April 4th, 2006
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru


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Jackie Patru: Alright.  Well, say hello to our listeners this evening, and let them know what your website is.  Iíve got water boiling, and I want to go get my tea, okay?


Alan Watt: Yeah, you can catch me, Alan Watt, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And there are different programs and shows which you can download for free, audio shows, and one video.  And you can do it both on landline and on highspeed.  It takes longer on the landline.  Some people have downloaded it on the landlines without any problems at all.  And the webmaster has made it pretty simple, which people like me really need, actually, in order to find out how to download the stuff.  But itís up there.  There will be more added to it shortly, including some CDs which are coming out, a whole series of them.  I also have three books for sale, which are called Cutting Through.  And these books, I, II, and III, go into the occult hidden societies behind rulerships and kingdoms and governments and so on, down through the ages, up until the present time.  And I give you a lot of Masonic and High Masonic coding contained within them.  And in the third one, I go into the monetary connection between the system we live in, which is called civilization; weíve always had money at the beginning of what we call civilization, or the system, which basically dictates the way we live, how we live, who will live better than whom, and how wars are created and made and so on from thousands of years BC up until the present.  It really hasnít changed in its structure, its intentions, or its methodology.  So, you can order those books, and youíll see again, the address on the website to order them from.  I donít know if Jackie is back yet or not.  I guess not. 


Jackie: Iím back.


Alan: Youíre back, eh?


Jackie: Iím back.


Alan: This is live.  This is live radio.  (Laughter)


Jackie: Alan, you know, I think weíve got a delay going on here or something.


Alan: Really?  Oh.


Jackie: Yeah, because youíre not responding as quickly.† And then I keep wondering if Iíve lost you. 


Alan: No, unless maybe the secret service is trying out a different computer that Iím going through first, yeah, so they can.  Yeah, you never know.


Jackie: Right.  Did you tell them, because I was in the kitchen, and couldnít hear what you were saying, did you tell them about being on George Noory? 


Alan: No.  I was asked to go on the George Noory Show by the producer.  And Iíve accepted.  Weíll see if it still goes ahead.  If it does, it will be on the overnight of the 10th and the 11th of this month.  And I donít know how long itís on for either.  I donít know if itís an hour or more.  And this happened after I was on the Rollye James show, for three hours, so I guess the word got round, and weíll see how the next one goes.  Iím kind of looking forward to it.  Hello?  I guess Jackie has gone for her tea again. 


(Electronic Pulse Sound Interference)


Alan: Wow, what was that?  What was that sound there?


Jackie: What was what?  Was it bad?


Alan: It was a clashing, electronic sound. 


Jackie: I thought that was at your place.


Alan: No.  It was a dee-dee-dee-dee-dee.  To me it sounded like some sort of electronic pulsation or something. ††


Jackie: Well, on the George Noory thing, youíve sent your books, right?† They wanted the books.  Youíve mailed the books to them?


Alan: Yeah.† That will give them an idea, I guess of questions and things to ask. 


Jackie: Well, weíll see once they read your books if theyíre going to bring you on.


Alan: Thatís right.  They might cancel, and say, oh, no, this guy is too far out there. 


Jackie: Well our listeners need to know that itís been scheduled, you did say, overnight the 10th and 11th of April.  And youíre scheduled to be on at 2am Eastern time, right, Alan?


Alan: I think it is.


Jackie: Well, you said 11 Pacific, so that would be 2am.  And youíre not sure.  So, folks, this is really amazing.  The fact that he was on the Rollye James Show and 6 FM stations, and the information is getting out, and I just think itís a miracle, Alan.


Alan: Yes.  And also, I was also on last week there, I got a sudden call to go back on The Edge Show for half an hour, because the guest hadnít turned up.  So itís nice to see that these things are starting to happen now.


Jackie: Yes, it is.  And it is a possibility that you might wind up saying more than their handlers want you to say, but the beauty of this is that youíre having the opportunity to get in front of so many people. 


Alan: Yes, thatís it.


Jackie: I think itís a miracle.  To me, itís like a miracle.


