April 12th, 2006
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru


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Jackie Patru: Alan Watt is with us.  And Alan, many of you, maybe all of you tuned in Monday night.  Or I understand also that it was played again last night, early, earlier.  Alan was on the George Noory Coast to Coast program for three hours on Monday night.  And I stayed up, well it was 2 to 5, and even when it was over I was totally wide awake. To me, it was the most beautiful, wonderful, like I said, last Wednesday night, it seems like a miracle for him to have had the opportunity to reach so many people with the information that only Alan Watt can share in Alan Wattís way.  And so, therefore, it was pretty cool, Alan.


Alan Watt: Yeah, it was, as they say, we all get our five minutes of fame, you know. 


Jackie: Well, actually, to me it was magnificent.  You know, there was nothing, really, I donít know if there was anything that you said that we havenít, you know, that our listeners havenít heard and that we havenít discussed.  But, I was sitting there listening and I was trying to listen from the viewpoint, if you would, of a person who this stuff wasnít so familiar.† And it was the way that it flowed, it was the way that you presented it.  Itís another classic, as I can see.


Alan: Well, the response has been awfully good.  And I think thereís still 19,000 on the website today, just looking into it, yeah.


Jackie: Oh, my.  That is just.  Thatís fabulous.  Well, Iíve heard from some people also, you know, you had mentioned Sweet Liberty.  And, of course, thereís a link at your website, and I had a few emails from some of the listeners.  And a friend called, because she was listening to George Noory, and heard you mention my name.  And we havenít talked for about five years.† And it was pretty cool.  But, George Noory, well, of course we know that Coast to Coast is syndicated on, I guess almost 500 AM stations.  And we know that the media is controlled.  And we know that everybody that is on Coast to Coast is not a credible person.  But, I heard him, and I thought he asked you some really excellent questions.  And these were questions that he asked in response to something you said, not like, oh, thereís a question laid out, you know to ask.  And I think that at least what I heard, it was getting through to him, because I heard him sigh, a couple of really long, deep sighs, Alan.† Did you hear that?


Alan: Yeah.  I think whatís happening now, I think I said it on the show too, that everyone has this feeling of expectation that something is coming down.  And everyone in the business of media or entertainment, itís all mixed together now.  Itís so interwoven, media and entertainment.  Even your local six oíclock news is half Hollywood and movies and so on.  So, entertainment, fiction and non-fiction have become so tightly interwoven that itís difficult for the average person, and even those involved in the media to actually tell the difference at times.  Theyíre living in half fantasy, and so they ignore the nasty realities that they see in the corner of their vision coming their way.  And I think some of them are starting to see that they canít keep going on in this direction and deny, deny, deny, and just simply go off into the fantasy side of things.  Because whatís happening now is so real, so vitally important for everyone and everyone to come that people have to be aware of whatís going on to change direction.  Because thereís only one direction weíre heading in, and itís a nasty ending for most people. 


Jackie: Alan, I had a couple or three emails that was saying, you know, if this is all true, what are we supposed to do?  Is there anything we can do about it?  And I did send back some of my own comments, but would you please respond to that, because we may even have new listeners tonight, from you know, the George Noory broadcast.  Would you respond to that question that maybe lots and lots of people have?


Alan: They have to do, and itís very difficult at this stage of the game, but people have to do a crash course in reality check here, because if they donít, and I donít mean going off and chasing space aliens or reptilian people, and all this stuff thatís put out to distract you into the fantasy again, until nothing is real.  I mean a crash course on whatís been happening in the world, for at least the last hundred years.  Thatís all they have to really go on.  They can go much further back if they want to.  And see all of the treaties that have been carefully step-by-step signed into by every country on the planet, except those who are under attack now in the Middle East Ė thatís the reason theyíre being attacked Ė to bring the world into this unification process.  Who was behind it, initially, the NGOs that are funded to push it, and a lot of these NGO groups are ex-politicians and bureaucrats that are actually employed by big foundations, like the Rockefeller foundation.  These are the guys who are really pushing this agenda forward.  And last year, for instance, when they signed the unification of the Americas deal, a year ago in March, at Waco, Texas, thatís a good example of how this was done, because, that week, twice that week before the signing, the CFR came out as an official organization for the first time, to declare a broadcast to the nation.  Now, before weíve had the occasional one member of the CFR as an advisor to people.  But here they are as a panel with the CFR board behind them, saying that we have to unite the Americas to compete with Europe and China.  And they were drafting a bill for the politicians to sign.  So, they were basically admitting they were behind the setting up of the unification of the Americas, which is true, because if you go into the history of the CFR, which is just the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, it was set up by the Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild foundations in the late 1800s, to bring world unification with three world trading blocs.  So, here we are being guided by non-governmental organizations that are funded by multi-millionaires.  And we donít vote these guys in.  And we have no say in what they do.  And itís time we did.


