World."  They started what they called the Red Tie School for revolution, under the guidance of Thomas Huxley, and he and other major authors were trained to be authors and propagandists to bring in a form of globalism. They said in their own writings that they would put the world at loggerheads with each other by creating a left and a right, far left, far right, the apparent opposites; but down the road about 70 years from then, they would get rid of one of them, which would be the dictatorship of the proletariat and then merge the two together for a socialized world, a world run again by experts and groups and panels of bureaucrats. That was to be their ideal world. They called it The Third Way and it was so interesting to see Alvin Toffler, his book was being given out free to all the Congressional members in the U.S. by Newt Gingrich and the book was called "The Third Wave," the joining of the two systems.


Black Krishna:  We're seeing that happen now I suppose with respect to communism falling and capitalism sort of dying and globalization being the big key. I mean for activists out there who are fighting globalization, can you give them any tips?


Alan:  We have to understand that these characters are not going to change their agenda by begging them. It doesn't happen. We noticed about five years ago, four years ago when they had one of their international meetings they did let some of the top NGO leaders in; and I knew they would eventually because that's to be the new Soviet. Now remember, NGO is non-governmental organizations, are unelected by the people as well, but here they are getting sort of elected status and a say-so. That's what Soviet meant: The Soviet system was rule by unelected councils, the only difference being the heads of the NGOs in the Soviet regime were picked by the politburo. It's no different here. The heads of the NGOs, the top NGOs that are authorized in Canada and in the States and Britain are all selected and paid for and trained in fact by the big foundations. They get lifetime salaries. They have banks of computers. They have pension schemes for the employees. These aren't grassroots guys at all.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable, Mr. Alan Watt from It's seems to me that they built this middle class so that they could exploit us and our labor and our intellect to grow – build them new pyramids essentially. You know, new pyramids, islands, hotels, nuclear bombs and everything else they wanted, but now that we're here in the year 2007, if we wake up there is a chance where we can use this sort of training we've got, technology we've got and resources we've got to keep it and say “okay, guys, you've got us this far. You didn’t keep us completely intellectually bankrupt and dehumanized and sort of, I guess mindless slaves. You allowed us to express ourselves through art and culture and education and technology, thanks. Now we're going to keep it.” Do you see that possibility today?


Alan:  What I see today is we could possibly do it with the right people scattered here and there, but, as you see yourself, the technology is being dished out piece-meal. Everything we get today is antique and obsolete. For instance, Nick Begich, who basically was the first guy to come out with the HAARP technology being used in the Americas on the public, was on the CBC here on Wendy Mesley show a few years ago showing these little gadgets like the size of a television remote, something you'd put in your pocket. He had table-fulls of these little gadgets and he said to Wendy, he says stand 20 feet away and he pointed it at here. She was facing away from him and she heard music in the middle of her head; and this was a technique of voice to skull technology, very old technology, but he said he could just as easily have put a voice in her head. Now he said this is obsolete from the CIA. This technology was from the 1950’s. That tells you – in the 1950’s people were still using the big glass tubes in their TVs and radios. We hadn't had the transistor radio even by then and the stuff that was in this little handheld had to be solid-state and micro-circuitry. Stuff that we were only given about 10, 15 years ago. They're so far ahead in levels of science that whatever is presented to the public at the bottom level is already obsolete from a war point of view and is safe to be sold to the public.


Since they have us hooked on their technology whatever they give us – if you noticed for instance Windows – how come all computers one day, and I tested this out. One day, it was all XP. The very next day every model and make was suddenly Vista. That tells you the coordination – that tells you there's no real competition between the companies. They're all getting their technology from a higher source at the same time dished out to them. There's no free competition in this area whatsoever. We have the illusion of competition to make us think we're still free, but in reality we're not. The CEOs, interesting enough, of these companies, Toshiba and Sony and all the big ones, how come they can leave one company with its 50 years of planning and investments ahead against their competitors? How come they can leave that and go to their competitor the next day and carry on as usual? There is no competition. It's one big club at the top and the illusion is for our benefit. They have the control over technology and they keep upgrading it all the time, they make things obsolete so quickly on our level at the bottom. It would be very difficult to try and take over for ourselves and say “it's our technology now.” It would be very, very difficult to do.


Black Krishna:  Right. It seems like they have generations of stuff in the can and they just release it on schedule.


Alan:  That's exactly what they do. In an old Pathe News reel from World War II, just after D-day, one of the most famous commentators, war correspondents from the U.S. was filming one of the beaches and he said you'll never guess how this is being transmitted to the states. Then the big camera panned away and showed them holding this little phone with a screen on it, which was a cell phone with a camera on it. He said, shortly everyone is going to have one of these. That was in 1945.


Black Krishna:  Wow, incredible and Mr. Alan Watt from, just for people who don't know about HAARP technology you mentioned the effects Nick Begich demonstrated on Wendy Mesley. Can you explain how – I've heard you mention before that they've turned up the HAARP waves 24/7 and you can actually hear them on short-wave radio, so can you describe that? Name the frequency and describe the effects they have on us?


Alan:  Yes. The HAARP technology and you'll find this in the treaty to do with weather warfare at the United Nations. Do a search on that from the 1970’s, and in there they went through all the things HAARP could do (High Altitude Auroral Research Program). They bounce off high standing waves of the ionosphere and can triangulate them down to anywhere they want in the Americas, or abroad for that matter. But one of the side effects of it apart from creating hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts or floods was also that they could manipulate the minds and the moods of the general public, by putting in a secondary wave on the carrier wave they could zone in on the same brain frequencies as the human brain falls into. They could either elevate the mood and make you very happy, even when you shouldn't be perhaps under the circumstances, or make you very depressed, or make you tremendously tired. If they wanted to, they could make everyone hear voices in their head at the same time, stuff like that; and that's all in the treaty that was signed at the United Nations.


Black Krishna:  Amazing. So the details were discussed there. I mean these treaties are huge. I know the General Agreement on Trade & Tariffs is 22,000 pages and 385 pounds according to Thomas Friedman in the New York Times.  He wasn't even criticizing it, just sort of found it amusing. In these treaties, just so people get this clear, the details of what this technology they can do, are they outlined?


Alan:  Yes, they're outlined on the basic things they can do: The earthquakes, the hurricanes, creating hurricanes and tornadoes and steering them to their target. That's old stuff because that was signed as a treaty, not something that was still to come. Creating droughts: They could kill off the farmers and get rid of them by creating droughts or floods, one or the other, and, as I say, earthquakes or tsunamis. It's all old stuff now. It's child's play and this is a very old technology going back to Tesla and even before Tesla there was some experimentation going on in the late 1800’s by these scientists.


Black Krishna:  Amazing. These are all the attacks on us from all sorts of angles. Let's talk about chemtrails, which I guess might work in conjunction with HAARP technology to suppress dissent, make us docile and happy in the face of growing fascism. Can you speak to those because they've been – even in the sort of conspiracy street crowd world they sort have been something that people have been afraid to touch for one reason or another.