Alan: Well, itís been a long time coming.  I mean, we started in í98, and just worked quietly and plodded on, you know.  And for some reason.


Jackie: Youíd be surprised how many of our listeners have contacted me over the years, Lily mentioned this, she said in the American Free Press, we would get on or I would get on a topic on Sweet Liberty, and she said, right after that the American Free Press would be on it.  She said it happened way too many times to be coincidence.  And Eleanor called me from Canada, and you had said this too, that you noticed a lot of times Art Bell, a radio talk show host, repeating you, almost quoting you, but yet, of course, never acknowledging the source.  And Eleanor called one night, and this was, I donít know, at least a couple of years broadcast or whatever, and she said, Jackie, tune into Art Bell, what heís doing right now is just an extension of what you and Alan just got done doing.  So, theyíve probably been listening, Alan. 


Alan: And also the other thing was, well, thereís a shortwave broadcaster too, who would often mention topics the next day, which we discussed the night before.  But sure, I have no doubt.  The giveaway is that there must be...  See, I know there are people out there who monitor all the airwaves.  And I know this for a fact, because there was a show on a Toronto station one day, a bit of news, and I really wanted to get a hold of the original copy, and I contacted the station, and they said they couldnít, they didnít have a copy to give me, but they put me in touch with an organization which does international monitoring of all the airwaves. And I wrote to them, and sure enough, it cost me 60 dollars for a cassette tape, mind you, but this organization does monitor all radio shows and television shows in the entire country.  And I thought, this has to be run by some government agency.  So, they do scan all the information thatís being put out there, and I guess that way they can head off that information by putting out people with their own spin on it, you know.  Thatís how they keep control of the information.  So, when someone is coming out with some truth, they put out a superhero that then repeats it, and because god has said it, and with a spin on it, the people will listen to it, where the original person is forgotten in the wash, you know.  Thatís how it works.


Jackie: You know, Iíll tell you a good example of that.  When there was a lot, actually, it was early on, when we first started talking about chemtrails, and that would have been the summer of í98, Alan.  But we were really hitting it heavy at the time, and that was before you started, because you actually began coming on in the winter, December of í98, but it was within a year, or maybe that year, it was ABC, one of the networks, part of the news network, Iíve got it on video.  They had a three or four minute thing on chemtrails.  Of course they were calling them contrails.  And they were even showing them what they looked like from the satellites.  And they showed Xs in the sky.  And they said that these were from commercial jet airplanes, and that they were very concerned that this might be part of the cause of global warming.


Alan: Yeah, they said it was contrail clutter. 


Jackie: They said it was contrails.


Alan: And they called it clutter. 


Jackie: Contrail clutter, yeah.  Contrails that didnít dissipate, right. And I wonder how many people who werenít aware of what a ďchemtrailĒ is looked at that, and said, wait a minute.  Thatís not a contrail.  Contrails donít last.  Contrails dissipate almost as fast as the airplane leaves it.


Alan:  But everything is new in the New World Order.  We have a New World Order, and we have a new freedom, and we have new contrails, you see.  Everything is new.


Jackie: And new hurricane weather patterns.


Alan: Thatís right.  And tornadoes.  And yet every one of these things, this is the beauty of very high tech manipulation.  The beauty of it is that as long as they donít admit theyíre using very high sciences, even though they admit that they have these abilities and installations to do so.  As long as they donít admit theyíre actually using them, we can never, ever get the absolute proof, except what we see by our own reason.  You know.  Thatís how it works.  So everything in other words that we see.


Jackie: I have written it down, but itís on another page here, that when you had a visitor, one of our friends here from Pennsylvania, and you mentioned in the wintertime there, it happened last winter, and evidently this winter too, that after the snow melted there was this white haze all over the ground.  And he took a sample of it and had it analyzed.  And what were the metals that they found in that thing, Alan?