Jackie:  Well the pathetic thing is that these non-governmental organizations, every single one of them, and there are thousands, are considered by these want-to-be gods, that this is the voice of the people.  Thatís their peopleís parliament, Alan.


Alan: Itís the Soviet.  Soviet meant government by councils.  And this is the New World Soviet that Mikhail Gorbachev talked about in his last speech when he was still the prime minister or president of the Soviet Union.  He made the speech, which is available.  And he says Communism isnít dying, itís going on to the next stage.


Jackie: There you go.


Alan: And sure enough it was.  It ties right in with Norman Doddís report and the Reece Commission to do with the big foundations who said that their purpose was to merge comfortably America and the West with the Soviet Union.


Jackie: And I do not recall the name of the book, and you might, that was written by Congressman Reece, or he did maybe the forward.  I think he wrote the book, but maybe, it doesnít matter.  It was a book that was written based on all the findings of the Reece Committee, back in, what, fifty-whatever.  And we have that book listed.


Alan: Itís called Foundations: Their Power and Influence.


Jackie: Foundations: Their Power and Influence.  Thank you.  That book, folks, if youíre interested, oh my God, Alan, I knew about this.  You know, Congressman Reeceís, but the book wasnít available at the time.  And then it was reprinted.  Chuck had a copy of it.  And he was on his way to the airport, thatís when he was visiting me in Illinois, and he pulled it out of his briefcase.  He said he was going to read it on the plane.  I was so excited to have that.  I said, oh, please, you canít.  The information in that book just tells it all without any fancy words.† ...Itís a research book, isnít it Alan?


Alan: And itís all documented.  I mean, what weíre talking about here is not some harebrained conspiracy theory.  This is all factual publications put out by the big boys themselves.  And you can find, go into the diaries of Cecil Rhodes, when he set up his foundation as a front man for the Rothschilds and for the British elite to bring about World Government.  And the fastest way they found to unite the whole of Europe, and all the little, the many little countries that eventually became the Soviet Union, was to create Communism and force one system of centralized government over them all, which standardized their culture, their bureaucracies, their laws, everything.  And thatís why they created the Soviet system.  And now weíre in a blend, weíre in the Third Way, which is the blending of Fascism and Communism, into the Third Way they call it.  So, thatís where we are now.


Jackie: Yes.  I have a question for you, and you brought it up tonight, and you mentioned this Monday night.  Well, first the conversation I believe was talking about the depopulation plans, that 90%, 80 to 90% of the population is supposed to be done away with, because they donít need any more than that.  And then you mentioned, because I think maybe somebody had asked what do you see in the future.  And I was glad to hear you say, I know what they intend, because they havenít been successful yet, it doesnít mean theyíre going to, but we certainly know theyíre on the track.  You mentioned, you know, in the future, these trade blocs, the three, like the Trilateral Commission.  But then, my question is, if there are so few people, and the only people left are really people that are left to serve the want-to-be gods, what are they going to do with these trade blocs?


Alan: Everything is a step by step.  Itís not the end.  Itís a step towards another part of an agenda.


Jackie: Okay, whatís the next part?


Alan: Well, the next part, they wonít need people in the traditional sense.  Theyíre going to create, they have the capabilities now...


Jackie: I know, but Alan, when we talk trade blocs, weíre talking commercialism here. 


Alan: Thatís for a short time.


Jackie: Okay.  But I understood you, at least it seems the inference was that that would be after the majority of the population had already been done away with. 


Alan: These blocs will be up and running about 2010, as three separate, well, individual trading blocs under world government.  Thatís their agenda.  But itís only partway towards the next part, of course.


Jackie: Thatís right out of George Orwellís Nineteen Eighty-Four, isnít it?


Alan: This is the real Never-Ending Story.  And thatís what they mean when they say that man is the clay.  Heís infinitely malleable.  Heís the source material, heís the raw material, and they can keep shaping us and shaping us to the next step, to the next step.


Jackie: Malleable and moldable.  Thatís what the words were used in Brzezinskiís book.


Alan: And the thing is too, after they signed the Waco deal last March, and showed it on the television up here about the unification and Fortress America, etc.  The integration of all security forces has been done.  And eventually too, the sharing of tariffs, meaning taxation.  After that, another reporter came on from the CFR to give the CFRís spin, which is supposed to be our eventual opinion.  And he says, well, weíve got to unite, he says, to compete with the European Union.  Do you see how they do it?  First they create one bloc, you see, and then they point to them and say, oh gee, we canít compete with them, weíve got to do the same thing to compete with them.  And once we eventually amalgamate, then theyíll say, well, gee, weíve got to compete with China.  And then you have a race to the bottom for wages.  This is how itís all structured.  This is deliberate planning. 