Alan:  It's the old story, again going back to Zbigniew Brzezinski. He said the public won't think about anything unless the media tells them to; and that's happened unfortunately. They can keep us talking trivia forever, but if they don't mention something that's major, we ourselves even if we see it will tend to disregard it. That's how easily this thing works. We're trained that way. These chemtrails that have been going on steadily across Canada since 1997, 1998 and if we go into the history of what they could be – I know what's in the ones I've analyzed, at least with the chemical compounds. I don't know about drugs or whatever, which has also been discussed at higher levels, but aluminum oxide is one of the main ingredients in these trails carried to earth by the polymer, that’s the bluish haze that you see forming up there. These were initially invented by Teller. Teller was the father of the H-bomb and he wanted to spray this stuff across whole continents, maybe the world if necessary, and then by the use of tiny metallic particles in the atmosphere they could create – the atmosphere would become a tremendous circuit and they could use HAARP pulse scalar type technology as a weapon across the whole planet that would affect people's moods. Make them very compliant and docile, which is also one of the side effects of the aluminum oxide and the other things within, because the same stuff is fluoride in fact as the aluminum oxide. Using this pulsating wave they could put you into a very tired mode or a very aggressive mode.


The people of Maine were some of the first people to be tested by the U.S. government on this. They didn't know they were under observation. All police stations, social work departments, hospitals were all wired to central computers to the Pentagon so they could study the effects over the few months exposure to the HAARP technology along with the spraying. They found that domestic animals were becoming unruly. They'd bite their masters. Even cattle were running away and cows were running away at milking time. Violence went sky high. Then they tried a different frequency and everyone became compliant and complacent and laid back; and then when they went to another frequency their suicide shot up 70 percent of what it had been over the last 20 years.


Black Krishna:  And this is all documented Mr. Watt?


Alan:  Yes. The people of Maine when they found out put a lawsuit in and it went all the way I believe to the Supreme Court and I don't know what the outcome is; however, check out what happened here in Canada at Espanola in Ontario. They were getting sprayed everyday from the skies by aircraft coming even lower, they were coming across the Great Lakes. The first symptoms they found around Espanola were of deer having stillbirths all over the place, over the forest and then they started to find the women in Espanola were having the same problem after pregnancy. They were having stillbirths and they were coming down with different kinds of sicknesses: Bronchial problems, pneumonias and so on. They took it to the Ontario court system and it went all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada where it was admitted yes, you are being sprayed but the Canadian Air Force isn't responsible because the Canadian government made a deal with the U.S. that the U.S. would do it for them. That's documented.


Black Krishna:  You know it seems to me, even though it’s a tough challenge, that it's up to our Air Force to defend our skies and shoot anybody who sprays us, but they're abrogating that responsibility.


Alan:  Yes. That's documented; and then check into the 1948 spraying of Winnipeg by flying fortresses, another deal the U.S. government made with Canada and they sprayed the city of Winnipeg everyday for a month at low level with some substances. I think even cadmium was in there. Then they followed the people down through their lives, through their health records, which is easy with a socialist system. That's also in the book by Don Scott from Sudbury.


Black Krishna:  You mentioned that. We played the interview this morning on CKLN radio about Don Scott, Sudbury MP who mentioned this in Parliament and then was told not to. Any other examples of courageous Canadians standing up to this?


Alan:  Not too many. Most of the groups in Canada are simply fighting party politics to be honest with you. Again, it takes an individual to get out of the group-think and to start speaking their own thoughts, their own observations, what they've learned and what they see around them. However, there's not, unfortunately the group-think is encouraged in Canada.


Black Krishna:  Absolutely. I spoke to a friend who is kind of aware of these issues in the North American Union and other horrible things like that, and yet he still joined the liberty party because he just wants to be with – even when I asked him about his reasoning, it basically came down to safe, more familiar, not conservatives. Can you speak to how the parties are used? I mean what are the broader themes they are pushing, so that maybe we could resist when we see more of their BS coming down the pike?


Alan:  In my lifetime it doesn't matter what country I've been in, I've seen many changes in parties, who gets in and who comes out. I always say that we don't vote a party in. We're just so disgusted with the last batch we vote them out, and that's what happens in democracy, we're so sick of the corruption and all the rest of it. There's only one agenda. There's only one agenda and Professor Carroll Quigley put this very, very well in his book "Tragedy & Hope."  He was a member of The Council on Foreign Relations and he was the historian for The Council on Foreign Relations. He had all their records and their agenda and he was all for it. He tells you at the beginning of his book that he was all for it, plus you've got to read "The Anglo-American Establishment" by the same man. He picked men like Bill Clinton to become Rhodes Scholars for world government. That's what the Rhodes Scholarship is for. He said, “it doesn't matter, we encourage the party politics,” he says. “We allow a certain amount of competition at the bottom end of either party, but we always put our own men in at the top.” He says, “That's all we need,” and that's how it has been. He says in that book for the last 50 years there's been a parallel government running the show called The Council on Foreign Relations in America and The Royal Institute for International Affairs in the British Commonwealth countries. That book was published in the 1960’s.


Black Krishna:  Mr. Watt, how does this integrate with this sort of private central banking cabal? We're speaking a lot about foundations. How did they integrate?


Alan:  They integrated a long time ago when the British elite brought over the Rothschild's in fact. The Rothschild's didn't come into Britain and just play a good bet and take over the Bank of England. They were brought over because they were better managers of the system. We find again, going back into the writings of Lord Bertrand Russell in books like "The Impact of Science on Society," we find that he said we must bring onboard the men who understand economics and long-terms economics and populations, and he meant the global bankers. He says it doesn't matter what we have is money, as long as the people accept it as money. That's the first big con-job, money itself. It comes between the people who barter for a bag of oats and a bag of barley; and the guy who ends up convincing you this money is worth the same amount ends up running both. It's a con game, the whole aspect of money. The big bankers, all they do to the banks like the Canadian – the Bank of Canada, which isn't a bank as you know. It's not in the blue pages. It's just a floor of a building where a bunch meet together and they are representatives of the lenders, these 13 banking families that lend checks to the world, which allows us to print up paper but we must pay these bankers back with real goods. Isn't that a great deal? That's all it is. That's the scam right there. They give us a check so we can print off Canadian dollars, but we must pay them back with interest in real goods. What a deal.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable. I think it's very important, Mr. Alan Watt from, that our listeners understand this because we do appear headed towards a global depression, recession, whatever you want to call it, collapse of the financial system. I grew up in Toronto, born and raised here, and my parents always told me keep good credit, you need good credit to get a home loan, and yet a couple of years ago the banks said no, don't worry about it, you don't need good credit. We can introduce subprime mortgages as sort of one big last big cash grab and pair of financial handcuffs, and to corroborate that, a friend just told me yesterday that a girl in her 20’s that he knows just got a 45-year mortgage. I've never heard of one of those, shocking stuff. Can you speak to what Canadians should think about, instead of accepting this system of debt and money as obvious with respect to keeping what we have? Because I hate to see a bunch of us lose our homes and condos.


Alan:  To be honest with you, we're going to anyway, down the road, because the United Nations has stated in its treaty – the Biodiversity Treaty.  Maurice Strong from Canada was the guy who spearheaded this. People have got to go into it and check that out carefully. The United Nations has said in the Agenda 21 – that's the agenda for the 21st century, the whole way of living that they're going to pull off within the next 50 to 100 years maximum. Gradualism, remember it's done through gradualism. They said at the end of this there will be no private property anywhere. There will be rental accommodation only, owned by the state. There's to be no private transportation, it will be essential vehicles only. This is all in Agenda 21.  Find that at the United Nations website. I also have it on my website. I downloaded the lot a while ago in case they took it off theirs. That's what's being promoted. That’s what Al Gore and all these boys are all about and Maurice Strong are all about.  Maurice Strong, remember, has been a big player in this whole movement towards owning the environment. That means all land et cetera for the big foundations. It was Rockefeller that picked him up initially and set him up and then put him into the United Nations.


