July 18th, 2011

Alan Watt as Guest on Sovereign Independent Radio

(2 Hours)


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This is Sovereign Independent Radio on UWS Community Radio and the International Community Radio Network.  Breaking the Truth.


Neil: Welcome to Sovereign Independent Radio.  Tonight’s guests are Alan Watt of Cutting Through the Matrix.  We also have Brian Garrish of the UK Column.  And later on, we’re going to run a bit overtime and have Tony Farrell, the ex-police intelligence analyst who recently came out and said the biggest threat of terrorism was coming from the British government.  And I’d like to welcome Alan Watt from Canada, on the phone.  Are you there, Alan?


Alan: I’m there, yep.


Neil: And Brian.


Brian: Yes, Hi.


Neil: For those, it’s quite surprising, Alan.  We meet a lot of people in the so-called truth movement and we mention your name, and it’s quite surprising how few people actually know about you.  And we try and point them in your direction, because you know the information you put out is solid, you know, and backed by documents and all the rest of it.  So, for those out there who haven’t heard you before, do you want to just explain how you started out on this journey, as it were, and what you do now?


Alan: Well, I should really say that I grew up in Scotland, and I knew from a very early age that things were just plain wrong.  And I also realized too we’re in a regimented system, even in school, and everything is regimented from the government all the way down, and I kept wondering why we got this wonderful history of conquering different countries, and I looked around me and I thought, you know, very few folk in this country really own their own homes.  Everybody was scuffling for rent money.  Even the economy was rigid.  You found that the same starting wages for even tradesmen across the country were pretty well the same minimum, right up from North to South.  It was just the same way.  And I realized you’re in a fixed economy.  This was designed this way.  And the guys at the top that do all the statistics and so on, knew darn well just how much it would take the average family to live, pay their rent and so on, and get to work and feed themselves and no more, basically.  So, it was a fixed economy. 


And I got into the history books, of course, to find out how the money system was run, and that’s when the shocker came, to find out, literally that you’re run by private banks and the government borrows from private banks with compound interest.  And once you’re into that cycle, from then to the present time, you can’t get out of it.  It’s compound interest, and that keeps a small minority not only in control of the money, but the guys in control of the money are in control of the whole country.  Today it’s international.  You’ve got a small group of people literally running the world and using NATO as basically their heavy, who go into countries, bomb them out of existence, and then the mates of the guys who are the major bankers, they end up getting all the freebies, the oil, the diamonds, the gold, mineral rights, just like they did in Yugoslavia. 


So, it’s astonishing.  We’re run really by a private gang who set up a long time ago to take over the world.  This is documented.  It sounds crazy, but you go into the writings of Cecil Rhodes, and he basically outlined the whole agenda, and then his group merged with the Lord Milner Society, Lord Alfred Milner was actually German, and he was a banker, international.  And a bunch of international bankers formed, with the Cecil Rhodes foundation, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  It sounds awfully legitimate.  It sounds very governmental.  It certainly has a royal charter to exist, but these guys followed on with the same tradition to use Britain as the embryo to take over the world. They already had an empire.  And they wanted to carry on and get the whole world under this particular system, not to help the people, by the way, but to hire mainly people from the best universities, mainly Oxford, old families, and to run it like a secret society.  And Cecil Rhodes actually said this, we must copy the Jesuit techniques of secrecy like a secret society, because the public shouldn’t know what we’re really on about, what our business is. 


These guys fomented wars, back in the late 1800s.  In their own writings, written, well, actually, go into the historian for the group, Professor Carroll Quigley, who had their archives there.  He got the archives from Zimmerman.  Zimmerman was a Communist.  He was the main Communist of Britain.  He was the editor of the main Communist papers.  He was also assistant secretary to Winston Churchill.  And then you start to see all these strange associations with people that you’d never expect to be associated with, like Zimmerman and Churchill, because Churchill, we’re told, hated Communists.  Well, why was his best advisor, his main advisor a Communist who wanted world empire too? 


And then Quigley goes on to say, we work with Communists, we work with Fascists, we work with people across, dictators.  And he said, eventually we’ll have to bring the United States into this, which they did, in the 1920s.  They formed the Council on Foreign Relations, and that’s just the same branch, the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They’re a private group.  At the top, you have the top banking families.  And they’re taking over all resources.  That’s what Cecil Rhodes said, we’d have to take over all the resources and the wealth of the entire planet.


Initially they pretended to be benevolent dictators, in other words.  They would share it properly.  Properly.  You’ve got to understand what they mean by properly.  That’s like 90% to themselves.  But they’re one of the biggest organizations in the world today.  Every country has a branch of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Each British Empire country, the Commonwealth countries, have a branch in their own country, running the show, all working inside politics and outside politics to bring in a world government.  It’s not a nice pleasant thing.  They try to portray it as peace and all the rest of it, but it’s really a form of domination.  In fact, it’s the worst kind of domination you can imagine, because most people don’t realize that war was declared on them a hundred years ago, and the war encapsulates and takes from the Communist Manifesto of the abolition of private property, the abolition of the family unit, the rearing and the moral giving to the children by the state.  Pretty well all of the Communist Manifesto has been accomplished.  The end of the nation-state.  Well, that’s happened too, with the EU.  So, you realize that before even Cecil Rhodes was on the go, this other organization obviously was at work on the same agenda, before they became the Cecil Rhodes foundation and before they became the Lord Alfred Milner Foundation. 


They said, as I say, that they’d need a bigger country with more resources, more manpower, and a bigger tax base to finish the job off.  And that’s when they brought the United States into it.  The United States’ only job, only job, is to be the taxpayer for the United Nations, the enforcer for the United Nations and NATO, and once that’s done, there will be nothing left in America.  They will be absolutely bankrupt.  They already are.  But they knew this back in the 1930s, when you read the Council on Foreign Relations memos from their meetings, the minutes of their meetings that they had, annual meetings, they knew that America towards the end of the 20th Century and into the 21st Century would be basically bankrupt, and it would maybe last another 20 years after it was declared officially bankrupt before it went under.  By that time they would have forced the rest of the world under the same world system, and that’s where we are today. 


So, it’s an ongoing agenda.  There are many facets to it.  They have so many organizations under the United Nations umbrella.  Most of them are private, non-governmental organizations, and they’re backed by the parallel government.  Maggie Thatcher called it the parallel government.  When she retired, she said, now that I’m out of the limelight, she said, I belong to the parallel government, and this parallel government has more power than the elected government, because we’re not responsible to the people.  She says, we can get the big job done.  And she says, it’s comprised, this organization is comprised of ex prime ministers and presidents, and top bureaucrats, who already know each other, having been in office, and she said, we can get things done faster.


That ties in with the main think-tank for the United Nations, which is the Club of Rome.  And they wrote back in the 70s that democracy would not work.  There were too many competing parties arguing for power, and therefore they’d have to go into a post-democratic society, which is authoritarian.  And that is the job, of course, of these, the Maggie Thatcher, the Bill Clinton types, and so on, the parallel government.  That’s what they’re doing now.  They’re actually on the trot all the time across the world going to world meetings, advocating unification of different parts.


Now, the unification of Europe was first mentioned by Karl Marx.  He said, we’ll split the world into three regions.  And he said, first will be a European Union, under a parliament, which in turn would be under a super-parliament of the world.  That’s the United Nations.  He says, eventually the United States and all of the Americas will come into an American region, and some of the Caribbean Islands as well, which has happened.  And they’ve been pushing for this and integrating steadily now for fifteen, sixteen years.  And then he said, after that, he says, we’ll also have a Far East Bloc as well, or region, with Australia and New Zealand, China, Japan, all put into the same bloc.  And these would comprise the main three trading blocs of the world.  And they could keep expanding.  And that’s why you see the EU expanding and expanding.  They also have an African Bloc.  And these, technically smaller blocs of larger countries, like Africa, will eventually be merged into the European Union as well.  And they won’t be the African Bloc anymore.


So, this is the agenda.  This is what we’re living through today.  It’s a completely controlled society where Science is supposedly going to rule us all from birth to death, in an authoritarian system.  And if they don’t want you born, you will not be born.  You must be born simply if there’s a task they need you for.  Many of the writers that belonged to this society have published their memoirs, like Bertrand Russell, who worked with the Frankfurt group, who gave you your culture.  Because that was the whole culture industry which he was involved in.  And that’s the music industry, that’s the movies, television, everything.  That’s where we get our culture from.  We copy them like monkeys, unfortunately.  And we adapt to what we see.  So, we’re going through a planned change.  We have been for your whole life long.  So were your parents.  And you don’t realize that the major wars we’ve gone through, even in the 20th century, were fomented and set up and designed from London, by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, because Quigley goes into that.  And he said, even when they were fighting the Boers to take over South Africa, because the Cecil Rhodes Foundation, Milner, all the bankers wanted the diamonds and the gold, they had been pressing already for fourteen years with a war with Germany, which they wanted to make into a global war.  And the hope of that was to bring out a United Nations, or a League of Nations, which they did. That’s what they did at the end of World War I.  And they hoped by that time that we’d be so war weary that every country would be persuaded to give up its sovereignty and join the blocs.  And they tried that, but nobody went for it, the public didn’t want it.  They liked their cultures.  They liked their traditions.  And so, they went on the backburner for a while and other members of the same group, like H.G. Wells who was a propagandist for them, said in one of his own writings, we need another war.  They’re not ready yet.  We need another war to bring them to their knees.  And that’s why they brought World War II along. 


We know from Professor Anthony Sutton and others who’ve gone into who financed Hitler, and Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, it’s the same conglomeration of bankers and these top politicians belonging to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which had been behind all the major changes throughout the 20th Century and the present century. 