Alan: Barium.  There was barium, there was aluminum oxide, copper, titanium, and some other metallic substances.  But this laboratory didnít have the facilities to do a biological check on it.  But at least we got all the metals there.  But yeah, the whole field, once the last snow melts for a few days, you have maybe four or five inches of, itís like tiny interwoven cobwebs, thatís what it looks like.  Itís like a candy floss all over the field.  And once the sun works on it for four or five days, then it crumbles into a powder which lasts for quite a while.  But that was the time of year where my dog died.  Other people I know, their cats and dogs were getting sick as well, vomiting and so on, and I think it was from basically eating the snow.  See, thatís the last of the concentrated spraying for the whole winter.  Thatís maybe four months, five months of snow, of spraying all in that snow, you see.


Jackie: Alan, remember the [inaudible] just prior to Meggie?  She had a sudden heart attack.† She had no signs of any illness whatsoever.  But when you mentioned snow.  Sheíd go out there and sheíd look just like a machine.  Sheíd put her mouth in the snow and just eat her way through it.  And it never ever occurred to me until you just said that that might have.  Because Mariah would go out, Mariah didnít eat the snow, she rolls in it.  She rolls in it.


Alan: But then they lick their fur, they lick their paws, you know.


Jackie: And it was in February, right around the first of February.  And Megan died, about a month later or before that.


Alan: That was March.  Yeah, March, the end of March.


Jackie: Okay, there you go.


Alan: You literally have four months of spraying all condensed into that thin little layer you see.  Thatís a lot of chemicals.  And thatís whatís left at the end, is this polymer type of sponge almost.  And then it crumbles into a white powder, and even the leaves that it rests upon turn pure white with it, you know.  Thatís a lot of chemicals.  Thatís what weíre being doused with.  And this falls right along with the HAARP technology, because in HAARP, they mentioned many, many years ago, that they could use HAARP on a more sophisticated level, if they could douse the atmosphere with metallic particles, because it would be a good electrical conduit.  But weíre also taking this stuff in.  Weíre breathing it in.  Weíre eating it from the food.  Itís in the water.  So, we also are becoming walking antennas.  And surely none of this can be a byproduct, a coincidence of it all.  Perhaps thatís their intention.


Jackie: Some time ago, remember, I told you about [inaudible] and the flyer I got on it.  Itís some type of amino acid, I think.  And the flyer, the FDA has acknowledged, that you cleanse the body of heavy metals, toxins, heavy metals, but not how well it does with cleaning out the arteries.  Thatís the point they were making.  But at that point, I remember saying this, and I thought about it again, when you were giving me that list of metals.  We need to check out and see if it really will help to flush that from the body, Alan.† Donít you think itís worth looking into?


Alan: Oh, sure, absolutely.  Iím sure the elite themselves must have some very sophisticated methods of ridding it from themselves.  They must be doing it.


Jackie: Yeah, because theyíre out and about, arenít they?


Alan: Iím sure that they do.  Whatever the public have access to on a medical level is always antique, really, and theyíre always so far ahead, near the top, they must have very sophisticated methods of ridding this from their body.  We know that they do get inoculations, the real inoculations, against many of the hybrid designed bacteriums and viruses from germ warfare labs.  They do get inoculations against all of these high diseases.  So, they would also get some sort of high chelation type therapy. 


Jackie: And thatís what [inaudible] is, is chelation therapy.


Alan: But itís a dangerous world weíre living in.  Itís always been rather dangerous in this system, but itís getting more overt now.  We can see the effects, we can look at the skies and actually see this stuff coming down.  One, I think it was last winter, when itís cold, the polymer, the stuff that causes the rainbow effects around the sun when theyíre spraying heavily, youíll find the polymer, when itís really cold weather, sometimes comes down, it comes down in clumps.  And I saw one about six feet long, tumbling through the sky, slowly, and then it hit a tree and then gradually started to dissolve.  And so, thatís what they used to call angel hair, back in the 60s when they were experimenting with this stuff on the public.  And of course, the diversion that the CIA put out was, oh thereís always UFOs in the vicinity when this stuff is coming down, this angel hair, but really, they were testing it themselves on the public, and then, no doubt, they knew what the results would be by following the medical records of local areas, you know.