Here's the tie-in with these characters. Maurice Strong, interesting enough, on a Sunday afternoon when it was pouring rain and I did turn on the television. Shame on me, but I looked at the public broadcasting and there's a documentary on Maurice Strong, where is he now?  This is the guy, remember, that Bob Rey pulled in from the United Nations, set him up as the head of Ontario Hydro and he was the man that ended up setting up the process to privatize the hydro industry for electricity across Ontario. When they found out he was still getting a salary from the Rockefeller Foundation and the United Nations and he's not supposed to do that when he takes a salary from the Ontario people. He decided to stay on for a $1.00 a month until it was completed. However, he also said that they were going to put big, big generators into all big plants, factories and office buildings for what's coming down the pike in the near future. That was the early 90’s he was talking about that.


They knew darn well they were going to start bringing down all energy consumption back then, and starting with brown outs to train us that everything is just falling to pieces and to get us use to consuming less energy, and once again to force people to go into the overcrowded city areas where they'll put on special gridlines et cetera to keep it all going. This is how they have to train us.  Maurice Strong is a big player, and on this afternoon documentary, they said where is he now? He was over in Beijing, China working at a United Nations building that they built for him, to do with free trade and bringing the commerce from China over to the Americas. While they were doing the documentary, they followed him to a graveyard in Beijing to visit his aunt who was buried next to Mao Tse-Tung. It said right on the gravestone, "beloved friend of Mao Tse-Tung and chief adviser."


Black Krishna:  Wow, one of the greatest mass murders in human history.


Alan:  --For communism; and here he is, a guy who is picked up by the top capitalists the Rockefeller family and put to the top. They run both sides you see.





Black Krishna:  Unbelievable, and yet most Canadians today, I know there's an election coming up on October 10th in Ontario, are threatened with budget cuts and bribes with false promises. In a country of only 30 million people, the population of Mexico City, that has the second largest land mass in the world, it seems to me that we should never be short of anything.


Alan:  There's no reason for it. I've got old school books here that were given to children at about the age of seven or eight in Canada, and some of them are on the oil in Canada. They show you from 1918, 19, 20, they show you hundreds of capped wells across Ontario alone that have never been used, just capped for future use. None of them have been opened up yet.


Black Krishna:  And yet gas is rising. Can you quickly debunk peak oil just so that we can get that one out of the way?


Alan:  It's absolute rot. I mean all they've told us is all so much rot, to be honest, all the stuff about the dinosaurs made the oil; and yet if you look at the charts from British Petroleum and Esso and all the big companies from again the early 1920’s on to about the 1950’s, they show you what they call the oil tree and how oil really is made by rotting vegetation collecting annually and going down and down and down. It's a continuing process, but I do know because I use to travel across the North Sea often because I use to play all across Europe and Scandinavia.  I talked to many of the guys who were drilling in the oil rigs across the North Sea, and at that time the head of British Petroleum told me that they'd found so much oil at that time already and they still had vast areas to explore to supply the entire world for next 150 years, just from that one find.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable. It strikes me, Mr. Alan Watt at, that they wouldn't gamble on oil being one of their main control mechanisms if they didn't have a lot.


Alan:  Absolutely, and they already again are so far ahead of all the oil. We know that during World War II the whole Natzi war machine, which was run and owned really by I.G. Farben, an umbrella company owned by Rockefellers, Rothschild's and others, and even Baxter Labs of Canada were in on I.G. Farben, but they were making synthetic oil and they also had other oil they extracted from coal; and we have vast amounts of coal here. They were also making the tires for their vehicles from the same substance, and the patents for that after World War II were brought over again by the Rockefellers.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable and you're working exceptionally hard on exposing these for what reason, Mr. Watt?  I only say that because to me it seems like the elite get power by keeping secrets and we the people get power by exposing them, as opposed to playing in their reality and simply begging the government for table scraps. When they run these massive frauds on us taxing for inhaling CO2, is that to convince the people on the inside, “Look, we’ve got the sheeple. Keep sticking with the system”?


Alan:  Why I do this personally is because I grew up in a nation that had centuries and centuries of wars for something called the British Empire.  I was brought up in a one-roomed apartment that had been condemned and closed a hundred years before, which they'd opened up after World War II because they failed to give the public what they promised during World War I and II, and that was public housing. Most folk in Britain, remember, did not have property. It was a remnant of the old feudal system. Most people were basically peasants who rented.  I thought, after hundreds and hundreds of centuries of looting and plundering across the planet, how is it only about 200-odd families or 300 families in London owned anything?  That's when I went to my research and I looked at all the people working really hard in the mines and all the rest of it, and yet I knew the economy was fixed.


If you go from north to south of Britain, you get the same starting wages as an apprentice for any job. The same starting wages for any trade or miner or whatever, and ultimately you got an ultimate full pay which would never really increase, and I realized we're under a wages and price fix at that time.  I realized my God look at the incredible control when they can actually stop all free competition. If there was free competition of any kind, you would have a variety of starting wages and top wages for the same jobs. Therefore I realized that it's not meant for people to get extra money that they could save up and use.


When I was young, everybody argued. Every couple argued. Your parents argued. Their friends argued about paying the rent, having enough to pay the rent. They didn't have credit cards. They didn't have the illusion of having lots because there was no credit cards allowed unless you had property; and so I'm doing this for all those that have gone before me never knowing the scams that were going on. The present bunch that are going through it and mainly for the young ones up-and-coming who are going to get the worst of it as they go through the worst changes yet to come, because these characters at the top mean what they say. They mean that they want to reduce the population. They want to indoctrinate the youth into wanting body chips for ID purposes, right down to even a brain chip ultimately. That was discussed at Loyola University meeting for the last two or three years, the World Science meetings. They have a brain chip that they want to implant in people. They said the only problem they have now is to convince the public to accept it, so they're going to promote it as being better than drugs. It will stimulate your brain to secrete certain chemicals which will make you feel better and so on, and of course they're selling it through movies to the youngsters because all their superheroes have brain chips now.


They really want this to be accomplished and to allow this horror to go on, including what I mean by horror, I mean they have been attacking us physically. People today are getting arthritis in their 20’s, and even adolescent arthritis. These are side effects from the inoculations. Autism used to be incredibly rare and started very early on. Now it doesn't start until the age of two when they have their measles, mumps and rubella vaccines given to them, and then they come down with autism and its skyrocketed. The graphs are there from the medical associations themselves in fact, and you'll see the spike going up in line with the amount of inoculations being given out.


They're actually doing what Charles Galton Darwin proposed that they do, and that was to knock out in the west – and they had global meetings on this. Remember, the United Nations and the World Health Organization, “Dr. WHO” as I like to call it, has a Department of Population Control.  I say to people what do you think population control means? They don't employ thousands of experts and doctors to sit on their hands and make a wish list. They're actually doing it.  Galton Darwin and others proposed that they inject certain things into the people of the West which would make the ineligible for marriage partners because they'll be sickly and weak and it would also sterilize them.


Look at the sperm count of the average western male. Since 1950 it's now down by 75 percent, so the western male is 75 percent sterile today. That doesn't happen in nature suddenly; and the United Nations gives out these statistics every year, doesn’t make a comment on it. Now if this is happening by itself by some weird thing happening, they would call it a crisis but they don't. They just give us the statistics and leave it at that. There's no comment on it. That tells you that they're actually doing what they said they'd do.