Jackie: I know.  I want to go back to the question.  Besides a person, you know, doing, getting on the fast track, getting up to speed.  I think that the questions that were asked were like, what can I do as an individual?  Is there any way we can stop this, etc, etc?  In other words, besides knowing about it, Alan.


Alan: See, theyíre following the old Revelations plan, which is a plan which has been used many times over.  Once again, Revelations is infinitely malleable.  And so, they arenít going to be happy until every individual gives allegiance to this system.  And we donít realize weíre doing it all the time, when weíre forced to go along with another ridiculous rule or law or fee, or whatever it is.  And we know that the registration of everybody is coming along here.  They want all the heads to be numbered.


Jackie: Iíd say we are already.  Wouldnít you?


Alan: We are, but they also want us to officially have our little biometric card, our little ID card.  And thatís a stepping stone towards a chip implanted.  And thatís been documented at the Loyola University, World Science Meeting, sponsored by the US Department of Commerce.  So, itís a step-by-step process.  So, we are acquiescing to every step.


Jackie: Well, Alan.  It does come down to...


Alan: The individual.


Jackie: But try to get in your car and drive without a license plate. 


Alan: Well, the thing is, you have two options.  You either go the whole way here to oblivion or start saying No now, as an individual.


Jackie: No, but wait a minute.  You drive a vehicle, you have no license plate on it?


Alan: Iím not talking about licensing.  Iím talking about literally taking an ID card that I canít buy or sell with without, etc.  In other words, they can starve me to death if I wonít comply?  What kind of choice is that?  When people give you no choice but theirs, youíre really in trouble.  And we better understand that, quick. 


Jackie: Well, Iím going to repeat something you said a long time ago.  In fact, it was when I was getting frustrated when we were in that first period of, you know, our conversations together on air.  We were talking about the Federal Reserve system, the money system, and in fact, I was mentioning Tupper Saussyís book, and I thought it was really cool, because he was, you know, using the Constitution that no state could accept anything other than gold and silver coins in legal tender for a debt.  And so there were actually people in towns that were presenting IOUs and saying as soon as thereís legal tender.  And I thought that was so great, and you said, no.  And I said, well, why?  And you said, well, because they control the gold too.  And I know that is so.  And I want to side-track here for a second, because there are so many people that are pushing to go back to a gold standard.


Alan: I know, I know.  See, again, with all of this, you see, this starts with what they call in modern history as the beginning of civilization.  Civilization is their system.


Jackie: Well, anyway, when you said no to that, I said, well, itís better than nothing, isnít it Alan.  And you said, no.  And I said, well, why?  And you said, because you cannot get out of their system by using their system.  Gold is their system.  And then I said, frustratedly, well, then whatís your solution.  Because if this isnít better than anything, nothing, then you said, if enough people, when enough people understand this, it is going to, it is going to just dissolve of itself.


Alan: It wonít be easy, because Iím telling you, people are going to suffer here.  People always suffer to get a breathing space in this system.  And thatís what I mean, a breathing space.  Which generally lasts about a generation, if youíre lucky, because these guys at the top have been at this intergenerationally for thousands of years.  And itís literally coming down to a personal choice and everyoneís decision.  We know, and they know at the top, that we canít go on like this consuming the way weíre consuming.  They know this.  These are economists at the top.  They see the world as their planet, and all the resources as being theirs for their offspring in the future.  They think about the future.  Theyíve trained us not to.  Theyíve trained us to think youíre being well managed.  Just let it happen by your betters at the top, these unseen hands at the top, you see.  And sure enough, the population, they think in the now and live in the now, and I wonít think about tomorrow, and Iíll just be happy now, and they live day to day like that.  But these guys at the top have looked at the resources of the planet, they look at our present consumption, and they donít intend to allow us to keep consuming at this rate.


Jackie: They knew it couldnít last.† When they designed the plan, they knew it couldnít last.


Alan: Exactly.  Because theyíve done this before.  I mean, the Sahara at one time was a flourishing subtropical climate.  It was flourishing.  Theyíve found all these skeletons of elephants and all the usual jungle animals, lions and so on, under the Sahara.  That was a flourishing place with trees and so on.  That was made destitute in an age before this, by the same guys who run this system, the predecessors of the same guys who run this system.


Jackie: How did they make it desolate like that?


Alan: They raped it.  They raped it and raped it and raped it, and used it up, burned it up.