What’s amazing too is the wars we’ve had, even in the late 90s, as I say, with Yugoslavia, the World Bank which is part of the group, because eventually the World Bank is to get risen up to its top power and along with the Bank for International Settlements.  And that was also documented by Professor Quigley who was the historian for this group.  And the IMF, again, getting brought up to their top power.  The World Bank, back in the early 90s, published what they wanted to get out of, say, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and they had all the mines put down.  All manufacturing put down.  And they used NATO as a private army to go in there.  And they bombed, just like they did with Iraq, they bombed all their infrastructure, all their food making supplies, everything, water supplies, everything.  And then, of course, the people were decimated.  They came in under the United Nations and they brought NATO in under Madeline Albright, and then they divvied up the country to the private bankers for the debt that Yugoslavia now incurred.  And every part, or small country that used to belong to Yugoslavia, owes billions and billions and billions of never-ending debt to the IMF.  So, using economic power, which is a part of warfare – economics is the most important part of warfare, in fact – you bring every country under your thumb, technically your ownership.  And the countries that are on the sidelines of war, like Canada, we’re still part of it, because we’re borrowing from the same private banks, and we’re highly indebted to them with compound interest, which is designed so that you can never get out of it. 


So, that’s basically what we’re living through today.  The end of sovereignty.  The destruction of all cultures that previously existed.  Tony Blair’s right-hand man came out and said that in the British major media.  He said that he was told to open the floodgates to the whole of the UK in order to destroy forever the last vestige of British culture so that it could never reappear in any form whatsoever.  And that was mainstream.  And nobody commented on it.  Quite surprising.


Neil: It’s interesting what you say about Yugoslavia, because I’ve driven through Serbia and Croatia on a number of occasions, and you see the infrastructure that’s been built there since the war, obviously on borrowed money.  The motorways and you know, all the new housing that’s been built, all the rest of it, it’s all, you know, high tech, modern.  I mean, they have better roads there than they have in Britain.


Alan: And the problem over there too is, they’re not even allowed to have their own central bank, a private bank of their own.  They’re not even allowed that.  They pay rent for everything, and it’s all foreigners who own their land that they sit on that the houses are built on, or that they pay rent to, all the companies that are left are foreign owned.  They put you up on the auction block, and of course, they already have their pre-designed buyers, selected buyers, because there’s no such thing as free competition in this system.  And, as I say, the World Bank even put that out, before they started bombing those countries in the first place, they knew the value of each mine.  They knew the value of the land.  They knew what they wanted to build after they blew down millions of homes and who would own them.  They published their findings, before it all happened. 


Neil: Yeah, all the petrol stations in Serbia are all Russian owned.  So they don’t seem to own anything.  But going back to the UK and Ireland, I suppose we’ll start there.  You commented a while ago on your own broadcast that you know, Ireland was going to be taken down completely.  And somebody’s commented here that maybe suggested that that idea has been changed.  What’s your feelings on what’s going to happen to Ireland in the future?


Alan: Well, Ireland definitely is to be taken down, because this is a very old organization we’re talking about, and their plan is very old.  As I say, in the 1800s, especially, lots was published on this.  You find the top economists that are still quoted today from that period, like John Stewart Mill, and then his son of the same name, they both said that certain cultures would never fit in with a new order of things, because they don’t like giving up rights and freedoms.  And they had the Scots listed as one.  They had the Irish as a second one.  They had the American Indian down, because he would not adapt into an economic system where you work from 8 to 5 for a paycheck.  And another one too, was blacks in Africa.  They said, those who can mimic, these are the words they used, those who can mimic the white man and copy his structure will be allowed to come through into the new system.  The rest of them, they said, cannot come through, or they’ll destroy the new system.  So, this is again Darwinian, as well.  Darwin said a similar thing.  He said those inferior types will bring down the superior types if we bring in a new system.  So, we’re all basically being slated for either breeding out of existence, which is an old Norman trick by the way, if you go into your history books, or simply lots of folk will die off without getting married at all, because there is a destruction of marriage.  Folk can get lots of sex, but they’re having no children.  And so, that was the other way too.  H.G. Wells also wrote a book called A Modern Utopia, where he projected the system they would bring in, after they had sterilized all the inferior types.  He says, we weren’t so bad as to kill them all at once, he says, we just sterilized them so eventually they died out. 


And when we talk about these things it sounds crazy to the folk who listen to the mainstream.  You’ve got to understand that the mainstream is owned by this group, your whole reality, in fact, your whole life long, is owned by this group, in fact, this group even publishes all your history books in every country for educational purposes, right up through university.  And even Winston Churchill brought that topic up when he found out, during World War II, that this group had been highly manipulative in bringing about World War II.  He brought it up in the House of Commons.  Because he wasn’t in the loop on that particular level at that time.  And he said that it’s astonishing to know that a small group of people based here, he says, in London, have been manufacturing the British history, at that time, middle of the war, manufacturing that from at least the late 1800s, and giving us false history as to the reasons why things happen, and teaching our children, from all schools, right up through university, basically a false history of what actions have happened in history, why they happened and so on.  So he was really furious at it.  He said they were so secretive in his time, that they didn’t even use the name that it went under, which was the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  That’s the later name they adopted.  Before that it was called the Milner group.  The junior workers that were put into politics and bureaucracy was simply called the Kindergarten.  And that’s in the book, Tragedy and Hope, and the Anglo-American Establishment by Professor Carroll Quigley, who, again, was the historian for this group.


Brian: Alan, I wonder if I could just ask you a quick question.  You talked a little bit about Ireland there, how do you see the UK at the moment?  What do you think is unfolding here?


Alan: Well, the UK is to go into a very primitive lifestyle.  When they’re talking austerity, they’re talking about poverty for most people.  What I should add to this too is that Professor Quigley said that this system they’re bringing in is a new feudal system, and I think we all know what feudalism is, where your betters, the better types, the ones who come out of special wombs, basically, will be the ones who will guide you from birth to death, right through the system, if they need you, that is.  And Quigley also said the CEOs of major international corporations will be the new feudal overlords.  Well, we see chunks of land being sold off, under the guise of business and commerce in Britain and elsewhere to major international corporations.  And eventually, like Karl Marx said, the nation-state will wither away.  He didn’t add why he knew and how he knew it would wither away.  Well, we’re going to find out, because they’re selling off big chunks of what was sovereign territory to foreign, but you can’t even call them, they’re not people, they’re not nations, they’re entities.  They’re fictional entities called international corporations.


And you’ve got to understand too that you’ve had a war on your culture that was tried and failed, especially in Britain, in the 1920s.  The 1920s was called the ‘Roaring Twenties’.  They tried prohibition.  They had their own versions in Britain, where you had to go to the next town to get a drink if you wanted to.  And that was intended to make the booze cans, you know the illegal places very exciting to youngsters, which it did.  And they brought the mini-skirt in at the time.  They gave them the Charleston, and they told them to go at it.  Free sex, free love.  And something that by the way, H.G. Wells was told to write about and promote from the late 1800s, believe it or not, in his books.  And so they brought it in the 1920s, but the fallout was too much.  The venereal disease went rampant.  There was no penicillin.  Unwanted pregnancies everywhere.  That’s when they opened up the massive orphanages across the US and Britain and elsewhere, the Boys Town type places.  They couldn’t cope with the fallout, so they went back to the drawing board. 


And in the 1960s they brought it back more perfected.  They gave them the pill at the same time.  You had antibiotics for some of the venereal diseases.  We were given abortions, free abortions to take care of any problems.  The state will take care of any problems for you.  Then the destruction of the family unit was all part of that.  It was very, very successful.  It decimated the population of Britain.  And even in the official reports, as they shout about overpopulation, you’ll see that Britain has been plummeting from their official census, even at the United Nations, since about the 1950s onwards, we’ve been plummeting, until the reason they give now for mass immigration, although it’s not really for that, it’s for two or three purposes, the reason they give is we need younger people to come in, because none of the older ones have had any children.  Well, they weren’t having children because they were told to have free love and not to have children, for years and years and years, male and female.  Just have fun, play like children until you’re eighty, and die, you know.  And that’s what they were doing. So, now, this is the excuse for massive immigration, but really it’s part of the total, as I say, the end of all culture that will happen, as all these people move in and take over, and you’re in the minority.  As I say, they said they’ve got to destroy these cultures for ever. And that was the assistant to Tony Blair who said that.


Brian: Do you think we can do something about it?


Alan: I’ll tell you, we’re so late on this, that it would take something really extraordinary and powerful to change this.  We’ve got to understand, you’ve never had democracy.  Democracy is a front in fact, for this very group.  It never ends up being what you think it is.  Democracy in reality that we see is totalitarianism by bureaucracy.  That’s what it is, and international corporations hand in glove with them.  The saddest thing is that Bertrand Russell, who also worked for the same group, who was given lots of money by Royal Charter, by the way, to do things that you would string up adults today for doing, he had a special school set up to find ways of promoting pre-pubertal sex in children, in the 1920s, by encouraging them to have it at his school, and all kinds of sex as well.  And he says, the idea was to, if they can have promiscuity before puberty comes in, and we hyper-activate them to think about sex all the time, by constant repetition, he said these children will never bond with a partner, for their whole lives and probably never have a child.  That was their goal.  Well, what we’re looking at today is the end product, the disaster of it all.  It worked so well.  And what you’d need now is more than just talking. 


What I do know, when I look at the reality of the wars that are ongoing, across the Middle East for instance, that was ongoing when Clinton was in and then Bush was in, and then the present one is in.  It doesn’t matter their front man, it’s the same agenda with the same list of countries that must be taken out, and then the big banking boys move in and take over all the resources.  We’re seeing one after another our whole lives long, go under in this fashion.  These guys are not going to give up.  They’re using, as I say, NATO like a private army for thievery and robbery, you know, and depopulation big time of their enemies.  They’re not going to give up because you ask them.  They won’t do it.  It’s not going to happen.


I’ve watched an internal army built up of so-called policemen, in some countries, that are not like the policemen I used to know.  You don’t walk up to the present policemen and ask them for the time.  They might shoot you.  So, they’ve built up internal armies over the last twenty-five, thirty years, in preparation for what’s to come, because we’re dealing with long-term planning here.  Just like businesses, too, especially international businesses.  They do their long-term investments, takeovers and all, they’ve got it all planned for the next fifty, seventy-five years.  Well, these guys are the same boys who plan our futures.  And they will not just walk away because we tell them that they’re not nice people and this is not democratic.  It’s not going to happen.  They know they’re going to bring down the final crashes, just to get us to our knees.  They’ve told us they’re going to bring in food rationing across the world. 