Now Africa they said they would take down quickly because the Africans on the whole would not adapt to the western economic system and therefore they'd have no place in it. The top economist for the British Crown and the Crown corporations of Britain in the 1800’s, John Stewart Mill and then his son that took over as a top economist both said the same thing in their own writings. They would eventually eliminate most of the Africans quickly and they would bring down the population of the American Indians because they would also be unable to adapt to the economic system, and no one would come through that was not able to adapt and have a purpose within this economic system.


Black Krishna:  Now, Mr. Alan Watt from, would you say they're unable to adapt, is this racism or is there some other sort of cultural sort of I guess practices that would make it incompatible with accepting the capitalistic democracy?


Alan:  I think it's basically cultural difference. They have a totally different culture in some of these countries. H.G. Wells you'll find also printed this in his non-fictional work called "The History of the World." It's in two volumes, Part 1 and 2. He put out a list, long before Adolph Hitler, of the races that would come through because they would work for the system, but he put down the Blacks, the American Indians who just wouldn't go along with the concept of working for this thing called money, which they hadn't needed up until now. They would live very well, thank you very much, and it was an alien thought for them to buy and sell land for instance. They couldn't comprehend this strange idea and therefore they would be unable to adapt to an 8 to 5 or and 8 to 8 even work system.  John Stewart Mill published that in the 1800’s and then his son published a book after that on the same theme, and they were the top economists for the British corporations at the time.


Black Krishna:  And economics is a fraud?


Alan:  Oh yes. I can remember a Man Alive program in Britain. It was very good and they were talking to top ex-professors of economics, who one-by-one came out and said that it was utter nonsense, you're better with an Ouija Board or rolling dice because it was a total fraud.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable. Are there any countries, Mr. Watt, that are outside of this system? I know that in the circles I sort of look at and travel in, there's theories that Russia might be outside it; that Iran might be outside it; North Korea. Are there any countries you see that are not part of the – I guess as Brzezinski said, The Grand Chessboard?


Alan:  The countries that he mentions in that book in fact are the ones that are outside of it. That's why he said we'd eventually have wars with them.  The Project for the New American Century, the club of Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Bush's and all the rest of them belong to before they got into this present regime. They published in the 1990’s that they'd have to go to war first with Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran, then Syria in that order; and sure enough the same bunch are now going to do politics and they started off the ball rolling in 2001 on that very same agenda. Brzezinski came out with his Grand Chessboard about the same time with the same countries all lined up, so the Middle Eastern countries, the Moslem countries, remember, don't use usury. They don't have central banking systems. They don't borrow from the World Bankers. They're outside of it. Yugoslavia and Bosnia was the same way. They did not go along with the World Bank. They didn't join it until the UN bombed them out of existence and now it’s the turn for the Middle East to be standardized as well. What they're creating is standardization across the whole world.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable, Mr. Alan Watt from That's all the macro stuff. If you wouldn't mind a word to the micro for the youth out there, especially I'm noticing all the boys are being trained to shoot mindlessly like good little soldiers lining up at midnight for Halo-3 at Best Buy, and all the girls’ magazines are saying make your hair shiny, make your ass tiny; and I'll be damned if it's working. It's been a great summer in Toronto for checking out girls, but I'm afraid that the lack of other motivation towards learning about the world and our environment may catch up with all of us in a minute. Can you speak to how they've been historically socialized and sort of what you see currently as the attacks on them?


Alan:  Again, going back into techniques of warfare preparation – now we're dealing with people who plan in centuries and that's the hard thing for most folk to come to grips with. We like to think of starting a project and seeing it finished in our lifetime. We forget the big foundations and governments, the diplomatic service for instance, work in centuries towards particular goals, but for training warfare they said a long time ago they would bring in technologies. By that, they meant video games which were designed for the military only. The average person even in the military when they join they're unable to kill right off the bat, so they have to be desensitized to it through special programs so they'll kill quickly without thinking. They came out with the video games about 30-odd years ago and they had huge machines at those times to train military personnel. The governments and the Pentagon also put money towards making miniature forms of the same technologies to aim at the youth; and believe you me, that nothing happens in culture unless the big boys allow it to happen or want it to happen, therefore this is promoted from the top. The whole video game scenario was heavily funded and promoted from the top down. They wanted to raise a generation starting about 20 years ago because they knew that in 2001 that's when they'd start their Project for the New American Century and they wanted a generation who would be hooked on games and see killing just like a game. They also started to withdraw forms of individual thinking from the schools in a big way.


I think the books by Gatto on exposing the educational system are excellent, well documented too, on how they would regiment the school systems into group think and discourage individualistic thinking. That's happened. Here you have people who are already trained to be parts of the group. The first thing you are taught in the military is you belong, you're special, you belong here, you're one of us, so you're already conditioned to that group mentality and obeying orders from the group leader. You're desensitized also by even the music they've been promoting for years now. You're desensitized. You're almost turned into – I hate to say it, but a form of barbarian.  I can remember seeing the troops on the decks of the aircraft carriers as they were going towards the Gulf and they all had their shirts off and they were doing rap dancing on the deck.  I thought, my God we're sending barbarians in to one of the oldest civilizations on the planet.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable and Gandhi when asked what do you think of western civilization he replied, "it would be a good idea."  I heard something you said about that I would just like to clarify right now before we get back to this. Was he or was he not a free agent working for the Indian people?


Alan:  I don't think so, because an old technique in the British diplomatic corps and you'll find this even in a few movies that were put out. One by Marlon Brando called "Burn." It showed you how the diplomatic corps worked on countries and long-term goals by giving heroes to the public for them to follow, often by using someone who's well known, making him fall from grace because he's chosen the side of the people or whatever. Imprison him. That always gets the public to think he's one of us, and then releasing him and he becomes the leader.  Gandhi himself initially when he was locked up by the British police or military, so was his wife, and they both came down with pneumonia while in the cells.


Gandhi eventually caved in and disobeyed his Hindu laws and said, okay I'll accept the antibiotics, I want to live; but he forbad his wife to take antibiotics to save her life. That shows you something about the man right there; and he did other things too. He'd always sleep with an 18-year virgin every night to prove that he wasn't tempted.  Britain, remember, had tried to unify India that was not a huge country. What I mean is it wasn't a unified country at that time. They tried for decades to get one tribe fighting another towards unification; because out of war conflict, you have synthesis and then you start of the next row with the next bunch until you own the whole country. They knew this would take a long, long time to do so they had to give a hero to the public to do it, so Gandhi helped to almost unify the country and save them decades of work.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable, Mr. Alan Watt from It seems to me that all of our heroes – I mean there's a Gideon Bible in every hotel room in the world, right? The New World Order wouldn't put them there if – I mean they wouldn't allow that to happen if they didn't want it to happen. But is there a way to identify with the values of some of these people, say, the icon of peace of the 20th century who we look to? I mean people say to me right now, where's the new Gandhi? We need a new Gandhi and it's like – to find though that everybody we've heard of has basically been part of a lie is one thing, but also, in my opinion and maybe you can speak on this with your experience, it is the values that they need to sell us that I think we can relate to.  For instance, Jesus the prince of peace: Turn the other cheek, forgive the whores, beat the moneylenders, done. I think we can use all those things. Today we have heroes like Dexter, the blood splatter expert who also kills people; and they say good or evil?—You decide. So they're destroying our values right now so we can't even use those to pick our heroes, but in the past we could, so is there a way to sort of recognize regardless of how they were used; the values that we related to that made us like them and made us humans?