Jackie: What it sounds like to me is that ethyl dibromide.  And remember I told you, that was in í98 when I received that email, and it said itís confirmed that itís been in the chemtrails. 


Alan: But thereís many substances, and again, Iíd love to get biological tests done on this stuff to see if thereís viruses.  Because I know, back in the 1950s, when it was Teller that created the H-Bomb, he first suggested using this type of spray for electromagnetic pulse purposes, the HAARP purpose.  And he also said that the polymer that they could mix it with could also be used to carry bacterium or viruses across vast areas in wartime.  So, Iíd love to get a sample done on a biological level.


Jackie: When I got the manufacturerís safety data sheet on the ethyl dibromide, it did say that it freezes at about 50 degrees.† And it dissipates in the sun.  And when I called that lab, the gentlemen, they put me in touch with the guy that actually did the analysis.  And he said, I canít give you the results, because somebody, a private individual had the sampling done, the analysis.  But he said, I will tell you this one thing, thereís no more than 10% EDB in this sample.  And the FDA, around the 80s, I think, had put out an emergency stoppage on the use of EDB, ethyl dibromide, as they were using it, they had used it for about a decade as pesticide.  And I got a lot of information about pesticides, as part of environmental protection, because they were the ones that really began to want to know what was the safety of this stuff.  And they were spraying it on dried corns and grains and things like that.  They were using it as a pesticide and all the tests that had been done on it were by the company that manufactured the EDB, and they kept saying it was safe.  So, after a decade, then the EPA puts out an emergency stop usage.  There is no safe level of ethyl dibromide.  And according to this guy at the lab in Ohio that I spoke with, he said there was no more than 10% in that sample that he analyzed.  And one of our listeners in, I believe it was Arkansas, called me just before I went on the air the one day, thatís when I was on at 6pm.  And he said, theyíve been spraying, and he said Jackie, this stuff is hanging off the trees.  And he grabbed a film canister and went out and got a sample of it.  And he was holding it, and I told him, put a mask on and gloves.  And he went out to get a sample, and he got back on the phone, and he was describing it to me, like you said.  It looked like it was lacy, like angel hair.


Alan: Itís like that candy cane, you know that stuff.


Jackie: Youíre talking about cotton candy.


Alan: Cotton candy.  In Britain you call it candy floss, you know.  But thatís the stuff.


Jackie: As he was watching it, it was dissipating.  So, I suggested that he get it in the freezer right away, and he did, and it stopped, you know, it stopped melting, dissipating.  And do you know, I donít really know what came of that.  And we were in touch off and on, and I donít know if he was able to find a lab that would do an analysis on it.  Thatís very bad stuff.  That stuff youíre describing is what he described, Alan.


Alan: Yeah, I know.  Well, this is happening all over the country.† This is all kept quiet by the regular media, and anyone who can trust the regular media, when this is happening above your heads every day, I mean, why would you expect any truth from them.  And to be honest, I think this is the number one crisis that we have to face at the moment.  This secrecy around whatís happening above our heads is terribly ominous.  They know itís detrimental to our health.  They know they canít tell the public what it is or why theyíre doing it.  And yet thereís a priority obviously for doing so.  I think this is the number one thing that we have to really get out into the open, because until this stops, I donít think people are going to survive too long, with all the infections theyíre getting.  Itís probably affecting their mind as well.  We know that Alzheimerís patients have large quantities of aluminum oxide in their brain tissue.  And this stuff that theyíre spraying...


Jackie: Is it aluminum oxide or aluminum?


Alan: Itís aluminum.  All types and traces of aluminum are detrimental in the brain.  And unfortunately, thatís where it seems to be taken up to and it gets deposited.  So, it could certainly affect memory, for instance.  I think itís also possible that thereís drugs in this stuff, since Rumsfeld came on after 9/11 and said that they had vast quantities of aerosolized Prozac and Valium to spray over entire cities, if thereís another crisis, in order to calm the people.  It makes perfect sense as we go through these big changes we have to go through, and they are of a global change, basically, the changes we have to go through.  It makes perfect sense theyíd want to drug the populace as we go through them and bring us out into a completely new way of living.  So, I wouldnít put anything past them.