You’ve got to go into the United Nations, that’s a front group for the main group, based in London.  That’s what all the United Nations is.  And go into their different departments.  Look into the Department for Agriculture, Food and Agriculture.  There was a woman at the time who was the CEO of that department, she said that food was too important to be left to farmers.  And that corporate farming only, large, massive, corporate farming was the only way they were going to go.  And she said, the day will come when we will be responsible, the United Nations, for distributing the world’s food supply to each region across the planet.  She says, this will have the added influence on population control, she said, because we shall not up the quotas.  In fact, we’ll bring the quotas down.  And it’s up to each region then to find ways to bring their population down.  That’s their problem.  And it’s funny that, because only last week I got from mainstream media, they said again, the same thing was said again.  The United Nations must eventually take control of all the whole world’s food supply and ration it out equally amongst the people across the world.  Just like we’re now into the Communist Manifesto part of the redistribution of wealth. 


Why would they mandate redistribution of wealth, when you’ve never been taxed so much in your life?  You’ve been through bank crashes, national bank failures, and now they go ahead to redistribute your wealth, your tax money across the world.  It doesn’t go to the poor countries.  It goes to the big corporations, international boys who set up bases in those countries.  Regardless, if you’re stone broke, why would they start?  Well, you see, they must fulfill this agenda.  It’s a plan.  It’s a holy plan by the way.  I think folks should understand this.  This isn’t just a little club here of very rich people that just have a penchant for power.  This is a religion here that’s behind this.  And you’ll notice that everything is coming through law.  Law after law after law, no matter how crazy the law seems, it’s all done by law.  So, you’re into a very old society that does long-term planning, that admits in its own writings that it’s used Communism, Capitalism, Socialism, Dictators, Tyrants even, and they don’t care who they mix with and use, to get their own long-term mission accomplished. 


So, they’re not going to back off.  And it’s going to take an awful lot of struggle.  I know in the US, just a few days ago there, some major media were picking up on Brzezinski’s statements that there’s going to be mass riots in the US.  So, the US is the same way.  2001 had nothing to do with terrorists, because every government across the planet went into action with the same agenda at the same time.  That never even happened when Pearl Harbor happened in World War II.  So, you’ve got to understand, this took years and years of planning beforehand, with treaties and counter treaties, and they go back for review.  It takes many years to get all countries on board, with the same agenda, the exact same agenda, of total surveillance on every citizen from birth to death.  And every country jumped into the same action plan at the same time, with the same treaties.  That took years of planning. 


In the US, in academia, the so-called left wing liberal guys, the professors, were pushing for the Century of Change for the later part of the 20th century, talking about the Millennium.  And they said the Millennium would kick off this Century of Change.  And by that, they meant total Liberalism, and you’ve got to understand what they mean in the US by liberalism is not what most folk think of.  It’s not splashing more ketchup on your french-fries, you know.  And they said that it would take a Pearl Harbor event to kick this off, and that was from the New American Century group that were backing Bush at the time.  It doesn’t matter who the front men are.  It’s the same people behind it, each time, with each President.


Brian: Alan, I agree with all the points that you’ve run through.  And I’m just thinking, for listeners out there that one of the major difficulties is not that there’s no evidence, there’s just so much evidence that it’s difficult to package it sometimes so that people can start to grasp it, because it is a big thing.  It’s a very big thing.  There is a huge amount of evidence, which you’ve obviously, you’ve obviously, well, you know of by heart.  But for other people, we can say that the moment you start looking, there’s many other people who many years before us had been digging into this, and they’ve been writing and warning about what’s happening.  I’ve got a couple of books in front of me.  I’ve got a soft spot for a guy called Commander Carr.  Who was.


Alan: Guy Carr, yeah.


Brian: Who was a Canadian.  And he wrote a book called, Pawns in the Game.  And if you go through his book, it covers everything that you’ve touched on.  And of course, he was touring in Canada in the 1930s trying to warn people of what was building.  I’ve got one of Kristerger’s stories books here.  I’ve got “Behind Communism” by Frank L Britton, which is a very good book.  You can get that from Bloomfield books.  And that, of course, is delving into an area that people don’t often look at and many people don’t like to go, because it’s quite dark, but it’s saying, well, where did the Communists come from?  And what it’s starting to point out, of course, is that it was the same banking cabals that created the Fascist problem.  So, we know there’s a lot of evidence out there. 


What I think at the moment is we’ve got something absolutely unique and the other side has given it to us, and that’s the internet.  And I look out the window, at the moment, and on one hand I can see, I can see the beast that you’re talking about is clamping down very quickly, but it’s doing that in a more and more obvious way.  And the other thing that’s happening is that I believe the other side is starting to rush.  And the reason it’s rushing is because it knows that more and more people are starting to see the plan for what it really is.  And of course, the internet and modern media, whether it’s a phone or the mobile phone, means that the message can go worldwide very quickly.  And if you say what are these people frightened about, or frightened of, I agree totally when you say you can’t just ask them to go away.  But something that they are completely terrified of is just exposure, is enough people being able to see what they’re doing. 


And if I focus just in on the UK at the moment, it’s fascinating to watch how a chubby Cabbage Patch, as we’ve known him, Prime Minister Cameron, has gone from that unwrinkled smooth-faced school boy to looking incredibly haggard and nervous and upset in the space of three days, or well, a week’s media exposure.  So, I think that we’re here on the show, and we’re helping people to see what’s going on.  But I’ve got to say, I’m actually getting very, very interested in the effect that we, and I mean, that’s a very big we, not just yourself, but all of the people who have been out there speaking and talking about what’s happening, and other people are passing messages on email and twitter and the internet, the message is coming out about what these people are doing.


Alan: It’s coming out.  Here’s what we’ve got to watch for though, and I realized this an awful long time ago, is that the world is planned by military strategy.  And these guys at the top have had a long time, a lot of practice in this stuff, down through centuries, actually.  And they know what they want to do in stages, and they plan it, each part, what year it’s going to happen.  This is going to happen, that part is going to happen.  They also know, and they’re trained to do this and by other ways, which I won’t go into.  They know what the reactions will be in different segments of the population.  And so they try and plan ahead, to even give us heroes.  And here’s the thing people have to be very careful of, they try to give us heroes at times, before they even start the operation that would create the need for a hero.  And so they’ll have someone in the wings ready to take over.  Some of them talk into crazy stuff, and that way it puts so many people off.  So, be careful, again.  Don’t just go all over outer space, when you hear this stuff.  The other part is too, remember, they gave us the internet, and they knew what its effects were going to be.  In fact, before they gave us the internet, in the newspapers they were talking about the coming information wars, before they gave us the darn thing.  So, they were already prepared for that too.


We’ve got to remember too, it gives them an instant pulse on the public on a daily basis across the world.  They know what we’re chatting about.  They try and guide us, of course, into the wrong places now.  They know what we’re chatting about, they know the mood of the people.  And they know the danger, if there’s a danger from the people as well.  They are at a crucial point, no doubt about it, because they must pull this off, mainly because, as I say, they have a timetable.  And they must stick to the timetable.  They’re really obsessional about timetables.  And they’re also ready, as I say, to take care of the worst things of all, and that’s mass rioting.  If mass rioting comes in, remember, a riot really, and they keep saying this in their own writings, they call it the mob effect, a rioter is not going by any plan.  It’s someone who is basically screaming, yelling, and setting fire to his own cars in his own street.  And that happens when your back is against a wall, and you are on food rationing, and you are broke.  What you have to have is organization. 


What we’re up against, here, is a network across the word of very old families, who are masters, they’re trained from childhood in this organization, their part.  These are the most organized people on the planet.  In fact, we’re living in their system.  This is not our system.  And when you realize this is not our system, even how the culture is changed, it’s not even our culture.  TV gave us the culture.  Music Television gave us the culture.  And their scientists gave us the rest of it.  So, we’ve got to realize that you’ve got to have a basis to start from.  And you’ve got to have your own manifesto.  They have theirs.  You’ve got to have your own manifesto to start from too.  And you need to have numbers in the groups to stand up together, or they’ll pick you off one at a time, which they’re actually doing.  And you’ve got to know where you’re heading, that’s the main thing.  For all the talk radio hosts out there, no one is coming out with what to do, you see.


Brian: Oh, I disagree.  I disagree.  Because this word exposure is absolutely key.  The plan that they’ve put together, and I agree that we’re looking at a network across the world.  We’re looking at some very powerful families.  And we know that they train and plan and they do all those sorts of things.  But the plan, across the centuries, has been hidden.  It’s been specifically designed to be hidden in the shadows or completely buried so that ordinary people couldn’t understand what was happening to them.  It’s a covert plan.  It was a covert plan.  And if you translated across to military terminology, just to go in that direction, because it’s a bit of fun for me, is that if you unleash a covert plan and you might be doing quite well, but the moment the other side sees what you’re doing, there’s absolutely no point in being covert.  You have to become overt, and then you have to do everything much faster, because you’re discovered.  And every time there is a major hit at the moment on an individual or an organization, where people really know what they’re doing, you see the other side absolutely shudder, because it’s only to expose them that actually wins the battle, because when enough people.


Alan: I think once you’re on, the thing about exposing them, you’ve got to keep at it and even the same ones too.  And believe you me, part of the problem is we’ve got so many to choose from.


Brian: Well what I was going to add is that I personally don’t think we need a manifesto, because it’s simpler than that.  The other side is working in the shadows or has been.  And it lies.  It consistently lies, in who it is, what it is, what it’s doing, the world we live in, the whole ethos of the other side is lies.  And our counter to that is not a manifesto, it’s a single word, it’s truth.  Because if we publish the truth, if we get people looking at the truth and seeking the truth, you completely destroy what the other side is doing.  And the other magic for this, I don’t like that word too much, but I’ve said it now, is that as you push forward the truth, you’ve never got to double-check yourself, because you know what you’re saying is true, what the message is, and that is what brings the numbers on board.  There’s that old saying that a minority that’s right soon becomes the majority.  I actually think that these families are very, very frightened at the moment, because the change to only a few people now, sorry, from only a few people knowing, to millions of people knowing what’s going on, could happen overnight.  It could certainly happen in the space of a few days.  Once that message has gone worldwide, these people are finished, because ordinary people just say no.  And it doesn’t matter which area you look into, if you go into the military, or the police that you’re talking about, inside the police force, they are not, even though we might not be too impressed with the British police at the moment, but it’s totally wrong to say that the other side are in the majority.  They’re in the minority.  So, if you look for a solution inside the police or inside the military, or inside politics, or inside your local authority, all it takes is for the majority of good people to understand what’s actually being done to them.  And then the whole thing is destabilized.  It can’t work.