Alan:  Again, guys like H.G. Wells was trained initially by Thomas Huxley and a whole bunch of revolutionaries actually were trained by Huxley. They said that the first thing they had to do was encourage free love. This was in the 1800’s, not in the 1960’s. They said they'd promote free love because the earlier they could start children having sex the less likely they'd be to bond with anyone down the road. They tried this in the 1920’s when they brought in the booze-can houses after creating prohibition and made them very exciting places to go for the young, quite naturally so, and they brought in the miniskirt with the Charleston Dance and all that. They brought in cocaine in as well. The Bronfman's in Canada ran the whole booze industry and the cocaine industry down into the U.S.; but even at that, they didn't have the birth control pill. They didn't have antibiotics for venereal diseases and so there was too much of a fall out. They couldn't swing it off, so they put so much money after that to work with science to find a way of birth control and penicillin's et cetera that came out of it and then introduced the same thing: Miniskirts, music, cocaine, drugs in the 1960’s to try and start the whole thing off again. They knew at the time that – what's the best way of reducing the population? You get the people to start reducing it themselves through abortion. Without the vast promiscuity, you wouldn't have the side effects or the outcome of it you see. Create the problem. Give the solution. That's the oldest technique in the book. This particular topic is explained by Lord Bertrand Russell, a key member and player in all this kind of stuff in his book "The Impact of Science on Society." He said eventually women will think that they won their rights by themselves. They'll never guess they were given to them by us. He said they will think they're free, in fact they've simply joined the men in their form of slavery.


Black Krishna:  Amazing, Mr. Alan Watt at I'd like to get to them. We discussed men being turned into savage soldiers and heading off to the Middle East to destroy a culture they really don't know anything about. But women, I've got a soft spot for women. I can see how they've been socialized. I can see that they're told to look for balance and never achieve it because it's impossible. I mean guys just do stuff, whereas women are given all sorts of problems and little tricks of the trade to fool them into thinking they're inadequate and failing at life, as opposed to just doing life and maybe taking a chance to enjoy it. So, the specific attacks on women that you've seen historically from the Nazi era or before that to today?


Alan:  World War II for instance, they knew that World War II was coming. The Royal Institute for International Affairs wrote about it coming. I have the minutes of their meetings from the books that they published for the members at the time. They said that when the men are gone we shall promote the women into the factories to get them in full-time employment. This ties in again with "The Next Million Year" by Charles Galton Darwin, where he said that if they can get women in the workplace competing with men and giving them good salaries, he says, then they're less likely to get married and have children. They'd rather have a car or own something, so by using physical materialistic incentives they hoped that they'd separate male and female so they're both running after the material goods they could purchase. He said we shall also create an egosyntonic society – a society who's taught they're suppose to be happy all the time and that we will aim 90 percent of all our advertising at the female population. That's why if you look in any store with the magazines, 90-odd percent of the magazines are aimed at women. You open any of them up and they'll tell you – it's all by experts. This is what kind of sex you're supposed to have. This is what kind of lifestyle you're supposed to have. This is what kind of house you're supposed to be able to afford. It's all telling them how they're supposed to be. They're not allowed to be themselves. They're constantly being told they're supposed to be something else, something different, something better, the unattainable. Meanwhile, their instincts are still at work.


Everyone wants bonding. They want to feel they belong somewhere with someone and yet the whole of society, the movies you watch, the soap operas on television, all of that stuff is to make you dissatisfied with any partner you could possibly meet – same with the men. The men are constantly looking at these young babes you see all the time. Look at any series on television which are primarily to do with hospitals because that's a big control factor, the health industry. Cops, detectives and law courts, that's another part of the control factor you see. The actors they're picking are about 20, 21, 22 playing the parts of professional hardened detectives or specialist doctors, which is impossible in real life. We're always looking for youth, youth, youth.  At the other end of the spectrum, they said that they would separate the generations, so the elderly, the ones that used to have the wisdom to pass on to their grandchildren, are out of the picture all together. They've successfully separated the genders and the generations as well from each other.


Black Krishna: Well absolutely, Mr. Alan Watt from I mean this in endemic in the society I see living here in Toronto, a very cosmopolitan city. I've talked to guys about this and women frankly, and with their lack of interest in sort of I guess in "getting political," which is almost a dirty word today, or understanding what's going on, guys are not prepared to screw it up. I mean they want to get laid so they're not going to say anything that's going to upset them, so you're not going to talk about anything heavy. You're going to keep it light and fluffy and give them a break from the daily drudgery they go through. Yet, is there a way to see "getting political," that dirty word that girls I mean absolutely shutdown and guys sometimes will still give you a fight and run for your money with whatever crappy history or media they consume. But is there a way to use getting political or learning what's happening or being aware of the growing fascism and fighting it as a way of self-help that beats the failing self-help that's out there?


Alan:  Absolutely. The stuff that's already set out for the public is a red herring or it will bring you back into the fold from a different direction. The whole idea is to get you back in the system, thinking the way of the system.  I always think of psychiatry, which is a big tool in this whole thing. If you go through the history of psychiatry, it was involved in eugenics from the beginning. They truly believed if they could destroy those who were the carriers of recessive genes they would destroy all that they called mental illness. Now remember, mental illness at times, like during the fascist era, if you were anything but a fascist you were called mentally ill. During the Soviet Era they had psychiatric disorders for dissenters, just for dissenting. We have to be very careful with these industries and we've got to remember that these are the industries now that are in control of the marketing companies. They use psychology, psychiatry to put opinions and ideas right across into your mind in the absolute knowledge that you'll eventually emulate what you see. We mimic what we see on television. We mimic what we see in movies; and that's again going all the way back to Plato who understood the culture creation industry in his day 2,300 odd years ago.


Plato in "The Republic" went through the necessities how to control whole populations by upgrading their culture. He said, "Culture never comes from the grassroots. If it did, he said, that we the elite aristocracy would lose control. Therefore whatever culture is given to the public is authorized and given to the lower orders by us."  He says, we use the fashion (he called it industry by the way) the fashion industry and he said the music industry and the drama industry, he said, because the young will emulate what they see on stage. They will sing songs that they hear on stage and they will start to dress in the fashions they see on stage. Everything in culture unfortunately is given to us. That's the sad truth, so we have to decide was innate to human nature.  If we go into human nature you'll find that belonging, certainly we are gregarious types of beings.


We come from ancient tribal societies so we do need some form of interpersonal relationships, but we also have this need to bond to perpetuate the species as well and hopefully to pick your partner to do it with. That's an innate need in people, so we have women and men today who have been brainwashed and constantly bombarded with opposing information telling them to just be a stud if you're a guy and just around from one to the other, and a lot of the women are trying to emulate that too, but deep within themselves, you can't break an instinct through propaganda. All you can do is cause a form of neurosis through suppression. You will suppress certain parts of your nature, but if you suppress certain parts of your nature, they'll only emerge in other parts. You can't keep it down.