Jackie: That stuff I was talking about isnít EDT, itís EDTA.  And I was thinking that maybe one of our wonderful internet listeners might have time to do some real research on that.  To find out about it.  Weíre going to be taking a break here in about 15 seconds.  And then weíll be back after this.  Folks, donít go away.  Weíll be back, with Alan Watt.


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: I did this before, but itís just one paragraph.  And I want to read this for our listeners.  Maybe somebody will check into this and get back with me.  Theyíre talking about this chelation therapy of course, for the arteries, because it removes the calcium plaque.  But it says, "In the days after World War II, men, who worked in battery factories, or painted ships with lead based paint, began coming down with lead poisoning from their high exposure in these jobs.  A safe, harmless chemical called EDTA, was found to be extremely effective for removing the lead from the menís bodies.  An effective cure for lead poisoning.  But something else happened.  Many of the men who were treated with EDTA enjoyed an apparent reduction in the symptoms of heart disease."  And they explain, this is Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.  Itís an amino acid.  It says it was synthesized in Germany in 1935, and first patented in the US in 1941.  And so, I donít know why I havenít taken the time to do this, and I havenít.  I guess I was hoping one of our listeners would do it.  Anyway, thatís what it is.  Either oral, or they do it by injection too.  But I guess the injection is very, very expensive, and the oral chelation therapy, taking it orally is a lot less expensive.  And Darren asked me, remember we were talking earlier today about that Dr. Doom?† Dr. Eric Pianca is his name, and he was doing a talk.  This was in March.  Darren said he talked about this on the air yesterday, last night, and this was the fifth of March that he did this speech, when he said that 90% of the population had to be eliminated and he said that airborne Ebola would be the best way to do it.  But Darren wanted me to clean up something, because on this guyís website there was a very extensive, what do you call it when somebody dies?


Alan: Obituary.  Is it obituary?


Jackie: Yeah, the obituary.  Well, he had evidently written it himself, but at the top of it, it says not dead yet.  So, this was a long background on this man and all that heís done and accomplished.  Heís got a herd of bulls, of cows, and his main bullís name is Lucifer, Alan.† Darren wanted me to clean that up, and let the listeners know.  Because he thought because he was looking at that obituary the guy was dead, heís not.  He said that on the 5th of March, and heís recommended airborne Ebola.


Alan: Was he speaking at some meeting or something public?


Jackie: Yeah, it was in Texas, Beaumont, Texas at Lamar University.  And it was the Texas Academy of Science.† And the guy who exposed him was a member, according to, his name is Nim, Forest Nim.  And he said that he was associated or a member of the Texas Academy of Science, in their ecology department or something.  And he said the thing that really perked him up was just before Pianca came up to the mike, somebody went over to the guy that was videotaping all the speakers, and the guy that had the video camera, I guess he pointed it up in the air and walked away in a huff, because they didnít videotape this speech.  But the guy anyway that reported on it, no, we donít know if this whole thing is a hoax, but there is a website on this guy.  You know for these accusations to be made and not be true, the guy that made them could probably get himself in a real jam.† Because he wrote it.  Airborne Ebola.


Alan: Yeah, well, they donít even need this guy, because the big boys have published enough on it themselves.  You know, theyíve published this over and over and over, about vastly reducing the population of the world to a more suitable size for their new humanity.  So, it doesnít really matter about what this guy said.  Jacques Cousteau said the same thing himself, you know.


Jackie: I guess because itís so recent.


Alan: It would be worthwhile if someone could check out and verify this did happen at this place in Texas.


Jackie: And allegedly the guy got a standing ovation when he was done. 


Alan: Well, actually the signs and symptoms of the Spanish Flu, that happened in World War I, are very similar to Ebola in some respects, because towards the end, they did hemorrhage from the eyes and so on.  So, which makes you think that probably the Spanish flu was a hybrid itself, a specially made one.  And I wouldnít be surprised.