I know it’s a massive battle going on, but I think the key point about the UK is the seat of the power is in this country, or that’s what I believe.  I don’t know whether you would agree with that.  And therefore, if that is true, if we do the right things in Britain, the rest of it is going to unfold across the world, and I think that’s started to happen.


Alan: Here’s the thing too, remember, they will still try and distract whatever you do, quickly too, by giving you another bank crash, or something like that, or food rationing, that will come if they get their way.  We’ve got to stop it all before it happens.  This is the key.  We can’t get to the stage where our backs are against the wall and these big corporations, these big Agri-Farm businesses, have the world’s food supply.  I mean, they own most of it already, and they can ransom us at any time.  Blackmail is a great thing for them, when you’re on your knees.  We can’t go off and riot, either, because again, there’s no coordination to it.  There’s no purpose to it.  And it’s easily vanquished, but exposure is one thing, but it’s getting harder in some countries to expose them actually, by laws.


Brian: That’s true.  So, I’ll just come back to the business, that if we’re in the business of fighting these people, well, you’re on the other side of the water, but for us here, it seems the UK is the place that the battle is going to happen, because this is actually the seat of the power. 


Alan: And you’re further ahead with all the experimentation on society that they’ve done.  We all copy what Britain does, afterwards. 


Brian: Yeah, I think that’s true.  I think that’s true.  But the other bit that I’m going to say, I think has been a major brick out of the wall, that’s going to cause a real problem for these people, is to do with the behavioral control.  I’m absolutely sure that at this stage, they thought they would be doing all the meat of the plans you’ve talked about there with the food and the banking and riots and everything else, and while all that was going on, people would be totally, people would be totally unaware that actually they were acting out of character, that their behavior had been changed.  And this was again a key part of the covert plan, that people would have their behavior interfered with and modified.  They wouldn’t know it.  And that is exactly what the government has been saying in its behavioral change documentation.  That either people would realize they’d been changed but didn’t know how it had happened, or they wouldn’t even realize their behavior had been changed.  Now, I think this was a significant part of the package, and it’s been upset, because not only are people realizing exactly how their behavior has been changed and how it’s been done, that this knowledge, the wakening up on this is spreading very quickly.


Alan: Well, we’ve got to, as I say, push, it’s a matter of constant attack.  And again, not being distracted as they give you something.  Because, again, they’re masters at distracting us, again with very real things.  The economy, inflation, they can whack us with so many things at one time to throw us off when we’re pushing hard.  You’ve got to stay on track and keep pushing and keep exposing, all through that hard period, you know.


Neil: I was going to say, when Brian was talking about the exposure, and I think in terms of the likes of Cameron, Klegg, or Allens, I think we’re only scratching the surface of exposing these people, and they’ll obviously be just sacrificed and they’ll bring somebody else in, who’s looking squeaky clean again, to give people some kind of semblance of normality again.  But, I think people are starting to see through that as well.  Each change of leaders just brings more of the same.  I think that exposure of people so quickly in their term of office, if you will, is starting to happen more rapidly from the public’s point of view, and you know, it will continue.  Because the quicker people realize the whole system, it doesn’t matter who gets in, they’re all going to follow the same agenda, and it’s becoming more and more obvious as they show themselves to be the same, but far quicker than you would have normally seen maybe twenty years ago when they did it slowly.  But now they’re actually coming in, and it’s rapid.  It’s continual.  There’s no let up in it.  So, people are kind of taking the punches one after another and realizing there’s something far wrong.  Can you hear me?


Alan: Hello?  Yeah, that was awful muffled my end.  I don’t know if Brian got it. 


Neil: Did you hear it Brian?


Brian: Yeah.  You were loud and clear to me, and I’m still having a job with Alan though.  He’s very quiet. 


Alan: Still quiet, eh?


Neil: Maybe we’ll go to the music break and try to get the connection back again. 


Alan: What I can do, I can try a different phone here and see if it helps. 


Neil: Okay.  We’ll go to the piece of music and then we’ll come back and try that.


Hour 2


Neil: Welcome back to Sovereign Independent Radio.  We’re talking to Alan Watt of cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And I would encourage all listeners to go there and listen to Alan’s broadcasts.  He does five days a week.  For listeners in the UK, you can download it the morning after.  And he puts all the links up there for his information to prove the facts that he’s talking about and backs it up with references to numerous books, old, new, historical, all the rest of it.  And I think you’ll find it very informative and at times quite frightening.  I think Alan will agree.  We were talking during the break there about the control of the food supply and the fact that, well, Alan mentioned before, the United Nations have decided that they’re going to be the masters of starvation, if you like, and basically ration out food based on population.  And the governments will just have to cut the populations by any means, which happen to be at their disposal at the time.  So, we were talking during the break about the farmers, and the fact that, particularly, recently in Australia, the carbon tax has basically wiped out many farmers, who basically aren’t allowed to farm their own land anymore.  And for numerous reasons, some of it being due to areas of special scientific interest or conservation or any other dubious scheme or plan or diktat that comes out of the United Nations.  And it should be obvious to anybody, especially those in the farming community, when they start hearing about coming food shortages, they should start looking at themselves, because they’ve been bribed for well over forty years now by the European Union not to grow any food.  When I was staying in Ireland, I was surrounded by farmers, and I was the only one growing anything.  All the fields around me were empty.  There was maybe a few sheep, a few cow, but nobody was growing any crops whatsoever.  And I’ve moved down to England now.  There’s more of it being grown down here, particularly wheat and potatoes and things like that, kind of staple foods.  But in Scotland, there’s virtually nothing being grown, in vast areas of the country.


I was actually at a meeting which was supposedly to try and bring about some kind of political change when I was living in Ireland, and many of the people there were farmers.  And I asked a simple question.  I said, what are you guys going to do to, what are you prepared to sacrifice to get things going, and to start, you know, growing food again, and all the rest of it.  And they basically turned around and said, oh, we can’t afford it.  So, I basically walked out at that stage, because there wasn’t any point talking to them, because they weren’t prepared to give up their EU bribe.  Is it the same thing going on in Canada, Alan?  Are they being paid not to grow food there?


Alan: They have, yeah.  They have for many years in fact too.  The government, you see, the government uses wars to change everything.  Again, Quigley talked about that.  He said that one of the main side effects, and actually one of the main effects which they want from war, major wars, is that it changes the cultures of both sides, because government steps in and nationalizes so much.  They get into everything.  And they got into farming, since World War II, in Britain especially, and they never let go with all of the different ministries and inspections and all the rest of it.  They started giving farmers the little bait.  It’s just like the credit cards from the banks.  They call them the bait, you know, the mouse bait.  And the same with farmers.  “We can help you out with your taxes.  You’ll pay less tax if you do this.”  Once you start letting them dictate to you, then they come along and say, “we’d rather you not grow so much stuff this year, because there’s going to be an abundance in corn or wheat or whatever.  And now that we’re putting all our food together in the EU, it’s going to make it too cheap, and the big companies won’t profit so much.”  And that’s why you had all the butter mountains and so on.  They were dumping food in the Channel and so on, to keep the prices up.  So, basically government is completely in bed, and this is what we’ve got to understand, government is not your government.  It hasn’t been your whole life long.  The government you have are really the men that, especially the Royal Institute of International Affairs, these are the men that they put in.  And Quigley said the same thing.  There hasn’t been a prime minister or a president elected by the people, actually elected by the people who serves the people since the late 1800s.  And it doesn’t matter about the rest of them.  They’re allowed to vie for power amongst themselves, the minor ones that are coming up, but the guys on top are always members of the same organization. 


And now we have the EU with its European Council on Foreign Relations.  And George Soros is at the top of that.  Now, Soros pretends he’s out to help the world, like they all do.  Whenever they say this, you know, I tell people to run in the opposite directions.  Soros, again, was involved in the wars in Europe and Kosovo and Yugoslavia.  He was involved with Madeleine Albright, and the guys from the World Bank and the IMF, that already had it planned which companies they were going to steal from that country, and have it under their own corporations.  They’re all involved in this together.  And so, every side that seems to be out there opposing each other in the high levels is not.  They’re all working on the same agenda, and the rest of it is just to confuse us, basically. 


So, food is a weapon.  Never forget that.  Food is a weapon.  Anything which is a weapon is weaponized.  Your food also is weaponized.  And that was the whole thing to do with giving you the Monsanto seed, and the Rothschilds’ group, as well, they’ve got their own version as well.  There’s a whole bunch of them out there.  You have to go back every year to the master, basically.  You’re back in serfdom, to the master for the seeds, rather than just collect your own seed.  They’ve weaponized the food.  They’ve poisoned the food.  And I really mean that, literally.  They have poisoned the food.  The guys from Monsanto are a big part of the military-industrial complex.  They were involved not just in Agent Orange, but in many other forms of killing whole populations.  And when I see scientists coming together to improve your potato, I get a bit nervous.  The same scientists.  And now they dose it with their own pesticides, that gets into every cell in the plant.  You’re eating that stuff, and you wonder why the cancer rate is going sky high?  This was all predicted by them before they started.  They knew what they were going to do. So, you’ve got to get back to natural farming, if you can, but that means that the farmer has got to have the right to tear up every demand made by government that’s been put upon him, so he can start being a farmer on his own land and growing what he wants once again, and doing it the way that he wants, once again.  But once they take the bait from government, oh, we’ll help you.  We’ll give you tax relief or we’ll give you little grants.  No, I’m sorry.  You’ve sold out.  You’ve lost the farm.