Again, going back to Professor Carroll Quigley's book, while being the head historian of The Council on Foreign Relations, remember, he said in that book, "Tragedy & Hope," he said an astonishing thing is occurring today. He said suddenly the youth are mating with each other. Even amongst friends they're having promiscuity and they're remaining friends afterwards. He said the women are emulating the men in the way they walk, the way that they talk and in their behavior. He doesn't comment too far on that except to say this is an astonishing thing has occurred. You tie that in to Charles Galton Darwin and other writers who talked about using hormonal inoculations that would effect hormones and so on, and you start to start wondering were they actually doing this at the time to make this behavior occur.


We find Carl Jung, the psychiatrist as well who worked with Freud talking about the same thing. He said it's interesting to notice (and this is in the late 1950’s) that the American women are leading this change by walking like men. They've lost their Eros. They're losing their Eros and their pride in having Eros and being different. So the main thing that made us so different from each other, which is the complementary aspect of each other when you get together, was being lost and the women were adapting and beginning to look and talk and walk like the men. What caused that to happen? It wasn't just the fact they were emulating what they saw in the movies. I think there's been big tampering in the hormonal levels like Charles Galton Darwin talked about in his book.


Black Krishna:  Absolutely and as tribal creatures I mean I think one man's love might be enough to sustain a woman. I know I've had girlfriends I'm sort of over a few on getting married in terms of getting that close with them, but when that is absent they would seek to emulate men. I mean there's a study done in the United States about promiscuity on college campuses, where women were basically saying they were getting drunk and sleeping with someone and not expecting to ever see them or hear from them again. They said it was better to do that than to not be noticed at all. Could this be a way of them sort of trying to get more male attention by emulating male behavior?


Alan:  I think it's that and it's also the fact they want – to be honest with you, they all want to be accepted by their own group and there's a lot of peer pressure amongst women, the same as men, to belong and do the same as everyone else seems to be doing. Whether they really are or not, you don't know, but you want to be the same. Everyone wants to conform. People again in this society have been encouraged not to be an individual in any way at all. You're encouraged not to have standards, which are innate. Any standards that you have are given to you through moral relativism, which has been the main teaching for the last 30 years. There's no right or wrong in anything. Evil is just a human evaluation on a particular type of outcome. Innate morality has been kicked out the window and massive indoctrination through scientific technique; and that's the key to it, scientific technique has been used through the educational system to create this kind of mindset in male and female coupled with the massive Hollywood industry and music industry.


Black Krishna:  Absolutely, Mr. Alan Watt from I'm even seeing the big bug-eyed sunglasses as a problem, which I see everywhere in the sense that it seems like people are basically wearing masks when they walk by each other and there isn't a sort of eye contact communication. I try and make it as much as possible when I'm not wearing sunglasses. How do you replace this on a micro-level? It seems to me that if we trust each other more than governments and corporations we're halfway there. Are there any values that we are aware of that we have been made aware of that can counteract the biggest socialization tools herding us towards conformity and global government?


Alan:  The tools really are still innate within us. We know during natural disasters which have been natural in the past, at least the ones that we know of which are natural, people really do come to the fore and they really help each other, because by helping others you are saving the species in a sense. You're definitely saving the species, so we all become very human when we have to. We can really go overboard and help anyone that's there and do amazing things in the process. It's only when we’re back to this sovietized socialist system that we emulate the old Soviet era where no one could look at each other in the street in case they pick up your wrong thinking or whatever it happens to be, or speech crime or whatever, according to Orwell. That's what they've encouraged to happen here. We've become depersonalized. We've become introverted.


We are taught to be egosyntonic in behavior. Always look on the bright side of things for yourself personally and you don't care about the guy next to you or the guy who’s lying in the ditch down there. That's been encouraged in this society along with the whole New Age movement that was brought forward from London again and created from London and promoted from London from Aleister Crowley onwards with the drug industry et cetera. They've been promoting this whole thing about don't look at the bad side of life and so if anyone is suffering just look somewhere else and be happy. This has been encouraged across the board to the extent that people have lost their ability for survival. If you don't look at the negative things as well, then you are losing your ability for self-preservation. Life is not meant to be one happy high buzz from birth to death. That's called perpetual immaturity. Experiencing all sides of the emotional spectrum, that's what makes you truly human and mature.


Black Krishna: Absolutely, Mr. Alan Watt from You mentioned egosyntonic and I do see a lot of this egosyntonic selfishness, partly from listening to your work. It seems like they want us to sort of be walking through a mall and have half a dozen guys in black uniforms black-bag one of us and haul us off and the rest not care. How close do you think we are to the point where we don't even care about friends and family? And I only say this so that you can put out a warning to people to sort of start acting right and start looking at your neighbors like they're your friends.


Alan:  I take a lot of advice really from Alexander Solzhenitsyn. He talked about the Soviet system. He wrote "The Gulag Archipelago" and he mentioned what happened in the Soviet system. He said when under national security the KGB first came into streets and started dragging off your neighbors, they made it the law that the whole street had to be turned out to witness it. In other words, you are meant to be terrified by watching your neighbors pulled off to the gulag never to been seen again, under the guise of national security and peace and safety for all. He said that is the only time we could have stopped it, he said, was at the very beginning. He said we should have grabbed pick axes, handles and anything we can get our hands on and club those two or three guys into the ground. He says but once you allow things to start happening, he said, the neighbors will rationalize that “we knew them for years but they must have done something wrong. They must have deserved it.” That's how we have to rationalize things when we live in terror; and unfortunately through the use of terror, which the big boys have agreed to use, because in a globalized system where there's no threats from external forces anymore you have to find terror within.


You have to find scapegoats within. The Soviet system did the same once they had put out the iron curtain. They had to turn and find their sights and find terrorists within their country. Anybody could be a terrorist and that's what kept them going, fear and terror. It gives an obedient and compliant population. People are just terrified of saying anything that they've even observed themselves to any friend in case it gets back to the authorities and that's what's being encouraged here.


I've looked at all the laws that were put on the books after 9/11. In fact, I don't know if you know this, but Canada put them on the books in 1998 as an omnibus crime bill put through by Allan Rock who now works at the United Nations. Even the reporters at the time were saying what on earth is this?  It's marshal law. It was actually the prototype for the Americans to copy and we rammed it through in Canada in 1998. These guys knew what was coming because they all belong to The Royal Institute for International Affairs. When you look at all these laws, if they implement one quarter of them we're going to be under a worse tyranny than the Soviet or the Nazi era ever was.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable and Canadians that I know think that they're smarter than Americans, but I have to make the point that we're only smarter than the Americans that they put on TV. The ones with the knowledge of the sort of Constitution and the history of America and the fact that they were the only free country in history to a large degree are in fact smarter than a lot of us, whereas we think we're nice. We think we're good people and I think that we are capable monkeys, but anything else on Canada in terms of our relation to terror, because this with the NORTHCOM drill coming up and further NORTHCOM drills and you know they're putting cops everywhere, Mr. Watt. I'm trying to say hello to them because people are making them paranoid, so if I say good morning officer. How you doing officer? What's going on officer? I'm hoping to make them less paranoid by saying look, I just said hi to you, nothing happened so don't be paranoid.