Jackie: Took all the natural resources and the trees and the plants.


Alan: The Egyptians had records of ancient civilizations that had risen to high heights and pinnacles and then simply collapsed.  And itís well understood in academic circles that when you live in what is called an advanced culture, meaning youíre totally interdependent, everyone is interdependent to live for subsidence, etc, in that system, then itís the easiest system to collapse completely.  How many people today could actually live on their own in the wild?


Jackie: In the wild, I donít know.


Alan: Most of them would give up without a thought, you know.


Jackie: Theyíre burning all the forests down anyway, Alan.


Alan: But what Iím saying is, that we are in a system thatís been carefully crafted with this present feeding frenzy of cheap junk from China, to keep us happy, as they go into the next step.  And itís all done on debt.  Everyone is running credit cards.  And, when itís time, when everything is completed, theyíll just pull it, and then all these massive police forces, which are really just world armies, will come and take care of it.  Theyíll be taken care of, those police guys and the military.  They always do that.  The Romans did it too, you know.


Jackie: What do you mean, take care of them?


Alan: Of the people who will be rioting.  See, the mobs always riot.  Theyíre always unorganized when chaos occurs.  Most of them never see it coming.  And pandemonium breaks loose.  Thatís what theyíve been carefully building up inside every country in the West for the last 20-odd years, under amalgamated multi-jurisdictional taskforces.  Itís a massive world army to take care of the chaos that they expect to come, when most of their plan has been completed.  They donít intend to keep us happy and consuming like this, you know.


Jackie: Do you think by any stretch of the imagination that people who are consuming and consuming and consuming are happy, Alan?


Alan: Itís not a matter of happiness. 


Jackie: Thatís what Iím saying. 


Alan: But what Iím saying is thatís what theyíve been trained to do.  Thatís what they think is happiness.  Look at every ad on TV.  Youíve got a smiling face next to a toothbrush to a broom to a new car.  In other words, everything that you see is supposed to make you happy, and people have been sold on that, that idea. 


Jackie: And everybody is floundering and wondering whatís wrong with their lives.


Alan: Well, thatís why youíve got Dr. Phil to guarantee...


Jackie: Well, you know what it comes down to, to me.  And we are talking about this right now, kind of the way I answered one of the questions that was sent to me.  I said, itís really up to each and every one of us as an individual what weíre going to do, and the only way, I said, I havenít a clue to say what you should do or what anybody else should do, because, if we ask and we listen, weíll be guided from within, and it always starts, like you said, it comes down to choice, in every single day, and every moment of every single day, we have choices to make, within us.  Every single one of us know the difference, right from wrong.  And maybe it is simply to begin to do that, and to take a look at ourselves and to begin to treat one another the way we want.  Iím not saying do unto others the way they do unto you, but, do unto others as we would have them do to us.  And the possibility there, at least for the individual, that the discernment comes.  Maybe that inner guidance comes.  And, whatever it is theyíre doing is what theyíre supposed to be doing.


Alan: See, theyíve all been trained, this is the problem, everyone has been trained, and not just this generation either.  Itís been going on for an awful long time.  Every generation has been trained that you donít ask questions as to why.  They always say donít ask the question.† This is what religion used to do. 


Jackie: Youíre not even supposed to question religious questions. 


Alan: But, what Iím saying is, that used to be the standard statement given by churches to the commoner, when you asked about the meaning of life, theyíd say, look, donít ask about first and last causes.  Itís not your problem. Leave that to us.  Just you do what youíre told.  And thatís basically how the public are trained.  Theyíre shoved into this mass conditioning system to come out uniformly, and itís called the educational system.  So, they all come out with the same opinions, and they think that theyíve been taught things that are true.  And they all give the same pat answers, but theyíve been conditioned all to think in a certain process, which is non-think, really.  Itís a dumbing down process which eliminates the natural person within.  And so, they come out uniform, and then the whole purpose theyíre told is to get them into a job.  And then the purpose from then on is to simply support yourself through life in this system.  And, of course, once theyíre in the rush of living and caught up in it, they donít have time to ponder very much at all, except, they do know, really, deep down, that theyíre not very happy.


Jackie: I know, but maybe thatís why weíre having this conversation.† Because, you know, youíve said this yourself, that it isnít for everybody.  Because the masses have always been the masses. 


Alan: I know.


Jackie: And it seems that itís been that way down throughout the ages.


Alan: Thereís always been a large percentage who seem quite content being ruled over by unseen people.  They donít even know their names, in fact, and donít care to.


Jackie: Because, basically, theyíre brain dead.


Alan: Theyíre happy slaves in a sense.  Even though the system they live in gives them neurosis and worry etc, even though, rather than look for any other way, rather than try the unknown, theyíll always take the known.