Jackie: Now, Iíve read different accounts of this.  But Iíve read accounts that theyíve said at least 50 million people died of the Spanish Flu. 


Alan: They do say that it killed more than all the participants who died in that first World War.


Jackie: But 50 million isnít enough for them, is it, Alan?


Alan: No, they have their ideal society all figured out by statistics and so on.  And they donít need all the people they have today in a post-industrial and post-technological society.  They donít need all the useless eaters, basically.  And thatís how the elite see the people.  They see the people down below as being there to serve their needs, but when they no longer need those people, they have no qualms in getting rid of them.  And this has been in the works for an awful long time.  I donít know if you ever saw the movie, Metropolis, the old movie.  It was an old silent movie, in fact, about the creation of new types of robots or cyborgs to take over the labor.  And right in there, the scientist who creates them says that we no longer need the workers.  Theyíre now redundant, theyíre obsolete.  And thatís basically how they see society today.  Weíre obsolete.  They no longer need us.  They have China to supply all the needs for the elite for centuries to come.


Jackie: I remember reading about a very plush getaway that theyíve created in China for the elite.  I guess Kissinger, Henry Kissinger spends a lot of time there.  Itís a whole complex for them with all the comforts, you know, that the elite expect and want with their entertainment and their fine dining, and places to stay and stuff like that, in China. 


Alan: These guys are internationalists, you see, even though they rule countries, or have helped rule or create the destinies of countries, they themselves have always been international.  And so, they donít care which country they make their base for any particular generation.  So, they have no problems in moving to China, or wherever else itís needed.  They have no affinity to the people, you see. 


Jackie: Well, as you pointed out a long time ago, some of the rulers, of any of the countries, well, maybe England, I donít know, but they werenít the same nationality as the people they were ruling.


Alan: Thatís right.  I mean, the Normans came into England in the 11th Century, and theyíve interbred amongst themselves ever since.  And with their relatives in other European countries, but theyíve never interbred with the ordinary people.  So, theyíve never seen themselves really as belonging to those people to whom they rule over.  And thatís no different from the Kissinger types who came in from Germany.  He was already an internationalist in the elite category, in his ideology, and theyíre all the same at the top, really.  And the hope of all the workers beneath them, who help them, the lower members of the CFR, etc, is to one day, to get accepted to be up amongst this international elite.  Most of them have got a fat chance of getting there, mind you, but theyíll grovel and do what theyíre told in the hope that they may also get up there.  But the guys towards the top, in fact, they have hardly any empathy or affinity to humankind in general.  Letís be honest about it.  Mr. Kissinger, when he was in office with Nixon, put through that bill that declared that the greatest enemy to the state was overpopulation.  And then they put that massive funding towards ways of vastly reducing the populations by all means possible.  So thatís the kind of characters weíre dealing with here, you know.  And now these guys are in power, they belong to the top associations in the world.  They have the power to implement what they want.  They tell us what they want.  And we better take them seriously when they say these things.  They mean it.  Theyíre not guessing or putting out a wish list, you know.


Jackie: Ten years ago, reading about it, I didnít disbelieve it.  But itís beyond the realm of your comprehension to really get it.  And then when you see what is happening today, we realize weíre living it. 


Alan: Thatís right.  The average person, you see, weíll make excuses for them.  We actually make excuses, because we cannot believe that they mean what they say.  Because, I wouldnít do that, and you wouldnít do that, so therefore they couldnít do it, they wouldnít do that.  Thatís how we think, you see.  But weíre dealing with different creatures here.  Theyíre psychopathic in nature.  Theyíre interbred with long lineages of psychopaths.  And they have no empathy for the public.  They believe in audacity.  Thatís the whole terminology of knighthood, which they all belong to these knightly Masonic associations.  A knight is bold and audacious.  He does things which are outside the norms of normal morality or rules.  They break all the rules.  And thatís also the definition of a psychopath as well.  They break all the social norms and donít fret about it, you know.  Hello?