Alan:  The problem with the police, and they have had this for the last 20 years, Lenin said this too and so did Stalin. He said you must give special training to the police to make them afraid of the public. First you separate them, just like the military. Remember, the police force is a paramilitary organization. We should never forget that. When you see them marching in uniform, one form, they belong to a separate tribe now and that's drummed into them that they're different from you. They're no longer a member of civilian street. They're privately owned. They're called privates. They've had experts going around those police forces for years now making them paranoid of the public, telling them of what a dangerous world it is out there with all these crazy people and potential terrorists and potential mad bombers and all this kind of stuff, and the police really are on edge. You always give more indoctrination and mind alternation on the guys who are going to control the masses, so the police have more indoctrination than others. That's the sad truth of it. The only way you can break through is one on one, speak as person to person and ask them are you willing to speak to me as a person, as opposed to a uniform?


Black Krishna:  Right and I think this is really key. I mean it seems to me that if we can reach them, if we can reach the people with guns, then we can convince them not to use them on us. Any more on what the police should know about being police? As a reference, a friend of mine – a friend of a friend has recently joined the police force and he mentioned that he was surprised by how much marching they did. They just march, march all the time and for a cop it doesn't make any sense.


Alan:  Again, they're being militarized and again that was the agenda. Back in the early '90’s a term slipped out, which was immediately denied by the authorities, and it was called "multi-jurisdictional taskforces."  This was an agenda that was initially put together in the 1980’s by the top war departments of all countries, where they amalgamate police and give them special combat training so they could be used alongside soldiers in the soldiers arena abroad if necessary, or back home with the soldiers backing them up. They'd fit in. They'd know the command structure, the combat techniques for urban warfare and all the rest of it. They've been training select groups throughout Canada for the last 10, 12 years on this very thing. Special SWAT teams and general officers from Canada are over in Iraq working with the U.S. kicking doors in; getting them used to this kind of scenario. It was on television here in Canada. They called it "multi-jurisdictional taskforce" and they said these guys will shortly be going back to their own police units in Canada, so they're training them for what's coming along down the pike.


Now the Department of Defence in Britain, the top think tank published its findings and its projected future for the next 30 in "The Guardian" newspaper in England. I put it on my website in the archive section. Look into it because here's the top NATO think tank, that includes Canada and the U.S., and all they foresee for the next 30 years is massive rioting starting from the public and “flashmobs” they call it and the use of military and police in combined actions against the public. Nowhere does it say why the public would go to that length and start reacting that way anyway. Of course they won't because they know the agenda is to cutback all goods and services and health services. Eventually work goes out the window to massive unemployment as we come down the scale to join the third world in this new wonderful global plantation, and they're planning for it and they publish their findings. There's no happy news in there projected 30 years forecast at all.


Black Krishna:  Right, and Mr. Alan Watt from, the study also said that it was predictive as opposed to probable, or probable as opposed to predictive. But it basically said they were fully expecting this in "The Guardian" article, which was quite shocking; and to the police and soldiers out there, I mean they live here. They work here. They go to the bars here. Their kids go to school here; and even if they're crooked, I don't think they want to be run by NORTHCOM. I mean you can do your little dirt on the side but you still want to control your block, so I mean is there a way for the public to reach them?  I try to do my part with what I thought of. You know a lot more about this, but how should we approach them? Are there any angles you suggest to counteract the militarization that we're seeing?


Alan:  I think you have to put across the main things they will understand, and that is eventually in society the world is projected to come through and end up in this the utopia of the elite or for the elite, the police themselves will no longer be necessary, neither will their children. They'll be no work for their children either to go into, so they're all expendable once their job of initial control to bring this agenda off is over. They're also expendable and we have to tell them that. They're simply benefiting in the short-term for their paycheck and their status and all the other freebees they get, but at the expense of their own children's lives and everyone else's lives because the future they're going to bring in down the road is one of – it's almost a "Soylent Green" type scenario with massive overcrowding in the cities, it will be the only place you'll be allowed to live for the general population, and these high-tech habitat areas for the higher bureaucracies to live in.  However, for ordinary police and the likes, they'll be in the main cities with the rest of the people.


Black Krishna:  Right, and it seems to me that their agenda is for a North American unification by 2010 and global government by 2012, so we're not even talking about a police officer who 25 years ago could live 25 years until now, retire and maybe even had a good life before things all went to hell. We're talking about the next two to four years the police could be totally brainwashed, militarized, fitted with exploding chips according to Officer Jack McLamb (cops and soldiers against the New World Order) which explode with poisoning could kill them if they refused orders, if they go along with the corruption they see, asking them to do things to us. We can already see it at the airports and at the borders where there are bureaucracies told to treat us like jerks, you know, then they'll suffer from that. Can you see any other areas of Canadian society for Canadian citizens who are sort of blindly going about their business to appeal to in the bureaucracy with any specific tactics?


Alan:  Again, we have to print up a lot of information for them to use and tell them as well, that if, come 2010 with the amalgamation, 2012 with the UN to take over the three trading blocks, then they're also going to start to be moved with their families across the whole planet. They're not to be allowed to stay in one little area for the rest of their lives where they grow up and know their community and all the rest of it. They don't want the police to become familiar or even get friends in an area, and with a global society they're to be moved around from country to country on a frequent basis, so they won't have a peaceful family life either.


Black Krishna:  Right, absolutely. Well, Mr. Alan Watt, thank you so much for your time. In the final 10 minutes or so, that will take us to two hours and then we're going to put this online as soon as possible so that people can use this information. China is said to be the economic model for the New World Order. Can you speak to why, and can you speak to how we can counteract that on a macro or micro level so that we're not turned into slaves working in our country making zippers for jeans at a WalMart that’s sold thousands of miles away?


Alan:  It's true. The United Nations stated that China is the model state for the world to emulate. By that, remember, we go back to communism in China, how it was given birth. Who were the guys who were sent into universities to start it up? Read Lord Bertrand Russell's books because he was one of the first guys to be sent there to start this up on behalf of the British government and you get it from the horse's mouth himself. They set up a country with an ideal population that had never known individual freedom. It was an ideal country for that because of their culture and they were an obedient culture. As I say, they'd never known individual freedom or enterprise of any kind. It was a very fixed rigid system they came out of, so they picked China as being a sort of mass-man type effort for mass production. They would obey, work long, long hours without complaint.  I have books in the 1930’s – 1938 they had The Royal Institute of International Affairs World Meeting in Melbourne, Australia and they mention it in there that they'd set up China after World War II, down the road, towards the end of the millennium to be the manufacturer for the planet. They have done that, but they've also have used tremendous psychology on a mass scale with the public to do with abortion and the one child per family idea.


That's what’s tremendously interesting because they used Pavlovian techniques and this is admitted by the elite of China. Initially, they used to have to use the militia to drag off the woman who was found to be pregnant with a second child. Now, through social approval, the creation of social approval and social disapproval in the culture, the neighbors themselves will drag the women off to the abortion clinic and that's happening without the militia being called in.  I thought about this social approval and social disapproval technique. I noticed they'd already used it in Canada with smoking versus anti-smoking and then indoctrinate the children that if they saw a person light up across the street they start coughing. That's a Pavlovian response to something.  I've noticed this before and I realized they were using the same techniques here of social approval and disapproval and yet that technique could be used on anything in society. Then I looked at the United Nations that had made the war on smoking.


The war on drugs came from the United Nations. The war on smoking came from the United Nations. The United Nations just declared last year the war on obesity; and under the war on obesity, they want a socialized system where everyone by law must be pulled into clinics to be weighed every month. I'm not kidding you, so you realized this is the same United Nations that backs China as the model state for the world and actually taught them these Pavlovian techniques of creating social approval and disapproval. They can make black sheep of every obese person if they want to by the same technique. You'll see people showing disgust at the people who are overweight. That can be created very easily.  I think we should be very, very weary of what's really going on and learn the amounts of psychological techniques that are being promoted and marketed to the general public through special programs and through propaganda and stop falling for it.