Neil: I’ve spoke to quite a few farmers in Ireland, and they were all of the same mind.  Oh, we love the land, you know.  We’ve always done this.  This is our life, you know.  I always say to them, but you’re not farming anymore.  You’re filling in paperwork. You know, you’re not growing anything.  And I said, what are your children going to do?  What are your sons going to do?  Are they farmers?  Oh, no, no.  They’re working on the building sites, or they’re doing computers, or something else.  So, there’s no lineage of farming tradition being passed on either so, obviously there aren’t going to be farmers in the future, anyway.


Alan: That’s right.  You see, all that’s stuff that’s second nature to the farmer, he’s grown up doing it, stuff you could cram into whole volumes, like an encyclopedia set, he’s taken that for granted, because he grew up on a farm.  All you need is to break it for one generation and it’s gone.  You’ve lost your power to even feed yourself.  Something as primal as feeding yourself, you have lost.  So, who’s in charge of it now?  The Big Boys.  Not only have they got you under their money system, now they’ve got you under their food rationing system and what kind of food you’re going to eat, and where from, and all the rest of it.  This is weaponized.  This is part of warfare. 


The same with the water supply.  When you see them going after your food and your water, the most basic things, you’re in a war.  And you better realize that this is what this is about.  This is a war.  Because these are the things that kill you off or get you to your knees.  You can’t allow them to do this.


Neil: They’ve gone after the air as well, of course. 


Brian: If I’m allowed just to.


Neil: Go on, Brian. 


Brian: Slip a thing in.  Again, I agree with everything that’s being discussed about the plan that’s under way, in control of the food and the poisoning of the water.  If you come back to your farmers, they, I’m going to say, well, this is a rhetorical question, but they didn’t, I don’t think that they met in a pub one day and decided not to grow food.  What actually happened was officials appeared on the scene with paperwork and brochures and attractive offers that if they let so many acres, I refuse to use hectare, so many acres were left fallow, then they could start to draw on the European money.  So, these very big powerful families, in order to try and take control of the food supply, had to use what I will call the command and control system, which came down through national government, and then it came into the agencies, DEFRA, or whatever its equivalent is in Ireland, and from there the directives on what should and shouldn’t happen and what could and couldn’t happen with food production, then that came in through even local council level, until basically the information was brought to the farmers, and then they started realizing, well, we don’t have to work so hard, because we can just suck off the European money.  But the only way that these immensely powerful families could get their plan to interfere with food production working was to actually use people through a whole chain of command within the public sector.  And I’m going to say, that if I look at a way of destabilizing what’s happening, we simply, and I use that word deliberately, we simply have to break that command and control structure so that the nonsense and the politics and the directives and the red tape and the legislation, which is all being rained upon farmers, the subject in this case, that we actually, we actually break that.  We give them an umbrella.  Now, when can we do that?  When can we do this?  I think we can do it, we can do it now.  Neil was trying to do it some time ago, but the reason it wasn’t working was because the farmers weren’t hungry enough.  And I think that if we’re going to do something about what’s happening, timing is very, very important, because as we’ve all learnt, if we try and pass the message and get the exposure happening too early, people are too warm and comfortable and well fed and enjoying their foreign holidays to want to listen.  So, we need people to become a bit hungrier than they are, and we need them to become a bit more disturbed than they are, in order to be fertile ground for our message.  But that is approaching very, very quickly, and then the timing issue says that we have to be very, very clever at choosing the moment at which we interfere with these control structures.  The moment enough local people refuse to pay their taxes, they are in control of the local authority.  The moment enough farmers simply say, no, we’re not following the DEFRA guidelines, they are in control.  So, the control can switch sides, very, very quickly.  But we have to choose our moment.


Neil: You’re right.  Timing.  And I think Alan alluded to organization earlier as well.  I think if you’re going to, you know, challenge the farmers to kind of stand up and start doing, you know, what their job is, basically, and take a bit of responsibility for feeding the public, which, you know, that is their tradition through their families and generations.


Alan: It’s the system, it’s the very system that got us through the so-called Great Depression.  We’re in a worse one now, actually, coming up, at least on paper.  There were farms all over the place, at one time.  And locals could go down to the farms and trade something off and get some food or eggs or whatever, and I’m sure you’ve got it in Britain, where, if you rear your own chickens anymore now, now the government inspector comes in to see if you can sell them to the public.  And they’re closing down all these places across Canada, right now, unless you get them government inspected.  And that means, by the way, that’s not a man coming to the door and wanting to look at your eggs.  You have to build him a building that’s sterile, and he can come in and have a shower, and put on his lovely white suit, and his rubber boots, white rubber boots, and go and inspect your eggs.  Well, of course, you cannot, it’s not meant that you can comply.  It’s impossible for you to comply.  You just go under, until you have nothing left but the big farmed, those huge farm monstrosities they have for the chickens, where they can’t move more than a foot, you know.  This is the agenda. This is all deliberate.  It’s not by accident. 


The bee people across Canada, the same thing happened with them too.  They have to build a building, same idea, hot water, and a disinfectant trough that the guy walks through after he’s showered and put on his gear, so that he can look at your honey.  Then you have to buy the spinner to get the honey out of the combs, that’s got to be made out of stainless steel.  Nothing else will do.  All the old stuff cannot be used, and it will cost you multi-thousands to buy that, and then you’ve got to be on the ball when he comes in and inspects you and so on.  I mean, they’re putting all the small guys out.  And that’s the bottom line.  Same across the US is happening.  So, whatever happens, this is what I saw back in the 70s even.  I traveled an awful lot across the world.  And I’d hear a law getting passed in Britain, and then I’d hear the same law getting passed in Norway a week later, then in Denmark, then in Germany, and then you go across to Australia.  And then I realized that each law was coming out in your regular news, and you would say, well, that’s our news, you’d never even think it’s happening elsewhere.  And that’s the trick too that they use.  They don’t tell you that these are global laws we’re passing.  They’ve been doing this since at least the 70s and probably before.


Neil: I was talking to somebody today, and the farmers around here were growing wheat and potatoes, as I said, and they’ve left 4 meters around each field just to grow the wild flowers and stuff to attract the bees.  But I could probably count on both hands the amount of bees I’ve seen this summer.  I’ve not seen one wasp anywhere, at all.  And going back to the honey, the European Union, I was in Eastern Europe, and I got 25 kilos of honey, and I got it back, but the legislation is, you’re only allowed to bring 1 kilo for your own use.  And I was speaking to the guys who, you know, produce honey in their back garden.  And the guy says, I can give you as much as you want, but I can’t give you any paperwork.  And I says, why not?  And he says, because I’ve got to sell it to this guy down here who’s a mafia guy, because they’ve got all the quotas.  And the European Union gave them all the quotas.  And they have to sell it to them at a certain price, and that’s it.  So, you know, there is this myth that the European Union was all about competition and free trade, and it’s just put shackles on the farmers and the beekeepers and anybody trying to produce anything and trade it on an equal basis.  There is no level playing field for these guys.  And the same goes for like small business.  We have the business rates and all the rest of it just going sky high.  And all the legislation.  I mean, I was in a small café in Ireland.  It was the same thing there.  They said, you have to put stainless steel in, blah, blah, blah, until I complained about it and I refused to do it, and they went away.  You know, when you stand up to them, they don’t bother you that much, but people just comply.  They just go along with it all.  It’s incredible.  And they wonder how they go out of business.


Alan: They expect you to adapt and adapt and adapt.  And because it’s a little bit here and a little bit there most folk actually do, subconsciously, they don’t reason through it, they just adapt into it, hoping.  We live in hope.  We hope things will get better.  Or we hope that the guys at the top will realize that what they’re causing with all this legislation is making it hard for us.  Most folk still think that they’re decent people at the top, and they’ve just made a mistake and they’ll fix it when they see it’s not working. No, this is a very clever agenda, and they know exactly what they’re doing at the top.


See, this world of interdependence, interdependence Maggie Thatcher went on and on and on about, and interdependence literally means that not only do you have no nation-state anymore, it means that you have no independence.  Interdependence means you will be dependent for everything that you need to survive.  Food, shelter, water, clothing, heat.  You’ll be dependent for everything that you need to survive and live, on this system.  That’s what it means.  That’s what interdependence means.  That’s why they’re cracking down on folk in the States, people who are growing vegetables in their garden, basically.  They’re saying you can’t do that, you know.  You can grow flowers.  You can grow dandelions but you can’t grow vegetables.  You must be dependent on the system.  It’s power.  And they’ve gone after the most basic things of life.


Neil: Yeah, there was a case here recently, I think you might have actually linked it up on your site, of the couple down in Dover, I think it was.  Who’d bought four acres, I think it was.  And they planted the vegetables, they had their own well, they had their own source of power, and they, of course, Agenda 21, they couldn’t be allowed to do that.  I mean, that’s an example to everybody of how it can be done, so we can’t have the public realizing they don’t need us.  So, we had to throw them off the land and put them in a council house and put them on benefits.  So, the whole, if you want to ‘Go Green’ and these people wanted to ‘Go Green’.  I’m sure they were into that whole ideology without actually realizing what it was.


Alan: And the thing is, next year, 2012 is the next part of the big hammer, because the first lot came from the Earth Summit meeting in 1992, so next year is the big one.  Maurice Strong, the Rockefellers, as they redesign the whole system and bring Part II along, which will be completely totalitarian.  The first part was.  It gave all the rights to animals and insects and none to people.  None to people.  You have no rights in it.  And the Part II is coming along, where they’re going after the water, and out of that will come the redistribution of the world’s food supply through the United Nations.  They’ve already mentioned that.  So, your tax money is being thrown across the planet.  Your food now will get thrown across the planet.  And it doesn’t look good.  And we’ve got to stop all this nonsense.  As far as I’m concerned, if they keep claiming that we’re just another animal, then I want the same rights as an animal.  I don’t see a rabbit here getting told to get off the land, don’t eat that lettuce there.  I don’t see any animal being told, oh no, you can’t sit here and do that, or even poop in your own garden.  I mean, they poop anywhere.  But the fact is, you see, we have no rights at all.  We’re so legislated into the ground, that we’ve got to start pushing off, as Brian says, these layers and layers and layers of bureaucracies and government officials that are involved in every aspect of your life.  That’s what you’ve got to do.  You’ve got to start regaining it again.  And they’re not going to be pleased, and they’re not going to let it go easily either, but we’ve got to do it.  This is, we’re talking about survival here.