Jackie: Well, because theyíre accustomed to the chaos. 


Alan: Even though the known is a disaster...


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: Hi, weíre back.  I was trying to watch the clock there to give us a warning, and wasnít able to do it before the break.† So, weíre talking about, okay, the masses, and the way it appears to me, as you said, itís been this way down throughout the ages, and yet thereís always been a few who have escaped it somehow, at least.  Well, like I didnít escape it.  I just began to wake up one day.  Like hit over the head.  Because, I was there too.  I was, I believed everything that we were taught in history was true.  I mean, I didnít believe everything in the Bible was true, I knew that.  But, what Iím saying is, there are people who eventually, if they havenít escaped it right from the get-go, they wake up, Alan.  Okay, you remember the time we were talking, and it isnít like Iím trying to be Pollyanna here, but we have had these conversations, and I think itís worth repeating, because, it can leave people so hopeless when you look at this, and especially when itís new, this is all new.  You really do feel like youíve been socked in the gut.  But I remember we were talking one time, and you were talking about this, the fact that the ones we know of, the want-to-be gods, theyíre actually controlled by outside whatever.


Alan: Influences.


Jackie: Theyíre atheists.


Alan: Theyíre not really atheists. 


Jackie: But you said the ones that are really involved are very aware of the power within us, and that their greatest fear is that enough people will wake up and realize who we really are, more than just a human being here, but spiritual beings.  And I asked you, how many do you think that would take.  And you said, I donít think a lot, because thereís not a lot of them.


Alan: Itís a true story.  When someone is standing in a massive crowd can yell that the king has no clothes, and the spell is broken.† And thatís what it takes.  It takes a few people who have enough gumption to say, enough is enough, of all this polite talking around diseases.  Because, it reminds me of a medical hospital, and all the interns go around with the top surgeon, or whoever, and they stand at the bottom of a bed and around a patientís bed.  Now, if you have a big tumor right in the middle of the patient, and you talk about all the secondary symptoms, but youíre not allowed to look and talk about that tumor that you can see there, then youíre never going to get to the problem.  And thatís what we hear in the media.  We hear these vague rumors of things, vague statements.  Everything is so vague to do with big changes and big treaties being signed and all this kind of stuff.  And weíre all so polite, we donít want to say, wait a minute here, could you explain that to me.  Itís time we stopped this stuff, and we demand that everything be explained fully.  Because either government is your master or itís your servant.  Thereís no in between here.


Jackie: Well, I didnít know that government was our servant ever anyway.


Alan: Thatís right.


Jackie: Governments were never made to be servants. 


Alan: But thatís what people are trained to really believe.  You vote them in and somehow theyíre responsible to you, and thatís the oldest con game in the book.  Even Plato talked about that.  He said, democracy always leads to a communistic system, which leads to dictatorship.  And this was tried so many times, over and over in ancient times, and the reason they keep doing it today is because they know where theyíre going and they want to go through these stages, through chaos, etc, until ultimately you have a new king of the world.  And thatís really what their goal is.  There will be one day they hope to put their own man in there as first king of the entire planet. 


Because all the religions, and this is the problem.  People are trapped in their cultural religions that theyíre born into, and because of that they follow the guys at the top.  The guys at the top of all the religions are part of the same religion, an inner, esoteric religion.  And I donít care what you belong to.  If youíre following a mainstream religion, and even the New Age religions, the ones at the top are all part of a top esoteric elite.  You always lead the people through cultural religions. 


Jackie: Didnít you say that the base of that word is ligio?


Alan: To tie.  You bind them. 


Jackie: To bind, and re-ligion, means to rebind.


Alan: Thatís right. 


Jackie: Religions are manmade.


Alan: Theyíre manmade.


Jackie: But, you didnít acknowledge that statement that we were talking about that I was talking about.  Remember when you said that, Alan?


Alan: What was that?


Jackie: Well, you said that the real controllers know that there is a power within us, and they donít want us to know it, thatís why weíve got religions. 


Alan: Thatís also why we have a Sovietized system where the average individual, whether he knows it or not, itís a subconscious thing, heís been trained that youíre just a Ė through science by the way, science is the technique that the Soviets used all along.  And again, itís fake science.  They train us to believe itís all true.  But they tell you that youíre just a blob of protoplasm that happens to exist, and itís all by chance.  And so, youíre nothing special about you.  And every function that you have and every drive that you have is programmed into you by your DNA and your genes, until you say well geez, Iím just a walking cesspool of chemicals here.  And thatís what you think of yourself.  Itís time you reclaimed your own personal sovereignty as an individual, unique being, you see.  And once you come to that understanding, my God, you find, I have a voice and it matters.  It matters what you think.  And stop being a little blob of protoplasmic jelly.  Thereís more to an individual than that.  And theyíre well aware that a thought that really is thought out in a deep sense, is transmitted across the planet, as soon as it is put out there, as soon as it comes into being.  And the ancients called that thought forms, of course.  The Greeks knew all about this.  They were trained by the Egyptians.  And thought forms.