It's no different than telling people we've got to hate the Muslims because they're different and they hate us. That's basic simple propaganda. It's the same thing with targeting different groups of people to attack. The majority of the mass-man who can't think for himself will automatically adopt the hate that's promoted to him by their governments using specialized marketing into their minds.


Black Krishna:  Right, absolutely, Mr. Alan Watt from I've already heard doctors – a second hand story of a doctor saying that vaccines and what not, that they have to make sure we are not a drain on the system’s resources in the future by using vaccines as a preventive measure now. So it's not that hard to get people to look at other people as the enemy in this system.


Alan:  Yes. They tried that too with the CBC in government ads using our tax money when it came to be the flu season. The ad said: "Do you know if you don't take your vaccine you could be a danger to others," and I thought boy, they could really push this if they wanted to. It's going along the same direction by using threats you see and the threat directed to those who won't take the vaccine, and the threat will come from those who have taken the vaccine and you haven't, so they use mob psychology against the people.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable.  Mr. Watt, a word to the wise to the secret government. I mean these people are going through with plans that are going to catch up with them a lot sooner than they think. I think they enjoy sort of being gods in this world and having the power over us $2,000 hookers, special bank accounts and that sort of thing, but that's all going to hell. That's all going to rot shortly if the people above them have their way and their say. For the people that are soldiers of sort of dead inbred trash carrying out ancient plans that they really should have updated and changed by now, what would you have to say to them and appeal with your sort of experience in understanding sort of the big picture?


Alan:  Well, to the soldiers, I get enough of them phoning me from the states who have come back as nervous wrecks. Some of the guys went to Fallujah and were told that there's a killing field. Kill everything that moves, whether it's a dog, cat, human or a child, and they did. They were told to go to village to village and show examples by slaughtering everybody, which they did. Now some of these young guys are coming home. Their conditioning is breaking down and the real person is breaking through and now their psychological nature is breaking down. They're in quite the mess because they've been trained to do things which are anti-human and would be outright murder, mass murder, premeditated murder in civilian life, so regardless of what you think at the time, once they take your little anti-malarial drugs off you which are hallucinogenic by the way. They've even done documentation here on the CBC about them. We know that Somalian soldiers, the guys in Somalia were hallucinating on these drugs. One of the officers pulled a pistol on a child's head every day just for the fun of it and can't believe himself that he did it now. Once these drugs wear off and you're back in city street again, your health's going to break down, both your physical and your psychological health because you have to start trying to live with you.


Black Krishna:  We learned this. There's been tons of movies with Vietnam with respect to flashbacks and the horrors that haunt people. I mean 25 percent of Americas homeless are Vietnam veterans, so for all the military sales pitch that sells us the nobility of the military and the honor of the military, they treat their own like crap on almost every level.


Alan:  Yes. This is happening again. I've also had troops coming back who are starting to bleed. They're coughing up blood and stuff. They don't know what they've inhaled, if it's due to the inoculations, so there are quite a few of them that are in a bad way already. However, that makes perfect sense because after the Vietnam era the Pentagon had big meetings about the misgivings of having professionally trained soldiery amongst its population in times of change of back home, they could be a threat, so the best way to do it is to get two or three good years out of them in the military and make sure you inject something into them that will bring down their health once they leave the military, and then they're no threat to anyone back home.


Black Krishna:  So this is all by design. I have a theory that they want to destroy our domestic cops and soldiers to some degree so they could bring in UN peace keepers and troops as an option in the future. Do you see that as a possibility for people who will shoot us because they don't live here?


Alan:  In fact it was David Rockefeller who made a speech in California back in the late '70’s, early '80’s about that very topic about the United Nations coming in to the United States, different forces in other countries. He said at the time that under the right circumstances the Americans would welcome them in, especially if they're bringing in food and medical aid and so on. Look at the British Empire. It always employed other countries which it had taken over. It would employ certain young guys to become soldiery for Britain. They did that in India with the Sepoy regiments and turned them on other people within India from the south. They always use people from a different area that has no affiliation with the present culture they're put into to suppress the people down below them. We saw it with the Tiananmen Square massacre. They brought in the Mongolian troops from the north. They brought them down. They had no affiliation with the average Chinese, so you always use foreign troops to beat people up and they have no physical, cultural bonding with you.


Black Krishna:  Right, and yet we saw in New Orleans how America troops would disarm and shoot fellow Americans especially if they were black in the fairly racist U.S., so the socialization of our soldiers and cops and military and bureaucracy against us is pretty deep. Do you see any levels, any schisms kind of as a final word to this or any other final thoughts you have? I'm just trying to look for the people that we could reach and the people that we can't and separate them and try and try force a schism between them. I understand Maurice Strong and certain others at the very top of the food chain are probably going to be guaranteed jobs at the UN., probably going to guaranteed to be one of the 500 million left on earth after the 6 billion are killed. But there's a ton of others who, as big as their egos get for being part of this successful evil system, are going to be culled. Where do you see the schisms that we should work on?


Alan:  I think we've got to go into looking at the bureaucracies behind it. There’s so many layers of bureaucrats dealing with this system. In fact, Lenin said this because he knew the agenda. Lenin himself said that the dictatorship will last about 70 years then will meld into the west. Gorbachev in his final speech at the politburo, and it was well reported by Eric Margolis in "The Toronto Sun."  People should look it up and get that speech that was made by Gorbachev. He said, "You will hear shortly that communism is dead. Now we're moving into the amalgamation with the west. We're moving out to make a socialized world."   Lenin mentioned it much earlier and said it too: "A time will come towards the end of the millennium into the next millennium where there will be so many governmental agencies they'll be treading on each other's toes.” They'll be stepping over into others’ jurisdictions and they'll start having a lot of confusion amongst themselves and fights and territorial fights. We've got to get through to those guys that their jobs, once that happens, which it already is, that means their jobs are going to limited. They themselves won't be necessary for very much longer. The United Nations is ready to come in with a completely different bureaucratic system and the local bureaucracies will go under. They're going to be obsolete very shortly. We've got to tell them this so they know.


Black Krishna:  Unbelievable. On the game of musical chairs, they've taken most the chairs away. It's ridiculous. These guys are not guaranteed a spot just because they served the system and I guess it's important to know that.


Mr. Alan Watt from, I'd just like to thank you so much for all of your work and your continued efforts and your time today and I hope we can do this again and I hope we can all spread the world out.


Alan:  It would be a pleasure to be speaking to you again.


Black Krishna:  Thank you so much Mr. Watt.


Alan:  Okay.




"A Little Help From My Friends" by Joe Cocker


What would you think if I sang out of tune,
Would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song
And I'll try not to sing out of key.

Oh, baby I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

What do I do when my love is away
(Does it worry you to be alone?)
How do I feel at the end of the day,
(Are you sad because you're on your own?)

No, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

Do you need anybody
I need somebody to love
Could it be anybody
I want somebody to love.

Would you believe in a love at first sight
Yes, I'm certain that it happens all the time
What do you see when you turn out the light?
I can't tell you but I know it's mine,

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

Do you need anybody
I just need someone to love
Could it be anybody
I want somebody to love.

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
With a little help from my friends.



(Transcribed by Linda)