Brian: Absolutely.  This is the key bit, talking about survival.  And I’ve got to say that if I go back to my early days, when I saw only, or I knew only a fraction of what I known now, and I saw only a tiny part of the picture, but I knew there was something very nasty on its way.  And in a couple of my early talks, and I was, I’m going to say, misguided enough at that stage to be involved with UKIP in its early days, because I believed that that party was actually trying to challenge Europe, which I’m now convinced it’s not, under the leadership of Mr. Farrage.  But I started to tell the truth about what I knew.  And I remember one talk that I gave, and a man at the back said to me, you know, Brian, you’ve described all of this stuff.  What do these people want to do?  And the answer I gave was, they want to kill us.  And there was this stunning silence in the room.  And then a couple of people said to me, do you really mean that.  And I said, I mean it absolutely.  And from that moment on, not only did the conversation in the room change, so it lost its sort of flippant, casual attitude, and it started to become serious, but it taught me something, and I kept going, with giving people information and using the right words.  Because one of the worst things that’s been done to us is political correctness, which is incredibly dangerous.  It’s not nonsense, which some people talk about.  Political correctness is control of our language, and if our language is controlled, the way we think is controlled.  And it is amazing what has started to happen, now that people are actually using the right language in relation to what we’re fighting.  So, we’re finally beginning, for example, to hear members of parliament and judges described as criminal.  We are hearing people freely talking about Blair or Brown or Cameron being war criminals.  It’s just they need to be brought in front of the court.  So, the moment we use the right language, we’re actually, we’re doing something very powerful to regain our territory.


And if we come back to the farmer with the chickens, initially, for that man, what he came up against, him, with red tape.  And he would have regarded it as nonsense, but it was causing him problems, and he found it difficult to fight it.  If he was told that actually what was being conducted was a campaign to actually stop him eating permanently, it starts to focus the mind.  And I think that we, in the broadest sense, and that’s everybody that’s out there doing something, one of the things they must do is start using the real language.  These people, what do they want to do?  They want to kill us.  It’s all in the documentation.  If you choose the basic bit of reducing world population to 500 million, that means there’s a big problem for most of us.  But I think one phrase really captures what they’re trying to do.  And that is reduce the carbon footprint.  Because it was Mike Robinson from The UK Column who said to me quietly one day, he said, you know, Brian, I think that the carbon footprint is us, is mankind.  And I think this is absolutely what it is.  We are carbon.  We breathe it.  We produce it.  And now we’ve got somebody saying.


Alan: We’re carbon-based life forms.  You’re right.


Brian: Absolutely.  And we’ve now got somebody saying we want to get rid of the carbon footprint.  They’re saying that actually they want to murder us.  That’s the correct word.  And I consistently find with audiences, that if you use the right language, you might get somebody who scoffs, and walks out, but the rest of them start to pay attention to what you’re talking about.  They may be quiet, because you’ve actually got them a bit frightened, but we need to do this with some people to get them motivated.  But I want to ask you a question if I may, and that’s, when talking about these people, who do you think the real problem people are?  Who are they, and what do you think motivates them?  Why have they got a different agenda to the one that a normal person would have?


Alan: Well, we know, basically by the ones who come forward, at least in the limelight of the public, across the world, that number one, they start off incredibly rich.  They’ve already got wealth.  They are old families.  They all have backgrounds in their families of high economics, and very often, dealing with national or international moneylending.  Not just little banks on the corner, but literally lending to nations.  And doing the books of nations, in other words, they own the nation, via their private banks, their private lenders.  We know that about them.  We also know that many of their relatives, actually, using different names, are put into top positions of power in politics.  Very good at changing their names.  Have a look at Cameron’s ancestry, it’s interesting.  And they also belong to the same organizations, as I say.  It’s either the Royal Institute of International Affairs, or it’s the Council on Foreign Relations, or the European Council on Foreign Relations, or the Institute for Pacific Relations is the other branch for the Far East, which was started up at the early 20th Century, that part, in the purpose to integrate the Far East, by this organization.  And again, Quigley documents all that stuff. 


The thing is, getting back to political correctness and what you can say and what you cannot say.  Now, you’ve got to look into the Frankfurt School to understand what’s behind it.  The Frankfurt School is a University they set up in Germany.  It appeared, and people get very confused with this term communism, because it’s been so misdiagnosed in so many places.  It’s got many fronts as well.  Even the people who are ardent followers of it on the low-levels have no idea of what it really, really is.  The Frankfurt School was set up, they ran out of Germany when Hitler came in.  And they went to the United States and Britain.  These guys were specialists, using psychology, which tells me again the depth of national and people’s psychology, that they understood it.  It’s way beyond Freudian terms.  This is a very old science, obviously.  Their job was to examine the cultures of each nation and simply adjust the perception of each nation to accept this same agenda of globalism with an elite, an intellectual elite running the whole show, and getting the public to accept it.  And they would do that by looking at each culture, and then taking over the culture industry within each nation.  And this is all documented stuff, if you look up Frankfurt School. 


And a slightly different one for the US.  Britain again, a slightly different one for them.  And they ran the BBC, by the way.  They still do.  And at one time, you couldn’t get into the BBC for a job on any position, unless you came from Eton.  And in the 1960s, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations from the States, and all the other branches from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India even, met in London.  It was in mainstream, and they were talking about bringing in a global culture in about 1964.  And that’s what the meeting was all about.  And their big problem was, would they use Britain to spearhead the cultural change, or would they use the United States and Hollywood, and their massive programs.  It took them two weeks to decide they would use American culture, which was their culture by the way.  It’s not American at all.  Everything in America has been given by the same Bernard type characters that worked with these institutions and the Frankfurt School.


Now, Theo Adorno was one of the biggest players.  A very interesting man.  An utter contemptuous elitist, because he actually said that very few people would have the intellect to understand his writings, in his own book.  He took over the culture industry mainly for Britain.  He financed a lot of the groups that broke through in the 60s to the top.  He also was pretty well a genius in music.  That was a sideline of his.  A great friend of the Queen.  Friendly with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  And he did definitely write a lot of the stuff for the top groups in Britain, as they came out with the raging sixties and the sexual liberation and all that stuff.  Just do it.  Do it in the road, like the Beatles song, all that stuff, and the drugs came in at the same time.  So much drugs, sacks of drugs were thrown over university walls for free by limos just passing by, to get the whole thing kicked off.   Every culture has had its head spun around by the culture industry.  Now, Theo Adorno says, we must degrade each culture, degrade them, until they have no past to look back on.  He says, we must degrade them down through all the sexual immorality we can cause.  He says, including eventually, we’ll know when we’ve achieved our goal when we get necrophilia as the norm.  So, here you have a bunch of people, who worked with another group, called the Macy group – Bertrand Russell was part of both of them, and a lot of other big players, Lord Bertrand Russell – who would use a form of socialism to guide this through.  And you’ve got to understand what they mean by Socialism. 


Socialism to them is the scientific domination of all society to reshape the world, to remake all that was left imperfect and make it perfect.  That’s what they say at their meetings.  And they’re talking about us.  Where a natural elite – they claim that they’re the natural elite – and intelligentsia should rule our lives in a proper function.  It’s just too scattered right now.  It’s all dysfunctional.  In other words, totally controlled society is what they mean by correcting society. 


Now, the Macy Group that worked with the Frankfurt School, again, they all fled out of Germany, just before Hitler came in, met in New York, and Russell came over, Adorno and all the rest of them.  And their job, again, was how to radically alter, completely radically alter all that was held to be dear in Americans’ lives.  That was independence, personally.  Personal independence, especially.  And how they could wear them down bit by bit, and again, degrade the culture through all kinds of sexual immorality, until standard fare of entertainment would be perversion.  We have that.  We’ve lived through that.  It’s here.  And how they would gradually show the state, through movies and all the rest of it, the state was in charge.  Now you don’t get the lone cowboy riding into town, cleaning it up.  Now you get the SWAT teams and CSI and you get the FBI and counter-terrorism squads and lots of faceless guys in black outfits like Star Wars.  That’s how they’ve changed it, until everyone is obedient to the system and afraid of that system.  And the Macy Group was given authority to exist in perpetuity and to change the culture of America by President Truman.  This is in their own records, if you look them up.  This is in their own records.


We think, see, the average person, you’re born into it.  You say, well, why would you have, and I realized this when I was only seven, because I used to listen to the Moscow radio, and they had a department of culture that would come out and announce itself, the Department of Culture.  And I looked into Britain, and it said, British Department of Culture.  Canada, Canadian Department of Culture.  I thought, why would your government have a Department of Culture, if you people collectively are the culture?  It was set up to change the culture.  And the department of culture decides what you’re going to see on television, and how they’re going to degrade you through it.  The Department of Culture is where you get all your political correctness from.  They hire authors by the thousands.  I think every author in Canada gets a grant from the Department of Culture.  Now, the only way you can get the grant, and I’ve seen the forms for it here, even music as well, in the music as well, it says you must aim to radically alter the culture in order to qualify for this government grant.  Then they gave you a list of things either to sing about, or if you’re a novelist, to write about, and insert in your writings.  Or if you’re a cartoonist, in the cartoons.  That’s why you’ve got cartoons complaining that the older folk destroyed society by consuming too much.  They’re all getting paid to do that by your governments. 


Neil: We’ve just got a big of music now, I think, and we’ll come back to that. 


Alan: Okay.


Neil: Okay.  Cheers.  Welcome back to Sovereign Independent Radio.  We still have Alan Watt on the line from Cutting Through the Matrix, and I think Brian Garrish is still there from the UK Column.  Just a quick reminder that we’re actually going to be running overtime tonight, because we have Tony Farrell, the ex-police intelligence analyst, who was sacked for publicly stating that he thought 7/7, 9/11 were all orchestrated by elements of our respective governments.  So, he’ll be on at 9 o’clock.  We were talking to Alan during the break there, about a number of issues.  One of them was the health service.  Another one was how, as I mentioned earlier, we have the internet, but there’s so much on there and things put specifically in there to distract and lead you off into all sorts of weird and wacky directions to basically divert you from what you really should be looking at, and that’s provable facts on a number of issues really.  And we really should be focused on those.  The other thing we were going to hit on briefly was the element of Satanism that’s involved in this whole agenda by these creeps, I think that’s the only word for them, at the top, who whether the general public believe in Satanism or any other form of ism, whatever, these guys do, and they act out their fantasies or personal indulgences, whatever you want to call them, perversions, as and when they see fit.