Jackie: And they use it.  Remember you told us about that triangle they had set up.


Alan: Yeah, the higher black lodges they call them.


Jackie: And theyíre sending out particular frequencies or messages, or.


Alan: They force their will upon those within the triangle.  In other words, the three points, say, in a state, north, south, and west, and they force their will upon those within.  Thatís one of their higher rituals.


Jackie: But itís like getting us to speak their language, Alan.


Alan: Itís almost like hypnotic tapes, played in your sleep, you might say.


Jackie: But itís like, you know, they give us the language, and theyíve got all these symbolic meanings, these esoteric meanings of words in the language, and yet, we speak it, it is in a sense, we are unknowingly speaking their plan.


Alan: Your whole language, the whole English language is encoded to bring this about.  Iíll give you one simple little quip example here.  Everyone has been trained by Hollywood.  Do you remember when that Moore spoke out about 9/11 on an Oscar night, I think it was or some big night?


Jackie: Oh, Michael Moore.


Alan: Remember that night he first spoke about that in the States.  And in the same award show, I think was the actress, her name is Sarandon.


Jackie: Susan Sarandon. 


Alan: And she said, we, the culture creators.  She said, we the culture creators must speak out about this.  Now thatís a direct translation that was always used in the Soviet Union, because, in the Soviet Union, they knew that we emulate what we see.  We think weíre being entertained here.  Weíre not.  Weíre being programmed.† So Hollywoodís function is to create the next step of the next part of the culture.† And so, in other words, there are so many techniques now.  The movie industry used to be called quite commonly, the cinema.  And the cinema, if you speak it in a phonetic sense, backwards, is simply Amen Is.  Amen, the god, Amen, you see. 


Jackie: Amen is. 


Alan: And thatís the single eye of Ra, or Lucifer.  And thatís the projection that comes out of the back of the hall.


Jackie: Okay, let me ask you a question, because this came into my mind Monday night.  Remember when you were talking about 911, and you said that 911, 9/11 is a very important date to them esoterically, symbolically.  Well, it occurred to me when you said that, that we all call it 911.  They gave it to us.  I mean, we have 911 as our emergency number.† Now we have 9/11, the holocaust at the World Trade Center.


Alan: Itís also Chapter 9, verse 11 of Revelations where the Beast from the Bottomless Pit, the Beast of War is unleashed.  What a coincidence. 


Jackie: Okay.  So, hereís the thought I had.  What if we quit using 9/11, and it might only be ten of us, but, in other words we keep saying 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, giving power to that very important date to them. 


Alan: I know.


Jackie: What if we just call it something else.  Call it the Holocaust at the World Trade Center.


Alan: Well, no, no.  Youíve got to be even careful there.  Because a holocaust is a deliberate sacrifice for something to be given in return.


Jackie: The World Trade Center, wasnít it a deliberate sacrifice?


Alan: If you understand what youíre saying, it is.† But for most people, they donít realize that itís the halo, the sun.  Itís cast into the sun.  Itís a burnt offering.  Thatís what it means.


Jackie: Okay.  So we just say the World Trade Center Tragedy.  My point is, itís sort of like calling our children kids. 


Alan: I know, goats.


Jackie: I know, but beyond just a baby goat, the Goat of Mendes is the universal symbol of Satan.  So, when we call our children kids.


Alan: Thatís right.  And of course thatís what the Communists also said.  Beria said it back in the 1930s, that by neurolinguistics, which is the alteration of the meanings of words, and the substitution of words, we shall demean the human being down to a lower level.


Jackie: Thank you.  So, we call our children the spawn of Satan when we refer to them as kids.


Alan: Well, apart from that, what youíre doing is putting them into a non-human category.


Jackie: Yeah, okay.  So, we stop doing that, enough people, at least, I quit doing it, and I know other people that when they find out about it.  It enraged me Alan.  Okay.  So, what Iím saying is, just on this one particular thing, letís quit calling it 911.  Letís quit playing their game. 


Alan: We should, and again, the whole darned English language is so multi-encoded. 


Jackie: I know, but at least itís not 911.