Jackie: Iím here. Iím listening, and Iím thinking.  I wondered.  I had received that email.  And this wasnít an email saying youíre so full of it, or youíre going to go to hell, or like that.  But this is from a guy whoís been at the website.  I donít know if heís listening.  I donít know if heís listened to any of the broadcasts yet, but I did email him today, and encouraged him, you know, to tune in and listen.  And one of his questions, and I know that youíve said this before, but it doesnít hurt to repeat some of these things.  He was asking about Revelation.  And he says if Revelation has already come to pass, well, what does Jesus got in store for us.  And I wonder if you would share with our listeners once again what you mentioned about Revelation and comment on that question. 


Alan: Well, Revelations is a... I mean I generally never get sidetracked by the ones who do this deliberately to sidetrack it.  And they are out there, you know.


Jackie: But I donít think he was though.


Alan: But I think he may have been, because I think the website, our website got the same message.  But Revelations has many meanings on different levels, and it takes too long to explain them all.  Itís a mystic, gnostic interpretation.  Itís a brotherhood interpretation.  Thatís why itís written in mystical language.  But Armageddon happened about AD 70 or 72, when the Romans took the last castle on the mountain.  And of course, that was over the plains of Megiddo.  The mountain in Hebrew is called Har, so itís Har-Megiddo, Harmegiddon.  Thatís what that meant.  Thatís what it was all written about at that time.  The rest of it, yeah, and so they can always resuscitate it and bring it back to life, because you can use revelations over and over for any generation, if you make the sequences happen and the right events happen.  And of course, on a higher level, itís all the zodiacal time cycle.  And people who want to understand the Zodiac should get the third book of Cutting Through, because I go through into the Esoteric Interpretations of Revelations, which has nothing to do with what people think it has.  The Exoteric is simply taught to obedient Christians, so that theyíll think that everything is inevitable and that itís Godís will.  This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, is to make you think, well, itís pre-ordained, thereís nothing you can do about it.  And, in fact, if you try and stop it, youíre fighting God himself.  You know.  Thatís the greatest form of psychological warfare ever devised, and that technique is ancient.  Thatís why they used to use the Oracles, the priesthoods ran the Oracles at Delphi and other places.  And when the Oracle spoke, then you better do what you were told, because if not, you were going against the godís will.  So, itís all pre-ordained.  And they love to teach you everything is pre-ordained, you canít change anything.  What a beautiful weapon against the public, you know, not to try to change things; accept your destiny. 


Jackie: In your book one, did you talk about the international priesthood?


Alan: Yeah, I talked how ancient it was, and how it had always been here.  And I know that they didnít just dream up this system beginning with Sumer about 5,000 or 6,000 BC.  These techniques came from much earlier times.  Thereís been many, many civilizations prior to that.


Jackie: And if they have been in control, as it appears they have.  You know, after you told us about that.  The international priesthood.  Things that Iíve read.  So many things that Iíve read, of ancient history, theyíve mentioned the priesthood, but they just mention it in passing.† And these are things that I had read before, that once I re-read them, thatís what jumps out at me.  The priesthood is always mentioned, Alan.  And the priesthood was all-powerful.


Alan: Always.


Jackie: They were the ones ruling the kings, ruling the pharaohs.  And they have had that control as it certainly appears now that they have all down through the ages.  Theyíre the ones that were in control of the writings.  You know, the Bible.


Alan: The legal system, yeah.† We know in Sumer they had so many different specialized priesthoods.  Today weíd call them basically categories of bureaucrats, really.  Because they had lawyer priesthoods that dealt with real estate and land.  Other ones dealt with the trading that went in and out of Sumer.  They had a priesthood for everything you can imagine, specializing in different areas.  And they also were responsible for mating up kings and queens, so they were into eugenics back then, too.  So, yeah, the priesthoods were always in charge.  They also decided who the pharaohs would see, as ambassadors and who wouldnít get in to see the pharaoh.  So they had tremendous power.  There was one pharaoh in Egypt who realized that he was almost a bird in a gilded cage.  And he caught on to the fact that certain envoys were being turned away by the priests and he never got to see them.  And he found out by yelling to some of them out of his window.  And one day he jumped out of the window trying to get away, and he was caught, and brought back by the priests. 