So, I was talking to Alan there about the donor card system in Britain, because I was talking to somebody the other day there who had one and thought it was a great thing.  And I was pointing out to them, that if they were lying on the bed next to somebody who needed the same operation as them, and Alan mentioned that the doctor may be looking at the guy with the donor card and saying, well, his kidneys are good.  They’ll be worth a few bob.  He’s liver’s good.  It will be worth a few quid as well.  So, we’ll treat this other guy, and we’ll just harvest these organs from this other person.  He’s got a donor card, and he’s agreed to give us his body, basically. 


The health service in Britain, and in Ireland as well, are a complete disaster, Alan.  I’m sure you’ve heard.  And you know there’s people dying on trolleys in corridors and all sorts of horrors.  I don’t know what it’s like in Canada.  Is it similar?  Or worse, maybe?


Alan: Oh, yeah.  They’re slashing it here.  I mean, outside the major cities, here’s the key too, back in the 1980s, both in Britain and in Canada, across the whole, what they call the commonwealth, they started at the same time, cutting out and closing down all the old rural hospitals, because they knew the agenda.  We won’t need these folk in the future, because no one will live in the rural areas.  This is how far ahead they plan.  And sure enough, they closed them all down.  Now, where I am here, in Sudbury, you’ve got walk-in clinics, where you might spend the whole day, sitting with a card, like a cow with a number.  It’s not stuck in your ear, but it could be.  And you wait for them to call your name.  You’ll see a doctor who won’t sit down.  You can’t sit down either, generally.  They just want you to stand there with a prescription and say, what do you want?  And you’re out the door.  And that’s it, it’s just one after another, about ten seconds per person.  That’s how much you see them for.  They don’t know who you are.  They don’t know your history, family history, nothing.  And they don’t care to know either, it’s the rock bottom, and of course, the cancer waiting list here is sky high.  And basically you can’t get ordinary operations.  Up until recently, by the way, if you wanted to change your sex, that was okay.  That was done very quickly on the health service.  But you couldn’t get in if you had something vital, some vital operation, you had to go on the waiting list and maybe wait six months to a year, or two years, you know.  So, they’re slashing it back here.  Britain is the flagship for every new introduction that society will accept.  If they’ll accept it in Britain, they’ll accept it anywhere.  That’s what I’ve noticed.  And so we always get what they introduce there, after it’s worked for them.  And that’s always been the way of it.  Britain is definitely the flagship.  And it surprised me initially too, many years ago, when I saw the British people just accepting one hammer blow after another.  I couldn’t.  I thought, what’s happened to these people.  Something has happened to them.  Because it’s not like that in their history and their culture and their heritage just to take it and take it.  So, I think we’ve all been dumbed down, no doubt, educational wise, and no doubt through the food as well.  But to be honest with you, when you go into Bertrand Russell, remember, the Macy Group, the Frankfurt School, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, he went to all their scientific meetings.  He also said, by use of laws and food, meaning, altering the food, and the injections, he says, we shall get the desired population, very docile and obedient.  So, they’ve been doing it.  I have no doubt they’ve been doing it.  There’s too much evidence out there to do with the polio vaccine for an example.


Dr. Salk, who came out with the polio vaccine, in the 50s, was a member of the British and American Eugenics Society.  He was the highest member.  And every paper that he wrote, up until that vaccine, every paper was about the need to drastically and quickly reduce the population of these countries, Britain, America, and every other country.  And suddenly he turns around with a vaccine to help you fight polio.  Now, to be honest with you, you go into the history of polio, and it was hyped up at that time through Pathe News.  Very few folk at that time had television.  And they kept showing you, just like the Mad Cow Disease with the same one cow walking across the barnyard, they kept showing you the one little boy in an iron lung.  And everyone was horrified of this polio, and they all rushed to get it.  Afterwards you didn’t get polio; they just named it encephalitis and meningitis.  It’s still there.  So, what did they really inject into you?  Well, it’s out there, even up on YouTube, the guys who worked with him, and a documentary where Salk himself says, yeah, we knew there were cancer viruses in this, and the Simian-40 virus only has one function, and that’s to cause cancer.  This is from the horse’s mouth.  But he said that we thought that the benefits outweighed the risks.  Meanwhile, that generation is all dead or dying of cancer. 


No, these guys don’t make these kinds of mistakes, and especially when it comes from a guy who’s the head of the eugenics society, who advocates drastic, rapid, depopulation.  So, you have that aspect.  Now, getting back even earlier, you’ve got to understand that they created this idea.  The fastest way to standardize a system, bureaucratic, its education, financial and so on, the fastest way is to introduce Communism.  And that’s what Lenin’s job was to do.  All those countries that went under the Soviet system became standardized.  You go from one to the next and regardless of basically the change in accent or vocabulary or whatever, it was the same system.  And now they are the same system.  Now, they’re fit to be democratic as they call it.  Join the rest of us poor suckers.  Lenin said, initially he said, in the West, we shall set up services.  Now, we forget that your police service is a service.  A service, you can either say I want that or I don’t want that.  And at one time, towns would kick out their cops if they found out they were crooked, or whatever.  So, that was a service.  The health service was something you could either use or walk away from.  They had no authority.  But Lenin said it.  These services will eventually become the authorities over the people.


And now you’ve got children’s aid and all the rest of it, snatching children, da, da, da.  All that stuff.  Oh, you can’t get into school without your shots.  It’s all used.  So, they’re all authorities now, you understand.  These are the real reasons that things are introduced.  Never to help the people.  There’s only one agenda here, you know.  And it’s a totalitarian agenda.  And when we go into the guys at the top, there’s so many instances of the utter perversions at the top, because remember, it’s like Aleister Crowley said, he says, “Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law.”  At that level, they believe they could do whatever they want.  They’re above any law.  Technically they are, as well.  And actually, factually they are above any law.  We’ve had so many guys in the House of Lords with their perversions in the mainstream for goodness sake.  And I won’t even go into it, but the fact is, they get off with it.  Because, at that level, whatever religion they have is, “Do what thou wilt.”  You don’t have to believe in a deity.  Some of them will actually say they believe in the Lord of the World.  And they can take that two ways.  They can be an utter atheist and say it.  They believe in whatever force gives you the right to be rich and powerful and an overlord, basically, over others.  The other, some of them are more into an actual real religious meaning of it, the Lord of the World is Satan, because it’s from Saturday, right, Satan, of course.  So, you have the two ways you can take it.  That’s why there’s both atheists and a smaller selection of dedicated believers in it, who believe that law is a religion, you understand.  Law is their religion.  Everything is done through law.  And even when they’re doing something terrible to the public, they’ll make the law to allow themselves to do it.  They’ll always make the law to allow themselves to do it.  So, one way or another, they’re utterly legalistic. 


They tend even to tell you what they’re going to do next.  It’s just that the people don’t really want to believe it, or they can’t believe it.  Nobody would do that.  Well, they do.  And then you’re left, you know, at the end, flattened once again by these people, but they’re absolutely legalistic.  —That’s a train going by, by the way.  That’s the coast-to-coast Pacific Railroad going past, with all the Chinese goods coming into Canada.—  Anyway, at that level, as I say, they’re absolutely devout followers.  And when you see some of them, like Madeline Albright is a great example.  I mean, McCarthy was right.  He said the first place they must take over is the State Department, which they had long before he realized that.  And then she, of course, was in the State Department for a while, at the head of it.  She’s the one who quite happily said on television, that when it was asked, well, you’ve already killed about half a million women and children here by starvation, through embargos, is it worth it?  It’s actually over a million.  She was asked, do you think it was worth it?  And she said, with no expression at all, no hesitation, she says, absolutely.  She’s not talking about people, you understand.  To her, those aren’t people.  The only people she’s talking about that matter are the ones like her.  Herself.  A special, very, very special people.  And then I saw her on a great documentary on Yugoslavia, when they worked out how they’re going to plunder the country, and give themselves the right to go and bomb it all, and doing the same damn thing to that country, and there she is up on the board of NATO, right now, a private army as far as I’m concerned.  They’re using it for private functions and purposes.  They’re plundering countries and giving it to their buddies.  They’re looting the countries.  And we’re watching it happen.


These people have no conscience.  They have some way of recognizing or believing that someone is the same as themselves.  And they have absolute contempt, utter contempt, for everyone else.  You’re not a being, right down to the medical service, where they’re selling your body parts for goodness sake.  I knew this years ago, this would come.  And I spoke about it years ago, you know. I said, abortion, number one, is going back to the ancient, so-called paganistic times.  And it’s been brought back under the guise of science.  When you’re training a generation of women to kill their own offspring, you better be very afraid of what’s going on here.  Very afraid, because you’re talking about the end of who knows how many thousands or millions of years of generations of you.  That all becomes you in the end, and they’ve trained women to think it’s just like getting rid of a wart.  That’s the terms that they use here, you know. 