Alan: And the thing is, until people can think above the language that theyíve been trained into.  You see, thereís more to language than just...  And they know it too.  We see symbology everywhere.  And this symbology, your subconscious, actually, itís really the sea of the unconscious which recognizes it.  And you can be programmed just as easily through symbology, which they do all the time.  Weíre getting flashed with symbols on TV and ads in magazines, and logos.  So, but thereís a much higher form of natural symbology too, within nature.  And that is where the true meditation comes in. Thatís when your mind is flowing freely, and it gets above your conditioning.  Instead of meditating yourself into a stupor, youíre supposed to meditate yourself into a wakefulness.  Thatís the real form of it.  And that means that all your faculties are working, because you have more senses, you see, to use, which most folk donít use at all.


Jackie: Well, one thing.  We have to have quiet time to do that, and for people who live in cities, it has to be a very intentional thing.  And I do know that, because I was in Saint Louis, and well, we were in the íburbs, but you still had traffic and children and stuff like that.  So, you find a quiet place, like, for example, where you live, where I live.  Itís quiet.  And you can hear it.  You can hear the birds.  You can hear the little peepers at night.  You can hear the leaves rustle on the trees.


Alan: Itís so quiet at night I can listen to my Ford truck rusting.


Jackie: There you go.  Well, thatís what, see.  So, some of us are in that place where itís easy.  But for people who are in densely-populated areas, it isnít impossible.  But, you donít put headsets on when you go jogging.  I mean, give yourself some time, like you said, allow those thoughts.  If youíre in your car, turn the radio off.  Use it for some quiet time.  And itís amazing the thoughts that will start rolling through your mind, Alan.  Even Revelation type things. 


Alan: You see, children do it naturally.  They go into a natural meditative state.  If youíve ever watched them around the age of three, four, five, sometimes their jaw just hangs open and theyíre staring at something, and theyíre far, far away, but theyíre in a natural meditative state.  That is trained out of us through the school system, where weíre taught, what are you doing daydreaming?  Get back to your, you know, pay attention.  Theyíre destroying a natural meditative state that people used to have right through their entire lives. 


Jackie: And it goes even for us, I mean, who are in the country, have the quiet, put on a television, put on a radio, you have shattered the silence.


Alan: Shattered it, and also, the public have been trained to get up in the morning to the radio.


Jackie: I know it. 


Alan: And then, all day at work, sometimes in factories they blare music, in shopping malls.


Jackie: Oh, my God, everywhere, the elevator.  It doesnít matter where you are. 


Alan: And then youíre getting, I donít know if people realize it, they got all these subliminal messages.  There are companies that sell this.  This is standard.  This is not conspiracy here.  All those little, happy little dreary songs you hear in the elevator or in stores have programming in there, to donít steal, or buy, buy, buy, like the movie They Live, which everybody should get and watch.  And then they get back at night from work.  Theyíre tired.  They put their feet up, they watch the TV.  In other words, professional people whose job it is to give you downloading are putting thoughts into your head all day long.


Jackie: You know what just came into my mind when you were talking about coming home from work tired, put your feet up and turn the television on?  In my mind, I saw a family together without a television on.  And that can be. Families can be together without televisions, without radios.  They can talk with one another.  They can communicate, they can listen.  And you know, maybe thatís, in my mind, what Iím talking about is the way weíd be every single day, as much as we can possibly be, as close as we can to walk that walk.  And I donít care how tired a parent is.  If the children have been without the parents all day, they need each other. 


Alan: And the problem is again, the cycle has been...


Jackie: Iím talking about people who are listening to this broadcast right now.  Iím talking for.


Alan: The families, you mean.


Jackie: Iím talking for, to, yes. 


Alan: And what Iím saying, though, see, this would be fine if you could nip something in the bud before it starts.  And all you need is one generation to take it for granted that the state is bringing up your children.  And they do subconsciously.  They never mention it vocally, but the state has taken over the conditioning, long ago, of their children, until theyíre at a state now of Socialism.  And they donít realize this either.  They expect the government should support their children and take care of them in Nursery schools and daycare.