Jackie: Who was that?


Alan: Oh, Iíve got his name somewhere tucked away in my computer brain somewhere. 


Jackie: You told us about the one pharaoh, Akhenaten, that he actually got rid of the priesthood, and was teaching the one god or creator, and then after he died, they just, like he never existed.


Alan: Not really.  Akhenaten, there was much, much more to the Akhenaten story then.  But Aton is part of the sun god worship, or the symbology of whatís behind the sun or light and all that in Masonry.  And thatís why you find places like Manhattan, you know, itís named after him, in a nice esoteric way.  Itís all through High Masonry, Aton.  And thatís where the word atone comes from.  Atonement, etc.  But it was really an elitist religion, this Ďgod is oneí idea.  And also, itís a truth behind all their religions, even in Brahma, that all the faces of god is just a face of the one deity.  Thatís what it really means, and itís the same with the Egyptian pantheon.  Theyíre all aspects of the same deity.  Now, that had always been taught esoterically to the priests, whereas in Akhenatenís day they came out openly.  However it was only for the nobility who could get the life of Aton.  It wasnít for the ordinary people.  It was still an elitist group.  So, each one is a long story, but interesting.


Jackie: I can remember us talking, you talking about this.  I think itís on that first series, when you were on for five weeks at a time, all at one time.  And you mention Akhenaten, in a favorable way.  You said that even when he had his statues or whatever, that he didnít have himself all puffed up, he was kind of pot-bellied.


Alan: He had big hips.  He probably had bigger hips than his wife.† But the one thing about Akhenaten was, when the invasion of Egypt was under way, he ignored all of the warnings that were coming from the outlying areas, which Egypt looked after, or was part of their empire, and he allowed the invasion to occur in Egypt.  And no one has ever explained why he allowed this.  He didnít go out to fight them, or send the armies out to fight them.


Jackie: Who were the invaders?


Alan: You had these Hyksos people, and the Habirus, coming in, and theyíd already taken some of the outlying areas.  And they were sending urgent messages to his new capital.  And those Armarna tablets have all been unearthed with these messages contained there, urgent pleas.  But he didnít lift a finger to stop it, which makes no sense, unless you realize that he probably and some of the other elite were moving on after this.   Because it made no sense that he didnít try to defend Egypt.  I think in other words, it was a set-up.  It was time for the elite to move on. 


Jackie: This priesthood, was it the Isle of Crete you said, that there was evidence that they sat there, the probability or possibility, and wrote all the religions?


Alan: Theyíve unearthed these huge monastic libraries there.  Where they had the religions of all the peoples of the mainlands, and it seemed to be a central hub where these missionaries went out and were basically updating each different varietyís religion for them, you might say.  Like a central command, in charge of all the various peoples and the various religions.  And that does make sense to me. 


Jackie: Yeah.  One of the important things, if we could get it, is that religions were made by man.† All religions, including Christianity.  Thereís nowhere in the book, and of course we know thereís fifty-some versions of the Bible, but even in the one, King James, that so many people believe is the word of God.  Thereís no place in there where Jesus said he was coming here to start a religion.  He said he was coming to bear witness unto the truth. 


Alan: Truth, yeah.


Jackie: I mean, you know, thatís what they attribute to him, as his words.


Alan: And thatís the best you could do in this world, because you wonít get much further than trying to get the truth out. 


Jackie: Right, exactly.


Alan: Those that control religions will take over.


Jackie: Right, so many people seem to miss that.  As he said, I came here for one reason into this world, and that is to bear witness unto the truth.  And itís almost like you could see back then the same thing thatís going on today.  And hereís an individual who is trying to help the people to break their prison chains from their minds, of what was going on at that time.


Alan: And then the establishment takes it over and uses the truth to imprison the people.  Thatís always been the way.  Itís no different today.  You say the truth.  Many small people say the truth, and once enough are saying it, then they give you a superstar to take all those truths you are saying, get to the top, get well known, and then start spinning the truth off in a different direction and renders it harmless. 


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