When you see that happening, and that’s not good enough there.  No, no, they’ve got to sell the spinal cord off for about $5,000 to some university or some scientist to twiddle with.  And then they’ll sell the brain off somewhere else.  Then they’ll sell the rest off to the pharma companies so that they can culture their new bacteria and viruses on that they’re going to inject into your body, which technically is a form of cannibalism, when you’re eating each other.  You don’t have to use your mouth to consume another person.  We don’t even recognize what’s happening, because our perceptions are distorted.  They give us, they tell us how to perceive things.  You’ve got to stand back and say, how should I perceive this, and you’ll see it for what it actually is.  So, even once we’re dead, for goodness sake, we’re worth money to them.  We are farmed.  We’re farmed.  We’re farm animals.  And when they claim there’s too many, they can’t get profit from you, they cull you off.  When they’ve got wars planned for a century, they build you up and tell you to go ahead and breed.  And they leave you alone.  This is an old technique, used down through many, many centuries, and we’ve got to understand, but the biggest thing of all is economics.  Everyone relies on that currency, no matter what it is.  The fact is, as long as we all accept it, we build the machines, we build the tanks that they’ll eventually turn loose on you in the streets.  And we’re all dependent on this currency.  And yet, every country has the right to mint and print its own currency and sell it to the banks.  That’s what the Bank of Canada did, all through the Great Depression, right through the 30s, right through World War II.  The Bank of Canada was a real bank.  They printed its own money, and coined its own mint.  And they put it out into circulation.  They sold it to the banks.  That paid for the cost of it all.  And the banks then mortgaged it out to the peoples, lent it to the peoples.  The rest of it was used through building projects, roads and so on.  We were debt free all through the Great Depression.  And from Britain and all the other countries that already were under the private banking system, borrowing from international boys, they all came to Canada to see how it was done.  And of course, that’s when the big bankers said, we’ve got to change this system.  And they certainly did over the years and Trudeau was the last one that got in.  And now, we’re like everyone else.  We’re up to our eyes in debt, borrowing from private bankers with compound interest; in fact, the Canadian dollar is actually printed in Germany now. 


So, money, this whole idea of money, this is their key.  They have no power without it.  They’d lose all their power without their currency in circulation.  That’s the key to it all.  That has to be abolished, that system, because, look at the taxes that are raised in every single country.  It’s phenomenal.  Now, no one can tell me you can’t live within your means with that kind of tax coming in.  But what are the doing with the tax money?  Oh, they’re putting it into research and development for private corporations.  Oh, they’re throwing it across the world for more corporations to build their factories somewhere else and exploit some other country.  It’s all going abroad or into pockets.  And that’s the bribe force, as well. 


Everyone is born, and you live with basic fears.  One is fear of poverty.  In this system, you have a fear of poverty.  You have a fear of getting sick and being unable to get attended to or have medical care.  A whole bunch of fears come from this thing.  The main one is fear of poverty, so much so, they can create people who are addicted to accumulating money, even amongst the ordinary people.  That’s a perversion in itself. So, we have a perverse system that creates perversion.  But everyone will go to work for it.  The cop that will bash you on the head or kill you will tell you, just like the Nazis or the Communists did, I’m only doing my job.  I was told to do it.  It’s all to do with this paycheck thing.  It has to be stopped.  And you will get nothing done until you’re making your own currency for your own people, and a new system is hammered out.  Nothing is going to change here.


Neil: Yeah, I think Guernsey has a system where they do that.  They print their own currency for infrastructure projects or something, and they tell the people they’re going to raise the taxes to recoup that money, and then when it’s recouped, they put the taxes down again.  And that seems to work fairly well, you know.  But nobody is looking at that, and saying, well, here you go.  This works, you know. 


But sticking with, you know, the solutions I suppose, we’ve only got a few minutes left, and you said earlier and it’s absolutely true, that these guys are not going to stop, unless we make them stop.  And Brian was alluding to the fact that, you know, the more exposure, the better.  We’ll out these people.  And you know, I think we can get at the people that are put up there as the leaders, like the Camerons and the Kleggs, and once they fall, we have to keep going and go for the next layer and the next.


Alan: And you have to go into their histories.  It’s like the Miliband Brothers.  You’ve got to find out who the Miliband Brothers were.  When one of them was over in Russia, giving a talk on radio, his aunt phoned in and gave her whole family history on the air.  And then, their father was sent over to Britain to teach Communism in university, you know.  Communism meshes perfectly well with this monetary system and this agenda.  That’s why they like it.  That’s why they use it so much.  Quick standardization of their system.  So, you have to look at the backgrounds of all the different people in power, and find out who they really are here.  Because they do have certain things in common.  And you’ve got to expose that.  Getting back to political correctness, this is what comes into it. 


Critical theory is the theory that the Frankfurt School came out with for political correctness.  How do we train the public.  And what it means is, you must institutionalize the terms in society, like global warming, carbon taxes, anthropogenic global warming, especially.  Stuff like that.  And also the things that you don’t want them to talk about.  And it’s so simple, critical theory.  It means everything that is anti your agenda, you must attack it and criticize it.  That’s all it means.  That’s also going all the way up now to different laws, so that you can’t speak about certain people.  I’m talking about individuals.  Because they’ll jump on a bandwagon and hide behind something, a good screen, or something, and you can’t go any further with them.  We’ve got to go to the individuals and get their family histories, because you’ll find that they’re tied together, intermarried, so tightly, I’m talking about these rich, multi-trillionaires here, and literally, they’ve got relatives across the planet doing the same darn thing.  And wherever they go, whatever they target, they bring the same system in of IMF for the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements, which is to be the big, big bank that Quigley talked about.  They talked about this as early as 1920 they would do that.  And we’re living through that phase now. 


So, to be honest with you, as I say, money makes their world go around.  They rule the money system and the finances, and now they pretty well own most of the resources now.  That was another big part of their target, own all the resources of the world.  Cecil Rhodes talked about that too.  We’ve got to start taking back power, and figure out how we’re going to do it, and what kind of system you’re going to end up with as well.  And even then, there’s going to be factions starting, fighting each other over what kind of system you bring in.  You’re not going to please everybody.  The thing is, until we all realize that we are being murdered, we’re being set up to be starved to death as well, and never mind all the inoculations, and more, the new inoculations they want you all to have, annually, all through your life now.  Until we realize that, and start getting moving, and stop being so complacent and watching entertainment, entertainment is the worst thing you can watch.  You’re being indoctrinated without even knowing it. 


So, you’ve got to start reading serious stuff.  If you care about the people around you.  If you care about your history.  As I say, all the people that went before you to make you you, that’s enough to stand up and do something about, because otherwise we’re all going to be vanquished, and we’ll disappear into history, until the names are all gone, the people are gone, the countries are all gone, the heritages are all gone.  They’ve actually said that’s what they want, until there’s no remnant left, or trace of what was before.  John Dewey said it, when he came from the Frankfurt School to set up the educational systems for the West.  He said, eventually, a generation will be born where they’re taught no history of a race, a people, a country, or conflicts, or anything else.  He says, they’ll know exactly what we want them to know. And that’s almost here today. 


Neil: Well, somebody asked me just yesterday, why I do what I do, because, you know, as you said yourself.  It’s not a job, it’s not a hobby, it’s something that needs to be done.  And, you know, I said simply, I’ve got a son and I’ve got a granddaughter, and I care about them.  And that’s it.  You know.  If I don’t do something, they’re not going to be able to, or they won’t be here at all.  One of the two. And you know, I think we all have to start, you know, looking at ourselves and what’s important to us.


Alan: I tell people too, I say, you’re no different from the ones at the top.  They might say that they’re special, that they’re better.  They might say they deserve to rule you, but that’s their opinion.  We’re all born, and we all come, and we all go the same way.  No one can stand up and say, oh, no, see, you’re all rejects.  You’re all imperfect, and we don’t need you anymore.  You fought all the wars for us.  You’ve plundered the countries for us.  Thank you very much.  No, no, no.  No, no.  None of this getting back to the old caste system.  That cannot happen.  This is a caste system really you’ve got here.  And it’s got to be basically pushed out of the road, until the people start really believing that every life that comes into this existence here, has a much right to live and to live its life in peace as well, and safety, as anyone at the top.  They have no right whatsoever to plan our individual lives, national lives, or the world’s lives.  And that’s what they’re sitting doing.  That’s what the United Nations is all about, in fact.  And so, we’ve got to stop, we’ve got to point out who they are, the fact that they’re all elitists, they believe they’re superior and that we’re inferior. 


This is not India.  This is not the Brahman system.  And who would want that?  But that’s what we’re seeing basically them trying to introduce, is a very similar thing to Brahmanism.  It’s a caste system.  And no.  It doesn’t matter, as I say, who you happen to be, who you’re born from, the fact is, you have as much right to live in peace and safety without worrying about what they’re going to do to you next.  And that’s what folk do.  What are they going to do next?  They’re talking about their governments.  Nothing ever comes from government to help you anymore.  It’s always another fear thing that’s going to rob and plunder you.  This has all got to stop, because, we are, as Brian said, this is all about survival.


Neil: Absolutely.  It’s life and death and that’s as simple as it gets.  And I think we all have to start saying that little word called no, and enough is enough, and start fighting back in any way we can possible.  I realize that you have to get on and prepare for your own broadcast.


Alan: Yeah, I have to get a whole bunch of stuff to do today.


Neil: Okay.  Thanks very much for your time.  You’re very generous. 


Alan: It’s been a pleasure.


Neil: Thanks very much.  And we’ll maybe get you on in a couple of months or three months, and do it all again.


Alan: Sure.  Sure enough.


Neil: Brian?  Brian are you still there?


Brian: Yes, I’m still here. 


Neil: You want a quick question before Alan goes, or just to say goodbye.


Brian: I think I’m just going to say goodbye.  It’s been brilliant listening to all the topics that you’ve covered and you’ve covered a lot.  So, thank you very much for doing that.  And yeah, I look forward to another meeting on the show. 


Alan: Yes.  It’s been a pleasure to be on.  And I did most of the talking here, but I’ll have to, as I say, correspond with you a bit more as well, because, as I say, we’re all in this together.  We have no option.  We have no option.  That’s the bottom line.  We have no option but to do what we’re doing.


Neil: And the more the merrier, I think.


Alan: Absolutely.  It’s all of us.  We’re all concerned here.  Nobody can actually opt out.


Neil: Well, I was at a few, I was at three mosques in Edinburgh when I was still living up there, and I spoke to the imams of the mosques, and all three of them were in agreement with me that we either stick together or we go down together, and it’s about time we all got together and sorted this out.


Alan: That’s really it.  We all go down together.  Absolutely.  Because these guys have told us what their plans are.  The public are so astonished, they can’t believe them.  But we’ve got to start believing these characters, because they always do what they tell us.  They’re very legalistic.


Neil: Yeah.  Okay.  Thanks very much, Alan, and we’ll get you back on again in a few months time, and do it all again.


Alan: Okay, you take care then.


Neil: Thanks very much.  Bye, bye.


Alan: Bye now. 


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