Jackie: And you know, itís amazing.  If we give children a chance, what they really, really, really respond to.  And I know, because Iíve experienced it, when the grandchildren come in the summertime, and they come out of the city, they go to bed at night listening to their radios.  They each have their own individual little players with little headsets.  When they come here Alan, weíll put the TV on to watch a movie.  But we donít wake up in the morning and turn a television on.  I talk to them about the dangers of going to sleep with the radio on.  I didnít get hassles from them.  When I told the children, and Ashley was twelve at the time, so, Amber would have been seven or nine, whatever, Brandon, they were twelve and under.  And I thought that they might think, oh, gee, sheís being so silly.  But I just simply told them that it occurred to me that when we call our children kids that weíre calling them baby goats.  And I said, you are not baby goats.  You are children.  You are young people.  Iím not calling you kids anymore.  And I thought they might kind of laugh at me.  But they didnít.  And when I said, if I, because it sounds kind of formal to me, you know, children.  It was hard for me at first, Alan.  And I didnít slip many times, but I said, if I slip, just remind me, weíre not baby goats.  And Alan, I slipped a few times.  Every time I did, in unison, thatís what they said.  Weíre not baby goats, mama.  And we went outside.  We did the garden.  One day they were going out, they were shelling peas or something.  Amber came in to gather up their little headset radios.  And I said, what are you doing babe.  She said, weíre going to.  I said, oh, no.  I said, just leave the radios in here, and just listen to the birds out there.  She said, okay, and I heard her tell Ash, mama says forget the radios and listen to the birds.  In other words, Alan, they respond.  They do respond.  But they need an adult, who cares enough to step in there and make the change for them.  And I know when they go back home they go back into it.  But, when they get their summers here, itís a different experience.  All Iím saying is, it isnít impossible.


Alan: Itís not impossible, and youíve got to realize something that all dictators down through the thousands of years have known, because, this is a science.  Everything is based on science and knowledge.  Children want to be guided.  They really do.  Now, weíve been trained since the 60s especially, and the 50s and 60s and 70s, that children are rebellious and they donít want guidance.  And thatís not true.


Jackie: Thanks to Dr. Spock.


Alan: Because, if you go back even to the Young Communist Party, where they wanted to divide the young from the old, because the old are contaminated with their old thoughts, you see.  And then they brought the children up by the state.  The same techniques are applied here in a more clever, you know, a more subdued fashion, but very effective.  And all the great dictators know that when they want to take over a country or a world, they always go for the young.  And thatís why you had the Communist Youth, the Hitler Youth, and every other youth movement.  Itís run by the guys at the top.  And even the New Age movement to an extent that bypassed the parents and grabbed the children.  And this is all intentional.  Itís the same techniques over and over again, because they never fail.  Children actually want guidance.  And they want guidance from someone that will spend time with them. 


Jackie: Exactly.


Alan: You see, as an actual real living person who will listen to what they say. 


Jackie: And thatís why I had this picture in my mind, you know, parents coming home, put their feet up on the stool, and say, well, how did your day go children.  What did you do today?  And talk.  And to have dinner together.  And talk around the table, and laugh, and have fun together.  And you know what else I found out about them?  They love to hear stories about us when we were young.† And when I get going, theyíll say, tell us another one, mama.  Tell us another one.  You know, sometimes your thoughts just pop out and you tell them something and they get a big kick out of it.  And theyíll just sit, and they eat it up.


Alan: What we need is continuity.


Jackie: Maybe if somebody says, what can I do?  Maybe that, right there, is the important thing in the whole world is the way weíd be with one another.† The way weíd be with our friends, our spouses, our loved ones, our anybody, but especially family.  Keep it together.


Alan: Itís continuity, continuity of generations.


Jackie: And have a family be a haven for each and every individual in that family.  They all have their little life they go about, and the one safe place there, at least for the children growing up is there.  Because mom and dad are there, or maybe mom or maybe dad.  If itís only one parent then youíve got to do it for both.


Alan: Remember what Maurice Strong said at the Earth Summit, and that Earth Summit was made up by one of the Rockefellers actually and Maurice Strong just presented it.  And that affects the whole world, once again, this big NGO organization, unelected, making our world plans for us.  And Maurice Strong said that the last vestige of the family must be destroyed.  And thatís the old Communist regime again, because continuity between generations was their big enemy, because a small family is representative of a tribe.† And they destroyed the tribe long ago.  When thereís no family that will stand up together, then government is your direct master that will dictate to the individual.


Jackie: Yeah.  The Big Brother who loves you.


Alan: Thatís right.  And you have nobody to turn around to help you.  And thatís what theyíve always known.


Jackie: We have one minute left to go here tonight.


Alan: Well, people have to get themselves into gear.  And they have to realize that itís coming on fast.  And theyíve got to start to be honest with themselves, and once that happens, youíd be amazed what happens within those around you, and even at great distances too. 


Jackie: At great distances.  You know what.  Iíd like to talk more about that maybe next Wednesday night when you were talking about a thought.  We talked about this once before.  And it is so exciting.  And I would like to revisit that maybe next Wednesday night, okay?


Alan: Sure enough.


Jackie: Thank you.  And folks, remember that Alanís website is cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  If you havenít seen the video, what was it called?  Reality Check.† Watch it folks.  And thereís lots of Alanís broadcasts on there too.


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